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Nov29 04:51 back then with KTSA's inconsistent carriage I often had to resort to streaming from 98.7 in Dallas to hear it - de WA5IYX (
Nov29 04:41 this was actually the first entry portal link for it - de WA5IYX (
Nov29 04:29 a decade+ ago KTSA 550 hr used to (intermittently) carry his "The Lost Tapes" show Sunday nites - de WA5IYX (
Nov29 04:28 the e-mail was labeled as a response to a Dec 2003 one to him! - he must have one darn comprehensive e-mail system there - de WA5IYX (
Nov29 04:26 link in an e-mail from George Gimarc just rcvd - de WA5IYX (
Nov29 04:21 cd, are you still DXing right now? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov29 01:21 Latent Ms 107.7 WMOV VA "Hampton Roads' Christmas Station" (on car radio---condx must be good) from Everglades Park/cdEL96 (
Nov28 21:49 nice to have more-versatile DTT901 remote back in use vs the (Apr 2009) DTX9950's - de WA5IYX (
Nov28 21:46 a May 2008 mfg stamp, it's in better cosmetic shape than my old Jun 2008 (got in Oct 2008) one - de WA5IYX (
Nov28 21:44 the DTT901 eBay unit from PA arrived (so much for 2-day priority USPS during holidays) and seems OK - de WA5IYX (
Nov28 17:12 Ms 89.1 KUAR Little Rock, AR in HD for 30 sec, RELOG 844 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov28 14:08 Ms 98.5 WKTK Crystal River, FL 905 mi., RDS with calls and Adult Hits, prev. Es -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov28 13:57 using spin knobs on the SX-62 and even the TM-1001 - de WA5IYX (
Nov28 13:54 I had to do something like that for tiny-dia tuning knobs on sets here - de WA5IYX (
Nov28 13:33 For all the pl-660 dial spinners: (
Nov28 10:44 Ms 98.5 WFSY Panama City, FL 878 mi., RDS @ 1024z with bogus PI: 13C8 or KBLG, PTY: Soft Rock (NEW) -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov28 00:07 Test (
Nov26 22:30 something today that very few 6m ops know how or want to make - de WA5IYX (
Nov26 22:28 also note that Alfredo often made the distinction between daytime chordal F2 and nighttime TE (classical fluttery) prop - de WA5IYX (
Nov26 16:22 note all the activity on AM then still around on 6-m (I'd been on SSB since 1968) - de WA5IYX (
Nov26 16:13 early Cycle 21 50-MHz DX reports from LU3EX - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 22:30 sri, with my sloppy typing cud profit from some spellcheck on this page :) - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 22:27 even using Nerscape on a 486-DX-66 (12M ? RAM) on 14-k dialup cud be a challenge - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 22:24 with that 386 ran mostl DOS-based pgms (even after at 2M RAM) - no real multitasking until the Win95 in Oct 97 - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 22:13 now this Win 8,1 fires low-mem warnings at me sometimes with ten or fewer active - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 22:11 I had no problems with MSIE 8/9/10 with 20 windows of it open on Win 7 with kess RAM - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 21:34 It tries..... (
Nov25 21:17 That's what spybot search and destroy is for. EN25 (
Nov25 21:03 Careful with Chrome preferences. Haven for malware that keeps coming back if you don't know how to clean your profile ... Mike (
Nov25 20:45 IE is an abomination. I refuse to even use MS Edge on Windows 10. Chrome and Firefox much better - En25 (
Nov25 20:40 [20:16] Use Task Manager to figure out what apps cause memory leaks, and use a better browser ... Mike (
Nov25 20:40 [20:15] When its warranted, yes. We have to deal with the wreckage daily ... Mike (
Nov25 20:40 my first non-Atari machine was a Packard Bell 386-SX-16 ($1K at Wards) with 1M RAM, guess how Win 3.1 performed on that ? - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 20:33 on all other machines (I've done several) a RAM upgrade was mechanically easier to do - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 20:31 cud expand NE522 to 8G RAM but to access seems the entire bottom cover needs to come off, not just a small portal - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 20:19 I've had 64-bit OS since Win7 Acer laptop in Feb 2010 - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 20:18 prob need to clean out config sys aince at startup around 50% is shown in use by task master - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 20:18 32 bit processors can't handle more than 4 GB of memory. Everyone is starting to shift away to 64 bit. - En25 (
Nov25 20:16 even with 4G RAM this 8.1 laptop "runs out" of memory so often can't keep as mni MSIE 11 windows open as used to - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 20:15 fashionable to keep on bashing MS (
Nov25 20:14 that's why so many places still offer items with Win 7 OS on them - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 19:54 Vista was almost as bad as ME. 8 was a fiasco as well. Some vendors are recommending against 10 until MS gets their act together on it ... Mike (
Nov25 19:31 I miss Vista. I was one of the few who actually had 0 problems with it. The laptop itself blew up but the OS wasn't at fault - En25 (
Nov25 19:30 I didn't know they still made Gateways. - EN25 (
Nov25 19:24 and that goes back to 3.1 in 1992, Win95,98,XP, (skipped Vista), and 7 in 2010 - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 19:21 Having it sort of autoupdate from 8.0 to 8.1 was enuf for me - all other OS changes were with new comps - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 19:19 I've had to run chkdsk so often on this Win8.1 Jan 2014 Gateway NE522 I wouldn't dare try an OS upgrade to it - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 18:16 It had a few hiccups right out of the gate which is disconcerting, but I got them sorted out. - En25 (
Nov25 18:13 [18:10] Good luck with that. Hope your results are better than *every* other person I know who went down that path ... Mike (
Nov25 18:10 Windows 10 successfully updated on my laptop. Yay. Now let's see if CoolEdit throws fits. - EN25 (
Nov25 15:33 our WOAI-DT-48.2 drop Antenna TV ? - 48.2//48.1 atm - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov25 14:43 this is one page from it that I did (as a jpg) - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 14:39 thats a 24-page, 2.2M pdf or I'd u/l to my site - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 12:37 covered in this 1975 publication - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 12:34 mid/late 1960s EBU TV Es data had signals above free-space levels - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 12:32 [09:01] - note they likely correctly speculated that focusing (compressing wide angle of arrival sigs) was involved - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 12:29 [08:51] if one had the engineering staff/deep pockets of RCA back then a lot was possible - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 12:26 on the front page (June) is a tiny article re "patterning" (CCI) on TV from continental Euro signals - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 12:24 I've a 1955 UK newspaper (that our ex-landlady sent for other reasons) come across c. 1989 - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 12:23 the BBC has always been keen on advising folk of propagation anomalies - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 11:20 Weather conditions affecting Television and Radio services in the UK: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov25 10:56 Oldest TV found in London home: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov25 09:01 Interesting: Indications were that the attenuation over the path must have been at times nearly zero - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov25 08:51 Riverhead L.I. NY sure had some sensitive tube receivers that were able to detect 10uv signal level on 40 Mhz band in '39 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov25 06:23 some free pdfs on this - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 06:18 $31 for a non-IEEE-member purchase of a pdf for the article is a bit steep - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 06:15 teaser - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 06:01 he'd made those from the South West Research Institute library when he was working there - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 05:59 there was a second IRE article but I've lost track of the early-1981 K5KS 2nd-generation Xerox of it - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 05:45 they accessed some library copy of this article (with graphs) - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 05:38 here - they've disabled comments to it now for some reason - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 05:33 this group had it posted - promissed to send me pdf of late 30's IRE article - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 05:12 Has anybody ever viewed that "F2" BBC TV reception from 1938? Many links to it, from various sources./cdEL96 (
Nov25 05:11 I used to think that a TV station using AM audio could be DXed at night. :) /cdEL96 (
Nov25 04:13 Curious to know why AM would be used instead of wide FM with stereo EN25 (
Nov25 04:11 and a 1959 article that touches on BBC/French TV - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 04:00 Cycle 21 BBC B-1 audio - de WA5IYX (
Nov25 01:13 I believe that pre-war WNBT 441-line had AM audio, too. NU (
Nov25 01:11 System A (the 405-line UK system that started it all) and the French 819-line system used AM audio N8NU (
Nov24 22:35 [19:110 - maybe I should leave things parked on DT-5 an beam e.n.e. during Es events - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov24 21:36 only system L as per wrth (
Nov24 20:30 Is (or was) there any time that TV used AM modulation for the audio? Am I wrong in thinking that? - En25 (
Nov24 20:19 92.3 "Sunny 92.3" WDEF is hybrid seasonal music now. -- Dan mobile in EM85 (
Nov24 19:11 [17:04] and I IDed KCWX by PSIP by Es 24 miles from WLMB. N8NU (
Nov24 17:10 my most "amusing" of which was in Feb 1963 on Ch 2 with a mix of Robin Hood and a western and "My Lord Sheriff" coming out - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 17:07 NTSC Es audios (being FM and capture ratio) could swap making for some weird juxtapositions - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 17:04 I've had Ch 5 Es (DTV and NTSC) impede KCWX-DT-5 decoding here - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 17:02 none of that six-channel-deep jumble Es gave us on NTSC - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 17:01 I've seen it happen here when tropo is really strong - de Jim T-MO EM37 (
Nov24 17:00 IF you have a local dtv on lo-VHF and there's a strong co-channel coming in via Es, the local sig could completely drop out - Jim T-MO EM37 (
Nov24 17:00 the only thing close to Es CCI on DTV here is when KOTA-DT-2 and KNOP-DT-2 get to swapping decoding - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 16:54 15:48...the dilemma with low VHF being repopulated with dtv signals, its all or nothing when Es is going. Nothing like the analog days - de Jim T-MO EM37 (
Nov24 16:19 all traces of most snowfalls here are usually gone within 12 hours or less - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 16:17 luckily it was a weekend, but patches of snow in shady spots of yards lingered until Wednesday - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 16:11 30 years ago 13" here sure did - they used road graders in places as plows - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov24 16:09 w/o snow plows here a 3" fall would almost shut things down - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov24 16:07 found DTT901 on eBay in Penna for c $40 w/ship - ETA Nov 27-Dec 1 - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 15:48 [0551] It would be like analog TV again. WPBT-DT2 and WESH-DT2 fighting it out...I could see that ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Nov24 15:42 2'' snow here - several school delays, no closures. We don't hype it up like Seattle does, sorry kids! > Yakima CN96 (
Nov24 13:58 should have gotten "spare" long ago - eBay items cheap, Amazon not so cheap - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 13:54 unplugged, shorted prongs, etc - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 13:53 looks like my 2008 DTT901 may have bit the dust - manually turned off and will not turn back on - de WA5IYX (
Nov24 12:31 Ms 98.5 WINL Linden, AL 844 mi., RDS display PI: 6B25 and PTY: Country (NEW) -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov24 05:51 I forsee MSP having at least two VHF lo stations. KSTP and WCCO come to mind. That leaves 2,3, and 6. EN25 (
Nov24 05:28 All I know is that for the next 2 years I really need to concentrate on whatever 2-6's come my way./cdEL96 (
Nov24 05:26 WBRZ on DT-2 would mess with Mike-La. Dxing on DT-2 as well - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov24 05:25 WBRZ on DT-2 would mess with Mike-La. Dxing as well (
Nov24 05:22 Me & Mike-La don't need KATC-DT-28 returning to DT-3 no more DX on DT-3 for us :( - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov24 04:58 02:34 yeah Pat, we are in the same boat. I don't need WBRZ-DT-13 reappearing as a DT-2 here either. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov24 04:31 Will be in EN70WR (Lima, Ohio) Wednesday at noon through Friday. I will have my NS-HDRAD portable radio with me and we will be driving up Tuesday and early Wednesday as well as all Saturday to return. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov24 04:27 As of Sunday 22 November, local 104.7 "The Fish" WFSH is now full seasonal music. ~10% are religious seasonal as it is a Christian-oriented station -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov24 02:34 I don't need WOAI-DT-48 reappearing as a DT-4 here ,,, - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov24 02:19 I doubt Yakima will have every low VHF channel occupied on 2-6, but who knows, KIMA or KNDO could be an Es target in a few years hihi > Yakima CN96 (
Nov24 02:04 Yes it did Yakima. Caught it this morning after the flip. KCML St. Joseph even though the tower is in St. Cloud EN25 (
Nov24 00:00 [23:51] not unless u plan on living in a market with 2-6 filled up (
Nov23 23:58 those DTV pilots just alert the ATSC tuner so that it can "look for the rest of the digital data" - de WA5IYX (
Nov23 23:53 EN25's local 99.9 KCML flipped today as well > Yakima CN96 (
Nov23 23:52 105.3 KONA Pasco WA now Christmas music as of yesterday > Yakima CN96 (
Nov23 23:51 You mean 54.310/60.310 etc? Good beacons for Es - but there are not many 2-6 DTVs in America. With FCC trying to get rid of 31-51, there is probably going to be dozens more. Maybe TV Es DX can come back in mainstream in some way. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov23 23:13 They are still fun to hear, anyway. W3IHM, Sam (
Nov23 23:12 Anybody listen to dtv sync carrier pings? How do you know from whence they come? W3IHM, Sam (
Nov23 02:56 Local 99.3 is on, but off-frequency (strongest at around 99.35 on my Tecsun) and at low power - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Nov23 01:48 I'm sure more young people knew what long-range DX was in the 1970s than today. In the 1970s you actually had to watch and see your local channel 2 get crunched by Miami or Daytona Beach. Now, they watch Netflix and Hulu...where there's no DX. Completely different time. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov22 23:17 I had to handle landline calls from some of them - rather inconvenient before I got an extension phone near the rig in Mar 1981 - de WA5IYX (
Nov22 23:14 so the mni 6m ops with Tech licenses couldn't participate in the 28.885 VHF info net - de WA5IYX (
Nov22 23:11 it's the only h.f. band where a "lower-class" licensee is permitted in the lowest part of the phone segment - de WA5IYX (
Nov22 23:08 The FCC let Novices on 10m (28.1-28.2) cw in 1972, Techs there in Jul 1976 - then later 28.3-28.5 phone - de WA5IYX (
Nov22 23:04 I got my Tech license to get on 50-MHz and learn more abt Es but found so much ignorance among the ops - de WA5IYX (
Nov22 22:43 Oops, wrong place for that, that was meant for the BCB log. My bad - En25 (
Nov22 22:37 Re: 01:47 Thanks a bunch. I asked way back when I logged it but didn't get a response. Will be fixing that asap - En25 (
Nov22 20:33 Problem is, Es DX is getting less mainstream. With everyone in America in digital, we've resorted to 6 meters and FM radio DX now. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov22 20:31 Ham operators should know about sporadic-E. If they DX 10 and 6m in the summer, they should know. Techs are on 10 meters and probably *hear* Es in June/July, but don't know what it is. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov22 18:37 and I'd only had four full summer seasons of TV-DXing wirh it at the time - de WA5IYX (
Nov22 18:34 my first year on air I ran into a high number of veteran ops who hardly had a clue about Es - de WA5IYX (
Nov22 18:32 back then with Techs limited to VHF they shud have had a few such in that exam - de WA5IYX (
Nov22 18:29 there are now actually some propagation questions in the exam pool(s) - unlike 50+ years ago - de WA5IYX (
Nov22 17:40 oh those silly wabbits (
Nov22 17:23 That's a joke....talking about the young amateur radio ops that haven't been taught much about propagation by an experienced elmer like yourself kb7wox! :-) - de Jim T-MO EM37 (
Nov22 17:18 "newbie hams" that a new license class? (
Nov22 16:54 Pat, I think there's a bunch of newbie hams that don't know much about propagation modes - de Jim T-MO EM37 (
Nov22 15:44 I wish some of the DX map posters wud realize that 70-100+ MHz MUF Es doesn't suddenly appear and correctly call it ms - de WA5IYX (
Nov22 01:52 Tr 92.9 WNDV South Bend, IN ad for Michiana Chrysler relog 275 mi =de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov22 01:47 EN25, looking at your AM logs, I see that you have WMFN listed as being in Peotone IL. They do have a CP there, but as of last week, they're still broadcasting from Zeeland MI - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Nov22 01:42 Also, I still have five would-be locals off (one is a translator) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Nov22 01:40 None of my locals go all-Christmas - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Nov22 01:08 Ms 92.9 KTKC Springhill, LA RDS RELOG 976 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov21 20:54 I need to put an on/off timer on my PRO-163 scanner - de WA5IYX (
Nov21 19:49 According to a website, KTIS 98.5 is also going xmas in MNSP. Used to be at least there (107.9, 105.1-105.7 and 98.5) - En25 (
Nov21 19:43 Yep, they're full time as of Friday (yesterday). Their website confirms it. I don't know if any other MNSP stations are going to flip/have flipped. - en25 (
Nov21 19:41 En25, all but one station goes from normal format right to full time holiday format. The only exception in the past few years is WSB 98.5 which does hybrid music throughout the season. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov21 19:17 Ms 104.5 KZZW Mooreland, OK 30 sec burst of ad, RDS PI/PS NEW! -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov21 18:56 33.nn est sigs active - de kb7wox cn85 (
Nov21 17:36 I don't think they're xmas full time yet, just a few songs or more every hour. - En25 (
Nov21 17:35 Minneapolis station KQQL 107.9 Anoka was playing xmas this morning. Ugh. - En25 (
Nov21 15:13 with the cold front passage winds gusting at the airport to 38 mph - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov21 03:43 Distant WMGP 98.1 Newnan, GA is now in Christmas music format as of the ladder end of this week. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov21 01:41 Tr 107.5 KGLK-RDS- Lake Jackson (205 mi) Mike-La (
Nov21 00:37 99.1 KODA Houston now playing Christmas songs, don't know if full time or just this particular hour...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Nov20 23:29 as here - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 23:17 anyway, the "Philips Law" (late 40s-early 50s) was e.g., for a given time/incidences of Es MUF at 20 MHz that at 40 MHz will be 10% of that - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 23:15 Started here last Friday...local station even rebranded itself as "Christmas 98.1" // Lee VA FM17 (
Nov20 23:14 [22:04] that was mainlu for hf and low-vhf - when taken to hi-VHF the curve might get steeper - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 23:01 Christmas has begun in the NW - KRWM 106.9 Bremerton (yesterday), CHQM 103.5 Vancouver (today), KKCW 103.3 Beaverton (today). Thanksgiving 6 days away > Yakima CN96 (
Nov20 22:04 [16:00] So, if there's skip to 108 mHz, 10% of the time there will be skip on Channel 13? :p Frank M.-EN40 (
Nov20 19:31 33.42 FL wx fade in - de kb7wox cn85 (
Nov20 19:15 the way the clip trails off, I'm wondering if "the Bayou" is just part of the slogan, e.g. "the Bayou's Jazz station" // Lee VA FM17 (
Nov20 18:49 Normal 91.5 LA suspect is KGRM... but I've been listening to their stream and it really doesn't seem to match, and no mention of that slogan online - K4NBF (
Nov20 18:48 Have any of you LA/TX area folks heard of "91.5 The Bayou"... link is audio clip from Weds... totally stumped - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov20 18:45 F2 33.42 WA Sam. - tape loop - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov20 17:25 the transcon W7-W4 F2 MUFs will be higher than mine to PNW - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov20 17:19 go for it om; that 33.42 FL wx was popping up a few times yesterday - de kb7wox cn85 (
Nov20 17:16 or that 33.42 item from Washington - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 17:15 maybe I should turn on my PRO-163 these days to see if any 33-MHz US n.e. FDs have been showing up here - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov20 17:00 33.90 est signals fade in - de kb7wox cn85 (
Nov20 16:37 see fig 4 in that article - I never made diurnal or stacked-day plots for winter 88-108 Es - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 16:25 Pat, do you have any records of Winter Es in NA? - Jim-T MO EM37 (
Nov20 16:15 also note para. 3 under monitoring practices - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 16:10 of course, your getting vy short skip on a given freq means that someone else more distant from the Es has the highest MUF - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 16:07 FWIW - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 16:05 one time on 15m cud hear W1/W2 wkg W3 via Es so knew high MUF up there (way over my own horizon) - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 16:03 once I even tracked an Es event on 20-m - with h.f. and high solar flux lots of F2 to sort thru - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 16:02 before I got 30-50 MHz rcvr in Sept 1967 I spent countless hours using 10 and 15-m for early warning of 6-m/TV Es - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 16:00 the rule of thumb for double the freq the Es occurrence is about 10% - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 15:29 Pat may have better data. My input is simply from memory and experience. de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov20 15:27 When short Es on 10m exist (400 miles or less) I always take a peek at 6m. It's probably 50/50 even then de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov20 15:27 Thanks Bill. I have never looked for Es by observing 10 meter activity - de Jim-T MO (
Nov20 15:26 My experience is that 10m Es is not a good indicator in and of itself for 6m Es however.... de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov20 15:12 ...with 10 meters OR if its a waste of time, typo! - de Jim-T MO (
Nov20 15:11 Just curious if its worth watching what's going on with 10 meters of if its a waste of time - de Jim-T MO EM37 (
Nov20 15:10 Does anyone know if 10 meter Es is any indication that could lead to 6 meters Es or is there too much frequency difference? de Jim-T MO EM37 (
Nov20 14:14 a quick run thru FM seems only in-state items there - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov20 14:04 Tr KITU-DT-33 TX Beaumont (280 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov20 14:00 Tr KFDM-DT-25 TX Beaumont (280 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov20 13:58 Tr ineed KATC-DT-28 LA Lafayette (395 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov20 13:57 some Houston Us decoding and other subdecoding teasers may be more distant - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov20 12:10 besides the Es patches coming and going they showed the morning diurnal peak of meteors (peppering) - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 12:07 wish those time lapse ionogram movies from the summer 1970 ITS-ESSA Es study had been made public - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 11:59 any cause-effect connection had best be made under the event midpoints not their endpoints - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 10:50 NONE of those have happened since 2011, which is also the last decent skip in this area ... Mike (
Nov20 10:49 We finally had a hot spell at the end of summer, decent rain already with massive amounts predicted over winter, and supposed to go below freezing tomorrow. (
Nov20 10:48 Pat will cringe, but I'm predicting decent skip for 2016 based on wx changes. (
Nov20 10:47 [05:58] That's what its been in here in Northern California for the past 3 years, along with no rain ... Mike (
Nov20 06:43 [06:17] Surprised me, but not Mr. Hepburn! #nailedit // Lee VA FM17io (
Nov20 06:23 and the "dawn comes up like thunder" - very short morn (and eve) twilight - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 06:23 Tr 102.7 WGNI Wilmington, NC “102-7 GNI" 250 miles, 100kW, 190° re-log (positive ID) // Lee VA FM17io (
Nov20 06:19 Tr 107.5 WAZO Southport, NC “Z107-5" 238 miles, 21kW, 192° NEW (positive ID) // Lee VA FM17io (
Nov20 06:19 or equatorial sunrises/sunsets within 30 min of 6 am and 6 pm - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 06:17 Pretty nice tropo event here in the east tonight: 3 new logs, 3 new decodes, and several rare visitors lighting up the dial... // Lee VA FM17io (
Nov20 05:59 I can deal with Quito wx./cdEL96 (
Nov20 05:58 I was on an HCJB trip to Quito Ecuador in 1992----imagine, hi 70, lo 50 all year 'round! A/C was illegal at that time./cdEL96 (
Nov20 05:50 I wudn't mind 75 hi/65 low year round - de WA5IYX (
Nov20 05:37 Send some here----still no lower than 70 F/cdEL96 (
Nov20 05:18 We may get our first freeze of the season in a few days (avg date is Nov 26) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov20 05:04 Tr 103.5 WRCQ Dunn, NC “Rock103" 192 miles, 48kW, 203° NEW (stream match) // Lee VA FM17io (
Nov20 04:47 Gotta love that late November tropo!! :) // Lee VA FM17io (
Nov20 04:46 Tr 107.1 WRXZ Briarcliff Acres, SC “Rock107" 270 miles, 50kW, 200° NEW (positive ID) // Lee VA FM17io (
Nov19 18:02 [23:58] never found it in the tome, but see page 44 (OCT1976) CATJ for more... (
Nov19 13:11 13:00-Ahhh ok-all fluff and no stuff. Thanks am Mike-La (
Nov19 13:02 Maps looked good but Tropo was not yesterday morning - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov19 13:00 Mike-La, I was checking yesterday morning and had my auto logger running and you did not miss anything - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov19 12:37 I may have missed my chance yesterday morningfrom what I saw on maps-hunting took preference Mike-La (
Nov19 12:34 thought it was gonna be better than it turned out Pat Mike-La (
Nov19 05:49 nil worhty of note this far west - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov19 04:03 Tr 107.5 KGLK Lake Jackson (205 mi) Mike-La (
Nov19 03:45 Tr 103.1 KHHL Karnes City, TX ESPN Deportes (346 mi) Mike-La (
Nov19 03:41 Tr KZHO-LD-39 Lake Jackson 258 mi (new) Mike-La (
Nov19 00:43 a better read is in his CATJ (7/1976) page 40, abt one H. Glick of NWT & "cross aurora" skip (
Nov19 00:14 Tr WHNT-DT-19 Huntsville Al (397 mi) (new) received using auto logger - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov19 00:03 can't find the page, not real technical, but remember was written in the usual self promoting style (
Nov18 23:58 [22:29] Tell me more. Depending on construction and azimuth of overpass, it can provide interesting results ... Mike (
Nov18 23:01 now this site is back, answering my own earlier question - de WA5IYX (
Nov18 22:33 Hello World :) de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov18 22:29 t (
Nov18 22:29 trying to find the part abt overpass dxing in calfornia back in the 1960's (
Nov18 22:27 wish the pt barnum of c band would have added an index to his 928p tome (
Nov18 15:26 Wondering how the Soap Lake/Ephrata area did with these winds on the open prairie - Spokane seems to have been hard hit - de WA5IYX (
Nov18 15:24 Those Leonid "storms" were due to the earth intersecting some very dense but narrow lines in the parent comet's debris trail - de WA5IYX (
Nov18 14:28 Leonids were REALLY good in 1998 and 2001. Not sure why they are poor nowadays. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov18 14:23 I have to go to work - too bad I can't stick around and try for some new ones fading in > Yakima CN96 (
Nov18 14:23 KHHK, KARY, KXDD, KRSE completely off the air due to windstorm in Yakima - also off are 104.5 106.1 106.9 translators and KTCR-980 > Yakima CN96 (
Nov18 13:53 I posted 2 Leonids Meteor Shower RDS display photos on WTFDAs Facebook page -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov18 13:27 Leonids MS continues into mid morning hours, had a 10 second burn at 1323U - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov18 12:01 Ms 92.3 WKRR Asheboro, NC 429 miles, RDS display PI: A7DB or WKRR and PTY: Classic Rock, (NEW) -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov18 06:28 a much-simpler display of the scans of that Apr 1968 letter of mine to K6EDX - de WA5IYX (
Nov18 05:17 Only 1 green log, 00:36. Sigh. cdEL96 (
Nov18 01:37 Tr WTHI-FM - Hi 99 99.9 FM Terre Haute, IN Sounding like a local. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov18 01:24 no evidence of them (or other Houston Us) here - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov18 01:18 It's the only Houston DTV coming in at the moment...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Nov18 01:17 A little bit of storm related DTV tropo going on right now with KPRC Houston coming in nice and strong...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Nov18 00:54 My local 50kw on 92.3 WRRN has been off air for several days and this is my first RDS Ms logging -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov18 00:41 they must have good RDS injection levels as I logged them by ms several times before the 92.3 Kerrville emerged here - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov18 00:36 Ms 92.3 WYNU Milan, TN 687 mi., RDS PI: 956E or WYNU, PTY: Adult Hits (NEW) -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov18 00:14 now with Notepad, etc one can edit and re-edit such things ad infinitum - de WA5IYX (
Nov18 00:11 a bit amazed that I could type such a lenghty document (more or less) on the fly with so few errors/corrections in it - de WA5IYX (
Nov18 00:07 I'd kept carbons of my outgoing mail since May 1962 and luckily this one was dark enuf to make for good scans - de WA5IYX (
Nov18 00:06 the other pages can be viewed as ... RBC-2 thru RBC-6 - to see what was known about Es in 1968 - de WA5IYX (
Nov18 00:04 a scan of a carbon of one of my early letter to Bob Cooper in Apr 1968 - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 23:47 Only Ms reports on the W2LN 144 MHz are coming from western and central Europe - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 23:24 [22:57] I would rather add their names to the K-Love/Air1 benefactor lists. Maybe that would shut down a few thousand of those ... Mike (
Nov17 23:02 Leonids Ms hits increasing to (3) per hour - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 22:59 Make sure you add their D.C. numbers too - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 22:57 Just add your state politicians to numbers to the NCL and see them get an instant 25% increase in scammers - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 22:47 The only people who use it properly are legitimate businesses. Nobody else cares, including politicians....Mike (
Nov17 22:46 DNC List is a joke. People demanded action, and politicans (who are generally about as smart as a cucumber) drafted laws with no teeth. All it does is keep you busy reporting offenders. (
Nov17 22:45 Carbonite would see ransomware as a new file and copy it over. It won't replicate on the cloud, so if you know what to look for, you stop using Carbonite until your world is clean, then restore uninfected files from cloud (
Nov17 22:23 as I am at home 95% of the time I've need for any $$$ Smartphone - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 22:16 I use the cellphone (since early 2012) for outgoing only - otherwise it's turned off - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 22:14 I should have asked one of those recent pests (home security or sat TV things) if they wanted to pay me the $1500 fine now or later - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 22:11 Even tho I am supposedly on the Do-Not-Call list I still get telemarketing calls beyond legit vendors I do business with or charities - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 22:08 Do backup systems like Carbonite avoid that or do they copy that malware right into their backup as well ? - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 21:45 This is the new millennium. Get used to high-tech scams. Ignore Caller ID. You can make it say anything you want it to. The worst thing to worry about is ransomware on the computer. ... Mike (
Nov17 21:42 [18:00] Unless there was a steady stream of calls, taking your phone system off line is overreacting ... Mike (
Nov17 21:42 A couple of brief fadeups on 88.9 but not long enough to get ID...could also be that AFR pest from Mart, east of Waco..Jack, EM10, ATX (
Nov17 20:02 some fair meteor rates (but no idents) on 91,1 so far - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov17 19:27 Still like to know who that is on 55.250 Mhz with good quality Ms hit - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 19:24 1921 UTC had a 8 second burn Ms hit. Getting closer the peak - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 19:07 infuriated, I had hung up before their recorded msg got to any call-back # - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 18:33 [17:01] mis typed should have read: they use a 213 area code call back voice number? (
Nov17 18:13 3.5 hours of recording, and only WSMR fade-ups./cdEL96 (
Nov17 18:13 ...other folk saying about a telemarketer and they are rarely specific/cdEL96 (
Nov17 18:12 Even with caller ID you can Google the number, and all you have is other folk telling you (
Nov17 18:03 glad this didn't occur Monday when I had to coordinate that Hospital apt transport - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 18:00 don't have caller ID here so don't know and can't block - took phone system off line for now - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 17:01 [15:46] they use a 213 area code call number? (
Nov17 17:00 vy loud tropo from Victoria TX area - odd considering that frontal passage - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov17 16:53 lcls 96.1, 97.3 w/o HD, 104.5 back with it; looks like 99,1 mem will have to be vacated - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 16:42 some things briefy trying to swap on 91.1 - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov17 16:04 it's not worth the hassle to report it - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 15:48 Well then, get a automated lawyer!/cdEL96 (
Nov17 15:46 just got one of those automated fake IRS phone calls claiming that a suit has been filed against me - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 14:27 Getting brief pings on 98.1---moved antenna to NE on 89.1---with more local ZBM stuff, who knows?/cdEL96 (
Nov17 14:16 Some enity is using spread spectrum on 55 Mhz band - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 12:31 airport now has wingusts up to 33 mph there - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 12:26 and whatever else comes with it - de WA5IYX (
Nov17 12:24 on the verge of the cold front with its 20F drop in temp - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov17 11:14 Only WXGL fade ups; back to bed./cdEL96 (
Nov17 11:08 And no complaints that I know./cdEL96 (
Nov17 11:08 The highest rated SS FM doesn't use it---107.5/cdEL96 (
Nov17 11:06 Only 2 of our 6 Spanish FMs run HD and for that I am thankful./cdEL96 (
Nov17 11:03 Looks like I left there at the right time then - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 11:02 I meant 90 different songs---one can only hear Sweet Home AL so many times/cdEL96 (
Nov17 11:02 I meant 90 different songs---one can only hear Sweet Home AL so many times/cdEL96 (
Nov17 11:01 TB has a higher pct. of FMs with HD than Miami as well/cdEL96 (
Nov17 10:59 I can attest there are fewer open frequencies there than in Miami./cdEL96 (
Nov17 10:58 BTW was at Tampa Bay 3 weeks ago; with more new LPFM & translators,/cdEL96 (
Nov17 10:56 Thats where I draw the red line. 90's playlist - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:54 JAW you don't mind WXGL's 90 song playlist? :). cdEL96 (
Nov17 10:51 (06:25) SE is for analog TV 2-6; if I do same for FM, it's right into Miami./cd (
Nov17 10:35 Yes, I was trying to find that when I bought the first one - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:34 that kit is very expensive on ebay because it is very rare - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 10:32 10:26 guess it is very cheaply made too bad we can't find that rare home kit that comes with a remote for this receiver - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 10:32 Then again, the radio was knocked to the floor couple of times - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:29 Most of the time it is fixed on one channel anyway - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:28 If you try to click it up one channel, it will skip it and go higher or lower than what you want - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:28 this could be a problem when your working a big Es opening an the power flikers and then the screen goes blank - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 10:26 After long time use the tuning knob decoder will have too much freeplay - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:24 to fix the screen you will need to power off the receiver and unplug the receiver and leave it off for at least 15 to 30 mins. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 10:22 receiver will still work and you can even tune to different stations with the screen blank - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 10:20 there is another negative with this receiver if the power is interrupted as in the power flikers, the receivers screen will go blank with only the back light being on - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 10:18 Surprised the plastic case doest not distort or melt - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:16 I agree with you there. The unit gets hot enough to fry an egg on it - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:15 i spot Ms using a no-brand USB2 FM stick receiver with SDR# - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:15 yes the receiver does get very hot. Makes you wonder why these were made for car use especially not to be used in the south in the summer - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 10:13 I have heard Ms hits, but they were not long enough for modulation or RDS info - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:10 Then you first hand experience how hot they can get. The is the only negative I have with the reciever - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 10:09 KA3JAW, have you received any meteor scatter with the Visteon HD Jump? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 10:06 I also have a Visteon HD Jump radio and a antennacraft FM-6 antenna - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 10:00 More info here: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 09:56 It has very good selectivity compared to any of my home FM tuners - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 09:54 Visteon HD Jump: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 09:52 I use a Visteon HD Jump auto FM radio with a Antennacraft Y526 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 09:41 KA3JAW, what model FM tuner and antenna do you use to DX with? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 09:38 cold front with this bad weather will reach my location around 1 am Wednesday - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 08:01 CME throws solar material outwards at speeds of 1.5 million miles per hour: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 07:56 Yea Pat may get bad weather as front passes thru our areas - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Nov17 07:32 Ch 12 wx guy said jet stream out of s.w. over us was 140 mph so cud really build storms - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov17 07:15 Thats one heck of a squall line from TX up to SD - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 06:58 a squall line with maybe nasty straight-line winds due in town c. 4 am - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov17 06:34 That was my favorite FM station too - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 06:33 I used to see the WXGL tower going to work in Town 'n' Country (NW of airport) when I was a resident down there - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 06:25 Your iniital direction of SE was a good choice - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 06:24 Don't point your antenna into a tropo zone as it will cover up Ms - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 06:07 I know it's not a Canadian TV station because there are none OTA on the (Z) offset - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 06:06 With antenna at 270 deg I had what could NOT be the Eagle in Tampa Bay (no DJs there are there?)---"Hit me up on Instagram at (fade!!!)"/cd (
Nov17 06:06 I been getting a very weak trace near 55.250 Mhz that fades in/out, prob. tropo - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 06:05 Actually because of t'storms I have to shut er off for tonight, howeverrrrrr..../cdEL96 (
Nov17 06:01 Just keep recording, you never know what might happen - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 05:59 Most of the burns are 100 milliseconds range - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 05:55 I'll be encouraged, if I see some greeeeeeeeeeeen here./cd (
Nov17 05:54 Leonids MS up to this point only been (1) per hour and less than 5 second burn times - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 05:44 I couldn't print here what their reply would be./cdEL96 (
Nov17 05:44 I suppose I could call pur local pirates on the low end of FM and ask them to shut off for the Leonids./cdEL96 (
Nov17 05:36 Heavy rain outside, and not gonna budge to move the antenna/cd (
Nov17 05:35 I am recording 107.3 fwiw/cdEL96 (
Nov17 05:24 cdEL96: Don't expect 100,000 meteors per hour like the meteor storm of 1833 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov17 05:02 Returned home---reviewed tape---nada./cdEL96 (
Nov17 01:51 I am recording while at work, with antenna to SE/cdEL96 (
Nov16 23:51 that be 10-lbs (c. a gallon of milk) weight-lift limit for me - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 22:20 and back home after the staple removal abt an hour ago - max weight lift 10lbs for another 4 weeks - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 20:09 in the waiting room now at Univ. Hosp. - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 19:01 just weak/mod 61.25 NTSC tropo on FT-847 - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov16 18:48 Es Ch-3 S6 Spanish audio south ed n5jeh dm65rd (
Nov16 18:18 There you go cdEL96 - Mexico is in via Es - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov16 18:15 Es Ch-2 55.250 S7 Spanish Audio South ed n5jeh dm65rd (
Nov16 17:26 Pat, I wish you well at the Dr./cd (
Nov16 17:25 With MS, antenna bearing doesn't always matter. I wish I could point the thing **upward.**/cd (
Nov16 16:48 OK...forgot about CHBX/cdEL96 (
Nov16 16:42 I'm just waiting for that fireball to turn my RTL-SDR# waterfall display to complete red - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov16 16:39 Main lob of ant. aimed west - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov16 16:38 Havana, Cuba is 1,282 miles from here - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov16 16:35 More likely CHBX-2 with negative offset in Sault Ste Marie, ON at 610 miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov16 16:31 Wow, musta been Cuba/cdEL96 (
Nov16 16:16 Just had one 5 sec Ms burn on 55.240 MHz at 1614U - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov16 16:08 enuf real ops mistake long ms burns/scatter for Es - never mind the robots - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 16:06 I set my display for "DX cluster only" to avoid all those specious automated wisper plots etc - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 16:04 W2LN RTM: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov16 16:04 3 weeks is far too long, IMHO, to have had these things stuck into me ... - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 16:03 I'm scurrying around here trying to get things all ready for my staple-removal apt later today - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 16:01 [15:13] - based upon what data ? - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 15:59 since the meteor storms of the late 90s the Leonids have not been that great - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 15:46 I am recording right far, not much on 98.1/cd (
Nov16 15:40 There might be more than one peak. I suggest you start monitoring early at 21 UTC on Nov 17 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov16 15:28 Leonids MS peak will be on Nov 18 at 04 UTC - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov16 15:24 JAW, is tonight "the night" for Leonids?/cdEL96 (
Nov16 15:13 Pat, you might have Es up into N.C. - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov16 13:54 abt all that found (using an ap on a 7" Android tablet) was local KCOR-1350 is the behemoth mw BCB signal here - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov16 13:51 another gadget (I've had an upconverter, not much used, for a USB RTL dongle since 2013) - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 13:37 mni more "familiar" in that also - some which I can no longer get due to lcl LPFM/IBOC items - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov16 06:44 Uploaded a video of my tropo 11/2 - 11/11 as well - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Nov16 04:47 Loved watching that video, Dan - heard a lot of those same stations. Also didn't realize there was a KLove on 95.3 down there... I dismissed one as Morganfield, KY pest - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov16 00:19 Ms 88.5 WJIE Okolona, KY RDS NEW! 444 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov16 00:09 and with so many FM-DX idents after Mar 2011 by RDS/HD on the HDT-1x I don't have that many of them - de WA5IYX (
Nov16 00:07 I've not really made much in the way of digital audio files from my FM DX analog (tape) clips since that Apr 2009 Miami tropo event - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov15 23:24 Video to my logs made the night of Vets day: all new logs -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov15 23:13 Stale Tr 101.1 "Fun 101" WTGA Thomaston, GA 70 miles during the Vets day opening -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov15 23:01 some familiar stations (Es/tr) in that neat batch of clips there - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 22:41 In state southbound tropo picking up -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov15 21:59 Video to my logs made the night of the 10 November opening mainly to the Florida Panhandle and southern AL -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov15 19:01 city is c. 400 sq mi within a county total of c. 1200 sq mi - not to mention their ETJ aspirations - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 18:58 here San Antonio keeps annexing the unincorporated areas of Bexar Co - maybe wants to be like Jacksonville FL - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 18:50 to stop suburban sprawl areas are using urban growth boundaries; anthill inside, open land outside (
Nov15 18:44 [18:29] or a row-house situation (like the Philly police-caused fire in May 1985) - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 18:41 the SAFD considers these 14'-spaced houses near enuf to send two units to a residential fire - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 18:29 with that kind of dense-pack construction they might as well be in a huge one-floor apartment complex - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 18:10 the dream is 7k hr on a 7k lot w/minmum offset; HOA just tagging along for NIMBY (
Nov15 16:37 places like Houston and NOLA don't have any zoning regs - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 16:36 much of that is by city zoning regs, not from any HOA decrees - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 16:34 most lots hr c. 7k sq ft with . 1k sq ft houses, offset 7' each side of property line - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 15:41 granted many HOAs are a-holes, problem is too many property lot size houses being build (
Nov15 15:24 I mean the viewer-posted flame-bating written comments down the page - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 14:59 by cretin u mean FEMA; fake reporters posing as real reporters any one? (
Nov15 07:32 ignore the cretin back and forth comments - de WA5IYX (
Nov15 04:36 Just in time for the Leonids---WEDR 99.1 Miami has its HD back tonight....sighhhhh/cdEL96 (
Nov14 17:25 Tr 107.1 W296BW Erie, PA Bloomberg Radio //WPSE-1450 250 watts 127 mi RELOG -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov14 14:45 12:49 dump the EE-sees crap a better term is Saracen (
Nov14 14:36 Cue Steve Martin!/CD (
Nov14 14:32 05:41 Goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom; aka pyramid power, king tut crazes (
Nov14 14:31 My main point is not to have a September-10-2001 way of life----we need to be aware of what's going on./cdEL96 (
Nov14 14:29 DXing is my main "out."/cdEL96 (
Nov14 14:28 That is not to say, that we are to throw our hands in the air, with a Doris Day "que sera sera" attitude./cdEL96 (
Nov14 14:28 The Bible says times will get worse and worse./cdEL96 (
Nov14 14:27 It is true that it is not healthy to obsess over things---but to pretend they did not happen, is unrealistic./cdEL96 (
Nov14 14:26 v Well, some things are unavoidable; I think she is more'n 10 years old./cdEL96 (
Nov14 14:20 another KSAT-12 reporter with a news-associated first name - de WA5IYX (
Nov14 14:18 re04:07 ditto (
Nov14 14:14 prob so - definitely not eye-sus - de WA5IYX (
Nov14 13:44 Tr KHOU-DT-11 Houston TX with local traffic report...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Nov14 12:49 Or oughta be/cd (
Nov14 12:49 It is pronounced EE-sees, is it not?/cdEL96 (
Nov14 11:02 Is that a female counterpart of Jesus en español? Didn't think there was a female derivative--Frank M. (
Nov14 06:43 Hispanic so pronounced "E-sus (
Nov14 06:42 a local KSAT-12 newsperson - de WA5IYX (
Nov14 05:41 I take back everything I said...."Secrets of Isis" was some kind of occult/goddess-worship thing. I'm glad it won't come back/cd (
Nov14 04:07 Yakima: Staring at news only discourages you and changes nothing. Move on for your own good ... Mike (
Nov14 03:37 Don't expect to see reruns of that one anytime soon---poor Joanna./cdEL96 (
Nov14 03:37 I just read that Joanna Cameron played a woman named Isis./cdEL96 (
Nov14 03:36 In the 70s there was a Sat. morning live action series called "The Secrets of Isis."/cdEL96 (
Nov14 03:32 The Cuban *noticias* made sure to report it./cdEL96 (
Nov14 03:31 There was fantastic TV tropo to Cuba on the 3 days surrounding the OKC bombing in Apr 1995/cdEL96 (
Nov14 01:48 Death toll now 153, says CNN. Wow. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov14 01:38 Or WHERE./cdEL96 (
Nov14 01:37 I'm getting a little worried about what's next. These bombings remind us of 9/11, and OKC 1995. Who knows what could happen next. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov14 01:36 This is the worst attacks in France since WWII. Death toll is still around 118, and it's probably going to climb even further. 3 terrorists dead. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov14 01:28 some people needed a big reality check then about having your country on a war footing - de WA5IYX (
Nov14 01:24 the stupid ARRL just should cancelled that Part 2 of the contest - de WA5IYX (
Nov14 01:23 and some hams (running around with little dish ants) were actually complaining about being hassled by security people - de WA5IYX (
Nov14 01:22 the weekend that US airports were reopened also had the ARRL microwave contest (Part 2) - de WA5IYX (
Nov14 01:13 9/11 was the last day that I gave blood..... I know I should help more often./cdEL96 (
Nov14 01:11 I know that was just to rabble-rouse, but still....../cdEL96 (
Nov14 01:10 was complaining that he couldn't watch "Wheel of Fortune."/cdEL96 (
Nov14 01:09 Not to make light of it, but I remember trolls on message boards complaining that day..../cdEL96 (
Nov14 01:09 I was still using dial-up then and had been off line to leave the voice phone line available for any incoming - de WA5IYX (
Nov14 00:57 it was on this site that I saw the first few confusing msgs the morn of Sep 11, 2001 - de WA5IYX (
Nov14 00:55 This is horrible. We have to let the Lord take care of this./cdEL96 (
Nov14 00:50 Nvr mind. Paris Concert Hall where the hostages were taken - most are dead now. Oh my goodness. RIP to the victims, prayers to the families and to France. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov14 00:49 118 dead now. Horrifying. Wonder if some of those were hostages killed. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov14 00:14 there's a tipping point somewhere when a country WILL make a very unPC response to such - de WA5IYX (
Nov14 00:13 Even if that's not the "who" who did this, they'll claim responsibility for it--Frank M. (
Nov13 23:19 W/out even reading the story (this is the first time I heard of it) I can make one guess who started it, but I'd be unPC/cdEL96 (
Nov13 23:19 W/out even reading the story (this is the first time I heard of it) I can make one guess who started it, but I'd be unPC/cdEL96 (
Nov13 23:07 Prayers go out to Paris. Dozens dead in attack. 100+ held hostage in a concert hall. State of emergency in the whole country > Yakima CN96 (
Nov13 20:47 I'd completely forgotten about those Steri-Strips they put on mine in 1981 - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 17:35 folks getting this done laparoscopically with a couple of finger-sized holes don't know how lucky they are - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 17:32 these will have been in me THREE weeks come Saturday night - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 17:31 and those were removed a few days before discharge (a week post op) - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 17:30 these look larger than the c. 24 they used on me for the 1981 right hemicolectomy - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 17:09 By this time you would think they would use dermal adhesive vice staples - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov13 16:56 I've got my 7" Android Tablet ready and charged for any "encore" - Nov 16 afternoon apt to get these c. 22 staples out of me - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 16:54 all of them except one (AT&T) were secured (needed pswds) so I leapt on the AT&T there for my remaining <24 hrs in there - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 16:52 I can "see" about four home WiFi nets on this - in the Univ, Hosp. there were seven or more detected in my last room in there - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 16:43 Just had a 20 second weak Ms burn at 1641 UTC - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov13 16:38 That will be the place (even-decimals) where they will drop the Wi-FM data packets - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov13 15:54 I wonder if the time will come, when we will have to open up even-decimal FM's/cdEL96 (
Nov13 15:53 (14:51) I didn't even look, and you can assume there will be more signals!/cdEL96 (
Nov13 15:43 been gusting to about 50 here for the last 24 hours or so. just now starting to wind down a bit. woke up to some huge limbs down in the back yard this AM JJ in EN82 (
Nov13 15:23 Getting wind gusts up to 26 mph from the northwest today - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov13 15:22 Getting wind guest up to 26 mph from the northwest today - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov13 14:53 Maybe one more reason to try to set up a remote base "in the middle of nowhere" ? - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 14:51 nice teaser - looked at one link from it - does this mean that there will be more crap spewing out on "vacant" 88-108 MHz channels ? - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 13:47 Wi-FM system: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov13 09:12 All are below signal class 2 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov13 09:11 Getting a mix of fast and slow velocity Ms since 08 UTC from both Northern Taurids and Leonids - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov13 04:00 Tr 89.3 WSCI Charleston, SC strong and solid 443 mi - KW4RZ EM60 (
Nov13 03:16 Tr - WMXC-99.9 AL Mobile - RDS - 493 mi de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov13 02:09 Tr - WTKX-101.5 FL Pensacola - RDS TK 101 - 469 mi de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov13 00:42 some New Orleans FMs coming in now Mike-La (
Nov13 00:38 this morning enhancement was quite strong towards Jacksonville, but really nothing unusual since 2 nights ago - RZ EM60 (
Nov13 00:25 sounds better than the APRS maps look - de WA5IYX (
Nov13 00:06 Tr 102.9 with antenna pointed west KAJN Crowley, LA 343 miles fighting with WXXJ Jacksonville, FL off the back 303 miles - kw4rz em60 (
Nov13 00:03 Ed, I guess you're within a few hundred miles of Roswell there ... - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 23:40 maybe this one works? ed n5jeh dm65rd (
Nov12 23:37 Tr may building from west - WCOV-20 Montgomery AL 372 mi de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov12 23:36 Forget last 2 lines sorry. Link is broken (
Nov12 23:35 ed n5jeh dm65rd (
Nov12 23:35 Maybe one of these would work also ed n5jeh dm65rd (
Nov12 22:42 Appropriate that WTF will hit Earth on Friday the 13th. Tin foil hat on along with thought scrambler attachment ... Mike (
Nov12 21:12 maybe a more apt title ought to be WTF#### - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 21:09 old space junk (?) expected to impact earth Nov 13 - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 20:54 other things to do-may try later on Mike-La (
Nov12 20:52 106.5 spanish-probably Galveston Mike-La (
Nov12 20:39 Spanish on 101.7 very weak-KNTE Bay City maybe? no signs of tropo 236 mi Mike-La (
Nov12 20:28 Some Houston FMs starting to come in-local audio with KTBZ RDS Mike-La (
Nov12 20:23 17:34-I usually just blame it on the keyboard Mike-La (
Nov12 18:37 I thought that had needed a decimal point shift to the left there - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 17:34 05:19 goofed again---115 miles/cdEL96 (
Nov12 17:00 Trying 99.3 now but antenna has to be 180 deg---sadly no tropo to the south/cdEL96 (
Nov12 16:59 With FM antenna at 285 degrees at 23 feet, WGUF/WBCG/WBZE/WMMO all 98.9---any one would dominate for a short time/cdEL96 (
Nov12 15:14 not so long ago - 98.9 FL TALLAHASSEE (tr) WBZE 06-04-2012 0016 - same event that I got the Orlando DTVs during - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov12 13:59 So good that I put it down twice!/cdEL96 (
Nov12 13:59 Tr 98.9 WBZE FL "Star 98" 380 mi/cdEL96 (
Nov12 13:58 Tr 98.9 WBZE FL "Star 98" 380 mi/cdEL96 (
Nov12 13:12 I agree. Wall to Wall Christmas Music at the extreme earliest should wait untill Black Friday. Otherwise, is there going to be a point where it starts just after Labor Day. -- Ash - Frederick, MD (
Nov12 09:49 All Xmas music tells me they stink and that guarantees some listeners. Maybe they should turn in their license and admit failure ... Mike (
Nov12 09:30 On the other hand, I'm not the least bit adverse to hearing Christmas music, sparingly, thrown into a year-around music mix (yeah kind of like playing my mix tapes)--Frank M. (
Nov12 09:28 [04:07] Stations starting this early (and there are some) kinda make me want to yell "ST*U" at the's way too early! Frank M.-- (
Nov12 09:26 About 18 hours ago, WOYS-100.5 Apalachicola FL (that name is fun to say!!) was received in Charleston IL (700 miles), and Tallahassee TV-32, with little else coming in for him--Frank M. (
Nov12 06:50 Fronts with very thin line of rain or very little rain does this - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov12 06:49 Cold fronts like this one sometimes brings me Reynosa Mx & Rio Grande Tropo for a few minutes before front passes over here - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov12 06:33 Yep, cold front enhanced Tropo. The fog is is starting to pick up here ahead of the front - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov12 06:30 that APRS tiny red TX slash must be along the cold front - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 06:19 Tr 98.5 WFSY Panama City Fl (327 mi) on car radio - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov12 05:20 Now I will go./cd (
Nov12 05:19 98.9 WBCG Murdock FL, only 1150 mi by air but it's a tough one (NEW)--5500 w getting clobbered by WGUF & WMMO/cdEL96 (
Nov12 05:05 Aside from WZAT it's been a waste of time here./cdEL96 (
Nov12 05:04 All of FL, SC, and GA is red. Hopefully Rob/Fred/Randy get a good piece of this! -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 05:02 Must call it a night now… see y'all in the morning or mid afternoon and 73! Unattended recording 96.9 overnight and maybe 94.7 over the day. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 04:50 Tr 99.9 "Gator Country" WGNE Jacksonville, FL 306 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 04:43 Tr 96.9 "The Eagle" WJGL Jacksonville, FL 312 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 04:35 this historic item was later moved to the Austin campus for display - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 04:32 All semi-locals and vacant stations have signs of another station's presence on them. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 04:31 the pumps (at least some them) out there in the Permian Basin are painted in the school colors - burnt orange and white - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 04:30 the UT system was able to do that with an endowment 2nd only to Harvard and the huge oil/gas royalties it got from vast well holdings in west Texas - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 04:27 (College) Wow, it's completely different now! You could buy a house with some school's tuition costs! -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 04:17 so little need for scholarships or burdensome student loans at those bargain prices - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 04:16 Tr 106.9 "The Pulse" Cross City, FL 319 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 04:12 the cost of the textbooks for the courses wud often amount to more than that - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 04:10 Tr 104.5 WOKV Jacksonville, FL 312 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 04:09 the tuition for TX reisdents then was like just $50 for a semester with a 12-15 hour course load - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 04:07 WBBQ 104.3 in like a local but it is a pest- they are a SEASONAL FORMAT now -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 04:06 that is if u don't mind enrolling at a campus with (then) 30,000 students (later 50k) on it - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 04:05 Tr 103.9 "Magic 103-9" WTYB Tybee Island, GA 247 miles (
Nov12 04:04 Tr Chattanooga TV market ~100 miles -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 04:04 [03:51] - in 1966 that process here was simple with the generous admission policy of the UT (Austin) system - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 04:01 Tr 103.7 "The Gator" Gainesville, FL 322 miles NEW! -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 03:57 Tr 11/9.1 WTVM Columbus, GA -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 03:55 Tr 102.1 "Nash Icon" WZAT Savannah, GA 231 miles in like a local. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 03:51 Tropo indeed is very strong here- credit my absence to applying to colleges… a little more important than an opening! -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 03:48 Tr 95.5 "The Rock of Savannah" WIXV Savannah, GA 231 miles over local WSBB FM -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 03:45 Active rock station overriding local WSBB 95.5 -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 03:36 v That was about 30 min ago/cd (
Nov12 03:36 Tr 102.1 WZAT GA Nash Icon, fairly strong overriding WMBX 102.3's HD with antenna at about 330 degrees/cdEL96 (
Nov12 03:35 99.1 WEDR Miami has no IBOC today, but short Tr (Orlando area) may kill anything distant. Monitoring 98.9 now./cdEL96 (
Nov12 03:16 Minneapolis Tr is up. Could be the rain. Definitely stronger than it normally is. - En25 (
Nov12 02:48 Tr 97.5 WFRY Watertown, NY, "Froggy 97", 185 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Nov12 01:24 Spectacular Aurora: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov12 01:22 FRANK - here is recording - appreciate your input de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov12 01:16 I also kind'a thought it was a relog, as you didn't mark it as new, and it's one of the most open frequencies left for you--Frank M. (
Nov12 01:15 [00:25] But...hmmm, the slogan is them?? Wonder why they were talking about Morgantown?--Frank M. (
Nov12 01:14 It was WCWV Nick FM Summersville per wtfda DB and website /(COL maybe?)- recorded it and reviewed. Have had them in the past - de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov12 01:12 Tr 93.7 WDGG Ashland, KY - 269 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov12 01:11 [00:25] Look again, Bill - I don't think that was WCWV. Summersville is in the southwest part of the state, I think, probably 100+ miles from Morgantown. Maybe a Morgantown in another state? If so, probably a better catch, actually.--Frank M. (
Nov12 00:56 Tr 101.3 RDS "Magic101" Williston, FL 337 miles 3.5 KW NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 00:56 Tr 107.9 CHUC Cobourg, ON, Cobourg & Port Hope ads. 76 mi. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Nov12 00:47 Tr 96.9 WJGL Jacksonville, FL 312 miles NEW, VERY weak -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 00:45 yes - 1947 - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 00:45 Tr 97.3 "97-3 NOW" WGEX Bainbridge, GA 196 miles -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 00:44 there must have been more than one "anteater" prominence ... - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 00:40 all from the lack of fully appreciating the solar dimentions involved and physical speeds - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 00:38 I though that the huge anteater solar prominence (late 1940s ?) was in real time - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 00:35 when I first saw earth-based solar coronograph films of prominences in the mid 1950s it was sometime before I realized that they were time lapse - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 00:31 Tr 107.9 WEMM Huntington, WV - ID into Religious talk - 267 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov12 00:31 Tr from last night at this time: 92.5 WPAP Panama City, FL 245 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 00:30 Austin had earlier reported a record high temp for the date - de WA5IYX (
Nov12 00:30 SDO Sees Active Region Outbursts - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov12 00:29 cold front passage beginning hr now so I'll be well on the sidelines (agn) of the tropo tonite - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov12 00:28 Nothing over 200 mi since August here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Nov12 00:27 Tr 93.1 WNTQ Syracuse, NY, "93Q", 164 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Nov12 00:25 Tr 92.9 WCWV Summersville, WV "Nick 92.9" ID and CHR- into ads/talk about Morgantown. 307 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov12 00:21 from the arrival of a coronal mass ejection (CME) from Nov. 9. Forecast of CH HSS will last for 12 hours starting at 00 UTC on Nov 12 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov12 00:20 In state tropo is up tonight here in Minnesota, mostly to the south and west. Not anything exciting. Some MSP stations showing RDS which they normally don't from 70 miles - En25 (
Nov12 00:19 G1 minor geomagnetic storms are expected due to a coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov12 00:08 Georgia is 95% red already on APRS with multiple ATL-ORL contacts, get ready for another good night! -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov12 00:02 At 16:17 UTC, WMTX Tampa was overtaken by WUSY, a semi-local station. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 23:50 8.5 hour recording of 100.7 revealed Tampa Bay's "Mix 100-7" was in most of the day today. Driving home, 96.9 The Legend was still in pretty well but faded closer to home -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 23:32 Tr 104.5 WNKE New Boston, Ohio WNKU affiliate and ID - 245 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov11 22:29 Tr 98.9 WSIP Paintsville, KY - ID and Country Music - 304 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov11 22:25 I'll have more and a post on WTFDA forums... tons of new stuff the last 48 hours - K4NBF (
Nov11 22:25 Audio clip from 101.5 WTKX... which was still coming in as of a few hours ago - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 22:16 Tr 104.5 WHAJ Bluefield, WV "J-104.5" ID and CHR music - new! 365 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov11 22:14 that APRS map blob has persisted all day long over the s.e. US - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 22:01 Tr from this morning at 8:06 AM I get an ID for 100.7 "Mix 100-7" WMTX Tampa, FL 448 miles NEW! -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 21:49 WXCC has a huge signal... they drift in and out on many days here at 260 miles - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 21:40 Seems to be the only thing heard - strange condx de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov11 21:34 96.9 "The Legend" still in but a lot weaker and with interference -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 21:31 Tr 96.5 WXCC Williamson, WV - ID between Country songs - 332 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov11 21:24 has GOES 15 gone belly up ? - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 17:15 otherwise the HDT-1x with its rapid PI field RDS decode and direct freq entry tuning remains "top dog" hr - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 17:14 I'd like to see if those micro fine tuning increments there can mitigate the IBOC effects on adjacent channels - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 17:12 if I could get all those Polish mod software updates to work with another dedicated laptop the Sony might re-emerge hr - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 17:02 Seldom use the Sony here anymore either; usually as a second radio during a big Es outbreak -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:57 I used to resort to it sometimes for its better selectivity when I was trying to pull out 92.7/93.1 Las Vegas against our local 92.9 - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov11 16:55 I can't tell you how many months that it's been since I last tried to DX with that Sony - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 16:53 that Sony remote, being even smaller, is harder to work with than the Sangean's - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 16:52 which is what also shows any DTT901 video on it thru the Diamond VC500 device to it - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 16:48 I have more trouble with the Sony XDR-FIHD remote -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:47 and since the Logitech Web cam blocks any direct view of the Sangean LCD, I have to see that via the Webcam and the XP LCD monitor - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 16:46 Es gone now de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:43 16:40 with sports was WQTX MI via Tr Sr -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:42 plus I have to stare at it so that I don't end up pushing other than the numeric direct freq/mem buttons - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 16:40 the spacing on the Sangean remote is too crowded for my big fumbly fingers to rapidly activate - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 16:40 Es 92.1 unid sports / mono RDS bogus WDT -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:38 when/if FM Es fires up I have to change seating from edge of bed over to small swivel stool so I can reach HDT-1x tuning buttons - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 16:28 ah, those KHCB 105.7 Houston affiliates - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 16:27 Es unids 91.5 / 91.9 TX Keeping Him Close By Network -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:23 no DTV Es pilots but a hefty 61.25 NTSC tropo vid carrier - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov11 16:21 MUF to TX around 91.5 -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:18 my raw logbooks etc are scattered all over this room the way things have been ... - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 16:15 had something on 88.1 briefly a while ago that seemed "out of place" with programming - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov11 16:14 Es 89.7 Spanish -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:13 Es 88.9 KLDN TX RDS swapping w/ Spanish stn de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:10 Nothing at all on FM here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Nov11 16:10 Some fadeups and stations mixing on 88-89 but probably just weak tropo...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Nov11 16:09 Es 90.3 KEDT TX RDS/HD 1415 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:09 Es 90.3 KEDT TX RDS/HD 1415 mi (
Nov11 16:07 Good stuff Mr. Bolin!! Below log is a result of your work... local IBOC killed with the phase box - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 16:07 Es 89.5 KLUX TX RDS de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 16:06 Tr 101.3 WQIL Chauncey, GA (329 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 15:56 Breaking for 2 minutes silence for Vetrans -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 15:55 Es 90.1 KPFT TX HD de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 15:52 Es 88.1 unid Spanish to SW -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 15:51 My first November Es on FM, only missing October now -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 15:49 Tr 92.9 WZGC Atlanta, GA (208 mi, 66 kW) HD full decode over 100kw local stn 20 mi distant - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 15:47 Es !!! 88.7 KUHF TX HD 3 CH -de Jeff VA3NN (
Nov11 15:44 Tr WLVQ - QFM 96 96.3 FM Columbus, OH Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov11 15:15 Tallahassee FL ch 32 decoding and WOYS 100.5 Apalachicola FL around 700 miles. Bolin-IL (
Nov11 14:12 Tr 97.7, 98.5 Panama City Beach still hanging around, and 101.5 WTKX... otherwise band filled with strong <300 mile Atlanta & Alabama sigs - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 14:07 Tr 102.1 WZAT confirmed, TOH ID---Tybee Island eh?/cdEL96 (
Nov11 14:02 monitoring 102.1 for WZAT---there is a signal killing 102.3 WMBX IBOC but could be WKLG/cdEL96 (
Nov11 14:01 Tr 89.5 WYFS Savannah GA TOH ID 400 mi/cdEL96 (
Nov11 12:59 Tr 93.1 WACV Coosada, AL (256 mi, 3.1 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 12:33 the e-w ducting across TX seems to be situated north of me - a cold front passage later today will kill off things anyway - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov11 12:28 WGEX Bainbridge, GA is in very well this morning with a morning show, phone taps. New 100.7 on tropo but it's time to leave. Unattended recording pointing 165 on 100.7 -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 12:22 Orlando-Bowling Green, KY contacts now via APRS -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 12:03 Tr WQME - 98.7 FM Anderson, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov11 09:30 Tr WTHI-FM - Hi 99 99.9 FM Terre Haute, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov11 07:00 Tr 89.7 WZKM Waynesboro, MS (327 mi, 67 kW) lucky legal ID on an AFR Talk affiliate - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 06:52 Tr 94.9 WKSJ Mobile, AL (389 mi, 100 kW) 95 KSJ - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 06:47 Tr 94.5 WHOD Jackson, AL (332 mi, 30 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 06:39 both east & west red blobs on the aprs maps closing in on my location and giving me the squeeze play - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov11 06:39 Tr 99.9 WMXC Mobile, AL (386 mi, 100 kW) Lite Mix 99.9 - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 06:34 Tr 96.9 WDJR Hartford, AL (367 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 06:28 or, by date - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 06:26 with so few easy to keep updated - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov11 06:19 Tr 97.7 WYYX Bonifay, FL (397 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 06:18 I think my total is 132, but I lost my list; I've already re-created maybe twice./cdEL96 (
Nov11 06:15 Tr 93.5 WMLG Butler, AL (298 mi, 32 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 06:14 I've not reached 200 DTVs (since Mar 2008) yet - probably will get there with more new local LPTVs etc :( - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 06:04 Any decent tropo right now is only to the north. Wish there was a yellow bar on DT 5 (which would be WLUF Gainesville FL)/cdEl96 (
Nov11 06:02 (05:50) Only in my head, am./cdEL96 (
Nov11 05:58 Excellent Tropo in SE netted 11 new DTV and 11 new FM loggings - now in DTV 300 club with reaching 310 loggings. de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov11 05:51 Tr 97.3 WGEX Bainbridge, GA (367 mi, 100 kW) "Albany's #1 Hit Music Station, 97.3 Hit Music Now"... format change since last log a few years ago last QTH - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 05:50 cd, is there any Fog in your location tonight? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov11 05:47 It's ridiculous that a "translator" @ 70 miles distant can be a pest off the back of the antenna, but it is... W237BV Hopkinsville, KY - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 05:39 (05:27) 162.45 is a good'un here, as far as dearth/cdEL96 (
Nov11 05:37 05:10 that explains a lot Pat. most Tropo from the northeast I can never get. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov11 05:31 ah, maybe a few Houston U subdecodes finally tickling the DTT901 "meter" hr now - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov11 05:27 with NOAA NWS 162-MHz outlets in just abt every TX county it gets crammed full of CCI very fast hr - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov11 05:26 When I clicked on the blobs last, there were no lines around my QTH, so the below is true./cdEL96 (
Nov11 05:24 and being directly under a large red mass on those maps is not a 100% thing thatt you will be getting super long-haul ducting - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 05:20 Really I think I oughta try my hand at WX band for a bit/cd (
Nov11 05:17 OT but I actually heard your 1210 AM the Score in the daytime from Honeymoon Island just west of Dunedin (Tampa Bay)/cd (
Nov11 05:17 Nada outside of enhanced Tr---WYFS not bad...BTW, am....>>>/cdEL96 (
Nov11 05:11 remember than some of the APRS 144-MHz nodes on that map are sited at places with good HAAT so elevated ducts might miss your own lower antena system - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 05:10 cd, no Tropo in your location with that big red blob mess on aprs maps near you? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov11 05:05 Yeah CD that would have scared me too - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov11 05:05 Also BBN on 89.5//my local 90.3, assumed WYFS GA/cdEL96 (
Nov11 05:04 Had a scare on car radio tonight---heard mention of on 89.1 but it was only WUFT per site/cdEL96 (
Nov11 04:49 But that big red blob to my east northeast is getting bigger. Dan, don't stop now I think the blob I getting stronger - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov11 04:45 Its like Louisiana is in a dead zone in the middle. There is strong Tropo to my west and to my east - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov11 04:45 Destin 96.5, 102.7 still coming in with alright signals; 96.9 The Legend in still super strong, but it's time to go to bed. See y'all in the morning if I remember about the opening, afternoon if not! -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 04:43 Congratulations on log number 3,400! I never began counting my tropo logs when I began in 2012, so I have no clue what number I'm on. I do, though, keep a log of all the ES stations I receive, relog, whatever. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 04:42 Tr 98.5 WFSY Panama City, FL (397 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 04:38 might be better in morning, good luck all - kw4rz em60 (
Nov11 04:36 Tr 93.1 WBBK Blakely, GA (349 mi, 45 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 04:35 Its crazy how last night and today this Tropo is just over the Mississippi state line and not moving an inch farther west - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov11 04:33 3 new logs from GA 1 from SC just broke 3400 total FMs tonight - kw4rz em60 (
Nov11 04:30 mostly gone here, 103.9, 104.3, 106.9 Savannah, Augusta, GA area still in fair - kw4rz em60 (
Nov11 04:28 Tropo is starting to dissipate or change directions. Going to call it a night very soon with having to get up tomorrow morning -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 04:22 FM with still nil beyond Houston evident in quick look - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov11 04:05 Many not mentioned frequent relogs from S GA all in with little-no static as well as new northern FL+Panhandle stations. Very good 300 mile opening! -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 04:02 Little Rock, AR-Orlando, FL contacts recorded via APRS -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 03:54 Tr 95.5 WTVY Dothan, AL 193 miles OVER LOCAL WSBB FM -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 03:39 Tr 100.1 WVVE Panama City Beach, FL 271 miles over semi-local WNSY that is never taken over -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 03:36 Macon, GA locals blasting in now but distance tropo is still very much active. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 03:28 Tr 97.3 "97-3 NOW" WGEX Bainbridge, GA 196 miles crystal clear -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 03:13 Tr 94.7 "FM 94" WTBF Brundidge, AL 177 miles -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 03:11 Columbus/LaGrange GA market in very well, some full RDS -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 03:03 Back from short break, Pensacola is in with full RDS/Stereo on 102.7 Nash FM -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 02:49 "Beware of the Blob;" it's over my QTH now---but I cannot leave work yet/cdEL96 (
Nov11 02:21 crazy tropo 101.7, 102.5 charleston gone, but 89.3 strongest ever heard. Even locking in on scanner in NFM mode - RZ EM60 (
Nov11 02:16 a little bit of Es going on to the south 55.250 and 55.260.2 up to S7 .260.2 characteristic of Nicaragua - RZ EM60 (
Nov11 01:58 Tr 92.7 WKZJ Eufaula, AL (293 mi, 39 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 01:54 Sitting outside of the big signals I was hearing this morning... hearing some S/SE signals picking up though <300 so hoping it'll open up - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov11 01:50 Atlanta area picking up, 97.1, 106.7 - KW4RZ EM60 (
Nov11 01:38 Destin, FL still in for the past 2 hours now -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 01:36 Tr 95.9 WQZY Dublin, GA 148 miles barely audible -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 01:34 it's a mixing mess this end. Just pulled out "95 SX" on 95.1 which is a new log WSSX Charleston, SC - RZ EM60 (
Nov11 01:32 FWIW - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 01:31 Tr 95.7 "The Mix" WQPW Valdosta, GA 243 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 01:25 Any Macon stations? Their 93.7 is a frequent visitor here along with 106.3 and 99.1 -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 01:24 Tr 107.1 WFXM Gordon, GA "Power 107.1" and classic hits 3kw 249 miles, taking out usual 100kw WGMY Thomasville. that's a first - KW4RZ EM60 (
Nov11 01:15 Tr 100.3 "B-100" WOBB NO STATIC RDS "WOBB Lose My Mind Brett Eldredge" -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 01:13 I am only a few miles out of that blob. :( /cdEL96 (
Nov11 01:12 92.5 could well be Kickin in Manning SC/cdEL96 (
Nov11 01:12 Tr 95.3 WVKV "K-Love" Adel, GA 207 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 01:11 100% of GA, AL, SC covered in the red blobs to show how good this opening must be -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 01:09 Tr 99.5 WKAA Adel, GA 207 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 01:05 the delinquent e-mail is slowly trickling in now - $50/mo for this ? - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 01:01 I have two UnIDs on 92.5, the second one is country format. Any clue? Small cut in audio is the different clips. Pointing ~150 -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:53 Tr 106.9 WUBB Bluffton, SC now with RDS and no sign of Birmingham anymore any direction. Maybe improving. - RZ EM60 (
Nov11 00:44 Tr 98.1 "98 Rock" WYYB Kiawah Island, SC 278 miles now pointing to SE -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:41 96.9 "The Legend" in substantially well- strongest, longest signal of the night by far. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:39 Tr 100.5 WALC Charleston, SC "His Radio" 14kw 432 mi big signal - RZ EM60 (
Nov11 00:36 Macon coming in better than usual when pointing in that direction -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:33 Freq 103.7 an absolute mess -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:31 Distant tropo beginning to get replaced by local enhancement -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:25 not even any Houston Us at subdecode but FM a mess of in-state items - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov11 00:25 OK, they just ID'ed "Hot 101-5" so it's Tampa. antenna is NE, if I point to Tampa it gets weaker . going to be one of those rotor killing evenings - KW4RZ EM60 (
Nov11 00:23 Multiple Biloxi-Talahassee area contacts made according to the APRS map -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:22 101.5 in ATL is "Kicks 101-5", a country station, not hip-hop. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:20 Rocket Man would be one of Jet 100.7's tunes. Assuming urban hip hop taking out Pensacola's 101.5 is Atlanta indiacting conditions are improving - RZ EM60 (
Nov11 00:16 WWDK screaming in here tonight. looks like enhanced activity out to about 100mi JJ in EN82 (
Nov11 00:16 0016 - NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:16 Tr 102.7 "Nash FM" WBXM Milton (Pensacola), FL 291 miles (
Nov11 00:13 Randy, is 100.7 Pensacola playing Rocket Man? Super long song, honestly feeling too lazy to listen to it. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:11 no incoming in six hours now and no one confirming that my sent ones are arriving - I'd hate to have to resort to my gmail "alternate" route - de WA5IYX (
Nov11 00:11 WHWY is licensed to Holt, FL, small town about 35 miles NW of here but transmitter is here in Ft Walton. To this date I do not understand the "city of license" thing - kw4rz (
Nov11 00:10 Tr 99.5 "99 Rock" WKSM Fort Walton Beach (antenna farm), FL 273 miles NEW haven't heard this type of rock on FM in months -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:10 My antenna is pointed northeast at that big red blob that won't move west to my location - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov11 00:07 Shalimar (antenna farm), FL 273 miles ** (
Nov11 00:05 Tr 98.1 WHWY Santa Rosa Beach NO STATIC OVER TWO OTHER 98.1s (antenna farm), FL 273 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:03 0001 - I have an amplifier/splitter from RadioShack. It has one from preamp input but two TV/FM outputs via coax. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:02 No sign of TV tropo at all -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov11 00:02 I have heard "Call me on my cell phone" about 3 dozen times more than I please today - K4NBF (
Nov11 00:01 Dan, are you using a splitter? If so, have you tried directly connecting the TV antenna coax to the radio? - K4NBF (
Nov11 00:01 Tr 88.9 KLDN Lufkin TX (193 mi) with TOH ID and NPR news...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Nov10 23:59 Local KXAN-DT-21 just added another subchannel, which is for the ION network and will be on 36.3...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Nov10 23:59 23:56 - WZNS just aired their TOH ID and is playing a "Call my on my cell phone" song with very little static. Very nice for my first time getting it! -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:58 23:54 - My bad! I was assuming that since they were both the same farm, they'd all have the same city of license. I remember passing by the antennas plenty of times while down in FL -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:57 Tr 101.5 WTKX Pensacola, FL (389 mi, 100 kW)... still going after 24 hours... sounds like a new semi-local - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 23:56 odd no sign of 97.1 N. Georgia, Pensacola translator is in there. 102.5 WXLY Charleston, SC 432 miles coming up nicely. third station this evening playing all Christmas music - KW4RZ EM60 (
Nov10 23:55 By having my TV antenna plugged into one TV, I get very good TR. Disconnecting from that TV and moving the wire = loss of most signal… for the radio! weird… -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:54 WZNS is actually licensed to Ft Walton Beach. Transmitter is here next to me along with 102.1 anda bunch of others - KW4RZ (
Nov10 23:49 Tr 96.9 "The Legend" WDJR Enterprise, AL 222 miles with NO STATIC AT ALL -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:47 UnID on 96.9 NO SIGN OF STATIC could be considered classic rock- like a blend of that and country. No clue where it is -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:47 Nice distances today Fred-good job! Mike-La (
Nov10 23:45 Tr WHLT-22 MS Hattiesburg 556 mi (New) de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 23:45 Tr 96.5 WZNS "Z-96" Santa Rosa Beach (antenna farm), FL 273 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:44 I am at work right now. I do have my autologger on Trip's site up if anything comes in on DTV - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 23:41 Tropo really picked up once most of the light left the sky. 92.3 for EX has a ton of swapping stations, but likely the ATL, CHT, and AL 92.3s -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:41 23:35 I hope it does too Randy. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 23:41 I was surprised to hear CIDC-FM Orangeville, ON in Westport, ON about an hour north of Kingston this morning! I never expected that until now. L34 in Westport, Ontario, Canada (Originally from Sudbury, ON). (
Nov10 23:37 Tr 92.3 WLWI Montgomery, AL 143 miles -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:35 Tr 102.1 "The Wave" WWAV Santa Rosa Beach (antenna farm), FL 273 miles -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:35 Tr 101.7 chuck FM Charleston, SC , 104.3 WBBQ Augusta, GA, 106.9 WUBB Bluffton, SC easy targets. Maybe it will improve tonight - kw4rz em60 (
Nov10 23:33 Tr 107.3 "Kiss FM" WRGV Pensacola, FL 291 miles! Slogan + Christmas city gift show mentions. Reliable but weak signal. NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:31 Tr WKRG-27 AL Mobile 493 mi de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 23:26 Tr 105.1 "Kub Country" WKUB Blackshear, GA 233 miles NEW -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:20 Tr 101.3 "Magic 101-3" Smiths, AL 112 miles -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:15 Tr 101.3 WQIL Chauncey, GA 140 miles -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:14 The UnID from SC faded, all I have is a bad recording of basically only "South Carolina". Now monitoring a rel. on 101.3 pointing 155 -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:13 NEW RADIO STATION: 101.1 W266BW translator for "Star 94" WSTR 250 watts in Winder, GA -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:09 In much stronger suddenly pointing due E and coming stronger as time progresses over WLJA. Playing the "Make me Feel Like I'm the Only Girl in the World" song. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:05 UnID on 101.1 mixing with semi local WLJA pointing 115 playing "Love me Like You Do" and now "Renegade" - Mention of SC -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 23:00 No serious TR here, but there is good enhancement due southwards: WOBB "B-100" is in alright -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov10 22:56 Fred, I'm going to send u a test msg to see if I really have OK outgoing - advise on hr if got - de WA5IYX (
Nov10 22:24 Tr WFXX-103.7 MS Hattiesburg - many ads - ID - rock - 548 mi (new) de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 22:08 perhaps so - de WA5IYX (
Nov10 22:04 I haven't had any incoming e-mail traffic since c. 18z - wonder if something amiss with the domain - outflow seems OK - de WA5IYX (
Nov10 21:37 Tr WMXC-99.9 AL Mobile - Light Mix 99.9 with Christmas music 493 mi de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 21:27 Tr WDLT-104.1 AL Saraland RDS 485 mi (New) de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 20:52 this would seem to indicate the latter - de WA5IYX (
Nov10 20:50 is that a real magntopause crossing or an instrumental error ? - de WA5IYX (
Nov10 20:30 er Tr still in from AL -Fred SC (
Nov10 20:29 Es still in from AL - WMXS-103.3 Montgomery Mix 103-3 366 miles (NEW) de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 19:34 what there is on FM hr is all in-state tropo - lcls 96.1/97.3/104.5 w/o HD - 87.7 SS KFLZ-CA-6 back on ? - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov10 18:32 Tr WKXI-107.5 MS Magee RDS Kixie 575 miles (NEW) de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 18:24 Tr 104.5 Nashville, TN with sports talk mix with Albany, GA and Z 104.5 probably Louisiana. kw4rz / m em60 (
Nov10 17:47 Tr 92.7 WKZJ Eufaula, AL (293 mi, 39 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 17:42 Tr WMAW-44 MS Meridian 536 miles (NEW) - WAPT-21 was a relog de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 17:34 Tr WAPT-21 MS Jackson 604 miles (NEW) - many GA/AL/FL/MS tv/fm stations in now de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 17:19 Tr 97.3 WAEV Savannah, GA (415 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 17:15 Tr 93.1 WEAS Springfield/Savannah, GA (415 mi, 100 kW) have never had notable tropo to Savannah in 6 years - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 16:59 Tropo finally beginning to fade a little here... still have WTKX with a legal ID just now - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 16:42 Tr 95.7 WQPW Valdosta, GA (429 mi, 32 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 16:24 Tr WTJP-26 AL Gadsden 370 mi de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 16:21 nice DX guys. Can't find much on my truck radio but 97.1 north Georgia is stronger now than it was 3 hrs ago. KW4RZ / m EM60 (
Nov10 16:19 Tr 93.5 WFDZ Perry, FL (455 mi, 25 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 16:18 Tr 93.5 WTKP Port St. Joe, FL (446 mi, 14.5 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 16:15 Tr WJLV-94.7 MS Jackson K-Love 603 miles! Clear steady signal! de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 15:57 Tr 93.5 WVOH Nicholls, GA (394 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 15:57 Tr WUSJ-96.3 MS Jackson - ID - US96.3 k 611 miles! de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 15:52 Tr 99.1 WDEN Macon, GA (293 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 15:45 Tr WRBL-15 Columbus GA 287 mi - and rains finally letting up de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov10 15:30 Tr 99.5 WKAA Willacoochee, GA (393 mi, 73 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 15:21 Tr 97.7 WYYX Bonifay, FL (397 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 14:52 Tr 100.9 WCJM West Point, GA (245 mi, 6 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 14:33 Tr 95.3 WRLD Valley, AL (252 mi, 25 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 14:31 the only red-orange blob from here is out to the Big Bend area where there is almost nil - de WA5IYX (
Nov10 14:30 Tr 98.5 WFSY Panama City, FL (397 mi, 100 kW) only the 2nd or 3rd time I've heard east of Pensacola on tropo from middle TN - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 14:15 Tr 102.7 WXBM Milton, FL (389 mi, 100 kW) through IBOC from 2 locals - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 14:08 Tr 94.9 WKSJ Mobile, AL (389 mi, 100 kW) over line of sight 250w translator phased - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 13:57 Tr 101.5 WTKX Pensacola, FL (389 mi, 100 kW) still going strong - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 13:45 Tr 88.1 WJSP Warm Springs, GA (254 mi, 100 kW) full HD over Nashville WFSK - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 13:33 Tr 100.3 WOBB Tifton, GA (367 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 13:23 Tr 97.1 WSRV Gainesville, GA 305 miles on drive into work - KW4RZ / m EM60 (
Nov10 13:07 Tr 107.3 WRGV Pensacola, FL (389 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 12:48 Tr 100.3 WNSL Laurel, MS (353 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 12:44 Tr 98.5 WINL Linden, AL (288 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 12:33 I am indeed in the Nashville area... about 15 miles east of the city in the Hermitage / Mt Juliet area - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 12:33 Tr... took a little nap... still have 93.1 KQID Alexandria, LA (449 mi, 100 kW) among others - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 10:48 Ms 102.7 WJJX Appomattox, VA 312 mi., RDS showing PS/PI:1D68 bogus KFCA & PTY of Top 40, ant. aimed west, stn is south re-log same mode -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov10 09:58 09:57 over my location that is - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 09:57 I wish that red Tropo blob on APRS maps would move over me - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 09:41 ok thanks Frank, amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 09:39 I think he's near Nashville somewhere--Frank M. (
Nov10 08:52 K4NBF, what state are you DXing from. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 08:50 good job on the Tropo K4NBF. looks like it is getting stronger. Alexandria, LA @ 449 mi - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 08:43 Tr 105.1 WJDX Kosciusko, MS (305 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 08:31 Tr 91.3 WMPN Jackson, MS (351 mi, 45 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 08:11 Tr 104.1 WDLT Saraland, AL (389 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 08:10 Tr 98.9 WBAM Montgomery, AL (292 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 08:10 Tr 98.9 WBAM Montgomery, AL (292 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 08:10 Tr 98.9 WBAM Montgomery, AL (292 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 08:04 Tr 93.1 KQID Alexandria, LA (449 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 08:01 WTKX is now like a local, pegging S Meter on Sony - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 07:46 Tr 101.5 WTKX Pensacola, FL (389 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov10 06:04 OK thanks cd. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 05:47 I am recording for Ms on 98.1, am; nothing outta the ordinary, but we might go to the FL Keys on Vet day/cdEL96 (
Nov10 05:23 I am at work right now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 05:22 no luck so far has not received anything in that direction yet. Been scanning since 2:45pm CST - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 05:20 My antenna is pointed southeast in direction of central Florida.- amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 05:17 I have my autologger live band scan up and running on Trips site - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov10 05:09 cd, are you DXing right now? Hepburn maps shows a good Tropo forecast for our area the next few days - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov09 21:46 Tr WNTR - 107.9 The Mix Indianapolis, IN have had tropo for alsomst 24 hrs and this has been in most of the time. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov09 21:38 I guess that was worth what is was designed to do, NOT act as a DXing machine amidst a strong urban-signal environment - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:43 This stick here has a list of countries to click-on rather that selecting the tv standard ntsc/pal/secam from buttons - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov09 19:38 This non-brand tv stick also has FM with a general audio spectrum display - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov09 19:35 I noticed that using a 10db ant. preamp of the USB2.0 stick overdrives the RF amp and actually hides weak signals - KA3jAW FN20jq (
Nov09 19:32 BTW, the WinTVv6 card also has an FM tuner crammed in on it - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:29 some items that I've gotten from China (like Airspy) required a signature and that becomes a game of ping pong with the USPS ... - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:26 some of those odd things need adaptors that are as large or larger than the USB stick itself - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:24 of course, they came the next day - one used for a Philco TB100HH9 which got me NOLA tropo on a CM-4228 - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:23 The stick has a 50 ohm female Belling-LEE IEC-16902 (Din), have to use an BL-Din to F adaptor - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov09 19:22 I ordered that when I got tired of waiting 2+ months for the DTV CEEB coupons to arrive - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:20 I've a 2008 Haupaugge WinTV HVR-950 USB item with svrl vid options - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:19 Non-brand USB2 TV Receiver Stick: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov09 19:13 I have a USB2 analog stick capable of PAL and SECAM - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov09 19:12 and I'm sure not going to try any surgery on it to make it fit as that is the only machine here that Airspy will run at 10 mbps on - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:09 I got a similar card for the more-powerful Win7 desktop (to run smoother) but it wont fit into the closed-ended socket on the motherboard in it - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:07 I just grabbed the cheapest NTSC plug in card that I could find for XP desktop - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:05 the Diamond VC-500 capture device has PAL/NTSC options on its menu - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 19:04 it might have some other non-NTSC options on the menu but I've never had the need to fiddle with them in this poor Cycle 24 - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 18:57 Pat, does your HaupWinTV.v6 capable of PAL M (Brazil) and N (Paraguay & Uruguay) TV standards? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov09 17:51 and a decade earlier when current-W0WOI as K4AYO went to Cayman - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 17:48 from Apr 1979 when that was still British Honduras - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 17:41 the Brits still have svrl VP2s, VP8 Falklands, and VP9 Bermuda as well as ZD7-9 - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 17:39 like VP1 used to Belize, VP3 Guyana, VP4 Trinidad, VP5 Jamaica/Turks, VP6 Barbados, VP7 Bahamas - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 17:36 it used to be VP5 (UK territory) until c. 1968 when many initially confused "ZF" with "ZS" (South Africa) - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 17:34 full-time Cayman residents get ZF1 prefix, visitors ZF2 - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 17:10 Tr WBTF - The Beat 107.9 FM Midway, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov09 14:48 Not dumb. He is a ham in the Cayman Islands. Lots of 50 MHz Es contacts./cdEL96 (
Nov09 14:04 Cd, dumb question here, but who is ZF? Mike-La (
Nov09 13:43 My farthest-to-the-south Tropo is Jamaica & (again) PR, July 1992./cdEL96 (
Nov09 13:42 Colombia has a few even-decimal FM's, so that would certainly be an option as well./cdEL96 (
Nov09 13:39 I seen no reason, from a spot so devoid of QRM, why ZF1EJ couldn't rack 'em up./cdEL96 (
Nov09 13:38 (11:53) I had 1000-mile Tr to PR from my QTH in 1992. Caymans to VEN would be maybe 600 miles, so...>>>/cdEL96 (
Nov09 11:59 Ms 102.9 KHBZ Harrison, AR 869 mi., RDS PI: 22AF or KHBZ and PTY: Unassigned “playing Country” (NEW) -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov09 11:53 Is Venezuela by Tr possible from the Cayman Islands? Has anybody in North America ever crossed the Caribbean that way?--Frank M. (
Nov09 03:09 I think it would be cool for ZF1EJ to try his hand at TV/FM Es/Tropo. He certainly is in a prime spot for it./cdEL96 (
Nov09 03:08 Nice Es work today, folks. Maybe things will continue tomorrow./cdEL96 (
Nov09 01:45 Randy, looks like you may have some good Tropo this week if Hepburn maps forecast holds up. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov09 01:38 yeah Pat,Hepburn maps always shifting those Tropo forecast . - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov09 00:54 a few nights before those Hepburn maps show any tr extension beyond the TX coastal plain - de WA5IYX (
Nov09 00:44 Es brief fade up on ch 2 - also ZF1EJ Cayman Is calling cq on 50.115 heard briefly de Fred SC FM03af (
Nov09 00:44 We have been gone all day....still not home yet/cdEL96 (
Nov09 00:43 me too am, seems like its been a while Mike-La (
Nov09 00:30 23:24 hope that forecast holds up Mike - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov09 00:16 just a trace of TV2 Es remains but ZF1EJ is S9+ on 50.115 - KW4RZ EM60 (
Nov09 00:10 Managed to snag a new one out of this. de KW4RZ (
Nov08 23:52 Had no sign of ES here. Been close to the radio inside all day since it was 45 and rainy out all day -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov08 23:47 mostly all gone here too Mike, just had a bit of 89.3 reggaeton probably El Salvador again. Everything steadily weakening. Still rare this time of year - RZ EM60 (
Nov08 23:42 Ch 2 Nicaragua is the only thing coming in right now-but very weak Mike-La (
Nov08 23:30 except when I have to swap the low-VHF antenna (HD5030) in/out for any stray NTSCs - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 23:28 the DTT901/VC-500/CM-4228/CM-7777 into that XP is always at the ready - de WA5YX (
Nov08 23:26 wish I cud fix that 1987 Emerson 872 VCR tuner or find another working model - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 23:24 Pat Hepburn maps show tropo possibilities in the next few nights Mike-La (
Nov08 23:22 it's too weak to go thru the trouble of moving cables around to activate the HaupWinTVv6 on the desktop XP - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 23:21 22:18-Randy thx for the heads up there Mike-La (
Nov08 23:16 just some 61.25 tropo NTSC vid carrier on FT-847 here - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov08 23:13 everything very weeak now Mike-La (
Nov08 23:13 cant pull any ID's last 15 min except 89.3 Cool FM. All else too wimpy now - RZ EM60 (
Nov08 23:09 Es HRTG-5 Tegucigalpa, Honduras "El Lider" logo (1179 mi) Mike-La (
Nov08 23:05 chs 2 Nicaragua and Honduras fighting it out now Mike-La (
Nov08 23:03 Was up to ch 5 now only 2-4 Mike-La (
Nov08 23:03 ch 4 Managua back with good pic, logo constantly displayed upper right - RZ EM60 (
Nov08 23:02 Es HRJS-2 San Pedro Sula Honduras "V' logo (1069 mi) Mike-La (
Nov08 22:59 it's dropped back quite a bit the last 10 minutes. Still stuff on bestter low freqs - RZ EM60 (
Nov08 22:59 midpoints near/beoynd my radio horizon - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov08 22:50 Es YNFA 304 Managua, Nicargua (1331 mi) Mike-La (
Nov08 22:48 Es HRCV-3 Tegucigalpa, Honduras-Telesestima logo (1179 mi) Mike-La (
Nov08 22:48 Es YNFA 302 Managua, Nicaragua (1331 mi) Mike-La (
Nov08 22:47 Es 101.7 EE rap with every foul word in the book - RZ EM60 (
Nov08 22:43 Es 89.3 "Cool FM" El Salvador, still up to 107.5 Nicaragua - RZ EM60 (
Nov08 22:28 Es 107.1, 107.5 matching Managua, Nicaragua - RZ EM60 (
Nov08 22:24 Es ch 4 Nicaragua full color pic at times, 93.9 "Radio Tigre" Managua good signal - KW4RZ EM60 (
Nov08 22:18 Es TV2-6 south, 89.3 SS - KW4RZ EM60 (
Nov08 22:00 sri for the "red" there ... - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 21:59 Es will not show on that since it is the vertical compression of existing ionization, not the creation any new - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 21:57 and no hint on this of any enhanced Ne in gulf - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 21:55 tho no foF2 spikes on such as Eglin - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 21:52 some of those 50-MHz Costa Rican paths, if not 2Es, look a bit like F2 - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 21:45 weird GOES magnetograms - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 21:09 cdEL96: There is Es from your area down into Costa Rica - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov08 16:15 used to hear a lot of that sort of programming during the Geminids - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 15:38 WMJJ 96.5 Birmingham, AL is now playing seasonal music -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov08 14:43 Ms 102.7 WXHT Madison, FL 827 mi., RDS with PI: 922D or WXHT and PTY: Top 40, logged @ 1410z (NEW) -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov08 13:26 Ms 102.9 WVRK Columbus, GA 746 mi., RDS with PS/PI & PTY of Rock, re-log -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov08 13:15 its far easier pecking on a KB than stretching about for various rcvrs, ants, etc - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 13:06 I haven't peeked at its "profile" with Airspy yet - I'm not springing back from this gallbladder surgery as I did in Feb 1981 - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 12:58 at current ant headings not that prominent - I need to crowd fund for a remote base around here - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov08 12:37 I was tuning on San Antonio Globaltuners and found this new 99.1 LPFM with S9 signal blocking the frequency. So there goes the frequency, I suppose it does the same for you - Finndx (
Nov08 12:36 Pat, have you already noticed KHJS-LP testing on 99.1 FM in San Antonio? - Finndx (
Nov08 04:41 the hospital meal service there vastly changed from my 1981 and even 2004 experiences - de WA5IYX (
Nov08 04:35 Just saw a bright fireball to my ESE, followed by another meteorite about a minute later in about the same location (near the orion constellation) de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov08 04:19 for decades Dallas Cowboys hr were on WOAI-1200, then a few years ago they went to 102.7 - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov08 03:47 (02:35) Not unprecedented---last year the Miami marlins had some Sunday games on LP 93.5 if Dolphins on AM 940 @ same time./cdEL96 (
Nov08 03:42 Tr 101.3 WQIL Chauncey, GA 140 miles NEW! -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov08 03:34 Some real MS/Tr picking up tonight. Jackson 5 interrupted abruptly by another soft rock/rel. station on 101.3 -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov08 03:03 that 93.3 is usually carried as a sub of KZEP 104.5 HD - but atm KZEP HD is off - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov08 02:35 Pat (etc.) - how is this allowed? Translator is originating programming. How long before translators can originate 24/7/365?--Frank M. (
Nov08 01:10 This evening's UT Austin football game is bumped from WOAI-1200 (by SA Spurs game) over to the 93.3 LPFM - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov07 19:38 UnID on 92.5, religious, has static and is very quiet but comes in reliably turning the antenna almost any direction -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov07 19:19 Back on dxworld now that my laptop has a new charger- the Apple 60W charger is notorious for breaking. One star rating online -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov07 16:58 Nov 06 13:10 - Bryce, I think WTFDA still offers its members a webpage if you want one. If interested, you have to email Mike B - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov07 13:48 Ms 104.7 WZZK Birmingham, AL 736 mi., RDS with PS/PI & PTY, re-log -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov07 13:04 Ms 104.7 WAAZ Crestview, FL 891 mi., RDS PI: 34C1 or WAAZ & PTY: showing Unassigned, ant. @ 255deg station Azi. 212deg (NEW) -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov07 00:59 All ch-2 video gone. ed n5jeh dm65rd (
Nov06 23:11 Es ? CH 2 55.250 S4/5 South. Ed N5JEH dm65rd (
Nov06 21:01 in Sept 1969 Academy Surplus in Austin TX had a wicker basket full of (assumed inert) 20mm + shiny cannon shells - de WA5IYX (
Nov06 20:59 How many mm is that round ? - de WA5IYX (
Nov06 20:16 CBC Toronto News: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 20:09 Shell was donated to the archives department - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 20:08 Shell was donted to the archives department - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 20:06 Evacuation cleared. shell arrived in package at Building 4 at least one month ago - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 19:46 Device found is reported to be a artillery shell - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 19:44 Explosive device found in the shipping department area of CBC Toronto Centre - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 19:39 A military artifact has been found - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 19:39 CBC Centre is located at 250 Front Street West with two additional entrances at 25 John St & 205 Wellington Street West - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 19:34 Paremedics and fire brigades have arried - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 19:30 Rebgular CBC radio and TV programming may not be broadcasting - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 19:29 Accroding to Mike Crawley (Ontario provincial affairs reporter) the CBC Broadcast Centre in Toronto has been evacuated. - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov06 13:10 [20:09] Not right now, sorry! I missed the renewal on my old one during a non-active period in the hobby. I'm off work for the next few weeks and one of my goals is to revamp / restore that website - K4NBF (
Nov06 12:17 Ms 97.9 WIBB Fort Valley, GA 707 mi., followed one second later by KRBB Wichita, KS 1047 mi., RDS calls only for both, re-logs -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov05 22:34 wmrp is a close 2nd place with wkjc popping in every now and then. guess I should go upstairs and spin the antenna. it hasn't been touched in months =( jj in en82 (
Nov05 22:33 wfrn is a beast! it was in pretty solid for a while in the car from Western Wayne County to 8 mile and lahser jj in en82 (
Nov05 22:31 I had noticed recently that they were weak (wiot).... it appears they have some "antennae repairs" in progress according to their fb page jj in en82 (
Nov05 20:50 Tr - W225AM-92.9 Middletown Twp, OH - Fair, mixing with something else with preacher, // 1520. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Nov05 20:19 Going 180-360, all I had in was WFRN before WKJC took over toward the north on 104.7. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Nov05 20:09 Hey Bryce, K4NBF, do you have a website I can link to on mine. I used to have your other one linked. Thx - En25 (
Nov05 20:05 Just did an antenna spin here 000-180, and had WKJC, WKKY, and WTUE. WIOT in there weak. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Nov05 19:41 [12:40] Wow, amazing catches K4NBF!! This is a pretty epic opening, no? // Lee VA FM17io (
Nov05 19:30 Not sure what is going on with them, JJ - been like this since at least Monday de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 19:14 Their AUX license should be able to make it up here, that's weird. Maybe they're not on AUX? JJ in EN82 (
Nov05 19:10 ah, thanks bill. they must be REALLY weak! JJ in EN82 (
Nov05 19:02 FRED - strange you can get the database and Jim and I cant? Did they change the URL? de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 18:57 WIOT not off, just weak. Been weak here for several days - hearing WTUE, WJKC, WFRN. Hearing WIOT with Billy Idol but covered most of the time de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 18:56 have heard wtue, wfrn and wmrp in its place driving around this afternoon jj in en82 (
Nov05 18:52 fyi WIOT toledo is off the air right now jj in en82 (
Nov05 18:42 Tr 103.7 WRTS Erie, PA Star 104 187 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 17:37 Tr 96.5 WFTK Lebanon, Ohio "Cincinnati's Pure Rock" -fair/mixing at 201 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 17:31 WTFDA DB improvements are working for me...hopefully the country field will be added soon...Fred N-SC (
Nov05 17:25 Okay Jim, thanks. Been down here the last several days de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 17:10 Server 500 comes up here also. Bill, WTFDA recently signed up with a new tech to work on the db. Maybe he's tinkering - de JimT/MO EM3 (
Nov05 17:02 Tr 90.1 WOHC Chillicothe, OH Air-One and Local Station ID at :57 - 199 miles - NEW! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 16:38 Anyone else getting the Server 500 error on the WTFDA FM database? de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 15:35 Tr 94.3 WKKJ Chillicothe, OH - County music and ID - 201 miles - NEW! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 15:21 Tr 93.1 KTYL Tyler, TX (548 mi, 82 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov05 15:05 Tr 96.5 KHMX Houston, TX (689 mi, 100 kW) w/ ad for Brain Balance Center, 832-479-5525 - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov05 15:00 Tr 93.1 KQID Alexandria, LA (449 mi, 100 kW) still in... otherwise band is unimpressive - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov05 14:54 Tr 103.3 WOLT Indianapolis, IN "Alt 103.3" weak at 210 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 14:42 Tr 101.5 WWUN Friar'S Point, MS (253 mi, 14 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov05 14:34 Tr 94.1 WNNF Cincinnati OH Nash FM and website given, Bengals Ticket info - 218 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 14:32 All the tropo developed east of me. Didn't get squat - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov05 14:10 Tr 101.7 WIKL Elwood, IN K-LOVE - mixing with WLDE and others - 178 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 13:45 Tr 88.5 WMUB Oxford, OH - 194 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 13:38 Tr 101.5 KNUE Tyler, TX (548 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov05 13:32 Tr 96.1 WQLK Richmond, IN "Kicks 96" 175 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 13:23 Tr 100.7 WEEC Springfield, OH Moody Radio 156 miles (correction to 100.9 post) de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 13:23 Tr 100.9 WPGW Portland, IN -local programming -143 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 13:21 Tr 100.9 WEEC Springfield OH weak/mixing 156 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 13:20 Tr S 92.1 WROI Rochester, IN - ID - 160 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov05 12:44 Tr 93.1 KQID Alexandria, LA (449 mi, 100 kW) my old friend, was a tropo beacon with lots of SW openings in 2009-10 - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov05 12:40 Tr 96.5 tentatively have KHMX Houston, TX @ 685 mi mixing... //stream but no positive ID yet - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov05 12:39 Tr 96.5 KVKI Shreveport, LA (482 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov05 12:36 Tr 95.7 KSSN Little Rock, AR (345 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov05 12:22 Tr 99.1 WHKO Dayton, OH (276 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov05 12:11 Tr WBUH Brewster, Cape Cod, Mass. (246mi) (Simulcasts WBUR Boston). A little Coastal Fog tropo this morning up the coast. Starting to burn off already! Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Nov05 10:51 aprs starting to finally show this Illinois to south Texas Tropo path - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 10:48 too much training convective shower activity here for any ducting to develop - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov05 10:44 very unstable Tr into Indianapolis Randy EM69wq (
Nov05 10:44 Frank this Tropo Duct you are taping into must be highly elevated because I am receiving nothing here - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 10:39 I'm sure it's not "just WSNS" because there's no WPWR-51 coming in from similar directions, and 51 is the "clearest of the clear"--Frank M. (
Nov05 10:38 Looks like the duct might be maturing east of me. WMAU-18 came back a bit. Bedtime for sure now; leave TV on 45 - I'll hear audio if it decodes, I hope--Frank M. (
Nov05 10:35 10:11 yep might have been them - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 10:29 I am on that map I am the one logging channels in Baton Rouge La. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 10:23 Tr (re-log) 99.9 WCPQ Park Forest, IL 50K-B 141.8 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov05 10:22 the map takes about 10 seconds to load - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 10:22 Tr (re-log) 95.1 WIIL Union Grove, WI 50K-B 217.4 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov05 10:20 Franklook at this map - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 10:19 Frank, indysteve's Remote DTV Site in Illinois receiving KRIV-DT-26 right now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 10:19 Also looks like these all disappeared as soon as they appeared. Guessing 20 subdecode might have been WMPN--Frank M. (
Nov05 10:11 Interesting, looks like we had the same thought at the same time. (I sent before it refreshed with your comment)--Frank M. (
Nov05 10:10 With that in mind, I wonder if my mystery 45 could be WGMB Baton Rouge trying??--Frank M. (
Nov05 10:08 Frank your sub decode on 45 may be my local WGMB. that channel have a very strong signal - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 10:06 Nice catch Frank. now you can't go to bed thinking about what you could receive next. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 09:56 Tr UM...ALL HE-DOUBLE-HOCKEYSTICKS HAS BROKEN LOOSE!! WMAU-18 suddenly blasting in 650 miles--Frank M. EN40 (
Nov05 09:54 Intermittent "bad" yellow bar on 45, from about 185 degrees...if it's not just WSNS it could be interesting. Going to bed, leaving the TV turned on--Frank M. (
Nov05 09:08 Nice catches, EM58! Especially on Channel 11 (beats my VHF tropo DTV record considerably)--Frank M. (
Nov05 09:06 I think it's too breezy for a stable Tr to settle in--Frank M. (
Nov05 08:51 Still nothing over 250 miles besides KFSM-18 so far--Frank M. (
Nov05 08:34 another 10 hour shift at work is waiting for me Gud Dx to all EM58 S. IL (
Nov05 08:33 Tr 36-KFTH Alvin TX 711 miles also in with a few others also in but gotta head to bed (
Nov05 08:22 Wow EM58 looks like you got a good tropo duct to the deep south. time to really DX. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 07:42 Tr KIAH-DT 38 Houston also in @711 miles to EM58 S. IL (
Nov05 07:38 Good deal, I'd hate to lose that site permanently. Wondered why the link from my website wasn't working - EN25 (
Nov05 07:37 Tr KHOU-DT 11 into Southern Illinois EM58 thats abt a 700 mile path but not much else showing up? (
Nov05 07:24 [06:25] It goes down everynight. Has been around 0500 UTC, not sure how transition from Daylight Savings has affected that yet ... Mike (
Nov05 06:55 (
Nov05 06:25 I am a bit late to this, is there a reason DX Sherlock is down (not permanently right?) - En25 (
Nov05 04:12 Tr KFSM-18 decoding a few minutes ago...380 miles--Frank M. (
Nov05 03:20 --Frank M. EN40 western IL (
Nov05 03:20 Hey, "BAD yellow bar" (on Insignia) on 18 "looks like KFSM" trying to come in - not Milwaukee, Ottumwa, Farmington MO, KCPT-- (
Nov05 03:20 Hey, "BAD yellow bar" (on Insignia) on 18 "looks like KFSM" trying to come in - not Milwaukee, Ottumwa, Farmington MO, KCPT-- (
Nov05 02:11 Same day had stations from Mobile AL (566 miles)...WKRG 27/5; Jackson MS (388 miles) WLBT 30/3 and Vicksburg MS WLOO 41/35 - JimT/MO (
Nov05 02:08 Not as long ago for the NOLA dtv's as I thought...Feb 10 2015. Received WGNO, KGLA, WUPL. - JimT/MO (
Nov05 02:06 No, I have a local...KTTS Springfield that is 100kw. They would have to go off the air. I've listened to KSHE when in St. Louis. One of my favorite classic rock stations - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov05 02:05 Jim, Hepburn maps is showing some good conditions for receiving my area late tonight into morning - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 01:47 01:24 Jim New Orleans is good long haul Tropo for you. Congrats on receiving them. Hope you get more soon - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 01:44 Jim do you receive 94.7 KSHE from your location very often? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 01:41 received that station on October 11th - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 01:40 JimT, I have received one station from Missouri, 94.7 KSHE @ 561 mi from here - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 01:26 JimT, I have received one station from (
Nov05 01:24 Thanks amfm...I've received NOLA dtv's one time a couple years ago - JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov05 01:22 Tr KFSM 18/5 Fort Smith AR 105 mi. relog, last post KFTA is also Fort Smith - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov05 01:19 23:21 no I never received any DTV stations from Little Rock. Only received two FM stations from there via Tropo - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov05 01:16 Tr KFTA 27 Fayetteville AR 115 mi. just popped up, svrl sub-decodes from S starting to show - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov05 00:40 Although for the last couple days I have been getting OKC dtv's at 257 miles periodically - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov05 00:39 Frank, I generally meant Little Rock dtv's via troposcatter. I didn't mean he would get them daily at 340 miles - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov05 00:34 From Baton Rouge? I don't think so--Frank M. (
Nov04 23:21 amfmtvdtvbrl, can you usually pick up Little Rock dtv's? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov04 20:29 Tr 101.7 KIYS Walnut Ridge, AR (229 mi, 10.5 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov04 20:27 Hi Frank I hope it holds true too. I would love to receive some long haul Tropo from your area - amfmtvdtvbrl EM40 (
Nov04 20:23 Tr 99.1 KLJY Clayton, MO (262 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov04 20:04 Hepburn map shows Macomb in a possible "sweet spot" for a Louisiana opening overnight. I hope it holds true--Frank M. EN40 western IL (
Nov04 16:11 I wonder how many full power US dtv's will end up back in the low VHF band after the FCC auction? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov04 16:09 You would think with this much K5 activity, it would set up for some pretty good Es activity - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Nov04 15:53 Es Earlier this hour Glenn Hauser reported an Es opening from Mexico on the WTFDA mailing list. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Nov04 15:07 tho FM pretty much all clogged with in-staters, 94,1 resumed HD, 104.5 temp w/o HD - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov04 14:59 not even any Houston decodes hr - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov04 14:51 Tr 101.5 WTKX Pensacola, FL (389 mi, 100 kW) webstream match with Lex & Terry show - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov04 14:40 12 consecutive hours for Kp5 index with no F2 reported - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov04 12:56 just awoke from a vivid dream of a bunch of Ks=9 and NTSC F2 MUFs Ch A2-A5 - de WA5IYX (
Nov04 10:14 There is a "suspicious" yellow bar ("BAD" signal) on 43, though, from that direction. Am I forgetting something?--Frank M. (
Nov04 10:13 Nothing from Topeka or Omaha seems to be riding this bus, though...and what happened to KMOS-15, which was common 4 to 6 years ago?--Frank M. (
Nov04 10:10 Tr Half of the Kansas City stations coming in, 260 miles (18, 21, 24, 29, 31, 34)...nothing else notable--Frank M. EN40 (
Nov04 05:24 (18:18) Not so fast, cd....listening to ZBM online after 0500 UTC; I guess they still run sat AC at this time./cdEL96 (
Nov04 03:02 Some Es being reported NE USA and Great Lakes now de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov04 02:50 Tr 104.7 WZZK Birmingham, AL (187 mi, 100 kW) this is an everyday pest, but locking in Full HD tonight which is very rare... other Birmingham stns strong - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov04 02:38 much brighter w/ less stars in the sky seen (
Nov04 01:40 it's noisy switching power supplies & old sodiums not the LEDs (
Nov04 01:05 I trust that PS for these will not be prolific RFI sources - de WA5IYX (
Nov03 22:55 Wonder if anyone has detected the low-VHF DTV pilots via au on a waterfall SDR display ? - de WA5IYX (
Nov03 22:39 No RTL-SDR waterfall traces of Au on ATV-2 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov03 22:31 Should be able to see the aurora at the NY/PA border - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov03 22:30 well, K1TOL et al are benefiting now on 50-MHz - de WA5IYX (
Nov03 22:24 NOAA forecast Kp index of 6 from 00 - 03 UTC - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov03 21:52 UK/Ireland to Iceland via Au @ 2106 UTC - KA3JAW Fn20jq (
Nov03 21:09 Just noticed the polar aurora circles are finally starting to turn RED. Could be good aurora conditions this evening. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Nov03 20:01 DXMaps frozen for nearly last hr - de WA5IYX (
Nov03 19:38 let's try agn after reboot of this POS laptop - with Bt and Bz "pinched off" a dull event even if 700-km/sec wind - de WA5IYX (
Nov03 18:20 Oh yeah, it can be heard at / cd (
Nov03 18:19 The guy I talked to on-air, while hearing their signal in July 2009, has retired./cdEL96 (
Nov03 18:18 The talk shows have been scuttled, and also the satellite AC apparently./cdEL96 (
Nov03 18:18 Shocker: ZBM 89.1 Bermuda has done an overhaul and is now Ocean 89./cdEL96 (
Nov03 18:13 KMOD used to have a funny morning show. I have a tape of it from November 97 through January 98, with just the funny bits in. The Breakfast Club Zoo. - En25 (
Nov03 17:43 Three new FMs logged here during this morning's trop - KMOD 97.5, KUNI 90.9, and WHHI 91.3. KMOD and WHHI were my 4th loggings each from Oklahoma and Wisconsin, respectively -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Nov03 17:31 need Bt=20 and Bz=-20 for any real "fun" at these lats - de WA5IYX (
Nov03 17:20 I guess I will have to go to the sun to DX. Don't worry, I'll go at night!/cdEL96 (
Nov03 17:19 1719 UTC & all quiet on the southern front, no A2, no 47-48 MHz/cdEL96 (
Nov03 14:06 Two Denmark 6M stations with Au prop @ 1356 UTC -KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov03 13:43 and that's with the CM4228 beamed east - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov03 13:41 fog with super strong Austin DTVs hr - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov03 13:16 Solar wind speed now is 717 km/sec, magnetic fields Bt 8 nT, Bz -1 nT - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov03 13:14 May take place from 15-18 UTC today - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov03 13:13 G3 (KP=7) geomagnetic storm forecasted for 2 Nov. 21-00 UTC did not materialize. - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov03 13:07 Tr 9WSHW - Shine 99 99.7 FM Frankfort, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov03 12:52 What's THIS? A giant red blotch in the middle of the APRS map? In NOVEMBER?? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Nov03 11:30 FM smothered by in-state/XE-border tropo - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov03 11:25 worked this time. (
Nov03 11:24 Tr also WDTN-50, and some Wisconsins up to WWRS-43 (and WIWN-5 trying)...but not to Green Bay--Frank M (
Nov03 11:24 WHAT THE...????? No idea what happened here. My "copy" (trying to make WDTN show up as a report) grabbed something old from somewhere--Frank M. (
Nov03 11:23 Tr 107.1 "You're listening to your Q-FM"...who's this? from north--Frank M. EN40 (
Nov03 11:22 TR also WDTN-50, and some Wisconsins up to WWRS-43 (and WIWN-5 trying)...but not to Green Bay--Frank M (
Nov03 11:02 Tr Interesting here, too. WKEF-18, WSTR-33 from the east; KTWU-11, KMTV-45 from the west. All a little over 300 miles--Frank M. EN40 (
Nov03 10:19 Strange night. Got, almost, to Iowa from Indy and, then, central/northern Ohio comes calling. Randy EM69wq (
Nov03 09:59 Tr WTLC 106.7 MHz FM, Greenwood, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov03 09:12 Tr (new) 88.1 WMBL Mitchell, IN "Moody Bible" 1K-A V 67.3 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov03 08:38 Tr (new) 100.1 WKAI Macomb, IL "K-100" 25K-B1 255.7 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov03 08:20 Tr 96.7/98.3 DFW, ~590 miles - Matt EN21 (
Nov03 08:08 Tr (new) 88.9 WJYW Union City, IN "Star 88.3" 4.1K-A 79.4 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov03 06:07 Tr WQAD-HD 38/8-1 Orion,Il 435 mi, WTJR-DT 32/16-1 Quincy,Il 356 mi de N5NIQ EM18 (
Nov03 06:05 Tr WZPL - 99.5 FM Greenfield, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov03 06:05 Tr Strong tropo from NE,E and SE into EM18 - de N5NIQ (
Nov03 05:54 Tr WJAA - Total Rock Radio 96.3 FM Seymour, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov03 05:52 Was unaware of changing hours/cd (
Nov03 05:52 I recorded VCR on A2, only 1400 to 1830 local---nada/cdEL96 (
Nov03 03:03 Tr 93.1 WYDS Decatur, IL (281 mi, 4.6 kW) band sounds just like late last night / early AM - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov03 02:59 Tr 92.7 WUSW Taylorville, IL (287 mi, 11.5 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov03 02:49 wait and see - de WA5IYX (
Nov03 01:57 Well, anything?/cdEL96 (
Nov02 23:09 a little step up in Bt but Bz still north - de WA5IYX (
Nov02 22:56 Visibility around 1/4 mile, 1/2 at best throughout the entire area here. -- Dan EM73 mobile (
Nov02 22:47 Solar wind speed slowly increasing - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov02 22:39 19:03--Yes, that was a real-time report.--Frank M. (he is in EM59) (
Nov02 22:06 Region 2443 stretches more than 109,000 miles from end to end - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov02 21:50 Solar wind stream could exceed 800 km/s - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov02 21:44 The G3 (KP=7) geomagnetic storm forecast hours were updated from 18-21 to 21-00 UTC - Get ready for it now - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov02 19:29 Database update: 98.9 WYRZ-LP Brownsburg, IN "Classic Gold" is up at 100w. Randy EM69wq (
Nov02 19:03 Frank, was that 94.7 OKC report real-time? That's impressive for midday - K4NBF (
Nov02 18:49 Tr 95.1 KMXL Joplin, MO solid on car radio -- N0JK em28 (
Nov02 18:33 Funny that the former (analog) not-getting-out BIG MYSTERY was also on 21...WHNS Asheville--Frank M. (
Nov02 18:31 Until I play tape back, I don't know. 94.7 OKC is o/KSHE without phase! Now thats 600 miles and cute! (
Nov02 18:30 Not even the slightest trace even last year when the digital Sister Bay WI translator on 15 came in. K1MOD (Jeff K) never logged Suring either. Shown as 1000kw too, I think--Frank M. (
Nov02 18:29 The BIGGEST "not getting out" mystery is WIWB-21 [14] Suring-Green Bay. Never, even once, the slightest trace of them even when other GB's slamming in, etc...not even logged here ever--Frank M. (
Nov02 18:27 Were you on RF 13 or 21?--Frank M. (
Nov02 18:26 I can't find a WPXS [WPAS?] website, either. If there's a callsign change, it's not showing up yet.--Frank M. (
Nov02 18:26 I suppose anything is possible. Thats another one that doesn't get out? (
Nov02 18:22 Andy, could it be a callsign change in Mt. Vernon IL? Nothing comes up when I look for WPAS (including checking Channel 51 for possible refugees)--Frank M. EN40 (
Nov02 18:14 Frank..oops....WPAS 13 / 21 ??????? I'll figure it out later. (
Nov02 18:13 There's a serious duct going on right now (OK City to eastern Illinois), but probably too far aloft here to lert me in. Hey, Duct, let me in!!--Frank M. (
Nov02 18:12 WUSI-19 Olney IL (180 miles/rare) decoding, and St. Louis LP's on 16 & 33, otherewise nothing notable here--Frank M. EN40 (
Nov02 17:15 I'll be keeping my 2013 7" Android (cap. touch) tablet and its USB KB charged and handy from now on - de WA5IYX (
Nov02 17:08 another nurs. care facility hr had 40+ TWC channels available - de WA5IYX (
Nov02 17:04 Tr 93.1 WYDS Decatur, IL (281 mi, 4.6 kW) still in at 11a local time - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 15:46 yeah, no OTA DTV subs on that system - the KLRN was often no signal at times - de WA5IYX (
Nov02 15:46 yeah, no OTA DTV subs on that system - the KLRN was often no signal at times - de WA5IYX (
Nov02 15:22 Tr 94.1 WGFA Watseka, IL - ID after Cee Lo Green song - 237 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov02 15:16 Tr 96.5 WAZY Lafayette, IN Z-96.5 223 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov02 15:02 Tr (new) 88.3 WJLY Ramsey, IL 25K-B 162.2 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov02 14:48 I notice they only carried Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - no Hallmark Channel. However, both are on that "Lifetime lovey-duvey Christmas movie mode" until the new year anyways. Marathons of dumb Xmas movies. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov02 14:47 That's REALLY bad for a hospital. At least you would have 40 cable channels - not 21 channels. That looks like something out of the late 1980s. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov02 14:41 Tr (new) 101.7 WRCV Dixon, IL 6K-A 228.9 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov02 14:34 Tr 101.1 WIOE South Whitley, IN Oldies 101.1 - under Local Blowtorch WRIF - unheard of. Stream Match only -NEW! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov02 14:26 CATV offerings in Hospital - de WA5IYX (
Nov02 14:23 Tr (new) 95.3 KXMO Owensville, MO 37K-C2 302.1 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov02 13:57 Tr 101.3 WBAA Lafayette, IN classical music - 217 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Nov02 10:33 Well it's just "WSIU" with Tropo favoring the southeast instead of the south. Oh time--Frank M. (
Nov02 09:57 Frank - It's a combo public radio from Southeast Missouri State. Randy EM69wq (
Nov02 09:38 88.9 KSEF...what's that? Looks like something else I need to try for. I've lost all viability of keeping track of the thousands of new stations--Frank M. (
Nov02 09:03 Tr (new) 88.9 KSEF Sainte Genevieve, MO 20K-C2 271.4 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov02 08:56 Tr (new) 105.3 KZNN Rolla, MO 100K-C1 326.5 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov02 08:48 Tr 90.9 WILL Urbana, IL (289 mi, 105 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 08:41 Tr WXMA - The Max 102.3 FM Louisville, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov02 08:39 Tr 91.7 WBGL Champaign, IL (286 mi, 20 kW) over 27 mile distant local - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 08:34 Tr (new) 107.3 WDDD Johnston City, IL 50K-B 201.3 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov02 08:28 FM dial is just "slammed" loaded with local/regional enhancement, etc.--Frank M. EN40 (
Nov02 08:27 Tr Also WVUT-22 Vincennes IN (rare) in lieu of usual Decatur IL--Frank M. (
Nov02 08:26 Tr Also WV (
Nov02 08:26 Tr Also WV (
Nov02 08:26 WJTL gets out quite well, a good target for DX'ers--Frank M. (
Nov02 08:25 Tr "best" thing coming in is WJTL-LD-18 Jasper IN (230 miles), farthest is Indianapolis (260)--Frank M. (
Nov02 08:23 Tr 106.9 WSWT Peoria, IL (350 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 08:17 Tr 105.5 WCZQ Monticello, IL (287 mi, 6 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 08:04 Tr 100.3 WIXY Champaign, IL (277 mi, 13 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 07:50 Tr 93.1 WYDS Decatur, IL (281 mi, 4.6 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 07:43 Tr 93.3 WPBG Peoria, IL (346 mi, 41 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 07:23 Tr 94.7 KSHE Crestwood, MO (262 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 06:36 Tr WSFR - 107.7 The Eagle Corydon, IN in analog but hd is WMMX 107.7 from Dayton, OH Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov02 06:21 Tr 99.1 KLJY Clayton, MO (262 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 06:14 Tr new log: Nash Icon Howdy FM 103.7 - WHHT - FM 103.7 - Cave City, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov02 05:17 Tr 93.5 KMYK Osage Beach, MO (357 mi, 39 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 05:00 Tr 101.9 WKRQ Cincinnati, OH (233 mi, 16 kW) new log with a really well done Legal ID - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 04:39 Tr WVEZ - Lite 106.9 Saint Matthews, KY EM79 (
Nov02 04:23 Tr WLVK - Big Cat 105.5 Elizabethtown, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov02 03:27 FWIW, next time you get skip to Denver. - En25 (
Nov02 03:14 Tr WGKS - Kiss FM 96.9 FM Paris, KY EM79 (
Nov02 02:37 Tr 9WQNU - Louisville, KY - New Country Q103.1 sounding like a local. EM79 (
Nov02 02:34 Tr 96.5 WFTK Lebanon, OH (252 mi, 19.5 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov02 02:33 Tr The BULL - WBUL-FM - FM 98.1 - Lexington, KY has killed my local on 98.1. The bull is in with 5 bars sounding like a local. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov02 01:13 Tr WQXE - Quicksie 98.3 Elizabethtown, KY like a local. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov02 00:41 Tr WTCR - 103.3 Huntington, WV Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov02 00:28 Tr WXKY K-Love 96.3 FM,Stanford, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov02 00:25 Tr WMOR-FM - 106.1 FM Morehead, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov02 00:20 Tr WMMG-FM - 93.5 FM Brandenburg, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov01 23:51 Tr Tr WHOP-FM - Lite 98.7 Hopkinsville, KY sounding like a local. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov01 23:43 Tr 94.3 The Wolf - WULF - FM 94.3 - Hardinsburg, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov01 23:34 Tr new log: WGRK-FM - 105.7 FM Greensburg, KY Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Nov01 23:27 Tr Country 100.9 MIKE FM WLSK - 100.9 FM Lebanon, KY Rob Cincinnat EM79 (
Nov01 23:08 my last vid of such from Mar 2011- de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov01 21:50 Can't wait till the solar wind stream hits over 600 km/sec - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov01 21:40 here was my first catch of them, but I best concentrate on chA2 tomorrow/cdEL96 (
Nov01 21:35 it used to be so easy - de WA5IYX (
Nov01 21:33 Glad to hear they are still OTA. Will try and get a trace tomorrow during the G3 event on the RTL-SDR Sharp# - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov01 21:30 think I hrd them last (our Spring) this year - nowhere near as common as in late the 1990s, etc - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Nov01 21:18 When was the last time a Musica Chile fixed broadcast was heard on band one? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov01 19:28 and likely temporarily enhanced F2 MUFs along n-s paths for us at lower lats - de WA5IYX (
Nov01 19:11 That will give strong radio aurora with intermittent HF above 50 deg. geomagnetic latitude - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov01 18:47 (17:53) What will that mean for us? Is there anything for which to look out, DX wise? / cdEL96 (
Nov01 17:53 On Nov 2 from 18-21 UTC there will a G3 scale (KP=7) coronal hole high speed stream from solar region 2443 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov01 16:19 Tr (new) 96.3 KNOU St. Louis, MO 100K-C1 236.9 miles (over local WHHH) Randy EM69wq (
Nov01 16:07 Radio-locator has a new exact location finder to give accurate radio station distances! It's to the left of the zip code input box. -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov01 16:04 Well I guess 29 miles +250 watts isn't tropo… here's the link to the audio -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov01 16:02 Tr 100.3 "WBHF" W262CD Cedarburg, GA 29 miles NEW ON AIR -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov01 16:02 Tr 100.5 WYMG Chatham, IL (300 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov01 16:02 Tr (new) 104.9 KBWX Columbia, IL 7.8K-C3 236.9 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov01 15:57 Tr 98.7 WNNS Springfield, IL (298 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov01 15:55 Tr UnID 100.3 "100.3 and 1450 AM" playing It's Too Late by Carol King (Classic Rock) -- Dan EM73QX (
Nov01 15:55 Tr (new) 103.7 KJEL Lebanon, MO 100K-C0 378.3 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov01 15:43 Tr (new) 100.1 KBBM Jefferson City, MO 33K-C2 345.1 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov01 15:22 Tr 101.9 WLFZ Springfield, IL (294 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov01 15:18 Tr 92.7 WUSW Taylorville, IL (287 mi, 11.5 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Nov01 15:02 Tr (new) 91.5 KSIV St. Louis, MO 85K-C1 236.9 miles Randy EM69wq (
Nov01 14:58 OK, no mas unless something like this occurs - de WA5IYX (
Nov01 14:39 06:51 ditto (
Nov01 12:40 image was to show what a non-laparoscopic surgery involves - a lot more messy - de WA5IYX (
Nov01 12:22 Ms 102.9 KZIA Cedar Rapids, IA 669 mi., RDS showing PS and PI only, another relog same mode -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov01 11:42 Ms 102.9 WNPT Marion, AL 793 mi., RDS with PS/PI & PTY of Country, relog -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov01 10:51 Ms 102.9 WXXJ Jacksonville, FL 824 mi., RDS with PS/PI&PTY, ant. aimed at 240deg stn at 190deg, relog -- dn bfd, pa FN01 (
Nov01 07:39 Tr Kansas City and topeka DTV's occasional 5 minute decodes so far into S. IL EM58 (
Nov01 07:38 TR Kansas City and topeka DTV's occasional 5 minute decodes so far into S. IL EM58 (
Nov01 06:51 Why? ... Mike (
Nov01 04:57 warning - graphic selfie of gallbladder surgery incisions with staples - de WA5IYX (
Nov01 03:49 Ms 100.1 KOMC Kimberling City, MO RDS, previous Es 792 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Oct31 23:32 I meant that I was attempting Ms DX based on the post in green, but nada/cdEL96 (
Oct31 22:52 And are there going to be any Mexican analogs remaining at all during the mid-year 2016 season? "Deadline creep" seems to be common for this kind of thing.--Frank M. (
Oct31 22:51 [21:42 10/30] Now it's *35* to 51, not 31 to 51?--Frank M. (
Oct31 22:50 Ms with a space afterward. That works. Frank M (
Oct31 17:53 (Ms?) Let me try.....cdEL96 (
Oct31 17:53 "Ms (
Oct31 17:48 Some MS noted on 102.1 FM -- Dan EM73QX (
Oct31 17:38 Ms long strong burn, sounded like Es... 92.7 WEOW FL stream matched programming heard - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct31 14:39 same w/ KVME]TV in #2 dma which includes Death Valley (
Oct31 02:17 In the Miami metro, the "not needed"s are due to the fac tthat the stations actually serve Key West only./cdEL96 (
Oct31 02:14 [00:48] No. Originally it was to be last month but it has been suspended indefinitely AFAIK./cdEL96 (
Oct31 01:00 re21:49et al bid price based on dma ranking, smaller ones w/ lots of "not needed" (
Oct31 00:48 Is there a drop-dead date for the FrankenFM's on Channel 6 yet?--Frank M. (
Oct31 00:09 ....and I wonder if the CP for WMDF LD RF 4 Miami will ever materialize; of course I wanna monitor 4 for DX here./cd (
Oct31 00:07 many cord-cutters know that they may well have the **wrong** antenna to view these stations????/cdEL96 (
Oct31 00:06 Well I mentioned this a couple of times already----2-6 will indeed likely be populated, but...>>>/cdEL96 (
Oct30 23:22 I'm hoping that more stations will take over DT2-6 for Es DX. Otherwise, pretty soon we'll have to take the "TV" out of TVFM Skip Log, and start monitoring 88.1 > Yakima CN96 (
Oct30 23:22 I'd sure never miss KCWX-DT-5 here ... - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct30 22:59 It seems it is based on market population - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct30 22:48 Does being a major network affiliate affect the incentrive prices? How about existing ratings?/cdEL96 (
Oct30 22:10 And for us in PA state - KJWP DT-2 Phil. will get $159,174,450 to go OTA - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct30 22:05 And for Pat in San Antonio, TX - KCWX DT 5 will get $80,834,850 to go OTA - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct30 21:53 KOTA DT-2 in Rapid City, SD will get $8,289,900 to go OTA - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct30 21:51 KREX DT-2 in Grand Junction, CO does not need to go OTA or move to high vhf - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct30 21:49 KNOP DT-2 in North Platte, NE will get $6,897,375 to go OTA - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct30 21:42 FCC going is also going to auction off the 600 MHz UHF TV band, channels 35 to 51 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct30 21:40 If WLBZ DT-2 in Bangor, ME takes the FCC Incentive Auction to go off-the-air they will get $13,006,350 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct30 20:46 Feel better soon, Pat! And get plenty of rest. 73 de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Oct30 19:26 Tr 99.5 KHCR Bismarck, MO (244 mi, 4.2 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct30 19:25 Tr 99.9 KZMA Naylor, MO (218 mi, 4.2 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct30 18:55 it's slower bouncing back now than it was at age 34 with that 1981 colon surgery - de WA5IYX (
Oct30 18:52 this QTH has not been left unoccupied for as many days since the Jul-Aug 1979 trip to Australia - de WA5IYX (
Oct30 18:45 All best and speedy recovery, Pat 73 de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Oct30 18:28 My incredibly massive divestiture of records leaves me little time to DX, unless I know something's going on - and nearly all traditional/historical "beacons" have been lost (not to mention K1MOD)--Frank M. (
Oct30 18:26 OTOH, there is NOBODY northwest of Louisville KY (to the Rockies) who has a "good outdoors system +time to DX" who is reporting here, pretty much at all, so even an epic/massive Tr can be entirely missed--Frank M. (
Oct30 18:19 Most years are dominated by mediocre Tr openings if at all, and perhaps one great one--Frank M. (
Oct30 18:19 Which could make this the strangest DX season of all...two HUGE tropo openings...and **NO** mediocre Tr openings at all the whole year--Frank M. (
Oct30 18:17 HEPBURN map hints at what could be a big Texas Tr opening here on the 4th. I hope that it holds!--Frank M. EN40 (
Oct30 18:16 Very happy to see that you've gone through this, to the point that you're BACK HOME. Get youself back to 100% soon. Frank M (
Oct30 17:27 abt 75% of equip changed out by this Jun 2012 one - de WA5IYX (
Oct30 17:12 most equip is bedside (vy old Jul 1991 photo) - de WA5IYX (
Oct30 15:09 Thanks Pat. I gor your reply. Put a recliner next to radios. Get well. de Art KA5DWI/7 (
Oct30 03:52 Tr The Bullet - WWBL - FM 106.5 - Washington, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Oct30 00:37 agn, this was NOT simple laprascopic surg. due to all adhesions and scar tissue from 1981 right hemicolectomy- de WA5IYX (
Oct30 00:35 will get Webcam to make shot of nasty incision(s) and staples (stay in 2 weeks) - de WA5IYX (
Oct30 00:33 arvd home a while ago - Win8 had updated rebooted - some 212 e-mails awaiting me - de WA5IYX (
Oct29 22:03 Pat: Better late than never, but use LastPass as a password manager and put it on all your computers. You have access to everything everywhere ... Mike (
Oct29 20:56 have to ck with lost & found re my 2006 UT Longhorn baseball cap - de WA5IYX (
Oct29 20:55 Still hr on the verge of leaving - de WA5IYX (
Oct29 16:24 I was more concerned abt what happened to Dan Blocker in May 1972 - de WA5IYX (
Oct29 15:56 that other texan w/gall bladder surgery (
Oct29 15:33 with a screen worse than this hard to read de - WA5IYX (
Oct29 13:18 Best wishes for your recovery Pat, this place is not the same without you! // Lee VA FM17io (
Oct29 12:15 Docs this morn look like they want to discharge me later today - de WA5IYX (
Oct29 11:01 Glad to see you posting here again Pat. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct29 10:53 I don't have a UHDTV KA3JAW. don't plan on buying one until they come with a ATSC 3.0 built in Tuner - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct29 09:33 amfmtvdtvbrla: Does your UHDTV have an NTSC tuner? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct29 08:05 Welcome back Pat. Are you DXing from the hospital? (hi) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct29 05:31 Agreed with everyone else. Best wishes for Pat in San Antonio! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct29 03:20 Get well Pat, we miss your insight here! - En25 (
Oct29 01:24 Best wishes for recovery, Pat! It's been lonely here without you - Bryce K4NBF (
Oct29 00:47 difficult typing on this D830 with compromised LCD, etc . - de WA5IYX (
Oct29 00:45 3-hr complex surgery late Sat eve - just back on food by mouyh today - may need rehab after discharge - de WA5IYX (
Oct29 00:40 so, no access to sites/e-mail using pswds, even if this "secondary" machine could - de WA5IY (
Oct29 00:25 OK, I am unsecured WifI at Hospital withD830 XP friend retrieved from home - de WA5IYX (
Oct28 20:04 Tr 92.3 WLWI Montgomery, AL (262 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct28 18:28 Tr 100.5 WJQX Helena, AL (217 mi, 69 kW) new log with some enhancement south - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct28 11:12 I doubt if there is a warning; if so, it should be required that clerks mention it, but then nobody would buy them!/cdEL96 (
Oct28 09:38 box may have this warning about tuner on them. will have to take a look at a box when I go to Walmart and see if the warning is on it . amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct28 09:25 I think it should say on the TV's packaged box that this TV will need a external Tuner to receive OTA in Ultra HD. Tuners will be available in 2017 - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct28 09:18 they will be like, no one said that I will need to buy a USB or HDMI tuner dongle or converter box to receive ULTRA HD OTA - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct28 09:09 There are going to be a lot of mad people who bought these TV's when the ATSC 1.0 shutdown happens They will have no OTA TV - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct28 09:02 If everybody knew that those TV's have no Ultra HD ATSC 3.0 tuners in them I bet most people would not buy them - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct28 08:56 Little do the average person know, that those Ultra HDTV's that are available now do not have ATSC 3.0 tuners - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct28 08:50 and so it begins.starting to see Ultra HD Commercials on TV from VIZIO - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct28 08:09 14:43 Thanks for posting the news about Pat Danny - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct28 08:05 Prayers for you pat from me too. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct28 03:53 Prayers for Pat from me./cdEL96 (
Oct27 15:40 14:44- Danny how long has power been out? That due to severe weather yesterday? Mike-La (
Oct27 15:38 Pat hope you're doing well - Danny thx for posting Mike-La (
Oct27 14:44 Power outage here. Phone battery is almost dead. Danny (
Oct27 14:43 Pat had gallbladder surgery. Is in University hospital room 6151. Danny - LA (
Oct27 02:35 Wel it is something to be thankful for./cdEL96 (
Oct27 01:34 (16:18) Patricia was also a small (in area) hurricane that hit a sparsely populated area - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Oct26 22:18 Thanks. - En25 (
Oct26 22:01 [20:17] MS Waterfall Display - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct26 20:17 I wonder how Ms would look on an SDR waterfall display. I'm guessing similar to how it looks in an audio editor - En25 (
Oct26 19:27 Of course Jeff spends more time chasing MS than I ever will. But, also, I've never been even close to a MS tripping any kind of RDS ident--Frank M. (
Oct26 19:26 [20:52] I wonder, too - he has 300 to 1,000 times as much MS success as I do. It's at least 15 years since I've identified MS-anything, I think...Frank M EN40 (
Oct26 16:19 The remnants of the storm will roll over me tomorrow. They're talking maybe an inch of rain. - Frank M EN40 (
Oct26 16:18 Thankfully Hurricane Patricia quickly shattered as it hit the coast. Mexico did well on evacuations. I'm not sure there were any fatalities at all, there. - Frank M. EN40 (
Oct26 14:15 Tr My automated TV DX logger says Oklahoma City is decoding on 23, 24 and 40... 395 miles. - Matt EN21 (
Oct26 05:20 Tr 99.1 WHKO Dayton, OH (276 mi, 50 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct26 05:00 Tr 92.3 WTTS Bloomington, IN (224 mi, 37 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct25 18:46 33.42 FL wx fade in - de kb7wox cn85 (
Oct25 13:11 All locals have some form of light to moderate static on them this morning. -- Dan EM73QX (
Oct25 13:09 WYAY Splatter seems to have gone down some on adjacent 106.9. "The Eagle" in a few minutes via tropo on it. -- Dan EM73QX (
Oct24 20:52 Jeff what model tuner and antenna are you using for receiving meteor scatter amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct24 20:51 Jeff what model tuner and antenna are you using for receiving meteor scatter amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Oct24 15:39 Ms 89.1 WPAS Pascagoula, MS RDS relog 977 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Oct24 15:37 Ms 90.1 KLRO Hot Springs, AR RDS NEW 881 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Oct24 03:01 00:34 echoed by me./cdEL96 (
Oct24 00:34 And it's not only going to be a Mexican storm - it will be a USA storm as well. Up to a foot of rain expected in Houston by the beginning of the week. Prayers. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct24 00:34 Prayers for Puerto Vallarta. One of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded on Earth. 235 mph winds, category 5 hurricane making landfall as we speak. Death toll may be huge - get ready. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct23 21:14 The Grand Veles Riviera Nayarit hotel in Puerto Vallarta advised the Guests that as of 8:30 am today they will become Refugees. - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct23 20:19 Hurricane Patricia getting ominous looking via this live stream de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Oct23 12:51 At 08:52 EST a 2000 mile red blob on APRS ending IN the Gulf of Mexico; SMH/cdEL96 (
Oct23 10:53 [09:18] Photobucket: (
Oct23 09:20 Both lasted nearly 20 seconds via Ms - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct23 09:18 At 0822 UTC had a decent waterfall trace of both analog CIII-2 Global Bancraft ON with positve offset at 331 miles and CHBX-2 CTV Sault Ste Marie ON with negative offset at 610 miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct23 05:50 Tr WLBC-FM - 104.1 FM Muncie, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Oct23 05:47 Tr 102.3 WKLN Wilmington, OH just took over my translator. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Oct23 05:26 Tr Tr 105.5 WCHO Washington Court House, OH Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Oct23 05:22 Tr (new) 105.5 WCHO Washington Court House, OH 6K-A 145.4 miles Randy EM69wq (
Oct23 05:15 Tr WVNO 106.1 Mansfeild, OH Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Oct23 05:07 Tr (New) 102.3 WKLN Wilmington, OH 3K-A 128.9 miles Randy EM69wq (
Oct23 05:05 Tr WTLC 106.7 MHz FM, Greenwood, IN Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Oct23 04:53 Tr (New) 94.5 WYDB Englewood, OH 3.6K-A 101.4 miles Randy EM69wq (
Oct23 04:21 Tr 96.5 WXCC Williamson, WV (257 mi, 75 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct23 03:23 Tr 93.5 WAXM Big Stone Gap, VA (212 mi, 2.45 kW) "5 star country WAXM" - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct23 00:47 Cd, as you know, the sleep is more useful than the DX. I learned that the hard way. Danny-LA (
Oct23 00:46 22:08 JAW, that is nice short catch. Danny-LA (
Oct23 00:22 I did have KDGE 102.1 around 6 am about four weeks ago/cdEL96 (
Oct23 00:21 I was sound asleep, JAW, and was afraid to run the hot Sony all night, but I was thinking about it/cdEL96 (
Oct22 22:08 I see that CIII Bancroft, ONT on analog CH-2 is still active on postive offset of 55.256 MHz via Ms at 331 air miles - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 18:56 Missed them here, likely wouldn't have a lot to work with given my setup anyway - En25 (
Oct22 18:36 [13:29] Expect the highest number of Ms in the hour or two before dawn - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 18:03 Tr 92.3 WTTS Bloomington, IN (224 mi, 37 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Oct22 17:14 Pat, are you OK? I've missed your comments the last couple of days. Danny-LA (
Oct22 16:42 quite = quit Danny-LA (
Oct22 16:41 05:11 Cd, I seldom post there, but I do read it. I totally quite reading it for a few years, Danny-LA (
Oct22 13:30 IMO Ms was better about 2-3 weeks ago/cd (
Oct22 13:29 I tried, JAW, but tropo on 89.5 (WFIT) was too strong. I will try one more time on another freq/cdEL96 (
Oct22 11:32 DXmaps service unavailable [http error 503] for the duration of the Orionids shower. N3TUQ 6 meter DX map up, but no reports of Ms - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 11:29 Ustream NASA MSFC down to 370 viewers - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 11:26 Meteor at 7:08 am EDT had a zigzag path for 15 seconds - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 11:15 7:14 am EDT seen a meteor on the NASA MSFC shoot straight up from the top left side of camera - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 11:12 More weak spurting at 7:11 am EDT - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 10:52 Returning Ms echos are +48khz offset from 94.3 MHz - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 10:36 More spurting at 6:30 am EDT - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 10:19 Video recorded a segment of it - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 10:18 Good 10 minute spurt of MS ended - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 10:07 Meteors shooting like crazy now - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 10:01 The Y526 ant. has no preamp on it either - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 09:52 Using SDR# you can see Ms bursts down to a fraction of a second - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 09:48 At 5:43 am EDT another three weak meteors at 2 sec, 3 sec, 2 sec flashes within a total of 15 second period - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 09:43 Two hours prior to dawn has been the most active period thus far. Just seen a seen one flash across the screen on NASA MSFC at 5:40 am EDT. - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 09:35 Clear skies at 46F - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 09:30 Ustream NASA MSFC had 16,029,325 visitors, only 500 now - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 09:28 At 5:26 am EDT had weak trace for six seconds on 94.3 MHz - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 09:24 Using the Antennacraft Y526 antenna pointing elevation 90 (sky bound) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 09:18 Orionids starting to pick up, but still weak sigs - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 08:57 Weak train with three each buring 2 seconds over a 13 second time span at 4:53 am EDT - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 08:43 Other than that this shower is poor - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 08:42 Best event so far was a meteor train of at least eight each burning 2 seconds over a 15 seconds span at 4:20 am EDT with the RTL_SDR/USB & SDR# - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 08:15 Anyone monitoring the Orionids MS? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 05:51 This is a thriller, it just so happens part of the subject matter is radio, mostly AM, FM, and Ham ops. Es is mentioned in the book - En25 (
       TvFm Log Archive for 2015 (zip)