VHF QSO Entries
Nov18 15:55 GM...Next time Ellis...ESV (
Nov17 14:15 SRI SAM xyl snagged me and out the door, GL 73 nxt tm! de Ellis (
Nov16 16:20 ellis 140 ssb now!!! esv (
Nov16 15:04 Big opening to the NE 6m now...10 dif. beacons in...Get on and call...esv (
Nov14 21:09 grilling cat on the barbie and lots of cold beer...ESV (
Nov14 21:08 81F was the high today Ellis...HA HA HA...ESV (
Nov11 13:35 18F "But no snow (Yet!) :-) RKS (
Nov10 12:59 n4unc de kd4amp/n4svc 144200 (
Nov10 11:56 w4icu/k4kv/kz4tt de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Nov09 16:03 Wahhhh wahhhhh wahhhhh (
Nov09 15:06 w4vc de kd4amp/n4svc 144200 (
Nov09 14:24 kk4hep de kd4amp/n4svc 144190 (
Nov09 12:21 23F "Frost on the Pumpkin this morn!" Brrrrr! :-( RKS (
Nov09 12:01 w4tki/kn4sv de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Nov08 11:54 w4icu/kn4sv/ku4qj/k4khv/w4clj/k4kv de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Nov07 00:59 wa4njp de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Nov07 00:09 wa4jwu de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Nov06 12:15 kk4no de kd4amp 144200 (
Nov06 12:12 Heat Wave its 6am and its 60F out there go figure!. RKS (
Nov06 11:51 ku4qj\w4icu\k4khv\k4kv\kn4sv\kz4tt\w4tki de kd4amp\n4svc 144210 (
Nov05 17:35 81F now...esv (
Nov05 14:22 GM...Summer back 72F and 85% humidity...Have new 2m amp now...1.2KW LDMOS device...ESV https://www.thedxshop.com/gemini-2-1-2k-1200w-144mhz-solid-state-linear-amplifier.html (
Nov04 12:20 34F Sunny ! RKS (
Nov04 11:59 kk4hep/kd4esv/k4yrk/ae4of de kd4amp/n4svc 144200 (
Nov04 10:31 k4kv/w4icu/kn4sv de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Nov03 10:55 k4kv/w4icu/kn4sv de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Nov02 16:27 Hey Larry...Was spotty here too...beacons gone now...ESV (
Nov02 16:13 very lite here Sam sri n3cr fn20dt (
Nov02 15:49 heard you on cw too ellis...esv (
Nov02 15:02 Hey Ellis nice suprise hearing you 6m...54 53 qsb...ESV (
Nov02 11:31 k4kv/kz4tt de kd4amp/n4svc (
Nov02 00:23 kh6ty de kd4amp/n4svc 64/1000 contestia 145700 (
Nov01 20:05 Hi Sam, great ! but bummer here been in low 40's for high got mower wk :-( RKS (
Nov01 11:30 Hi Ellis...Its been cool here all week so far...Love it can work outside...57F and high of 80 today...ESV (
Nov01 11:20 THE FROST was on the Pumkin this morn, 4 sure ! RKS (29F) (
Nov01 11:19 29 F Sunny, (almost not time yet! Brrrrrrrrrr ! :-( RKS (
Nov01 10:37 w4icu/kn4sv de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Nov01 10:32 vjf was on 144240 (
Nov01 10:31 k4kv de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Nov01 10:26 kd4vjf de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Oct31 22:24 Well that didn't work, so ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ along with Sam me too! RKS (
Oct31 22:23 https://s.yimg.com/ok/u/assets/img/emoticons/emo40.gif (
Oct30 23:53 wa4njp de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Oct30 23:16 wa4jwu de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Oct30 00:46 145700 64/1000 contestia kh6ty de kd4amp/n4svc (
Oct29 13:23 57F Jack Frost lost to Mother nature its Raining ! RKS (
Oct28 12:08 GM All ! 35 F sunny Jack Frost nipping at my toes!. RKS (
Oct28 10:57 GM everyone !! kd4amp@rocketmail.com (
Oct28 10:56 GM sam !!!! kd4amp-jon at n4svc (
Oct28 10:56 GM sam !!!! kd4amp-jon at n4svc (
Oct28 10:55 kn4sv/k4kv/w4icu de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Oct27 11:20 GM...Again 58F here...sure is welcome after this summer...ESV (
Oct27 11:12 43F still lite rain :-{ RKS (
Oct26 13:25 Got you beat Ellis it was 56F here at sunrise...Its now 59F now...May get cooler this weekend...YEHAA!!! ...ESV (
Oct25 11:07 58F es Rain ! :-{ RKS (
Oct24 14:22 jjjljlnkl (
Oct24 10:48 w4icu/k4kv/k4khv/ku4qg de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Oct24 00:25 n4twx de n4svc 144205 (
Oct24 00:25 wa4njp/em84 de n4svc 144210 (
Oct23 23:24 wa4jwu/el98 de kd4amp/n4svc/em80 144210 (
Oct23 10:52 w4icu/k4kv/kz4tt de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Oct23 00:45 also copy k7om/aj4uq/ai4sx on digiatal net also 145700 (
Oct23 00:42 kh6ty/fm02 de kd4amp/n4svc em80 contestia 64/1000 (
Oct22 10:58 kz4tt/w4icu/kn4sv de kd4amp/n4svc em80 (
Oct19 13:38 WA5LFD typo sorry...ESV (
Oct19 13:36 Nice tropo on 2m into Texas this morning worked KE5Q em13 and WA5LMD em12...ESV (
Oct19 11:30 kk4no de kd4amp/n4svc 144195 (
Oct19 11:30 kn4sv/kz4rr/w4icu/k4kv de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Oct19 11:14 Hi Sam, yep tis that time of the year up here, leaves all colors so white stuff next! RKS (
Oct18 11:26 w4icu/kn4sv/k4kv/ku4qg/w4clj de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Oct17 20:05 Hola Larry...Was working into Pittsburgh area today on 6m but did not hear you...ESV (
Oct17 19:56 Keep those finals warm Sam Hear you soon. de n3cr fn2odt (
Oct17 19:55 Frost in the Poconos de n3cr fn20dt (
Oct17 13:30 GM...agree on the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...Hi Ellis...30F!!!Thats too dam cold for us Floridians...ESV (
Oct17 12:54 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz (
Oct17 11:15 w4icu,k4kv,kn4sv,ku4qg de kd4amp at n4svc (
Oct17 11:11 30F its getting here! RKS (
Oct15 12:14 kk4hep/w4vc de kd4amp/n4svc 144090 (
Oct15 10:40 w4icu/kn4sv/k4kv de kd4amp/n4svc 144.210 (
Oct12 11:09 w4icu/w4tki/k4kv de kd4amp/n4svc 144210 (
Oct11 10:55 w4icu,kn4sv,k4kv de n4svc em80 lots qsb 144210 (
Oct10 11:43 that last line was from n4svc (
Oct10 11:42 w4icu,k4kv,k4kvh,kn4sv on 144210 and wb4slm 222100 (
Oct09 12:27 Talk to n4twx terry mobile headed north to hiawasse,ga / 144.200 n4svc/em80 (
Oct09 11:31 good morning sam kd4esv==Great to hear u back on!!! jon kd4amp/n4svc (
Oct09 11:16 from n4svc /em80 (
Oct09 11:15 qso with kd4vjf,w4icu,kz4tt,k4kv 144.210 and 144.240 this am (
Oct08 14:29 Heard AE7KI and an fm19 look for more de n3cr fn20dt epa (
Oct08 14:27 good job worked W4LES sc heard W4IMD AE7 (
Oct08 03:14 looking MSK Sunday morning got early net de n3cr fn20dt (
Oct05 20:22 wa1rks testing; (
Oct05 20:21 test (
Oct04 17:41 n3cr worked MSK into GA and NC this morning tropo n3cr fn20dt (
Oct04 11:31 WB4SLM EM82 53 70cm...ESV (
Oct04 11:02 GM...Just worked Skip KH6TY FM02 on 70cm s2 to s7...First time in 3 weeks 3 days...KD4ESV EL87 (
Oct02 19:16 Hola...US 72' tower finally back up with 6m,2m and 70cm yagi's working fine business...We are back looking for DX if there ever is any hi...KD4ESV EL87 (
Sep29 01:00 20 Arrl radio ops landed in kp4 today ,deployed up to 3 weeks kw4by east fl (
Sep26 16:08 Anybody on morning MSK be looking de n3cr fn20 (
Sep22 01:38 100 % of Puerto Rico without light. The Emergency Management Antenna and the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center have collapsed. Some cell towers have fallen and many radio stations are off air. If anyone knows of any person who needs help, they can call (787) 777-0940 WIPR RADIO. They are one of the only stations that are receiving emergency calls. -kw4by el96 (
Sep20 12:17 GM...As of 6:20 AM local only 310 homes still not back on line in Manatee county...FPL has done a great job...The debris clean up will take much longer...ESV (
Sep19 11:33 GM 3,720 or 2% of Manatee county still without power now...FPL is working hard to get everyone back...ESV (
Sep18 21:42 I been back online since Tuesday early morning 1am...And new Generac RS5500 ran whole house when needed...ESV (
Sep18 21:40 Over 12,000 still without power just in Manatee county here...Went out last Sunday night at 8PM local and recived notice FPL will have West coast back totally Sep 22...ESV (
Sep18 15:04 💀 (
Sep15 12:05 We are back home and power restored...Minimal to my house and property...Many many trees down and some home's damaged...ESV (
Sep15 11:37 Hope everyone faired well with Irma and are coming back to normallcy. God Speed. rks (
Sep15 02:35 towers back up had thm tied off to 6" steelposts in conc in the ground for the microbursts to 140+ (
Sep15 02:31 trees cleared, river almost breached, big floods , power, telly out since 9/8 power back 3 hours ago kw4by (
Sep10 00:48 Hola hola coke cola from Miller school shelter de kd4esv el87 (
Sep09 00:58 🌀🌀👀 (
Sep08 20:27 Good luck to all Floridians from KD4ESV EL87 and my wife...Stay safe... (
Sep08 20:25 Stocked up plenty of water and food...If it does get hairy there are shelters near by we can run to...ESV (
Sep08 20:24 Well we are prepared for Irma with new genarator and 25gal of fuel and plan on lowering tower in the mourning...ESV (
Sep06 23:36 STIR... (
Sep06 23:36 And earlier a 2.2 X-flare...Yehaa sir it up!!! ESV (
Sep06 23:33 WOW!!! a 9.3 X-flare...Al helmets and jock straps on...INCOMING!!!ESV (
Sep01 21:19 Hola hola coke cola...esv (
Aug30 16:25 . . (
Aug24 19:09 ....................................:( (
Aug21 23:09 Thanks for stopping by Larry N3CR de kd4esv (
Aug17 11:57 Wow! you guys gotta stop talking so much you'l use up all the bandwidth on the page.! RKS (
Aug08 11:28 quiet as a church yesterday! and so far today :-( RKS (
Aug05 13:30 Sorry missed you Ellis...next time...ESV (
Aug04 11:25 Brief opening yesterday. dn coast EL - Land fer bit. RKS (
Jul25 01:34 flat as my morning eggs. de n3cr fn20dt (
Jul17 11:25 6 opened in bits and pieces hr. did wk EL87 (K1TO) hrd K4 and that was it. rks (
Jul16 18:33 Nope...Rather quiet...Did work DM38 on 6m...ESV (
Jul16 15:04 not hearing much during CQWWVHF contest de VE3ELL FNO4bh (
Jul15 15:25 CQ VHF contest today at 1800Z RKS (
Jul14 11:52 By the sounds of things a "Yawn" from the north too !. RKS (
Jul12 13:47 YAWN...ESV (
Jul12 11:29 You guys will wear this page out with all these Posts! :-} RKS (
Jul04 11:35 HAPPY 4th TO ALL! WA1RKS ! (
Jun29 10:11 Hey Sam, yes it was great to get you in the log once again. more of it 2m next! RKS (
Jun27 20:46 Hola hola Ellis...Think that was back scatter today...Was beaming Europe and AF and heard u 579...ESV (
Jun21 00:07 looking for 2mssb nets in Barrie Ontario area any help (
Jun16 20:04 Hrd NP2x briefly but long enuf to work today on 50.100cw ;RKS (
Jun06 11:26 Couple of zero's yesterday for a second and that was it ! :-( RKS (
Jun03 12:29 Yep seen that one posted too! but had to cut grass's so missed out on that one also. Bummer ! :-( RKS (
Jun02 22:18 Central America,South America and the Caribbean in here 6m today...ESV (
Jun01 12:02 Hi Sam hrd u in there yesterday but cud not make the trn trip next time 73 Ellis (
May28 12:55 GM All Gud tropo on 2m this am. kewel ! WA1RKS (
May26 20:50 Some Eu and N Afr in here today and 2x Es in the am. Quite good cndx. GL... (
May26 20:47 ...Hence the long sad story about what happened after I retired (was rejected) from Motorola after 40 1/2 years. BMB de K16 (
May26 20:45 Sam, I sometimes ignore it but sometimes like to have fun with it too... (
May25 14:09 I normally ignore you types but had to set it straight...last comment about it...ESV (
May25 14:07 takes a real low life coward to use a proxy address and cause hate and discontent...ESV (
May17 13:24 GM...EMS bob...esv (
May17 11:53 Hey Sam no it was an ES opening, wkd Ok,WI,and Tn. just bum luck. CUDTL 73 gud dx de "RKS" (
May15 12:00 Hola Ellis...Must have been MS cause I never heard anyone else but him...ESV (
May15 11:31 Hey Sam just missed you when you wkd K1KA yesterday ! ws dn on 98 cw next time 73 ! Ellis (
May05 21:35 First double hop 6m today...Several 6's and 7's yippie!!!...esv (
May02 01:59 Been there, done that bro. (
Apr28 19:27 Definately some tuff times since the Motorola rejection but things are better now. TNX. (
Apr25 18:21 BMB Sam :-) (
Apr25 12:54 HA HA HA!!! ESV (
Apr24 23:02 To make matters worse, during the "fumigation phase", the 2 year old got sick and had to be rushed to the ER. In the chaos, the xyl fell and broke her leg in two places... (
Apr24 22:19 All I can say is Thank GOD for those Social Security checks! (
Apr24 22:00 ...We had to deal with "The Year of the Bed Bugs". Wasn't easy when we finally moved back home. (
Apr24 21:59 ...After the 4 of us moved into the van, down by the river: We were forced to rent the hilltop property to survive. The renters brought in bed bugs so when we finally got back on our feet agn (after the trailer got washed away)... (
Apr24 21:56 Cat burgers remind me of bad times but they work for prop. Our hard times actually got worse after the MOT (MSI) "rejection"... (
Apr24 20:35 Cheers cold IPA in the mug...esv (
Apr24 20:34 Doing some cat burgers on the grill bob...Yum Yum...esv (
Apr24 19:59 Last time I saw the trailer, BBQ and half-cooked cat: They were on the way to Peterboro, NH. K16 (
Apr24 19:58 ...we were right in the middle of a "CatQ" when it all got washed down stream. Those were tuff times :-( (
Apr24 19:56 Yep, I remember it like it was yesterday. Upgraded to the trailer from the van only after the unemployment checks starting coming in. Was a hot summer day and a big T-Storm came over... (
Apr24 19:28 Nope it wasn't easy. I upgraded to the trailer from the VAN I was living in and then the floods came :-( (
Apr24 14:10 So, no it hasn't been easy. More like a cat-ass-trophy for me :-( (
Apr24 11:39 ...until I cud get back on my feet again to become a WalMart greeter but the they fired me for letting in a turkey. K16 (
Apr24 11:37 And yes when MOT "rejected" me it was tuff going for awhile. Lived in a trailer down by the river eating stray cats... (
Apr24 11:27 Been a little short lived Es around. I assume 'cause the "CatQ's" are ramping up. K16 (
Apr24 01:41 who cares what k1six sez, a motorola reject (
Apr21 21:49 Yawl need to get with the barbie cat too Bob...EMS...ESV (
Apr20 00:54 U guys need to be cooking more cats. Then the Es season will start and the MS stuff will be secondary. (
Apr20 00:48 rr Sam. My tee shirt sez "The Only REAL MEN Are CW Men" k1six (
Apr04 19:25 Gets old seeing same hams spot same freq. digi crap I had to filter them out hi...esv (
Apr03 21:50 I stand corrected, there were 4 SSB and one CW post on the list ! there is hope! RKS (
Apr03 21:48 I guess MS had taken over SSB and CW capabilities? Droll :-( (
Mar15 18:54 Cq cq cq de kf4ycp/p cedar key Florida el89 (
Mar13 23:23 YUM YUM...esv (
Mar12 19:24 Rolled in flour,egg,bread crumbs, deep fried with side of Buttery Grits! RKS (
Mar12 18:18 Cats are on the menu today...How you want it??? (
Mar12 18:16 Ha ha ha its 72F here at the moment what about use guys in the North East...Ha ha ha...esv (
Mar07 15:58 Heard a tad bit of aurora the other day. but no cigars! :-( RKS (
Feb20 15:43 Wow! hit 52 other day! shades of spring! NOT! we'll get lots more snow before the fat lady sings!. for sure rks (
Feb19 16:25 Smoke that cat CR (
Feb16 16:51 Bahhhhhh (
Feb15 13:41 gm...Guess what it 69F and its going to at least 75 so winter is over in Florida...ESV (
Feb13 12:23 Hey guess what? it snowed again! another foot! who says winter is over!.rks (
Feb09 15:02 Hey guess what ? its snowing go figure! rks (
Feb06 03:45 ER1 (
Feb05 13:48 Hmmm, this place has been awfull quiet? must not have liked my prose. :-) WA1RKS (
Jan28 04:28 not fer long Ellis de k4wby (
Jan27 12:36 NO Prop! Bands are a flop! time to get the mop, and this prose is a flop! de RKS (
Jan26 16:34 Hola cola (
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