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Oct25 04:10 I can't go back and "fix it" and have that even-more-perfect moment, but it's cool even just knowing the opportunity was there--Frank M. (
Oct25 04:09 Watching the Cubs do something they've never done in my lifetime would have made the wonderful visit even more perfect--Frank M. EN40 (but currently in VE1-land) (
Oct25 04:07 So distracted I forgot about the game. The two & a half days there were ALREADY wonderful and perfect... (
Oct25 04:07 Antigonish, Nova Scotia. AT THAT MOMENT!! I was so distracted by so many cool things happening around me. (
Oct25 04:06 [Oct23 02:53 OT: Cubs win!...cdOcala] I wish I had been thinking about the Cubs game. I was sitting in a pub... (
Oct25 00:34 [19:29] Copying PPE (Rio BRA) 10MHz - Jerry (
Oct24 23:29 KMOL nx 1985 story on CCI from tropo (also ...85a and b.ra) - de WA5IYX (
Oct24 22:43 (19:22) I wasn't that lucky but there were plenty of times when the RGV stations would come in after WOAI/KMOL and KENS signed off on channels 4 and 5...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Oct24 19:29 Copying 2.5, 5, 10, 25 MHz WWV. 20 is quiet, 15 Mhz is WWVH. Interesting. de ka5dwi/7 az dm34 (
Oct24 19:22 (19:12) Sometimes when KCEN signed off WDSU? in New Orleans would show up. de dwi/7 Austin hometown (
Oct24 19:12 (05:06) And that weather dial/time and temperature channel was in glorious black and white too... Jack, EM10, ATX (
Oct24 19:08 Solar noise taking out the S7-8 signal about once every minute. Interesting. Also 10-Meter to the east coast. de dwi/7 dm34 az (
Oct24 19:06 G2 magnetic storm in progress. Picking up 25 MHz WWV here in Central AZ. de art ka5dwi/7 DM34 (
Oct24 18:45 Our cable system here offers lots of HD/ 1 Gig intenet, but still uses MS DOS for the community bulletin board......Rich...Norfolk, Ne. (
Oct24 05:06 and one them was an automated panning of weather dials - de WA5IYX (
Oct24 05:05 the only CATV that we ever had was very-short-lived in Austin in Sept 1968 - less than 12 channels all on VHF - de WA5IYX (
Oct24 04:17 now there is more commercials & less air time for shows now than in the early 1980's and you should not be paying for cable TV because these commercials should bring in more than enough money for the consumer not to have to pay - amfmtvdtvbrla em40 (
Oct24 04:12 [23:31] , [03:43] yeah, remember when cable TV stations back in the early1980's had no commercials because you were paying for the shows & service - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct24 03:43 [23:05] Don't forget about Comcast/NBC/Universal Pictures, or Disney/ESPN/ABC, or CBS/Viacom/Showtime. The list goes on forever ... Mike (
Oct23 23:31 Remember the monopoly AT&T had on the phone industry-that should tell you something-John Corning NY (
Oct23 23:10 AT&T's strategy is for us the consumer to to have no choice but to buy services thru them only. and then they will dictate the high prices you will pay - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Oct23 23:05 04:16 yeah Pat, AT&T wants to be the Walmart of Cable, Internet & Wireless services. In other words no competition for them,- amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Oct23 04:16 FWIW - de WA5IYX (
Oct23 02:53 OT: Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! Holy cow! /cdOcala (
Oct23 02:23 Just listening to what happened kinda loses something :) /cdOcala (
Oct23 02:21 Reading the comics reminds me of the TV Monty Python skit called "The Show So Far."/cdEL96 (
Oct23 00:00 in 1954-55 the local Del Rio station read the comics on Sunday mornings - de WA5IYX (
Oct22 23:01 all whilst residing in this - de WA5IYX (
Oct22 21:08 they still had the 1800 World News by "my era" there - preceeded by a hunting horn fanfare - de WA5IYX (
Oct22 19:35 WSVN 7 when it was WCKT had Sunday Funnies---with a "peanut gallery" where kids never 'got' the punchlines./cr (
Oct22 19:31 (18:16) Sunday at 10:30----somehow I don't think it carries the same weight as if it were visual./cdEL96 (
Oct22 18:16 er - mean this pgm sked - de WA5IYX (
Oct22 18:14 wish I cud find one of these for 5 years later - de WA5IYX (
Oct22 03:03 KQED-FM (
Oct21 21:59 sure had changed by 10 years later (no more Dragnet,etc) - note SX-62 nr 17:50 - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 21:20 in the UK (52-54) we had to rely on the nite skywave of mw AFN Frankfurt (c. 600 mi) to hear transcribed US programs - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 21:10 Yeah ... I thought I was on the Bcb Log.... hee hee de dwi/7 (
Oct21 19:50 WFUN 790 had an erratic off-air Mon morning maintenance; did get nice CKLW copy spring 1975./cd (
Oct21 19:49 Had no idea it was the former XELO; finally heard El Paso ads + SS ID "XEROK", early '75; yet CKLW ID wouldn't come until weeks later./cd (
Oct21 19:47 First listens to X-Rok 80 it sounded like "XRK", and I was thinking, am I hearing Thailand?!/cd (
Oct21 19:46 Comdx must be sad when we're all discussing AM.... :)/cd (
Oct21 19:45 I never heard XEROK until the 105 minute silent period nightly of PJB, then had to null my 790 (then WFUN)/cd (
Oct21 19:43 You must mean CBS Radio Mystery Theater with E G Marshall.... "Come in!"/cdEL96 (
Oct21 18:05 some KTRH Aug 1983 Hurricane Alicia coverage - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 18:01 aging here ... KTRH in the mid 70s ran some CBS Radio Network dramas - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 17:10 KTRH was 24 hour news and back in 1976 they announced a small plane crash near Sugar Land that I was supposed to be on. I had to cancel. No one was killed (4 people) but I count my blessings I wasn't on it. de dwi/7 (
Oct21 17:07 I have memories of 740 KTRH. Back then you knew there was Tropo when on the fishing report show when they played NWS weather, it was Lake Charles instead of Galveston NWS. :) de dwi (
Oct21 17:05 Pat - you meant KTHT 790. KTRH was on 740. de ka5dwi/7 (
Oct21 17:02 I was busy earlier. Did anyone hear any Meteor scatter this morning? de ka5dwi/7 (
Oct21 14:48 and that was using this with its built-in loopstick antenna - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 14:47 in mid 1970s used to listen to some of KTRH 790 at nite and the Bonaire 800 sometimes QRMed them - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 14:37 I was always surprised I could copy TransWorldRadio on Bonaire over XEROK (XELO). XEG and XERF were always stronger in Houston. de ka5dwi/7 (
Oct21 14:35 Mike, you're right about Wolfman Jack's L.A. popularity. The key, Wolfman (Bob Smith) managed XERB and built the format around himself. Also on XERB evenings/afternoons, while overnights on other border blasters. Regular folks heard Wolfman in L.A., not just night owls, DXers and truck drivers. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct21 14:27 Yes, CD, XELO was somewhat similar, but less over the top. In '68 ventured into EE pop programming with odd program called Record Roost, 8 to 10 PM Pacific. You could write to "Cousin Billie" at an EL Paso PO Box and get a genuine return card from Mexico. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct21 14:22 [02:49] Wolfman Jack wasn't on XELO. He was on XERF/XERB/XEG, and around 1987 XETRA. Common misconception that he was on XELO. XELO off the air overnights. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct21 13:58 KCGY is probably my most-common Wyoming FM from here. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct21 02:49 Nighttime was Wolfman Jack on XELO/SERF/XEG/XERB. Was more popular in Los Angeles than LA stations ... Mike (
Oct21 02:13 Was XELO programming similar to that of XERF/XEG? I'm old enough to remember their block programming./cdEL96 (
Oct20 22:45 I never heard any mention on XELO of daytime English programming until 1972, with the exception of Steve Crosno's EE hits show which began in '71 and was on in late afternoons. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct20 22:42 More: EE programming increased in '68 and again in '71. Promotion of XEROK format change in Nov. '72 but format lasted 3 days, then rescinded. Promoed again in 8-73 and restarted with jocks in late 12-73. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct20 22:38 [21:53] In 1960 XELO had lots of Spanish programming, an hour of U.S. top 40 hits announced in Spanish, evening religion, and some English late at night. Suspect they were Spanish during the day. Off all night till late '72. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct20 22:18 I think that they were predominately EE then, like the XEG and XERF "border blasters" - de WA5IYX (
Oct20 21:53 Nice XELO there Pat; did they have any EE programming then?/cdEL96 (
Oct20 20:35 maybe I should stock up on multiple units ... in the meantime see if my Apr 2008 Philco TB100HH9 and/or Apr 2009 DS DTX9950 still work - de WA5IYX (
Oct20 20:32 the first unit lasted from Oct 2009-Nov 2015, so less than a year for this one - de WA5IYX (
Oct20 20:20 looks like I'll be shopping for another DTT901 - de WA5IYX (
Oct20 19:47 Es UNID-2z south in/out weak - my repaired/modified RS vhf antenna is working :) de fred SC FM03af (
Oct20 18:20 Stale Ms overnight KCGY 95.1 Laramie, WY "Laramie" popped in. Hahah! 676 miles - new - En35 (
Oct20 18:15 Stale Tr 95.1 KUSQ Worthington, MN overnight recording - En35 (
Oct20 18:03 800-kHz Juarez in 1960 - de WA5IYX (
Oct20 15:47 I can't prove it, but I think that 104.5 WOKV (news/talk) time compresses "live" talk shows, to allow for a long bottom-of-the-hour news report.. /cd (
Oct20 15:44 (03:53 & others) The biggest offender had to have been XEROK 800 Juarez as "X-Rok 80"; I think mentioned electric current as the culprit./cdEL96 (
Oct20 12:23 this was before things like the lengthy Bob Dylan "Like a Rolling Stone" came out in mid 1965 - de WA5IYX (
Oct20 08:28 [03:53] As songs edged past 3 minute mark, many stations did that ... Mike (
Oct20 07:47 Tr 104.5 KJLY Blue Earth, MN with RDS "Kurt Goff Live" - En35 (
Oct20 03:53 in the 1960s someone once said that WLS-890 might be playing their 45s 10% faster - de WA5IYX (
Oct20 03:16 JJ, we have a locals on 101.9 and 105.9 that do the same thing. I think that's becoming a trend among stations, and it's rather annoying, IMHO. Just give me a good rock station that doesn't mess with the songs in any way, and I'll be happy -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct19 23:53 Wmms sounding like crap btw, songs slowing down then playing fast to catch sounding (
Oct19 22:32 Tr 104.3 WJMK "K-Hits" with weak ID and Heart into Stevie Wonder (KZ104 wouldn't play either) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct19 22:07 the thing certainly is not very directional at all JJj in EN82 (
Oct19 22:06 Here is my current antenna, running it in the attic with a 25db dist amp. Picked it up at a garage sale years ago for a couple bucks. Not sure it works so well, think I pick up more signal in the cable JJ in EN82 / Pontiac (
Oct19 21:44 WCPN in HD as well (
Oct19 21:43 Wmms Cleveland in easily over Windsor "cool FM" translator at the moment JJ in en82 / Pontiac (
Oct19 21:41 North coast of Ohio starting to get warm on FM. *Yawn*. Jj in en82 / pontiac (
Oct19 11:55 Tr WNTR - 107.9 The Mix Indianapolis, IN in with full bars and in HD Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Oct19 11:48 Tr 95.3 WZLR Xenia, OH 6K-A 120.1 miles (through WFMS lower sideband) Randy EM69wq (
Oct19 10:24 Nothing new in Indy this morning, but Cincinnati signals, including Class As and translators are in. Randy EM69wq (
Oct18 23:56 PBS American Experience episode tonite on Tesla - de WA5IYX (
Oct18 12:05 Tr a couple new ones <300 miles to Alabama, nice to see a little tropo after dead period here - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct18 12:05 Tr 102.5 WDXB Pelham, AL (190 mi, 90 kW) over local WPRT (40 mi, 42kw) - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct18 06:05 Tr 93.7 KXKS Shreveport, La (210 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct18 04:39 Tr KETK-DT-22 Jacksonville Tx. (270 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct18 00:53 Re microwave tower: we have one here locally still standing in Pontiac. A few others around metro Detroit as well. Most have been converted for cellular use. Jj in en82 / Pontiac (
Oct17 21:03 maybe long since gone - de WA5IYX (
Oct17 19:57 in the 60s there was a huge AT&T microwave tower nr Round Rock - de WA5IYX (
Oct17 18:07 Darn, just lost 100.9 another semi-open frequency today. Now Praise FM 89.9, an LP 20 miles south. Ugh! Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct17 17:52 Pat, looks like I'll be in your neck of the woods Oct 26-28. Flying into Austin and doing some work in round Rock. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, mi (
Oct17 17:48 Tr 93.9 WTBX Hibbing. Very common catch and I'm less than 10 miles from 93.7. En35 (
Oct17 17:39 Tr 96.5 "Legends Rock K96.5" That's Cloquet, Mn. Wklk. New. En35 (
Oct17 17:32 Tr 106.3 WMFG Hibbing, Mn. Fog hasn't burned off yet. En35 (
Oct17 17:07 Actually I think I misheard it as hot 96.7 which would be KDOG N. Mankato, Mn. New. En35 (
Oct17 17:04 Tr 96.7 "rock 967" but nothing else. What is this? Can't be Modesto or casper. En35 (
Oct17 16:39 Tr 100.3 KDRB Des Moines IA "The Bus" (428 mi) relog - EM16gj (
Oct17 14:59 Matt, I bet you had Abilene on dtv yesterday morning :-) - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Oct17 13:49 Tr 105.1, 107.9 Abilene TX... weak but identifiable. 600+ miles!! - Matt EN21 (
Oct17 07:21 Tr KITU-DT-33 TX Beaumont (285 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct17 07:13 Tr KFDM-DT-25 TX Beaumont (280 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct17 06:47 Tr KLTL-DT-20 LA Lake Charles (341 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct16 23:56 very interesting OCR read - de WA5IYX (
Oct16 16:35 Tr 106.5 KJLY Blue Earth, MN. Been almost a month since I've heard a new stn. Been doing too much AM DX - EN35 (
Oct16 04:21 Wrong board! (
Oct16 04:20 1130 unid playing ac music id w/95.3 fm-nil-fair sig o/u WBBR 12:13 EDT Who? John Corning NY fn12 (
Oct14 22:41 [Oct13 22:30] See it all on weather underground - Jerry (
Oct14 14:12 I was able to receive some Wisconsin FMs while there JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Oct14 14:12 I camped in Wellston a couple years ago - nice place! JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Oct14 13:39 Tr 91.9 WSMO "Smile FM" // 88.3s (WSMZ and WEJC) - Christian mobile EN74 (Wellston) (
Oct14 13:32 Tr 103.7 WCZE "Positive Country 103.7" with ID. Checked WCKY and they ALSO played the same song - Christian mobile EN74 (Wellston) (
Oct14 13:26 Tr 99.9 WQLQ "Live 99-9" first time with new format - Christian mobile EN74 (Wellston) (
Oct14 13:23 Tr 95.1 WFBE with RDS display - Christian mobile EN74 (Wellston) (
Oct14 13:22 Tr 94.9 WMMQ alone with ID. No WKZC! I feel KZC might not be running its licensed 17kW - Christian mobile EN74 (Wellston) (
Oct14 13:16 Tr 89.7 WLMN suffering significant interference from a religious station (likely WNHG) out here in Wellston - Christian mobile EN74 (
Oct14 00:30 Es latent KHSV-DT-2 NV Las Vegas (1053 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct14 00:00 Es 54.310 - mix - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct13 22:30 Seattle may get a big storm Saturday night and Sunday that could lead to power/station outages. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct13 20:05 Tr 90.1 WNMU pledge drive mentions of donators and their hometowns - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct13 20:01 Tr 103.7 likely WCZE with Talmer Bank ad. Only 103.7 with Talmer locations in listening area - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct13 15:57 WJSR's IBOC has been off for a week; their RDS right now still has their old calls (at least during commercial breaks) // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct13 15:55 [14:14] So strange, WJSR is right in my backyard! I'm getting nothing north of DC... // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct13 14:14 I'm still getting 92.5 BBN NC, 94.1 ESPN Yorktown, 98.1 Mix981 Lakeside, 100.9 Star1009 Richmond, etc, in and out here. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct13 12:34 Apparently this duct is "inbound only" (haha)...I've NOTHING beyond regulars from DC, Norfolk and Raleigh #missingout // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct13 12:31 Wow, nice catches this morning everyone! // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct13 12:16 BBN Henderson, NC on 92.5 is almost gone now, and other than XTU, I'm getting Country 92.5 in Waterbury, CT off the back. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct13 12:12 LM, I thinks thats WICO "CTG" in Pokomoke City, MD. 3kw. I'm not getting that here though. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct13 11:49 Bob I was wondering what talk station I was getting under WXTU. LM/FM29 (
Oct13 11:31 Tr 95.3 WKHK "K95" Colonial Heights, VA (255mi). With country music. No sign of pest "Maxima 95" Georgetown, Del (137mi). Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct13 11:03 Tr 92.5 WYFL "BBN" Henderson, NC. (347mi) w/SRN news. Bob-NJ Fn20 (
Oct13 04:50 Tr good from VA 89.1-WVTF 94.9-WSLC 99.1-WSLC 96.3-WROV The Rock of VA - nothing much else - APS-13 repaired/back in operation.. de fred SC FM03af (
Oct13 02:22 Then I start tuning around looking for the null points and stations in them. Sometimes the DX is as loud as the semi-locals and cam be mistaken as one. Thats where the XLS file comes in. This morning after hearing Hendersonville I stated looking for Greenville stations in the nulls. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct13 02:17 Usually, for me, when the band starts to open up to a specific area, nulls will appear to that area where they don't normally exist because of the usual station congestion and overlap. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct13 02:11 I keep a copy of an FM XLS database open with my logs marked on it, then when the band is open to a specific area I can easily eliminate what the station I'm hearing probably is or isn't and wait for some station info. I also record everything to go over later. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct13 02:05 577 miles is amazing. This is my second year back to actively DXing since my teens; so far my personal best for tropo is 424 miles to WWLI Providence, RI // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct13 02:05 Lee, the FM Antenna is mounted to my chimney with a Radio Shack Archer rotor. Upgrading could be a little costly and a little work searching out the equipment. Many Antennas and Rotors have been discontinued. I bought the new rotor on ebay last year knowing the old one was going to go south eventually. Bob-Nj Fn20. (
Oct13 02:01 [19:43] Last thing; just realized WMYI is from HendersonVILLE in the mountains (!) of far western NC (as opposed to Henderson, which is NE NC). Phenomenal! // Lee VA (
Oct13 01:57 [Sorry for all the newbie questions everyone, but seemed like an OK time of year to ask!] // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct13 01:56 Do you simply adjust the rotator to those null points for each frequency and see what you get? Or do you have a list of targets you are shooting for? // Lee VA (
Oct13 01:54 Amazing to see you "thread the needle" between all those 102.5s. How do you DX with the rotor? // Lee VA (
Oct13 01:52 I'm assuming your 6055 is outside? What rotor are you using? // Lee VA (
Oct13 01:51 I've been amazed at how well it does, but it seems like there's another level of DXing if/when I can upgrade to directional // Lee VA (
Oct13 01:49 [19:09] Thanks for the info, Bob! I have a Winegard 6010 in my attic. // Lee VA (
Oct13 01:38 Nice Steve! I have them in here too, but a lot less impressive for me! // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct13 01:37 Tr 99.1 WSLQ Roanoke, VA (157 mi) - "Q99," 190kW, relog // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct13 01:01 Tr 99.1 WSLQ Roanoke, VA (340 mi) - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Oct12 19:50 My wife has recently been lobbying for us to move to a condo for as we get older. I told her, if we did it would have to have an attic with enough room to rotate an antenna in it. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct12 19:43 The station in Henderson, NC (236 deg) on 102.5 was squeezed between 220 and 225 degress between WBOC Princess Anne (212deg) and WRFY Reading, PA (281deg), & WYRS LP translator Semi-local Whiting, NJ (20mi-238deg). And with WBAZ Bridgehampton Long Islang, NY (58 deg) off the back popping in and out too. Phew! Needless to say, the rotator helps a lot! Bob-Nj Fn20! (
Oct12 19:28 If it had not been for the big red blotch on the APRS map I might not have tuned around. The band has been so dead! Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct12 19:26 That station B93-7 in Greenville, SC on 93.7 was squeezed 1 notch (215degrees) between WSTW in Wilmington, Del (257deg) and Bob Fm in Chesapeake, Va (205deg), even though B93-7 is at 235 degrees from me. 977 miles could be my longest tropo from here on the NJ shore. Bob_Nj Fn20 (
Oct12 19:14 An Omnidirectional would not work for me here in New Jersey. Also, I have to tune the rotator to find the null point for each frequency I tune the radio to, because there are so many stations here between NY and Philly. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct12 19:09 [16:10] Lee, I am using a winegard hd6055 directional FM antenna, and just replaced my rotator that burned last month. I also have an FM6 antenna but save it for when the Winegard bites the dust. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Oct12 16:10 [11:40] (I'm guessing it involves something SLIGHTLY more advanced than an omnidirectional in the attic!) // Lee VA (
Oct12 16:08 [11:40] In 2022 (after my youngest heads off to college), remind me to ask you how you do it! // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct12 16:06 [11:40] Wow,! 575 miles on the East Coast. That's incredible, amazing stuff Bob! // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct12 15:12 Tr 104.3 WBBQ Augusta, GA (~350 miles) stronger than normal this morning... some light enhancement to Birmingham, Atlanta, other S/SE destinations - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct12 15:02 first: 95.1 FL JACKSONVILLE WJAX- 06-05-1973 1000 - then 30+, all Es - de WA5IYX (
Oct12 15:00 with Comfort on 95.1 been a while for me 95.1 FL JACKSONVILLE WAPE 06-27-1998 1159 - de WA5IYX EL09ql (
Oct12 14:01 WAPE 380 mile Tr from Keys on (unlisted) YT/cdEL96--> (
Oct12 13:03 Tr 94.9 WSLC "Star Country" Roanoke, Va. (381mi). Tropo now burning off, too bad I hadn't caught it sooner. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Oct12 12:26 Tr 98.1 WBRF "Classic Country" Galax, Va. (437mi). This station sounds like the old time country stations in the south. Great sound! Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Oct12 12:14 Tr 93.7 WFBC "B 93.7" Greenville, SC (577mi) w/Hawk and Tom morning show. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Oct12 11:40 Tr 102.5 WMYI "My 102.5" Hendersonville, NC (575mi). with top 40 and news on the flooding. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Oct12 05:53 Tr 93.7 WZMX 'Hot 93.7' Hartford, CT over WSTW '93.7 WSTW' Wilmington, DE @ 138 miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct11 17:15 I was up in Old Mission (north of Traverse City) yesterday and I was getting stations 200+ miles away - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct11 12:24 No Cuba at all except for a faint RCiudad 94.7; but WPHR took over./cd (
Oct11 12:20 Acually, am, I was down there for AM DX (no outdoor antenna); got severely distracted!/cdEL96 (
Oct11 05:34 I am glad you are receiving some Tropo cd. This Tropo season Is bad. Hope it picks up soon. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct11 05:29 I M (
Oct10 23:57 Tr /TrS from Craig Key MM 71.7 FL Keys: 95.1 WAPE & 105.3 WRHQ GA, 400 mi +, barefoot!/cdEL96 (
Oct10 12:55 Glad to know you are OK, Fred, and it looks as if it youll be able to DX again soon./cdEL96 (
Oct10 07:18 (05:04 good to see everything is alright-have some friends in Florence who are still without power-John Corning (
Oct10 05:04 The only other property damage was the toppled mailbox - got 11.17 inches of precip locally but we were high and dry = de fred SC FM03af (
Oct10 04:54 Winds were horrific - sheared off the director half of the APS-13 -but can be repaired. The 7 foot dish suffered no damage as it was lowered/lashed to roof. de fred SC FM03af (
Oct10 04:53 Power back on at midnight after a day and a half due to backside of Hurricane Matthew wreaking havoc here in low country of SC de fred SC FM03af (
Oct09 19:19 updated - de WA5IYX (
Oct09 14:25 Phased TV Repack Plan (TSPPN) from the FCC is out - Jerry (
Oct09 06:51 Tr 95.5 KCHK New Prague, Mn with frequent IDs - 6kW 47 miles. En35 (
Oct08 18:04 Ignore all but the Charleston I wrote. :( /cd (
Oct08 18:02 [14:38] I believe that WTAB is an official (
Oct08 18:01 Was just told that Charleston SC got pounded. :( /cdEL96 (
Oct08 16:16 A couple of pings on the overnight recording but mostly TrS/Tr - EN35 (
Oct08 16:15 Stale Tr overnight KSEZ 97.9 Sioux City, IA - 242 miles, have prv heard in St. Cloud - En35 (
Oct08 15:02 Es 54.310 pilot also worked kk5sw in La on 6m de wa4ukx em84 SC (
Oct08 14:50 I take that catch on 107.3 mentioning Tuscumbia (AL)./cd (
Oct08 13:47 I couldn't catch one thing from that last supposedly huge shower, despite recording constantly./cdEL96 (
Oct08 05:50 about the 1946 radar echoes from it - de WA5IYX;jsessionid=8AFC1F6C84BA12824FCA28BAEC4D3CAD (
Oct08 05:41 the 1946 meteor storm was 4 months before I was born - de WA5IYX (
Oct08 05:34 the Draconids/Giacobinids expected to be worth it ? - de WA5IYX (
Oct08 05:05 Which direction should i point my antenna for the meteor shower? En35 (
Oct08 04:43 Tr 92.9 KKJM St. Joseph, MN (about f**king time) - En35 (
Oct08 04:38 Tr - 103.3 K277BS (KNSI-1450) St. Cloud, MN 58 miles (250w) - new - En35 (
Oct08 03:33 good coverage (they have an alternate studio in Statesboro) - de WA5IYX (
Oct08 03:19 Stay safe Fred! Heavy rain and strong winds hitting Savannah now, with Hilton Head not far behind. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct08 01:37 Tr 96.9 WWCM with CMU Public Radio mentions. About f*#king time! - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct08 01:35 The 90.7 is probably WBHL as 93.9 is WAVC, running the same program - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct08 01:34 Tr 90.7 religious preaching. Likely needed WBHL - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct08 00:28 many FL FM COLs are not where I imagined them to be - de WA5IYX (
Oct08 00:26 since I no longer mark up maps or have to measure distances on them for my FM catches all this wx coverage is a geography lesson - de WA5IYX (
Oct07 23:48 Being 30 miles away from the coast - we are hunkering down - UHF Dish Antenna on tripod lowered/lashed with ropes de fred SC FM03af (
Oct07 22:22 Just got WQRC from Barnstable, MA fairly clear from 64 miles away, with interruptions by WTHT from Auburn ME, 115 miles away. (
Oct07 19:26 I just sent an e-mail to Fred. I prayed for him...these storms can stress you out, even if it doesn't come./cdEL96 (
Oct07 19:25 Landfall is predicted to be anywhere from Savannah GA to Charleston SC at this point, expecting downgrade to category 2 but still extremely dangerous with the storm surges. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 19:25 Landfall is predicted to be anywhere from Savannah GA to Charleston SC at this point, expecting downgrade to category 2 but still extremely dangerous with the storm surges. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 18:54 next step - de WA5IYX (
Oct07 15:47 Confirmed that Daytona picture was actually old from years ago...not sure why it was sent this time. Still lots of gusty winds. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 15:43 Just saw a picture of Daytona International Speedway completely underwater. Unreal to see. The gusts got up over 100 mph at Cape Canaveral, as Matthew slowly moves north towards Jacksonville. Mass evacuations in Charleston SC as well > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 13:03 more-robust server - de WA5IYX (
Oct07 12:44 Matthew has been moving slow as molasses; I just woke up and thought it would be near Jax by now./cdEL96 (
Oct07 12:30 as it moves north - de WA5IYX (
Oct07 02:12 That is wonderful how that kind of communication was the only lifeline in situations like that, Pat./cdEL06 (
Oct07 01:29 my HE-45a had a vibrator for 12V DC and the Utica 650A a pair of hefty switching transistors for DC operation - de WA5IYX (
Oct07 01:25 [0045] even in the 1960s many VT-rigs could be run mobile during power outages - de WA5IYX (
Oct07 01:11 Now private stations all over the Bahamas./cd (
Oct07 01:11 Oh [23:40] BTW ZNS had a monopoly on Bahamas radio, until 1993 with the debut of 100 Jamz in both Nassau and Freeport./cd (
Oct07 01:04 The effects in the Bahamas are devastating. Watching ZNS, it's a mess there. Bahamas and Haiti need help---badly. :( /cd (
Oct07 01:02 BTW praise God, we plan to go home in under 2 hours; neighbor said all is well./cdEL96 (
Oct07 00:45 Sure you can have generators, but wouldn't they be dangerous with gasoline around, in spots like that?/cd (
Oct07 00:44 I have wondered...don't hams still need electricity, in situations like that?/cdEL96 (
Oct06 23:46 heard a report of two gals trapped on the 2nd floor of a building - never knew how that turned out - de WA5IYX (
Oct06 23:44 during H. Camille in 1969 had to listen to ham nets on 80-m for "live" updates - de WA5IYX (
Oct06 23:40 ZNS runs both 104.5's in Nassau and Freeport, Inspiration 107.9 Nassau, and a little relay of Freeport's 810 on 107.1 in Bimini which is practically impossible to catch./cdEL96 (
Oct06 23:33 Been listening to WDBO-96.5, and watching some of WJXT-4. I'm more worried about Jacksonville/Brunswick area. The storm surge, along with the St. John's River, could devastate that city. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct06 23:32 You posted on the BCB logger...but ZNS has at least one or two FMs as well (104.5 comes to mind). Matthew is unpredictable now. Unbelievable strength. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct06 23:26 Crazy to read their weather forecast for this evening "Cloudy. High 82F. SW winds at 100 to 115 mph" de AC7XP (
Oct06 23:25 Spent a lot of time on Satellite Beach a few years ago...very enjoyable de AC7XP (
Oct06 23:13 (23:09) Now who gave you THAT info? :) /cdEL96 (
Oct06 23:09 Bahamas - Both of the big ZNS AMs are off the air - 810 Freeport, 1540 Nassau. Probably FMs off as well. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct06 22:01 Tr 94.1 KKLN Atwater, MN after I swung around to the west. New - 77 miles - En35 (
Oct06 21:51 ...near the animal hospital where I dropped off our cat./cd (
Oct06 21:50 Well I found a gas station here 2 days ago that kept their original price & was able to fill da tank right b4 the crowds started up!/cdEL96 (
Oct06 21:46 Oh sorry. But there have been some reports of gouging with THIS hurricane. A toll free hotline has opened up for price gouging as well. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct06 21:41 We still have electricity; between 8 and 10 pm EST is supposed to be the worst of it./cdEL96 (
Oct06 21:38 [21:25] I didn't make it clear. That was Andrew coverage. He just gave away the ice and left in a huff./cdEL96 (
Oct06 21:38 Tr 105.9 KHRS Winthrop, MN off the side 70 miles - new - EN35 (
Oct06 21:25 [2041] Hope that guy is arrested! That breaks the law. The governor warned of criminal charges for people who price gouge in a state of emergency. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct06 21:25 Tr 107.5 KLIZ Brainerd, MN "The Power Loon" - EN35 (
Oct06 21:21 Tr 94.1 KFML Little Falls, MN. Replaced nearly my entire cable run with RG-6 quad shield. - En35 (
Oct06 20:54 FL. Gov. said power will be out along the eastern communities area for a long time - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct06 20:41 I have 3 hrs video from WSVN 7, the if-it-bleeds-it-leads station. They caught a guy price gouging blocks of ice from Jacksonville./cd (
Oct06 20:40 (19:39) Had to be Bryan Norcross, now of the Weather Channel./cdEL96 (
Oct06 20:34 H. Matthew is 125 miles away from West Palm Beach - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct06 20:15 Florida coast might get up to 15" of raifall from major hurricane Matthew. West-central near Tampa 4-6" - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct06 19:39 their wx guy about had a fit when the Palm Beach wx radar went into a test mode - de WA5IYX (
Oct06 19:37 during Aug 1992 H. Andrew network overnight ran the Ch 4 live Miami feed - have VHS tapes of that - de WA5IYX (
Oct06 19:25 Matthew 's forecast track MIGHT have it loop around and come back to FL next week!/cd (
Oct06 19:23 Of course, their coverage area will (unfortunately) be affected most./cd (
Oct06 19:23 WPEC is very good coverage albeit a semi local; the only TV station here in SE FL with a weather subchannell (Weathernation)./cdEL96 (
Oct06 17:32 Live feed (shortened URL) from WPEC-TV in West Palm Beach: - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct06 17:10 Listening now to AM 810 ZNS3 Freeport Bahamas---Nassau getting battered. :( /cd (
Oct06 16:48 No work today at least./cd (
Oct06 16:47 Re MATTHEW: We are in the church now. Electricity still on, but our pastor's house lost electricity already./cdEL96 (
Oct06 15:40 Ephrata - de WA5IYX (
Oct06 15:28 lots of 1980 Mt. St. Helens ash ended up in Grant Co. - de WA5IYX (
Oct06 15:26 that Mag 7 1949 quake in Seattle was felt in Soap Lake, but at age 2 I don't remember it - de WA5IYX (
Oct06 14:57've probably seen those Apocalypse shows. There's that Cascadia Fault that could rock any year now with a devastating 8-9 magnitude earthquake. And of course, we've seen St. Helens before in 1980...but Rainier is always at risk too. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct06 14:55 just volcanoes and quakes :) - de WA5IYX (
Oct06 14:46 This is why I love Central WA. No hurricanes, tornadoes or typhoons. We get bad floods but they are rare. Snow always happens from Nov-Feb/Mar and people are used to it. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct06 14:44 Early reports saying that as soon as Matthew exits the Bahamas, it could strengthen into Cat-5. That's 1992 Hurricane Andrew level. If it hits Florida like it's showing on the future predictions, this could be devastating. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct06 14:43 Big prayers going out to you and your family Chris. Stay safe and get out before they throw a curfew on you guys! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct06 10:41 Gotta watch TV and call work today, to see what the game plan be./cd (
Oct06 10:41 (09:59) Was gonna spend the night at our church, which is also a shelter; but stayed home; a miracle I slept at all!/cdEL96 (
Oct06 09:59 cdEL96: You going to evacuate to a shelter for major hurricane Matthew today? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct06 07:05 @#$! Wrong board-sorry (
Oct06 07:04 1130 WPYB Benson NC 6500w daytimer still on w/id then country music 02:58 EDT nil-good o/u WBBR NY-John Corning NY fn12 (
Oct05 13:53 Tr 95.3 KCSI Red Oak, IA strong, local fog here. EM28 Lawrence, KS (
Oct05 13:00 Tr 89.1 WDWN Auburn NY fade up w/"Win 89 fm" id, fair sig. fade out-John Corning NY fn12 (
Oct04 21:24 ....but praise God I ran out of daylight that afternoon! Otherwise I would have to take them down a second time./cd (
Oct04 21:22 My antennas were down in preparation for the last storm; was gonna put them up again..../cdEL96 (
Oct04 21:22 [18:33] Wonder if the "in the know" crowd knew about all the Soviet Design bureau infighting - Jerry (
Oct04 20:59 Hurricane Matthew heading toward us 30 miles inland from Charleston SC - May have to lower antennas Thursday or earlier de fred SC FM03af (
Oct04 18:33 [16:57] it later came out that those "in the know" in US gov & scientific circles weren't all that unaware of the odds of a Russian satellite launch that year - de WA5IYX (
Oct04 17:05 Tr 105.7 WCUP with country music - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct04 16:57 [14:01] classic Cold War propaganda - Jerry (
Oct04 14:01 at the time many likened it to a "technological Pearl Harbor" - de WA5IYX (
Oct04 14:00 as a 5th grader I was so stunned hearing that news I can place where I was within 50 ft - de WA5IYX (
Oct04 13:58 on the anniversary of the namesake's launch in 1957 no less - de WA5IYX (
Oct04 12:18 [08:11] For my UHF/VHF DXing a few years ago, I used an ICOM AH-7000 discone antenna that I affectionately nicknamed "Sputnik". :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct04 12:16 (08:09) Haven't uploaded that 107.3 yet. Have to look for it---maybe later today./cdEL@6 (
Oct04 08:11 [Oct03 02:50 re "Sparky"] You're using Florida's old Electric Chair for DX'ing?????--Frank M. (
Oct04 08:09 Don't see anything on your list about a 107.3; I see only 19 videos in all and none are that--Frank M. (
Oct04 01:36 Here ya be/cd:----> (
Oct04 01:34 (01:23) That's because Google gave me a page under my real name---any YT uploaded via smartphone is there. See link above./cdEL96 (
Oct04 01:24 I'm thinking if it had an Esky adstring I would probably recognize it NU (
Oct04 01:23 cd: went to your YT channel on my smart phone and can't find your videos that are less than two months old N8NU (
Oct03 19:27 Take 2: Escanaba should be a "1400 miler"./cd (
Oct03 19:27 Escanaba should bea "1400 (
Oct03 19:13 (15:37) If I made a short YT of my unID 107.3 from summer (I think it is Escanaba), would you be able to confirm?/cdEL96 (
Oct03 17:29 Tr 97.1 WCOW "Cow 97" with ID - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct03 17:24 Tr 92.5/93.7/94.5/95.9/96.5 Rhinelander area - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct03 17:21 Tr 94.3 WZNL "Star 94.3" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct03 17:15 Tr 104.9 farm news - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct03 15:37 (15:36) 104.7 and 107.3 Escanaba are strong! - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct03 15:36 Tr 106.3 with Journey's Open Arms mixing with WGLM. Is Stephenson on? - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct03 15:34 Tr 106.1 with Worth It by Fifth Harmony mixing with likely WMIL - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct03 02:50 Fair tropo tonight from DFW-land, with 94.1 KLNO Ft Worth triggering RDS on Sparky...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Oct02 05:50 Tr 93.3 KBLB walking all over the local xlator "Alt 93.3" even audible on my Grundig G8. - EN35 (
Oct01 23:33 KCCO didn't decode. Can't count it. Sure I'll see it again - En35 (
Oct01 07:41 Tr RF 7 to the west. Chances are it's KCCO Alexandria, MN. Would be new from here. En35 (
Oct01 07:13 Tr 92.3 KXRA Aelxandria 116 miles very choppy (i'm assuming because of KQRS right next door) - En35 (
Oct01 06:58 Tr 106.5 KLFN Sunburg, MN "The Train" - new - 94 miles 6kw - En35 (This new antenna kicks butt) (
Oct01 06:40 Tr - 100.7 KIKV Sauk Centre, MN over local xlator for KUOM - En35 (
Oct01 06:28 Tr 96.1 WJMC Rice Lake, WI. Surprising since KTWN (96.3) has IBLOK - EN35 (
Oct01 02:27 Tr 97.9 KCMR Mason City, IA - 139 miles. // online - En35 (
Sep30 15:34 Tr 89.7 KMSU Mankato over KPCS Princeton. Fog helped bring that one in. En35 (
Sep29 07:06 Tr 99.7 KROY Palacios TX (328 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep29 04:14 Will be looking out for it. Thanks for the heads up. En35 (
Sep28 21:16 En35: Start listening for Au - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep28 20:01 Not sure if Tr or groundwave but I'm hearing 91.7 WMCN St. Paul in White Bear Lake about 15 miles out at 5 watts. KZSE is walking on it though. En35 (
Sep27 23:22 Es 55.250 weakish - kw4rz em60 (
Sep27 23:05 6M Es path from FL to Costa Rica - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep27 21:06 Couple 6M Es paths from NH to FL - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep27 14:36 Tr WMOR-FM - 106.1 FM Morehead, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Sep26 23:35 23:08 OK thanks Pat. Guess the chance of that happening is nill. - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Sep26 23:08 not unless the charged particle flow from it is great enough to induce a vigorous geomagntic storm - de WA5IYX (
Sep26 23:03 looks like a very huge Coronal Hole on the Sun in this Image - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep26 22:59 coronal hole on Sun turning toward Earth. any chance of Es / F2 or TEP DX from it? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep26 20:37 (15:18) Saw red lines from PR to SC early today....of course that guarantees nothing./cd (
Sep26 20:36 (17:27). I mentioned the phrase, but somebody else coined it. Cannot remember who it was./cdEL96 (
Sep26 18:56 KMOJ stupid phone. En35 (
Sep26 18:55 Tr 89.9 WHSA Wisconsin Public Radio with local KMOZ off air. En35 (
Sep26 17:41 [17:26] Frank: Don't slow him down. He's on a roll. Liable to make an intelligent comment anytime now ... Mike (
Sep26 17:27 Somebody here coined that term back in August. I'm making sure the name doesn't disappear...--Frank M. (
Sep26 17:26 iBiquity... (
Sep26 17:26 [08:29] Not that unbelievable, not far enough south to be outside the Din of iBuqiity--Frank M. (
Sep26 15:18 [12:31] ?? dx conditions are quite dead here now - Fred N - SC fm03af (
Sep26 14:51 [08:29] That far south of SF tnxs and never has DX, unbelievable! - Jerry (
Sep26 13:56 WNBM 103.9 barely makes it to New Brunswick NJ! - Bob West NJ (
Sep26 13:54 Tr St. Louis 14/24/26/39/47 all decoding now. - Matt EN21 (
Sep26 13:22 Tr KMOV-DT-24 decoding, 346 miles. - Matt EN21 (
Sep26 12:55 deluge - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Sep26 12:31 Seems at this moment Fred could see Haiti or DR on A2---Fred?/cdEL96 (
Sep26 08:29 Frank: About 75 miles south, on the SF Peninsula ... Mike (
Sep26 02:44 more south - de WA5IYX (
Sep26 02:17 Mike, looks like cm87 puts you maybe around Santa Rosa or Petaluma. Is that close?--Frank M. (
Sep26 02:15 The front came through dry, though Cedar Rapids (only 110 air miles from here) got slammed.--Frank M. (
Sep26 02:14 My air conditioning is probably off for the year now. Front came through. It's not "cold" as such, but unlikely to get uncomfortably hot again--Frank. (
Sep26 02:13 19:53--Weather Underground totally beats the snot out of The Weather Channel! And, on DirecTV, Weather Nation 361 ALSO beats the snot out of TWC--Frank M. (
Sep25 20:41 Thank you very much. Your comments are always welcomed too ... Mike (
Sep25 19:53 If anyone really cares they can see it on weather underground - Jerry (
Sep25 18:58 Looks like we're starting fall with temperatures over 100 here today ... Mike/cm87 (
Sep25 17:54 Today is the first operational day of FAST - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep25 17:50 Bigger is Better - Key statement at the end - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep25 17:47 The ultimate DX antenna - KA3JAW FN2jq (
Sep25 16:28 Tr 106.5 WVFM with ID "FM106.5" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep25 16:26 Tr 104.1 WVGR with RDS "MI RADIO" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep25 07:58 Radio Sol Mansi Guinea Bissau 52MHz link in Portuguese at 18.30utc yesterday in Portugal IM67 Hugh (
Sep25 07:05 Not really much tropo to speak of here. Mostly far western Wisconsin stuff I already have - En35 (
Sep25 00:38 Tr 107.7 WHSB Alpena, MI - The Bay - rare - 198 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep24 18:11 Tr 99.7 WIMI in very weak under WDKF with Wisconsin football - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep24 18:00 Tr 90.3 WHBM with Ideas network legal ID and North Central Wisconsin mentions - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep24 17:30 The 98.9 ends up being WVCX with VCY America programming - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep24 17:29 Tr 98.9 conservative talk steady. Is WEMP airing conservative talk on weekends? - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep24 17:10 Those of you interested in Cuban radio, have some unids you can listen to from 8/13 Es opening :-) - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep24 16:59 at 46:40 role of radio comms in 1925 Santa Barbara quake - de WA5IYX (
Sep24 15:27 Tr 107.9 WBCV Wausau, WI "Big Cheese 107.9" mixing with WCRZ - 353 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep24 13:08 [08:58] Still signs of life in that part of the spectrum! Awesome./cdEL96 (
Sep24 11:49 Tr 98.9 WNRW Prospect, KY (151 mi, 43 kW) Full HD decode over local WANT... strong, short-haul tropo to the north this AM - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep24 08:58 48 MHz Gambia FM STL received in Portugal IM67,still small amount of F2/TEP prop around early evening.Hugh (
Sep24 04:42 [17:01] So glad my local 103.7 WURV's IBOC was offline, otherwise WNBM wouldn't have had a prayer! // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep24 04:40 [17:01] Thanks Bob! Yeah I was pretty surprised to see they only have 980 watts. Had them for about 25 minutes this AM // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep24 04:37 [15:28] Hopefully the worst is behind you, and things will improve. FWIW, you didn't miss a ton of DX this year! // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep24 04:36 [15:28] Wow, so sorry to hear. Hate to hear about ppl exploiting generosity! // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep24 02:30 00:39 was what I was referring to-same formats repeated ad nauseam-John Corning NY (
Sep24 02:26 00:59-AMEN to that brother! John Corning NY (
Sep24 00:39 If only they realized that conservative talk, religion and ESPN are on everywhere. Local "anything" would sell, even if it was bad ... Mike (
Sep24 00:38 Stations can throw a translator on for cheap. If it improves their dismal revenue, its worth it to them ... Mike (
Sep24 00:24 I'll ask again: WHO IS LISTENING TO ALL THESE RADIO STATIONS????--Frank M. (
Sep23 23:13 Another stupid AM translator WHGM-AM I have on 100.5 here near Philly. 100.5 is now clogged. LM/FM29 (
Sep23 19:54 Semi-local has flipped formats. 95.7 KKSR Walla Walla is now AC "More FM" switching with a 250w translator (K291BS 106.1) which is now classic hits. The Classic Hits are also on KALE 960. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 17:01 Bob - West New Jersey (
Sep23 17:01 Wow Lee VA I'm impressed with you getting WNBM, that station is not known for getting out well (
Sep23 15:28 Yes 2018 is pretty far out but it will take time to get everything situated and be in line. LM/FM29 (
Sep23 15:27 I'm going to come back super great for 2018, I'm done with getting missed events and not being setup the way I want. LM/FM29 (
Sep23 15:25 My DX room is in shambles also, I've got a rebuild on my hands. LM/FM29 Plus still havent repared my mast and antenna since June 23rd 2015's tornado. LM/FM29 (
Sep23 14:46 So now it's an uphill battle and I guess that's what I get for being nice and trying to help out friends. LM/FM29 (
Sep23 14:45 Had tried to rent out our attic for extra income and help us get on top of bills, but they were dead beats didn't pay their rent or utilities took 2 months to evict. LM/FM29 so now I'm deeper in debt then ever. (
Sep23 14:26 Tr 93.9 WNBY "Oldies 93" with weather forecast with temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep23 14:17 [14:02] Sorry to hear! Some challenges here too, but hang in there! // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 14:17 (sorry ignore that 15:50 timestamp) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 14:16 [15:50] Curious opening: WDAS blasting in local-grade, & WISX over my local, but not a peep from WIP or WRFF // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 14:09 [14:01] Thanks, Lee! (Lee <--> Lee...never gets old!) Always a good night when I'm getting your locals! // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 14:02 I've had my worst year ever a ton of bad things this year so maybe 2017 will be friendlier. LM/FM29 (
Sep23 14:01 Lee great job on my locals if I didnt have to get in work early I would have done a band scan. But this year is an off year. hopefully next year or 2018 I'll be good. LM/FM29 (
Sep23 13:18 Tr 106.9 WKVP, Camden, NJ "K-Love” 198 miles, 38kW NEW (positive ID, under nulled out WAFX) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 12:54 Tr 103.9 WNBM, “Radio 103.9”Bronxville, NY 291 miles, .98kW NEW (local ads) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 12:38 Tr 106.1 WISX Philadelphia, PA “Mix106" 205 miles, 22.5kW, 34° (relog) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 04:39 Tr 103.9 WRCN-FM, "LI News Radio” Riverhead (eastern Long Island), NY, 341 miles, 1.4kW NEW (stream match) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 04:24 Tr 91.5 WNYE, New York, NY, 281 miles, 2kW NEW (program guide match) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 04:12 Tr 91.5 unID, college/indie format, Counting Crows “Daylight Fading" // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 04:08 Tr 90.3 unID, college/variety format, indie rock into Michael Jackson “Human Nature" // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 04:03 Just lost another frequency in Austin to a translator...K280GN just signed on today, carrying the signal from KFIT AM, another religious station. This one has RDS, too. Adios, 103.9...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Sep23 03:42 Tr 90.7 unID, NPR/BBC World Service overnight // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 03:39 Tr 90.7 WFUV, New York, NY, 291 miles, 46kW NEW (positive ID) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 03:35 Tr 105.3 WDAS Philadelphia, PA 201 miles, 16.5kW, relod (rare) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep23 03:35 Tr 88.3 WBGO, Newark, NJ “Jazz88” 281 miles, 2.5kW NEW (stream match) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep22 17:21 Tr - 91.7 KZSE Rochester, MN (87 miles) about all I can do -new- En35 (
Sep22 17:19 it got below 70F here this morn for the first time since early June - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Sep22 17:04 Tropo has been dismal here :( - En35 (
Sep22 16:25 [15:44] Actually, not quite exactly 12 hours today (but close!)... // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep22 15:44 Enjoy your 12 hours of daylight and night - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep22 15:43 Well, the autumn equinox arrived today at 10:21 a.m. ET (1420 UTC). The sun rises due east and sets due west. - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep22 15:18 It's likely 104.1 the Bay as 89.1 and 89.5 from that part of the state are strong - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep22 15:17 Tr 88.9 WCIY Canandaigua, NY, // 89.3, 100 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep22 15:15 (15:12) It's not Jack FM Minneapolis - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep22 15:12 Tr 104.1 with Eric Clapton's unplugged version of Layla mixing with a couple of others - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep22 15:00 Jicamarca Peru radar - de WA5IYX (
Sep22 14:28 Tr 106.1 CHEZ Ottawa, ON, "106-1 CHEZ", 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep22 14:24 Tr 96.3 CFMK Kingston, ON, Stream Match. Over Toronto. 162 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep22 14:15 Tr 106.9 CKQB Ottawa, ON, Stream Match, 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep22 12:25 Tr 99.7 CJOT Ottawa, ON, Stream Match, 213 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep22 11:41 Tr 105.5 CIUX Uxbridge, ON, Stream Match, 64 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep22 11:31 Tr 104.9 CFJR Brockville, ON, "JR FM", 200 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep22 11:27 Tr 100.3 CJMJ Ottawa, ON, "Majic 100", 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep22 11:10 Tr 93.5 KMYK Osage Beach, MO (357 mi, 39 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep21 23:31 Vasa, not Vera. What the heck phone... en35 (
Sep21 23:29 Looking at the Vera, Mn tuner I see the same stations I get daily (minus two in WI and KCCO). I don't feel so bad being the only one not receiving anything of note lol. En35 (
Sep21 22:51 1st season without any tropo over 300 mi here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep21 22:50 It's looking like this entire season is going to end up being entirely devoid of any "good" Tropo opening as well. Worst season experienced in 52 years--Frank M. (
Sep21 19:50 ah, i see. hdhomerun. (
Sep21 19:40 Do you know where the data for that map is coming from? Live tuners? JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Sep21 12:50 The old link will show you a map with reception locations but you will see not any activity even thou the date and time is running - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep21 12:48 Key note here is that if you had Bookmarked the page on your browser that had it will no longer give you access - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep21 12:45 In case you are not aware, but Trip got the RabbitEars Live Bandscan map page restored - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep21 11:21 Tr 97.9 WJLB Detroit, MI, "FM 98 WJLB", 203 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep21 11:17 Tr 98.9 CHCD Simcoe, Ontario, Canada "My 98.9" and local wx - 171 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep21 11:14 Tr 100.3 WNIC Dearborn, MI, "WNIC Traffic", 205 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep21 11:06 Tr 93.9 CIDR Windsor, ON, "River Traffic", 201 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep21 05:53 OK... Thinking that was overload (
Sep21 05:51 Hearing KEC63 on 149.750mhz as well...likely a link from White Lake to Southfield? JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, mi (
Sep21 05:43 Lots of the usual monkey business on the nws freqs as well. WTOL and WTVG Toledo first seen from Pontiac tonight as well. Big whoop. JJ in en82 / pontiac, mi (
Sep21 05:42 I have what sounds like an STL for WVKS Toledo here on 161.7mhz, nice clean signal. WVKS Toledo in and out on FM. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, mi (
Sep21 03:20 The larger telescoping antenna didn't improve anything at all other than the signal of that one station coming in. The issue with my location is that I will only get stations from ~30deg NE to ~150deg SE because while 130 feet AGL, I am on the east side of my building. It did almost pick up 2 other (closer) nearby channels with the very slight improvement in the telescoping antenna. -- Dan EN50MM (
Sep20 23:54 I got my TV from Georgia hooked up with a small telescoping antenna connected via coax hidden behind. The only station on my first scan thus far yields WCIA 3.1 (CBS) 39.8 miles with sub channels 3.2 (repeating ABC) , 3.3 (bounce) , and 3.4 (Grit). I will in a few minutes get a slightly bigger telescoping antenna hooked up to it, but I don't expect too many great results. -- Dan EN50MM (
Sep20 17:21 Tr 103.3 W277BR "91.3 the Message" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 17:01 Tr 94.9 traditional religious music. Guessing WVCY's translator in Sheboygan - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 16:45 Tr 101.3 is the LPFM from Milwaukee!! - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 16:42 Tr 101.3 80s AC type music. Not bleedover from 101.5 and doesn't sound like anything the Brew would play - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 16:37 The 96.1 is "Mix 96", so probably Quad Cities - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 16:34 Tr 96.1 hot AC type music. Doesn't match WLKG, WHNN, or W241AG - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 16:30 94.9 WKZC getting hammered in some directions - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 16:25 Tr 94.1 KRNA with Cedar Rapids area ads - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 16:12 Tr 98.7 WJYI translator with RDS!! - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 16:07 Tr 92.7 mix of at least three stations (WAUN, WCPY, and W224CA) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 14:48 Tr 99.5 WUSN with ID "US99" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 14:39 Tr 92.5 WCPY with talk making fun of the Donald - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 14:36 Tr 90.7 classical music (likely WAUS) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 14:33 Tr 87.75 WRME with soft oldies (Gordon Lightfoot) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 14:29 Tr 106.3 WYRB "Power 106" with stream match and ID - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 14:20 Tr 103.1 WVIV with SS ad - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 13:19 Tr Automated logger shows Quad Cities 36/41/49 decoding. 36/49 are 291 miles. - Matt EN21 (
Sep20 13:19 Tr Automated logger shows Quad Cities 36/41/49 decoding. 36/49 are 291 miles. (
Sep20 13:09 [04:25] Yes, nothing remarkable after that point. Signals were brief and weak, KVGB was barely out of the noise. I suspect I'm east of the primary duct... nothing notable this AM - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep20 11:08 Tr 93.7 WCIP Clyde, NY, "64 in Syracuse, Family Life News", 119 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep20 11:04 Tr 93.9 CIDR Windsor, ON, "on the River", 201 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep20 10:57 Tr 102.7 WCPZ Sandusky, OH, "", 211 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep20 09:59 Haven't seen much here...but "THERE IT GOES AGAIN" with the best catch at/toward the end of the opening. Congratulations K4NBF. This happens oddly often--Frank M. (
Sep20 04:25 Did the tropo shut off? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Sep20 01:58 Tr 104.3 KVGB Great Bend, KS (686 mi, 100 kW) !!! legal ID - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep20 01:49 Tr 93.5 KMYK Osage Beach, MO (357 mi, 39 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep20 01:47 Tr 96.1 KLRQ Clinton, MO (411 mi, 100 kW) "K-Love" - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep20 01:43 Tr 104.3 KBEQ Kansas City, MO (475 mi, 100 kW) w/ ad for Mercedes of Kansas City - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep20 01:19 98.9 is the rare-since-WEMP-signed-on WKLZ with "KLT" ID - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 01:14 98.7 and 98.9 are both airing Seger now (Old Time Rock and Roll on 98.7 and Travelin' Man on 98.9) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 01:13 Tr 98.7 WFGR with classic hits and ID. Local 98.7 off - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 01:00 Tr 89.3 WGNB with Moody Radio and weather forecast over usually dominant WPNE - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 00:58 I live in an area with very few local translators (one local translator and a couple of semi-local translators; also a semi-local LPFM) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep20 00:52 Tr 95.7 KWWR Mexico, MO (369 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep20 00:52 Tr WKRN-27 (370) and WEVV-45 (240) weren't there a few minutes ago--Frank M. (
Sep20 00:45 Easy to forget about this one, because I think I've actually had farther Tuscaloosa more often (though still rarely)--Frank M. (
Sep20 00:44 Ah...WPGD Hendersonville TN, 370 miles--Frank M. (
Sep20 00:43 Bearing is 150 to 160 degrees (
Sep20 00:42 Tr Guys, what is "TBN 50-1" on 33 toward Nashville?--Frank M. (
Sep20 00:35 Tr 103.7 WDBR Springfield, IL (298 mi, 50 kW)... Springfield is my most worn out, lukewarm tropo destination - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep20 00:35 Tr KVTJ-48 Jonesboro AR 330 miles--Frank M. EN40 (
Sep20 00:32 Not the optimal direction hinted on Hepburn maps--Frank M. (
Sep20 00:32 double post got "stuck" (
Sep20 00:31 Tr Something's happening! KBSI-22 MO (250 miles), WKNO-29 TN (370 miles)--Frank M. (
Sep20 00:31 Tr Something's happening! KBSI-22 MO (250 miles), WKNO-29 TN (370 miles)--Frank M. (
Sep20 00:30 Tr 95.1 KAMS Mammoth Spring, AR (270 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep20 00:08 Tr 98.5 KTJJ Farmington, MO (242 mi, 100 kW) wiping out semi-local WGIC - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep20 00:06 map looks great, but can't get past the 300 mile wall as of now - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep20 00:04 Tr 95.1 WDZQ Decatur, IL (273 mi, 50 kW) in solid with semi-local WGGC off again - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep19 23:29 Hey Bobnj, just emailed you a new Excel AMBC FCC Query with AZ,EL & Grid for your use. 73 Art KA5DWI/7 (
Sep19 23:16 Tr 101.7 WGEL Greenville, IL (235 mi, 6 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep19 22:41 I can regularly receive 6 translators and 2 LPFM's from here--Frank M. (
Sep19 22:36 [22:00] I live in a place that I do NOT consider to be "cluttered with tons of translators" (they're nearly all at least 30 miles away), and yet I've STILL logged far many more than LPFM's. I'm not counting either LPFM's or translators from Es in this analysis--Frank M. (
Sep19 22:30 (18:57) FL Keys only have a few LPFM and translators---and maybe over half are in Key West./cdEL96 (
Sep19 22:06 [18:57] The LPFM movement is strong here in Seattle. It, and the so-called AM revitalization, may nail the coffin shut for the hobby here. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Sep19 22:00 (18:57) - depends where u live - de WA5IYX (
Sep19 21:47 Tr 92.7 WUSW Taylorville, IL (287 mi, 11.5 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep19 19:17 Tr 95.1 KICT "T-95" Wichita, KS good signal mid-day. EM28 Lawrence, KS (
Sep19 19:01 live = love... (
Sep19 19:01 I would live to see NEW MAPS of Channels 2 through 6. Hopefully these will exist before the new season? Current 2 map still has the Mexicans, WKOB-LD, etc.--Frank M. (
Sep19 18:57 LPFM's may clutter the dial some, but in all these years I don't even think I've logged 10. However, I've logged dozens of translators in the past 5 or 6 years alone--Frank M. (
Sep19 16:40 maybe I should crowdfund a remote base to get away from these - de WA5IYX (
Sep19 06:55 Tr - KKCB 105.1 Duluth over semi-local WGVX - En35 (
Sep19 06:47 Tr 95.7 KDAL Duluth, MN - 127 miles - En35 (
Sep19 06:40 Tr - 105.5 KBAJ Deer River, MN Full quieting, three b a r s on the Sony - En35 (
Sep19 06:34 Tr 105.9 KKWS Wadena, MN "The Super Station" - new - 126 miles - En35 (
Sep19 06:21 Tr - 106.7 WJJY Brainerd, MN - En35 (
Sep19 06:20 correction WYRQ has 6kw. - En35 (
Sep19 06:18 Tr 106.5 W239CS Sauk Rapids, MN (250w) at 52 miles - new - En35 (
Sep19 06:14 It's KUMD Duluth (120 some odd miles). Common - En35 (
Sep19 06:13 Unid 103.3 playing hip hop. Hmm - En35 (
Sep19 06:11 St. Cloud stations are all showing RDS tonight. Funny to be on the opposite end - En35 (
Sep19 06:03 Tr - 92.1 WYRQ Little Falls, MN (about 70-90 miles) - pretty good for less than 5kw - En35 (
Sep19 05:48 [05:36] KSMQ is rare enough to be worth reporting. Kansas City isn't.--Frank M. (
Sep19 05:45 As for WLCF, I am now fully convinced they WERE OFF most of the summer. I never saw them until August. I don't think I would've had KCYM-Fort Dodge if they were on--Frank M. (
Sep19 05:44 Nothing from M-SP though, not even subdecodes. (45 would be the best indicator, but WLCF-LD Decatur is strong this morning)--Frank M. (
Sep19 05:43 OK, that's the most-unusual thing coming in right now. Some Kansas City (260 miles) are there. Bears later checking--Frank M. (
Sep19 05:36 Tr looking again, KSMQ-20 Austin MN (250 miles) coming in...there might be something going on TOWARD YOUR EN35 after all--Frank M. (
Sep19 05:31 [20:13] It doesn't look like it. I don't see any trace of it yet, though, and it looked like it could be starting by now. Looked like it would be mostly here-to-Kansas. Frank M EN40 (
Sep19 02:23 (02:17) I see now, Jim. So the COL is La Habana, 30+ miles from Guines?/cd (
Sep19 02:18 BTW Jim the RadioCuba maps of which I was notified, won't work on smartphones :( /cd (
Sep19 02:17 (23:56) Jim, the DB site is down at this time./cdEL96 (
Sep19 01:16 on a shorter vacation, to the SW shore of Platte Lake, in 1994, all the Cadillac/TC stations were fine. N8NU (
Sep19 01:14 [18:06] when I would be at a cabin on the northeast shore of Platte Lake, WGTU was a lost cause, no tropo, no ABC from WLUK (they're Fox now) NU (
Sep19 01:09 interesting that spectacular aurorae have occurred in low-sunspot years many times. N8NU (
Sep19 01:07 [18:50] I don't buy that story of a private telephone call overriding a radio broadcast for ONE SECOND! N8NU (
Sep18 23:56 CD, check out 104.7 Cuba listings on the WTFDA FM database. Something that might surprise you - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Sep18 23:49 Justin, I would be pointing that antenna straight south late tonight and early tomorrow morning - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Sep18 20:22 (18:50) W3OTC (SK) told me of seeing that Sep 1941 aurora in the DC area at age 11 - de WA5IYX (
Sep18 20:13 Does that include Mn Frank? En35 (
Sep18 19:28 Major tropo opening on the way for my area, early this week?--Frank M. (
Sep18 18:50 75 Years ago. Huge geomagnetic disturbance. dwi/7 (
Sep18 18:06 (Sep16 21:24) I still see some old antennas mostly aimed south/southeast at WZZM or west at Green Bay (both markets had/have ABC on VHF while home market ABC is/was UHF [and slightly farther than WZZM]) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep18 01:24 Tropo to northern Minnesota. A few of note: KLLZ 99.1 Walker, MN (146 mi) and KDKK 97.5 Park Rapids, MN (152 miles) - En35 (
Sep17 23:44 45 years ago this date in the 21" snowfall in Boulder - de WA5IYX (
Sep17 20:41 wvtc (
Sep17 18:31 Flea market find: another DHHD-1000 for $10. Hope it works as well as my other, and maybe this one won't have the C-QUAM blockef. N8NU (
Sep17 15:52 Ms 98.3 KXGT Carrington, ND several bursts past 30 min w/ RDS PS/PI "WFJ" 883 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep17 14:25 they wud have diagrams to go with this text - de WA5IYX (
Sep17 14:21 a few years ago the APTS said that they would send me PDFs of the two IRE articles about this BBC TA by RCA - de WA5IYX (
Sep17 13:55 even this has ended up on there - de WA5IYX (
Sep17 01:02 Scratch $60 it's actually about $100 with taxes at lowes. 65 mile range it says. En35 (
Sep16 21:41 abt the only outdoor TV ants in this immediate area now are the teeny sat dishes - de WA5IYX (
Sep16 21:34 It is been rented maybe 3 months of the 25 I have been here. What a waste. :) de dwi/7 (
Sep16 21:33 Someone here in my neighborhood has a high end Channel Master on a 10 foot pole for a rented duplex. de dwi/7 (
Sep16 21:24 for years in this town u cud see derelict Ch 9 Yagis still aimed n.e. at their 1962-84 TL near New Braunfels - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Sep16 20:50 That that would be my choice. I need a UHF HDTV antenna. Have my eye on one on an abandoned house. de dwi/7 (
Sep16 20:22 Yeah my method seemed complicated. Lowes has an all channel antenna for 60 bucks. En35 (
Sep16 20:01 buy a specialty 2-6 antenna and "switch out" when needed./cd (
Sep16 20:00 (19:19) I just wonder if it would be cheaper just to buy a replacement all-channel antenna, or...>>>/cdEL96 (
Sep16 19:19 Considering modifying my RCA dtv antenna (designed for vhf-hi/uhf) to receive 2-6. Any thoughts? En35 (
Sep16 13:00 strange places FM-DX audio clips end up - de WA5IYX[]=mediatype%3A%22audio%22 (
Sep16 12:57 I never realized the connection there - de WA5IYX (
Sep16 04:28 Vostok 3/4 missions were moved from July to August 1962 - Jerry (
Sep16 02:58 Schirra's Mercury flight was in October, but the radiation shortened the life of the solar cells on Telstar - de WA5IYX (
Sep16 01:54 [Sep15 23:01] manned space launch unsafe for at least a month - Jerry (
Sep15 23:03 I was listening the night of the Jul 1962 detonation and it did havoc with R. Japan's 9-MHz signal here - de WA5IYX (
Sep15 23:01 as is this from the 1962 high-altitude nuke tests - de WA5IYX (
Sep15 22:08 definitely worth a view (1950) - de WA5IYX (
Sep15 19:24 Tr 96.9 unid W/male in French 15:22 poor sig-most likely Canada but no idea who-John Corning NY fn12 (
Sep15 19:18 NAY(NY!) (
Sep15 19:16 Tr 96.9 WFPG Atlantic City fade up w/""-good sig, ac music mixing w/WLAN, WOUR and others. John Corning Nay fn12 (
Sep15 19:02 Tr 105.7 WCUP with country music into news. Lost to WAPL and WSRW - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep15 18:50 [18:48] Ontario date is wrong. That was the date of the HUGE Detroit opening...which I think was indeed in 2012 and was one of my "holy grail" Tr openings--Frank M. (
Sep15 18:49 Am thinking the Monterrey Tr was 2013? Pretty sure that, at worst, 2012 was ordinary here...but I think it was above ordinary--Frank M. (
Sep15 18:48 that season, it was either the Monterrey Tr on May 26 OR the massive, massive, massive Ontario Tr opening on August 2--Frank M. (
Sep15 18:47 [00:30] Maybe I'm getting my years wrong, but I think 2012 was the year that I had the Mexican high-banders on Es on June 18; was it? AND... (
Sep15 17:21 [00:30] It's all subjective. 2012 was bad here, but nowhere near as bad as 2016. Very little quality DX. Effectively, when June ended, so did the best part of the DX season. And Frank, you're right; a bad season means little to look forward to until late April or May, if then. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Sep15 15:59 Ms 88.5 CILV Ottawa, ON "...or" 310 mi NEW! -de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep15 14:00 [07:24] practically empty, should consider a move perhaps - Jerry (
Sep15 08:54 Oops, yeah you DID say Mike Cherry, didn't you? That's called "posting while not paying attention" D'OH!!--Frank M. (
Sep15 07:24 The closest I've ever been to Tofino was a road trip to the NW Washington Coast in July 2006 - Sekiu, Clallam Bay, Neah Bay and Joyce area. FM was practically empty. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 07:23 No...Mike Cherry (VE7SKA) was, many many years ago. It's in one of those old VUDs. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 05:42 Yakima, were you in Tofino for long? That place is a hoot (or at least was for me)!--Frank M. (
Sep15 04:34 [01:41] It kind of helps, too, that virtually all stations (even including Vancouver Island stuff) are well-blocked by the island's mountainous spine; that's pretty impressive though!--Frank M. (
Sep15 02:50 I've started heading to AM as well. Shame that I just got my antenna up 2 1/2 weeks ago. En35 (
Sep15 01:41 The only place where 400 mile tropo can really happen is along Vancouver Island. Mike Cherry has logged Eureka CA from Tofino BC...101.5 KEKA. 585 mile tropo > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 01:19 If it was to TRY to happen, it would in the end get blocked where the Cascades and Siskiyous pretty much come together...indeed quite a wall--Frank M. (
Sep15 01:18 Yak, of course good-versus-bad seasons in your part of the world are based SOLELY on skip, because there's no such thing as 400 mile Tropo there--Frank M. (
Sep15 00:30 Frank - It was the 2nd-worst season ever here. Worst is 2012 by a long shot. No Es until 7/4, only good opening was 7/24. It's September so I've gone to AM DX. New log last night (950 CFAM MB)! > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 00:20 good tropo here that month but not those dates - de WA5IYX (
Sep14 23:03 May 13-14, 1998 super tropo all over central and southern USA. worked South Dakota & Kansas on 2 meters from here in Florida - kw4rz em60 (
Sep14 22:06 Seems like Tr here has even been lousy. Last year I had Chicago dtv coming in. En35 (
Sep14 21:29 Boomerang waves seen on 6M band at fair strength on RTL_SDR-T2 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep14 21:18 In 1986, original plans were to be in Florida over Thanksgiving. It's ironic that those plans fell victim to a shattered schedule, because of great earlier-fall Tropo soaking up time--Frank M. (
Sep14 21:16 The best adjective for the best Tr this year is only "GOOD" - not great or extraordinary at all, by any means--Frank M. (
Sep14 21:13 My equipment in 1971 was severely limited & I still got 700+ miles with rabbit ears. Thanksgiving 1986 (multi-day event) was the biggest known opening in world history--Frank M. (
Sep14 21:12 At least 2002 and 1971 (bad skip years) had some good Tropo. The August 17, 1971 was perhaps the second-most-massive Tropo opening of all time--Frank M. (
Sep14 21:11 Still waiting for a good Tropo forecast on Hepburn, which doesn't disintegrate as the date approaches (or arrives). Despite August 14, this is the worst season of all time for DX--Frank M. (
Sep14 20:59 Should be qic not cic. Stupid phone. En35 (
Sep14 18:52 Tr 102.5 KCIC 102.5 Willmar, Mn peaking under a local xlator. Haha. // online. En35 (
Sep14 04:14 Tr 103.3 KUMD Duluth, MN 129 miles. // online. - En35 (
Sep14 02:06 Tr 97.1 "K-Love" WYND Hatteras, NC. (336mi) This used to be ESPN, before that "Your Country", and even before that "Orville" . Bob-Nj Fb20wb (
Sep14 00:17 wimpy Es 55.260 about S5-7, 59.760 audio weak, probably CIII Bancroft, ON - KW4RZ EM60 (
Sep13 20:08 Tr 88.7 WERN Madison, WI with Wisconsin Public Radio. Finally some decent easterly tropo. En35 (
Sep13 13:08 Tr 94.7 WIAD-FM, Bethesda, MD “94-7 FreshFM" 93 miles (full quieting over WRVQ IBOC) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep13 13:00 Tr 93.1 WPOC Baltimore, MD 118 miles NEW (mixed with local WWLB) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep13 12:44 Tr 89.7 WCPE “The Classical Station” Raleigh, NC 133 miles (re-log; full quieting, completely replacing local WLRJ) // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep13 09:05 Tr WULF - 94.3 The Wolf Hardinsburg, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Sep13 09:01 Tr WMMG-FM - 93.5 FM Brandenburg, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Sep13 07:58 Tr 93.5 KSCR Benson, MN // online. 112 miles - En35 (
Sep13 07:54 Tr 91.9 KBHZ Willmar, MN // online. Pretty good for 25kw (88 miles) - En35 (
Sep13 05:21 NJ *and* NC simultaneously...I'll take it! // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep13 05:20 Tr 105.5 WXQR Jacksonville, NC “Rock 105-5" 215 miles, NEW // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep13 05:00 Tr 98.7 WRMR Jacksonville, NC "Modern Rock 98-7" 212 miles, relog // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep13 04:52 Tr 104.9 WSJO Egg Harbor City, NJ "SoJo104-9" 198 miles [relog] // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep13 04:51 Tr 96.3 WRHT Morehead City, NC “96-3 Thunder Country" 200 miles, 173° [relog] // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep13 04:49 Tr 100.1 WJRZ Manahawkin, NJ "Jersey's Greatest Hits" 227 miles 1.7 kW [relog] // Lee VA FM17io (
Sep12 23:25 Thanks Pat. Close to my WSPR stats de ka5dwi/7 (
Sep12 22:14 (19:25) - summary - de WA5IYX (
Sep12 19:55 94.9 Miami Beach FL now "Tu 94-9," but I can't tell any real musical difference yet; maybe more adult?/cdEL96 (
Sep12 19:25 Pat, what days in August had good Es? de ka5dwi/7 (
Sep12 15:05 Tr 106.3 with Madonna's La Isla Bonita with no ID. Wondering if 106.3 Thompsonville has signed on - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep11 23:02 1972-73 indoor antenna, 1973-1977 V-100, since Apr 1977 FM-6(s) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Sep11 22:53 And I never had proper antennas until 1990..../cdEL96 (
Sep11 21:09 looks like 1986 was the last time an August had more FM Es than a June - de WA5IYX (
Sep11 21:03 and graphically - de WA5IYX (
Sep11 21:01 FM Es May-Aug 2016 here - Aug > Jun - de WA5IYX (
Sep11 20:29 Did the season start already? ... Mike (
Sep11 16:44 I just got done reading your report ka5dwi. Would it be safe to say this year wasn't the greatest for Es? En35 (
Sep11 12:42 Tr 95.1 KICT Wichita, KS good signal this morning. EM28 Lawrence, KS (
Sep10 18:11 That's Lisbon, ND 224 miles - En35 (
Sep10 18:11 TrS - 106.1 KQLX "Thunder Country 1061" fade up at the right time - En35 (
Sep10 18:06 TrS 106.1 KLSS Mason City, IA - new - En35 // online with Taylor Swift (
Sep10 16:18 Local KLCI off air. Unfortunately nothing under it - En35 (
Sep10 15:14 Tr 95.1 KRKR Lincoln, NE to Lawrence, KS em28 -- (
Sep10 13:36 Tr 106.9 WUBB Bluffton, SC 363 mi - kw4rz EM60 (
Sep10 13:08 Tr 100.3 CJMJ Ottawa, ON, "Majic 100", 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep10 10:14 Tr 97.5 WABD Mobile, AL (185 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 10:07 Tr 92.9 WTUG Northport, AL (284 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 09:56 Tr 107.5 WKXI Magee Ms (128 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 09:49 Tr 106.9 WBPT Homewood Al (329 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 09:44 Tr 107.1 WXYK Gulfport, MS (122 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 09:38 Tr 107.9 WZKX Bay St. Louis Ms (108 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 09:33 Tr 100.3 WNSL Laurel, MS (146 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 09:12 Tr 99.3 WLAU Heidelberg, MS (161 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 09:12 Tr 99.3 WLAU Heidelberg, MS (161 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 09:01 Tr 96.7 WGBL Gulfport, MS (122 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 08:55 Tr WMAW-DT-44 Meridian MS (195 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 08:49 Tr 96.3 WUSJ Madison Ms (151 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 08:44 Dang, I had a FM station coming in strong on 102.7 while 102.5 WFMF's HD signal was off but when WFMF flipped the HD back on, there HD IBOC hash wiped out 102.7's signal out. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 08:20 Tr 92.5 WQST Forest, MS (164 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 07:57 wow that did not last long. Local WVLA-DT-34 back on the air now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 07:54 Tr WRBJ-DT-34 Magee, Ms (128 mi) (new) Local WVLA-DT-34 off the air at this time - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Sep10 06:05 [04:19] With that hum you heard, it sounds like they're still Buzz 106.5, hi!!--Frank M. (
Sep10 04:23 Tr 106.7 WSTZ Vicksburg, MS 252 miles I-Heart stream is only about 1 second behind on air. Anyone heard shorter delay? - kw4rz em60 (
Sep10 04:21 Wow, have WCPN 90.3 and WKAR 90.5 both locking in HD at once?!? JJ in en82 (
Sep10 04:19 WLQR Delta OH in also, and sounding like crap, with a 60hz hum. I miss the days of buzz 106.5 and the deep voice announcer guy. JJ in en82 / Pontiac, mi (
Sep10 03:29 Tr WYFM 102.9 Erie PA 175mi. JJ in en82 / Pontiac. Mi (
Sep10 03:22 Mostly north coast Ohio and southern Ontario in here on FM. CIII 29 in also. JJ in en82/Pontiac, mi (
Sep10 03:16 (21:53) They still get out well despite downgrading from 50kW to 15kW a couple of years ago - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep10 02:38 Tr WMMS 100.7 Cleveland in solid JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, mi (
Sep10 02:36 Most of the NWS freq are stacked up 2+ here right now. JJ in EN82 (
Sep10 02:34 have something eating into local KEC63 162.55 !! JJ in EN82 (
Sep10 01:35 Tr WVOD-99.1 NC Mantao - RDS - The Sound - 305 mi de fred SC FM03af (
Sep09 22:23 It was always a good sign that if the bands were very active at 15:00 local, expect fun later that afternoon and evening. de ka5dwi (
Sep09 22:22 Sorry - should be "Oscoda" Michigan heh de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep09 22:21 Tr 95.7 WCMB Oscosa, MI -CMU Public radio affiliate - 170 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep09 21:53 Tr 88.5 WPVM Sturgeon Bay, WI 265 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep09 21:17 (19:01) - nice to see that the 1500 LST diurnal dip is maintained - de WA5IYX (
Sep09 20:33 Heat wave continues here for third consecutive day over 90.5F - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep09 20:04 Interesting reading, Art. There are enough LPFM and translator applications here that I might not know it if skip improves. Or notice it if it doesn't. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Sep09 19:01 Recap of the 10 Meter Spring/Summer Es Season on WSPR. If you care. de ka5dwi/7 DM34un AZ (
Sep09 17:50 Acutally "107.9 The Mix" was the tagline de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep09 17:49 Tr 107.9 WNTR Indianapolis IN "Mix 107.9" and Local ads - 210 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep09 17:34 Tr 99.7 WSHW Frantfort, IN "Shine 99" 192 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep09 17:00 Tr 94.9 WUPZ "The Bay" with top 40 music and legal ID. Local 94.9 off - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep09 16:25 in 1985 at the WTFDA Convention in NOLA wished been able to visit WTIX 690 TL as listened to them a lot in the early 60s - de WA5IYX (
Sep09 14:38 94.3 translator 3 miles SE has been off two days. WTIX New Orleans is such a flamethrower it's burning up most others in any direction - kw4rz em60 (
Sep09 14:35 nothing real distant here but very strong. 92.9 WTUG Tuscaloosa completely taking out WBLX with no trouble. I have to point the antenna at WBLX to get them - kw4rz em60 (
Sep09 14:32 Had some tropo last night down to the RGV and the MX border but 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa was it for cross-border catches...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Sep09 13:43 Tr 99.9 WSMS Artesia, MS "The Fox" 250 miles clobbering WMXC FM log #3500 - KW4RZ EM60 (
Sep09 13:33 Tr to Alabama at record strength 99.1 W256CD with RDS "THE GAME" 250w 210 miles - kw4rz em60 (
Sep09 12:33 Tr 105.5 CFBK Huntsville, ON, "This is Moose News", 155 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep09 06:06 Uhoh...what am I missing?--Frank M (in Kansas City for the weekend) (
Sep09 04:42 100.5 currently a three way mess of sports talk (WDTX), soft rock (WTRV), and Beatles (likely WEEH) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep09 04:35 Tr 106.3 WGLM "M106.3" with ID and local ads. Nice having 106.3 open now! - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep09 03:48 Tr 100.3 CJMJ Ottawa, ON, "Majic 100", 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep09 03:05 (03:03) Ended up being WGHN, which runs Alice Cooper nights despite being an AC station! - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep09 03:03 Tr 92.1 with Rush "Tom Sawyer" mixing with WLTU - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep09 03:02 Tr 105.7 WYXB Indianapolis IN - mixing- 210 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep09 02:47 Tr 100.5 WYMG with ID into local ads. Out of nowhere! - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep09 02:37 Tr 97.5 top 40 music mixing with WKLT - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep08 23:39 [22:33] I think I did try for that 72.725 and seem to remember faint audio, but it could have been a spur./cdEL96 (
Sep08 22:50 Tr 103.9 EWTN Radio. Probably the new LPFM in Ludington (WLCV) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep08 22:35 last time I heard 72.9 Radio Selectos was 7/22/12 - kw4rz (
Sep08 22:33 17:19 never detected a 72.5 here but in May 2007 along with 92.9 there was a wide FM broadcast about 72.725 it also played SS and EE music same as Selectos. Never heard an ID though, it was considerably weaker than 72.9 - kw4rz (
Sep08 18:56 True sister stations then, Pat!/cdEL96 (
Sep08 17:43 that 1949 Stewart-Warner's osc-mixer (12AT7) was connected directly to antenna so 2nd harmonic of l.o. when tuned to KONO-FM 92.9 made RFI on KONO-TV-12 - de WA5IYX (
Sep08 17:31 image response at 2x i.f. (tune 72.5, l.o.=83.2) - de WA5IYX (
Sep08 17:19 Was told San Salvador also had 72.5 but my local 93.9 put out a spur on it---any station +21.4 MHz would./cdEL96 (
Sep08 16:58 by the time I got a PRO-2004 I think 72.9 had quit - de WA5IYX (
Sep08 16:54 It was the Kaito 1102 which tunes down to 70./cdEL96 (
Sep08 16:51 cd what receiver do you have for that? Used to have 72.9 in the scanner. used to hear them often. kw4rz (
Sep08 16:26 I need to relocate the rest of my reel-to-reel VHF DX tapes from 1973-79 - de WA5IYX (
Sep08 16:24 with a 5-el 50-MHz Yagi on the Yaesu FT-847 it was a bit deaf at 72.9 so rarely caught it - de WA5IYX (
Sep08 16:15 Retro Time!/cdEL96--> (
Sep08 02:33 Tr WJIS-88.1 FL Bradenton - HD o/semilocal WRJA - 445 mi (NEW) de fred SC FM03af (
Sep08 02:14 local 100.3 WTKE off the air but tropo less than usual. All the station last heard in an outage to 184 miles in + new translator in Mobile, AL maybe some shreds of KLRZ Louisiana 230 miles with sports talk - KW4RZ EM60 (
Sep08 01:07 as for the lights - I started noticing something odd in the northern sky on my way up I75 around Gaylord, but with lights and such couldn't quite make it out. around 1AM-3AM ET they were dancing like crazy! JJ in EN82 (
Sep08 01:06 (03:14) not much time for scanning the band, too busy having other fun! JJ in EN82 (
Sep07 23:35 Tr WMIA-93.9 FL Miami Beach - 93-9 MIA - 502 mi - in briefly/weak de fred SC FM03af (
Sep07 23:03 I was in the UK on the downside of Cycle 18 (1952-54) - but at 47N in central Wash 1949-52 - de WA5IYX (
Sep07 22:54 Was stationed in AK for 2 years 1978-80 but the only view of the Lights was somewhere in Canada on a drive to my next duty station in MA./cdEL96 (
Sep07 22:50 Congrats on the Northern Lights. I went to Alaska 14 years ago and it was cloudy everyday I was there. de ka5dwi/7 dm34 (
Sep07 03:14 (20:22) Did you do a bandscan up there? I haven't been up there in many years and I remember getting then-"Wild 99.7" from Green Bay up there - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep06 20:22 returned back from my trip to mackinac city yesterday. saw the northern lights friday night - they were pretty active!! also it always amazes me how far WGFM and WKQZ both get out. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Sep06 00:48 (00:43) In fact, I have never received WLJD (formerly WCZW) here despite it being less than 100 miles away - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep06 00:43 (22:44) Also one of the best signals out there! It's pretty much a regular here at 160+ miles despite three closer 107.9s (WCDY, WLJD, WMUS) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep05 22:45 "Rick in Omaha" will attest to that... (
Sep05 22:44 [16:05] One of the best classic rock stations I've heard, at least true in spring 2012--Frank M. (
Sep05 21:54 OT (AM): Was expecting a children's "class in EE" on R Cadena Habana 1080; nothing but an SS version of R Disney. /cdEL96 (
Sep05 21:42 Bryce, Cuba FM might be more common as Es from TN as it is Tr from FL (except from south of Miami or Naples)/cdEL96 (
Sep05 21:12 My next video summary will include a few Cuba IDs, got lucky with early August Es at the top of the hour to CU - Bryce K4NBF (
Sep05 20:41 Both Cuba, natch; planning to record a program on an AM outta Havana./cd (
Sep05 20:21 From Mile Marker 71.7 US 1: barefoot, got RDS on R Ciudad 94.7 & Mayabeque 104.7./cdEL96 (
Sep05 16:27 Tr 89.3 WPNE Green Bay, WI Wisconsin Public Radio 269 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep05 16:05 Tr 107.9 WBCV Wausau, WI "Big Cheese 107.9" mixing with Cleveland and a couple Michigan Stations - 353 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep05 16:01 Tr 96.3 WKLA apparently boosted their power to their licensed 3.4kW. LID heard - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep05 15:40 Tr 89.9 AAA type station mixing with WLJN. Likely WORT - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep05 15:37 89.5 looks like WNIJ since MPR doesn't air it and WPR Ideas doesn't have an 89.5 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep05 15:34 Tr 89.5 Diane Rehm show. WCMU doesn't air Diane Rehm - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep05 15:28 I've IDed 2 arms via Ls ... Muskegon mi 105.9 and brockville on 104.9 (
Sep05 15:14 (15:12) Matches WCWI's stream - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep05 15:12 Tr 106.1 with the Motels "Only the Lonely" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep05 15:08 Tr 106.9 CKQB Ottawa, ON, "JUMP! 106-9", 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep05 12:27 Tr 104.9 CFJR Brockville, ON, "104-9 JR FM", 200 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep05 12:23 Tr 100.3 CJMJ Ottawa, ON, "Majic 100", 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep05 12:15 Tr 96.3 CFMK Kingston, ON, Stream Match. Over Toronto. 162 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep05 09:16 Tr WSMH-16 [66] Flint coming in well 420 miles...and nothing else really notable (probable subdecode WNEM-22)--Frank M. (
Sep05 07:50 Another thunderstorm rolling through (and I can't sleep). En35 (
Sep05 06:43 TrS or Ls - 103.3 WGLX Wisconsin Rapids, WI - with Billy Squier song. // online 175 miles- En35 (
Sep05 06:40 Tr 93.7 KXXR Minneapolis, MN weak w/Black Sabbath, "93X" NEW! 582 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 06:32 This marks the first time I'm hearing pings via lightning scatter. Stations will jump in for split seconds every time a strike happens nearby - En35 (
Sep05 06:09 Tr - 106.7 WATQ Chetek, WI - 74 miles - En35 (
Sep05 06:04 Storm knocked of my semi-locals to carrier level. I bet they use Barrix (like an internet based STL) to feed it. I recognize that hum anywhere - En35 (
Sep05 05:57 Tr - 92.3 KKHQ Oelwein, IA - "Q92.3" - En35 (
Sep05 05:51 Tr - 95.1 WQRB Bloomer, WI - 84 miles - En35 (
Sep05 05:47 Tr 97.3 KDNW Duluth, MN "Life 97.3" NEW! 560 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 05:24 -disconnected antenna- Very close lightning storm and I'm not chancing it. Can hear the crackles in my headphones... - EN35 (
Sep05 05:17 Two stns on 105.9 - one harder rock the other oldies - En35 (
Sep05 05:16 Tr 100.3 KDRB Des Moines, IA "The Bus"with ant pointed NW RELOG 626 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 05:05 *35, old habits die hard. -En35 (
Sep05 05:05 K293BA - pretty good for 196 watts. 41 miles - En25 (
Sep05 05:03 Nvm. TOH ID. KJLY xlator on 106.5 in Elko, MN - En35 (
Sep05 04:59 unid Religious station on 106.5 with mentions of events in Maryland including where to park. - En35 (
Sep05 04:50 Tr 96.5 WKLK Cloquet, MN The Northlands Classic Rock Stn RELOG 573 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 04:48 As usual, the duct is going one way. This is ridiculous - En35 (
Sep05 04:44 Tr 92.9 WSCD Duluth, MN classical music //stream NEW! 560 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 04:43 I should turn on the radio, what is wrong with me. You're getting my locals Jeff. - En35 (
Sep05 04:39 Tr 91.3 KUWS Superior, WI BBC News RDS NEW! de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 04:25 Tr 104.5 WAXX Eau Claire, WI ads "Wax 104,5" 474 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 04:24 Tr 104.1 KZJK Saint Louis Park, MN rock, "Jack FM" 582 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 04:23 Tr 100.1 WRHN Rhinelander, WI loud "Jack FM" 411 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 04:22 Tr 94.1 WIAL Eau Claire, WI RDS NEW! 474 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 04:04 Tr Minneapolis MN 91.1 / 97.1 / 99.5 are loud 582 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Sep05 03:43 Tr 103.9 CKDK Woodstock, Ontario Canada over local WLEN - 156 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep05 03:34 Tr 92.7 CJBX London, Ontario Canada "BX-93" and country music 137 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Sep05 02:47 Tr 105.5 CIUX Uxbridge, ON, "105.5 Hits FM", 64 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep05 02:32 [18:14] first time logged was on 9/12/14 - Fred N - SC fm03af (
Sep05 01:26 00:32 GMT recorder caught 4 second burn with "Oldies 93" WNBY Newberry, MI 50kw 1108 mi. Lot of Ms lately - kw4rz em60 (
Sep05 01:14 Ms 93.9 WMMA Nekoosa, WI 18kw 967 mi 10sec burn, strong, Catholic rosary - kw4rz em60 (
Sep04 20:20 Tr 98.7 WMDC with Beaver Dam ads (local 98.7 off) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep04 20:17 Tr 97.7 classic hits music with jock, probably off the bird (local 97.7 off) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep04 18:27 Juan (Iowacane in WTFDA) caught an unknown Haitian on 3 a couple of months ago./cd (
Sep04 18:27 Randy I had Radio Tele Eclair 4 in 2015 and Telemax 5 way back in 2000./cdEL96 (
Sep04 18:19 a few times this summer noted the Creole talk 59.750 on mobile scanner. I believe there are other low VHF Haitian TV. Had Creole on ch 6 many years ago - rz em60 (
Sep04 18:18 Was thinking the CB's might have been an "undocumented " Haitian, as Danny's site once mentioned a "La 2" in Port-au-Prince./cd (
Sep04 18:17 Back around 2012 or 2013 on a Sunday afternoon I had color bars on 2 messing with the Cubavision in likely Santiago de Cuba...>>>/cd (
Sep04 18:15 Note: Hepburn made note of it b4 I caught it, so I was trying for it, I guess./cd (
Sep04 18:14 My catch was Sep 2014 but Fred mighta beaten me to it./cdEL96 (
Sep04 18:10 when did the Haitian ch 2 go on the air? I believe this is the first year noted here - rz em60 (
Sep04 17:58 Remember that my first catch of Storm TV 2 Haiti was in Sept./cd (
Sep04 17:57 Well I did put up the temp---nothing doing. Could be a faulty cable though./cdEL96 (
Sep04 17:46 55.250 warbler is gone, but a clean signal is there now, only S1-5 wimpy Es but hey it's September - rz em60 (
Sep04 17:45 I dont even have my FM tuners on, nothing higher than ch 2, but I'm 450+ miles from south Florida - rz em60 (
Sep04 16:44 Fred/Randy: is it worth my while to put up a temporary antenna? I see lines on DXMAPS./cdEL96 (
Sep04 16:35 Es ch 2z south - weak warbling carriers - also YV4AB Ven beacon on 50025 de fred SC FM03af (
Sep04 16:23 55.250 Warbler is still going, maintaining S3-7 on 6 meter rig - RZ EM60 (
Sep04 14:55 Es 55.250 Dominican Warbler and others weak - RZ EM60 (
Sep04 14:35 [22:51] I've been here since early 2009. 2009-2013 logged just shy of 1000. Moved 30 miles north in Dec 2013; at this QTH have logged 885 - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep04 13:05 Tr 106.9 CKQB Ottawa, ON, "JUMP! 106-9", 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep04 13:00 Tr 100.3 CJMJ Ottawa, ON, "Majic 100", 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep03 22:28 2-bay conicals in 1965 - de WA5IYX,3300037&hl=en (
Sep03 21:51 18:18 cool video Bryce, how long have you been in TN now and what's your total FM log #? - kw4rz em60 (
Sep03 21:44 Ms 93.9 KSWN McCook, NE again "The Zone" with 2nd ID "93-9 The Beat" Indianapolis, IN in same burn. Meteor Shower going on? - KW4RZ EM60 (
Sep03 21:33 Ms 93.9 KSWN McCook, NE 50kw 1041 miles "Zone 93-9" - KW4RZ EM60 (
Sep03 19:29 Here ya go. En35 (
Sep03 19:24 There is no way they're at 3kw. That structure is a sign in front of the studio. Their older tower was/is on the hill southeast of the studio. I have a picture of it somewhere. En35 (
Sep03 19:21 Digging into the FCC file, it looks like this is the KIQZ antenna tower - K4NBF (
Sep03 19:17 I've actually logged it a few times. I remember seeing all the FCC issues, etc on the wiki for KIQZ - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep03 19:11 Tr 100.3 CJMJ Ottawa, ON, Stream Match, 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep03 19:02 Still surprised KIQZ is actually on the air with some power. Their owners MRB are horrible. En35 (
Sep03 18:18 August 14th opening to Wyoming, Colorado, NM, OK, KS... finally finished reviewing and posted a video... some good stuff! - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep03 17:44 Tr 105.5 KBAJ and KRBI fighting. I must have a pipeline to these stations. - En35 (
Sep03 12:46 Tr 99.3 WFLK Seneca Falls, NY, "Classic Hits 99.3", 125 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Sep03 07:46 [16:45] the CONICAL - that's what I was thinking of!!! And, [16:49] I had a VHF mounted vertically here for Es, it certainly helped especially in 80s, 90s, probably no KCRA-3 without it--Frank M. (
Sep02 22:59 This Fall I Plan on adding My FM Antenna to the see if it makes a difference on FM wa4ukx em84 (
Sep02 22:54 I'm Guessing in these rolling hills of Upstate SC that a lot of my stations are reflecting off of "Things" wa4ukx em84 (
Sep02 22:47 You would be surprised how signals improve with the antenna at a 45 degree wa4ukx em84 (
Sep02 22:45 This Year I put my DTV antenna on my HamSat Rotors...I can rotate the antenna From vertical to Horizontal and in wa4ukx (
Sep02 22:38 noting several tropo targets that are mostly or all vertical polarized per FCC data in the FM spreadsheet. Managed one of them recently with horizontal yagi. Would be interesting to compare signal strength with vertical yagi at same time - kw4rz (
Sep02 22:10 I just completed all the Ms files---only the Tuscumbia AL 107.3 was Ms./cdEL96 (
Sep02 18:21 Tr 95.5 WIFC interfering with and occasionally overtaking local WQEZ - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep02 18:20 Tr 96.1 WLKG with Lake Geneva ads - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Sep02 16:55 I am out here on my back patio typing an analysis of this year's Es season on 10 Meters. Not the end of the world. de dwi/7 (
Sep02 16:53 By the way, his site is no longer up. : ( de dwi/7 (
Sep02 16:51 K1MOD always had his mounted vertical. (
Sep02 16:50 Tropo, you stayed horizontal. (
Sep02 16:49 none of my antennas here are high enuf to orient to vertical polarization and still be able to turn - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 16:49 In the old days if you are into Es propagation, you mounted the antenna vertical so that locals would interfere less. Polarization makes no difference on Es de ka5dwi (
Sep02 16:47 BTW, the element tubing ends on that 1955 item weren't crimped so provided homes for wasps, etc - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 16:46 anyone experimented with comparing vertical yagi to horizontal? kw4rz (
Sep02 16:45 I never took a photo of the "ugly" 2-bay conical that was at the place in Austin (the mast was jointed irrigation pipe) - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 15:40 The antenna was purchased in 1974. Moved to DFW from Houston in 82 when my parents retired to Austin. Been used off and on all hose years. de ka5dwi/7 (
Sep02 15:36 It lives a life of luxury in the high desert monsoon invested high desert of Arizona on a RS telescopic mast and an old U-101 rotor. Keeps a licking keeps on ticking. (
Sep02 15:34 Today antenna here in AZ has been thru tropical storms, hailstorms and small tornado and only the UHF elements rusted up and was removed. de dwi/7 dm34 (
Sep02 15:30 Pat, I always enjoy your posts. Add for my antenna. de ka5dwi/7 (
Sep02 12:31 on Jul 20, 1960 storms winds spun it (180 or + degrees) and ripped the twin-lead off it - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 12:28 It was all seamed aluminum tubing likely held together with 6x32 machine screws, nuts, washers - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 12:21 also overkill with SA's Chs 4,5,12 c. 6-mi away - but an advantage when 4 & 5 moved c. 24 mi away in Dec 1958 - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 12:18 in Novato in Marin Co. the rental had a larger and higher antenna there already - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 12:15 in Apr 1955 It was probably overkill in Hayward, CA for SF's Chs 4,5,7,9 with TLs just across the Bay - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 09:07 But that was the boy in me, at the time, to come up with a descriptor--Frank M. (
Sep02 09:06 Oh, not the thing I was thinking of. I was thinking of those antennas I always thought looked "boxy"--Frank M. (
Sep02 05:00 Tr 95.1 KICT "T-95" Wichita, KS strong this evening to Lawrence, KS N0JK em28 (
Sep02 04:14 (somewhere) I have other photos of it being used again in 1971-1972 - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 04:08 and what I got with it 1958-1966 - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 04:04 scale drawing of 1955 hi-lo VHF TV Yagi - de WA5IYX (
Sep02 02:04 not sure if it's luck but today's 90.5 recordings have quite a bit of Ms with 4 IDs. Antenna NW KZNA-KS, KUT-TX, KBMP-KS, and KSMS-MO top of last hour - KW4RZ EM60 (
Sep02 01:24 100.9 KTSO Sapulpa.OK fipped format to "Totally Awesome 80's" today - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Sep02 01:06 TrS 103.3 KZCR Fergus Falls, MN with Minnesota Vikings football // online and ad for casino. 157 miles - En35 (
Sep01 22:53 Luckily I likely took those measurements of it in 1962-65 - de WA5IYX (
Sep01 22:47 I need to make a scale drawing of it (only thing left now is boom) - de WA5IYX (
Sep01 22:46 I think all those yagis were made by Finco, right? Did they have the entire market for those?--Frank M. (
Sep01 22:44 In 1965 (Tropo) I had WBYO-107.5 Boyertown PA (450 miles), again over mountains, on the CHEAP G. E. clock radio and rabbit ears, also WEIV-103.7 Ithaca and others--Frank M. (
Sep01 22:42 I was also DX'ing with a KLH-18 tuner, specs (which I saw long afterward) said 5dB ADJACENT selectivity. The equivalent (at the time) to ALL locals having full IBOC, but I knew nothing better; even Detroit (40 miles) wickedly assaulted me--Frank M. (
Sep01 22:40 In 1966 (I think) parents put up a 40 foot tower, decent VHF and 4-bay UHF...and NO PREAMP. D'oh! - None of us knew about such things--Frank M. (
Sep01 22:38 I hadn't even DX'ed FM yet. I didn't have FM until 10 JE 1965. --Frank M. (
Sep01 22:38 ...on that old primitive yagi. Always have wondered what would have been possible also DX;'ing FM with good equipment etc--Frank M. (
Sep01 22:37 Including where I lived, until the late 1960's. In 1964 I got WNBC-4 on Tr, 540 miles, across mountains, from Michigan, pointed about 40 degrees offbeam--Frank M. (
Sep01 22:36 I remember those "1955 yagis" - they were EVERYWHERE!!!!!!--Frank M. (
Sep01 22:15 it sure improved my VHF tropo catches vs the 1955 Yagi - de WA5IYX (
Sep01 22:11 t was erected Feb-Mar 1973, still there, used a bit on Airspy these days - de WA5IYX (
Sep01 22:05 [17:01] you got a LOT of mileage out of that V-100, Pat. N8NU (
Sep01 22:03 [17:01] you got a LOT of mila (
Sep01 21:41 No idea what the AC on 105.5 is now. - En35 (
Sep01 21:40 Oops, typo (
Sep01 21:38 Um...WHAT? You're saying that KYBA is on 105.5 now?--Frank M. (
Sep01 21:33 Tr 105.5 KBAJ Deer River, MN with Tom Petty. // online. 163 miles. Holy cow - En35 (
Sep01 21:31 Well the format caught me off guard so I started searching. 105.5 is now three stations deep. SS, AC which is KYBA and classic rock - En35 (
Sep01 21:15 [21:04] If that weas skip, people would be needing to look at Channels 14 - 15 - 16, heh--Frank M. (
Sep01 21:08 Tr - 105.5 KRBI St. Peter, MN - // online with Madonna. 68 miles - new - En35 (
Sep01 21:06 KDLS is 231 miles. Now fighting with a stn playing Madonna - vogue - En35 (
Sep01 21:04 Tr 105.5 KDLS Perry, IA - new- Regional mexican format. Not skip lol - En35 (
Sep01 21:03 Tr 105.3 KYBA Stewartville, MN (109 miles) -new- WRXP off air for some reason - En35 (
Sep01 20:23 my "unadorned" 2016 FM-DX log - de WA5IYX (
Sep01 18:20 `Wow! thanks Brice-and-N6KCR for that FCCdata site, what a `mess 95.9 and 96.7, as well as 99.1 will eventually become. Also a 101.5 in Panarama City, HAhaHA maybe thats the pirate? that site is missing an analog LP ch6 KSFV from here in Sherman Oaks (
Sep01 17:01 and the damage to my 1973 Archer V-100 ligustrum (since removed) did - de WA5IYX (
Sep01 16:57 Sep 7, 2010 TS Hermine here - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Sep01 16:48 [09:35] Hard to believe it's been a year already since that amazing Minnesota event. The unquestioned highlight was reeling in Dryden, ON on 100.9, which I got thanks to your tip! :) However, I neglected to alert Matt about that, and he gave me a lot of grief afterwards -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep01 13:38 [13:31] I'm afraid to look at what is cooking down here!/cdEL96 (
Sep01 13:33 I remember 96.7 being a mess in my area with KCAL and KWIZ, add two LPFMs on top of that... - K4NBF (
Sep01 13:31 I like solely for the purpose of keeping up on new CPs & apps, here's the LA query with tons of 101.5s - Bryce K4NBF (
Sep01 13:27 [13:04] Last I was DXing there, 101.5 was just KGB-FM from San Diego. I can't imagine how that Newport Beach station survives coastal tropo - Bryce K4NBF (
Sep01 13:26 Tr not making it past eastern MO wall... but several Poplar Bluff (~200 mi) FMs in stronger than usual - 94.5, 99.9, 103.5, etc - K4NBF EM66 (
Sep01 13:04 [02:43] Lots of LP/translator listings in the WTFDA database on 101.5 in the L.A. area. Corona, Santa Clarita, Lake Los Angeles, Newporrt Beach. - rick N6KCR Seattle (
Sep01 11:36 Three Companies Agree to Plead Guilty for Fixing Prices of Electrolytic Capacitors - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Sep01 10:23 Tr WKLOU 103.3 - St. Louis, MO Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Sep01 09:44 Oh, what I mean is that it now seems that Tropo ENTIRELY avoids that three weeks which absolutely used to be "GOLDEN" without fail, year after year. What's up?--Frank M. (
Sep01 09:35 There was the MN one on August 31 last year, but I think after 4 or 5 years of skipping 8/16 to Labor Day--Frank M. (
Sep01 09:34 I remember, for decades, there were ALWAYS 2-to-4-days massive Tropo events around this time of year. They NEVER happen anymore?--Frank M. (
Sep01 02:43 Last 3days or so probably another pirate on 101.5 here in Sherman Oaks, mostly in Spanish, slick ID's "Super K U in Spanish, mentions San Fernando Valley (
Sep01 00:38 90.5 WTGF still off air, recordings in AM have WFRC-GA 25kw 169 mi, WPWB-GA 16.5kw 247 mi, , WQLS-AL 400w 111 mi and one lucky Ms ID WJYJ-VA 26kw 741 mi. - RZ EM60 (
Aug31 23:45 I've noticed WLCF-LD-45 Decatur IL the past couple of days only. never/not at all earlier this season. Have they been off for a while?--Frank M. (
Aug31 22:11 I've also found that there's no to little time most days here to even think about DXing. I've been moved in 13 days now and haven't even done a serious bandscan to see what I can or cannot get on any receiver. -- Dan EN50MM (
Aug31 22:03 Where I am, there are no strong HD signals but two stations. A few signals I get here on the car radio (has HD) indicate the station has HD, but it cannot pick it up since it is too weak. -- Dan EN50MM (
Aug31 22:02 Es - Cuba ch 2z -with Cuba Vision logo - very strong signal de FRED SC FM03af (
Aug31 21:00 I'm finally on my final file from the Ms sessions---98.5 at over 4 hours; with only that AL 107.3 as Ms so far./cd (
Aug31 20:57 Or, "It Blocks Out (DX) Chances."/cdEL96 (
Aug31 18:23 [16:38, 18:05] "Din of iBiquity..." BWAhaha, that's brilliantly clever! "bothers other channels is great too! #zing! // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug31 18:05 [16:38] The other clever one is this for IBOC: "It bothers other channels." - rick N6KCR Seattle (
Aug31 16:58 Here in Sherman Oaks, among LA-and-Long Beach stations, out of 23 HD's I get 20, which would have a total of 27 extra channels. Lately 89.3 KPCC has been weaker, no HD, so 89.5 KPBS San Diego stands a chance (
Aug31 16:38 I wish I knew who it was, that called HD "the din of iBiquity"...clever!/cd (
Aug31 16:37 ....and don't expect that number to decrease, as long as iBiquity or whoever it is now has its stranglehold on radio./cdEL96 (
Aug31 16:13 Wow, that's nice! I have 11 HD signals here on the edge of the Richmond, VA metro area // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug31 15:28 At least I only have one local that normally comes in HD (89.3 WPNE) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug31 14:35 103.7 WURV IBOC is off today...heard 103.5 WRCQ (192 miles) and 103.9 WNNL (161 miles) with near local-grade signals // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug31 14:31 Fort Myers, FL 6M Es up to MO - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug31 14:24 Tr 105.7 WYXB Indianapolis IN 210 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug31 14:23 Tr 107.9 WNTR Indianapolis, IN "The Mix" 210 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug31 14:17 Central NJ has 6M 700+ mile Es into SW MO - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug31 13:32 Usually when I have had multiple stations with their HDs missing, it seems the fault to be at the transmitter site---cannot prove it, though./cdEL96 (
Aug31 12:18 all local HDs here appear "normal" - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Aug31 09:10 [03:25] Be careful what you wish just might get it--Frank M. (
Aug31 06:51 [02:59] Still not quite as fickle as lawn mowers, haha--Frank M. (
Aug31 06:50 [00:34] HEY, YEAH...thanks for that...I didn't notice that one! (It's the most cool when it's the only two stations licensed there as is Tupelo. Do I have the liberty to consider that KFRM was originally Concordia? Hi!!!)--Frank M. (
Aug31 05:40 WIAL is my only Wisconsin Es log. 1403 miles > Yakima CN96 (
Aug31 03:25 I'm kidding really, but maybe we should all campaign for HD-only signals. That way when there's an outage, we'd lose some locals entirely for a while! - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Aug31 03:23 97.7 WYYX still off, 90.5 WTGF is off this evening too, no propagation to speak of, just weak religion station with hymns in /out - kw4rz em60 (
Aug31 03:20 101.5 WTKX had IBOC off yesterday. Was nice to hear 101.7 so clear again, but no prop to talk about - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug31 02:59 My longest IBOC outage locals both turned back on today, right as two others shut off. After 10 years it's hard to believe how fickle the technology is - K4NBF (
Aug31 01:51 Will take a picture of it tomorrow when I finish tweaking it. Still working on the ground system. - En35 (
Aug31 01:49 Finally got the omni and RCA TV ants hooked up. WIAL Eau Claire, WI coming in at full strength at 87 miles - En35 (
Aug31 01:07 There were so many HD anomalies today that I wonder if new software was installed at stations. If so, the rest of you should have some fun too. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Aug31 00:34 [13:04] As are KSAL and KINA in Salina, KS -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug30 19:50 Latent Es 89.1 KYFP TX, BBN, TOH ID (would be 16:00 UTC Aug 12)/cdEL96 (
Aug30 19:36 Had a KLove on 89.1 from Aug 12 during a TX opening; could be KRLR LA as Amarillo might be too far./cdEL96 (
Aug30 19:30 It's the new Murphy's Law, Rick; adopted after HD began. No DX conditions during station mishaps. You can look it up. :)/cdEL96 (
Aug30 19:19 Why not during the Es season? Or during an opening (whatever those are?) Four HD stations off. More! More! - Rick N6KCRSeattle (
Aug30 19:11 ....from Texas./cd (
Aug30 19:10 Continuing my monitoring from almost 3 weeks ago; one file has Ms yielding to Es on 89.1 for Aug 12./cdEL96 (
Aug30 17:50 (15:33) Happened yesterday to me on 95.5 (Chicago over local) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug30 16:04 Sandusky is dominant though. probably onandaga or lima behind it. JJ in EN82 (
Aug30 16:02 162.4 has two particularly strong sigs battling it out JJ in EN82 (
Aug30 16:01 hearing multiple weak sigs on almost all of the vhf wx freqs, some north coast ohio FM in here. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug30 15:38 Tr 98.5 KURB Little Rock, AR (~350 miles) still hanging in there... strong stuff burnt off - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug30 15:33 [14:14] Always good to get a DX station over a local./cdEL96 (
Aug30 14:38 [BUT-LER and TUP-ELO]. Jamestown had "Kissin'" AM and "Hug" FM (WKSN and WHUG) decades ago. N8NU (
Aug30 14:34 [04:26]. Yes, it is, and that may have been what happened. N8NU (
Aug30 14:25 Tr 105.3 KYMO East Prarie, MO (153 mi, 3000 watts) - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug30 14:21 Tr 104.9 KFFA Helena, AR (220 mi, 18kw)... new local translator about to wipe out this frequency, enjoying while I can - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug30 14:14 Local WWTN is LOS, only been overcame once before, requires some phasing - K4NBF (
Aug30 14:13 Tr 99.7 WMC Memphis, TN (192 miles, 296 kw) over 100kw local WWTN (27 mi) - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug30 14:04 Tr Memphis & East AR overcoming some of the weaker full power locals (c 20 miles) this AM. Several new logs, remarkable strength - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug30 13:11 We have WMIA 93.9 and WAMI ch 69 in the "Miaami" area./cdEL96 (
Aug30 13:04 WTUP and WELO in Tupelo, AM's that are NOT co-owned (or at least not traditionally so) are also cool--Frank M. (
Aug30 13:02 [05:10] NEVER heard that during 20 years in Milan MI/Toledo areas. Nice catch! My favorite pair of callsigns (if AM is still on) WBUT (1050)/WLER--Frank M. (
Aug30 12:06 Just saw that Traficant passed away 2 years ago, sorry./cd (
Aug30 12:01 (04:36) Prior to HD era, I'd try for WQZS and indeed Y'town would be in the way. Thank you James Traficant./cdEL96 (
Aug30 06:49 Closest would be Chicago - En35 (
Aug30 05:24 Does the FCC still maintain its District Field Office in Minn-St. Paul ? - de WA5IYX (
Aug30 05:12 Pirate on 87.9 still chugging along. Now playing the entire CD of Hell Freezes Over by The Eagles. Three bars on the Sony - En35 (
Aug30 05:10 Tr 97.7 WLER Butler, PA 212 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug30 04:57 Enhancement to St. Cloud again tonight, despite a t-storm between here and there- En35 (
Aug30 04:36 No - Been all WWCD The Wolf Youngstown Ohio this evening - I keep checking though de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug30 04:28 Bill EN 82: any chance of bearing 93.3 WQZS Meyersdale PA tonight?/cd (
Aug30 04:27 ...may see info on a stored one you already have./cd (
Aug30 04:26 if the DX channel u see is not "stored," you (
Aug30 04:26 (02:05) Zenith/Insignia box? Sometimes the "guide" will give info on another channel by mistake.../cdEL96 (
Aug30 04:15 local WXYZ 41 (7) wiped out by Tr, XYL still able to watch Drew Carey on Laff because WEWS 15/5.3 is booming N8NU (
Aug30 03:56 NU,. I see WCDN-LD-7 in Cleveland, listed with Daystar. Though not sure why, could they be doing Channel 3?--Frank M. (
Aug30 03:52 My rogue Tr duct died out as soon as it came, it seems. I thought WGBA-41 was impossible...--Frank M. (
Aug30 03:21 Tr 102.5 WDVE Pittsburgh PA - Good - 220 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug30 03:17 Tr 92.9 WLTJ Piittsburgh PA "Q92" 220 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug30 02:42 WNEO 45 Alliance OH Very rare (WDIV dominates channel here) N8NU (
Aug30 02:38 WTOV 9 Stubenville OH. N8NU (
Aug30 02:35 WINP 16 (38) Pgh, N8NU (
Aug30 02:25 DTV 51 WTAE Pgh. N8NU (
Aug30 02:11 Tr DTV 25 KDKA Pitts urgh PA. N8NU (
Aug30 02:09 Does WKYC have a xltron ch 7? NU (
Aug30 02:06 Yes, I said ch 3 news, not ch 7. NU (
Aug30 02:05 UnID DTV 7, Only stream 7.1, guide showed "Bear Gryllis", followed by "Channel 3 News". N8NU (
Aug30 01:56 Channel scan at 100.degrees yielded 76 virtual channels. Holy $#%! NU (
Aug30 01:54 Tr. DTV 16 W16DO-D Ohio (new). N8NU (
Aug30 01:43 Tr Gopt it!! WGBA-41 Green Bay (virtual 26) 305 miles...NEW!!! On exceptionally tough channel--Frank M. (
Aug30 01:42 Tr But, OK, what's this? "26-3 Laff" on 41 from the NE. Again I'll have to look. Something in WI?--Frank M. (
Aug30 01:39 D'OH!!!! OK, got it figured out...WWRS Mayville WI. That's one always easy for me to forget about--Frank M. (
Aug30 01:38 D (
Aug30 01:38 D' (
Aug30 01:36 No, not Sandusky. So, what is this?--Frank M. (
Aug30 01:30 Tr WHAT is this? On 43, TBN 52-1 coming in from the east. Is Sandusky here? (This is so fast, I didn't look.)--Frank M. (
Aug30 01:29 I have never identified Ms here - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug30 01:26 my lone ms ident so far this year 07-11-2016 ms 1622 WIBI 91.1 IL CARLINVILLE ("WBGL" ID) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Aug30 01:20 I am 99.7% sure the first one was Ms though---the 107.3 popped upmand then off again./cd (
Aug30 00:35 Pat, had it been a "normal" Aug 12, I would say Ms for sure. Long trains though. Mid August brought Es this year of course./cdEL96 (
Aug30 00:25 Tr 107.1 with Some Nights by Fun into All That She Wants by Ace of Base with no ID between songs - Christian EN64 Manistee, Mi (
Aug30 00:17 Tr 95.3 W237AA (WSCO) with Community First Credit Union ad - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug30 00:11 (00:09) Just heard a Razor 94.7 ID on 106.3 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug30 00:09 Tr 106.3 hard rock. Likely Razor 94.7's Green Bay translator - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug30 00:06 Tr 103.9 WWIZ West Middlesex PA "Rock 104" - 180 miles - new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 23:47 Tr 93.3 WNCD Youngstown, OH "The Wolf" 171 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 23:38 Tr 88.9 WFSE Edinboro, PA "Fighting Scots Radio" ID into Dave Matthews song. 177 miles- new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 23:26 Tr 102.9 WYFM Sharon, PA - Y-103 and classic rock over local WWWW - 172 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 23:20 I'd go batty with all those indeterminate Es/ms events ... - de WA5IYX (
Aug29 23:18 Tr 101.7 WMVL Linesville, PA "High Octane Race Talk" show 174 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 23:15 I saw that too - 250 watts - might be. de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 23:14 Tr 98.9 WMXY Youngstown, OH "Mix 98.9" and Delilah radio show - 172 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 23:09 I found a Spanish translator on 97.9 in Milwaukee - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 23:08 Christian - ad in spanish might still be WLUP, if they were targeting sp. demographic in Chicago are de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 23:05 Tr 100.3 sports talk mentioning college football team - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 23:00 Tr 97.9 Spanish ads. Wish my Spanish was a little better or the guy spoke a little slower - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:58 Tr 96.1 WLKG with ID "Lake 96.1" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:58 Tr 96.1 WLKG with ID "Lake 96.1" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:55 Tr 93.7 with Spanish love song - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:50 102.9 WHQG also locked in HD - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:44 Tr 102.3 WXLC "102.3 XLC" with ID and Lake County mentions - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:42 100.7 WKKV is also in HD - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:40 99.1 WMYX just decoded HD - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:38 Latent Es/Ms 89.1 BBN, the only one being KYFP Paris TX, about 1515 UTC Aug 12---also a loud KLove./cdEL96 (
Aug29 22:38 Tr both Drive frequencies in (96.9 and 97.1). 96.9 is almost semi-local status here, while 97.1 is much rarer - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:34 Tr 92.1 WVTY "The Shore" with ID - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:32 Latent Ms (Es?) 89.1 KEOS TX, underwriting for place in Bryan, matching street/ph #. 1500 UTC Aug 12./cdEL96 (
Aug29 22:31 Tr 91.5 WBEZ with Chicago traffic report - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 22:23 almost finished going thru my raw notes for the massive Aug 9 Mexico/Latin American Es event - de WA5IYX (
Aug29 22:08 22:03 WNBQ 92.3 off the air-John Corning (
Aug29 22:03 Tr 92.3 WRRN Warren PA-yl with "thanks for listening to 92 gold-the greatest hits". Nil to ex signal w/wnbt off or using low power-John Corning NY(mobile) (
Aug29 21:54 Latent Ms (Es?) 89.1 WVTF VA, "", 1435 UTC Aug 12./cdEL96 (
Aug29 21:13 Tr 97.9 WLUP with ID "The Loop" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 21:09 Latent Ms 107.3 WQLT AL, ad w/ female voice "here in Tuscumbia," 1340 UTC Aug 12./cdEL96 (
Aug29 21:08 Tr 95.5 WEBG "Big 95.5" with ID - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 21:02 Tr 88.1 religious programming. Doesn't match schedules of WBLW or WHJL (WRVM simulcast) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 20:54 Tr 103.1 WRVM translator - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 20:19 Tr 90.9 K-Love // 90.5 and 88.9 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 19:53 (18:50) "And I woulda CAUGHT that FM station too, if it weren't for that meddling IBOC."/cd (
Aug29 19:51 It was apparently a car GPS "Turn right on US 27"; rap playing in the car I guess. Can I count it? :D /cd (
Aug29 19:50 Reviewing for Ms from over 2 weeks ago on 89.1 I had "0.1 mile DX" apparently..../cdEL96>>> (
Aug29 19:39 I have a hard enough time with our cat, "Jack."/cdEL96 (
Aug29 19:33 (15:32) I am taking care of our daughter's 20 month old 82 lb. Golden Retriever. So much for radio de art ka5dwi/7 DM34 AZ (
Aug29 18:50 (15:32) Can she solve DX mysteries, like Scooby Doo? "Rooby-rooby-roooooooo!"/cdEL96 (
Aug29 16:00 Tr 102.5 WDVE Pittsburgh PA - weak/mixing 220 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 15:33 Tr 93.7 KDKA Pittsburgh, PA Weak/mixing with Sports Radio 221 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 15:32 (15:29) She's a Great Dane who's six months old, 26" tall at the shoulders, and between 60 and 70 pounds - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 15:29 I've been helping take care of my sister's puppy (she's up for the week) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 15:21 [13:17] Wow! Great catch Bob! // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug29 15:18 Tr 107.9 WDSY Pittsburgh, PA "Y-108" and country music 221 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 14:35 Tr 106.7 WSRT Gaylord MI - mixing/over local WDTW - 206 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 14:26 Tr 89.3 WPNE Green Bay, WI (back in or still in - not sure) WPR and classical music - 269 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 14:07 Tr 103.7 WRTS Erie PA - Star 104 - 187 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 13:17 Tr 91.5 WUNC Chapel Hill, NC. (400mi). HD-1 North Carolina Public Radio, NPR. and HD-2 Alternative rock. RDS Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Aug29 12:04 Tr 92.5 WFDX Atalnta, MI "The Fox FM" ID into Classic Hits - 198 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 11:56 Wow I have cbet Windsor and wtvg Toledo in here for the first time with the attic antenna. Jj in en82 / Pontiac mi (
Aug29 11:29 Tr 100.3 WMVN Sylvan Beach, NY, "on Moovin". 177 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug29 11:12 Tr 90.7 CBOF Ottawa, ON, FF Talk, 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug29 06:09 Tr 105.5 WGKL Gladstone, MI Kool 105.5 306 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 05:07 Tr 107.3 WUPF Powers, MI Eagle 107.3 and classic hits. TOH ID - 306 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 04:57 Tr WBUL-FM - 98.1 The Bull Lexington, KY is in with full bars taking out my LP. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Aug29 04:54 Tr 99.7 WDJX - Louisville, Kentucky is in like a local with full bars and I usally get this very weak 24/7. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Aug29 04:48 Tr 94.3 The Wolf - WULF - FM 94.3 - Hardinsburg, KY in like a local. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Aug29 04:48 Tr 104.1 WRLU Algoma, WI ads for Door county, ID into Country Music - 258 miles - new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 04:44 Tr WKQQ - FM 100.1 - Winchester, KY in like a local. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Aug29 04:40 Tr 103.7 WHYB Menominee, MI - 284 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 04:24 Tr 95.1 WLST Marinette, WI "Cat Country" 284 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 04:13 Tr 100.7 WOBE Crystal Falls, MI "100.7 Radio Now" ID - 334 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 03:55 "Off" the side de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 03:55 Tr 103.7 WRTS Erie, PA "Star 104" 187 miles of the side de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 03:49 Decent East Coast tropo event shaping up, rare stations from DE to NC booming in; local translators falling. But I just *can't* stay up until 3AM again tonight!! // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug29 03:48 Tr 106.5 WHBZ Sheboygan Falls, WI - Hard Drive Radio Show - 234 miles - NEW! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 03:46 Tr KNGA 90.5 St. Peter, MN 68 miles - new - En35 (
Aug29 03:08 Tr 99.7 WDKF Sturgeon Bay, WI "The Duke" classic country - 263 miles - NEW! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 02:55 Tr 104.9 WPCK Denmark, WI Nash FM 104.9 ID - 263 miles- new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 02:48 Tr 105.7 WAPL Appleton, WI 267 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 02:42 Nice picture Pat. En35 (
Aug29 02:04 Tr 89.3 WPNE Green Bay, WI Wisconsin Public Radio de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 01:58 Where's Christian? Shouldn't he be getting MN by now? - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug29 01:56 Tr 89.7 WHND Sister Bay, WI - RDS - 273 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 01:53 Tr 88.5 WPVM Sturgeon Bay, WI loud with RDS 265 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug29 01:22 frame grab of Venus-Jupiter conjunction last evening - de WA5IYX (
Aug29 00:13 (00:01) Yes - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug29 00:02 If so, just a word of info that Star 106.5 Nassau is 5 kW nondirectional, per an on-air guy there./cd (
Aug29 00:01 Christian: are you cparkes on YT?/cdEL96 (
Aug28 23:06 That was March 2015. A blanket of snow there./cd (
Aug28 23:06 happened to be time for U Pitt basketball. Harumph!/cd (
Aug28 23:05 Wife and I were at Mt Davis PA (WQZS transmitter site), and I was recording the music, untillllll..../cd (
Aug28 23:04 Well Christian, if Mayabeque would only list the power used, to the PTB. I am just curious./cdEL96 (
Aug28 23:00 I'm pleasantly surprised that Radio Mayabeque has an English website - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug28 22:57 (18:04) Several of my locals have no stream or website - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug28 22:03 I will say that I never saw a Cuban FM > 10k until you mentioned CMEK here. I have heard that too./cdEL96 (
Aug28 21:04 Yep, 102.5 CMCC Santa Cruz del Norte MQ "La Voz de Litoral" 1.585kw 50m - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug28 20:57 No audio ID, but RDS aqui./cdEL96---> (
Aug28 20:56 How about 102.5 Litoral in Mayabeque? Is it mentioned?/cd (
Aug28 20:55 Here./cd--->!!)-Friday-March-21-2014-tropo (
Aug28 20:55 I TRUST you implicitly Chris. This list came from a reliable source - the ITU just completed a total update of Cuban FM radio stations (kilowatts, tower height, tx location) and yet Radio Mayabeque IS NOT listed on 95.9 & 104.7. I don't get it - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug28 20:53 But yet, prior to Revolution, was still difficult to hear from home...except..../cdEL96 (
Aug28 20:51 And if it wasn't for that new EDM Revolution 104.7 in Miami....grrrr./cd (
Aug28 20:50 Trust me is almost without fail the 1st Cuban FM I hear driving south from Florida City to the Keys./cdEL96 (
Aug28 20:39 And yet, their website is hosted by the ICRT. Very strange... - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug28 20:37 Doesn't show them on 95.9 either. Are they NOT sanctioned by the ICRT?? - de JimT/MO (
Aug28 20:37 Don't understand why this list doesn't show Radio Mayabeque on 104.7?? They clearly show they broadcast on 95.9 and 104.7 on their website - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug28 20:33 CMEK has a 230 m tower - de JimT/MO (
Aug28 20:32 There isn't an MQ station on 104.7...104.9 with 1kw. Strongest signal on 104.7 is CMEK Dos Hermanas, Villa Clara with 31.6kw, the rest 1.995kw or less - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug28 20:23 [20:17] As long as no IBOC....Has a power been obtained for Mayabeque 104.7?/cdEL96 (
Aug28 20:18 Avg 1-2 new stations per frequency in Cuba - de JimT/MO (
Aug28 20:17 Working on brand NEW FM list for Cuba on WTFDA db, FYI FM licenses exploding in Castro land - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug28 18:07 McCook NE for that 93.9 I see; before I was born, my family was stationed in Neb/cd (
Aug28 18:04 STREAM!/cd (
Aug28 18:04 WQZS not only doesn't steam---doesn't even have a website. I recorded a bunch of it from Somerset PA last year./cdEL96 (
Aug28 17:48 quite by coincedence my #1 most logged Es station 93.9 KSWN is in my father's birthplace - kw4rz em60 (
Aug28 17:47 17:34 I have heard WQZS from here, in June 2006 two months before local WNCV went on the air - kw4rz em60 (
Aug28 17:35 Quirky oldies station with country mx thrown in for the morning show---COL Is my late dad's birthplace./cd (
Aug28 17:35 Quirky oldies station with country mx thrown in for the morning show---COL Is my late dad's birthplace./cd (
Aug28 17:34 Has anyone reading here ever caught WQZS 93.3 Meyersdale PA?/cdEL96 (
Aug28 16:28 Justin, earlier this week I had several Shoreview stations in (94.5, 97.1, 99.5, 101.3, 102.9) as well as KOWZ and the majority of Duluth signals in Manistee - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug28 16:16 Tr - 106.5 KFMC Fairmont, MN with an entire Rush concert start to finish. RDS - 122 miles - new - En35 (
Aug28 15:54 some tropo still hanging in Star 99.1 occasionally (300 mi) , 106.9 Birmingham still RDS level 210 miles. rare stuff seems gone - kw4rz em60 (
Aug28 15:41 WTDR doesnt even have a significant signal from the rural campout I go to often 25 miles from Talladega. - kw4rz (
Aug28 15:35 unusual tropo conditions, but is burning off now. 3 new logs. Been looking for 92.7 WTDR Talladega for years, country fade ups occasionally through WKZJ indicated was there, lotto win level luck with 10 second perfectly timed "Thunder 92-7" - kw4rz em60 (
Aug28 15:26 Tr 103.5 WHVK New Hope, AL (107 mi, 290 watts) strong signal for such low power... K-LOVE - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug28 15:20 Tr 89.5 WMAE Booneville, MS (160 mi, 85 kW) with HD ident over local WMOT - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug28 15:16 "NBC Sports Radio" in the long fades of Star 99.1 Huntsville. Has to be the sports translator W256CD Fultondale, AL 250w 210 miles - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug28 15:05 Yeah. TK101, and the 96.9 in S. Ala are my beacons, not hearing them right now... although 101.5 has a new LPFM that makes it tough - K4NBF (
Aug28 15:03 might have heard 99.1 translator in Birmingham, sports talk, reviewing recording now - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug28 15:03 Bryce, been checking for 103.3, 104.5 Nashville, two easiest, but no sign. Alabama line effective radio fence - kw4rz em60 (
Aug28 14:53 Randy, Birmingham blasting in here too - K4NBF (
Aug28 14:53 Tr 99.9 KGPQ Monticello, AR (340 mi, 25 kW) Legal ID - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug28 14:40 Tr stronger than usual to north hanging in there 89.3, 99.1 Huntsville 300 miles, many Birmingham with RDS / HD and over locals - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug28 12:03 Tr Baltimore, Washington, Delmarva, south NJ were in solid, nothing raally unusual. Burning off now - Rich, PA FN11 (
Aug28 08:46 ...Johnstown PA a "self-respecting" station to call themselves Glue 92? What about WPIG which you might hear someday (but lotsa mountains)?--Frank M. (
Aug28 08:45 [00:17] Was WGLU-92.1 Johnstown P (
Aug28 06:54 Tr 102.3 WMMJ Bethesda, MD “Majic 102.3” 91 miles NEW (through local WRXL IBOC) // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug28 06:52 Tr 96.9 WFPG Atlantic City, NJ 198 miles NEW stream match, over local WWUZ // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug28 05:53 Catches like that make this crazy hobby worthwhile! // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug28 05:53 Whoa, unexpected! Through nulled out local W291CL, via indoor secondary antenna // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug28 05:51 Tr 106.1 WBLI "106.1 BLI” Patchogue (Long Island), NY, 320 miles, NEW positive ID // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug28 05:45 Tr 93.3 KBLB Nisswa, MN with CMT after midnight over a local xlator. Hahah! 107 miles - En35 (
Aug28 05:22 Tr 96.9 WFPG Atlantic City, NJ 198 miles NEW stream match, over local WWUZ // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug28 03:55 Tr 94.1 WIAL Eau Claire, WI "I-94" // onilne fighting an UNID rocker that played Rock you like a hurricane by scorpions - En35 (
Aug28 03:15 Tr 99.1 "Fox 99.1" WKFX Rice Lake, WI prv hrd in St. Cloud - En35 (
Aug28 03:12 Lol... tropo to St. Cloud now. My former locals are very strong tonight - En35 (
Aug28 03:08 Tr 97.5 KNXR Rochester, MN - 87 miles w/ classic rock format - En35 (
Aug28 03:00 Am getting some tropo even though I don't have my full antenna setup yet. Most of the same stuff I got in St. Cloud - En35 (
Aug28 02:58 Bummer, Justin. When Es goes wild, an 87.9 will pop up every now and then for me./cdEL96 (
Aug28 02:47 Hits two bars on the Sony in my basement with a simple dipole. - En35 (
Aug28 02:47 So I figured out I have a fairly strong pirate radio station here in Blaine, Mn on 87.9. It plays a lot of variety but mostly entire albums. Justin EN35 (
Aug28 02:19 in case one has missed the hype - de WA5IYX (
Aug28 02:11 got some video clips of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Aug28 01:41 How about the stations that brand themselves "hit kickin' country" - rz em60 (
Aug28 01:04 Tr 93.5 CKXC Kingston, ON, "Country 93.5". On top of Toronto, 158 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug28 00:59 Tr 96.3 CFMK Kingston, ON, Stream Match. Over Toronto. 162 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug28 00:17 [19:24] Fascinates/amuses me that any self-respecting station brands itself as "The Cow" // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug28 00:15 Locally, my 103.1 is almost always occupied by either a translator for WNRN, or full-power WRNR...unrelated, both with near-identical AAA formats. // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug28 00:05 Haha, that's awesome Christian! // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug27 23:57 [19:24. 21:28...[PUTTING THIS ALL TOGETHER] GET THIS!!! WCOW-AM-1290 Sparta WI used to be on 990 as...WKLJ!!!!!!!!!!!!--Frank M. (
Aug27 21:38 Fun with call signs: Now that WKLA is on 96.3, it is first adjacent to WKLH, less than 100 miles from Ludington on 96.5. Then throw in WKLK on 96.5 near Duluth (which I received earlier this week) and you have three stations that could easily be confused for each other - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug27 20:34 I shoulda connected all that with the Chicago Fire (1871) references below my 02:34!/cdEL96 (
Aug27 19:24 CD et al = Blame it on the cow? 96.9 in KS or 97.1 in WI? ;-) Saul ON (
Aug27 19:09 I always thought Dudley's protruding chin looked like a foot - de WA5IYX (
Aug27 17:31 Reference to my vague 02:34 post/cdEL96--> (
Aug27 15:48 Tr 107.9 CJXY Burlington, Ontario Canada weak/mixing 205 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug27 14:52 Tr 101.3 CKOT Tillsonburg, Ontario Canada Easy 101.3 - into local ads de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug27 14:47 Tr WBLX-92.9 AL Mobile - "93 BLX" 485 mi de fred SC FM03af (
Aug27 14:45 Tr 102.5 WTSS Buffalo, NY "Star 102.5" Strong at 225 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug27 14:40 Tr 103.7 WRTS Erie, PA "Star 104" RDS 187 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug27 14:19 Tr WEAR-17 FL Pensacola 485 mi de fred SC FM03af (
Aug27 14:17 Tr 100.3 CJMJ Ottawa, ON, Ottawa area ads, 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug27 13:57 Fred 89.3 WSCI still strong here - kw4rz em60 (
Aug27 13:45 Tr WJHG-18 FL Panama City "7-3 CBS SD" 373 mi de fred SC FM03af (
Aug27 13:42 Tr 100.5 WXRS Swainsboro, GA 3kw 290 mi 4 new logs on tropo less than 2 hours, havent done that in many years - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug27 13:41 Tr 100.5 WXRS Swainsboro, GA 3kw 290 mi 4 new logs on tropo less than 2 hours, havent done that in many years - KW4R (
Aug27 13:23 97.7 local still off air, best from that freq so far WTCQ Vidalia, GA 4.3kw 277 mi. WTTY south GA big pest - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug27 13:14 Tr 92.7 WKKZ Dublin, GA 50kw 263 mi new in the log which seems odd, ought to be regular. WKZJ Alabama effective block - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug27 13:01 Tr 101.7 WAVF Charleston "Chuck FM" - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug27 12:32 Tr 102.9, 106.5 Georgia east coast 300-325 miles last 30 minutes, strong, both new logs - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug27 12:02 Tr 89.3 WSCI Charleston, SC 100kw 442 mi nice solid, clear signal - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug27 03:06 Tr WMDH-FM - Nash FM 102.5 New Castle, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Aug27 02:39 Tr 94.9 WWRM Tampa FL "Magic 94.9 at night" 397 mi de fred SC FM03af (
Aug27 02:39 Tr 19 WMOR Lakeland FL 397 mi de fred SC FM03af (
Aug27 02:34 (Dudley Do-Right) "We'll blame it on the cow."/cdEL96 (
Aug27 02:30 Manistee burned, too? Never knew about that, and I'm FROM Michigan. Chicago of course, is the one "everybody" knows about--Frank M. (
Aug27 01:59 I just pulled up my DX Log and the relocated WKLA is #500 since I had to restart the log last November - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug27 01:55 (00:59) I've heard about that. Manistee and Chicago also burned that same day - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug27 00:59 Christian, are you aware of the HISTORY of October 1871? Horrific.--Frank M. (
Aug27 00:30 weak 55.250 and 55.259.6 to the south again this evening - kw4rz em60 (
Aug27 00:26 (00:12) To make matters even more confusing, all three 96.3s have AC type formats and the Peshtigo 96.3 goes by "Hits 96" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug27 00:12 Tr 96.3 WKLA "Hits 96 KLA" with HS football. New frequency (formerly on 106.3). 96.3 is much weaker here than 106.3 was, but two other 96.3s in Petoskey and Peshtigo don't help matters - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug27 00:01 Matt's way ahead of me...I have yet to get Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada on FM. I have just 1 from Idaho, KEZJ 95.7 on 7/6/2014. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug26 21:05 19:34...interesting CD, the Hepburn tropo map shows a Gulf storm hitting the Gulf states by midweek this next week - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Aug26 19:35 (19:34) Of course I mean "strengthen."/cd (
Aug26 19:35 (19:34) That goes for anyone else along the Gulf of Mexico./cd (
Aug26 19:34 IMPORTANT for amfmtvbrla, KW4RZ & Mike-La: Please keep an eye on this Gulf storm. It may strengthe and work its way to your area./cdEL96 (
Aug26 18:34 [18:15] My furthest all-time Es reception was KCEP-88.1 NV 2219 mi on 7/17/87 at 1948edt from Clay NY - Fred N - SC (
Aug26 18:17 Vegas shares several channels with our HD sidebands, but I monitor 88.1 quite a bit, and haven't had a trace of KCEP. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Aug26 18:15 Excellent NV loggings, Pat and Matt. We've had comparatively little West Coast action since my first active DX season here in 2008. I'd expect to have had Vegas verified. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Aug26 17:27 my NV FM Es thru 2008 - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Aug26 17:15 [20:36] My logbook includes Reno area 88.7, 90.5, 92.9, 94.5, 95.5, 102.9 and 105.7. - Matt EN21 (
Aug26 17:13 [20:36] I had Reno area on FM via skip on 6/5/2000, 6/1/2002, 7/12/2003, 6/19/2004 and 5/31/2005. - Matt EN21 (
Aug26 16:40 Noticed local RF9 KMSP was suffering from the most impulse noise. Then again I'm in a basement. En35 (
Aug26 16:40 I had my rca vhf-hi/uhf antenna sitting behind the tv when I did that scan. I'm 9 miles from the towers. En35 (
Aug26 15:03 (05:51) Be sure your outdoor antenna covers RF 2-6 in addition to 7-51!/cdEL96 (
Aug26 14:29 took a few moments to figure out 07-12-2016 Es 1727 WRPP 92.7 MI MANISTIQUE ("WRU_ Classic Rock") - de WA5IYX (
Aug26 14:04 Tr 98.3 WRUP barely discernible with ID "98.3 and 92.7 WRUP" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug26 14:01 (05:51) Nice! Having an antenna will surely increase that number - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug26 14:00 Tr 89.9 WRVO Oswego, NY, "WRVO Public Media", 143 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug26 13:57 Tr 105.5 WTKV Minetto, NY, "Classic Rock TK 99 & TK 105". 140 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug26 12:08 Tr 91.3 WCNY Syracuse, NY, "Classic FM". 156 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug26 12:02 Tr 89.5 WEOS Geneva, NY, "Finger Lakes Public Radio", 115 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug26 11:25 Tr 106.9 CKQB Ottawa, ON, "", 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug26 11:21 Tr 106.1 CHEZ Ottawa, ON, "", 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug26 11:16 Tr 100.3 CJMJ Ottawa, ON, Ottawa area ads, 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug26 11:00 Tr WKTG - Power Rock 93-9 KTG 93.9 FM Madisonville, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Aug26 05:51 Did my first bandscan for tv here. 31 channels (that includes .2s etc). None of the LDs yet because the antenna isnt up. Justin - En35 (formerly en25) (
Aug26 05:18 Tr 102.5 WTSS Buffalo, NY "Star 102.5" weak and mixing - 225 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug26 05:00 Tr 97.3 CHBM Toronto, Ontario, Canada Poor with ID and "Boom 97.3" 235 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug26 04:37 Tr 105.7 CHRE St Catharines Ontario Canada- EZ Rock - 229 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug26 04:34 Tr 99.7 WUGN Midland, MI Stream Matc, 274 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug26 04:10 Tr 107.9 CJXY Burlington, Ontario Canada "Y-108 World Class Rock" - 205 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug26 03:54 Tr 100.3 CJMJ Ottawa, ON, Ottawa area ads, 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug26 03:53 Tr 102.7 WAOR Ligonier, IN ESPN - pre-season NFL - over local WPZR de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug26 03:50 Tr 104.7 WFRN ELkhart, IN over WIOT Toledo de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug26 03:36 Tr 88.1 WVPE Elkhart, IN de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug26 02:32 Tr 94.3 WZOC Plymouth, IN 146 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug26 01:49 Es still wimpy TV2 & 4 south. 55.259.6 surely Nicaragua, been in for hours - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug26 01:46 Tr 92.1 WROI Rochester, IN ID into Steve Miller song 160 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug26 01:27 (20:26) 7/12 is by far my best Es event this year - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug26 01:03 Tr 101.7 CKNX Wingham, Ontario Canada 177 miles de N8UUP (
Aug26 00:20 Es tv 2, 3 and 4 video on the mobile scanner probably central america kw4rz / m em60 (
Aug26 00:09 Tr 92.9 WNDV South Bend, IN U93 and Rihanna 141 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug25 23:08 virtually ALL of my FM ms idents have come from live monitoring - de WA5IYX (
Aug25 21:57 I have finished 5 out of 11 monitoring sessions for Ms from earlier this month; nothing even resembling an ID so far./cdEL96 (
Aug25 21:09 [20:49] Pat, my experience was similar. July 12 was my best day of the season (close to 50 IDs) and July 13 was barely anything. Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Aug25 21:09 it doesn't seem like its listeners noticed the absence of HD radio on it very much there - de WA5IYX (
Aug25 21:03 Local goes off for storm for 15 minutes... comes back on and someone resets the IBOC after a month of it off... sad day - K4NBF (
Aug25 20:49 Jul 13 only 4 Es idents, and a puzzling KQQA RDS on 94.9 - de WA5IYX (
Aug25 20:36 [16:02] Rick, about 25 years ago I got Carson City on 94.7, which is about 1,550 miles from here.--Frank M. (
Aug25 20:26 just finished doing my Jul 12 FM log, over 100 idents - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Aug25 20:11 From Key Largo; would be better, but had issue with YT and Lionsgate---woulda had to accept ads/cd: (
Aug25 20:10 Christmas/New Year can definitely bring Es....I've had a few openings.../cdEL96 (
Aug25 19:52 I had a huge C America opening on Sept 27, 1990; also saw Haiti's St0rmTV for first time Sep 2014./cdEL96 (
Aug25 18:43 (well, last event until the "Christmas miracle" event on 12/26/15, that is!) // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug25 18:41 Just looked back at last year's archive, last major Es event of the year occurred on this date (8/25)...still hoping! // Lee VA FM17io (
Aug25 17:41 Thanks, Pat, thanks Randy. Glad to hear it. Still haven't verified Nevada from here, by the way, but mainle due to being busy during potential NV openings. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Aug25 17:00 my 1958 Kinight "Ocean Hopper" was supposed to go to 35 MHz, and my 1962 SX-110 to 32 MHz - de WA5IYX (
Aug25 16:58 page 82 for article on 30-50 MHz DXing (over 6 yrs before I had any equip) - de WA5IYX (
Aug25 16:53 Steve in Pennsylvania has had 2x Es to Reno area. I once heard Carson City 97.3 while driving near Yakima, WA. propagation does occur there. kw4rz / m em60 (
Aug25 16:20 for some examine 94.7, 95.5, 96.5 in this - de WA5IYX (
Aug25 16:16 [16:02] - I've svrl FM Es events into the Reno-Lake Tahoe-Carson City area over the decades - de WA5IYX (
Aug25 16:02 It will turn into a Cat. II with winds up to 98 mph/85 knots - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug25 16:02 Odd question. Anyone here ever get FM skip from Reno or the Lake Tahoe area? I don't recall seeing any FM skip reports from that area, ever. When in Phoenix, a few times got analog TV 2 and 4 from there. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Aug25 15:58 [15:51] and I haven't heard from my contact in BDA; I wonder if he is OK; he usually replies to all my emails./cdEL96 (
Aug25 15:51 From the exteded Wx forecast, Berumda will get slammed by Hurricane Gaston on Monday evening - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug25 15:48 have been getting a lot of North Coast Ohio stuff from Pontiac in the late evenings and early mornings. Other than that, just Lansing and Grand Rapids. JJ in EN82 (
Aug25 15:48 yeah bill 94.1 has been a surprise for me every day for the last week or so LOL JJ in EN82 (
Aug25 15:31 Both my antennas are taken down...couldn't take a chance, with the uncertain reports at this time./cdEL96 (
Aug25 14:49 Tr 94.1 WNNF Cincinnati OH Nash FM - 218 miles - swapping with WFGA, WWDK, WBNI, WHBC (whew) de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug25 14:46 Tr 94.1 WGFA Watseka, IL very briefly and swapping with several others- 237 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug25 14:38 Tr 97.3 WMEE Fort Wayne also in, around 350 miles... not a lot of time to tune around with work - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug25 14:01 Tr 95.1 WAJI Fort Wayne, IN (348 mi, 39 kW) in solid this morning, semi-local WGGC still very low power - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug25 11:33 to be a configuration problem with it. RIght now, it's down, but the rest of the site is functional. - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug25 11:32 News: Trip has been making efforts to restore RabbitEars Live Bandscan backon the regular sever for the last three days but there seems - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug25 00:15 DX alert: 103.9 WBZX Big Rapids has signed on as "Beautiful 104" with soft adult contemporary music - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 23:34 Tr 95.1 WDZQ Decatur, IL (273 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug24 23:14 Extremely late in reporting. 10 Meter Es was excellent this time yesterday. Lot of double hop and short as well. 24 hours ago de ka5dwi/7 dm34 az (
Aug24 22:39 Tr enhancement notable for 5:30p local time. 98.9 WNRW Prospect, KY (151 mi, 43 kW) wiping out my local 98.9 with a touch of phasing - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug24 17:21 [16:37] Nice, Fred. Radio Tele Eclair ch 4 has a big green "4"' in LR./cdEL96 (
Aug24 17:16 Es 89.1 //ZBM Bermuda stream---who else would play that stuff? :)/cdEL96 (
Aug24 16:39 mayb the mains will stay on now - I don't have the DTT901 or HDT-1x on the UPS - de WA5IYX (
Aug24 16:37 [16:05] I posted a snap shot of StOrm tv in the WTFDA Forums under Got FM DX - also there was a UNID on ch 4 but it didn't stay around long enough to ID it -... de fred SC FM03af (
Aug24 16:32 just in time as it's out agn - their 1525z e-mail had said fix by 1715z - de WA5IYX (
Aug24 16:20 Dell monitor OK - have APC UPS system now setup for AT&T U-Verse Gateway, etc - de WA5IYX (
Aug24 16:05 Es Haiti ch 2z - StOrm logo LR all by itself with news program de fred SC FM03af (
Aug24 16:04 good weather power outage 1510z-1550z - Dell LCD monitor seems to have died - de WA5IYX (
Aug24 13:39 I really like the new spreadsheets! It's nice having translators and full-power stations in the same spreadsheet! - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 12:26 Tr 101.1 CKBY Smiths Falls, ON, "Country 101-1", 202 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug24 05:38 Tr 94.9 KQDS with stream match and // to 95.3 WXXZ which is also in now (94.9 is under local WKZC) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 05:28 Tr 106.3 WWQM with playlist match (Tim McGraw - How I'll Always Be) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 05:23 99.9 has been all over the place. First WUSZ, then likely WDRK, now WHFB with WSBT weather - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 05:15 Tr 91.7 WXPR with World Radio News (including Radio France International) over local Freedom Radio FM translator - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 05:13 Tr 89.1 WGZS with Undercurrents program - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 05:11 The 107.9 is NOT WMUS - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 05:10 Tr 107.9 with Lady Antebellum "I Run to You" into Kip Moore "Running for You" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 05:07 (05:05) KBMX confirmed by ID "Mix 108" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 05:05 Tr 107.7 KBMX with playlist match (Wiz Khalifa w/ Charlie Puth - See You Again) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 05:03 Tr 106.7 classic country (mullet era). Likely WATQ - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 04:59 Tr 105.1 KKCB with ID "B105" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 04:55 Tr 102.5 KDWZ with mention of Superior, Wisconsin and classic country music - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 04:53 Tr 101.7 KLDJ with stream match - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 04:45 Tr 99.9 alternative rock. Probably WDRK, but they don't have an updated website or a stream (most 99.9s in this part of the country are country) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 04:39 Tr 98.9 KTCO with playlist match (Blake Shelton - Came Here to Forget) into ID "Kat Country 98.9" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 04:31 Tr 95.3 WGMO with ID "95 GMO" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 04:29 (04:28) 93.1 is WMPA - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 04:28 Tr 93.1 with Big and Rich "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 03:57 Tr 99.1 WYXY Savoy, IL (281 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug24 03:53 Tr 92.3 WTTS Bloomington, IN (224 mi, 37 kW) fairly rare - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug24 03:52 Tr 100.3 CJMJ Ottawa, ON, Ottawa area ads, 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Aug24 03:44 Nice logs Jeff/Christian/etc! Jeff, try for those Duluth and UP MI FMs. I see you have WCQM. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug24 03:35 Tr 92.3 WPWX Hammond, IN hip-hop RDS 334 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Aug24 03:35 Tr 104.5 WAXX in weakly, mixing with WXER and WSNX - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 03:32 Tr 102.5 Life 102.5 Madison - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 03:29 Tr 99.9 WUSZ "Radio USA" with ID and local ads - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 03:25 Tr 99.5 KSJN Minneapolis, MN still there w/ classical music 585 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Aug24 03:23 Tr 98.3 WCQM Park Falls, WI likely w/ Brewers BB 465 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Aug24 03:22 Tr 94.5 KSTP "KS95" with ID and local ads - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 03:14 (03:12) Having locals on both 97.7 and 98.1 makes it quite rare here - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 03:12 [02:52] I don't "get" what's surprising about WGRD...because you already had other Tr across Michigan land (e. g. WATZ)?--Frank M. (
Aug24 02:59 Tr 100.5 WSCN legal ID - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:58 Tr 98.3 WRUP Palmer, MI promo for Packers FB first new one tonite! 362 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Aug24 02:55 Tr 98.7 WGLI with match to stream under local WLDN - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:52 Tr 97.9 WGRD with ads for West Michigan. Very surprising!!! - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:49 Tr 97.3 KDNW with TobyMac and stream match - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:48 02:33 sounds like Washburn WI--Frank M. (
Aug24 02:46 Tr 97.1 WCOW Sparta, WI C&W / "Cow 97"/ RDS blasting relog 466 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Aug24 02:37 How far is Marquette from you, Saul? I've had several MSP and Duluth in here - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:35 Tr ON getting Marquette MI WFXD 103.3 solid! 103-FXD ID and country. Saul ON (
Aug24 02:33 Tr 105.9 religious teaching - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:27 Tr 99.5 with classical music. Has to be KSJN - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:25 Tr 97.1 KTCZ "More Music, More Variety" with Minnesota State Fair mention mixing with WGLQ - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:22 Tr 96.5 WKLK with weather forecast. Very easy to confuse with semi-local WKLH on same frequency - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:20 Tr 96.1 WJMC with ID - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:19 Tr 95.3 top 40 type mixing with jazz (WGVS) and country. Only thing certain is that the country 95.3 is NOT WWSS as that runs // to local 94.9 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:14 Tr 95.7 KDAL with Katy Perry and match to playlist - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:12 Tr 95.3 hip hop music. Didn't appear to match stream of 95.3 Minneapolis - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:06 Tr 92.9 classical music - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:03 Tr 89.9 classical // 89.3 WPNE & 89.7 WHND - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 02:01 Tr 106.3 WOEZ with Easy Weather. Local 106.3 OFF! - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 01:57 Tr 106.1 with Mark Wills "I Do" very weak underneath WMIL - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 01:53 Tr 102.9 KMNB with ID "Buz'n @ 102.9" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 01:48 Tr 101.3 KDWB with ID "101.3 KDWB" right next to a 6kW local three miles away - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 01:45 Tr 100.9 KOWZ with ID "KOWZ 100.9". Not that surprising considering how wide open 100.9 is in the upper Midwest - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 01:42 Tr 99.3 WATZ with ID over usual WOWN, which ALSO IDed - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 01:40 relying on RDS/HD so much these days for idents, one side of a C90 has all my FM DX clips since May 28 - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Aug24 01:38 Tr 93.7 WCYE "Coyote 93.7" with ID and no real sign of WKAD, WBCT, or WBFM - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 01:35 Tr 93.3 WBSZ with weather forecast mentioning calls under WLDB with Ashland area ads - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 01:30 Tr 91.1 WOVM "The Avenue" with AAA type music mixing with local WOLW - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 01:29 Tr 90.3 Ideas Network // 88.1 and 90.7 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 01:24 Tr 107.7 WHSB "The Bay" with ID. Rare here (WVCY/WMQT much more common on 107.7) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Aug24 00:51 Tr WKJC 104.7 Tawas City @ 124mi over WIOT @ 66mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac (
Aug24 00:24 despite the beautiful aprs map, the only thing standing out here is KXI94 Angola....what a flamethrower! It's in as clean as KEC63! JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Aug24 00:05 Tr 107.9 WBCV Wausau, WI in briefly mixing with semi local WCRZ - 353 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug23 23:12 Can't break through the Lake Michigan wall yet here de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug23 22:51 Tr 90.9 WHRM Wausau, WI WPR weather / RDS 414 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Aug23 22:35 Nice one Jeff de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Aug23 22:34 Tr 98.3 WCQM Park Falls, WI ads relog 465 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Aug23 22:23 Tr 90.9 KUNI Cedar Falls, IA Iowa Public radio weather relog 530 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Aug23 21:55 don't need any more rain here either - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Aug23 21:30 21:27 -that's tough cd, hopefully it doesn't get to that- Mike-La (
Aug23 21:27 If we evacuate, I'll have to take down the masts/antennas; not my favorite job!/cdEL96 (
Aug23 21:14 Yep that's true Mike-La. The ground in our area is so soft & weak in our area that the Trees here will all blow down very easily - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Aug23 20:52 20:44- could hear spanish with very weak video-now gone Mike-La (
Aug23 20:45 19:54-we dont need more rain am :( Mike-La (
Aug23 20:44 Es TV-2 south weak Mike-La (
Aug23 20:43 Or, just dissipates altogether...I always intend to pray that way./cdEL96 (
Aug23 20:12 Just prepare just in case. I hope it hooks northeast over the open Atlantic and out to sea - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Aug23 20:05 Yes I may have to evacuate./cdEL96 (
Aug23 19:59 cd, the Hurricane may hit your area before it gets into the Gulf - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Aug23 19:54 kw4rz,, Mike-La, there my be a threat of a Major Hurricane in the nOrth eastern Gulf next week - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Aug23 19:16 shades of this ? - de WA5IYX (
Aug23 19:14 Seems confused with the MW nighttime skip permitted by the decay of the sponging D-layer - de WA5IYX (
Aug23 19:12 or run it up the flagpole and see who salutes - Jerry (
Aug23 19:09 the only thing denser at night in a normal ionosphere are the neutral particles - and they don't reflect radio waves - they absorb their energy by collisions with free electrons - de WA5IYX (
Aug23 19:09 pie in the sky - Jerry (
Aug23 19:04 "At night the ionosphere is denser and more reflective." ????? also in this - de WA5IYX (
Aug23 18:31 some wacky things do get funded - de WA5IYX (
Aug23 16:58 [14:17] I have used your GT, especially if I wanna hear MLB on 97.1./cdEL96 (
Aug23 14:17 JJ in EN82 (
Aug23 14:17 Have my GT node back up here in Pontiac. using the crummy attic antenna for now. JJ in EN82 (
Aug23 12:15 Today might be a good Es day along the northern GOM - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug23 09:03 Wow, I might manage to be in Milwaukee (Oak Creek) on 19 August *AND* drive to the eclipse! It just may be do-able.--Frank M [won't be inside EN40 on that date] (
Aug23 01:57 and about to set - de WA5IYX (
Aug23 01:56 05-20-2012 here - de WA5IYX (
Aug23 01:40 Tr fair to Tampa area. 300-340 miles - kw4rz em60 (
Aug23 00:09 The 5/20/2012 eclipse was awesome. Hot day, cooled 15 degrees in 5-10 minutes, heated up again quick. Near totality here ... Mike (
Aug22 21:48 worth a read - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 21:13 X-ray film is a lot easier to come by ... Mike (
Aug22 20:59 18:21 (21 August:cdEL96) - There is no community antenna on this building, unfortunately. Each room is suited with cable TV service (analog, 120 channels) and I believe the LPFM on campus has its transmitter atop the 28 floor residence hall, probably 1,000 ft away or less. It interferes a little with the cable TV. The TV also has dedicated channels on 3 (WGLT, antenna out some ways but visible from my dorm) and 4 (WZND) for radio -- Dan EN50MM (
Aug22 20:51 17:58 (21 August:KA3JAW) - If I unpack the Denon, I will move the Philips DC291/37 to the window. I'm not on the TOP floor, but I'm pretty close, and it's also a very social floor that the others seem to envy -- Dan EN50MM (
Aug22 19:14 I didn't actually "stare at" the eclipse, but looked interrmittently with a lot of quick intervals (about :02 at a time)--Frank M. (
Aug22 19:14 Unfortunately I think that welder's glass is hopelessly lost. I'd have to find a piece again (if that's indeed a safe way)--Frank M. (
Aug22 19:13 In the 1994 event, I looked directly at the sun...through a piece of welder's glass. Just to make sure, is that an option? Wanted to make sure I wasn't misinformed--Frank M. (
Aug22 17:44 as near equinox a good view up off-set west street from backyard there - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 17:37 got home from 7th grade classes (1600) in time for this - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 17:26 the filter used from late 1980 onwards was a Tuthill Solar-Skreen (aluminized mylar) - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 16:57 [12:17] For camera, use two linear polarizers 75-90 degrees out of phase for great pictures ... Mike (
Aug22 16:56 [12:17] Go to a vet and get exposed X-ray film. Works great ... Mike (
Aug22 16:43 Dxing will end here in St. Cloud for the time being Wednesday. That's when the radio and computers get packed up. Will need to make a new log page on my website - En25 (
Aug22 12:59 complete list (a few others were clouded out) - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 12:49 the 3" f/10 Newtonian projection way - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 12:35 thru cloudy skies - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 12:33 frame grab from 8-mm video tape - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 12:29 sample - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 12:18 I do remember that it got dark enough that the lights came on in the parking lot across the street from my school where the Jr. and Sr. High students had their vehicles parked -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug22 12:17 I've seen just one, and that was with the rest of my 8th grade class on Feb 26, 1979, over my shoulder onto a piece of paper (
Aug22 12:00 I've viewed over a dozen partial solar eclipses since 1954 - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 11:53 that May 10, 1994 event was the first one that I videotaped (CCTV b&w camera on RV-6 into Emerson 872 VCR) - de WA5IYX (
Aug22 10:37 Back from over four days traveling. Doesn't look like I missed ANYTHING--Frank M. (
Aug22 10:37 [18:49] Yeah that's about right--Frank M. (
Aug22 10:34 ...annular... (
Aug22 10:34 I saw an annulal (ring) eclipse - moon "too small" compared to solar disk - from Springfield IL on May 10, 1994. That's all I've ever seen (but lunar ones are common, seen a few)--Frank M. (
Aug22 10:32 ...I'm thinking I probably don't really want to be any farther east than Scottsbluff for the event. Casper would be even better.--Frank M. (
Aug22 10:32 [01:44] I'll have to figure it all out. I don't want to head somewhere where weather could easily be overcast (like it goes over Memphis, right?)... (
Aug22 05:09 Wrong board-sorry. (
Aug22 05:07 Dx alert: 1000 WLNL Horseheads NY still on way past their bedtime-5 kw non directional-John Corning NY fn12 (
Aug21 18:49 It's a 2 hour drive to Frank Merrill's QTH in Macomb. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug21 18:49 I suppose most of your class is going to Georgia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, et al? And, if you decide to stay in Illinois post-college, you've got a wealth of Tr to try for. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug21 18:22 You know----with those "wall plate" F connectors./cd (
Aug21 18:21 Maybe the school has "community antenna"---that would be a boon for DXn./cdEL96 (
Aug21 18:00 Dan: Also, what floor is your room on; hopefully the top floor - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug21 17:58 Dan: Make sure your space is at the window for your antenna - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Aug21 17:45 I do have plans to try to do some work on WZND here, as well. Radio/broadcast is my fallback if I don't like my current one I am committed to -- Dan EN50MM (
Aug21 17:41 00:04 - Yes! I am one of only two out of state students I know so far! I wanted to start in a new environment with new people to meet and it's going very well yet! -- Dan EN50MM (
Aug21 15:44 Less than a week and I should be in my new qth in EN35. Looking forward to the fall tropo. En25 (
Aug21 14:57 1419 I tried reading about our percentage here in Los Angeles, but it won't read well in a text browser. Thanks in advance from Sherman Oaks (
Aug21 14:35 the Jul 20, 1963 (tho total way up in north Canada) one didn't much effect TV Es - de WA5IYX (
Aug21 14:34 [13:30] - maybe produce some odd tropo paths due to sudden cooling in shadow zones - de WA5IYX (
Aug21 14:30 zoom in on this one for here in 2024 - de WA5IYX (
Aug21 14:19 for here - de WA5IYX (
Aug21 13:30 Which brings up an interesting question...I already know what a solar eclipse can do to MW reception, but how would it affect FM? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug21 13:29 [01;44] Already have it penciled in on my calendar, Jerry. Could be once in a lifetime event for a lot of us -- the eclipse on 2/26/79 was only partial for me, but I'm close enough to the totality parth for next year's that I might get the ultimate treat -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug21 02:55 Fine business Dan. I had good luck in college with an indoor setup. If you can get a proper dipole and place it near a window you'llav probably see great results in that direction- K4NBF (
Aug21 01:56 55.250 Es mix continues. Warbler still in there with at least 1 other - KW4RZ EM60 (
Aug21 01:44 August 21, 2017 - Jerry (
Aug21 01:43 200 kHz shift down in that province/cd (
Aug21 01:43 I see online San P Sula's Magia moved from 88.3 to 88.1---maybe a 200 (
Aug21 01:34 FMList has it at 89.7---musta been a shakeup at HND telecommunications./cd (
Aug21 01:22 Latent Es 89.5 Stereo Club, Tela HND---this is loud!/cdEL96 (
Aug21 01:14 If Dan wants to get into radio, there's a 23w LPFM on campus (WZND-LP 103.3), all student-run. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug21 01:13 If he's in Normal, IL, most likely. WGLT is owned by the university, and I heard them one time on the old Nova Scotia Global Tuners node via Es in 2013. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug21 00:04 Are you attending ISU, Dan? Welcome to the Midwest! :) I have several FMs from Champaign-Urbana and Springfield on my target list from here -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug20 23:30 23:19 - Since I share a room (I think I mentioned this is for college), I brought my bedside radio (Philips DC291/37) with a whip antenna that I made to about 10 feet long. It goes straight up on the wall. The Denon I am yet to unpack but I have an idea of where I can get it placed if I do unpack it -- Dan EN50MM (
Aug20 23:19 Good luck at your new QTH Dan. Using dipole(s) I assume? - K4NBF EM66 (
Aug20 23:16 which is the former call for this - de WA5IYX (
Aug20 23:16 I have moved! Here's a few important things to note about my new location in Normal Illinois: my receivers are 142 feet AGL/1,111 feet ASL, in a less crowded market than in ATL, and within 5 miles there are 12 transmitters, all which come in strong with no terrain to interfere. -- Dan's new location in EN50MM (formerly EM73QX) (
       TvFm Log Archive for 2015 (zip)