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Aug22 05:17 I'm a little new to this. :) (
Aug22 05:17 Yes, you're right, my bad. I'm more partial to KPOW but that's cool! In that sx, would I be getting Omaha? -Sam EM38uw, Columbia (
Aug22 04:27 [03:42] Sam, I think you meant to type Topeka, not Wichita. But you got the distance right. :) BTW, KCMQ 96.7, a local of yours, is a station I often get from here when cx to the SE from here are favorable -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug22 03:55 Tr 96.5 KRBZ Kansas City, playlist match -Sam EM38uw Columbia (
Aug22 03:42 Tr 94.5 WIBW, Wichita 201.7 miles, stream match -Sam EM38uw Columbia (
Aug22 03:35 Late reply, but both the APRS map and Hepburn's forecast are working for me. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug22 03:30 Tr 93.3 KMXV, Kansas City, MO, playlist match -Sam EM38uw Columbia (
Aug22 01:26 Is anyone else having problems with the tropo maps? -Sam EM38uw Columbia (
Aug22 00:23 But it's rare for me to get stations up north via tropo, I usually end up a little bit too far south for those big events in the Plains - Ethan EM34 (
Aug22 00:22 [06:00] Thank you, Josh! Likewise for me, I still haven't received KMST yet. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug21 11:56 Tr 97.1 with Garth Brooks - Christian mobile EN72 (
Aug21 11:51 Tr 96.7 the Eagle - Christian mobile EN72 (
Aug21 09:42 WRIW tower/antenna is along the southern end of the RI/CT border - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug21 09:41 Tr (RF17/VC51) WRIW Telemundo Providence, RI running 1 MW [CP: Digital class A] @ 187 miles, NE - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug21 06:00 Congrats on those catches, Ethan. I tried for WBEL, but KMST is just way too strong. Conditions are enhanced from STL into IL though. - Josh EM36ui (
Aug21 05:59 Tropo is starting to die out now, still really happy about logging some new stations tonight. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug21 05:55 Tr 97.9 KBXB - Sikeston, MO (208 mi) Relog, B-97.9 branding - Ethan EM34 (
Aug21 05:53 Tr 88.5 WBEL - Cairo, IL (235 mi) (NEW) AFR programming match with KBMJ. Finally something from Illinois! - Ethan EM34 (
Aug21 05:45 Tr 97.9 K250BH - Jonesboro, AR (116 mi, 250 watts) K-Love station, furthest translator I've ever caught! - Ethan EM34 (
Aug21 05:35 Tr 100.1 WASL - Dyersburg, TN (177 mi) "... in Dyersburg, Union City, Dresden and Paris" - Ethan EM34 (
Aug21 05:27 Tr 106.9 WWYN - Jackson, TN (199 mi) Relog, "... on Highway 45 in Jackson" - Ethan EM34 (
Aug21 05:15 Tr 89.7 WAUV - Ripley, TN (168 mi) Relog, AFR programming. Strong tropo to Memphis too - Ethan EM34 (
Aug21 03:20 Tropo to Jonesboro and Memphis is somewhat strong right now, though I don't know if I'll get in on that blob on the APRS map northeast of me. We'll see what happens... - Ethan EM34 (
Aug21 03:14 But Kegan, in your location you might have a slim chance. But I wouldn't bet any folding money on it. - Rick SE WA (
Aug21 03:12 I've only had later August DX in very active seasons. Not seasons like this. - Rick SE WA (
Aug21 02:51 I've had Es as late as August 21 (in 2017) and August 26 (in 2018) - (I think) - so, I'll give it until the end of the month at the latest. - Kegan EM26te (
Aug21 02:45 Tr 106.3 KJBX - Jonesboro, AR (110 mi) (New) Weak signal, local station KOLL is off the air. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug21 02:43 Hey, I wish I was guy, your young, get a job and move over there for all those those openings lasting for many hours at a time. - (
Aug21 00:41 No FM-DX via Es since the Perseid metoer shower peak (12-13) - The 2019 Summer Es season has ended - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug20 21:59 I don't know if he ever taped anything from his western NY QTH. Maybe? Talk about having a sheer variety of television stations at your fingertips, especially with some of those openings lasting for many hours at a time. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug20 21:57 [1948] I wish I was in Bob Seybold's shoes. Holy smokes, the sheer number of UHFs he would log in one sitting in a big tropo opening. I think he even saw KS, OK, IA on tropo...some 1000+ mile UHFs. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug20 21:08 [00:05] KJLY is a station that starts to battle it out with Omaha whenever I get into west central Iowa (say, Audubon to Carroll to Denison) on my weekday work route. KJLY's sister station on 100.7, KJYL, does the same thing to KGBI when I get into that area, too -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug20 19:48 Late Summer Tropo was always fun around the Great Lakes. I remember in the early 80's near Youngstown OH spinning the LogP around and seeing TV stations anywhere I pointed it. de k7dwi (
Aug20 17:22 Tr 99.7 with Toto “Africa” mixing with local WDKF - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug20 12:23 Seems to be burning off; lots of the stations are getting weaker and/or losing HD pilots/locks. Not a bad morning of DX! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug20 12:19 Tr - WDOK-HD 102.1 Cleveland, OH - Good, locked in HD; HD2 is the Coffee Shop. de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Aug20 12:07 Tr - WDVE-102.5 Pittsburgh, PA - Very poor with DVE Morning Show, wx, nx. de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Aug20 11:43 Tr - WNCD-93.3 Youngstown, OH - Poor with Rover's Morning Glory, // Webcast. de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Aug20 11:35 Tr - 88.5 WYSU Youngstown, OH - Fair with RDS decoding. Usually there, but not this strong. de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Aug20 11:26 Only real thing of interest; Cleveland kinda loud, lots of CAK area stations showing HD, but nothing else Earth shattering. de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Aug20 11:25 Tr - W273BL-FM 102.5 Akron, OH - Poor with Air1; only Air1 station on frequency! Not bad for 74 watts! NEW!!! de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Aug20 00:05 Tr 104.5 KJLY Blue Earth, MN - En35ID (
Aug20 00:03 Tr 97.9 KSEZ Skoux City, IA.......again - En35ID (
Aug19 07:06 Tr DTV 19. WKYC Cleveland repacked from 17. Fourth channel I've seen them on (A3, DTV2, DTV17 and now DTV19) (
Aug19 06:53 it's a new log for once - Eric CM96 (
Aug19 06:53 Tr 104.1 KFRR Woodlake, CA - Eric CM96 (
Aug18 05:34 re 1955 oops, forgot 96.9 calls flipped to CJAX a few years ago. > Yakima CN6 (
Aug17 21:34 Tr 106.3 KLOO Corvallis OR w/ Time Warp syndicated show, passing in between Grandview and Prosser today...grid approximately around DN06bf. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug17 19:55 Tr 96.9 CKLG Vancouver BC near Sunnyside WA today...Steve Winwood 'Higher Love' // playlist. 251 miles. KZTA *off the air* > Yakima CN96 (
Aug17 16:04 Seattle CN87 (
Aug17 03:32 Tr 89.9 WEVL - Memphis, TN (125 mi, 4.8 kW) Stream match, fading in and out with WMAB - Ethan EM34 (
Aug17 00:32 [00:20] Being heard at a fair signal strength eleven minutes after sunset - KA3JAW FN20j1 (
Aug17 00:21 Check the Dxmaps/28 MHz - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug17 00:20 Hearing Winnipeg, Manitobe, Canada on 11M at a distance of 1236 miles right now - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug17 00:00 I had very brief Es this morning (CIII 2)./cdel96 (
Aug16 22:57 Took notice that Es on 11-6M have been very poor after the peak (12-13) of the Perseids meteor shower - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug16 13:53 Tr 100.5 KMVL Madisonville TX with city ID, tightly nulling out IBOC slop from local 100.7...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug16 13:51 Tr 90.1 XHRYS Reynosa with ID, nulling out local pest xltr...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug16 13:24 Tr 102.5 XHRR Reynosa "La Ley" with ID and mx..Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug16 13:17 Tr 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa "La Caliente" with ID, very weak...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug16 05:57 Tr 92.5 WQST - Forest, MS (234 mi) Relog, AFR station matching with my local on 91.7 - Ethan EM34 (
Aug16 01:29 No more Es in this state (
Aug16 01:28 For those that DX TV in the southern states, Costa Rica said goodbye to analog TV in 76% of the country last night. Analog transmitters went off at midnight > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug16 00:06 Tropo looks to be building in eastern VA and Delaware. Hepburn shows Green (3) Moderate tropo through at least 0900 UTC. crossing fingers. Haven't had any good tropo here in a long time. Dennis FM18fa (
Aug15 19:21 Local (at work in Detroit) DTV WDWO-CD RF 22 is virtual ch 1.1! Only stream is 3ABN on 1.1 - no subs. N8NU in MI (
Aug15 18:44 [Aug14 05:39] I decided to remove my recording, citing less than satisfactory quality. I will try to record again another time when conditions are better. - Kegan EM26te (
Aug15 05:45 [04:51] KWCL, oops! - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 05:34 Tr 105.3 KLIP - Monroe, LA (157 mi) Relog, second time picking this station up - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 05:31 Tropo is starting to fade away a bit, at least the Meridian stations are gone. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 05:30 Tr 104.9 KTOC - Jonesboro, LA (178 mi) (New) - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 05:21 Tr 97.1 WOKK - Meridian, MS (266 mi) (NEW) "97 OKK" branding, been wanting this station for a while - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 05:12 Tr 162.500 KJY83 - Carthage, MS (211 mi) Station IDed with local forecast - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 05:04 [04:17] Can verify that it is WLXW, they just did their TOTH ID. - Ethan (
Aug15 04:51 Tr 96.7 KWLC - Oak Grove, LA (142 mi) (New) Oldies 96.7 branding. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 04:42 Tr 98.9 WLYJ - Quitman, MS (277 mi) (NEW!) Stream match - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 04:31 Tr 105.9 WRKS - Canton, MS (198 mi) Relogged, RDS decoded - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 04:24 Tr 103.5 KLAA - Tioga, LA (231 mi) (NEW) - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 04:17 Tr 89.7 WLXW - Waynesboro, MS (283 mi) K-Love station, closest one to me on 89.7 and in the same general direction I've been receiving stations from tonight. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 04:09 Tr 101.7 WYOY - Gluckstadt, MS (205 mi) (NEW!) RDS decoded, completely taking out KVLO - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 04:02 Tr 100.9 WJXN - Utica, MS (219 mi) (NEW!) TOTH ID, KHLL is no longer audible, and this station took over. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:55 Tr 100.9 KHLL - Richwood, LA (168 mi) Relogged, caught under my local translator. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:54 Tr 103.3 WBZL - Greenwood, MS (150 mi) (New Station!) - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:51 Tr 93.1 KQID - Alexandria, LA (221 mi) RDS decoded - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:43 Tr 102.9 WMSI - Jackson, MS (208 mi) RDS decoded, second time logging this station. Completely taking out KARN here! - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:37 Tr 90.1 WMPR - Jackson, MS (209 mi) RDS decoded, rare station here. Caught under regional-local KLRO - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:31 Tr 89.5 WMAE - Booneville, MS (197 mi) NPR, matches up. Weak signal under regional-local KBMJ - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:29 Tr 88.1 WMAW - Meridian, MS (259 mi) NPR station matching up with the other MPB Radio stations. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:26 Tr 91.3 WMPN - Jackson, MS (210 mi) with RDS - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:25 Tr 95.5 WHLH - Jackson, MS (207 mi) Local ads for the city of Jackson, coming in pretty well right now. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:23 Tr 92.5 WQST - Forest, MS (234 mi) Matches up with my local AFR station on 91.7 - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:19 Tr 95.1 WQNZ - Natchez, MS (234 mi) Relogged under KHKN's IBOC. Very weak signal but the stream matches with them. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:11 Tr 107.5 WKXI - Magee, MS (226 mi) Coming in very strong right now as well. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:06 Tr 89.9 WMAB - Mississippi State, MS (202 mi) Relog, RDS decoded, coming in like a local right now - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 03:04 Tr 94.7 WJLV - Pearl, MS (208 mi) TOTH ID under KHKN's IBOC - Ethan EM34 (
Aug15 02:58 A lot of Jackson stations are coming in as well. - Ethan (
Aug15 02:58 Tr 97.5 WWMS - Oxford, MS (180 mi) Relog, "Miss 98" branding - Ethan EM34 (
Aug14 15:06 Es 91.3 WESM Princess Anne, MD RDS Craig EL98 (
Aug14 14:50 Tr 99.3 KUNO 175.3 miles heard branding - "Big Country 99 - the Rooster" -Sam, Marion IL (
Aug14 13:33 Ms @ 05:09 PT -> 95.1 CFMC Saskatoon, SK (NEW!)... On-air promotion for SIR Southwinds Showdown in Saskatoon. CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug14 13:11 Tr 95.5 KJEZ - Poplar Bluff, MO (175 mi) Z95 The Bone branding heard under KSSN's IBOC - Ethan EM34 (
Aug14 13:07 Tr 95.1 KAMS - Mammoth Spring, AR (127 mi) Relog, local ad for the city of Alton, MO. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug14 12:58 Tr @ 0448 & 0500 PT -> 105.9 KCIX Garden City, ID (relog)... Branding heard at 0448, TOTH caught at 0500 CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug14 12:58 Tr 94.3 WLLI - Dyer, TN (195 mi, 6 kW) Rare station here, second time logging it - Ethan EM34 (
Aug14 12:54 Ms @ 0443 PT -> 95.5 KWYY Midwest, WY (NEW!)... Branding heard - "95.5, Casper's..." CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug14 12:29 [01:48] That's cuz the Brewers are playing the Twins in an interleague series right now. :) You should arm yourself with affiliate lists for both teams. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug14 12:20 Tr 100.1 WASL - Dyersburg, TN (177 mi) (New) "... in Union City" as well as "100.1 JACK FM" branding afterwards. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug14 12:12 Tr 89.7 WAUV - Ripley, TN (168 mi) Relog, match with local AFR station on 91.7 - Ethan EM34 (
Aug14 12:09 Tr 91.1 XHMZI Melchor Muzquiz CI "Capital Maxima" with ID, pretty weak but audible ... Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Aug14 11:28 Tr 94.7 KTTS - Springfield, MO (168 mi) under KHKN's IBOC sidebar, rarity here. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug14 05:39 [05:11] My recording of KOUA - Kegan EM26te (
Aug14 05:11 Tr 91.9 KOUA, Ada, OK - NPR - satellite of KGOU - 11:59 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed SW - Kegan EM26te (
Aug14 04:41 [04:12] My recording of KLCU - Kegan EM26te (
Aug14 04:32 Tr 88.3 KTGS, Tishmongo, OK - Ada, OK mentioned - "The Gospel Station Network" - 11:31 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed SW - Kegan EM26te (
Aug14 04:14 Tr 91.9 KBCW, McAlester, OK - Classical - KUCO repeater - 11:00 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed SW - Kegan EM26te (
Aug14 04:12 Tr 90.3 KLCU, Ardmore, OK - NPR - 10:59 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed SW - Kegan EM26te (
Aug14 03:33 Tr (scatter) 97.9 KSEZ Sioux City, IA (ultra pest) - En35ID (
Aug14 02:57 Tr 99.9 W260BX Lansing MI - rare - WUGN (or WUNN) translator de n8uup bill MI EN82ee (
Aug14 02:18 Tr 95.3 W237BY Mason MI - CCM -translator for WONU - rare de N8UUP Bill MI EN82ee (
Aug14 02:13 Tr 98.5 WUPS Harrison, MI - Good signal - 155 miles de N8UUP Bill MI EN82ee (
Aug14 02:06 Tr 89.7 WLNZ Lansing Michigan - rare - 1kw at 61 miles de N8UUP Bill MI EN82ee (
Aug14 01:48 Tr 106.7 WATQ Chetek, WI with Brewers Baseball. Mistook it for the Twins - En35ID (
Aug14 01:27 Tr 106.7 Twins Game. Hmm - En35ID (
Aug14 00:28 [00:15] I had a couple on 106.5---one had a song that matched a stream (WWLW in WV), but I don't count it./cdel96 (
Aug14 00:15 Are you guys getting bursts during the day? En35id (
Aug13 22:31 Tr 97.5 WTAQ Glenmore, WI with local newscast mentioning Green Bay and Appleton - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug13 22:02 [17:43] I got 100+ bursts from Moses Lake last night on my SPARC. Only a few of them were identifiable, and two had RDS (KTTI and KCHH). CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug13 20:25 Tr 92.9 KLBQ Logan, UT...Q92 in while listing for Ms....100kW@ 269 Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 20:21 Ms 92.9 KAFF Flagstaff, AZ 4 sec strong burn w/ Flaggstaff foot doctors commercial...just has I sat at desk...Ms still very active...100kW @ 570 log. I think Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 19:53 I was listening from 900-foot elevation this AM with hundreds of pings. Nothing in the city ... Mike (
Aug13 19:00 Finally, Regional Mexican on 96.5 was not IDed either - KPSL or needed KXPK... > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 19:00 [18:45] I don't have the skill or knowhow to implement that kind of a system. Fortunately, it doesn't take much effort to examine recordings. But I don't have a hundred pings an hour; a few a day, at best. - Rick SE WA (
Aug13 18:58 Also a burst of religious talk with female host. KXEI? Apparently they have Focus on the Family on right now. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 18:57 Ms 95.1 CFMC Saskatoon SK in car at 1138 PT - 'Hold On We're Going Home' Drake // playlist. Relog > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 18:52 I'm limited to mainly North-South paths for Ms...but with the increase in sensitivity, I can still receive stations to the east Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 18:49 That made a hugh difference for me...but I still today, I can't beam east even though I can null intermod ... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 18:45 I went with a two antenna system with a phaser to null the intermod... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 18:41 I discovered intermod from locals overloaded and desensitized receive front end... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 18:38 ...1823 Rick, my first year in Boise for recprding Meteor showers was really bad..6 hour recording and only two bursts... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 18:23 [17:30] Lots of negative parts here. A valley that seems to inhibit signals. Not a sophisticated setup. Still, I try. Got stronger stuff in Seattle but few freqs. Here more freqs, less DX. - Rick SE WA (
Aug13 17:51 ...the only other explanation could be altitude...I'm 2600 feet. That certainly helps... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 17:51 [17:43] You always think about where you are, but not what you use. Do you think Dave Williams used a Grundig? ... Mike (
Aug13 17:45 ...If you have a way measuring sensitivity, that may help..Im still getting alot of activity right now...92.9 and 97.3 Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 17:44 Heading out for errands and will be checking my radio for some new Ms stations > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 17:43 Doesn't make sense how Idaho gets 100 bursts an hour and I get 1-2. But at least one was a new log. In 2015's Perseids I had a 90-second train that brought 100.3/101.5 SLC, three new ones on 95.5 (and 100+ bursts that night), along with Forsyth MT 101.3 and Bozeman 95.1... > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 17:30 ...1707...Rick, I average about 100 Pings per hour, 20 strong useable and 5 extremely strong/ long burns per hour last 24 maybe a receive sensitivity issue Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 17:26 I had hundreds of pings on 95.5, a few on 91.9 and nothing anywhere else. The only ones long enough to do anything with were denied by the content at the time. Still no Ms DX since 2012 ... Mike (
Aug13 17:07 I had more luck last October and November with "lesser" showers than with the two majors. - Rick SE WA (
Aug13 16:56 Well, one ping around 0300 unID news - probably national news. That's all she wrote. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 16:53 Empty on my 101.1 it looks like...on the 'peak' night? Did NASA dupe us or are these meteors going over areas without 101.1s? :( > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 16:05 Tr 92.5 KPRV, Heavener, OK - With weather forecast - 11:04 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Aug13 16:00 Tr 90.3 KBJS, Jacksonville, TX - 10:59 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Aug13 15:59 Came up empty overnight on 92.3; no pings. Had some on 94.7 last evening and 95.1 yesterday. Never know when activity's lacking or the wrong freq choice was made. - Rick SE WA (
Aug13 15:56 ...Ms still going strong...have a 91.1 recording to review later... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug13 15:54 Tr 89.1 KFLO, Blanchard, LA - "Miracle 89.1" - 10:53 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Aug13 15:21 Tr 89.9 KDAQ, Shreveport, LA - NPR - RDS: "RED RIVER RADIO" - With 'Performance Today' - 10:20 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Aug13 15:01 Tr 88.9 KETR Commerce TX with TOH ID, rarely heard against stns like KLDN Lufkin..Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug13 14:00 Tr 101.5 KNUE Tyler TX. 275mi New! - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Aug13 13:16 Oops... sorry abt the green. (
Aug13 13:16 Ms overnight on two frequencies was a bust. 94.1 recorded 1 ping. SDR caught RDS but the PI code is bad - En35ID (
Aug13 13:10 Tr 91.9 XHEC-FM Sabinas, Coahuila. "La Ms Buena". 203mi New! - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Aug13 12:08 Tr 89.3 KNON Dallas, TX, gospel music show, station ID (230 mi) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug13 11:37 Tr 98.1 KTAL Texarkana, TX, Def Leppard song, stream match (357 mi) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug13 10:12 Ms @ 0212 PT -> 95.1 KTTI Yuma, AZ (relog). Caught w/ RDS, image will be posted to my Instagram soon. CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug13 08:08 Decided on 101.1 for overnight recording, tuned to 101.12 to avoid KARY splatter. Needed here overall in Ms range: KDDX-SD, KDSR-ND, KHYL-CA, KZMT-MT, couple others. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 08:06 Regarding my 0802 report, I caught this one on my SPARC outdoors. I was actively tuning through a few of the notorious blank frequencies around here (95.1, 95.5, 105.1, and 105.9 primarily). Should also note I heard Spanish on 106.3, I'm suspecting KDBI-FM. CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug13 08:02 Ms @ 00:30 PT -> 95.1 KHOP Oakdale, CA; new log. Heard 'Closer' by The Chainsmokers, and it matched with the playlist on the KHOP website. Also getting stronger than usual signals from KRSK and KFBW Portland. CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug13 08:02 95.1 will have to wait until I run errands tomorrow. Too much bleedover from 94.5. Not an issue in the Elantra and I sure as hel-l am NOT going to drive around at 1:00 in the morning trying to get one ID. Deciding between 98.1, 101.1 and 101.3 tonight. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 07:39 Just got out of my car and looked up and saw a Perseid Meteor shooting fast across the sky moving sowthwest - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Aug13 07:36 KIOI runs 125KW grandfathered, surprised I haven't heard them on previous Perseids showers. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 07:35 One fireball seen in 20 minutes and one more 98.1 burst with top 40-type music, no ID. Maybe Shelley ID. Looked hard for a 101.3 KIOI burst to no avail...maybe my most-wanted Bay Area right now. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 07:10 Ms Kittitas SDR 2341 93.1 KQIZ Amarillo, Bruno Mars 'That's What I Like' // onlineradiobox playlist. 1250+ miles, long for Ms. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 07:05 Ms Kittitas SDR 2338 93.1 with Boston 'Let Me Love You Tonight'. No playlist for KGCX but probably them. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 07:01 Ms on the Kittitas SDR - 93.1 KTIK New Plymouth ID '...Sports Flash', CBS Sports Radio announcer. That's really short! > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 06:34 First burst in 15 minutes of scanning on the G5! Maybe I'll head to a different apartment spot and try there > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 06:34 Ms 98.1 KISQ San Francisco stream match 'Will You Still Love Me?' Chicago. Es relog, new Ms. Double play. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 04:56 The 101.9 came out of thin air...came out of grocery store, put the ignition in, and all of a sudden boom! Ms hit over KZIU. Perfect timing. If it would have been much longer I would have flipped around other channels. It was 2015 where I had a 90 second Ms train that delivered 100.3 SLC, think I also had 101.5 KEGA. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 04:48 When I go for errands tomorrow morning I will check multiple frequencies on my Elantra, especially those that are 1st-adjacent. 92.1 is wide open now. Same with 96.7. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 04:47 The fact that I need five alone in Ms range on 95.1, three of those at 100KW, one at 98kw and one at 11.5kw, makes it obvious to try that frequency. However I don't think I will go out to my Hyundai and take a late night check tonight either... > Yakima CN96 (
Aug13 04:40 My FM antenna is aimed SW, while the TV antenna above it is aimed SE toward St. Paul - En35ID (
Aug13 04:36 My antennas (one of them with a rotor) - one aimed SSE. The other (with rotor) is (usually) aimed W. - Kegan EM26te (
Aug13 04:15 Which way are you guys pointing your antennas? - En35ID (
Aug13 04:15 Recorder has been running for past 2 hrs, not a single ping here - En35ID (
Aug13 04:06 Tr 98.5 WTFM Kingsport, TN (168 miles) -Sam, Nicholasville KY (
Aug13 04:01 Four hours sitting on the hill, an the only thing that came in via Ms for more than 0.5 seconds was a Roundup ad by the class action vultures ... Mike (
Aug13 03:39 I don't quite have a solid plan for what frequencies to monitor tonight. RTL-SDR will definitely be on 95.1. The other two will probably be 105.5 and 107.1. Perhaps one on 89.3. (
Aug13 03:36 [02:38] I've had Ms as close as 210 miles. Back in the 1960s it was at least twice that I'd have the test pattern for WBBM-2, and it became "much stronger" for half a second or so (210 miles from SE Mich.) frankfrank (
Aug13 03:33 Yakima [02:38] I plan on setting my two Radioshack 12-996 units on separate recording devices overnight along with my RTL-SDR. I will likely be outside with the SPARC during the peak scouting other blank frequencies. CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug13 03:11 Yak, I had several pings on 95.1 earlier. Trying on 94.7 now but may go back to 95.1 overnight. Always hard to know what freq to try for. - Rick SE WA (
Aug13 03:00 Tr 88.9 WMSB - Byhalia, MS (148 mi) TOTH ID under KUAR's IBOC - Ethan EM34 (
Aug13 02:55 Tr Scatter 93.9 WJAI - Pearl, MS (210 mi) Relogged, Air1 station. Quite a rare station here! - Ethan EM34 (
Aug13 02:55 Take that back. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug13 02:53 Ms 93.9 UnID - Air1 station, lasted about 2 seconds. I'll never find out what this station was lol - Ethan EM34 (
Aug13 02:38 Would be interesting if that was meteor scatter - as 252 miles just seems a wee bit too close. Any chance you can set a recorder all night on that SPARC? Tonight's the peak night for Ms. Will be taping something...95.1 maybe. I need KSQY, KXEI, KYCS, KTHC...all in prime Ms range! > yakima cn96 (
Aug13 02:33 Missoula stations are rare from here. Funny enough, both 102.9 KSJJ Redmond and 106.3 KLOO Corvallis, which are similar in distance, are received often from my location. It is possible KKVU was in fact a tropo scatter. CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug13 02:27 Ms @ 16:42 PT -> 104.5 KKVU Missoula, distance 407 km/252 mi. New from Moses Lake, logged previously while visiting Missoula. Identified via local ad (The Missoula Current). CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug13 02:04 Es 88.3 WHWC Central Time Menomonie, WI @ 902 miles. Announcement around 23:57 UTC of tomorrows WPR show. VE2KZ (FN35ii) (
Aug13 01:02 Could've been Ms. Didn't last long - En35ID (
Aug13 00:59 Es 60.310 - En35ID - En35iD (
Aug13 00:13 Tr Lot of short common tropo here now in the 200 mile range. 91.3 WLRN Miami, FL and SW FL coastal stuff Craig EL98jq (
Aug12 23:52 Lots of skip coming in on the CB frequencies this evening but nothing much else. Not even hearing much of any meteor scatter either. -Aaron IN (
Aug12 23:14 Es 89.1 WHAA Adams, WI RDS Craig EL98jq (
Aug12 23:06 ES 91.3 KBIA Columbia, MO RDA Craig EL98jq (
Aug12 23:00 Es 91.3 WHHI Highland, WI. RDS Craig EL98jq (
Aug12 22:52 Had a quick fadeup at 2200 UTC of an NPR stn on 88.9 but no ID, not sure if Es or Ms...Jack, ATX (
Aug12 20:54 The Ms pings are starting to pick up here. No more IDs yet, though. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug12 20:02 Ms 91.1 WVUB Vincennes, IN, very brief but strong fade up with talk and RDS ID (894 mi) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug12 13:31 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA "Red River Radio" with ID, weak...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug12 13:15 NC stations coming in like locals this morning Dennis Fm18 (
Aug12 13:09 Tr 90.1 WHBT Mayock, NC "The Beat" (New) RDS with wrong PI Code and Call Letters PI = 17E4 KZCS Dennis FM18fa (
Aug12 12:19 So the question is will the Perseids get some serious ESkip going today?? If there was any day to be listening, today/tonight now is the Time Jerry FN12 (
Aug12 11:22 [05:21] Can you issue a QSL card for that? (
Aug12 05:21 i farted (
Aug12 04:03 Tr DTV 35 CIII-DT-29 Oil Springs ON. Made possible by repack move from RF 29 (which still hosts local WGTE N8NU in MI (
Aug12 03:08 Mississippi Valley (
Aug12 03:04 Tropo is extending eastward tonite. Will screw up Meteor Scatter. Still lots of fun. de k7dwi missing Tropo :( (
Aug12 02:45 Tr 92.5 KKHA Markham TX "Happy Radio 92.5" with oldies, ID, rarely heard here due to local K-Love stn...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug12 01:07 Heard a 1 second Ms ping on 92.5 FM a little bit ago. I don't often DX Meteor Scatter as it never produces anything ID'able around here but I did ID one station via Ms a few years ago. It was Z94.7 KZGF Grand Forks ND when I heard the female announcer ID. -Aaron IN (
Aug12 00:05 Ms 92.1 PI Code 99EC (which is a bad code) but has PTY code 'Travel" - En35ID (
Aug11 23:41 Tr amongst the stale, hot weather... very strong localized (<200 mile) tropo overriding smaller locals / strong semi-locals - K4NBF EM66vh (
Aug11 22:29 Sadly no recording on that, didn't take the recorder. Will be recording overnight on the G5 most likely. Peaks tomorrow night to Tuesday morning. I hope we'll see plenty of green on this logger in the next couple of days > Yakima CN96 (
Aug11 22:28 Ms 101.9 1430 local - KRSQ Laurel MT with ad for Windmill Bar 51 restaurant, wrote down the 'Bar 51' part and thank goodness I remembered. Caught on Elantra radio running errands, overpowering KZIU. NEW!! > Yakima CN96 (
Aug11 22:01 KA3JAW, it might have been Es. Es is being reported Texas>Ontario in the last couple minutes > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug11 21:37 I will change propagation category to MS as it was short lived - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug11 21:19 DxMaps doesn't even show any Es going on. Sure it wasn't Ms? > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug11 21:15 Es - It's Back! 88.3 WPOZ Orlando, FL w/PI Code [7DC9] - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug11 19:45 [08:46] I think the meteor shower peaking Mon nite/Tue mrng may potentially seed more Es than the sleeping sun. ― ~𝑲𝑴𝑮𝑪~ FN42nn36 (
Aug11 17:34 Es 88.3 unid from west Texas.. (
Aug11 17:29 Es 88.3 unids....two stns mixing .....from texas Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug11 17:11 Es 88.5 Unid SS Rel stn....Weak slow fade-ins Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug11 13:33 The 89.1 earlier was KFLO Blanchard LA...Jack, ATX (
Aug11 13:08 Tr 88.1 KNTU McKinney, TX, jazz: Falkner Evans song, stream match, 272 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug11 12:55 Tr 99.1 WYXY Savoy, IL (277 mi, 50 kW) "Wixie Classic 99-1" - Bryce K4NBF EM66vh (
Aug11 12:47 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA with NPR Sunday morning programs...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug11 12:46 Tr 105.7 KYKX Longview, TX, local area ads, station ID, 307 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug11 12:45 Tr 89.1 Blanchard LA "Miracle 89.1" with Christian programs and ID (new)...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug11 12:29 Tr 96.5 KVKI Shreveport, LA, station ID, Meghan Trainor song, 349 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug11 12:14 Tr 88.5 KEOM Mesquite, TX, classic hits: Hollies & David Soul songs, stream match, 250 mi (NEW) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug11 08:47 Tr WNKY-16 Bowling Green KY 350 miles a couple hours ago, only thing at all unusual noted here. Terre Haute louder than normal on FM. Frank EN40ql (
Aug11 08:46 the x-ray value up to A7.96 within the previoius 24 hours. Expect Es today - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug11 08:44 H-alpha plages without sunspots in region 2747 (location N06W48) that boosted the - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug11 08:40 There are no sunspot regions on teh earth facing solar disk today; however, there are (cont) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug11 07:09 Tr 100.5 WYMG Chatham, IL (306 mi, 50 kW) Promo for - Bryce K4NBF EM66vh (
Aug11 06:45 Tr 94.9 WAAG Galesburg, IL (389 mi, 50 kW) "The Country Station, FM95" - Bryce K4NBF EM66vh (
Aug11 06:31 Tr 91.3 WMPN - Jackson, MS (210 mi) RDS decoded - Ethan EM34 (
Aug11 04:23 Tr 92.3 WZPW Peoria, IL (363 mi, 19.2 kW) Legal ID, Top 40 - Bryce K4NBF EM66vh (
Aug11 03:44 Tr 104.9 KCLT - West Helena, AR (91 mi @ 3 kW) (New) "Force 3 Radio" branding heard under KMJX's IBOC. Been wanting this for a while now - Ethan EM34 (
Aug11 03:34 Tr 98.9 KTUX - Carthage, TX (198 mi) Relog with "Highway 98.9" branding mentioned - Ethan EM34 (
Aug11 03:32 Tr 99.7 WJMI - Jackson, MS (207 mi) Relog, 99 Jams branding heard. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug11 03:30 Tr 92.3 carrying Top 40 "Most Requested Live with Romeo" show. Only affiliate I'm seeing is KKHQ Waterloo, IA but TBD - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug11 03:30 Tr 92.3 carrying Top 40 "Most Requested Live with Romeo (
Aug11 03:29 Tr 88.9 KAKV - El Dorado, AR (115 mi) K-Love mention, this is definitely them. Second time I've ever picked this station up - Ethan EM34 (
Aug11 03:27 Tr 106.1 WSMI Litchfield, IL (274 mi, 50 kW) WSMI FM 106.1, ad for IL state fair, ment. Station email - Bryce K4NBF EM66vh (
Aug11 03:27 Tr 88.5 KLHV - Cotton Valley, LA (168 mi) (New) Definitely a K-Love, closest one to me, and in the same general path I'm receiving stations from right now. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug11 02:50 Tr 104.7 WLRJ - Leland, MS (124 mi) With the RDS decoded. KFLI is off the air here. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug10 23:06 Sherlock email en35id (
Aug10 21:07 [20:46] I guess I have to be in Orlando. Nada aqu./cdel96 (
Aug10 20:54 You guys have been having it all summer. Can't say that in the western half of the country ... Mike (
Aug10 20:46 Es - It's Here! 88.3 WPOZ Orlando, FL w/PI Code [7DC9] - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug10 16:38 As of this morning, 91.1/96.9/104.5/106.1/106.9 all off. Kittitas SDR has a big KPBX Spokane signal on 91.1, all alone. No time to go out myself sadly, summer quarter finals approaching and a ridiculous amount of homework! > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 15:24 Tr 97.5 KNXR Rochester, MN RDS and full quieting. Way over St. Paul xlator - En35ID (
Aug10 15:09 Tr 101.7 KBYB Hope, AR with country mx, stream match...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug10 14:49 Tr 90.3 KEDM Monroe LA with ID, old "Car Talk" replay...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug10 13:45 Tr 93.9 KOYN Paris TX with country mx...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug10 13:39 Tr 94.1 KRLQ Hodge LA "Big Q Country" with ID...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug10 13:33 Tr 97.3 KQHN Waskom TX "Q97.3" with ID...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug10 13:30 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA "Red River Radio" over nearby LP station...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug10 13:14 Franken-FM WMTO Streetz FM in like a local here in Central VA this morning -- Dennis FM18 (
Aug10 13:14 Franken-FM WMTO Streetz FM in like a local here in Central VA this morning (
Aug10 13:02 Tr 91.5 KTXK Texarkana, TX, station IDs, promo for local ENT, NPR Weekend Update, 369 mi (NEW) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug10 12:59 [Yakima/08:37] 96.9 Vancouver is now CJAX "JackFM". I received it the other day w/ IBOC while I was in North Bend. I noticed this morning KZTA was offline, because I was getting KEZE Spokane. It is possible you also received it, considering it's a sister station to KZZU. CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug10 12:56 Tr 106.3 KYGL Texarkana, AR, Led Zeppelin & Aerosmith songs, Eagle 106.3 ID, 378 mi (NEW) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug10 12:36 Tr 95.3 KCXY East Camden, AR, Ford dealer ad, Camden references, ABC Sports, stream match, 437 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug10 12:27 Tr 92.5 KHTA Wake Village, TX, traditional Christian music, stream match, 382 mi (NEW) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug10 12:08 Tr 91.1 KXUL Monroe, LA, rock: Manchester Orchestra song, stream match, 446 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug10 12:04 Tr 90.3 KEDM Monroe, LA, station ID, NPR Weekend Update, 446 mi (NEW) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug10 11:57 ...Tyler, TX - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug10 11:55 Tr 89.5 KVNE, Christian pop, station IDs, almost local-like (287 mi) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug10 09:49 CKCK: Exactly, that's why they were "common" - that test pattern stuck out like a sore thumb, as the saying goes. frankfrank (
Aug10 09:10 I remember a friend telling me that prior to KIMA 29 signing on the air in the early '90s they would show an old RETMA TP and tone c. 1950s-60s? I've never seen it for myself on the hundreds of tapes. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 09:09 There's a KELO-TV sign off on YouTube from 1993 with a RETMA TP after the sign-off. Pretty cool to see that, very late for that type of test pattern to hang around. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 09:08 might remember when they were using an IHTP in off-air time (with the CTV logo over what should be the Indian) as late as this century! > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 08:54 [04:23] Yup. Toowomba. Came in quite strong that day...logged on the basis of being on a UNIQUE frequency, far out of tolerance for the channel. frankfrank (
Aug10 08:48 Not so much with WPBT, because so often WESH would get in there with them...but they'd take turns being VERY watchable Frank EN40ql (
Aug10 08:47 CKCK, too...not at all rare for them to be there all by themselves, and oddly was reasonably common overnights once a year or so Frank EN40ql (
Aug10 08:44 [04:31] That was also true here. (KTVI and KGAN were zero-beat to each other, same offset.) Es video was about the only time Channel 2 video wasn't "crummy" (if there wasn't lots of swapping, XEPM was real good for this) Frank EN40ql (
Aug10 08:37 Well KBKS is in there, but the main one on top now is MORE FM, the translator from Richland. This on Kittitas SDR. Sure as hell NOT going out to my car at 1:30AM in a kiddin? > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 08:37 Kittitas SDR - 92.9 KZZU all alone. 96.9 I think is CKLG also all alone. 104.5 KLSW Covington K-LOVE. 106.1 is of course KBKS without the Yakima translator. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 08:35 96.9 KZTA off too > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 08:33 Many translators and 92.9 down now > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 08:22 Ms 92.9 KBLQ Logan, UT Heard Uptown Funk playing for two seconds before switching back to local KFROG station, and song matched online playlist. -Mat [DM04] (
Aug10 08:22 MS 92.9 KBLQ Logan, UT Heard Uptown Funk playing for two seconds before switching back to local KFROG station, and song matched online playlist. -Mat [DM04] (
Aug10 07:25 Pacific Power reporting 10,000+ in the dark all lower valley > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 07:25 KZXR 101.7 also on dead air > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 07:23 Severe T-Storms tonight. 91.9 KDNA dead air, and 98.7 KMNA completely off the air. Kittitas SDR showing KUPL Portland weakly on 98.7. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 07:20 Tr 106.7 KTKX Terrell Hills TX (448 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Aug10 05:02 Another good one..... (
Aug10 04:55 Opry vids. (
Aug10 04:35 Always nice to watch the 'Boot City Opry' on WTWO. Look that one up on Youtube if you get the chance. WCIA runs that show too. Curtis (
Aug10 04:34 WTWO comes in much better now in digital, channel 36 rf for that one now. Curtis (
Aug10 04:32 I recall joking that KTVI always lived up to the meaning of their call letters. Curtis (
Aug10 04:31 Getting video on 2 was difficult except for skip, normal video here in East Central Illinois was always weak and bad. Curtis Loda, Illinois (
Aug10 04:23 KGAN and WBBM would turn up once in a while. Curtis (
Aug10 04:23 The Queensland channel 0 was DDQ-0 serving Toowoomba. They swapped frequencies with Brisbane's TVQ around 1988. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug10 04:23 KTVI could be heard here much of the time, but WTWO was in a lot as well. Curtis (
Aug10 03:53 cdel96 (
Aug10 03:53 [02:10] Yes, TTT TV Trinidad went off around 2005---but there is still some TTT on Youtube if you enter ttt tv trinidad./c (
Aug10 03:34 Actually having WTWO dominant on 2 was quite unusual from here; it was almost always KGAN and/or KTVI, most often both. frankfrank (
Aug10 03:33 [02:05] More fun, cool!! And that's pretty special, Curtis, WTWO was my dominant that day, too. Of course you're significantly closer to them. frankfrank (
Aug10 02:10 Anyway, the station at Trinidad is long defunct from what I understand, Venezuela is still on. Curtis (
Aug10 02:05 Eating dinner now, and my spelling reflects that. (
Aug10 02:05 [01:56] If it were featuring two-man teams, would it be driven by Trinidad and Trinison? ... Mike (
Aug10 02:04 film, not file. (
Aug10 02:04 like. You get the idea. Might help to read this before I hit enter. Curtis (
Aug10 02:03 then lik, I meant. (
Aug10 02:02 The MUF on the 12/30 event was interesting. I lapsed from low indistinct audio from Terre Haute, to low audio from Trinidad, the like a switch had been thrown into loud audio from Venezuela. A Spanish dub of the 1995 file 'Caspar'. Venezuela was mentioned in a station break. Curtis (
Aug10 01:59 Got recordings from both days somewhere in my tapes. Curtis (
Aug10 01:57 The 2001 F2 event was before I joined the WTFDA, but I was in contact with Girard at the time. His livestream DX had the video of it going out live, and I e-mailed him. Curtis (
Aug10 01:56 I recall the second day they had it ID'ed as Trinidad. That reception was a lot weaker for me, no audio then. Curtis (
Aug10 01:56 BAD JOKE: If they had an Olympics bobsled team like the Jamaicans do, would it be Trinidad and Toboggan? Frank EN40ql (
Aug10 01:54 [01:48] I'm thinking they tend to steer clear of going beyond the normal range as well. Curtis (
Aug10 01:53 [01:30] I didn't have audio. I don't think K1MOD had audio, either. F2 MUF has *extremely* sharp (and not "up-and-down-type" variable) cutoff. frankfrank (
Aug10 01:51 [00:15] Ahhh...I was TRYING to remember which New Years Eve that was. K1MOD somehow ID'ed the Channel 2 as Trinidad and Tobago. I count it, I had it strong...ALSO had F2 in 1990 (?) with the Queensland station that was on AU Channel 0 (!) Frank EN40ql (
Aug10 01:48 [19:11] DTV signals are "smart" signals, so if you take up TV Dx they'll steer clear of the mountains and they won't get in your way Frank EN40ql (
Aug10 01:46 [13:02] Well, just move 'em out of the way, man. You can do it. (
Aug10 01:39 Or was it 300 KW? Don't quite recall at the moment. In any case, a lot more power than anything else I ever heard of on 2. Curtis (
Aug10 01:39 Very eventful opening for sure that day. I kind of figured it might have been coming from South America but without a clear enough signal and distorted audio, it was next to impossible to figure out where it was coming from that day. -Aaron IN (
Aug10 01:34 The 12/30 event was just plain weird, signal levels were HUGE, the set I was using was about to overload from the signal. Venezuela was running 600 KW on 2 at the time. Curtis (
Aug10 01:31 sp Initially (
Aug10 01:30 [00:18] I had audio on the 12/30 event. Initiailly Trinidad, then it was overpowered by Venezuela. I understand a DX'er in Toronto also got audio. Curtis Loda, Illinois (DX reception was at Rantoul, Illinois) (
Aug10 01:07 I hope its a good sign, as some of us here in the West are `still waiting. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Aug10 00:59 No audio except static....I could visibly see movement and outlines of people in the picture but that was it. That was back when I was using the RadioShack VU-190XR up on the roof. -Aaron IN (
Aug10 00:30 Re:2340 - that's a good sign right? En35id (
Aug10 00:18 Was there audio on the CH2 via F2? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug10 00:15 The only F2 I received in the 25 years or more that I have been DX'ing was on Channel 2 analog on 12/30 and 12/31 of 2001. Even got some of it recorded on tape. Image was so distorted that I never was able to ID anything. Haven't received F2 since. -Aaron IN (
Aug09 23:40 On July 20 MUF reached up to VHF Wx Radio 162 MHz and now F2; solar cycle 25 must have started - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug09 23:26 Distance is 6,834 miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug09 23:25 Looks to be about 6900 miles or so - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 23:23 Wait, I don't think this is you. Oops. - Ethan (
Aug09 23:22 Holy Jesus, I see that on DXmaps now. What's the distance if you don't mind me asking? - Ethan from AR/EM34 (
Aug09 23:21 F2 23:03 UTC - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug09 23:19 F2 10M E-PA to Tiajin, China - See DXMAPS - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug09 20:13 wbns call (
Aug09 20:13 wbns (
Aug09 19:11 [13:02] Smart ones would know to steer clear! ... Mike :) (
Aug09 16:50 Tr 97.9 KBFB - Dallas, TX (314 mi) Relogged, fading in and out of WIBT - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 16:25 Es 88.3 Unid rel stn....suspect weak Es flare-ups Gary...DN13..Boise (
Aug09 13:02 Stupid mountains getting in the way - Eric CM96 (
Aug09 12:59 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA with ID...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug09 12:50 I hate tropo here. It's always KZOZ, KSTT, and KRUZ - Eric CM96 (
Aug09 12:45 Tr 90.3 KEDM Monroe LA with call letter ID...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug09 11:58 Very strong regional tropical this morning, scan on attic antenna showed 72 virtual channels, as far as Cincinnati N8NU in MI (
Aug09 11:56 (@ 1020 UTC) Tr DTV WTLW 4 (44.x) Lima OH repacked from 44, I believe DTV 200 for me. N8NU in MI (
Aug09 11:23 Tr 90.7 KTAA Big Sandy, TX, Thru the Bible program, stream match, mixing w/semi-local, 305 mi- Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug09 06:00 Tr Ch. 50 WPXX - Memphis, TN (139 mi) Incredibly strong signal right now! - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 05:51 Tr Ch. 40 WBUY - Holly Springs, MS (142 mi) I don't do TV DX much, but with the signals I'm getting out of Memphis, thought I'd give it a try. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 05:51 It's pouring rain here, so the tropo is a lot weaker than it was earlier. Conditions are still enhanced but not as much as they were earlier. - Josh EM36ui (
Aug09 05:38 Tr 107.5 WHBQ - Germantown, TN (135 mi) Q1075 branding, only runs on 3 kW - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 05:33 Also getting some stations overriding locals and HD sidebars on my local stations. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 05:31 Currently getting a lot of Memphis stations fully locking in HD here. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 01:56 Tr 162.500 WWG49 - Fredricktown, MO (216 mi) "Here is the forecast for Southeast Missouri including the cities of Farmington..." - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 01:37 Tr 107.1 KBMV - Birch Tree, MO (148 mi) (New) K-Love branding, closest one to me and in the same path I've been receiving stations from tonight - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 01:31 Tr 92.3 WOHT Grenada, MS (219 mi, 4.1 kW), second time hearing this station - Josh EM36ui (
Aug09 01:31 Tr 95.5 KJEZ - Poplar Bluff, MO (175 mi) (NEW) Z95 The Bone branding under KSSN's IBOC. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 01:18 Tr 162.55 KIH52 Oxford, MS (205 mi, 1 kW) with weather conditions for Oxford - Josh EM36ui (
Aug09 01:18 Tr 96.9 WTCD - Greenwood, MS (137 mi) SuperTalk Mississippi mention, first time relogging this since the November 24th, 2018 tropo - Ethan EM34 (
Aug09 00:00 Tr 93.5 KOMT - Lakeview, AR (116 mi) (New) with the TOTH ID. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 23:50 Tr 103.1 WMXX - Jackson, TN (200 mi) with Kool 103 branding mentioned - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 23:47 Tr 104.1 WOGY - Jackson, TN (199 mi) with Froggy 104 branding. Also caught this one last night - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 23:40 Tr 107.5 KKTZ - Mountain Home, AR (116 mi) "Hit 107.5 KKTZ" branding - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 23:40 Sad to say, they no longer stream. But I imagine the tuner in Champaign should be able to get them. Curtis (
Aug08 23:38 Friday evenings on WGCY are a really mixed bag, from jazz to classical. Curtis (
Aug08 23:38 WGCY is largely easy listening at night, during the day they go a little more modern and upbeat, songs of the sixities and seventies mostly. (
Aug08 23:36 Tr 100.1 WQXB - Grenada, MS (156 mi) B100 branding and local forecast for the Grenada area - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 23:34 Tr 98.3 KFCM - Cherokee Village, AR (109 mi) The River 98.3 branding mentioned, second time picking this station up. (
Aug08 23:26 Tr 101.7 KIYS - Walnut Ridge, AR (116 mi) with the "101.7 KISS FM" branding. Relogged this station last night. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 23:14 Looking like another repeat of what happened last night here. I'm getting WMFS-FM right now at a pretty strong signal too. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 23:10 Also, in 2000 when passing through Rantoul, I liked WJCI-1460 with their AC format. I've heard that's long gone, sadly. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug08 23:09 Frank, WGCY has been on my Wish List since 1998. Discovered it when passing through on vacation. Kinda hard now that we have an Air1 drone locally now on 106.3. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug08 22:57 [03:15] They were Beautiful Music for so long, I guess they're Middle Of the Road/pops now?? WGCY 106.3 Gibson City IL is among the handful of Beautiful stations still out there. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug08 20:19 14:25- Mine is 104.5 KCVN Cozad, NE on 9/13/11- 770 miles- Heard again during the freakazoid 7/20/19 Es-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Aug08 14:25 My farthest tropo is KRNY Kearney, NE, which I've actually received twice (in 2016 and 2018) - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug08 13:58 Tr 91.1 XHMZI Melchor Muzquiz CI "Capital Maxima" with ID, good signal... Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Aug08 13:27 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA "Red River Radio" over local LP station...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug08 05:22 Tr (latent) 106.5 K293BS - Forrest City, AR (new) TOTH ID for KXJK. 250 watts, 85 miles away. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 04:03 Tr 104.1 WOGY - Jackson, TN (199 mi) RDS decode - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 04:03 Just about all Memphis stations that don't share with a local station are coming in here - Ethan (
Aug08 03:55 Tr 103.1 W276BH Memphis, TN (161 mi, 250 watts vertical) (new) with a call-in number of (901) 483-7000 and the voice of George Flinn - Josh EM36ui (
Aug08 03:30 Tr 103.7 WQEN Trussville, AL (368 mi) with 103.7 The Q mention - Josh EM36ui (
Aug08 03:15 Tr 105.5 KVSV Beloit KS at 0311 UTC - Debby Boone's "You Light Up My Life", then liner: "50 years of favorites...KVSV..." Another new one, and probably the first time I've ever sat through that song without immediately turning the station! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug08 03:01 Tr 107.9 KZRS Great Bend KS at 0257 UTC - "She's Like The Wind" by Patrick Swayze, then liner: "Old School 107.9, your home for the super hits" and right into Supertramp's "Give A Little Bit". A new one here, and mucho thanks to Matt S for the tip! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug08 02:43 Tr 162.450 KUT404 - Hatley, MS (225 mi) (NEW) Regional temperatures and local forecast - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 02:01 Tr 162.450 WWG48 - Doniphan, MO (143 mi) (New) Callsign mention and mention of NWS Paducah. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 01:58 6m is open here...please strengthen that! > Yakima CN96 (
Aug08 01:51 Tr 162.525 WWG47 - Wardell, MO (171 mi) (New) "Here is the forecast for the Missouri Bootheel" - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 01:46 Tr 162.500 KXI35 - Alton, MO (137 mi) Relogged, "West Plains Climate Summary" - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 01:07 Es 88.5 KDCR Sioux Center, Iowa - DN16 (
Aug08 01:04 I'm hardly getting anything on FM, but NWR is really strong here. - Ethan (
Aug08 00:53 Tr 162.425 KXI66 - Piedmont, MO (174 mi) Local forecast - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 00:51 I'd love to hear something from El Paso. At 870 miles, it would beat my current long haul tropo record. As for the guy hearing El Paso in the 90's, I heard that as well, but I don't remember where. - Josh EM36ui (
Aug08 00:48 [00:39] Yep, I had 102.1 KFZX at 671 miles and 92.3 KNFM at 642 miles. - Josh EM36ui (
Aug08 00:47 I heard a west texas AM 2 nights ago. Paul/Laramie, WY (
Aug08 00:46 Tr WXL47 162.4 Bloomfield, MO (141 mi, 1 kW) - Josh EM36ui (
Aug08 00:46 Didn't somebody from Arkansas in the 1990s, have Tropo to EL PASO? That's utterly wild... Frank EN40ql (
Aug08 00:41 I did decisively cross that line on 7/29/1995, with Amarillo (710) blasting in, KPAN-106.3, and on to Clovis NM 99.9 (840) frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug08 00:39 Midland-Odessa on Tropo from ARKANSAS?? Wow, cool, crazy...very bad path, normally past the dry line frankfrank (
Aug08 00:36 Tr 162.50 WWG49 - Fredricktown, MO (216 mi) (NEW) with the local forecast for Southeast Missouri. Finally a new NWR station for once! - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 00:36 [00:17] It helped a lot that the Metroplex (Cedar Hill antenna farm) slips in at 644 miles, and I pretty much cleaned it out by the early 1990s; some changes since then I need frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug08 00:25 Tr 162.55 KIH52 - Oxford, MS (160 mi) with their station ID. I'm still not sure why NWR stations play their IDs so late, but whatever - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 00:23 Tr 92.9 WMFS - Memphis, TN (133 mi) 6 kW, quite a rare station to catch here. Had to battle it out with KVRE Hot Springs Village - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 00:19 Also, Happy Birthday, Frank! - Josh EM36ui (
Aug08 00:17 600+ tropo to Texas is a bit of a challenge from here. many of the big metros (DFW, Houston, Austin, Etc) are less than that. Even most of the San Antonio stations are just under 600. I do get tropo to the Rio Grande Valley once or twice a year though, which is around 780. I also received a couple stations from Midland-Odessa last year. - Josh EM36ui (
Aug08 00:17 Sitting on 93.1, I'm learning that KBDZ is actually one of the best classic rock stations out there... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug08 00:16 [00:13] Yup, it still is. Likewise, I haven't had anything in your neck of the woods yet for FM, though it isn't common for me to catch stations up north via tropo. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 00:16 00:11--The most unusual thing about that is that, in my 57 year DX'ing history, good May tropo is otherwise VIRTUALLY UNKNOWN, ever... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug08 00:14 00:11--I kick myself from being so excited about the TV that I didn't check FM (or NWS). I **WOULD** have had 106.1, 104.5, 94.1 at least without a doubt frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug08 00:13 Tr 162.475 WXK49 - Memphis, TN (128 mi) Local forecast and current conditions for the Memphis area. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 00:13 Your 95.7 is STILL KSSN? Amazing...that's really rare anymore. I haven't had much of Little Rock FM here (420 miles) in the past 30 years!! frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug08 00:11 Monterrey, Mexico (1162 miles)...ALL their channels even XEFB-2 which might be a Channel 2 record. A few years ago on May 26 frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug08 00:10 Tr 162.500 WWH30 - Dyersburg, TN (178 mi) Relogged. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 00:10 I consider 600, not 500, as the "MAGIC" tropo distance. ALWAYS HAVE, even when I had none in the 60s. TV tropo record here... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug08 00:08 I have a LOT of 600+ mile tropo (I think like 40 or 50 from Texas alone, before Missouri filled the dial up), all time FM Tropo record 885 miles San Antonio 107.5/106.7 frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug08 00:07 And KSSN is back on the air, no new stations on 95.7 for me. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug08 00:05 Tr 94.5 KJIW - Helena, AR (101 mi) taking out my local translator. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug07 23:52 Tr 162.475 WXK49 Memphis, TN (161 mi, 1 kW) in at the moment. Several of the lower power Memphis signals also in right now. - Josh EM36ui (
Aug07 23:36 BTW, happy birthday Frank! Curtis Loda, Illinois (
Aug07 23:34 Furthest here is XHAAA-FM 93.1 in Reynosa, 708 miles away. I honestly don't think I'll ever beat this. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug07 23:31 Furthest tropo here was the NWS station at Dodge City, Kansas. 666 miles from Paxton, Illinois. Curtis (
Aug07 23:19 [22:55] 500 mile Tropo is virutally impossible here. Farthest I received was Channel 68 on TV from West Virginia a few years ago. Over the years I have received under 500 mile Es a few times but it's less common. I live in north central Indiana so I miss alot of the stuff the east coast and gulf coast states always seem to get. -Aaron (
Aug07 22:57 My Nebraska, South Dakota, especially Kansas logs speak to what's possible via Plains Tr, but Oklahoma is wicked rare! frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 22:55 ... 500 mile Tr CAN happen from west of me. Es 500 miles is rare, Tr 500 miles to the east is almost unknown!.. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 22:55 Medium range? 500 miles is like the Bermuda Triangle on FM. I'm fortunate to be on the eastern edge of the Plains, so... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 21:13 frankfrank: Yes, it is a new log entry. No other medium range (500 miles), long range (1k miles) heard - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug07 20:25 93.1 translator that's listed as "Macomb" (but is actually in Carthage 29 miles) is on, but not even relevant here frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 20:22 [20:11] Oh, and it's still a really weak and fady KBDZ on 93.1 from due south here - the usual... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 20:16 [18:17] I'm not gonna be blessed today! Congress is in recess and Trump hates me, so no help from either of those... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 20:13 [18:17] I'd even take a good Lubbock opening (~780 miles), I have a rather strange "hole" there, not much logged frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 20:11 Back from Scrabble at the "Y" - I won two games, but winning is irrelevant to me, it's all about the interactions! frankfrank (
Aug07 20:09 Wouldn't be that strange a catch if others had swapping up past 107.9, because 502 miles implies a very high MUF, but that wasn't happening... frankfrank (
Aug07 20:06 [17:40] now, KA3JAW, that is one *bizarre* catch for you, congratulations! You WON'T ever hear that again. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 18:34 Got the EAS test here. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug07 18:31 [18:23] That should have read 91.3 - not "1.3" - Kegan EM26te (
Aug07 18:25 I monitered a Spanish ch52-and-a Regatone 93.9, but the tests were in English, but the best audio was on AT&T Uverse. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Aug07 18:25 Es 91.3 WYEP Pittsburgh, PA RDS Craig EL98JQ (
Aug07 18:23 I just heard the test on NPR stations KWGS 89.5 Tulsa and KUAF 1.3 Fayetteville, AR - Kegan EM26te (
Aug07 18:17 [1700] Where's that Northern NY opening you've been wishing for since the '80s? How come the skip gods don't bless you today? Happy B-Day Frank. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug07 17:55 Wow, KSSN is off the air here. Right before the National EAS test too... - Ethan EM34 (
Aug07 17:40 [17:13]] WEBF runs 7.8 kW; distance 502 miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug07 17:20 As I leave for Scrabble, just a weak KBDZ on 93.1 (200 miles, Cape Girardeau market), weak 93.3, no sign of skip. Told you I was working only Au and F2 today lol frankfrank (
Aug07 17:17 Ms update - Two IDs and one unID all recorded live, recording 5 fairly open channels at a time. One is new (CBC 98.7 in Kenora ON, my own province!) Saul ON (
Aug07 17:15 Southeast Lexington,near Daniel Boone National Forest - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug07 17:14 OK where's Larose KY? Guess I'll have to check quickly (I'm due to leave in minutes to play Wednesday Scrabble) frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 17:13 Es 88.3 WEBF Lerose, KY w/PI Code [5F57] - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug07 17:12 Also PA-LA on 11M - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug07 17:12 [17:09] Oops, "decades ago"...oh Chime, so sorry, you're busted...I blew your cover, lol frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 17:12 Es 883 WEBF Lerose, KY w/PI Code [5F57] - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug07 17:10 [16:59] Oops, **72**. D'OH! frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 17:09 [16:55] Yeah we did Cuban decades ago didn't we? All of 'em: Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Peruvian, Senegalese, Thai, Iranian, Polish, Cuban, Jamaican, ETC. - I'm game! frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 17:08 Happy bday frankfrank. Anyone know how Ms conditions have been as of late? En35 (
Aug07 17:07 Happy Birthday Frank! :D - Ethan EM34 (
Aug07 17:05 I will reach the end of the day, very content in the thought that I made ALL of the Au and F2 loggings that were possible today, whee!! It should be great. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 17:03 [16:49] Forget it, I'm just doing Au and F2 today, haha frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 17:02 [16:33] As a guy with a constantly inquiring mind about almost everything, that would be cool to know, guys. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 17:00 This is actually my real one. My "internet birthday) is August 6 on purpose. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 16:59 Awwww gosh guys, thank you for the wishes! My birthday today has more factors than I've ever had on a birthday before: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 71. Geekness abounds lol frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug07 16:55 Frank, since you love Cuban Restaurants, I know which Country you will enjoy Radio rayloj. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Aug07 16:49 Happy Birthday, Frank! I hope you have a trifecta of new loggings via Es, Ms, and tropo on this day! :-D - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug07 16:45 HmmmmmmCRICKETS Dennis (
Aug07 16:33 we have lots of senior citizens here? Dennis FM18 (
Aug07 16:21 Wow! Frank so they have a National EAS test on your special day at 220PM Eastern. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Aug07 16:05 Happy Birthday Frank - Kegan EM26 (
Aug07 15:59 Happy Birthday FRANK!!!! Dennis FM18 (
Aug07 14:11 Tr 91.1 XHMZI Melchor Muzquiz CI "Capital Maxima" with morning show, mention of Coahuila state...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug07 14:10 Tr 105.7 KYKX Longview TX "Kicks 105" with country mx and ID, rarely heard here due to 105.9 IBOC hash...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug07 14:07 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA with RDS...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug07 13:37 Tr 91.7 KNBX some translator for KCBX with HD decode trying with KCBX reported San Ardo, CA - Eric CM96 (
Aug07 12:44 It opened up JUST as I got home from work, so for once it worked out for me! Was quite pleased! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug07 12:43 BTW -- Es yesterday was good to LA/MS and later TX; seven new logs: LA-4, MS-2, and TX-1. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug07 12:38 Happy Birthday, Frank! May you get that elusive catch you've always wanted! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Aug07 12:27 Frankfrank, don't worry we won't tell anybody your 72 years old today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (
Aug07 04:01 I'm now fairly certain that my earlier 91.1 at 1651 PDT was Es, but very brief. - Rick SE WA (
Aug07 02:33 [22:03] My recording of WUND - Kegan EM26te (
Aug07 02:24 [22:01] My recording of WVTF - (2 of 2) - Kegan EM26te (
Aug07 02:20 [[22:01] My recording of WVTF - (1 of 2) - Kegan EM26te (
Aug07 02:19 some stronger 6m ft8 into AZ here maybe... - Eric CM96 (
Aug07 02:05 Must have i meant to say - Eric CM96 (
Aug07 01:58 Might have been weak - Eric CM96 (
Aug07 01:50 [21:31] My recording of WAMU - Kegan EM26te (
Aug07 01:36 FM fadeups here de AC7XP (
Aug07 01:27 Kenwood KT-5300 isn't exactly a DX machine de AC7XP (
Aug07 01:27 Would be interesting to have FM Es this evening.....all I have plugged in at the moment is old analog tuners de AC7XP (
Aug07 01:17 California Highway Patrol in on 42-45 MHz de AC7XP DM43 (
Aug07 00:37 I'm on 107.3 and 94.1 in the Lubbock area... so if anyone ever logs that, I'd be pleased to hear about it. Paul (
Aug07 00:18 Station with an Es-sounding fade on 91.1 woke me up from a nap. Probably Spokane, but ... - Rick SE WA (
Aug07 00:18 Nothing but static or building tropo here in Austin, only fadeups on 88.9 are from the Air1 pest up east of Waco...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug07 00:15 (2214) You should be more generous with your cigars. That was another reference to the same song. - Rick SE WA (
Aug07 00:08 Es UNID 88.5, another classical station. C'mon MUF! - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug07 00:06 [2253] Detected in the middle of a small but severe thunderstorm cell - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug07 00:04 Es UNIDs on 91.1 (NPR) & 89.3 (classical music) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug06 23:53 Es 88.3 KESD Brookings, SD with PI Code [1C67] - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 23:49 Es 90.3 KMNE Basset, NE W/RDS Dennis FM18 (
Aug06 23:40 Second Check: No DTV low-band DX seen on RabbitEars Live Bandscan map - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 23:31 Es 97.9 KZBB Poteau, OK, "B98" & Stream Match - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 23:31 Es 88.7 KAJT Ada OK, Sonlife - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 23:23 Es 104.7 KQBK Waldron, AR, "KQBK-FM Kool 104.7", & "in Van Buren". New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 23:20 Es 90.3 "NET" Nebraska NPR // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug06 23:18 Well Frank, maybe Baby Sittin Santa could bring us action here in Sherman Oaks. Chime (
Aug06 23:18 Es 104.3 WXZC Inglis FL swapping with WKZM Sarasota - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 23:17 Es 90.9 KPNO Norfolk, NE // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug06 23:17 Es 90.9 KCBI Dallas, TX, "KCBI" - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 23:17 I'm too close to wherever the midpoint is [midpoints are]. Right now 93.1 is sooooo dead. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug06 23:16 I' (
Aug06 23:14 [22:11] "No cigar for you!" - The Cigar Nazi. Reference is to "Baby Sittin' Boogie" by Buzz Clifford, a big novelty hit song in 1961... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug06 23:11 92.7 KUSO US92 Norfolk NE // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug06 23:11 [22:33] How far is that, Steve? Gotta be close to 1,500 miles. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug06 23:09 Es 107.3 WXGL St. Petersburg FL, stream match - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 23:06 Es 97.1 KEGL Fort Worth, TX, "Dallas" & "The Mighty Eagle" - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 23:06 Es 90.1 KPFT Houston TX - SE Michigan RTL-SDR GT EN82ip (Finndx) (
Aug06 23:05 Es 92.5 WYUU Tampa FL, RDS - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 23:00 I'm not getting anything on FM now, except for my locals and regionals. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 22:58 Just had a fade-up on 92.7 over local station KASR. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 22:54 Kegan, Ethan....Arkansas FM's showing up in Ontario right now > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug06 22:52 Es 93.9 KSWN - McCook, NE "The ZONE 93-9" no RDS Dennis FM18fa (
Aug06 22:45 [2238] correction KYYY was a Relog Dennis Fm18 (
Aug06 22:45 Doesn't seem to be anything now - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 22:38 Es 92.9 KYYY Bismark, ND W/RDS also heard Ad for Bismark (New) Dennis FM18 (
Aug06 22:33 Es 93.1 KRCS Sturgis, SD - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Aug06 22:30 Es 89.7 KTYR Trinity, TX, Stream Match - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 22:29 Es (Latent) 90.9 WETA - Washington, DC (885 mi) (New) caught over local station KNFR. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 22:24 GOT IT...corrected in Log (
Aug06 22:21 [22:11] Rumor has it that while hearing skip, Frank has been known to say, "Go man! I like that!" - Rick SE WA (
Aug06 22:21 That's Salina, 1200 miles east of Salinas (
Aug06 22:19 2206 96.5 is now WDBO in Orlando > Yakima CN96 (
Aug06 22:19 Es 93.7 KYEZ Salinas, KS (relog) W/RDS "Y 93.7" Dennis FM18fa (
Aug06 22:18 Kegan: Your getting FM stations between me - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 22:18 Out of FM here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 22:17 Good thing I got up in time. - Kegan EM26te (
Aug06 22:16 All gone here. - Kegan EM26te (
Aug06 22:15 Everything is starting to go away here now. That was a great August opening! - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 22:15 JJ: No DTV-DX seen on low band seen on Rabbitears/Live Bandscan - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 22:14 [22:03] Something like WUND-88.9 should be a "pest" here in any normal years, but still NEED here. Likewise WKRO-93.1 since moving to Port Orange, etc. et. al, and more... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug06 22:12 KYFJ persists....but nothing else. Bible broadcasting network is getting old JJ in EN82 (
Aug06 22:12 Spoke too soon on FMDX, band; 88.3 getting scrachy with country, no ID yet - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 22:11 My messages keep getting sent twice, whoops. - Ethan (
Aug06 22:11 First one to "get" my reference WINS!!!...absolutely nothing... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug06 22:11 Es 92.9 WMGS - Wilkes-Barre, PA (NEW) - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 22:11 Es 92.9 WMGS - Wilkes-Barre, PA (NEW) - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 22:11 Boo-goo, boo-goo, boo-goo, Alllllll Goooone...boy THAT didn't last very long... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug06 22:10 Is anyone actively scanning VHF 2-6 anymore for ATSC DX (or NTSC for that matter)? JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 22:10 JJ: RR, I am not hearing any FMDX here yet - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 22:09 Es 93.9 KJMK "Classic Hits 93.9" Joplin, Missouri // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug06 22:09 KYFJ still hanging in there! That's about it JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 22:09 Be back in a half hour - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 22:08 Nothing here in Austin for me in return to this path to PA at the moment...Jack, EM10DJ, ATX (
Aug06 22:07 KA3JAW: I'm QRT. Made contact with a VA and NH station. Paths are all wonky! JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 22:07 FOUR skip ID's during one opening. Wowee. BEST SKIP OPENING OF THE YEAR! Pitiful.. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug06 22:06 Es 102.3 "US 102.3" a few minutes ago was WXUS, Dunellon, NEW! My 99.1 was WWOJ Avon Park, NEW! Also WRMF-97.9, WHOO-96.5 (calls?) ID'ed... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug06 22:05 Es 90.5 KUT Austin TX again - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 22:05 Es 89.3 KSSO Norman, OK W/RDS (new) Dennis FM18fa (
Aug06 22:05 Es 88.5 WFDD, Winston-Salem, NC - NPR - 4:59 PM CDT - SSE antenna - Kegan EM26te (
Aug06 22:05 Es 98.9 WUSL - Philadelphia, PA (NEW) Local ad for Philadelphia - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 22:05 Es 98.9 WUSL - Philadelphia, PA (NEW) Local ad for Philadelphia - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 22:04 Es 89.3 KCCO Lawton, OK W/RDS (new) Dennis FM18fa (
Aug06 22:03 Had some signal at high end, but too choppy to ID - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 22:03 Es 88.9 WUND, Manteo, NC - NPR - 4:59 PM CDT - SSE antenna - Kegan EM26te (
Aug06 22:03 JJ: Ch36L was more quiet than 38L here also- KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 22:01 Es 89.1 WVTF, Roanoke, VA - NPR - "Radio IQ" - 4:48, 4:49 PM CDT - SSE antenna - Kegan EM26te (
Aug06 22:01 Es 97.1 WASH - Washington, DC (885 mi) (New) Callsign mentioned - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 22:01 JJ: I did not hear you, only 2 stations heard here; MO and OH - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 22:00 Es 91.9 KALD Caldwell TX, ID - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 22:00 Frank frank: 99.1 wwoj Avon Park Florida. Oj 99.1 Near Sarasota and sebring -Josh EM69 Greenwood Indiana (
Aug06 21:58 Es 104.9 KZMP Pilot Point, TX, Hindi Music - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 21:58 Ka3jaw: haven't heard you, but did make contact with "125 southern New Hampshire". JJ in EN82 (
Aug06 21:58 Es "way up there" currently chasing a 104.9!! "The best Country" 99.1 with Sarasota/Sebring ad earlier, think it will be NEW whatever it is! frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug06 21:56 Es 90.7 WSMD - Ocean City, MD (981 mi) (New) - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 21:54 JJ: RR - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 21:53 KA3JAW: I'll head out to the truck now, but lets try a quieter channel, like 36LSB JJ in EN82 (
Aug06 21:53 Es 94.5 KZMJ Gainesville TX, ads - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 21:52 Es NPR on 90.7 under KLRE's IBOC - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 21:52 JJ: I will use handle DX160 and call U JJ-MI - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 21:51 Es Fade-ups now up to 98.7 - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 21:51 Es WBRA 3/15 Roanoke VA 727 miles > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug06 21:51 I can be reached on Skype: frank.anderson.iv JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:51 JJ: You still monitoring 38L? Hearing stations in Ont., Canada - Calling U - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 21:50 KA3JAW: Unfortunately no, my rig is in the truck. I can go out and try and holler? JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:49 Es 89.1 KMUW Wichita, KS (Relog) W/RDS Dennis Fm18fa (
Aug06 21:49 Es 104.7 WLRJ Greenville, MS, "K-Love" - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 21:48 KXKC New Iberia, LA (99.1) is blasting in like a local at times JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:48 Es 89.9 KTHF The House FM Hammon, OK w/ Carrollton "made for This" // Lee VA FM17 (
Aug06 21:47 It's mentioning mussels in WV on this part of ATC...area segment? Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug06 21:46 Es 89.1 KSQX Springtown, TX "RDS Faith Family Radio" (New) Dennis FM19fa (
Aug06 21:45 Es KMKS Bay City, TX 102.5FM New Log JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:45 Es 105.7 KVAY Lamar, CO - ID at end of Country song de n8uup bill MI EN82ee (
Aug06 21:43 Es DFW spiked to 107.5. Low FM has been in from that area - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 21:42 [21:34] Nice. I only used to talk on handheld CB's as a passing interest when I was younger and just in the last couple years started talking again on a 5 watt mobile I use as a base radio. One day I plan on buying some higher end equipment so I can get out farther. -Aaron (
Aug06 21:40 88.9 keeps bubbling in and out weakly with NPR but never strong enough to ID in any way, must be right on the edge of this...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug06 21:39 Es KXKC 99.1 New Iberia, LA (New Log) JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:38 JJ: You still monitoring 38L? I am hearing Detroit, MI- Motor City and MN state - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug06 21:38 Es 107.9 KHXT Erath, LA RDS de N8UUP Bill MI EN82ee (
Aug06 21:37 KYFJ still in here with a pretty decent sig, but that's about it JJ in EN82 ./ Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:36 All in cost on my CB rig was about $320, all brand new, ordered off amazon JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Aug06 21:34 Es KYFJ 93.7 New Iberia, LA JJ in EN82 / Pontiac MI (
Aug06 21:34 Aaron, on CB, sideband will help seperate you from the noise. A decent antenna will go a long way. I (much to the chagrin of some) run about 35w AM and 70W SSB into a 5' firestik roof stud mounted on my truck. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:33 I'm glad I caught KCTX Childress TX just a couple months before 96.1 was lost for good. Wish the season would have been more healthy, I still needed Watertown, Crookston NE, Omaha, Williston. At least I'll have a shot up north in '20 > Yakima CN96 (
Aug06 21:31 Es 88.5 WAMU, Washington, DC - NPR - 4:29 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed SSE - Kegan EM26te (
Aug06 21:31 I just woke up from a nap - Kegan EM26te (
Aug06 21:30 But heyyyyyy...I move to Ellensburg next month! I'll bet KLKY is still the dominate one there. Maybe a little bit of K241CV in and out. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug06 21:30 Xmitter is SSW of Moxee on the Rattlesnake Ridge. KLKY used to dominate down in Wapato area, was down there today to get cheap Indian reservation gas. Nope, not there anymore. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug06 21:29 GW 96.1 gone for DX here - K241CV Yakima, WA // KYAK-930. Goodbye U Rock, KLKY... > Yakima CN96 (
Aug06 21:28 [21:21] That's awesome. I sometimes talk on the CB but I can only get out a few miles. Tried talking during skip openings and it was unsuccessful. I guess I need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on good antennas and equipment to really get out there. -Aaron (
Aug06 21:25 Es (latent) 89.7 WTMD - Towson, MD (906 mi) Relogged with the TOTH ID - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 21:23 Es 90.9 KTSU Houston, TX, "KTSU" - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 21:23 Es 90.7 KJOV (KJIL) Woodward, OK // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug06 21:21 Aaron, I monitor CB here as well, was talking into NC and VA just a bit ago on 38LSB JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:20 Es 90.9 KCBI Dallas TX, calls - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 21:19 What even, a 2m report on the APRS website in August. I'm still not above 93.9 over here - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 21:19 Only getting Es on the 26-33 Mhz range so far. CB channels are getting pretty active at the moment. -Aaron IN (
Aug06 21:16 Es 97.1 KIBB Haven, KS, "" - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 21:16 looks like the MUF was at least 144mhz between Dallas and DC (check out JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Aug06 21:15 Es 90.9 UnID - Classical Music, it's fading in and out with local station KNFR - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 21:15 Es 89.5 KVNE Tyler TX, calls - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 21:13 upon further reflection, what I was hearing (BBN on 93.7 clear as day) was more likely to be KYFJ given the current paths.... JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:13 Es 90.1 NPR station over KLRO, not sure what this is - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 21:12 Pretty sure I had WWWZ 93.3 in there as well, but can't quite log it JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:11 lots of 10 and 11m activity here as well, too much to decypher JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:10 also had a rap station in, I can only assume it's this "87.9 heat fm charlotte" with no call letters JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:08 Es 100.3 KILT Houston, TX, "100.3 The Bull" - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 21:08 and it's the only thing really standing out JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:08 Somehow I have W229CF 93.7 Charlotte, NC in right now JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug06 21:08 Starting to somewhat go away now but I'm still getting fade-ups of WKYS - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 21:07 Es 107.3 KISX Whitehouse TX, stream match - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 21:06 Can't get above 93.9 right now - Ethan (
Aug06 21:06 Oops, I accidentally sent that twice. (
Aug06 21:05 Es 93.5 WFBY - Buckhannon, WV (NEW station + New state!) Branding mentioned - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 21:05 Es 93.5 WFBY - Buckhannon, WV (NEW station + New state!) Branding mentioned - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 21:03 Es 88.1 WKNC Raleigh NC > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug06 21:02 Es 90.9 WMAO Greenwood, MS, "WMAO Greenwood" - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 21:02 Es 91.5 KBAN De Ridder, LA, "91.5 KBAN". New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 20:56 Es 94.9 WGUO Reserve, LA "Gumbo 94.9" and Country Music de n8uup bill MI EN82ee (
Aug06 20:56 Es 93.1 KQID Alexandria, LA, "The Morning Q Crew" - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 20:56 Es 93.7 WSTW - Wilmington, DE (NEW station + New state!!) RDS decode - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 20:54 Es 93.9 WKYS - Washington, DC (NEW) with local ads for Washington, DC - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 20:52 Es 90.5 KUT Austin TX with BBC. 88.9 was KETR Commerce - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 20:52 Es 90.7 KLSA Alexandra, LA, "RRR Public Radio" - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug06 20:51 Es 92.5 WXTU - Philadelphia, PA (NEW) with the branding as well as "Philly's Country Station" mention - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 20:45 Es 90.7 WWOZ New Orleans, LA 921 miles de N8UUP Bill MI EN82ee (
Aug06 20:45 Es 88.5 WAMU - Washington, DC (882 mi) Relogged this one - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 20:44 Es 93.5 KBPC Crockett TX, "Smooth Rock 93.5" - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 20:43 Es 89.9 WPIR - Culpeper, VA (841 mi) Relog with the city of Fredricksburg mention - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 20:34 Es analog 3 is SS, CMEC Santa Clara? de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug06 20:33 Es DT 2 east > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug06 20:33 Es 88.9 somenoe with BBC news - Rich, PA FN11if (
Aug06 20:33 Es 96.3 KTHE Llano, TX (new log) deep 1x - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Aug06 20:18 Wow a sherlock email. In August. What gives? En35 (
Aug06 16:55 Nice Jack! Snagged one of my locals. Sadly I'm not hearing Austin...yet! #justwarmingup // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug06 16:54 Es 99.1 KXKC New Iberia, LA W/RDS Dennis Fm18 (
Aug06 16:46 I may have missed it...hope it starts up again. - Kegan EM26te (
Aug06 16:42 And faded right out down to nothing...Jack, EM10DJ, ATX (
Aug06 16:30 Richmond, not Richnond...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug06 16:27 Es 88.9 WCVE Richnond VA with NPR program, local break...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug06 16:23 Es 88.3 WRVL New River Valley, VA with wx for Roanoke area by Roanoke TV stn...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug06 15:54 Es 89.3 WRKF Baton Rouge, LA RDS, relog // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug06 15:50 Es 93.7 KYFJ Baton Rouge area, LA s/m, new // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug06 15:44 Es 90.3 WBRH Baton Rouge, LA s/m, new // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug06 15:38 Lots of 10 & 6M activity in the east. Hope it is catching. de k7dwi (
Aug06 15:30 Es 95.9 WBBN Taylorsville, MS B-95 liner, RDS, NEW // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug06 15:06 Es 97.1 WEZB New Orleans, LA PI:F000 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Aug06 15:00 Es 88.7 WOTB New Orleans, LA PI:7B8F - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Aug06 14:37 Why is this Sony radio so good - Eric CM96 (
Aug06 14:18 [20:46] I've tried AM DX'ing in the summer but I don't get much other than the usual stuff that comes in at night and in the early morning hours. I've logged more new stations in the winter months than any time of the year. I don't have any fancy antenna just the built in antennas and small loops. -Aaron IN (
Aug06 14:06 The xdr-s10hdip kicks ass - Eric CM96 (
Aug06 14:04 Tr 97.5 KLSB Goleta, CA - Eric CM96 (
Aug06 13:47 Tr 100.9 WCMP Pine City, MN over normal KOWZ. Not rare - En35ID (
Aug06 13:13 Tr 94.9 KQUR Laredo TX "Digital 94.9" with ID, good signal...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Aug06 13:11 Tr 91.1 XHMZI Melchor Muzquiz CI "Capital Maxima" with news, decent signal...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug06 12:55 Tr 94.1 KFML Little Falls, MN -rare-. Also in state and western Wisconsin strong. En35id (
Aug06 05:01 Tr 162.425 KIH50 - Inverness, MS (138 mi) with the local forecast for the Mississippi Delta. This one isn't heard often despite being pretty close... - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 04:57 Tr 162.500 KJY83 - Carthage, MS (211 mi) Relog with NWS Jackson and the local forecast for the Jackson area. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 04:51 Tr Many Jackson stations are coming in as well, which is about 210 miles from here. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 04:50 Tr 107.5 WKXI - Magee, MS (226 mi) Reception isn't very strong but I could make the branding out - Ethan EM34 (
Aug06 00:26 Tr 93.7 WSTW Wilmington, DE (relog) 164 Miles -- Dennis Fm18 (
Aug05 23:46 one day i even had to repair it in the dark by flashlight (
Aug05 23:41 and its so easy that even me, a non handy non mechanically inclined dude can put it together and not screw it up Paul (
Aug05 23:40 with the exception of the wellbrook amp/control ehad, all the parts for it were bought on amazon (
Aug05 23:38 its actually affectionately known as a "volleyball net" loop (
Aug05 23:37 Mine is only 5 feet but it works great. I have a couple small Caps I put in parallel with the tuning cap with Alligator clips to DX LW Beacons. Dennis FM18 (
Aug05 23:36 Terminated AM loops are actually phased (two) verticals - that's how you get the cardioid pattern (
Aug05 23:31 I'd call it a rectangle. ... Mike (
Aug05 23:18 That's a HUGE loop (
Aug05 21:28 my m loop is 25 feet long by 10 feet tall (
Aug05 20:47 [15:46] Hate to be difficult but that's nothing to do with digital...Technically perfectly feasible to have HD in analog...just requires way more bandwidth (
Aug05 20:47 GOOD EXAMPLE: From Toledo OH, WKKS-1570 Vanceburg KY was an extreme summer pest. NEVER heard any other time of the year. frankfrank (
Aug05 20:46 [20:33] Summer AM Dx can bring a whole different set of stations, good time to log needed stuff within 150 to 300 miles (
Aug05 20:37 Didn't pay much attention and again I didn't miss anything... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug05 20:33 [19:45] I do a little AM DX'ing from time to time. Those AM loops are amazing little antennas. The best time of year though that I've noticed for AM DX is in the fall and winter months after dark. -Aaron IN (
Aug05 19:56 Tr 92.5 WQST - Forest, MS (234 mi) Match up with AFR programming, relogged. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug05 19:45 Aint nothing going on here eskip wise, ive pretty much taken my fm antenna down and am setting up my am antenna Paul (
Aug05 18:53 Es 88.9 unid with NPR "Here and Now", brief fadeup... Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Aug05 18:31 [17.31] it's an F-93 tuner found on Ebay a few months ago. Very sensitive but needs filter mods for their "Super Narrow" settings to be super selective. Signal meter goes from 15-90 db...Jack, ATX (
Aug05 18:13 Skip dropped out here soon after the TOH. - Kegan EM26te (
Aug05 18:12 No skip no tropo no nothing here. Not even hearing any skip on the CB spectrum. Hoping for just one more Es opening on FM this year before it's officially over. -Aaron IN (
Aug05 18:08 Now XHIL is starting to go away - Ethan (
Aug05 18:02 Yeah, tropo is starting to take over here too. XHIL is still booming in here though - Ethan EM34 (
Aug05 18:02 Cloud must have moved, no more eskip at the moment...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug05 18:01 Same here, Ethan. Es are very spotty. Now tropo is messing up things- Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug05 17:59 Badly fading in and out though - Ethan (
Aug05 17:57 Es UnID Spanish talk on 89.9 - Ethan EM34 (
Aug05 17:56 Something is trying to take out local station KANX 91.1, can't seem to do it though - Ethan (
Aug05 17:53 Es 88.5 XHIL - Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico (1111 mi) Relog with the branding mentioned. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug05 17:53 [15:52] Yeah I have a Radio Shack DX-398 with built in RDS capabilities but like digital if the signal is less than perfect it struggles just to display any info on the screen. -Aaron (
Aug05 17:52 Es 91.9 XHMET Temozn, YU, Mexico, DJ talk, Paloma Agena by Master Cumbia, stream match, 892 mi (NEW) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug05 17:52 Es 91.9 unid with SS mx, mixing with semi-local K-LOVE stn...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug05 17:51 Es 88.9 UnID, SS talk, something's trying to take out KUAR's IBOC sideband - Ethan EM34 (
Aug05 17:51 This might be XHIL again... - Ethan EM34 (
Aug05 17:50 [15:06] Yeah well I'm perfectly happy with analog and don't need to see all the fine details like digital has. If I can see a strand of hair on someones head on a CRT tube it's good enough for me. Plus I don't like the distorted screen size of digital TV....everything is flattened and stretched out. 4:3 frame for me thanks. -Aaron (
Aug05 17:49 Es 88.5 just finished playing Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer. Not sure what this is - Ethan Em34 (
Aug05 17:45 Es 91.5 XHCCQ Cancn, QR, Mexico, ads, PSA, and La Z ID, 936 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug05 17:44 Es 88.5 - Eminem "Without Me" - 12:42 PM CDT - SSE antenna - Kegan EM26te (
Aug05 17:31 No, was getting Belize ads at that moment. Now getting mixing on 89.1...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug05 17:31 Jack, curious what Pioneer tuner. BTW.. opening signalling the end of season. Far south DX. de k7dwi (
Aug05 17:25 Jack, was one of them on 88.9 playing Killing Me Softly ? I had that followed by brief SS talk. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug05 17:22 All of this is weak, barely getting above 20db on the meter on my older Pioneer tuner..Jack, EM10DJ, ATX (
Aug05 17:20 Also had a SS station on 88.5 briefly mixing with the semi-local KHCB affiliate on there...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug05 17:13 Es 88.9 Love FM Ladyville Belize with Belize City ads, US oldies...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug05 17:11 2 stations swapping on 88.9 now...Belize is the 2nd station!! Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug05 17:08 Es 88.9 Guatemala City, Guatemala "Fabulosa 88.9" with ID, relog...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug05 16:39 Es 88.9 unid with SS female voice mixed with mx...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Aug05 16:06 I've used Magnavox, RCA brand and Digital Stream converter boxes. - Kegan EM26te (
Aug05 16:04 I've had DTV DX to Oklahoma City, Shreveport and Wichita via Tr, Las Vegas via Es. - Kegan EM26te (
Aug05 16:03 Moral of the story is that I'm definitely not analog only. - Ethan (
Aug05 15:52 As for radio, I own quite a few HD receivers, as well as using RDS to confirm stations quite regularly too. - Ethan (
Aug05 15:50 I have tried to DX on DTV in the past, but I haven't been too successful with it. Radio is more of my thing though - Ethan EM34 (
Aug05 15:46 Also with digital, everything is so well defined. You can see actors' wrinkles, acne, blackheads, etc. 😉 /cdel96 (
Aug05 15:31 The one thing DTV has going for it is the subchannels. I like classic TV---and, it's nice to tune a sub, shortly before elections, and NOT see a political ad./cdel96 (
Aug05 15:06 LOL they wont be bringing back analog tv... oly htings that might remain analog are tv translators, dont think theyre required to go digital. DReam on Paul (
Aug05 14:57 [14:44] Yeah I was a member of the WTFDA for about 16 years and they did mention that brand but I never saw it sold in stores so they probably discontinued that model. Wish they would bring back regular analog UHF VHF TV again. At least if the signal was fuzzy it was still watchable. Now unless it comes in strong, I miss out on stuff I watch because it will display "no signal" intermittently. And this includes semi-local channels. -Aaron IN (
Aug05 14:44 [14:29] I'm sure that I purchased the Insignia on recommendation of WTFDA members. Manual tuning (not sure if M'vox has it) tells me what I need to know./cdel96 (
Aug05 14:29 What I always hate is that whenever I get Tropo DX on TV (which usually happens in the early morning hours) when I rescan the channels on the Magnavox converter box, I notice the channels it adds will display "no signal" although sometimes they will come back in but not for long. MN is too far for Tropo and too close for Es from here generally. -Aaron IN (
Aug05 13:43 [13:31] I started out, using that beeping feature---but it's better to check the Manual Tuning feature. You can see what's "trying" to come in on each different RF channel, if anything./cdel96 (
Aug05 13:31 I have an Insignia Box still connected to the defunct Analog TV downstairs, it has that talking beeping SMeter function, if I remember correctly, that was nice, I should reactivate it Jerry M CNY (
Aug05 12:48 Despite their being "In tropo range," all I've ever gotten from MD and VA has been Es. 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Aug05 12:47 Only states I've had both from: MN, SD, NE, MO, KS, TN, IA, and oddly enough, PA! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug05 12:46 Final tally: 13 from MN, 15 from ND, and 7 from SD. I've also had tropo to SD once, a couple of years back. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug05 12:45 [11:21] I've had MN before, both on tropo and Es, but usually Es to there is toward the northern and western part of the state. Tropo a couple of times to there. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug05 11:53 Here are the MN logs from July 20th I received from North Central Indiana: 100.1 KLKS "Talk 100" Pequot Lakes, 92.5 KQRS "KQ-92" Twin Cities, 92.1 WMIS-FM "The River" Blackduck & 104.3 KZIO "Minnesota Public Radio" Duluth. All new logs for me that day. -Aaron IN (
Aug05 11:21 [11:15] Pretty much the same thing here Eric. I sometimes pick up the Dakota states but what really surprised me was the short hop Es coming in from Minnesota. First time in 25 years that I recall getting anything from that state. Kind of wish there were more openings this year like the one on July 20th. -Aaron (
Aug05 11:20 I will concede, though, that the tropo that I HAVE had this year has brought in some rare, closer-in stuff; some that usually don't register in HD have done so. Also had a few decode RDS which normally don't. For what that's worth. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug05 11:18 Sadly, that opening wasn't enough to salvage the season; I still say it's hovering around a D- to an F. Long-range tropo (Read: >200 miles) hasn't happened yet. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug05 11:17 Closest log was KQQL 107.9 Anoka, MN; soon as I wrote it down, it switched to another one from a bit farther! KQQL was previously heard on tropo. de Eric B Carleton MI (
Aug05 11:15 Caught one from Casper, WY, but most of it was ND, SD, and MN -- which I wanted more of. The next day brought a lot of Gulf Coast stuff I'd never logged! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug05 11:14 GM gents! 20 July I missed most of due to work, but managed to get in on the last two hours; by that time it had shifted to a more desirable area. de Eric B (
Aug05 11:03 I used to buy stuff on ebay all the time but haven't for years now on account of how they changed policies and most sellers won't accept cash or postal money orders in the mail so I'm out of luck there. All the TV's I own are CRT's and still work good to this day. Refuse to buy any HDTV. I'm a purist I guess. -Aaron IN (
Aug05 06:52 [02:57] The Zenith DTT901 is a DTV converter box, sold during the transition in 2008-2009. A favorite of DTV DXers, though by then, most converter boxes were good. N8NU in MI (
Aug05 05:18 Tr 98.7 WJKK - Vicksburg, MS (210 mi) "Mix 98.7, the best variety of the 80s, 90s and today!" - Ethan EM34 (
Aug05 03:57 [02:27] Too bad Gary wasn't here on June 5. I'd love to know what he'd have had on a day that I actually got DX. - Rick SE WA (
Aug05 02:57 [02:28] Are you talking tuner, converter, or am I just ignorant on the subject? ... Mike (
Aug05 02:54 Now that the CRTs are getting weak in the last CRTs made, it's relatively easy to find them at thrift stores N8NU in MI (
Aug05 02:51 [22:22] I've seen at least ten DTV by Es in Michigan, KOTA maybe 20 times. Also WTSP-DRT 4 (FL) which supposedly sends 30W ERP in my direction (
Aug05 02:45 [02:25] It did make it to their doorstep - 107.9 Ft. Collins boomed into Monroe MI on car radio for a half-hour N8NU in MI (
Aug05 02:28 [2326] I got my Zenith DTT901 pretty cheap off Ebay a couple years ago > Yakima CN96 (
Aug05 02:27 There was another opening this year where I heard KLLL-96.3 TX for about a minute, yet 300 miles SE Gary in Boise was getting top-of-band for an hour, IIRC. Amazing how Rick moves to Clarkston to get away from Seattle IBOC/lack-of-Es and yet gets a lack there too... > Yakima CN96 (
Aug05 02:25 that reply is RE to Frank 1926. That 7/20 was really good on the East Coast...but did it cross the Rockies? Nah. PNW didn't even get an 88.3 scrap from that. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug05 02:24 There was a night where I missed 30-45 minutes of Es to NV/AZ area because I had to work. Kyle up in Moses Lake had 102.3 Laughlin and multiple others...classic Murphy's Law > Yakima CN96 (
Aug04 23:26 Also I've heard of those Insignia and zenith converter boxes but never found them. The ones I have are the Magnavox units from 2009. They all still work surprisingly for as cheaply as they were made. Units get very hot if left on for over an hour. -Aaron IN (
Aug04 23:23 I'm buried in a few locals and also many semi-locals. Most of the radios I own have poor selectivity which means channels bleed through next to each other badly. -Aaron (
Aug04 22:54 [22:49] He's in Warsaw, not far from Mark in Goshen (who hangs out more on the BCB Logger than here) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug04 22:49 Aaron in Indiana, where exactly ARE you, anyway? Are you buried in locals, or in a reasonably "clear" place? frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug04 22:47 [22:22] Sounds like you need to find an old Insignia/Zenith box from the 00's era. You can do COMPLETELY manual tuning, even sit on a blank channel and hope/wait for a target to come in. You WILL get DTV skip, then. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug04 22:41 Yeah there's always something that interferes with DX'ing. Finding a good location away from the congestion isn't easy. -Aaron (
Aug04 22:30 I go to my favorite DX location with a portable Vizio TV and its a PITA because its windy, cold, and no room for a antenna that points anywhere ... Mike (
Aug04 22:29 That's another issue with DTV. I cannot DX at home because of a TV/FM-HD less than a mile away, and on a hill facing south towards ocean. Cable required! ... Mike (
Aug04 22:22 [18:25] I've never once received Es on DTV. Tropo is hard enough because you gotta keep rescanning the converter box and unless the signal is strong, it's just garbage on the screen or "no signal". Used to get TONS of DX on analog TV but not anymore even with a giant outdoor antenna up 50 feet in the air....smh. -Aaron IN (
Aug04 19:42 Ms 105.7 KVAY Lamar CO - huge burn with Ad for "Ports to Plains Travel Plaza of Highway 50 in Lamar" Previously received via Es de N8UUP Bill MI EN82ee (
Aug04 19:26 July 20 was an ABSOLUTELY-COULD-NOT-MISS thing going on in Chicago, so that date was doomed for DX. frankfrank (
Aug04 19:24 Getting a new Kansas Tr log on FM (KERP-96.3 Ingalls 620 miles) was great, and I LOVE new Tr stations from Kansas like nowhere else, but that doesn't save the season. Oh, TV maxed out at KOOD-16 nearly 500 miles. Still a relog frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug04 19:21 TV Tr this year maxed out at 305 miles (new Omaha 26, 31 repacks) and THAT'S ALL for TV, not even one Es signal, wow. frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug04 19:19 ...MAXIMUM of 6 new via Tr, 3 via Es, this year on FM! Not even 10 signals logged on Es all summer. Grim! frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug04 19:15 Solid F, deeply so, without doubt. I wasn't in "EN40 season" yet on June 5, and July 20 was the date I HAD to choose, needing to go to Chicago... (
Aug04 19:15 Solid F, deeply so, without doubt. I wasn't in "EN40 season" yet on June 5, and July 20 was the date I (
Aug04 19:02 I give this year a solid D-. Three openings worth salt and I was not home for the grand finale. Also my Sony started acting up this year. En35id (
Aug04 18:48 At least for this year... - Ethan EM34 (
Aug04 18:47 Could have had more if I was back at home for the July 20th opening, but 86 is still pretty good for me. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug04 18:36 86 logs this season, I'm not sure how much time I had here but I would say between 18-24 hours. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug04 18:25 [13:19] I believe there is 1 DTV station I can receive by Es from here. TV Es went away because analog went away ... Mike (
Aug04 17:19 4 new logs - a new 'worst season' record for that too. Lack of DX sure helped did it... > Yakima CN96 (
Aug04 17:18 [1532] F here! Holy smokes 90 seconds of Es in July? And the only interesting openings happening ever so briefly on 6/5 and 5/20? This beats 2012 as the worst season ever. Here's hoping that 2020 has to be better than this. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug04 15:53 No, certainly, but for some Austin action, so-far this may be a worst season I've ever had here in Sherman Oaks (
Aug04 15:42 Tr 102.5 WTSS Buffalo NY, Briefly with Alanis Morrisette "Ironic" - 225 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug04 15:35 There was a severe lack of Es this year because I unplugged 5/14 and moved to Oregon :) de k7dwi CN82 (
Aug04 15:32 [14:55] A D grade for sure. If not for June 5, it would be a solid F. - Rick SE WA (
Aug04 15:10 Just one brief tropo opening to western South Dakota on June 29th, and one a couple nights ago to central Minnesota. No Es to report this year. I'm taking a mulligan on 2019 and looking ahead already to next year -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug04 14:55 Rick, this overall season gets either a D- or an F. That opening to MN a couple of weeks back helped somewhat, but wasn't enough to salvage the season. de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Aug04 14:44 Was eager this year to see what this new location would bring, but got little except for one decent day. Very disappointing season. Doesn't help to have more open freqs if nothing comes in to fill them! - Rick SE WA (
Aug04 14:40 Eric, 2019 was promising at the start but got dismal fast here in the West. At least Midwest and East have trop to fall back on when skip is lacking. Here it's skip or nothing, and mostly, this year it was nothing. - Rick SE WA (
Aug04 14:14 I'm mad about likely the last Sporadic-E opening i'll see for FMBC for the spring/summer had KLPX and DXmaps plotted 125 MHz but never went higher. Too close to 2m - Eric CM96 (
Aug04 13:27 Michael - - Tr map site moved here ... Saul ON (
Aug04 13:25 Is there better site for map? My bookmarks take me to the school system in Minnesota. Better map for low VHF TV and FM? Michael, Clarion, PA (
Aug04 13:20 Analog never went away completely Mike. CONgress and FCC decided to get rid of it and force everyone to conform to a obsolete platform known as digital. I've had more of a struggle with digital tv technology than I ever did with analog. To this day I still believe analog to be vastly superior and DX worked better on it anyways. -Aaron IN (
Aug04 13:19 Analog never went away completely Mike. CONgress and FCC decided to get rid of it and force everyone to conform to a obsolete platform known as digital. I've had more of a struggle with digital tv technology than I ever did with analog. To this day I still believe analog to be vastly superior and DX worked better on it anyways. -Aaron IN (
Aug04 13:00 [04:28] A sign of the times, Dennis! Very nice! My shack still consists a tabletop (ICOM IC R-7000) and 2 portables (Sony ICF-2010 and Sangean ATS-909X). I will eventually procure a replacement Kenwood R-5000 to round out the arsenal. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug04 04:48 I have two little analog TVs that now sit in mute testimony to techological evolution. For that matter, that describes me too ... Mike (
Aug04 04:46 I started DXing TV the same year analog died. Got about 15-20 stations, which I thought was pretty cool. Would like to have more. Would like to have targets here too ... Mike (
Aug04 04:28 My Shack in Ladysmith (central) VA Dennis FM18 (
Aug04 03:19 TV stunk. KDTN Ch 2 started 9/1988. 2,4,5 were local and DXing became tough. Then too many locals on FM, but made do de dwi (
Aug04 03:15 [01:42] 1989 was a great year. '88 wasn;t bad either. 11/19/89 I worked my one and only F2 to JA on 6 Meters from Texas de k7dwi (
Aug04 02:49 My HD8200XL looks like this de dwi (
Aug04 02:34 [02:05] Earlier version of the HD8200XL. The 2 pointy elements up front have since been removed. I have a HD8200XL. The manual still shows those elements. de k7dwi CN82 (
Aug04 02:05 This is the Antenna I use for TV/FM DXing. It's about 7-8 years old but I forget the model number. It's looks a lot like the HD8200U but it's older. Anyone know the model of this? I believe it's a Winegard. Dennis FM18 (
Aug04 01:42 Back in 1989 I think, heard California Highway Patrol on VHF 150 MHz crazy propagation of course 6/10/15 meters seemed to be open almost all the time too, been long time since we had a good high sunspot peak jerry CNYot peak= (
Aug04 01:28 I didn't have a portable scanner until spring 2018, so I missed out on any 162 that could have shown up when I had 2Es on 6/30/17. The MUF was way over 144mhz on DXmaps - it was near or at high-band VHF at times. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug04 00:54 [17:50] I had analog TV Es to Colombia at about 2330 UTC, but it was weak as a kitten: 2 RCN, 4 CARACOL./cdel96 (
Aug04 00:53 [16:32] Roanoke yes, apparently. Prior to 2018, I had the Channel Master 3020./cdel96 (
Aug04 00:08 No problem, Ethan. That's 162.400 to save others the effort of looking it up. - Rick SE WA (
Aug03 22:37 Oh, I didn't even see you listed Tucson's local NWR station, oops. lol - Ethan EM34 (
Aug03 22:35 Do you remember what channel/frequency it was on? - Ethan (
Aug03 22:17 Only had NWR once via Es, and that was from Phoenix. Probably from Jackson MS, over Tucson's NWR. June 9 2003. Heard Central timecheck, MS forecasts, but no station ID. In for about three or four minutes, along with analog channel 7 video. - Rick SE WA (
Aug03 21:38 Or an opening if the MUF gets high enough. I'm sure the July 20th opening made it up to NWR frequencies, but I was on the road and didn't bring a weather radio with me. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug03 21:37 NWR DX has been a bit difficult here, it may just be from only having 7 frequencies to use instead of 100 on FM, but I still love to see what I can get if a good tropo is going on - Ethan EM34 (
Aug03 21:12 [14:51] Dang, Josh! Nice catch! It's obviously a pest for me, and I went looking for other NOAA stations last night during tropo openings, but couldn't get anything outside of a 100-mile radius from here. Nothing new, either. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug03 17:50 Sounds like Es swooshing in on 88.3 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug03 16:50 The distance for your log of 162.475 WXL60 Roanoke (Poor Mtn), VA would be 772 miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug03 16:32 cdel96: Was that caught with your HD8200XL antenna ? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug03 16:29 WX band Es/cdel96--> (
Aug03 16:26 Most open WX freq is 162.45....I caught Roanoke VA last year./cdel96 (
Aug03 16:26 JAW: I do check WX during strong tropo or hi MUF Es. I have adapter F to Motorola./cdel96 (
Aug03 16:06 So far only had 88.3 WLKA in Tafton, PA with their PI-RDS [72B8 - K-LOVE] 1.1 kW ERP at 61.5 miles north - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug03 14:52 I was just on the edge of the duct. Looks like about 100 miles west and tropo was rocking Yesterday. I just happened to get a little piece of it on the NOAA WR- Josh EM69WN Greenwood Indiana (
Aug03 14:51 Yesterday I had 162.400 KIH61 Omaha in around Noon EDT. Josh EM69WN Greenwood,IN (
Aug03 14:28 I like to log at least one 162 MHz WXBC via Es before the Es season ends - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug03 14:20 cdel96: You should have a BNC Male to F Type Female Adapter so you can connect in to our new outdoor antenna - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug03 14:18 I got to think 162 NWS is rocking big time right now for Tropo, defintly need directional antenna (
Aug03 14:17 Even managed to program in some new TV Channels from Toronto/Hamilton on the TV, didnt realise they swapped their channels around there a couple months ago Jerry FN12 (
Aug03 14:15 Heavy Duty Tropo over Lake Ontario continues past 10 am, logged many Ontario FMers here Jerry FN12 Syracuse (
Aug03 14:14 cdel96: In case the MUF rises to 162 MHz like it did on July 20th around 2 pm local - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug03 14:12 cdel96: Are there any empty WX channels in our area? If so, you might want to put them into the memory bank - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug03 14:05 Tr 90.1 WZRU Garysville, NC "Southern Gospel" 122 miles @ 11 Kw (New) Dennis Fm18 (
Aug03 13:47 /cdel96.....Why do you ask? (It was this rx where I could hear the former Chileans around 48 MHz.) (
Aug03 13:47 Yes I have a radio---not the greatest, but it's a Realistic Pro 2011. (
Aug03 12:50 cdel96: Do you have a VHF-Hi band analog or digital (SAME) NOAA Weather Radio? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug03 12:36 allow/cdel96 (
Aug03 12:36 Tr 102.5 WUMX Rome, NY, "Mix 102.5", under local WTSS, 192 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug03 12:35 [03:47] What's an APRS map? (I know what it is; Verizon won't all me to view.)/cdel96 (
Aug03 12:20 Wow, I cant type yet this morning ...... Bob Seybold "a legend" (
Aug03 12:18 But Mr Sybold is a gend amongst TV Dxers for sure..... Jerry KC2UT (
Aug03 12:17 Whoops, saw Bob Seybold name mentioned down below, went to do a search but typed name wrong box, hihi, still early here (
Aug03 12:14 seybold (
Aug03 12:14 Strong Tropo across Lake Ontario this morning, low power Toronto FMs in solid here in Syracuse Jerry FN12 (
Aug03 06:53 Time to go to sleep. Several new stations, including probably my most wanted tropo and the last full market Chicago station I had yet to get - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 06:48 Tr 88.5 WIAB Mackinaw City, MI with classical music // to 88.7 WIAA - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 06:47 Tr 107.3 with oldies/classic hits. Likely the Milwaukee translator - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 06:44 WSPY still in and alone on 107.1. No sign of WCKC, WOCO, or WFON - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 06:41 Tr 106.1 WYYS with ID Classic Hits 106 - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 06:37 Tr 102.7 WVAZ Oak Park, IL with Sweat Hotel mention, matching website. FINALLY nabbed this one and had to null WRVM hard to get it! - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 06:07 Tr 105.7 sports talk (likely Milwaukee) - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 05:59 Tr 102.3 WXLC Waukegan, IL with the Fray and stream match - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 05:54 Tr 99.9 WYHI Park Forest, IL with traditional hymns - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 05:50 Tr 96.5 WLWF with Luke Combs into ID 96.5 the Wolf in tight WKLH null - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 05:45 Tr 93.7 the Spanish translator in Milwaukee - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 05:45 Tr 103.5 KNEI Waukon, IA (481 mi), "It's the Blair Garner Show on KNEI 103-5" - Josh EM36ui (
Aug03 05:34 (05:32) It IDed as Smile FM, so its the 97.1 translator from Traverse City - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 05:32 Tr 92.5 KQRS Golden Valley, MN (602 mi) (new), call letter mention - Josh EM36ui (
Aug03 05:32 Tr 97.1 with contemporary Christian in WGLQ null. Not // to 90.5 K-Love - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 05:29 Tr 95.1 WIIL Union Grove, WI in with hard rock. Surprisingly the first time Ive heard them in the last few days - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 04:46 WFCA is still coming in pretty strong - Ethan EM34 (
Aug03 04:40 Tr 107.1 WSPY Plano, IL with mentions of Kendall County Fair and call sign mentions - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 04:31 Tr 104.1 KMYR Ames, IA (392 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Aug03 04:28 Tr 104.7 WCFL Morris, IL in again with CCM and "WBGL" ID - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 04:27 Tr 104.7 KKLS Sioux Falls, SD with local ads - En35ID (
Aug03 04:19 Tr 94.5 KKEZ Fort Dodge, IA (435 mi) with Mix 94.5 and mentions - Josh EM36ui (
Aug03 04:18 [0301] He's still around? Wow. From his NY DX location, I don't know how many hundreds and hundreds of TVs he saw by both Tr and Es, and plenty of 2Es too. The perfect DX spot. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug03 04:05 Tr 103.7 KRRO Sioux Falls, SD - new - // online playlist (Rage Against the Machine) - En35Id (
Aug03 04:00 If I could just get this receiver outside of the Omaha-Council Bluffs city limits, I could have a heyday. I'm just too close to Omaha's antenna "farm", and I get lots of images of the locals -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug03 04:00 Tr 98.3 WJMR Menomonee Falls, WI "Jammin 98-3" with ID. Much rarer than other MKE area stations - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 03:59 Tr 96.5 KNWC Sioux Falls SD strong here right now, but not new. Using a ICOM IC-7000 tabletop with a 36" MFJ-1714 2-meter "wand" -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af. (
Aug03 03:56 Tr 97.9 W250BN West Allis, WI with regional Mexican music - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 03:52 Tr 95.5 KGLI Sioux City, IA reeelogg - En35ID (
Aug03 03:47 APRS map showing good tropo from here to WI and IL at the moment -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug03 03:38 (03:36) Confirmed with "Dance Factory" ID - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 03:36 Tr 92.7 WCPY Arlington Heights, IL with dance mixes of popular songs - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 03:34 Tr 92.5 WCLR DeKalb, IL in again with K-Love ID - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 03:32 Tr 90.9 WDCB Glen Ellyn, IL with promo for jazz show including ID - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 03:14 [02:17] Christian, let's not forget Bob Colyard, the late founder of this very forum -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug03 03:14 Tr 106.7 WJJY Baxter MN w/Paul Young's "Everytime You Go Away" //their streaming audio and playlist. 99.9% sure this is WJJY. A new one here, and thank you for the tip, Matt! -- RIck in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug03 03:11 Tr 103.3 W277BP Sturgeon Bay, WI with classic country // to 105.1 WSBW - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 03:07 Tr 103.1 WPNA and 103.9 WAWY making repeat appearances - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 03:01 [02:17] And Bob Seybold, who is still guy, too frankfrank (
Aug03 02:54 Tr 94.7 KKCK. New frequency for that station, Springfield MN - Matt EN21 (
Aug03 02:46 Tr 98.3 WCCQ Crest Hill, IL with Blake Shelton "Austin" // to stream. Second time heard in three days - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 02:40 Tr 106.7 WJJY Baxter-Brainerd MN, calls - 373 miles - Matt EN21 (
Aug03 02:35 Tr 95.9 WERV Aurora, IL with Journey "Separate Ways" // to stream. Another new IL station! - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 02:32 Tr 93.5 WVIV Lemont, IL with Spanish. Very different from the two country stations that typically fight it out on 93.5 - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 02:29 Tr 91.1 WGTD Kenosha, WI with jazz music // to stream over local 50kW WOLW - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 02:17 (10:20) If there were a DXing hall of fame, K1MOD and WA5IYX would be first ballot inductees - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 02:16 Tr 94.7 WFBQ Indianapolis, IN - 518 miles - new! Ads for Indiana Tech and Noblesville car dealership. - Matt EN21 (
Aug03 02:16 Tr 107.9 WLEY Aurora, IL with Spanish mixing with WMUS - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 02:13 Tr 106.7 WPPN Des Plaines, IL with Spanish. Third night in a row this is in (right now, this and 96.9 the Drive are the only two IL's I have in) - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug03 02:01 Tr KQQL 107.9 MSP "Kool 108" - Matt EN21 (
Aug03 01:22 Tr 107.9 WFCA - Ackerman, MS (195 mi) Relog, I don't know what else this could be. - Ethan EM34 (
Aug02 23:37 The siren in action/cd--> (
Aug02 23:35 [18:08] The siren is Televen in Venezuela./cdel96 (
Aug02 23:03 Not just left town, but left the entire continent... frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug02 18:20 FM Es left town - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug02 18:12 61.250 2 carriers Dennis FM18 (
Aug02 18:08 61.250 getting that "siren sounding signal" wailing up and down and visable on the waterfall display. Dennis FM18 (
Aug02 18:06 55.240 also getting a second carrier "blipping" in and out sounding like MS Dennis Fm18 (
Aug02 18:03 55.240 fairly strong carrier W/ fading also weak carriers on 55.250 and 55.260 Dennis FM8 (
Aug02 17:21 16:49] WPOZ runs 98.4kW ERP - Distance 899 miles (Tower/Antena Site), 205 deg. azimuth - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug02 17:17 Es 55.250 South de n8uup bill MI EN82ee (
Aug02 16:58 RDS: Sound by How Sweet The Sound Citizen Way on Z88.3 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug02 16:51 RDS: Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns on Z88.3 FM // PI: [7DC9]- KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug02 16:49 Es 88.3 WPOZ Orlando, FL w/RDS - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug02 16:48 Heard Jacksonville, FL on 11M just prior to noon time local; now we have - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug02 13:09 Tr 97.9 KCMR Mason City, IA. IDed. Relog. En35id (
Aug02 12:28 Tr 104.3 KDBB Bonne Terre, MO (260 mi, 1.65 kW) The Morning Go on B104.3 - Bryce K4NBF EM66vh (
Aug02 12:14 Tr 92.7 KSJQ Savannah, MO (538 mi, 50 kW) St Joes Q Country 92-7, ment Brad King mornings - Bryce K4NBF EM66vh (
Aug02 10:21 I remember MOD used to have numerous pics of his DX catches, including one of very few images or videos from WIHT-31 Ann Arbor. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug02 10:20 Has it really been that long since MOD passed?! Amazing! But then, it's coming up on three years since WA5IYX passed. Where's the time gone! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Aug02 09:13 Same grid coordinates as mine, he lived two miles WSW of me frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug02 09:12 [15:45] K1MOD (deceased in 20124] **REALLY** cleaned up on Six back then, I think he worked something like 103 countries frankfrank EN40ql (
Aug02 05:28 99.7 WDKF is so strong right now that it is spilling over as far as 99.9 on my Tecsun PL-390 - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 05:26 Tr 97.7 WQDC Sturgeon Bay, WI mixing with 3-mile local WMLQ - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 05:21 Tr 92.5 WCLR DeKalb, IL with K-Love // to local 90.5 - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 05:16 Tr 103.3 W277BR Sheboygan, WI with CCM The Family - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 05:10 (05:08) Its the 101.3 translator of WIBD (AM) in West Bend, WI - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 05:08 Tr 101.3 with the Supremes - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 04:58 Tr 89.5 WNIJ DeKalb, IL with TOH ID - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 04:57 (04:51) It was WPNE airing an Indian chant program separate from the WPR Network - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 04:51 Tr 89.3 Native American chants - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 04:46 Tr 107.1 WSPY Plano, IL with ID between songs - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 04:41 Tr 104.7 WCFL Morris, IL with CCM into WBGL ID - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 04:39 Tr 103.9 Air 1 - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug02 03:57 Tr 102.7 K274BX - Stuttgart, AR (46 mi @ 250 watts) Also coming in strong, still my furthest translator. Can't seem to beat it though... - Ethan EM34 (
Aug02 03:52 Tr 93.1 K226AG - Pine Bluff, AR (44 mi @ 250 watts) Strong enough for the RDS right now - Ethan EM34 (
Aug02 02:41 Also this a couple times, but no ch 2---/cdel96--> (
Aug02 02:39 Video/cdel96--> (
Aug02 02:38 My video here. I had similar a few weeks later./cdel96 (
Aug02 02:37 [11:08, 12:20, etc] I had the same station, same reception, same date. See above./cdel96 (
Aug01 23:42 At least for the next season i'll have an Sony XDR series radio to use - Eric CM96 (
Aug01 20:31 Well useless for VHF that is - Eric CM96 (
Aug01 20:30 It's possible tho the F2 layer may become useless if there is a extremely ionized cloud in your path since that is going to refract RF before it reaches the F2 layer. - Eric CM96 (
Aug01 20:16 I wonder if during an F2 opening, the E layer would be active at the same time? En35id (
Aug01 19:58 Possibly - Kegan EM26te (
Aug01 19:58 And I could probably hear Hawaii here in Arkansas via the F2 layer - Kegan EM26te (
Aug01 19:53 I would probably hear Alaska here in Arkansas with the F2 layer. - Kegan EM26te (
Aug01 19:07 I wonder what chaos we'd have if the F2 layer could get ionized enough for FMBC and 2m - Eric CM96 (
Aug01 15:45 Nice catches anyway. Very little TE this last Solar Cycle. Was much more common 2000's and 1990's. My 6M logs was full of them those peak solar years. de k7dwi (
Aug01 15:43 [12:20] I would classify those receptions as Trans-Equitorial propagation. This is more common close to Solar Equinox (Beginning of Fall and Spring) de k7dwi (
Aug01 13:59 Tr [latent] 98.3 KQYB Spring Grove, MN and 98.7 KSMA Osage, IA in KTIS' IBLOK sidebands. En35id (
Aug01 13:39 Locked in 88.7 KAGU HD Spokane over local KDMB Moses Lake. CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Aug01 12:21 TVDX via F2 (2): KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug01 12:20 TVDX via F2: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug01 12:17 Tr 105.1 KARL Tracy, MN on top of local WGVX. EN35 (
Aug01 11:08 The F layer of the atmosphere is above the E layer. F2 is essentially skip but distances are longer and the MUF rarely gets above 60 MHz. En35id (
Aug01 10:39 I see F2 down below, but dont even know what that means Paul (
Aug01 09:48 I wonder if we'll get to use the "F2" tag here in a few years - Eric CM96 (
Aug01 05:10 Tr 99.9 W260CV Racine, WI with oldies/MOR and playlist match - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 05:08 Tr 97.9 W250BN West Allis, WI with Spanish music and ID - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 05:06 (05:04) It just IDed as Minnesota 93, so KATO New Ulm, MN - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 05:04 Tr 93.1 with Jason Aldean You Make It Easy - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 03:23 Tr 106.9 KROC Rochester, MN - En35ID (
Aug01 03:21 Tr 89.5 KLFG Fort Dodge, IA // 99.9 local K-Love - En35ID (
Aug01 03:21 Tr 104.3 WBMX Chicago, IL with ID "104-3 Jamz" - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 03:19 Tr 105.1 WOJO Evanston, IL with Spanish music - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 03:17 Tr 103.1 WPNA Highland Park, IL with match to stream. I've gotten a few Chicago area Class A's but several of the Class B's are absent due to co-channel locals - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 03:16 (03:13) That would make some sense considering how empty 89.5 is in the Midwest - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 03:13 00:47- Fort Dodge, IA is the only K-Love on 89.5 that makes any sense -- EN71 S Michigan (
Aug01 03:09 Tr 98.3 WCCQ Crest Hill, IL with Chris Stapleton "Millionaire" and match to stream - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 03:09 Tr 98.3 WCCQ Crest Hill, IL with Chris Stapleton (
Aug01 03:08 Tr 97.9 WCKL Chicago, IL with K-Love - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 03:06 Tr 94.3 WAWE Glendale Heights, IL with worship music into "Air 1" ID - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 03:04 Tr 93.5 WVIV Lemont, IL with Spanish music - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 03:02 Tr 91.7 WMSE Milwaukee, WI with MKE weather mentions - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 03:01 Tr 91.5 WBEZ Chicago, IL with 1A program and match to schedule - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 02:59 Tr 90.9 WDCB Glen Ellyn, IL with TOH legal ID. New here! - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 02:57 Tr 90.9 with jazz. Not WHRM as WPR is airing classical right now - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 02:50 [02:03] Map is fed to DXmaps from another website, and data for the map comes from yet another. One of them burped ... Mike (
Aug01 02:49 Tr 107.9 WLEY Aurora, IL with more SS music - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 02:42 Tr 90.1 WMBI Chicago, IL with preaching - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 02:40 Tr 106.7 WPPN Des Plaines, IL with SS music - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Aug01 02:28 Had to close Firefox and reopen. Showing the map now > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug01 02:19 Firefox latest version > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug01 02:03 what browser jim? paul (
Aug01 02:03 did it to me for awhile... would load on phone but not pc (
Aug01 02:01 Something wacky with DxMaps, it won't load the map image on my PC but everything else loads ? > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug01 01:24 Tr 93.3 W227CH Sturgeon Bay, WI with Bob Marley // to 106.9 WLGE - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:21 Tr 87.75 WRME Chicago, IL with oldies music - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:20 Tr 107.7 WVCY Milwaukee, WI in null of local Smile FM translator - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:20 Es (2x) into MX city at 2,035 miles // check the dxmaps 28 MHz tab - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug01 01:19 Tr 107.5 WGCI Chicago, IL in briefly with hip hop - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:17 Tr 105.9 WCFS Elmwood Park, IL with Chicago sports news - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:14 Tr 100.5 the WRVM translator from Sheboygan. Havent heard this in a while - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:13 Tr 100.3 a mix of WUPT Gwinn, WNCY Neenah-Menasha, and WSHE Chicago - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:12 Tr 99.9 WYHI Park Forest, IL with religious teaching - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:11 Tr 99.5 WUSN Chicago, IL with ad promoting concert in Schaumburg - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:09 Tr both Drives from Chicago in (96.9 strong, 97.1 in null of WGLQ) - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:07 Tr 94.7 with Prince (likely WLS-FM) trying to come in over WZOR - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 01:03 Tr 93.1 WXRT Chicago, IL with ID - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 00:47 Tr 89.5 K-Love. Have no idea who this is - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 00:45 Tr 88.9 WYMS Milwaukee, WI with match to stream - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 00:44 im still hoping for one last bang, er whimper.... (
Aug01 00:43 Tr 88.1 with religious preaching. Likely WMWK - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Aug01 00:42 [2328] Paul, the season is probably over. Without any decent FM MUF the past few days, I think we can all say it - 2020 HAS to be better than this. At least we can only hope. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug01 00:11 Tr 92.1 WVTY with Zac Brown Band into legal ID - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Jul31 23:38 Es I 55.250 I have a main carrier in the center and then one on each side showing as broken lines but still appear to be carriers. Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 23:28 Im getting a day off this Monday the 5th so I get an extra day for hopefully some Eskip potential to finish it the season. Paul (
Jul31 22:45 Es 67.250 weak - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jul31 22:29 Es 55.250 two carriers likely 2x - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jul31 22:25 Es 54.310 Northeast de n8uup bill MI EN82ee (
Jul31 19:24 ...Given that WWCJ is about 60 miles closer to you AND broadcasts with 13x the power, I think it's likely you are hearing them and not WWFM // Lee VA FM17io (
Jul31 19:24 [16:43] @Dennis "The Classical Network" also broadcasts on 89.1 WWCJ Cape May NJ // Lee VA FM17io (
Jul31 18:03 Tr 101.5 KATW Lewiston ID w/ TOH ID, Cat FM KATW and out with KPLZ > Yakima CN96 (
Jul31 16:43 Tr 89.1 WWFM Trenton, NJ "THE Classical Station" Weak (relog) Dennis Fm18 (
Jul31 16:22 Stale tropo, KVQT-DT-21 Houston TX received at 1245 UTC today, complete with 12(!!) subchannels...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Jul31 16:20 Tr 105.3 KYBA Stewartville, MN over local WLUP. En35id (
Jul31 16:04 JAW: possibly an NPR station. They're running a show now about Ernest P Worrel (sp) I have NPR stations here up the Gazoo!!! Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 15:58 Hearing some Hee-Haw type with TN accents on 88.3 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul31 15:38 Tr 88.9 WVPW - Buckhannon,WV- @ 14 KW - Classical Music - (New log) only log on 88.9 besides local WCVE in Richmond, VA Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 14:58 61.250 atv3 carrier with second carrier "blipping" in and out like Ms Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 14:57 Had a decent NPR fade up on 89.5, no idea who but not local. Paul (
Jul31 14:46 ATV4 now barely audible in the noise... Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 14:41 Es 67.260 ATV4 carrier Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 14:14 EM grid looks active perhaps stuff will happen - Eric CM96 (
Jul31 12:55 Tr 98.7 KISD Pipestone, MN relog, thru IBOC from KTIS - En35ID (
Jul31 12:45 Tr 95.7 KQSF Dell Rapids, SD "The New Q957" - new - EN35ID (
Jul31 12:00 Huron, SD... never this strong. En35 (
Jul31 11:59 Tr 88.7 VCY America? En35id (
Jul31 07:21 DTV 27 WGNT Portsmouth, VA -- AntennaTV (RF50) 101 Miles Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 06:37 DTV RF45 3 Pilots Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 06:25 DTV2 WMAR (RF38) Baltimore, MD W/ Vid - 5 channels Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 06:22 DTV2 WMAR (RF38) Baltimore, MD partial decode (no vid) 103 Mi. Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 06:01 Tr 91.3 WMPN - Jackson, MS (210 mi) TOTH ID - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 05:33 DTV-RF 17 3 Pilots none strong enough for decode. Dennis FM18 (
Jul31 04:48 Tr 98.7 KMGO Centerville, IA (307 mi). This one was difficult due to KWTO. - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 04:39 Tr 95.5 KGLI Sioux City, IA - relog. En35ID (
Jul31 04:27 Tr 105.5 KDDG Albany, MN on one radio, and KRBI Mankato, MN on the other. Lol - En35Id (
Jul31 04:05 Tr 104.9 KTCH Emerson, NE 259 miles "Big Red Country" - En35ID (
Jul31 04:04 Tr 104.9 KMRR Spencer, IA - 167 mi - En35ID (
Jul31 04:01 Tr 106.7 WJJY Brainerd, MN (pest) - En35ID (
Jul31 04:01 Tr 106.7 KRTI Grinnell, IA (376 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 03:57 Vermillion, SD still in on 106.3 - En35ID (
Jul31 03:51 Tr 94.9 WAAG Galesburg, IL (333 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 03:49 Tr 210.31 (rf 13) has three solid pilots here > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul31 03:46 Tr DTV pilot RF 13 (probably Des Moines) - En35ID (
Jul31 03:44 Tr 103.3 KZCR Fergus Falls, MN - Z 103 - En35ID (
Jul31 03:41 My money is on WOI. - En35ID (
Jul31 03:41 Tr 162.475 WXK49 - Memphis, TN (128 mi) With NWS Memphis mentioned multiple times and local forecast. First time relogging this station in almost two years. - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 03:41 Yes Justin. Antenna straight north, warble signal is at -93 dBm > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul31 03:41 Tr 104.1 KZJK Saint Louis Park, MN (602 mi) with multiple mentions of - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 03:37 You're seeing it too Jim? - En35ID (
Jul31 03:36 Tr 92.9 WMFS - Memphis, TN (6 kW @ 133 mi) First time relogging this station in a while - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 03:35 That warble tone at 76.31 is about the strongest I have ever seen > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul31 03:34 Some of the lower powered Memphis stations are starting to make their way over here - Ethan (
Jul31 03:31 Tr 100.1 KRVV - Monroe, LA (150 mi) 100.1 The Beat branding - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 03:29 Warble pilot on 5 has to be WOI. Very little doubt - En35ID (
Jul31 03:28 Tr 92.9 KSPH - Springhill, LA (149 mi) KHCB repeater, stream match - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 03:27 Tr KS 95 back in weak with KS 95 mention and local ads. - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 03:24 Tr 98.7 WJKK - Vicksburg, MS (210 mi) With Mix 98.7 branding mentioned, also got trolled again thinking this was up north. - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 03:24 [03:17] Thanks, Ethan. - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 03:23 Justin, pull up the KC stations in the WTFDA FM DB and start checking open frequencies work down the dial > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul31 03:23 Nevermind on that 98.9... local LPFM I always forget about - En35ID (
Jul31 03:23 [03:19] Justin, it was at decent strength for a few minutes, but it's gone for the moment. - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 03:20 Tr unid 98.9 with hard rock - En35ID (
Jul31 03:19 Josh, how strong was KSTP? - En35Id (
Jul31 03:18 It really caught me by surprise. I was expecting KKEZ Fort Dodge, IA. - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 03:17 This pilot is too stable to be Es. I'm betting WOI - En35ID (
Jul31 03:17 Hi Josh. I can't seem to hear anything down your way - En35ID (
Jul31 03:17 Woah, nice catch Josh! I'm still not getting anything from here - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 03:16 Tr or Es?? 76.310 warble pilot. Maybe WOI?? - En35ID (
Jul31 03:16 Spectrum wont serve me... im 50 feet from their drop on a power pole, but they wont cross a neighbors roof.. "Aerial tresspass" and they say they cant get the cable high off off the roof not to touch the roof Paul (
Jul31 03:16 I was monitoring 144.39 MHz and getting a LOT of Ms hits > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul31 03:16 Tr 94.5 KSTP Saint Paul, MN (602 mi) with KS 95 mention. Whoa! - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 03:12 Ms_ ping activity increasing - En35ID (
Jul31 03:08 I have Comcast (Xfinity), fast and reliable, plus I can use their free wifi in public places - En35ID (
Jul31 03:05 Ms 88.7 WSIE Edwardsville, IL - stream match - new - En35ID (
Jul31 03:04 Tr 103.1 KBIE Auburn, NE (339 mi) with local ads - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 03:03 Ms 88.7 Jazz UNID - En35ID (
Jul31 02:57 Tr DTV pilots on 27 (Eau Claire), 21 (probably Fargo), 19 (Duluth), 18 (Mason City)... EN35 (
Jul31 02:57 Es 6M from central coastal ME to WI-IN-GA - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul31 02:55 I have 50 megs down 5 megs up thanks to vista beam paul (
Jul31 02:52 I use my iPhone during a power outage. - Kegan EM26te (
Jul31 02:52 Still hearing Nordak on 104.7 but KCLD is creeping back - En35ID (
Jul31 02:50 Tr 93.1 KHMY, Hutchinson, KS - "My 93-1" - 9:49 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed NW - Kegan EM26te (
Jul31 02:49 Agreed, CenturyLink sucks. They're the only ISP that serves my house, and my max speed is 1.7 mbps. I usually don't bother and just tether off my phone. - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 02:49 Tr 98.9 WVCX Tomah, WI - it's not a tomah! - En35ID (
Jul31 02:48 11m is not the VHF band here in NJ; FM29 (
Jul31 02:48 I also use CenturyLink - (internet with ethernet and Wi-Fi - at home - Kegan EM26te (
Jul31 02:45 Centurylink is the worst ISP in the country. Hands down - En35ID (
Jul31 02:44 finally have real internet at home.. got rid of the horrible centurystink dsl and have a wireless isp now Paul (
Jul31 02:43 Es 11M PA-MI (central Great Lakes area) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul31 02:42 Tr 92.7 KWME, Wellington, KS - "The Rhythm of River City" - and "92.7 The Blast" slogan and brand respectively - mentioned - 9:38 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed NW - Kegan EM26te (
Jul31 02:32 KSEZ still like a local. Amazing for 242 miles - En35Id (
Jul31 02:27 Tr 89.1 KMUW, Wichita, KS - NPR - RDS: "KMUW" and "WICHITA" - 9:25 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed NW - Kegan EM26te (
Jul31 02:21 Tr 88.5 KZTH, Piedmont, OK - RDS - "THE HOUSE FM" - 9:19 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed W - Kegan EM26te (
Jul31 02:16 Tr 106.3 KVHT Vermillion, SD - new- 237 miles - En35ID (
Jul31 02:11 Tr 104.7 KMJO Hope, ND. (Relog) - KCLD nowhere in sight - En35ID (
Jul31 02:10 Tr 92.5 WQST - Forest, MS (234 mi) American Family Radio programming and match with my local on 91.7. This station is a huge pest here. - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 02:10 Tr 104.7 unid Country. This frequency NEVER has country - En35ID (
Jul31 02:08 Tr 90.1 KUCO, Edmond, OK - Classical - RDS - 9:07 PM CDT - Over local KBNV, Fayetteville, AR - Rotor antenna, aimed W - Kegan EM26te (
Jul31 02:06 KQKX is still in weak, but it's the only station I'm getting that's 300+. - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 02:03 Tr 91.3 WMPN - Jackson, MS (210 mi) With MPB mention. I got played thinking that this was up north. - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 01:58 [01:57] 104.1 KJLO and 107.5 KXKZ are both coming in at about 150 miles each. - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 01:57 Tr 101.9 KMVX - Monroe, LA (172 mi) with Mix 101.9 mention - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 01:55 Tr 97.9 KSEZ Sioux City, IA - 240 miles like a damn local. Holy cow. En35id (
Jul31 01:54 Tr 106.7 KQKX Norfolk, NE (480 mi) back again with weather and Kix 106 mentions - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 01:52 Tr 92.1 KLQP Madison, MN with a local baseball game fed via telephone - EN35ID. (
Jul31 01:50 All the stations from NE are gone for the moment, but Kansas City is blasting in. - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 01:40 Tr 89.1 KMUW, Wichita, KS - NPR - 8:39 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed NW - Kegan EM26te (
Jul31 01:36 There is 11M Es from PA-GA that started to coming in 5 min. ago - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul31 01:30 Nothing from up north here either - turned the rotor antenna from W to NW but still nothing from there. At least, not yet. - Kegan EM26te (
Jul31 01:29 Somehow I knew that hanging with two great friends (both male-to-female transgendered) for three hours, wouldn't cause me to miss anything. Just got home. I was correct!! frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul31 01:28 Tr 89.9 WMAB - Mississippi State, MS (218 mi) - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 01:27 Nothing coming in from up north, however. Probably too far south again, oh well. - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 01:26 Tr 107.9 WFCA - French Camp, MS (193 mi) FM108 branding mentioned - Ethan EM34 (
Jul31 01:18 Tr 106.7 KQKX Norfolk, NE (480 mi), "Northeast Nebraska's Country Station - 106 Kix" - JOsh EM36ui (
Jul31 01:05 Tr 99.9 KGOR Omaha, NE (396 mi) with KGOR jingle. 92.3, 94.1, and 104.5 also noted - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 00:58 Tr 98.5 KQKQ Council Bluffs, IA (396 mi) triggering RDS. - Josh EM36ui (
Jul31 00:55 Tr 104.1 KMYR Ames, IA (392 mi) coming in strong enough to trigger RDS. - Josh EM36ui (
Jul30 21:11 67.250 carrier just popped up out of nowhere. Dennis FM18 (
Jul30 21:08 I got so bored that I'm actually working ... Mike (
Jul30 21:08 [20:42] If you're talking about July 26 poost, I saw it. I listened too, nothing ... Mike (
Jul30 20:59 There is or was a really cool pirate in Novi, Michigan in, maybe the 102s. but doesn't get out more than 1/4 mile. frankfrank (
Jul30 20:56 It actually came in over top of River Falls, WI. I got excited, thought it was skip. Lost it and nothing else was going on. No activity on the maps. - En35ID (
Jul30 20:51 I think I discovered a Spanish pirate in West St. Paul MN this afternoon. Strong sucker. Makes it at least a mile or so. En35id (
Jul30 20:42 I suppose you missed that 30 minute event i had into AZ and El Paso mike? - Eric CM96 (
Jul30 20:31 Well, look at it this way. You will know everything there is to know about it by next year's non-season ... Mike (
Jul30 20:23 So i just bought a XDR-S10HDiP i guess a bit late into the season... - Eric CM96 (
Jul30 19:13 [18:58] That was from California, with hours of top-of-of-band FM from TX, but the only TX on TV was channel 6, yet FM was open to Dallas and Midland but no lo VHF signals from there. - Rick SE WA (
Jul30 18:58 I recall an FM opening with wide paths to Texas but only Idaho on TV and no CCI. So, ya never know. - Rick SE WA (
Jul30 18:57 Tr 94.1 KXIX Sunriver, OR (NEW for Moses Lake; logged in Bend last year)..heard local ad "Hyundai of Bend". Also received 94.1 K231CU (KJRB-AM) Spokane earlier this morning for about an hour. CascadiaDXer, DN07 (
Jul30 16:53 (2/2) that your path for DT2 may fall elsewhere. I've seen it happen the way Paul's referring. That big opening on 7/20, I had MS, GA, NC, SC, and MD all in within an hour of each other - En35ID (
Jul30 16:51 The way I've understood it is there's no guarantee you'd get RF2 in Vegas if you have Vegas FM. Every time I've had skip, the paths are so spread out... (1/2) - En35 (
Jul30 16:46 Hearing Carribean Jamaican bongo music spiking twice on 88.3 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul30 16:29 Hows all those video tapes, Yakima? Youre the guy on Radio Discussions buying em .. i see the posts there :) Paul (
Jul30 16:28 Ohhhhhhh... derp (
Jul30 16:16 [1545] Channel 21 KHSV - RF 2... > Yakima CN96 (
Jul30 15:45 Yakima CN96.. i just looked.. Channel 2 Vegas isnt even over the air. IRs a city owned cable tv station!! Paul (
Jul30 15:16 Pauly.. to have potentially seen is not a fact, its an opinion - FM23 (
Jul30 14:51 I'm still using the same HP Internet keyboard I bought on ebay almost 13 years ago. All the most used keys are shiny from typing on them for so many years but the letters haven't worn off surprisingly. All I do is keep it clean from time to time and it works great lol. -Aaron IN (
Jul30 14:46 Eric, dont worry my typing sucks and i have a good keyboard Paul (
Jul30 14:34 Typo correct...103.9 SBN is WRBR. I really should do a better job at proofreading, but then, the letters rubbed off my keyboard years ago. de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Jul30 14:32 ...on WRSR I heard a mention of the Bear, nx, and wx. Managed to get around semi-local WLEN! Best of all, it was NEW! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Jul30 14:31 Had decent tropo this morning at EN82hb. Mostly to GRR, SBN, and FWA; surpriseL WRSR-103.9 South Bend clashed with WLEN for a minute... (
Jul30 14:21 FM23.. in FACt.. if the muf went high enough to hear 106.5, the muf was high/low enough to have potentially seen channel 2 Paul (
Jul30 13:23 Pauly, if in fact or if in an opinion - FM23 (
Jul30 11:47 Tr 94.9 KQUR Laredo TX "Digital 94.9" with ID...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jul30 10:51 Tr 103.1 WHME South Bend IN - RDS- 141 miles de n8uup bill MI EN82ee (
Jul30 05:19 Tr 96.3 KTTG - Mena, AR (120 mi) Full signal right now. - Ethan EM34 (
Jul30 05:17 Tr 93.9 KSPQ - West Plains, MO (135 mi), Coming in like a semi-local tonight. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jul30 04:33 FM23, the thinking if, if the muf was high enough to hit 106.5 Vegas.. that Channel 2, between 54 and 60mhz.. wouldve been seen as well. Paul (
Jul30 02:19 (16:41) yes that was a big two meter event. some of the fellas in TN had 2m Es under 500 miles. I heard EL29 from EM60 but didnt work him. About 530 miles. Insane Es too bad it didnt repeat this year - KW4RZ (
Jul30 02:18 "could have had 2 Vegas...had 106.5 Vegas" however fail to see the connection - FM23 (
Jul30 01:39 ATV 2 55.260 getting several pings Dennis Fm18 (
Jul30 00:58 No DTV Es here at all either. I could have had KHSV-2 Vegas a couple years ago but I have no idea how there wasn't even a bar on 2 when I had 106.5 Vegas loud 'n clear on that 6/30/17 opening. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul30 00:56 Es 67.250 - NE de N8UUP Bill MI EN82ee (
Jul30 00:46 I cannot remember how, but I don't think I learned on my own; WTFDA dudes surely must have told me./cd (
Jul30 00:45 It took me 1 year to log my first DTV via Es (WCYB 5, June 2010), but I didn't know how to do manual tuning...>/cdel96 (
Jul30 00:45 Maybe a project for next spring Jim. En35 (
Jul30 00:40 I still haven't caught a DTV Es here either, so you're not alone on that lol - Ethan EM34 (
Jul30 00:35 Sure wish I could log some DTV via Es someday - FM23 (
Jul30 00:32 This Es event looks like an FT8 fest. Really low MUF. > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul30 00:30 There is a Wade Engineering VHF 2-6 that I would like to replicate, but it weighs 260 lbs! Their cost is $850 :-( > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul30 00:28 Let me know when you are ready to tackle the project and I can email you the specs > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul30 00:27 ....I replicated mine after a Kathrein Scala professional model VHF 2-6 that costs about $400 > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul30 00:26 IF you want to build an antenna like mine, look for some salvage TV antennas. You'll take them apart for the parts. I have the measurements.... (
Jul30 00:25 Closest I ever came to DTV via skip was in Salt Lake City on RF-3. Had a signal trying to decode that never did. - En35ID (
Jul30 00:22 I should've taken apart my failing FM-6 and made a DTV antenna out of it. Missed opportunity - EN35ID (
Jul30 00:22 I've seen WDPN 2 six times this season on this VHF antenna. It seems to work > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul30 00:21 ...once the TV was on when I got to my room (Left on by housekeeping,) and I kept hitting POWER to no avail. Finally did the sure-fire way to shut it off: pulled the plug! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Jul30 00:21 [00:20] Kegan (
Jul30 00:20 [00:18] No DTV Es here since my DT 2 reception (
Jul30 00:20 When I go on vacation, the TV in the hotel room never comes on; I have no idea how those flat-screen sets work... (
Jul30 00:20 Three directors and one reflector, total of six elements. Boom is right at 100" > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul30 00:19 Nice to see the season isn't done yet - Eric CM96 (
Jul30 00:19 By the time I got around to going to look at new sets, I realized that I really didn't miss the telly at all! Long as the radio still works, I'm good! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul30 00:18 A couple years ago I took a couple damaged FM antennas and built a VHF 2-6 antenna. Two driven elements, longest is 109", 2nd is 100" > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul30 00:18 It's OK, Justin. I've never logged any DTV yet; my telly broke about a sesquidecade ago, and I never got around to getting it Eric B (
Jul30 00:18 My first (and only, so far) DTV via Es was KSNV DT 2 (VC 3) on June 1, 2013. - Kegan EM25 (
Jul30 00:16 IF you want to *center* the pilot, you can tune to .311 instead of .310 (if that makes any sense to you). That's what I do many times > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul30 00:15 Not for a lack of trying either - En35ID (
Jul30 00:15 This is going to sound pathetic, so don't laugh, but, I've never logged any DTV via Es... Ever - En35ID (
Jul30 00:13 Justin, have you logged WHDF 2 yet? It looks good that direction for you > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul30 00:12 That's what I wanted to know. Thanks Jim. I see that with local DTV stns. You see the pilot, then a bend to the right of it - En35ID (
Jul30 00:12 Justin, I just see the pilot. I will see the noise floor start to come up or bend when its getting really strong. Decodes are around -60 to -70 dBm > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul30 00:09 Es - (latent) 88.7 "Z 88.3" WMYZ The Villages, FL 35kw/82m - 1280 miles - new - En35ID (
Jul30 00:07 Es? 88.7 "Z 88.3" - WMYZ The Villages, FL. Was in for a grand total of six seconds. - En35ID (
Jul30 00:04 25 MHz WWV moderate to weak at times - in Winslow, AR - Kegan EM25 (
Jul30 00:03 Question for you guys with SDRs... when you get a DTV via skip, do you see the whole 6mhz light up or just the pilot? En35ID (
Jul29 23:50 I have 54.310 also. I nearly had enough signal to decode and I lost it. Now after zooming in closely on the signal I see a second pilot. Antenna is facing 290 from me which takes it towards Iowa and Nebraska. Dennis FM 18 (
Jul29 23:47 It was WDPN > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul29 23:37 Es 54.310 WSW de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul29 23:34 If only that DXMap wasn't 90% weak FT8... > Yakima CN96 (
Jul29 23:22 Me TV2.. KJWP? er WDPN? (
Jul29 23:17 Es DT 2 "MeTV" east > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul29 23:10 Es 55.250 - En35ID (
Jul29 23:02 The past several days I've had distorted open carrier on 87.5 FM. Both the Sony and the SDR see it. I wonder where that's coming from - En35ID (
Jul29 22:35 All I know is I have FT8, a pilot on 2 and 4 - En35ID (
Jul29 22:34 Not sure anybody would notice a barnburner Maritimes opening (from Macomb IL) either. midpoint basically over Buffalo frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul29 22:33 As for Es, there could be a SCREAMIN' opening from here to Saskatchewan or deep Quebec, and very likely nobody else at all would report it, so who knows if I missed anything big this year by not being diligent enough?? frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul29 22:32 6m FT8 stronger. - EN35id (
Jul29 22:29 ...that middle part of the dial, the antennas weren't working well directional. Now it's back to normal. What gives? frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul29 22:28 Es 66.310, possibly 2 pilots. Both above noise - En35ID (
Jul29 22:28 but fine below about 96 and above about 102...but the "skip antenna" (Winegard 8 element at 7 feet) was fine. But for a few days... (
Jul29 22:27 Strange anomaly after the Kansas opening on the 14th, neither APS-13 was working in the middle of the dial very well... (
Jul29 22:26 Es 54.310 pilot as well (SDR Console) - En35ID (
Jul29 22:25 Es 6m FT8 weak - En35ID (
Jul29 22:23 Sony made it thru 8 hours of recording static. Helps that I have a fan blowing on it - En35ID (
Jul29 20:44 There was nothing else in on any frequency, so not sure what was going on de AC7XP (
Jul29 20:42 I had KQED 88.5 in for a few minutes this morning...wasn't sure if it was Es or really long Ms burn de AC7XP (
Jul29 19:51 I think I'll start my mileage project when I get home :( en35id (
Jul29 18:56 I still look alot, but would almost be more surprised if I had something! Almost had more that 1 January day than this Summer. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jul29 18:46 I'm of this day of the year, 94.4% of all my Es has been logged ... Mike (
Jul29 18:44 And a grand total of 22 days in that entire time that 10 or more stations were logged in a full day ... Mike (
Jul29 18:43 [18:36} In all my time DXing FM, I only have 83 days of the year that Es was logged at all ... Mike (
Jul29 18:42 [18:31] I live in the west. I got that handled! ... Mike (
Jul29 18:36 I've had a day where only one station is logged. Either new or a relog. - Kegan EM26te (
Jul29 18:31 This is 2019. Set your expectations of skip happening very low. En35id (
Jul29 17:56 For grins, I just checked my logs. Since 2005, I have only had 43 receptions from now through Dec 31 ... Mike (
Jul29 17:54 Most of the Es is light and wispery - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul29 17:44 Today would be a wonderful day for Es to blow up out west - not only 'about darn time', but because historically this has been good, and I don't work tonight. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul29 17:42 12 years ago was my first Es! KTRA 102.1 NM from Bothell WA...and I wasn't even looking for them, was looking for KSWW Aberdeen as we had just come back from family trip to ocean beaches... > Yakima CN96 (
Jul29 17:19 Es earlier only CIII 2 + sub-d's on 2 & 3./cdel96 (
Jul29 16:43 The 2M opening happened while everyone was going home after the Central States VHF Conference in Kerrville TX. Glad I didn't go :) (
Jul29 16:43 The 2M opening happened while everyone was going home after the Central States VHF Conference in Kerrville TX. Glad I didn't go :) (
Jul29 16:41 [16:29] Hi Randy. I worked a nice 2M opening that day and year (Cuba to Georgia from DFW). Also 7/29/2010 was an excellent year. One of the most active 10M PropNET PSK31 activity days occurred. de k7dwi ex-ka5dwi (
Jul29 16:40 Es 6M path from CT to panhandle FL - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul29 16:34 Not positive, but sounded like call sign KD4ESV on CW mode on 6M near Tampa, FL- KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul29 16:31 Tape rolling on 88.7 pending the Sony doesn't crap out. Also have the SDR catching RDS en35id (
Jul29 16:29 July 29 historically has coincedentally been a very productive day for Es. Also 7/29/07. Randy KW4RZ in Covington, WA CN87 (
Jul29 16:13 Es 89.1 WUFT Gainesville, FL PI:8A0D - Steve K3PHL FN20 (
Jul29 16:04 88.3 WLSF 7kW ERP - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul29 16:03 Es 88.3 WLSF Starke, FL TOH voice ID - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul29 15:37 Randy in FL had FM Es to QC, NY, PA and 2 meters at EM60 on July 29, 2009. - Kegan EM26 (
Jul29 15:37 it would be nice if the radio gods were nice to me this season.. i havent had one real good opening.. so pretty pelase.. wait itll i get home from work at 6? lol Paul (
Jul29 15:35 I have to head off to work an hour early.. im hoping the Es, if any today, holds off till i get home from work about 6pm Paul (
Jul29 15:25 Possibly later today. -Kegan EM26te (
Jul29 15:20 Hoping for a good day. 7/29 usually is. Good luck. Nothing up here yet.maybe next year. de k7dwi cn82 (
Jul29 15:16 DT2 pilot goes from being strong (way above noise) to nothing. En35id (
Jul29 14:59 Es 54.310 barely hanging above noise. - En35ID (
Jul29 14:31 DTV 2 Pilot -- Likely KJWP-- Wilmington, DE -- Dennis Fm18 (
Jul29 14:26 Es 66.310 now - En35ID (
Jul29 14:25 DTV4 Pilot --Thinking -- Atlantic City, NJ-- Dennis FM18 (
Jul29 14:20 Ms 92.1 KCMT Green Valley, AZ "La Caliente" w/ stream match...7 sec delay...4 -sec burn...50kW @ 748 Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jul29 14:06 Es 54.310 weak - En35ID (
Jul29 14:05 Es 6m strong FT8. Not sure if that carries much weight, but there it be - En35ID (
Jul29 12:37 Getting what sounds like Ms pings on 88.9. One wounded a commercial and another sounded like NPR. Paul/WY (
Jul29 06:58 Tr DTV 4 unable to get a decode and unsure of direction N8NU in MI (
Jul29 04:56 (21:35) MI is still the state with the most logs for me, but a good tropo to western WI (say, west of I-39) would likely give me more WI logs than MI logs - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Jul29 04:54 Interesting seeing all the WPFF discussion here, as its my local 90.5 - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Jul29 03:14 THe 5 element yagi I have is a Kathrein SCala.. YA7 model (
Jul29 03:12 Even damaged antennas that can be repaired, if they are not beyond repair > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul29 03:11 The brands I'm watching for are Kathrein Scala, Blonder Tongue, and Wade Engineering. IF you're ever talking to engineering types, you might inquire if the conversation is right > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul29 03:04 I'm mroe in tune with radio but you never know,. Paul (
Jul29 02:55 Paul if you ever hear of any broadcasters wanting to unload any used low VHF TV antennas, I'm always on the lookout > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul29 02:37 It's a $2500 rebroadcast receiver commonly used at translator to pick up the parent signal. Paul (
Jul29 02:37 I'm testing a BW Broadcast RBRX1 (
Jul29 02:34 Im getting to play with a radio toy tonight, on long term loan to me (
Jul29 02:31 HMmm (
Jul29 02:27 I had skip on my birthday 3 years ago. Aug 14. - Kegan EM26te (
Jul29 02:15 I can *almost* guarantee Es tomorrow, based on WA5IYX Pat Dyer's record keeping. Can't guarantee how intense or long it will last > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul29 01:33 I had skip on my birthday two years ago. Aug 21. - En35ID (
Jul29 01:33 i had a lone, one station 20 minute eskip catch in mid december 2017 when in NW PA Paul (
Jul29 01:14 Es Analog 2 NE > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul29 01:14 I would say the season is over, but that August 5, 1986 opening is always remembered. Plus it happens every year you get a surprise opening around say Aug 20th. Bob - NJ (
Jul28 23:09 And it's gone now - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jul28 23:07 Es 67.250 last 10 minutes - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jul28 21:41 And the off air pick up of a C3 FM works surprisingly well from 50 miles away, even considering theres a 13 watt 90.5 transmit antenna 10 0feet above the 90.3 input antenna for the 100.3 translator. Paul (
Jul28 21:39 K262AI uses a Sony XDRF1HD to pick up KWYC 90.3 .. and if the power goes out, it doesnt come back up. Thats al lwe hope the problem is. Paul (
Jul28 21:39 DC would possibly be doable on tropo also, but my lone catch from there was Es. I think all my NY logs were tropo, though all my NJ, MA, CT, and RI logs were Es. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 21:39 I'm off to fix another signal in town later this afternoon. We got KTDX back on a few weeks ago.... now i have to reset a translator. Paul (
Jul28 21:38 WPFF heard here a few weeks ago with Tr also out to Green Bay, Michigan UP and the 107.7 in Fairbury IL. Nice legal ID at TOH from WPFF, too, though a relog several times over. Saul ON (
Jul28 21:38 Wow, ncie Eric! (
Jul28 21:38 I've heard of MD, NC and VT coming here on tropo before, but have yet to see it; nothing on VT yet, and all my MD and NC logs were Es. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 21:36 Paul, my longest tropo was about 700 miles, to Salem, SD a couple of years back. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 21:35 Here's the WPFF legal id June 20 2018 at 3am eastern, at 23 seconds (
Jul28 21:35 Interestingly, despite being in MI, I have the most FMs from TX! OH and MI are tied at second place, though MI was in THIRD place behind OH for a while! de Eric B (
Jul28 21:34 MY longest tropo catch in NW PA was the 100kw WPFF 90.5 Sturgeon Bay, WI.. 490 miles. Paul (
Jul28 21:34 [2131] In addition to the main station log, I also have another file that breaks my totals down by frequency, state/province, and country. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 21:33 Because of that, Cleveland is more or less a semi-local at about 80 miles during the summer. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 21:33 Tropo every day to 150 miles was not uncommon and often quite strong in NW PA (
Jul28 21:32 Paul, tropo here in Carleton can be interesting sometimes; we're close enough to Lake Erie to get in on some of the lake enhancement. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 21:31 All my frequencies that have <10 have locals or semi-locals. Just went down the totals. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 21:30 I miss the tropo from NW PA.. I was 80 miles E/SE of Erie... it was... nothing short of amazing some days! Paul (
Jul28 21:29 My lowest channel has two logged; one is a local that NEVER goes off. Second place: two have four logged, both also have locals that never go off. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 21:22 [20:54] I get my worst tropo when Hepburn maps say it will be best. I can't trust them here, but I understand they work in other parts of the country ... Mike (
Jul28 21:10 Um, HAS, not "had" (from Macomb IL), because I'm still adding when conditions permit, LOL. I HAVE to throw that "when" qualifier in here because, you know, *2019*... frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul28 21:10 I think I wil labout wet myself if I can end the FM Eskip season and log one of the stations I host a show on. Paul (
Jul28 21:08 In Ohio, yes, some of my freq's had AWFUL totals, like maybe even a couple with five or fewer. From Macomb I think my worst freq had like 17 or 21 logged frankfrank (
Jul28 21:06 I'm not a member of WTFDA either, but all of the catches in my home log are all from the immediate Little Rock area, which I would consider close enough. - Ethan EM34 (
Jul28 21:05 Even with the Channel Master 9-element and rotator (20 feet up; rooftop), I think I only ever logged TWO other 105.5s with Sylvania on: the old WIFF (Auburn IN) and WCHO Washington Court House frankfrank (
Jul28 21:02 105.5's [Sylvania] stick was (and maybe still is?) nearly due north of me then, and quite close, pretty much invincible... frankfrank (
Jul28 21:00 Ms 92.9 KMIY Tucson, AZ ...w/ "More variety, on My 92.9"...5-sec burn..strong. 93kW @ 730 Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jul28 21:00 Too long ago, but I vaguely remember one of those within-25-miles-but-didn't-count things was a 105.5, a Floridian I think, heard near Bowling Green OH when I lived near the Toledo airport... frankfrank (
Jul28 20:58 Paul, this season has been so loaded with Es (I'm kidding) that I haven't got to unIDs yet. Even in this hellish of a season I have quite a few - and will work on those when I am back in Toronto. But the comments were helpful. I have a feeling this one will be one of the most interesting - certainly high in the weird category. Thanks for asking. Saul ON (
Jul28 20:57 My 25-mile criterion is really more of a "Could I have easily logged this from home?" thing... frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul28 20:55 ...(Those 10-or-15 milers were when I lived in Ohio)...but I also counted WHRV-89.5 here when heard at Monmouth 32 miles (though heard at home since) frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul28 20:54 In sum: The clubs are a way to organize the hobby and they're crucial in these years where radio is fast evolving into something that will soon be unrecognizable to the BCB DXer. Like tropo forecasts - now there's a map that works almost perfectly day in day out.. There's a few good reasons for that! Saul ON (
Jul28 20:53 You posted it in some group on FB, i forget which.. a few months ago. Paul (
Jul28 20:53 BTW SAul, did you ever figure out who that 93.3 UNID was that sounded like portuguese and we assumed was WFAR? (
Jul28 20:52 I've also been somewhat malleable on the 25-mile rule. I've NOT counted one or two mobile within 25 miles while mobile that would have been highly unlikely from home frankfrank (
Jul28 20:52 But these aren't rules, per se. No one will kick you out of a club, or give a rat's tush how you log your stations. OTOH if I see a log posted that doesn't make sense, I will say something (in a friendly way) whether the person is a club member or non-member... Saul ON (
Jul28 20:52 I'm just disappointed it looks liek this FM DX Season will be ending without me having logged myself on WVIG Brazil, IN or WFGA Hicksville, OH.. thsoe would be my most likely based on distance. Paul (
Jul28 20:50 My 6-meter friend is also thrilled about his Berlin NH QSO on short skip, and that he worked NH, but his log doesn't care that much that it was NH...though his log does care that it was a new county... frankfrank (
Jul28 20:50 The 25-mile (or whatever) rule isn't a bad one for someone like me who does some mobile DX. It gave me initial standards to go by when I was first figuring things out way back when. There's also the matter of call changes, city of licence changes, etc. I've stuck by this because I want my logs over many decades to be consistent. Saul ON (
Jul28 20:47 <20:40> Paul, c'mon - most of the 'top' loggers over the last 40 years or so I've belonged to WTFDA have been rank and file members with no real active role, if any, in the club. In fact people have had to be reminded time and time again to pass their stats to the column editor... Saul ON (
Jul28 20:46 Frank, my first time in San Diego, January 1975, surprised to hear a 1550 in TJ running PAMS Series23 jingles in Spanish. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jul28 20:46 The friend who works 2 is VERY happy to have worked Wyoming, and the 6 guy is thrilled with his California, Vancouver, etc. stuff, but officially their logs don't really care much about that frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul28 20:43 Frank, that was on 7 June 2017, and most of what I logged that evening was indeed the Dakotas. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 20:42 Two of my very, very best friends (who got married) in central New Jersey do EXACTLY this with their 6-meter and 2-meter catches. One of the guys is 6, the other one works 2... frankfrank (
Jul28 20:42 the WTFDA database is great for fm, topaz designs for Am.. and ive found radio-locator to genberally be accurate for US based stuff.. its mex and can that it screws up (
Jul28 20:40 Yeah true Saul, we keep our logs by the method we're comfortable with. Hey, I know hams whose logs are county-based and grid square-based, entirely ignoring state lines and such. frankfrank (
Jul28 20:40 Some of the most reliable resources for DXers on the web are produced through volunteer efforts coordinated through clubs like WTFDA, NRC, IRCA etc. If you use the WTFDA station database, the most reliable station list for FM around. (I can't speak for the TV list which Doug Smith of WTFDA organizes because I no longer DX TV). Non-club efforts like Radio Locator have their use but contain a lot of old stuff that no longer makes sense. There's also Google ... has its place for researching unIDs but it's as accurate as my neighbour Ned... Saul ON (
Jul28 20:40 Some of the most reliable resources for DXers on the web are produced through volunteer efforts coordinated through clubs like WTFDA, NRC, IRCA etc. If you use the WTFDA station database, the most reliable station list for FM around. (I can't speak for the TV list which Doug Smith of WTFDA organizes because I no longer DX TV). Non-club efforts like Radio Locator have their use but contain a lot of old stuff that no longer makes sense. There's also Google ... has its place for researching unIDs but it's as accurate as my neighbour Ned... Saul ON (
Jul28 20:40 A handful of people and club officers/directors care, Saul.. to be included in their records (
Jul28 20:37 Eric-in-Carleton, when did you do THAT? That's a great catch, and even better that it was WA in all respects. 2ES...were you getting the Dakotas at the same time? Frank EN40ql (
Jul28 20:36 The clubs have no rules. If you're thinking FM or TV stats, there are guidelines like 25 mile radius to slightly reduce apples to oranges comparisons for those Stat columns. Other than that no one in the clubs cares what or how you log beyond a handful of people who over the years have expressed an opinion. Saul ON (
Jul28 20:35 My "Spookane" logs (sorry, intentional typo, just havin' fun here lol) are only 98.1 and...oh, there's 96.1 again! Washington or Idaho sites? Frank EN40ql (
Jul28 20:33 i dont keep records per se, liek states logged... all i care about is where the transmtiter is located (
Jul28 20:32 I figure, other that the 96.1 "Oregon" quirk, that counting stations by COL (and apparent state) "averages itself out" anyway. Kansas side of the KC metro has some of these, too, like the 94.9 frankfrank (
Jul28 20:32 Likewise, En35id. That's why I never joined any clubs -- far too many rules and politics to contend with. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 20:29 KDRK is on Mica Peak (
Jul28 20:29 Not a member of wtfda so that rule doesn't apply to my log lol. En35id (
Jul28 20:29 KDRK (
Jul28 20:29 KSRK is 1.95 miles west of the state line (
Jul28 20:28 ...which I'd been dismissing the C&W I'd been hearing there as. He alerted me, I cought a record, got a Webcast match, just before it fell to WBCT again. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 20:28 I ALSO COUNT STATIONS BY COL, so my log DOES count Oregon, but it's "dirty, not clean" - would love to get LaGrande or KJDY 94.5 frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul28 20:27 Though, I do kinda wonder if KDRK-93.7's tx is really in Idaho instead of Spokane; fellow DXer heard ads for Idaho on there, which tipped us off it wasn't WBCT... (
Jul28 20:26 [20:24] SWEET! How cool is that?? frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul28 20:26 Re:2025 I do the same. I count COL regardless of where TX is. Mileage will reflect TX. En35id (
Jul28 20:25 Frank, I count them by COL. So, if the COL is Hammond, IN but studios, offices, and tx are in Chicago...I'm still counting it as Hammond, IN! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 20:25 So, is the Spokane antenna farm on higher-terrain Idaho ground, or are the antennas scattered around? I didn't look it up. At least my 94.1 Clarkston is-and-was on Washington ground... frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul28 20:25 Ms 92.9 KISM Bellingham, WA.....7-sec burn...w/ The Chain...Fleetwood Mac....50kW @ 400 and on my hit list a long time... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jul28 20:24 Annnnnnnd.. i just got a facebook friend request from the director of Radio at Universidad Autonoma de Durango Campus Los Mochis.. Lobo FM's licensee (
Jul28 20:23 There are also stations with some combination therof; WLMB-40 Toledo's studios, offices, and COL are OH, but the tx is out by Adrian, MI. Like Paul said, all good and legal. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 20:22 Well, something got lost in translation with Lobos FM but it isnt XHLUAD. That was an interesting conversaiton I just had with them! Paul (
Jul28 20:20 So, to truly log Oregon here (in ALL respects), targets from here are appallingly barren and begin with distances in the deep 1400s...not easy at all frankfrank (
Jul28 20:20 Agreed, Paul. I can think of a few TV stations as you describe -- studios, offices, and tx in one state, but COL is another one. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul28 20:18 [20:12] The that, sadly, I'm "cheated" out of truly logging 48 states here, because WTFDA rules have you count antenna site, so my "Ontario OR" 96.1 catch is just another Idaho station in WTFDA criteria. Bummer. frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul28 20:15 [20:08] Thought so. Boise antenna farm is IMPRESSIVE, nearly on par with South Mountain (Phoenix) and Cedar Hill (Dallas-FW), 2007(?) IRCA Convention in Boise included a marvelous Boise antenna farm tour frankfrank (
Jul28 20:12 and the point? Being licensed in one state with a tower or studio in another is quite legal and fine (
Jul28 20:10 93.3 KRKL is also at the same Oregon tower site - COL is Walla Walla WA. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul28 20:09 Another local example. 92.5 KZHR Dayton WA (Regional Mexican) is located just across the border in Oregon at Pikes Peak (Blue Mtns). > Yakima CN96 (
Jul28 20:09 And I don't need to know if the music is current or 50 years old...I just like it anyway, man! frankfrank (
Jul28 20:08 Yes, KARO 98.7 is located at the same hillside NE of Boise. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul28 20:08 I only catch Spanish words here and there, understand maybe 2nd Grade reading level at best, but the vitality and liveliness of the Mexican stations with live jocks is so refreshing... frankfrank (
Jul28 20:06 Nothing wrong with that, Frank. (
Jul28 20:05 Back to earlier, when I'm around San Diego area I usually over-feast on Tijuana stations, barely listen to USA at all. I hunger for a wider variety of music genres and they deliver. frankfrank (
Jul28 20:01 [19:22] Yes, "remove all asterisks to get proper email" or such; I do that too, on my web page! I assume the spambots harvest valid emails from website .docx forms and everything, so I play safe. frankfrank (
Jul28 19:57 A great example of this in USA is the Boise radio market, which has at least one "Oregon" station at the Boise antenna farm north of town (96.1)...could be two, is the 98.7 also there? frankfrank (
Jul28 19:54 [18:32] They're obviously branding themselves for the "greater Torreon market" which includes smaller Gomez Palacio on the Durango side. Their stick could be on either side, of course. I know nothing about where the higher terrain is in that market. frankfrank (
Jul28 19:46 ...but I've VERY rarely been around the French-speaking Canadian stations since, as it's such a hassle driving a big utility van into that country frankfrank (
Jul28 19:44 I similarly noticed a grater variety on the French stations in Quebec in 1984 and listened to them for that reason, but I' (
Jul28 19:43 [19:29] "...89.5 KVNE." - 2:41 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 19:42 ...stations that play English-speaking music (with, usually, STRICT limited formats). Though I don't understand it WELL (but a little) that's why I like Mexican radio frankfrank EN40ql (
Jul28 19:40 [JimT, 17:25/17:34] Yes, I agree! Even a lot of USA Mexican stations will play quite a variety of music, and the non-USA ones often have live DJ's which is unheard of on the USA... (
Jul28 19:37 Got your email Paul. Will reply to it > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul28 19:29 Tr 89.5 KVNE, Tyler, TX - "...on" - 2:26 PM CDT - Swapping with KWGS, Tulsa, OK - NPR - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 19:23 Got it! (
Jul28 19:22 ***jethomas1955***at***gmail**dot**com (reformat for send) trying to keep the spammers out of my SPAM folder :-) > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul28 19:19 Jim, whats your email address not for WTFDA stuff? I got a response from Lobos and it doesnt make a bunch of sense to me. (
Jul28 19:17 Thanks Jim! When writing XHITT and XHULAD, I asked them.. if its their station to confirm transmitter lcoation and power levle. Paul (
Jul28 19:15 Ms 92.9 KSNZ Shamrock, TX...2-sec burn....w/ "Legends 92-9"..17kW @ TBD lucky catch! Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jul28 19:09 Paul, IF you have nothing better going on, here is the license doc (PDF) for XHLUAD-FM. Go to page 4 :-) > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul28 19:08 Jon, thanks much, I'm hoping one of the three is what I hear. My gut and hope is its XHITT or XHLUAD (
Jul28 19:05 Best of luck, Paul, in getting it solved. If it isn't one of the three, then we can expand further into Mexico. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul28 18:51 Ms 92.9 KTGL Beatrice, NE...5 sec burn....Sultans of swing...Dire Straits....100kW @ TBD Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jul28 18:49 Email sent to Radio Bilinuge.. even found an address for the executive director/founder, so hopefully i get an answer from XHITT, Radio Bilingue and XHLUAD Paul (
Jul28 18:42 Tr 91.5 KTXK - Texarkana, TX (153 mi) Fading in and out pretty badly with KALR Hot Springs. - Ethan EM34 (
Jul28 18:41 [18:39] KDAQ - 'Red River Radio' mention - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 18:40 Thanks Jon.. all this info is most helpful. (
Jul28 18:39 Tr 89.9 KDAQ, Shreveport, LA - NPR - 1:38 PM CDT - swapping with KRPS, Pittsburg, KS - NPR - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 18:39 Torreon is on the eastern bank of the river. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul28 18:39 AH.. i havent familiarized myself with a mexico map and didnt know there was no difference (
Jul28 18:38 Gomez Palacio & Torreon are next to each other on the Nazas River. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul28 18:37 Torreon and Gomez Palacio are same location separate by a border. (
Jul28 18:37 Torreon and Gomez Palacio are same location separate by a border. (
Jul28 18:33 and WTFDA doesnt list the Torreon signal (
Jul28 18:33 and Wiki doesnt listen the Torreon signal (
Jul28 18:32 Interestingly, WTFDA and Wiki list a Lobos FM on 88.7 in Gomez Palacio, Durango. The Lobos FM page only lists 88.7 in Torren, Coahuila (
Jul28 18:26 Jim, I did.. i sent an email and fb in both english and spanish. .and kept it as simple and clear as I could. Paul (
Jul28 18:23 Thats what my logic about how FM DXing works tells me.. but my logic is often far from perfect. Paul (
Jul28 18:23 And i think if my music station is either XHITT or XHLUAD, the Formula affiliate I heard was XHEX Bellavista, Sinaloa (
Jul28 18:22 Suggestion on using Google Translate to Spanish. Keep sentences short (no compound sentences), stay away from *big* words. Ask short questions and THANK them for their reply. Done that way, it won't get screwed up in Google Translate > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul28 18:20 Both stations are under 2kw so if its either, itd be a great log Paul (
Jul28 18:20 Email and FB message sent to XHITT too (
Jul28 18:13 And degree displayed when the unit is on - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 18:12 The new unit is RCA branded - and includes a remote. - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 18:11 The older rotor unit is a Channel Master - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 18:10 I just sent a message to XHULAD Lobos FM on facebook in english and spanish. Lets hope I get an answer. Paul (
Jul28 18:10 Already bought a new rotor unit set before the fix. Now there's a rotor for another antenna. - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 18:06 It turned out the rotor had stopped turning because the wire connection between the rotor to the indoor control unit broke. The connection has since been repaired - on Friday. - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 18:02 Give this one a listen, good range of MX hits - 88.5 XHDI Chihuahua @arroba FM > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul28 18:01 Tr 90.3 KBJS, Jacksonville, TX - 12:59 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 17:56 Tr 90.7 KTAA, Big Sandy, TX - Bott Radio Network - 12:55 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jul28 17:55 Jim good idea.. and i should. Thanks Paul (
Jul28 17:35 You are in the perfect location to get loaded up on Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sonora FMs WHEN we're having the kind of Es season we expect > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul28 17:34 Here's a suggestion Paul, when there is absolutely NO dx stirring, try listening ONLINE to some MX border FM's. You don't have to like it, just get used to what it sounds like :-) > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul28 17:26 Jim, thats what I kinda have seen... so not knowing mexican radio.. its a bit harder for me. Paul (
Jul28 17:25 I will drop a line to Radio Bilingue (
Jul28 17:25 Keep in mind that Spanish broadcasters don't chop up the music genres the way US broadcasters do, they're much more diverse in their offerings > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul28 17:25 Thanks Jim... I probed for a little more info on the music station specifically on the thread. Too strong a signal to ignore and like i said, i have few mexican logs. Paul (
Jul28 17:23 The full video for that song is falls under the tropical genre, but *any* station could play it that doesn't strictly play ranchera > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul28 17:23 based on - de Jon in FN03 (
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