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TvFm Skip Log Entries
Jun24 13:51 [12:58] An unstable pilot frequency would break the phase lock and make the signal undecodable! N8NU in MI (
Jun24 13:49 John DE: KBRY is licensed to Sargent, a good 60 miles north of Grand Island, studio is in Broken Bow. Paul/WY (
Jun24 13:49 [12:58] An unstable pilot frequency wound (
Jun24 13:49 Out of FM - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun24 13:48 interesting.. the dxmaps MUF map loads but is blank on my desktop computer. It looks and works fine on my cellhone (
Jun24 13:41 Es 99.3 KADA Ada, OK, "on Kool 99.3" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun24 13:39 Es ATV-3 (actual 55.248.522) Dennis FM18 (
Jun24 13:39 Es 92.3 KBRY Grand Island NE. "K-Bear Country" John DE- FM29 (
Jun24 13:39 E3 ATV-3 (actual 55.248.522) Dennis FM18 (
Jun24 13:36 Es 105.5 KVSV Beloit KS, ad - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun24 13:35 Es 106.9 KHTT Muskogee, OK, Paylist Match. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun24 13:34 Es 96.5 KRBZ Kansas City MO, RDS - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun24 13:32 Checking for Es here now. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun24 13:31 [13:29] Also my local. - One of the strongest here. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun24 13:30 Kegan you should get getting ON/NY since your locals are in here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun24 13:29 Es 90.9 KLRC Tahlequah, OK, "90.9 KLRC" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun24 13:29 [13:24] One of my locals - Kegan EM26te (
Jun24 13:24 Es 94.3 KAMO Rogers, AR, "in Rogers it's 63" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun24 13:22 Es 92.7 KKJQ Savannah MO, "St. Joseph's", then faded - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun24 13:14 Es 93.7 KYEZ Salina KS, "Y 93.7" - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun24 13:11 Es 99.7 KBOD Gainesville, MO, "Hit Kickin' Country - 99-7 The Boot" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun24 13:10 Es 89.5 KHCD Salina KS, fundraising - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun24 13:08 Es 92.9 KTGL Beatrice, NE - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun24 13:01 Es 90.5 KXCV Maryville MO, wx - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun24 12:58 Es 76.310 warbler - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun24 12:57 Looks like something could be brewing according to dxmaps (
Jun24 11:00 yawns, morning everyone. Paul/WY (
Jun24 05:04 Yup. To add on to that, with a good receiver, you can also get 100.5 (Moses Lake) and 104.1 (Yakima) in that region, along with 99.9 (Spokane) under good conditions. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun24 04:55 That makes now: 94.9, 102.7, 103.5 Pendleton, 101.9 (Classic Country), 102.3, and 1360 Hermiston. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 04:53 Guessing they were trying to emulate the former KUJJ 101.9 (now Hank FM). They were smooth jazz for years albeit sat-fed. Fewer listeners in the target group = no profit. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 04:52 Yes, K272ED recently flipped to Tri-Country 102, ex-Smooth Jazz. Sad. Exactly why did another country station need to be saturated onto the already-full SE WA dial? The Smooth Jazz station was very unique, albeit no DJ's. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 04:32 Regarding propagation, I'm not getting any openings tonight, but 102.3 KWRL and 102.9 KSJJ are all coming in clearer than usual. I had 100.3 CKKQ and 106.3 KLOO a little earlier along with the recently-flipped 102.3 K272ED Kennewick. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun24 04:29 Say goodnight Gracie - FM23 (
Jun24 04:29 Yakima - Good luck at orientation. Be aware of construction on University Way. I'm still in Moses Lake, hoping for an opening over here. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun24 04:25 late report Es San Bernardino GT : 03:00 WA7X beacon 50.070 Fairview, UT 500 miles & 40.67/41.61 strong Tony, OF77 (
Jun24 04:21 Hopefully tomorrow will be great! But I have CWU orientation all day Tues (in Ellensburg)... > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 04:19 alright, well the cloud that was over WA/OR is about dissipate and the MUF has dropped well out of FM BC band.. my bed time.. past it actually. Paul (
Jun24 04:04 and whats interesting Yakima, i heard Portland and The Dales yesterday when the clouds were yuesterday where they are today, and im hearing nothing nowe. Paul (
Jun24 04:03 Red Deer still in and out on 95.5 ... mike (
Jun24 04:00 The cloud is still 100 miles off from me, but perhaps this will give me really short WY or UT if it works out. About 4 years ago heard 526-mile Jackson WY 93.5/95.3. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 03:53 i have to work a bunch of thursday but have friday and sunday off (
Jun24 03:53 Well, as long as we have a morning opening im cool with that... i have until 1030am mon and tuesday till 945 wed and thu this week (
Jun24 03:52 Ignore that... I've seen a badly fading opening like this and then a day or two later strong opening into az - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 03:52 oh and once again.. apologies for my bad typine.. ill always been apologizing for it lol Paul (
Jun24 03:51 I've seen an badly faci (
Jun24 03:48 yesterday, i had that openign that literally last all of 5 minutes to Portland and The Dales, OR... i had indy and sonora mexico last week.. and i dont recall otehrs hearing much at that time Paul (
Jun24 03:47 Es surprise CKGY 95.5 Red Deer AB with ad for Red Deer Regional Hospital ... mike/cm87 (
Jun24 03:46 Eric, it's certainly a good sign. Hope it's the first of many more to come. For me, too. - Rick SE WA (
Jun24 03:46 Es 92.9 CKBL Saskatoon, SK RDS The Bull - w6nt S.OR (
Jun24 03:39 Tho this opening gave me renewed hope for this year - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 03:38 There are several cases this summer where people in the west have had stuff and i havent... and one case or two where i had stuff and others didnt Paul (
Jun24 03:38 and just because I have something in Laramie doesnt mean anyone else will. Paul (
Jun24 03:37 And just because someone liek Gary in boise or Rick in Omaha get openings, doesnt mean I will in Laramie, WY (
Jun24 03:34 I thought I'd get some benefit from being further east, but so far I haven't seen any. - Rick SE WA (
Jun24 03:33 I definitely want more than one... mike (
Jun24 03:31 So far, consistently, (small sample size), when Gary gets skip, I do not. We'll see if there are exceptions, but that's the pattern so far. - Rick SE WA (
Jun24 03:31 Not sure it’s done. Multiple country stations on 93.7 and I only expect one. Weak and flaky but there ... mike (
Jun24 03:31 ...What ever happened to those 2 to 3 hour openings in the past? Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun24 03:25 No... - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 03:24 that was short lived! all gone - w6nt (
Jun24 03:19 FM appears to be Es-free. Hoping for a change... mike (
Jun24 03:17 Es 90.3 CKMP Calgary, AB Ads - w6nt S.OR (
Jun24 03:16 Eric, you getting that path to Alberta? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 03:13 I picked up CKVH when they were on 1020, shortly before they moved to FM. Not as many AMs left in Canada in 2019. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 03:10 But Rick, so-far I got the jip. Monitoring 89.5 Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jun24 03:08 Es CKVH 93.5 High Prairie AB ... mike/cm87 (
Jun24 03:07 One called Real Country in Alberta, and KREO in WY, but what's odd is I still can't hear anything. WY-CA paths should be excellent for me... > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 03:05 Es 93.5 Real Country but no firm ID yet ... mike/cm87 (
Jun24 03:04 Well any FM paths go into whales, fish and container ships... > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 03:03 Eric, opposite of June 5. This time you got the skip, I got the slip. - Rick SE WA (
Jun24 03:01 Oh that is irritating. There's a 100 MUF right over CN96. If you could just move to the south...say...500 miles, that would be great. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun24 02:55 Es 88.3 Rel Stn in english but dropped out of FM now.... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun24 02:52 I just have to hope that we'll hit July and everyone will get a share of Es goodies. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 02:50 been the best opening all spring/summer es season here - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:49 Maybe things are turning around here - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:45 All SS Gary? Probably getting an XE path to Sonora or even further south > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 02:43 Nothing here whatsoever. Paul/WY (
Jun24 02:40 Es stations up tp 94 Mhz...but all ss so far...building but unstable Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun24 02:36 Es @ 02:09 94.1 KMXJ Amarillo. TX based on the path and format. Correction for KBLN - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:36 I don’t know how many times I have listened for hours and skip started as soon as I stopped ... mike (
Jun24 02:33 Nothing there ... mike (
Jun24 02:30 Es 92.9 Unid Ss Stn...pretty weak and fading Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun24 02:27 Nothing here except 6m FT8 from CA-NV-OR area BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun24 02:26 out of fm - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:20 Es 88.9 Unid ss Stn Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun24 02:19 Es 95.7 KPUR Clade,TX Correction - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:17 Es 101.9 KATP Amarillo, TX - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:15 shit! (
Jun24 02:14 Es 98.7 KPRF Amarillo, TX (
Jun24 02:12 Deader than dead here. Too far north from the cloud I guess. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 02:12 Es 95.7 KPRU Claude, TX - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:10 Es 92.3 KRST Albuquerque, NM - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:09 Might be a fake RDS - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:09 Es 94.1 KBLN - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:07 Es 93.3 KKOB - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 02:04 Mike, Get outside now it's happening - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 01:58 Frank: Go to, download and install their free version, then run it. You either need to get a new browser or get malware out of the one you have ... Mike (
Jun24 01:57 some 50's MUF spots so maybe likely not tho. - Eric CM96 (
Jun24 01:54 [00:31] YES, I still have to go to incognito window, and click the link to "Separate Window" posting. Nice if it was easier and normal--frankfrank (
Jun24 01:51 Just got back home, so skip should start anytime ... Mike (
Jun24 01:48 I am somewhat just looking in the background pretty much given up looking constantly now. - Eric Cm96 (
Jun24 00:56 [00:14] Two more than me. Starting to wonder if June 5 may be my only quality opening of the year. And I was lucky to have that. If I was still in Seattle, I might have nothing so far this year. - Rick SE WA (
Jun24 00:38 Well, today appears to have been a bust for me. Paul (
Jun24 00:31 Frank: any posting problems now? (
Jun24 00:14 I've been back in Macomb IL/EN40 for two weeks, and a grand total of TWO skip stations ID'ed. Both new, but still quite horrible. True, not even a relog of any kind--frankfrank EN40 (
Jun24 00:10 well, it kinda looks liek its fizzling out (
Jun23 23:49 This is quickly turning into my worst year ever...mike (
Jun23 23:44 Interesting.. hadn't given it much thought. Paul (
Jun23 23:41 Good evening all, I'm done for today - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 23:37 [23:19] it could fizzle out but those E-Skip clouds have been pretty consistent along that day / night termination line. amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 23:36 [23:19] it could fizzle out but those E-Skip clouds have been pretty consistent along that day / night termination line. (
Jun23 23:31 Mike* (
Jun23 23:24 Mik, theres been nothing here all day, so dont feel left out :) Paul (
Jun23 23:19 amfmtvdtvbrla.. really? I never thought about that or realized it. It could also just fizzle out. Paul (
Jun23 23:18 MUF drops as soon as I start to listen. Ugh ... mike (
Jun23 23:18 Es with SS mx still on 88.5 and 88.9...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Jun23 23:16 Tr Multiple Memphis stations are booming in here at about 120-150 miles. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun23 23:15 Day Night termanation line will push these E-Skip clouds west. should be interesting E-Skip around Sunset - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 23:12 Es on 93.9 FM Spanish station fading in and out Rapidly. antenna pointed South - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 23:11 Ms 88.3 KVCP Phoenix, AZ...TOH Callsign ID..7-sec burn...22.5 KW at 789 Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun23 23:04 Tr regional tropo very strong to the east and northeast. (Poplar Bluff, MO, Jackson, TN, etc) - Josh EM36ui (
Jun23 22:59 Tnx Jim! Eskip back on 94.3 with SS mx, weaker than earlier...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Jun23 22:58 Es on 92.9 FM Spanish station fading in and out. Antenna pointed southeast amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 22:57 Tv carriers 2-4 now, taking a break - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 22:51 [22:36] Jack, congrats on the Mexico and Central Am. catches. Am away & hope my recorders are picking up some of that Es action. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun23 22:49 Es 83.260 likely Cuba - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 22:45 Sounds like it all went back down out of FM for now..Jack, ATX (
Jun23 22:44 Es 61.250, 61.260 - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 22:38 Es coming in again on analog Channel 3. English spoken commercials so it's most likely Canada again -Aaron/IN (
Jun23 22:36 Es 94.9 XHTVH Villahermosa Tabasco "Mega 94.9" with local ads and ID (new)...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Jun23 22:26 As it turns out, the KTLF IT Department changed the stream URL and didnt tell engineering Paul (
Jun23 22:26 Eric B: KTDX is back on the air. Paul (
Jun23 22:26 Yakima, I want something north ot Canada, but i gladly take FM Eskip anywhere, even if its a re log Paul (
Jun23 22:25 Good setup for multi-hop to JAs on 6 if other path down the line are there de AC7XP (
Jun23 22:24 94.3 is regional Mexican mx, 94.1 is SS talk...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Jun23 22:22 That's around 400 miles........MUF may be getting in to FM for far northern parts of CA and far southern OR de AC7XP (
Jun23 22:19 CHP in from Ventura/MoorPark on 42 MHz de AC7XP DM43 (
Jun23 22:19 Es in SS up to 95 now...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Jun23 22:19 i was out of the house for 2 hours, just got back.. no Es before, none now.. Paul/WY (
Jun23 22:16 Signal is strongest when pointed to Venezuela South America area. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 22:12 ...I wouldn't start DXing until 1983, at eight years old. Started with TV, dabbled a bit with AM as a teen, and started FM in 1994 at 19. 19-20 June 1994 was my first FM DX! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 22:11 I'm open all evening. Can the E-layer cooperate so Rick, Kyle and I can have some 107.9 top of band fun? I don't care to where. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 22:10 Frank, thankfully, that was a little before I discovered DXing -- to the tune of three years, to be exact... (
Jun23 22:10 also re 2207, it's been almost 10 days since I last had any Es activity here. I (
Jun23 22:08 Es TV-3 and TV-4 Analog very weak. antenna pointed southeast - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 22:08 [2207] 5/10/13. Still regret not having an unattended recorder on that one (lived in Monroe WA CN97au at that time). And in 2013 it was the earliest and the biggest in the PacNW that year. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 22:07 Didn't bother to record or do any unattended monitoring, worked 0915-1400 and still didn't miss anything...and no breaks either > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 22:07 That's more than half-a-lifetime ago, but still...OUCH (some people had 12-14 hours of FM skip that date)--frankfrank (
Jun23 22:06 Es TV-2 Analog antenna pointed southeast to Venezuela. Soccer game about to start playing Canada National Anthem - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 22:05 [21:55/6] That's nothing, I'm still livid that I went to a DX gathering in Chicago the weekend of 7/17/1980-, and found out I missed probably the most massive Es opening of the 20th Century--frankfrank EN40 (from ingocnito window) (
Jun23 22:04 Es 88.5 XHKV Villahermosa Tabasco "Exa FM" with SS mx, Tabasco mention and ID (new!)...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Jun23 22:01 With all this FT8 crap, I can't figure out whether its worth bothering to listen ... Mike (
Jun23 22:01 Es 91.1 brief fadeup with SRN news - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 21:57 Es 55.240, 67.250 assume Cuba - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 21:56 That's been about six years ago, now, but I remember it well. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 21:55 ... Yep! About fifteen minutes after I lifted off, Es opened up to New England, and closed around the time I touched down at YHZ. I was LIVID when I found out! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 21:55 [2150] Have done that before too. Once nothing happened all day, so at dinnertime decided to load Flight Simulator and fly DTW-YHZ. Well, guess what? ... (
Jun23 21:53 If it does open, looks like it would be FL - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 21:50 I guess I missed the E-Skip. Went to take a nap, and woke up and checked the DX boards and Boom all red till I got up. :( - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 21:47 We'll see - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 21:45 s going to open to the top of the dial, 2xEs. I'm going to a dinner. Don't say I didn't warn you! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 21:44 There will be tonight, Rich. In about 45 minutes. It' (
Jun23 21:44 Never even fired here. Nothing to show for it. Again. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 21:42 There is never anything in the evening anymore, at least here - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 21:40 Might be the *afternoon break*, who knows the way this season has been so far > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 21:38 I think that's all for Es here...for now. 92.7 is now KDYN, Coal Hill, AR - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 21:33 Yeah it's about done here too. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun23 21:33 XHSAV still in 92.7- Wes em66 (
Jun23 21:31 Faded out now. Didn't reach any higher than 88.9 then, stayed low...Jack, ATX (
Jun23 21:21 KBMJ is fading back in. Presuming XHFTI Fortin, Veracruz as it's been the general target for my Es paths today. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun23 21:19 Es 89.5 UnID - Spanish/Regional Mexican, completely taking out KBMJ - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun23 21:14 Funny thing, last time I received it was just about this same time of day, around 4pm CDT...Jack, ATX (
Jun23 21:13 Tr 93.9 KSPQ - West Plains, MO (135 mi) (Relog), RDS decoded. Get out of here! - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun23 21:10 It's most likely the Ladyville station, and a relog but an exotic relog. Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Jun23 21:08 Es 92.7 XHSAV Veracruz- Wes em66 (
Jun23 21:06 Es 92.5 XHTR - Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico (1165 mi) (NEW) - La Poderosa branding and TOTH ID heard - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun23 21:03 Es 92.7 RDS: XHSAV-FM - 4:03 PM CDT - On another antenna, aimed SSE - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 21:02 Yep, it is. Was recording the last few minutes of ads, thx! Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun23 21:02 Es 87.7 and 87.9 Spanish- Wes em66 (
Jun23 21:01 Very little on 6 meters now - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 20:56 Jack its Love FM, two of them in Belize on 88.9, take your pick > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 20:54 Es 88.9 unid with easy listening/oldies, mentioning Belize...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun23 20:50 Es 91.3 XHPT - Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico (1138 mi) (NEW) - Actually could make out the branding for once lol - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun23 20:49 Es 89.3 XHQQQ=FM Ixtacomitan TAB “Ke Buena” (1299 mi) - relog - RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun23 20:45 Tr - WYBA Coldwater, MI - Fair peaks, lotsa QSB with Bible Broadcasting Network programming, // Webcast. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 20:44 Es 93.3 XHPS Veracruz, Ver (1207 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Jun23 20:41 Es 90.5 XHRUV Veracruz, Mex, RDS PI 3F01 (KRUV) - K4NBF EM66vh (
Jun23 20:41 Es 88.5 KJLJ Scott City, KS, "KJIL" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun23 20:38 Es Knoxville GT : 55.250, french audio 59.75 movie, 61.25 (3), 67.26, 77.25 Tony, OF77 (
Jun23 20:32 It's going to bust open for the Great Lakes in about 90 minutes; I have a dinner to go to at the church. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 20:32 Es 91.5 keeps trying, NPR-type show about cooking. John DE-FM29 (
Jun23 20:32 Es 104.7 KXNC Ness City, KS, Stream match - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun23 20:28 Tr - WMBI-90.1 Chicago, IL - Very weak with QSB, clashing with WYBA Coldwater; local spot, Moody Radio Chicago ment. Best I can do! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 20:27 Getting some weird fade ups on 88.9 and 89.7-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jun23 20:25 Only 54.310 remains, not looking good - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 20:23 Es 100.9 KGBL Lakin, KS, RDS: The Bull - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun23 20:22 Whole lot of nothing here. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 20:19 Es 91.9 KWBI Great Bend, KS, "K-Love". New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun23 20:18 Es Knoxville GT : 55.249988 main zero offset, no 55.24 or 55.26, and french audio 59.75 - OM & YL Tony, OF77 (
Jun23 20:14 Couple decent-sounding fadeups, no RDS or HD pilots. Yet. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 20:14 Es 90.7 KQSH Dodge City, KS, Stream Match - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun23 20:12 [19:09] Hey, thank you! This is the second time I've gotten them. I first confirmed that station from the Es event that affected my area on June 3rd. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun23 20:06 KAIG is 89.9. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun23 20:05 Es 90.9 KAIG Dodge City, KS, "The New Air1 - Worship Now". New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun23 20:05 Lower band pretty unsettled here, but I think it's just tropo. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 20:04 Es DTV 2, 4, 5. Could I be wrong about today? - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 20:04 [19:37] Just saw this now, it would be really nice if I had someone else help me out with those catches considering that I can't understand any other language besides English. - Ethan Em34VT (
Jun23 19:57 Es San Antonio GT : cuban tv carriers 55.24, 55.25, 55.26 up to 83.24 & 83.26 (very weak). 59.75 audio still going Tony OF77 (
Jun23 19:54 Es 90.9 KHCT Great bend, KS, "1-800-RadioKS" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun23 19:37 [19:21] With signals like that, even if you're recording audio from a cell phone mic, I might be of use :) -Raymie (
Jun23 19:23 Good luck the next couple of weeks. Pulling the plug @ 00:00 UT. I will report any mobile if I can. 73 CU fron CN82 next time de Art KA5DWI (
Jun23 19:21 Es Multiple Mexico FM stations coming in very clearly. Can't seem to ID most of them, but it's difficult for me to confirm Mexico FM stations in general. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun23 19:18 Been no Es here in laramie wy all day. Doesn’t look like any is coming. Paul (
Jun23 19:09 Good catch on XHIL, Ethan. I heard that on what I believe was 2xEs a couple of years ago. 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Jun23 19:03 We just got an XHRUV tech sheet this week, too. We already kinda knew this, but the stick's in Acajete, sort of near XHWA/XHOT/XHTZ -Raymie (
Jun23 18:51 Es 88.5 XHIL - Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico (1,111 miles) (Relog) - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun23 18:49 Es at top of fm dial from XHRUV-90.5 Ver Mexico direction for last hour de fred SC FM03a (
Jun23 18:30 Gone for now...Jack, ATX (
Jun23 18:29 Es 88.9 unid, SS mx, slogan ID sounded like "Exa" amidst all the static and fading...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun23 18:15 ...An XE5 Beacon in DO74 on 50 Mhz only thing coming through Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun23 17:56 [17:52] I'm guessing that being a possibility. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 17:52 [17:50] I think he asked that in case it's a short in the wire to the rotor. Certainly a cheaper fix with that problem. Curtis (
Jun23 17:50 I should say it has rained here. Light to heavy at times. Now, if any, very little. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 17:47 And it looks liek the "skip clouds" are breaking down and the MUF is dropping Paul (
Jun23 17:44 If possible, I may have it aimed NW or NNW, so I can receive both Tulsa and Pittsburg, KS area stations simultaneously here again. Under normal conditions. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 17:41 I'm thinking my dad could look at to see if it can be repaired so it can turn again. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 17:39 Jim - Yes - it has been rained here. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 17:37 Well, no FM today - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 17:37 Kegan, were you getting a lot of rain when it stopped working? > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 17:25 I have used them for under 4 years now. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 17:21 I guess it got to the point of being worn out. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 17:21 I hope to have it repaired, if possible. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 17:20 Minutes ago, I was turning the Channel Master rotor from W to N - The indoor unit works, while the outdoor no longer works. Fixed in the W direction. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun23 17:14 Spelling - Champaign, IL, of course. Curtis Loda, Illinois EN50xm (
Jun23 17:14 Anyone in South Texas with 90.1 available, listen for WEFT Champiag, IL. Program of East Indian music is on until 1300. That should stand out on the channel. Curtis Loda, Illinois EN50xm (
Jun23 17:09 And it's back to white noise on 88.1. Band sounds energized, take off area could be in remote location of Northern Mexico. Curtis Loda, Illinois EN50xm (
Jun23 17:03 Es just got to bottom of FM, Spanish now heard on 88.1. Curtis Loda, Illinois EN50xm (
Jun23 16:57 It doesnt seem like the MUF is going to get into the FM Broadcast band for me. Been watching the maps and the clouds arent moving too much but the MUF isnt moving much either Paul (
Jun23 16:48 Es Duluth, MN tv carriers: 55.240009, 55.250 & 55.259969 Tony, OF77 (
Jun23 16:31 It's trying to open up here, but MUF not very stable......whatever fadeups I get have a lot of QSB de AC7XP (
Jun23 16:24 I'm getting some fairly strong tropo from Denver, Rapid city and Western NE.. but no Es yet. Some rumbling maybe an MS ping or three but thats it. Paul WY (
Jun23 16:23 ...10 Mtr beacons in from So Cal and lots of Es on FM yet... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun23 16:13 California Highway Patrol in on 42-45 MHz...mostly SFO area de AC7XP DM43 (
Jun23 16:09 Es San Antonio GT : tv carrier 83.26 also at 1555, audio fading down. Tony, OF77 (
Jun23 16:07 Es Knoxville GT : tv carriers on 55.2500 (2 or 3), 61.260 Tony, OF77 (
Jun23 15:58 Es 90.5 XHRUV-FM VER Xalapa-Enriquez RDS on fade up 1410 mi de fred SC FM03af (
Jun23 15:45 Es San Antonio GT : tv carriers 77.25 also, audio 59.75 & 65.75 Spanish, different programs Tony, OF77 (
Jun23 15:41 I live here in downtown Warsaw Indiana Rick. Yeah Goshen isn't too far from Warsaw. Aaron/IN (
Jun23 15:38 Es San Antonio GT : tv carriers 55.23967 Havana, 55.25, 55.26, 61.250, 67.26, 83.24, 6m FT8 lively Tony, OF77 (
Jun23 15:36 [15:34] Aaron, where in north central IN are you located? I know there's a guy who comes on here often named Mark who's from Goshen. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun23 15:34 Es starting to come in on analog Channel 2 & is just touching Channel 3 here in north central Indiana. No ID's yet but it could be possibly Canada. Aaron (
Jun23 15:17 Es 54.310 probably SD - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun23 15:11 It was preaching but lasted less than a minute. - Rick SE WA (
Jun23 15:00 Es trying on 88.3. - Rick SE WA (
Jun23 06:27 Tr included 105.3 R Cadena Agramonte, 98.9 R Morón (new to me), and 101.3 R Surco./cd (
Jun23 06:26 Tr from Long Key included 104.5 KWMZ LA, 106.5 WAVH AL, and many Cuban FM from the mid to eastern Cuba./cdel96 (
Jun23 06:25 I came bacl from the Keys & tropo was awesome. Coulda stayed all night but can't./cdel96 (
Jun23 06:06 Unbelievably dead conditions on the 8PM break...even 28 mhz was dead!! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 06:04 today another wimpy day for Es... Was busy today so i guess it didn't matter - Eric CM96 (
Jun23 05:32 I'm hoping for something on sunday.. but the radio gods need to hold it till mid afternoon. Im headed up to a transmitter site here at Pilot Hill in Laramie. (
Jun23 01:53 I'm smelling a bust up here, although I typically get skips between 7 and 9 pm, with some exceptions. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun23 01:41 I took the night off from Internet broadcasting, but it looks like skip has done the same thing. Or taken the year off. - Rick SE WA (
Jun23 00:39 WOTL 90.3 Toledo mostly alone; some poke-ins from WCPN Cleveland off the side, but am able to follow the Hymn Sing on WOTL. Cx mostly dead. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 00:15 Off to work, will check on break around 2000 PT > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 00:04 ...+/- 2 Mhz bandwidth...just need some Es... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun23 00:00 ...Lots of Ms...and no Es...might be worth while to record. I built to 6 element yagis in the down time. One centered on 97.3 and the other 91.1 Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun22 23:10 Ms 95.5 KCHH Worden, MT (relog) - SPARC received RDS call sign (w/ correct pi code), and I heard excerpt of news relating to Trump. Came in about 5 seconds then faded. Kyle/CascadiaDXer (
Jun22 22:19 Now it is dead - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun22 21:56 6 meters is active to the west if nothing else - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun22 20:34 [1701] Jim-F SATX. Yes Jim, they were from a 3 hour IQ recording from my RSP2. Most of the loggings came between 1230 PM and 2:15 PM EDT. Dennis FM18 (
Jun22 20:25 Earlier I said I work from 5:30-10:30 tonight at the grill. E-layer will wake up and 144.200 will blow up with sounds of 'CQ Field Day'... > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 20:22 Unattended. Lots of 88.3 flareups in the 11 Am and early 12 PM hours. 1204 likely Es but Unid and oh so brief and weak. 11 AM hour sounded like Ms pings, but no idea who/where. - Rick SE WA (
Jun22 20:22 28mhz Es to UT CO field day, also had a great fadeup of 98.1 KISC Spokane with ID. No Es on FM. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 20:22 45 minutes outside and not one FM fadeup to be made. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 20:07 I've heard KCCY and KATC both in the past in SE Michigan. They can be DXed. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun22 19:56 What kinda sorta helped is i was in front of the W233BS transmit antenna and the back of my antenna, the null was facing that (
Jun22 19:56 and KTBZ is rock (
Jun22 19:55 mind you, it was KTBZ's HD that locked, no analog.. but the blend back and forth was kinda "trippy" since W233BS at the time was standards (
Jun22 19:49 Yakima, when i lvied in NW Pennsylvania I was 1 1/2 miles from a 250 watt/700 ft translator on 94.5 and had houstons KTBZ show up for a few mintues over W233BS (
Jun22 19:49 You never know, Yakima.. (
Jun22 19:49 Funny thing, when i lived near Erie PA I heard KATC Twice, Kyle (
Jun22 19:48 Theyre about 250 miles south of me, Kyle (
Jun22 19:41 I went outside at the end of it. Only had KPHT and KATC come in for 1-2 minutes, without RDS or IBOC. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun22 19:34 Literally, 5-6 minutes.. KMHD at 1258 and KMSW at 103.. Paul (
Jun22 19:31 Paul, wish I could get your KLMI but I've got a 250w HD2 xlator on that channel unnullable. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 19:30 Or perhaps it's just a flareup and it will really spark up in a bit > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 19:29 Nothing here, may have missed the literal 5 minutes Paul and Kyle had. 96.9 KZTA on but very low power. Let's try and get KCCY Pueblo! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 19:28 Checking the band now > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 19:18 I just called up the KMHD DJ who was floored when I told him where I am. Paul (
Jun22 19:18 I literally had about 5 mintues to oregon, i think its gone. (
Jun22 19:15 Es 95.5 KPHT & 95.1 KATC Colorado Springs-Pueblo area, CO. Both relogs. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun22 19:07 Es KMSW 92.7 The Dalles, OR with song and station liner "92.7 and 102.9 KMSW. 835 miles Paul/WY (
Jun22 19:01 Gresham (
Jun22 19:01 Es KMHD-FM 89.1 FResham, OR with host live chatter and station id, 891 miles. Paul/WY (
Jun22 18:27 Someone wake me up when the eskip arrives lol Paul (
Jun22 17:42 6m is still open here mostly FT8 however. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 17:39 Dennis, could this be your spanish station mixing with KMXN? (
Jun22 17:17 I still have about a dozen recordings from last weekend to go through. I know what they all are, I just have to edit, process an save them. Paul (
Jun22 17:01 [16:39] Dennis, were your recordings from an SDR? - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun22 16:39 OK Y'all final tally for yesterday is 48 in 8 states. 46 were new. I guess it's because this is only my 2nd full year of FMDXing. Dennis Central VA FM18 (
Jun22 16:38 MUF below 50 MHz so far today - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun22 16:04 Wade: I was out most of the day but judging from my recording the skip was mostly gone here by 2 PM Dennis Central VA-FM18 (
Jun22 16:00 Right now I'm trying to ID a Spanish Station that is mixing with MXN "The Bull" in Osage City, KS. Dennis (
Jun22 15:57 I have an RDS Capture for every Station so far Dennis Fm18 (
Jun22 15:56 This recording is fro between 12 noon and 2:00 PM Dennis (
Jun22 15:56 Es 88.3 KLYT Albuquerque, NM 4.1kW fade in w/ local start for today..lets hope Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun22 15:55 Congrats on the good stuff out East; yesterday was my worst day in quite a while with barely even any 6m FT8 decodes BR in AZ (
Jun22 15:43 [13:23] Dennis, I missed the first half. Got 11 ids, 5 new. I'm about 5 miles from DC and 28 to Balt. Wade MD FM18 (
Jun22 15:40 I had KMOJ Minneapolis, MN at 6.2 Kw w/rds Dennis FM18 (
Jun22 15:35 I'm only half finished with my recordings. UP to 41 now. Ddennis (
Jun22 15:29 [13:23] Hey Dennis, congrats on the 25 new logs from yesterday! My recordings from yesterday revealed just a brief opening to the TN area. I’ve only positively IDed 93.5 WMPZ in Chattanooga (a new one). Among the UNIDs, I have possible IDs of WDUC and WQMT on 93.9. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun22 15:25 BUT...I do work 1730-2300 tonight, thus who knows? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 15:25 Yes, forgot about Field Day. W7AQ back at my local park starting at 11AM local (1800 UTC), but they don't have a GOTA element. Hopefully 6m will be wide open. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 15:24 Now, Gary.. just tell that skip to move to 60-70-80 mhz, please. Paul/WY (
Jun22 15:08 ...28 Mhz beacons in strong this morning from CM95.. California Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun22 14:13 I'm on all over KS, SE NM/West TX, NW Alabama, eastern LA/SW MS, parts of Kentucky.. SW IN and NE IN :) (
Jun22 14:08 I'm vocietracking my overnight classic country show right now, with one ear distantly listening to headphones i have laying near my desk set to an empty fm channel Paul (
Jun22 13:27 Thats what I'm hoping for, JIm... i have the entire weekend off even, so im hoping (
Jun22 13:23 So how many of y'all had a great DX day yesterday?? I'm still working on my 3 hr recording and have 25 logs so far...ALL new. Dennis Central VA-FM18 (
Jun22 13:20 Just a reminder...Field Day is this weekend, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday. IF there is Es, the maps will be loaded up > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun22 13:13 Tr 107.5 KMVK Dallas TX with HD lock, other DFW stations in with concentrated rainscatter tropo this morning...Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun22 13:11 Tr KAZD-DT-34 Lake Dallas TX "Azteca"...Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun22 13:09 Tr WFAA-DT-8 Dallas TX with good picture...Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun22 13:08 Tr KXAS-DT-24 Ft Worth TX with steady picture...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun22 13:05 It's gunna be a bit chilly here today... I'm hoping for some Eskip. Paul/Laramie, WY (
Jun22 09:03 Tr 102.7 WXBM Milton Fl (244 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 08:59 Tr 102.3 WGCM Gulfport Ms (122 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 08:51 Tr 98.7 WYCT Pensacola FL (236 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 08:42 Tr 92.9 WBLX Mobile, AL (211 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 08:36 Tr 97.5 WABD Mobile, AL (211 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 07:45 Tr 99.7 WJMI Jackson Ms (139 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 07:28 Tr 107.9 WFCA - French Camp, MS (193 mi) Relog, "FM108" - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun22 07:27 Tr 100.5 WBLE - Batesville, MS (133 mi) Relog, heard under KDJE's IBOC - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun22 07:19 Tr 97.5 WWMS - Oxford, MS (180 mi) Relog, second time ever getting this station. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun22 07:19 Tr 99.3 WLAU Heidelberg, MS (161 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 07:15 Tr 95.5 WHLH - Jackson, MS (207 mi) Also coming in strong. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun22 07:14 Tr 91.3 WMPN - Jackson, MS (210 miles) Relog, coming in strong here. - Ethan Em34vt (
Jun22 07:13 Tr 98.7 WJKK - Vicksburg, MS (139 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 07:02 Tr 107.5 WKXI Magee Ms (128 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 07:01 Tr 90.9 WMAO - Greenwood, MS (147 mi) (Relog) Heard under KNFR, rarity for me. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun22 06:55 Tr 100.3 WNSL Hattiesburg Ms (125 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 06:54 Tr 100.7 WDMS - Greenville, MS (118 mi) I literally can't pick up KEAZ - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun22 06:52 Ok, I am located to your south in Baton Rouge Louisiana - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 06:51 I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. - Ethan (
Jun22 06:50 Ethan, what state are in located in ? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 06:49 Tr 92.5 WQST - Forest, MS (234 mi) Very strong signal - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun22 06:49 [06:46] Yeah I am starting to receive stations from the northeast. signals are getting stronger, - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 06:46 Yup, it's picking up here, but almost all of the stations I've gotten have already been logged. It's coming in nice from Jackson though. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun22 06:45 [06:32] Hi Ethan, and Josh, Tropo starting to pick up. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 06:41 [06:38] cd, we will see if that DX Tropo bridge will ever get built. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 😉 (
Jun22 06:40 [06:38] cd, we will see if that DX Tropo bridge will ever get built. 😉 (
Jun22 06:38 Hepburn Tropo forecast shows I should have a Tropo DX express bridge to your location and Cuba by morning. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 06:34 [06:10] Hi cd, You should have good Tropo conditions thru this weekend. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 06:32 Tr 98.7 WJKK - Vicksburg, MS (210 mi) Relog, "Mix 98.7, the best variety of the 80's, 90's and today" - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun22 06:10 Tr strong to Cuba and Bahamas---92.5 Bahamian or Nuttin' heard from home for 1st time./cdel96 (
Jun22 06:09 Tr 96.7 KTCK Flower Mound, TX (356 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Jun22 06:08 Tr 94.7 KBRU OKC (295 mi) taking out KTTS - Josh EM36ui (
Jun22 06:06 Tr 93.3 KJKE Newcastle, OK (308 mi) sounding like a local - Josh EM36ui (
Jun22 05:47 Oh, it has nothing to do with cache/history or browser...I've tried from TWO different computers, and Chrome/Firefox on each. So my posting is a bit "crippled" but available--frankfrank (
Jun22 05:45 However, even incognito I can ONLY post from "Separate Window"...and THANK YOU Jim T, I found his email at the bottom, I just wrote him. I didn't know it was there--frank (
Jun22 05:43 Yep, I was posting from the "Separate Window!" thing yesterday up to 19:06, then I was never able to post again until the incognito window was suggested (thanks!)--FrankM, EN40 Macomb IL (
Jun22 05:27 He did tell me yesterday there is at least one person blocked BUT Frank was posting yesterday too ... Mike (
Jun22 05:17 Click on the "News about DXWorld..." heading to get his email at the bottom of that page > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun22 05:15 Frank, send George an email for him to make sure this site isn't *blocking* you. That happened to me one time when Bob ran it. He had to make some kind of change > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun22 05:14 Incidentally I wasn't using just one browser - I've gone to both Chrome and Firefox--franifrank (
Jun22 05:13 Using a private window...but still only works from the "from a Separate Window" setting, others don't; I'll try some other things, thanks guys--frankfrank EN40ql (
Jun22 05:11 let me see if this works...frankfrank (
Jun22 05:04 I use Firefox, Chrome and Edge. I will also use anonymous/incognito modes sometimes because they run leaner and often safer. That's also something to try ... Mike (
Jun22 04:27 Did Frank say what internet browser he is using? > de JimT/MO (
Jun22 04:24 Its also possible that his web browser is causing the problem. I agree with Mike, clear the cache and restart the browser. One step at a time > de JimT/MO E37 (
Jun22 04:21 When I have trouble getting in, it's after my ISP has reset my IP address. That happens every few days. I can manually reset it by turning the router off and back on. Sometimes that will clear the problem. I figured I had a blacklisted IP address pop up when I get blocked. Curtis (
Jun22 04:09 I've never had problems here. Paul (
Jun22 04:07 It's kind of odd that the TVFM part of the site has different access than the BCB part. I get blocked over here once in a while, but I can still post there. Curtis (
Jun22 04:06 I don't think the issue has anything to do with javascript - FN01 (
Jun22 03:59 Jim, I don't use javascript here. I also use one device that isn't able to do javascript. - Rick SE WA (
Jun22 03:59 Its pretty difficult to get to those settings. He either needs to dump his cache and close his browser, try a different browser or run Malwarebytes on it. ... Mike (
Jun22 03:52 All he has to do is Google *enabling javascript* for his particular OS pc. Its easy to find HELP pages for his particular situation > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun22 03:50 Curtis, Rick...I posted YESTERDAY that Frank needs to check his Javascript settings in his PC. IF it got turned off, it will default to basic HTML text and screw up any Javascript enabled website, which this is > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun22 03:42 Curtis, I recall there were some filters in place, so he should try different content. Als, don't just post the word "test." - Rick SE WA (
Jun22 03:31 Here's the K262AI 100.3 incoming radio rec'vr and the translator transmtiter (
Jun22 03:31 Over on the BC board, Frank says he can't post here, even after using a separate window. Anyone have any ideas what he can do to correct this? Curtis Loda, Illinois (
Jun22 03:28 There's a 90.5 transmit antenna 100 feet abvoe the 90.3 recv antenna and the 90.3 incoming signal is barely 2 bars any day anyways (
Jun22 03:28 It's got an 8 element yagi for rec'v but theres a two fold problem (
Jun22 03:28 Justin, the 90.3 input on the 100.3 translator is sometimes marginal too (
Jun22 03:12 Paul I've seen that happen with tropo. An xlator in St. Cloud area was carrying WAXX 104.5 on the wrong frequency. En35id (
Jun22 03:10 100.3 is fed over the air from a signal 50 miles away.... the 90.3 input on the 100.3 translators will likely get easily wiped out (
Jun22 03:06 Worse yet, a couple of times I've bypassed freqs unavailable to me in Seattle. ... But I'm not there anymore. - Rick SE WA (
Jun22 03:05 In a new area, I forget to check translators. I could easily receive translated DX on several frequencies. Happened in Phoenix, easier here. - Rick SE WA (
Jun22 02:50 I cant wait till one of my 3 local translators gets knocked out by DX.. 90.5, 91.3 and 100.3 all with 13 Watts at 1000 feet, 6-7 miles away ... Paul (
Jun22 02:37 It's tough living in a black hole! - w6nt S.OR (
Jun22 02:36 [02:08] I am, but a check in my very shielded studio/garage yields nothing. Thanks for the heads up. I'll likely run an archived show tomorrow night. I have a feeling DX will be good then. We're due. - Rick SE WA (
Jun22 02:19 I just had a fade up on 95.5. About five seconds of country music. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun22 02:13 Nothing here in Moses Lake on the SDR. I'm going out with my SPARC receiver to see if I get anything outside. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun22 02:08 Rick: If you're not doing your internet show tonight, there is possible skip from Spokane down the length of the US/Canada border. Letting you know just in case ... Mike (
Jun22 01:27 I have the entire weekend off, no work events... one work event all day next saturday.. so im hoping for something good this weekend Paul (
Jun22 01:20 I guess the gods are showing more mercy for the east today...mike (
Jun22 00:31 HI and AK, as well as PR, will probably not happen, nor will VI. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun22 00:30 All I need is VT and NH in the east, and OR, ID, NV, and UT to the west. Canada I need ALB, BC, as well as NUN, NWT, and YT. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun22 00:26 WFGI 95.5 in Johnstown is my only PA logging on FM. I still need NY, WV, MD, NJ, DE, and, as I mentioned, all of the New England states. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun22 00:19 I'd lvoe to hear WDDH or WKBI from here in Laramie (
Jun22 00:18 I'll be attending to the KTDX 89.3 site with an engineer to see why its off the air. Right now, we dont know. (
Jun22 00:16 I've also heard 90.9, K-Love in here. That was back when local WRCJ was only on Monday-Friday 800-1700 ELT. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun22 00:12 Many years ago had KUWR 91.9, 1460 mi - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun22 00:08 I've heard a couple of stations from Laramie in Carleton, Paul. 95.1, 96.7, 89.3, and 91.9. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun22 00:07 And Paul, that's why, when you were getting Indianapolis last weekend (was it last weekend?), I was thinking that PA or WV would've come in had the Es cloud moved a little further to east. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun22 00:06 Out from now until 2100ish...73 > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 23:58 both words work there! (
Jun21 23:54 one hop* (
Jun21 23:46 Rick. it be a bit far for one hope, but not impossible for me from Laramie to hear one of the stations I worked for in Pennsylvania. Paul (
Jun21 23:44 [22:21] Anything from New England would represent a new state for me here, Justin. I'm a way, I'm envious. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun21 23:35 Sunday.. pending we find no major issues at the site, Im hoping for an s opening before then Paul (
Jun21 23:34 my KTDX 89. thats been off for a few days locally here will probably be back on (
Jun21 23:32 A bust here too, as nothing via Es (if anything) identified - not enough to confirm. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 22:50 Both Es and Tr from here: TX, Tamaulipas, NE, MN, MI, IN, KY, TN, GA, and FL - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 22:40 Nothing intelligible on the recordings today on 88.7. I did have skip, it was just a religious station in for about 5 minutes around 1200 pm. Nothing the rest of the day. What a bust - En35ID (
Jun21 22:39 Both Es & Tr here IL, IN, KY, ME, MI, NC, SC, TN, VA, WI, ON, QC - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 22:21 Vermont is not a new state. My entire log didn't load for some odd reason. I have 1 log from Burlington from 2 years ago. Damn - En35ID (
Jun21 21:43 Ms 97.3 KWFN San Diego, CA....The Fan...sports talk..Strong 20-Sec burn...No sign of Es lazt 2 Days Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun21 21:15 I'm also off work. I will be out of town all of next week. You guys will probably get top of the dial skip every day. En35id (
Jun21 20:57 Hopefully a better chance for Es here later. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 20:56 I have returned to my home. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 19:36 [19:06] You have all the lower 48 + DC on FM from IL, don't you Frank? - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 19:25 Es 54.31 persists. Duluth gt node en35id (
Jun21 19:08 Es back ... 88.3 AR fade-up Saul ON (
Jun21 19:08 Some tropo poking in here, trying to get that cloud over WI; WGVU-88.5, WBLV-90.3, and WMBI-90.1 in with lotsa QSB. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 19:07 I logged VT in St. Cloud if I recall correctly. En35id (
Jun21 19:06 Tropo-and-Es states: AL, CO, GA, KS, LA, MS, NE, NY, NC, ND, OK, PA, SD, TN, TX, VA, WV. frankfrank EN40ql (
Jun21 19:05 I have Maine but not new Hampshire. En35id (
Jun21 19:04 Congrats on the NEW STATE, En35id! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 19:04 1038 miles en35id (
Jun21 19:03 I just looked at my log, Vermont is a new state. En35id (
Jun21 19:02 (Read: Ontario really doesn't count.) All my NY logs were tropo; all of MA and CT were Es. Interestingly, all my MD logs were Es as well: Ocean City. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 19:01 I've also had ONT by both tropo and Es, but that is a HUGE province; my Es catches from ONT were Kenora, which is almost to Manitoba. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 19:00 Both tropo and Es? MN, SD, NE, KS, MO, and TN for me, off the top of my head. All my VA logs, interestingly, were Es. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 18:55 I'd have to think about FM states logged by tropo and skip: I'm sure of NM, TX, WY, CO, MI, IN and AL. - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 18:53 Wow, 405 miles is really impressive! - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 18:46 I've had a few <500 miles; last year I had Fredericksburg, VA on Es at about 405 miles, which is my closest Es. I think most of my VA logs are <600 miles. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun21 18:40 And just two are under 500 miles: 95.9 Frederick OK (494) and 91.9 Laramie WY (495). - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 18:39 That should be doable, but obviously not a common occurrence. Out of my 1,275 unqiue skip loggings on FM, just 12 are under 600 miles - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 18:34 Actually between 500 and 600, come to think of it; NYC is 500 from here. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 18:32 I'd say ~500 miles from here, give or take, to VT. de Eric B (
Jun21 18:30 Matt, I've heard of VT coming to MI on tropo, but I have yet to get an opening like that here. Lawrence, MA was one other I'd heard on Es. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 18:25 [18:19] Boston's pretty close to NH... but most of Vermont is under 500 miles for you I'm guessing? - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 18:19 I think Es has closed up here; typical. Spend the day in the blistering sun, then come back to a couple of relogs on the tail end. Congrats to all with new catches! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 18:19 Matt, I've heard Bar Harbor, ME as well as Boston, MA. That's about as close as I've come. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 18:14 No Es on TV or FM so far today but the 10 and 11 meter bands have been very active for the last few hours. Not a very productive year for skip here in north central Indiana so far. Aaron/IN (
Jun21 18:14 Also have a couple Spokane and far NW Idaho. Grangeville, where my brother lives. En35id (
Jun21 18:12 I do have a Bellingham wa log Yak so it's possible. En35id (
Jun21 18:12 Es 54.31 not over yet. En35 (
Jun21 18:10 [1806] Let's get those Es clouds to link up sometime this summer so I can log 10 new Minneapolis FMs, and you can log central WA! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 18:09 [18:05] How close have you gotten to logging something from VT or NH? - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 18:07 Es 50.313 ft8 Duluth still screaming. Doesn't mean shoot. En35id (
Jun21 18:06 Im sorry Yakima. Its been since the 9th since I've logged anything new. I am always on the fringe of really strong openings. And at work during most. En35id (
Jun21 18:05 Yay Justin. Good log (
Jun21 18:05 I'd LOVE to have something from VT; I still need NH and VT to complete the eastern half. 25 years DXing FM, and still nothing from those two! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 18:04 Heading out now. Back later. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 18:04 Looks like WGPR-107.5 Detroit fixed their HD, after it was OTS much of the week. Figures, it's busted until we get Es, then they fix it. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 18:02 Justin, I'll take anything I can get...even one new NPR or K-Love. Quiet conditions in the NW since last Saturday. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 18:00 Es - KYFJ-93.7 New Iberia, LA - Fair with QSB; ID into SRN nx. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 18:00 Latent Es 88.9 was WVBA Brattleboro, VT. New. Wooptydoo. En35id (
Jun21 17:55 Es - WYOY-101.7 Gluckstadt, MS - Faded up with Y-101.7, Jackson's #1 Hit Music Station, and out. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 17:49 Just got back from work. Trying to salvage this one; de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 17:49 And I know my recording has something because I am streaming today and heard it hit peak. En35id (
Jun21 17:48 My recording at home probably caught some of this but for the most part I got the sh*t end of it. Again. I'll go away for 72 hours so skip can come back and miss me again. En35id (
Jun21 17:46 Es 89.7 WPAE Centreville, MS, "Sound Radio" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 17:46 Es 90.9 KSWP Lufkin, TX, "90.9 KSWP" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 17:45 Otherwise, not much here. More later, I hope. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 17:44 Earlier I had an UnID NPR stations on 88.5 and 88.9. And an UnID SS station on 91.9 briefly over an UnID NPR station (possibly KASU, Jonesboro, AR). - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 17:39 Back later, have things to do - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 17:34 Looks to be about finished - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 17:33 Es 91.7 KNEO MO, Wade MD FM18 (
Jun21 17:32 Tr 92.5 WQST - Forest, MS (234 mi) (Relog), "American Family Radio" - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 17:28 Es 88.1 KJTY Topeka KS Family Life Radio, stream match John DE-FM29 (
Jun21 17:17 ES 91.5 KBAN De Ridder, La Gerry West, Pa FN01 (
Jun21 17:16 Es 92.5 KSYN Joplin MO, RDS - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 17:14 Es 92.5 UnID - Urban Adult Contemporary. Very weak and unstable signal. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 17:11 At TOH 89.3 KAVK Many LA, 89.9 KRPS Pittsburg KS, RDS, computer crashed when trying to post - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 17:09 Es 100.5 KZHE Stamps, AR, "Camden", "El Dorado", "Magnolia Mayor". New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 17:07 Es 91.7 KNSW Worthington-Marshall, MN MPR News RDS - Dennis Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 17:04 Justin, I Looked briefly and couldn’t find a match to your 88.7 and 88.9. Paul (
Jun21 17:02 Es 90.7 WWOZ New Orleans, LA, RDS: WWOZ-FM - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 17:02 Es 95.5 WPGC Metro DC, ID - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 17:02 Es 90.9 WATP Laurel, MS, TOH ID - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 17:01 Man was Es sleeping this year seems to have woken up now - Eric CM96 (
Jun21 17:01 Es 91.9 KASU Jonesboro, AR, "KASU Jonesboro" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 17:01 Tr 89.7 KJTH, Ponca City, OK - 12:00 PM CDT - Swapping with KBHN Fort Smith, AR - Rotor antenna, aimed SE - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 16:57 Es 92.3 WWKA Orlando, FL with K92.3 ID - Christian EN64TF Manistee, MI (
Jun21 16:57 Es 92.3 KKGQ Wichita KS, "Kansas Country 92.3" - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 16:56 Es 89.7 WLXW Waynesboro, MS, "K-Love" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 16:53 Es 88.9 "funding for here and now comes from listeners of WBU??? En35id (
Jun21 16:50 Es 88.7 country?? En35id (
Jun21 16:50 Es 93.9 KSSZ Columbia MO, ads - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 16:48 Es 97.1 WOKK Meridian, MS, RDS: 97OKK - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 16:45 Tr 89.5 KCKJ, Sarcoxie, MO - "88.3 The Wind" (KWND, Springfield, MO) - Christian format - 11:44 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed NE - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 16:45 Es 100.3 WNSL Laurel, MS, "Pine Belt" & "420 Hardy St, Downtown Hattiesburg" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 16:45 Es 94.7 KSKU Sterling KS, calls - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 16:44 Low band still unsettled. This is incredibly frustrating. I'm running out of time to be able to hear skip before returning to work. As usual, getting skunked. En35id (
Jun21 16:44 I often run into 10m and 6m are never open and 2m can't skip. - Eric CM96 (
Jun21 16:41 [16:25] 2m probably skips here sometimes but nobody uses it on the west - Eric CM96 (
Jun21 16:39 Es WBFO 88.7 Buffalo NY local weather - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 16:39 Es WRAU 88.3 Ocean City MD, “WAMU” - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 16:39 Es 94.3 WTIX Galliano, LA, RDS: WTIX-FM - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 16:38 Es 91.7 KBXE Bagley, MN - W/RDS Dennis-Central VA-Fm18 (
Jun21 16:38 Es 94.3 WBAD Leland MS, RDS - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 16:37 Es 107.7 KLAL Wrightsville AR (
Jun21 16:34 Es 92.3 KIPR Pine Bluff AR, RDS - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 16:34 I'll check in the chat during the work day (
Jun21 16:34 Es 91.7 KOSU Stillwater, OK NPR RDS Dennis Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 16:34 Off to work for me, nothings popping Es here. If anyone ever wants to email me privately, youre welcome to... Paul/WY (
Jun21 16:33 Es 90.3 MPB would assume Oxford. TV 5 warbler is back - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 16:32 Es 107.7 KPLT Paris TX - Bob WNJ FN20 (
Jun21 16:31 Es all the way to 108, Texas - Bob WNJ FN20 (
Jun21 16:29 Es 97.5 WABD Mobile, AL, "97-5 WABD" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 16:27 Es 100.9 WJXN Utica, MS, "G100.9 - Jammin' the Most Music" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 16:26 In fact, no one out this way is hearing anything Es related, that i can see Paul (
Jun21 16:25 logs* (
Jun21 16:25 I'm not hearing anything either Justin and i have to leave for work in 10-15 minutes (
Jun21 16:25 Es 88.7 WAGO Snow Hill NC, First Alert weather, w/WNCT meteorologist - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 16:25 Major 2M Es opening in Europe. They have all the fun de dwi az (
Jun21 16:25 Your lgos today are reminiscent of alot of what I heard in Ridgway Paul (
Jun21 16:24 Thanks Rich, the gridsquares on dxmaps dont have that much detail (
Jun21 16:24 Es 93.1 XHCTO Torreon, COAH - K4NBF EM66vh (
Jun21 16:24 Major 2M Es opening in Europe. They have all the fun de dwi az (
Jun21 16:24 Es 90.5 "Century Mission churches" en35id (
Jun21 16:23 Paul, I am in Jersey Shore. Meanwhile, much skip on lower half of FM mainly from LA, east TX - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 16:22 Es brief signals on lowest open frequencies. Nothing sustained. - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 16:21 Es 103.1 WOSM Ocean Springs, MS, "SuperTalk Mississippi Gulf Coast" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 16:20 have TO disconnect... frankfrank EN40ql (
Jun21 16:20 Es 91.3 KNBJ Bemidjir, MN Minnesota Public Radio - RDS Only ..just appeared and then switched back to WARN in Culpepere, VA Dennis Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 16:20 I don't get it. I am getting the shaft again here. En35id (
Jun21 16:20 er...Now that there's skip, I probably have disconnect.. Frank EN40ql (
Jun21 16:18 Now that there's skip, I probably have connect all day today. EXTREME thunderstorms all day predicted Frank EN40ql (
Jun21 16:15 Had Es up to 91.5 about 20 minutes ago while driving to work. No IDs, though. Recorders are running. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun21 16:15 Es 88.9 unid with NPR news, bogus PI call of WYPG on RDS...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun21 16:13 I have only had 3 logs this whole season and not even one fade up yet today. Rob, Cincinnati EM79 (
Jun21 16:12 Es 97.1, 97.9, 98.7 all Dallas, - Bob WNJ FN20 (
Jun21 16:12 Es 91.1 KSMJU Springfield, MO "Ozark Public Radio" Full RDS Dennis Central, VA-FM`18 (
Jun21 16:11 Keep getting fadeups on 88.9. Lower FM unstable. Come on. I'm way overdue for an opening. En35id (
Jun21 16:08 Rich, where in PA are you? I looked up your grid square and from what little i could tell on the map, you dont look that far from where I used to be Paul Wy (
Jun21 16:06 Es 100.3 KLRZ Larose, LA, RDS: ESPN RADIO - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 16:06 Es 90.9 WIRR Virginia-Hibbing, MN "Minnesota Public Radio 21 Kw RDS popped up above WETA DC for just long enough to lock in then Audio came up for TOH ID. - Dennis Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 16:06 Es 96.7 KOYE Frankstown TX, ID - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 16:03 Es 89.5 KVNE Tyler TX, RDS - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 16:03 Es 98.5 KURB Little Rock AR - Bob WNJ FN20 (
Jun21 16:01 Es 89.1 KUAR Little Rock AR, 91.7 KMSL Mansfield LA, both RDS - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 15:58 Es 50.313 ft8 screaming into Duluth gt node. En35id (
Jun21 15:57 Es 93.3 WQUE New Orleans, LA, RDS: WQUE-FM - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 15:56 Es 107.5 KXKZ Ruston LA, ad - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 15:55 Es 101.1 WNOE New Orleans, LA, RDS: WNOE-FM - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 15:54 Es 92.7 KJVC Mansfield LA, calls - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 15:53 Tr 90.3 KANQ, Chanute, KS - NPR - 'KPR' - 10:51 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed NW - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 15:53 Tr 88.7 KMSE Rochester, MN has been in/out all morning. En35id (
Jun21 15:53 Es 91.1 WKNO Memphis TN, ment U of Memphis & stream match. Did they drop RDS? - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 15:52 Es 100.5 KTGR Fulton, MO, RDS: 100.5 ESPN - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 15:41 Looking at DXmaps has there been a widepsread Es opening this year like this this on the east? - Eric CM96 (
Jun21 15:38 Possible FM fadeups here during past hour, but tough to tell if really Es or just several good Ms burns de AC7XP DM43 (
Jun21 15:35 Es 88.9 religious fadeups. Could be starting here. En35id (
Jun21 15:34 Es 92.5 KOMA Oklahoma City OK, stream match - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 15:34 Es 89.7 KJCV Country Club, MO "Weather for the St. Joseph's area" ID as BRN (Bott Radio Network) 25 Kw Dennis - Central VA - FM18 (
Jun21 15:31 Move over, Es cloud - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 15:30 When I asked St. Gabriel for skip, I didn't mean right on top of me lol. En35id (
Jun21 15:29 Es 90.1 KSRQ Thief River Falls, MN PI:4152 Pioneer 90.1 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun21 15:29 Tr 91.7 KOSU, Stillwater, OK - NPR - RDS: KOSU-NPR - 10:25 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 15:27 Es 88.1 unid French John DE-FM29 (
Jun21 15:25 Es 89.1 KMUW Wichita KS - Bob WNJ FN20 (
Jun21 15:25 Es 89.1 KMUW Wichita KS - Bob WNJ FN20 (
Jun21 15:24 Tr 98.9 KYIS, Oklahoma City, OK - RDS: "98-9 KISS FM" - 10:18 AM CDT - Oklahoma City mentioned at 10:20 - "98.9 KISS FM" mentioned at 10:22 - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 15:24 Es 89.1 KHNE "NetRadio" Hastings, NE (relog) Dennis Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 15:23 Es 95.7 KKAJ Davis, OK, "95.7 KKAJ". New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 15:21 Seems to be gone here. Maybe shifting south - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 15:20 im running out to an appointment at 945, but ill be back home before i leave for work at 1040.. i hope theres something... looks like its getting clsoe to me. Paul (
Jun21 15:17 [15:16] Mention of Rock USA Festival in Oshkosh, WI - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 15:16 Tr 95.1 KICT, Wichita, KS - "T-95" - 10:14 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 15:15 Es 88.7 KLNE Lexington, NE "Classical Music" w/RDS Dennis Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 15:14 Es KLNE Lexington, NE "Classical Music" w/RDS Dennis Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 15:08 Tr 88.1 KWOU, Woodward, OK - NPR - KGOU mentioned - 10:06 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 15:07 Thats the problem, Justin.. the clouds are right on top of you.. unfortunately, you need them to be a few hundred miles away from you in one direction or another (
Jun21 15:06 88.1 - NPR station - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 15:05 [15:03] Rotor antenna, aimed W - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 15:03 Nothing here. I should be able to jump onto a cloud. En35id (
Jun21 15:03 Don't know why but 93.7 KWYR has ID of KRDS and PI Code of3D44 which returns KRDS yet RDS info on bottom sat Dennis FM18 (
Jun21 15:03 Tr 93.7 KSPI, Stillwater, OK - "Hot 93.7" - 10:00 AM CDT - Over semi-local KISR, Fort Smith, AR - "KISR 93" - Swapping at times. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 15:00 Es 93.7 KWYR Winner,SD Dennis-Central,VA-FM18 (
Jun21 14:57 Es 93.7 KYEZ Salina KS - Bob WNJ FN20 (
Jun21 14:56 Tr 93.1 KHMY, Hutchinson, KS - Hutchinson mentioned - Around 9:54 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed W - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 14:55 Es 89.5 KHCD Salina KS, RDS - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 14:50 Tr 90.1 KUCO, Edmond, OK - Classical - RDS - 9:47 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed W - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 14:48 Es 93.7 KTUF Kirksville MO - FN20 Bob WNJ (
Jun21 14:46 Es 93.7 KNTK Firth NE - Bob WNJ FN20 had them the other week (
Jun21 14:42 Just had a bogus KLOVE on 88.1 with bogus RDS WAD, suspect Iowa area, Bob WNJ (
Jun21 14:41 Tr 90.7 KJOV, Woodward, OK - 'KJIL' - 9:39 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 14:41 Several fadeups as high as 93.5, no IDs - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 14:36 Es ATV2- CHBX -Sault STE-Marie, ON had video and audio Dennis-Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 14:34 Es 88.1 preacher en35id (
Jun21 14:34 Es 88 (
Jun21 14:34 Es that was 91.9 KBHZ William MN John DE-FM29 (
Jun21 14:33 Es 89.5 Cedar Falls IA - Bob WNJ FN20 also KLFG 89.5 Ft Dodge IA (
Jun21 14:31 Tr 98.7 KNSS, Wichita, KS - Talk - 9:30 AM CDT - KNSS mentioned - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 14:30 Es DE<> MN, probable International Falls on 91.9 with Christian programming John DE- FM29 (
Jun21 14:29 Es ATV2- 55.240 Audio on 59.743 CTV w/ morning talk show Dennis FM18 (
Jun21 14:28 Es 92.9 KTGL Beatrice NE - Bob WNJ FN20 also KKIA Iowa (
Jun21 14:28 I must be losing my mind so I'll start over Dennis (
Jun21 14:27 Es 91.1 KTSD Reliance SD, pulsating DTV 5 returns - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 14:26 I don't know what I'm talking about here. This Canadian is ATV2- (
Jun21 14:23 Who can help with this ID ATV6- 83.240 likely Canadian ID in audio of CTV Dennis FM18 (
Jun21 14:20 Es 76.310, different than before - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 14:20 Tr 89.1 KMUW, Wichita, KS - NPR - 9:19 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed NW - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 14:18 Audio on ATV-6- as CTV Dennis Fm18 (
Jun21 14:16 Es 55.240 intermittent video antenna North. Audio 59.74 Dennis=Central VA-fm18 (
Jun21 14:11 Es 60.310, 66.310 2 carriers. 76.310 gone - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 14:09 Rich_PA: I also have that 76.310. Antenna Due North from Me Dennis-Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 14:08 Es 90.5 KBXE Bagley, MN PI:14FE - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun21 14:04 Es 76.310 pulsating, so KHSD - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 14:03 Es 93.1 CFOB Fort Frances, ON PI:C27E - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun21 14:00 Es ATV-6 2 carriers 83.249.970 & 83.250.540 One is most likely my 3Kw local (70 Miles) Fairfax, VA Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 13:58 Es 60.310 assume SD - RIch, PA FN11if (
Jun21 13:56 Es 51.260 ATV3+ Dennis-Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 13:55 55.240 went from -75dBm to nothing. Still getting bursts Dennis-Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 13:54 Es 55.240 ATV 2- Dennis-Central VA-FM18 (
Jun21 13:53 Es 61.250 weak carrier. En35ID (
Jun21 13:48 [12:34] Sam, You still burning holes in the Es layer? Hope to work you from a new grid in a few weeks. Moving to CN82. 73 de Art KA5DWI (
Jun21 13:40 6 meters open to MN, ND, MB, QC. Not getting my hopes up - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun21 13:39 Es 60.310 DT3 pilot En35ID (
Jun21 13:38 61.249 getting only weak bursts of ATV carrier...not much else yet Dennis - Central VA|FM18 (
Jun21 13:31 Sorry, 59.75 audio... not 55. - En35ID (
Jun21 13:30 Es 55.260 ATV2 plus 55.750 audio aiming east - En35id (
Jun21 12:34 Happy Summer solstice to all...ESV (
Jun21 11:22 morning everyone. paul (
Jun21 11:22 YAWNS..MORNING (
Jun21 08:00 Tr 162.450 WXJ65 - Broken Bow, OK (NEW) IDed and local forecast - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 07:53 Tr 162.425 KWN32 - Gilmer, TX (NEW) IDed - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 07:49 Tr 162.500 KWN49 - Atoka, OK (NEW) Regional forecast - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 07:25 Tr 103.9 KQXC Wichita Falls, TX (391 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 07:24 Tr 102.7 KJYO - Oklahoma City, OK (NEW), "KJ103" - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 07:20 Well... only full powered on 98.9. I excluded any of the translators on the same frequency. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 07:19 Tr 98.9 KYIS - Oklahoma City, OK (Relog), Ad regarding the Oklahoma Broadcasters Association, only station in Oklahoma on 98.9. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 07:18 Tr 98.9 KTUX - Carthage, TX (NEW) Stream matched up - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 07:07 Tr 89.9 KDAQ - Shreveport, LA (NEW) - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 07:06 Tr 90.7 KLSA - Alexandria, LA (226 mi) (Relog) - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 06:50 Tr 102.1 KYBG Basile, LA (432 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 06:39 Tr 94.5 KSMB Lafayette, LA (413 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 06:30 Tr 103.1 KHHL Karnes City, TX (594 mi) coming in very weak to non-existent, but just managed to hear "La Ley" and "La que manda de San Antonio" - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 06:29 Thank you, Kegan! - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 06:29 Tr 103.5 KVSP - Anadarko, OK (NEW) "Power 103.5" - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 06:28 Congratulations Ethan. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 06:24 Tr 93.3 KGSR Austin, TX (521 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 06:21 Thank you! - Ethan (
Jun21 06:20 [06:16] Congrats on the Houston, Ethan. - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 06:18 Tr 104.5 KKDA - Dallas, TX (NEW) "K104" - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 06:16 Tr 105.7 KHCB - Houston, TX (NEW!) Livestream matched up. Been wanting something in Houston for so long now lol - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 06:13 Tr 106.5 KOOI - Jacksonville, TX (Relog) "106.5 JACK-FM" - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 06:13 Tr 106.5 KOOI - Jacksonville, TX (Relog) "106.5 JACK-FM (
Jun21 06:00 It weakened here for a while, but now the Houston signals have strengthened back up. - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 05:55 Tropo is dying out here. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 05:51 Tr 102.3 KLJT - Jacksonville, TX (NEW) - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 05:39 Tr 97.1 KEGL - Dallas, TX (Relog) - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 05:33 Tr 103.1 KNNW - Columbia, LA (NEW) - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 05:32 I have a local on 93.3 KIGL Seligman, MO - Kegan EM26te (
Jun21 05:30 Tr 105.3 KRLD - Dallas, TX (316 mi) (NEW) - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 05:25 Take that back, they literally just came back on the air... - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 05:25 Local KKSP 93.3 is off the air and I'm hearing something else on it... Not sure what this is - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 05:24 Tr 93.1 KQID - Alexandria, LA (221 mi) Relog - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun21 05:24 Tr 91.9 KAVX Lufkin, TX (370 mi) (new) with a PI code of 1239 and KAVX in the radiotext - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 05:16 Tr 95.5 KAFX Diboll, TX (369 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 05:10 Tr most full-powered Houston stations booming in here at 503 miles. - Josh EM36ui (
Jun21 03:50 Tr 106.3 KLOO Corvallis, OR (re-log) received a few minutes ago. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun21 03:28 [01:41] I can agree with that. It's been boring here propagation-wise. I'm currently constructing a web-version of the HD Radio Directory spreadsheet I have. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun21 02:58 Relax all. (
Jun21 02:35 if you dont like what i post, dont read or reply to it. (
Jun21 02:34 Why dont you take a flying leap, FM29? I have the right to post what i want, im not hurting anyones deelings and im not forcing anyone to participate with me (
Jun21 02:17 Why don’t you grow up and find something to do?- FM29 (
Jun21 02:03 Whatever you believe and those who know me.. know im not overly religious... i prayed thursday.. and it ended up working out lol (
Jun21 01:56 Paul, hopefully it waits until after I'm home from work. We're way overdue for a good evening opening, preferably toward the Maritimes! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 01:54 I'm praying to St. Gabriel again tonight.. i have no work events to attend to this weekend, and with one station down in my market. .great time for an opening. Paul/WY (
Jun21 01:41 Looks like today was a good day to be busy elsewhere. Maps dead, traffic heavy ... mike (
Jun21 01:35 Also strong tropo from DFW stations being heard...Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun21 01:34 Tr 90.7 KLSA Alexandria LA "Red River Radio" with Shreveport House Concert program on the RRR network...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun21 01:28 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA "Red River Radio" with ID, unusually strong at this hour...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun21 00:37 KTDX? Nope,totally off... engineer wont be able to loo kat it till sunday most likely (
Jun21 00:07 Is there even a carrier for it? - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 23:41 KTDX either had their transmitter fail, the audio feed to the transmitter fail or the antenna fell over.. we arent sure yet (
Jun20 23:41 I had no DX at the time when the local was off the air that one evening in 2014. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 23:39 Starts out swapping back and forth. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 23:39 Sometimes E-skip is strong enough to override it. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 23:38 My local KAYH 89.3 Fayetteville, AR was of the air one evening in the Summer in 2014. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 23:31 Looks like one of my locals will be off several more days, KTDX 89.3 (
Jun20 23:19 Working fine here for posting - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 23:12 tst (
Jun20 22:51 [21:01] That was me who mentioned the "separate window" as I had a similar problem trying to post. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 22:45 Tropo never died STILL going - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 22:38 I'm not quite ready for retirement....I have to record for DX, because I'm at work now./cdel96 (
Jun20 22:38 I'll be back in a couple of hours; since there's no DX, I'm going out for a GOOD hamburger! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 22:37 Yes, cdel96! WOW, what we learn about each other with zero DX! de Eric B (
Jun20 22:36 These posts made from that separate window. It does stay open (so I don't end up with tons of redundant windows) but, still... Frank EN40ql (
Jun20 22:33 22:01--no, that didn't help either, just took me back to the same page & still won't post Frank EN40ql (
Jun20 22:33 22:01--no, that didn't help either, just took me back to the same page & still won't post Frank EN40ql (
Jun20 22:33 [22:22] USPS?? I have been there 37.5 years now./cdel96 (
Jun20 22:22 I'd thought of going to the railroad, but ended up becoming a postie instead. 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 22:22 He'd retired from one of the roads, working in the yard; sadly, he had to sell the model RR about six years later when he got ill. Passed about a month before 9/11. de Eric B (
Jun20 22:20 It's June 20th and we are talking about railroad signaling because there is no FM Es......Wow! de AC7XP (
Jun20 22:18 Well, you would have been set to go work as a signal maintainer or technical engineer for a mainline railroad de AC7XP (
Jun20 22:17 Single; we agreed that a bi-directional would be too difficult to achieve. Making the switches reflect the proper aspect was a job by itself, especially with the override switch! de Eric B (
Jun20 22:16 Kudos to you.....that would be rather sophisticated to get working..most model railroaders use CTC if they implement any signaling de AC7XP (
Jun20 22:15 The HARDEST part was where he had a switch and needed a dual-head signal. We got that figured out too. Took a good part of the summer to get that ABS going. Lots of wiring, etc. He was happy once we got 'er working! de Eric B (
Jun20 22:14 Was it set up for bi-directional running? de AC7XP (
Jun20 22:13 ...we had the override console also, so if something was in a block, we could flip the appropriate switch to make it amber. de Eric B (
Jun20 22:11 The blocks just went green as it approached, then red as it passed, then yellow when it went to the following block; then back to green when it passed THAT block... (
Jun20 22:10 ...she was relieved when she dropped by one evening and found out the worst we were doing was cussing like a couple of sailors! de Eric B (
Jun20 22:09 I remember also, my mom thought we were up to no good because I'd often lose track of the time and be there till after midnight... (
Jun20 22:09 Like when the train leaves the block, the signal goes dark de AC7XP (
Jun20 22:08 AC7XP, he did; he'd just retired, and he wanted a good model railroad. He did a lot of the building (I had two left hands,) and I did a lot of engineering. de Eric B (
Jun20 22:08 ...I remember his wife thought I was an "Odd teenager," because when they'd ask what I wanted for dinner, I'd always want "A nice, big salad!" Memories! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 22:07 He must have wanted the full ABS like on mainline railroading de AC7XP (
Jun20 22:06 Lots of digging through the card catalog at the library, reading in the Internet back then! ... (
Jun20 22:06 Automatic Block Signaling, AC7XP. Been almost thirty years ago, and don't remember how I did it anymore; only that I'd spent HOURS on it! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 22:02 If you can't get there, it's a javascript thing in your computer > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 22:02 Eric, are you talking about Anti-lock Brake System or Automatic Block Signaling? de AC7XP (
Jun20 22:01 If your PC/laptop doesn't run javascript, it will send you to plain html text. Click on the link and see what it does > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 21:59 You guys are talking about the web-page (shell page) that doesn't use javascript. Just straight up html text, with no extra links on the page.... > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 21:59 Seems to only happen when I am on the road.....may be spam filter on this site de AC7XP (
Jun20 21:57 Same thing happened to me......could only post in separate window option de AC7XP (
Jun20 21:52 Frank, that word by itself may be filtered out to prevent extraneous traffic. - Rick SE WA (
Jun20 21:48 Furthermore, I rebooted my computer (therefore restarting browsers in the process) and it didn't fix anything frankfrank EN40ql (
Jun20 21:47 Rick, I tried both as "test" and nothing posted, either the normal way or the "add a Web Link" field. frankfrank EN40ql (
Jun20 21:44 Wonder if the separate window has the advantage of staying visible without refreshing. That could be useful. Rick in SE WA (
Jun20 21:41 [21:33] That separate window link is closer to the bottom of the page. Can you scroll up to the top and find the normal edit gield? - Rick SE WA (
Jun20 21:40 Josh, the skip ive had.. has been mid morning and late afternoon/early evenign here Paul/Laramie, WY (
Jun20 21:35 Frank: I've had this happen a couple times this season and it cleared up, but I don't remember if I did anything special like restart Firefox BR in AZ (
Jun20 21:34 It's not as easy to go to the separate window to post, I'd like to have the old way back frankfrank EN40ql (
Jun20 21:33 I thought it may have had to do with a brief internet outage earlier, but I still have to go to separate window. Is there anybody who can check this out? frankfrank EN40ql (
Jun20 21:30 [2059] Better than me, all I have is telescopic whips! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 21:25 Took several tries, I remember, but I finally found what we were looking for. By the end of the summer, he had an ABS that worked, along with an override switch. 1/87 scale. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 21:23 Got LOTS of practice driving to and from the library that summer. Which was OK because I seem to remember we had that solar flare, which mostly flushed TV DX out. 73 de Eric B (
Jun20 21:22 Guess so -- it was the year I learned to drive, and the year my recently-retired neighbor hired me to help engineer an ABS for his model railroad! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 21:21 First started noting dual tones on test pattern in 1990 on a couple of CLE stations, for what that's worth. Has that night REALLY been 28 years ago?! de Eric B (
Jun20 21:20 ...unsure if signal faded, or they shut down the carrier. Two sine waves sent simultaneously, IIRC, one about 400Hz and one about 1kHz. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 21:19 Back in 1991, I remember having Es on TV-3 up to about 100 or so one Sunday night; I remember watching WEDU-3 TPA sign off at 030, then test pattern until about 100... (
Jun20 21:18 Latest I've ever seen FM Es was about 030 or so, last year I think. Earliest I've seen it was 800 or so. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 21:11 Well, Frank maybe its because you write your name twice. LOL. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jun20 21:10 I've had plenty of skip in the evening, but not this year - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 21:06 I have had skip as late as 10:00 PM CDT here. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 21:06 This year my hot times have been minor skip between 10 and Noon local. Hopefully that trend will break soon Josh EM69 Greenwood IN (
Jun20 21:04 I have had late evening skip here before too but the trend this year doesn't look good for it for sure. From what we had this season. I pretty much give up at noon. Josh EM69 Greenwood,IN (
Jun20 21:01 What's happened? Suddenly I can't post. I have to go to the "separate window" thing like someone else said frankfrank EN40ql (
Jun20 20:59 My laughable antenna setup right now. - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 20:59 I know, but evening skip hasn't been happening - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 20:48 re:2040 Rich, I lived in Jersey 20years, have had action past midnight, so you still have time. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jun20 20:44 All gone....never got any IDs de AC7XP (
Jun20 20:40 Skip done for the day - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 20:13 XE FM fading up here de AC7XP DM43 (
Jun20 20:04 It's like it's still May 5 and we can't get past it. - Rick SE WA (
Jun20 20:03 Not to denigrate anyone's DX, but we're mostly doing southerly stuff, comparable to the start of many DX seasons. We in more northern locales are hung out to dry. - Rick SE WA (
Jun20 19:32 Es 88.5 KLHV Louisiana de AC7XP DM43 (
Jun20 19:05 Es 88.9 unid with SS female voice, mixing with semi-locals... Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun20 18:56 Tr 96.1 KSLY San Luis Obispo, CA - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 18:52 Tropo likely blocked me getting more and it faded out - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 18:48 Es 94.1 XHHES - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 18:37 KVYB sounds like a local station noise free stereo right now - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 18:35 [18:26] Thanks, Chime. I finally got an ID from KKJZ. Es are gone here now. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun20 18:31 the topo is is so strong i have RDS decodes for KZOZ here never seen that before - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 18:30 Tr 98.1 KKJG San Luis Obispo, CA - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 18:29 98.1 KKJG San Luis Obispo, CA - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 18:27 285w I can't read... - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 18:26 Well Jim, considering you had KPFK, you may have also had KKJZ in Long Beach. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jun20 18:26 only 250w but being herd here pretty well - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 18:26 Es 88.1 KKJZ Long Beach, CA, station ID, 1,185 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun20 18:26 Tr 99.7 KESC Morro Bay, CA - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 18:25 Tr 90.1 KUCO, Edmond, OK - Classical - 1:24 PM CDT - Mixing with local KBNV, Fayetteville, AR - Rotor antenna, aimed W - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 18:22 Es 90.7 KPFK Los Angeles, CA, Global Village program, station ID, 1,185 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun20 18:16 Es 88.1 UNIDs, jazz mixing w/Mexican pop. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun20 18:09 Es 88.5 UNID classical music fadeups. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun20 18:07 I was checking 89.1, but for possible Bermuda (
Jun20 18:06 [16:08] Never had T&C here. The 89.1 is only 1200 mi, certainly manageable - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 18:05 Well Jack, thanks, by the time I posted, it was all gone. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jun20 18:01 Tr 90.3 KANQ, Chanute, KS - NPR - 'Kansas Public Radio' - 1:00 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 17:54 (17:29) That 89.5 with classical mx may have been my strong local KMFA here in Austin...Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun20 17:49 La Grande comes in like gangbusters north of Vantage on the Ginkgo Petrified Forest backcountry trails. I even heard the 105.9 (KRJT Elgin) with 120 watts. Had Religion in and out on 94.1 that *had* to be KBXL Boise. Not a peep here even when conditions are good. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:49 strong enough for RDS decodes - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 17:48 290 miles from Boise and I've never heard anything from there on FM. EVERY AM station though. Bend's own Dave Williams used to often get Boise tropo. La Grande a few times on 104.7, maybe 99.9? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:43 KMEL is pretty strong here right now mike - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 17:37 My shocker is KNEV/Reno. E/W Tr just doesn't happen, except them ... Mike (
Jun20 17:37 Es 89.1 ZRTC-FM Radio Turks & Caicos weak fadeups, through IBOC, stream match NEW // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:31 Farthest log was 99.5 Pullman (215mi), most unexpected log was 104.5 K283BL Portland (Way-FM) only 99 watts 112mi. Knife-edge and line-of-sight everywhere. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:29 If I go up to Chinook Pass (5430 feet), I can tune in 104.7 KDUK Eugene like a local in the right spot. Last time I was up there I had 8 or 9 Eugene market FMs including the 9.8KW K-Love on 107.1 (KLVU). Love going in the mountains > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:29 Es 89.5 Classical, 88.7 talk Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jun20 17:26 Es 88.9 KXLU Los Angeles CA with RDS and city ID, new! Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun20 17:25 Tropo still alive here - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 17:24 Ah. I get Vancouver BC just about every day from this flat valley, but it's only for 60 seconds at a time. Still something to have KLKY's classic rock on 96.1 fade into Mandarin Chinese (CHKG)! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:20 [17:14] Not all day, it was every day, and that was from a remote San Jose hill site. Essentially same reception as Eric from there ... Mike (
Jun20 17:18 Tropo hardly ever happens at over 250 miles distance here. Eugene OR is 210, Vancouver BC around the same, but the majority of the time it's tropo/aircraft scatter pulling those in. Eugene much rarer than Vancouver. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:17 Es 90.9 Radio Amanecer Internacional, Dominican Republic weak, stream match; first DR here // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:17 Es 90.3 KEDT Corpus Christi TX "KEDT" (new) BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun20 17:15 I have actually never caught KVYB via Es, but it doesn't help I'm now sandwiched between K-LOVE 103.1 and KZTR-LP 103.5. Pioneer radio in relative's Equinox pulls in KWLN-103.3 Wilson Creek with no splatter. Next time I get top of dial to California, I'll try for The Vibe. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:14 103.3 Santa Barbara at over 250 miles nearly all day...wish I could do that here :-) Guessing that was back in the 1980s. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:08 [09:19] Frank, that was me ... mike (
Jun20 17:05 Had some activity over TOH, but didn't catch any IDs live BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun20 17:05 Tr 91.5 KANU, Lawrence, KS - NPR - 'Kansas Public Radio' - 12:04 PM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 17:00 Tr 89.9 KDAQ, Shreveport, LA - NPR - 'Red River Radio' - 11:58 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 16:54 Not even TV carriers now - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 16:53 Es 88.9 KNPR Las Vegas NV "Nevada Public Radio" with NV program, ID...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun20 16:44 Es into FM from Puerto Rico to top of dial! de fred SC FM03af (
Jun20 16:25 Es Finally getting some action, brief fade up on 88.9 with CCM music John DE- FM29 (
Jun20 16:21 Es 93.1 KQID Alexandria LA "KQID" (new) BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun20 16:16 Tr 88.5 KZTH, Piedmont, OK - "The House FM" - 11:15 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed SE - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 16:08 Es 89.1 Turks & Caicos, multiple TCI mentions and local news - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun20 16:06 Mixing at times with KLVV - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 16:05 Tr 88.7 KBPU, De Queen, AR - "Ed 88" - 11:03 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 16:05 Weak fade ups on FM BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun20 16:02 Tr 88.7 KLVV, Ponca City, OK - 11:01 AM CDT - Mixing with KWTU, Tulsa, OK - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 16:02 Tr 90.7 KTAA, Big Sandy, TX - 10:59 AM CDT - Bott Radio Network - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 15:54 Es 90.3 "...puente tres." - 10:50 AM CDT - RDS: "TEMP 29C" - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 15:52 TV carriers bouncing around on 2 & 3, otherwise nothing - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 15:51 Es 88.9 SS popped in and out, only heard "la raza" before it disappeared...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun20 15:42 And it appears co-located KRQU 98.7 is having issues too.. its signal is noticeably weaker then usual and somewhat wildly fluctuating Paul (
Jun20 15:23 KTDX 89.3 Laramie is still off, apparently their antenna or part of the tower holding the antenna was knocked off by a 125mph gust of wind the other day. Paul (
Jun20 15:19 89.1 - SS - Talk - 10:16 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 15:17 Tr 90.3 KBJS, Jacksonville, TX - 10:10 AM CDT - Station ID - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 15:09 Where are you cde196? Paul (
Jun20 15:06 Es to Central America now./cdel96 (
Jun20 15:06 Looks like this is all gonna amount to nothing for me in WY, esp before I go to work. Prob. won't be much of anything at all today. Paul (
Jun20 15:05 ....strength. If you have 2 or more clouds, IF your analog is petering out, maybe a digital signal is muscling in./cdel96 (
Jun20 15:04 [14:53] Absolutely. It's all about signal (
Jun20 14:55 Lost all FL on 6 meters - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 14:55 At about 9:25am this morning I was also picking up analog channels 2 & 3. Most likely Tele Rebelde & Cubavision. Lasted for about an hour before fizzling out. 1st Es on TV this year. Aaron/IN (
Jun20 14:53 I'm wondering, IF Analog TV is so good this morning, would it also mean there might be some DTV DX too? Dennis Fm18 (
Jun20 14:51 Ok Dennis, away from dx shack right now - JimT/MO EM37 mobile (
Jun20 14:47 JimT: I've just sent you an audio recording of CH2 TeleAntilles. I had to play the IQ and then do an audio recording cuz the file was to big to email. Dennis Fm18 (
Jun20 14:46 Back down to TV 3 - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 14:39 90.3 - UnID - " vida... - Sounded like a station brand. - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 14:38 Es San Antonio GT : tv carriers 55.23967 Havana, 55.249996, 61.250011 Tony, OF77 (
Jun20 14:37 Es to VA and MD including WDPN 2./cdel96 (
Jun20 14:33 Search results came up with Corpus Christi and San Antonio - but no 91.9 station listed as serving those cities. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 14:30 Tr 91.9 - UnID - Events mentioned with 361 and 830 area codes - 9:25 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed S - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 14:28 Sports programming on TeleRebelde > de JimT/MO EM37 mobile (
Jun20 14:28 Es 87.750 ATV 6 audio parallel to ATV channel 3 Cuba Dennis Central VA|FM18 (
Jun20 14:25 Great audio also on 81.750 Dennis FM18 (
Jun20 14:24 Es 77.250 ATV 5 I now have good video on Channel5 CUba. Same racing program that is on Channel 2 Dennis-Central VA||FM18 (
Jun20 14:21 ATV 2 and 3 still in and watchable. on 59.750 I'm getting audio from music program that is playing on Channel 3 so one is probably Cubavision and the other must be TeleRebelde parallel to Ch 3 dennis FM18 (
Jun20 14:16 OK Jim file has meen sent. I just recorder this one because I couldnt play the one I recorded inSDRUno. Does anyone know it SDRUno records IQ by default?? I just wanted to record Audio so I used SDR Console. Dennis FM18 (
Jun20 14:15 I have the weekend off, so good lol :) Paul (
Jun20 14:14 Es 93.9 CMBF-14" Radio Musical Nacional" Sancti Spiritus, Cuba classical music, stream match // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 14:13 Attn anyone getting Cuba ATV VHF, musical programs are running on Cubavision this morning FYI > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 14:11 Es Knoxville GT 59.75 audio strong musical prog/2nd station talk infrequent, video up to 77.25 (weak) Tony, OF77 (
Jun20 14:07 Eric, it wasn't top of the dial the last time you worked :-( Murphy is ignoring our work schedules > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 14:01 Heads up, guys: it's going to be to the top of the dial Friday-Saturday. I'll be working. Enjoy! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 13:59 Dennis I use SDR Console. Easiest way to find it do a windows search of the file name you gave it > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 13:59 OK I found them....Documents. I'll send them in a few minutes. Dennis (
Jun20 13:58 Es 88.1 and 89.7 with Christian Contemporary breifly then gone, likely Florida - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun20 13:56 JimT: I recorded it on SDRUno. Do you know where it stores recordings by default??? Dennis FM18 (
Jun20 13:56 Es 83.260 likely Camaguey - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 13:54 Yes That's ATV 2 and 3 Dennis (
Jun20 13:51 Dennis this musical show is on both 59.75 and 65.75 here in Knoxville. Tony, OF77 (
Jun20 13:41 TV carriers back, rather weak - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 13:37 Tony right now on 2 and 3 there is a Musical show. Dennis Fm18 (
Jun20 13:37 [13:08]"notorious for stealing" Care to provide good documented proof, beyond your or someone else’s opinion? - FM29 (
Jun20 13:36 OK time to move off TV for a bit Dennis FM18 (
Jun20 13:36 Knoxville GT 59.75 the game show continues at 1332. lots of announcements at 1330, too fast for me. Cuba mentioned 1335 Tony, OF77 (
Jun20 13:34 Tr 91.9 KASU, Jonesboro, AR - NPR - KASU mentioned - 8:33 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed SE - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 13:33 Cubavision ATV 3 there are two, Santa Clara is the stronger signal @ 60 kW > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 13:31 Everything gone now. Rather weak overall, CIII-2 carrier stronger than the skip - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 13:31 Dennis The TeleRebelde network (Cuba) is carrying sports programming this morning, a variety of sports events > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 13:30 Just had a positive video ID on CH 3-Cubavision Dennis FM18 (
Jun20 13:29 OK, Now I hear Music mixing in with the other Audio Carrier on ATV2. Dennis FM18 (
Jun20 13:27 Maybe motorcycles (
Jun20 13:26 Es 92.3 w/ country format. Assume Florida. Dipole NW/SE - K4NBF EM66vh (
Jun20 13:26 JimT: Right now I see a race track and can hear race cars in the background. Dennis (
Jun20 13:25 Sounds good Dennis....j e t h o m a s 1 9 5 5 AT g m a i l (add the dot) com > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 13:24 On ch2 one of the audios sound like some type of game show. I keep hearing a "Ding" Dennis Fm18 (
Jun20 13:22 Right now I have 2 audios mixing again on 59.750 Dennis FM18 (
Jun20 13:21 JIMT: If you speak Spanish I can send a recording. (
Jun20 13:19 ATV 2 and 3 audio no longer parallel Dennis FM18 (
Jun20 13:18 Es 81.750 Audio ATV CH-5 Dennis - Central VA||FM18 (
Jun20 13:17 Dennis, what kind of programming on ATV 2 & 3? I have the *cartelera* (program guide) for all the Cuban stations > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 13:16 Es Knoxville GT strong 59.75 quiz show in Spanish and applause. 61.25 2 carriers Tony, OF77 (
Jun20 13:14 Jim, I hope for good Es.. either before i leave for work or after i get home! Paul (
Jun20 13:12 JimT: Yup, that logo was only on one portion of the programming. Now I have vid on Ch2 ANd CH3 and they're parallel - I have stable audio on both and they the same . Dennis-Central VA||FM18 (
Jun20 13:08 Dennis, be careful with the TV *bugs*. Cuban TV is notorious for stealing other networks programming. We've seen logo bugs from Europe and SA on Cuban TV > de JimT/MO (
Jun20 13:08 Es 77.250 sounds like Santa Clara - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 13:06 think I just had an Ms pin from CKWY 93.7 Wainright, AB.. heard someone mention "lloydminster" Paul/WY (
Jun20 13:05 On TV channel 2, the logo on the upper right corner appeared to be an H/C. Anyone know which Cuban this might be. It's parallel to ATV 3 Dennis Central VA||FM18 (
Jun20 13:03 Just switched to 65.750 and audio is parallel to channel 2 . Receiving video on channel 3 too and that is also parallel to ATV2. Dennis Central VA||FM18 (
Jun20 13:01 55.750 Cuban National Anthem at 1300. DennisFM18 (
Jun20 12:59 No, only TV 3 has any strength - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun20 12:57 Stale Es from yesterday's recordings: XHPVJ Puerto Vallarta and KDDL Chino Valley, AZ (both new) on 94.3, XHEJ Puerto Vallarta (new) on 93.5, and XHECO Tecomán and KSOS Las Vegas (relogs) on 90.5 on 93.5. Hope today brings good FM Es for all here. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun20 12:56 Dennis, keep an eye out for Storm 2 Haiti, they get out pretty good also > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 12:55 Rich in PA; are you getting audio on 59.750??? Dennis (
Jun20 12:52 Es 55.250 receiving video now. Definitely TeleAntilles again today. Dennis-Central VA||FM18fa (
Jun20 12:51 ES 55.250 receiving video now. Definitely TeleAntilles again today. Dennis-Central VA||FM18fa (
Jun20 12:49 Tr 94.5 KFRQ Harlingen, TX, "Purpose for Pain" by Scott Stapp, Q94.5 ID, covering local translator, 242 mi. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun20 12:49 59.750 first audio is TeleAntilles Dennis-Central VA||FM18 (
Jun20 12:48 Don't forget you can check your Cuba TV listings here... de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 12:46 59.750 now a second audio mixing in. Dennis - Central VA||FM18 (
Jun20 12:45 77.250 in at times, not Santa Clara - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 12:44 Es Knoxville GT tv carriers : 55.249960, 55.249994 and 55.250038, and weak 59.75 audio SS Tony, OF77 (
Jun20 12:40 Correction to 59.750. only one audio signal. was 2 way conversation Dennis Central VA || FM18 (
Jun20 12:38 Es 55.750 clear audio 2 stations in Spanish mixing. Dennis Central VA|| FM18fa (
Jun20 12:33 Down to TV 3 - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 12:30 Tr 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa with good signal in this morning...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun20 12:29 Another dead-band morning in SE MI. It's raining again here. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 12:26 Es 55.250 Signal is S9 +20 Getting Intermittent Video w/sound Dennis Central VA.|FM18| fm18 (
Jun20 12:22 Es 61.250 2 carriers Dennis - Central VA|FM18 (
Jun20 12:19 Es carriers up to TV 5 - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 12:15 6 meter FT8 as stong as 14 dB - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 12:12 Es 67.260 likely Camaguey Cuba - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 12:08 Gonna lay down and watch some tv before getting ready for work at 930.. someone nudge me if DX starts to happen lol Paul (
Jun20 11:46 Es 55.250 - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun20 11:08 [10:43] Yes i believe so./cdel96 (
Jun20 11:01 excuse me, headphone amp.. lol.. im nto fully awake yet. Paul (
Jun20 11:00 I plug in the long headphone cord to the antenna amp, the output of my recorder goes to the amp.. and i turn it up a bit and leave it on 88.3 Paul (
Jun20 10:59 When im laying on the couch, my headphones arent loud enough against my tv (
Jun20 10:59 I've devised another way to monitor and not be right near my radio.....headphones, long cord and an amp. Paul (
Jun20 10:43 ...Sheldon Remington? Does that sound like the right guy?--frankfrank (
Jun20 10:37 I think the Hawaiian DX'er got tropo as far as Mazatlan well over 3,000 miles--frankfrank (
Jun20 10:36 I should say the "reverse" as in receiving broadcast-band signals IN California, rather than a DX'er in Hawaii getting CA on tropo which has been done--frankfrank (
Jun20 10:35 [09:22] Has anyone in California ever (on TV or FM broadcast band) done the reverse of the Hawaii-to-CA tropo? I know it's been done by CA hams--frankfrank (
Jun20 10:34 [09:22] Has anyone in (
Jun20 09:51 every 200 Khz is a station or iBOC sidebands - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 09:49 Looking at a SDR in Los Angles glad i don't live here. FMBC band is congested impossible to DX - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 09:36 OF COURSE a station that might have a chance getting is blocked by KKHK- Eric CM96 (
Jun20 09:26 i want to get into LA but hasn't happened - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 09:24 105kW my bad - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 09:24 keep in mind tho KVYB has 110kW ERP and serious HAAT probably helps - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 09:22 Many years ago John Jefferson (when he was in Antioch CA) had Orange County 106.3 on tropo, so great Tr HAS happened in California, but it's rare--frankfrank (
Jun20 09:20 One of the most powerful FM's in California, a 10-watter, and a jazz that a motley mix or what?--frankfrank (
Jun20 09:19 I know somebody in SanFran (right in the city) who used to get a weak KRUZ 103.3 almost any time he wanted, with CCI from a 10-watter north of him and a pirate in Oakland--frankfrank (
Jun20 09:09 I haven't heard SBA in light years. ... mike (
Jun20 09:01 in fact i have both right now - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 08:59 I did have KVYB which is in Santa Barbara and the NOAA station there too - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 08:37 If you were in Salinas, you would have even better Tr. Its a straight shot down the valley all the way down past Pismo ... Mike (
Jun20 08:24 Santa Cruz Area - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 08:15 Eric: What town you in? ... Mike (
Jun20 07:10 Tr 104.5 KSTT strong RDS decodes Atascadero, CA - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 06:51 A few years ago, several people left because they wanted to talk ONLY about DX even when there was none to talk about, and they didn't like complaints. We can all sit in silence or just deal with it ... Mike (
Jun20 06:49 From my perspective, problems are (1) VPN and/or proxies are used regularly, so who do you block? (2) You can request login, but they could get one too ... Mike (
Jun20 06:48 Paul: If a troll is enough to rattle someone, they gotta toughen up a bit. Admin knows...funny. His name is George as well ... Mike (
Jun20 06:15 Tr 106.5 Star 106, Nassau, Bahamas, very weak though/cdel96 (
Jun20 06:14 So I saw!/cdel96 (
Jun20 06:07 [05:19] Hepburn Tropo forecast shows some good strong Tropo in your area for the next few days. Gonna be nice. - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Jun20 06:04 How you been cd. Tropo has been gone for a while. Hepburn maps forcast some good Tropo in my area this morning. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 05:19 Tr to central-to-eastern Cuba on TV & FM---might last a few days 🙂 /cdel96 (
Jun20 05:00 That's one way, at least. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 04:55 Perhaps that will keep trolls like "George in Georgetown" away. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 04:54 I noticed I needed to click on "Click here to submit a TvFm Log Report from a Separate Window!" in order to continue posting here. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 04:23 I guess it's ok for trolls to insult others and run off productive members of our group and nothing is done about it. Paul (
Jun20 04:23 And apparently the admin/admins know but won't do anything about it and this person has even trolled me once or twice. (
Jun20 04:22 BTW.. I just wanna say, our lovely troll, George from Georgetown ran someone off from here who told me they wont come back (
Jun20 04:20 Well, bed time here.. no dx...... le sigh Paul (
Jun20 04:06 [0248] Well, in San Jose...95.3 KRTY. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 03:27 Eric: Fog has been in place here for days. Heavy at nightfall ... Mike (
Jun20 03:19 I may try a rabbit ear antenna to use until then. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 03:19 Tr 88.7 WYTF - Indianola, MS (126 mi) Relog, EAS Severe Thunderstorm Warning heard on it. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun20 03:17 My dad would make the antenna. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 03:15 My dad says 6 feet would do. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 03:13 I guess once I have an external antenna set up for mobile DXing, I will have better results. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 03:13 And one of my locals is still off, which RARELY happens.... so why cant I have an opening now?:) Paul (
Jun20 03:11 [03:09] Same here in NW Arkansas. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 03:09 Well, another bust day for fm dx here in Laramie. I miss FM DXing from NW PA.. happened way mroe often and catches were often farther away. (
Jun20 03:06 I am back at my home in the EM26 zone. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun20 02:52 Mike, Marine layer is back and tropo is back. Seems a vertical dipole does a better job for tropo. - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 02:48 Eric: You think that's bad? I look forward to hearing C&W, because I know its skip. Nobody here does C&W ... Mike (
Jun20 02:13 my english is bad enough somedays, and i talk for a living.. nevermind my spanish lol Paul (
Jun20 02:08 de nada, hermano Pablo :-) Just keeping the limited DX interesting > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 02:02 I had to have google translate that for me, Jim lol Paul (
Jun20 02:01 Es just had a brief SS fadeup on 88.1. Probably the same station you heard, jim. - Josh EM36ui (
Jun20 01:52 Es 88.1 SS, dos mujeres estan hablando > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 01:36 Es 11M PA-MS been ongoing for the last hour - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 01:35 Well, one of my local stations just went off the air.. why cant i have an opening now? Paul (
Jun20 01:31 and again sick of bad pop music with the typical commercial stations during DXing - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 01:07 i wouldn't mind KZOZ as a local as they actually play decent music - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 01:03 lol mike (
Jun20 01:03 Might as well be rather - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 01:03 KZOZ might as be a local here - Eric CM96 (
Jun20 00:58 Paul: Hope you're not picking up any bad habits in your new home. That sounds nasty ... Mike (
Jun20 00:26 and not a sh^t lick of anything even remotely interesting here in Laramie (
Jun19 23:49 Part 1 - Presentation starts at 30:00 :) (
Jun19 23:48 Part 2 - Of my Presentation YARC in Prescott AZ de ka5dwi (
Jun19 23:47 Part 1 - My Presentations on Grid Squares (
Jun19 23:43 Retrieve and save it on your device. Makes life easy. Ham life demands it. :) (
Jun19 23:32 Tr DTV 33 WKBW 7.1 Buffalo NY 260mi N8NU in MI (
Jun19 23:30 That's why I appreciate it when people post their location by city or state rather than grid squares. TN, for example, is instantly recognizable without the need to look it up or memorize everyone's location. - Rick SE WA (
Jun19 23:29 Thank you Jim - Kegan EM25 (
Jun19 23:25 On the Maidenhead site I can put a location in and get its grid square, but I don't know of a site where you can put a grid square designator in and get a description of where it applies to. - Rick SE WA (
Jun19 23:24 Oops, interactive maps requiring mouse clicks don't work well for blind guys. - Rick SE WA (
Jun19 23:23 What I'd like to find is a website where you can put a grid square into a text box and get a general description (in words) of what area that grid square encompasses. In other words, interactive maps requiring mouse clicks well for blind guys. - Rick SE WA (
Jun19 23:16 Getting lots of Ms on 95.5 but all short bursts. ... mike (
Jun19 23:04 Thanks JimT, I went there...I'll be posting as EN40QL from now on.--frankfrank EN40QL (or I guess more properly EN40ql??) (
Jun19 22:36 Kegan, on the website I linked to, if you go back there, then move your mouse pointer around on the map...when you point at Winslow, it will show EM25wt. They run in a alphabetical grid > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 22:36 I get home from work in an hour. Im hoping theres something left for me.. a boy can dream. Paul (
Jun19 22:23 On my iPhone - when I tap on Winslow, it is labeled EM25wt - so EM25wu is near there, I guess. - Kegan EM25 (
Jun19 22:21 Have not had a GOOD year since 2012 ... mike (
Jun19 22:15 Was 2018 a fluke year mike? - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 22:14 welcome to this year of Es - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 22:12 Decided to go up on hill but MUF decided to go into gully. This is getting boring as hell... mike (
Jun19 22:06 Thank you Jim - Kegan EM25wu (
Jun19 22:03 Let the map load and then back out for a better view to see where in AR it is located de JimT/MO (
Jun19 22:02 EM25wu can be found here.... de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 22:00 The Es is out of FM here. - Josh EM36ui (
Jun19 21:59 Tried finding EM25wu on the APRS gridsquare search - but not found. I may have an invalid gridsquare. So I’ll go with EM25 for now. - Kegan EM25 (
Jun19 21:51 This was solely based off of Josh's path and WTFDA. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun19 21:49 Es 88.1 K-LOVE (presumably KLTU) - Mammoth, AZ (1101 mi) (NEW) - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun19 21:45 Uh oh, here comes in-state tropo posts to mess up any eskip, 90.3, 101.7, 107.9 already have tropo pests in strong...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 21:44 My current location is at 2,000 feet AMSL - Kegan EM25wu (
Jun19 21:44 Es XHHHI 99.3 Hidalgo del Parral, CH. Spanish briefly on 107.9 - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 21:40 Es San Antonio GT tv carriers: 55.249832,55.249938, 55.250205,61.249922,67.24998,67.25236,& SNOTEL 40.67, 41.61 strong Tony OF77 (
Jun19 21:39 Mike, Perhaps a chance for us - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 21:39 How high? - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 21:39 Sorry.... have to drive now de AC7XP (
Jun19 21:38 Es multiple stations all across band from AR, LA, TX de AC7XP DM43 (
Jun19 21:37 Es 91.7 KRMC Douglas, AZ (1048 mi) (new) with a PI code of 3E1E and music in Spanish - Josh EM36ui (
Jun19 21:37 Es 90.3 XHGD Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua "La Poderosa" - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 21:36 That path mike talked about was common for me last year - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 21:36 Most ads are for Arkansas and Louisiana de AC7XP (
Jun19 21:35 Or not 6m just died here - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 21:35 Es 90.3 Mexico w/Spanish noticias - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 21:34 In car.....lots and lots of swapping FM Es all across the band de AC7XP DM43 (
Jun19 21:34 50% of my skip (or more) runs through that pipe, about 35% straight east, and almost everything else to the Dakotas. Virtually nothing to the PNW. S and W impossible for me ... Mike (
Jun19 21:34 Kegan, I worked on the radio in SW Ark for 6 months in 2015. Paul (
Jun19 21:33 Ah, thanks for sharing. I dont beleive ive msised any dx so far today, i get home from work in 2 hours..... Paul (
Jun19 21:33 So Cal usually gets a achance at that first, then me/Eric, then (if its good) Rick and Yak ... Mike (
Jun19 21:32 Paul: I just look at the map for concentrations across AZ/NM/TX. A majority of the time, they move through there then NW through the Colorado River and up the east side of the Sierras (
Jun19 21:30 Listening with my Eton Grundig Edition Field BT radio - internal antenna - running on batteries. - Kegan EM25wu (
Jun19 21:30 How can you tell Mike? Paul (
Jun19 21:27 Checking for E-skip on FM - in Winslow, Arkansas - Kegan EM25wu (
Jun19 21:27 Yep, it was XHM then, had a good stream match just now to their early evening news...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 21:23 Eric: I see the Southwest Express lining up now. We should be buried in country and Tejano within an hour or so. ... Mike (
Jun19 21:23 Hi Jim. No, 88.1 is KVOD classical, Colo Public Radio > Craig DM79 (
Jun19 21:22 Es 88.9 SS, news, may be XHM México DF now? Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 21:20 Only thing here today was some 6m FT8 to caribbean. Nothing from US except scatter & nearby - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun19 21:17 [XHRED 88.1] Strange experience with that station...I logged it 15 or 20 years ago (1,545 miles) and AN HOUR LATER it was heard in Muncie, Indiana (1 600+ miles)--frankfrank (
Jun19 21:14 Been checking every so often, but nothing...would be a very long single-hop (southern CA, Baja Norte?) if there was--frankfrank EN40 (
Jun19 21:09 hope 6m hanging around all day will lead to something better - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 21:08 Tr 91.1 WKNO - Memphis, TN (Relog), Classical music heard under KANX. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun19 21:05 Hey Craig, from up in Larmaie... at least that makes me feel slightly goodf that i didnt miss anything while at work today (
Jun19 21:00 Craig, 88.1 XHRED Cd. México I logged several times when I lived near Greeley. Is 88.1 still open? > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 21:00 Es 88.9 KNPR Las Vegas NV with TOH ID...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 20:59 MX-CO MUF 101.9 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 20:57 Ive been sitting here in Denver with the radio on and didn't hear anything. Ive never logged Mexico City before > Craig DM79 (
Jun19 20:57 Paul: yes, iPoop (
Jun19 20:53 Thought it was finished here but still getting fadeups on 88.9...Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun19 20:43 Mike, it'll crap itself? Paul lol (
Jun19 20:40 MX FM-DX'er in Mexico City reporting Denver, CO and NM stations coming in like locals. This was 45 minutes ago - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 20:36 DXmaps getting slower and slower. thinking constipation is getting the best of it again. guess what comes next ... mike (
Jun19 20:13 Heard some FM Es on car radio about 30 minutes ago de AC7XP (
Jun19 20:12 Es 89.1 KLVK Fountain Hills AZ with RDS...Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun19 20:11 Hope theres something oging on when i get home in 3 1/2 hours Paul/WY (
Jun19 20:05 3 stations mixing on 88.9, Tucson mentioned on one of them, NPR on another...Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun19 20:05 88.3 de dwi (
Jun19 20:05 Thanks BR. Wondered what I was hearing above PHX. In strong, out in 2 minutes de dwi/7 (
Jun19 20:05 Out of FM again BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 20:04 Es 91.5 KJZZ Phoenix AZ w/TOH ID. Relog - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Jun19 20:02 Es 90.3 KMNE Bassett NE legal ID into NPR news only station in over TOH BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 20:02 Es 88.5 SS very weak, SW > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 19:57 Es 88.3 KOLB Hartington NE "Spirit 88.3 FM KOLB" band sparse BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 19:55 Got 91.1 XHPTOJ from Puerto Vallarta (NEW) on the way to the dentist at 12:53 CT. A quick check of home recordings shows I got stuff to check out. Woohoo! Now it’s back to work and turning on recorders again. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun19 19:54 Es 101.3 Stereo Uno RDS And HD XHMSL Los Mochis. Doug/central OK. 944 mi. (
Jun19 19:50 Eric: Here but haven't committed to going out to listen yet ... Mike (
Jun19 19:49 Surprisingly, KNCK is a new log despite being full power BR in AZ (
Jun19 19:47 Out of FM BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 19:47 BR ... problem is fluctuating :) de dwi (
Jun19 19:45 Eskip up to at least 95 here...Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun19 19:44 Es 94.1 KDNS Downs KS "KDNS" BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 19:41 Es (40 minutes ago) XHDP 89.7 Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua - Jingle with ID, hour and temp (1173 mi) - Gargadon EK48cp (
Jun19 19:40 MUF fluctuating between 96 and 101 BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 19:39 Es 88.3 SS mx, mixing with semi-locals... Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 19:38 Es hearing SS all the way up to 106.1. - Josh EM36ui (
Jun19 19:38 I hate when my log is not posted, meh... - Gargadon (
Jun19 19:38 Es starting to show on the low end 88.1+ de ka5dwi/7 DM34 AZ (
Jun19 19:35 Es 94.9 KNCK Concordia KS "NCK 94-9" swapping with KCMO BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 19:35 shazam and soundhound.. id get them both.. actually do well on marginal signals Paul (
Jun19 19:35 No RDS on any of these.. Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun19 19:35 Shazam is quite forgiving as long as you have the jist of a few seconds of the song. - Rick SE WA (
Jun19 19:34 Es 94.1 XHEMOS Los Mochis, Sin (1225 mi) with POP 94.1 in the radiotext - Josh EM36ui (
Jun19 19:34 Hopefully Mike's around - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 19:34 This may be what Jim F had earlier, just now had "Los 40 91.1" audible so it is the new PV station..Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 19:32 Jack, did you get RDS on them? (XHPTOJ) ? > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 19:31 Es 91.1 XHPTOJ Puerto Vallarta, JAL with stream match, "Los 40"/Televisa Radio...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 19:31 Es 93.3 XHCF Los Mochis, Sin (1225 mi) - Josh EM36ui (
Jun19 19:28 The new 91.1 Vallarta is on air, too, if you want a new log. It's 25 kW XHPTOJ-FM (Los 40) -Raymie (
Jun19 19:28 Figures on the day that i would get some Es there would tropo - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 19:27 It was! Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 19:27 Of course there's the issue there can be two or more "Radio Romantica"s on your frequency, but commercial stations run a lot of ads. Top-of-hour ID's are wonderful--frankfrank EN40 (
Jun19 19:27 The band is so unstable, in for 30 seconds at a time BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 19:27 ..... Es on a frequency with tropo and couldn't get anything - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 19:26 Es 94.3 XHPVJ Puerto Vallarta Jalisco with local and state ads...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 19:26 [19:16] That could be XHPVJ -Raymie (
Jun19 19:26 They all have station slogans (names, NOMBRES - such as "La Poderosa"..."the powerful one") and most use the nombres often. (
Jun19 19:25 Es 94.9 KCMO Shawnee KS "94-9 KCMO" BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 19:25 I id'd x2 partial songs from a Cuban Es clip on the WTFDA Forums yesterday for a dxer from PA. It was a relog but he knows who it is > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 19:24 At least Mexican stations aren't all "THAT" hard to ID...I'd say on a par with USA stations, at least. Perhaps even easier... (
Jun19 19:23 Didn't think about doing that. I wonder how well that works with crappy signals tho. - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 19:22 Do you have a smartphone? Shazam app? If not, its free. Just getting a music format or title/artist helps A LOT > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 19:20 That's all i was able to gather from it. Was 10 second bursts in middle of songs. And yeah i know they are a lost cause. - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 19:18 Eric CM96, don't you have a way of getting ANY info on those Spanish stations? Just saying they are Spanish isn't going to help you ID them > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 19:17 Not sure going to be a crap shoot too short to get anything and no RDS. - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 19:17 Band in and out, may have had 95.3 KINZ Humboldt KS at 1913UT BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 19:16 Es 94.3 unid SS mx, grupera format? Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 19:15 eric, where else were you eharing stuff from? When i was hearing mexico the other day, wikipedia was a great starting point Paul (
Jun19 19:15 I'm too far north for this so far. - Rick SE WA (
Jun19 19:14 All faded out before any ID i hate this hobby - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 19:13 [15:53] Just remember, that's just one person's opinion - FM29 (
Jun19 19:11 Es 95.1 Spnaish more UinID's - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 19:10 [1909] No paths going my way. Too bad that's likely not K237GY Prosser (KZXR-1310), 205 watts. Somewhat pesty here but nullable. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 19:10 Es 90.3 XHPVA Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco with stream match and mention of Jalisco state...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 19:09 Es 95.3 Spanish UinID - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 19:08 Es 93.3 Spanish UinID - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 19:02 Matt: Distance of a whopping 4347 and 4331 miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 18:53 er, 530 (
Jun19 18:53 At least i dont think i msised anything here in Wyoming so far today, hoping for somethign when i get home at 630 Paul (
Jun19 18:46 Wonder if my 90.3 was XHPVA Puerto Vallarta? The format matches but their website has no playlist to check...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 18:41 [18:05] Check your math... it's much less than that. I came up with 3,790 miles - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 18:34 man when people get Es on FMBC it seems to fade out within a few minutes - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 18:33 Sorry, make that KYBE BR in AZ Dm34sm (
Jun19 18:33 I believe I had 95.7 KBYE Frederick OK BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 18:32 Band back out, think I was into southcentral OK and northcentral TX BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 18:26 Es confirmed 93.7 XHAGT Aguascalientes. Stream match. Doug/central OK (
Jun19 18:23 Seeing some bursts at the low end here on the rabbit ears. de ka5dwi/7 DM34 (
Jun19 18:17 Possible Es 93.7 La Mejor. Not from around here. Aguascalientes? Doug/central OK (
Jun19 18:14 Es MUF 95.7 beaming E, no IDs yet BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 18:10 F2? - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 18:08 That's interesting..I had teleantilles yesterday with intermittent video here in VA. Dennis FM189 (
Jun19 18:05 [17:42] Distance of a whopping 8695 miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 17:57 <17:48>New mantra for the current Es season? Saul ON (
Jun19 17:48 Es 90.3 unid with "Don't Worry Be Happy" song, fading in and out...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 17:44 FM has been trying to open up to the E BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 17:42 Several UK TVDX'rs receiving ATV-2 Tele Antillas in the Dominican Republic on video carrier of 55.250 Mhz (Z offset) starting at 5:43 pm British Standard Time - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 17:38 ...16:01...88.3 KPAC San Antonio, TX Classical stn...69kW at 1200 Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun19 17:32 DXMAPS stuck on 'loading' yet again. Is that a cursed website or what? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 17:32 Nothing here in Austin, of course, my paths may be ending in water...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 17:17 Es 91.1 UNID, regional Mexican music. Have to head out to the dentist now. Recorders are set. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun19 17:13 Es 89.5 XHME Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Lauren Daigle song, Radio Disney Hits ID, Puerto Vallarta area ads, 754 mi, (NEW) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun19 17:05 it has somewhat worked for me this year not so much. - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 17:01 Kinda like a fry cook being on a crash diet. (
Jun19 17:00 Eric: I hope you realize that the more time you spend looking at FT8 (which isn't the same) makes you even more frustrated with lack of Es on FM band ... Mike (
Jun19 16:58 Jim, I have heard XHFTI 89.5 many times. If they stream, check./cdel96 (
Jun19 16:51 Es 89.5 UNID Mexico; regional Mexican music & DJ talk occasionally poking through a semi-local. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun19 16:45 6m ft8 down to 460 miles into Az tho it's ft8 - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 16:40 ...Quiet the last 20 min with the exception of Ms Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun19 16:28 And tropo remains i should just give up this season lol - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 16:28 [16:17] So far I have no Es from PA this year. The closest I’ve come is OH. In total I’ve only logged five PA stations since I started DXing for Es in 2014. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun19 16:27 [15:57] "Solar Cycle 25 COULD start as EARLY as July 2019...or as LATE as September 2020..." // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun19 16:22 Noon 10.7cm Radio Flux: 67 sfu, SNL will be poor-weak - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 16:18 Es 88.3 Unid SP. Stn....Rel sermon...Cx really jumping around. Signal levels are equivalent to Ms levels Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun19 16:17 Jim-F: Any PA state FM Es catches this season via Es? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 16:15 Nothing happening here beyond a few very brief Ms pings. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun19 16:13 ...Es back below 88....playing peekaboo here. Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun19 16:11 Tr WVDS Petersburg, WV -123 miles- Re-log Dennis Fm18 (
Jun19 16:07 Es 88.3...looks to be opening up here... Now K-Love stn Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun19 16:01 Es 88.3 KPAC San Antonio, Tx w/ TOH for 5 Min...New Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun19 15:59 That was just posted a week ago yesterday > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 15:57 Hey, according to the NOAA, here is good E-skip news. Starting in July, Es will begin its upward swing. Just remember, it will be a slow process > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 15:53 Aug '99 WTFDA VUD cover said 'E-Skip Blooms Late...then Turns Great!' Meaning July was full of activity. I've seen years like that, where the biggest openings were in July, sometimes late in the month (anyone remember 7/24/12?) > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 15:52 As much as Es has been bad this year, I just keep hoping that as we get closer to July, we'll be knee deep in logs and unable to catch up! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 15:48 I've been up since 5:45 am. Did a bandscan this morning, no Eskips. Just the usual good Spokane propagation as well as KBFF Portland fading in for a few seconds. Kyle/CascadiaDXer, DN07HC (
Jun19 15:45 But the paths are nowhere near me :( > yakima cn96 (
Jun19 15:44 I'm up now > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 15:43 Had some fade ups on 89.7, but can't rule out Ms yet BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jun19 15:42 A single skip event coincident with tornadic occurrence proves nothing, especially if you have to go back 38 years for that event! - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 15:35 Certainly in a description of types of propagation, it says tornatic activity for E. Some of us remember waves of tornados in OKC with waves of E May 22, 1981. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jun19 15:35 I’m up at 445am most days. I look at dx maps and do a quick band scan. If I had something to report I would. Paul/LarMie WY (
Jun19 15:32 Those guys out west better WAKE UP for some early morning Es. Not seeing any comments from them makes me think they are still sleeping > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 15:31 Es KHSV 2/21 Las Vegas NV 1200 mi, full decode on Zenith stb 3rd day in a row now > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 15:19 Es 54.31, 60.31 pilots west > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 15:13 I don't think the low point of Solar Cycle 23 had such a drastic effect on Es as the current one > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 15:11 I had some Es openings that started around 8 am, took a brief break early afternoon, then would come roaring back and stay till almost midnight. Many freqs 3-4 stations deep. Those days will return, but when we do not know > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 15:09 patience is not tried. I just compare the current activity with what I am familiar with since I started dxing in 1974 > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 15:07 Paul, I'm 63. I experienced some awesome Es openings in the 70s & 80s that hardly anyone has seen in the last 10 years..... (
Jun19 15:03 Some of us, me incldued are am dx'ers.. and we're used to that daily. Paul/WY (
Jun19 15:02 EVery FM DX season tries everyones patience.. mine included. FM DX never happens as often or as good as we want (
Jun19 14:57 Still, this "Season" has really been trying my patience. Something's got to give, and soon! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun19 14:56 JimT, I misread what you said; sorry about that. I would definitely think solar activity has something to do with Es, as I've heard of aurorally-induced Es. de Eric B (
Jun19 14:55 ...during said lull, we usually get a decent tropo event around here -- mid-June or mid-July. Es the past couple of years has persisted into the middle of August. de Eric B (
Jun19 14:54 Lee, around the Great Lakes, Es usually fires up around the first to second week of May; there's usually a lull around the middle of the season... (
Jun19 14:48 ...meanwhile tropo (at least for me personally) was almost non-existent. // Lee VA FM17 (
Jun19 14:47 Es 61.25 southeast in/out > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 14:46 Seems like Es last season (and several recent) was frustrating for many DXers, but Es was phenomenal here in the Eastern US... // Lee VA FM17 (
Jun19 14:45 (13:47) My comment was NOT about WEATHER being connected to Es, but the low Solar Cycle activity. Everyone knows the weather does nothing to Es activity. I say no more. > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 14:42 Tr 94.1 KQXY Beaumont TX with RDS...Jack, EM10dj, ATX (
Jun19 14:42 Wow, great articles Jim, thanks for posting! Interesting trying to correlate the EXACT effects of solar activity on DX... // Lee VA FM17 (
Jun19 13:50 ...seems like the sun was a rare sight that summer too. Tropo on TV wasn't too bad that year, IIRC. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun19 13:48 ...I remember some days, we struggled to even hit 60° for a high. I can also remember thinking how crazy it was I was wearing my HS sweatshirt in mid-JULY... (
Jun19 13:47 I don't think weather has to do with it, though; I remember we had Es on TV in 1992, which was "The summer that wasn't" in Detroit... (
Jun19 13:46 FM29, I don't think anyone ever figured out exactly how or why Es happen. If they did, they could probably do a prediction similar to Hepburn's tropo forecasts. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun19 13:26 You are making it up. Es has been kinda screwy is just your opinion - FM29 (
Jun19 13:25 Tr 107.3 KAJE Ingleside TX with local ads, rarely heard here due to CCI.. Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 13:16 Tr KATC-DT-28 Lafayette LA with decode only, no picture...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 12:51 If you don't want to read that article, you should at least look at this graph of Solar Cycle 24 > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 12:45 ....they mention the lack of solar activity is effecting the weather (tropo patterns) and the ionosphere (E-skip). And I'm not making that up. Everyone knows that tropo and Es has been kinda screwy the last couple years > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 12:45 Tr 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa "La Caliente" with local ads...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 12:44 Publishers of the Farmer's Almanac posted on their website latest info (3-01-19) monitoring Solar Cycle 24.... de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 12:39 Tr 104.1 KBFM Edinburg TX with local RGV ads...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 12:25 Tr 99.5 KKPS McAllen TX "Recuerdos", overriding KISS SATX...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun19 12:06 Es 11M PA-FL (Sarasota) : 1016 miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 11:40 going to watch tv and take a nap before work.. someone wake me up if eskip starts rolling lol paul/WY (
Jun19 11:40 morning all Paul/WY (
Jun19 09:27 I hope this tropo doesn't stick around for later... - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 09:07 i am bored of short tropo but it's something... - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 08:55 Tr 103.3 KVYB Santa Barbara, CA 202 miles. - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 08:54 Tr 99.7 KIOO Porterville, CA 171 Miles - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 04:20 i wonder if 70cm is even possible at all via Es. I don't know if ionization that high is possible. - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 04:16 [03:46] That would be sad as soon as you leave we have widespread 1.25m openings - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 03:49 Let's hope the 2nd half gives us some pleasure ....... or at least I can get up a few antennas. de dwi/7 (
Jun19 03:47 Actually for me, the bottom of the Solar Cycle years have never been ones to write home about. de dwi/7 (
Jun19 03:46 Calm down everyone. It is just waiting on me to move to Oregon. If it doesn't go smooth for me, there will be no more Es :) de dwi/7 (
Jun19 03:24 lol thanks. Since 6/5 nothing besides tropo - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 03:02 I feel really sorry for you Eric. Last year knowing you had some flippin' fantastic stuff and yet in the whole 1st half of the 2019 season, just a 'song''s worth. I wish you 2 hours of top-of-dial goodness soon. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 02:46 I thought it was going to be good today but nope decided to toy with me. - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 02:45 I've had maybe 3 minutes - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 02:23 Rick, I think 2011 was good, I heard a 96.9 next2our 97.1 HD. Another year I had a Spanish CHR on 107.9 in DFW. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jun19 02:23 I've had about 90 minutes of Es this year but none of that has passed 100.3 mhz. Still waiting for top-of-dial Es, hopefully soon. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 02:21 [01:46] But Chime, have you had a good year in that Sherman Oaks location? - Rick SE WA (
Jun19 02:14 sounds like what's happened here - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 01:46 Other than an event in January, another in May, have had `quite little here in Sherman Oaks, hard2say if its as bad as last year?? Chime (
Jun19 01:38 Rick, even in 2002 we already had two or three openings under our hats here by now. Seems like the big one was in mid-July, toward the west. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun19 01:32 Kind-of reminds me of 2002 when MUF's had a hard time rising. Best opening that year from Phoenix was to South Texas on Aug. 2. The only one that really broke loose. - Rick SE WA (
Jun19 01:30 [00:53] Good luck getting a reply from Love FM. I sent them a request to verify their frequencies, cities of license, and power. Never received a reply > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 01:15 Just the question is what is missing from the picture i wonder - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 01:15 WWV-25 and 40-45 MHz data signals in all day, but no MUF high enough for FM Es here de AC7XP (
Jun19 01:14 It's more like Es underperforming this year instead of non-existent de AC7XP (
Jun19 01:12 What else does Es want the K index has been stable the past few days - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 01:07 Tr 100.3 W262CQ Lockport, NY, "in Lockport on 100.3, WBUF-HD2". 32 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 01:01 I can answer for Eric. Went on a cruise ship in the middle of Pacific... > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 01:00 Seems not many events of people breaking 100 MHz this year so far - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 00:56 [00:09] I missed the mention of SS---but still Belize is a bilingual country./cd (
Jun19 00:53 ....WTFDA DB lists Love FM as oldies, and "Young Hearts Run Free" certainly qualifies./cd (
Jun19 00:53 [00:36] I think you'll need to email or write a letter to Love FM to find out if they played that song at the time u mentioned.../cdel96 (
Jun19 00:48 delayed Es report from 00:00 UTC, 92.7 KIVY Crockett, TX (station is halfway between a line drawn from Dallas to Houston) - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 00:42 I had a nice 6m opening earlier that died - Eric CM96 (
Jun19 00:39 Eric: where’s the skip? ... mike (
Jun19 00:38 It would be a relog if it had been Love FM out of Belize. Didn't have the same type of modulation that previous Love FM receptions had...Jack, ATX (
Jun19 00:36 Es San Antonio GT tv carrier, fleeting 55.250036 Tony, OF77 (
Jun19 00:36 Maybe but they're having news on that stream now, and most of their site is under construction so can't find a playlist or schedule to check...Jack, ATX (
Jun19 00:29 88.9 Belize streams at/cdel96--> (
Jun19 00:27 Jack---could 88.9 have been Belize? I have yet to hear Belize on FM, but 88.9 has been reported I believe./cdel96 (
Jun19 00:19 Lower FM kinda unsettled, looking SW; unsure if trops or Es. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun19 00:17 Es Knoxville GT tv carriers : also 77.239376 Tony, OF77 (
Jun19 00:10 Es Knoxville GT tv carriers : 55.250051, 61.249629, 61.250311 and v. weak SS audio 59.75 Tony, OF77 (
Jun19 00:09 Could I have received "Fabulosa 88.9" from Guatemala City again earlier? That mix of US oldies mx and SS matches what I heard yesterday, but sans ID this time...Jack, ATX (
Jun19 00:07 Also had jazz on 90.9 likely Houston - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun19 00:06 Thanks, AC7XP. I always appreciate actual locations. - Rick SE WA (
Jun19 00:06 Bay of Campeche, Cuidad de Carmen. Gulf side of Yucatan (
Jun18 23:59 EK48 is around Tabasco or SW of Yucatan Peninsula I think de AC7XP (
Jun18 23:58 Es Knoxville GT tv carriers : 55.249937 wide and 55.250051 Tony, OF77 (
Jun18 23:56 Possible Es fadeup on 88.7 - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 23:53 Gargadon, I've forgotten where you are. I don't speak grid square. - Rick SE WA (
Jun18 23:48 Es (25 min ago) 92.5 KOMA Oklahoma City, OK, Oklahoma Men's Clinic ad and music matches with stream (1217 mi), Gargadon EK48cp (
Jun18 23:45 Es (30 min ago) 91.7 KOSU Stillwater, OK, RDS saying "Kai Ryssdal on KOSU" (1233 mi), Gargadon EK48cp (Sorry, bad typo) (
Jun18 23:45 ES (30 min ago) 91.7 KOSU Stillwater, OK, RDS saying "Kai Ryssdal on KOSU" (1233 mi), Gargadon EK48cp (
Jun18 23:36 WNVU is off-air about 25% of the's hoping that syncs with a repeat opening to PR sometime soon, haha! // Lee VA (
Jun18 23:35 [22:41] @Dennis I remember that, so jealous! I have local on 89.7 (WNVU) so I couldn't hear it... // Lee VA FM17 (
Jun18 23:20 Es 88.9 unid with "Young Hearts Run Free" song, then SS mx, maybe abt 30 secs in length...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Jun18 23:19 I was trying to say that I only have room in my apartment for a 2-element 2-meter yagi. I hope to be able to use it to DX the NOAA frequencies sometime down the road -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 23:18 Sorry about the multiples. Danged fat-fingering on my smartphone... (
Jun18 23:17 I have room in my apartment only for a 2-element 2-meter yah I. (
Jun18 23:17 I have room in my apartment only for a 2-element 2-meter yah I. (
Jun18 23:15 I know hopefully something later but eh it has not been nice to me this year - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 23:13 6 Meters is open in all directions and coast to coast. Come on MUF de dwi/7 (
Jun18 23:10 de dwi/7 (
Jun18 23:10 Eric, I am seeing a plethra (big word) of FT8 6M posts. (
Jun18 23:08 Was out for a half hour, hope I didn't miss much - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 22:54 my 5 element is heavy because its pro broadcast grade stuff. My 8 element is MUCH longer but about as heavy as the 5. Paul (
Jun18 22:54 6m band died here ....... - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 22:47 Es back 92.7 Hitz 92 Jamaica, mixed with Cuba // Lee VA FM17 (
Jun18 22:47 Can i have the 5 element one? :) - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 22:42 I have a new yagi today.. upgrading from a 5 to 8 element... dont know itll make a hgue difference with dx, but should in theory make a noticeable difference with local reception i think Paul/WY (
Jun18 22:41 Lee: I had WRTU 89.7 R. Universidad in P.R last year on this exact day 6/18/2018 Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 22:36 stuck with 6m ft8 here atm - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 22:36 I have a friend who owned/owns a station in Turks and Caicos. FM station, forget if he still ahs it. He was part of the religious super power that sued to be there on 1020 Paul (
Jun18 22:34 [22:11] Thanks Eric! Pretty weak event, but I'll take it. Still hoping to get T&C and/or Puerto Rico from a Caribbean event one day...// Lee VA (
Jun18 22:31 Tr 87.7 WPGF-LP - Memphis, TN (143 mi) Relog, Weak reception. Second time ever picking up this station. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun18 22:31 @Dennis: Yeah Kool FM came through WASH-FM for me...didn't hear it long or strong, but more than enough for stream match! // Lee VA (
Jun18 22:30 Seems to be out of FM here now. Was also able to positively ID Radio Rebelde Cuba on 99.1, and another KLAC Jamaica on 89.1 // Lee VA FM17 (
Jun18 22:29 Lots of California Highway Patrol from SFO area in on 42-45 MHz de AC7XP DM43 (
Jun18 22:26 Lee: I looked for Jamaica but I've got WASH FM here...DAMN Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 22:11 some nice catches there! - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 22:09 Es 97.1 6YA-651 "Kool 97FM" Jamaica NEW weak, stream match // Lee VA FM17 (
Jun18 22:05 Es 67.24, 67.25, 67.26 Dennis Fm18 (
Jun18 22:04 Everything gone here - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 22:03 Very cool Dennis!🙌🏻 One of these years I'll get set up for TV! // Lee VA FM17 (
Jun18 22:00 Es 89.9 6YA-637 "KLAS Sports" Jamaica NEW // Lee VA FM17 (
Jun18 22:00 I have ATV 2 now but switched from TeleAntilles to CubaVision Dennis Fm18 (
Jun18 21:57 seems the MUF wont increase beyond 50 Ish MHz here - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 21:57 Es TV 3 & 5 likely Santa Clara Cuba - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 21:52 Hey Lee, Logged channel 2 and 4 in the DR. Sitll watching TeleAntilles right now. Cartoons in Color. Dennis Fm18 (
Jun18 21:47 Es 88.5 KTEP - El Paso, Texas - DN16 (
Jun18 21:36 Es 92.7 Radio Musical Nacional Cuba, stream match, relog // Lee Va FM17 (
Jun18 21:33 Beacons, SSB, and strong +10dB FT8 signals to CO maybe something - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 21:32 TeleAntilles is coming in better now than before with color video Dennis Fm18 (
Jun18 21:31 I think the RCA pre-amp is working Dennis (
Jun18 21:31 Yup I was just going to say that. I found a place to watch Canal 4RD online and the Logo Matches. Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 21:27 Would say that is CERTV Dominican Republic - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 21:25 Colorado - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 21:21 6m SSB here to a unknown direction - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 21:16 Can someone ID this ATV Channrel 4. Logo in Red and Blue upper right hand corner. Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 21:15 Es 61.250. 55.250 has two carriers including the warbler - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 21:07 Still getting video on ATV channel 2 and 4 Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 21:05 Es 55.250 - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 20:34 Es 88.3 weak fade ins.... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun18 20:33 Stepped out of the room and I heard voices. Channel 4 with a HUGE 4. No Id ydet but pissed me off cuz I didn't get vid of the ID Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 20:12 Es 67.250 S9 +15 signal Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 20:06 Dominican Warbler still going strong on 55.250 @ -66 dBm and SNR of +- 27 dB Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 19:55 The aarrghh was because I hit the enter key on the previous line B4 I was done typing. Never logged, CD in Florida has sent me clips of it numerous times > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 19:54 Es 61.25 southeast, carrier almost full quieting > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 19:54 I'm assuming you've logged it at one time or another JimT Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 19:53 It's still warbling away here. (
Jun18 19:52 AHHH yup, that looks like the Logo. Thanks...and why the arrgghhhh??? Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 19:48 typoed the name, its TeleAntillas de JimT/MO (
Jun18 19:47 To see the logo for TA 2, go here... de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 19:45 aarrghh! TeleAntilles Dominican Republic > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 19:44 TeleAntilles Domibic (
Jun18 19:29 vid from 55.250 a little while ago Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 19:27 Been getting this warbling tone on 55.250 all afternoon and intermittent video. Dennis (
Jun18 19:24 I'm gonna post a video here. Maybe someone can ID the Logo in the upper right hand corner. It isnt the best image but maybe someone is familiar with it. Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 18:41 Eric/C96: You will have bountiful skip today, because I will be in a training this afternoon and will only know how good it was when I read about it later ... Mike (
Jun18 18:23 Not one SSB spot on 50 mhz but a gazillion FT8. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 18:12 ...Except for lots of Ms this morning, very quiet here... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jun18 17:37 [17:22] Duh - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 17:35 Dennis, 6M is open from the East Coast to Puerto Rico and N. Brazil (above equator) de dwi/7 (
Jun18 17:33 6 Meters is starting to open up coast to coast and in all directions. Time to wake up. I am still packing. de ka5dwi/7 DM34 (
Jun18 17:32 55.25 up t0 -77 dBm Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 17:30 Es 55.250 just popped in Dennis FM18 -82 dBm SNR 21 Db Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 17:30 ES 55.250 just popped in Dennis FM18 -82 dBm SNR 21 Db Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 17:28 Es 55.240 Carrier Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 17:26 This is an Analog signal Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 17:25 AL would be in line with this heading. What might that be??? DCennis FM18 (
Jun18 17:22 Maybe AL? - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 17:17 Es 61.250. Getting steady weak tone with bursts peaking a few db higher. Antenna is Facing south/SW and signal ONLY appears at about 224-239° heading from me. This is towards Mexico City. Any chance this is MX??? Dennis FM18fa (
Jun18 17:16 Maybe I am expecting too much - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 17:15 At least 6 meters has returned - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 17:05 Sounds like a familiar complaint. End result not as satisfying though ... Mike (
Jun18 17:00 We DXers are never happy with fm dx season. It never happens as often or as good as we’d like. Paul (
Jun18 16:51 My pessimism about this season grows daily. Is this mid-June, or mid-February? Calendar says June, wx says April, cx say February. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun18 16:47 Even 6 meter FT8 dead now. No FM today - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 16:34 Es 61.249 Had vid for a few seconds Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 16:18 Es 55.260 Dennis Fm18 (
Jun18 16:11 That's all she wrote - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 16:10 oops got those db and dbm reversed Dennis (
Jun18 16:08 Es 61.250 -82 Db and 27 dBm SNR peaks Dennis FM18 (
Jun18 16:02 Es 61.250 - Rich, PA FN11if (
Jun18 15:35 I did AM DXing over the winter.. between mid November and Mid May, I have 2.8 gigs worth of audio recordings, saved at 128k stereo mp3 Paul (
Jun18 15:31 I dont keep a "paper log".. I email recording number to myself with freqeuency calls, time and details... then when i save the audio to my computer i save it with calls, freq, COL, time and date Paul (
Jun18 15:30 I only count new if its a signifigant change in tech parameters such as 6kw to 50kw .... several hundred more feet.. or a move of mvre then 5 ish miles Paul (
Jun18 15:30 I don't count COL Changes as new, especially if no facilities have changed. That wouldnt be new in the eyes of the FCC really Paul (
Jun18 15:19 FM29, whats this about the fake George now? Paul (
Jun18 13:22 Might be a nice winter project or something. We'll see; all that digging sounds too much like work right now! LOL!!! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun18 13:20 Then, of course, comes the hassle of figuring dx for COL/site changes. I count COL changes as new, even if the move is just on paper... (
Jun18 13:19 One "Pet project" of mine is to make the font on my log smaller, and add a column for distance from here. With 2012 logs on FM alone, that's going to take some time! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun18 13:08 Tr 89.1 KMUW, Wichita, KS - NPR - 7:59 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun18 12:57 Ok Eric B, our editors would know where a radio station's tower is B4 they would know where their grandma lives! :-) de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 12:54 Tr 90.3 KANQ, Chanute, KS - NPR - ‘KPR’ - 7:50 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun18 12:51 Tr 91.5 KTXK, Texarkana, TX - NPR - 7:50 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun18 12:50 (Sorry, no coffee yet! --- Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun18 12:50 Jim, I was talking AM; haven't had a chance to use WTFDA on internationals yet; Mexico openings here are very few and far between. Logs from Cuba = 0. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun18 12:49 (11:42) Small topic, there are two XHHLL licensed facilities in MX now, Sonora 90.7 and Oaxaca 97.1 > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 12:47 (11:42) XHHLL co-ordinates (
Jun18 12:46 (11:42) XHHQ co-ordinates (
Jun18 12:45 Tr 98.7 KNSS, Wichita, KS - 7:44 AM CDT - Rotor antenna, aimed N - Kegan EM26te (
Jun18 12:40 [03:15] HEY you fake George in Georgetown, the troll flipped out - FM29 (
Jun18 12:24 We have a team of editors that work on the DB daily. I will guarantee 99% you won't find anywhere else on the internet its near as accurate > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 12:22 Sorry for the double post, seems Firefox decided to hang up > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 12:21 (11:40) Do you guys hate the WTFDA FM database? Most of the tower coordinates in México, Cuba, and most of CA and the Caribe are right down to the tower base! I don't know why anyone would think Wikipedia is going to help > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 12:21 (11:40) Do you guys hate the WTFDA FM database? Most of the tower coordinates in México, Cuba, and most of CA and the Caribe are right down to the tower base! I don't know why anyone would think Wikipedia is going to help > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 12:14 Tr - WFCJ-93.7 Miamisburg, OH - Poor/fair with preacher. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun18 12:12 Tr - WGTZ-92.9 Eaton, OH - VERY poor with classic hits, playlist match, Jack FM. Clashing with WSPD drone in Toledo. Best I can do this morning! de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Jun18 12:03 Fred Cantu used to have a fairly reliable list for Mexico, but his site has been gone for a few years now. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun18 12:02 Paul, I've found that Cuba and Mexico both seem to be rather lackadaisical about keeping up on tx QTHs. Quite a few listed site don't seem to match reality. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun18 11:42 Two appear to not be where they should and 2 (XHHQ and XHHLL) are on the same ridge just a few feet apart.. and someone has a google maps clsoe up picture of those two (
Jun18 11:40 Just looked through wikipedia to see if i could find the tower sites for some mexican FM's I logged the other day Paul/WY (
Jun18 09:28 I'm not so sure. Normally it seems trying to think late night skip on lower frequencies will lead to a good event the next day leads to disappointment. . (
Jun18 07:41 Knowing that SNOTEL is coming in this late and 50mhz MUF, could tomorrow be awesome? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 07:30 Still alive down there? - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 07:13 Not hearing it on the Tucson GT - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 06:47 Hum interesting to see it this late but not unusual i guess - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 06:46 Typical Es......fades up and down.....sometime fast.....sometimes slow....sometimes solid for minutes de AC7XP (
Jun18 06:36 Curious, What kind of behavior is the signal showing in regards to fading and such? - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 06:32 None here, but SNOTEL master site is just under 500 miles from me, so would expect MUF still well in to 50 MHz de AC7XP (
Jun18 06:22 Any 6m beacons? - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 06:18 SNOTEL still going strong here de AC7XP DM43 (
Jun18 04:50 WWV 25 MHz is pretty strong on the San Bernardino GT - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 04:32 SNOTEL data signals in on 40 and 41 MHz for solid 7 hours so far de AC7XP DM43 (
Jun18 04:11 Tr KNEV 95.5 Reno w/ad for Carson City Toyota ... mike/cm87 Better than nothing (
Jun18 03:51 Eric, I don't know which is worse, no skip or a few minutes of weak signals I had no clue about, like Saturday night. I'll always wonder what I had and I'll never know. - Rick SE WA (
Jun18 03:47 Hopefully July is better or the rest of this month... Compared to last year crap... - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 03:36 Eric, last year in Seattle we just began getting into gear on June 18. Today is the 17th. It still may be coming. - Rick SE WA (
Jun18 03:17 [02:26] I don't have any more positive thoughts about this years Es season - Eric CM96 (
Jun18 03:15 Did En35 kill himself? - George in Georgetown (
Jun18 02:49 Damn! Tuba City was mentioned twice in one day by two different people ... Mike (
Jun18 02:31 Forgot to log it earlier, whoops. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun18 02:31 Es (45 minutes ago) 91.3 KGHR - Tuba City, AZ (1070 mi) Native programming and music being played on the station. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun18 02:31 i think whatever i had, as weak sauce sh^t as it was, its gone Paul (
Jun18 02:26 Okay. Maintaining positive thoughts... - Kegan EM26te (
Jun18 02:26 I've still got the Las Vegas 2 pilot coming in on the SDR, but not as strong as it was earlier > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 02:26 Just Tr here at this time...yawn... - Kegan EM26te (
Jun18 02:25 Ethan, Es clouds intensifying again over NM > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 02:25 Ah, that explains. - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun18 02:24 It was still going, but KOMP didn't last long. Nothing else being heard at the moment. - Josh EM36ui (
Jun18 02:24 I hope so. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun18 02:23 Wait, it's still going? - Ethan EM34VT (
Jun18 02:19 Es 92.3 KOMP Las Vegas, NV (1294 mi) with a PI code of 363F - Josh EM36ui (
Jun18 02:16 Same here Kegan BR in AZ (
Jun18 02:16 I hope I have another chance. If not anymore tonight, hopefully tomorrow. - Kegan EM26te (
Jun18 02:14 I guess Murphy decided to rear it's ugly head while I was away, so I would miss any Es I would have received here. - Kegan EM26te (
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