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TvFm Skip Log Entries
Jun24 06:51 (03:39) And then there's the "150 mile TV antenna" -- I think the only way I'd receive stations from 150 miles away is via tropo DX. Kegan EM26TE (
Jun24 06:32 Tr Tr WAKY-FM - 103.5 FM Radcliff, KY took out my local WGRR. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jun24 06:19 Tr WVEZ - 106.9 Play Saint Matthews, KY Locked in HD. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jun24 06:11 Tr WNTR 107.9 Indianapolis, IN locked in HD with 2 to 3 bars. Rob Cinvinnati EM79 (
Jun24 05:21 There's been a pirate on 87.5 somewhere in the Nashville area...270 degrees azimuth for me. It plays instrumental music. Been theme to "Downton Abbey" lately.- Wes em66 (
Jun24 05:17 Tr 107.9 WLNK Charlotte, NC "The Link" 284 miles- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun24 04:46 Hearing a new local pirate? on 104.7. Playing short classical pieces that all feature a local cellist named John Stuart. No IDs, even at TOH, but with ads for a nearby Mexican restaurant. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun24 04:37 [03:39] Bad, but compare to this cleverly-worded 1990 ad./cdEL96--> (
Jun24 04:35 It may *only* work in the Gulf./cdEL96 (
Jun24 03:48 I think I will buy one so I can go to the Gulf of Mexico and watch FREE TV! - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun24 03:39 The person who owns this company should be in Jail for fraud & on A&E's American Greed - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun24 03:38 This was definitely NOT caused by interference N8NU (
Jun24 03:37 Very strange: "anti-tropo" knocked out ALL Detroit UHFs for about 10 minutes (just long enough to wipe out the weather forecast), they're back now (
Jun24 02:53 Tr 93.7 WQIO with BAS Broadcasting mentions - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun24 02:49 (02:44) The 94.1 is WHBC // playlist - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun24 02:44 Tr 94.1 with Adele "Send My Love" mixing with Duke FM - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun24 02:02 Tr 88.9 KLDN Lufkin TX "Red River Radio" with station ID, weak... Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jun24 01:17 [22:26] Mountains make it difficult for "thru" ducts to form, because of turbulence from altitude differentials. Thermodynamics at work...--Frank M. (
Jun24 01:13 (21:25) Would that have been EN71? - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun23 23:57 Bearing to that tower/antenna farm is almost precisely 180 degrees at my new location--Frank M. (
Jun23 23:56 The least blockage in any of the blocked directions is the south, so the Sears Tower (I refuse to call it the...) signals are not dampered all that much--Frank M. (
Jun23 23:55 Only something like 85 degrees to 140 degrees bearing is free of blockage from the rest of the highrise building itself--Frank M. (
Jun23 23:54 Even if I decided to DX from Chicago (in a highrise that puts me well over 700' ASL) and had that pipeline into Detroit, I'll never hear any of them because of wicked co-channel allocations--Frank M. (
Jun23 23:48 [21:38] Actually 705 feet ASL where I am. I'm not in Chicago yet--Frank M. (
Jun23 23:47 [21:27] Do tell us! What did'ja hear?--Frank M. (
Jun23 23:46 [21:21] During that opening there was indeed some Texas stuff as well, but really nothing between like Arkansas/Oklahoma, not a trace--Frank M. (
Jun23 23:45 [21:21] Hey that's happened only ONCE, ever, lol--Frank M. (
Jun23 22:26 I don't think the Boston Mtns in Arkansas really *get in the way* - JimT/MO (
Jun23 22:24 21:49 - Hmm, I have logged NOLA dtv's before. Most have 950-1000' towers. My elevation is right at 1300'. So a straight line to the NOLA towers with tropo? - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 22:19 (22:02) I hope not. -- Kegan EM26TE (
Jun23 22:02 I worked all day. Is the Es season over? - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 21:52 [2149] My problem is Detroit is that way from me, and every other frequency is clogged with either HD fizz, translator drones, or a combination of the two. And it's only getting worse. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 21:49 [21:42] now I know why I don't get any Tropo to the north. It is like there are Mountains in my way to the north and that = No Tropo - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 21:49 [21:41] Very well./cdEL96 (
Jun23 21:42 Carleton is about 610' ASL. At least, that's how high the grass strip airport is, a few miles outside town. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 21:41 The West Coast stuff you're seeing is more than 15 minutes old. Only a desert to PNW path exists now. ... Mike (
Jun23 21:38 So, I honestly don't think it will last another season. They don't make 'em loke they used to; old one lasted about twenty years. This one, about seven. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 21:38 Wow, just saw DXMaps; good thing I didn't have VCR running. Waste. West Coast however, go for it!/cdEL96 (
Jun23 21:38 My elevation in my location is 56 ft. The elevation in Chicago IL 594 ft via wikipedia. Now I know why I was not going to reach that Tropo Duct Frank had - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 21:37 I might talk to the antenna guy about raising my antenna a few more feet. I think the rotor's going on the fritz anyway -- it rotates clockwise fine. Counterclockwise, the whole structure shakes and it turns VERY jerky. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 21:30 But it helps if your elevation is already 30 or 50 or more feet higher than my location to begin with before you put up your antenna 50 to 60 more feet - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 21:27 The skip gods did throw me a bone yesterday around dinnertime, with having WDMK-105.9 off for about 20 minutes. Ended up with two new ones thanks to that! They'll have to do better than that, though! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun23 21:25 EM40, that happened to me yesterday. 100 miles west of me (AND a couple of hundred feet higher ASL) and he had KS AND WV. I had hardly anything, save for adjacent markets. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 21:24 That is why the rule of thumb is always put your UHF antennas as high as possible. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 21:21 I have notice where Tropo ducts have gone over my head (my antennas) when Frank M and others to the far north of me were receiving Tropo from parts of Rio Grande area of Texas & Mexico coast & I had nothing - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 21:18 21:05 = 21:05. Sorry. Tim EM86 (
Jun23 21:17 (21:01) oh! Not the one I was thinking of! Lol! Tim EM86 (
Jun23 21:15 [21:12] Farther stations to the north, northeast & northwest via Tropo that is - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 21:12 [21:03] JimT, I think if my location here was more highly elevated like it is at the remote site in Illinois I would get more farther stations via Tropo than I do with the 91XG here - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 21:06 I think it was on a hill, and a shopping center way below in eyesight./cdEL96 (
Jun23 21:05 (21:03) right near one of the first KPT exits off the interstate, whatever that was./cdEL96 (
Jun23 21:03 [20:21] read this AVS Forums post about this antenna - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 21:03 AM, I think Steve & Mike in Indy are sold on the 91XG's. That's what they're using at the remote dx sites in Illinois - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 21:03 (19:18) cd, I bet I know which McDonald's! Tim EM86 (
Jun23 20:49 Guess we need to go a Google serch for 91XG vs Televes DATBOSS Mix review - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 20:46 [20:21] I don't think this antenna can beat my 91XG antenna with preamp but I may be wrong - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 20:21 Televes DATBOSS Mix UHF VHF Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (149483)- KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 20:21 [20:08] Deal of the Day - Covers both UHF & VHF-Hi band - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 20:09 This repacking thing while some stations move down to low V....well, I have said it before. Oughta be "fun."/cdEL96 (
Jun23 20:08 All UHF eh?/cdEL96 (
Jun23 20:04 S/S Affirm $13.72/mo 6 month payment plan is an option - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 20:02 [19:50] cd: They make mulitple models; UHF 14-51; List price $99.99 - S/S price $79.99 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 19:55 I do enjoy Arby's between 2 and 5 pm---excellent special that goes on during that time./cdEL96 (
Jun23 19:51 [19:29] it wasn't the food....I won't say anymore./cdEL96 (
Jun23 19:50 Are there "specs" on it insofar as MHz coverage? Price of course is important too./cdEL96 (
Jun23 19:48 This company been in business since 1958; so they are no fly-by-night outfit - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 19:46 All three combined components in the junction box is known as BOSStech - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 19:44 Automatically adjusts the level of the received signal to an optimum value (selfregulates); 4G filter - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 19:41 [19:17] This antenna is well ahead of US innovation as it is manufactured in Spain. It has a maximum gain of 29 dBi inside the orange dipole junction box - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 19:29 [19:18] I have a bad experience at McDonalds all the time. The food does not taste like it used to taste back in the 1970's and early 1980's : ( - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 19:22 [19:17] I wish my 91XG antenna had a good Preamp built into the black box on there. It would help on cutting db signal loss. You would just use oNE cable antenna to DTV tuner - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 19:18 [18:09] Not your fault at all. That being said, I had a bad experience at a Kingsport McDonalds over a year ago. :) /cdEL96 (
Jun23 19:17 [18:36] from looking at that video, it looks like that antenna has a Preamp built into that yellow box on antenna. There is a PCB chip board there - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 19:15 I planning to go to the Keys tomorrow, but boy will it be a scorcher. Garden hat ready, but need sunscreen big time./cdEL96 (
Jun23 19:14 [18:36] Ahhh but what about 54-88 MHz? If for the Mexican market, you can kiss that goodbye./cdEL96 (
Jun23 19:13 [18:07] Lee---do you mean from yesterday? If so, it is a UHF antenna from Solid Signal that I don't have./cdEL96 (
Jun23 18:57 [18:36] And, hey, it's not even "ugly" as most people think antennas are.--Frank M. (
Jun23 18:52 18:46 likewise for me too. Off in an hour or so, until Tuesday. Tim EM86 (
Jun23 18:46 I am off today tomorrow & Sunday, let's see if a big Es event happens on these days - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 18:43 [18:40] And I have three days off in a row each week - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 18:40 18:37 Typo: The big Es events happened when I was at work so far this year. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 18:37 [18:35] Typo: The big Es events happened when I was off so far this year - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 18:36 This is the best promotional I have ever seen for a UHF terrestrial digital TV antenna with exclusive features - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 18:35 [15:53] problem for me is, there is no Es when I am off from work. The big Es events happened when I was off so far this year - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun23 18:14 2 mHz/NWS... (
Jun23 18:13 Rick in South Omaha tried to create a few hours 2 mHzNWS Es pile-ups by leaving Nebraska for a couple days, but it didn't work. But thank you for trying for all of us, Rick--Frank M. (
Jun23 18:10 Yak: You keep your fingers crossed to the point that they're probably unusable. Just ride the horse in the direction its going ... Mike (
Jun23 18:09 Its my fault FM DX crapped out a couple years ago and has lasted up to today. I bought extra receiver, new cable, new recorders, etc... Now I'm more ready than ever so where's the DX? Tim EM86 (
Jun23 18:07 [16:33, 17:30] Wondering the same here too, Justin. cd, what was the link to that antenna about? Any experience with it? // Lee VA (
Jun23 18:04 I had strong Saskatchewan signals on AM last night...who knows. About ready to stay with AM unless somehow, someway we get 144 MUF in the next several days. Maybe July will have so much Es everyone will be exhausted! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 17:49 Meanwhile, as we just passed the vernal equinox by a couple days...I mean this IS March, right?--Frank M. (
Jun23 17:30 That's a nice antenna though I wonder how well it works. - En35 (
Jun23 17:01 I was just on the SA GT, but Finndx knows better where to tune than I./cdEL96 (
Jun23 16:41 Just had some Es flareups on 88.1 while driving. Unfortunately I have to go into the office now, but recorders are set at home. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun23 16:34 cdEL96---forget that other gibberish (
Jun23 16:33 I hope you do, En./ (
Jun23 16:33 I hope you do, En./ (
Jun23 16:10 I have to check out my dtv box when I get home. I left it on 7. Might have snagged KCCO finally. En35 (
Jun23 15:53 Good Morning.10 Meter PropNET Stats at Summer Solstice. A good season. de ka5dwi/7 AZ DM34 (
Jun23 14:42 Most Tr here is in state. A lot of it died around 1 am. Got several new tv logs and a handful of fm. Mostly Wisconsin and in state. En35 (
Jun23 14:18 Tr 91.7 WBKU..Ahosie, NC American Family Radio Dennis...FM18fa (
Jun23 14:16 Tr 99.1 WYXY Savoy over WMYX - JVL DXer (
Jun23 14:14 Tr 94.9 KGGO Des Moines (250mi) over local WOLX - JVL DXer Janesville (
Jun23 14:03 Tr 96.7 Thunder Country Iowa over local - JVL DXer (
Jun23 14:02 That's a new province. Solid signal, "98-5 Virgin Radio'. CJCC Yorkton SK also new on same channel. Saul ON (
Jun23 14:01 100.1 "This is NW Missouris Classic Rock KKWK Crandon - JVLDXer Janesville (
Jun23 14:01 Es RETRO: Unattended recordings June 17 0129-0300 reveal au-induced Es to MB, SK - and 98.5 Calgary at 1674 miles! Was taping a couple channels at Burnt River while in Toronto. Saul ON (
Jun23 13:54 Frank re:07:34 it was in for less than 30 seconds. This is the second day I've logged at least one station via skip on my unattended recordings en35 (
Jun23 13:38 Been getting lots of Tropo from North Carolina the past few days. Dennis (
Jun23 13:37 Tr 89.7.. WCPE , Wake Forest, NC..Booming in here....153 Miles...Even getting partial radiotext info. Dennis..FM18fa (
Jun23 13:36 [13:01, 13:07] the Es seems to be brewing in your area too./cdEL96 (
Jun23 13:35 Tr WCPE , Wake Forest, NC..Booming in here....153 Miles...Even getting partial radiotext info. Dennis..FM18fa (
Jun23 13:19 [13:12] That's WTEB, New Bern, NC // Lee VA (
Jun23 13:12 OOPS ..wrong window again (
Jun23 13:12 89.7 (
Jun23 13:12 Tr 91.3 KNCT Killeen, TX, easy listening music, RDS ID, taking over semi-local KZLV, 114 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun23 13:12 Tr 89.3 WTBE..Public Radio East...Dennis...FM18fa...185 Miles (
Jun23 13:09 Tr 89.3 WTBE..Public Radio East...Dennis...FM18fa (
Jun23 13:07 Tr 89.7 KTYR Trinity, TX, SS Christian talk & music, mixing w/local KJMA, 211 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun23 13:01 Tr 107.3 KISX Whitehouse, TX, Hot 107.3 Jamz, Steve Harvey Morning Show, 276 mi - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun23 12:27 Tr 88.9 KGLV Manhattan, KS at 1200 UTC - Pushing my local KYFG aside with station ID during K-Love programming -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun23 11:58 Tr 101.5 KNUE Tyler, TX, Today's Country, Big D & Bubba Show, 286 mi. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun23 10:53 Tr 89.9 KDAQ Shreveport LA "Red River Radio" with NPR morning news... Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jun23 07:34 [05:04] Looks like you're the only one to report anything like this on FM past 24 hours, you lone wolf you :-) --Frank M. (
Jun23 07:32 Conditions utterly dead, no decodes even from Chicago, Rockford, Cedar Rapids. (Minimal St. Louis decodes)--Frank M. (
Jun23 05:04 Unattended Es from around 2:50 PM CDT - KODM Midland TX 97.9 1072 miles "" ad - En35 (
Jun23 04:58 Tr 107.5 KLIZ Brainerd, MN - The Power Loon - En35 (
Jun23 04:22 Tr DT 24 WHRM Wausau, WI full decode - new - EN35 (
Jun23 03:51 Translator for Macon IL 100.9. I think--Frank M. (
Jun23 03:50 [03:17] I don't think that even matters. Andy Bolin told me 101.3 has a translator thrown right on top of Mattoon-101.3 (or whatever their COL is now) 30 miles apart, and "Mattoon" is basically full power not Class A--Frank M. (
Jun23 03:35 Tr 90.3 WHLA La Crosse, WI "WPR" completely covering KFAI - En35 (
Jun23 03:23 Lots of stuff subdecoded on the DTV box. 7, 8, 10, 15, etc. Local religious xlator stopped decoded on 16 - En35 (
Jun23 03:17 I often find if I'm "in the middle" of a nice WRH blob (and it's behaving as forecasted), it's probably aloft over me and I'm getting boring regional signals that propagate underneath the duct--Frank M. (
Jun23 03:17 Tr 36 (6) KAAL Rochester - new - EN35 (
Jun23 03:17 (02:48 Frank) I don't think there is any room for more Ann Arbor translators with Toledo, Detroit, Flint, and Lansing in the way - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun23 03:15 Yeah that map puts me right on the edge of the unstable zone. Being on a very end of a duct can sometimes be a real "sweet spot"--Frank M. (
Jun23 03:09 This is the map I'm talking about - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 03:08 I am getting some "marginal" stuff that doesn't come in under lesser conditions: Des Moines, KRIN-35, out to KYIN-18...Frank M. (
Jun23 03:08 watching Sioux City's local news on KMEG right now lol - En35 (
Jun23 03:07 Frank you have to go to the 1200 UTC Friday map, its not SUBSTANTIAL, as you like to say, but its stronger than anything Justin has had in quite some time, and you're just to the east of it - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 03:07 [03:00] Nothing new from this morning's tropo. That said, via tropo, I'm in need of much more east of me, than west of me--Frank M. (
Jun23 03:07 Tr 97.9 KSEZ Sioux City, IA - frequent visitor - En35 (
Jun23 03:05 [02:56] NORTHERN MISSOURI? That's close to me. I didn't notice anything substantial on WRH maps, and so far no sign of hooking into EN35 tropo, but I can hope--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun23 03:05 Tr 103.3 WGLX Wisc. Rapids, WI 175 miles. Prv hrd via lightning scatter - En35 (
Jun23 03:00 [02:56] Me, I'm hoping for a repeat of this morning's massive tropo event from here into central Illinois. I was on the way to work, then AT work and away from a radio the entire time it was going on, and Matt Sittel was getting Peoria and Champaign. It had ended by the time I could get to a radio at 1300 UTC. Murphy's lightning bolt hit me for the 2nd time this week. :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun23 02:58 Tr 106.9 KROC Rochester, MN - new - En35 (
Jun23 02:57 APRS map seems to confirm your receptions right now, Justin. Big orange blob covering all of southern Minnesota stretching across the border into the Iowa Great Lakes -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun23 02:56 Justin, FYI WRH tropo forecast shows your tropo is going to get stronger overnight into N Missouri - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 02:56 Something on 107.7 trying to eat 107.9's IBOC - En35 (
Jun23 02:54 Tr 88.9 KJIA Spirit Lake, IA in full quieting - En35 (
Jun23 02:52 Tr 91.5 KGAC St. Peter, MN MN Public Radio Classical - En35 (
Jun23 02:48 [02:34, EN82] Just give it time, give it will happen, for sure.--Frank M. (
Jun23 02:48 Tr DT 30 WHLA La Crosse, WI - partial decode - new - En35 (
Jun23 02:47 [02:27] Good Lord I never thought there'd be a "Dexter radio station." Is Dundee or Milan next?--Frank M. (
Jun23 02:46 Tr - 93.3 WIZM La Crosse, WI with local ads - En35 (
Jun23 02:44 I'm just far enough away from Shoreview that I'm fine, but I feel sorry for people that live within 5 miles of it. It's an RF deadzone - En35 (
Jun23 02:40 Tr 93.5 KTIN Worthington, MN with KXXR IBOC under it - En35 (
Jun23 02:38 I thought it was one of those two, thanks. :) Todd used to live in Woodbury, he's now in Bloomington, so he has a bit of space between himself and that antenna farm that you're within spitting distance of -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun23 02:38 Tr 94.9 KLCH Lake City, MN - En35 (
Jun23 02:36 My local xlators (14 miles) are getting eaten alive. Live stream is up. (
Jun23 02:36 Blaine, MN - north metro- En35 (
Jun23 02:35 Justin, refresh my're in Blaine? Or Apple Valley? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun23 02:34 I'm still seeing what I can log keeping the antenna where it's at. Seems to be shifting. - En35 (
Jun23 02:34 I'm glad none of the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti AMs have translators - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun23 02:29 Which I see you logged KMEG Sioux City - JimT/MO (
Jun23 02:29 2:01 - Justin, if you can turn your DTV antenna, most of the signal activity is S-SE of you, maybe to Iowa (per APRS map) - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 02:28 Tr 100.5 kXAC St. James, MN on top of IBOC noise from KFAN - En35 (
Jun23 02:27 Tr strong enough it's eating KFAN's IBOC on 100.3 - En35 (
Jun23 02:27 (00:45) 107.9 where I'm at is usually Cars 108 and the Dexter translator mixing. I did get Cleveland last weekend - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun23 02:08 Tr 92.9 WECL Elk Mound, WI // online - En35 (
Jun23 02:04 Tr 41 KTIV (PSIP 4-1) - Sioux City, IA -full decode - new - En35 (
Jun23 02:03 Tr 39 KMEG Sioux City, IA - new - En35 (
Jun23 02:02 Tr 36 WLEF Park Falls, WI - Wisconsin Public TV - new - full decode - En35 (
Jun23 02:01 almost all channels on the DTV have something sub-decode. I've never seen that, ever - En35 (
Jun23 01:58 Lost a frequency to another translator today. KTIS AM 900 signed on their SECOND FRIGGIN translator on 97.5. Cool thing is Rochester can easily kick its butt - En35 (
Jun23 01:57 Major in-state tropo. Lots of new stuff - En35 (
Jun23 01:39 92.3 was my BEST Es channel for this area. I keep hoping that a major Es opening will just stomp all over KWTO AM/92.3 - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 01:37 And 92.3 was an awesome channel for you Jim! Makes a future DXpedition to eastern Montana much more likely in the next few years ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 01:36 Oh great, 93.1 is // WYEC 1510. Very sorry about that Frank...hate those AM translators. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 01:35 I have three Goodbye FM's in my neighborhood, in the past 2 mos. - 92.3, 93.3 and 103.3, all lost to AM revitalization. It didn't revitalize AM for me :-( - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 01:35 Local xlator on 103.5 getting it's a$$ handed to it by Mankato. En35 (
Jun23 01:34 Hmm, is the radio station called Goodbye 93.1? - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 01:26 Tr 105.1 KARL FM southwest MN. New over local. En35 (
Jun23 01:21 Tr Goodbye 93.1, forever. Best skip indicator on the entire dial. No wonder I didn't find 103.7 Macomb translator on - they've moved here--Frank M. (
Jun23 00:47 At least W300DI is only 85 watts, and not the full 250. I'm sure that's all they could get since it's between Flint and Cleveland, and I think 107.9 is still allocated to Windsor, even though there's no station there. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 00:45 And that Home.FM drone is on 107.9 also. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 00:45 Rick, shouldn't be too difficult; I'm about 20 miles SW of Detroit, so if I look SE-S-SW I should be OK. That Home.FM drone in Dexter usually isn't mich of an issue either. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 00:43 Es CKBQ 2 Melfort, SK @ 1,335 miles - Andrew K OH EN91eb (
Jun23 00:31 Eric, guess the upside is that these xlators may find their way into DX logs for those with the frequencies available. Hope you can get skip through this one. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun23 00:31 Eric, guess the upside is that these xlators may find their way into DX logs for those with the frequencies available. Hope you can get skip through this one. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun23 00:10 W300DI-FM 107.9 Detroit, MI is on the air. SS mx, 'La Zeta,' // WDTW-1310. Must have turned it on today, as this is the first time I've noted it. Strong here. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun22 22:10 [20:37 6m] Sorry, Everyday Can't Be Christmas Elmo - Jerry (
Jun22 21:07 A glimmer of hope! However, too far north for Sinaloa, which you got earlier this season. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 21:05 I'll -> I've. Cranial flatulence ... Mike (
Jun22 21:04 While everyone is complaining, I'll already heard more this year than I did in the last two years combined ... Mike (
Jun22 20:44 At least I had two new Vancouver stations yesterday - locals off the air. But seriously, this might be the worst June so far since 2012...where I think I had 30 seconds the whole month. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 20:38 ...the dxer anxiously lamented, as he twiddled his thumbs, "Man I wish there was something called E skip...." (
Jun22 20:37 [20:26] Wish this particular K-Love would've been strong enough to trip the RDS on my work vehicle's radio -$ (
Jun22 20:37 6m contacts slowing down...another letdown. The June that feels like March. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 20:29 I have TV set to DT 2, but wrong bearing; if I had it to Neb maybe the long shot KNOP would make it ;) /cdEL96 (
Jun22 20:27 [20:21] Sure---I will accept a TV PSIP with a 9% signal any day! It'd make the hobby a lot easier!/cdEL96 (
Jun22 20:26 [20:08] Well, there is the 88.7 KLove in Fort Myers, FL; red lines seemed to be from there to Neb/cdEL96 (
Jun22 20:21 19:44 if only all FMs had to have RDS injected at 9% with a correct PI code... - JVL DXer (
Jun22 20:08 And now K-Love on 88.7! closest thing to here is a 250 watt translator in Yankton, SD -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun22 20:08 Only Tr here - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun22 20:06 Kegan EM26TE (
Jun22 20:06 Haven't ID'ed FM station ES in a while. Waiting... (
Jun22 19:50 unID on 88.7 with Air1 programming popping through here at 1851 UTC, gone before the top of the hour. Not seeing any reports of Es here, so this one's not making sense. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun22 19:46 [19:44 A classic..] the "little guy" nearly pulled it off./cdEL96 (
Jun22 19:45 been busy here and not checked for muf any higher on band just letting ch 2 roll on DTT901 EM58 SIL (
Jun22 19:45 I've seen him post here before. Bob's gotten several DTVs via Es including most of the Montana low-VHFs. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 19:44 A classic "virtual channel" slug fest/cdEL96-> (
Jun22 19:44 ES now KNOP-DT 2 into SIL EM58 Bob here (
Jun22 19:39 No name... JimT/MO (
Jun22 19:39 Who is Na name with post..... - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun22 19:36 Now can you get us FM Es? Northwest has been starving... > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 19:34 Ooooooh KREX---tough one!!/cdEL96 (
Jun22 19:32 Es KREX DT 2 Co. into S. IL abt 10 min ago (
Jun22 19:31 Still at sub-decode but bouncing the Zenith meter, also showing on the HDHR but no decode - JimT/MO (
Jun22 19:30 Es DTV 2, to the W. Almost looks like it could be KHME Rapid City SD - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun22 19:27 [18:55] Not bad, but I think that's Amazon's everyday price, and it was $29.99 back in April... // Lee VA (
Jun22 19:27 Dennis and others---this site is easiest to know virtuals and RF's. Commentaries are that of the webmaster./cd--> (
Jun22 19:25 [17:38] come to think of it, I thought I read that WACX Leesburg FL which used 55 for analog was told by FCC to move to 40 (their actual RF ch). Craig would know./cdEL96 (
Jun22 19:23 [17:38] with possible exceptions I don't know about, stations which used a certain analog channel have kept the same number for their "virtual."/cdEL96 (
Jun22 19:17 Now---I buy from SS sometimes; if S Signal would put an all-band TV antenna on sale, then I may cyber-rubberneck./cdEL96 (
Jun22 19:14 Yeah, I don't see anything on that antenna that looks purposed for VHF - even high band - at all--Frank M. (
Jun22 19:08 [18:52] Those of you in Pittsburgh, Lima OH, & Sandusky OH areas who wanna be ready for the "change," caveat emptor! :D/cdEL96 (
Jun22 19:07 Watching the map is painful. Just like a couple years ago: spots of green & yellow up to about 60mhz will gather, then *poof*, gone. So sad. Tim EM86 (
Jun22 19:05 I have antenna oriented at 20 deg for KJWP 2, but (1) any Es is to the WNW ATM & (b) I'm still not sure about my TV antenna's VHF performance./cdEL96 (
Jun22 19:04 Thats correct cd: Designed for UHF - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 19:03 For UHF that's fine. But at 25 mi for hi V and "forget it" for low V, hmm. Looks really like a UHF only deal./cdEL96 (
Jun22 18:59 HDB91X Assembly: KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 18:55 That's not a deal, it's a steal (hi) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 18:52 Xtreme Signal (HDB91X): KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 18:51 SolidSignal Deal of the Day #3: Xtreme Signal vhf/uhf outdoor hdtv yagi antenna (HDB91X) - On sale $39.99 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 18:38 looking back at my logs KKOT Columbus, NE is my longest Tr catch @452mi - JVL DXer (
Jun22 18:34 I also logged stations over some locals for the first time - JVL DXer Janesville WI (
Jun22 18:34 Already up to 102-105 in parts of SF Bay Area. Great day to be inside ... Mike (
Jun22 18:33 I got 16 new logs today and 8 yesterday, I got a lot of new places and a new state and maybe my longest Tr log KMXN @438mi (
Jun22 18:25 [17:23] the RF channel is 20 I think (WUND)---I had that at Cape Hatteras a year ago./cdEL96 (
Jun22 17:46 Tropo to Wisconsin strong. Eau Claire/etc in. Also a lot of Rochester. En35 (
Jun22 17:38 It looks to me like there is no standard as to whatVirtual channels are associated with what UHF channel. I'm receivibng a strong Pilot on UHF channel 25 and it turns out to be my local channel 6 but in different states they are different. Now THATS confusing. (
Jun22 17:36 Tr 94.5 WCMS Hatteras NC , Wade MD (
Jun22 17:24 I've loggted several NC stations on FM today now TV ....dennis (
Jun22 17:23 Just did a channel scan and it found a new channel in Digital, channel 2 at the Univ. of N.C. I got the Channels memorized and the ID's but no audio or video. Dennis....FM18fa (
Jun22 17:17 digital channels only have one pilot - at .310. You can only decode PSIP info if you can get the entire 6mhz channel though. JJ in EN82 (
Jun22 16:43 [16:33] form what I know, the xxx.31 is all you need in digital. The entire 6 MHz is used; no separate audio and video./cdEL96 (
Jun22 16:42 Now getting ATSC pilot on 192.31. Closest digital channel 10 is in Hampton Roads, VA about 90 miles away. Dennis (
Jun22 16:34 OOP that shoud have said 186.310 NOT 196 (
Jun22 16:33 I'm also getting an ATSC Pilot tone on 196.310 channel 9 in DC also and a weak carrier on 187.250. Only about10 % ot the strength of the ATSC Pilot. Do Digital station also broadcast a video carrier on the analog frequency or is this just a coincidence? Dennis (
Jun22 16:33 // Lee VA Fm17io (
Jun22 16:33 Tr 96.3 WROV Martinsville, VA “ROV Rocks” 151 miles, 257°, 14kW (
Jun22 16:32 [16:25] no175.250, but I normally get 175.240 & weaker 61.240 here - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun22 16:28 And my antenna is 180 degrees away from DC. Hitting off the back of the antenna. Dennis (
Jun22 16:27 I am getting a styrong ATSC Pilot on 174.310 from WJLA in DC but it's not bleed over. (
Jun22 16:26 [16:20] Nice Dennis. 97.1 is open for me here, so I hear WASH-FM fairly often (92 miles). Can't ever seem to get them in HD, though // Lee VA (
Jun22 16:25 Rich, check out 174.250 and see if you get a copy on it. I have a real good signal here. It was suggested yesterday that I might be getting cable leakage from my neighbor...I don't think so though. (
Jun22 16:23 Tr 91.5 WUNC-HD1, HD2 Chapel Hill, NC NPR/PA, 158 miles, 100kW, 158°, relog. Rare for mid-day // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun22 16:22 Tr 97.1 WYND Hatteras, NC. FM18fa...199 miles from me. (
Jun22 16:20 Lee, I mjust logged K-Love Hatteras about 30 minutes ago too. Totall blanked out my local WASH FM. Dennis FM18fa (
Jun22 16:19 Es 83.250 analog CH6....Dennis...FM18fa (
Jun22 16:17 Tr 97.1 WYND Hatteras, NC "K-Love" 166 miles, 59kW, 153°, relog. Not uncommon, but rare for mid-day // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun22 16:06 Es 61.250 returns - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun22 16:02 Tr 97.9 WEVE Eveleth, MN fading in/out. Fairly common here - En35 (
Jun22 15:51 Tr DTV 42 KSAX Alexandria - En35 (
Jun22 15:50 Tr DTV KSMQ Rochester, MN - RF 20 En35 (
Jun22 15:11 (15:10) That is WLAV - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 15:10 Tr 96.9 with Eddie Money "Gimme Some Water" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 15:09 That 96.1 is WHNN going out of format a little bit - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 15:08 Tr 96.1 with Keith Urban "Blue Ain't Your Color". Faded out at ID time - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 15:02 *playlist and they played that song at about 10:30am - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 15:01 It is WMLX. Just checked their (
Jun22 15:00 Tropo out to 150 miles to the NE, SE, and SW... // Lee VA (
Jun22 14:59 Christian, your 103.3 might have been WMLX St. Marys, OH. Near Lima. I was getting AOH area this morning myself, with WTGN in just ten minutes ago on 97.7. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun22 14:59 Tr 90.1 WUCX legal ID - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 14:58 Tr - WDGG 93.7 Ashland, KY - Fair with 'Your Country, The Dawg.' FINALLY! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun22 14:53 Tropo seems to have died down heavily, winds also picked up so I gotta take the yagi down - JVL DXer (
Jun22 14:53 Tropo seems to have died down heavily, winds also picked up so I gotta take the yagi down - JVL DXer (
Jun22 14:51 I often report this as 77.250 (
Jun22 14:50 Es 77.2504 believe this is Santa Clara Cuba - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun22 14:41 *current time - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 14:41 Tr 90.1 CCM music. WXML is airing a teaching program at the (
Jun22 14:41 Es 55.240, 61.250 certainly Cuba - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun22 14:38 Tr KKRF in good ~275 mi 6kW new log - JVL DXer Janesville (
Jun22 14:34 WKFR also in on 103.3 with Battle Creek ads - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 14:33 Tr 103.3 with Pat Benetar "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 14:04 (13:09) I've had Des Moines many times but no Grand Island yet. JVL DXer Janesville Wisconsin (
Jun22 14:01 Btw I have been getting amazing tropo this whole time but didn't have time to post here probably 25 new logs - JVL DXer (
Jun22 14:00 Tr WFWI Fort Wayne stream match and ID in over WPWX - JVL DXer (
Jun22 13:48 [13:03] haha, nice cd... I had the same thought/hope/expectation! Fingers crossed! // Lee VA (
Jun22 13:21 Christian, I noted FNT area elevated when I started about 730 or so. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun22 13:15 Tr 103.1 US 103.1 Lapeer - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 13:09 JVL, have you gotten 100.3 Des Moines or Grand Island? Both are among the biggest signals in the country (100kW at 500+m HAAT) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 13:03 No rain or t'storms forecast here today, Red! Red! Red! Red!/cdEL96 (
Jun22 13:01 Even here in south FL I've had my share of KS on FM this year!/cdEL96 (
Jun22 12:42 [12:30] I'm sure we can fill in the details for you... Matt EN21 (
Jun22 12:30 Tr hearing Kansas on FM noting stations but don't have time to find deets - JVL DXer (
Jun22 12:27 Striking out in Carleton, MI. Plenty of AOH, LAN, FNT off the back, and FWA in, but little else. Once again, people to the west get the meat and potatoes, and I get a few measly crumbs. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun22 12:22 Missing out on the trop fun that Matt and JVL are having right now. I'm at work, and another 40 minutes yet before I'm around a radio where I can DX. :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun22 12:15 Tr 101.3 WBRB Buckhannon WV. 211 miles. New. 30 mins ago. Tim EM86 (
Jun22 12:10 Tr KYOU-DT-15 Ottumwa Ia (208 miles). TV has been strangely quiet this morning given the good stuff on FM. - Matt EN21 (
Jun22 12:09 [11:51] Thanks - it's a relog but it's rare. WBNQ 101.5 was in with it, also a relog. - Matt EN21 (
Jun22 11:58 JVL, one thing that might help is for you to stick "EN52" in at the end of your posts. A lot of us on this board speak in "grid square-ese" -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun22 11:53 JVL DXer, where is your location - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 11:51 [11:40] Nice catch Matt - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 11:50 Tr 103.3 Des Moines - JVL DXer 250mi (
Jun22 11:50 Nice catch Matt - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 11:40 Tr 97.5 WHMS Champaign IL, 408 miles - Matt EN21 (
Jun22 11:39 Tr 92.7 WHIZ Zanesville OH 236 mi. At times in stereo. Tim EM86 (
Jun22 11:33 Tr 88.7 WPRC Sheffield IL "WCIC" - Matt EN21 (
Jun22 11:33 Illinois Autologger site showing KSNW @ 566 miles & KWCH @ 571 miles in strong from Wichita KS right now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 11:30 Tr 97.9 "Morning Edition on Iowa Public Radio" - JVL DXer (
Jun22 11:28 Tr 97.7 "now your news on --LI Galesburg" - JVL DXer (
Jun22 11:22 Tr to most of the Quad Cities FMs, even over locals on 96.1, 103.7, 106.5 and 101.5 IBOC, mobile phones suck on this site - JVL (
Jun22 11:21 Tr to most (
Jun22 11:21 Tr to most (
Jun22 11:20 Tr 95.1 "KMAQ AM and FM" - JVL DXer (
Jun22 11:18 Just saw on the Weather Channel that a Tornado hit Fort Walton Beach yesterday. I hope Randy is OK and have no damage or flooding - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 11:16 Tr 101.3 KUUL Quad Cities in with RDS (
Jun22 11:15 Tr 90.9 WILL Champaign RDS - JVL DXer (
Jun22 11:10 Matt in Bellevue, NE getting 100.9 in Quincy, IL. The APRS map shows why. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun22 10:44 Bedtime...I'm done...leaving it on 12 just in case WINM...--Frank M. (
Jun22 10:21 Tr WOSU-38 Columbus 405 miles...THAT is rare here because of mega-WQAD--Frank M. (
Jun22 10:17 Tr WBGU-27 Bowling Green OH, 350 miles--Frank M. (
Jun22 10:03 Nor "get rid of" WBBM-12 for WINM--Frank M. (
Jun22 10:02 Tr Fort Wayne 18, 24, 31, 40(rare)...but still can't find WFFT-36 (these around 310 miles)--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun22 09:47 Tr really "threading the needle": WKOI-39 between WAOE and WAWV (this is about a 35-degree span), 300 miles, second-timer only--Frank M. (
Jun22 09:35 Tr WCFL-104.7 Morris IL with "WBGL" programming, 7-mile local WLMD (similar direction) phased. Don't get this every year...--Frank M. (
Jun22 09:34 Frank, Looks like the strongest signals are coming from the southwest around st Louis MO on the Illinois Autologger right now amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 09:33 I've had lots of openings to Kansas City, literally a hundred or more...even have toughies like KMCI-41 cleaned out--Frank M. (
Jun22 09:27 But it is up to you Frank. It is just a suggestion : ) amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 09:25 Try to leave antenna west to around Kansas City for about 30 minutes and see what you can dig up via Tropo. If you get nothing move antenna back to the east. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 09:12 But maybe I should go there and at least see how those things WORK...--Frank M. (
Jun22 09:11 [00:50] I don't use the auto-loggers; I can't count anything there anyway (well over 25 miles away)--Frank M. (
Jun22 09:10 Otherwise I've generally been east, plus or minus a little--Frank M. (
Jun22 09:09 brla, nothing unusual from the west, not even the easy KCPT-18. Must be a duct-elevation thing--Frank M. (
Jun22 09:01 Frank, what direction is your antenna pointed at right now. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 08:58 Tr 102.3 Martinsville IL (second-timer only) with Morton IL phased--Frank M. (
Jun22 08:57 50 is probably my "best bet" for Pittsburgh (I think I'm correct on this?)--Frank M. (
Jun22 08:56 Tr "threading the needle" WDTN-50 Dayton (340), right between WPWR and WEIU also coming in just a bit off that bearing--Frank M. (
Jun22 08:54 It takes about 30 or 40 seconds for the autologger map to load. You may have to refresh for it to load sometimes amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 08:50 Frank here is the correct link to the Autologger. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 08:50 Thanks for tip brla I'll try it out (but these eastern distances are rarer and would love to get to Pittsburgh)--Frank M. (
Jun22 08:49 Tr WCMH-14 Columbus OH (overtook what had been a potent WTIU) 405 miles RARE here--Frank M. (
Jun22 08:49 Autologger in your state of Illinois is receiving stations around the Kansas City area - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 08:45 Frank point your antenna west or southwest to Missouri in and around the Kansas City area - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 08:43 Sub-decodes (or suppressed semi-locals) on all channels without video, but 5 is still the most intriguing--Frank M. (
Jun22 08:42 Tr WKRC-12 Cincinnati 330 miles, I think only second-timer here (not much power); still need WINM--Frank M. (
Jun22 08:37 [08:32] Nice long haul Tropo Frank. are you receiving any sub decodes on any other DTV channels? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun22 08:35 Tr 93.3 KIGL Seligman MO "The Eagle" (182 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun22 08:32 Tr WPBO-43 Portsmouth OH 420 miles...this is getting REAL interesting!--Frank M. (
Jun22 08:23 Tr VERY intriguing yellow bar on ATSC-5 from the east. Still need WLMB Toledo--Frank M. (
Jun22 08:14 Tr WERV-95.9 Aurora IL (160 miles) with 3-mile local WNLF phased! Haven't heard in years--Frank M. (
Jun22 07:50 Tr SW Ohios 16-18-33-34-35 (all around 330 miles), Indiana 11-13-14(huge signal)-27-42-48(rare) etc. all 200+--Frank M. (
Jun22 06:47 91.7 here is sometimes KOSU NPR Stillwater, OK - Or KNEO, Neosho, MO - depending on the direction / antenna I'm receiving with - Sometimes, a translator mixing with KOSU or KNEO. Kegan EM26TE (
Jun22 05:34 Translators are the cancer of US broadcasting, they almost all interfere with a 'real' station, almost all are just loophole (AM / HD xlators) and most are really pointless... most are anyway. - JVL DXer (
Jun22 05:33 Butte/Bozeman is market #186, my smallest market so far found in VHS/Beta collecting. Still looking for 1980s KXGN - any VHS hoarders in tiny Glendive? ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 05:32 Raymie: regarding my YT channel I should have a KTVM 1991 news clip up by the weekend. The Bozeman Beta tapes are a mix of Butte, Bozeman (KCTZ/7 when they were ABC, now KBZK CBS) and Denver (Denver is all pre-1987, Butte is 1987 and after). Cool stuff! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 05:05 Things might change at KNAI in the near future...lots of weird moves and I think CCF wants to find a commercial frequency... (
Jun22 04:56 We have La Campesina on 96.3 (KRCW Royal City). Love having this around, because it's an easy // to KNAI when there's Es. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 04:55 On 102.9, there are two translators that cancel each other out. And I forgot one on 106.7. We're crawling. (
Jun22 04:55 Tr / Gw 96.7 KMMG Benton City relog w/ SS music, only possible match. 820W 57mi. Not possible when KZTA is on the air, too weak > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 04:53 [04:49] Washington has so many Regional Mexican stations it's kind of head-scratching. Agricultural employment must have made the radio stations follow the migrants! - Raymie (
Jun22 04:52 Translators operate on 88.9, 92.7, 93.7, 94.9, 96.1, 96.5, 97.3, 99.3, 99.5, 105.3, and 107.5 MHz. The ones in north Phoenix do not come in well until several miles north of me, but some of these are on South Mountain so they come in loud and clear. Several Tucson stations have been all but papered over here with the new FM translators. - Raymie (
Jun22 04:49 Tr 96.9 CJAX Vancouver, BC w/ song matches to 'Africa' Toto and 'Roxy Roller' Sweeney Todd - NEW!! 220mi > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 04:49 Tr 99.3 KDDS Elma, WA 'La Gran D', only heard one other time in Yakima County (way west of town). Relog > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 04:48 We're crawling with translators in Phoenix, of AMs, HD2s (or out here, HD2s functioning as coverage extenders) and NCE FMS. - Raymie (
Jun22 04:48 Tr 99.3 CFOX Vancouver BC w/ song match to 'Money' Pink Floyd, also fading up other times with rock music - NEW!! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 04:46 Phoenix is home to the most expensive FM translator ever sold. $1.8 million for 250 watts from South Mountain. (
Jun22 04:46 Tr 99.3 KDRM Moses Lake WA IDed twice - about 75 miles, but local blocks it when on. Can hear them in Ellensburg. Only heard once before in Yakima County, so a relog > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 04:45 99.3 KMGW / 96.9 KZTA both off the air right now > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 04:11 (02:40) The 104.9 translator was originally on 94.1 until WWDK and WWKR complained. Also, the 98.3 translator is extremely short spaced to WLCS (and highly directional away from it) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 04:09 It's nice that Ann Arbor currently has zero translators in its immediate area (however, a couple Detroit translators are strong enough to come in) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 03:01 KROM is a relog. First heard 5-25-17. - En35 (
Jun22 03:01 Unattended Es around 11:45 am this morning KROM San Antonio, TX. Local ad in SS for Sleep Number store and toyota store - En35 (
Jun22 02:41 There is always TV! [ducking tomatoes]/cdEL96 (
Jun22 02:40 [02:36] that *is* quite a lot....but it'll take legit complaints (not from mere DXers) to have them go bye bye. I already said my piece below./cdEL96 (
Jun22 02:38 I forgot about the 103.5 LPFM in Grand Haven as well - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 02:38 ....and at least one xltr, maybe two, in the WKWM contour, are still on. No reason, especially when WKWM has an HD2 (classical)./cdEL96 (
Jun22 02:37 That doesn't include 99.7 in Holland, 94.9 (again) in Grand Haven, or the multiple LPFMs in Muskegon (90.7, 98.9, 100.9, 103.7, 106.1) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 02:36 [02:34] well I said it before but bears repeating---WKWM 91.5, // WLRN 91.3 (NPR), came on about 8 years ago...>>/cdEL96 (
Jun22 02:36 Also, Grand Rapids has A LOT of LPFMs or translators (90.7, 92.3 (x2), 92.9, 93.3, 94.9, 95.3, 96.5, 97.3, 98.3, 99.9, 102.5, 103.7, 104.9) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 02:34 (21:54) An AM in Grand Rapids (1680 WPRR) has two translators (95.3 and 102.5) which cover most of the same area - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun22 01:43 Wow - some 6m Es beaming ESE towards Nebraska. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 01:37 The very unique WAVV 101.1, one of the last B/EZ stations in the US, may soon be affected by an LPFM or two around here. I am not thrilled, but such is life./cdEL96 (
Jun22 01:35 cdEL96 that be. (
Jun22 01:34 Here in Miami the main deal isn't so much AM, but HD2/3 feeding translators./ (
Jun22 01:32 The down-to-76-MHz was kicked around on another messageboard too. FCC had the final say: N. O./cdEL96 (
Jun22 01:29 Of course, my DXing "out" is to travel. Sure, I'm outta the 25 mile zone. Shrug./cdEL96 (
Jun22 01:28 99.1 KGGI complained about the new KDRC translator located in Beaumont, which I cannot receive here in Sherman Oaks. Chime (
Jun22 01:27 Frankly I am surprised in the streaming/Web age that radio (and newspapers) are still relevant. But that's me./ (
Jun22 01:26 I can think of *dozens* of stations here I consider "useless" (cough Revolution cough)---but listeners/underwriters/advertisers have spoken./cdEL96 (
Jun22 01:25 [01:20] well, relevance is in the eye of the other words.../cdEL96 (
Jun22 01:20 [00:45] Indeed. But "revitalization" is too little, too late. It makes a viable band less viable, and it won't ultimately make irrelevant stations relevant. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun22 00:52 WVLK 590 Lexington KY had a translator on 101.1 in Lexington, and it received hundreds of complaints by WSGS Hazard listeners - and WSGS themselves IIRC. They were forced to move, they are on 97.3 now. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 00:48 Interference issues reported WILL be heard by FCC---a Port St Lucie FL 97.1 had to move due to QRM./cdEL96 (
Jun22 00:47 If the station that wants to add an xltr doesn't have the money, the xltr won't go on, simple as that./cdEL96 (
Jun22 00:45 [23:17] trouble is, if FCC started dishing out allocations based on format, that's a slippery slope to ride on..../cdEL96 (
Jun22 00:44 just got in and reviewed 88-97 MHz spectrum recordings since 3 PM, no Es in FM reported here - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun22 00:43 Red seems to be fading... Saul ON (
Jun22 00:12 I see a blob of red over Ontario on 6m. Can even the East Coast get that to FM please? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 00:07 I've been in three that either were total or very close. Gets cold fast when the sun goes away ... Mike (
Jun22 00:02 And as I mentioned on here a while back, older folks in Lincoln City and Salem will be fortunate enough to be in the path of totality for TWO solar eclipses in their lifetimes. They got it for the last one in the lower 48, on Feb 26, 1979 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun22 00:00 Es 83.250 analog CH6....Dennis...FM18fa (
Jun22 00:00 Thought you might wanna see some red (
Jun21 23:47 Yes, total eclipse 8/21/17. I can travel to Warm Springs and see the totality, and I believe there are areas near the Gorge as well. Also passes near John Day. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 23:41 Many months ago there were discussions here about an August 21 Solar Eclipse. Well, this evening on C-Span3 from 931-1126PM Eastern, there are 2 NASA briefings. Chime in Sherman Oaks will be recording audio this evening (
Jun21 23:30 [18:07] Frank, my Davenport numbers as they stand right now are as follows: 274 AMs, 131 FMs, 155 NDBs, and 22 NWRs. Hope to improve a lot on all of those during the all-too-brief 48 hours that I'll be there -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun21 23:17 CD, I don't disagree. But the FM band should've been expanded down to 76. Or, if they're gonna get translators, maybe AM broadcasters should try running programming worth listening to. Most wouldn't garner audiences on full-power FM's. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 22:42 Might move back to AM DX if this drought doesn't end...few weeks ago had a tentative KFAQ OK on 1170. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 22:41 Folks---not to be a party pooper....but ppl just will not tune to AM anymore like they used to...hence the "revitalization plan."/cdEL96 (
Jun21 22:21 [21:57] I'm in the U District. Ravenna. Moved here to the land of not-even-sporadic E in 2006. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 22:02 KAFE should change their liner - 'From the Peace Arch to whenever that religious station takes over'... > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 21:59 [21:53] What part of Seattle are you in? I lived in Greenwood (NW of Greenlake) from 93-99... // Lee VA (
Jun21 21:57 [21:53] Hey that's good news Rick! And that liner is hilarious, but so true (though they could have mentioned the similarly nightmarish traffic at the border crossing too, no?) // Lee VA (
Jun21 21:54 [21:32] I have a local AMer–with format almost identical to KGNW–that has TWO xltrs blocking 97.7 and 107.7. "Necessary" indeed, LOL! // Lee VA (
Jun21 21:53 Lee, K281CQ _is_ nullable; looks like full copy of KAFE under it. While nulling, the ironic KAFE liner: "From the Canada border crossing to north Seattle traffic in Everett." well, maybe Everett! - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 21:50 [21:32] 's only 99watts, so hopefully it won't be overpowering at your QTH // Lee VA (
Jun21 21:49 [21:32] Whoa, WTFDA scooping the FCC database...nice! Looks like it (
Jun21 21:48 With an event of that magnitude it would create a new layer in the atmosphere called the G-layer - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 21:42 (21:31) Re: KA3JAW: Possible F2 skip or something like that? - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun21 21:42 [21:31] I'd think it would be too hot to DX...../cdEL96 (
Jun21 21:40 [21:31] the late Charles B. from Keaau HI had Japan FM via multihop in late 1990s./cdEL96 (
Jun21 21:32 K281CQ is repeating KGNw. Real necessary, right? It's in the WTFDA database; that's how I know the callsign. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 21:31 Hopeing for a second Carrington event of Aug.-Sept. 1859. It would be nice to have Japan FM via Es from the East Coast - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 21:31 Thanks, Lee. The good news this year is that I'll have usefully gained 94.5 due to a translator's antenna move. Loud signal but easily nullable. I don't know yet whether new 104.1 can be nulled; only transmitting a few seconds at a time today. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 21:29 I'm surprised 104.1 KAFE Bellingham isn't raising a stink about a xltr on 104.1. Used to pick them up sometimes when I lived in North Seattle. (Unless xltr is in South Sound area?) // Lee VA (
Jun21 21:27 Which AM-er is K281CQ repeating? Can't find anything on it online, not even FCC... // Lee VA (
Jun21 21:26 [20:54] Sorry to hear Rick. Feels like a sucker punch every time I lose another frequency here. My 2 latest ones are the full 250 watts, won't be easily overpowered. // Lee VA (
Jun21 21:23 Probably 30-40% in the ocean, another 30% in rural areas of Canada with few or any FMs, let alone VHF DX hams - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun21 21:23 Yeah, Yak, I've had those thoughts. A Pacific network of FM beacons. Also thought about pre-radio: all that propagation and nothing to propagate. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 21:22 Good news---Es outta south FL. Bad news---it's WB7PTR./cdEL96 (
Jun21 21:20 If only there was an FM pirate 1000 miles out in the ocean. I would suppose the west coast 'Es' paths this year are mainly going into sharks and fish? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 21:15 The same effect, albeit not to the extent, of the deceptive maps during the VHF QSO party a couple weekends ago - K4NBF (
Jun21 21:14 Europe is also more densely populated with active VHF hams at all endpoints, unlike most parts of the USA, so I suspect it looks better than reality on the prop maps - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun21 21:09 Europe is to East Coast Dxers what the East Coast is to the West. A place that makes us feel like we don't get our share. All in the eye of the beholder. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 21:02 Last year July was quiet and August got hot de dwi/7 (
Jun21 20:56 Only 18 days with 144 MHz in Europe this month - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun21 20:55 Seems like the winter solstice. July better be making this up. Sometimes, July can come with a bang. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 20:54 Seattle is about ready to lose 104.1. Heard K281CQ testing today. 50,000-watt religious AM needs a translator. Riiiiiight! - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 20:47 Wow, DX Maps is EMPTY. Is this June, or February? de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun21 20:47 Early evening is just as bad lately. Few paths yet EU seems to be getting 144 Es every few days! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 20:09 I think the closeness of the sun tends to level the tidal affects of the Es layer at mid latitudes de ka5dwi/7 AZ (
Jun21 19:57 Once July shows up, it will get back to great Es. (
Jun21 19:56 One factor I noticed in my Es study back when was a levelling and some decline in the daytime around the Solstice. de dwi (
Jun21 19:47 kaboodle to coastal GA not to mention Citrus and Marion Counties in FL./cdEL96 (
Jun21 19:46 Definitely odd. We have the first full week of July off, and I plan to bring the whole DX kit and ma (
Jun21 19:36 Amazing. Lack of activity here in late June. If it weren't for my long logs of Regina and Wolf Point MT, a week or 2 ago I'd really be whiny. Tim EM86 (
Jun21 19:35 Today is the Summer Soltice, where's the Es storm - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 19:13 ....also had audio of Telemicro Dom Rep on 87.7---all the TM's are supposed to be on ch 5./cdEL96 (
Jun21 19:12 ....had WRGB 6 analog audio on 87.9 (while 6 went DT there), before FCC put the kibosh on that./cdEL96 (
Jun21 19:11 [16:45] prior to WEYS 6 sign on, during summer '09, I was able to bag the 87.7's in NYC & Chicago, PLUS.../cdEL96 (
Jun21 18:39 Here is what I got from Bayfield. - JVL (
Jun21 18:30 [18:12] Neither, I went between them, I was in Bayfield for a few days, the tropo there was amazing, I got WTCM @300mi everyday. - JVL (
Jun21 18:25 Can't blame BR's dental work. He lives west of me. Maybe a reflector... hee hee (
Jun21 18:24 I am the only western 10M PropNETter that had Es this morning de ka5dwi/7 art AZ¢er=US&last=4&call=&maptype=G3&geo=&zoom=1 (
Jun21 18:15 (18:12) They were a C2 before their tower fell down, then came back as a C1 - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun21 18:15 [17:01] Can't be any worse than WGLI-98.7; on the other hand Wausau-107.9 was great (on shared trip with Rick in S. Omaha five years ago)--Frank M. (
Jun21 18:12 WUPM 106.9, which just got full power back in late 2015. Did you visit Duluth, or did you travel in the UP MI? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 18:09 [14:59] Shoot, I wasn't paying attention. It looks like I should have been trying for FM translators up toward JVL, maybe even still-needed Madison LPTV's--Frank M. (
Jun21 18:07 [14:58 - "14:38"]--Maybe Rick wants to start populating his future Quad Cities log--Frank M. (
Jun21 18:04 [14:09] In the early Macomb days (1983-1988 or so) K1MOD used to get tons of cable leakage, and he never had cable--Frank M. (
Jun21 18:03 [14:05] Without FM skip, Es at those high-VHF frequencies may happen once every 50,000 years--Frank M. (
Jun21 17:39 So maybe troposcatter. En35 (
Jun21 17:38 103.3 WGLX Wisconsin Rapids and WIVQ Sterling? It's //97.7 - JVL DXer (
Jun21 17:36 I wouldn't really classify it as standard tropo, it fades up then goes away then comes back. - JVL (
Jun21 17:32 Tr WIBL Bloomington 107.7 142mi - JVL DXer (
Jun21 17:23 Whats funny is APRS is not showing that much tropo in your area JVL. - En35 (
Jun21 17:22 WUPZ 106.9 is another good station up there, they have some amazing sound quality and good programming. They also got out great. - JVL (
Jun21 17:18 Tr 99.3 WKEB Medford !! 173mi only 2nd time hearing it! - JVL DXer (
Jun21 17:15 They used to have a segment weeknights called "The 90s at 9". So many rarities, still have some airchecks I taped from a couple years ago. Horrific audio on their stream BTW > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 17:11 Sorry about that, I simply go to refresh the page and my smart(?)phone keeps submitting empty texts. GRRRRRRRR -- Rick in South Omaha (
Jun21 17:10 When I was up there last year they were still playing tons of music, I remember them playing Boston then some 90s song. - JVL DXer (
Jun21 17:07 (
Jun21 17:01 Ironwood, not Iron Mountain. Still a good catch. I used to listen to them all the time; but now they are just cookie-cutter classic rock...they used to have an IMMENSE playlist of almost anything - '70s, '80s, '90s, some CHR, even country. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 16:59 Nice log JVL. I have nothing in the way of tropo here - En35 (
Jun21 16:55 Tr S 99.7 WIMI Iron Mountain, MI 255mi "99-7 The Storm" new log - JVL DXer (
Jun21 16:46 Ok, that is weird. I tried typing an apostrophe and it put that weird character in. - En35 (
Jun21 16:45 The chicago 6 was running video as of a year ago. I saw it when I was out there in the suburbs at my aunt´s house, and yes it gets out well - En35 (
Jun21 16:43 As of now, I have just 5 Wisc FMs logged from Davenport: WHHI 91.3, WIZM 93.3, WGLR 97.7, WNWC 102.5, and WPVL 107.1. With the right trop cx next Wed and Thurs mornings, I expect that number to at least double, if not triple -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun21 16:32 I have my yagi extended at full height for the first time on the sony XDR, I forgot how common WIFC @157mi and WIXX @135mi are, I can pretty much always hear them on the yagi- JVL DXer (
Jun21 16:28 I had KCQQ over my local 15mi away with RDS. - JVL DXer (
Jun21 16:27 Stations swapping fast and furious on 88.3, 89.3 and 89.9, but...sounds like these area all just fringe locals // Lee VA (
Jun21 16:27 I'd think it'd be pretty easy, I can hear KUUL over my locals IBOC and 99.7 right next to WJVL, WDLM is also very common. (
Jun21 16:27 (
Jun21 16:22 [16:13] There's a semi-local (15 miles distant) on 99.7 that messes things up on 99.9 pretty good, although I have gotten WWCT from suburban Peoria there before. WBGR is worth a shot, I s'pose if trop cx are favorable next Wed or Thurs morning. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun21 16:19 I'm afraid if I put the antenna line onto one of my fillings I will get one of those exoplanet tv statiions that are sill using NTSC transmissions - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 16:13 I'd think you could hear WJVL or WBGR there. - JVL DXer (
Jun21 16:06 With the suffix "JAW", you must be the expert on dental work and its effects on reception, hi hi BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun21 16:03 [15:44] I get KATF in decently, well enough that I haven't been able to hear needed KGRC in Quincy/Hannibal through it yet. WSJY will be tough, as KGRS is usually quite strong on 107.3 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun21 16:00 A filling and crown is for analog tv, you need to install a bridge for digital tv - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 15:59 last time I was in the chicago area that station kind of shocked me - it gets out well JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jun21 15:58 not sure if the chicago franken-FM is still running any video....I know cleveland is running just a black image last I saw them. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jun21 15:58 Even better, it was a crown and a filling, so plenty of metal BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun21 15:57 [15:50] i'd think you should be able to hear Chicago on 87.75 just about anytime during the summer there JJ in EN82 / Pontiac MI (
Jun21 15:56 I hope those fillings attract VHF signals.. de dwi/7 (
Jun21 15:50 Es TV 6 I have a strong signal from 87.5 to 87.9 - JVL DXer (
Jun21 15:48 [15:34] Just got back from the dentist and monitoring BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun21 15:44 WZOK is one of my strongest locals, you should be able to hear KATF for sure at least, try for WSJY - JVL DXer (
Jun21 15:39 So far, just tropo in here, with no hint of Es. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun21 15:38 Tr 98.7 KWTO Springfiled MO (234 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 15:37 Es KUCV-91.1 NE Lincoln in briefly de fred SC FM03af (
Jun21 15:34 BR you around? de dwi/7 First activity since Saturday. (
Jun21 15:31 Tr 98.7 WNNS Springfield stream match 200mi NEW LOG - JVL DXer (
Jun21 15:30 JVL Es rises and drops (peaks and valleys). It could tease all morning - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun21 15:28 Skip was gone as fast as it came - JVL (
Jun21 15:27 Double hop 6 Meter Es to NC FM06 de ka5dwi/7 dm34 AZ (
Jun21 15:25 Es 92.9 KRMX "Shooter FM" Marlon / Waco, Tx. (1420mi) The young guns of country music. In and out, up and down, blah blah. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun21 15:25 Es 92.3 SS (
Jun21 15:24 Es 89.3 WRKF Baton Rouge, LA, RDS: WRKF - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun21 15:20 Tr 98.3 KBOC Bridgeport TX "Luna" (203 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 15:19 Tr 95.1 WDZQ Decatur NEW LOG - JVL DXer (
Jun21 15:19 [14:41] Nothing much from your direction, except for WZOK 97.5. Mostly Burlington/Keokuk, some Galesburg and Peoria, too. Bloomington-Normal on 101.5 is blocked by KUUL's IBOC. Still haven't heard anything in Chicago or Milwaukee from Davenport -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun21 15:08 Heard a male voice with southern accent talking for couple seconds on 88.3, then dropped out - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 15:08 Tr 90.3 WHLA La Crosse, WI "WPR" mentions under local KFAI - En35 (
Jun21 15:07 OK something is trying to lift up on 88.3 now under the noise - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 15:06 Leave it to K3PHL, he would be the first reporting Es - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun21 15:04 the image and then set it as the computer desktop background. They will ALWAYS think they have Es! :-P - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun21 15:03 Wanna drive a TV/FM dxer crazy? On the dxers computer, make a screen capture of DxMaps when there is a major Es opening,.... (
Jun21 15:01 Es 88.3 KRTG Carthage, TX (1209 mi) TOH ID - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun21 14:59 Tr 89.3 WIPA Springfield 222mi New Log - JVL DXer (
Jun21 14:58 Es 95.9 WBBN Taylorsville, MS (992 mi) PI:5773 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun21 14:58 [14:38] Oh good... there should be lots of DX here then! Thanks Rick! - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 14:57 Band is unsettled here but it sounds kinda like tropo. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun21 14:56 UN-ID 89.3 Classical I'm aimed south, not Es. - JVL DXer (
Jun21 14:55 [14:38] A surprise ARRL contest again?/cdEL96 (
Jun21 14:53 No 88.3 Es touchdowns here yet - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 14:52 [14:39] I often use an old Radio Shack 20 dB amplifier which helps out with TV using FM antenna. Sometimes using it for FM it just overloads./cdEL96 (
Jun21 14:50 [14:38] trying as hard as I can, Jim. It is what it is./cdEL96 (
Jun21 14:48 An FM yagi connected to a TV would be fine for channels 5 & 6---others, not so much---but I did have KJWP 2 using it last month./ (
Jun21 14:46 Es 88.3 with SonLife programming, likely KJGM Bastrop, LA (1053 mi) - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun21 14:41 That'd be pretty likely, I hear the QC very often, wonder what you'd get from there. - JVL (
Jun21 14:39 I have an amplified indoor antenna that gets no use though. - JVL DXer (
Jun21 14:39 monitoring all morning, nothing in FM here - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun21 14:39 I've only tried to DX TV a few times, I've never put my fm yagi to a TV but my dipole would get all my locals from 35mi away (
Jun21 14:38 [13:30] JVL, I'm tentatively planning on being in the Quad Cities (specifically Davenport, IA) Tues thru Thurs of next week...not close enough for us to meet up, but if there are trop or Es going on at the time, you and I should be hearing much of the same stuff -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun21 14:38 All the six meter Es lines on the map and no TV or FM Es?? Is it only a joke? I think I hear the Split Enz singing "I See Red" - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun21 14:37 Tr 90.3 WHLA La Crosse (Tx in Minnesota) WPR - JVL DXer (
Jun21 14:37 I have caught Kalamazoo twice on 5, but not WIWN./cdEL96 (
Jun21 14:36 13:38- 99.7 WXAJ Hillsboro, IL. (
Jun21 14:36 JVL---do you check for TV DX? I was wondering if you ever saw WIWN RF 5 near Milwaukee./cdEL96 (
Jun21 14:34 Tr 93.3 WIZM La Crosse 140mi rare relog - JVL DXer (
Jun21 14:33 Tr 97.5 KJCJ-FM Junction City KS "Power Hits 97 5" (185 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 14:29 Tr 94.3 WPMJ Peoria NEW LOG - JVL DXer (
Jun21 14:19 [14:14] that happened to me shortly after USA went 100% DTV. Thank the Lord it was settled shortly afterward./cdEL96 (
Jun21 14:18 If you do get Es that high on the band, we'll all be celebrating! It'll mean this season has some life in it. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 14:17 Red lines from my QTH to NNW, but I see/hear nothing outside of Tr to Orlando area./cdEL96 (
Jun21 14:15 [14:04] my thoughts exactly. Especially if no fading./cdEL96 (
Jun21 14:15 Tr 105.7 WIXO Peoria 135mi in under WAPL Appleton (130mi) - JVL DXer (
Jun21 14:14 Dennis, you can get cable leakage without subscribing to cable. Could come from a neighbor. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 14:13 Is your OTA antenna inside or outside - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 14:12 oops that's 3 khz (
Jun21 14:11 I'm using Ham Radio Deluxe with a PCR1000. Monitoring TV video Carriers on CW with 3 Mhz filter. (
Jun21 14:09 I don't have cable..I use OTA TV (
Jun21 14:05 Does your TV cable enter to the east side of your residence? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 14:05 Dennis, Es on those high frequencies isn't very likely if your FM band has no skip. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 14:04 I highly suspect you have subsription TV cable leak - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 14:03 Dennis: The highest Es MUF being reported on dxmaps is 67 MHz over EM87 at 13:55 UTC - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 14:02 Es 174.250 (Lower edge of analog CH7 video carrier. Any Ideas??? DKB FM18fa (
Jun21 14:01 (13:19) Correction - the KUT 90.5 Austin repeater on 88.1 is KXBT, Somerville, TX - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun21 13:56 Tr 103.7 WDBR Springfield in ok 201mi off the back of the yagi that I just bent an element. - JVL DXer (
Jun21 13:52 even = event/cdEL96 (
Jun21 13:51 [13:36] I read some of that. To this day, I don't get the appeal of such an even; but then again, I love candlepin bowling./cdEL96 (
Jun21 13:50 Tr 95.9 KFWR Jacksboro TX "95 9 The Ranch" (238 mi) - NEW- de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 13:48 Es 187.25 Dennis FM18fa (
Jun21 13:47 Getting lots of stations off the back - JVL (
Jun21 13:46 Tr WPBG Peoria HD (has a -4!) - JVL (
Jun21 13:42 Tr 91.9 NPR News Morning Edition will be a new log - JVL (
Jun21 13:40 Es 83.250 analog CH6....Dennis...FM18fa (
Jun21 13:38 99.7 "the new 99-7 the mix" - JVL (
Jun21 13:36 The Royal Gazette: America's Cup Broadcasting Changes - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 13:30 Tr 96.9 WXLP RDS Quad Cities - JVL DXer (
Jun21 13:29 Bermuda Broadcasting's site has been inoperative for weeks./cdEL96 (
Jun21 13:28 [05:44] Any idea what programming is on those subs? Where can I find such info online?/cdEL96 (
Jun21 13:23 Tr 93.5 WSJK Tuscola ESPN Radio 6kW @ 191mi - JVL DXer (
Jun21 13:20 Now hearing Air1 on 88.1 - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun21 13:20 Tr 92.9 WRPW Bloomington 6kW @152mi in good, rare relog- JVL DXer (
Jun21 13:19 Tr 88.1 a mention of KUT (90.5, Austin, TX) on repeater station KUTX, Somerville, TX on 88.1 - 8:14am CDT - to the SSE - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun21 13:18 JanesViLle, Wisconsin (
Jun21 13:18 Tr 94.5 WLRW Champaign 180mi in good over WKTI - JVL DXer (
Jun21 13:17 JVL..what's your location??? (
Jun21 13:17 N8NU: The VHF-Low band dipole antenna has neither a low pass filter or low pass balun in-line - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 13:16 Tr 89.1 WHAA Adams 96mi of the back of the yagi, always wanted this one, NEW LOG - JVL DXer (
Jun21 13:15 Tr 90.9 WILL Champaign 180mi in good - JVL DXer (
Jun21 12:16 The catch is that the three dimensional pattern of such an antenna at UHF looks like an angry porcupine- many sharp quills in all different directions. N8NU (
Jun21 12:14 [09:22] Not unusual (unless the VHF antenna has a low pass filter or a low pass balun) N8NU (
Jun21 12:11 Tr 94.5 KSOC Gainesville TX "Boom 94 5" (199 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 11:58 Tr 92.9 KNIN Wichita Falls TX (182 mi) mixing with KBEZ Tulsa (76 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 11:47 Tr 97.3 KLRX Lee's Summit MO (248 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 11:44 [11:42] that should be mixing w/KJKE OKC - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 11:42 Tr 93.3 KMXV Kansas City MO (243 mi) mixing with KSKE OKC (83 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 09:22 Kind of odd I'm getting UHF channels from the east when the antenna was designed for VHF-low - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 09:10 Also IND 18rf/63psip WMBC-TV from Monclair State University near Clifton, NJ - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 08:58 Caught UniMas 30rf/68psip WFUT-DT from the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan, NYC - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 05:44 Bermuda DTV UHF 20 has nine subchannels - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 05:18 cd: ZBM-CBS-9 and ZFB-ABC-7 are on ATSC UHF 20.1 and 20.2 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 05:18 oops....wrong box again (
Jun21 05:18 103.3 (
Jun21 05:08 Tr (I assume) WERX 102.5 The Shark - Columbia (Nags Head) NC 175 Miles....Dennis FM18fa (
Jun21 04:53 Bermuda Broadcasting sez they are ATSC, but other sources have another system mentioned./ (
Jun21 04:52 More/cdEL96-> (
Jun21 04:50 Bermuda has officially gone 100% DTV; but even when they were analog, they were not very strong AFAIK. However a check of 89.1 or 94.9 for Bermuda would help./cdEL96 (
Jun21 04:17 [02:56, 03:11] Bermuda??? N8NU (
Jun21 03:49 WVBT DTV CH 43 VA,Beach, VA (108 Mi) Dennis FM18fa (
Jun21 03:41 Forgot my ID on those DTV reports....Dennis FM18fa (
Jun21 03:40 WVEC DTV CH 13 Norfolk, VA, ( 112 Mi) WTPC DTV CH 21 VA Beach, VA (105 Mi), WSKY DTV CH 4 Powells Point, VA (113 Mi) (
Jun21 03:38 No Es on 94.1 on unattended recordings. Very noisy frequency. Thinking I'm not going to leave the radio on that one any more - En35 (
Jun21 03:30 Since I was getting so many higher channel signal I scanned my TV for Digital channels and got 3 (
Jun21 03:15 Could that hi-V analog be---I hate to say this---cable leakage?/cdEL96 (
Jun21 03:11 Good signal 199.24 Ch 11 Dennis.....FM18fa. Once again, any ideas??? (
Jun21 03:06 No idea what this could be. It fades out when I move the antenna south towards Cuba...Dennis (
Jun21 02:58 Not Es, maybe Ms? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 02:56 Es 181.250 CH8 ..Antenna due East....Hmmmm Dennis...FM18fa (
Jun21 02:44 WDCN Fairfax is listed at 3kw...Analog Channel 6...Dennis (
Jun21 02:43 I now using my PCR-1000 with Ham Radio Deluxe Dennis. (
Jun21 02:35 We were at Mt Davis PA in 2015 and I did an FM Bandscan. I believe Fairfax showed even up there./cdEL96 (
Jun21 02:32 Possibly Fairfax. They do have an LPTV station on channel 6 WDCN. Fairfax is about 60 mile from me. Dennis...FM18fa (
Jun21 02:30 87.75 audio would help further, although the Sony XDR-F1HD is too selective to hear 87.75./cdEL96 (
Jun21 02:28 Fairfax VA has one in Spanish. That might be it./cdEL96 (
Jun21 02:28 Fair fall (
Jun21 02:28 Definitely Es, Dennis? It might be one of those low power stations that use 6 to broadcast as an FM station on 87.7./cdEL96 (
Jun21 02:23 I see a cghannel 6 in Mecicine Hat, Alberta...Dennis (
Jun21 02:19 I see a cghannel 6 in Mecicine Hat, Alberta...Dennis (
Jun21 02:18 I just spun the antenna 360 degrees and it's strongest due north from here in VA Dennis.....FM18fa (
Jun21 02:13 What other analog 6's in Canada are still with us?/cdEL96 (
Jun21 02:10 That would be short Es wouldn't it?/cdEL96 (
Jun21 02:10 ON??/cdEL96 (
Jun21 02:09 CJOH Deseronto ON, (
Jun21 02:06 Just turned antenna Due North so.... Dennis (
Jun21 02:06 Es 83.250 CH6....Dennis...FM18fa (
Jun21 01:50 Well, I pressed my luck by visiting a friend for about three and a half hours...looks like I didn't miss anything--Frank M. (
Jun21 01:29 Nada so far cd. Craig EL98 (
Jun21 01:27 Ch 9 Cubavisión in Jacan/Matanzas gets out as much, if not more, than other Cuba TV stations, at least in the Keys./cdEL96 (
Jun21 01:25 [23:33 11 days] warning signs of addiction - Jerry (
Jun21 01:25 [00:10] For real?? Possible, but I personally haven't had any Es above 162.55 MHz./cdEL96 (
Jun21 01:23 Any TV/FM, Craig? I'm still at my work---looks like I am missing out./cdEL96 (
Jun21 01:13 Low band NFM picking up here first time today, 33- 46, PA, MO and OK mostly. Craig EL98 (
Jun21 01:11 WRNS Kingston, NC 160 miles Dennis....FM18fa (
Jun21 00:35 DAMN...typed in wrong box again...Dennis (
Jun21 00:34 90.1 (
Jun21 00:34 Best I can do tonight 140 miles to Elizabeth, NC 89.9 (
Jun21 00:26 Routinely hear nearby carriers on DTV 2-6, 55.26. 83.24, 83.25 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun21 00:16 Figure it was Cuba, gone now - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun21 00:15 Dennis, 3 kHz filter, no idea on TV 9 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun21 00:10 Es Also 193.250 and 193.260. These are higher channels than I've heard lately. Maybe not TV carrier????? any thoughts Dennis....FM18 (
Jun21 00:07 My antenna is facing South so the wife can watch her Richmond channels! Dennis (
Jun21 00:07 Rich, I'm getting a weak carrier on 187.250 CH9. Any ideas on this one? (
Jun21 00:04 We thinking Canada or Carib fellas? de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun21 00:03 Now using HamRadioDeluze with PCR-1000. Seems to be doing pretty good. Dennis (
Jun21 00:02 Rich, what filters are u using on CW for the TV carriers..I'm using 6khz...Dennis (
Jun21 00:00 Es 55.250 Dennis FM18fa (
Jun21 00:00 ES 55.250 Dennis FM18fa (
Jun20 23:58 Es 77.25 Dennis ...FM18fa (
Jun20 23:56 First red all day (
Jun20 23:56 Rich, I was just about to post that 55.24!! Dennis (
Jun20 23:50 Es 55.240 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun20 23:33 11 days since last noticeable skip here... > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 23:15 Just basing this on what days I've openings. En35 (
Jun20 23:13 I've come to figure that I get skip here ever four days or so. That's how the openings have been shaping up. That means Friday should be the next chapter. En35 (
Jun20 22:09 {19:10] WEST-AM tower is 1.5 blocks away. Still standing since 1936 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 21:36 [21:25] this board is the reverse of business. When we are "in the red," all is well. "In the black," however..../cdEL96 (
Jun20 21:34 Sure its always worth looking, but I figured some weeks ago, since I've only had 1 event this year, its likely this will be another consecutive bad season here in Sherman Oaks (
Jun20 21:27 Halfway through the traditional season ( May to August) is what I meant. But July can bring some hum dingers Tim EM86 (
Jun20 21:25 I could really use some FM Es right now. Gee we are halfway through peak now. Tim EM86 (
Jun20 21:09 Forget it/cdEL96 (
Jun20 21:08 I read I (
Jun20 21:08 I read I (
Jun20 20:56 And today I've logged....Squat, USA (
Jun20 20:49 [18:10] I can routinely hear California MO (94.3) here with the directional antenna, and Virginia IL (101.3) can be heard on anything--Frank M. (
Jun20 20:23 Or it is East Branch and NOT south Branch? One of the directions isn't represented (and again, I assume, this is all about rivers)--Frank M. (
Jun20 20:22 [18:17] In Michigan, look up Branch County, West Branch, North Branch, and South Branch--Frank M. (
Jun20 20:19 Makes me think of a roomful of serious DX'ers sitting in a ballroom with AM "wired-box" antennas that are all decked-out in Art Deco or something--Frank M. (
Jun20 20:17 Such as, I think, Scenic Loop Playground, Texas which I think San Antonio ate--Frank M. (
Jun20 19:55 A lot of town names have disappeared, remembered only in minds of long-term residents and ancient street signs ... Mike (
Jun20 19:45 And of course North Atlanta GA (home of WCNN AM 680) no longer exists. Name was abandoned around 1967./cdEL96 (
Jun20 19:45 OOPS typed in wrong box (
Jun20 19:45 87.1 (
Jun20 19:44 [19:40] "the Bandscan From H-E-Doublehockeysticks"??--Frank M. (
Jun20 19:44 [19:18] someone on a messageboard has a signature like something like: Irony is writing "Your an idiot."/ (
Jun20 19:42 [18:05] Old WB cartoons used to have a guy yell "Cooooo-camonga!", and they would say WallaWallaWashington really fast./cdEL96 (
Jun20 19:40 Also [opposite of Heaven], MI---someone actually did a band scan there recently./cdEL96 (
Jun20 19:38 [19:10] a true call letter irony; on top of that, it's SS!/cdEL96 (
Jun20 19:26 Salsipuedes (a major street in Santa Barbara) - "Leave, if you can!"--Frank M. (
Jun20 19:10 How about the station WEST, in Easton PA - Bob NJ (
Jun20 19:02 Atlantic City, Wyoming--Frank M. (
Jun20 18:58 How about Jersey Shore PA in the middle of the state? - Rich PA FN11 guess where? (
Jun20 18:53 The traffic o this reflector takes a strange turn when there is no Skip to report. :-) DE Les N1LF (
Jun20 18:39 [18:21] also War, Gay, Man...and there's Head of Grassy KY, and Peculiar MO--Frank M. (
Jun20 18:39 [18:12] That can happen when you name places for their rivers--Frank M. (
Jun20 18:30 WOW, Haven't seen any red here in a LONG time. (
Jun20 18:28 Cable technicians cut my antenna cord, gonna cry... - Gargadon (
Jun20 18:22 [18:04] How is it better than Microsoft Excel? - Matt EN21 (
Jun20 18:21 I suggest checking out WV for some weird town names; Odd, WV comes to mind. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jun20 18:17 Baltimore, OH is east of Columbus; North Baltimore is actually way NW of that, north of Findlay. And West Point, OH is in the EASTERN part of the state, near East Liverpool. de Eric B (
Jun20 18:13 There's Cut and Shoot, Texas, which is north of Houston. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun20 18:12 Then, of course, in Ohio, Upper Sandusky is actually a couple of counties southwest of Sandusky. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun20 18:10 I just logged a station in California, Maryland (
Jun20 18:10 How about Accident, MD? I passed through there while on vacation last April. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun20 18:10 I suppose there are other examples like West New York, New Jersey? Chime in Sherman Oaks, quite tragic nearly peak of a normal season, but no action (
Jun20 18:08 Or Blue Ball. PA (
Jun20 18:05 Going back to weird names, don't forget Cucamonga CA or Tuzigoot AZ ... Mike (
Jun20 18:04 Google Sheets is by far the best for a station log. - JVL DXer (
Jun20 18:03 - JVL DXer Janesville WI (
Jun20 18:03 I've been alerted to a skip opening and got 2 RDS Es logs while in the bathroom on my handheld insignia (
Jun20 18:02 Can someone recommend a (preferably free) good DX logging software for Windows? Dennis (
Jun20 17:54 [17:42] LOL. I have a dedicated bathroom DX radio - a waterproof Sangean H201. (I don't use it in the shower, though.) I've made some Es and tropo catches on it & I use it for unattended recordings. :-D - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun20 17:51 Isn't that one of the requirements to join WTFDA? Your outhouse must have a TV antenna mounted - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 17:45 Years ago I missed a large Es opening due to sleeping in. The MUF was almost to 108 at 7:30-8AM IIRC. I was pi$$ed. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:44 Last June, woke up from a peaceful sleep, and promptly heard Es fading up on 100.3; then heard two Lubbock relogs just minutes after > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:42 OK...seriously, I've never DXed from a bathroom, but I have gotten Es within five minutes of waking up and stretching > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:41 Bill and I just looked at each other in the living room and started laughing, wondering if the toilet seat was enhancing Jim's reception. Ever since, we've referred to it as the "parabolic antenna". :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun20 17:39 OK, a little explanation is in order...years ago, DXer Bill Dvorak hosted a GTG at his house in Madison, WI. A shortwave DXer named Jim Albrecht was using "the facilities" and DXing while doing so when he loudly and proudly announced a station he was picking up (
Jun20 17:38 And when the sun sets on TX, you can sleep in Goodnight, TX...near Amarillo > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 17:38 Tr 96.7 WKRX Roxboro, NC "Kickin' Country" 126 miles, 227°, 3kW, NEW // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:34 [17:29] Are you using a parabolic antenna? :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun20 17:29 dxing from the bathroom (
Jun20 17:16 After lunch, get your haircut at 'Scalp Level' - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 17:14 The take lunch in 'Lake In The Clouds' - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 17:12 After a visit there, you can move on to Breakneck - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 17:11 Then there is Braintrim, PA - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 17:07 I always liked Yeehaw Junction, Florida... nothing but a spot on the Turnpike. - Matt EN21 (
Jun20 17:07 C'mon along!/cdEL96--> (
Jun20 17:04 Just a small village in FL, but its name IMO is a hands down winner---Two Egg./cdEL96 (
Jun20 17:03 Do you remember when Hamilton, Ohio wanted to change their name to "Hamilton!" with punctuation? - Matt EN21 (
Jun20 17:02 Yeah, Tucumcari is up there too in my favorite place names, but it doesn't have the "flow" of the others. Fond du Lac is also pretty cool (and all four are generally nice towns, though Kalamazoo closer to "ordinary" for its size)--Frank M. (
Jun20 16:54 Monitoring for skip here in Janesville, DX Maps shows a path to NJ / NY; nothing yet.- JVL DXer (
Jun20 16:46 ...Raleigh/Durham signals (~150 miles SW) also joining in on the fun // Lee VA (
Jun20 16:45 Unusual mid-day enhancement here today, Norfolk signals (~90 miles SE) blasting in, overpowering weaker locals, several HD decodes... // Lee VA (
Jun20 16:23 I was the OP, and this turned out to be an urban legend./cdEL96-> (
Jun20 16:13 [15:51, 15:59] wow, never knew that...too funny! // Lee VA (
Jun20 16:12 In 2005, Clark, TX (est. 2001, population 201) changed it's name to DISH, Texas in exchange for 10 years of free DISH Network satellite TV for its residents // Lee VA (
Jun20 16:05 Tr 106.3.KBZS Wichita Falls TX "The Buzz" (184 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 16:00 [14:52] it's supposedly the oyster capital of the world. Local station calls are WOYS 100.5./cdEL96 (
Jun20 15:59 T or C actually held the contest---the first city to change its name to that won some honors/prizes./cdEL96 (
Jun20 15:52 And yes, I have BEEN to T or C, very scenic town - JimT/MO (
Jun20 15:51 Hot Springs NM changed its name to T or C, after a contest with a suggestion to change its name to the game show name :-) - JimT/MO (
Jun20 15:49 A running family joke, "What do you say we all get out of here and go to Tucumcari?" - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 15:48 This train WILL stop there :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun20 15:46 [15:40] "T-u-c-u-m-c-a-r-i," but you were close enough! // Lee VA (
Jun20 15:43 Tr 103.9 KHYM Copeland KS (190 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 15:40 re:1452 Frank, for 2 other unusual names, Truth or Consequences or Toocomcarry, sorry about spelling in New Mexico. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jun20 15:07 Tr 102.1 KDGE Fort Worth-Dallas TX "New Star 102-1” (263 mi) - NEW - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 14:55 So, now, show me your [strike]ti ts[/strike] RED,. lol--Frank M. (
Jun20 14:54 Tr 102.1 KCKC Kansas City. MO "KC 102.1248 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 14:53 Probably saved myself thousands of hours of work (not to mention putting myself in danger)--Frank M. (
Jun20 14:53 [12:35] In nearly 30 years, I've never once taken antennas down because a storm is coming, and I've never had damage--Frank M. (
Jun20 14:52 OK it's not next to Kalamazoo, so sue me, lol--Frank M. (
Jun20 14:52 [14:15] I don't know much about Apalachicola (only through there once late 70s), but my second-favorite USA place name next to Kalamazoo--Frank M. (
Jun20 14:28 Today sure isn't the day to go, but---/cdEL96--> (
Jun20 14:21 There is a continue risk for Tornadoes that are enbedded in storms that are along the Squall line rains that come in from the Gulf Thru the next three days - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 14:19 Tr Oklahoma City UHFs decoding, around 395 miles - Matt EN21 (
Jun20 14:16 Not far from there is Salinas Park, where one can DX all day and night, in a small screened house with electricity!/cdEL96 (
Jun20 14:15 I love Apalachicola :( /cdEL96 (
Jun20 14:13 [12:53] Tornado Warning issued for parts of the Florida Panhandle. Apalachicola Florida is where the Radar indicated Tornado is located - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 13:36 Tr 95.1 KICT "T-95" Wichita strong to KC this morning. de KC vet. (
Jun20 12:56 Tr 100.7 KHOK Hosington KS "Eagle Country" (166 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 12:53 PTC3 could become a tropical storm today. Fort Pickens Area access road closed due to flooding - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 12:36 Wow it's already that close?/cdEL96 (
Jun20 12:35 At this point in time it's too late to safely take them down. That action should have been done 24 hours ago - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 12:32 Antennas should handle 40 mph wind gusts - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 12:27 I assume that in this storm area, antennas will have to be taken down. Better to be safe than sorry./cdEL96 (
Jun20 12:26 [04:55] ¡Muy bien!/cdEL96 (
Jun20 11:52 Time to sandbag up - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 11:51 LA, MS,AL, western FL coastlines will get up to 7" of precipitation due to 'Potential Tropical Cyclone 3' in the center of the GOM - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 11:50 Tr 99.9 KSKG Salina KS ”99 KG" (167 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 11:18 Tr 98.1 KMBZ Kansas City KS (243 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 10:59 Tr 97.3 KLRX Lee's Summit MO "K- Love" (248 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 10:50 Tr 95.5 KAHE Dodge City KS "Southwest Kansas' Super Hits" (182 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 10:42 Tr 93.9 KJMK Webb City MO "Classic Hits 93.9" (173 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 10:37 Tr 94.9 KNCK Concordia KS (212 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 10:34 Tr 93.5 KKDT Burdett KS (198 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 06:16 [06:05] OK thanks Gargadon - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 06:06 (
Jun20 06:06 Tr 101.5 KIZS, Collinsville, OK - Spanish music - mixing with KFMD, Greenland, AR - Classic Hits - to my NNW - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun20 06:05 [05:02] Actually not, just cloudy. Heavy rain was last week - Gargadon (
Jun20 05:19 [05:15] the models could shift east or west of your area between now & Friday - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 05:15 Randy in Fort Walton Beach NWS computer models are showing 5 to 7 inches of rain in your area between now & Fri. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 05:02 Hi Gargadon, how are you. Is it raining a lot in your location -amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 04:56 [04:53] I remember a few months back your area had a fire problem because of extreme drought conditions. now it is massive amounts of rain & flooding - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 04:55 Ok, I'll try - Gargadon (
Jun20 04:53 cd,I hope you don't have any flooding problems. Crazy how the weather is now. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 04:16 OK this is it....don't know what I did wrong. Looks kinda 3D./cd-> (
Jun20 04:13 This was an example. The link didn't work for me. I tried variations. Nothing worked./cdEL96 (
Jun20 04:05 Like this/cd-> (
Jun20 04:02 Gargadon---be sure you use the double-window below all these posts, to create a hyperlink./cdEL96 (
Jun20 04:01 Logs update after today. 3 new states and 1 new province. - En35 (
Jun20 04:01 Nearly every day for the last 3+ weeks, am. Near flood condx. Thank the Lord that electricity has been dependable./cdEL96 (
Jun20 03:20 HI cd, are you receiving lots of rain from this tropical system that will affect my area soon? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 03:14 [02:42] thanks Gargadon for the info on the Logo change - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun20 03:12 Thanks Gargadon for logo update./cdEL96 (
Jun20 03:11 Thanks (
Jun20 02:48 Tr 102.1 WIMT "T-102" with country music on drive home from work - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun20 02:42 Actually this is the new Cubavision logo: - Gargadon (
Jun20 02:33 Going over unattendeds, had a FF on 92.9. Will be posting to WTFDA - En35 (
Jun20 02:10 Contrast this with channel 2. Pinar Del Rio is plus, and does sometimes ID as Tele Pinar. Habana is 2 minus, and Santiago is zero w/Cubavision whilst Pinar and Habana are Tele Rebelde N8NU (
Jun20 02:07 I've never seen an ID for any of them, through nearly four decades N8NU (
Jun20 02:04 [00:34] AFAIK, there are three A3 stations in Cuba, all Cubavision, all zero offset N8NU (
Jun20 01:49 Es A2- CTV from west, possibly CKBQ N8NU (
Jun20 00:59 Es 83.250 ...Dennis...FM18fa (
Jun20 00:49 Cubavisión animated logo from 2014/cd-> (
Jun20 00:47 Cubavisión (not to be confused with online Cubavisión Internacional) has channel 6 Havana as flagship./cdEL96 (
Jun20 00:46 [00:34] the most likely ch 3 in Cuba (there are more than one) is Cubavisiòn in Santa Clara...>>>/cdEL96 (
Jun20 00:35 Es 61.260 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun20 00:34 Es Channel 3 was definitely Cuba but not on long enough for ID. Anyone know the ID for Cuba Channel 3???? (
Jun20 00:27 [23:50] Frank: Thank you! I'll pass it on to my friend ... Mike (
Jun20 00:21 Es ... had a surge into FM from Miles City MT 92.3 88.3, also ND IDed up to 93.9; MUF briefly 101.9. This seems to be over. Saul @ Burnt River ON (
Jun20 00:19 ES TV3 with picture and audio. Dennis FM18 (
Jun20 00:17 I try to use 6 meters as an indication, not precise - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun20 00:13 Ri8ch, so how can you tell where the skip is coming from?? (
Jun20 00:12 Es 61.250 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun20 00:04 Nova Scotia - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun20 00:01 Es now 55.26 Dennis FM18fa (
Jun20 00:00 Es A2- CKBQ Melfort, SK ads fore Golden Eagle Casino and Northern Lights Casino de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun19 23:54 Rich, what is meant by NS in relation to your post about 61.26?? Dennis (
Jun19 23:50 Hard to say what I am hearing as I have 6 meter beacons in from both directions (NW and NE) de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun19 23:50 [08:09] Mike, my website is (let me know you saw this) - Frank M. (
Jun19 23:45 Es 61.260 would assume NS - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 23:41 350 mile Es on 6 meters FN35 Quebec - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 23:37 CKPR and CKSA are the only ch 2 DTs in Canada, unless Sheet Harbour NS went digital. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 23:37 [20:18] Kamiah ID 88.7 is about 1,310 from here--Frank M. (
Jun19 23:34 Es 54.308 DTV-2 pilot in Canada - I thnk NE from me though de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun19 23:29 Es 54.310 and Maine beacon in off the side of antenna now de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun19 23:27 Yes Yak - likely them as I have had them before, as recent as last week de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun19 23:22 *Waiting for Es to come - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 23:22 Bill, looks like CKBQ SK is minus > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 23:18 I'm waiting Es too. Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 23:12 Praying for an Es comeback! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 23:08 Antenna facing due south so probably Cuba (
Jun19 23:07 Es 67.260 Seems to be coming alive here. Dennis (
Jun19 23:04 Es 61.25 Dennis FM18fa (
Jun19 23:02 Es 55.24 Dennis FM18fa (
Jun19 22:57 [22:12] Not here in FM cd. Some low band 30-46 hitting. Craig EL98 (
Jun19 22:55 Es 55.240 to Northwest (Canada) de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun19 22:36 [22:25] Yes, likely Havana - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 22:26 Dennis FM18fa (
Jun19 22:25 Rich, is that the tone I hear on 55.24? Is that the signal. Going up to S4 (
Jun19 22:18 Just 55.240 now - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 22:12 Looks like FL getting Es now, but I'm at work./cdEL96 (
Jun19 22:10 Es 67.250, 77.250 gone. FL on 6 meters - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 22:04 Es 77.250 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 22:03 Tr 89.1 KWRI, Bartlesville, OK - to the SSE - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 21:56 Be careful, Mike-La & anyone else in the area./cdEL96 (
Jun19 21:47 Tropical Storm Warning just issued for the Louisiana coast for what may become TS Cindy sometime tomorrow.. Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jun19 21:40 There is a just detectable signal on 61.250.500 peaking 3dB above the -76dBFS noise floor - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 21:35 55.240, 55.260 as well - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 21:31 Es 61.250 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 21:24 Es 55.240 SSE de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun19 21:14 Good to see a local here Lee (
Jun19 20:43 Welcome Dennis in Ladysmith, VA, I know your exit (110) off I-95 well! I am ~ 30 miles to your SSE // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun19 20:41 Thanks Yak! I've been offline for a few days... // Lee VA (
Jun19 20:27 That's Dennis in Ladysmith, VA. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 20:24 [19:54] Greetings neighbor! (who is this?) // Lee VAFM17io (
Jun19 20:18 Farthest distance this morning was just over 1k miles. Shortest 830 mi. En35 (
Jun19 20:15 Hoping for an Es comeback this evening, looks like 6m is fading out. Today's FM cloud failed to reach eastern WA > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 20:15 Latent Es from 11:20ish AM this morning on my commute, 96.1 KID-FM. Idaho falls area. That was the last I heard from Idaho. En35 (
Jun19 20:11 S.T.W. in effect till 8 pm - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 19:57 Severe thunderstorm warning here too; moving from west to east. One power hit already - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 19:54 Big T-storms starting here in central VA (
Jun19 19:28 briefly checking recordings from today and had MPR Classical on 95.5 while 93.7 KBRK was quite strong, looks like K238AX Brookings, SD ERP 160 watts - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 19:03 Latent Es 91.1 KTSD Reliance SD, RDS - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 18:54 Ignore the red---I dood it again./cdEL96 (
Jun19 18:53 Es behaving like Au with a "shield" or buffer from the South USA./cdEL96 (
Jun19 18:51 I stress that, so it was sent twice. :)/cdEL96 (
Jun19 18:51 For analog offset, use +/- 10 kHz./cdEL96 (
Jun19 18:51 For analog offset, use +/- 10 kHz./cdEL96 (
Jun19 18:50 NTSC & ATSC freq list/cdEL96--> (
Jun19 18:45 [17:13] Probably the New Hampshire, but I won't log it without more information. - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 18:40 OK, now while listening I ocassionally hear a loud tone and then it disappears. (
Jun19 18:35 You use CW mode as it enables you to fine tune the frequency down to 100hz range - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 18:33 Corr: (-70dB) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 18:32 [17:49] Dennis - Your looking for a signal to come up above the noise floor (70dB) on the main 55.250 or the two offsets (-) 55.240 or (+) 55.260 in CW mode - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun19 18:31 Dead quiet here :( de dwi/7 AZ (
Jun19 18:24 Can someone recommend a good preferably free, logging software for windows? Dennis (
Jun19 18:18 Art, AC7XP had Salt Lake City earlier via Es > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 18:16 Northern Digisondes show high FoEs, South very faint. Ol' Sol up to no good. de ka5dwi/7 (
Jun19 18:15 Another weird Es day. Seems to be concentrated up north. de dwi/7 (
Jun19 18:11 Wyoming isn't new but hearing my former locals was pretty awesome. En35 (
Jun19 18:11 Three new states today, Utah, Idaho and Pennsylvania. En35 (
Jun19 18:08 Tr latent KKOK 95.7 right over stupid xlator. En35 (
Jun19 18:03 Tr 91.5 KCBK, Frederick, OK - to the NNW- Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 18:00 6m down to 500 miles ND-WY > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 17:50 Or listening for Dennis (
Jun19 17:49 OK another Noob question. When monitoring video carrier for analog TV channels, what am I looking for using SDR and HDSDR?? Dennis (
Jun19 17:44 Listening here in Denver, nothing yet - Craig DM79 (
Jun19 17:39 quiet here as well - Steve K3PHL FN20 (
Jun19 17:38 Es Channel 2 has retreated to much more customary CKBQ Melfort SK now--Frank M. (
Jun19 17:34 Everything has faded here - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 17:32 Turned the rotor antenna from the NNW to W, and hearing Tr mixing with local KUAF 91.3 Fayetteville, AR - NPR - maybe Tr from KRSC, Claremore, OK - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 17:30 [17:10] - WQSO-NH runs Rush on 96.7 but a bit out of footprint, bearing is there though - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 17:28 [me, 17:16] No luck, though, getting "Matt's station" on 4...too much WHBF here--Frank M. (
Jun19 17:26 Matt, point west as well - 6m skip getting stronger to PacNW > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 17:24 Es 100.5 Kicks the Valley's Country... New Hampshire - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 17:22 Es 90.5 KGKD Columbus, NE, RDS: GOODNEWS. New! - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 17:18 Es 102.3 KKQQ Volga, SD (1130 mi) PI:2C18 Radiotext:LISTEN AT KCOUNTRY102.COM OR GET OUR FREE RADIO APP - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 17:16 Es 99.3 "99 Rock WFRD". WIll have to look that one up - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 17:16 Es No, it's CKSA. Relog, but only second time here--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun19 17:16 Es 100.3 KDRB Des Moines, IA, "Come Des Moines" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 17:15 Either that or you still have the west cloud - CKSA Lloydminster AB is DT2 > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 17:15 Es DTV yellow bar on 2 from almost straight north. Could this be CKPR trying?--Frank M. (
Jun19 17:14 Tr 96.1 KIIX Opportunity 'Kix 96.1' booming in > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 17:13 Also WQSO Rochester NH (near Portsmouth) with EIB/Limbaugh. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 17:12 Es 103.1 KKJK Ravenna, NE, RDS: 2DAY FM - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 17:12 W244CU Warren PA (// WNAE-1310)? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 17:12 Es 96.7 CHYM Kitchener playing one of my favorites, Jann Arden! - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 17:10 Es 96.7 Rush Limbaugh - any ideas who this might be? - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 17:09 Es 99.3 KHZY Overton, "RDS: MYBRIDGE, // 95.7 - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 17:09 Es 93.7 KBRK Brookings, SD (1140 mi) PI:1468 RDS:B93.7 Radiotext:BROOKINGS RADIO B93.7 LISTEN LIVE AT - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 17:05 Surely the same cloud as Matt's WAER--Frank M. (
Jun19 17:05 Es 89.7 KIWR Council Bluffs, IA, "89-7 The River" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 17:05 Es 92.9 WLTJ Pittsburgh Pa en35 (
Jun19 17:04 Es The 2+ turned out to be CIII Bancroft, with an Ontario political ad. Lac La Biche is in reserve for another time--Frank M. (
Jun19 17:04 Es 92.7 KGFX Pierre, SD (1297 mi) PI:2071 Legal ID - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 17:04 Es 88,.3 WAER Syracuse, 88.7 WBFO Buffalo at top of hour - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 17:02 Es 97.3 KMXC Sioux Falls, SD (1110 mi) PI:3208 Mix 97 3 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 17:00 Nvm. Coming back. Es 92.9 with Justin timberlake. En35 (
Jun19 17:00 Es 89.3 KRSW Worthington, MN (1076 mi) PI:3ECE Radiotext:Classical MPR - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:59 Tr 89.1 KMUW, Wichita, KS - NPR - to my NNW - in like a local - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 16:58 [16:33] - ok, my email is my amateur radio calls at comcast dot net - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:57 [16:56] Lac La Biche might be the Plus that's also been coming in. I'll have to keep trying (would also be a new log)--Frank M. (
Jun19 16:57 No skip here since 11:25 cdt en35 (
Jun19 16:56 But 59.740 is CFCN-TV16 Oyen AB 710 watts! The offset doesn't match Lac La Biche. Nice log! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:56 4 is either CHAT-TV1 Pivot AB or CKEM-TV1 Red Deer AB, both + offset. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:54 Local on 89.3 KAYH, Fayetteville, AR - weaker signal to the NNW - maybe a chance at Tr or Es on the frequency. Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 16:53 Tr 90.3 KANQ Chanute, KS - NPR - to my NNW - in like a local - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 16:53 Es 59.740 with ad for "your Alberta...stores" - what's this, in 2017? I have no clue what's on, anymore. The 71.760 a couple minutes ago in intriguing, too (I should need whatever it is)--Frank M. (
Jun19 16:52 Es 89.1 WEVO Concord NH "NHPR" - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 16:51 Es 89.9 KGRJ Chamberlain, SD (1244 mi) PI:219B RDS:GOODNEWS - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:44 [16:25 Read] thing do slip by with all the extra chit chat - Jerry (
Jun19 16:42 [16:40] wouldn't DT 2 (Rapid City) be just as good, if not better? Dunno./cdEL96 (
Jun19 16:40 Set DTV box for 3 - 6m paths going right through KDLO coverage area > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:39 Es 95.5 KKZY Bemidji, MN (1079 mi) KZY FM 95 5 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:37 89.1 WBUH is 1338 miles... not my longest skip to the east but that's up there. - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 16:36 Three new for me: 89.1 Brewster MA "WBUR", 91.3 WIOX Roxbury NY, 91.7 Oneonta NY "WSKG" - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 16:35 It's not every day when Idaho and New York mix together via skip! - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 16:35 [16:25] I was much closer with KRFA Lewiston ID at 1100 CT. Nothing coming in now - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 16:34 I also have an ICOM PCR1000 (
Jun19 16:33 Steve, do you think you can take a screen shot of your HDSR and also maybe e-mail me a sescription of your setting. I'm gonna switch over to my SDR and see if I have any better luck (
Jun19 16:31 Mostly Tr here, some in strong. Waiting for ES - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 16:29 Dennis, I'm a far cry from Steve's setup. No 30' antenna and rotor, SDR here - just a Radio Shack DX-402 with 3ft whip, and a Grundig G5 with 3ft whip. The DX-402 is better for Es DX since it has modified narrow filters. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:28 Es on 3, Wyant Group Raceway ad and CTV, so it's CFQC1-3; really wish this one would go away--Frank M. (
Jun19 16:25 Es 92.9 KSDR Watertown, SD (1139 mi) PI:3FE7 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:25 Read 16:12 - albeit Matt's getting closer with Calgary... > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:24 Es 90.3 KMNE Bassett, NE (1252 mi) PI:3106 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:23 Jon, my mistake, for some reason, I was thinking you were in Pennsylvania. I can see now by your GSQ, you're a bit further north from there! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun19 16:22 [16:07 Es] must have been quick - Jerry (
Jun19 16:22 Es 90.3 Calgary AB "Amp" - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 16:22 I'm using a SONY XDRF-1HD with channel master CM3020 on rotor. Also have RTL-SDR with HDSDR. Haven't really mastered HGSR yet though. Dennis FM18 (
Jun19 16:21 CKBQ-2 Melfort is still on; I don't know if the CFQC 3 is on the air. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:20 There's been nothing here on FM for more than half an hour--Frank M. (
Jun19 16:20 Es presumed Canadians 59.760 and 65.750, both quite weak. PTA Sask. or Alberta, WHAT is still on up that way nowadays?--Frank M. (
Jun19 16:19 AirSpy V2 with HDSDR, antenna is APS-9B @ 30' AGL, 500' ASL - recording 88.1 to 97.5 continuous during active Es - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:18 Es 90.1 KHCC Hutchinson, KS, RDS: KHCC - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 16:17 Es 92.9 KKIA Ida Grove, IA (1038 mi) mixing with KFSI Rochester, MN (911 mi) - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:16 Steve: what radio are you using??? (
Jun19 16:15 Got to start taking note here as to everyone's location and equipment. (
Jun19 16:15 Yeah, they have 15kw. Was thinking of another station. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:14 [15:56] Is KIYE run by the Nez Perce tribe? They have decent power, 15kw or something--Frank M. (
Jun19 16:13 Es 96.7 KDOG North Mankato, MN (990 mi) PI:195E - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:12 Es 88.1 The Bridge - Twin Falls - En35 (
Jun19 16:12 88.7 gone, better be just the start of it > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:12 I have VA stations on nearly every frequency here. Really sux but I keep on truckin' ..Dennis (
Jun19 16:12 Es 89.7 KJTH Ponca City, OK, "The House FM" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 16:11 I'm 40 air miles north of Philadelphia, 10 miles south of Allentown PA, 75 miles west of NYC - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:10 will do. (
Jun19 16:09 Es 105.5 KTHK Idaho Falls, ID. I have to go to work. Shoot - En35 (
Jun19 16:09 Es 93.1 KATO New Ulm, MN (993 mi) PI:11FC, Radiotext:Craving You ft. Maren Morris BY Thomas Rhett On MN-93 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:08 And while Jon, Rich and Steve, all in PA, were getting stuff from my backyard by the bucketload yesterday, I was hearing nothing from their necks of the woods. Go figure! :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun19 16:08 Es 100.7 KSNA Idaho Falls, ID - En35 (
Jun19 16:07 Es finally? Christian talk show on 88.7 > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:07 Dennis, you should have your antenna NW, you might be getting into MB-SK area - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 16:07 Thanks, I was born and raised ioutside Trenton, NJ Dennis (
Jun19 16:06 Dennis, Steve is EPA (east PA) - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 16:06 Es 99.1 KXTA Gooding, ID - En35 (
Jun19 16:05 Es 96.5 is KLIX Twin Falls, ID - En35 (
Jun19 16:04 Looks like I could have 2Es if Matt's getting WIOX. 91.7 seems like KEMC. Just move that cloud further west and I'll have fun. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:03 Es 96.5 over IBOC from KQGO - En35 (
Jun19 16:03 Look around for eastern MT as well - KLAN, KVCK, KMMR, etc - those can be fun to listen to > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:03 Steve, I see you're in the NE. Where exactly are you, if you don't mind me asking? Dennis FM18fa (
Jun19 16:03 Es 95.7 KEZJ Twin Falls, ID RDS + ID - En35 (
Jun19 16:02 Tr 97.7 KOMO Oakville, WA '' but still no Es > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 16:02 Es 91.1 KTSD Reliance, SD (1259 mi) PI:FFFF Radiotext:KTSD 91.1 SD PUBLIC RADIO - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 16:02 Es both directions are open! WIOX 91.3 and 91.7 "in the Lewis and Clark Valley" - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 16:02 Es both directions are open! WIOX 91.3 and 91.7 "in the Lewis and Clark Valley" - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 16:01 Es 94.9 KPKY Pocatello, ID // online pat benatar song - En35 (
Jun19 16:01 Es 92.9 KLFM Great Falls, MT at 1542 UTC - Ads for Gabriel Iglesias concert at the Montana State Fair in July and for an annual golf event sponsored by the Great Falls Chamber of Commerce. MT #1 and state #21 on FM here! :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun19 15:59 Es 90.1 KSFS Sioux Falls, SD (1116 mi) PI:A41C RDS:K-LOVE - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 15:59 Es 92.1 Pocatello, ID with local ads - En35 (
Jun19 15:58 Es 88.1 KRSD Sioux Falls, SD (1114 mi) PI:3EBB RDS:MPR - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun19 15:56 Es 91.9 is KBWE Burley, Idaho - En35 (
Jun19 15:56 Congrats on that Kamiah station btw, probably not high power. Only thing I'm noticing is a very weak KIIX-96.1. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 15:56 [15:42] Matt, was that actually confirmed by the NWS as a tornado? I thought that was just a result of really high straightline winds, same as the ones that went rolling through here a few minutes before -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun19 15:54 En35 Try Sheridan freqs! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 15:54 Frank - Look for Spokane, John Day, Boise, etc!! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 15:54 Absolutely nothing here. Unbelievable. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 15:54 Es 91.9 SS music. New path? - En35 (
Jun19 15:53 Unfortunately I don't have a good list of open freqs for this area, so it is tough to scan the band de AC7XP EN25 (
Jun19 15:48 [15:34] NICE one...and at last you're actually in a decent opening (though with exception of EN25, MUF is wimpy)--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:47 Es 92.9 is KBLQ Logan, Utah. This confirms I got the Soda Springs, ID xlator - En35 (
Jun19 15:46 Most common Oregon for me has been Bend/Redmond. 97.5 KNLR New Life Radio has been in here a few times. - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 15:46 Es 92.9 Journey - Open Arms. Hmm - En35 (
Jun19 15:45 [15:40] I think so, but it's never been there. I've NEVER had a decent Boise opening--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:44 KIYE seems to have an oldies format somewhat reminiscent of KEOM (but, so far, mostly soul)...somehow KEOM seems to be far-more-known, haha--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:43 I had to listen for a while to get an ID and make sure it wasn't Tr de AC7XP EN25 (
Jun19 15:43 If I still lived in my old house I probably wouldn't have antennas anymore... Matt EN21 (
Jun19 15:42 I can sneak out today without problem. Work is officially closed today due to Friday's tornado. - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 15:42 Es 107.9 KUMT SLC, UT in solid for past half hour on portable radio de AC7XP EN25 (
Jun19 15:41 Band very unsettled. Feels like it will make a return soon. - En35 (
Jun19 15:40 Hmmm... is the 98.7 Nyssa station in Oregon? - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 15:39 Re:15:20 Frank, that's one of my brother's locals in Grangeville, ID. He enjoys that station - En35 (
Jun19 15:37 KBOZ, of course, takes me well out of focus for that one...and I do have "Oregon" logged on 96.1 but they've always had Xmtr in Idaho (at least since 1989 when logged)--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun19 15:37 MUF around upper 88s. KNKL still in - En35 (
Jun19 15:36 [15:22] When I worked in The Dalles, OR, Larry (now Chime) in L.A. area got the station I was working for. We were on the phone, and I heard myself on a recorded weather intro. No doubt about that reception! - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun19 15:36 [15:34] Yes, it's around 1,450 or thereabouts, but there aren't a lot of choices in eastern Oregon, which is the only Lower 48 where I've logged no FM transmitter--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:36 Tr 103.9 KKIX Fayetteville AR "KIX 104” (181 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun19 15:35 Es KBOZ-93.7 Bozeman MT, 1150 miles. Hope this stays interesting, though this is a relog--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:34 Es 90.5 K213BB-FM 111 watts!! - En35 (
Jun19 15:34 [15:28] That's up in the mid-1400s for you? It was 1189 for me when I logged it here in 2005 - Matt EN21 (
Jun19 15:33 Think I have a translator on 90.5 Soda Springs, ID - En35 (
Jun19 15:33 Es 93.7 with oldies. First Es noted, so far, with any real signal strength (the 88.7's were all weak)--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:32 Utah public radio on 90.5 also KUWZ in there from Rock Springs, WY - En35 (
Jun19 15:31 muf dropped like a rock - En35 (
Jun19 15:30 KIYE is actually my first logging from here from northern Idaho--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:28 (Oh sorry about the red...) (
Jun19 15:28 Es noted on no other frequency at all. (KWCC-93.1 Muscatine IA had me fooled a bit.) Sitting on 94.5 , though - I really want KJDY!--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:28 Plus RDS - En35 (
Jun19 15:27 Es 88.7 KNKL North Ogden, UT - Klove // online - En35 (
Jun19 15:27 Tr 96.7 KCYT Fayetteville AR ”The Coyote" (183 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun19 15:26 Es 89.1 KBYU in HD - En35 (
Jun19 15:26 Es 90.1 KUER SLC - En35 (
Jun19 15:23 Es 93.3 KUBL SLC. I worked for them - En35 (
Jun19 15:22 Also former locals here, from 2005-2010. - En35 (
Jun19 15:22 SLC still strong - En35 (
Jun19 15:22 Yeah,I just heard my former boss give the weather - En35 (
Jun19 15:22 Oh my God I just noticed what part of Idaho that one is in...--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:21 Es 95.1 KYCS - En35 (
Jun19 15:20 Es NEW/KIYE-88.7 Kamiah ID at :16 with rogue legal ID, weather, and into "Tears Of a Clown" oldie--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:20 Tr 89.3 KAYH Fayetteville AR (187 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun19 15:19 [15:15] Isn't that a former local? That's cool!--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:16 I can say hi to my parents lol. - En35 (
Jun19 15:15 Es 97.9 Green River, WY KZWB!!! - EN35 (
Jun19 15:14 Es 97.9 KBZN - En35 (
Jun19 15:13 The Wyoming one is only 1600 watts but the Idaho one is a big dude--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:12 [14:50] was when the Wyoming 88.7, only listed as KUWK Kaycee and no other NPR's listed there, ran the underwriting announcement. NEW!--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:11 Es 97.5 KZNS-FM - En35 (
Jun19 15:09 [15:11] I meant [15:06]???--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:09 [15:11] Their 90.1 in Idaho Falls is actually a translator--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:08 Tr 91.3 KUAF Fayetteville AR (194 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun19 15:07 Es First "ID" was another 88.7 at :50 talking about Wyoming underwriting (NPR). I haven't checked yet to verify if there's only one--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:07 Es 94.1 KODJ Salt lake City. En35 (
Jun19 15:06 Es NEW/KYSK-88.7 Ririe ID, top of hour ID "revelation radio" and 90.1 Idaho Falls mention--second Skip ID, only, this year--Frank M. (
Jun19 15:00 Tr 90.1 KBNV Fayetteville AR (193 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun19 14:56 Unid latent Es from this morning, sports talk on 92.9. En3 (
Jun19 14:47 I had a dream this morning i was seeing Canadian analog tv. En35 (
Jun19 14:39 Also Russellville KY at 240 miles on 92.7. Tim EM86 (
Jun19 14:38 Since WMIK absence Zanesville OH has been making regular daily visits at about 235 mi. Tim EM86 (
Jun19 14:35 I've been enjoying the static on 92.7 these last couple weeks or so. WMIK less than 100 miles away has been absent or on reduced power (?) I ain't complaining. Tim EM86 (
Jun19 14:24 Es make that 92.7 CBC (
Jun19 14:24 Es 93.7 is CBC Radio 2 Tempo. Tim EM86 (
Jun19 14:23 CMBF R Musical (classical) streams via Tune In I think, but I don't have that app./cdEL96 (
Jun19 14:22 Not all receptions are reported on DXMaps. I had one huge opening (TexMex I think 2 weeks ago) with no reference./cdEL96 (
Jun19 14:21 [14:11] I realize that's not good for you, but it could help us here if the season strengthens and the trend continues. But we need a westerly component. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun19 14:19 Es now I have classical type music on 92.7. Cuba? But no paths showing that way. Tim EM86 (
Jun19 14:15 All gone here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 14:11 Seemingly all the Es has been in northern latitudes the last few days./cdEL96 (
Jun19 14:10 Es 97.5 KQSK Chadron, NE, "" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 14:07 Within last hour I had Bismarck and Jamestown ND on 97.5 and 93.3. Gone for now. Tim EM86 (
Jun19 14:03 Es brief NPR type 88.9 from somewhere at :58, then gone - leaving KRNW Chillicothe MO at top of hour--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun19 14:02 Es 91.9 KUWR Laramie, WY, TOH ID - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 13:59 Es 90.7 unID Radio Canada Premiere signal fading in & out - de RNA/OK E16gj (
Jun19 13:57 Es 90.9 KLWV Chugwater, WY, RDS: K-LOVE - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 13:50 Es 90.1 KCFR Denver, CO, "This is Colorado Public Radio" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 13:37 [23:46] re Bermuda, today almost all active FM stations there stream now at/cdEL96-> (
Jun19 13:31 Es 90.1 KZNK Brewster, KS, "on High Plains Public Radio" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 13:27 Es 90.1 w NPR, no ID or RDS yet - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 13:24 2gb filesize limit only applies to non-NTFS formatted drives (
Jun19 13:08 Tr 96.7 KTCK-FM Flower Mound TX (203 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun19 13:02 Tr 100.3 KJCM Snyder OK (151 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun19 12:23 Tr B96.5 - WGZB-FM - FM 96.5 - Lanesville, IN took out my local WFTK. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jun19 09:50 Tr WUOL 90.5 Louisville, KY locked in HD for the first time ever. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jun19 08:09 FRANK: Put up the URL for your website around 9 hours from now. I want to pass it on to a collector friend ... Mike (
Jun19 07:21 [00:57] Florida-to-Hidalgo still blows my mind (96.3)--Frank M. (
Jun19 07:19 [04:04] I remember that. It was a LOT of fun seeing you report that stuff--Frank M. (
Jun19 07:18 [03:05] 100% online (and old-school paper catalog).--Frank M. (
Jun19 05:36 Save it in MP3, not WAV. You have 2GB maximum file size, and you can easily record a full day in MP3. Not so with WAV ... Mike (
Jun19 05:31 Unfortunately I can only record one frequency. En35 (
Jun19 05:30 Total recorder set to start recording at 6 am tomorrow. Hour blocks in mp3 format to an external hard drive. En35 (
Jun19 04:04 (00:57) That's impressive! I had a Manistee to central Nebraska path last year via tropo - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun19 03:05 FRANK: Do you sell records online or at shows? ... Mike (
Jun19 01:37 Tr 107.7 KRXO, Oklahoma City, OK - 8:00pm CDT - "107.7 The Franchise" - to the NNW - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 01:16 [00:57] I meant re the path, it was showing on APRS./cdEL96 (
Jun19 01:08 And of course Jim mentioned 6m Es around 2100 UTC, and it fell asleep again. Ahhh...the luxury of solar wind :( > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 01:03 Since Oct 2014, 98.1 here became an I-BLOCK freq. Thank you kindly, WRMF 97.9 siggghhhh./cdEL96 (
Jun19 01:01 Tr 88.9 KLDN Lufkin TX with Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour.. Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jun19 01:00 [00:58] (Agent 86) well, then, would you believe groundwave Miami to Ft Lauderdale? (/Agent 86)/cdEL (
Jun19 00:59 ....and voilá/cd: (
Jun19 00:58 [23:59] OK, would you believe Miami to Albany? Yeah Montreal is just too far, lol--Frank M. (
Jun19 00:57 [00:48] I will give credit where credit's due----Oct 2014 had a Tropo path Miami to Laredo TX area....>>>/cdEL96 (
Jun19 00:57 [00:08] That's an Es mechanism that I've been entirely aware of, all these years, until NOW. I didn't know that any specific Es pattern existed--Frank M. (
Jun19 00:55 [00:10] Half a century ago, a similar thing was true with Amarillo and AM-DXers (and I think each and every one worked at KIXZ)--Frank M. (
Jun19 00:54 Also, 700+ miles from the coast is too far for something like Midway VA and Greenville blasting in on 107.9 to really indicate anything, either--Frank M. (
Jun19 00:54 [00:37] This season it doesn't get strong enough or stay active enough to get to the Northwest. Very discouraging. I didn't think we could get worse than last year, but it just could happen. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun19 00:53 They alternate at (local 87.76 MHz) seems to only come at times during this....almost "subliminal."/cdEL96 (
Jun19 00:53's not very productive tying up 89.1 and dedicating that one direction to a 1,530 mile opening that may happen once every decade, and no early warning exists--Frank M. (
Jun19 00:52 [23:46] NO' (
Jun19 00:52 You'll see either a B&W version of color bars, OR, a video, looks like a documentary, with a crawl on bottom of screen...>>>/cdEL96 (
Jun19 00:50 FLASH kinda: my WEYS LP 6 looks like CCI DX....there are two alternating videos...>>>/cdEL96 (
Jun19 00:48 [23:59] What Chris said. The dxmaps link that Jim posted at 23:39 is a better indicator of potential enhancement on FM -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun19 00:37 Es cloud Express Train being killed by night side. Es Train will be there again tomorrow same time - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun19 00:25 Tr 105.5 KGFY, Stillwater, OK - "Cowboy Country 105.5" - to the NNW - Kegan EM26TE (
Jun19 00:10 22:14- hey Dennis! Gee, that makes 3 FM DX'ers on here who have lived or lives in Kingsport! Matt in Nebraska is the other one! Tim EM86 (
Jun19 00:08 that Es cloud Express Train will fade away as soon as it gets near the coast. It wont make it into the Gulf - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 23:59 [23:52] I have seen a lot of odd stuff on that page---like my area (Miami) to Montreal Tropo. To be taken with a grain of two of salt./cdEL96 (
Jun18 23:57 [23:52] I've see am (
Jun18 23:57 [23:52] I've see am (
Jun18 23:53 (
Jun18 23:53 [23:39] Thanks, JimT. So glad to have the old page again for phone use. These days one really needs to consider mobile when designing/redesiging. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun18 23:52 Wow, prop map showing Fairbanks, Alaska getting Kansas City. (
Jun18 23:46 We need FM/TV DXers in Bermuda, like yesterday!/cdEL96 (
Jun18 23:46 21:47-ok will be watching am Mike-La (
Jun18 23:45 Gabriel, please don't hide 1.0 for those smartphone users who need simplicity./cdEL96 (
Jun18 23:43 23:36- yeah that and the removal of the "HF" tab-now I believe only found in the new link :( Mike-La (
Jun18 23:40 Gotta love these old Zenith portables. Getting W39BH from 30 miles out with snowy rolling picture. Never seen that from home here. Curtis (
Jun18 23:39 I was wrong about that, here is the link to Es Spots - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 23:38 And AM posted the link for the Es Spots map - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 23:37 Six meter map is here - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 23:36 Yes, Gabriel (DxMaps webmaster) *hid* the link to the old DxMaps, hoping it would force us to use the new map design :-/ - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 23:31 cd, use this link for old DXMaps 1.0. Thanks to JimT for posting this link for Dennis - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 23:31 Down to TV 2 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 23:30 Weak tropo to Houston/Beaumont and Corpus Christi starting here.. Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jun18 23:29 (in 2017 that is)/cdEL96 (
Jun18 23:28 How are some of you getting Venezuela up there when I have yet to see it at normal E range? Amazing!/cdEL96 (
Jun18 23:27 [20:53] I love to record DX in stereo if possible, even if it generates a hiss; unfortunately my smartphone won't upload YouTube in $tereo./cdEL96 (
Jun18 23:26 Did DXMaps totally drop 1.0? That 3.0 is the pits IMO----and yes I just went to too/cdEL96 (
Jun18 23:25 Models show deep tropical moisture will stream into Gulf coast states - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 23:18 multi model plots for where this future Tropical Storm will be by Tue at 12 noon - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 23:10 [23:06] Typo. should have said Venezuelan not Columbian - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 23:07 [23:06] Es cloud express that is - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 23:07 Es TVES-2 Venezuela, audio // stream - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 23:06 The Columbian / northeast US Express right on time. night-day terminator line not far behind - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 22:53 ..."over" by a mile--Frank M. (
Jun18 22:53 [21:07] 501 miles for you, actually, hehehe - that's (
Jun18 22:52 Back to TV 4 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 22:51 [20:53] Most certainly true. Stereo is ABSOLUTELY trivial to me. I've said before that, if I had to come up with the 3,807 most important questions about an FM station, my 3,807th question would be "Are they stereo?"--Frank M. (
Jun18 22:33 [22:30] I have to listen in car. Things get hot in car, including me ... Mike (
Jun18 22:32 Dropped to TV 2 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 22:30 Don't say that! Albeit, it's ridiculously hot in the Bay Area today, 86 in SF right now. Other than 30 sec. of skip yesterday, I haven't had usable FM DX in about 10 days. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 22:29 When you see him it just got real - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 22:22 Glad there's no Es today. Would have to be outside...temp now 105 ... Mike (
Jun18 22:14 OOps, Tim, this is Dennis FM18fa (
Jun18 22:14 Tim, if you're still here, I missed your earflier message about my location. I see you're in Kingsport. I lived there too in 1999-2000 (
Jun18 22:14 Strong CAT 4 Hurricanes can happen in June. Remember Hurricane Audery in 1957 ? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 22:07 here is a satellite view if the disturbance near the Yucatan - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 22:04 oops I fogot Randy. Thanks cd. amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 22:02 RZ---see 21:47 weather post!!/cdEL96 (
Jun18 22:01 TV 3 has the siren - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 21:56 67.250 as well - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 21:55 Hurricane season may be very active this year because there will be less wind shear to tear storms apart & less SAL aka Sand & dry air in the Atlantic Ocean this year - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 21:51 Es 67.260 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 21:50 [21:47] Yep JimT. cold front may block Tropo - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 21:49 Es 61.250 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 21:47 cd, Mike-La there is a tropical disturbance near the Yucatan that may become a Tropical Storm. may head to northern Gulf coast by Tue. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 21:47 It would be nice to get Louisiana dtv's again but looks like the cold front will still be north of the BR/NOLA area - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 21:41 Es 55.250 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 21:36 The only station I have received from Missouri is 94.7 KSHE in Crestwood MO @ 563 miles with a very weak signal - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 21:30 [21:18] Ok thanks JimT. I will have the autologger up and manualy dxing with antennas pointed North to see what I can receive - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 21:21 [21:16] Yep gone. looks like rain or storms around the Yucatan keeping the Tropo from forming cd. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 21:18 AM, there is about a 100 mile gap in the tropo forecast tomorrow morning for you getting Springfield MO dtv's...almost. I've logged NOLA dtv's before - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 21:16 [21:07] Hi cd, I did not see today's Tropo forcast. I am going to look at it now. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 21:13 [21:07] longest station received on the Sony here is 107.7 XHXAL Xalapa Enríquez, MX @ 834 miles - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 21:07 amfmtvbrla---that Yucatan deal fizzled in a flash, didn't it?/cdEL96 (
Jun18 21:07 I receive stations via Tropo up to 500 miles here in my location in Baton Rouge Louisiana on the Sony. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 21:02 Hi Curtis & Dennis Welcome. you will see my Tropo post here late at night. I also have a Sony XDR-F1HD radio hooked up to a FM-6 Outdoors - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 20:59 Hi Dennis, saw you mentioned a RTL-SDR. Look at my screen prints of Es from yesterday de Art KA5DWI/7 DM34 AZ (
Jun18 20:58 I use Cool Edit. I've had a copy of that for over 14 years on this computer. Does what I need it to - En35 (
Jun18 20:58 Yeah, I've tried the scheduling part of it before with AM stuff (recording TOH IDs) but it had an annoying hiss every minute. This should work much better - En35 (
Jun18 20:58 My wife and I were vacationing one night in Fredereicksburg and I somehow threw my back out the next morning. Had to wear a back brace for days./cdEL96 (
Jun18 20:56 Ladysmith, for all who don't know (and it's probably most LOL) Is between Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA Dennis (
Jun18 20:55 You can then open files in something like Audacity to see bandwidth of files to know if there is any dx present in the file - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:54 [20:03] Just a helpful tip---using the two blank windows below the recent posts on this page create an automatic hyperlink./cdEL96 (
Jun18 20:53 Suggestion is don't set bitrate to high (to save on memory) and record in mono if Stereo isn't important to you - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:53 Justin, you know you can set it up to record hourly (or other time lengths) and it saves to your selected folder - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:51 Tr 92.9 probably Watertown, SD. Country format - En35 (
Jun18 20:50 I had TR before but never registered it. Finally broke down and did it. Needed something that recorded in Mp3. - En35 (
Jun18 20:48 Tim, Dennis is in Ladysmith, if you know where that is :-) - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:40 Had Laramie and Cheyenne WY and one Nebraska briefly on FM today. Tim EM86 (
Jun18 20:40 Had Laramie and Cheyenne WY and one Nebraska briefly on FM today. Tim EM86 (
Jun18 20:38 Sounds like a plan. Thanks for taking time to talk to me. Appreciate it. Dennis (
Jun18 20:38 20:34-- what part of Virginia? I'm just 15 min drive from southwest VA state line in Kingsport. Tim EM86 (
Jun18 20:36 Six meter Es trying to wake up in the PNW - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:35 Meant to say...get their email addresses, they maybe their cell # to send dx alerts back and forth - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:34 It would help if you could get familiar with other dxers there in VA, there's a handful of them. Get there emails, then maybe ph# for texting. You can give each other dx alerts, for E skip and tropo alerts - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:31 JimT...I've been doing it since about 14 and I'm now 63. Igot out of it for quite awhile but , as you said, it stays in your blood. I think it got revived in me when I saw those 2 Cubans on 2 and 4 last July. Dennis (
Jun18 20:29 Many of the EDU stations are linked here. They broadcast on several freqs at the same time so they're not usuall quiet. Dennis (
Jun18 20:29 I've seen dxers come and go. Its either in your blood or it isn't. I've been doing this since I was 15, I'm 61 now. So I guess its in my blood. If I get cut, I bleed FM dx :-P - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:27 You shouldn't have any overload issues with the Sony UNLESS you have a 100 kw FM station sitting on top of you (like 1 or 2 miles away) - JimT/MO (
Jun18 20:27 Well, I'm retired and I'm getting bored with online Karaoke. I figured I have the stuff here so I may as well get mack into it. I also have and RTL-SDR Dennis (
Jun18 20:26 That map will show you when E skip is on the move. You should look to see END POINTS in your area and also what other dxers are reporting on this SKIP LOG - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:25 maybe just overloading the front end with the locals???? Dennis FN18fa (
Jun18 20:25 Dennis, if you're SERIOUS about FM dxing, you need to be able to watch a map, like the six meter map (50 Mhz) - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:25 With an XDR, you're ahead of the game already in terms of selectivity, and Es is often quite strong. Curtis (
Jun18 20:24 I'm wondering if a discone might help because it's less directional. The antenna is similar to the CM3020 if not the same one. (
Jun18 20:24 Try using rabbit ears, or the wire that came with it. I use those on XDRs all the time, with good results. This morning's DX on 107.5 was done with the antenna than came with the tuner. (
Jun18 20:23 Thanks Jim. - En35 (
Jun18 20:22 JimT, I'm Dennis. I have a ChannelMaster VHF/UHF antenna I bought a few years back because I can't stand paying the cable companie's outrageous prices. I have prenty of locals. (
Jun18 20:20 DC area DXers weren't getting much today. Clouds a bit too far north for that latitude. OTOH, hoping this is the midday siesta and we'll have a chance later tonight. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 20:20 I was a SWL DXr for over 30 yhears. used everything from an old floor model radio, a swl converter module, to an FRG8800. Logged lots of DX but I guess being here in VA it's tough with all the locals. I DID have 2 channel 2 Analog stations popping in and out this morning. Logged RadioRebelde and one other from C uba last summer. Dennis....FM18fa (
Jun18 20:17 What kind of TV antenna is hooked to the Sony tuner? And your name? - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:16 Ladysmith VA dxer, its all about location and timing, being at the right location at the right time. Doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:14 You can set it up to record segments of time (mp3 works best) and it doesn't have to run continuously - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:14 I see you guys ALL catching skip on FM. I've been doing this steadily for 3 days now and Havben't gotten anything more than 150 miles. I'm using a Sony XDR-F1HD and an external TV antenna on a rotor. My location is FM18fa (Ladysmith, VA) ANy ideas?? I have VA stations on most stations. on most (
Jun18 20:13 Standard Edition is here ($17.95 registration is lifetime purchase), meaning all upgrades - JimT/MO (
Jun18 20:12 Total Recorder program, many dxers use it. It is SO EASY to use and isn't a system hog - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 20:04 I use a program called Scanner Recorder which only records if the audio gets over a certain threshold. If there are other pgms, I'm all ears - En35 (
Jun18 20:03 Zenith Radio Corp docu on Youtube - (
Jun18 20:01 Well EN35, can you save to another format, maybe even in mono? Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Jun18 19:49 And I had no skip this morning on the way back to Minneapolis from EN24. - En35 (
Jun18 19:49 My unattended had 12 hours of audio but they're .wav files, so of course the computer crashed. I lost everything from Thursday evening to now - En35 (
Jun18 19:05 That one went off when 38 was given over to a full power station. (
Jun18 19:03 They ran a card with a picture of the factory, and soft music all day. Antenna was on the factory roof three miles from me. (
Jun18 19:02 Funny thing is, when I recall the TV from there, I most fondly remember the Zenith test station on 38. (
Jun18 19:01 Started DX'ing there in the early-mid seventies. Had a small SONY TV that was an Es magnet, so to speak. Curtis (
Jun18 19:00 I grew up in the Mont Clare/Elmwood Park area. TV DX was good there, on 3 and 4, lots of tropo on UHF. (
Jun18 18:59 Best bet for DX in Chicago would be edu band, some of the school stations I never could hear at all. (
Jun18 18:58 [18:55] I'm not even going to TRY. My DX'ing (though not my interest in the topic) ENDS entirely up there. Too many other really cool things to do--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:57 97.5 used to be open there, I could hear fade ups on the car radio of WHMS Champaign, same for WBNQ Bloomington on 101.5 . Both now are blocked. (
Jun18 18:57 Rats, that's not Es, it's just KTRM Kirksville. Actually a little surprising on the "low" antenna--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:56 've been filling in the gaps with LPFM. (
Jun18 18:55 Well, good luck finding an open frequency in Chicago. They (
Jun18 18:55 Es 88.7 right now, but I have no idea what. (This is the clearest-of-the-clear on the low part, and I sometimes sit there)--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:53 But I also have to figure out WHEN to learn my way around, if I go for it. Very difficult while having 1,500(?) extra hours stolen this year to administer my move to Chicago--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:52 [18:43] sadly no, you have to listen to the audio, log the stations, look up the mileages and bearings (from Girard's spreadsheets or similar) then analyze the data - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 18:52 [18:36] Yes, quite a learning curve for this semi-technophobe. The time to tackle it is NOT by just diving in and figuring it out during three hours of 108+ MUF--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:47 [18:37] 4mHz doesn't sound like much, but keep in mind that, during a good opening, nearly all frequencies are in the ballgame here...especially with my "skip antenna" (an old Winegard 8-element) mounted at only 7 feet to damper the GW stuff--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:44 Speaking of MUF cloud movement, I've heard one cloud fade out of FM and another cloud rise in strength. 6/25/13 had high FM MUF to NE/SD, then rapidly turned into WY and UT up to 105.1 at least. Turned down to 90.1 and heard a 'KYCC' mention - Stockton CA in the midst of eastern skip! The eastern MUF dove out of FM and CA was in. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 18:43 [18:42] WHAT? An SDR actually does mileages and bearings? (Cool, but I think I'd rather have it just do the entire band with that capacity.)--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:42 I'm wondering if the 90.5 could actually be deleted? I'm not sure they've been on in the past 2 or 3 years--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:42 one good thing with an SDR is tracking MUF and cloud movement through target station distances and azimuth headings from the listening station - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 18:41 Out here in the PNW, 144 Es is getting more rarer and rarer every year. OTOH, 2010/2011 had at least one or two 144 events each. Three/four deep Es is extremely rare here, best chance is probably via California openings. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 18:41 WILL-FM can be heard in Lafayette, Indiana. Real hissy, though. Drove there last year. Curtis (
Jun18 18:41 Ahh, TRANSLATORS: In Macomb, neither the 90.5 nor the 103.7 have been on this season. Also the full-service 89.7 has been off. How lucky is that?--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:40 Otherwise on a high-MUF multistate event, any channel can flip from one state to the next in minutes. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 18:39 Also, I usually tend to hang out around the higher MUF's that are available. (Why hang out on 93.1 when there's three fighting on 107.5?) That's why my Es totals in say the 94's and 107's aren't that much different--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:38 When the MUF is good and I've IDed everything I can get on open channels, then I usually flip over to translators and null them out. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 18:38 Es 88.7 KFBN Fargo, ND (1176 mi) //stream match after quiet band last 20 min - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 18:37 I also look for the MUF but make sure to ID stuff in the 90s first. I'm more likely to get an ID on 95.1 than 103.7, because the MUF might drop in seconds. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 18:37 Yakima's modus operandi is similar to mine. Usually in a cluster of 4 mHz or so, I can continue to find stations transitioning toward possible ID of some kind--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:36 No SDR, can't afford the costs and the hard drive space. Nor can I afford a 25 ft antenna, preamp and rotor. If I can get LPFMs via Es on a 3 ft whip, then that's successful enough. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 18:36 When I lived in Lafayette (1 brief year in the mid-1990s), I could get WPXN 104.9 pretty regularly. I think it was the only station in Illinois that I could hear on FM, non-trop (don't recall that I could get WILL 90.9) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 18:36 When I get an opening, first thing I do is hop to the highest open freq and listen for anything odd, then I go back down and work out what I had in on the first channel. Curtis (
Jun18 18:36 [18:34] The difference: "No people or animals were harmed in the making of this film" hahaha--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:35 Only Mexico City FM reception ever for either of us. Central Mexico is FAR rarer here than what one would think reasonable--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:34 That SDR stuff always reminded me of fishing with high explosives. (
Jun18 18:34 I check the FM dial during Es like it's the only opening we're getting this season. I scramble for IDs and look for the ends of songs and commercials. Then go to the next channel. When the MUF is 108, do you want to hang around for 20 minutes for some station to ID, or do you want to look for new logs on other channels? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 18:33 ...and about an HOUR LATER, Ralph had XHRED which is something like 1,630 miles for him--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:33 [18:29] Honorable mention...or, maybe, this is actually stranger...and ALSO ON 88.1; Es this time. I had XHRED (1,545 miles)... (
Jun18 18:32 Wife wanted a house, and this was the one for her. Damn good place, edge of town, nothing to the South. Curtis (
Jun18 18:32 it's the difference between fishing with one rod and reel versus dragging a huge net through the lake and taking half the fish - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 18:31 [18:29] True, but it was rare - he didn't like the complexity of it all. TV is pretty straightforward and there aren't 74 signals on one channel in a large target area--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:31 having an SDR is a blessing and a curse, I monitor and post what is heard live here while recording, but reviewing 48 channels of audio takes weeks/months.. still reviewing 7-15-2016 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 18:31 I moved a whopping three miles north to Loda a year ago. I can see Paxton from my DX room. With binocs, I can see the clock tower. Curtis (
Jun18 18:30 ...and I called Ralph Strobel in Muncie to tell him he should look, and he was already there. Neither of us ever heard that Tr catch again--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:29 Jeff dabbled at FM some. I did too, until the end of the analog era. Then it was what I had left. Curtis (
Jun18 18:29 The strangest "hearing something at the same time" I remember was back around 1979(?) in Toledo, when at 0300 I heard 700-watt WRFN-088.1 Nashville signing off... (
Jun18 18:27 [18:18] Um wait...Jeff was NOT known for being an FM-DXer. But that wasn't me either (I don't remember hearing a pirate there)--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:27 Curtis, last I knew, you were in Paxson. When did you move to Loda? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 18:25 I am almost never a night owl when I'm on road trips, often up by 09:00. It's entirely different--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:24 (a/k/a lack of regulated circadian rhythm, using the Madison Avenue terminology) as though I were, instead, a totally blind person--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:23 [17:21] Though until I move to Chicago entirely, at least, the general night-owlery probably continues. My whole days/nights are in artificial light, probably to where I have "Non-24"... (
Jun18 18:23 [18:14] When stations stream automated versions of old formats, it's for image. "You wanted this, we heard you." But most of the time they're thrown together with no passion or clue. (Much like the rest of radio these days.) - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun18 18:22 Me, I'm a "sport DX'er'. I sit in front of the radio with a notepad. Curtis (
Jun18 18:20 But yes, one square can make the difference. Jeff used to have a TV pipeline to Cuba I could only dream of. (
Jun18 18:20 The "learning curve" would mostly consist of new mindsets of organizing things, more so than the technology itself--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:20 My QTF was 240, and I was mostly hearing Lubbock area at the time on the rest of the dial. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun18 18:19 I had a brief fadeup on 87.9 about an hour or two ago with what sounded like smooth jazz; it quickly faded out, never to return. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun18 18:19 [17:44] No, highly unlikely. Too late to start this season. I'd have to "go modern" in January or something, and get the immense learning curve out of the way first--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:19 Don't worry about the name, all life long people keep calling me Carl... I must look like one of those. Curtis (
Jun18 18:18 One time he was hearing the same Florida pirate on 87.9 I was getting in Rantoul. Curtis (
Jun18 18:16 30 miles from Champaign, in Loda. Jeff sometimes heard the same stuff I did. Curtis (
Jun18 18:16 KDAM flipped to 'The Current' with Hot AC. The Dam used to be their format...lots of unhappy fans, so they are now streaming the old format online-only. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 18:16 (re: my 18:11 post) (
Jun18 18:15 CURTIS, not Chris. One of those pairs of names I always confound. (Also Kathy/Karen, Steve/Scott, and a couple others)--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:14 [17:27] So some of these stations have ONLY streams that don't match their over-the-air at all? I've seen similar in other past loggings elsewhere. Seems like wasted effort for them, to me--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:12 [18:11] Well, over eastern Kansas (about 300 miles) and over northern Indiana (about 300 miles)--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:11 [17:12] And yes I guess he IS saying he's in Champaign, haha. (I couldn't remember where you were from, Chris.)--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:11 Darn it Frank - that cloud must have been over you, for the umpteenth time. Cloud moving west and strengthening would help. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 18:09 [17:17] Not sure where curtis is in EN50, but "one grid over" can be deceiving. If he's hear Champaign, that's 140 miles east of me. Pretty crucial--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:08 Smart move, I do the same on 93.1, here it's mostly WXRT fade-ins. Curtis (
Jun18 18:07 Es 92.1 KJMN Castle Rock, CO Spanish - Soccer coverage - in and out at 1137 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun18 18:02 Most people wait on Edu frequencies. I usually sit on 93.1 or 94.1. I simply do NOT see quite as much Es on the edu's--Frank M. (
Jun18 18:02 Es 90.9 KPNO Norfolk, NE, "KGRD-FM" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun18 18:00 All this, and I only had a peep of Country on 93.1 without ID about an hour ago, unknown direction--Frank M. (
Jun18 17:58 Es 91.9 KQSD Lowry, SD (1285 mi) PI:3C17, RDS:SDPB - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 17:57 Es 92.9 KKPK Colorado Springs, CO "Peak FM" in between songs - 1141 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun18 17:49 Es 93.7 KBRK Brookings, SD (1140 mi) PI:1468 RDS:B93.7 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 17:44 I bet Frank's gone modern, just record the whole band and pick at it later. (
Jun18 17:42 Es 91.9 unID Radio Canada Premiere briefly - suspect CBF-FM-9 (2128 km/1322 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun18 17:34 I just had my first 10M Es to LA on PropNET. Wall coming down? de art dwi/7 az (
Jun18 17:33 Gone here as well - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 17:32 Es 93.7 KWYR Winner, SD (1271 mi) PI:3D44 (bogus KRDS), Radiotext:Website: - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 17:29 Es 93.9 KSOU Sioux Center, IA (1091 mi) PI:4108 RDS:KSOU (currently running SS programming) - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 17:27 The Dam is still streaming online-only. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 17:25 Es 94.3 KDAM Hartington, NE (1146 mi) format swap, now 94.3 The Current, formerly the Dam so threw me - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 17:25 Skip gone here, also-- Four new logs out of this opening-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jun18 17:21 IF Frank's even out of bed right now, lol. He's the epitome of the phrase "night owl". :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 17:17 Skip gone here - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 17:17 Curtis getting 107.5 MUF in EN50 means Frank in Macomb should be getting similar grid away > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 17:16 Es 92.3 KBRY Sargent NE, stream match - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 17:16 Es 89.3 KXNE Norfolk, NE (1140 mi) PI:4E12, RDS:KXNE-FM - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 17:14 Nothing also in FM19 ATM. Had brief Es earlier. de NG3K (
Jun18 17:14 Es 93.5 KKOT Columbus NE, stream match - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 17:14 Yeah, it's great to have skip but it was so choppy and the MUF was only above 94 for a minute, the signals would completely drop. - JVL (
Jun18 17:13 Es 93.1 KHMY Pratt, KS, RDS: MY 93.1 - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun18 17:12 Rick, nice to know I'm remembered. I work a half mile from that GTG, no sense in not showing up. Curtis (
Jun18 17:12 Absolutely, even 10 minutes of KUWR in Seattle would be satisfying right now ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 17:11 Gee, JVL, I could use some choppy and boring skip! At least you have some! - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun18 17:10 Nothing here. Must be too far south. David FM18 (
Jun18 17:09 Christian - Western OK Hour of Power on 96.5 is KECO Elk City > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 17:08 Turned the radio off as the skip was too choppy and boring. - JVL (
Jun18 17:08 Es 93.7 KKRL Carroll, IA (1017 mi) PI:2C2D, Radiotext:KKRL - Ultimate Music Variety - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 17:06 17:05- That's my local! EN71 S. Michigan (
Jun18 17:06 Es 92.3 KBRY Sargent, NE (1252 mi) PI:1476 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 17:05 Es 97.1 KIBB Haven, KS, RDS: on Bob! - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun18 17:05 Es 98.5 WNWN Coldwater MI (1244 km/773 mi) - NEW - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun18 17:05 Es 95.3 KBBN "The Thunderbird" Broken Bow, Neb. (1343mi). Rock music (Neil Young). My longest log today. Hope that don't mean the Es are ending? Bob-NJ Fn20wb (
Jun18 17:04 Es 94.7 KNEN Norfolk, NE (1157 mi) PI:32C9, RDS:NCN, Radiotext:NEWS CHANNEL NEBR 94.7 TV 35.1 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 17:03 [1521] Fred/WV, most likely KRBG Umbarger, TX 'Radio by Grace'. Wowee that 6m map right now. A few 6m paths in the west and I'm not even hearing 20 mhz WWV. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 17:02 Es 90.1 KUCO Edmond, OK, "" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun18 17:01 Es 92.7 KUSO Albion, NE (1161 mi) PI:46B2 RDS:US92 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 17:00 I'm hacking away at two open freqs here, 91.9 and 95.5, still waiting for Es from out east to appear -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 16:59 Es 93.1 KRVN Lexington NE, "93.1 The River" - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 16:59 Es 92.5 KJJY West Des Moines, IA (951 mi) PI:28C6, Radiotext:GREAT COUNTRY 92.5 KJJY - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:59 [16:56] Curtis! Nice to see you again. You came to the DXers Get-Together in Champaign in Sept. 2013. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 16:57 Es 88.1 KMLV Ralston, NE (1078 mi) PI:A3E3, Radiotext:TobyMac - Steal My Show - K-LOVE - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:56 107.5 Clovis NM into Illinois now, like a local! Curtis EN50 (
Jun18 16:56 Es Wyoming on FM here. Tim EM86 (
Jun18 16:56 Es 93.5 KKOT Columbus, NE (1162 mi) PI:2BE7 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:56 Es 97.7 "Radio Lobo" (SS) Nebraska City, Neb. (1155mi) Regional Mexican with RDS. Switching with Country music on fade-ups. maybe KMTY? Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun18 16:55 oops....mistake (
Jun18 16:55 88.1 (
Jun18 16:55 97.1 KEGL Dallas - JVL (
Jun18 16:55 Es 93.1 KRVN Lexington, NE (1277 mi) PI:3F13 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:53 Damn internet is slow right now, cant load streams - JVL (
Jun18 16:51 98.1 looks like Lubbock TX as they're airing AGH right now - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:48 Es 98.1 with America's Greatest Hits program - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:48 Es 89.9 KCVG Hastings, NE PI:1770 (recent sign on ?) - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:48 Es 91.3 KNCT - JVL (
Jun18 16:48 Es 95.3 KCSI Villisca, IA. (1105mi) country music. Es cloud slowly moving north. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun18 16:47 Steve, if 89.1 (Hastings), 89.3 (Norfolk), and 90.3 (Bassett) are all open freqs for you, try those for a simulcast of KLNE. All are on the NET Network //KUCV -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 16:47 Es KNRG - JVL (
Jun18 16:47 Es 97.3 religious program mixing with WJZE - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:46 Es KSTY - 104.5 FM Canon City, CO Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jun18 16:45 KQOB just played Imagine, so it's them - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:45 Es 97.9 WJLB Detroit MI 1401 km/870 mi) - NEW - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun18 16:44 Es 96.9 with John Lennon "Imagine" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:44 Es 88.7 KLNE Lexington, NE (1263 mi) PI:4519 (KUCV) RDS:KLNE-FM - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:44 Es KVAY - 105.7 FM Lamar, CO with RDS. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jun18 16:43 Totally frustrating. Expecting stuff to come piling in from Penn and NJ, but not getting a thing here -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 16:43 Skip coming in spurts here - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 16:41 Es 90.9 KHCT Great Bend KS, Radio Kansas - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 16:40 Es KGBL - The Bull 100.9 FM Lakin, KS Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jun18 16:39 Es 92.9 KTGL "The Eagle" Beatrice, Neb. (1190mi) with Nostalgic Rock. During one of the fade-ups. I must be right on the fringe of the Es. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun18 16:37 E cloud must be just to north or overshooting us. Got some low band Es coming home from church. No IDs. Ash --Frederick, MD (
Jun18 16:37 Still have that 93.7 in, now with Boston "More Than a Feeling" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:36 Es 90.1 KSAU - JVL (
Jun18 16:36 Es 90.9 KLRC Tahlequah, OK, RDS: KLRC - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun18 16:35 Es KAIG - Air1 Radio 89.9 FM Dodge City, KS Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jun18 16:35 Es 97.7 CHTZ-FM St Catherines ON "Southern Ontario's Best Rock, 97-7 Hits FM" (1723 km/1070 mi) - NEW- de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun18 16:35 Es 89.5 Christian AC over local. - JVL DXer (
Jun18 16:34 Es 93.7 with the Knack "My Sharona" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:33 Es 93.7 KTUF Kirksville, MO (902 mi) PI:4439 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:33 Es 93.1 KHMY Pratt KS, stream match - Rich, PA FN1 (
Jun18 16:32 Es 92.7 KZUH Minneapolis, KS (1183 mi) Hits Now 92.7 The New Zoo - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:30 Es 89.1 KMUW Wichita KS, RDS - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 16:28 102.5 is WIOG - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:28 Es 95.9 KRSL Russell, KS (1249 mi) PI:3EC3 1350 watts - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:28 Es 89.7 KLTB Brownfield, TX, "Radio Vida, Adelante..." - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun18 16:27 Es (?) 102.5 with Miley "Malibu" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:26 Es 93.7 KYEZ Salina, KS (1183 mi) PI:4FE1 - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:26 Es 102.1 the Fox Pamplico SC - Matt in central NE (
Jun18 16:25 Es 91.5 // 91.9 - JVL DXer (
Jun18 16:25 Bill, I also have classic rock mixing with WPZR here (The Boys are Back in Town) - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:24 Es 102.1 with America "A Horse with No Name" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:24 Es 102.7 KJOK Holls OK Big DOg - classic Rock - over local WPZR New! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun18 16:24 Es KHMY - My 93.1 Pratt, KS Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jun18 16:23 Es 94.9 KCMO Shawnee/Kansas City, MO (1016 mi) PI:168E - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:23 Es KGLY - JVL (
Jun18 16:22 Es 98.5 Pee Dee and Florence mention - Matt in Chapman, NE (
Jun18 16:21 Es 99.7 with T. Graham Brown "Hell and High Water" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:20 Es 93.7 Greenville SC - Matt, east of Grand Island NE (
Jun18 16:19 Es KKHA 92.5 - JVL (
Jun18 16:18 Es 96.1 KINI Nebraska - K4NBF/m EM66 (
Jun18 16:17 Es 102.5 KZII Lubbock TX PI:52DC de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun18 16:17 Es 92.1 Fox Sports - JVL (
Jun18 16:16 Es 96.1 Hot Chelle Rae "Tonight Tonight" mixing with country - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:16 Es 91.3 Christian AC not K-LOVE - JVL (
Jun18 16:16 Es 90.1 KAMY Lubbock, TX, "Family Life Radio" - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun18 16:16 Es 92.9 KMXN Osage City, KS (1078 mi) PI:3213 92.9 The Bull - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:15 Es 90.9 Public Radio - JVL (
Jun18 16:14 Es 96.3 KZCH Derby, KS (1188 mi) PI:523F Radiotext:Channel Wichita's Hit Music Station - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun18 16:14 My 93.3 is KJKE, match to stream - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jun18 16:13 Es 89.7 SS preaching - JVL DXer (
       TvFm Log Archive for 2017 (zip)