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TvFm Skip Log Entries
Jul25 22:37 [20:06] They're called smartphones because they rule your life and not the other way around ... Mike (
Jul25 22:29 [17:53] reviewed SDR recordings 88-97 on that Ms train and logged 16 stations via Ms, most with RDS PI decode, 88.3 KCCK-IA, 89.5 WNIJ-IL, 90.1 WMBI-IL, 90.5 WNIU-IL, 90.7 WHAD-WI, 91.3 WHHI-WI, 91.9 KTDV-IA, 92.7 WCPY-IL, 92.9 WRPW-IL, 93.1 WIBC-IN, 93.7 KSD-MO, 93.9 WBKS-OH, 94.3 WZOC-IN, 95.7 WIMX-OH, 97.1 KFTK-MO, 97.3 WJZE-OH - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jul25 20:39 Tr 105.1 WGFM Traverse City, MI heard in Escanaba, MI (193.27 miles) Logan (
Jul25 20:22 /cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:21 The only good 92+ MHz freqs for me are 107.3 if aimed NE & 107.7 if aimed west for Ms. I guess 89.1 is good at ENE./ (
Jul25 20:20 The only good 92+ MHZ (
Jul25 20:19 I hope that's not a bad word. I can't use the jargon of them young'uns./cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:19 Incase of being bumped on the first try... Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 20:18 Let me test---Boujee----no change!!/cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:18 I've started copying my text for re-entry incase I'm bumped the first on the first try before finished. Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 20:17 Worst case is typing "FM" and it becomes Adam; after enough tries, you'd think it'd get the hint./cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:16 [20:09] yeah same issue with me---I just think "smart"phone sometimes can be a misnomer./cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:16 (20:00 - 20:09) Happens to me sometimes...rushing to post sometimes before checking to make sure I have it right with no typos. Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 20:14 Ms 101.9 with Bad and Boujee by Migos over WTMX - JVL DXer (
Jul25 20:13 Ms.l (
Jul25 20:09 It inserts words and then rushes me to press send before I have time to proof it. En35 (
Jul25 20:06 [below] Why are these called smartphones?/cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:00 Past. Come on phone. (Use take 3). En35 (
Jul25 20:00 Passed... phone hit send before I could correct it. En35 (
Jul25 19:59 I've been in Minneapolis for about a year and every tropo opening I've had got me more relogs than new ones. I have a figurative wall beyond La Crosse, WI I can't get passdd. (
Jul25 19:57 Rick, I have to agree with you, if this keeps going like this, Ill be losing a lot of interest. And since I've gone over 2000 loggings in the last 10 years and the increased congestion of local junk stations, when I do get a so-so opening it's all the same stations I've already logged 10-20 times over. Just sayin! Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jul25 19:42 Gotta look, even though I have white noise fatigue at this point. Good DX can happen in August, but hard to believe it will in a season that just never took off. I sure hope the next solar cycle is better. I'll only live through one or two more. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul25 19:34 ---like to have more. Haiti/DR are in optimum Ms range./cdEL96 (
Jul25 19:34 I have had only one non-US Ms catch; would (
Jul25 19:32 True, running recorders for Ms seems like a good idea, if the green below is any indication./cdEL96 (
Jul25 19:31 I was camping in Pickering ON first week of Aug 1980 with JVC 3050/Rod antenna; had ch 2 PBS MS./cdEL96 (
Jul25 19:30 One August 8 (2011?) was a massive Es opening to Caribbean & S America. It ain't over til it's over./cdEL96 (
Jul25 18:41 Tr 88.5 WGNV Milladore, WISCONSIN RELOG @ 444 Miles ID as THE FAMILY Spot for Wisconsin Dells Christian Mx and Talk de Rob-VA3SW ON EN92 (
Jul25 18:14 As that ping was rising I could hear numerous stations popping in and out till "Real 92.9" was the only one hanging in there, and long enough for me to hear an ID. An almost 2 minute wave form peak on wavepad. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jul25 18:05 My longest ping ever was more of a pong... 4 minutes! - Matt EN21 (
Jul25 18:03 That MS trail looks like it was reported on 6M DXMaps and 10M PropNET. de dwi/7 (
Jul25 17:57 Would not be a bad idea to keep the recorders running from now until the end of Perseids. I have been getting a lot of pings the last few days. Like a said about years past, 2 or 3 weeks before the peak I have had some long pings. One year had one over 2 minutes! Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jul25 17:56 I won't throw in the towel yet. I have seen some great openings all the way into mid-August. I don't have Tropo here so must be vigilant.. :) de dwi/7 (
Jul25 17:53 Ms @1641, 92.9 KGCR "Real 92.9" Hannibal, Mo (914mi) With ID and a classic oldie. Found on my recording at the same time as Steve's Log. This ping lasted way over 1 minute in length. I have notice long pings like this in years past a few weeks before the Perseids. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jul25 17:47 I wasted more time this year looking for Es that never showed up, so I am done - JimT/MO (
Jul25 17:46 I've decided its time to focus on the tropo season. Es here in MO was a total flush down the toilet. Don't know how it could salvage itself now > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul25 17:42 [16:22] I blame BR in AZ going on vacation. We had a great opening then poof!! It was a great year for me 'til July 1 (
Jul25 17:34 Makes one wonder if cx will continue to deteriorate in coming years or if they'll get back to ""normal"" eventually. Tim EM86 (
Jul25 17:25 We've had some great conditions when the humidity was absolutely stifling. But yeah, I haven't heard/seen Indiana or Kentucky in years, much less futher east of that. - Matt EN21 (
Jul25 17:20 I should at least try for the secondary Es season come Thanksgiving through New Years. I've heard MW has interesting cx for this time of year- may switch over earlier than normal. Tim EM86 (
Jul25 17:18 I have had "light" tropo to the north of here (WV, OH) but honestly tropo is so rare in recent years I don't really try. Tim EM86 (
Jul25 17:16 [16:53] Have you had any good trops this summer Tim? Knowing it has been hotter than average there I was wondering. - Matt EN21 (
Jul25 16:53 I'd say its safe to call this season over. Dont think I can stand another month of unattended recordings and let-downs, I may cease recording and monitoring at least til next May. Tim EM86 (
Jul25 16:42 Ms 97.1 KFTK Florissant, MO (824 mi) PI:1F2C (major train across many channels 30s) - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jul25 16:22 Only five days this season with Es. Two in May, two in June, one in July. And really, only one outstanding Es day this season. Nothing above 95.3, not counting 3 DX hours on June 30 I wasn't available for. Suspect higher MUF during those three hours. But if 3 hours a DX season makes ... it's still a bad season. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul25 14:42 Tr 107.9 WYYD, Amherast, VA...145 Miles...Dennis...FM18fa (
Jul25 14:41 RIP, tiny Insignia HD radio. Mine bit the dust this morning after 3 1/2 years of use... :/ Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul25 14:30 (12:58) How close are you to WDTP? - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul25 13:03 Tr W222BG 92.3 Clinton, Illinois TOH ID for WHOW into CBS news, 250 Watts. Curtis EN50 (
Jul25 13:00 Tr 98.9 WOWE Vassar, MI with legal ID - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul25 12:58 On the local front---WTXI LD 11-1 is showing infomercials with no audio, while WDFL 18-8 is running infomercials with no video!/cdEL96 (
Jul25 12:58 Christian, good catch on WCMU. Before they lit up WDTP about five or six years ago, WCMU used to be in here 24/7, no matter what. Now, not so much. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jul25 12:57 Tr 97.7 WTGV Sandusky, MI very weak, but did hear calls in there - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul25 12:55 Tr WSMI 106.1 Litchfield, Illinois RDS "WSMI-FM WE SERVE MID ILLINOIS" not unusual here, but the RDS is. Curtis EN50 (
Jul25 12:54 Regional tropo in East Central Illinois, out to about 150 miles it seems. Curtis Loda, Illinois EN50xm (
Jul25 12:49 Tr 89.5 WCMU Mt. Pleasant, MI with NPR news and "WCMU" mention - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul25 12:42 Tr 95.5 KKMJ Austin Tx (393 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 12:06 Tr 97.9 KBXX Houston Tx. (259 mi) it has been a long time since I received this station because of 98.1 WDGL's HD IBOC blocking it -amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 11:59 Tr 100.9 KVMK Wheelock Tx (313 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 11:45 Tr 105.3 KSMG Seguin TX (410 mi) -amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 11:41 Tr KNVA-DT-49 Austin TX (394 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 11:28 Tr KETK-DT-22 Jacksonville T (270 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 09:47 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA "Red River Radio (273 mi).. Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jul25 09:03 Tr 94.9 KLTY Arlington TX (383 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 08:28 Tr 93.9 KMXR Corpus Christi TX (432 mi) in with strong signal - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 08:12 Tr 90.9 KSWP Lufkin TX (219 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 07:43 Tr 105.7 WAPL Appleton / Green Bay in solid on phone radio with KOKZ in the back - JVL DXer (
Jul25 06:28 APRS map was showing some strong Tropo in my area to Corpus Christi TX but now map shows it Tropo has backed off here for now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 06:26 Jack you are starting to receive some good Tropo DX. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul25 05:15 318 miles for the distance to KAJN.. Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul25 05:12 Tr 102.9 KAJN Crowley LA with station ID and Christian mx... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul25 04:26 Tr 101.7 KAYD Silsbee TX with RDS, good signal (220 mi).. Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul25 04:25 Since I heard WBFO Buffalo, NY NPR on 88.7 in June, I'm thinking I may hear stations from WI and MI sometime. Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 04:24 So far, only WI station I've heard here (even at least once in the daytime) is 1670 WTDY Madison, WI (now WOZN). Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 04:23 Problem with 88.7 is WRFW and WERN are virtually the same programming so I'd have to listen for the TOH ID. Tr isnt strong enough tonight to bother. I'm going to bed - En35 (
Jul25 04:20 WERN is probably the strongest station in Madison with the exception of maybe WOLX 94.9 but they're really up in Baraboo you probably will hear SEEN. - JVL (
Jul25 04:19 Tr 105.5 KBAJ Deer River, MN 163 mi - En35 (
Jul25 04:17 Tr 94.1 KQXY Beaumont TX with RDS, solid signal (220 mi).. Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul25 04:16 88.3 Tr under KXUA, Fayetteville, AR might be KBJQ, Bronson, KS, or KWND, Springfield, MO - Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 04:15 I might hear WERN sometime. Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 04:14 Tr 105.7 KOKZ in ok with WAPL and MKE xlator - JVL (
Jul25 04:14 88.7 I can hear is also classical - KWTU, Tulsa, OK - Other classical I've heard is KLNE, Lexington, NE - Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 04:12 Tr 103.3 KUMD Duluth, MN 127 mi. frequent visitor - En35 (
Jul25 04:12 No wonder I can't hear anything your way - En35 (
Jul25 04:11 99.9 is a local xlator, 107.3 would have IBOC noise, 102.5 is another xlator here, 88.7 would be WRFW, and 94.9 is an xlator. - En35 (
Jul25 04:09 99.9 WJVL Country 107.3 WSJY A.C. 102.5 Christian A.C. 88.7 WERN Classical try for 94.9 WOLX too. - JVL (
Jul25 04:08 Tr 97.5 KNXR Rochester right over local worthless xlator. This always happens. Waste of electricity for that xlator - En35 (
Jul25 04:06 What are some of your locals JVL? (
Jul25 04:06 Sounds like a signal on 88.3 Tr under what sounds like dead-carrier KXUA, Fayetteville, AR - Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 04:06 Tr 93.3 WIZM La Crosse, WI is about as good as I can do. - En35 (
Jul25 04:03 Yeah that's what I got here and the ToH and now Eye of The Tiger. - JVL (
Jul25 04:00 Right now 107.9 is playing The Cars - Drive - en35 (
Jul25 03:58 Tri States Classic Rock Eagle 102 102.3 - JVL (
Jul25 03:57 107.9 is Juke Box Hero does that match with KQQL? - JVL (
Jul25 03:56 From the same tower as 97.1 ---- 91.1, 92.5, 93.7, 94.5, 99.5, 100.3, 101.3, 102.1, 102.9, 104.1 - En35 (
Jul25 03:55 JVL, any more of my locals? You're about 9 miles from me. I have nothing your way (weird) - EN35 (
Jul25 03:53 Tr 97.1 KTCZ Minneapolis in solid @285mi - JVL DXer Janesville, WI (
Jul25 03:53 The only thing I can see is RF 41 from Sioux City (likely) pinging the meter but that's about it. Not much on FM either. Weak sauce - En35 (
Jul25 03:52 Tr 97.1 (
Jul25 03:47 Some tropo here. Nothing spectacular. En35 (
Jul25 03:44 Rick, Solar wind can happen even in low cycles...without sunspot activity. I like sunspot maxes for the auroral deep south activity. Nailed Brazil and some rare Mexicans thanks to that. But quiet zeroes will get E-W paths going nicely. Saul ON (
Jul25 03:39 Looks like parts of the red blob are in MN, IA. IL and WI. Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 03:31 Hopefully we have a huge Es opening sometime. Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 03:20 HUGE Red Blob forming to the West of me after a Cold Front moved thru today…could be interesting!! de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Jul25 03:00 Tr 90.1 WUCX Bay City, MI with CMU public radio long legal ID mentioning all of their stations - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul25 02:56 Tr 104.5 WSNX Muskegon, MI with Shawn Mendes and playlist match - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul25 02:53 On the way home from work, 93.5 was a three way mix of CBC and two different classic hits stations, while 94.3 was all CKSY - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul25 02:03 Tr 93.7 WFCJ Miamisburg OH "The Source" 180 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul25 01:58 Hmm a lotta good MLB games tonigh---never mind./cdEL96 (
Jul25 01:54 Yak, when the K index is low, AM this winter should be as good as it gets. That band is prdictable! - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul25 01:47 Thing is, Jim, lower end of cycle but still solar storms and aurora. There's a disconnect here that I just don't understand. Am I wrong? Quiet never got quiet. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul25 00:34 ...then pick back up late in the afternoon, go crazy into the evening until almost 10 pm. That's been several years ago - JimT/MO (
Jul25 00:34 At this rate, I have no idea what to expect come fall on MW. Flea powers from Texas? > Yakima CN96 (
Jul25 00:33 Dennis, I've been FM Es dxing for 45 years and I remember some years where FM Es would start at 8am and go nuts, stop around noon.... (
Jul25 00:33 On the AM airwaves, it's been sounding like winter or early spring. KSTP is in every night, also WOAI. And just logged KZDC-1250 San Antonio (NEW) last week. Whaaa? > Yakima CN96 (
Jul25 00:32 Rick in Seattle has had 2 or 3 bad seasons in a row so far. The finest FM equipment so far (Sony XDRs) but the worst seasons. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul25 00:31 ...I thought low Solar activity meant an increase in Es activity? No?? > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul25 00:31 Correct me if I'm wrong. On June 6th, it was estimated that Solar Cycle 24 had the solar activity the lowest its been in the last 100 years... (
Jul25 00:31 I know David, you've been really skunked this year. When K3PHL was into the 100s you weren't even in FM. Wish I could have brought some of that June 30th opening to you. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul25 00:30 David, I just started serious FM DXing this year and I'm sooo not impressed yet. I have logged Kansas and Texas this past month and I'm really looking forward to some good Es this year.....Dennis.... FM18fa (
Jul25 00:18 I just haven't seen a year like this in my 11 years of daily FM Es monitoring. Even in the worst seasons in recent years there was one mammoth opening. I was lucky this year to get an opening longer than 30 seconds. - David FM18 (
Jul25 00:09 this season is worse than a buildup to a 1965 Liston/Clay fight, ending in round 1. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jul24 23:45 Hope so though I think this is some strong concentrated rainscatter from storms that came through the area earlier this afternoon... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul24 23:41 [23:37] Jack, Hopefully the start of a good Dx Tropo night for you - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul24 23:38 Usually KTFM or to a lesser extent KLNO Ft Worth dominates this frequency... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul24 23:37 Tr 94.1 KWVH-LP Wimberley TX with full ID, 15 watts (NEW)... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul24 23:27 [2227] Will do. Some one-of-a-kind classic Yakima content coming up in the next few weeks, including part of a 1985 KIMA newscast! > Yakima CN96 (
Jul24 23:21 [23:04] Only works if your out on the Gulf of Mexico - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul24 23:12 Even as heard on the Radio... Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 23:04 ....Plug it in to your FM receiver's antenna terminal and get FM Es anytime of the day, any day of the year. It's the Clear Es FM Key!" > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul24 23:04 "Enjoy crystal clear reception of your favorite Es targets with the FM Es Clear FM Key, As Seen on TV..... (
Jul24 22:54 *Murphy must be teasing us. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 22:54 Murphy is teeasing. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 22:53 haha, nice analogy...but when do I get to take my base? // Lee VA (
Jul24 22:52 And *go nowhere Six Meter Es* is an FM Es balk...a balk. An FM Es balk involves Murphy pretending to deliver FM Es when he has no intention of doing so > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul24 22:40 This Es season kinda feels like when you're watching your favorite team, and they blow a big early lead (May/June), and now it's late innings (July) and it's starting to sink in that your team may actually NOT make a comeback (sigh :/) // Lee VA (
Jul24 22:37 [22:13] @cd: and thoroughly enjoyed your baseball ruminating, sir! (and I actually learned about the no-pitch intentional walk! I had no idea!) // Lee VA (
Jul24 22:35 [22:09] @Jim: Oh I got it all right, just trying to pretend it wasn't real, LOL! // Lee VA (
Jul24 22:34 I'm waiting for Michigan and Wisconsin Es here. Since I got New York on June 25. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 22:32 Michigan had eluded me for years by Es until one day a few years ago: tons of new logs that day, spanned the whole state almost. Tim EM86 (
Jul24 22:30 (22:07) Hey Christian, no, haven't made MI by Tr, only by Es. Tim EM86 (
Jul24 22:28 Kind of like back in the day... Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 22:27 [21:16] Get that YouTube channel humming. The break ends in May or June of 2017. Only consolation: this season was better than 2016. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul24 22:24 Watching a channel 3 output I have (carrying a DTV signal), up against three converter boxes on the same frequency. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 22:21 Like a game involving the listening area audience. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 22:20 If there was a UnID sports station via Es, carrying baseball, hopefully there would be hints as to where the station would be. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 22:13 [21:08] I take it that you don't want me discussing baseball. Well!/cdEL96 (
Jul24 22:09 21:08 - Lee, didn't you get Murphy's memo? We're all taking a break from the Es we didn't get this season :-P > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul24 22:07 (17:15) Tim, have you ever received Michigan via Tr? - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul24 22:04 Some Tr here - Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 21:40 Temperatures here are in the FM band. Now for the Es to reach there... Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 21:16 But I am enjoying the break, getting lots of errands done and posting lots of new VHS/classic TV content on my Youtube channel... > Yakima CN96 (
Jul24 21:15 Yep, five years ago today this logger was rocking with 144 skip, spreading throughout the entire country by nightfall. Not today. That was the 'highlight' of the god-awful 2012 season for me > Yakima CN96 (
Jul24 21:08 good. stinking. grief. where is the skip?!?! // Lee VA (
Jul24 20:21 [1639] I'm just hoping I can go down to Central Oregon on 8/21. John Day would be nice. Frank Merrill: Maybe we can link up with KJDY via Es ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Jul24 17:48 KDRB is my first IA log. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 17:47 For a time KBEZ and KKBQ signals were swapping. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 17:45 Earlier this year, I had 92.9 KKBQ Pasadena, TX (Serving Houston) over KBEZ, Tulsa, OK, on the morning of March 23. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 17:44 I had 100.3 KDRB, Des Moines, IA overnight on September 22, 2016. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 17:20 Once had a 106.1 from LA on tropo. Also have had a few tropo ducts over the mountains into coastal Carolina. Tim EM86 (
Jul24 17:18 i used to get tropo from middle KY and TN often. Had other trops to MO, IL, IN, AR, MS, AL, GA, FL. Tim EM86 (
Jul24 17:15 Indeed Frank, tropo used to be fairly common here in 2000s. Last good tropo I remember was 2011. I had KXIA 101.1 Marshalltown IA. Longest tropo log for me. Tim EM86 (
Jul24 17:05 We would get Norton-47 a few times a year, but oddly that stopped after 2000 or so, though conditions of channels didn't change that much--Frank M. (
Jul24 17:04 Though rarely gave me a bonanza of FM's, as clutter was major to the SE even in the Nineties--Frank M. (
Jul24 17:03 Or, Tim, one of those 1990s-style ducts that might give you fighting Illinois signals on 92.7; openings to the mountains from here used to be common as dirt--Frank M. (
Jul24 16:53 Wish Es would fire up so I can nab as much new stuff from the west as I can on 92.7 before they return. Tim EM86 (
Jul24 16:50 ..... a while before it is fixed. I might not have heard KDSK Grants had they not been off. Tim EM86 (
Jul24 16:47 ......clear reception on 92.7 in SW, W, and NW directions. Just found out transmitter was destroyed in lightning strike and it will be..... (
Jul24 16:46 Talk about luck: I wondered what happened to pest WMIK Middlesboro KY-92.7. Haven't heard a peep from them in weeks giving me ...... (
Jul24 16:39 Now 86 degrees here. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 16:39 [02:46] Lincoln (NE) Saltdogs are playing at noon, during the eclipse! Free glasses giveaway and pausing the game at totality. - Matt EN21 (
Jul24 16:38 A low of 68 here. Kegan EM26 (
Jul24 16:38 We are on the north side of the front. 61 this morning was nice. But... the great tropo is gone. Trade offs. - Matt EN21 (
Jul24 15:20 Might be mowing the lawn at midnight, already 83 degrees & 70% humidity. Miss the low humidity of the west - JimT/MO (
Jul24 15:09 Es clouds trying to build over lower Midwest-Gulf states region. No Es to report? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul24 14:54 I remember the night of the Big Thompson flood. From Denver I watched the storm and it did not move for hours, stayed there. Craig DM79 (
Jul24 14:22 Next Monday will be the 41st anniversary of that flood - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul24 14:20 ...the Big Thompson Canyon flood, estimated 10-15 inches of rain that happened in a couple hours - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul24 14:19 When the wife and I lived in CO north of Denver, they always talked about the worst flood in Colorado history.... (
Jul24 13:55 It didn't compare to the 7 inch rain in 4/88 in FtWorth or the 10 inch Downtown Houston in 6/76 but it still was impressive. de dwi/7 (
Jul24 13:43 The heaviest rain I have seen was 3 years right after I moved here from DFW. It rained 3.5 inches and most of the main streets were covered in mud. The wash that runs thru the neighborhood closed one street with mud and debris. de dwi/7 (
Jul24 13:40 I live 15 miles from Mayer, and am going to Anthem this morning to drop off the grand-dog. I will get to see Big Bug Creek on the way down. de dwi/7 (
Jul24 13:38 I am amazed what weather can happen here in AZ. I thought Texas was crazy de ka5dwi/7 (
Jul24 06:09 Pictures brought back a lot of memories. I never knew 60-foot palms could bend so far. 90mph winds does that ... Mike (
Jul24 05:58 Oh wow, never heard of that one but it was bad. This is a great history of Arizona's flooding history... (
Jul24 05:21 Actually, was not 1980. A hurricane came up Gulf of California on Labor Day Weekend 1970. ... Mike (
Jul24 05:18 It was heavily subsidized, but the service that ran for a week kept the Valley from falling apart economically. It also was the last passenger rail service of any kind in the Valley until light rail opened in the final days of 2008 - Raymie (
Jul24 05:15 What ended up happening was that ADOT and the railroad ran an emergency train service for a week to relieve the massively poor congestion of those two river crossings. (
Jul24 05:14 Only two road bridges were offering reliable service: the Mill Avenue bridge in Tempe and the Central Avenue bridge in Phoenix. The I-10 bridge even got closed! (
Jul24 05:13 The Salt River was not dammed at that time in metro Phoenix (there's now a dam at Tempe Town Lake) and there were fewer bridged crossings. A lot of road crossings of the Salt literally took you through the river bed. (
Jul24 05:13 As to the Salt River, that was the flood of 1980 — a singular moment in Phoenix history and one never to be repeated again at that scale. (
Jul24 05:11 Yavapai County is higher up than Phoenix and gets more rain. It also has a flooding problem in parts right now because of wildfire burn scars. (
Jul24 05:11 ...Bad monsoon storms earlier, at least for me. Monsoon storms can be pretty darn spotty and localized to portions of the metro area. -Raymie (
Jul24 05:00 [03:06] DWI: I remember a 33-hour period that Bumble Bee (near you) got 18 inches of rain. PHX was cut in half for months with Salt River flooding ... Mike (
Jul24 04:21 [02:49] "Bobby Grich lowers the boom..." captioned under the picture. Interesting. That's an idiom that has rather vanished--Frank M. (
Jul24 03:08 Raymie, how is the WX there. Daughter flying in from Houston Texas this evening. de dwi/7 (
Jul24 03:07 Entire county.. and it's a big one is under a Flash Flood Warning. Also have had Severe T-Storm warnings. de dwi/7 (
Jul24 03:06 Actually some 6M Es out west tonite. I had to unplug because of the bad Monsoon storms here in Yavapai County. de dwi/7 (
Jul24 03:06 Typing "legion" in WTFDA Forum search, you posted:/cdEL96-> (
Jul24 02:55 Didn't someone recently hear a game of American Legion ball on radio that I had to identify? I want to say it was in OK - Raymie (
Jul24 02:49 Doubt it. Turn on the lights. Also saw this game just behind the 1st Base dugout enjoying free beer. Wierdest game I ever saw. de dwi/7 (
Jul24 02:46 Wonder if any Monday afternoon August 21 Baseball start-times will get moved because of an eclipse? Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jul24 02:24 To tie baseball to DX....once maybe around 1991 I saw a Cuban ballgame that went 13 innings of more, and ISTR the announcers getting sleepy./cdEL96 (
Jul24 02:22 Marlins' 5th no-hitter was definitely an odd one!/cdEL96-> (
Jul24 02:22 Two historic moments!/cdEL96 (
Jul24 02:16 Also witnessed this. I have had a good life :) love baseball too. de dwi/7 (
Jul24 02:12 Won't see much of this either. I was there 9/30/84. Very small crowd. >8,500 de art dwi/7 (
Jul24 01:59 Baseball where I live. Tickets are three bucks. Curtis (
Jul24 01:56 You know, from the subject matter, I'd suspect no one is getting DX..... Curtis (
Jul24 01:03 Pitches are meticulously counted now, but what about throws-to-first to hold a runner? It takes just as much, if not more, energy./cdEL96 (
Jul24 00:59 ...which means that you won't see something like this again/cd-> (
Jul24 00:56 Oh yeah...they instituted the "pitchless" intentional walk this season...>>>/cdEL96 (
Jul24 00:51 You would type red if watching beisbol... (
Jul24 00:48 Would love to type in red, but oh well./cdEL96 (
Jul24 00:47 Catfish Hunter once pitched 20 "CGs" in one season./cdEL96 (
Jul24 00:46 Jack Morris pitching all 10 in the 1991 World Series Game 7---I doubt you'll ever see an accomplishment like that again./cdEL96 (
Jul24 00:45 One could say that wasn't really a "complete game," because it was suspended and was never completed. But yes, pitchers were gamers back then./cdEL96 (
Jul24 00:33 It's shameful when complete game needs to be defined.... Mike (
Jul24 00:05 No complaints from me. My FMBC Es this season de ka5dwi/7 DM34 AZ (
Jul23 23:44 That is why I mentioned pitch count. Doesn't "adrenaline" figure into anything??/cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:43 Get this: Marlins most recent no-no two months ago by Volquez was the first **complete game** (pitcher pitching all 9 innings) in 480 of their games!!/cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:42 Marlins have had 6 of them, and have been on the losing end of no-hitters 3x (including one perfect game by Roy Halladay)./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:41 Slower now.....Padres (est. 1969) have YET to pitch a no-hitter, and Mets (est. 1962) have had only one..../cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:39 Padres (eat. (
Jul23 23:39 Padres (eat. (
Jul23 23:39 What amazes me is that the San Diego Pasres (
Jul23 23:37 Cubs winning it all in 2016 (after waiting 108 years!!) vindicates him, but the man will never be the same./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:36 Cubs winning it all I 2016 (
Jul23 23:36 Just search Steve Bartman on the Web. Enough has been written....and the man has been vilified in Chicago....totally unfair./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:35 They lost the playoff game I went to in 11 innings vs the Cubs. That is forever known as the Steve Bartman series./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:33 [23:24] not all games, but all series./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:32 1969 Mets won 100 games---so not such "Amazin'" as they were named. They were good. Especially at the Braves' expense---Mets swept em 3 straight./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:29 And lastly on Baseball, I think its rediculous that only first 2 fowls count as strikes. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jul23 23:28 Well cdel96 if it weren't for beginning of devisional play, the Mets may have come in 8th in 1969, instead of winning a WS. Chime in Sherman Oaks, I was at Shea when Mets clinched Eastern (
Jul23 23:26 [23:11] awww sweet! - Saul (
Jul23 23:24 Did they indeed win all games for two WS titles? Wow... Saul (
Jul23 23:17 Trivia: Marlins are the only MLB team to be undefeated in all their postseason series---6 and 0./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:16 And even though the Marlins won 2 World Series, it was only because of "wild card," which was unheard of up to the 1990s./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:14 I miss ol' school baseball---no replay in NYC, no obsession with "pitch count"....I could go on. It ain't the same. I think it was the DH that started it all. Sorry but that's the way I feel./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:13 After the Sprague HR in 92, I believe that Jeff Reardon wasn't used again; he was ready after warming up, but ATL manager ignored him!/cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:11 The most memorable thing I guess was being on the KissCam with my XYL./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:09 Chris thanks for posting that moment. Nice to relive it. Been a drought ever since. This year's been a puzzler in some respects (I never expected much from Bautista, though). Saul (
Jul23 23:08 Awesome----I have been to a few MLB games, including a 2003 playoff; but nothing really memorable./cdEL96 (
Jul23 23:08 Yah, that was the one ... I was in something like Row 19 or 21 between the batter and first (closer to 1st). Abso****ingly memorable.) (
Jul23 23:03 I was at the game where Joe Carter smacked the winning WS run with a HR against Philly! Saul ON (
Jul23 22:41 A great Toronto ending in 1993 thought!/cd-> (
Jul23 22:32 That being said, ATL wouldn't have been in the World Series if not for:--> /cdEL96 (
Jul23 22:27 ....and what I called a "chicken ending" when the last batter Nixon laid down a horrible bunt with tying run on 3B./cdEL96 (
Jul23 22:26 ...with ATL's supposed "closer" giving up a HR to little-known/little-used Ed Sprague..../cdEL96 (
Jul23 22:25 Ah a Braves fan in 1992, I proffer that ATL kinda helped him along there...../cdEL96 (
Jul23 22:19 CITO ... that was the ace manager who steered the Toronto Blue Jays to two consecutive World Series championships in the early 90s. Saul (
Jul23 22:05 In 2014, I had possible reception of CITO-TV 3 (CTV) in Timmins, ON - Kegan EM26 (
Jul23 22:03 After the US full power analog turn off, one of the common Mexican stations was XHBC. Anther time, I saw XHP 3. XHBC was more common here, Kegan EM26 (
Jul23 22:01 Another time with channel 3 was when I received KVBC (NBC) Las Vegas, NV, over KOET. Zero beating - (2008) - Kegan EM26 (
Jul23 21:58 (This was sometime between 2005 and 2006) Kegan EM26 (
Jul23 21:57 ) (
Jul23 21:57 KOET was 3z, so that station and XHBC were probably zero beating. Kegan EM26 (
Jul23 21:57 I remember picking up a Mexican station (Possibly XHBC, Mexicali, BC, MX, over usually received PBS station KOET 3 Eufala, OK - Kegan EM26 (
Jul23 21:54 My regret is I never became as dedicated to TV DXing as I am FM DXing. I primarily monitored TV for early warning indicators for FM Es. Tim EM86 (
Jul23 21:52 Probably right. By the way I really miss TV DX. It really filled the gap when no FM Es came in. Tim EM86 (
Jul23 21:47 If analog TV still abounded, I wonder how this season would compare to the average season? My guess is still below average--Frank M. (
Jul23 21:46 It's nearly August. The death throes of the 2017 Es season is imminent, although may have already withered away. I'm not letting my guard down though. Tim EM86 (
Jul23 21:02 I've even been able to make this headway while fighting varying labels of SCIATICA since May. Some days can be pretty painful--Frank M. (
Jul23 20:57 ...but I'll have to come back to Macomb to live for a few months next year. That will be DX season as well. I'll have lots of antennas a rotators to get rid of late next year--Frank M. (
Jul23 20:56 Well, the poor Es season has let me get more stuff done. Finally the path toward being "permanently" in Chicago before Christmas is evident... (
Jul23 20:32 And the Cal openings are (for me) are repeats of the same few stations with MUF below 96. - rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul23 20:30 Unusually enough, this season has had mainly Cal, a bit of MX, and some AZ. CO, WY, NE, KS, ND, SD all MIA. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul23 20:27 Sorry, Yak, our season ended on July 11. I keep looking, though, just in case I'm wrong. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul23 20:13 Still nothing on FM, looks like I could be into CO. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul23 19:03 Up to 200 mile or so Tropo is all there is here lately... Kegan EM26 (
Jul23 19:01 6m skip in the NW but no FM > Yakima CN96 (
Jul23 19:00 200 mile tropo still going on here, KLDN 88.9 Lufkin in with a fair signal.. Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul23 18:31 [15:31] totally agree. cw or ssb (even FM during e)- Wes ke4twi em66 (
Jul23 18:10 My 6M FT8 WSJT decodes this morning. Wish SSB or CW de dwi/7 AZ (
Jul23 17:47 My 10M PropNET PSK31 activity this morning de ka5dwi/7¢er=US&last=6&call=ka5dwi&maptype=G3&geo=&zoom=1 (
Jul23 17:45 Wondering if he sees OTA TV from Jamaica & Haiti + other islands via Tr./cdEL96 (
Jul23 17:44 We could sure use some info on Caribbean TV and FM....LY could help.../cdEL96 (
Jul23 17:44 Looks like Es are more NW of me now. Seeing south Es by Mike is a good thing... more to come? de dwi/7 AZ (
Jul23 17:42 I have seen him down on 80M PSK31 de dwi/7 (
Jul23 17:42 I'm rusty-been a while Mike-La (
Jul23 17:42 Es YNFA-302 Managua Nicaragua (1331 mi) weak Mike-La (
Jul23 17:41 Eduardo (CO8LY) is active from HF to VHF de dwi (
Jul23 17:25 ....missing out, if he is strictly 6m ham./cdEL96 (
Jul23 17:25 CO8LY is really (
Jul23 17:24 Raymie's SS puts mine to shame./cdEL96 (
Jul23 17:23 Yeah but do I have to subscribe? I am wary of Cuba. Any correspondence has been via PM with a former WTFDA member./cdEL96 (
Jul23 17:17 CD..Your Spanish is better than mine. His email is on and He has been very active on all digital modes, but does not QSL direct $$$$$$ de dwi/7 (
Jul23 17:14 So from what I see here, I didn't miss a thing./cdEL96 (
Jul23 17:11 [15:48] I'll take wimpy!!/cdEL96 (
Jul23 17:06 [15:31] invite him to post FM and TV DX here, si él habla inglés. ¡Él está en buen lugar!/cdEL96 (
Jul23 16:41 JT65 still seems to be best for real long haul. I copied a few 6M N.Europe on it a few weeks ago. de dwi/7 (
Jul23 16:40 83.25 weak just came in (
Jul23 16:23 I momitor 6 meter JT65, never hear much else anymore - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul23 16:17 So Es this morning have a ESE twinge. Sadly no FMBC so far. de dwi/7 (
Jul23 16:15 Forgot Louisiana too (
Jul23 16:15 Digital shows potential, but to me is about all. I have decoded Puerto Rico, Cuba, Alabama, Missouri, N & S Texas in the last hour. de ka5dwi/7 AZ DM34 (
Jul23 15:48 Digital modes seem to create a false state of Es conditions. Just checked mobile gear. Nothing going on other than wimpy tv2 and 4 video kw4rz / m em60 (
Jul23 15:31 Copying FT8 from CO8LY. I refuse to work him that way. All my VUCCs (2 & 6) are SSB or CW de dwi/7 (
Jul23 15:29 Nobody talks on 6M anymore. They have to use the digital WSJT new flavor of the month. FT8 this time. 6 is still open. de dwi/7 (
Jul23 15:19 Just starting to see some sparks on 92.1 (not tropo) de dwi/7 AZ (
Jul23 15:16 Still fairly active to the east on 6 & 10 Mtrs here in AZ, but no high MUFs yet. de dwi/7 DM34 (
Jul23 14:47 This will go nowhere. Barely anything on CB - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul23 14:17 55.250 back, two carriers - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul23 14:14 Looks like a good start here in AZ. 6 & 10 Meters open to the east and ESE this morning de dwi/7 AZ DM34 (
Jul23 14:13 Tr Chicago DTVs were in about half an hour ago on 21, 31 and 50. 433 miles. - Matt EN21 (
Jul23 14:13 Tr KMOV-DT-24 St. Louis - 351 miles - Matt EN21 (
Jul23 13:56 Es Tv 2,3,4 Caribbean mix on mobile scanner. Make out CO9KAA cw cqs in AM mode on 50.110. Short 570 miles kw4rz / m em60 (
Jul23 13:55 Everything gone - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul23 13:45 Tr 102.5 KBRQ Hillsboro TX "The Bear" with ID, over local 102.3 IBOC (NEW).. Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul23 13:14 Tr 106.3 KYGL Texarkana, AR with station ID and oldies (NEW) (299 miles)... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul23 13:13 No reciprocation. :( /cdEL96 (
Jul23 13:00 Now all three TV 2 offsets - Rich, Pa fn11 (
Jul23 12:45 Es 67.250 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul23 12:31 55.260 as well -Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul23 12:26 Es 61.250 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul23 12:18 Tr 98.1 KTAL Texarkana, TX, 98 Rocks & RDS IDs, 357 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul23 12:18 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA with RDS, a bit stronger than yesterday... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul23 12:16 Tr 102.5 KKYR Texarkana, TX, country music, Scotty McCreary song, stream match, 377 mi (new) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul23 12:16 Es 55.250 in/out - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul23 05:18 Congrats on KQKY Matt! Kind of odd that I got that before you did (and I was almost 700 miles from Kearney when I got that last year) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul23 04:47 I seem to be too far north of this to get in on the action. Oh well. En35 (
Jul23 04:46 Tr 91.5 KJWM Grand Island, 104.5 KCVN Cozad and 105.9 KQKY Kearney... all over my locals! All three are new. - Matt EN21 (
Jul23 04:09 KBIN... (
Jul23 04:09 Tr Omaha 20/22/45, and rarer KB IN 33--Frank M. (
Jul23 04:05 All but one of Eau Claire DTs are decoding fully - En35 (
Jul23 04:02 You can see what Matt/Omaha's tuner is doing here with the tropo > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul23 04:00 [03:23] No, I've been looking for it forever (well, KQTV-7); KTAJ isn't rare. But KHQA mugs the channel here--Frank M. (
Jul23 03:57 Nothing out of the ordinary here. En35 (
Jul23 03:52 That 102.1 was just Cruise 102 from Bad Axe, which is now playing Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers // to stream - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul23 03:47 Tr 102.1 with The Lumberjack by Jackyl. Caught it just in time to hear the chainsaw solo - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul23 03:42 98.3 is playing Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex, which makes no sense on a country station (98.3 Nash Icon Monroe) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul23 03:36 Looks like he's pretty much picking up all the DTVs in central Iowa also > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul23 03:35 In both the 2015 and 2016 tropo events, I had 98.3 Ethan SD (the only station to appear in both AFAIK) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul23 03:34 On the evening of 8/30, I got as far as 98.3 in Carrington ND - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul23 03:34 Matt's dtv autologger in Omaha is getting a full blown signal on WTJR 32/16 Quincy @ 256 miles. Matt where are you??? > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul23 03:33 (03:00) During that opening, I remember listening to 100.1 from Olivia, MN on my way to work on 8/31 AM - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (was in Manistee at the time) (
Jul23 03:28 A 144 MHz repeater in Falls City NE made contact about 15 minutes ago with a repeater between Iowa City & Davenport > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul23 03:23 Frank, do you have St. Joe on TV? APRS map shows a path setting up from NW MO to your area now - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul23 03:21 The day that happened, I was listening to a Colorado Springs station, the morning dj's said they were getting calls from listeners in Wichita, they couldn't believe it > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul23 03:18 No it was later, like 2006-2007, KJTH 89.7 Ponca City "The House FM" > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul23 03:16 Sorry about that Frank, was racking my brain trying to remember the OK station I got from Colorado, that was around 2002-2003 > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul23 03:06 [02:42] Oops...that was in 1995--Frank M. (
Jul23 03:00 [02:31] Yes, Frank, that was in the wee hours of the legendary Northern trop opening of August 31, 2015. And as a result of that logging, I am now under STRICT ORDERS from Matt to text/call him whenever that station is coming in, no matter WHAT hour of the night it is! :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul23 02:49 [02:22 Jim T] Close: Owasso 106.1?--Frank M. (
Jul23 02:45 OK, dude - close enough. Thank you, my day's so much better now. It was a NO tropo comment--Frank EN40 (
Jul23 02:44 Very surprised with no tropo in this humidity--Frank M. (
Jul23 02:44 Hey dude, really...lay off the tropo comments. This is a "skip board" in July. --Frank M. (
Jul23 02:42 [02:22] Jim T, both of us (me, K1MOD) had a hellacious duct to western OK, next night Denver, tons of new stations for us--Frank M. (
Jul23 02:35 Hey, cool it with the Tropo comments, dude...WHERE'S THE SKIP?--Frank M (
Jul23 02:34 From (near) Ann Arbor in 1969, I had a freak duct to Winnipeg (two or three FM's, suspected TV). Reading about other guy's crazy ducts, is a lot of fun--Frank M. (
Jul23 02:31 Rick in South Omaha, I remember us co-DX'ing on here when Dryden was coming in (A Canadian on 100.9 by tropo, wow)-- Frank M. (
Jul23 02:29 I think that M. Schults in NW Illinois had Minot on 13...I just kinda like that direction. Not sure why--Frank M. (
Jul23 02:22 Getting that far west is already getting hard (though I got to Faith SD 97.1), semi-aridity doesn't help make low-'sferics set up as much--Frank M. (
Jul23 02:22 Frank, when I was living out in Colorado north of Denver, I got Lincoln & Omaha dtv's a couple times, was very rare. Got close to Tulsa on FM once, that was rare - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul23 02:18 Matt, was that you, or was it Mike Hawk, who got to Montana on tropo? Matt I think you needed Bridgeport 101.3; any joy yet?--Frank M. (
Jul23 02:17 ...there were tons of "S. Dakota openings" 10+ years ago and going back, but not as much in recent years. It's NOT a condition-of-frequency thing, the openings are less common--Frank M. (
Jul23 02:15 Even dug out a North Dakota Class A, and Ada MN 106.3 when they were 3kw (550 miles), very strange how... (
Jul23 02:14 [00:22] Actually logged out here a couple times in the 90s or maybe Y2K (among the best of seasons)--Frank M. (
Jul23 02:12 Back for the evening. Looks like I didn't miss anything, feels like frigg'n MIAMI here--Frank M. EN40 (
Jul23 01:48 Es KHME DT 2 into S.IL EM58 (
Jul23 01:15 Tr 106.7 KQNK Norton, KS at 0108 UTC with Kansas City Royals baseball. New one here, mucho thanks to Matt for the tip. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul23 01:00 Excellent, Matt. This isn't 313 miles, but this is the only full power ever overridden here./cdEL96-> (
Jul23 00:36 Tr KLBY-DT-17 Colby KS, 313 miles... over the local! - Matt EN21 (
Jul23 00:32 I'll email you Jim./cdEL96 (
Jul23 00:22 Tr 103.9 KNLV Ord, NE at 00:13 UTC with Loup City HS baseball, ID as "King FM, KNLV". Just my 2nd 103.9 logging here on a freq that's normally hindered by IBOC from Kat 103.7 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul23 00:21 Hmmm CD, where are you out again? - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul23 00:07 Still 55.25/26 in - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 23:52 I'm out again, hoping to get the tail end of something when I return, Lord willing./cdEL96 (
Jul22 23:49 Es - was up to FM but short lived - HIJB-2z Dom Rep still in with T/a logo UR de fred SC FM03af (
Jul22 23:12 Down to TV 2 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 23:10 Es 55.250 MHz TV-2 video carrier in & out very weak on the Airspy. antenna pointed SE. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul22 23:07 Five area HD's are off. Unfortunately, so is the Es. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul22 22:51 Es TV 5 sounds like Santa Clara Cuba - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 22:45 Es up to at least 107.7 from Dom Rep now de fred SC FM03af (
Jul22 22:42 [22:16] oops that's analog 5./cdEL96 (
Jul22 22:41 Still up to TV 4. Haven't noticed the usual Cubans - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 22:40 I just seen one weak Es carrier on 77.250, ant. south - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul22 22:23 Televen in VEN has a siren on ch 3---but 4?? Hmmm./cdEL96 (
Jul22 22:18 Es ATV-2/3 carriers in, 6m beacons from TX, and N0LL/B out in Kansas. Hopefully one of these can catch a boost... - K4NBF EM66 (
Jul22 22:16 Es 77.250 siren. Who might this be? - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 21:51 MUF bouncing, hit TV 6 briefly - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 21:46 I'll be tied up most of this evening. Let the swapping on 107.9 go on for four hours! (I haven't seen the word "swapping" as much in here, as in previous seasons.)--Frank M. (
Jul22 21:33 Sorry, but Keys visit was cut short---had to get home./cdEL96 (
Jul22 21:29 While Es did nothing, I just made a $5,000 sale. More than one ton of records gone.--Frank M. (
Jul22 21:26 Dropped back to TV 3. Did manage to get HIJB-2 video mixing with the 2+ - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 21:22 Es weak 55.250 and 55.260 here to the SSE de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul22 21:08 Es up to TV 6 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 21:02 Only Tr at my location at this time... Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 21:00 The east coast Es train to Cuba is on it's way. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul22 20:59 TV declining. 5 gone, 4 has less carriers - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 20:54 Frustrating, video carriers on and out, but not standing up to picture or FM audio levels nu (
Jul22 20:42 Es reaching 77.250 and matching 81.750 SS kw4rz / m em60 (
Jul22 20:41 TV 5 now multiple. I'm up for Caribbean FM - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 20:41 Es building up carriers on A2z and A2+ from SEE. Usually, A2+ comes along with A2- from Habana and Pinar (maybe this will be more exotic?) N8NU (
Jul22 20:39 Es TV2 and 4 on mobile scanner. 71.750 Spanish no warble on 55.250 maybe Cuba kw4rz / m em60 (
Jul22 20:35 Since reinstalling the low VHF yagi in the backyard, I've noticed at odd signal -carriers about every 30kHz, all AM modulated by a 405Hz time. N8NU (
Jul22 20:28 Es 77.25 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 20:14 Es 55.26, 67.26 two carriers, more carriers 2-4z - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 19:54 Pretty sure I heard French on 2 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 19:43 Es 67.25. 2 & 3 have two carriers - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 19:27 Es 55.25 warbler, 61.25 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 18:02 WDCN was Audio only on 87.76 (
Jul22 18:02 Tr 87.760 WDCN - LPTV analog Ch6 Fairfax, VA 69 Miles to transmitter. 3 Kw power....Stream Match. Dennis....FM18fa (
Jul22 17:45 2 new trop loggings so far today, KELN North Platte, NE and K246CJ Sioux City, IA, both on 97.1 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul22 17:45 Well, he probably is, the way everything else is showing up. (
Jul22 17:44 [17:41] Is Dennis Hopper one of them? :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul22 17:41 Band full of Hoosiers here, Indy stations blasting in with RDS. Curtis EN50 (
Jul22 17:40 Tr W245CO 96.9 Frankfort, Indiana 230 Watts. Curtis Sadowski Loda, IL EN50xm (
Jul22 17:39 I love radio wave propagation MUCH more than amateur radio as it is and has been the last 30 (
Jul22 17:37 Oops- ...since the QUESTIONS.... nu (
Jul22 17:34 IIRC, the FCC ham exams have two, maybe three, questions on propagation. Since the answers don't have simple numeric answers, some just don't study it, and count on the rest of the exam to pass. N8NU (
Jul22 17:30 [17:03] Could this be tropo, mislabeled by 6m hams who've never heard of it? N8NU (
Jul22 17:18 On way to the Keys....if red is dead, a li'l blue will do./cdEL96 (
Jul22 17:12 [17:03] a good 500 mile trip is the order of the day./cdEL96 (
Jul22 17:06 I am too late. Out of town---set up for DX in Florida City, but only a weak analog 2, assumed Dom Rep/cdEL96 (
Jul22 17:03 Can someone get this 50Mhz Es Cloud off of me? It's getting heavy de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul22 17:00 Fade-ups on 89.1 to my SSE - Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 15:20 Tr 93.5 CBCL London, ON, RDS: Radio 1. No sign of local CFXJ. 104 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul22 15:14 2 hours ago I had an analog CH4 in for a second of 2. Saw a quick picture with some sort of banner that just said 2 4 6. My antenn is facing directly at the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Anyone have any ideas ????? (
Jul22 15:10 Tr 106.9 CIXX London, ON, "106-9 The X" 99 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul22 15:08 [14:55] Thanks, FinnDX. I got Cool FM on 89.3 - fadesups matching stream - but I would have never known what it was without your post! - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul22 14:57 Es 72.9 playing music so must be Alba Petróleos - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Jul22 14:55 Es 89.3 Cool FM, Salvador //stream match - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Jul22 14:50 Es 65.75 Canal 3 "Super Canal" TV audio - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Jul22 14:31 Jack, I'm getting SS Es fadeups on 88.1. I was excited with the tropo earlier, but I'm ready for it to leave now. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul22 14:27 Es fadeups in SS on 88.9 and 89.9 over remaining tropo... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul22 13:51 everything is fading out over the last 30 minutes. 55.250 has at least 2 signals, dominican Warbler is in there still, 55.260 probably Nicaragua. Nothing stronger than S7 - kw4rz em60 (
Jul22 13:37 Randy, remember 87.5, 87.7, 87.9---and Alba Petróleos 72.9 if you can tune it./cdEL96 (
Jul22 13:36 Nothing here, despite the red lines to PR./cdEL96 (
Jul22 13:21 ch3 here is currently Guatemala. Good signal, easy logo. Ch 2 is still mostly the Dominican Warbler nothing noted on FM since the brief classical fade-ins on 92.7 over an hour ago - kw4rz em60 (
Jul22 13:20 Tr 106.1 KIOC Orange TX "Big Dog 106" with ID, over local 105.9 IBOC... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul22 13:20 Tr 103.5 KBJX Mertzon, TX, classic hits: Steve Miller & Queen songs, station & "We play anything" IDs, 178 mi (new) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul22 13:09 That 4 likely Sydney, Nova Scotia./cdEL96 (
Jul22 13:00 Es 67.25 ATV CH 4...Strong signal...Antenna facing NorthEast...Interesting and thinking not Cuba because signal diminishes when facing south....Nearly had picture on CH4...Dennis...FM18fa (
Jul22 12:56 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA with RDS (285 miles).. Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul22 12:50 Tr 93.1 KTYL Tyler, TX, Bruno Mars song, RDS ID, 285 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul22 12:40 Tr 101.5 KNUE Tyler, TX, country music: Tim McGraw song, ID, 286 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul22 12:35 Tr 95.3 KFRO Gilmer, TX, current hit pop, 95.3/102.3 ID, 305 mi (new) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul22 12:20 One was if Little Richard sang: "Good Golly those Mol-lins....sho' dropped the ball...."/cdEL96 (
Jul22 12:19 I used to write alternate lyrics about the mediocre play of the FL Marlins. It used to be online, but the whole site was revamped a few years back./cdEL96 (
Jul22 12:18 [Below] We need Weird Al Yankovic to write a parody song about Es./cdEL96 (
Jul22 12:09 Es creeping up slowly ch 3 may be Cuba 92.7 classical probably Cuban - KW4RZ EM60 (
Jul22 11:57 APRS map appears to be down. Only getting an "internal server error" message when I bring it up on either my lapper or my smartphone -- Rick in South Omaha EN21AF10LM (
Jul22 11:31 55.250 Dominican Warbler is in very early - kw4rz em60 (
Jul22 10:34 Tr 103.7 WRTS Erie, PA Stsr 104 de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul22 09:56 Tr 92.9 WLTJ Pittsburgh, PA 220 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul22 09:48 Tr 93.7 KDKA Pittsburgh, PA CBS Sports Radio show - 222 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul22 09:31 Tr 98.9 WMXY Youngstown, OH poor at 172 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul22 08:22 Keagan, here are the Pretenders from 1983, 2000Miles, "It must be e-skip time. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jul22 05:33 I refuse to check my unattendeds this early in the morning but will most certainly check it later today. It is after midnight CDT. En35 (
Jul22 05:24 I am several beers and a long island in but it wore off. Need more booze. En35 (
Jul22 05:16 "Hello Murphy, my old fiend..." (Murphy's Law; To the tune of The Sound of Silence) Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 05:10 "The skip is back in town. The skip is back in town." Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 05:06 I may be in the lead...for now... Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 05:05 you guys are sillier than i am, and i'm four beers in ... Mike (
Jul22 05:03 Final Jeopardy gives you 30 seconds of Es... do DO do do do DO do.... alright it was a tough game for the players. Let's go to Kegan first. En35 (
Jul22 05:01 "I hear E-Skip a comin'... ....I got you pegged! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!" (To the tune of the Frasier theme) Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 04:51 "Good for $2,000." Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 04:50 What is "Fight For Your Es" by the E's-tee Boys, Alex > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul22 04:49 When the E-skip is back - "Let the good times roll..." Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 04:44 "The skip is gone. The skip has gone away." Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 04:40 "I know I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the man who gets 2xEs". En35 (
Jul22 04:39 Or, "...To be someone with a thousand mile E-Skip..." Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 04:33 "I could hear 500 miles and I could hear 500 more. To be the man who heard a thousand mile E-Skip..." Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 04:28 Performed by Blue Oyster Relog. En35 (
Jul22 04:27 "I'll take DX-themed parodies of classic songs, for $500 Alex." Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 04:26 Oops red. En35 (
Jul22 04:23 "Listen to the E-Skip..." Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 04:21 Es seasons don't fear the reaper. Nor do the wind or the sun or the rain. En35 (
Jul22 04:19 Need more E-Skip, and more cowbell. Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 04:15 Haha Yakima. I never want to go back to Sheridan. Ever. En35 (
Jul22 04:12 04:05 ohhh! I want to be! Tim EM86 (
Jul22 04:10 And maybe that said bunker is owned by Sheridan Media! Although I wouldn't mind hearing short skip from KZWY. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul22 04:09 Well, find those MUFs Justin and get back to us. Maybe they're hiding under a secret bunker in Sheridan. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul22 04:05 You're going to be tired of skip. En35 (
Jul22 04:02 Time to make Es great again! Tim EM86 (
Jul22 04:01 It's gonna be yuge. Fantastic. We are gonna have the best skip. I know the best mufs. En35 (
Jul22 03:57 Prepare for the great 7/22/2017 Es opening tomorrow! Tim EM86 (
Jul22 03:56 Murphy wins tonight in the west. It looked like a dark red Xmas tree on 6m towards the east and yet ZIP! Congrats to Matt Sittel for getting my semilocal KFAE. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul22 03:56 I guess I'll find out if I had skip when I review my unattendeds. En35 (
Jul22 03:55 [02:36] I'd take 5 minutes of in/out any day ... Mike :) (
Jul22 03:53 92.7 CKDR Dryden ON was in by Es for a short while this evening- - checking the unattended recs. Tim EM86 (
Jul22 03:42 You guys will be ahappy to know that at least $27 M dollars are waiting for me to pick up in Nigeria after I give them some info ... Mike (
Jul22 03:41 I thought it would make it out here today and I would have to decide between skip and drinking beer. Beer won by default ... Mike (
Jul22 03:37 Color blindness eh. That's what I have dealt with for the last almost 33 years come August 21. En35 (
Jul22 03:35 *especially - Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 03:34 (02:36) I agree. More Es openings, expecially here in Arkansas. Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 03:29 Look at all those red lines coming into California. Reminds me of a color-blindness test ... Mike (
Jul22 03:07 Es 92.7 unid Canadian talk program, looking NW- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jul22 03:05 Tr 101.7 WMRR Muskegon Heights, MI with Nikki Sixx and legal ID "Rock 101-7" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul22 03:04 92.1 CHMX Regina SK continues to pop in and out loud de N8UUP BIll EN82 (
Jul22 03:00 Tr 101.3 WNCO Ashland, OH "Mid-Ohio's Country" with legal ID - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul22 02:57 Tr 100.1 weak discussion on gun sales - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul22 02:56 ....fades like Es, but only Cleveland Franken FM on 87.7ish. It seems like they don't have a video carrier anymore! N8NU (
Jul22 02:54 Getting an A6- video carrier that sure fadre (
Jul22 02:54 Tr 100.1 weak with Parmalee "Close Your Eyes" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul22 02:47 [00:46] Just not surrounded by much in the area; in the desert--Frank M. (
Jul22 02:47 I feel for you Jim. It's been worse in MO for Es than back in CO, and you have the entire northeastern US in skip range! > Yakima CN96 (
Jul22 02:37 Tr 101.7 with Magic "Rude" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul22 02:36 Sure would be nice to get an Es OPENING here in Missouri some day. Five minutes of in/out just doesn't cut it - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul22 02:21 At any rate, it's nice to see analog video again N8NU (
Jul22 01:55 The 2-, 3-, and stronger 4+ are likely CMBQ Melfort SK, CFQC1 Stranraer, SK and CKYB Brandon, Manitoba, respectively, all relog. N8NU (
Jul22 01:55 The 2-, 3-, and stronger 4+ are likely CMBQ Melfort SK, CFQC1 Stranraer, SK and CKYB Brandon, Manitoba, respectively, all relog. N8NU (
Jul22 01:50 CBWS Jackhead MB most likely > Yakima CN96 (
Jul22 01:50 Interesting, a spotty 92.7 with talk about unique wildlife "we have in British Columbia"... probably CBC and a national show, but raises eyebrow - K4NBF EM66 (
Jul22 01:49 Es 95.1 KXEI Harve, MT - Religious Preacher - new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul22 01:47 The 2nd 4+ is probably CHAT-TV1 Pivot, AB (4.9KW) > Yakima CN96 - meanwhile still nothing here (
Jul22 01:44 There are two carriers on 4+ the weaker of the two has an irregular carrier that sounds like an outboard motor when beating with the strong one. N8NU (
Jul22 01:40 Es 93.1 CHPO Portage La Prairie, MB (1119 mi, 27 kW) Weather talk, "here in Portage La Prarie..." - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Jul22 01:40 Es 93.1 CHPO Portage La Prairie, MB (1119 mi, 27 kW) Weather talk, "here in Portage La Prarie..." - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Jul22 01:35 The 2 had an ad for a casino in North Battleford SK, the 4, a mention of Winnipeg Blue Bombers (
Jul22 01:34 MUF 95-98 as far as I can tell - K4NBF EM66 (
Jul22 01:34 Pretty steady opening compared to some of the junk earlier today and this season in general - K4NBF EM66 (
Jul22 01:33 Es 97.1 KYYX Minot, ND, "97 Kicks FM" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul22 01:28 Es unID A2-, DTV 3 and A4+, both analog are in English N8NU (
Jul22 01:27 Es 98.5 CJJC Yorkton, SK (1230 mi, 50 kW) The Rock 985 - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Jul22 01:25 Es 98.9 CIZL-FM Regina, SK Z99 - new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul22 01:22 Es 93.5 CJEL Winkler/Morden, MB (1064 mi, 100 kW) Announcers talking about local weather warnings, PI Code C9BB - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Jul22 01:20 Es that is 91.5 CKLQ Brandon, Manitoba... more eerie weather warnings going off - K4NBF EM66 (
Jul22 01:19 Es 91.5 with Meteorology Canada tornado warning - K4NBF EM66 (
Jul22 01:16 Es - CKLF 94.7 Brandon MAN - Poor under WCSX with 94.7 Star FM, Top 40. NEW! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul22 01:14 Es 89.5 KFAA Horace, ND "Air 1" 7.3K-C3 733.4 miles Randy EM69wq (
Jul22 01:10 Es 97.7 CBKF-FM Regina, SK - French talk show de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul22 01:06 Es KYUS 92.3 Miles City, MT de Andrew K OH EN91eb (
Jul22 01:00 55.250 Dominican Warbler S9 with another zero beating. Surprise - kw4rz em60 (
Jul22 00:59 Only TV 2z remains - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 00:55 Es 92.1 CHMX Regina, SK 1148 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul22 00:46 [00:27] Cuauhtémoc is the third-largest municipality in Chihuahua, not really rural - Raymie (
Jul22 00:45 Es 93.9 KKMK Rapid City, SD, "Your Black Hills Burger Kings" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul22 00:45 CICI-TV-1 = 61.250.400 MHz - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul22 00:36 The only analog TV-3 seen today on the SDR was CTV Elliot Lake, Ont, CA 19kW zero-offset - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul22 00:36 Still TV 2-4 analog, DTV 5 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 00:34 Still not to FM yet, the maps say otherwise. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul22 00:34 Not much being received here - Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 00:33 Es CKYB 4 Brandon, MB @ 1,073 miles de Andrew K OH EN91eb (
Jul22 00:31 Es back into El Paso, TX at least 95 MHz - KW4RZ EM60 (
Jul22 00:27 Time for hefty Es - Kegan EM26 (
Jul22 00:27 Es 89.7 XHDP "La Ranchera" rural Chihuahua - KW4RZ EM60 (
Jul22 00:25 Wimpy Es for sure - JimT/MO (
Jul22 00:24 Yep, stream match has XHRED playing Def Leppard's "Hysteria" right now - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul22 00:21 Es 88.1 in/out with Def Leppard song, pretty sure this is XHRED - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul22 00:18 This blob is ND/MN single-hop, NY PA + New England double hop > Yakima CN96 (
Jul22 00:18 Es CKBQ 2 Melfort, SK @ 1,335 miles de Andrew K OH EN91eb (
Jul22 00:18 Yuuuuggeee blob of 6m 1x/2xEs with nothing to show for it > Yakima CN96 (
Jul22 00:16 [23:41] Nice one Rob, WHRV is fringe local for me. Didn't hear anything From your way today, but I did pick up CKKL and CISS (Ottawa) via short Es about a year ago... // Lee VA (
Jul22 00:16 Es 88.1, 88.5 SS - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul22 00:13 Es 89.3 XHFA Chihuahua "La Poderosa" wimpy - KW4RZ EM60 (
Jul22 00:13 reviewing recording from my car looks like I also got 90.9 KPNO Norfolk NE as well // Lee VA (
Jul22 00:11 Skip finished here as well. Fairly wimpy, but nice to see something in July. // Lee VA (
Jul22 00:11 Es 93.1 CHPO Portage-la-Prairie, MB, "Country 93" & Stream Match. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul22 00:04 (23:41 Rob) That path would put Bill, Eric, JJ, and I into the drink - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul22 00:03 I could use some IN tropo. All I have from there (from Ypsi) are 95.1/98.9 FW and 107.3 Warsaw - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul22 00:01 Es 91.5 CKLQ Brandon, MB, "Western MB Weather Forecast" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul22 00:01 I was beginning to think my antenna or radio was busted! de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jul22 00:01 FM Skip appears to be finished - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul22 00:01 [2357] Agreed Bill. Everyone else got the meat and potatoes, and we ended up with a few measly crumbs. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul22 00:01 I was driving, someone was over WIP 94.1, two stations on 95.9, then it was gone - Bob West NJ (
Jul21 23:59 Es 93.1 93.9, 95.5 El Paso, TX - KW4RZ EM60 (
Jul21 23:57 Not even a hint of Es here - all tropo - and only meh tropo in comparison to the APRS map and what others have had de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul21 23:55 I think at this point I'm at a cumulative 8 minutes of FM skip for the entire summer! - David FM18 (
Jul21 23:53 [23:44] 100 watt student-run station from Lincoln gets into Pennsylvania? FM is weirder than I thought. I can't get that one HERE -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul21 23:52 ....not to mention my strong tentative loggings of WDKY DT4 (before I had a digital TV) and WGRZ analog 2 (264) N8NU (
Jul21 23:51 Looks like another tease, unbelievable- Bob West NJ (
Jul21 23:50 Es CMJC 2 Santiago de Cuba, Cuba @ 1,495 miles (program verified with Ku satellite dish... Mesa Redonda) de Andrew K OH EN91EB (
Jul21 23:50 Had some weak skip into Nebraska in my car in the past half hour--died down now that I'm home of course - David FM18 (
Jul21 23:50 .....NY from East Side Detroit 348, WBRA-DT 3/15 364 miles from here (twice, years apart), and both Philly lowbanders 451. N8NU (
Jul21 23:47 23:41 nice catch Rob, suspected the 144 MHz Es spots on APRS were good - kw4rz (
Jul21 23:47 Timmins would by no means be my shortest Es. WSTM M (
Jul21 23:47 Not a trace of Es here. Still only 16 minutes of worthy-to-write-down Es for the month--Frank M. (
Jul21 23:46 Stale Tr was noted with 93.7 KDRK Spokane, also KISC 98.1 and KXLY 99.9 at times. 92.7 KNCW Omak as well > Yakima CN96 (
Jul21 23:44 90.3. Lincoln, NE positive ID western PA Clarion Michael (
Jul21 23:44 Es 92.7 someone with talk, sounds like NPR, not WRNJ - Bob West NJ (
Jul21 23:41 ADT - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul21 23:41 Es 89.5 WHRV Norfolk, VIRGINIA 499 MILES!!! HD Capture "WHRV-1" and talk de Rob-VA3SW ON EN92 (
Jul21 23:40 Tr 101.7 WIKL Elwood IN K-Love 178 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul21 23:40 ADT - Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 23:38 Is Fredericton EDT or ADT? N8NU (
Jul21 23:37 891. KHNE evaporated, no others took it's spot - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul21 23:35 Es 95.5 Country heard here, 10 minutes ago - Bob West NJ (
Jul21 23:34 Es 90.7 KLSA Alexandria, LA, RDS: KLSA-FM - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul21 23:34 Es 95.9 Kansas and Winnfied heard - Bob West NJ (
Jul21 23:33 I heard a 102.9 earlier in Ellensburg with Kenny Chesney. Suspect KSJJ Bend 206mi. Mixed with KFOO Centralia and another unid (sounded like an LP, with a local talk show). > Yakima CN96 (
Jul21 23:33 CFQC does not show It N8NU (
Jul21 23:31 Es 89.5 KWGS Tulsa OK, RDS - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 23:31 Es 88.5 WFCH Charleston, SC, Family Radio ID - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul21 23:31 Guys... Timmons IS likely on channel 3. I'm 518 miles away, and it was strong and in color - Andrew K, Akron OH (
Jul21 23:30 Es 90.7 Iowa Public radio // Lee VA FM17io (
Jul21 23:28 shows eTalk. Nu (
Jul21 23:28 [23:04] Just a FYI: KHNE 89.1 is in Hastings, Nebraska, which is a good 130 miles west of here -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul21 23:27 ATV 3+ been in here for some time too, not enough signal to understand the audio, annoying pest on scanner. - kw4rz em60 (
Jul21 23:27 Es 92.7 KUSO Albion, NE // Lee VA FM17io (
Jul21 23:26 Es 89.3 KXNE Norfolk, NE // Lee VA FM17io (
Jul21 23:26 I'm not checking the radio. Not worth it unless someone starts getting my locals. En35 (
Jul21 23:26 (23:24 - Temps) - 99 F here - Up to 101 F at one point. Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 23:25 The current programs is eTalk. Nu (
Jul21 23:24 Timmins is only 430 miles. Unlikely. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul21 23:24 99 here. Got up to 101 at one point - Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 23:23 Es 92.9 KOSP Ozark MO, ads - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 23:23 (23:21) A3+ | Maybe CITO, Timmins, ON? Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 23:22 Tr 100.5 WWKI Kokomo, IN ID into Nash Nights Live - 176 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul21 23:21 My A3+ is a CTV, and does seem to be dead north. N8NU (
Jul21 23:19 Es 88.1 WRJA Sumter, SC, SC Public Radio ID, Fresh Air ptogram - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul21 23:18 [23:04] 89.1 KHNE - 1,196 miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul21 23:17 Es 92.5 KOMA OKC, ads - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 23:15 Nope, not matching CFQC schedule unless CTV News is covering it... > Yakima CN96 (
Jul21 23:14 A3 EE might be Entertainment Tonight thus CTV - CFQC-TV1? > Yakima CN96 (
Jul21 23:14 Something mumbling faintly on 88.7, but not sure if Moses Lake or faint Es. I'm long overdue to hear eastern NE, there's dozens that I need out there. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul21 23:13 Was covering a ComiCon and Shark Week (
Jul21 23:13 Es 93.9 KOYN Paris TX, "Coin 93.9" - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 23:12 Es 91.1 traditional Christian music - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul21 23:12 Es unID A3+ EE, seems to be from NORTH. N8NU (
Jul21 23:10 [23:04] LOL, sorry about that, folks, that was meant as a text to a DXer friend of mine in Kansas. I KNEW that would just happen eventually, sending something to him that wound up here, or vice versa. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul21 23:07 Nothing whatsoever. Where art thou KEZO KFFF KQCH? > Yakima CN96 (
Jul21 23:07 indicated temp 102 F prior to news - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul21 23:05 About time we got some skip. I mean everybody else but me. En35 (
Jul21 23:05 Also had KOAY 88.7 Idaho about 10 minutes ago. Double hop seems possible. - Matt EN21 (
Jul21 23:05 Es being interfered with Tropo - Ash in Frederick, MD (
Jul21 23:04 Walnut Ridge that is - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 23:04 102 here in Omaha at the moment. Bring on September already! (
Jul21 23:04 Es KFAE 89.1 Richland WA! - Matt EN21 (
Jul21 23:04 Es 89.1 KHNE Omaha, NE NPR news; mderate fades - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul21 23:03 Es 88.9 KWCV Walunt Springs AR, legal ID - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 22:59 Es 94.5 KKLR Poplar Bluff MO. "Clear 94 KKLR" - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 22:58 Es CITO 3 Timmins, ON @ 518 miles (Timmins ads) de Andrew K OH EN91EB (
Jul21 22:57 Es 90.9 KLRC Siolam Springs AR, calls - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 22:57 No Es today in Ellensburg but had some wild Tr to Victoria BC - CKKQ 100.3 and CIOC 98.5 full quieting! > Yakima CN96 (
Jul21 22:56 Es CJCB 4 Sydney, NS @ 1125 miles de Andrew K OH EN91EB (
Jul21 22:55 DTV carriers on 2-5, KRPS again - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 22:55 so Tr (
Jul21 22:55 Ah, it's WFCJ JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 22:54 I'm hearing an "adventures in odyssey" bible program on 93.7 - can't tell if it's Es or Tr. Don't know of any christian stations on 93.7 near me JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 22:51 Es 91.7 KOSU Stillwater OK, "This is KOSU" - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 22:50 Also 10 Meter Doulehop to Ontario is very strong as well. Not hearing anyone between. Must be chordal. de dwi/7 AZ (
Jul21 22:47 Good double hop here... you all might look on DTV Ch 2 towards here de dwi/7 (
Jul21 22:46 Lost TV 6, but now have DTV 5 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 22:45 Es 6 Meters Doublehop DM34 AZ => FN33 NY for you BR de dwi/7 (
Jul21 22:44 Es "" Sudbury, ON much stronger than the TV5 carrier - KW4RZ EM60 (
Jul21 22:43 Es 77.250 weak in/out last 5 minutes. Assume Sudbury, ON - KW4RZ EM60 (
Jul21 22:41 Tr 101.3 WFMG Richmond, IN - "Generation G - G101.3" 178 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul21 22:38 Es presumably CMHA 4+, CMHC 6+ Camagueuy Cuba, also KRPS 89.9 again - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 22:34 Nothing here but I haven't checked my unattendeds. I am rolling tape. En35 (
Jul21 22:29 Es 89.9 KRPS Pittsburg KS, RDS - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 22:23 Currently getting analog TV 2-4 carriers, DTV 4 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 22:12 Tr 106.9 WXXC Marion IN Star 106.9 155 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul21 22:08 going over recordings, that bit of Es to TX,NM was the tail end of event that started almost an hour earlier - kw4rz em60 (
Jul21 22:02 Tr 102.5 WMDH New Castle, IN Nash FM 176 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul21 22:01 Did have a brief fadeup 5 min. ago - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 21:58 Tr 95.1 WIIL Union Grove, WI "Will Rock" and Chicago ads - off the side of antenna - 221 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul21 21:54 Oooh, red. Glad it's time for me to leave work. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul21 21:53 I knew this wasn't going to amount to much - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 21:43 Es on FM from Maritimes/New England 1257-1333edt and back in again at 1726edt de fred SC FM03af (
Jul21 21:43 Tr 93.7 WFRR Walton, IN - WFRN Affiliate and ID - 169 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul21 21:40 Tr 92.1 WROI Rochester, IN -Alone / Good at 160 miles on a busy frequency around here de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul21 21:37 The signals very spotty - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Jul21 21:35 Es 92.3 KRNH Kerrville, TX (834 mi, 20 kW) ment 'Texas Hill Country' / local ads - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Jul21 21:31 Es 93.9 unid with religious talk, too weak for any id... Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jul21 21:29 Es 91.9 XHEC SABINAS, COAH (972 mi, 50 kW) Local ads, PI 5158 - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Jul21 21:27 Es 93.9 KRTN Raton, NM - KW4RZ EM60 (
Jul21 21:23 Es 100.9 KXGL Amarillo, TX nice signal - KW4RZ EM60 (
Jul21 21:17 Es 90.9 KCBI Dallas TX, calls - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 21:17 Es 92.7 religion surely KJAK west Texas. 6 meter Texas beacons in good - KW4RZ EM60 (
Jul21 21:12 Es 88.9 WNSC Rock Hill SC with RDS ID... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jul21 21:04 Es 90.9 KSWP Lufkin, TX, "90.9 KSWP" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul21 21:02 Es 95.1 WXTK West Yarmouth, MA Craig EL98 (
Jul21 20:43 Oh to be back in Ocala ATM./cdEL96 (
Jul21 20:42 four. seconds. // Lee VA (
Jul21 20:36 All Tr lately...still have yet for Es to come. Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 20:35 Perhaps the UnID station here on 89.1 is Tr KWFC Springfield, MO - Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 20:34 Go get 'em fellas. Enough black print here. :) /cdEL96 (
Jul21 20:34 Only thing on 6 meters is Bahamas beacon - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 20:34 Five dollars says these measly green and yellow squares stay that way all evening, IF they don't dissipate first. Tim EM86 (
Jul21 20:31 Carriers up to TV 5 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 20:31 UnID 89.1 - a mention of I-44. Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 20:27 More open frequencies in this direction currently. Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 20:24 UnID fading on 89.1 - not sure if Tr or Es yet. Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 20:23 Thought I had something on 89.1... Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 20:23 Aimed NE now - Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 20:19 brief fadeup, out of nowhere! // Lee VA (
Jul21 20:18 Es 89.3 KCMP Northfield, MN HD decode // Lee VA FM17io (
Jul21 20:16 Es 2z, 3z, 4z - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 20:05 All gone here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul21 20:04 Es 89.1 WBUH Brewter, MA Craig EL98 (
Jul21 20:02 Es starting here caught partial "90.5 KC" - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul21 20:01 Es 100.3 KLRZ Larose, LA, TOH ID - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul21 19:47 (14:39, 14:49, 15:28) Seconded. It's about time Es is heard again. Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 19:46 No FM skip for me. But having fun receiving FT8 on 6 meters using WSJT-X (free software) Aaron, FM 29 (
Jul21 19:34 Last (Identified) Es DX here was June 30. Kegan EM26 (
Jul21 19:32 Tr WLS 44/7 Chicago, IL @ 314 miles - Andrew K, Doylestown OH EN91 (
Jul21 18:59 Had p icture for a sec then it left...still watching though. (
Jul21 18:58're where , Mechanicsville?? Not too far from me (
Jul21 18:58 [18:08] Exact same thing here, Rick! // Lee VA (
Jul21 18:42 Es 55.25 CH2 ----S9 signal over zero noize level. Picture coming in and out. Dennis...FM18fa (
Jul21 18:34 Tr 97.9 W250BN West Allis, WI- Weak under WLUP/WGRD with Spanish pop music and webstream match- 250 watts, 166 miles- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 18:08 Last DX here July 11; before that, June 30. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul21 18:06 No, Frank, nothing happens here till after 1 PM. And most days nothing happens here at all. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul21 18:03 [17:48] Who? Me? No, I haven't had anything today--Frank M. (
Jul21 17:58 Tr WITI 33/6 Milwaukee, WI @ 341 miles - Andrew K, Medina OH EN91 (
Jul21 17:57 Tr WMTV 19/15 Madison, WI @ 416 miles *NEW* - Andrew K, Medina OH EN91 (
Jul21 17:52 Es CH6 83.25..pretty strong signal antenna facing North. Dennis..FM18fa (
Jul21 17:48 wow...still receiving any signal Frank??? (
Jul21 17:47 I have had two or three one-hour openings here but that's it. It dies around 11 am CDT - every time - En35 (
Jul21 17:39 For ALL Es SEASON, has there even been one *GOOD* morning opening...anywhere? Truly, 2002 was much better--Frank M. (
Jul21 17:38 [17:21] 83.26 on RS Scanner tipped me off - receiving ch 6+ ATV audio & video on analog TV set (
Jul21 17:37 Caledonia is still analog, I believe--Frank M. (
Jul21 17:31 For what its worth, low band has exploded here in the past 10 minutes. To NY, CT, PA etc Craig EL98(Orlando area) (
Jul21 17:27 6+ denotes 83.26 JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 17:21 FM has returned to a February like state here. What gives? - En35 (
Jul21 17:21 Fred, was that Caledonia CH6 analog or digital?? 83.26 or 82.31 DTV pilot. (
Jul21 17:07 Tr WODC 93.3 The Bus Ashville, OH ~199mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 17:03 Looks like Es gone from FL. Hmm./cdEL96 (
Jul21 17:01 APRS apparently Es reported as Tr. Central FL to NYC?/cdEL96 (
Jul21 17:00 Es CJCJ-6+ NS Caledonia - very good signal - now into FM de fred SC FM03af (
Jul21 17:00 ~160mi JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 16:59 WQIO 93.7 Mt Vernon, OH is in here pretty steadily today. JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 16:58 it's there for anyone to use as they see fit :) I wish it were a better quality SDR, but it works. JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 16:53 [16:38] I may have used your GT for the baseball playoffs last year on 97.1. Our 104.3 went rock and shifted sports to HD2//790 AM./cdEL96 (
Jul21 16:50 OK Craig, your turn. I will have to leave soon./cdEL96 (
Jul21 16:47 I am also getting random flares into FM here, possibly tropo not sure - En35 (
Jul21 16:46 Might not have been Es it seems, perhaps WNNF JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 16:45 had an Es fadeup with "the tri-states only...." on 94.1. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 16:44 [16:38] Garbage antenna? No problem, then - so much radio is garbage now that it should have no problem finding signals, lol--Frank M. (
Jul21 16:43 Es (
Jul21 16:43 Es (sic!) 89.1 WEVO "NHLR (
Jul21 16:42 Frank - yes, WWDK 94.1 Jackson. I'm tuned to it right now listening to some soft rock station fading up over it. It was WVIC. A real powerhouse. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Jul21 16:41 I'm hearing what sounds like random Es fadeups on 94.1 atm JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 16:41 "Duke 94.1" doesn't cut it either - please, where are these stations? (In this case it's Jackson, right?)--Frank M. (
Jul21 16:39 I have two plugged into my server downstairs, one for GT and one that I access remotely over the network from any room on my laptop. JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 16:38 [16:37] cdEL96: I happen to have a handful of SDRs, so I keep one up on GT at all times. A second one at my office in Farmington Hills is problematic, and has a garbage antenna on it. was more of a test. JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 16:37 I already have video piped into the house coax to every TV on NTSC 56 so that I can see when i'm turning it from my android phone in any room :) JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 16:37 Thats cool JJ. I'll check it out one of these days - En35 (
Jul21 16:37 I get ppl asking me what I'm doing, almost every time I put up my remote DX setup./cdEL96 (
Jul21 16:36 will soon have the webcam back up on the antenna as well so that people using my GT receiver can see which direction it's pointing JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 16:34 the neighbors probably thought I looked like a fool lifting the entire antenna and mast up into the top of a 6' tripod by myself :) JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 16:33 I can go up about another 10' but i'll need another set of hands, and some longer guy wires. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 16:32 best clear view I have is to the SW and NNE JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 16:31 antenna is at 35' AGL, but its surrounded by the tops of the houses in my neighborhood - I have no good view of the horizon from here. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Jul21 16:30 have not nailed any out of market translators at all either. (
Jul21 16:29 I've not had any tropo logs over 250mi ever anyhow though. 200 miles is a good day for me. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Jul21 16:29 tropo has been slowly burning off here. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 16:27 Same with the tropo map. I am not getting anything here despite the big red blob right on top of me. - En35 (
Jul21 16:25 Crazy, with that map and no Es here in FM or Low Band. Not a peep all morning. Craig EL98 (
Jul21 16:24 I do not like the cone of shame. SQUIRREL! - En35 (
Jul21 16:10 Reviewed this mornings unattended recording on 92.7. I had "The Bull" Las Vegas NM in for several minutes- around the 10-11am edt hour. Tim EM86 (
Jul21 16:08 Plus I like to learn the new calls/slogans; it might come in handy for future DX (depsite Michigan being in a tough location to log from Nebraska) - Matt EN21 (
Jul21 16:01 [14:10] Yes, please. Most of the old school stations have changed callsigns since I last heard them. WSRW and WOOD, I still think of as WOOD and WMUS respectively--Frank M. (
Jul21 15:59 Nothing here. Sad day - En35 (
Jul21 15:53 The Great Es Opening of July 21, 2017 is now over--Frank M. (
Jul21 15:48 Tr paths to the west all of a sudden just took a huge nosedive JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 15:45 Tr WAJI 95.1 Ft Wayne with Rihanna over semi-local CKUE, good sig just shy of RDS, ~143mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 15:40 Tr WNDV 92.9 U-93 South Bend, IN 12kw, ~165mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 15:28 [14:39, 14:49] +1. Just saw the map Tim, thought the same. Only ~20 minutes of Es here this month...we are due! // Lee VA (
Jul21 15:27 Let the Es party begin! 🎉 Tim EM86 (
Jul21 15:24 Es 6 Meters DM34 AZ=> DN62 WY strong beacon de Art ka5dwi/7 (
Jul21 15:13 Es 55.240 (weak), 60.310 - Is red a nice color? :-) Nothing higher though - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Jul21 14:49 Tr 94.5 Nash FM Grand Rapids mixing with the Moose Saginaw - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:49 Tim I want skip too. I have not had any since June 25th. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jul21 14:39 blue is cool but redder is better! come on Es!! It's the most active looking map in many days! Tim EM86 (
Jul21 14:34 Tr 96.1 WMAX ESPN Radio Grand Rapids area - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:29 Tr 92.5 WFDX Atlanta (MI) in again with Fastball and stream match into jingle - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:24 Tr 91.1 hard rock trying to come in under WFUM - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:21 Tr 107.9 WMUS Muskegon with Lauren Alaina and stream match - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:17 (14:15) I'm guessing that 107.3 is WRSW Warsaw, IN, but I can't get their stream to pull up - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:15 Tr 107.3 with Steely Dan "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:14 Tr 106.5 Big 106.5 Dayton with Beatles and stream match mixing with Kalamazoo FM106.5 - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:10 I would encourage you to include geographic information with your logs and not just the calls, for the benefit of others who don't recognize where the stations are. - Matt EN21 (
Jul21 14:04 Tr 100.5 CBC news, so London - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:03 (14:02) I thought it was JQ99 at first - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:02 Tr 99.3 WBET with local ad for Kool Chevrolet in Sturgis. I thought it (
Jul21 14:00 Tr 103.9 WXRD ToH ID New Log - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:57 Tr 98.5 WNWN country music - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:56 Tr WTMX Chicago over local xlator - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:55 Tr 101.7 Muskegon and Fremont ads - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:52 I doubt FLR is off air, CKSY eats it up with any hint of tropo JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 13:50 Tr 95.9 CFPL vs. CJWF - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:48 (13:48) Your religious talk is likely WSJP - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:48 from the looks of the spots map somebody should be getting Es any time. Tim EM86 (
Jul21 13:48 Tr 100.1 3 deep with country and religious talk. - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:47 Tr 95.3 with Lorde "Royals". Likely WCFX - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:47 Tr 95.3 with Lorde "Royals". Likely WCFX - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:44 The Moose in on 94.5 - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:44 (13:42) It's CKSY. Is the FLR 94.3 off? - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:42 Tr 94.3 with Sam Smith "Stay With Me" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:40 Tr 94.1 WWKR with weather forecast. I recognized the voice very quickly as soon as the forecast started and the forecast mentioned Hart, Shelby, and Muskegon - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:39 Tr 94.1 with national ads mixing with Duke FM - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:39 (13:38) It's Club 93.7 - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:38 Cities 97 is in now over WDRV Chicago - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:38 Tr 93.7 with a few national ads in a row mixing with B93 - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:37 I had Faribault, MN this morning but nothing else beyond Tomah, WI. I'm concentrating on the Michigan and Ontario duct for now. I'll look west again shortly-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 13:36 WBCV now in over KQQL - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:34 Yeah getting HD showing now!!! First from Minneapolis! - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:33 I believe Kool 108 is KQQL Enoka, MN (Minneapolis market)-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 13:32 WWIB is very unexpected as it's my first time hearing Eau Claire! - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:31 Tr "Cool 108" - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:31 Tr 88.5 NPR talk, so likely WGVU - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:30 Tr 105.7 WSRW RDS - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:30 Rice Lake mentions and news - JVL DXer Janesville (
Jul21 13:30 Tr 1037 WWIB Eau Claire with Rice (
Jul21 13:29 Tr 107.7 WRKR vs. WPFX - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:27 Some other West Michigan stations in (106.5 WVFM and 106.9 WOOD) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:25 Surprisingly WSRW isn't all that strong here - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:22 Tr 105.3 WHTS with Miley Cyrus and playlist match - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:21 (13:20) It's WQBX, into a Mid-Michigan weather forecast - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:20 Tr 104.9 with Justin Timberlake "Can't Stop the Feeling" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:18 Tr 104.5 WSNX with Summit Place Kia ad mentioning location in Grand Rapids - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:16 Looks like I didn't miss much last night while I was at the Queen + Adam Lambert concert - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:15 The CCR is WNDH Napoleon, OH - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:15 No contest, that's 6-meters waking up. You might be into MO if the MUF rises > Yakima CN96 (
Jul21 13:14 Tr 103.1 with CCR (not WQUS) mixing with Vince Gill (probably WGDN) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:14 Recent Tr a few min ago 89.5 WKSG FL the Blvd with a Helen Reddy tune./cdEL96 (
Jul21 13:04 OK red line city on DXMaps, or is it ARRL contest again? ;) /cdEL96 (
Jul21 13:01 Tr 90.5 WKAR East Lansing, MI, TOH ID, 264 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul21 12:55 Nothing past Detroit here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul21 12:50 Tr 89.3, 96.1, 99.7, 101.3 Quad Cities- All relogs but very rarely if ever this strong-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 12:44 I know I should turn my antenna east and tap into the Michigan and Ontario stuff, but I still have Quad Cities and beyond to the west-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 12:43 [05:12] did you get a line on that 51?/cdEL96 (
Jul21 12:39 WWDK has the coax on fire right now too JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 12:35 WSRW-FM and WBCT are in like locals JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 12:33 Tr WKFR 103.3 Battle Creek, Rare - haven't seen from pontiac, yet JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Jul21 12:32 every freq on the FM dial has at least one station on it at the moment, if not 2 or more JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 12:31 Have some ontario stations popping through off the back - CKOT 101.3 in now JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Jul21 12:30 WBCH* (
Jul21 12:30 Tr WVCH Hastings, MI @ 3kw @ ~100mi - new log JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 12:29 Meanwhile, my brother just 17 miles west of me is still receiving 99.5 KSJN, 104.1 KZJK and others from the Twin Cities-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 12:29 12:24- Don't feel bad. Even I am missing out on the best stuff! Other than Faribault on 107.5 I have very little beyond Madison, WI this morning-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 12:27 Heard the saginaw translator for family life radio on 103.1 in the car here in Ann Arbor de n8uup bill en82 (
Jul21 12:24 Yeah it's been pretty frustrating here. Just not far enough west for tropo the last 24 hours de n8uup bill en82 (
Jul21 12:21 WDCQ, WLNS, and WILX are all in on TV - WDCQ would be a new log from here JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 12:13 hearing sublime's wrong way on 107.9 pointed SSW...wonder who that could be? Adrian maybe? JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Jul21 12:11 CJSP leamington ON also destroying local translator on 92.7 JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 12:10 WKKO toledo is destroying the local 99.9 translator JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 12:09 Lots of Grand Rapids/Battle Creek/Kzoo stuff in here this AM, nothing to write home about JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Jul21 06:26 WPWR is approx 362 miles. That's a distance record for here anyway. Prv seen in St. CLoud - En35 (
Jul21 06:22 Tr - 51 WPWR finally decodes. My first Illinois DT station log #47 -new - En35 (
Jul21 06:11 Tropo screwing with the STL unit on KYBA. Audio chopping up occassionally. This is so cool to hear - En35 (
Jul21 06:00 Tr DT 7 WSAW Wausau, WI - full decode! - new here - En35 (
Jul21 05:53 Tr 106.1 holy s*#&! KLCI just gone... Mason City in its place. - En35 (
Jul21 05:52 I knew what you meant Frank. It caught me off guard - En35 (
Jul21 05:52 Tr 105.3 KYBA Stewartville, MN like a local. Showing RDS - EN35 (
Jul21 05:51 really a response to 04:30 (
Jul21 05:50 [04:57] If you gave me 50 guesses what your first IL would have been, I wouldn't have guessed that one--Frank M. (
Jul21 05:41 Tr 106.5 WYTE Marshfield, WI 165 miles. Third time I've heard them - En35 (
Jul21 05:35 Prairie. My spelling sucks RE:05:29 - En35 (
Jul21 05:35 Tr - 106.9 KEGK Wahpeton, ND "The Eagle" - still in under KTMY IBOC. (
Jul21 05:29 Tr 107.3 KNUJ Sleepy Eye, MN (Little House on the Prarie territory) - 4kw - 97 miles - IBOC from KTMY in the way - new - En35 (
Jul21 05:28 Tr 93.3 KSJZ Jamestown ND 268 mi // Matt MN EN34dw (
Jul21 05:12 Tr DT 51... could this be Chicago? - En35 (
Jul21 05:10 Tr 92.9 KSDR watertown just like a local, full quieting - En35 (
Jul21 05:10 Maybe KLSS Mason City? // Matt MN EN34dw (
Jul21 05:09 Tr 93.3 WIZM La Crosse, WI RDS - En35 (
Jul21 05:05 Had SS on 106.1 earlier today. Nothing matches. I wonder if that was Es - En35 (
Jul21 05:00 Very nice. My furthest so far this evening has been Sioux City, KGLI // Matt MN EN34dw (
Jul21 04:57 I take that back, Illinois is my farthest tropo from the Twin Cities to date, 296 miles. That was this afternoon - En35 (
Jul21 04:56 Tr 93.9 KIAI Mason City, IA new under IBOC from KXXR - En35 (
Jul21 04:54 I should aim east now and see if I can still keep going. West seems to have pooped out - En35 (
Jul21 04:53 Fargo and Wahpeton, ND are the farthest I got in that direction. Maybe Sioux Falls in that other direction lol - En35 (
Jul21 04:53 Band starting to return to normal. I'm trying to catch up on logs anyway - En35 (
Jul21 04:49 Still seems very strong here. What's the furthest you got tonight? // Matt MN EN34dw (
Jul21 04:35 Tropo seems to have died significantly. Still a couple stations buried but I am not hearing anything new -En35 (
Jul21 04:34 Will be away tomorrow for several hours (in Ellensburg). Let the 144 mhz Es begin... > Yakima CN96 (
Jul21 04:30 Latent tr from this afternoon 88.1 WAXR Geneseo, IL - "American Family Radio" - new state - En35 (
Jul21 04:14 Tr 103.9 KUOO Spirit Lake, IA - new - over iboc - En35 (
Jul21 04:07 Alexandria, MN over IBOC - En35 (
Jul21 04:07 Tr 92.3 KXRA (
Jul21 04:04 Tr 95.3 KDJS Willmar, MN on top of local KZGO - EN35 (
Jul21 03:52 Tr 106.9 Elton John candle in the wind. En35 (
Jul21 03:47 Congrats on the greattropo fellas, sounds like an epic event, and a nice consolation in the absence of skip! // Lee VA (
Jul21 03:47 Tr 88.5 is KRSU MPR - EN35 (
Jul21 03:46 [02:44] Congrats on the kid, btw...great stuff! // Lee VA (
Jul21 03:44 [02:44] @Jordan: if the radio wakes you, will you check the baby? LOL :) (sorry couldn't resist...back to cd's corner I go!) // Lee VA (
Jul21 03:44 All but a few DT chs have at least something pinging the meter. NEVER SEEN THIS!! - En35 (
Jul21 03:42 Tr 88.5 something in HD "MPR" over KBEM. KBEM gone. Nowhere, nada, zippo - En35 (
Jul21 03:41 This troop opening is insane. I'm going to be very tired at work tomorrow lol - Matt MN EN34dw (
Jul21 03:41 Tr 102.3 KRCQ over KEEY IBOC - new - En35 (
Jul21 03:40 Tr 21 now WDAY Fargo, ND - new - En35 (
Jul21 02:48 I have a whole 8x11 piece of paper full of stations I got today. It will take me a couple hours to update my logs. En35 (
Jul21 02:44 Pretty dead here too, Curtis. Almost too painful to watch! de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jul21 02:44 Good night, all! If the baby wakes me overnight I may check the radio very quick-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 02:38 I'm within 60 miles of the outer edge of the blob, absolute dead band on FM here. Curtis Loda, Illinois EN50xm (
Jul21 02:33 No it just mapped 21-1 through 8 (
Jul21 02:32 Too much to log. Most of it in state. En35 (
Jul21 02:32 Justin, did you get ANY type of information from the RF 21 channel you saw? Names or a remap channel? > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul21 02:28 This is quite possibly the biggest tropo opening I've ever seen. IBOC locally is getting smashed. En35 (
Jul21 02:23 Who on DT 21 has 8 subchannels? En35 (
Jul21 02:12 Tr 95.3 KGSL Winona, MN- Weak under local WBCK with Maroon 5 into Niall Horan and song matches per website- 11kw 367 miles- NEW LOG! EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 02:11 Still here-- Diaper duty! EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 02:11 01:49- Nothing but Chicago and Detroit here. Fort Wayne and Van Wert have turned on translators, but cause very few issues for me on 104.3-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 02:07 No more reports from EN71. Did he stop DX'ing at 01:46 because the KOWZ did come home? Say it ain't so--Frank M. (
Jul21 02:06 Tr but only Nashville TN.full power stations into EM58 S IL (
Jul21 01:51 Meanwhile, on 100.9, it looks like you're DX'ing until the KOWZ come home--Frank M (
Jul21 01:49 EN71, what's your 104.3 like these days? Have they ruined it with anything in west Michigan? Milbank SD might be one to look for--Frank M. (
Jul21 01:48 Nice catch, WSRW has a massive signal--Frank M. (
Jul21 01:46 Tr 100.9 KOWZ Blooming Prairie, MN- Briefly over WQXC with AC music and song match per website- Cows FM- 100kw 447 miles- relog-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 01:26 Tr 105.7 WAPL Appleton , WI weak and mixing with WSRW Grand Rapids, MI - 266 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul21 01:17 Red Blob hasn't made it to Ontario I can do so far in Mackinaw City, Michigan on 88.5 de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Jul21 01:10 Dominican Warbler in the mix on 55.250, each offset has at least 2 signals. Nothing strong. 67.260 highest now - RZ EM60 (
Jul21 01:06 The ducts appear to cut off pretty rapidly west of I-29, so if there's paths to South Dakota it would be the extreme eastern part of the state-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 01:05 I'm trying! I got KSJN in again so we shall see-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 00:58 EN71, can South Dakota be far behind now?--Frank M. (
Jul21 00:54 EN35- I briefly had KSJN very strong.. I also had CHR on 101.3 that I wrote down as KUUL but was probably actually KDWB now that I think about it-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul21 00:49 Anyone getting my Minneapolis locals? Why isn't this going east for me? Stuff from the west is just blowing up my radio. En35 (
Jul21 00:40 And CO8LY racking up contacts again./cdEL96 (
Jul21 00:31 Es Tv 2,3,4 mix on mobile scanner sounds like mostly central america kw4rz / m em60 (
Jul21 00:18 Tr 101.1 KLQL Luverne, MN- Weak under WKQX with classic country, song match- 100kw 581 miles- NEW LOG!-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 23:48 Tr 93.5 KITN Worthington, MN- Fair with rock and song match- NEW! EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 23:45 Tr 95.1 WIIL Union Grove, WI - very weak and mixing. 221 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul20 23:45 For sure, Bill-- I love being a daddy. Daddying trumps DX any day-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 23:40 Send it this way, new daddy de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul20 23:39 Baby crys aremore like IBOC - they interfere with everything (Sleep, eating, playing radio) but in the end there is no rare DX on earth to compare to. de N8UUP Proud Old Dad EN82 (
Jul20 23:36 Tr 106.9 KROC Rochester, MN- Weak with Rochester ads, CHR '106.9 KROC'- relog-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 23:34 WKHQ is one of very few signals in the sprawling Traverse City market that reaches most of the market with one signal - Christian EN82 mobile (Palace) (
Jul20 23:33 105.9 in Manistee was WKHQ about 95% of the time with WCFS coming a distant second - Christian EN82 mobile (Palace) (
Jul20 23:32 en71 I can't resist, does the baby's cry fade in-and-out or is it a 100KW continuous signal? LOL. Chime in Sherman Oaks, with no kids (
Jul20 23:31 (22:46) I had WKPO a couple of times in Manistee before I lost my original log in a computer crash in 2015 - Christian EN82 mobile (Palace) (
Jul20 23:31 23:28- I suspect it was WKPO which I eventually confirmed this evening-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 23:28 [22:44] 105.9 is classic rock, so Amii wouldn't be played. - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 23:26 Tr 100.5 KDEC Decorah, IA- Poor through I-HASH with local mentions- 25kw 355 miles-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 23:15 LOL, perfectly OK, Justin. :) Matt's about 3 1/2 air miles SSE of my locale, and I'm damned envious sometimes when he's pulling in some pretty exotic stuff while I'm not getting a darn thing. Of course, he DOES have a more elaborate set-up than I do, so.... -- Rick in South Omaha EN21AF10LM (
Jul20 23:13 [22:46] Google the history of Soldiers Grove, WI. Very interesting town! Relocated because of flooding, and was rebuilt to generate Solar energy--Frank M. (
Jul20 23:10 Rick... not Matt. Wth. En35 (
Jul20 23:09 You went right over me Matt. I had nothing your way except Sioux falls and Sioux City. En35 (
Jul20 23:04 KBGY 107.5 Faribault, MN, WATQ 106.7 Chetek, WI, and KRRW 101.5 St. James, MN were all new loggings for me here today. FM total from this QTH is now at 395 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul20 23:01 22:56- Affirmative on Evansville, WI 105.9-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 23:00 [22:54] Awwwwwww...--Frank M. (
Jul20 22:59 Hepburn map shows this tropo, and implies it may continue overnight. Here, looks like I have to watch for "Saturday night" overnight--Frank M. (
Jul20 22:58 I don't have any tropo beyond 250 miles here in Minneapolis. I've never broken the 500 mile marker either. En35 (
Jul20 22:57 Holy smokes I didn't even notice the KISD--Frank M. (
Jul20 22:56 EN71 I assume you have Evansville WI already on 105.9? Of course you had to get past that (and E. Park) and such--Frank M. (
Jul20 22:54 I logged WKPO and KISD with a two week old newborn baby laying on my chest- DX doesn't get more hardcore and devoted than that-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 22:53 [22:48] You actually kind of WANT one-sided...better than stuff coming in from everywhere, you may get better distances this way--Frank M. (
Jul20 22:53 Thanx Frank- I'm currently monitoring and I don't work tomorrow, so I can stay up a little later than 9:00-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 22:52 Nice catch EN71 on WKPO! Pretty hilly, almost mountainous, terrain in that part of the state--Frank M. (
Jul20 22:50 [22:47] Ralph Strobel from Indiana has a tape of a MS burst which gives a KEYA legal ID, fading into a KBEM legal ID--Frank M. (
Jul20 22:50 Tr 104.7 KKLS "hot 1047" RDS. En35 (
Jul20 22:48 Tropo duct sure likes to be one sided. I can't get much from the east. En35 (
Jul20 22:47 Tr 88.5 KBDC Mason City area IA over local KBEM. Bless the stations that are under 5kw. En35 (
Jul20 22:46 Tr 105.9 WKPO Soldiers Grove, WI- Fair/poor with Madonna 'Borderline' and Pink 'So What' before that. Possibly my UNID from earlier- NEW LOG! EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 22:46 105.9 WKPO Soldiers Grove, WI- Fair/poor with Madonna 'Borderline' and Pink 'So What' before that. Possibly my UNID from earlier- NEW LOG! EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 22:45 EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 22:45 Tr 98.7 KISD Pipestone, MN- Poor with Gladys Knight 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' and stream match- 100kw 569 miles- relog. (
Jul20 22:44 [22:25] Omaha? (I don't know their current format)--Frank M. (
Jul20 22:41 Tr 106.1 mason city eating KLCI. Second time I've heard them. En35 (
Jul20 22:25 Tr 105.9 UNID weak with classic hits- 'Knock On Wood' by Amii Stewart. Not KTLB-IA or KWNG-MN. Antenna bearing is 290-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 22:06 A couple of my locals have been wiped out en35 (
Jul20 21:49 Well, this doesn't bode well for DX.. I have the Kalamazoo xltrs on 99.5 and 105.1 instead of Chicago- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 21:49 I guess if we want Es, we have to fly out to the Atlantic./cdEL96 (
Jul20 21:46 Tropo eating local 106.1 up in spots. Can't seem to fully null it out en35 (
Jul20 21:45 The pretty colors are about 50 miles north and west of me, but I'm going to give this a try. Baby is down for a nap-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul20 21:30 Nada so far in Ypsi looking toward the Red Blob of Exellence de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul20 21:25 *en35 (
Jul20 21:24 I should try for Madison. En36 (
Jul20 21:19 The APRS map looks pretty, where's JVL? :-P JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul20 20:28 Ms 94.7 KIXY San Angelo TX "...the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce...". MS relog. - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 20:27 MS 94.7 KIXY San Angelo TX "...the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce...". MS relog. - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 20:08 Re:1959 they let people tour that site. That article is 2 years old. Just a paranoia piece. En35 (
Jul20 20:06 I couldn't Google it as i was driving but this is the second time today I've seen a station overcome IBOC. Must be strong stuff. Wish I wasn't at work. En35 (
Jul20 19:59 You probably have KICD Spencer IA on 107.7. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul20 19:56 HAARP, A Weapon Of Mass Destruction - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jul20 19:49 Tr 107.7 country over IBOC from KQQL. Woah. En35 (
Jul20 19:31 Tr 103.7 KLKK Clear Lake, IA... again - En35 (
Jul20 19:23 Tr 99.9 KAUS Austin MN// online over local xlator. En35 (
Jul20 19:21 Tr 96.5 Life 96.5 Sioux falls SD en35 (
Jul20 19:18 Tr 95.5 KJCY Iowa - new En35 (
Jul20 19:14 Hepburn maps pretty much breaking up from days past. Oh well....I still might stay in upper FL Keys for a few hours Saturday./cdEL96 (
Jul20 19:10 Tr 88.9 Spirit Lake, IA - frequent visitor - En35 (
Jul20 18:24 91.7 was a surprise, I fully expected them to say Worthington in the ID not KZSE! - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 18:23 Tr 91.7/97.5 Rochester, 96.7 Mankato, 100.5 St. James MN - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 17:47 DXer in Hutchinson, MN reported KRNA Iowa a few minutes ago. Tr to Fargo persists - En35 (
Jul20 17:27 [17:23] Miami too, in SS, + Havana./cdEL96 (
Jul20 17:23 ther is a CH6 in Atlanta that broadcasts on rf ch6 (
Jul20 17:22 Thing is, when I turned the antenna North I lost it (ch6). Had to be due south. (
Jul20 17:00 [15:47] probably WPVI DT 6 Philly & maybe an 87.75 like Fairfax VA./cdEL96 (
Jul20 16:59 [15:47] Probable (
Jul20 16:19 Tr 88.7 KFBN Fargo, ND - // online - new - EN35 (
Jul20 16:06 Tr - 91.9 KDSU Fargo, ND - new // online - En35 (
Jul20 15:55 Tr 101.1 KLQL Luverne, MN right over KDWB IBOC. Hmm. I should start checking first adjacents more often - new - EN35 (
Jul20 15:47 Es (Probably) 83.25 weak signal also DTV pilot on 82.310. My Local Channel 6 transmits on Physical CH 25 so this isn't local. Dennis....FM18 (
Jul20 15:46 Tr 103.7 KKBJ Bemidji - mix 103 - En35 (
Jul20 15:44 Tr 104.7 KMJO Hope, ND - new - over KCLD // website match - En35 (
Jul20 15:43 Tr 104.7 Country. Usually KCLD is here - En35 (
Jul20 15:38 Yup, I remember those bars from My younger days. (
Jul20 15:36 I remember the old days with "meh" TV tuners, and trying to watch those ch 2's while adjusting horizontal hold./cdEL96 (
Jul20 15:31 .....During the summer Es peak, some TV dxers see something on TV 2 almost 24/7 > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul20 15:31 Dennis, rolling bars indicates tuner is *at least seeing* a TV 2 carrier, but that's it..... (
Jul20 15:27 Been getting rolling black bars on CH2 for the past 2 days, (if it means anything) but not picture with antenna facing south..Dennis...FM18fa (
Jul20 15:25 more tease Es, quiet here now, a very underwhelming July to date - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jul20 15:20 Fred in SC, How have you ID'd the Ch 2 Station??? Dennis...FM!* (
Jul20 15:17 [14:56] I'm seeing short skip around there, like Savannah to Detroit./cdEL96 (
Jul20 15:16 Es 93.1 KQID Alexandria, LA (1115 mi) PI:3B13 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jul20 15:08 muf spots map looks interesting but I'm not holding my breath. Tim EM86 (
Jul20 15:04 When I lived in NJ, July 20, 1975, had nearly 6 hours of extreme FM lots of states, a friend got a CBS 12. but still nothing here in Sherman Oaks. Chime (
Jul20 14:56 Es CHBX-2- ON -weak signal. Also weak ch2-dtv pilot de fred SC FM03af (
Jul20 14:46 [14:09] @JimT: I had about 45 minutes of Es on 7/20 last year, brought in both ZBM Bermuda and XHUM Yucatan...I'd take that again today! // Lee VA (
Jul20 14:41 Don't mind me, just padding the logbook today by picking off some fringe locals on 91.1 :) // Lee VA (
Jul20 14:38 Tr 91.1 WOKD “SpiritFM” Danville, VA 128 miles, 18kW, 242° NEW (positive ID, only 91.1 in network; with WHCE off-air) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jul20 14:23 Tr 91.1 WTJU “University of Virginia” Charlottesville, VA 67 miles, 1.5kW, 292° NEW (stream match, with WHCE off-air) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jul20 14:23 Tr 91.1 WVRP “The Journey” Roanoke Rapids, NC 82 miles, 2kW, 192° NEW (with WHCE off-air) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jul20 14:15 Oh no Matt, oh well, thanks for trying it out. With continued deteriorating Es conditions and further crowding of the FM dial I probably don't need another tuner anyway. Tim EM86 (
Jul20 14:09 July 20th, last good years for Es - 2011 & 2014, some areas of country had 3+ hrs of Es > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul20 13:50 [13:47] Hey Tim, I plugged in the Yamaha tuner last weekend. The thing works but the display is trashed. 27 years old... - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 13:47 somebody give Mr. Es some little blue pills so he can get his muf up! Tim EM86 (
Jul20 13:15 would be a GREAT day to do that. Thanks! // Lee VA (
Jul20 13:14 if you wanted to wake up for a few hours today, I (
Jul20 13:14 Hey there Mr. Es, sorry to disrupt your hibernation, just wanted to let you know that my local on 91.1 is off-air for the first time in 3 years today... // Lee VA (
Jul20 10:52 Tr 97.5 WFRY "Froggy 97" Watertown, NY ~155 Miles- Joshua FN02 (
Jul20 06:19 Quiet night here as far as tropo. Near average conditions - En35 (
Jul20 05:10 Tr 103.1 WGDN with classic country music - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 05:09 Tr 100.9 WLUN with sports talk - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 05:08 Tr 98.9 WOWE with slow jams - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 05:08 The Adele was WFMK and T-Swift was WFRO, playing newer music than I usually hear there - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 05:06 Tr 99.1 Adele vs. Taylor Swift. One is probably WFMK. Unsure what the other would be - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 05:05 Tr 98.9 WKLZ with the Cult and match to playlist. Another one of those huge signals from up north - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 05:03 Tr 96.5 WQHH with Quiet Storm program - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 04:55 Tr 101.7 WPRJ with CCM type music mixing with WMRR and WHZZ - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 04:52 Tr 99.3 WATZ very weak with country music - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 04:51 Tr 97.7 WMRX with Four Seasons and playlist match - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 04:45 Tr 90.3 with jazz. Likely WBLV - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 04:08 The Bear still in on 98.1, but no other up north stations in - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 03:57 Tr 101.3 the Brew Grand Rapids - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 03:55 (03:53) It's WGFN!! One of my Manistee locals with a playlist match!! - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 03:53 Tr 98.1 with Love Hurts by Nazareth - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 03:52 Tr 96.9 WLAV with Summit Place Kia ad (they have a location in GR) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 03:48 I hear KUSQ every day. I don't need it again. Nothing on the unattendeds. Happens when you're pointed right at shoreview - En35 (
Jul20 03:47 (02:20) Both JJ and I had WFDX in this morning! Just shy of 200 miles for me - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 03:41 The only thing notable I had on my way back from work was WMTR with Los Tigres - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul20 03:23 Tr 99.7 WUGN Midland, MI ,"Family Life Radio", 274 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul20 03:04 Hey, I wouldn't mind hearing KUSQ 'US 95' again. I still need Rock-It 93.5. Many times tried with no avail. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul20 03:04 Tr 90.1 WUCX Bay City, MI, WCMU TOH ID, 225 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul20 02:56 Had a chuckle with the Seinfeld reference. Reviewing my unattendeds fishing for something other that KAY FRIGGIN YOU ESS QUEUE - En35 (
Jul20 02:55 Tr WQUB "St. Louis Public Radio". 251 miles, relog but rare - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 02:55 Tr 90.3 WQUB Quincy, IL (
Jul20 02:48 Tr 107.7 WHSB Alpena, MI local ads and "The Bay" - 198 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul20 02:42 Nice one Rob! Good DX! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul20 02:41 Saturday at Key Largo picture looks much better./cdEL96 (
Jul20 02:39 [01:46] the weather dot gov forecast for my ZIP code will effectively challenge the forecast Tropo maps./cdEL96 (
Jul20 02:38 Tr KCHI 102,5 Chillicothe MO. 154 miles... but NEW! - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 02:37 Hey N8UUP…I logged WKAD last night as well!! de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Jul20 02:34 Tr KCKZ 103.5 Huntsville MO "Spirit FM". Only 2nd time heard... 225 miles. - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 02:32 Tr 101.9 CKFX North Bay, ON, "101-9 Rock", 216 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul20 02:29 Tr 93.7 WKAD Harrietta, MI Weak/Mixing with Detroit Tigers baseball 175 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul20 02:22 "Es" Died horrible death in AZ de dwi/7 (
Jul20 02:20 Tr 92.5 WFDX Atlanta, MI - briefly with Goo Goo Dolls - 198 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul20 02:12 Tr 100.5 the Wolf, metro Springfield MO - 305 miles - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 02:11 Tr KRPS 89.9 Pittsburg KS - 268 miles, another one I've not heard in a couple years. - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 02:04 Tr 89.5 WLMN Manistee, MI Fresh Air NPR show into TOH ID and "IPR" moniker - 188 miles and NEW! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul20 02:01 Recent long haul Tr but I had to drive 85 miles + weather the bugs./cd-> (
Jul20 02:00 I plan to be monitoring.....I just know that the last few times turned out to be busts./cdEL96 (
Jul20 01:58 GFS weather model shows there a chance for Louisiana to Florida Tropo Tues. midnight - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul20 01:54 Waiting for e-skip ... like waiting for Godot! (
Jul20 01:46 [01:16] cd, for what the Tropo forcast shows you might have a chance for some Exotic new DX Sat & Sun - amfmtvdtvbrl EM40 (
Jul20 01:45 Es 6 Meters here in drenched AZ. Eastward beacons TX to NE booming in. Checking FMBC now. de dwi/7 DM34 AZ (
Jul20 01:43 The only I know Oconomowoc WI is good for is making Episcopal deacons de dwi/7 (
Jul20 01:41 [00:27 et. al.] And in Time Magazine's countdown for Person of the New Millennium, The #1 most influential person is Noe Skip Listner of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin--Frank M. (
Jul20 01:37 "I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat. -Okay. "Waiting for E-Skip." Pat: That's it." $1,000." Kegan EM26 (
Jul20 01:24 That was quick...hopefully the skip machine is having a brief technical issue ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Jul20 01:21 FM and 6m dropped out - w6nt S.OR (
Jul20 01:18 KUYI stream has country music at the moment > Yakima CN96 (
Jul20 01:17 Movin' your way Yakima-w6nt (
Jul20 01:16 88.1 playing CW - w6nt (
Jul20 01:16 I wouldn't mind too much catching good Bahamas from Key Largo, maybe with RDS. I never saw RDS IDs there, but I know 91.7 & 106.5 have it./cdEL96 (
Jul20 01:15 Tr 102.5 KIXQ Joplin MO. Haven't heard this one in years! - Matt EN21 (
Jul20 01:14 Still rain/storms down here./cdEL96 (
Jul20 01:14 Yes Randy, but no FM here yet. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul20 01:14 I think my XYL said I could go to the Keys on Saturday, if that helps./cdEL96 (
Jul20 01:13 My XYL said (
Jul20 01:13 [01:09] Tropo Forcast looks like a Hurricane moving thru the Virgin Islands and then thru southern Florida - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul20 01:12 If only DTV, what has been caught in PR besides PR and maybe DR? Is there a multi standard SDR?/cdEL96 (
Jul20 01:12 6m into S.NV, AZ - w6nt (
Jul20 01:09 [01:06] They need to turn it on because of this forcast - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul20 01:08 Es 88.1 w6nt S.OR (
Jul20 01:06 whoever has this Autologger in Puerto Rico needs to turn it back on. click on Ever Received top left of screen - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul20 00:57 I hope the Tropo forcast don't change & gets stronger for you cd. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul20 00:51 "What's the deal with stations that don't ID when you expect it?" (Seinfeld theme in the background). (That sounds like a Kramer bit) Kegan EM26 (
Jul20 00:51 [19:27] cd, Hepburn forcast has been very constant for the last four days that Red High pressure Tropo blob will be moving from around the Virgin Islands to your location by Sat Morning - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul20 00:49 "Excuse me, I think you forgot the station ID before it faded. -You want an ID? Yes, please. -$3! What? -No E-skip for you!" Kegan EM26 (
Jul20 00:48 Excuse me, I think you forgot the station ID before it faded. You want an ID? Yes, please. $3! What? No E-skip for you!" Kegan EM26 (
Jul20 00:46 22:53 - 00:44. I love it! Lololol. Tim EM8️⃣6️⃣ (
Jul20 00:44 "Today's Divorce Court: She says he loves his hobby more than her."/cdEL96 (
Jul20 00:42 "Dateline NBC: The Es Situation" Kegan EM26 (
Jul20 00:41 "What (and where) is E-Skip?" - "DX'ing, $500." Kegan EM26 (
Jul20 00:41 Did I say I'm enjoying a 'break'? Now 6m open to the Southwest and CO from PacNW > Yakima CN96 (
Jul20 00:40 "I'll take "'DXing' for $500, Alex." Kegan EM26 (
Jul20 00:39 DXn fan fiction eh?/cdEL96 (
Jul20 00:38 That's all coming up on a special edition of "Dateline NBC." Kegan EM26 (
Jul20 00:32 Did you or did you not record that day after your wedding? I did Chris, but my computer crashed. How do you feel? Like Murphy is a nackass. En35 (
Jul20 00:27 "There's something I gotta tell you. I'm Chris Hansen (FADE) story about DXers who (FADE.) if there's anything else you'd like to tell us, we'd love to hear it. Otherwise (FADE) de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 23:58 (23:55) Those stationns are now KLTY Arlington, TX (94.9) and KMXH, Alexandria, LA (93.9). Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:56 Boy I picked a great time to start TV FM DXing (
Jul19 23:55 There are two existing stations that had the calls "KFAD" once. Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:55 You'll never know though... You'll probably even log it via Ms or Tropo but still not ID it. They change the transmitter location a lot. It usually moves NW depending on wind shear. En35 (
Jul19 23:53 The 91.5 station could have the callsign "KFAD" or "KFDE" - "91.5 K-Fade" Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:49 91.5 KFADE, spreading the message of Dr. Murphy. Licensed to (some confusing township you can't find). Our calls are........ (
Jul19 23:48 Breaking news amateur radio operators are reporting sporadic e-skip over FN02 with an estimated MUF of 62 MHz. Sources say fake news... fraudulent. Yuuge lie. En35 (
Jul19 23:47 (23:36) "91.5 K-Fade" Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:45 Local returned sometime around 10:00 (CDT) that night. Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:44 Local station on 94.9 was off for a time the night of June 30 when I had Es. Though it sounded like Es on the frequency, too weak to ID anything, or any hint of what station (s) there were. Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:41 (Checks 91.3, 89.5, 89.9, 91.7 and 107.5 to hear 'All Things Considered' about the Es situation) Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:41 I must say I did appreciate 98.5 KTIS turning off their IBUz. Got 5 new logs because of that last night. En35 (
Jul19 23:40 Maybe I should just 'enjoy the break of no Es' and it will come back - remember July 11th? ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Jul19 23:39 "The Es drought: how much longer before we hear Es again?" today on 'All Things Considered', from NPR News." Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:36 Flips to 91.5... "And blessed is he who is patient in times of Es drought, and shame be upon thou who braggeth about 2xEs. I'm Dr. M Urphy on 91.5 k... fade. En35 (
Jul19 23:35 Well I logged KZDC/1250 San Antonio last night for a NEW catch (1679 miles!) so I guess the good prop went down to AM for the season. Or Es is taking a EU vacation. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul19 23:34 I had a handful of Es on June 30, nothing yet since then... Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:29 (60 Minutes ticking sound) "The Es drought... 60 Minutes, Sunday." Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:26 (Portland to Pella to Mountain Home... That was, uh, something.) -Raymie (
Jul19 23:26 "While some DXers are complaining about lack of skip, this new DXer logged 12 new stations in a single day! How did he do it? Tonight at 11." (
Jul19 23:24 "Live, From NPR News in Washington, I'm (name). The Es drought... (fading)... This is NPR... ...I'm (name), NPR News, in Washington." Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:21 "Now, your local news." Now at 10: The Es drought on 2017: How long before we see Es?" Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:19 "The 2017 Es drought: A Special Report, tonight." Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 23:00 Time of death: 6/30/17. Cause of death- Yakima hogging all of it. (just messing with ya man). En35 (
Jul19 22:57 _Es video slide: We are experiencing technical difficulties, please standby... until May of 2018. 😡 en35 (
Jul19 22:53 And even Price is Right is only in reruns for the next 2 months.../cdEL96 (
Jul19 22:05 Cue "The Price Is Right" loosing horn. Tim EM86 (
Jul19 22:04 Is the DX Maps spots map broken?.......oh's sporadic E that's broken... my bad. 😂Tim EM86 (
Jul19 21:35 Take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning--Frank M. (
Jul19 20:05 Take 2. The Hepburn maps looked better yesterday than today. No idea what the weekend will bring./cdEL96 (
Jul19 20:04 [19:27] the Helburn (
Jul19 19:35 Es 55.240 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul19 19:29 I just wonder if there was better Es just prior to my coming home today. Sigh./cdEL96 (
Jul19 19:27 Saw those maps yesterday, am....but you know how things change. First off all, the storms have to vamoose from here./cdEL96 (
Jul19 18:44 The ATSC 3.0 test signal is currently transmitting on DT 31 from Cleveland in ATSC 1.0 for those interested in trying to capture it. de Andrew K OH EN91EB (
Jul19 17:55 cd, Tropo forcast is good in your area for Cuba and the Yucatan on Sat morning - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul19 17:47 cd, Hepburn forcast looks good in your area for Tran's Gulf Tropo to the lower Mexican coast for Sat night,/ Sun morning - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul19 17:21 Es was on analog 3 & 89.1 here but might have been the tail end. Also pirates on 88.7/89.5/92.5 don't exactly help today./cdEL96 (
Jul19 17:05 Es FM Es short lived from Dom Rep. Now Ch 2 - 5 from Dom Rep/Cuba mixing de fred SC FM03af (
Jul19 16:12 CO8LY in Santiago de Cuba gets many contacts; he could be a great TV/FM DXer./cdEL96 (
Jul19 16:11 Well I might not even be home until TOH./cdEL96 (
Jul19 15:58 I'm hoping for something here to cd but nada so far. Craig EL98 (
Jul19 15:46 Tr 104.9 WCLV Lorain, OH, Classical Music, 185 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul19 15:37 I'm away from home, but that DXMap better be right!/cdEL96 (
Jul19 15:25 Tok a look toward the north but Detroit too strong. Tropo seems to be burning off toward the east now. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 15:16 90.7 probably WAUS Berrien Springs, MI. Used to be pretty common before HD was lit up on 90.9. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 15:16 Tr 92.5 WFDX still in weakly with the Romantics - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 15:14 Tr 90.7 classical music - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 15:13 Tr 88.5 what sounds like WGNC - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 15:09 I have had the Fox via Es, mentioning 94.3---they should best emphasize 92.5 I'd say./cdEL96 (
Jul19 15:09 (15:07) It's Magic 105.7 - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 15:07 Tr 105.7 with Elton John "Rocket Man" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 15:05 Tr 105.5 WWCK and WQQO mixing - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:59 Tr 100.5 classical music and talk mixing - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:54 No, that was actually during a night of tropo here; I'd found a sweet spot in the signal of WRVF. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 14:53 Tr 96.7 CHYM in with U2 and playlist match - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:51 (14:46) Was your reception of WJNR during the 2003 blackout? - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:47 It's a shame that most of the big sticks up that way are co-channel to Detroit - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:47 tropo RECORD. Darn auto correct. de Eric B (
Jul19 14:46 I've had WFDX here too; I think my in-state tropo is 101.5 Iron Mountain. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 14:46 I think have 93.9 Mio, MI trying to sneak in under CIDR JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:45 (I just spent a weekend a couple weeks ago up in Hillman near atlanta, was too busy fishing and having fun to DX though LOL JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Jul19 14:44 webstream match - "listen to my heart" JJ in EN82 (
Jul19 14:44 Agree that it's backing off; CBL-94.1 still in somewhat, but Duke FM poking in also off the back. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 14:44 Tr - Cool! 92.5 WFDX Atlanta, MI - new in state distance record :-D JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:44 (14:40) That station gets out a boat load! In Manistee, it was there probably 95% of the time despite being over 100 miles from there - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:42 All I have here on 92.5 is WBGV and WVKS JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:40 [14:39] woah! WFDX is quite the distance! JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:40 Tr 92.7 with hip hop (likely WDZZ) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:39 Tr 92.5 WFDX with "The Fox FM" over WVKS - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:38 [14:37] probably WQLB, MNN lists that as it's only affiliate on 103.3 JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:37 Tr - CKBT-91.5 Kitchener, ONT - Very poor in HD fizz with '91-5 The Beat' ment, ads. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 14:37 enhancement seems to be fading here JJ in EN82 (
Jul19 14:37 Tr 103.3 with Michigan News Network news. Could be WKFR, but news on a Top 40 station in a rated market sounds odd - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:36 *played are from 2000 or newer - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:35 (14:31) Also probably too old as well. We Will Rock You came out in 1977, while most if not all of the songs on CKNX's most recently (
Jul19 14:35 The below should say, thought that record was a bit too strong for CKNX. Multitasking here. de Eric B (
Jul19 14:35 Yup that was WMRR. CKNX is in here strong sometimes . JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:31 (1430) OK! Thought that might be a little too strong for CKNX, which is more Hot AC than anything else. My current QTF is 80. de Eric B (
Jul19 14:30 Trying for CBLA-99.1, but CJAM has the channel to itself. Though, I did manage to log CKXS Wallaceburg. Once. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 14:30 (14:27) It actually looks like WMRR - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:28 For your 101.7, check CKNX. Might be them. de Eric B (
Jul19 14:27 Tr - WMMS-100.7 Cleveland, OH - Phantom log: HD pilot with audio still CKUE1. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 14:27 Tr 101.7 with Queen's "We Will Rock You" mixing with Mike FM - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:26 Christian, that's CHYM Kitchener, ONT. Chime FM. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 14:22 Tr 96.7 with ads mentioning Waterloo and Guelph in Ontario - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:21 Es 89.1 KUAR Little Rock, AR (1011 mi) PI:1219 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jul19 14:19 (14:11) That was Big 106.5 near Dayton OH!! - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:16 Es 95.9 KCHA Charles City, IA (908 mi) - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jul19 14:16 Tr 92.9 WLMI with Bruno Mars - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:13 Tr 106.9 WOOD with talk programming - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:11 Tr 106.5 with Bob Seger into Wham! - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:09 not much else interesting here - nothing on tv JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Jul19 14:07 Nice Saul! I haven't landed any out of market translators yet :( JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:07 Tr CIMJ 106.1 Guelph, ON JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:07 It (below) must rewally get out (
Jul19 14:06 Last night yielded a 250-watt xltr of 1680 WPRR on 95.3 from Grand Rapids, at 362 miles...Saul ON (
Jul19 14:06 Tr 101.3 mix of WNCO and WBFX - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 14:04 Tr 103.3 WCRF Cleveland JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:03 Tr 101.3 "Easy 101" CKOT Tillsonburg, ON JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:02 Tr 100.7 WMMS Cleveland in over Windsor and Lansing JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:02 Tr CBBL 100.5 London, ON JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:02 Tr CBBL 100.5 London, ON JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 14:00 Tr 99.1 CBLA Toronto, ON barely in over windsor and lansing JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:58 (13:55) 98.1 is all WKCQ here - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:57 Tr CHCD 98.9 Simcoe, ON JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:57 Tr 104.5 with what sounds like Bob and Tom - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:57 Es to top of FM dial at 0943edt tunein - South PR direction -SDR recorder on de fred SC FM03af (
Jul19 13:56 Tr - there's some cleveland, WNCX 98.5 with "Blossom music center" mentions JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:55 Tr CKLO "Free 98-1" London, ON New log @ ~112mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:53 nice! yeah I saw you had some north coast stuff. I seem to be more open to ON, Tri-cities, and the thumb from here this morning JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:52 (13:50) 92.1 is all WOHF here - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:50 Tr CKPC 92.1, "Jewel 92" Brantford, ON JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:50 yup, iboc and translators are making things rough around here :P JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:49 CBEW-1 is a semi-local here at Carleton. WVMV-91.5 does poke in sometimes through the HD fizz. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 13:48 91.5 used to be Windsor until they moved that to 99.1; now 91.5 is HD fizz from WUOM. Ditto for 91.9. 90.7 is HD fizz from WRCJ 90.9. de Eric B (
Jul19 13:48 I've only ever had toledo on 95.7 JJ in EN82 (
Jul19 13:47 91.9, CBEW-1 Leamington in hot JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, Mi (
Jul19 13:47 JJ, I used to get 95.7 a couple of times a year before WKQI lit up HD. Of the others, 105.9 has a local, 91.9 has Leamington, 101.1 is a local that can't be toppled. de Eric B (
Jul19 13:46 Tr 98.5 WNCX mixing with another classic hits station (likely WUPS) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:45 13:36- Jordan here. CHAY does come up occasionally between WDRQ, WZAK and a LPFM in Marshall. Not as regular as even CHUM from here- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul19 13:45 91.5 is all WVMV China Twp, MI pointing east from here JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:45 13:36- Jordan here. CHAY does come up occasionally between WDRQ, WZAK and a LPFM in Marshall. Not as regular as even CHUM from here- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul19 13:44 I tried for 95.7 just now with no dice. wkqi iboc too strong at my place :/ JJ in EN82 (
Jul19 13:42 Not just 93.1... 95.7, 105.9, 91.9, 101.1, 91.5, 90.7 ... some are Detroit channels, though not all. Saul ON (
Jul19 13:41 it seems most of the barrie area fms are cochannel // detroit JJ in EN82 (
Jul19 13:39 Agreed, JJ. WDRQ is too strong and Barrie's QTE is too close to WDRQ for us to work around. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 13:39 Tr 95.7 WLHT with ad for Mini of Grand Rapids - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:38 Tr CIHR Woodstock 104.7 JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:36 (13:35) We all have a local on 93.1 (Nash FM) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:36 Saul: Jordan perhaps, none of us in metro detroit are far enough away from WDRQ I don't think :( JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:35 Tr 94.5 WCEN with ads for Kokomo's and Soaring Eagle Casino - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:35 can any of you in MI pick up 93.1 and others in Barrie-Orillia-Lindsay ... never see you folks reporting my semis, and I'm getting tons of MI last night and (not as intense) this morning. Saul @ Burnt River ON (
Jul19 13:32 Tr CBL 94.1 Toronto, ON @ 210mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:32 Tr 102.1 with Toby Keith. This is likely T102 - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:28 for instance any translator tuned to 94.3 right now is probably all over the place JJ in EN82 (
Jul19 13:28 Christian - have to be careful as most of the detroit xlators are fed over the air, meaning if something is washing over the source, it will be broadcast on the xlator as well JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:26 Tr CFCA 105.3 "Virgin Radio" Kitchener, ON new log @ 145mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:24 Tr 97.7 WTGV "FM 97.7" just above threshold - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:23 Tr CHWC Goderich, ON 104.9 "The Beach" ID new log @ 108mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul19 13:18 Tr 95.9 CFPL "FM96" with hard rock completely overtaking poor CJWF - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:15 92.7 would probably be CJBX London and CJSP Leamington. CJBX used to be always in here no matter what, until CJSP came on about a decade ago. de Eric B Carleton MI (
Jul19 13:14 Tr 93.5 CBC Radio // 97.5 - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:12 Tr 92.7 two country stations mixing with local translator - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:12 [1311] CBEW-FM-1 from Leamington, ONT. It's // CBEW-97.5 Windsor. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 13:11 Cleveland starting to fill in off the side; CIHR-104.7 in with HD pilot. Starting to hear stuff toward the south also. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 13:11 Tr 91.9 station mentioning Somaliland (likely religious, but possibly NPR or CBC) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:08 Tr 105.7 Cleveland with traffic and news update - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:02 Tr 103.9 the Fox. Normally WLEN here - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 13:02 And your FF on 99.3 is CJBC-4-FM from London, ONT. It repeats CJBC-860 Toronto. Used to be common, but rare now thanks to HD fizz from WYCD. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 13:01 [1255] I believe so, Christian. WAKS is almost like a local here thanks to the lake. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 12:57 Tr 99.3 French public radio - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 12:55 Tr 96.5 Elvis Duran show. Does WAKS air it? - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul19 12:47 One of my best catches was CKCO-11 from Huntsville, ONT in 1995; had the ghost of their test pattern over local WTOL one night. Recognized the logo. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 12:46 CD, I only did TV from 1983 until about 1998 or so. With junk equipment, I only heard about 300 TVs or so. Used to be quite interesting once the locals shut down for the night. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jul19 12:45 1235 -- it was in steady for about fifteen minutes. Went to CBC nx :30 complete with CBC sounder. Only CBC in Ontario on 102.5. Interestingly, a few others from ONT in but also a lot of CLE off the side. de Eric B (
Jul19 12:44 Hepburn maps look peachy for South FL this weekend---but anything can change./cdEL96 (
Jul19 12:44 Ah man..../cdEL96 (
Jul19 12:41 Don't know, CD; I haven't done TV in close to twenty years, I'd say. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jul19 12:38 Hey, any Canadian analog TV DX up there ATM?/cdEL96 (
Jul19 12:35 12:28- Holy cow disease! Great catch, Eric! I'm at work until 1230-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul19 12:28 Tr - CBLA-FM-4 -FM 102.5 Shelburne, ONT - Poor with Ontario Morning on CBC Radio One. 2600 watts, NEW! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul19 11:02 Looks like a Tennessee-Alabama football skirmish on the APRS map...lot of orange and red -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul19 05:13 Tr 48 WXOW La Crosse, WI - teasing the meter. Would be new if it decodes - En35 (
Jul19 05:02 Tr 46 KXLT Rochester, MN FOX - new - EN35 (
Jul19 04:42 Tr 98.9 WVCX Tomah, WI - new - En35 (
Jul19 04:37 Tr 93.3 WIZM La Crosse, WI RDS - En35 (
Jul19 04:26 Tr 98.1 WISM Altoona, WI - new - En35 (
Jul19 04:19 Tr 97.9 WSPT Stevens Point, WI--- again - En35 (
Jul19 04:08 KTIS-AM 900 xlator on 90.7 is also off air (which makes sense with their parent being off), not much there - En35 (
Jul19 04:06 Tr 107.3 WBBL Greenville, MI, "CBS Sports Radio" & "107-3 WBBL". 303 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul19 04:00 Tr 98.7 KISD Pipestone, MN now // online with Beach Boys song - En35 (
Jul19 03:58 Tr 98.7 KSMA Osage, IA "Kiss Country" - new - En35 (
Jul19 03:52 Tr 98.3 KQYB Spring Grove, MN - "" - new - En35 (
Jul19 03:47 Tr 98.3 WCQM Park Falls, WI // online - new - En35 (
Jul19 03:44 Local KTIS 98.5 has HD off. Can hear stuff on either side now :) - En35 (
Jul19 03:41 Eau Claire tropo strong now. DTs decoding. Haven't tried for FM yet - En35 (
Jul19 03:03 Tr 89.1 - KWFC, Springfield, MO - To my SSE - Kegan EM26 (
Jul19 02:31 Tr Springfield, MO on 89.1, 94.7, 97.3 and 98.7... about 310 miles. - Matt EN21 (
Jul19 02:13 Tr 94.1 WGFA Watseka, IL weak at 236 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul19 02:13 Es channel 2 Cuba....popping in andf ...Dennis...FM18 (
Jul19 02:04 Tr 103.1 WGDN Gladwin, MI, "The Best Country - 103 Country", 271 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul19 01:57 Tr 99.7 WUGN Midland, MI ,"Family Life Radio", 274 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul19 01:20 23:55 had that same problem with the two on Es 11 yrs ago - kw4rz em60 (
Jul19 01:10 Tr 95.1 WQRB Eau Claire, WI popped in out of nowhere. En35 (
Jul19 00:50 Tr 101.9 CKFX North Bay, ON, "101-9 Rock", 216 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jul19 00:45 Tr 95.3 WGVS Whitehall, MI WGVU 160 miles - rare- de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul19 00:23 55.240 and 55.260 here - sounds to steady for Es - think it is tropo for me de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul19 00:07 Es 77.254 presumably Santa Clara Cuba - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul19 00:05 The Peoria 'Power 92' is slightly more mainstream pop than Chicago 'Power 92' which has lots of hardcore rap--EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul18 23:55 CORRECTION!!! 92.3 is WPWX Hammond, INDIANA Power 92 not Peoria…Dang!! RELOG de Rob-VA3SW ON EN92 (
Jul18 23:52 Es 2-, 2+, 3z assumed Cuba - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jul18 23:47 Tr 92.3 WZPW Peoria ILLINOIS @ 458 Miles!! Power 92 ID Illinois Ads Hip Hop Muisic SOILID SIGNAL! de Rob-VA3SW ON EN92 (
Jul18 23:43 [23:38] JimT, Tropo forcast gets stronger by mid morning - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul18 23:40 Cx now sure quite different from this morning -- decent tropo this morning, but now just a little bit of scatter in here. Sure nothing like APRS is suggesting! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 23:38 JimT, you may want to point your antenna south or to the east/northeast tonight per Hepburn Map forcast tonight - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jul18 23:37 Early in my DXing days before I "found" the cycle, I had a tiny FM Es opening in September. Forget the year and my old logs are put up. Tim EM86 (
Jul18 23:37 And yes, they do mention that they're Lake County's Only FM Station. That just came on the air in the past four or five years. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 23:37 (23:36) That would be new for me. Kind of odd that no other Cleveland appeard to be in at that time - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul18 23:36 Well, I guess I'll hold off this year til end of August just in case. Thanks for y'all's input. It seems like Es has died already but I know better. I'm going to be patient this year. Tim EM86. (
Jul18 23:36 [2317] Christian, you had WQGR-93.7 North Madison, OH. AKA Cougar FM. Plays Hot AC. I get them a couple of times a year. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 23:32 The rest of the year from there, was all Tr. Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 23:32 I was sure I heard "Z88.3" (WPOZ, Union Park, FL) on August 15, 2016, but that was the only possible Es opening on the 15th. Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 23:30 Clarifying about my last Es being August 14 of 2016 - As far as *confirmed* Es, August 14, was possibly last - On August 15, I might've heard WPOZ 88.3 Union Park, FL - that was the only possible Es opening on the 15th. Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 23:26 Tr 89.7 WONU Kankakee, ILLINOIS SHINE FM ID sung out into Christian Music RELOG @ 363 Miles de Rob-VA3SW ON EN92 (
Jul18 23:20 August 14 was the last day I had summer eskip in 2016 but it was a nice opening into the Winnipeg area plus other stations from WI, MN and the Dakotas... Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jul18 23:17 Latent Tr on way to work around 2:30 ET: 93.7 mentioning "Lake County's only FM station" with hot AC type music. Thought it was Super Q until I heard that tagline - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul18 22:54 (Also had an NPR station on 91.9 on 14 August 2016, part of South Dakota Public Broadcasting's radio network; Either KYSD, Spearfish, SD, or KQSD, Lowry, SD). Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 22:51 ). Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 22:50 22:47 - (KYTI was received over local KISR, Fort Smith, AR (Top 40 (CHR)), and KZRX over local KQSM, Fayetteville, AR (Sports) - Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 22:47 (22:46) - (August 2016) Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 22:46 (22:46) - (August 2016) Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 22:46 I had KUFM 89.1 NPR Missoula, MT, 93.7 KYTI, Sheridan, WY (Country), 92.1 KZRX, Dickinson, ND (Rock). Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 22:42 Tr 94.1 WGFA Watseka, IL weak and mostly Scatter/Mixing - 237 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul18 22:40 14 August was also probably my last Es opening (assuming that my reception of 100.3 Des Moines in September was Tr) Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 22:24 That 14 August one was significant -- Western NM, and AZ at its peak. At one point I had Thoreau, NM wipe out a local from Toledo! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 22:23 14 August was my last opening in 2016, but then I had another one on Thanksgiving, to kick off the winter mini-season. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 22:15 Last year the Es mostly fizzled out for me after July 19, but they really kicked in on Aug. 6 and 9. After that I had an almost daily trickle of them until the 15th. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jul18 21:25 I think Es went on its European summer vacatiion this week. EU had a respectable FM Es opening earlier that lasted several hours, still going in eastern EU > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 21:15 Very scattered 6m prop to AZ right now, hopefully that will strengthen and give us at least some RED on the logger > Yakima CN96 (
Jul18 21:13 Zero minutes of Es in August 2016 here. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul18 21:11 I'm going to try and hold out til last of August before I quit monitoring. Day after day of recorded static takes a toll on motivation. Tim EM86 (
Jul18 21:08 was August any good last year for FM Es? I gave up around the 1st of the month if I remember right. Tim EM86 (
Jul18 19:27 Getting "Tone" on 174.250, 1 MHZ below Analog CH TV 7. Still within lower edge but I'm not sure if this is a TV video carrier. (
Jul18 19:20 According to that website, WEVE-FM is line of sight to my home. En35 (
Jul18 19:03 With those signals on channel 2, it would be "Battle of the Networks" on channel 2. Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 19:02 co-branded (
Jul18 19:02 I've seen Philips Magnavox brranded TVs. Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 19:01 Hmm. GE tv I think instead of Magnavox. Anyway, off to work now. Curtis (
Jul18 19:01 (WBAY from CBS to ABC) Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 19:00 (KTVI was ABC to August 1995, now FOX; WBAY CBS, 1953-1992; WTWO NBC, and KGAN CBS). Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 19:00 A fun afternoon/evening of work is at hand, good DX everyone. Curtis (
Jul18 18:59 Worked well, could even tell when Es was in from area with no stations - it sounded different. (
Jul18 18:58 Set up at Rantoul was like this, average (but large) TV antenna on factory roof. Magnavox 13 inch TV/VCR combo belonging to my boss. Antenna direction was strictly by the Armstrong method. Curtis (
Jul18 18:53 Terre Haute was in at Rantoul weakly much of the time as well. Even had them as backscatter during the F2 event back in the day. Curtis (
Jul18 18:52 [18:45] I can see that, the topography here is such that even at that distance, I could hear their audio much of the time. WBBM not so much. Curtis (
Jul18 18:50 Other channel 2s in between were WBAY Green Bay (2+), WTWO Terre Haute (2+, closer to WBBM) and KGAN Cedar Rapids, IA (2z) Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 18:48 KTVI was 2z, WBBM 2-. Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 18:46 Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 18:46 ...from Springfield, IL to St. Louis, MO - originally done so as not to interfere with CBS-owned WBBM-TV in Chicago. Kegsn EM26 (
Jul18 18:45 (15:25) I read that KTVI channel 2 operations were a result of the channel allocation reassigned... Kegan EM26 (
Jul18 18:37 Justin, you can get WEVE's co-ordinates here... JimT/MO (
Jul18 18:34 IF you have Google Earth installed in your PC, it will do the same thing. I used to have it, but its a system resource hog - JimT/MO (
Jul18 18:32 Tool is used for broadcaster industry applications, works for reception issues also - JimT/MO (
Jul18 18:31 Used many times, here ya go - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 18:28 Is there a website or app that shows terrain between two points? En35 (
Jul18 18:23 Dennis, IF you look at this map (8 am EDT Monday), you will see you were in or near areas of green, which means heightened tropo activity > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 18:20 Heck, yesterday I got station on probable 90 percent of the channels and many with 2 or three. Dennis (
Jul18 18:19 I should look into that. The same would go for KUSQ, KSEZ, and KATO, although KATO is nearly close enough to be a semi-local en35 (
Jul18 18:18 Thanks for the Info. I thought maybe somebody climbed up on my roof and stole my antenna!!!! I've not heard it like this before...simply dead....Dennis (
Jul18 18:16 Justin, an analysis of your terrain between you and WEVE would probably reveal a *straight shot* to their tower > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 18:14 I would like to know why I get WEVE-FM 97.9 on the daily despite it being over 150 miles away. On the daily! En35 (
Jul18 18:13 Right now you need to hope the Es situation will get out of bed and go get a job and earn a living! > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 18:11 That scenario is *stirring the air* aloft, thus tropo conditions can't get set up. NWS maps 7 days out isn't going to improve much > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 18:10 ...N of the stalled front, another H pressure system. You're sitting in a *wedge* right now, which means no ducts and no H domes, thus no tropo... (
Jul18 18:09 Dennis, IF you're talking about prospects for tropo are on the N side of a H pressure system, a frontal boundary is stalled out a couple 100 miles N of you.... (
Jul18 18:05 OK, I'm not too much into propogation forcasts so here's my question. Is there a reson why I'm receiving very few FM stations other than strong locals today???? Dennis....FM18 (
Jul18 16:37 Tr 106.1 WSMI Litchfield, IL 376 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jul18 16:27 Tr 97.9 KICK Palmyra, MO, 189 miles. Curtis EN50xm (
Jul18 16:21 [16:13] False alarm. Long story, but that audio wasn't from 91.5 but rather an HD with no audio that I was monitoring for return to service. Forgot about that. After a few notes, it came back 5 minutes later. At ease! - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul18 16:21 Tr New Log: WNNS - 98.7 FM Springfield, IL Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jul18 16:13 Signal just briefly heard on 91.5 over KBCS digihash with a few musical notes. Portland's KOPB or Es? So far Portland hasn't been strong enough to be heard over HD noise during several weeks of monitoring. Seems more likely than skip, though. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul18 15:55 Tr - WYMG-100.5 Chatham, IL - Fair with classic rock, 'Springfield's Classic Rock,' local ads, lost. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jul18 15:45 Tr - WYBA-90.1 Coldwater, MI - Fair with "Just As I Am" hymn sung to Woodworth tune, then OM speaking. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 15:44 If you've got 39 open, try for W39BH Champaign, IL. Still analog, running HSN. Curtis (
Jul18 15:42 Yes, the second station is WVGR, which is atop now. // WUOM. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 15:41 Tr - WQAL-104.1 Cleveland, OH starting to make a show off the back. Also something else clashing, probably WVGR. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 15:41 Tr 93.3 WKQZ with G'n'R very weak - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul18 15:39 The farthest I can get now is WHNN (they still kind of sound like a classic hits station at times despite their flip to AC) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul18 15:36 Tr WIBI 91.1 Carlinville, IL 128 miles. WBGL relayer. Curtis Loda, IL EN50xm (
Jul18 15:25 FIrst time I've seen KTVI since analog days. Always got in the way of DX then. I asserted it stood for K-Tele-Vision-Interference. Curtis (
Jul18 15:23 Springfield, IL and Saint Louis DT here at Loda, Illinois. Curtis EN50 (
Jul18 15:20 Tr WYMG-FM - 100.5 WYMG Springfield, IL Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jul18 15:19 I'll have to do a scan, earlier I only had two local stations in, just outside the duct. Too much co-channel for decodes on the others, I guess. Curtis (
Jul18 15:17 [14:57] Well, the 14:42 was a "YT" (YouTube) logging./cdEL96 (
Jul18 15:14 Tr STONG Chicago/Milw DT's into S. IL now fading EM58 (
Jul18 15:10 TR WXOS 101.1 Saint Louis, MO in HD. Curtis EN50 (
Jul18 15:04 [14:56] I've got a machine like that, but you have to be an ACER typist on that brand. Curtis (
Jul18 15:03 Tr - WSNX-104.5 Muskegon, MI - Fair with Ludacris record, ID, into another record. Great, now I have "How low can you go" in my mind; thanks a lot! :-P de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 15:03 Tr WKYU 88.9 Bowling Green, KY 260 miles, multi-station TOH id. Curtis Loda, Illinois EN50xm (
Jul18 14:57 I would like to experience a Yt logging. Do I need a special antenna? :-P > JimT/MO (
Jul18 14:56 That should be TR. I really should get a new keyboard -- the letters all rubbed off this one YEARS ago! But, you need to be an ace typist to use this one! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 14:55 Es UNID-2z south - with cartoon/children's program - no logo -likely Cuba de fred SC FM03af (
Jul18 14:55 Yt - KEZK St Louis, MO - Fair with IDs into ads, lost. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 14:48 Tr - WGEL-101.7 Greenville, IL still coming across. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 14:42 90.3 Progreso from my room last year + RDS/cd-> (
Jul18 14:40 DeepVoice also does news on R Reloj. His full name is Marlon Alarcón Santana./cdEL96 (
Jul18 14:40 I was testing it to see if it drains the battery. It seems to do pretty good and didn't appear to be a resource hog > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 14:39 Since its free, it is ad supported, but the ads are really discreet UNLESS you touch one of them, THEN it pops up a new window - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 14:37 Thx for that app info Jim. TuneIn chews up too much space on this iPhone 6. I hope this one does not./cdEL96 (
Jul18 14:35 Two of us were on the N Ireland GT many months ago, tuning 650 kHz, when Mr Deep Voice appeared. That is a long haul for Cuba 650./cdEL96 (
Jul18 14:33 Tr 100.3 KDVV, Topeka KS "V100" (196 mi) - de RNA /OK EM16gj (
Jul18 14:33 [14:26] Make that 0030 to 0130 with repeat 0400-0500./cdEL96 (
Jul18 14:33 Yes FREE, its actually called Radio Cuba app, developed by third party but endorsed by Apple, available for both platforms > JimT/MO (
Jul18 14:32 Is the app a freebie?/cdEL96 (
Jul18 14:32 Nocturno opening from a year ago, beautiful view + DX/cd-> (
Jul18 14:31 I like to check Radio Progreso 90.3 stream because I can tune it on the Sony with antenna SE, listening for Cuba during Es > JimT/MO (
Jul18 14:31 Ooh sounds good./cdEL96 (
Jul18 14:30 ...I think I found the best one out there, endorsed by Apple > JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 14:30 Yes it is CD. I just put together an article on Cuba FM for the WTFDA VUD. Tons of research... (
Jul18 14:29 He pronounced Adele correctly; was expecting "a-day-lay" (and a dollar short)/cdEL96 (
Jul18 14:28 Jim, is the app feed in $tereo?/cdEL96 (
Jul18 14:26 I think it was he who announced "Sam Cookie."/cdEL96 (
Jul18 14:26 [14:08] Jim, listen from 03:30-04:30 UTC to Nocturno with deep voiced Sr Santana---much EE oldies & current; expect name mispronunciation sometimes..../cdEL96 (
Jul18 14:11 Anyway, tropo seems to be still fair around these parts; KYKY-98.1 the only other MO so far, but still scanning. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 14:10 Jim, I've heard a few EE pop records on Progreso (AM) over the years. One that stands out is "I Just Called" by Stevie Wonder. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 14:09 KLJY-99.1 Clayton MO still in poor with Contemp. Christian mx, but no HD pilot. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jul18 14:08 ....that's Holy Smokes!.... JimT/MO (
Jul18 14:08 No dx to report, Hoy Smokes listening to Radio Progreso 90.3 on the Radio Cuba app, they're playing Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud"! > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 13:56 Regarding SDR IQ disk requirements - 6mhz (Elad) recordings are 2GB/min or 120GB/hour. You can get 5TB external or internal 7,200 RPM drives for reasonable price - K4NBF EM66 (
Jul18 13:50 re:657 it would seem to me patching in a continuous time service such as US Naval Master Clock in 1 channel would solve the time issue. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jul18 13:50 Took Elad on vacation 4 miles from 50kw in Puerto Rico without a problem, but I was using a dipole. I think you'd be fine. There's a new Elad FDM-S3 coming out soon that will cover the whole band, that's what I'm waiting/saving for. - K4NBF EM66 (
Jul18 13:49 [00:12] Randy, here is my local band at my exact location. 12 miles and LOS to a 44kw and 39kw, and 17 miles from several 100kw with no problems pointed at them with directional ant - K4NBF EM66 (
Jul18 13:43 I mostly have closer-in stuff, but getting a few gems here and there. Mostly relogs, but still feels good to hear MO again. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jul18 13:40 Had a strange thing yesterday, driving to work. WIBN 98.1 suddenly got distorted with an echo. Checked WAZY since that path is about the same, they were like that too. Just lasted about thirty seconds. Curtis (
Jul18 13:37 Even the Decatur stations seem weak. Curtis (
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