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TvFm Skip Log Entries
May01 02:09 I may have abused the AC plug, because I unplug when not using; I don't want the pack to get too hot./cd (
May01 02:08 Sometimes when I unplug the power pack, there is no difference; other times, a HUGE drop-off./cd (
May01 02:07 This is strange, but the problem MAY be the AC plug, because..../cdEL96 (
May01 01:58 [01:54] I also have the older model channel master 7777 and DXed with it for two years before I got the RCA TVPRAMP1Z preamp. Both preamps are work about the same - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
May01 01:54 I have been using the RCA TVPRAMP1Z Preamp for over a year with no problems DXing with it. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
May01 01:50 [00:08] Made in China like the older model is. The older 7777 preamp used to be made in the USA before channel master was bought out by China - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
May01 00:21 Actually I crimped on one cable, but it still screws on. Had to trim the cable./cd (
May01 00:20 I have the old kind with 3 terminals on the amp./cd (
May01 00:19 I did use screw-ons up there, otherwise the cable would fall off easily. I do have strain relief./cdEL96 (
May01 00:08 Is the newer 7777 manufactured in China, or is it another foreign country? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
May01 00:07 Because screw-ons are for indoor use - KA3JAW FN20jq (
May01 00:06 Because scew-ons are for indoor use - KA3JAW FN20jq (
May01 00:04 I hope you did't use screw-ons at the antenna preamplifier on the mast too - KA3JAW FN20jq (
May01 00:03 As I haven't had a newbie TV station in 11 months or so, I ain't gonna panic./cdEL96 (
May01 00:02 Good news is that it only takes about 10 minutes to set up my trip antenna, if true DX comes up./cd (
May01 00:02 The more than likely that is the problem, a scew-on which caused the center wire to pull out from the connector - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 23:59 I had screw-on's, but was checking with other easy cables./cd (
Apr30 23:58 The FM antenna gets the low channels fine./cd (
Apr30 23:57 It's too hot to check everything out. Maybe next weekend & I can compare signals with my portable A'craft C290./cd (
Apr30 23:57 What type of coax connectors are on the power inserter (screw-on, crimp, compression)? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 23:56 cd: Do you own a AC/DC volt meter? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 23:56 ...and "non" when fiddling with the cables./cd (
Apr30 23:55 I think it's only the power pack, JAW. It was alternating between working and "non" (
Apr30 23:47 I can't see the preamplifier being bad unless it was exposed to 140+F - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 23:45 Are you sure the adaptor is getting 120vac input and 15vdc out into the power inserter? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 23:33 Looks like either the 7777 or a lead in cable has given up the ghost./cd (
Apr30 22:50 I did check at your request; nothing, but I may still be having issues with the CM7777 power pack./cdEL96 (
Apr30 22:05 So far no F2 on 6M anywhere - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 22:03 10M F2 being reported from Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean (BG08cs) to south Florida west and east coasts over 10,000km/6214mi paths - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 21:41 10M F2 being reported fm SA to NA, southern Brazil to Sacramento, C, 10192km/6333mi path - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 20:43 cd: If you can, check for ATV-2 via F2 fm CA or SA - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 20:25 10 F2 being reported fm SA to CA, southern Brazil to Panama [3E1FD-Field Day], 3613km/2245mi path - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 20:18 10M F2 being reported in SA, across northern to southern Brazil - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 20:12 I can hear ionospheric distrubances on 32 MHz, but no Es path openings yet fm PA to FL state - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr30 19:52 Currently 10 Meter (28 MHz) Es AZ=>CA & NY=>AR/LA de ka5dwi/7 AZ (
Apr30 19:30 Just beginning to see some 10M Es this weekend. It's a start. de ka5dwi/7 dm34 AZ (
Apr30 17:39 [17:25] I've seen a red blob from S FL to Montreal. Fake news./cdEL96 (
Apr30 17:27 ( hindsight, wish I HAD been sleeping! haha) // Lee VA (
Apr30 17:25 [12:27] Fire engine red from S FL through N VA. I didn't catch anything beyond ~ 200 miles though... // Lee VA (
Apr30 17:17 Tr 104.3 WCZY with Mid-Michigan weather - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Apr30 16:38 some skip would be a nice change Mike-La (
Apr30 16:34 Tr 94.9 KHKN Little Rock AR-293 (new) Mike-La (
Apr30 16:29 Tr 89.1 KUAR RDS Little Rock AR (293 mi) Mike-La (
Apr30 15:10 where's all the hoo-ha about EU skip? - Jerry (
Apr30 12:29 We were at Hutchinson Island FL near Stuart yesterday. Had Jacksonville on FM but nothing further./cd (
Apr30 12:27 I was trying to sleep at that time. Earlier I noticed nothing unusual. How did it look?/cdEL96 (
Apr30 05:33 cd, looks like you could pick up the signal from my smoke detector based these maps! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr30 05:32 Wow, anyone in the SE seeing APRS tonight? // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr30 05:27 Nothing new, but haven't seen most of these since last summer... // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr30 05:26 Picking up Coastal/SE Carolina tonight (up to about 200 miles) // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr30 02:50 Tr 104.7 WBBS Fulton, NY, "B104.7", 144 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr30 01:37 Getting some new stations from northern PA by Tropo here. 92.3 & 97.5. Joshua FN02 (
Apr29 21:17 If the Es MUF does high; the standard VHF-Hi NOAA WX channel on 162.400 in Key West, FL @ 1000 watts - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr29 21:10 Ms 88.5 KLHV Cotton Valley, LA. With RDS Readout and K-LOVE Promo Relig Tx RELOG but NEW for Ms de Rob-VA3SW ON EN92 (
Apr29 21:04 If anyone finds any more VHF-Low band NOAA WX stations, let me know that too - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr29 21:01 Or you send me email at daetsort @ yahoo. com - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr29 20:55 If anyone hears activity on these freqs let me know here - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr29 20:54 33.420 Orlando; 39.785 Tampa Bay on NFM mode - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr29 20:53 I want to remind everyone of two Florida VHF-Lo NOAA WX frequencies that can be use for Es indications - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr29 14:18 [1348] Absolutely. I have two here in Yakima that feed HD2/3 of KHHK and wipe out analog channels at the same time - 106.1/106.9. 104.5 is an AM translator of KBBO-1390. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 13:54 BIZ not his. Dumbphone./cd (
Apr29 13:54 Someone heavy into the radio his can explain better than me. And yes, "MIA." :)/cd (
Apr29 13:53 ....whereas it could broadcast live like 940, apparently it's running off 94.9 HD2. Stinks for play by play./cd (
Apr29 13:52 [13:48] That's my understanding. For example, my 105.5 xltr is // 940 WINZ, but....>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr29 13:50 [13:49] That's my understanding. For example, my 105.5 is //940 (
Apr29 13:48 [13:19] Wow, so the HD ACTUALLY feeds the translator? Pretty sure most of my local xltrs broadcast straight from satellite feeds (e.g., HD offline has no impact on the supported xltr) // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr29 13:44 (Sorry, my turn to stand in the corner!) // Lee VA (
Apr29 13:44 [13:18] So cd, it sounds like 'MIA's HD is......."MIA"? Bwahaha! :) // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr29 13:19 ....104.7 Broward xltr running dead air due to the HD 2 of 93.9 WMIA being off./cd (
Apr29 13:19 ....however, learning that all I have on 94.1 is WLLD & not Cuba, JAW was right. I think I'll drive to the north./cd (
Apr29 13:18 Local WMIA (a favorite here on the Log) is sans HD this morning; sadly, nothing on the sides I haven't heard b4...>>>/cd (
Apr29 11:25 Tr 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa "La Caliente" with SS mx, decent signal...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr29 11:06 Tr 91.1 XHMZI Melchor Muzquiz Coahuila "Capital Máxima" with ID...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr29 11:04 .....which was the same exact bogus RDS as a Nicaraguan back around 2012---98.5 Radio Camoapa IIRC./cd (
Apr29 11:03 [10:37] FWIW, I had XHEC last summer on my Sony XDR-F1HD with a bogus RDS "PSNAMEOO"...>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr29 10:38 ID: "La Mas Buena" for XHEC..Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr29 10:37 Tr 91.9 XHEC Sabinas, Coahuila RDS with bogus PI KMQY, first time to get RDS on this...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr29 06:52 Ms 90.1 WXVS Waycross, GA RDS relog 856 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Apr29 05:02 Tr 89.5 WYFS GA, BBN/cdEL96 (
Apr29 04:40 I'm still impressed that I could be 114 miles away from a 23 watt translator and they still come in albeit very faintly. The DX402 is IMPRESSIVE! Plus the curvature of the Vantage hills. Everything blocked from the west in some parts, minus KFFM which seems to never fade away. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 04:39 KVIP-98.1 is probably possible someday via Ms. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 04:32 There we go, they have that 800-877-5847 number too. - Raymie DM43 (
Apr29 04:23 Tr Vantage WA 90.5 - IDed the unid religious station on my own. K213DM Heppner, OR w/ 'KVIP' mention, confirmed through DB that it relays 98.1 FM Redding CA. This is a whopping 23w at 114 miles! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 04:11 although I don't know that I can confirm it, there's another 103.5 affiliate in Charleston, SC... which would be remarkable too but paths not that far east - K4NBF (
Apr29 04:10 Log from this morning of a 103.5 carrying Bobby Bones Show, looks like likely 103.5 WFUS Tampa which is 631 miles... deepest into Florida I've ever gotten - K4NBF (
Apr29 04:04 Tr 96.9 WJGL Jax over Broward xltr of 740 Boca Raton, RDS./cd (
Apr29 04:03 Nice Tr Yak. I'm getting anxious to get something new here. When the weather finally stops misbehaving maybe we will get some. En35 (
Apr29 04:00 Raymie, thanks. BTW, the 90.5 didn't have Es fade. Is there more to the mystery of knife-edge DX than we know? Like Randy/KW4RZ picking up 97.3 KZTQ (now KOLC) NV years ago on I-82/Umtanum Ridge. I've listened to 97.3 many times at that same point and heard nothing. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 03:46 Tr ....mentions of Jacksonville./cdEL96 (
Apr29 03:45 Tr 107.3 WWJK FL, me (
Apr29 03:39 I've identified the 105.9 as an LPFM in Hermiston, Oregon, and the 90.5 is smelling like it could be a translator in *California* - Raymie DM43 (
Apr29 03:21 Tr WPOI-101.5 St Pete & WWRM-94.9 Tampa FL 397 mi - also hearing ch2z signal on 55250khz with slow fades. de fred SC FM03af (
Apr29 02:42 Cool log from this morning - 101.7 WDVH Trenton, FL (503 mi, 3 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr29 01:27 Sorry, Radio Shack DX-402, not a Sangean. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 01:27 Gives me confidence for Es season, knowing that DX-402 Sangean can pull them out like wildfire. Very impressed on KRJT Elgin. Also had a tentative KCMB-104.7 but it was faint under KKRV Wenatchee. Wish I could've gotten confirmation on Boise ID. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 01:27 Wow, Mc.Art from Monterrey got WJXT again. He also nailed a 500-watt RTV Nuevo León repeater at 72 miles - Raymie DM43 (
Apr29 01:22 What radio were you using? // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr29 01:21 Nice job Yak (esp. on some of those translators!) // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr29 00:17 Tr Vantage WA - final log: 105.9 UNID with conservative talk show, gave 800 number for call-ins but will have to check recording again. Can't find much regarding AM xlators in the NW on 105.9. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 00:16 Tr Vantage WA - 105.9 KRJT Elgin, OR 'Boomer Radio' and TOH ID at noon PT - 115W 147mi!! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 00:14 Tr Vantage WA - 106.3 KLOO Corvallis, OR briefly with classic rock, only possible match. 100KW 228mi > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 00:12 Tr Vantage WA - 94.1 a bonanza of signals - KXIX Sunriver briefly with 'That's What I Like' Bruno Mars, then KMPS with country, then a religious program briefly (KBXL Boise, ID? 290 miles) > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 00:10 Tr Vantage WA - 92.9 K225CJ Walla Walla // KGDC-1320, also 94.5 K233CJ with Fox Sports > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 00:09 This was at 11:30A PT, btw > cn (
Apr29 00:09 Tr Vantage WA - unid 90.3 with Public Radio Intl program with no local break after support messages. KTVR La Grande or ??? > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 00:07 Did not match KMBI on its 104.3 Kennewick translator or 107.9 full power, so not them. > Yakima Cn96 (
Apr29 00:06 Tr Vantage WA - UNID 90.5 religious station, with pledge drive, mentioning station that sounded like 'KNIB' but that's not a match. Mentioned 4 full-power stations and 21 translator stations. HUH? Will post UNID recording later. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 00:05 Tr Vantage WA - 103.1 K276GF Pendleton, OR // KTIX-1240 with Dan Patrick. Thought this was KVBL-103.1 at first, but they are news talk. 190W @ 108mi. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 00:01 Tr Vantage WA - Several full power Spokane's at 130-35 mi - KZZU 92.9, KDRK 93.7, KHTQ 94.5 (Hayden ID), KKZX 98.9, KXLY 99.9, KEYF 101.1, a tentative KZBD 105.7 and KMBI 107.9 all in. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr29 00:01 Tr Vantage WA - 99.7 K259CT Milton-Freewater OR // KTEL-1490 ESPN, 170W 105mi > Yakima CN96 (
Apr28 23:59 Tr Vantage WA - 91.9 KPBW Brewster WA // KPBX-91.1 Spokane, also in - 1KW 77mi > Yakima CN96 (
Apr28 23:59 KHKF was mixing with K272ED Kennewick 'Smooth Jazz 102.3', 38W 61mi > Yakima CN96 (
Apr28 23:58 Tr Vantage WA - 102.3 KHKF Island City, OR 900W 159mi! New to air, Island City is near La Grande. Airs 'Hank FM' classic country. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr28 23:57 Tr Vantage WA - 101.3 K267AX Brewster WA 'Sunny FM' 10W 77mi! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr28 23:55 Tr Vantage WA - 100.3 KKRZ Portland OR local ad for Carr Subaru. 95KW 165mi > Yakima CN96 (
Apr28 23:55 Tr Vantage WA - 99.9 KWRL La Grande w/ WX forecast mentioning Baker County - 25KW 167mi > Yakima CN96 (
Apr28 23:54 Tr Vantage WA - 98.7 KUBQ La Grande, OR '98.7 The Rock' and local ads, 2.25KW 159mi. Fair signal at times! La Grande is in a bowl between Meacham and Baker City, with mountains in literally all four directions. > Yakima CN967 (
Apr28 23:53 Tr ... was in Vantage WA today, exploring Ginkgo Petrified Wood area up in the hills. Several excellent logs to follow, including an eastern Oregon bonanza > Yakima CN96 (
Apr28 22:34 Another from this morning - 103.7 WRUF Gainesville, FL (509 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 22:21 One more try... ugh - K4NBF (
Apr28 22:20 Meant to include this audio of WGLF... lots of good stuff in recordings - K4NBF (
Apr28 22:20 Tr *this morning* 104.1 WGLF Tallahassee, FL (423 mi) - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 21:16 Ah man!/cdEL96 (
Apr28 21:14 cd: I would stay at home cd - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr28 20:38 [20:31] Big migration to stay just outside of Dallas TX - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 20:38 OK....bein' as I have tomorrow off, do y'all think it'll be worth my while to go to the FL Keys for Tropo?/cdEL96 (
Apr28 20:31 Frisco, TX had 449.3% pop growth 1990 to 2000! - Jerry (
Apr28 20:10 very windy here today winds at 20 gusting to 24mph right now. may be choking any Tropo development - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 19:52 Autologger tuner in Frisco, TX received XHOR-DT-33 today - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 18:41 Tried playing with GlobalTuners/SA, but nothing interesting to be had today... - Raymie DM43 (
Apr28 16:19 That's only my fifth Tr log over 300 miles(!!) Rest of the band fairly quiet... // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr28 16:12 Tr WFBC "B93.7" Greenville, SC (100kW, 341 miles) NEW // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr28 16:11 HELLO! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr28 14:38 Looks like *something* has changed with the dynamics of the Gulf tropo. Vertical isobars chopping up stability - de JimT/MO (
Apr28 14:31 GA is a huge state. To cut a Tropo path all the way thru, with no water path, that's awesome!/cdEL96 (
Apr28 12:52 Thanks CD, had to go into office but SDR is cycling thru 6mhz swaths of IQ recordings. See aprs path from Nashville to Orlando now - K4NBF (
Apr28 11:21 Bryce---keep em coming! Do u monitor TV as well?/cdEL96 (
Apr28 11:20 Tr 100.1 WILA Live Oak, FL (457 mi, 6 kW) Preaching // webstream, 3ABN network, only possible 100.1 - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 11:20 09:55 - been same format for at least 13 yrs. Directional antenna usually helps - kw4rz em60 (
Apr28 11:13 not exceptional here but the three usual Mexican border beacons in 93.1, 102.5, 107.1. 93.9 so far only WMTM Georgia - kw4rz em60 (
Apr28 10:51 Tr 99.9 WXJB Homosassa, FL (575 mi, 9 kW) ! - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 10:48 Tr 100.3 WOBB Tifton, GA (367 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 10:36 Tr 92.3 WLWI Montgomery, AL (277 mi, 100 kW) some of these getting stronger now... - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 10:34 Tr 93.1 WBBK Blakely, GA (349 mi, 45 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 10:30 Tr 102.3 WWLD Cairo, GA (415 mi, 27 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 10:26 Tr 103.5 WKNK Callaway, FL (419 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 10:17 Tr 96.9 WDJR Hartford, AL (367 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 10:16 Tr 98.5 WFSY Panama City, FL (397 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 10:08 Tr 97.7 WYYX Bonifay, FL (397 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 10:00 Tr 97.1 WSRV Gainesville, GA (210 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 10:00 Tr 97.1 WOKK Meridian, MS (292 mi, 100 kW) couple others in the mix with local off - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 09:55 Tr [09:47] OOPS!! It is 93.9 WMTM Moultrie Ga with Sara song by Starship not KXMR Corpus Christi (439 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 09:47 Tr 93.9 KXMR Corpus Christi (420 mi) with Sara by Starship. with antenna pointed south / southeast - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 09:46 Tr 91.1 XHMZI Melchor Muzquiz, Coahuila with ID and SS mx, very weak...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr28 09:34 Tr 98.9 WBZE Tallahassee, Fl (391 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 08:53 Thanks, can't seem tp hear anything else, just usual 2-300 mile tropo. Craig EL98 (
Apr28 08:45 Tr 107.1 WGMY Thomasville Ga (426 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 08:23 Hi Craig, great catch down at the Texas coast - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 08:10 Tr 93.9 KMXR Corpus Cristi, TX ID at 0803utc after Papa Don't Preach Madonna 996 miles Craig EL98 (
Apr28 07:11 Tr WOFL-DT-22 Orlando FL (614 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 07:06 Tr WHOP-FM - Lite 98.7 Hopkinsville, KY in like a local.Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Apr28 05:54 That's XHBY... de JimT/MO (
Apr28 05:53 San Antonio GT/cd (
Apr28 05:52 On San Anti (
Apr28 05:51 Finndx and I hearing XH-- 96.7 Extasis Digital, Tuxpan Veracruz/cdEL96 (
Apr28 05:47 04:17, yes Andrew K is the dxer from Akron in the WTFDA - de JimT/MO (
Apr28 05:43 Well I like (and can receive) ---I know I'm not in the majority here!/cd (
Apr28 05:39 To each his own, or as we write now, YMMV./cdEL96 (
Apr28 05:25 I happen to enjoy 93.9 MIA --Nick (
Apr28 05:15 May have had WCLN Christian 107.3 NC but cannot get a // stream./cd (
Apr28 05:14 Tr 107.3 different stations in/out but nothing really rising above the white noise./cd (
Apr28 05:13 [04:57] As one who lives near Miami, I always say that anyone who hears WMIA 93.9 has my sympathy. ;) /cdElL96 (
Apr28 04:57 I happen to be driving up the east coast tonight from Miami to New Jersey. I was impressed to get WMIA 93.9 near Florence, SC (
Apr28 04:44 This may be a epic opening for you northern DXers by looking at this noaa radar loop- amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 04:41 This may be a epic opening for you northern d (
Apr28 04:33 Tr 91.1 KOJO Lake Charles, LA, Radio Maria ID & stream match, 342 mi. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Apr28 04:33 You can clearly see the warm front lifting up around my area in southern Louisiana on this radar loop - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 04:26 [04:22] that mears this Tropo is about to explode and really get going :) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 04:22 My antenna pattern is wonky. I aim nearly right at a distant station and it becomes weak. To the left or right of it, strong. Hmm. - En35 (
Apr28 04:17 Andrew K - the one in northern Ohio on WTFDA? > Yakima CN96 (
Apr28 04:12 The WX is Ft Pierce./cd (
Apr28 04:12 Yes I saw Fred's posts....not quite reciprocal tho'./cdEL96 (
Apr28 04:10 Tr 94.3 WTIX Galliano, LA, oldies - "What You See is What You Get," ads, matching stream, very weak, 528 mi. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Apr28 04:09 CD, FredN in SC and AndrewK vacationing in Myrtle Beach cleaned up on FL tropo today. Both said Miami FMs were like locals - de JimT/MO (
Apr28 04:09 Checking WX and assumed Melbourne FL on 162.425. New because I usually don't check that freq/cd (
Apr28 04:07 Home now, and the only thing sticking out on FM is a "slow jam"'on 107.3---Charleston SC?/cdEL96 (
Apr28 04:01 Houston stations in very strong here. 97.9 KBXX and 94.5 KTBZ with RDS and the latter with HD SS subchannel. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Apr28 03:58 Tr 94.9 KHKN Maumelle, AR, classic hits songs matching stream, was in briefly, 503 mi. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Apr28 03:57 Tr WMOR-DT-19 Lakeland FL (561 mi) back in with strong Green signal on autologger - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 03:53 Tr 90.1 XHRYS Reynosa "Hits FM" with ID, strong signal..Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr28 03:50 [03:33] did no know Thanks JimT - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 03:33 Tr 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa "La Caliente" with local and MX govt ads, ID..Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr28 03:33 AM, did you know you had 19/32 WMOR Lakeland FL @ 567 miles pop up about 20 minutes ago? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr28 03:16 Tropo making it up to here, Little Rock dtv's @ 165 miles making an appearance - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr28 03:14 In the past 24 hours I was in Delray Beach and Largo. Now both places are getting awesome tropo (
Apr28 03:12 Tr 95.3 WFFN Coaling, AL (223 mi, 17 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 03:06 One of my 50kw locals just went off the air, good timing. Regional tropo kicking up, nothing long haul yet... probably going to take a nap and get back up at ~ 2 am - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr28 03:00 HI Randy are you ready for this Tropo opening? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 02:58 02:02 - no fog here Jim. but warm and very humid. Hearing 103.5 Bob FM Austin, TX now - kw4rz em60 (
Apr28 02:38 gonna take a little break back in a bit Mike-La (
Apr28 02:37 02:30-I believe you're right cd-nothing happening here right now Mike-La (
Apr28 02:37 ARPS Map lighting up red along the Gulf Coast now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 02:34 went home during lunch break and turned my 91XG antenna from south to southeast for my autologger - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 02:30 In FL, Tampa & West Palm Beach are the places to be./cd (
Apr28 02:24 Per APRS it looks like the Waco area is having all the fun./cdEL96 (
Apr28 02:15 02:12-one lone FL catch across the dial-I may need to turn to south TX am Mike-La (
Apr28 02:12 Tr 93.9 KXMR Corpus Christi (420 mi) in weak on car radio - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Apr28 02:04 I tried the San Antonio GT....nothing spectacular./cdEL96 (
Apr28 02:03 I'd be thrilled to get one new DTV....I think my last newbie was 11 months ago./cd (
Apr28 02:02 RZ, do you have fog at your location? Wx map shows some wx stations west of you reporting fog - de JimT/MO (
Apr28 02:02 I plan to be home by 03:45z./cdEL96 (
Apr28 02:00 ...starting to push back north - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr28 02:00 Latest wx map shows the cold front has stalled at the Gulf, is morphing into a warm front..... (
Apr28 01:58 Hey CD don't look now but I think you're gonna be sick :-P - de JimT/MO (
Apr28 01:57 I think I'm gonna be sick./cdEL96 (
Apr28 01:55 Tr 101.7 KNTE Bay City, TX 35kw 580 mi - kw4rz em60 (
Apr28 01:49 Tr 94.9 WWRM Tampa FL-627 mi (new) Mike-La (
Apr28 01:10 Tr 97.1 KFTK Florissant, MO 310 miles 100 kw. Thanks to Bryce for the heads up of local off air- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Apr28 01:10 Tr WLRN-20 Miami FL (500 mi) on 7' dish at ground level. de fred SC FM03af (
Apr28 00:52 JAW---per Fred and Juan, likely better up the Atlantic Coast./cd (
Apr28 00:51 Fred: Don't forget Cuba analog TV all the way up to ch 69; u never know./cd (
Apr28 00:45 I emailed DTs 43 & 51 to ask to go off for 2 nights; 51 just a black screen and 43 a frozen image a month old./cd (
Apr28 00:45 Tr logged just about every Miami area FM station (500 mi) This opening is red hot. de fred SC FM03af (
Apr28 00:42 Aside from Fred that is/cd (
Apr28 00:41 [22:47] still at the job, sorry. blue from anyone yet?/cdEL96 (
Apr28 00:27 will try to capture some TSID HTML captures of stations in Mexico whenever some come in here via Tropo - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr28 00:05 the only station that I have received since I started autologging is XHLAT-DT-51. I have no TSID data file - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 23:47 AM, have you been able to manually tune ANY Mexican DTVs with your HDHR? Would be interested to see the TSID HTML capture for one - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr27 23:35 DT IFT-013-2016 (the technical guidelines for Mexican DTVs) should require that the shortnames are the station calls (
Apr27 23:11 [22:09] OK thanks KA3JAW - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 23:06 His system relies on TSID values, and Mexico does not use valid values - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 23:03 Got my Zenith DTT901. Can't run it until I get my antennas and dipole, so no review yet. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr27 23:01 The computer doesn't know who the tuner is receiving if its just a network name - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 22:59 Trip says the PROBLEM is a lot of the Mexican stations are putting network names in where calls are suppose to be - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 22:58 What?? Wrong TSIDs in the datastream?! The IFT doesn't make the Mexican DTVs play by the same rules as the FCC :-( - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr27 22:47 cd: Did you armstrong your tv ant. to the SW? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 22:40 Fred SC: You might get a link into that extreme+ (10) tropo off the coast of Fort Myers, Naples - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 22:34 Tr in now open on entire Florida east coast all the way down to Miami Beach - WMGE-94.9/WMIA-93.9 - de fred SC FM03af (
Apr27 22:30 We just need for Yucatan, Quintana Roo, MX added into the database for the short term - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 22:21 Maybe Raymie may have Mexico station coordinates for Trip to use on the autologger map - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 22:18 [ 22:00] OK thanks JimT - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 22:10 But I think the lead time for the fix will be too late for extreme+ tropo storm - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 22:09 jimT: So did I; that should get the ball rolling for a fix - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 22:00 AM, I just sent an email to Trip about the Mexican DTV thing with his database. He should reply today - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr27 21:41 [21:39] Someone needs to contact Trip and see if he can add the DTV stations in Mexico to the big autologger map. He will need station antenna locations to do it - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 21:39 Someone needs to contact and see if he can add the DTV stations in Mexico to the big autologger map. He will need station antenna locations to do it - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 21:35 cd: If you see fog towards the SW, get in on that extreme+ tropo in the GOM - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 21:33 Mexican callsign block: XAA-XIZ - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 21:29 How about an XE, like XEEW 97.7? Bwahahaha..../cdEL96 (
Apr27 21:29 AM: Looks like you need to perform DTV 'manual-seek' on the DTV or STB tonight - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 21:29 The autologger program does save all the call letter PSIP ID's it receives in a folder I IDed XHLAT-DT-51 by looking thru that folder - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 21:21 AM: You could be getting valid XH tropo last night up to now, but since there are no XH callsigns in the autologger database their is no output to maps - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 21:15 I think only FCC official station call letters and tower locations are on autologger map. I could be wrong. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 21:11 I don't think the Mexican DTV stations are programed into the autologger map. I have never seen one posted on it - amfmtvdtvbrla EM4P (
Apr27 21:08 I'd be jazzed to just eschew (<--don't I sound smart?) the Global Tuner and try my own equipment!/cdEL96 (
Apr27 21:01 Raymie, I think AM or Mike-LA could let you know that, even Jim in San Antonio would know if it was worth trying. They will all be on here - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 21:00 ...that is, for the San Antonio node - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 20:59 CD, looks like Global Tuners has two tuners set up now - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 20:56 Seems like 1200-1500z tomorrow +/- one or two hours would be the best time for San Antonio. Wish the New Orleans one would return./cd (
Apr27 20:53 Ah yes the old remote-DXing-via-Global-Tuners trick. Actually that may be my destination if I get nothing tonight./cdEL96 (
Apr27 20:52 That'd be great...I'd just need timing clues to figure out when to tune in! (
Apr27 20:48 20:40 - OR if Raymie wants to stream dx from San Antonio, he could try to beat FinnDX to the San Antonio GT tuner :-) - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr27 20:41 (XHCAN's history is super funky and it has to do with the concessionaire being a relative of the lame duck president who selected him to receive it!) - Raymie DM43 (
Apr27 20:40 By the way, general note to DXers - XHCAN moved back to 97.5 last September. It's been on three frequencies since it got its concession in 2010 - Raymie DM43 (
Apr27 20:40 Well Raymie, you may get your headphones ready for boo-koo unIDs @ WTFDA that might be posted. Next best thing./cdEL96 (
Apr27 20:38 I'm licking my chops just hearing about tropo to Q. Roo, even if I'll never have tropo of any variety. - Raymie DM43 (
Apr27 20:30 ...and if not for DX, I sure wouldn't listen to Ocean 89; no idea what they are trying to do musically./cd (
Apr27 20:29 89.1 the only feasible BDA freq. anymore. Had VSB 106.1 (adjacent to Big 106) prior to the din of iBiquity./cd (
Apr27 20:27 Doubt it very much; and now is down./cdEL96 (
Apr27 20:26 cd: You can stay home for those Bermuda FM's - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 20:26 BTW is WA5ZFP on a ship? It ain't quite to Bermuda./cd-> (
Apr27 20:22 ....and, I won't be able to make any quick jaunts on Friday morning./cd (
Apr27 20:22 I may or may not be immune; all I see on FL's SE coast is a lime-green./cdEL96 (
Apr27 20:19 Tropo might be good between Apalachicola, FL to Pinar del Rio, Cuba - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 19:55 amfmtvdtvbrla: Can you activate your RE-autotuner due to below statement - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 19:29 Extreme+ tropo from Fort Myers area into Cancun, Quintana Roo & Merida, Yucatan, MX on HB forecast map - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 18:08 17:46 That map updates every 3 hrs. If you bookmark it, anytime you go to it, it will load the latest map - JimT/MO (
Apr27 17:57 I've cleared out disk space and will have both SDRs running to capture almost the whole band tomorrow AM if needed - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr27 17:51 This is going to get close enough to me I'm going to point my DTV antenna straight south tonight - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 17:50 You know tropo can be VERY dynamic across the Gulf, so you have to be ready - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 17:49 That's not a *crystal ball* talking. Looks like mid morning you ARE going to get a shot at Quintana Roo - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 17:48 Bryce, from 6-9 AM tomorrow, your FM dial + DTV is most likely loaded up with everything Gulf states - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 17:46 Here is the map to watch, it tell's a LOT - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 17:44 Tropo "white" caps in the Gulf are minimized with new forecast, but that's actually good - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr27 17:26 Also, I see APRS paths already in TX/LA region - K4NBF (
Apr27 17:25 Tropo / weather buffs - how are we looking for tonight in gulf/SE? Based on crash course y'day, looks good to me? - K4NBF (
Apr27 17:24 Tr 106.7 WATQ Chetek, WI (75 miles) in steady at the moment - En35 (
Apr27 16:26 Bob-Nj: Ref April 26, 23:14 if you have not seen it already - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 14:24 On this day April 27, 2011, I had an Es opening to IA, IL, KS, MO, MN, WI.. One of the earliest Es opening I've had here in New Jersey in the last 10 years. Bob-NJ Fn20wb (
Apr27 12:41 HB tropo forecast has anaother arm of the system moving further east, over Tampa Bay on Friday - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 05:26 AM, I can see the passing cold front has killed any dx for now - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr27 05:04 Front with storms passing over my area right now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 05:01 My autologger has been up since 9:15 PM antenna pointed south amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 04:29 I wish those echoes would go down sooner. Don't know why they stay up for two hours (or longer). False impressions.... de JimT/MO (
Apr27 04:28 APRS repeater beacons (144 MHz) were getting tropo activity about 2 hours ago. Very narrow duct, ahead of cold front/storms - de JimT/MO (
Apr27 03:53 APRS - a duct Ocala FL to Roanoke VA? Fake news?/cd (
Apr27 03:51 Just a duct to Naples FL ATM/cdEL9 (
Apr27 02:30 Tr 104.3 WFRG Utica, NY, "Big Frog 104", 195 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr27 01:57 [01:42] here is a better link - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 01:54 Sorry bad link. Here is the correct link - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 01:42 Front will retreat as a warm front Thursday around noon. now we are talking Tropo action starting here - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 01:42 My UHF antenna will be coming 5/3 per Amazon. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr27 01:34 after the front passes winds will shift from the north northwest pushing any Tropo away - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 01:29 Normally cold fronts and Tropo don't mix. They sweep the Tropo away like a broom sweeping out the dust on the floor - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 01:25 amfmtvdtvbrla: Hopefully the high pressure behind the NE/SW storm front line going across central LA will open up tropo - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 01:01 That is what we are going to find out in the next couple of days - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr27 00:51 Could a strong N-S path from La. to Yucatan "hinder" FL to Tex/Mex Tropo?/cdEL96 (
Apr27 00:47 still I think the real Tropo action here will be Friday morning from midnight onwards - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 00:39 [22:57] Ever saw that flat-antenna ad on TV where the guy is on a boat in the GOM? Sure, it's easier to get a signal there! That's what they don't tell ya. :)/cdEL96 (
Apr27 00:15 [23:58] Ok I will post if I see fog when I go to lunch a 9:00 pm - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr27 00:03 I will try to turn on my autologger around 9:15 pm tonight when I go to lunch. I am at work right now.. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 23:58 amfmtvdtvbrla: If you see fog rolling in, let me know - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 23:52 23:28-can you post those coordinates for XHRAW here or on the forum pls? :) Mike-La (
Apr26 23:52 amfmtvdtvbrla: Just keep your antenna pointed south down the Mississippi River over LSU - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 23:44 [23:29] Ok KA3JAW will stay with HB forcast. Mcallen TX had a high of 105 F with 18% humidity - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 23:44 If only XHAVR and XHETF were that easy to locate. Gotta be somewhere, but where? - Raymie DM43 (
Apr26 23:37 23:28-very nice Raymie-as posted in forum-first time catch for me last night-lucky to get the on air ID Mike-La (
Apr26 23:37 OK, I see that Low Front from IL down to eastern TX - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 23:34 There is a blob developoing off the coast from Corpus Christi, TX down to Heroica Veracruz, MX - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 23:29 amfmtvdtvbrla: Stay with the HB Tropo forecast; Merida, Yucatan is 105 F - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 23:28 My Mexican FM Station Coords document now has 475 stations. Most recent addition is XHRAW in Cd. Miguel Alemán Tamps - Raymie DM43 (
Apr26 23:27 My autologger is down because there is a chance for severe thunderstorms when that front pushes thru here - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 23:20 23:14, JAW I agree. I have one of those tuners. I wish there were more along the Gulf states - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr26 23:16 I'd tentatively say the former, but the playlist didn't add up. 103.3 is a good frequency here because though adjacent KLNZ is IBOC, it's in the White Tanks and I am screened from it by South Mountain. 103.1 is occupied by KCDX which has defended its frequency from several translator proposals as far out as Scottsdale (
Apr26 23:14 Bob-Nj: I have a suggestion. Place the onto this site under useful links - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 23:12 I don't think there will be any good Tropo in my area Tonight because of that front coming thru here in a few hour - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 23:11 If in AZ, it's either 103.3 K277AR on Mingus Mountain (KAFF FM, whose playlist didn't match) or K277BX in Star Valley (// KMOG 1420 AM in Payson) (
Apr26 23:10 Headscratcher: super weak 103.3 playing Trisha Yearwood "You Say You Will". Two country culprits. Probably extended groundwave. - Raymie DM43 (
Apr26 23:02 Tr 106.5 KDXL St. Louis Park, MN. About 20 miles but pretty good for 8 watts. En35 (
Apr26 22:57 Wish their were more stations along the GOM - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 22:55 Let's not forget about this website - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 22:27 means "Duck you turkey!" but unfortunately doesn't mean I'm getting duck or turkey for dinner :-( - de JimT/MO (
Apr26 22:26 And I heard that if you hear someone yell "Quack quack gobble gobble!".... (
Apr26 22:19 My wife told me that if I scratch an itch on my hand, that money is coming to me./cdEL96 (
Apr26 21:46 Daisy fleabane is flowering on my lawn; that means Es is developing (lol) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 20:28 Hope you all stocked up on fresh batteries for your DVR for this upcoming trans-GOM event - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 20:22 Not counting AM 834 in in the 70s of course./cd (
Apr26 20:21 Belize---one country I have yet to hear via any mode---I have about 21 others via FM./cdEL96 (
Apr26 20:10 Don't forget Chetumal, MX & Belize City, Belize - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr26 20:10 U too Randy and anywhere along N Gulf/cd (
Apr26 20:06 Guys in LA/TX....just don't forget DTV!/cdEL96 (
Apr26 19:31 [16:00] yeah Mike-LA I have been waiting for Yucatan Tropo conditions for a long time - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 18:32 Tr (or Es) 94.3 mixing of several stations (country, top 40, sports, classic hits) - Christian EN72 Kentwood, MI (
Apr26 16:25 2009/cd--> (
Apr26 16:25 1991/cd:--> (
Apr26 16:24 In the meantime, let's go back..../cdEL96 (
Apr26 16:16 It would be a good idea to monitor weird freqs/channels as 87.9, or channels 8 & 14 here, or even > 51 in case of Cuban analog./cdEL96 (
Apr26 16:00 sure would be nice to say hello to the Yucatan that night! Mike-La (
Apr26 15:59 15:55-good point cd-we'll keep our fingers crossed for sure Mike-La (
Apr26 15:55 I'll take a mess over current condx any day./cdEL96 (
Apr26 15:51 CD, I think that unstable area is beyond WRH's prediction contours (colors). Possibility, condx so INTENSE signals cancel each other on DTV and FM sounds like a mess - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr26 15:48 On Fri the maps show a white spot in the Gulf in an "unstable" area---maybe that means that all kinda signals will spread around!/cdEL96 (
Apr26 15:43 I'm going to have a ANOTHER cold front coming thru associated with that SW low pressure, aka wrong side of the tropo action :-( - de JimT/MO (
Apr26 15:41 The key ingredient in this is everything is slow motion. IF anything starts moving too fast, it will tear the mechanics apart - de JimT/MO (
Apr26 15:40 ...which means there is a third catalyst for pushing additional Gulf air up - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr26 15:39 AND if you see the L off to the desert southwest (982 millibars). Remember L's are counter-clockwise..... (
Apr26 15:39 I hope the maps are right. If not, I'll feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick Lucy's football. [AAARRRGGGG! Splat!]/cdEL96 (
Apr26 15:36 I think I see the pattern in that map though - in between two fronts with high pressure in between, extending to the gulf... so warm stable air = tropo... how my simpleton eyes interpret - Bryce K4NBF (
Apr26 15:25 Not really - I've tried to figure out the tropo patterns but have just resorted to trusting the Hepburn maps ;-) - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 15:11 Of course those go into early Friday - de JimT/MO (
Apr26 15:10 Tropo forecast for late Thursday night... de JimT/MO (
Apr26 15:10 Wx map for late Thursday night... de JimT/MO (
Apr26 15:06 Are you an amateur weather prognosticator? :-P - de JimT/MO (
Apr26 14:50 I can't recall the last time I've seen the forecast like that for our area - K4NBF (
Apr26 14:49 Yep... gonna try to get a long nap in tomorrow afternoon to be ready for that :-) - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 14:46 Right now that looks like late Thurs night into Friday morning - de JimT/MO (
Apr26 14:44 looks like there is a possibility you might have a 12 hr window right behind the front for a shot at Cancún on FM - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr26 14:43 Bryce, I know its all timing, but with this cold front pushing thru and that H coming up from the deep south of the Gulf.... (
Apr26 14:19 I just get slammed by 100kw locals and lots of translators line of sight... salvation is phasing and low-ish IBOC adoption in the Nashville - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 14:17 Rio Grande tropo not super rare here, since '09 I can think of probably 5 or 6 occasions. My "micro location" doesn't hurt either, on a hill with wide open S/W horizon - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 14:14 Jim - wish I was off this week. Really interested in new forecast today for Friday - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 14:06 Nine. Hundred. Miles. (plus!) Just---wow! // Lee VA (
Apr26 14:04 Tr 90.9 WRCJ Detroit, MI, TOH ID, 206 mi. 101.9, 102.7 & 104.3 are also in. - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr26 13:41 Bryce did you take the day off from work? :-)- de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr26 13:09 Tr 93.9 CIDR Windsor, ON, "93-9 the River", 201 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr26 12:28 Tr 96.1 WLZA Eupora, MS (229 mi, 40 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 12:26 Happy to still be hearing this stuff... half the work now is nulling translators/LPFM/IBOC, which adds a little bit of challenge but fun. Don't know what I'd do without Bolin phase box - K4NBF (
Apr26 12:07 Crazy tropo distances. Good to see! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Apr26 12:06 Tr 100.3 KTEX Mercedes, TX (961 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 11:59 Tr 99.5 KKPS Brownsville, TX (957 mi, 100 kW) old reliable, still going as well - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 11:50 Tr 93.1 XHAAA REYNOSA, TAM (972 mi, 50 kW) going strong - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 11:32 Tr 93.5 K-LOVE morning show & Christian pop. Faded before I could get an ID. Maybe WMLG in Butler, AL? - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Apr26 11:25 Tr 95.3 WZNF Lumberton, MS, The Gorilla ID, local ads ID, 574 mi. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Apr26 11:14 Tr 96.1 KBTQ Harlingen, TX (957 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 11:04 Tr 103.5 KBPA San Marcos, TX (777 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 11:02 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA "Red River Radio" strong on the car radio...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr26 11:01 Thanks, am! :) (
Apr26 10:55 [9:16] Congrats, Finndx, on the XHBY Veracruz logging. I'm checking out the band now - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr26 10:37 Tr 107.5 KXTN San Antonio Tx (434 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 10:31 Tr 105.3 KSMG San Antonio Tx (432 mi) blasting in here strong over 105.3 WWL -amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 10:11 [10:06] My craziest tropo Class A "spread" was a different morning, also there, when I had both Marquette MI and [NEW] Forsyth GA on 100.1--Frank M. (
Apr26 10:09 Very nice catches Bryce - even if they're, uh, relogs - hi! (It's really delicious with a 700+ mile Tropo catch when it's entirely new like when I had WBHY-88.5)--Frank M. (
Apr26 10:06 [05:12] How's this for a spread? I remember one time in the early 80s or maybe 1979 from Toledo OH, I had Philadelphia and Omaha 104.5 Tr at the same time--Frank M. (
Apr26 10:01 [09:52] Hi Jack. Great new catch - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 09:52 Tr 106.3 XHPSP Piedras Negras Coahuila "Fiesta Mexicana" with ID and SS mx (new)...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr26 09:49 Hi am, new ones this time only 91.1 KSGR and local 92.1 K221GF San Antonio translator (very weak) - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Apr26 09:49 Tr 91.1 KSGR "Solid Ground Radio" Portland TX (new) 135mi - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Apr26 09:22 [09:16] Hi Finndx, great catch - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 09:16 Tr 96.7 XHBY Tuxpan Veracruz "Extasis Digital" 604mi (relog). Also Mexicans 90.1 XHRYS-FM, 91.3 XHMLS-FM and 107.1 XHVTH-FM through locals - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Apr26 09:13 Tr 103.5 KBPA San Marcos Tx (408 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 09:00 Tr 94.7 KAMX Luling Tx (393 mi) weak - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 08:51 Tr 107.1 XHVTH Matamoros (501 mi) in strong with partial RDS first time I have receive any RDS from this station - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 08:20 [03:54] hope it pans out Lee - ammtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 08:16 congrats Bryce for receiving some Rio Grande long haul Tropo - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 07:55 Tr WFLQ Q-100 100.1 French Lick IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Apr26 07:54 WFLQ Q-100 100.1 French Lick IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Apr26 07:01 Congrats Bryce! Too bad tropo over 200 miles doesn't exist where I live. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr26 05:20 Man, look at the APRS map... - Bryce K4NBF (
Apr26 05:19 Tr 94.9 WKSJ Mobile, AL (389 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 05:18 Thanks for nice words - glad you like them, and I should have the website populated with real data in the next couple months - K4NBF (
Apr26 05:12 [04:43] 97 miles AND 961 miles in the same hour...that's gotta be some kind of record for largest spread! // Lee VA (
Apr26 05:08 [05:01] Cool, I figured it might be in transition. I've seen a few your videos in the past, always enjoy those...really great quality! // Lee VA (
Apr26 05:04 Nope, that's 104.3 XHVUN. XHAAA is a new log for me via Tr and my third ever Mexican via Tropo... heard it 10000 times via Es - K4NBF (
Apr26 05:03 Oh I see you told Lee its XHVUN - de JimT/MO (
Apr26 05:03 Tr 93.1 KQID Alexandria, LA (449 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 05:02 Hey Bryce is XHAAA your logbook record you had previously? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr26 05:02 Here's my Youtube channel that has most of my interesting logs in various videos - Bryce K4NBF (
Apr26 05:01 Thanks Lee - I'm moving the website to a new host soon... that one is just a front end with no guts behind it - K4NBF (
Apr26 04:59 Tr 93.1 XHAAA REYNOSA, TAM (972 mi, 50 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 04:59 Would love to see your log book! // Lee VA (
Apr26 04:58 I just hit up your website...I guess you know the links are broken? // Lee VA (
Apr26 04:57 [04:38] Haha, was afraid that might be the case! Still man, 990! // Lee VA (
Apr26 04:43 Tr 106.5 WLVS Clifton, TN (97 mi, 3 kW) been looking for this one for 7 years! :-) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 04:38 Well, it's not exactly 50 miles in the 'right' direction... something like 990 miles, just shy of 1k. XHVUN Villa Union - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 04:36 [04:31] That's amazing. So is your record over 1,000 miles?! (961+50...) // Lee VA (
Apr26 04:33 Sadly, my remote rig about 30 miles east of me on a hill is down right now with a minor PC issue... DXing even better up there & further from locals - K4NBF (
Apr26 04:32 If Friday plays out like the forecasts, I think I can get downcoast into Mexico and beat that record... we'll see - K4NBF (
Apr26 04:31 Not quite, a Mexican station about 50 miles from Edinburg is, though... heard last year - K4NBF (
Apr26 04:30 Wow, nice Bryce. Is that a record? // Lee VA (
Apr26 04:25 Tr 104.1 KBFM Edinburg, TX (961 mi, 100 kW) - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 04:02 Tr 99.5 KISS San Antonio, TX (828 mi, 100 kW) thinking of Pat - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 03:54 Hope that didn't come off the wrong way. I'm really excited for all of you guys in line for an epic event along the Gulf! :) // Lee VA (
Apr26 03:51 Tr 91.3 XHMLS Matamoros, Tamaulipas with mx, ID and stream match...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr26 03:50 Agreed Jon. I've had some great catches even when Hepburn shows nada... // Lee VA (
Apr26 03:50 Tr 99.5 KKPS Brownsville / McAllen, TX (~950 mi, 100kw) w/ Regl Mexican music, announcer giving shoutouts to listeners in Matamoros - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 03:40 Tr 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa "La Caliente"...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr26 03:38 Even with "Nil" tropo conditions according to his maps, I still manage 200 mi tropo to Detroit here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr26 03:33 (sorry, couldn't resist!) (
Apr26 03:32 Wake the neighbors and phone the kids!! 150 miles here we come, LOL!! ;) #eastcoastprobs // Lee VA (
Apr26 03:31 But didja see? Hepburn ACTUALLY has some BLUE over VIRGINIA on Fri /Sat?!??! // Lee VA (
Apr26 03:31 Yeah that white over the gulf is cool (and I certainly hope it pans out)... // Lee VA (
Apr26 03:31 You guys, you're missing the REAL story on the Hepburn maps... // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr26 02:56 Tr 107.1 XHVTH Matamoros, Tamaulipas with religious sermon, stream match, over local 107.1..Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr26 02:29 ... or not, LPFM in Nashville playing a random Spanish Language program "Radio Catolica Mundial" - K4NBF (
Apr26 02:28 Tr 100.5 strong regional Mexican, might be getting interesting - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 02:23 Tr 107.1 XHVTH Matamoros MX (501 mi) on my car radio here at work - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr26 02:22 Tr 95.7 WKBU New Orleans, LA (476 mi, 100kw) - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr26 01:43 Tr 107.9 KVLY Edinburg TX (275 mi) with local ads...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr26 01:37 Tr 96.1 KBTQ McAllen TX RDS...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr26 00:49 Yak, that's what being so far north and west does to us. In CA and AZ, don't think I ever got OR or Wa in April. Early May, yes, but mainly much later. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Apr26 00:36 I've only had one Es opening in April, 4/28/15. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr26 00:04 Bill, I think I've experienced about ten April FM Es openings (in Cal and AZ). 1994 in AZ was very active on TV by April 15 and generally active all summer. April 5 1988 in OR had, as I recall, KUSD-2 at 2 AM Pacific. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Apr25 23:41 Tr 106.1 KIOC Orange, TX, Big Dog 106 ID, 280 mi. Also hoping this a sign of great tropo tonight & during the bext few days. - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr25 23:19 Ms ATV-2 (+ offset) CIII Bancroft, ON, Global, 100kW - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr25 22:48 [22:03] See April 2 DX. Coulda been there all night, but work calls./cdEL96 (
Apr25 22:46 Already have 200-mile tropo down to Corpus Christi wth 93.9 in so maybe this is a good sign for decent tropo later this evening? Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr25 22:45 If I were retired, one word: Allnighter./cd (
Apr25 22:42 [22:00] I hope it pans out. I have been looking for the Yucatan stations - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr25 22:41 [22:03] Been watching da maps. Can't take time off, but I might make a quick 2 hour jaunt to Flamingo on Friday. Not sure./cdEL96 (
Apr25 22:40 For Mid-Lat Dxers monitor NOAA WX on 39.785 MHz KBH32 Tampa Bay, FL for Es openings - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr25 22:39 [21:57] yep look to be the setup KA3JAW - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr25 22:32 [ 21:56] yeah JimT if I get some of that white over me there will be a CCI mess on most bands here - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr25 22:13 I'll have to check my old VUDs- I think the ONLY Es I've seen in April was an Au-induced late night shortie in 1983. In contrast, I've had two good openings in February, one a doozy, that gave me KARK and my only TV by Tr and Es. N8NU (
Apr25 22:03 cd should take a day off from work to a trip down to Key West - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr25 22:00 On Friday you ops in western, central GOM are going to think you woke up in Yucatan - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr25 21:57 amfmtvdtvbrla: Matamoros, MX to Pensacola, FL - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr25 21:56 It's late April, where's the skip man (says this super impatient person ;)) en35 (
Apr25 21:53 AM, are you ready for *white tropo frost* on your antennas Thurs/Fri? - de JimT/MO (
Apr25 21:51 ....rushing straight to the NorthEast across the Lakes - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr25 21:51 I HOPE Ontario doesn't turn on the GIANT Es MAGNET this year. I could feel the ions rushing through my hair last year.... (
Apr25 21:50 Mcallen TX is at 97F degrees right now. Looks like there will be some Rio Grande Tropo along the Gulf Coast tonight / morning - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr25 21:49 We know N8NU :-P you were just checking to see how many of us are asleep - de JimT/MO (
Apr25 21:48 RE:20:21…Yup….Last year we had a huge opening to Florida and Alabama on April 28th…..then nothing til the end of May !! de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Apr25 21:39 Sorry about starting that last post with Es.... (
Apr25 21:39 Es at Manistique (46N) conspicuously rarer than down here N8NU (
Apr25 21:37 Your results may vary, particularly with latitude (I'm at 41 1/2 N) N8NU (
Apr25 21:36 I've generally thought of 22 May as the opening of the season. Sometimes it has started earlier- but openings before 5/22 Are short. N8NU (
Apr25 20:21 However, the 2016 start date was May 26th for me. - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr25 20:21 Last year, FM Es was received by dxers in my vicinity on April 28th. - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr25 20:20 The switch might turn on for Es this season, but it's going to be under a dim condition. Going to challenge hardcore Dxers to their limits - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr25 20:18 2010 & 2011 had start dates in April, while 2012-2015 had start dates in May. - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr25 20:08 Sometimes May 1 is like a light switch turned on here, sometimes - not so much de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Apr25 20:07 Yeah I always consider May 1 the official start of Es season too. Even though there really isn't one. de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Apr25 20:03 Pat sure was meticulous with statistics....I'd go up the wall trying that stuff myself./cdEL96 (
Apr25 19:39 That info courtesy WA5IYX's 40 plus years of data collecting (of course for the central TX region) - de JimT/MO (
Apr25 19:38 The Es upswing historically begins on May 11th +/-. May 1-10 typically Es trickles in, then major upswing 11th - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr25 19:11 Yes, looks good. Hopefully the white stays around. :) /cdEL96 (
Apr25 18:01 Latest tropo forecast looking good for the southeast - K4NBF EM66 (
Apr25 17:42 No Es reports here since March 22nd. May starts Monday. Looking forward to the only DX I get here, and hoping this year provides more than last several. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Apr25 17:27 Starting in Fairbanks, AK - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr25 17:25 APRS VHF Prop. Maps shows a 2,751 mile red path down into KS/MO border - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr25 17:23 <- N8NU. 6m is a good indicator of Es, listen around 50.125-50.150. 6m has activity where Analog ch2 doesn't (
Apr25 17:21 [02:10] I do keep an ear on 54.31, but 55.24, .25 and .26 are important. A2 is still widespread in Central and South America- real DX. (
Apr25 08:16 Tr Houston UHF's in @ 264 miles on my autologger here now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr25 08:15 Houston UHF's in @ 264 miles on my autologger here now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr25 07:34 I have received Orlando FL @ 640 miles off of the side of the 91XG antenna. The antenna was pointed east. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr25 07:17 Just because the antenna you are getting is mainly directional does not mean it will not receive Tropo from the sides & back of the antenna - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr25 07:14 Yakima, I am receiving the New Orleans stations @ 80 miles via Tropo right now with my 91XG antenna pointed southwest in the opposite direction - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr25 04:08 [02:21] I can STILL get WPBT! I know....back to the corner I go./cdEL96 (
Apr25 02:41 Have seen KHSV about half dozen times, logged KHME for first time July 13th last year - de JimT (
Apr25 02:39 As long as I stay in MO, I will never see KNOP or KDLO, just too close for Es and wrong freq for tropo - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr25 02:32 I can always try to be the first-ever person to get 2-hop DTV Es! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr25 02:21 Yakima, after this summer's Es, you will be so tired of seeing KNOP, KHME, KHSV and KDLO. All of 'em will the NW's version of WPBT (analog days) - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr25 02:15 or 6? (meters) If they don't hold a license to rag-chew on 6, they're usually on DxMaps to see what's going on, on 6 - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr25 02:10 Well, don't all DTV DXers check ch 2 / 54.310 mHz first? > Yakima CN96 (
Apr25 01:56 .... a channel 4 1/4 wave single dipole (300 ohm) with 75 ohm transformer connector, plus a Legrand On-Q 2-way splitter/combiner for two antennas to feed to TV tuner - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr25 01:55 In your care pack I send you: your RG-6 cable,...... (
Apr25 01:52 You said you needed a cable 5.5 - 6' in length. I made a 7' RG-6 cable, with Ideal 92-651 compression connectors. The extra foot won't hurt - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr25 01:49 Ok at 22:17 I saw you said something to Lee about Channel 2 on the box. Thought you were watching for early season Es :-) - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr25 01:47 I watch Charter Spectrum on the 40" HDTV in the living room, but the 2nd TV has no box and is only used (for now) as the TV for VHS/DVD. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr25 01:46 I have no antenna for TV whatsoever. But with the new antennas, will have one (or two). > Yakima CN96 (
Apr25 01:40 22:49 - Justin, aren't you a signed up member on the WTFDA Forums? If so, you could post that you are looking for a low priced (maybe member's used) SDR in the Buy/Sell/Trade column - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr25 01:36 Yakima, what are you using for a channel 2 antenna? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 23:27 [22:17] No worries Yak! I don't own stock in Amazon (haha!). The Stellar Labs looks nice too...hope it works out for you! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr24 23:05 En35: Read the features near the bottom of page for tech. data - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 22:49 Still looking for a cheap SDR dongle to record unattended. - En35 (
Apr24 22:21 Will be out on Friday, planning a hike in north Central WA as I am off work that day. Probably near Coulee City, in between Wenatchee and Spokane. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 22:17 Sorry Lee - I bought the Stellar Labs one. Jim/MO is getting me some coax and a VHF dipole. Es season is almost...just almost...set. Channel 2 on the box, unattended FM recordings, why didn't I think about this years ago? Wouldn't have missed the super 5-10-13 opening! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 21:58 [4/22, 19:35] Whoa! That antenna (HBD91X) is down to $30 shipped from Amazon! (Hmmm...) // Lee VA FM17io (fixed the link. - Bob)(
Apr24 20:28 (18:52) Just imagine that over WI/MN! Then I'd definitely be into the Dakotas - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Apr24 18:53 Sorry, I guess that's the Arabian Sea./cd (
Apr24 18:52 The Persian Gulf, white with foam./cdEL96 (
Apr24 13:48 Tr 101.1 CICW Fergus, ON, "The Grand @ 101". 67 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr24 12:48 The Mediterranean commonly goes into the gray & white realm./cdEL96 (
Apr24 11:23 [22:05] Egad! I've never seen some of those colors on Hepburn's maps before...entirely outside the scope of his pallette below--Frank M. (
Apr24 11:21 [22:05] Egad (
Apr24 03:50 All in all, I don't have to pay for 300 stupid cable channels, and maybe get the thrill of VHF Es at the same time! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 03:48 I might be able to clamp it w/ permission from apt. maintenance. But it will have to be a clamping method in which I will have to take it DOWN during inspections and whatnot...or they might give me 30 days notice! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 03:45 Yes that might be, but those seven other tenants don't have outdoor access to your balcony - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 03:43 The rule does not apply to television antennas used to receive a distant signal. -Jerry (
Apr24 03:39 I don't live in an exclusive apartment. I share the building with seven other tenants > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 03:38 [0231] There are still tenants WITH satellite dishes. Apartment next to us has a DirecTV dish on the ground. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 03:34 A restriction necessary to prevent damage to leased property may be reasonable. -Jerry (
Apr24 03:28 I should say, his apartment has a private use balcony. He doesn't share it with any other apartments (
Apr24 03:27 Jerry - we are specifically talking about Yakima's situation. His apartment has private use balconies. Nothing more, nothing less - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 03:25 As long as the UHF yagi does not protrude past the exterior balcony wall he is safe - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 03:25 balconies or patios that are shared with other people or are accessible from other units are not considered to be exclusive use areas -Jerry (
Apr24 03:22 Yakima could easily make a temporary mount (like C-clamps) to hold his antenna in place, as long as he doesn't damage or deface the property - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 03:22 JimT: Yes I have viewed them - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 03:20 Half way down that page, they hit that point in three or four questions. Your balcony is your private use area, no one else has access to it - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 03:20 As long as the antenna and mast is used in an 'Excluse Use' area [balcony in this case] in which only you, and persons you permit may enter and to the exclusion of other residents - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 03:20 Balconies of apartments are protected by the FCC law, as a private use area - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 03:12 The rule does not apply to common areas, such as the roof or the exterior walls of an apartment building. -Jerry (
Apr24 03:07 JAW, did you look at those balconies at his apt complex? That link below has the stuck at the beginning, so you have to lose that part of the link - de JimT/MO (
Apr24 03:04 If the landlord is enforcing an invalid restriction then call the FCC toll-free @ 1-888-CALL-FCC (225-5322) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 02:47 [02:39] C-clamping it like Jim has said should also work. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 02:44 [02:36] Yakima, by looking at those balconys it does look like you have room with a Tripod - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 02:39 By C-clamping it, he can put it up and take it down as needed - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 02:36 AM, that's not necessary for pics. Follow this link - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 02:34 I say that if Yak is on the 2nd floor, he should take a 18" sat dish arm, mount it to a board so the arm stands up straight, mount the antenna to the arm, then C-clamp the board to the balcony railing while in use - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 02:32 Yakima, can you take a pictures of different views of your balcony? I like to see the size of it - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 02:31 At least up until a year ago, there were tenants in Yak's apt complex with DTV/DN satellite dishes installed - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 02:29 Sometimes you have to get creative with restrictive antenna rules. Since you already have flower pots on your balcony. You can put the Leaf-50 under a clay flower pot - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 02:25 [02:09] but no chance to null out two stations on same RF channel with the Leaf-50 antenna. being directional has its atvantages. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 02:09 The Leaf-50 mounted high on the window will probably give better peformance (multi-directional) than the Stellare Labs UHF yagi (max 60 degrees) - KA3JAW FNjq- (
Apr24 02:05 I've tried NONE. Except rabbit ears in the ole' analog days for local TV only. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 01:43 Yak: Have you tried the Leaf-50 indoor amplifed antenna; If so, was it mounted on the glass window? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 01:36 Check PMs Jim > yakima cn96 (
Apr24 01:27 Look in WTFDA PMs, it will be sent out in a few min > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 01:00 Yak, is your apt complex west of Supercenter? - de JimT/MO (
Apr24 00:56 [00:42] cd, can go to the keys this weekend with that setup :) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 00:52 or Kookmobile - Jerry (
Apr24 00:52 Yakima, the stellar labs UHF antenna should have a Matching Transformer aka a 75 Ohm to 300 Ohm Balun on the antenna. it is the black box below in front of the back reflector on antenna picture - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 00:51 Forgot to add 60 Minutes, The Middle, Modern Family and NCIS! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:50 I still watch some OTA stuff. Wheel of Fortune, local news (in which half comes from Tri-Cities anyways), Big Bang Theory, Scandal, reruns of Seinfeld/Two and a Half Men on occasion, also the occasional Litton's Weekend Adventure E/I show. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:49 Yeah, right. Maybe if I have 10 acres of land in Moxee or Ellensburg! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:47 "Sir, I think you're going to have to come down to the station and explain to the Chief exactly what you ARE doing with that rig. And you say you're not spying on anyone?" - de JimT/MO (
Apr24 00:45 00:42 whacker ham car - Jerry (
Apr24 00:45 OMG, I could just see the officer tapping on my window as I'm doing late night dxing from the Lowes parking lot! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 00:42 This is what you should have orderd Yak: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 00:36 OK, I just confirmed my order and bought the Stellar Labs UHF antenna. $38.99 with free shipping on Amazon. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:36 [00:26] same here Mike. I only watch Football & the local news on OTA & anything else that is broadcast OTA I watch online via the networks websites - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 00:34 Aurora will peak between 06-09 UTC - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 00:30 There is Au activity over the central Great Lakes region - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 00:26 [00:21] I haven't watched anything I could get OTA in several years ... Mike (
Apr24 00:25 Trust me, there's been a cable monopoly here in Yakima since the 1990s, maybe earlier. In the '90s everyone had TCI Cablevision which was 36 channels plus 'A1', 'A2' and 'A3' I think. MTV was one of those 'A' channels. Later replaced by Falcon Cable, which sold to Charter circa 2001-02. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:23 Re 0017 - I'll PM you. It's west of Yakima city center a few miles. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:21 Just make sure your lawyer has an FCC lawer with yours in court - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 00:21 [00:13] I will be glad when ATSC 3.0 is fully operational so to shut down that MONOPOLY on cable in both Yakima and Tri-Cities & everywhere else when everyone will cut the cord when you will not need a outdoor antenna to get good DTV signal - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 00:19 They usually have better lawyers than you, and if they win they use you as an example ... Mike (
Apr24 00:18 May be, but you can also be given a 30-day notice without cause ... Mike (
Apr24 00:18 The balcony is small. We have plants in pots on the balcony. I don't think there's enough room, there was hardly enough room to put the 3-ft loop out there for MW. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:18 JimT is right on that issue, I was just going to mention it. Trust me you would win in court. If if later they did evict you out due to that antenna case, then you would win the second case too - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 00:17 Yak, what is name of your apt complex (if you don't mind my asking) ? I want to look at it on Google Maps, that's all - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 00:16 That is technically illegal to prohibit tenants from installing compact sat service dishes or compact TV antennas on balconies (without damage to property). The FCC has a law they could be sued - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 00:14 [00:08] what about on a tripod on the floor of the balcony. it would not be mounted to anything. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 00:13 [0010] They don't allow satellite dishes either for the same reason. The apartment is literally pushing new tenants to wire up to Spectrum and pay $170+ for the Triple Play. They own a MONOPOLY on cable in both Yakima and Tri-Cities! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:11 My window faces straight south. Ahtanum Ridge is SSE. Tri-Cities is ESE. Rapid City, North Platte, etc. are all ESE. Straight east is Miles City and Glendive (KYUS-3/KXGN-5). SSE is Las Vegas (KHSV-2). > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:10 [00:08] I think it has more to do with people that are dangerous with a tool in their hand ... Mike (
Apr24 00:10 are your local DTV stations antenna Farm in the same direction that your window is faceing? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 00:10 00:07...hmm, how do we eliminate an *eyesore*? IF you can commit to 25' of semi-permanent cable, there are ways to hide it so only the ends are seen - de JimT/MO (
Apr24 00:10 The Yakima Valley is full of open farm space and there's lots of farm houses. Selah, Moxee, West Valley full of them. Would be nice to have some property to myself where I can string up some nice antennas. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:09 Not if you use thin gauge enameled copper magnet wire - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr24 00:08 You are not allowed to mount anything to the balcony post. That includes a TV antenna. They want you paying $$$ for Charter Spectrum instead. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:08 Yak, you can be sure when Justin comes around he will be telling you about the pros/cons of apt dxing. He's had his share of it - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr24 00:07 Yes. But an antenna wire from balcony to bedroom would be an eyesore! Probably 25 feet or more. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr24 00:05 Yakima, does your apartment have a balcony? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr24 00:00 During the summer I'll have the window open often, so maybe that will help. > cn (
Apr23 23:59 It's got two pieces of glass unfortunately. This is an apartment. Can't put it on the roof or I'll be evicted so fast... > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 23:58 [23:49] but the advantage of that antenna is if you are receiving two stations in different directions via Tropo on the same RF channel, you can null out one by turning the antenna in the direction of each one to log each one - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 23:57 Speaking of windows, is it a single or mutliple windowpane? More layers of glass will reduce the signal too - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr23 23:56 This doesn't matter if the radio is in the middle of my bedroom or next to the wall, I will still get FMs from 100+ miles out regularly. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 23:56 Does UHF DTV have the same type of aircraft scatter effect as FM? > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 23:54 Sometimes there's 60hz RF on open FM channels and fringe signals but it doesn't last long. I can get Pendleton and Tri-Cities FMs from my bedroom, along with tropo scatter from Portland, Seattle and Spokane. Usually have to go outside to get the weaker TrS from BC. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 23:53 I'll try to put that antenna as CLOSE to the window as I can. I am L-O-S to Ahtanum Ridge, where the local stations broadcast including low power Fox station KCYU. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 23:53 All you will get is radiated interference signals from your electronic devices inside your dwelling - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr23 23:52 [2343] In which subdecodes would probably be Pasco signals...especially nighttime. I probably have a chance at KVEW, KEPR, etc. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 23:51 On topof that, the roof shingles might have radiant barrier embedded too. So it will be like trying to get a signal from inside a walk-in cooler - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr23 23:51 Thanks Jim - will PM you tonight. I'm just wondering about this 'backwards balun' that N8NU was mentioning. I need something for both parts of the VHF band, but especially 2-6. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 23:49 Yak: You have get some sort of Ant. outdoors. If you apartment interior walls have radiant barrier insulation on the south facing rooms, then your not going to have fun Dxing - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr23 23:49 [23:43] you will pick up strong local & strong Tropo signals with that antenna pointed in any direction. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 23:43 [23:09] Yakima, that antenna is very directional. if you are receiving a subdecode signal just barely turn the antenna left or right to peak signal - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 23:29 Just don't buy a junky RS cable, they're garbage. Anyway, no $. I would just need a mailing address (maybe you could PM on WTFDA Forums) - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr23 23:27 Yak, I could make you the right length cable with high quality RG-6 coax. I have the tools needed, cutter & compression tool - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr23 23:19 Very good Jon, tks for the check - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr23 23:18 Nothing noted on 1710 here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr23 23:14 Jon FN02: Can you hear a pirate AM radio station on 1710 up your way near Buffalo and Toronto? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr23 23:14 Just measured where the antenna will go vs. the dresser with the incoming box and TV. Approximately 5 1/2 to 6 ft away. Enough room? > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 23:12 When I buy it, I will put it near a shelf, close to the bedroom window. Should you nail it to the wall? I don't know if the coax will have enough room to reach the DTT901. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 23:09 AMFM, will be getting this one: > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 23:04 [22:55] cd, looks like Saturday & Sunday will have good Tropo for your area - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 22:58 now there is at 105 MUF over Grid FN53 on dxmap - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 22:55 ...As far as the Keys on Friday, forget it. Gotta work./cd (
Apr23 22:54 There is a 89 MUF over grid FN43 right now on DXmap - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 22:14 Yes I saw that. We got heavy rains early today and maybe it'll all clear out by Thu./cdEL96 (
Apr23 22:05 yeah Jim, looks like a Hurricane in the Gulf - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 21:55 That is one crazy Gulf tropo forecast - de JimT/MO (
Apr23 21:52 cd, looks like a trip to the Florida Keys with a Hepburn forcast like this - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 21:43 [21:38] I am glad to support it Jim. I would have had some DX TSID files but those did not save right I had two of the boxes not checked - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 21:39 cd, get ready you may have some trans gulf tropo coming your way if Hepburn forecast holds up. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 21:38 AM, saw you updated your TSID files on WTFDA Forums. Thanks for supporting that forum! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr23 21:35 Extreme Tropo on southeast gulf coast for Friday may give me shot for Yuctan DX - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 21:21 [20:47] Yakima, what UHF Yagi antenna did you get - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr23 21:13 Works best if its collapsible. Preferable to be mounted on a old camera tripod (without head). You can get used tripods dirt cheap or free. Collapes, fits in closet - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr23 21:08 Size? I only have a few feet of bedroom space to use it. It needs to be up on a shelf pointed ESE towards the most Es targets (which for me are in KS NE SD). Remember, there's four (IIRC) 2-6 VHF stations in Nebraska (KNOP, KSNB, KNHL and KWNB) > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 20:56 Yak, you should just make a quarter wave single dipole antenna for low VHF so you can *check* to see if there are signals on 2-6 - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr23 20:48 The twin lead wire will help with RF 2-6 Es. This year, there will be less complaining about no FM skip with high 6m activity. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 20:47 I looked at the UHF Yagi and it fits my needs. Will probably buy some twin lead wire to make that backwards balun that Robert/N8NU was mentioning several days ago. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 20:46 Can't wait! Ordering antenna today, didn't have time yesterday. It has to be better than last year. And please, at least one 2-meter opening this year in the PacNW. Last time was 2014 or 2015. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr23 20:38 WTFDA preserved his website for dxers and future dxers. Don't forget its there - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr23 20:37 Those on the 2017 Es look-out, don't forget our late WA5IYX started tracking FM Es beginning every May. That's one week from tomorrow - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr23 19:01 I recorded 89.1 & 107.3 two separate overnights last week for Ms....haven't reviewed yet./cdEL96 (
Apr23 17:24 Not a single ping here overnight, just troposcatter from Worthington, MN - En35 (
Apr23 13:17 SW ON to Kingston tropo pests are all in this morning here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr23 12:44 Ms 88.5 WCUG Lumpkin, GA RDS PI: "WEFE" relog 823 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Apr23 12:40 Ms 88.5 KLHV Cotton Valley, LA RDS PS "K-LOVE" / PI relog 998 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Apr23 12:36 [1:04] Hi, Jack. Were you ever able to ID the SS Christian station on 90.1? The only one I can find listed in TX is a Radio Cristiana translator in Victoria. - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr23 12:33 This will also be my first Es season with the SDR dongle. Tim EM86 (
Apr23 12:30 ......I'll fire up the shack later this week and see which frequencies are still usable for Es. That's all I do now: Es May to August. - Tim EM86 (
Apr23 12:28 ......within last few months lost 93.3 and 97.3 to translators. Car radio FM is pitiful now, clogged with crap due to omnidirectionality...... (
Apr23 12:24 Every year gets worse here with the translators. I haven't scanned the dial and experimented with antenna setup since last august but..... (
Apr23 01:38 Well, that's not good...local 104.9 just went back to HD after being off it for over a year, now both 104.7 and 105.1 will be more difficult to get...argh...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr23 01:04 Tr 90.1 unid SS religious mx, weak and fading with local 90.1 translator..Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr23 00:07 Window faces south, yes. I need it to point towards the ESE however. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 23:40 Some light enhancement to St. Cloud (65-70 miles). Nothing much going on here. Boring (and I put AM away for the year) - En35 (
Apr22 21:11 Yakima: Is your room facing south? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr22 20:40 [1950] Looks good! I will order that tonight. Hook it up to the DTT901 when I receive it, go to manual tuning and hope that I am getting at least my locals. > Yakima CN9 (
Apr22 20:09 [20:06] You may not need the preamp because you will be running very short coax cable from antenna to TV - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr22 20:06 [19:50] put this RCA TVPRAMP1Z Preamp on that antenna and you will have a great setup for UHF DX - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr22 20:00 "adapter for low-VHF" from 19:41 not 19:46 - Jerry (
Apr22 19:57 I have the XG91 UHF antenna. Those are lower priced clones of that antenna. if you want an antenna that is going to pull in the weak subdecode channels to decode those two antennas will get it done. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr22 19:56 [1946] Jerry, a 'UHF' antenna won't do well on RF 2-6. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 19:50 [19:41] Yakima, There is a smaller Stellar Labs Long Range UHF- HDTV 43 Element Yagi - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr22 19:46 adapter for low-VHF??? - Jerry (
Apr22 19:41 Length of that antenna is 87.5 inches! That is too big for my room. My bedroom is small. I should just stick with the 4-Bay Solid Signal and hope to get an adapter for low-VHF. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 19:35 Yakima, get you a Xtreme Signal Long Range Yagi HDB91X - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr22 19:10 Has anyone used the Antennas Direct DB4E for DTV DX? It's the smaller version of the DB8e. Might work quite well on UHF. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 18:48 Tr 97.3 KKRS Davenport WA right afterwards with religious program, relog mixing with KIRO-FM > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 18:48 Ms 97.3 KNCQ Redding CA 'Church Bells' Carrie Underwood at 1045 PT // playlist on website - relog > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 18:47 Tr 95.5 KBFF Portland in and out all morning with top 40, good signal at times > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 18:47 Tr 95.9 KRSX Goldendale, WA '95.9 Star FM' and hot AC format at 1115 PT (Five for Fighting, Matt Nathanson, etc.) NEW!! 2.2KW at only 66mi, but through several mountains. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 16:32 I am recording 107.3 while getting car work, fwiw./cd (
Apr22 16:32 Ahhhh./cdEL96 (
Apr22 16:12 Ms 91.9 KQSD Lowry, SD RDS PI / PTY, previous Es 917 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Apr22 15:56 :( No green yet here./cdEL96 (
Apr22 15:29 (01:12) The Grand Marais MN 95.3 has been in here a few times. Never gotten 90.7 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Apr22 15:15 ....that they may need a new antenna; simply a "rescan" won't necessarily do the trick./cd (
Apr22 15:15 And, those moneymaker TV stations that will move down to low-V will somehow have to tell the public..../cd (
Apr22 15:11 [12:48] Whatever antenna manufacturers there are left, need to get crackin' on making new "all-channel" deals, starting immediately if not sooner./cdEL96 (
Apr22 14:39 [0201] Oh I don't know - Mike Cherry up in BC got KUFM-89.1 Missoula back in 1990...? I guess Missoula to Victoria via Tr is like Frank's Macomb-Monterrey NL! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 12:48 Solid Signal 'Deal of the Day' - HD8200XL Xtreme Signal Long Range V/U/FM outdoor antenna for $69 from the list price of $189.99! - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr22 11:36 [22:41] Antennacraft Y526 & Y10713; both are laying on top of the backyard shed roof @ 9 ft off the ground - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr22 08:52 more properly, TOPOGRAPHY instead of geography...but, understood anyway--Frank M. (
Apr22 08:51 As far as Ed Phelps (or here) versus Yakima, it's definitely one of those YMMV situations because of location and weather systems etc (and no blocking geography within hundreds of miles)--Frank M. (
Apr22 08:48 [02:01] Yeah, forget that. Even if Tr went as far as the Bitterroots (which won't happen), the duct would stop there, can't get over those mountains--Frank M. (
Apr22 08:45 [20:16] WJMN-DT is highly directional to...where? And where's their null? Is that why it took me so long to log them? Besides being on Channel 48, of course, with Racine etc--Frank M. (
Apr22 08:43 [20:13] Manitou springs, yes probably. Hillsdale, though, I don't call that southeast Michigan, but south-central--Frank M. (
Apr22 07:27 Woke up to find WPLG 10/10 off air, but no Tropo in sight. Not even a subdecode of Tampa Bay./cdEL96 (
Apr22 04:18 [01:55] Nothing here./cdEL96 (
Apr22 02:11 maybe VHF-LO Analog TV may have better ping results? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr22 02:06 my Airspy SDR with RDS Spy has been monitoring 94.7 for meteor scatter for three hours and no pings yet - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr22 02:01 I don't think 600 mile tropo to Billings is possible here ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 01:59 Tri-Cities locals are 11/18/26/31/44. Those I will put into memory as well, because I'm sure I'll get subdecodes at least at night. I don't have Ed Phelps' setup however! Maybe Seattle, Spokane, Portland subdecodes possible. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 01:57 May order a Solid Signal 'Xtreme Signal' antenna this weekend. It's a 4-bay antenna, about 1 1/2 feet tall. Will try to nail it near the top of the window and hope that I can get at least the Yakima locals on 14/16/21/33/41. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 01:56 Yep, I know what the manual tuning feature is. All I have to do is tune down to ch 2 and watch for a subdecode when the 6m map is bright red to the Plains or Southwest. Channel 3 has KYUS and KDLO. 5 and 6 have a few choices as well. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 01:55 whats up cd, any Tropo in your area tonight? there is a Sarasota to Tallahassee FL Tropo duct on ARPS map right now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr22 01:50 By all means use the Manual Tuning feature for DX; I think I went a year without realizing its merits./cd (
Apr22 01:49 Good going Yak; I have 3 of these and I wish I coulda given one to you, but I need em all./cdEL96 (
Apr22 01:49 [01:42] congrats Yakima on geting that Zenith DTT901 converter. It is the best DTV tuner. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr22 01:48 I remember when 95.3 was still a CP for G Marais with 100,000 watts, but I see they run 63,000 now./cdEL96 (
Apr22 01:42 Successful auction! Zenith DTT901 is mine! It comes next week. Now to get a nice indoor antenna that can pull in locals, maybe Tri-Cities,...and KNOP-DT2 sporadically ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 01:17 I also think MN's is a lot larger (
Apr22 01:12 Grand Marais MN is home to WTIP-90.7 and WXXZ-95.3, the latter I've seen logged by several DXers via Es. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr22 01:01 Sorry! I default to MN when I see Grand Marais, up the road from 2 Harbors./cdEL96 (
Apr22 00:56 I forgot MN has a Grand Marais. I was thinking of Michigan. There is at least one not-DX signal, from Newberry N8NU (
Apr21 22:41 [21:40] KA3JAW,what type of antenna are you using for meteor scatter - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr21 22:21 That was 1980 btw./cd (
Apr21 22:21 Slept nearly 13 hours....and the motel rate was $8 single. Wouldn't be surprised if that's a good DX spot too./cd (
Apr21 22:20 Not Grand Marais, but a night of sleep I'll never forget was a quiet evening at a motel in Two Harbors, after a long day on the road at at MPLS airport.../cdEL96 (
Apr21 21:40 Been monitoring the Lyrids MS for several hours on both SDR's. Activity remains low. Should step up this evening around 10 pm - KA3JAW FN0jq (
Apr21 20:19 Yes, definitely. You've got access to three states and Ontario on FM in Grand Marais. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr21 20:16 A large area between Manistique and Newberry has been a TV white area since so many Canadians went QRT and WJMN-DT is highly directional N8NU (
Apr21 20:14 Grand Marais would be an interesting place to set up a remote receiver. Anything you get on any band is DX. N8NU (
Apr21 20:14 [18:23] WIOD said at TOH they are on (105.9's) HD3./cdEL96 (
Apr21 20:13 I'm thinking Manitou Springs or Hillsdale would be better. N8NU (
Apr21 19:06 It's about the only place in SE Michigan to have the Detroit stations in a "good" direction for you, AND be reasonably far from them--Frank M. (
Apr21 19:03 That said, Clinton is possibly the best place in all of southeast Michigan to DX from--Frank M. (
Apr21 19:02 [17:47] Problem with Clinton is that, if you're keeping any kind of log at all, it's well outside your 25 mile contour--Frank M. (
Apr21 19:01 [17:47] Problem with Clinton is that, if you' (
Apr21 18:23 ....will need to go home and find out if WIOD has moved anywhere to FM HD./cd (
Apr21 18:22 [22:25 Apr 17] No sooner do I write that, now 940 WINZ is occupying WIOD's spot on 105.9 HD2.../cdEL96 (
Apr21 17:42 Someplace Quieter than Pontiac anyhow. I've got a friend out in Clinton to talk to about it, she has a nice patch of high land in the middle of nowhere, tall mast already installed (and unused!) JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr21 17:36 N8NU - I already have one up at home, just need to figure out a remote location for the second one :) JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Apr21 17:27 [13:02] By all means, get that up by mid-May. México is gone, but you can target Cuba and South America by sporadic-E. N8NU (
Apr21 15:05 Analog 6's are helpful! A toggle on the power pack cable and voilá!/cd (
Apr21 15:03 My problem apparently was with the power pack for the CM7777..../cdEL96 (
Apr21 14:09 Tr WTOG-44 FL St Pete & WMOR-19 Lakeland at 397 mi (7' dish ant. still at ground level) de fred SC FM03af (
Apr21 13:31 Tr Tampa/St Pete area FM stations in strong this AM (400mi) de fred SC FM03af (
Apr21 13:08 [13:02] There seem to be lotsa unused outdoor antennas around here, but many are missing elements./cdEL96 (
Apr21 13:07 at first I thought maybe i'd try a phased setup, but I don't think I have enough back yard space (not to mention the neighbors may not like it) and I think i'm too close to the detroit towers to be able to make a dent in them JJ in EN82 / Pontiac (
Apr21 13:02 Boss is having his roof re-done, asked if I wanted the old combo antenna off the roof, YUP! JJ in EN82 (
Apr21 13:02 I'll be acquiring another no-name brand yuge vhf/uhf combo unit. I have a few friends in some opportune DX locations semi-locally, has me thinking :) JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr21 13:00 CN96 - Set up a remote SDR and put it on Globaltuners! :) JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr21 11:41 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA "Red River Radio" with ID on the car radio...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr21 04:50 BTW that problem I had a couple of days ago has returned. I checked my 7" Coby and it seems okay---maybe the CECB./cd (
Apr21 04:49 Oops a state park charges admission too./cd (
Apr21 04:48 As 90% or so Es is in daytime, you might catch something before the close the gates. And, the daylight increases daily til June./cd (
Apr21 04:47 Try a state park. They might charge a little for electricity, but maybe there is one far from the lights/lamps/etc./cdEL96 (
Apr21 04:10 Nope. The park 3 blocks away has no electricity. For FM DX, it seems like I am going there constantly during Es and not updating 'live' - sometimes lights and RF at the apartment kill what's weak on FM. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr21 02:32 Maybe there is a park nearby with electricity---that would help immensely./cd (
Apr21 02:31 I'd like to do a YT of how I do my setup in the Keys, but I'm not quite ready./cd (
Apr21 02:31 Either an antenna tripod, or zip-ties tied to a pole....much more fun than an apartment./cd (
Apr21 02:30 Four 5' poles, fold-up antenna (if u have a vehicle to which it'll fit), 25' of cable lead-in,....>>>/cd (
Apr21 02:28 Yak, if you could ever do a portable setup with outdoor antenna, it might be worth your while....>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr20 23:37 [2027] No way to do it outdoors. Apartment would probably evict me for using an antenna on the balcony...or for gosh sake their roof! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr20 23:21 Yes, the build will work for RTL-SDR (USB) devices as well - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr20 23:00 22:59 should have said SDR Tuner or Airspy - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr20 22:59 at work or away from your DX Tuner when there is Es or Tropo, no problem anybody can DX your uptuner for you no VCR needed - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr20 22:47 with ATSC 3.0 all Tuners will have a IP (internet protocol) network backbone as well as OTA signal - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr20 22:21 I wonder if there would be a way to make a server like this for DTV Tuners like the HDHomeRun with them having Ethernet network - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr20 21:00 The SPY Server application bulld for Linux x64 can be used for both 64bit Intel & AMD CPU's - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr20 20:58 To all Airpsy users: SDR# rev1553 (4/16/2017 - Easter) with SPY Server (w/DDC) is now available to download - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr20 20:28 I had a wire antenna cut for dtv 2 and got analog skip no problem but dtv I've only seen on outdoor antennas. Not that it can't be done mind you en35 (
Apr20 20:27 DTV via Es is going to be incredibly difficult indoors. Trust me I tried over the course of 3 seasons. En35 (
Apr20 18:57 Run your Airspy devices remotely and share with your friends - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr20 04:33 Still need to order my Zenith DTT901. Cheap one on eBay but it's an auction ending 6p PT Fri. Then an indoor antenna that ISN'T rabbit ears. If I can get 107.9 Es on a portable Grundig with whip, I can get KNOP and KDLO even with PSIP. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr20 03:58 [Much earlier] TV antenna working fine now. Can't explain. :) /cdEL96 (
Apr20 02:55 My autologger scans thru channels faster without the Preamp on the antenna. Preamp causes more noise and slows the scanning of channels amfmtvdtvbrla EM4P (
Apr20 01:48 [01:47] log DTV not analog - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr20 01:47 I have my VHF Hi-Low antenna pointed northeast & my autologger on to see if I can log anything via Meteor Scatter - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr19 22:39 WIOT in HD. Surprised WRVF and WKKO aren't eating through local translators yet JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr19 22:36 WTOL and WTVG now in off the back JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr19 22:33 WIMX 95.7 Toledo now pretty much dominant in all directions from ~80mi, 3.5kw JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr19 22:20 They are still running HD. - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr19 22:13 it's not quite in strong enough that it would lock here yet I don't think JJ in EN82 / Pontiac (
Apr19 22:12 [22:07] can you determine if CING is still running HD? I had HD flashing during Es last year./cdEL96 (
Apr19 22:07 Tr CING 95.3 in pretty strong from Hamilton ON, ~180mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr19 21:58 Tr WCMB Oscoda, MI 95.7 @ ~140mi, new log JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr19 21:57 Also hearing WLHT 95.7 Gibsonburg OH, and WLHT Grand Rapids, MI JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr19 21:54 WQKI HD is off at the moment. Receiving 95.3 WQTE Adrian for the first time since moving to Pontiac - JJ in EN82 / Pontiac (
Apr19 20:15 En, I have separate FM & TV masts about 15' apart; I know that's not feasible at all QTH's./cdEL96 (
Apr19 20:02 Need a nearby pro to make my system more efficient... or a ladder. Right now the height off the ground is 10-15 feet. En35 (
Apr19 20:00 Re 19:07 yes stellar labs 4 element off Amazon. The pattern also may be screwed up because I have a tv antenna 3 feet above it. En35 (
Apr19 19:09 [15:37] Not a flamingo, but *at* Flamingo in Everglades, once a vulture landed on my small outdoor antenna, causing it to sway./cd (
Apr19 19:07 [17:31] Is that one of those newer models, like StellarLabs? Sad if that's the case./cdEL96 (
Apr19 18:19 It seems that *maybe* there is a loose part in either the preamp or the "pack" that has the cables in and out. No clue./cdEL96 (
Apr19 17:32 Was trying to hear something from the north but a station from the south wouldn't go away. Damn. En35 (
Apr19 17:31 I am part of the Armstrong club. I've come to find my 4 element FM antenna has terrible front/back ratio. En35 (
Apr19 17:18 ....the 44 still only decodes with preamp plugged in. WPB seems alternating weak-&-strong. Going to go to work now./cd (
Apr19 17:07 ....but that wouldn't explain me getting WLPH-CD 44 Miami as well as it is!/cd (
Apr19 17:06 The antenna problem seems to be with the preamp....unplugged it seems the same signal...>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr19 16:51 [13:32] Wrong...10,000 10-watt K-Love translators would definitely be worse ... Mike (
Apr19 16:38 cd: Armstrong the antenna east, if it high pressure rolling in you might have Bahamas - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 16:35 I remember having the same effects while in Tampa. Most likely caused by high pressure rolling in - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 15:45 If it is an odd-ball weather front, than it's time to scan FM/TV/WX channels - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 15:37 Is there a Flamingo on top of your antenna taking a break from flight? They are known to skew the radiation pattern (joke) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 15:32 It's north all righty./cd (
Apr19 15:32 I have no rotator. Armstrong./cdEL96 (
Apr19 15:23 Have you eyeballed the antenna to verify that is actually north. Your rotator controller box might be out of synch. - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 15:21 ....The only theories to me are (1) maintenance on more than 1 tower in WPB, and (2) a severe weather front?/cd (
Apr19 15:20 ...but today to the north (W Palm Beach), it is as if my antenna is broken?...>>>/cd (
Apr19 15:19 Can someone explain this to me---Why is my TV antenna working like normal pointed east (toward the antenna farm)...>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr19 15:18 This is what it looks like for non-amateur DX'ers - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 15:16 [1336] I guess that helps the 87.7 Franken-FMs. Otherwise, most LPTVs have gone to digital! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr19 15:15 Had to replace the memory button cell once inside the unit. It might be due to be replaced again - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 15:12 The unit is 22 years old and still works like new - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 15:10 Time to take out the Kenwood TS-450SAT out of storage, dust it off and get it back into operation for 10M FM DX listening - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 14:15 You mean analog-to-digital?/cdEL96 (
Apr19 13:36 Per TVTechnology website: Digital transition deadline for LPTV stations extended- to July 2021! N8NU (
Apr19 13:34 ....but if u listen long enough, you'll hear "we're still on AM 540!"/cd (
Apr19 13:34 ....calling themselves 102.5 after the translator, AND giving false calls (except TOH) as "WFLA"...>>>/cd (
Apr19 13:32 I will repeat something I said earlier then.....Nothing can be worse than 50 kW WFLF 540....>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr19 13:26 One example is WHLX, 1590. The FM xltr can't be heard in the WHLX coverage area, and "AM 1590" is never mentioned on air (only "Rock 105.5"), thus the existence of the station is effectively hidden! N8NU (
Apr19 13:21 What I don't like is when a station does not mention its AM frequency and the AM has greater coverage. That wastes potential N8NU (
Apr19 13:19 Medium and small market translators let AMs and HD2s compete by offering sports or album rock formats where a new Class A is impossible. N8NU (
Apr19 13:18 Decent enhancement to my south this morning (up to ~ 180 miles); nothing new, but nice to see 4-5 of my translators overpowered! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr19 13:14 [Evening of 4/17, re: FM xltrs of AMs]: Not important in large cities w/25 full service FM, but.... (
Apr19 11:17 Lynid MS activity was poor during the early UTC hours today - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 06:01 He'd probably have WKNO/91.1 several times during this meteor shower. That was one of his most-logged Ms stations. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr19 05:44 Keep (SK) Pat Dyer WA5IYX in memory during this event - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 05:40 Lyrid Meteor Shower 2017: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr19 01:24 Tr 103.7 KHTP Seattle w/ local ads. Not far but seldomly heard due to KXDD splatter and that new KZTR-LP on 103.5. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr19 01:23 Tr 101.1 CFMI Vancouver, BC w/ local ads, variable signal; 220 miles. Won't be long before Es season, and can't wait. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr19 01:21 Tr 100.3 CKKQ Victoria, BC stopset and 'The Q' ID, variable signal > Yakima CN96 (
Apr19 00:16 Tr 90.1 WGMC Greece NY w/Frank Sinatra & Ray Charles on show Sinatra & Friends 20:06 EDT-nil to fair sig w/90.3 splash. John (mobile) Corning NY fn12 (
Apr18 12:24 Thanx for the reminder./cdEL96 (
Apr18 06:02 Lyrid meteor shower will peak on Saturday, April 22 @ 1700 UTC (EDT) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr17 23:02 790 miles distance, NE - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr17 23:01 Ms - 3 sec burst; Analag, Ch. 6, CTV, CJCB-TV1, (Z offset), Inverness, NS, Cape Breton Island, 9.4 kW @ 6:40:13 pm ET (DST) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr17 22:25 ....until Class A WLML signed on, and that was that. WIOD is still on 105.9 HD2 tho./cd (
Apr17 22:25 Not quite the same, but 610 WIOD (similar to WRVA) was really plugging being on 100.3 FM a few years ago...>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr17 22:23 [22:17] I'd say that's one of the most legitimate and viable uses of a translator!... // Lee VA (
Apr17 22:23 exactly, I thinjk for most it's just not worth it, I do listen to the new xlator of my local WCLO-AM on 92.7, which was by far my best channel. (
Apr17 22:20 If WRVA can't draw a decent audience on a xlator, HOW can ANYone else? // Lee VA (
Apr17 22:19 ...but then dumped it in favor of country after 1 year. // Lee VA (
Apr17 22:19 So you'd hear "[name] at a Mobil station, hello"/cd (
Apr17 22:19 One wise guy would keep going to a Mobil (gas station) to make his call!/cd (
Apr17 22:18 Payphone story---back in mid 90s a sports station would always take a call as "[name] on a mobile, hello"..../cd (
Apr17 22:18 Locally, iHeart put their legacy conservative talk (and perennial ratings giant) WRVA on an FM xlator for 1 year... // Lee VA (
Apr17 22:17 I'll be honest---940'WINZ put a xltr on 105.5 and I listen to Marlins play by play. The AM on my car rx is no good./cdEL96 (
Apr17 22:12 [21:42] I always wonder if ANYONE is listening to the xlators that are proliferating across the dial... // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr17 22:11 [22:10] Your honor, I rest my case./cdEL96 (
Apr17 22:10 ...and then pretty much everyone else echoed her sentiment! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr17 22:10 [21:48] My son (18) had some friends over; someone mentioned "radio;" one girl got real thoughtful and said "Huh! I don't even remember the last time I listened to the radio" // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr17 21:52 Musta been written by the same folk who wrote "Payphone" about 5 years ago. ;) /cd (
Apr17 21:49 Try again. Was surprise to hear a recent hit with lyrics "Come on, come on, turn your radio on..."/cd (
Apr17 21:48 Was surprised to hear a red Mm (
Apr17 21:48 [21:42] Well, new content is an argument against all radio itself in 2017---is it not? How many teenagers want a new "radio" now?/cdEL96 (
Apr17 21:42 IBOC & translators are a self-fueling fire. No one listens to IBOC without translators to carry them via analog. No one cares about new HD Radio by itself... dozens of better ways to listen to content - K4NBF (
Apr17 21:14 I'd travel back to the Keys or Flamingo if the Hepburn maps would "redden" a bit there!/cd (
Apr17 21:12 ...they're practically standard in vehicles now, AND remember, FM took over 20-25 years to catch on./cd (
Apr17 21:11 Well let's face it, HD is here to stay. I didn't feel that way 10 years ago, but after all...>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr17 21:07 For me at least, translators are far more likely to be overpowered by Tr/Es than HD sidebands. So I personally prefer the "frying pan" of xlators over the "fire" of more HD signals // Lee VA (
Apr17 21:04 For us DXer's, that's almost like pick your poison! // Lee VA (
Apr17 21:02 [20:57] Haha, good point cd! // Lee VA (
Apr17 20:57 Rhetorical: would translators be even necessary, if HD radios were sold as easily as cornflakes? After all, HD2's/3's feed a bunch of 'em./cdEL96 (
Apr17 18:18 (though I'm worried, because my 2 of my newest xlators sound ominously strong (3 bars, full quieting) // Lee VA (
Apr17 18:17 moderate tropo enhancement seems to destroy most of the local translators here, I imagine strong Es would tear them up. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac (
Apr17 18:17 [18:03] Very true. I always try to console myself with that knowledge as well // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr17 18:03 Saving grace with some of these xlators, they fall easily with tropo and I'm pretty sure Es will wipe them out - En35 (
Apr17 15:08 21 is a WGEN property, formerly 8-1 & 8-2. Now it's DT 21 with no subs./cdEL96 (
Apr17 14:51 it's weird, because it's just the subchannel that has the issue though. similar to problems I used to have with WOMC-HD2. Main stream was beautiful, but signal would drop out on the HD2 (and not the HD3) JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr17 14:50 re 14:32 there are a couple subchannels like that in metro detroit as well. not sure how that works unless the stream itself is corrupt JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr17 14:32 FM isn't alone!/cdEL96:--> (
Apr17 10:33 Tr WQRA - Air 1 90.5 FM Greencastle, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Apr17 07:35 Translators really agravate me, i just posted on the WTFDA forums on my local K-Love applying for 3 translators in its coverage area. - JVL DXer (
Apr17 04:27 K-Love Xlator back on the air on 105.5 Bayport, MN. Son of a (beep) - En35 (
Apr17 01:30 Best Tr catch from here WFRJ-88.9 Johnstown PA 900 watts 620 miles--Frank M. (
Apr17 01:26 [15:59] I still consider maybe my second-best Tr catch here on FM, to be Bear Lake 100.1 through WKAI at 4 miles without phasing, right when I was starting out here--Frank M. (
Apr17 00:10 [23:47] Resurrection Sunday, that is!/cdEL96 (
Apr16 23:47 I heard during my DX session today many church services on FM ah Sunday in the south. David in Hendersonville TN (
Apr16 19:49 [15:59] Hasn't that whole cluster been a mess, like, forever?--Frank M. (
Apr16 17:35 EN64- 107.9 WCRZ Flint, MI airs AT40 80's-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Apr16 17:11 I prefer the 70s, but that's the 57-year-old-in-me talking./cdEL (
Apr16 17:05 Those 1980s AT40 shows from Premiere are great to listen to. Until my local on 99.9 picked up the show about 6 or 7 years ago, I had forgotten the history behind a lot of those songs, especially the one-hit wonders -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr16 16:15 (16:13) Checked Big Cheese's website and they're running AT40 (1980s) right now - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Apr16 16:13 Tr 107.9 with classic AT40 (1980s I think) mixing with WCDY. Did Big Cheese pick up AT40? - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Apr16 16:09 (04:19) That explains how WBNZ, WCUZ, WLDR, and WOUF still have their licenses despite either being off or running low power for years - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Apr16 16:02 Tr 91.9 WHDI Sister Bay, WI legal ID "The Ideas Network" RELOG 297 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Apr16 16:00 Also 91.1 WOLW off this morning. Nothing else in on 91.1 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Apr16 15:59 Local 92.3 WBNZ and 100.1 WCUZ running open carrier. That whole "cluster" is a mess as 99.3 WOUF is off (and has been for a while) and 101.9 WLDR is running low power - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Apr16 13:26 Brought a CC radio 2E and the radio is HOT! David In Hendersonville TN (
Apr16 13:24 Tr 99.1 WAHR Huntsville AL with liner ID "We Are Star 99.1" into Riptide by Vance Joy relog 112 miles David in Hendersonville TN (
Apr16 12:13 was a legit purchase...nothing smelly about it....Trinity U. (WMCU owner) put the money into the school. So, it goes both ways./cd (
Apr16 12:11 ....and there was a group who put together a "Save WMCU" campaign....>>>/cd (
Apr16 12:10 [03:51] I will say that back in 2007, Christian WMCU 89.7 Miami was purchased for $20M to become classical....>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr16 08:25 My Air 1 translator in Yakima on 89.9 IDs as 'KHRI Hollister, CA', the mega-parent station of EMF's Christian Rock network. I guess they don't care about having a local 'K210CX' ID. Oh, and BTW KAWZ/CSN gets away with too many stations all the time. I have two in 10 miles and both come in clearly. Probably zero-a handful of listeners at any time. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr16 06:54 Tr - 7/7 KCCO Alexandria, MN - 116 miles. Also trying for 42 KSAX. Rochester is in too on FM - En35 (
Apr16 04:20 There are 2 full service K-Loves here and 5 translators within the other 2's coverage area. That's insane ... Mike (
Apr16 04:19 Once a license is granted, it takes a lot to get it taken away. K-Love does their paperwork properly and pencil pushers love that ... Mike (
Apr16 03:53 One former member there, who sympathized with them, tried to tell them himself that it won't do any good./cd (
Apr16 03:52 In a court of law, "because I don't like it" won't fly. :)/cd (
Apr16 03:51 ....because EMF bought 102.1 there, and some wanted to get a petition to stop it. :) /cd (
Apr16 03:51 [03:49]'I guess I felt for EMF when RadioDiscussions had a hate-fest on the San Diego board.../cdEL96 (
Apr16 03:50 Take 2....was told 1280 is still on (as is BBC 1160'which was also VSB), and they want FM./cd (
Apr16 03:50 Take 2....was told 1280 is still on (as is BBC 1160'which was also VSB), and they want FM./cd (
Apr16 03:49 [03:37] Agreed, cd. K-Love is certainly not the only offender. But they might be the single largest entity, which may draw more ire... // Lee VA (
Apr16 03:49 Was told that 1280 (
Apr16 03:48 I'd say 1280 just doesn't have the funds. They used to be owned by commercial (!) VSB, now belly up....>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr16 03:47 Neither of my offending K-Loves are translators, so they are required to do their own TOH legal IDs, right? I can't see how they could justify this... // Lee VA (
Apr16 03:47 In lower Keys, I'd like to record R Taíno on 93.3 but the Grassy Key WLRN 93.3 gives it a run for its money./cd (
Apr16 03:46 [03:44] How do they get away with that? // Lee VA (
Apr16 03:45 I would admit that satellite stations that are not xltrs need to ID properly./cdEL96 (
Apr16 03:45 I'm assuming KLOV-FM is the default ID used in the sat feed, and the local transmitters aren't triggering local IDs // Lee VA (
Apr16 03:44 AM 1280 Bermuda (BBN) has TOH ID as Waynesboro/Charlotte./cd (
Apr16 03:44 Local 100.5 has been doing it for 3 months, 100.3 for 1.5 months // Lee VA (
Apr16 03:43 and NPR isn't Christian./cd (
Apr16 03:43 Baffles, confounds and amuses me how TWO local K-Loves are STILL ID'ing as "KLOV-FM, Winchester, Oregon" // Lee VA (
Apr16 03:42 ...yet, a couple of WLRN xltrs within WKWM's contour are still on (100.5, 89.1)./cd (
Apr16 03:41 Final K-Love note of the night... // Lee VA (
Apr16 03:41 [03:37] I would kinda lower Keys, WLRN (NPR)'signed on//WKWM 91.5 a few years back...>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr16 03:40 [18:33] But completely respect your opinion. And a lot of contemp. christian music is painfully formulaic // Lee VA (
Apr16 03:39 [18:33] cd, I'm the opposite! Actually prefer the music. Prefer to get my teaching on demand (podcasts, etc.) // Lee VA (
Apr16 03:39 Inglis has 2 FMs & next door Yankeetown 1, but those towns would have to grow to call them hamlets!/cdEL96 (
Apr16 03:37 ...I can appreciate how folks (esp. DXers) might get frustrated with their oversaturating the band. // Lee Va (
Apr16 03:37 When I'm in Ocala, there is a class A Air1 on 99.3 in Inglis; it bumped a translator that I think was also Christian bit not Air1 style AFAIK./cdEL96 (
Apr16 03:36 [18:33] Also a Christian, so I understand K-Love's mission, but... // Lee VA (
Apr16 03:33 I fully expect EMF to flip 2 of the five frequencies to Air1 // Lee Va (
Apr16 03:32 I can pick up all five K-Loves here NE of town (even in my car), but to your point cd, the contours don't overlap much at all // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr16 03:30 [20:12, 21:35] Richmond, VA metro had none 18 months ago; as of last night we now have five! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr16 03:02 [02:12] Sometimes I Shazam a song on CKWW (580, Windsor) and Shazam is stumped N8NU (
Apr16 02:14 And, seemingly no more than 2 minutes of commercials per hour./cd (
Apr16 02:13 I reviewed 7 straight songs on it a few weeks back, and only 1 artist (after Googling lyrics) did I ever hear of./cd (
Apr16 02:12 I suppose the format you'd call "indie rock"; I call it "public domain rock."...../cd (
Apr16 02:11 If ever there was a "$1.98" 100kW FM, WKLG fits like a glove. ..../cd (
Apr16 02:11 Many of you have never heard 100kW WKLG 102.1 FL..../cdEL96 (
Apr16 02:03 Forgot: WKTU estimated auction price $130,000,000 WQXO Munising, MI $1.98. (
Apr16 02:02 ....JUST KIDDING!!!! N8NU (
Apr16 02:01 .... (
Apr16 02:01 .....FM stations can leave the air ($$$$), channel share (listeners will choose between two programs with the BALANCE control- $$$), move to AM ($$) or longwave ($).... (
Apr16 01:58 [18:31] With the proliferation of drones, 14 MHz will be needed for two more ILS systems, the FM band will be 88-94 MHz..... (
Apr16 01:23 Quite the enhancement to southern MN tonight - EN35 (
Apr16 01:18 Tr 12/12 KEYC Mankato, MN finally decoded showing calls. Likely overnight or this afternoon. Mankato strong right now - En35 (
Apr16 01:07 [21:36] Totally forgot, 50kW 88.7 Ft Myers is also KLove./cdEL96 (
Apr16 00:32 [00:00] I hope it is the start of a good night of Tropo for you de Jeff - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr16 00:00 Tr 89.7 WUWM Milwaukee, WI legal ID 325 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Apr15 21:36 No Air1 I know except I think a 104.7 translator in West Palm./cd (
Apr15 21:36 Also a 250 watter in Key West that is not a translator; that's it./c (
Apr15 21:35 WMLV 89.7 Miami & 90.7 WFLV W Palm Beach are full power KLoves; no translators I can think of here./cdEL96 (
Apr15 20:12 i can hear at least 7 of them here + multiple Air1 ... Mike (
Apr15 20:11 [18:33] And you can be sure there are at least 5 of them that you can hear from almost anywhere. Format is fine. Saturation is unnecessary ... Mike (
Apr15 18:41 Frankly if we didn't have LPFM/translators here, sometimes the open freqs are populated by pirates. Oh well./cd (
Apr15 18:40 We don't have many KLoves in FL---it only came to south FL 2 years ago./cd (
Apr15 18:34 Happy Easter to all, BTW!/cd (
Apr15 18:33 I speak as a Christian on that, so I have a bias. I'd rather listen to Christian teaching with a "dash" of music, with a good Message./cd (
Apr15 18:31 If KLove serves the exact same contours, I'd agree, and they would be wasting money. However, FCC doesn't have an FM Auction yet./cd (
Apr15 18:27 [16:11] As compared to K-Love, who takes the money and stays. I'm sick of them overpopulating the band ... Mike (
Apr15 16:12 I mean really, how many times does one have to see Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood or Washington Week?/cd (
Apr15 16:11 IMO any secondary PBS in the same market would be silly NOT to take the money and run./cd (
Apr15 15:45 Tampa's 2nd PBS, WUSF-TV, is leaving; Miami's 2nd, WLRN-TV, was considering it, but I see they are planning to stay./cdEL96 (
Apr15 15:40 Also Yakima, KAZA and KRCA are leaving. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Apr15 14:54 [1628] That's why I'm hoping for two things - you get a huge Es opening to Northern New York (which I know you need), and a second opening to Boise, ID and eastern Oregon. Maybe more 1400 mi Spokane too. Cooperate DX gods, cooperate! ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Apr15 14:52 KVCR still has its own channel, but will move to RF 5 (New Es opportunity) > Yakima CN96 (
Apr15 14:51 Oh, that's good. In terms of OTA, KOCE's channel will vanish, but I guess PBS will still stay in Orange County. KLCS is leaving the air from what I know. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr15 05:25 re 1528 Yakima, from posts in an AVS LA OTA forum, KOCE will be sharing with KSCI. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Apr14 20:48 That is terrible, Raymie. :( /cdEL96 (
Apr14 20:29 This guy's reporting was a regular feature of my site because he was the only one who cared about Canal 10 La Paz. And now he's gone. - Raymie DM43 (
Apr14 19:25 [16:28] Also Sacramento CA and Portland OR ... Mike (
Apr14 17:15 A later post on the site just below this one said that the "RI" xmtr is actually in MA. Oh well./cd (
Apr14 16:35 Trip offered this, post 15 I think/cd--> (
Apr14 16:32 [16:27] All based on"phases" in different parts of USA....see:/cdEL96-> (
Apr14 16:30 I assume we won't see the changes yet during the 2018 season, right?--Frank M. (
Apr14 16:28 Similar swapping has been done in Las Vegas and Rapid City N8NU (
Apr14 16:28 Good chance I'll be moved by then, and in a "skyscraper"/condo, in a huge city, and not DX'ing anymore (though paying attention "forever")--Frank M. (
Apr14 16:27 When will the soonest happen, that we will start seeing these changes happen? Good chance I' (
Apr14 16:27 I wonder if WGBH/WGBX Could wind up swapping programs and call signs, esentially putting WGBH back on UHF and WGBX on 5. N8NU (
Apr14 16:26 But remember that so few modern outdoor TV antennas are "cut" for 2-6; I'm sure that almost all stations took that into account./cd (
Apr14 16:26 I wonder if WSEC/WICS-15, and WISE/WFWA-18, will count as 2, 3, or 4 stations? Well OK, I guess 15 is moving from Jax to Spr and probably to the WICS site so I guess that will be new--Frank M. (
Apr14 16:25 I'm just glad that 2-6 won't see a huge jump in total stations; I'd hate to see during Es a buncha stations cancel each other out.../cdEL96 (
Apr14 16:24 [04:36] I definitely noticed that with NJ, I think they got hit the hardest--Frank M. (
Apr14 16:22 And nearly all channels get "worse" - 19 improves remarkably, but that's the only one. 27 and 36 improve some, and 20 remains about the same (though a somewhat different mix)--Frank M. (
Apr14 16:20 This Rabbit Ears page is extremely interesting! Running through all the channels, I don't see a LOT of good new targets...--Frank M. (
Apr14 16:19 [02:42] Kee;' in mind the separation of those two is no different than the old WWUP/WBUP analogs on 10--Frank M. (
Apr14 15:46 Remember that some of those "0's" are only planning on piggybacking (a la WNBC); that info isn't 100% clear at this time./cdEL96 (
Apr14 15:28 KOCE and KLCS are going bye bye from what I've heard in the near future, KVCR will become the only PBS station in the Los Angeles market. I'm surprised KCET didn't sell, haven't they been losing money since getting rid of PBS? > Yakima CN96 (
Apr14 15:26 [0503] Even WLNE-6 was licensed to New Bedford, MA and not Rhode Island. First time ever that a RI-licensed station could be an Es target. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr14 12:01 ---- /cdEL96 (
Apr14 05:12 The Monitor I'd like to see is the one spearheaded by José Gutiérrez Vivó...though that will never happen, either. - Raymie DM43 (
Apr14 05:05 [also 04:41] It'll never work in 2017, but a re-creation of "Monitor" would be welcomed by yours truly./cd (
Apr14 05:03 [03:59] and think... How many out here need RI for a state to add? ;) /cd (
Apr14 05:01 [04:41] I doubt that piggybacking/sharing works the same way as we know "subchannels" today; I get the feeling WNBC will likely keep both the calls AND their virtual 4./cdEL96 (
Apr14 04:50 Still trying to decide whether to put up a W0LBY or a nonreasonant rhombic. N8NU (
Apr14 04:48 This may be my last season to get more South America Es TV DX, before US DTV low-VHF stations proliferate N8NU (
Apr14 04:41 Since NBC got out of radio decades ago, could the WNBC call be up for grabs when NYC NBC is WNJU 47.2? N8NU (
Apr14 04:36 Where it comes to stations shutting down, NC, NJ, OH, PA and, oddly, PR, seem hardest hit. N8NU (
Apr14 04:24 A lot of people were assuming that Ion would sell out. They let go of a small number, but the network remains largely intact. N8NU (
Apr14 04:20 It's certainly a merry-go-round that should likely be talked about for the next year or two./cdEL96 (
Apr14 04:11 Religious stations chose to go lowband (make money while staying on cable), PBS stations chose to sell out satellite stations outright, presuming cablecos will carry them anyway. N8NU (
Apr14 04:02 One oddity is that one of the higher payouts went for a rural VHF (WWTO-10 Virtual 35) N8NU (
Apr14 04:00 Having KWHY on VHF brings a Los Angeles station onto the ch 4 spectrum for the first time since KNBC shut off analog. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr14 03:59 WSBE Providence now on DT2 - more great news for Es DXers. Also a fourth NBC on RF 2 with WVIR Charlottesville VA. 2-6 will be full of action in '17/'18 and beyond. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr14 03:57 You guys in the east will get to try for WGBH-TV via Es for the first time since their analog DTV loop in 2009! They are on ch 5 DT. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr14 03:55 Several stations won't survive the repack along with WNBC. WIVB Buffalo, KOFY SF, WIFR Rockford, WDCA/WDCW in DC, etc. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr14 03:53 Lots of new 2-6 Es targets! In the west, KWHY is now DT4, and KRCB Rohnert Park/KVCR San Bernardino are both running on DT5. KWHY/KVCR definitely doable via Es. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr14 02:47 at least this board is hoppin' again. If only Pat Dyer were here to comment. :( /cdEL96 (
Apr14 02:42 What's happened to WNMU is awkward. WDHS is not really 8->0, as it was deleted years ago, and WNMU with WGTQ both on 8 seems problematical to me. N8NU (
Apr14 02:39 One thing noticed: Where one owner has two UHFs, and is selling one out, it is the superior facility leaving the air. In many areas, OTA viewers will suffer, even though the station not going away. N8NU (
Apr14 02:30 A little more./cd:--> (
Apr14 02:28 [02:11] Important! I was told that WNBC will channel-share, which has not been mentioned in detail. WNBC and WNJU are planning to share./cdEL96 (
Apr14 02:20 Detroit had zero sellouts! I was thinking it would be the largest such market, but Houston is. N8NU (
Apr14 02:13 In NYC, You'll recognize a Fallon fan by the 180" boom antenna on his roof aimed at Schenectady, LOL NU (
Apr14 02:11 Who woulda thought that WADL would survive the repack, but WNBC wouldn't! N8NU (
Apr14 00:32 20:56-Nice link cd-thx for posting Mike-La (
Apr13 20:56 Public info now; enjoy./cdEL96-> (
Apr13 05:41 And... my antenna is aimed that direction. I don't think it was Winnipeg - En35 (
Apr13 05:40 Re:20:18 - that might have been it. It was in pretty steady but very low in the recording. It sounded like modulation was low. Most LP's fit that profile - En35 (
Apr13 01:45 [16:26, 28] Thanks JAW! and JJ as well...I think I was aware of drip loops, but never knew their name...thx for the tip! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr13 01:42 TOTALly! // Lee VA (
Apr12 22:42 She knows eclipses./cd (
Apr12 22:27 Where's Bonnie Tyler?/cdEL96 (
Apr12 22:03 Beware: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr12 22:00 A special closeout of the 2017 Es season: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr12 21:27 I've heard CHVN a few times via Es, roughly 1100 mi > Yakima CN96 (
Apr12 20:18 Justin, don't forget KCJL-LP in Dodge Center, only 75 mi away. - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr12 19:00 CHVN-FM Winnipeg, MB - Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. 100kW - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr12 17:47 Its on 95.1. There is a 95.1 xlator in Grand Rapids, MN that is religious, but no full power stns in any of the surrounding states with religious format - En35 (
Apr12 17:46 Trying to figure out what the unid religious station I had via Tr is. - En35 (
Apr12 16:28 Also, remember to make drip loops :) JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr12 16:26 Spend a little extra dollars and time and you won't be disappointed in antenna performance - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr12 16:24 Even outdoor TV baluns are not waterproof, only weather-resistant, thus [21:54] also applies - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr12 16:18 Then do a [21:54] - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr12 16:17 If you plan to use it outdoor make sure their is a rubber washer inside the compresssion connector - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr12 15:43 [21:50] @JAW: or this? (for $8 less!) // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr12 15:40 [21:50] @JAW: so, something like this? // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr12 14:43 OK. I thought maybe one YT video in particular caused it./cdEL96 (
Apr12 14:21 YT is fine. You might need to update the app or get rid of stored data - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr12 14:12 FF = cd (
Apr12 14:11 I wonder if it's happening on PC's as well./FF (
Apr12 14:11 The pages keep trying to "reload" on its own, and won't "settle", until the X in upper right (to stop loading) is tapped. ...>>>/cd (
Apr12 14:10 OT: Is it just me, or is anyone else here having YouTube issues on smartphone?...>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr12 01:46 WHTV Jackson MI will be a memory soon. It is to close at the end of the month having sold out in the spectrum auction. - Raymie DM43 (
Apr12 00:23 Nope....I have Bill's toupée..../cdEL96 (
Apr11 22:00 cd: Did you buy a SDR yet? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr11 21:54 Silicone rubber self fusing tape is great for waterproofing connectors after a flexible rubber coating spray is applied - KA3JAW FN20jq - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr11 21:50 OK sounds like indoor coax then. Don't use it outdoors unless you waterproof the end connectors - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr11 21:48 Can't beat that price with a stick---outside of garage sales./cd (
Apr11 21:47 RCA brand; standard cable assumed. "Gold" F-terminals on each end./cdEL96 (
Apr11 21:46 cd: Was that standard or quad-shield' Also did it have compression or metal crimp male 'F' connectors? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr11 21:46 cd: Was that standard or quad-shield with compression or metal crimp male (
Apr11 21:41 But in 2005 post Katrina (which came by here prior to Nawlins), it was off and XEOYE was in; can't find the tape of it tho./cd (
Apr11 21:40 [20:07]'Back in 2007, our 89.7 was between owners and was off air 1 month or so. I forget which month; could only get Tampa.../cdEL96 (
Apr11 21:24 Meteor Smoke Makes Strange Clouds - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr11 20:07 [1850] Wish that happened on June 11th instead of April 11th! Maybe would've had Es on that channel. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr11 19:16 Bought 3 F-cables @ HHGregg clearance in zip 33016; 50'/25'/10' $3.97. :)/cd (
Apr11 18:50 Likely woulda only heard Tampa anyway./cd (
Apr11 18:50 [17:56] around 12:30pm EDT I noticed on car rx that my own KLove 89.7 was off; went home & forgot to DX!/cdEL96 (
Apr11 17:56 [03:59] I am, just eagerly waiting for it to arrive. My local K-Love on 88.1 is off right now, but only getting relogs of stations within a 150 mile radius of here. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr11 12:18 My PI is actually set up to rotate my antenna using GPIOs and SSRs :-P JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr11 12:18 how are you autologging using a PI? JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr11 09:52 CJOH-TV6 is 258 miles NNW - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr11 09:38 Ms - 4 sec burst; Ch. 6, CTV Desoronto, ON, CJOH-TV6 (- offset) & CTV Atlantic, CJCH-TV6 (+ offset), Caledonia, NS; both 100kW @ 5:30:02 am ET (DST) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr11 03:59 [2:49] Ok Rick I will. how you doing Rick, are you ready for Es season? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr11 02:49 am, tell Mike that Rick in Omaha says hi. He and Steve Rich came over from Indy to Champaign, IL for a DXers get-together that I hosted in Sept 2013 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr10 22:33 Thanks to Mike Glass for helping me get the Raspberry PI 3 autologger up and running - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr10 22:26 My autologger received WTJP-DT-26 Gadsden AL @ 365 mi this morning a new one for me. autologger is running on a Raspberry PI 3 now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr10 22:01 You will also find that changing scale of map and scrolling will increase RAM use significantly ... Mike (
Apr10 20:22 I agree with that but find it to be a little slow on older machines and there is no "right click" on mobile devices. Well time will tell, but I don't see him going back to the old method anyway.. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Apr10 19:48 I like the precision of the new one more. There is no Tr to speak of, but it will come in handy with Es ... Mike/cm87 (
Apr10 18:37 [18:30] I hear ya, Bob./cdEL96 (
Apr10 18:30 I'm not real high on the new DxMaps yet! I still load the old version on some of my machines. Bob-NJ Fn20 (
Apr10 13:13 Nice red I see on map; I'm in the immune area./cdEL96 (
Apr10 12:32 Tr 100.9 WALX Orrville AL-331 mi- (new) Mike-La (
Apr10 09:23 Tr WMCF-DT-46 Montgomery AL (323 mi - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr10 08:03 Tr WMAW-DT-44 Meridian MS (195 Mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr10 07:54 Tr 97.5 WABD Mobile, AL (211 mi) blasting in here very strong with full RDS readout - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr10 07:46 Tr 98.7 WYCT Pensacola Fl (236 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr10 06:36 Tr 107.7 WFXX Georgiana, AL (273 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr10 05:12 Tr WEAR-DT-17 Mobile AL (211 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr10 05:10 Tr WKRG-DT-27 Mobile Al (200mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr10 04:08 Tr WWDE-101.3 VA Hampton - 2WD - playlist match (326 mi) NEW de fred SC FM03af (
Apr10 03:09 Tr WGTI-97.7 NC Winfall - Air 1 - RDS (NEW) 298 MI - very good coastal tropo to NE de fred SC FM03af (
Apr10 01:20 Should be about time for AM and Mike-LA to hop on here, looks like Gulf tropo starting to stretch to FL panhandle - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr09 23:26 Some East TX tropo beginning to come in but nothing over 150 miles right now..Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr09 20:21 [15:20] Stale Tr 89.7 KLTB Brownfield, TX, Radio Vida ID, fighting with local KJMA, 325 mi (new) - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr09 18:43 I was still getting XHMZI faintly at 1600 before going out for errands and there was still some DFW tropo but not much else of note by then...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr09 16:38 Hey Jack, that tropo still going on? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr09 14:18 Tr 98.1 KKCL Lorenzo, TX, classic hits music, "Awesome 98 - Keeping Lubbock Awesome" ID, 333 mi (new) - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr09 13:41 Tr 96.7 KTCK Flower Mound, TX, sports talk, 276 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr09 13:40 285 miles to Crane TX for KMMZ...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr09 13:38 Tr 101.3 KMMZ Crane, TX "La Caliente 101.3" with ID and stream match, fairly strong (new)...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr09 13:36 Some of the typical Houston FMs are now in, too. - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr09 13:30 Tr 97.9 KODM Odessa, TX, Mix FM ID, 266 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr09 13:08 Tr 106.1 KHKS Denton, TX, KISS FM ID, DFW refs, 230 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr09 13:07 Hey, Jack. Looks like we've got tropo to the north & west this morning. - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr09 13:04 Tr 107.9 KEYJ Abilene, TX, Rock 108 ID, 196 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr09 12:48 Tr 91.1 XHMZI Melchor Muzquiz, Coahuila with ID and mx...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr09 04:58 Eclipses have no effect on VHF, but HF and AM BCB can be affected. I listened to the AM band during the annular eclipse of May 1994. Band kinda sounded like it does about half an hour before sunset N8NU (
Apr09 04:54 .....If by some miracle I'm still alive, I'll make the 90 minute trip to Norwalk to get four minutes of totality N8NU (
Apr09 04:52 The 4/8/24 eclipse will be total 1 mile southeast of here, but not here! (
Apr08 17:34 then through Findlay and CLEEEEEVE-land -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr08 17:33 Path of totality on 4/8/2024 goes directly through Carbondale and Indianapolis. I think Fort Wayne just barely misses it, but it goes directly through Lima (we KNOW someone there! ) and (
Apr08 14:39 Maybe in August I'll head somewhere in eastern Oregon and watch the eclipse. I know the best totality is south of me. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr08 13:02 Now, if I could just LOG that station, I'd have ten provinces here, heh--Frank M. (
Apr08 13:01 but you'll get an attachment that you have to open. HAHA this is funny--(oh...SIDE door, not dies door)--Frank M. (
Apr08 13:00 It works, but you' (
Apr08 13:00 If you have a radio station logo on your van, be careful when you open the dies door! (I hope this works...)--Frank M. (
Apr08 12:47 [22:54] I always wondered, if Monterrey wasn't there, would I have gotten into Tampico? though I checked all the channels and the only other trace of Spanish from elsewhere was one Matamoros XHOR--Frank M. (
Apr08 12:43 [11:21] Other than that, Carbondale is really the "Deep South" though it's in Illinois--Frank M. (
Apr08 12:39 Does that mean that if an eclipse happens near solar noon, the path will be east-west? (something I apparently won't need to think about in my lifetime haha)--Frank M. (
Apr08 12:38 OK just looked, interesting. Looks like even Chicago is close to it. Also interesting how, near sunset, it travels in an entirely different direction that this year's does (northbound instead of kind of southbound)--Frank M. (
Apr08 12:33 Rick, where does that 7-years-from-now path go? (I know...I just haven't looked it up yet.) Carbondale skies aren't exactly trustworthy though--Frank M. (
Apr08 11:21 How great do you think it would be to be living in Carbondale, Illinois over the next 7 years? Not only are they in the path of totality for THIS solar eclipse, they also get totality for the solar eclipse that happens 7 years from today! Twice in one lifetime, and you don't even have to leave town for it! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr08 03:46 Unid TrS 106.5 Country Music. Suspect possible KRJB Ada, MN. Not sure - EN35 (
Apr08 00:51 I just hope that it is not raining before & during the Eclipse - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr08 00:43 I think Tropo on FM & TV will be somthing to watch for along the path of the Eclipse because of the expected time of the Eclipse. it is right around the time Tropo usually starts to burn off (fade out) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr08 00:38 [13:31] I plan on DXing during the August total Eclipse. I have read that weird things happen along the path of a total on the radio & TV bands - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr08 00:30 Jim, I could look at newspaper archives...basically that was my Tropo out to PR. I know it was 92 deg & extremely dry./cdEL96 (
Apr08 00:30 [22:51] I remember that tropo opening. us DXers along the gulf coast got nothing but Dxers in the central US had a great time with that event. tropo duct must have been highly elevated. went right over my area on APRS map. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr07 22:54 There had to be some strong TV and FM signals coming up from Veracruz during that event - de JimT/MO (
Apr07 22:53 ...of deep south (suppose to be *over the deep south*) - de JimT/MO (
Apr07 22:52 When you look at that pressure gradient map, you can see how the TS was jamming Gulf moisture right up against a strong High pressure ridge of deep south! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr07 22:51 Franks memory of May 26, 2012 (thanks Yakima for clarifying year) had to be an awesome tropo opening... de JimT/MO (
Apr07 22:49 cd, NWS doesn't seem to have wx maps archived back that far :-/ - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr07 19:33 [13:29] woke up to "Getting Better" by Mama Cass (something hi-school WKPX wouldn't touch now) + ID; losing open freqs nothing new! :)/cd (
Apr07 19:30 ....had 107.7 via Tropo (my 1st MTY via Tr) in 2014, but it took Raymie to verify. :)/cd (
Apr07 19:29 [13:26] In 2017, IBOC kills all Monterrey here (almost all adjacents) except 92.5 & 107.7....>>>/cd (
Apr07 19:22 We were blessed---really dodged a bullet. Thanks be to God./cd (
Apr07 19:21 OT: heavy smoke/wildfires about 5 miles from our house/cd-> (
Apr07 19:14 Hey is there a map for July 2, 1992?/cdEL96 (
Apr07 14:48 Re: 1:14.... May 26, 2012 wx maps found here.... de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr07 13:32 Come after-Labor-Day when I'll need as many moving days as I can muster (and still hope to go west later), I may not regret not sticking around after all--Frank M. (
Apr07 13:31 [07:15] I had thought about looking you up, while in the area after the August eclipse. Problem is, it's now come up that I can't stick around. Darn it--Frank M. (
Apr07 13:29 [22:14] That WKPX must have been a real bummer, even though it WAS a new logging--Frank M. (
Apr07 13:26 The reason nothing would have been new, is that I've almost totally cleaned out Monterrey on skip--Frank M. (
Apr07 13:25 106.1 and 94.1 would have been EASY!!!!! Probably also 93.3, 95.7, 96.5, 98.9, 100.5, 102.1, 102.9, 104.5, 107.7...--Frank M. (
Apr07 13:24 [07:15] Yes, one of my biggest mistakes ever! NOTHING would have been new, but it would have been my first 1,000 mile FM tropo--Frank M. (
Apr07 07:46 Ms - 0.25 sec pin burst; Ch. 6, CTV Atlantic, CJCH-TV6 (+ offset), Caledonia, NS, 100kW @ 3:32 am ET (DST), 574 miles NE - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr07 07:15 Frank, that was May 2012. And you never checked FM when Monterrey was raging on TV. Possibly a huge mistake! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr07 07:13 [2213] During Perseids, I put my Grundig G5 (or Radio Shack DX-402, whichever wants to run better that evening) out on the balcony patio with the recorder. Then wake up, shut it off and look at tape. 2016 was poor for Ms minus CFMC-95.1. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr07 04:56 [01:47] That used to, more or less, be mandatory law in the Great Lakes...there was ALWAYS a long haul opening in that period. That's broken down the past 7 or 8 years.--Frank M. EN40 (
Apr07 01:58 Generally here in FL, it's Mar-May for best Tropo, May-July for Es; exceptions abound, of course./cdEL96 (
Apr07 01:47 Lately, the end of August and early September have been best for 300+ mi tropo here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Apr07 01:47 Re:01:21 - So skip should start before tropo then? En35 (
Apr07 01:21 [01:14] That was a TOTAL outlier, because otherwise I don't think I've ever had LONG HAUL tropo (600+ miles) before the last week of July--Frank M. (
Apr07 01:17 [01:12] When I was there last October, I had a purely random conversation with somebody who mentioned hearing WOAI-1200 San Antonio (from there) when he was a kid. How strange--Frank M. (
Apr07 01:14 [20:44] I've seldom seen good tropo before July, though May 26 (2013?) was my longest haul of all time (Monterrey, 1163 miles overland)--Frank M. (
Apr07 01:12 [08:17] As far as small towns are, Antigonish is as "cool" as can ever be possible, I love that place--Frank M. (
Apr06 23:48 [22:25] I missed most of one due to a nap and good music that was coming in via Es. ... Mike (
Apr06 22:25 Cd, when I lived in Salt Lake City, I used to take naps in the afternoon only to be woken up by skip. I recall a few openings going way late into the evening. En35 (
Apr06 22:22 Hey it just hit me---sideband IBOC will do the trick that the static used to do!/cd (
Apr06 22:14 ...I think it was twice in 1983 when a station woke me...once was the new 88.5 WKPX & also Es from WCRP 88.1 PR./cd (
Apr06 22:13 [22:05] While not the voice of God, twice I tried to sleep to the static, when all of a sudden..../cdEL96 (
Apr06 22:12 [22:05] while not the voice of (
Apr06 22:05 [19:43] Its fun to doze off listening to white noise, then the voice of God right in your face when that good one whizzes over ... Mike (
Apr06 20:44 Ok you guys who've been around the block longer than me. It's April, so when do us north-midwesterners get tropo? En35 (
Apr06 19:52 Only one Ms catch is non-US: La X 102.1 Dom Rep, but it had to be verified based on the ads heard./cd (
Apr06 19:43 My Ms total is about 20 maybe, which is 10x what it was pre Total Recorder! I just cannot listen live./cd (
Apr06 19:42 If one has a recording software like Total Recorder where hours can be recorded, and audio "spikes" show, it makes it a LOT easier to monitor Ms./cd (
Apr06 19:41 Ah a Saturday!/cdEL96 (
Apr06 19:40 Lyrids will be the major active meteor shower during the peak of the 22nd - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr06 19:20 [13:12] I haven't heard a usable Ms signal since 2010-2011. I gave up on those ... Mike (
Apr06 14:09 Ms - 7 sec; Ch. 5, CTV, CICI (Z offset), Sudbury, ON, 100kW @ 10:06:31 am ET (DST) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr06 14:03 Make that Ch. 5 vice 6 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr06 14:02 Ms - 1/100th sec burst (pin burst); Ch. 6, CTVtwo, CHRO (+ offset), Pembroke, ON, 100kW @ 9:55:34 am ET (DST) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr06 13:12 Lyrids M/S will be from April 16 to 25 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr06 13:01 No biggie, but 104.5 WFLM (100 miles from me) now has HD up to HD4, which is //106.1 WAFC, about 35 miles away. Not necessary if u ask me./cd (
Apr06 12:59 JAW, there is supposed to be a meteor shower next weekend, no?/cdEL96 (
Apr06 12:23 Ms - 1 sec; Ch. 5, CTV, CICI (Z offset), Sudbury, ON, 100kW @ 8:19:09 am ET (DST) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr06 08:17 Corrections: City is Sydney, miles 843 NE -bearing line going through Antigonish before Sydney - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr06 07:44 Distance 749 miles, azimuth NE - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr06 07:42 Ms - 1 sec; Ch.4, CTV, CJCB (Z offset), Antigonish, NS, 180kW @ 3:31 am ET (DST) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr06 00:54 So I was going through some of your old unIDs from ooooold (mid-90s) VUDs. I liked how you said you were looking for "much-needed" Tampico and the very next station that came in was XHTPO (though you failed to realize it at the time!) - Raymie DM43 (
Apr06 00:20 [16:17] Veddy int'resting. I would like to see an updated list of what's still on--Frank M. (
Apr06 00:20 [16:17] Veddy int'resting. I would like to see an updated list of what's still on--Frank M. (
Apr06 00:18 [23:15] I have an APS-13 in box, that I could sell to you. Might be east in May--Frank M. (
Apr06 00:14 It would be real nice to get rid of CFQC1 on Channel 3--Frank M. (
Apr06 00:09 When does CKCW2-5 sign off?--Frank M. (
Apr05 23:15 I'll be down this year my whole setup is down my APS13 got destroyed. LM/FM29 (
Apr05 19:10 Unless it'll be for AM DX, no traveling this weekend! A black Hepburn map + cool forecast = nada!/cd (
Apr05 19:09 Is CIII 2 Bancroft authorized for DT 2? That'll likely be my only shot at DTV Es in Canada./cdEL96 (
Apr05 16:17 [1022] Both SK's on ch 6 analog shut down. Believe they are in digital on low-VHF however. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr05 13:37 Ms - 4 sec; Ch.3, CTV, CITO (+ offset), Timmons, ON, 100kW & CICI-TV-1 (Z offset) , Elliot Lake, ON, 19kW @ 9:29:56 am ET (DST) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr05 12:36 Ms - 0.5 sec; CTV, CITO (+ offset), Timmons, ON, 100kW @ 8:31:59 am ET (DST) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr05 11:59 [below] their CE told me they're running 250 watts./cd (
Apr05 11:58 [05:57] Yes. See right./cdEL96--> (
Apr05 11:21 Frank M: These will be the first three to shutdown ::: Ch-3 CICI-TV-1 Elliot Lake (19 kW); Ch-4 CITO-TV-3 Hearst (7.1 kW); Ch-5 CKCW-TV-2 St. Edward PEI (1.1kW) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr05 10:22 Have any Canadian low-banders gone off, which were on last summer?--Frank M. (
Apr05 08:59 Canadian analog TV-2 stations are still in service vis Ms; CHBX & CIII . This could be the last summer Es season before they are history - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr05 06:44 ARPS map shows Tropo starting to weaken to the west of me - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr05 05:59 [01:20] Their consumer habits are no worse than that of water moccasins. There's just no market there--Frank M. (
Apr05 05:57 [00:45] So the existence of WSBS-DT has been verified?--Frank M. (
Apr05 05:37 [05:34] or the better option for storms to dissipate altogether - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr05 05:34 Rain starting to develop around the east coast of Louisiana moving north towards the New Orleans Area I hope the storms,stay over there- amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr05 05:28 Have a good night cd. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr05 05:12 I was on one of the SA GT's and may have had Matamoros 107.1, but battery dying & I'm going to bed./cdEL96 (
Apr05 04:56 [03:04] as log as that rain can stay to your north it is around the Gerogetown & Austin TX area,right now, you should be OK for good Tropo - amfmtvdtvbrla, ,EM40 (
Apr05 04:41 Tr 96.3 W242CI Jupiter FL, Beatz FM, //Web, New/cdEL96 (
Apr05 03:12 Hey, am. It does seem that way. The only other things I'm getting are some weak Houston and Corpus Christi stations. - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr05 03:04 HI Jim-F. looks like we are in for a repeat of this morning Rio Grande Tropo - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr05 03:02 Tr 102.5 XHRR Reynosa, TM, Mexico, La Ley ID, weak, 242 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr05 03:02 Finndx, was racking up the Rio Grande Tropo as well this morning - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr05 02:35 Tr 107.9 KVLY Edinburg, TX, Mix FM ID, 243 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr05 01:22 01:20- same here am-basically no Houstons Mike-La (
Apr05 01:21 Tr 103.1 KHHL Karnes City TX (346 mi) Mike-La (
Apr05 01:20 weird thing about this Tropo was there was no sign of any Houston DTV''s or FM''s in here. must have been very narrow Duct to Mexican / Texas Rio Grande area - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr05 01:20 [00:53] Fish are notoriously bad consumers ... Mike (
Apr05 01:16 01:11-yeah I saw that-very nice job! Mike-La (
Apr05 01:11 [00:43] I finally received some good Rio Grande Tropo I been waiting a long time for a good opening to that area. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr05 00:53 Guy's short answer: "We don't wanna broadcast to the fish."/cd (
Apr05 00:53 When 8 was analog, they had low power and I asked a rep why they don't run full power, despite the capability.../cd (
Apr05 00:52 I'd love to know if anybody down there wants to cut the cord. I doubt it./cdEL96 (
Apr05 00:46 WSBS let their full power application lapse, and obviously no biggie to them./cd (
Apr05 00:45 ....Two words: "Must Carry," which also seems to be WSBS DT 3's "raison d'être."/cd (
Apr05 00:45 Kinda like using a 400w floodlight when 75w does the job perfectly ... Mike (
Apr05 00:44 2 LPs probably handle the coverage area far cheaper than a mid-hi powered one. ... Mike (
Apr05 00:44 [23:10] In a group of exotic islands where almost *nobody* has OTA or speaks much Spanish (as WGEN is)....>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr05 00:43 some signs of building along the Texas coast am Mike-La (
Apr05 00:27 Storms staying away for now. If no storms develop around here tonight I might have a good chance for some strong Tropo from the deep southwestern Gulf tonight / morning. amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 23:10 22:42-wonder what the reasoning is with 2 LP stations in basically the same area vs 1 med-hi powered one? Doesn't seem "economical" Mike-La (
Apr04 22:43 Same deal with the EDM 93.5 Revolution Radio: both on 93.5 Islamorada (12 kW) and 93.5 Miami (translator for WHYI HD2). Take your pick if you hear./cd (
Apr04 22:42 [17:54, 22:12] DT 8 WGEN has stations in both Key West & Marathon, same RF ch, 50 miles apart; a matter of take-ur-pick./cdEL96 (
Apr04 22:12 For me it's not so much about running up totals as it is the history and the statistics. I've always enjoyed being able to quantify things! // Lee (
Apr04 22:12 17:54-thanks for the info Raymie-unfortunately I will see it only as an interesting new Mexico Rio Grand TDT located "there...or over...there". :) Mike-La (
Apr04 22:10 Great point about the IRONY of WISHING for more LPFM/xltrs // Lee (
Apr04 22:09 [21:58] Innnnteresting! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 22:02 And of course the Flamingo/Keys totals wouldn't count, due to being > 25 mi from home./cd (
Apr04 21:59 I do have a running total of DTV---all 138 stations, ha ha./cd (
Apr04 21:58 If I did,'and wanted to run up totals, I'd be looking *forward* to new LPFM/xltrs./cdEL96 (
Apr04 21:56 [21:41] Nice! And...wait: you don't keep logs?! But... What?... I... #mindblown // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 21:49 Just like Colombia. Just a joke, folks..../cdEL96 (
Apr04 21:46 cd: Thats' because aliens use the even dot FM frequencies - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr04 21:41 I don't keep logs anyway. This is just to experience what God can give me out there in the open./cd (
Apr04 21:41 [21:28] Main aim is to do research (like Sunday night) but also to get unique reception.../cdEL96 (
Apr04 21:39 [21:27] Gee...I've had Es & Ms, but never Us before!/cdEL96 (
Apr04 21:38 Was thinking they' eventually run out of room, but this new LPFM is ~ 30 miles from a translator I used to pick up on 103.3 // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 21:37 Three months into 2017, and I've had five new signals come on-air since Jan. 1 // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 21:36 [18:47] Nice Yak, you may have dodged a bullet there! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 21:28 [20:09] cd, so were you traveling just to get to better DX location? that changes the game... // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 21:27 cd: Park your car under a UFO, their blue shaft rays works great for repelling insects too - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr04 21:14 I bring bug repellent now, but I have to keep applying every 20 minutes. Hungry lil things/cd (
Apr04 21:13 JAW, of course the biggest risk is the mosquitoes. I've gone back a time or two, just because of them.....>>/cdEL96 (
Apr04 20:58 FRON KHOU-TV about interferance to the local FM band in Houston, Texas: (
Apr04 20:56 Just watch out for those panthers and those six kinds of venomous snakes - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr04 20:56 This FM DX article if from KHOU-YV in Houston: (
Apr04 20:53 And mystery of mysteries, my car rx in Flamingo had a 96.3 relay of US 103.5 Tampa Bay; but no such 96.3 exists./cd (
Apr04 20:48 I also had a vulture land on the TV antenna. I should still have the photo. Crazy, man./cd (
Apr04 20:48 Once about 15 years ago I had to pack up quickly, because an alligator was right nearby!/cd (
Apr04 20:47 That 98.5 McAllen below, and 99.1 Houston came in via TrS there in 2015..../cd (
Apr04 20:46 [20:19] Actually Flamingo for FM/TV is best come Es time, but indeed Tr/TrS can be plentiful there...>>>/cdEL96 (
Apr04 20:19 cd: You always can mount you portable TV antenna on one of those oil well towers around Flamingo - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr04 20:10 Yet we have more open channels than most of the East Coast cities and towns, and yet LESS Es! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr04 20:10 On the topic of FM DX, I think Yakima, Ellensburg and Cle Elum areas are some of the best in Central WA for open channels and fringe stations that can be nulled. Tri-Cities on the other hand is shoehorning LPs and translators like crazy. New one on 105.7 fired up a month ago! > Yakima CN96 (
Apr04 20:09 [1847] Just glad they put a new 96.5 in Pendleton instead of much closer! Even though I still get it, 115 mi at 250W on top of a big hill... > Yakima CN96 (
Apr04 19:27 [16:55] I had 91.3 XHMLS Matamoros MX @ 498 mi & XHLAT-DT-51 Nuevo Laredo @ 543 mi earlier - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 19:22 Congrats to all on the gulf & MX area tropo catches earlier today. I had a doctor appointment and work & was unable to join in. - Jim-F SATX EL09 (
Apr04 19:18 Flamingo, at the end of Everglades Park, is as remote as it gets; but about 8 years ago there was an actual 90.5 allocation there---never materialized./cd (
Apr04 19:17 [18:34] This is where traveling becomes almost mandatory now for me, as in 2 nights ago. Forget it this weekend tho./cdEL96 (
Apr04 18:48 I'm really enjoying my new LPFM on 103.3, which has graced us with dead air ever since signing on 2 weeks ago #smh // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 18:47 Feels like a sucker punch every time another frequency falls :/ // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 18:46 Oh yeah, I def got that memo Jim (haha!) Just kills me when I see it actually play out! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 18:34 Lee VA, the FCC is on a mission to destroy the FM band. Perhaps you didn't get that memo :-P - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr04 18:23 Farewell 107.7, 3 bars locked on this one #sigh // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 18:23 ANOTHER translator! They're coming like every 3 weeks!! Es season can't come soon enough // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 18:20 @#$%^!! // Lee VA FM17io (
Apr04 17:54 I posted more info on Mike's XHCTRM catch. MM has three towers in this area, two of them have XHCTRM and its shadow, all three have XHVTV and its shadows, and at least two have FMs. - Raymie DM43 (
Apr04 17:06 TrS - KSEZ Sioux City, IA in/out this morning along with new one WEVE Eveleth, MN 160 miles - En35 (
Apr04 16:55 Tr 93.9 KMXR Corpus Christi still in. was exceptional conditions earlier with several 680-780 mile stations some RDS and HD over locals kw4rz / m em60 (
Apr04 15:58 Had XHMT 98.5 Mérida the next day. My first ID'd Mexican FM, and it was Tropo./cd (
Apr04 15:56 [08:35] I'd love to have an aircheck when 98.5 was KQXX "Estereo Mar" B/EZ mx. Had it as cross Gulf Tropo March 1991./cdEL96 (
Apr04 10:55 Tr 98.9 KUTX Leander, Tx (400 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 10:33 Tr 101.9 KQXT San Antonio TX (443 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 10:17 Tr KORO-DT-27 Corpus Christi, Tx. (428 mi) back in after being gone for an hour - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 10:07 Tr 107.1 XHVTH Matamoros. "La Mas Buena", also call ID over local SA translator - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Apr04 10:02 Tr 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa "La Caliente", strong but no RDS...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr04 10:02 Tr XERV-DT-19 Reynosa MX (528 mi) back in after being gone for an hour - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 10:01 Tr 107.1 XHVTH Matamoros, TAM "La Mas Buena" with station ID (new), over local 107.1...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Apr04 09:58 Tr 107.1 XHVTH Matamoros (501 mi) blasting in here very strong 2 bars on Sony tuner - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 09:35 Tr 99.7 KVST Willis, TX (258mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 09:26 Tr 93.3 KNAL Port Lavaca TX (351 mi) over 93.3 WQUE's RDS text & HD blinking from New Orleans - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 09:14 Tr 89.9 KBNL Laredo Tx (543 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 09:01 Tr 103.1 KHHL 103.1 Karnes City Tx (420 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 08:57 Tr 99.3 XHNK-FM "Los 40" Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas (new!) (163mi) - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Apr04 08:56 Hi amfmtvdtvbrla. Yes, very good tropo opening to Rio Grande. Surprised to hear this many new stations - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Apr04 08:52 Tr 100.5 KBDR Laredo Tx (543 mi) ( new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 08:45 Tr KORO-DT-27 Corpus Christi, Tx. (428 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 08:38 Hi Finndx. The Mexico / Texas Rio Grande is coming in good for us right now. I have been waiting a long time for these Rio Grande stations - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 08:35 Tr 98.5 KGBT McAllen TX (519 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 08:30 Tr 97.1 XHNLO-FM "La Caliente" Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas (new!) (163mi) - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Apr04 08:29 Tr 98.5 KGBT McAllen TX (519mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 08:15 Tr 93.9 KMXR Corpus Christi TX (432 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 08:14 Tr 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa Mx (528 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 08:14 Tr 105.9 XHNA-FM "Mega 105.9" Matamoros Tamaulipas (new!) - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Apr04 08:05 Tr KNVO-DT-49 McAllen (522 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 08:03 Tr 91.3 XHMLS-FM "Éxitos 91.3" Matamoros Tamaulipas nicely over local "Klove" Lytle TX. Relog - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Apr04 08:03 Tr XERV-DT-19 Reynosa MX (528 mi) (new) with color bars on screen - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 07:54 Tr 89.1 XHCAO Cd Camargo Tamps (545mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 07:53 Tr 89.1 XHCAO Cd Camargo Tamps (545mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr04 07:39 If I've received a 94W LPFM from Colorado on a Grundig G5 w/ stock *whip*, then KNOP-DT and KHME-DT, along with others 2-6, are possible. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr04 07:39 ...Instead, it will be 'Es DT2 subdecode', or maybe even 'Es 2 KNOP North Platte w/ PSIP' ! Yes, I have a camera and will send pictures of PSIP and screenshots of programming (if I can get DTV Es). > Yakima CN96 (
Apr04 07:37 As for the twin lead and balun, that would also be fixed at an ESE direction. That's where the majority of the Es signals are (besides KHSV-2 NV of course). KHME, KNOP, KDLO, etc. all towards that direction. Will be fun to complain less when the '6m map is blood red and I have nothing on FM'... > Yakima CN96 (
Apr04 07:35 This antenna would be in the bedroom. I'm not sure how big a 4-bay bowtie would be. The antenna would be fixed at the ESE direction - Ahtanum Ridge is to the ESE, Tri-Cities/Badger Mountain (70 miles) is also to the ESE. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr04 04:50 Hang the dipole you have built horizontally as far as possible from any electronics or wiring. N8NU (
Apr04 04:48 the middle of one side, cut the wire and attach a download of twinlead at the split, to a "backwards" balun the plugs into the tuner jack..... (
Apr04 04:45 [02:24]For tropo: 4-bay bowtie or Hoverman. For Skip: Take about 2.5m of old-fashioned twin lead, join the parallel wires to each other at both ends...... (
Apr04 04:43 [02:24] For tropo: 4-bay bowtie or Hoverman. For Skip: Take about 2 (
Apr04 04:41 Fun fact: I know of only two Imagen TV shadows, Matamoros and C. Melchor Ocampo Edomex. The latter was not on opening night but is described in some INE materials and, as with TV Azteca, fills a major coverage gap from Chiquihuite to Cuautitlán, Tultepec and other areas in northern Edomex - Raymie DM43 (
Apr04 04:39 What you should know is Matamoros is 40 kW and Reynosa is 135.55 (
Apr04 04:30 04:29-thx Raymie, I'll get with you sometime tomorrow-now it's bedtime Mike-La (
Apr04 04:30 The map at has the correct coordinates and ERP for the xmtrs from the FCC. FCC coords aren't precise but one site is known from some INE materials and the other is an educated guess as it's close enough to an MM tower site. - Raymie DM43 (
Apr04 04:29 @Mike-La I can provide you all that information (
Apr04 04:23 Tr 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa (466 mi) Mike-La (
Apr04 04:14 Tr XHOR-DT-33 Matamoros Tamp (442 mi) Mike-La (
Apr04 04:13 Tr 93.9 KMXR Corpus Christi, TX "Big 93-9" weak signal this evening 689 mi - kw4rz em60 NW Florida (
Apr04 04:10 03:57-I looked briefly Raymie, but didn't find COL or anything concrete about it-will post a video clip on WTFDA tomorrow Mike-La (
Apr04 04:03 Bryce that good news on 103.3 HD too now i can log 103.1 and 103.5 wonder who i will pick up? David in Hendersonville TN . (
Apr04 03:57 [03:12] Haven't heard on Matamoros xmtr, but both would be identical obviously to a DXer. You are also the first DXer I know to capture an Imagen xmtr in the US - Raymie DM43 (
Apr04 03:51 Tr 107.7 KOUL Agua Dulce TX (new)-379 mi Mike-La (
Apr04 03:42 03:42-not new Mike-La (
Apr04 03:42 Tr 101.5 XHAVO Rio Bravo Tamps-452 mi (new) Mike-La (
Apr04 03:26 Tr KORO-DT-27 Corpus Cristi (367 mi) Mike-La (
Apr04 03:18 Tr XHMTA-DT-12 Matamoros (442 mi) Mike-La (
Apr04 03:12 Tr XHCTRM-DT-22 Imagen-Matamoros? (new) Mike-La (
Apr04 02:54 Tr 90.1 XHRYS Reynosa Tamps (466 mi) Mike-La (
Apr04 02:46 Tr 89.1 XHCAO "la lupe" Cd Camargo Tamps-weak (483 mi) Mike-La (
Apr04 02:43 Tr 107.1 XHVTH Matamoros (442 mi) Mike-La (
Apr04 02:42 If only HD wasn't a priority around here. When I logged two 103.3s in August 2016 I was aided by the fact that South Mountain shades me a bit from the IBOC signal of 103.5 HD in the White Tanks - Raymie DM43 (
Apr04 02:24 I'm going to order a Zenith DTT901 in the next few days. But have no idea what antenna to use besides rabbit ears and little tiny indoor antennas. What's the best indoor antenna for long-range DX? I'm in an apartment so I can't put up a 50 ft tower, rotor and preamp antenna. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr03 23:15 Randy Hepburn maps have a good forcast for tran's Gulf Tropo for your area tonight - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Apr03 22:36 Ya think Cumulus can buy up a few stations here? Hahaha /cdEL96 (
Apr03 21:27 Last summer 92.1 HD was off for most of the Es season. Need them to do that again, 92.3 a good freq - K4NBF (
Apr03 21:26 Hey David, glad you are up and running with the XDR! Great rig. 106.7 and 103.3 are without HD for sevl months. Heard rumors Cumulus not making HD a priority - K4NBF (
Apr03 20:56 and Bryce, has 106.7 turned off their HD? WKXD in Monterey TN is booming in David in Hendersonville TN (
Apr03 20:54 forgot the sig doh! David in Hendersonville TN (
Apr03 20:53 Bryce, Got my new plug for the old speakers on the Sony XDR-F1HD up and running. followed the directions to a t. its working now. (
Apr03 19:11 I did try for Jamaica, which I've had there before, but the duct stopped @ Cuba./cd (
Apr03 19:10 Holguín 99.9 would make sense./cd (
Apr03 18:54 Been referring to the DB a lot in the last 18 hours....92.5 is in Santa Maria while 95.1 at Puerto de Boniato, almost at Gitmo!/cd (
Apr03 18:52 Jim, everything seemed to shift eastward from Havana as the day went on./cdEL96 (
Apr03 18:01 Sri, looking at 100.5, it's actually CMBC-8 Loma de la Cruz Holgúin on 99.9 - de JimT/MO (
Apr03 17:59 00:10 CD...there is a R. Progreso relay on 99.9, CMBC-10 Sierra Caballos Islas Juventud (it's listed in the DB) - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr03 14:27 When I had that awesome Tropo to PR in 1992, what I remember was that it was 92 here and extremely dry./cd (
Apr03 14:26 Yeah, cool weather can be a DX killer here. It was sunny with high of about 82 there yesterday./cdEL96 (
Apr03 14:18 [13:08] It was June but was unseasonably cool JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr03 13:57 Post 22/cd--> (
Apr03 13:08 [12:32] Islamorada is a good spot. What month was that? If Dec/Jan, forget it!/cd (
Apr03 13:07 Phone! WLMF CD has had a blank screen with "no signal" but nearly full bar. Time to put that one to pasture./cdEL96 (
Apr03 13:06 It has been > 1 month---DT 51 WLMF-CD had (
Apr03 13:06 Locally it I (
Apr03 12:32 I camped on islamorada once, didn't get anything on AM or FM while there :( JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr03 05:08 Had 105.3 R Cadena Agramonte on my car rx with horrible antenna on the way back. Also a loud 104.9 but I didn't stop the car./cd (
Apr03 05:07 [01:12] Apparently this was some kinda overload or nearby tower "quieting" on 101.0. Back to EL96./cd (
Apr03 01:47 UnIDs 104.5 & 101.3 CU, leaving now.' Gotta work tomorrow./cd (
Apr03 01:39 Tr 98.1 Enciclopedia/cd (
Apr03 01:15 Tr 107.9//CMBF 590/cd (
Apr03 01:14 Tr 106.3 Enciclopedia/cd (
Apr03 01:12 100.9 dead air, full signal. Could be RHC./cd (
Apr03 01:09 Tr 99.1 R Rebelde//600/cd (
Apr03 01:02 The 95.1 did mention CMKC/cd (
Apr03 01:01 Tr 100.5 Enciclopedia/cdEL94 (
Apr03 00:59 EL94 (
Apr03 00:59 Can't stay all night; wish I could/cdFN 20 (
Apr03 00:42 cd: Grid Square is EL94ip - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Apr03 00:37 Go get 'em cd! Mike-La (
Apr03 00:34 unID 95.1 CU "95.1 La Radio de La Gente"/cd (
Apr03 00:34 Tr 90.7 R Surco, CU/cd (
Apr03 00:17 Tr 92.5 R Enciclopedia//530./cd (
Apr03 00:10 Tr 99.9 R Progreso//AM 640, eastern Cuba? New./cd (
Apr03 00:04 Seems like it's not until May that the spring Tropo really gets going here- Joshua FN02 (
Apr03 00:03 94.5 Radio Sancti Spiritus has returned (might have briefly been Enciclopedia) with cleaned-up audio from the tin-can-&-string audio a couple of years ago./cdKeys (
Apr02 23:05 OHavana FM very good, but HD of WKWM 91.5 is killing COCO 91.7./cd (
Apr02 23:03 What's the grid for Mile Marker 35.2 on US 1 in the FL Keys? That's my QTH as I peck here./cdKeys (
Apr02 22:04 Looks like the eastern 1/2 of US is going to go through another *winter trend* this week, no tropo for another week. Boring... - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr02 22:02 20:23....10 years ago, there were loads of *smooth jazz* stations all around the country, but stations owners didn't think the format made enuf $$ - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr02 20:23 [0746] thanks Yakima. I liked the songs that was playing on WSBZ. they need more Smooth Jazz stations - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 20:12 [0746] Congrats on one of the last Smooth Jazz stations left in the U.S.! Now go try for WAEG-92.3 (6KW, Augusta GA). I'm sure eastern GA would come in during strong Tr. I'm ready for Es season. Heard the usual Seattle + 95.5 KBFF Portland yesterday in and out. > Yakima CN96 (
Apr02 16:01 WZYP is in Athens AL David in Hendersonville TN (
Apr02 15:59 Tr 104.3 WZYP Top 40 song "ZYP" liner ID North AL ads relog 110 miles David in Hendersonville TN (
Apr02 14:57 [13:59] Nothing wrong with that at all. When all other bands fail me for Tropo, I check WX when I think of it./cdEL96 (
Apr02 14:03 Tr 92.7 KBYO Farmerville, LA 6kw 368 mi first time heard, strong solid signal - KW4RZ EM60 (
Apr02 13:59 XJV492 Oil Springs, ON 162.4 is screamin' in here right now with 42w @ 60 miles (big whoop, right? :-P new for me) JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Apr02 13:08 Tr 101.7 KBYB Hope, AR "Hot FM" 476 mi - kw4rz em60 NW Florida (
Apr02 12:51 [09:31] It was WQYK./cdEL96 (
Apr02 10:00 Tr 104.7 WRBQ Tampa, FL (552 mi) weak in & out - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 09:49 Uh-oh something is about happen with this Tropo. I just lost all the New Orleans U's & FM's are barly in now. Looks like a Tropo Shift is about to happen - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 09:31 [09:24] sorry cd. I don't know what station that could have been - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 09:28 For anyone curious, WAVO 98.5 FL still shows K-LOVE RDS, despite being SS for over a year now, if you're getting that area./cd (
Apr02 09:27 Nvm, checked WQYK stream, and current stuff matches./cd (
Apr02 09:24 Any idea if WRNO runs PSAs for Even if it did, that wouldn't nail it./cd (
Apr02 09:21 Hi am---just had an EE PSA under WAIL 99.5, thinking maybe WRNO, but coulda been WQYK, then faded out./cdEL96 (
Apr02 09:06 Hi cd, was hoping for Miami FL here again so that I could try for Cuba Analog TV but nothing yet - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 08:50 I am awake for a bit, but nothing special here./cdEL96 (
Apr02 08:19 Tr KNLD-LD-28 New Orleans LA (78 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 08:15 Hi Craig, keep trying Tropo will shift directions soon. always does - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 08:14 Tr 98.5 WFSY Panama City FL (327 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 08:09 Orlando still nada, even usual nightly tropo weak. Craig EL98 (
Apr02 08:06 Tr 97.5 WABD Mobile, AL (211 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 08:02 Tr 96.5 WZNS Fort Walton Beach Fl (269 mi) blasting in here strong - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 07:59 Tr 99.5 WKSM Fort Walton Beach Fl (269 mi) Hi Randy :) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 07:50 seeing same thing this end brla. Louisiana FMs strong. some rarely heard in with RDS 98.9 WUUU, 107.1 WHMD - kw4rz em60 (
Apr02 07:46 Tr 106.3 WSBZ Miramar Beach FL (287 mi) (new)- amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 07:25 Tr 107.9 WPFM Panama City Beach FL (326 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 07:16 Tr 100.1 WWLY Panama City FL (330 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 07:13 Tr 105.1 WASJ Panama City Beach, Fl (319 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 07:12 Tr 105.9 WILN Panama City Beach, Fl (323 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 07:12 Tr 105.9 WILN Panama City Beach, Fl (323 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 07:12 105.9 WILN Panama City Beach, Fl (323 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 06:33 Tr WFSG-DT-38 Panama City, Fl (345 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 06:24 Tr WMOR-DT-19 Lakeland FL (561 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 05:34 all New Orleans FM's & U's in full signal strength here right now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 05:20 where is cd & Randy aka kw4rz ? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 05:19 FM dead here in Orlando except for usual night tropo stuff. Craig EL98 (
Apr02 05:13 [04:57] thanks JimT. have not been able to DX was not home. I am now back home. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 04:57 AM, glad to see you're running a newer program with the HDHR that plots the SNR, can see where you have weak signals - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr02 04:51've had some Tampa area DTV's popping in over the past hour, right around 600 miles - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Apr02 04:50 AM, I see you (
Apr02 04:31 This week I had the honor of solving an unID captured in 1996 for Doug Smith that I stumbled on while looking for something else in old VUDs. It was a station he never had in his logs, either - XHPE-FM Torreón Coah. - Raymie DM43 (
Apr02 04:27 You know, it's kind of amazing that I can read VUDs sometimes and solve unIDs as old as I am, or older! - Raymie DM43 (
Apr02 04:22 Tr WRDQ-DT-27 Orlando FL (614 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 04:20 Tr strong tropo from central Florida - Many Orlando area DTV stations at 300 mi de fred SC FM03af (
Apr02 04:17 Tr WHLV-DT-51 Coca Beach FL (620 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Apr02 04:13 Cerro de las Lajas (the same Las Lajas associated with TV) is an incredible site for broadcasting — it stunned me Imagen didn't make getting on that tower a priority for its launch stations. They instead put a transmitter in Veracruz Puerto where they own an FM - Raymie (
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