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TvFm Skip Log Entries
Jun27 15:45 and even the CHP's relay system - de WA5IYX (
Jun27 15:41 they would soon have to relocate as that became part of the aero band - de WA5IYX (
Jun27 15:40 according to those 1945 Radio Craft issues several US city PDs were set up on 118 MHz for 2x comms - de WA5IYX (
Jun27 14:56 (14:34) Lee - I lived there during WPJB's heydey (1976-1981) and went to the studio a few times. Randy EM69wq (
Jun27 14:55 Tr 97.9 KICK Palmyra, MO- weak/poor with country 'Kick FM'-- 372 miles!! EN71 S. Michigan (
Jun27 14:39 (12:50) correct ID Is 100.3 KCXR Taft OK "Que Buena" (112 mi) relog, new format - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun27 14:34 [06:55] Nice Randy! Now they are "Lite Rock" (sigh)... Did you log them? Or live there? // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 14:16 Tr 98.5 WBOW Paris, IL ID between songs - 281 miles - new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 14:09 Still strong Tr from multiple directions into Indy. Creeping into central Missouri. Randy EM69wq (
Jun27 13:32 Tr 96.5 WFTK Lebanon OH "96 Rock" 201 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 13:24 Tr 93.7 WNOB Chesapeake, VA (271 mi) - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun27 13:19 Tr 94.1 WNNF CIncinnati OH Nash FM de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 13:08 Tr 102.7 WEBN Cincinnatii OH - TOH ID - over local WPZR - 219 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 13:02 Tr 107.5 WZRX Fort Shawnee, OH ID and Bob and Tom in the Morning - mixing with local WGPR - new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 12:53 WGAR not quite over, but pretty much destroying WYCD here in Farmington hills JJ in EN82 (
Jun27 12:50 Tr 100.3 KQUI-LP Ulysses KS (100 W @ 232 mi) NEW - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun27 12:47 Tr 97.1 WBNS Columbus OH "The Fan" and Mike and Mike in the morning - over WXYT de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 12:45 Tr 94.7 WSNY Columbus OH "Sunny 95" completely over local WCSX - new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 12:36 Tr (new) 88.7 WSIE Edwardsville, IL (nulled local WICR) 50K-B 215.2mi Randy EM69wq (
Jun27 12:35 Tr 88.9 WCVE Richmond, VA PBS-NPR 254 mi SSW weak - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun27 12:26 Tr 97.1 WLHK Shelbyville, IN mostly over local WXYT 216 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 12:11 Tr (new) 92.7 CJBX London, ONT 50K-B 345.9mi Randy EM69wq (
Jun27 12:10 Tr 93.1 WIBC Indianapolis IN mostly over local WDRQ 210 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 12:06 Tr 104.3 W282CB "Kool Oldies 1180 & 104.3" Hope Valley, RI. (188mi) 250watts. Info via FCC and Wikipedia for WSKP Am. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun27 11:56 Tr (new) 107.5 WGPR Detroit, MI (nulled local W298BB) 50K-B 244.4mi Randy EM69wq (
Jun27 11:50 Tr 102.7 WRNI Narragansett Pier, RI. (166mi) Rhode Island Public Radio pledge drive. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun27 11:07 Tr 104.5 WJJK Noblesville, IN - RDS and Classic Rock - 212 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 11:04 Tr 105.9 WJOT Wabash IN over local WMDK - new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 10:57 Tr 101.7 WBWL "The Bull" Lynn, Ma. (223mi) country music w/Bobby Bones morning show. Filling holes in my log! Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun27 10:49 Tr (new) 104.7 WIOT Toledo, OH (through WJJK upper sideband) 50K-B 197.7mi Randy EM69wq (
Jun27 10:45 Tr 102.3 WGTX "The Dunes" Truro, Ma. (250mi). w/Classic Rock. Best I've ever heard this station. Finally a Solid ID too. Bob-Nj Fn20wbo. (
Jun27 10:44 WGTE mysteriously went to very low power at exactly 6:00 EDT. N8NU (
Jun27 10:38 Tr a few DTVs CFPL 10, WNYB 26, WUDL 19, CHCJ 35 some of these may be new. N8NU (
Jun27 10:14 Tr (new) 94.3 WMKR Pana. IL w/RDS 5.6K-A 167.9mi Randy EM69q (
Jun27 09:15 Tr (new) 103.7 WDBR Springfield, IL (nulled local WFIU) 50K-B 183.7mi Randy EM69wq (
Jun27 08:03 Tr (new) 91.9 WUIS Springfield, IL (nulled local WITT) 50K-B 175.3mi Randy EM69wq (
Jun27 07:52 Tr (new) 89.5 WBCY Archbold, OH 20K-B1 157.7mi Randy EM69wq (
Jun27 06:55 (05:05) Lee - Back in the day, WWLI used to be WPJB - a great CHR station. Randy EM69wq (
Jun27 06:46 [06:12] here is one of Paul Logan's YouTube video upload of that big Es event - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun27 06:36 06:12 thanks for the reminder Yakima - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun27 06:26 [06:13] Wow, Yakima, that's insane. I'd heard of that, didn't know today was the anniversary...thx for the reminder! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 06:24 [05:16] Haha, thanks Bill! Not sure I get more than anyone else, I'm just easily amused! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 06:13 Paul would do the same on 6/26/2009...exactly six years later. WVAS 90.7 Montgomery AL at over 4,000 mi was logged, along with other MA/NJ/etc. up to 97.3 mhz. At the same time there was a good sized US opening towards the northeast. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun27 06:12 Also now getting 88.1 WYPR (with HD decode) Baltimore over my local WRIH...both stations alternating on 88.1 in full quieting no static! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 06:12 Today was an important anniversary Es-wise, no one mentioned it. The first recorded trans-Atlantic FM Es was reported 6/26/2003...13 years ago now! Paul Logan in Northern Ireland logged MA, New Brunswick, ME etc. in that opening. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun27 06:09 Still faintly getting WWLI Providence, but nothing else to the NE beyond Baltimore! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 06:08 [05:55] That is weird! (
Jun27 05:56 WURV @ 82 mi. Nothing else from Richmond HD-wise. Just 104.7 and 105.7 blasting in. - David FM18 (
Jun27 05:55 Only other thing here is an HD subdecode from 103.7 WURV Richmond, VA. I get this occasionally, but it doesn't make sense: WURV's 103.5 sideband is covered up by local WTOP (whom also runs IBOC) and 103.9 is covered up by IBOC from local 104.1 WPRS. - David FM18 (
Jun27 05:40 [05:26] Nice David! I was just about to tell you not to give up on this! Seeing some of my IBOC starting to break down too // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 05:35 This may be a wrap for me on the FM side. Omaha and Lincoln beginning to eat what is left of any open frequencies. Time to turn on the TV.....Rich....Norfolk, Ne.... (
Jun27 05:27 Tr 94.7 WDSD-FM Dover, DE 50kW, 145 miles, NEW (positive ID, through WRVQ IBOC) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 05:26 WLAN @ 104 miles through the 'iron curtain' of local IBOC to the N/NE. - David FM18 (
Jun27 05:26 I spoke too soon. 96.9 WLAN Lancaster, PA barely in under local 97.1 WASH's IBOC. Rare signal. Lee--odd event, indeed - David FM18 (
Jun27 05:25 About all I'm getting here is a handful of Norfolk's (95.7 with RDS, which is usually impossible with DC's 95.5 IBOC running) and a few Ocean City signals. Otherwise band dead - David FM18 (
Jun27 05:20 Hey David! This is strange event, signals from all along the coast, RI to NC, not tightly focused. A lot of common Norfolk and DC signals. RI catch def an outlier // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 05:16 Lee! You ole DX Piggie you! Congrats on the great DX! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 05:12 Amazing how about <80 miles is the difference between a duct and zip. - David FM18 (
Jun27 05:12 ....Rich.....Norfolk, Ne.... (
Jun27 05:12 Lee, great catches. DX was <100 miles earlier but its a bust here. Nothing. David FM18 (
Jun27 05:11 Back in summer 2012 I logged several Texas Panhandle FM stations with just a RadioShack DX 390 sitting in the kitchen. Those were my furthest tropo loggings. Furthest Es was Birmingham Al in May of 2014 (
Jun27 05:05 First log from RI, and shatters my previous longest catch to the NE by 140 miles! #funwithtropo! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 05:05 Wow! most distant tropo catch since restarting DXing last May! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 05:05 Tr 105.1 WWLI-FM Providence, RI “Lite Rock 105” 50kW, 424 miles, NEW (positive ID)...whoa! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 04:58 Tr KJO 105.5 St. Joe's hits, with aircheck. 180 Mi over/under regional KFMT Fremont, Ne.......Rich, Norfolk, Ne..... (
Jun27 04:51 Tr KEC 77 162.400 NOAA Weather Radio, St. Joseph, Mo, 180 Mi, slugging it out with KIH 61 Omaha.......Rich.....Norfolk, Ne... (
Jun27 04:40 Tr 103.3 Mix 103 KJLS Hays, Ks. with Wild West Festival info then weather, music....210 Miles.....Rich, Norfolk, Ne.... (
Jun27 04:32 Tr Hopefully not too far off topic of this page, Omaha Regional Operability Network, (Omaha Police/Fire, etc) Control channel 853.7625 almost near 99% decode....85 Miles....Rich....Norfolk, Ne..... (
Jun27 04:20 Tr 100.5 WWKI Kokomo, IN "KI - Hit Country" 176 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 04:19 Local 99.7 back on after apparently being off most of today. May not have gotten B100 if they were on (however, I did get 99.7 the Storm around the local a couple of weeks ago) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun27 04:16 Tr 106.1 Q106 Charlotte with ID. Rare here (Milwaukee dominates here)- Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun27 03:59 Tr KRVN FM 93.1 The River, with country music, 130mi, 2255cdt....Rich....Norfolk, Ne. (
Jun27 03:17 Tr Great opening up and down east coast, signals from Jersey to Wilmington, NC // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun27 02:42 Tr 94.3 WZOC Plymouth, IN loud w/oldies, RDS 283 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun27 01:56 (01:20) I'd be happy with *one* station on *any* channel to sign off./cdEL96 (
Jun27 01:40 Tr 95.3 WTRC Niles, MI weather / Casey Hendrickson talk pgm 273 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun27 01:27 Tr 104.7 WFRN Elkhart, IN preacher / RDS 264 mi de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun27 01:25 Tr 107.3 WRSW Warsaw, IN Classic Rock de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 01:20 Tr 922.1 WHPD Dowagiac, MI "Pulse FM" rare de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun27 01:20 Yes, my two closest 34's go OFF AT NIGHT. Can anybody else claim that on any TV channel?--Frank M. (
Jun27 01:19 Tr Stuff starting up?? KTWU-11 (305 miles), many Kansas City (260) including 34 which isn't as easy when KQIN/WQEC are still on--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun27 01:11 Tr 88.9 WSND Notre Dame, IN loud "God Bless America", RDS 275 mi de Jeff ON EN93fo]] (
Jun26 23:34 Ms 88.5 KZTH Piedmont, OK RDS PS/PI relog 1045 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun26 23:23 using FT-847 hr into fan dipoles for 20 and 40m, c. 15' AGL at max - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 23:02 Re: [20:04] You worked N9AU, he's local to me. :) de k9rzz (
Jun26 23:00 Tr 96.1 WMAX Holland MI Sports 06/26/16 1800 CDT 126 miles EN72 50 KW 90 deg ESPN de k9rzz en52tu (
Jun26 22:54 humans used to "scale" ionograms, tedious work but they'd never make errors like that - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 22:52 For the record - 22:03U Estimated Es MUF 72 MHZ above DM56 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun26 22:49 [22:35] No indications of 190 MHZ MUF here last hour. (lol) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun26 22:35 mistakes 2Es for foF2 and uses incorrect M factor to calculate ridiculous MUF - de WA5IYX (178) 21:40:05.000 (
Jun26 21:38 Es 55.26 spotty - also thunder now in area - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun26 21:30 tho their automated readings of foF2 a little prior are really messed up - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 21:26 more precisely - de WA5IYX (178) 21:00:05.000 (
Jun26 21:23 The Austin ionosonde at 21z matches the 50-MHz map - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 21:21 No reports of F2 prop. thus far either unlike March 2012 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun26 21:17 leading up to the summertime Es peak was higher than the first half of 2016 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun26 21:15 The face of the sun has been blank for the fourth consecutive day. It's official is my log book that the first half of 2012 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun26 20:51 for decades they set up adjacent to this lake - de WA5IYX,-98.5342292,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x6722f4fcc4dbf2f9?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiYi4m7yMbNAhUmxoMKHcqfC2wQ_BIIhAEwDg (
Jun26 20:36 a lot more distant these days - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 20:33 the first FD I SWLed was in 1959 - W5SC setup 3-mi east of me - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 20:27 I have to use notepad with this to make an ADIF file to submit to LoTW - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 20:14 Tr 88.7 WULV Moundsville, W.VA. RELOG 3 KW @ 214 Miles. K-LOVE with CALL ID and Moundsville, Wheeling, Pittsburgh ID on hour. de Rob-VA3SW ON EN92 (
Jun26 20:14 I wish CT was still around. I never failed you. Your log looks like mine except it is half CW and a little 80M thrown in. de dwi (
Jun26 20:07 some of those class E were F but CT K1EA pgm not set to take that - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 20:04 my FD effort today - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 20:01 We had a Mosley Tribander blown over in 1983 in a big thunder storm. de dwi (
Jun26 20:00 couple of hours... think laptop is going old on me de dwi (
Jun26 20:00 Sitting on a gravel hill, 500 foot 'dipole', no ground ... and here come the thunder storms. Zap! Ouch! :) de rzz (
Jun26 19:58 My most fun was 1991 as 1 Charlie (mobile) using K A 5 D W I mobile (
Jun26 19:57 My worst was 1980 in a heatwave. 113 degrees in DFW de ka5dwi (
Jun26 19:56 [1953] Never got to do that ;( de dwi (
Jun26 19:55 That was in a coule of hous on 40 Meters (
Jun26 19:54 GOTAs are nice but I miss the Novice/Tech Days. I could really work CW when I was a Novice. 40 Qs during FD my first year. de ka5dwi/7 (
Jun26 19:53 Success in Field Day is measured in how much food and beer you went through. :) de k9rzz (
Jun26 19:53 I think I may have worked one GOTA. Sloppy CW, but you are always patient with it. de dwi (
Jun26 19:46 I heard or work several XYL's too. I rfused to work anyone saying CQ Contest.... it ain't a Contest. de dwi/7 (
Jun26 19:44 Finally heard HF Es mid-morning, but to light to bother. Had fun on 80M CW which was rare for me when I lived in Texas. Quieter hear in AZ. de dwi (
Jun26 19:41 [1938] Any of those GOTA/Youth operators? Last year I heard at least three youth operators calling CQ Field Day...always makes me happy to see someone NOT using a smartphone to communicate > Yakima CN96 (
Jun26 19:40 Looks like 6M is opening out east de dwi/7 (
Jun26 19:39 Not good East, mostly N, NW, and NE. (
Jun26 19:38 Tr 91.3 WHHI Highland, WI at 1558 UTC -- Conclusion of pgm "America's Test Kitchen", then ID: "You're listening to the Ideas Network from Wisconsin Public Radio...". A relog here, but always nice to get Wisconsin on FM, nonetheless -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun26 19:38 I made 50 Qs on 80, 40, 20 Meter CW, SSB and PSK31. I thought conditions sucked a little. de ka5dwi (
Jun26 19:37 Es 6 Meters DM34 AZ => EM40 LA de ka5dwi/7 (
Jun26 19:33 Es 92.9 Spanish SS antenna pointed southwest - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun26 19:32 40 was horrible, by the way > cn (
Jun26 19:32 How did everyone do w/ Field Day? I listened a little bit on 20 last night (0300z) - heard a lot of SFL and WCF prefixes, a lot of STX as well. AZ was weak, no sign of CA. Had a MN as well. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun26 19:31 Is this a conspiracy? Do I see the color RED? Now if only those paths started going further west. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun26 19:21 [18:36] KKRQ's CoL is actually Iowa City, although it serves the CR area and gets out well through most of eastern Iowa. Studios for it and AM sister KXIC 800 are on the north side of IC right off I-80 exit #244, tower is about 4 miles north of there near Lake McBride. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun26 19:13 But, the problem is fixed now (I was ignoring live DXing trying to solve the problem related to SDR recording) BR in AZ (
Jun26 19:11 If not for external HD problems, I might have caught several IDs, as there was Es up to at least 96.5 at 1805UT, with several freqs involved BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun26 18:51 On second thought BR I stand corrected. Es de NE beacon on 6M pretty strong. de ka5dwi/7 dm34 az (
Jun26 18:46 Hey BR, I might have been MS. I have been hearing it all morning on 6M de dwi/7 (
Jun26 18:46 Tr 104.3 WJMK with mention of "ABC7 Chicago" during national ABC ad - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 18:41 Tr 101.9 the Mix with ID. Certainly helps that TC's 101.9 is running much less than 100kW - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 18:36 [17:06] 100.7 KKRQ Cedar Rapids, IA-- So your 16:30 is probably Cedar Rapids as well-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jun26 18:35 EN64- APRS maps currently show you at the very end of a very nice duct that extends well beyond Chicago! EN71 S. Michigan (
Jun26 18:35 Have been having equipment problems, but nothing happening right now BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun26 18:32 Tr 93.1 WXRT with ID and playlist match - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 18:28 Tr 105.9 WCFS with ad for Woody Cars and ID "WBBM news time ..." - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 18:20 [18:14] WJMR Menominee Falls, WI (Milwaukee)-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jun26 18:14 Tr 98.3 Jammin 98 with R&B music and ID - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 18:07 Tr 92.9 WKZY with match to playlist. Now a Kiss FM 95.9 simulcast - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 18:01 Es 91.9 KSOI Murray IA call and local ads, just some brief flareups BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun26 18:00 Tr 88.9 WYMS Radio Milwaukee TOH ID - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:53 Tr 104.3 CJQM with playlist match - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:51 Tr 103.1 mentions of Rockford and First Covenant Church - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:49 Tr 103.1 mentions of Rockford and First Covenant Church - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:47 Tr 101.7 River Country - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:45 Tr 104.7 KYYI Burkburnett TX "The Bear" (178 mi) o/u KQBK - local KQSN off -de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun26 17:45 Tr 101.3 Kiss FM Quad Cities with playlist match - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:44 100.9 is Air 1 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:42 Tr 100.9 with Christian type music - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:41 Tr 104.7 KQBK Booneville AR (204 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun26 17:41 The 97.5 is either a spur or a translator of WEMP 98.9 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:39 Tr 97.5 with what sounds like Fields of Gold - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:33 Tr 91.3 WSTM - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:31 Tr 105.9 WWHG with playlist match and ID - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:24 Es 6 Meters AZ=>KS in/out finally de ka5dwi/7 (
Jun26 17:18 Tr 96.1 with AT40 the 70s - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:16 Tr 94.1 JJO - - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:14 Matches KATF stream - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:12 Tr 92.9 with a 90s syndicated program - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:10 Tr 92.9 (
Jun26 17:08 Tr 105.9 KKSW Lawrence KS "Kiss FM" (213 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun26 17:06 Tr 100.7 the Fox - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:05 And my 99.7 is Quad Cities - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:04 Tr 99.9 WJVL with RDS - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 17:00 Tr 99.7 with Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 16:58 6 meters now open to MO, hopefully for more than 2 min - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun26 16:54 Tr 103.3 KAZR Des Moines IA Rock 06/26/16 1145 CDT 269 miles EN31 100 KW 269 deg Lazer 103 de k9rzz better off the back of the beam. (
Jun26 16:45 Gone already - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun26 16:42 6 meters finally opening to FL - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun26 16:34 96.5 could also be Cedar Rapids as they're airing Bobby Bones until noon CT and that Tim McGraw song is toward the top of the charts - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 16:30 Tr 96.5 with Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. KWWK?? - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 16:18 Tr 104.1 KMYR in HD - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun26 15:08 Tr 106.7 WKRU Allouez WI Classic hits 06/26/16 1000 CDT 114 miles EN64 25 KW 10 deg Kruzing 106.7 de k9rzz wi (
Jun26 15:07 Tr 88.5 WYVL Youngsville, PA. NEW STN @ 2.5 KW Christian Rock ID as "88.5 WYVL Youngsville/Warren" into news de Rob-VA3SW ON EN92 (
Jun26 15:03 Couldn't get xp machine to turn on (bad psu) so enjoy the skip today guys. I might be able to run out to the car but can't record or stream. En25 (
Jun26 14:59 Not even 10 meters here - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun26 14:52 Es into FM CBHA-90.5 MS Halifax - EE talk on Canadian identity 1175mi de fred SC FM03af (
Jun26 14:49 Tr 107.3 WUPF Escanaba MI Rock 06/26/16 0945 cdt 203 miles EN65 50 KW 14 deg The Eagle de k9rzz en52tu (
Jun26 14:40 Es New England - 6m hams and ch 2 dtv pilot in de fred SC FM03af (
Jun26 14:23 Tr 100.9 Lakin KS "Today's Country 100 9 the Bull" (221 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun26 14:01 Tr 91.5 WUNC Chapel Hill, NC. (400mi) w/NPR programming. This was so loud I thought it ws a local. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun26 13:59 Tr 91.7 KVRX, Austin, TX, 3.0 kW, 74 mi, new, webstream match, mixing w/local KRTU, Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun26 13:36 Tr 93.5 WBBC "The Bobcat" Blackstone, Va. (297mi). w/country music. Tropo starting to burn off, but this just popped in and wasn't in earlier. Interesting! Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jun26 12:31 Ms 88.5 KLHV Cotton Valley, LA RDS relog 998 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun26 12:21 Tr 105.7 "WJZ HD1-TheFan, HD2-Bloomberg, HD3-CBS Sports 1300AM" Baltimore, MD (140mi). Good morning to fill in the holes in my logbook of those un-logged Baltimore station. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun26 11:55 Tr 107.5 KSCB Liberal KS (208 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun26 09:46 Tr 107.9 WEES-LP-FM Ocean City,MD 15 WATTS over local philly. LM/FM29 (
Jun26 09:42 Tr WSFL 106.5 New Bern, North Carolina. LM/FM29 (
Jun26 09:36 Tr 92.5 WYFL Henderson, North Carolina. LM/FM29 over local philly WXTU. (
Jun26 08:07 I've been told that the lcl W5SC FD 6m op in 1963 had more QSOs than their 40m phone - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 07:08 ARRL FD and I don't even hear any 14-MHz Es here now - de WA5IYX (
Jun26 04:47 Tr Unid dt 21 bouncing in and out of subdecode. Stns from Eau Claire and Rochester are full decodes. En25 (
Jun26 04:41 nothing coming in here from that Tropo to my southeast. guess I am too far west to tap into that duct - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun26 03:59 Three new YTs from tonight./cdEL96---> (
Jun26 03:31 I see the APRS Maps cd, trying to see if anything is coming in here from around Tampa. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun26 03:23 APRS maps seem to scream Tr MS to Tampa./cdEL96 (home again) (
Jun26 00:28 Tr same spot Star 106.5 Nassau, fleeting RDS/cdEL96 (
Jun25 23:47 Ms 88.5 KEOM Mesquite, TX weather report, RDS RELOG 1108 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun25 23:36 Tr (same spot) 92.5 Bahamian or Nuttin', Nassau (new name)---seems mono only/cdEL96 (
Jun25 23:05 Tr from Keys likely R Taino 93.3 & 94.7 with "Birdland" by Weather Report./cdEL96 (
Jun25 23:00 Tr (if you wanna call it that) from MM 73.1 in FL Keys, 104.7 R Mayabeque in Guines, Cuba RDS MAYABEQU/cdEL96 (
Jun25 22:01 with the lack of Es, tried some 20m Field Day with a portable antenna out in my yard today, band conditions far from spectacular, worked stations in NE/MI/WI//IL/IN - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun25 22:00 scattered thunder - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun25 21:48 Frank, you too could own a piece of the next Atlantis ;-) - Saul (
Jun25 21:38 28 MHz just as bad - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun25 21:21 even with ARRL FD going on 50-MHz maps puny - de WA5IYX (
Jun25 21:04 Stale Tr from overnight 10/10 KTTC Rochester. Consistent relog. En25 (
Jun25 21:00 As for Global Warming, I should speculate on beachfront property in Ocala and Waycross. There might not be much more left--Frank M. (
Jun25 20:14 ignore the comments re global warming - de WA5IYX (
Jun25 20:03 er April 2009 for that repair on it - de WA5IYX (
Jun25 20:00 in Apr 2012 I had to resolder a line to an F-fitting in my Bolin Box within in six months of having it - de WA5IYX (
Jun25 19:16 I actually managed to repair my phasing! It wasn't working. Appears I had a bad cable in the chain--Frank M. (
Jun25 18:43 2012 had no skip in June, but then we had July 24th. Maybe we'll have something like that at least once next month. IF the sun can cooperate. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun25 17:30 Its bad this season so far, not too upbeat about next month's outlook - Jerry (
Jun25 17:30 Nice enhancement here in southern WI out to about 150 miles. Picking 'em off one by one ... de k9rzz (
Jun25 17:29 P. 564 - converters for 42-50 MHz FM sets to receive 88-102 MHz band - de WA5IYX (
Jun25 17:13 Tr 94.3 WZOC Plymouth IN Classic hits 06/25/16 1210 CDT 141 miles EN61 11 KW 141 deg Z 94.3 de k9rzz WI Rocking the 60's man! (
Jun25 15:56 Ms 88.1 WUWF Pensacola, FL strong enough burst to trigger HD icon RELOG 956 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun25 15:39 (15:38) You musta watched MeTV last night. :) /cdEL96 (
Jun25 15:38 Recorder and stream going. Static....on the radio (do do do do do do do do) en25 (
Jun25 15:25 Tr 93.5 KKDT Burdett KS (198 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun25 15:22 Don't want to spend Field Day weekend working HF. de dwi/7 (
Jun25 15:20 Solar winds are still way way too high for a spotless Sun. (
Jun25 15:20 True... I am worried about more streams of crap coming from the Sun. A-Indices remain a little elevated. de dwi (
Jun25 15:10 Tr 93.9 KZRD Dodge City KS (191 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun25 15:04 Tr 94.9 WMMQ E. Lansing MI Rock 06/25/16 1000 CDT 193 miles EN72 50 KW 93 deg de k9rzz wi en52tu (
Jun25 15:03 B-class flares are almost sub-minor ... - de WA5IYX (
Jun25 14:59 Tr 94.5 WIBW Topeka KS (197 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun25 14:52 There has been 3 minor flares since 00 UTC :( whoa Nellie!! de ka5dwi/t dm34 (
Jun25 14:51 Tr 95.3 KERX Paris AR (205 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun25 14:51 The sun is getting a little quieter, is spotless right now. (
Jun25 14:50 Europe is having some 6M Es, plus a couple Trans-Atlantic. Ma the gods be with us :) de dwi/7 (
Jun25 14:10 Tr 94.9 KOLI Electra TX "The Outlaw" 181 mi - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun25 13:35 Tr 96.3 KERP Ingalls KS "The Marshall" (191 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun25 13:28 KREJ 101.7 Medicine Lodge KS has their new antenna (
Jun25 13:27 Tr 99.1 KJIL Copeland KS (190 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun25 13:21 Tr 97.3 KXUS Springfield MO (251 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun25 12:51 Tr 105.1 WEJT Shelbyville, IL (265 mi, 13 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun25 12:49 Tr 99.1 KLJY Clayton, MO (262 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun25 12:46 Tr 93.1 WYDS Decatur, IL (281 mi, 4.6 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun25 12:18 12:05, thanks Rick but I've quit bothering checking for tropo. It's virtually non existent in these parts now as is Es. Imy farthest Tr catch did come from IA however. 2011 KXIA 101.1Marshalltown. Tim EM86 (
Jun25 12:05 [05:01-05:08] Nice job on those loggings, Wes! I wonder if the eastern Iowa/western Illinois duct reached Tim in eastern Tenn (he's in Kingsport, I think?). I would hate for him to have missed out on it -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun25 10:30 Tr 99.9 WSAU Wausau WI Polka 06/25/16 0530 CDT 121 miles EN54 13 kw 328 deg WSAU Polka Party de k9rzz wi en52tu (
Jun25 06:02 I'm hearing a 10 watt CW beacon on 144.298 MHz in en53 (Wisconsin). That's by far the best tropo for this vhf/uhf log periodic- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun25 05:49 04:05//Also, when you were in IC with co-channel KCII, Keokuk was still a Class A. KCII and Maquoketa got bumped before KOKX went 100k--Frank M. (
Jun25 05:47 Hmm...KOKX doesn't even have a website, just a Facebook page. Lame. But nothing there about 95.3 being off, either--Frank M. (
Jun25 05:43 I got Attica from FMLIST...but looks like the TX is between there and Lafayette. And Lafayette is city of license?-Wes (
Jun25 05:41 OK, what's this all about? Google shows a 'K-Love" KLVS-107.3 Keokuk, along with KOKX-95.3 - what's this KLVS? - how is that even possible with KGRS Burlington there? I call these "Google ghosts" (results that don't exist0--Frank M. (
Jun25 05:39 Only TV tropo I'm seeing is Eau Claire. Seeing what this DT-10 is but I have to work early so the Insignia box will sit - En25 (
Jun25 05:38 I only have one Des Moines/Ames area catch but Cedar Rapids was common last year. I also remember getting the Quad Cities - En25 (
Jun25 05:38 05:35//"" doesn't show this being in Attica, is this a new/recent move?--Frank M. (
Jun25 05:36 By the way, KOKX-95.3 is STILL OFF...I have no idea what's happened over there. Maybe their website says something--Frank M. (
Jun25 05:35 Tr 96.5 WAZY Attica, IN 299 miles "WAZY" heard- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun25 05:31 EN25, strange that your most common IA would be one of the farthest ones--Frank M. (
Jun25 05:29 Looks like I'm below the duct here...all I see is the "short regional Tropo" WSIL-34, KTVO-33, KFXB-43, etc--Frank M. (
Jun25 05:29 KYOU was/is my most common DTV catch in Iowa, but I recall you saying they had technical problems last year Frank - En25 (
Jun25 05:22 Guess I'd better get-to-crackin' on southeast DX...revised DTV total 594 as I found others I'd forgotten to mark down (KMIZ-17, WLIO-8, W50CH Alton, KYOU-15, etc.)--Frank M. (
Jun25 05:08 Tr 107.9 KFNW Waterloo, IA 529 miles "Rock 108"- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun25 05:06 Tr 101.9 KNWS Waterloo, IA 529 miles (online audio) thanks to Bryce for the heads up on this one- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun25 05:01 Tr 92.7 WLSR Galesburg, IL 402 miles, local commercial- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun25 04:53 Tr 101.1 KBHP Bemidji, MN (138 mi) relog - en25 (
Jun25 04:40 Tr - The Fox WKFX 99.1 Rice Lake, WI - new - 90 miles - EN25 (
Jun25 04:35 Tr 105.7 WXCX Siren, WI - all I hear is PSA after PSA after PSA and a brief "The Fan". - En25 (
Jun25 04:28 Scratch that "Moose Country 106.7" WATQ 106.7 Chetek, WI - relog, swapping with WJJY - en25 (
Jun25 04:26 Tr unid "Real country 106.7" - En25 (
Jun25 04:22 Southern MN tropo strong, so far nothing exciting yet - En25 (
Jun25 04:05 Yes, Frank mentioned that. KOKX is one of his semi-locals. When I lived in Iowa City in the 1990s, KOKX was blocked by KCII in Washington, Iowa. After I moved out in 2001, KCII moved up to 106.1 and opened up the path to Keokuk -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun25 03:46 Did someone here mention that 95.3 KOKX was off the air? They used to be the first one logged on this rare path - K4NBF (
Jun25 03:30 Thx guys. 101.9 getting stronger, 96.5 gone, digging for others... only possible with phase box - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun25 03:21 Tr 89.7 WONU Kankakee, IL "Shine FM" 365 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun25 03:18 [03:09] Awesome Bryce! Very Nice de Mark FM29 (
Jun25 03:16 Very nice logging, Bryce! A former (and perhaps future) pest of mine -- Rick in EN21af longing for a return to EN41 (
Jun25 03:16 Tr 96.5 KKSY Cedar Rapids, IA (485 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun25 03:09 audio link for log - K4NBF (
Jun25 03:09 Tr (surprise!!) 101.9 KNWS Waterloo, IA (512 mi, 100 kW) - K4NBF EM66... audio: (
Jun25 02:27 Those 1945 Radio Craft issues contain a lot what I thought would be then-classified WW2 radio/radar info - de WA5IYX (
Jun25 01:49 (01:32) Maybe we can write another Twilight Zone episode./cdEL96 (
Jun25 01:36 APRS map looks like tropo running through the Twin Cities down to Iowa & Illinois - de JimT/MO (
Jun25 01:35 Justin, maybe getting some tropo up your way, running into IA & IL? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun25 01:32 That's right Frank, chasing after a ghost that's also known as Es...totally invisible these days - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun25 00:31 But this is 7:30 pm on an evening near the summer Solstice...instead of talking about Internet practices, isn't there something else i'm SUPPOSED to be doing?--Frank M. (
Jun25 00:29 Good to see this page is auto-refreshing...--Frank M. (
Jun25 00:14 Do not so. En25 (
Jun25 00:14 Those are for if you want to browse without what you so being kept in history. En25 (
Jun25 00:06 Never had any idea what incognito or private windows were...never used them before--Frank M. (
Jun25 00:05 I don't have my two computers "networked"--Frank M. (
Jun25 00:04 Firefox has private windows and Chrome has incognito windows. You can have multiple identities concurrently that way ... Mike (
Jun25 00:03 If you login to Chrome, you can also propogate malware through your Chrome profile to the cloud and onto any other computer that you sign in to Chrome with. Messy! ... Mike (
Jun24 23:52 One browser can't have me signed into two Yahooemails at once (or at least that WAS true), so I have them as homepages on two different browsers so I'm not always having to sign back in--Frank M. (
Jun24 23:51 This laptop doesn't have a high RAM capacity, so things can be sluggish. My alternate email under Chrome was freezing up--Frank M. (
Jun24 23:50 It started doing this just AFTER I dumped my cache about two or three hours ago, though (when my other email, which I access via Chrome, suddenly became far less sluggish when I dumped my Chrome cache)--Frank M. (
Jun24 23:49 I'm using Firefox 47.0 and do not have that problem ... Mike (
Jun24 23:48 I searched, and found it right away, so I unchecked the box. Hopefully this will reload automatically--Frank M. (
Jun24 23:48 Frank: Hold down SHIFT key and refresh page. Maybe dumping cache will help ... Mike (
Jun24 23:44 Nice to see the maps devoid of skip once again -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun24 23:43 I already did that, Jim, but I could find NOWHERE to do anything that seemed to change that option. It hurts that this page will no longer automatically refresh.--Frank M. (
Jun24 23:43 in 2002 we didn't have these DXMaps to see if others areas were doing as poorly for Es as it was hr - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 23:11 21:06....Frank, IF you just recently updated Firefox, they are now installing all safety protocols for web browsing. You have to go to Menu and Options and go through and check all the settings - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun24 22:52 Duplicate post, and still getting that Firefox message. NEVER saw this before. Weird--Frank M. (
Jun24 22:51 I wonder what distance record (for DTV tropo) Fernando Garcia would have if he'd still been DX'ing from Monterrey--Frank M. (
Jun24 22:13 p. 105 - "new FM band" station permits Nov 1945 - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 21:45 re: 21:32 freq was 89.3 not 88.3 - Steve K3PHL (
Jun24 21:32 Ms 88.3 WSHN Munising, MI PI:84F3 (746 mi) - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun24 21:31 considering the V-100 and 8-bay bow-tie all under 25' AGL here - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 21:27 can't complain all that much - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun24 21:25 of course, his being 280 miles from here was also no small factor ... - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 21:24 lots of elevated ducts reached his high level ASL there that us lower folk never caught - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 21:13 Sorry----saw DTV there....he mighta still gotten as far as somewhere in the NC/SC Appalachians/cd (
Jun24 21:12 Hard to beat 1600+ miles (WGNT 27 VA) from MTY!/cdEL96 (
Jun24 21:10 I wonder what distance record (for DTV tropo) Fernando Garcia would have if he'd still been DX'ing from Monterrey--Frank M. (
Jun24 21:09 [21:04] Give it 3 years, and 2-6 should re-populate with gusto, much to the chagrin of FL DXers who wanna see Latin America Es/cdEL96 (
Jun24 21:07 = automatically (
Jun24 21:06 There it is again..."prevented" not stopped... (
Jun24 21:06 Just got this warning here: "Firefox stopped this page from authoatically redirecting to another page"...something going on in here?--Frank M. (
Jun24 21:05 Well, except maybe the Channel 4 if I get lucky... (
Jun24 21:04 [18:45] Same distance as from here! Except I don't expect TSP dtv anytime soon--Frank M. (
Jun24 20:57 Not a link, but the sounds of red of course--Frank M. chirp...chirp...chirp... (
Jun24 18:48 WESH 2 logo on WKCF - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun24 18:45 all the Tampa Bay TLs c. 995-996 mi from here - de WA5IYX EL09ql (
Jun24 18:41 Barstow from Mass did it with a Fla catch - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 18:40 got Orlando in 2012 for over 1k, wud have been nice to have been first a few years earlier - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 18:33 Pat, it LOOKS frustrating that you have Venice FL 995 miles and didn't crack 1, any west coast FL 1,000 from you?Frank M (
Jun24 17:49 If Es, not from your SW direction - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun24 17:49 needs a little updating these past few months - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 17:42 Es or ms on 89.5, getting some brief fade-ups, John DE in Nova Scotia (
Jun24 17:40 Best DTV channels here are 16 and 40, each 18 logged--Frank M. (
Jun24 17:16 I think I read that the "SS Minnow" on Gilligan's Island was a sort of poke at the guy./cdEL96 (
Jun24 17:05 with that FCC Chm name always made for visions of a goldfish bowl shaped TV screen - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 16:58 Tr 91.7 Had BOTH Iowa Public Radio classical stations in at the same time at 1424 UTC, with programming about 5 seconds apart. Glad that I can finally count KSUI in my logbook. Logging #337 overall here -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun24 16:55 Tr 88.3 KESD Brookings, SD at 1412 UTC - Morning classical mx request pgm, phone # that sounded like 605-524-3604 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun24 16:24 Static back on the stream today. Had to reboot the xp machine as it wouldn't recognize the wireless card. Darn pre-WiFi Os. En25 (
Jun24 16:19 I won't spoil it, but I wonder if Newton Minow took note of its dialog, if you know what I mean./cd (
Jun24 16:13 That, and/or the videotape (or kinescope) production quality./cd (
Jun24 16:12 "Static" might only be big for us radio geeks, and that might explain it./cdEL96 (
Jun24 15:23 I don't see that episode mentioned very often among people's favorites--Frank M. (
Jun24 15:22 Not sure many of the episodes would have "worked" as well in color. Rod Serling mastered the black & white medium--Frank M. (
Jun24 15:20 ][12:30] Probably my #3 favorite episode!! If you get a chance, WATCH IT. The displaced radio just looks so forlorn and sad...--Frank M. (
Jun24 15:15 this was the first episode that I saw on its original air date - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 15:12 Also had Hot 103 Jamz, KPRS, 103.3 and KBEQ 104.3 "K-104" with country music among other Kansas City area stations into the car radio early this morning.....Rich....Norfolk, Ne. (
Jun24 15:10 Tr KCKC "KC 102.1" Kansas City, Mo, 210 mi, nice mix of Cranberries, Huey Lewis and the News, strong into the car radio at 0315....Rich....Norfolk, Ne (
Jun24 14:50 I hope they show it on its original videotape---MeTV has been good at doing so, with the CBS-mandated videotaped eps./cdEL96 (
Jun24 14:39 that was one of the infamous six episodes video taped (budget move) vs filmed and image quality suffers - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 14:30 thought some reflection mechanism c. dozen light years away could "explain" it - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 14:27 I remember seeing that episode's first run in 1961 - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 12:31 ....the episode features "DXing" of a different kind. No spoilers./cd (
Jun24 12:30 (3:08, 3:34) Speaking of Static, MeTV's "Twilight Zone" late tonight is called "Static"...>>>/cdEL96 (
Jun24 11:55 Tr St. Louis still in and out. WSIE-88.7 Edwardsville IL noted. Finally logged much wanted KRCG-DT-12 Jeff City overnight. - Matt EN21 (
Jun24 11:48 p. 31 - solar noise and solar flares - de WA5IYX (
Jun24 11:23 Congrats on 2k logs! I will be gone until Monday, taking a late Father's Day weekend trip. -- Dan EM73 ATL airport (
Jun24 07:52 Thanks everyone. I started in March 1999, so 17 years to reach 2,000. - Matt EN21 (
Jun24 06:28 Seriously ... awesome! ... Mike (
Jun24 06:28 2000 logs...awesome!!!...I'll get there if I live to be 146 years old and am not swallowed by static ... Mike (
Jun24 06:19 Congrats Matt, I envy you! How long did it take to reach that? - En25 (
Jun24 05:27 Tr 99.7 WDKF Sturgeon Bay WI Country 06/24/16 0025 CDT 128 miles EN64 46 KW 10 deg Duke FM de k9rzz (
Jun24 05:09 Congrats on 2k Matt/cdEL96 (
Jun24 04:59 Tr 92.3 KKHQ Oelwein IA HITS 06/24/16 0000 CDT 179 miles EN42 100 KW 267 deg Q92.3 de K9RZZ EN52tu WI (
Jun24 04:58 Tr Kansas City really starting to build, as well as "rarer" Topeka KSNT-27. I need to be looking for KPXE-30 (Channel 51 refugee)--Frank M. (
Jun24 04:56 Congratulations, Matt, on hitting 2000!--Frank M. (
Jun24 04:11 Tr 89.5 and 102.1 Savannah over 400 mi/cdEL96 (
Jun24 04:09 Congrats on 2000 Matt! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun24 04:06 Tr 93.1 KBDZ Perryville, MO 252 miles in a bad azimuth for me- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun24 03:52 FM Map not working? - de k9rzz (
Jun24 03:42 I just noticed that I forgot to add two local translators to my logbook... so KJLU 88.9 was actually #2000! - Matt EN21 (
Jun24 03:34 slep = asleep. Damned beer ... Mike (
Jun24 03:34 Static is good...helps you fall slep ... Mike (
Jun24 03:08 If you guys know how to get my stream going, you'll notice I got bored with streaming static, and put my music collection on. Figure nobody is listening anyway - En25 (
Jun24 03:02 Tr 92.7 WUSW Taylorville, IL (287 mi, 11.5 kW) "US92.7" w/ legal ID - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun24 02:52 Tr KCKZ 103.5 Huntsville MO (#1999), "Spirit FM". ONE MORE! - Matt EN21 (
Jun24 02:41 Tr KSHE 94.7 STL - Matt EN21 (
Jun24 02:24 Tr KJLU 88.9 Jefferson City MO, 273 miles... #1998! - Matt EN21 (
Jun24 02:20 = OBVIOUS (
Jun24 02:20 Oh, and WREX-13 decoded a little while ago, so i've "gotten rid of" all the OBVIOUDS omissions (DTV total now "about" 588)--Frank M. (
Jun24 02:19 Tr Only getting a decode from KMTV-45. Frank M. (
Jun24 02:04 Tr KCKP-100.9 Laurie, MO (#1997). KNLC-DT-14 St. Louis MO - Matt EN21 (
Jun24 02:02 Hey...I'd better take a look!--Frank M. (
Jun24 01:57 Tr 100.5 WYMG Jacksonville IL, 331 miles - Matt EN21 (
Jun24 00:51 Matt, are you going to the multi-club shindig in Kansas City in September? And FB on the 100.9 translator! Frank M (
Jun24 00:45 What hurts a bit, though, is not being sure if I eventually managed to decode KSNC-26 KS, so can't definitively count it--Frank M. (
Jun24 00:44 Waiting for WREX-13 hopefully to decode (it's "semi-DX" with only moderate ERP), that's the only other one I spotted--Frank M. (
Jun24 00:43 So: Whbf-4, KHQA-7, WGEM-10, KIIN-12, WHOI-19, WEEK-25, KQIN-34 are my DTV's #581 to #587 logged. Go figure. (Total still may be one or two off...or I might find I forgot some Chicagos or something etc)--Frank M. (
Jun24 00:42 Tr KTGR 100.5 Fulton, MO at 1902 UTC -- ID that sounded like "Mid-Missouri's all-sports station.." after theme music at the end of ESPN Radio Sportscenter update. Thanks to Matt Sittel for giving me the CORRECT CoL. Logging #335 here -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun24 00:38 Tr K265FD 100.9 Columbia, MO at 1858 UTC -- In with clear mention of "Bott Radio" and confirmed by checking the // of 88.5 in Lincoln. My furthest translator catch ever! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun24 00:35 A cursory exam discloses at least 8 local or semi-local DTV's I never remembered to log, including some like KHQA-7 and WEEK-25...--Frank M. (
Jun24 00:32 Well it's letting me catch up on neglected bookkeeping for my DX, but I'n not convinced that's a great trade-off...Frank M. EN40 (
Jun23 23:45 Its shaping up to be a very bad Es year - Jerry (
Jun23 23:41 p. 19 item re meteor scatter on FM and converter for old FM band - de WA5IYX (
Jun23 23:35 Tr Also new 91.7 WRVX Cameron MO, 95.9 Maryville MO xltr and 102.5 St Joseph MO. Log total is now 1995. - Matt EN21 (
Jun23 23:34 Tr Columbia MO FMs have been solid for 5 1/2 hours now. Found a new one in KTGR 100.5. - Matt EN21 (
Jun23 23:30 KA5DWI, I'd rather have it pick up next week, as I'll be working all weekend. The past two to SE Michigan I've missed because they were midday while I was at work; the one I missed by a lousy TWENTY MINUTES. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 23:30 He was a bit of a charlatan and a swindler de AC7XP (
Jun23 23:28 Hmm....I have my opinions of de Forest, and none of them good de AC7XP (
Jun23 23:18 less-glowingly treated in this 1992 documentary - de WA5IYX (
Jun23 23:15 if you are a Lee DeForest fan - de WA5IYX (
Jun23 23:10 As much as I want to give up on it I can't. I know once I quit the Es will start. Tim EM86 (
Jun23 23:09 But Es formation is indeed minimal this year. Tim EM86 (
Jun23 23:06 What's a good Es season for some is a bad season for others. Location is part of the equation. Tim EM86 (
Jun23 23:02 Sporadic-e will return when Mr. Sulu lowers the planetary shield - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 22:52 Once again, Yakima has no Field Day site. W7AQ had one for many years...then just quit. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 22:52 Good opportunity to get your kids/grandkids involved in radio...there are hundreds of GOTA stations throughout the country. I've heard youth operators before scanning the bands on FD...get them involved! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 22:51 And this weekend is Field Day. There will be thousands of stations operating throughout the country, all on different classes and bands. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 22:47 We are in another Minor Geomagnetic Storm. Hope this is the last one for a few days. Keep praying that by this weekend things pick up. de ka5dwi (
Jun23 22:45 Yep, the Es season is all bleeped up de ka5dwi (
Jun23 22:34 What the *bleep* has happened to the Es season???? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun23 22:25 notes of VHF prop modes from 1948 - de WA5IYX (
Jun23 22:19 Yes, Yakima; also, let's have it when I'm home. No more of these openings while I'm at work, or otherwise out and about! 73 de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 22:18 Well, I did get that Ridgecrest station and missed some DX on the 14th. So yes, 2012 may have been worse. More nibbles, though. In 2012 it at least felt to me like we could still have an Es season. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun23 22:11 Worse? That was 2012. Not a single Es logging all month long where I lived. Please, DX gods, stop acting like 2012/2002/1984 and start producing the red! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 21:56 I have lots of commitments in July, so was hoping for a decent June. It would be hard to imagine a worse one. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun23 20:54 if the next week doesn't "explode" on the way to being one of the worst Junes on my record here - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun23 20:43 K1MOD counted as 2, as well (even if K1MOD, and his former W3CRH, would count as only ONE station...hi!!)--Frank M. (
Jun23 20:41 That's because I asked the question right away, whether they count as one or two, and consensus seemed to be to count as 2--Frank M. (
Jun23 20:40 N8NU, one difference is that I count KHQA-7 and KHQA-DT-7 as separate stations, as an entirely different type of station, even if it "flash-cut" to digital--Frank M. (
Jun23 20:38 19:40//asking if "twice, around the same early era" is OK, because I generally didn't mark down relogs and I hve to try to remember--frank M (
Jun23 20:09 [19:43] Autocorrect changed "channel" to "check" NU (
Jun23 19:51 WGGN's DTV STA and their permanent facility are considered as one, despite the fact that the permanent DTV was built from the ground up some 30 miles SE of the STA. N8NU (
Jun23 19:49 it is a "dual mode station" on my log. my TV total is about 30 stations less than the sum of my NTSC and DTV totals..... (
Jun23 19:47 But I count WTOL NTSC 11 as one station on the analog log, WTOL DT 11 as one on the DTV log, but the two together as one station on the combined log...... (
Jun23 19:44 I count WTOL-DT 17 and WTOL-DT 11 as two stations......... (
Jun23 19:43 Myself, I count WFQX-DT 47 and WPBN-DT 47 as only one station (as WPBN switched to the unaltered check 47 facility of WFQX after they moved back to Cadillac and ch 32. N8NU (
Jun23 19:43 [19:17] I'm not sure how I have WHO/KDMI in my spreadsheet; I'll have to look at home. - Matt EN21 (
Jun23 19:40 [19:17] I was thinking only once, but you can summarize any way you want. I wonder what my closest "one timer" is... - Matt EN21 (
Jun23 19:26 19:15//same question about WHO and KDMI on 19, Des Moines...--Frank M. (
Jun23 19:17 18:13//guess I'll have to get back to you on that. Does "twice" (if both way back around the same time) count?--Frank M. (
Jun23 19:17 I still think that my 2-13 on my TV antenna is faulty---but no way of knowing unless the Es rolls around./cdEL96 (
Jun23 19:16 One year ago today...19 Mexican 2xEs logs...let's go! de Mark FM29 (
Jun23 19:15 I only wonder if there would be red here, if 42-50 MHz were still the FM band./cdEL96 (
Jun23 19:15 er...KSTP (
Jun23 19:15 Do people count KARE-35 and KTSP-35 as separate stations, or was it just a changeover from same transmitter etc.?--Frank M. (
Jun23 18:21 by the mid 1950s FM was backtracking - de WA5IYX (
Jun23 18:16 Gernsback's Jun 1948 Editorial on FM dominance took over 20 years to be realized - and not the way he envisaged it - de WA5IYX (
Jun23 18:16 If I had started my log after those three semi-locals signed on, I'm not sure I'd have even half of my 116. - Matt EN21 (
Jun23 18:15 That said, some of my best loggings have only been heard once (e.g., Sister Bay WI, Dyersburg TN, Wardell MO). - Matt EN21 (
Jun23 18:14 [18:13] When I moved here in 1999, only Omaha and Lincoln were regulars. I gained three regulars once Shubert NE (.500), Hancock IA (.525), and Essex IA (.550) signed on. - Matt EN21 (
Jun23 18:13 [07:09] Hey Frank, just curious. Any idea how many of your 132 NWR loggings you heard only once? I'm at 116. I should look and see how many I would have had I started DXing after all the regional NWR signals signed on. - Matt EN21 (
Jun23 18:10 re:1744 listings continue higher in the band on further pages shared with ads - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun23 18:10 Tr 91.3, 96.7 and 101.5 Columbia MO all coming in with good signals... a bit unusual for 1 pm. ~240 miles. - Matt EN21 (
Jun23 18:09 It was strong enough to trip RDS, but this station apparently had no RDS. Station (AND the whole band) dumped at 2115 on 23 June 2015. (Looking at logbook.) de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 18:08 No wait...23 June was to the Gulf Coast, and into TX. The westerly DX was 22 June. That one ended with a STRONG signal on 89.5 with the Doobie Bros, lost at the end of the record. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 18:04 [1746] That would be right; and I had great Es toward the SW and W that evening. I remember that well. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 17:48 Had KMVP 98.7 wiping out my local...KDBL 92.9 also got wiped out at times. Had Oklahoma City at 7:15 local, then Hobbs NM and working west into Phoenix and Tucson. Signals were so stable in the 8:00 hour that it seemed like I was living in the Phoenix DMA > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 17:46 Yep. 2xEs to not just DF, but a few other Mexican states as well...skip went across the Rockies, into the west, and I had over 2 hours of excellent skip to the SW US > Yakima CN96 (
Jun23 17:45 This is unquestionably the latest i've ever gone into the season, without having received even one skip reception OF ANY KIND--Frank M. (
Jun23 17:45 No, it's more like MARCH! At least there is SOMETIMES skip in January--Frank M. (
Jun23 17:44 I believe today is the 1 yr anniversary of 2x from Mexico City to those of us in the northeast and midwest - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun23 17:44 ...also interesting that the band stopped at 96.1--Frank M. (
Jun23 17:43 much of this issue devoted to FM, but pdf quality seems to lack - de WA5IYX (
Jun23 17:43 17:22//Interesting that there seem to be at least 70 or 80 still same frequency/COL as back then, though some may be only coincidentally-the-same and not trace back directly... (
Jun23 17:40 Band sounds like January also at my QTH. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun23 17:25 Sherlock looks like January. En25 (
Jun23 17:22 pg. 87 of this for some FM-DX reports from 1948 - de WA5IYX (
Jun23 17:12 Tr 92.3 WJPD Ishpeming MI Country 06/23/16 1205 CDT 256 miles EN66 100 KW 9 deg. in/out of noise nice call letter Ident. nice surprise! de k9rzz wi EN52tu (
Jun23 17:09 As Steven Wright once said, "Can't have everything. Where would you put it?"/cd (
Jun23 17:07 (16:41---sorry didn't read it right) heSOME REDre/cd (
Jun23 17:06 (16:41) heREDre / cdEL96 (
Jun23 17:05 Got your Walcott sounds like a plan is coming! How easy to move your work to a QC location?--Frank M. (
Jun23 16:55 Frank, hopefully you got the email I sent to the Waterloo group late last night. In it, I essentially stated that Walcott is actually looking more appealing as a future QTH than Davenport -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun23 16:51 Nothing exciting happening here this morning, most noteworthy log was a relog of 101.7 in Gallatin, MO. Surprisingly, I don't have Fort Madison logged there yet -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun23 16:41 I want to see some RED in here!! (OK, somebody...go ahead and post a bunch of links. Preoblem solved...heh heh)--Frank M. (
Jun23 16:35 Tr 91.9 WHDI Sister Bay WI (on the tip of Door County peninsula) EDU 06/23/16 1130 CDT 176 miles EN65 11 KW 20 deg Wis Pub. Radio Ideas Network de K9RZZ EN52tu WI (
Jun23 16:16 Tr 102.3 WVRQ Viroqua WI Country mx 06/23/16 1110 CDT 135 miles EN43 3.3 KW 291 deg Q102 de K9RZZ EN52tu STellar labs 4el indoors (
Jun23 16:06 Tr 102.3 KXGE Dubuque IA Rock 06/23/16 1000 CDT 118 miles EN42 2kw 262 deg Eagle 102 Quick fade up with Dubuque local news. This channel still has more to give! de K9RZZ EN52tu WI Stellar Labs 4el indoors (
Jun23 11:20 Lets see what today produces. Thunderstorms SW of me moving across mason-dixon line - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun23 09:23 Channels 51 and 57 tied with the most analog Low Power TV (of all types) logged, 20 each--Frank M. (
Jun23 09:21 In fact, when the digital estimate comes, it will also be "precise" - or it should be. --Frank M. (
Jun23 09:19 ANALOG loggings total estimated around 1,785. Digital estimate will be the last to come, but analog TV will be the last to be "precise."--Frank M. (
Jun23 08:10 If Stephanie (somebody I know) has K1MOD's loggings-tally which I think she saved for his legacy, that's my easiest way to quickly check for DTV's I forgot to log--Frank M. (
Jun23 08:08 I'm questioning missing 17/Phila, and 47/48 from NJ, but I might NOT have seen them after all in the "good old days" and finding out otherwise is impossible--Frank M. (
Jun23 08:07 I found KSHV-45 Shreveport, WDJT-58 Milwaukee missing from my logs, so I added them in "undated"...nothing else seems to be a-miss-in' --Frank M. (
Jun23 07:21 with my so few DTVs it's the easiest to keep track of - de WA5IYX (
Jun23 07:15 [23:38] Or, re: the horrors of this skip season, talk ourselves out of the HORROR, repeat after me: "It's only a's only a's only a movie..."--Frank M. (
Jun23 07:13 see how many DTV's I haven't managed to mark down.--Frank M. (
Jun23 07:12 Next is to tally my DTV LOGS by state and by channel. A challenge, because I STILL must do it manually...I STILL don't know how to do a spreadsheet!!!!--Frank M. (
Jun23 07:10 Rough estimate of FM totals now 4,492...**IF** none of what I think is new turns into relogs instead--Frank M. (
Jun23 07:09 I do have ONE set of totals firmly calculated: NOAA Weather radio totals now 132--Frank M. (
Jun23 07:09 Such a relief to finally be rid of that two inches or so, of stacked-up notes going back too many years. Now ALL posted into chronological (date) logbooks--Frank M. (
Jun23 07:08 Well, this bad season has allowed me to process all the 250+ pages of accumulated notes on all high frequency DX...that part is DONE!!!!--Frank M. (
Jun23 05:19 [04:26] Hope you (and the rest of us) have a good reason to be optimistic ... Mike (
Jun23 04:43 ....and if nothing is there, wait a few minutes/hours to check again./cd (
Jun23 04:41 Best bet is to periodically keep checking the radio and TV....Who knows, one can beat the updates to the punch./cdEL96 (
Jun23 04:26 Because I'm stubborn, that's why... and slightly optimistic, though this year is testing my patience - En25 (
Jun23 03:28 [02:15] Why have you not learned yet that it sends the emails when the MUF drops. By the time it tells you, anything that was there isn't ... Mike (
Jun23 02:15 Got several emails today from Sherlock while in Big Lake, MN, but had nothing on the radio in between geocaches - En25 (
Jun23 01:26 Geomagnetic activity (
Jun23 01:25 We had a bad and irregular peak of solar activity, followed by a refusing to die of geomagnetic activity. de dwi (
Jun23 01:23 This shows us (
Jun23 01:23 This has been a bad solar cycle. The whole timing has been bad. The swapping of the geomagnetic poles is a prime example. de dwi (
Jun23 01:21 Maybe as times goes on it will get more quiet. We are on the downslope of the cycle. It should only get quieter. de dwi (
Jun23 01:19 One half of the sun has a lot of this activity. The other half quiet. We have at least 14 days of some peace as long as nothing forms. (
Jun23 01:18 It depends on the coronal holes that has been spitting out the geomagnetic disturbances de dwi (
Jun23 00:36 So do you think we're going to get another bleak Es drought 27 days after the latest downturn, around July 11? - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun23 00:32 As I recall, solar activity was pretty low around 1975-76, but Es was quite good. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun23 00:13 (23:13) Add to that that your Ch 5 is occupied by WGVK-DT./cdEL96 (
Jun22 23:39 get better.. hate laptop or fast brain (
Jun22 23:38 I remain optimistic. It can only better....It can only better... It can only better... oops repeating myself :) (
Jun22 23:36 With lower solar activity, the possibility of high geomagnetic activity is lessened. We hav been stuck in crappy levels for several years, despite lower solar activity. de ka5dwi/7 (
Jun22 23:35 I think the overall level over a period of time is what is putting the lid on things. (
Jun22 23:34 I think it is more geomagnetic activity that seems to be playing with us. de dwi (
Jun22 23:33 I agree there have been excellent years with high solar activity and poor years with low solar activity. de dwi (
Jun22 23:13 Good thing there isn't Es now as I wouldn't get much in Grand Rapids because of ALL the translators - Christian EN64 (in EN72 until tomorrow) (
Jun22 23:04 I imagine that solar activity was pretty high on some of these large dates - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 23:04 I agree, DM34un AZ! The skip gods owe me BIG TIME after having missed two midday openings last week. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun22 22:57 It better... hi hi de ka5dwi/7 DM34un AZ (
Jun22 22:57 If solar activity is low and geomagnetic activity quiet, Es should start picking up. (
Jun22 22:56 Solar activity is going to be about Nil for a few days. Sun might be spotless soon. (
Jun22 22:55 The coronal holes that has been spitting out crap the past couple of weeks is rotating out of sight. (
Jun22 22:54 I have been looking at the solar predictions. (
Jun22 22:54 Hey all, keep up the faith on future Es. de ka5dwi/7 (
Jun22 22:53 otherwise - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 22:45 my 1962-63 notes only have "XEW" 2, XEM(XHBC) 3, and XHFM 2 - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 22:03 Terminology's been posted, but not CROSS-REFERENCED yet, I'll see I remedy it when I cross-reference XHD--Frank M. (
Jun22 22:02 I'll mark XHTAO in on whatever date I had XHD-4 (not posted yet) because, at least, I know that was when I logged the second time--Frank M. (
Jun22 22:01 Also never marked down XHTAO-6 seen twice. Two omissions on Channel 6? Oh my--Frank M. (
Jun22 21:55 As I calibrate my TV totals, I find some that never got logged, such as the XHAJ 5 & 6 pair we used to see often in the late 1980s--Frank M. (
Jun22 21:48 slightly, it keeps RFI off the power lines but it can still radiate directly from the offending device - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 21:22 Would this help RFI issues? LM/FM29 (
Jun22 20:19 Short Skip 10M about 650 miles east. Good start. de ka5dwi/7 DM34 AZ (
Jun22 19:28 Going down to Big Lake, MN today - will see the tower for KPXM 40/41. It's "yuuuge". Serves both St. Cloud and the TWC, halfway between them - En25 (
Jun22 18:38 Hearing Pager datalink on Atv4 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 18:31 Sounds like Es trying to fire up on FM - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 18:13 Not to mention that the radio itself had to be replaced, because IT was a piece of Shyte...and had to go through hassles to make it manual-tune, etc--Frank M. (
Jun22 18:12 comment was for 17:54--Frank M. (
Jun22 18:11 No, it doesn't and didn't. I could put a portable radio near the "bundle" the antenna wiring went by, and everything but locals "blanked"--Frank M. (
Jun22 18:10 Thx to everyone that helped out on that one! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun22 18:10 "Thanks for listening for 10 seconds" Hahaha! Gotta love a snarky radio guy! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun22 18:09 Mystery solved! Got station confirmation that my 93.9 from Monday (with the dicey recording) is indeed The Country MOOSE, 93.9 KIAI, Mason City Iowa // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun22 17:54 Frank M: Does your car have a power antenna? KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 17:50 ...all because, apparently, the wiring was going by the computerized "nerve center" of the car...UNSHIELDED or, more accurately, cheap coax--Frank M. (
Jun22 17:49 ...I would only get FM's to about 30 miles hard. Even Galesburg 94.9 (a powerhouse here) was tough, and AM was totally wiped... (
Jun22 17:48 15:22, 15:23///Even the car manufacturers don't care. With considerable hassle, I needed to redo the entire antenna system on my car radio... (
Jun22 17:45 ... and swimming pool pumps - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 17:43 [14:59] In the early 60s, "grsveyardrs" on AM did just that. They had been 250 watts full time. It probably helped their day coverage, but not their night--Frank M. (
Jun22 17:42 And how many listeners do some of these stations have at 0330? Three?--Frank m. (
Jun22 17:41 [14:51] Nobody ever considers, too, that higher powers contribute to using more and more energy. Drill, baby, drill!--Frank M. (
Jun22 17:40 [16:41] hey look, some red!!!'s just a link--Frank M. (
Jun22 17:35 Fluorescent lights are also notorious RFI generators that can wipe out FM. I've noted that over the years. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun22 16:48 speaking of RFI, even with an antenna on the roof, KABC7 breaksup when our talking microwave is running, here in Sherman Oaks (
Jun22 16:41 If we move to Blaine, MN this year I will completely re-do my wiring - En25] (
Jun22 16:41 as discussed here - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 16:36 some HVAC systems use nasty variable speed motors, the electronic drivers for which are prolific RFI generators - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 16:36 Upgrade to quad shield - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 16:32 doubt it is double shield - En25 (
Jun22 16:31 RG-6 for most of the run. Some of it is cheaper stuff - EN25 (
Jun22 16:16 EN25: Are you using RG-6 single or double shield? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 16:10 and this data - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 16:08 My AC unit throws RFI onto FM... just found this out today :/ - En25 (
Jun22 16:05 KA3JAW, there's no way to get 3rd shift. Especially not in my line of work! DX is fun, but it definitely doesn't pay the bills. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun22 15:58 Eric B: Can you work 3rd shift until September? KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 15:57 also found my original raw log sheet for WTVJ 4 Miami Apr 11, 1963 tropo (right after WWL-4 s/off) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun22 15:57 Eric B: Can you work 3rd shift until September? KA3 (
Jun22 15:52 59.5" ref, 56.5" D.E., 53.5" dir - 21.6" spacing - 0.5" od elements, 1" od boom - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 15:52 < 1 hour of dx so far this year here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun22 15:51 I'm about ready to do to the skip gods like the prison inmates do to the kids on "Beyond Scared Straight." They really need it after all the teases they've sent me! de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun22 15:49 KA3JAW, actually the reason we have no Es is simpler than that: I have the day off work. I missed the past two here due to work; and it will fire again once I return. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun22 15:49 came across my Jun 1963 design for a 3-el FM Yagi, 4-ft boom - never built it :< - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 15:32 Know wonder there is no Es, everyone has there cheap car cellphone chargers plugged in - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 15:23 Cheap charger bricks for cell phones are the worst. I have a car charger from a gas station that will wipe out 100kw locals on the car radio - K4NBF (
Jun22 15:22 Even if it were possible, doubling power on some of these smaller FMs and translator cannot come close to overcoming the RFI that I've encountered with some of these electronic devices - K4NBF (
Jun22 15:09 Moving my antenna outside scared the skip until I go back to work tomorrow :( EN25 (
Jun22 15:03 use a megaphone to be heard over the leafblower, yeah that works real well :> - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun22 14:59 Can you imagine what the graveyarder frequencies would sound like if they all upped power even 1kw? En25 (
Jun22 14:54 Yup---the DXers are supposed to be the ultimate consultants :) / cdEL96 (
Jun22 14:51 Re the artickle: we could have told 'em all that. Watch; the FCC's solution will be to authorize higher powers on everything, which never solves the problem. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun22 14:33 (Below) Ditto on that article!/cdEL96 (
Jun22 14:18 At my workplaces over the last couple years, it is difficult to listen to 50-100kw locals at 1000' HAAT, 10 miles away. Let alone 100 watt translator - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun22 14:17 Great article, thanks for sharing Pat. This is certainly my real life experience. I can't see how all these translators and LPFMs can be viable as these noise sources also multiply - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun22 14:01 and this link in it - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 13:51 more FWIW - de WA5IYX (
Jun22 07:39 Wednesday will be a wash-out in Indianapolis. Forecasted heavy t-storms all day. Randy EM69wq (
Jun22 05:38 MUF too low for FM. Hopefully this means a good opening in the morning. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 05:17 Paths to Spokane WA and Ontario OR in last 15 minutes ... Mike (
Jun22 03:52 Too far for the west. Been eating dinner and organizing house... > Yakima CN96 (
Jun22 03:47 I just came back in from DXing the NOAA freqs in a parking lot across from my apartment complex. It is humid as all get out. DXing will have to wait until dawn, when it'll be a little bit more tolerable -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun22 03:42 Looks like the sky came to life in the Midwest. Yak: Shave your legs and put on your cheerleader outfit ... Mike (
Jun22 03:12 Because it comes out through the AC. The only way I can route it out without going straight though the door - En25 (
Jun22 03:12 [02:55] John, are you coming to the DXers GTG in Madison in August? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun22 03:02 Why is your coax higher than your antenna? :^] - RZZ (
Jun22 02:56 It's your standard watch for overhead power lines tag. - En25 (
Jun22 02:55 That antenna is a keeper. Congrats. de K9RZZ WI (
Jun22 02:55 EN25: The main thing is you have the antenna outside. What does that tag say attached to the antenna? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun22 02:38 And the most clear direction without obstructions, south pretty much - En25 (
Jun22 02:38 Here's the ant. - En25 (
Jun22 02:34 [21:49] - longest day at this latitude 14h 2 min - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun22 02:30 Finally was able to get the omnidirectional ant outside. Will take a picture and post it here, standby - En25 (
Jun22 01:57 Es 54.310 West de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun21 23:03 as noted in the second page of this - de WA5IYX (
Jun21 22:59 [21:50] that's the F-layer phenomemon that causes (classical TE) in the low geomagnetic latitudes - de WA5IYX (
Jun21 22:23 Tr 91.3 KSTJ Hartford, SD at 1759 UTC -- Ments of "Lamb Catholic Radio" in liner and 605 area code phone numbers heard in ads. 20th FM logging from South Dakota and overall logging #333 here -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun21 22:02 Especially from 3:03 - 3:25 - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 21:52 Very interesting video. I like how she said it happens between June and August.... well that's E's season (except this year) - En25 (
Jun21 21:50 Here's another link to that same interesting concept - EN25 (
Jun21 21:49 One day after the summer solstice; 17 hours of daylight and the dxmaps is a blank - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun21 21:44 ScienceCast: Twnkle Twinkle GPS - KA3JAW FN20jq^tfw (
Jun21 21:27 [19:56] Look inside, Grasshopper! ... Mike (
Jun21 20:32 95.5 KLOS HD is back, so-far HD2-and-3 are running 790KABC-AM, but 3 is loer level, here in Sherman Oaks (
Jun21 20:24 "birth" of Novice and Tech class licenses - de WA5IYX (
Jun21 20:08 IF anyone is interested, posted some MEX and others RDS captures from 14June2016 opening on the WTFDA Forums. Craig EL98 (
Jun21 19:57 WSPR Net showed I had some good 10 M Es this morning. Double hop to Fla. de dwi/7 (
Jun21 19:56 I CAN'T SEE!!! Visibility here is terrible. Weather Underground says, currently: "Pressure 30.04 in Visibility -9999.0 miles"--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun21 19:54 Good news. A little monsoon activity around. 108 in Dewey yesterday. de dwi (
Jun21 19:53 these days a shove is needed instead of a poke. de dwi/7 (
Jun21 19:47 once upon a time - de WA5IYX (
Jun21 19:27 Poking it slightly towards a northwesterly direction would be nice too > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 19:16 At Agassiz you're 2 miles closer to the ionosphere than most people, can't you poke it with a stick or something? BR in AZ (
Jun21 19:10 on second thought the Wouxon does FM BC de dwi (
Jun21 19:09 hey BR. Can't DX with a handie talkie.... Hi hi . At least it cooler here. At the Agassiz Skilift. de ka5dwi (
Jun21 19:04 I haven't had any FM today, and you can't let DXing keep you from living a full life :) BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun21 18:56 Of course there would be Es while I am away. Here on the San Francisco Peaks AZ. DM45 de ka5dwi/7 (
Jun21 18:18 a while back - de WA5IYX (
Jun21 18:02 ex KVBC, ex KORK ... - de WA5IYX (
Jun21 17:56 [1740] They changed's now KHSV. Ex-KVMY, KSNV > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 17:47 Es 90.5 KSOS NV Las Vegas (match stream) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun21 17:40 Es Ch 2 DTV NV Las Vegas ("21.1 Heroes") 1053 mi - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun21 17:27 as expected, the rocker is KINL Eagle Pass - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun21 17:23 92.7 swapping SS/rock, maybe tropo - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun21 17:19 Es 54.310 - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun21 16:52 Stale Es from an hour ago, 91.7 WMVW Peachtree City GA, RDS, John DE in Nova Scotia (
Jun21 16:17 current cloud centered over Pittsburgh, PA, nothing noted in FM - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun21 16:05 WWWI 95.9 Pilager, MN must be fed via IP. It has noticable lag issues. You can hear it on the stream now - En25 (
Jun21 15:44 ...and not sure if that p****d off the people with disabilities, but was kind of unusual - de JimT/MO (
Jun21 15:42 A radio station in CO that had a sense of humor had a liner that said, "If you ever hear us broadcasting without any sound, it's because we're recognizing the ADA community. We're broadcasting in sign language." I don't remember which station did that - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun21 15:41 14:10 I think they were broadcasting a program in sign language :-P - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun21 15:13 Stream up now, even with nothing. On 92.7 unless I change it - En25 (
Jun21 15:12 Every time there was a hint of skip in Sheridan, WY, one of our locals KWCF, would just broadcast dead air. Never figured out why. Always when skip happened - En25 (
Jun21 14:59 [14:56] Good point. But those 1950s operations were manned, and usually actively trying to solve their problems. - Rick N6KCR Seattle. (
Jun21 14:56 re: 1446 Rick, with your idea, how many TV stations would have spent lots of time off in the late50s, also, remember when stations were not alowed to run more than 1minute of deadair? and our e-season is deadair here in Sherman Oaks (
Jun21 14:46 Dead air on satellators and similarly unattended stations should drop carrier until audio resumes. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 14:34 well Rick, last 3days I notice occasional quiet on all our Air1's translators 91.1, 91.9, an HD3 of KRRL, and full-powers on 92.7, here in Sherman Oaks (
Jun21 14:19 Which reminds me: in the past 6 years or so, any opening of any significance features at least one station running dead air for at least several minutes. Hardly ever happened in radio's better years when people were minding the store. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 14:10 Dead air for at least the past half hour on KDDS-99.3 Elma WA (normally Spanish.) Don't know if they're working on their newly licensed boosters or if it's their main signal, which I suspect. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 13:59 Thanks Richard for reply. Sent an email to Jon with APRS. Sometimes server gets reset and computer that generates maps doesn't and it stalls - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun21 13:45 Matt: 12:45: I missed the whole opening so just unattended recs made. No Omaha. Tim EM86 (
Jun21 13:38 (13:09) JimT, the APRS is showing nothing anywhere - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 13:26 Tr 104.3 KFYN Detroit TX (211 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 13:21 Tr 93.5 KBFC Forrest City, AR (250 mi, 25kw). Not spectacular, but rarely heard. - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun21 13:19 Tr 102.1 Kansas City MO (248 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 13:12 Tr 96.5 KRBZ Kansas City MO "The Buzz" (243 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 13:09 Is APRS map broken? Isn't loading any APRS activity on map at my location - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun21 13:03 Tr 93.3 KMXV Kansas City MO (243 m) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 12:53 Tr 89.3 KCUR Kansas City MO (247 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 12:50 Tr 97.3 KRLX Lee's Summit MO "K-Love" (248 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 12:45 [04:20] Hey Tim, I logged WCQR 88.3 yesterday about 2pm ET. Did you hear any Omaha? - Matt EN21 (
Jun21 12:39 Correction: call is KCLY not KLCY - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 12:31 Tr 100.9 KLCY Clay Center KS (214 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun21 04:44 Weird thing in the video too, halfway through the first log... computer's acting up and it messed up the upload, I guess.... -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun21 04:42 Today's opening. Title of video in the video itself says 3 logs, 2 relogs; it is 2 logs, 3 relogs -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun21 04:20 04:12 I've done the same thing Pat, thinking I might have something new. Tim EM86 (
Jun21 04:18 On the 92.7 recording towards the end of the opening I had St. Joseph, MO. briefly as well. All relogs. Tim EM86 (
Jun21 04:13 I haven't checked my other unattended recordings yet though that was on 97.5 and 94.5 but I assume will be limited as well. Tim EM86 (
Jun21 04:12 my least-favorite exercise is tracking down a station via area ads only to see it was logged a few minutes prior with a solid ident - de WA5IYX (
Jun21 04:12 I too noticed the somewhat stationary Es cloud. Had KZUH and KBRB on unattended 92.7 recording today. Tim EM86 (
Jun21 03:52 Good idea, Lee. You have enough for them to verify. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 03:41 [01:51, 02:45, 03:10] Thanks for taking a listen guys..."buzzard luck" indeed (haha!). I may send the clip to KIAI and ask if they can confirm // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun21 03:24 I missed out on the event bebause of a dr's appointment. Would I have gotten anyEs here in Cincinnati? Rob EM79 (
Jun21 03:20 UnID 95.1 identified as Bob 95, already logged from the opening -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun21 03:20 The main ES cloud was quite strong and didn't move. Unfortunately, I missed a good portion of the opening for a Dr's appt. -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun21 03:13 My daily 93.9 recording has Es starting about 10AM until almost 3PM. Quite a few dead periods but was mainly WTBX in Minnesota with appearances from WNYC New York, WDOR Wisconsin, KIAI Iowa, WNBY Michigan, WMMA Wisconsin - kw4rz em60 NW Florida (
Jun21 03:10 That 93.9 sounds like just that "93-9" that's all I get for what it's worth. A different station captures the receiver at that point. I'd say buzzard luck on that one - kw4rz (
Jun21 02:45 Lee, on further examination, I do hear country but no trace of moose or call letters. The country was even hard to hear, between syllables from the other station, but nothing before the drums fade back in. But that's just from my ears. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun21 02:28 Had a couple clouds. Was mainly getting area bounded by Waco Dallas TX, Eldorado AR, west LA. But had a couple from south FL (95.5 Juno Beach, 93.9 Miami). Saul ON (
Jun21 02:27 Good news and bad news - I found a new log on 92.7 that came in during a short break-- KZDR FM or whatever it is 92.7 "106-9 The Eagle", and I lost 92.7 "The Eagle" from WY on the second ES cloud... file corrupted. These issues with recording are really irritating, second time in 2 weeks. It is a strange coincidence that a "The Eagle" replaced a "The Eagle", though. -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun21 01:51 Justin, the Es today was very interesting. Once it started on FM, seems it didn't move around. Just stayed focused on a certain area - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun21 01:51 I think I hear part of Moose in there, just the "ose" part. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 01:44 [22:37] Thx everyone. KIAI Mason City IA IDs as the "93.9 The Country Moose," so I'm thinking that's it, but was hoping someone else heard the word "moose" in the clip // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun21 01:44 WKZJ was awfully strong this afternoon, wish I was home to change the station. It takes up a majority of the 38 mintues recorded - En25 (
Jun21 01:41 Latest KZDR news, go here... de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun21 01:41 Also had an unid preacher on 92.7 while WKZJ was in. Sounds like a black gospel kind of format - En25 (
Jun21 01:38 Stale Es from earlier 92.7 WKZJ in/out for 30 some odd minutes - En25 (
Jun21 01:36 Is KZDR stunting, anyone know? - En25 (
Jun21 01:34 Ok, going over my 38 minutes of unattended. Standby for results (or lack thereof) - En25 (
Jun21 01:23 11AM-1PM today* - David FM18 (
Jun21 01:23 Well based on unattended recordings, some minor skip was in from 11AM-1PM. Garden variety. 1 ID: 97.5 KPAK Alva, OK, a relog. - David FM18 (
Jun21 00:12 Gullibility test. Guess what? ... Mike (
Jun21 00:10 Likely a misconfigured APRS site de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun21 00:09 Erroneous probably...I don't see NM to OH > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 00:04 APRS map...someone south of Cleveland is getting skip down to Albuquerque! HOLY COW!! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun20 23:51 Kzdr is a big pest here. En25 (
Jun20 23:51 23:49 - Thanks for the page, wouldn't have thought to check there for some reason -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 23:51 The facilities are changing enough (location, power, COL in another state) that this could be considered a new log if previously logged and then heard again in the new configuration - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun20 23:49 Re: 92.7 The Drive, KZDR was sold, is moving south and downgrading the signal - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jun20 23:47 Girlfriend reports that my recorder at home got 38 and a half minutes worth of something so far. Crossing my fingers for skip. En25 (
Jun20 23:37 92.7 "The Drive" is no longer a radio station, it seems. Their website is a goodbye message. -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 23:30 Looks like I missed another Es opening while at work. Come on, skip gods...where's MY skip?! de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun20 23:23 I also hear '93-9, The Country....'.. The Country Giant? The Country Legend? The Country Station? Country Leader? Could be anything-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jun20 23:21 (22:52) That's one of the better articles I've read on TV DX. Most are are too scientific. - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 23:16 It could be KIAI. I don't hear "coyote". I hear country though. En25 (
Jun20 23:14 I hear 93-9 the Country.... En25 (
Jun20 22:52 p. 28-30 W1HDQ article on TV-DX 65 years ago - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 22:50 Lee, I only hear "93.9 The" in that clip before it's replaced by audio from another station for a few seconds. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun20 22:41 Regardless, appreciate all the help today fellas! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 22:40 [17:44] Jim, KOTE is definitely a better geographic match for all my other logs today, but this ID doesn't sound like 93.9 "The Coyote," does it? // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 22:40 (22:06) Rich, I was surprised at the low power of WVWC. About the lowest I've received - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 22:38 [17:44] Justin, any idea if this could be KIAI ("The Country Moose")? // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 22:37 [17:44] Justin/Jim: here's a clip from my 93.9 earlier this afternoon. Clearly says "93.9, The Country..." but then I can't make out anything further. // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 22:25 Justin: If stream runs as a SERVICE, look for restart properties. If its an app, different story ... Mike (
Jun20 22:24 Ms 88.2 KMLV Ralston, NE 30 sec burst RDS PS / PI "WAD" relog 756 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun20 22:18 I second that - congrats on a 13 watt WV station! That's a big achievement. My lowest is 94W w/ KWMV-LP 95.9 Westcliffe, CO. I know Dave in OR has logged a few 10 watt translators via Es in the past, and many below 100w > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 22:06 WVWC is only 13 watts. Congratulations - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun20 22:02 Miss a logging, it was 92.1 WVWC making for 5 this morning, #751 - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 21:19 A good DX morning here with 4 new Es stations bringing my count to 750 all on barefoot ultralight receivers - -de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 21:13 More accurately, most streaming software detects silence, stop streaming, but continues connection attempts. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun20 21:07 Justin, most streaming software has a setting to reconnect every X seconds. But probably does. Also, most streaming software disconnects when silence is detected. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun20 21:05 the guy on the right end of the first row is a teacher from the 1960s there - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 21:01 not so with this - lots of folk to identify yet in it - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 20:56 OK, this is huge enuf to read most name tags - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 20:42 [19:49] - not equipped for selfies, but I'm in lots of group shots (including some 7M monster jpegs) - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 20:33 The my radio stream site shuts the server down after periods of inactivity. Can you use But to start it? En25 (
Jun20 20:29 I'm sure I'll find some stuff that I should have logged, but haven't. I'm actually in better shape on FM than I am on TV--Frank M. (
Jun20 20:28 Actually rather helpful that analog is, for all intents and purposes, obsolete - so, where I haven't run out of space, I won't, even if it's getting close on some pages--Frank M. (
Jun20 20:26 The huge totals update is under way! Basically, since 1996, ALL that I've had for TV is *NOTES* and no cross-posting to directories or other lists--Frank M. (
Jun20 20:24 Justin: Wjhy do you need to restart it? Properly-configured streaming app shouldn't need it ... Mike (
Jun20 20:07 I wish I didn't have to restart the server every time I start the stream. That site is slow. En25 (
Jun20 19:55 19:53 - Great, I'd recommend others do the same. If you see my name and it's colored, there's a good chance you'll see the stream pop up within 5 minutes. -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 19:53 Dan I bookmarked your stream so I can quickly access it now. En25 (
Jun20 19:53 19:32 - Something about #5 does look familiar, who knows, maybe I've met her before! -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 19:49 [1932] You in those pics anywhere? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 19:36 (19:23) I'd love to have an SDR as well - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 19:34 SDR is the best DX investment I've made. Recorded an hour or so earlier today, hoping my timing was right in catching the opening earlier - K4NBF EM66 (
Jun20 19:32 they're #2 and #5 (LR) in the 06-12-2016 photo - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 19:31 Wrong term, meant flare-up, not fading. -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 19:31 Religious preacher on 88.3 fading now, weak -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 19:25 WA5IYX, if Google Maps is correct in locating it, that is the one part of Kennesaw that I don't venture into. I live on the southwest side, s/he is in the NE Besides one time to pick somebody up, I haven't been up in that direction in at least 5 years. It's still interesting, nonetheless, that someone from the SA area lives here -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 19:23 her husband maintains this site - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 19:23 I think my next radio will be an SDR. En25 (
Jun20 19:20 I'm using VLC player. It works when mine is live too, which I forgot to turn on today. Doh. En25 (
Jun20 19:20 [19:16] Lynette Ct NE 30144 - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 19:19 19:17 - For mobile? I don't think mobile has ever worked for me. Right now I'm tuning between 89.1 and 88.3. 89.1 has the noise from 89.3 in it, 88.3 is usually pure static -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 19:17 *stream. En25 (
Jun20 19:17 Dan I got your strram working. En25 (
Jun20 19:16 19:07 - What a coincidence! Do you know where in Kennesaw? I am on the south side near Kennesaw Mtn. Battlefield -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 19:07 BTW, one of my Class of '66 grads lives in Kennesaw - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 19:06 I see business is picking up - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun20 19:06 Willmar is no more than 60 miles from me en25 (
Jun20 19:01 Yakima, you were right. For some reason , Google doesn't like KDJS and doesn't even mention them for me. I just found it, and after reviewing the log, you were right. Thanks for having a keener ear then I have! -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:57 Christian - both 93.1/96.1 are Tyler TX > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 18:56 Es 96.1 Classic Rock 96.1 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 18:54 [18:51] Trisha Yearwood if that helps, that was ~1994 so "classic" country station perhaps? - Matt EN21 (
Jun20 18:54 Hoping to hear something on 92.7 when I get off at 8 pm en25 (
Jun20 18:51 Es 93.1 Mix 93.1 - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 18:51 Some fade-up on 99.5 "Exes and Ohs" song, gone now -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:50 Had recorder on phone going on 93.5 for about five minutes but skip died out. En25 (
Jun20 18:47 Apparently had a 89.1 in so strong I confused it for WBCX-FM. Was playing "How Long" by Marlene Oak around my first logging today -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:46 That 92.5 is KCOL "Cool 92.5" via playlist match - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 18:45 Es 92.5 with Bill Withers "Lean on Me". Not // 94.3, so not WFDX - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 18:44 Out of FM here -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:44 Es 107.9 KDXX Lewisville, TX RDS "Latino Mix" de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun20 18:42 Es 99.5 WKSM FL de AC7XP in western Wisconsin (
Jun20 18:42 Much weaker all the sudden, thought 95.3 was ES but just a semi-local -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:41 Country on 92.3. En25 (
Jun20 18:40 Swappers on 90.5 en25 (
Jun20 18:39 Faded back into KATO. Gone. Ugh. En25 (
Jun20 18:39 Tr 95.3 WXRO with ad for World of Outlaws in Beaver Dam - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 18:39 It seems that the ES is becoming more picky in what comes in -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:38 Es 88.7 with Michael Martin Murphy 'Wildfire'-- Antenna SW-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jun20 18:38 Es 93.1 with an unid phone number 341... en25 (
Jun20 18:37 all these FM Es spots while the 50-MHz spots actually going down - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 18:36 92.7 Wilmar, MN is a repeater of a rel station -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:35 My semi local!!! Hang on. I'm going to run out to the car. En25 (
Jun20 18:34 KG? I have your stream up. I thought I heard "K95.3" and it was country. That's KDJS Willmar. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 18:33 Es 95.3 "KG 95-3" Winona, MN 791 miles -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:32 Es 96.1 KZRC Bennington, OK "Texoma's best music, Mix 96.1" New! 892 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun20 18:32 Dan, are you on 95.3? Thought I just heard "K95.3" - KDJS > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 18:32 Dan your stream station is KKOK Morris MN, cool! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 18:31 Es 96.1 KZRC Bennington, OK (
Jun20 18:30 Hmm. Says mobile not supported. En25 (
Jun20 18:30 [1819] That's KTDY LA. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 18:30 Justin, the link has to have the removed from the URL - de JimT/MO (
Jun20 18:29 Try link again , I restarted it -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:27 Es country mixing with a classic rock song now, rel is gone -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:27 [1805] That KJIL 88.5 is KJLJ Scott City KS. Try for their 94.5 (KSKL) > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 18:27 Link doesn't work. En25 (
Jun20 18:27 If I was in Sheridan still I would be getting your locals. Ugh. En25 (
Jun20 18:27 If you'd like to listen (
Jun20 18:27 EN25, livestream is this link -- Dan (
Jun20 18:26 Es below 92 still popping here in N WV from same area, Amarillo-OK City, same stations - Fred FM99 (
Jun20 18:26 Es 95.7 "Holy, Holy, Holy, I'm Hiiiiiiigh on Lovin' You" rel. song -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:26 Dan try 91.3, 93.7, 94.9, 96.5, 98.3. En25 (
Jun20 18:25 Nice to see KHRW getting out. En25 (
Jun20 18:23 Lee your 93.9 country maybe KOTE Eureka KS "93.9 The Coyote" (east of Wichita) ? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 18:22 Two ES clouds in FM, one over KS City, one over Peoria, IL area. The KS City is SOLID -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:22 Es 94.5 WFLF FL de AC7XP in western Wisconsin (
Jun20 18:21 Es 97.7 WYYX FL de AC7XP in western Wisconsin (
Jun20 18:21 Es 92.1 WBIK Pleasant City OH "Classic Rock 92 1" (899 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 18:21 Es 98.1 UnID playing "Close" (new pop song) Under 98.1 "The Lake" Chattanooga, TN -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:20 Es 94.1 KLNO-HD Fort Worth TX - Regional Mexican Music 989 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun20 18:20 Last one is actually Es - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 18:19 Tr 99.9 with Piggly Wiggly ad mentioning Church Point, Opelousas, and Scott - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 18:19 Es 95.7 KKOK Morris, MN 999 miles RDS + ID -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:18 It was "Bob 95" 95.1 Barnesville, MN 1,090 miles -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:16 Es Strong country on 95.1, fading is minimal, RDS. Fargo likely -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:15 Es 96.9 with conservative talk - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 18:15 Es 93.7 "Y 94" KOYY Fargo, ND 1,113 miles RDS -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:14 Es 96.3 Record Year by Eric Church - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 18:14 Es 91.3 KNCT-HD Killeen TX over semi local WGTE de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun20 18:14 Es 92.7 KHRW Ranchester, WY 1,402 miles VERY STABLE -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:10 Es 92.7 80s music -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:10 Es 92.9 KRMX Marlin, TX Shooter FM de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun20 18:09 Lifestream launching, give it up to a minute to work. FF on 88.3 with SS accent -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:09 [17:45] I have an audio clip, will try to post later..."93-9 The-- (hash takes over)" // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 18:07 [17:45] Cool Justin! I can't confirm...everything I've logged today is pretty tightly centered around Dodge City, KS // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 18:07 Es 92.1 KDQN De Queen, AR ID and "Number 1 Country" - 800 miles - new! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun20 18:06 Es is here in EM73QX, just got back from DR. Appt. -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun20 18:05 Just heard a TOH list of translators being read on 88.5, matched the list to parent KJIL-FM Copeland, KS // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 18:05 Es 88.3 WCQR TN, 88.9 WNSC SC, 89.9 WDAV NC, 90.5 WDLL SC, 92.9 WEGX SC - Matt in EN21 (
Jun20 17:45 Lee you're about 150 miles south of me if youre getting KIAI. I get Mason city via Tr sometimes. En25 (
Jun20 17:44 [17:25] 93.9 Country possibly KIAI Mason City, IA // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:44 [17:19] Most likely CJCB-4 Sydney, NS, Can as I was near the mid-point and in-line path when VE1PZ was in comms with K4EJQ at 17:21U - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 17:44 Depending on where you are, radio isn't that great for high paying jobs. If you were GM, you could make 65k yr. in Wyo. I made 18.5k as a news director. En25 (
Jun20 17:44 Es 93.7 WMJY Biloxi, MS -Magic 93.7 - 859 miles de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun20 17:43 Only on-air work I could get was by volunteering......but even the paid talent made less than my other "real job" so it worked out fine de AC7XP (
Jun20 17:40 Tr 97.5 WFRY Watertown, NY, "Froggy 97", 185 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun20 17:31 No Es here either. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun20 17:30 About the same actually but a lot less stress which is good. I'd love to get back into radio. En25 (
Jun20 17:29 Sri Justin, didn't know you gave up the radio gig. Probably making more money! :-) - de JimT/MO (
Jun20 17:28 Es fading up here again, hearing French on 88.7. Craig EL98 (
Jun20 17:28 Es 97.3 WRVV Harrisburg PA "River 97" (1156 mi) NEW mixing with KKJQ (192 mi) -de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 17:27 And no skip. I ran out for five minutes. Lol. En25 (
Jun20 17:26 I don't work in radio any more. Healthcare field now. En25 (
Jun20 17:26 Es 93.1 CHMT Timmins, ONT- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun20 17:25 (that's a song a title, not a personal reflection!) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:25 Es unID 93.9 country "I've got better things to do..." // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:24 Es 92.9 KBEZ Tulsa Ok w/ad for hard rock casino in Tulsa and other 918 area code local ads nil to good sig fighting binghamton-John Corning NY fn12 (
Jun20 17:23 I'll bet you're working the phones or broadcast desk - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 17:21 I can't go out to my car this time. Work requiring me to be indoors today. En25 (
Jun20 17:20 And yes Justin, based on where the Es clouds are positioned, I'll bet 100% you have FM Es at your home - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 17:19 Had very light Es on ATV-4 for five seconds, no audio - UnId - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 17:19 Recorder going at home. Of course I'm at work. En25 (
Jun20 17:18 Es unID 90.7 classical // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:16 Es unID 93.9 sounds like a farm report // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:16 [17:10] Just tried 97.3, all I get is my local LPFM...thx for the tip though! Will keep listening... // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:14 [17:02] Thanks Jim, right again...just got a positive ID! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:10 probably more stations below 92 here to log...but covered up locally in Nashville- Wes em66 (
Jun20 17:10 Lee: try for 97.3 KKJQ it shares tower with KSSA -de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 17:07 Es 92.1 WNUZ Mercersburg PA "Now 92.5" 885 mi, NEW! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 17:07 Es 92.9 WBUF Buffalo NY (1086 mi) NEW - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 17:05 Es 92.7 KBRB Ainsworth, NE- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun20 17:04 (17:01) WPVI 6 also?/cdEL96 (
Jun20 17:02 Lee, 105.9 SS is KSSA Ingalls KS "Ke Buena" which is also next to Dodge City - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 17:02 Some tropo to Eastern Maine but otherwise, no Es in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia John DE in Nova Scotia (
Jun20 17:02 Es 92.3 KQRQ Rapid City, SD toh id- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun20 17:01 Es 88.5 WXPN Philadelphia PA with TOH id, 995 mi NEW! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 17:00 Es KJRT 88.3 strong in N WV - Fred FM99 (
Jun20 17:00 TOH panic...where to tune?!? Gah! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 17:00 Es 93.7 KEYE Perryton, TX 8.5K-C3 827.8 miles Randy EM69wq (
Jun20 16:58 Dusty Springfield on 91.1 doesn't seem to fit - de WA5IYX EL09ql, STX (
Jun20 16:57 Es unID 105.9 Spanish // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 16:57 The lines end just N of me apparently. Nevertheless, will set box on DT 6 for Philly today./cdEL96 (
Jun20 16:57 Es to MN and WI up to 108 but spotty. 93.9 is WTBX kw4rz / m em60 (
Jun20 16:56 Es unID 105.1 Classical // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 16:55 Es 93.1 KRCS Sturgis, SD "Hot 93.1"- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun20 16:55 Tr 92.9 KNIN Wichita Falls TX (182 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 16:55 (16:53) Diane Rehm? NPR, may be WUFT FL/cdEL96 (
Jun20 16:54 (16:48) Kissimmee not a problem there? Anyway don't forget Bermuda on 89.1// (
Jun20 16:53 just in-state tropo pests - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun20 16:53 Es 89.1 Unid with Diane Meade show - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 16:52 Re 16:48 Hearing Indian chanting/singing under my semi local SS here. Craig EL98 (
Jun20 16:52 Lee, Dodge City is right next to Cimarron KS, lived there for a year :-( - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 16:51 Es 92.7 CJBX London ON "BX 93" (978 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 16:50 [16:35] That's it Jim! Caught an ID...I don't know much Spanish, but I definitely heard "mexicana" and "punto nueve..." // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 16:50 Es 92.3 KBRY Sargent, NE "KBear"- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun20 16:50 Es DTV 2, 3, 4 all at sub-decodes from NE steady now - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 16:48 Re 16:42 Giving 89.1 a listen atm here Chris. Craig EL98 (
Jun20 16:47 Es 93.1 KRVN Lexington, NE- Wes ke4twi em66 TN (
Jun20 16:46 Es 93.9 The Buzz 93-9 playing CHR (possible KZRD Dodge City?) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 16:44 Es 91.3 CJLX BELLEVILLE ON "91X" Craig EL98 (
Jun20 16:44 Es 88.1 KGOU, 90.7 KJIL lively here in N WV - Fred FM99 (
Jun20 16:43 (16:34) Hope you're right!/cdEL96 (
Jun20 16:43 Es 92.9 KNIN "NIN" Wichita Falls, Tx. (1408 mi), Nice long fade-up w/lots of QSB and still holding for now. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun20 16:42 Any idea on my 16:29, guys? All I get right now is a "throbbing" with static./cdEL96 (
Jun20 16:40 (16:38) Fantastic---keep it up./cdEL96 (
Jun20 16:40 [16:35] Thanks for the tip Jim! I also got KKGQ Wichita today, so that seems likely! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 16:39 FF on 92.7 but it's either a pirate or LPFM---mentioned Oakland Park, phooey./cdEL96 (
Jun20 16:39 Es 96.5 WZNS FL de AC7XP in western Wisconsin (
Jun20 16:38 CD, I'm using a custom built VHF 2-6 yagi, designed from a $400 commercial antenna design. Built last year, so far is awesome for TV Es - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 16:37 Es 90.1 WTJT FL de AC7XP in western Wisconsin (
Jun20 16:37 WNCV not WNVC de AC7XP (
Jun20 16:37 Hate having to do stuff in the middle of an Es opening (like getting lunch for my mom and her coworkers) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:36 Es 93.3 WNVC FL de AC7XP in western Wisconsin (
Jun20 16:36 The UHf seems to be fine---decoded LD WIMP 25 Miami the other day./cd (
Jun20 16:35 Lee VA 92.9 SS might be KMML Cimarron KS, I'm getting DTV 2 & 3 from NJ/DE right now - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 16:35 (16:12) I would be thrilled with that relog---my VHF part of the antenna seems to be on da fritz. Been using the FM in a pinch./cdEL96 (
Jun20 16:34 Start recording it is going to be a good afternoon - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 16:33 The 99.1 is KXKC, while the 99.9 went into All About that Bass by Meghan Trainor - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:33 (16:31) Cuba? I know of a R Taino on 92.9./cdEL96 (
Jun20 16:32 Es 99.9 with Maroon 5 "This Love" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:31 Es unID 92.9 Spanish (?!? fighting with local) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 16:31 Re 16:28 You got it Bob, it has been a series of fade ups here so far. Craig EL98 (
Jun20 16:31 Es 99.1 country "I'm Comin' Over" - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:30 (16:21) 96.5 the Jet serving Lake City FL carries Rush L./cdEL96 (
Jun20 16:30 Es unID 89.9 Air 1 (fighting with local) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 16:30 Es 96.1 KYKZ with RDS - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:29 Es 88.7 French atm Craig EL98 (
Jun20 16:29 Es 95.5 Q95.5 (with RDS) over local WQEZ - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:29 Es unID 89.1 VO "here's some home grown talent....-----89 FM"---not Bermuda./cd (
Jun20 16:28 Es 94.5 KSMB with top 40 and RDS - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:28 All these fade-ups the band sure sounds like it wants to pop! Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun20 16:28 Es 92.3 WCOL Columbus OH relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 16:28 Es 88.1 southern gospel - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:27 Es 88.7 WBYO Sellersville, Pennsylvania VO "Word FM" RDS 900 watts Craig EL98 (
Jun20 16:26 Es 92.3 WXCR New Martinsville WV NEW - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 16:25 96.5 Rush Limbaugh KPEL Breaux Bridge LA 42kw - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 16:24 Es 92.3 KKGQ Wichita, KS “Q92 The Beat" 1092 miles mention of concert in Park City, KS) NEW // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 16:21 Es 89.1 WSMR classical - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun20 16:21 Es 96.5 with Rush Limbaugh - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:14 Still nothng here. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun20 16:13 92.3 The Wolf is WMYY Rayville LA - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 16:12 Es KJWP 2 Wilmington DE relog, relog, relog..... - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 16:09 Es 88.7 WDLV Fort Myers Fl w/"k-love" I'd and nil-good sig John Corning NY fn12 (
Jun20 16:08 Es 92.3 two stations, one being country "92.3 the Wolf" and the other AC with Air Supply - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:08 Es 88.7 CKYM Napanee, Ontario, Canada Local car ad "My FM" weather in kmph. Craig EL98 (
Jun20 16:07 Es 88.7 WQPR Muscle Shoals, AL de AC7XP on the road in western Wisconsin (
Jun20 16:06 Nothing here./cdEL96 (
Jun20 16:05 Es 88.7 Partial TOH ID fading in and out but heard several stations in New York listed, Queens etc. Craig EL98 (
Jun20 16:03 Es 90.7 KLSA with NPR news and RDS - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun20 16:03 Looks like I am 30 minutes too late! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 16:02 Es unID fadeups on 88.3 (sacred gospel) and 90.7 (church service) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun20 15:52 That Es was brief or maybe I should go back to my car to listen. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jun20 15:38 [0424] I know that. I don't start scanning FM when the MUF calculated is "60 mhz". But it has happened before with paths to rural areas, like Nebraska, Kansas, etc. I look for those paths that are in the 500-750km range. Then I know FM is coming shortly. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 15:33 Es 89.1 WSMR Sarasota,Fla. (1013mi) With classical music. RDS. Heard in the car while returning from my morning bike ride. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun20 15:33 Es 92.1 WYVK Middleport OH "K 92" NEW - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 15:22 Es 88.7 WEHA Port Republic, New Jersey 800 watts Craig EL98 (
Jun20 15:20 Es 88.3 WPOZ Orlando FL RDS Mark FM29 (
Jun20 15:15 Es 89.5 WAYJ Naples FL Mark FM29 (
Jun20 15:15 there is just so much regular E-region ionization that can be compressed vertically into Es - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 15:15 ES 89.1 WEVO Concord, New Hampshire RDS Craig EL98 (
Jun20 15:15 Nothing noted on FM here yet. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun20 15:13 the physical density quadruples, PROBABILITY of it getting there is something else - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 15:11 Es 88.7 WNHU West Haven, Connecticut Craig EL98 (
Jun20 15:09 Its about time to see some RED on here again. First day of summer, maybe it will be an Es bang up day! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 15:07 Es 88.7 WSEW Sanford Maine RDS Craig EL98 (
Jun20 15:01 Tr 91.1 KANZ Garden City KS "High Plains Public Radio" (213 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun20 14:49 Doubling the MUF from 108 to 216 isn't double or qudruple, but at least 300x--Frank M. (
Jun20 14:14 to double the MUF the Ne/cc must quadruple - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 14:07 the refractive index is dependent on the free electron density per cc, however it's achieved - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 14:04 since F2 usually requires and actual increase in ionization it's harder than Es compression of existing ionization - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 13:52 I can see F2 or TEP lines from my area into deep S America---but seeing anything on ch 2 is rare./cd (
Jun20 13:51 In all fairness, one could say that there is even a "wall" between 50 and 54 MHz./cdEL96 (
Jun20 13:28 from Jun 1952 - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 12:40 or more likely - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 12:38 probable author of it - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 12:26 it's an "old" rule/law from the 1940s - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 12:21 For FM Es it is always important to see the MUF map./cdEL96 (
Jun20 12:14 the Phillips Law sez double the Es MUF and the occurrence rate is only 10% (log function) - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 04:24 [04:02] Yak: When you gonna learn that 50 MHz is drastically different than 88? Maybe 5% of the 50 MHz Es rises to MF level. I'm sure Pat knows down to the decimal point ... Mike (
Jun20 04:06 Cannot afford to throw it though---cost me $400 IIRC/cd (
Jun20 04:04 BTW I wear a mouth guard to sleep---I suppose I could do a good Curry impression if I wished.../cdEL96 (
Jun20 04:03 Wish I would have been monitoring @ 0300z...seemed like the peak > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 04:02 I don't follow NBA so no idea the last time a road team won G7./cd (
Jun20 04:02 Last hour the map was really going nuts on 6m...nothing here in 88-108 > Yakima CN96 (
Jun20 04:02 (03:54) I wanted your team to win, too. Gotta give props to the Cavs for not giving up/cd (
Jun20 03:58 I heard someone had 2 tickets @ $49,500 each. Their $$$ to blow, apparently./cdEL96 (
Jun20 03:54 Best season in history got negated by losing the finals. Sigh! At least I didn't pay $1000 to see it in person like a friend did ... Mike (
Jun20 03:54 series ending just before the solstice - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 03:09 If you didn't get to see Game 7, there will always be Tele Rebelde in Cuba, where you can see it in early August, ha ha. ;) /cd (
Jun20 03:08 Well the NBA Finals are over (no spoilers here) and it went the full 7 games...>>>/cdEL96 (
Jun20 02:41 No tornadoes here, but our hottest day in 9 years at 102F; likely hotter tomorrow, but that doesn't help ionize the E-layer... BR in AZ (
Jun20 02:16 Two tornado warnings issued for my area in the past hour. Tornado spotted near Rockville, MN. Storm is now gone - En25 (
Jun20 01:21 No Es captured here on unattended 91.9 recording from 4:07 AM on. That's a productive freq, but of course not proof that there wasn't Es. Couple of loud but unproductive pings, though. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun20 00:25 Outsourcing has become bigger than ever, then....who woulda thought?/cdEL96 (
Jun20 00:24 And if you hadn't heard the Ionosphere corporate office president is a woman :-) - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 00:23 22:21...I heard the Ionosphere is shutting down the North American Es office and concentrating all efforts to Europe. Even Ontario dxers will have to import their Es - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun20 00:14 needs updating - de WA5IYX (
Jun20 00:07 My DTV total should be 138, of which 14 are via Es....hard to log much more than that, due to my south FL QTH./cdEL96 (
Jun20 00:03 I don't think there's a non-local DTV even in range here ... Mike (
Jun19 23:57 I wonder how many "Hmmm...what happened to [insert callsign]" omissions that I've forgotten to log?--Frank M. (
Jun19 23:49 I think I'm going to use this lull to start updating my logs...and figure out my DTV status/totals, etc.; DTV has NEVER accurately been tallied here--Frank M. (
Jun19 23:41 MUF through floor. No meaningful actiivity even on 6m for past 20 min ... Mike (
Jun19 23:30 6m coming back towards the ESE...Colorado, Utah...shades of 6/14 if FM opens up? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 23:18 ...parallel (
Jun19 23:18 22;21///I saw somebody putting a weird contraption into a safe in Rome last month. Is it the one that's maroon colored with three parallen stripes?--Frank M. (
Jun19 23:14 really commenting to [21:23] (
Jun19 23:14 [21:22] As long as he wasn't in Wamsutter then, it's all good.--Frank M. (
Jun19 23:03 Looks like next year I'll be set for the whole year, with all the house hold changes and all going on this year is a setback year. LM/FM29 so yous wont see a lot active from me. (
Jun19 22:45 Yakima, that is a cold case in my area. No suspects. :) - David FM18 (
Jun19 22:21 Putting out a warrant for our stolen Es machine. Last seen at 2144z. Went out for a half hour and heard nothing but Seattle Tr. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 22:15 Ms 88.5 KZTH Piedmont, OK RDS PS/PI 20 second burst RELOG 1045 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun19 22:13 Not available for skip till after 5 PM, but I'll check unattended recording of 91.9 when I can. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun19 22:04 21:30 KTZA? 92.9 Artesia, NM, based on Portales - Jerry (
Jun19 22:02 Nothing for last 10 minutes BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun19 22:00 I lived in Green River from 1999 until college and was there for about 8 months in 2010. Sheridan was 2011 to 2015. En25 (
Jun19 21:58 lcl 106.7 resumed HD after weeks/months w/o :P - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun19 21:49 Skip has been gone for a couple of minutes now > cn (
Jun19 21:48 Unbelievable amount of FM intermod today...may just go mobile again to escape it. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 21:48 Es 92.3 KYUStt Miles City MT, still not much and in and out BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun19 21:47 Jon - thank you. This is a relog, prev KLQT "Channel 95.1". > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 21:46 89.5 KENW-FM Portales NM with Mt Stage NPR - Jerry (
Jun19 21:45 Yakima, it matches KOLZ's playlist. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 21:44 I don't have KRST or KKOB to confirm at the moment > cn (
Jun19 21:44 Es 95.1 "Jammin' Old School 94.7 and 95.1" - is this KOLZ NM? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 21:40 95.1 has Mint Condition's "Pretty Brown Eyes" - KBBY? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 21:40 Es 95.1/95.5 fadeups now > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 21:36 Es unid 96.3 fadeup..."take $4,500 off MSRP on all models" - nothing around here in English unless KWLZ Portland is coming in >Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 21:33 92.9 country - KXFG Menifee CA "K-Frog" (near LA) - EM37 (
Jun19 21:30 unid country 92.9 - Jerry (
Jun19 21:23 Justin was in Green River before Sheridan. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 21:22 Um, that's a good ways from Sheridan. Or were you in Rock Springs or Green River before then?--Frank M. (
Jun19 21:17 My former local in DN51. Have seen the tower on Aspen Mountain. If KUWZ, try 92.1, 95.1, 96.5, 99.7, 106.7 en25 (
Jun19 21:15 NPR might be KUWZ Rock Springs, WY. En25 (
Jun19 21:13 Larry, your 90.5 NPR could be either KUWZ Rock Springs WY or KUFL Libby MT - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 21:09 Sherman Oaks/Larry - Your 88.3, I'm 99% certain, is KLMP Rapid City, SD. They air A New Beginning/Greg Laurie at 2:30 MT (1:30 PT). > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 21:08 Jim: No, but I am a night person. Sleep when I get tired. Eat when I get hungry. Yes, that's eccentric ... Mike (
Jun19 21:06 Brief fadeup on 88.3 around 2045z. Sounded rel, but very weak. Otherwise, just hearing lots of tropo scatter. Seattle, Centralia (KFOO 102.9), Vancouver BC (CBUF 97.7) all in and out > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 21:05 finally updated - de WA5IYX (
Jun19 21:03 Es 90.5 NPR here in Sherman Oaks (
Jun19 20:56 Breakfast???? Did you just get up? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 20:53 Skip will start any minute in the west. I just stopped listening. Time for breakfast! ... Mike (
Jun19 20:52 Es 94.1 KOPR Butte MT; "Copper 94" and local ad, still not amounting to much BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun19 20:45 Es 88.3 "A New Beginning with Paster" first anything this season here in Sherman Oaks (
Jun19 20:38 But as Yakima says, your 10m radio needs to be able to do SSB & CW. Most generic consumer brands do not - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 20:37 Didn't last long again, very few frequencies involved BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun19 20:30 20:24 Boy, that was a short one, now gone - Jerry (
Jun19 20:29 Justin, go here to see the freqs being used when 10 meters is open - JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 20:29 Empty band here still. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 20:29 28.200-28.300. Is your Grundig SSB capable? The G8 is not. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 20:29 Es 94.5 KMON Great Falls MT "Max Country 94.5"; essentially nothing else, and not persistent BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun19 20:26 One of my Grundigs can tune up into 10 meters. What frequency are those beacons usually on? En25 (
Jun19 20:25 At least I've had 9 new logs this year. I quickly go through the channels in Es, because I never know if this is the end of the season or not. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 20:24 88.5 KTEP El Paso Texas classic music - Jerry (
Jun19 20:22 Jim: welcome to my world ... Mike (
Jun19 20:21 Clouds are in the right place if MUF can rise ... Mike (
Jun19 20:15 I hope the ionosphere gets over its attitude soon and gives us some more Es. With the exception of last Tuesday, this season so far is really STINKO - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 20:03 I might not have caught that without SDR display since it was so short and involved only about a half-dozen freqs BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun19 19:59 Nothing here...Great Falls FM in Arizona would probably mean NM or TX for me > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 19:55 Only lasted a couple minutes, likely had 94.5 KMON Great Falls MT BR in AZ DM 34 (
Jun19 19:51 Es kicking in, up at least 94.5, one MT station at least BR in AZ DM34 (
Jun19 19:06 I have 3 or 4 TOTAL Es events, 3 this year 1, 2 or 4 years ago I heard as interference and it got me into DXing (
Jun19 18:30 more than a few of my tropo pests on that video - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun19 18:29 17:42 Bryce, XHTU should be on 92.3 in Veracruz & XHNK should be on 99.3 in Nuevo Laredo - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun19 18:08 [17:42] Great stuff Bryce...thanks de Mark FM29 (
Jun19 17:49 If anything was there, it must have stopped when I started ... Mike (
Jun19 17:42 Video summary for Tuesday's (6/14) opening - Bryce K4NBF EM66 (
Jun19 17:16 Es 6 Meter DM34=>DM69 CO de Art KA5DWI/7 AZ (
Jun19 17:03 Es 10 Meters Starting to light up in many directions. de ka5dwi/7 AZ (
Jun19 16:43 Also 6 Meter beacon from same 10 Beacon CM97 is in very well. de ka5dwi/7 AZ (
Jun19 16:40 Es 6 Meter DM34=>CM87 CA, also 10M beacon from Tracy CA has been in all morning de Art KA5DWI/7 AZ (
Jun19 16:24 Mike/cm87 - Any skip? Looking good to AZ, NM from Northern Calif. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 13:46 Tr 100.3 unID Spanish possible KQUI-LP Ulysses KS (232 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun19 13:24 Tr 90.7 CBOF, Ottawa, ON, "Radio-Canada", FF Talk, 238 mi - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun19 07:03 Tr I note two stations which have changed their PSIP's to NON-ID's: WMWC-8 [53] now just "TBN"///WVTV-18 [18] now just "Super 18"--Frank M. (
Jun19 06:23 Late evening 6m Es to CA at this hour...good sign for Father's Day? > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 04:05 In 2014 I already had 8 Es days up to June 18th. In 2011 I think that was two or three; 2010 was 3 or 4. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 04:04 Back in 2012, for me, it was zero. But that was a terrible year overall. No skip until July 4th, IDable skip until July 18th, and a bad DX spot full of RF (skyscrapers) and transmitters 5-10 miles away > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 03:13 Those are the years I have found so far log wise. Tim EM86 (
Jun19 03:11 Today is the 18th. At this point in 2007 I already had 7 FM Es days. 2008: 6 days. 2009: 5 days. 2011: 5 days. 2012: 11 days! This year: 4 days. Tim EM86 (
Jun19 02:43 I just want to get the heck out of Oma-Hell, er, Omaha, ASAP. But it won't happen until the end of next April at the earliest. REALLY have a strong desire to go back to eastern Iowa and STAY there. Probably the Davenport/Walcott area -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun19 02:33 I'm going to use globaltuners - Don (
Jun19 01:41 [00:15] Wife wants to move to the Lewiston-Clarkston area. I'd rather move to the Midwest, but she doesn't want to leave this region. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun19 01:03 CD, I need a FULL report on the Cuba FM bandscan that you receive. I need to know if there are any changes for the DB - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun19 01:00 (hey, did i see a speck of red below?)--frank m (
Jun19 00:53 Recording 90.3 R Progreso and supposed to have RDS and stereo...5 out of 5 signal on Eton...but mono/no RDS/cd (
Jun19 00:52 Time to put FM back to 42-50 MHz....that'll get ya some Es!/cdKeys (
Jun19 00:52 [23:38] But I wasn't saying it was the same guy as the one you met in '73...just saying that we met a DXer from Paxton at the 2013 GTG -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun19 00:49 00:23 indeed, yes it was. Tim EM86 (
Jun19 00:31 Everything gone - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 00:23 That was the 30-50mhz segment of the band, right? Most of that has gone up in the UHF or digital bands now > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 00:22 my dad worked for the electric co. as a meter reader. I remember him coming home on break and letting me hear the skip coming in on the truck's vhf radio when I was little. Good times. Tim EM86 (
Jun19 00:17 Es 54.310. Hearing MN, ND, MB on 6 meters - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun19 00:15 I know you were thinking of Cle Elum. That's a good spot. Tiger Mountain Seattle's are weak, most Cougar's are GONE. Ellensburg is about the only thing to really deal with there...Yakima and Pasco are too weak to make much of a problem. You may get Spokane Tr. Most Seattle frequencies will be open for skip. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 23:52 That eastward move helped you a lot. That may happen here in three years or so, if I don't sell my radios and give up first. I don't think I'd have any trouble unloading my Sonys if it came down to that. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun18 23:44 Must be my fault, Rick ;) - had I not left Seattle skip would be active that far west. Now I get the nice 100 mHz+ while Rick gets 91.9 MUF...what gives?! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 23:38 [23:08] Not him, either. The guy I saw in Paxton in 1973 was already pretty old at that time. Can't remember his name. QSL's from the 1930s etc--Frank M. time (
Jun18 23:36 Tim, lack of skip correlates with when I moved to Seattle. 2007 and 2011 most active years but a couple of super openings in 2010 and 2013. 2013 was the last year that I even had an opening that wasn't just fleetingly over 100 mHz. I know I'm in a bad area, but good grief! - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun18 23:26 105.5 WWWK is off at this time---briefly had Cuba's R Ciudad del Mar there/cd (
Jun18 23:26 We are at MM 73 of US1 in FL Keys---decent duct to Cuba/cdKeys (
Jun18 23:08 Frank, you and I met a TV/FM DXer from Paxton at the get-together in Champaign 3 years ago, a guy named Curtis Sadowski. Sure would be nice if he could become active on this board -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 23:07 [20:25] Sid Steele was in Charleston, and was an active NRC member during the 1950s and 1960s, maybe even before the 50s. I thought he had died sometime in the last 15 years, which may be the reason you haven't heard from him -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 23:02 But to be more specific recent years Es have been less intense and less often than once was. Tim EM86 (
Jun18 23:00 I still say that one was so big it blew the Es fuse and the Es machine is still recovering! Haha. Tim EM86 (
Jun18 23:00 I feel lucky getting a new log this year, but then again, I only use the car radio - Craig DM79 (
Jun18 22:59 The last "big opening" I can recall of the top of my head here in EM86 was July 2012. Tim EM86 (
Jun18 22:58 I'd have to look at my logs in detail but it seems the last few years have produced openings where it's only "mediocre". Tim EM86 (
Jun18 22:14 I dont recall ever seeing no skip at all in June like this - Craig DM79 (
Jun18 21:42 I haven't even heard a meteor burst on FM in years--Frank M. (
Jun18 21:32 Ms 88.5 KEOM Mesquite, TX RDS RELOG 1108 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun18 21:31 Ms 88.5 WCUG Lumpkin, GA RDS "WEFE" RELOG de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun18 20:49 Local Walmart was evacuated due to bomb threat (among three other places today in St. Cloud) - sat in the sun for two hours - En25 (
Jun18 20:39 Just saying. There was a claimed MUF of almost 240 MHz - Rich, PA FN1 (
Jun18 20:34 Dyslexia is the answer! That, and 42, is the answer to MORE THAN Life, the Universe, and Everything--Frank M. (
Jun18 20:30 FWIW - de WA5IYX (
Jun18 20:25 Frank, Calls are WCDD not WDCD Canton. Figure this one out and win a prize! BolinIL (
Jun18 20:25 [20:22] Same here...I think it was 43 years ago on a Thanksgiving trip with Tom McCormack. Sid Steele was the guy in Paxton, right?--Frank M. (
Jun18 20:23 [19:06] "If Europe only had..." - trying to imagine EU with 222 MHz and **nothing else** LOL - the ambiguities of English strike again--Frank M. (
Jun18 20:22 Rich Omaha, I was at Sid Steele's home 35-40 years ago. Haven't heard from him since. I looked through stacks of BCB QSLs. Bolin-IL (
Jun18 20:03 I think someone else is full of something else. Making crap louder does not improve crap ... Mike (
Jun18 20:00 Yeah, "AM Revitalization" my arse...doesn't that just guarantee, even more, that AM listeners will just tune to FM? Makes no sense to me--Frank M. (
Jun18 19:56 [1949] FCC's "AM Revitalization", gotta love it! Not. If you can't hear an AM station three miles away due to RF, your radio is deaf. Not full of RF. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 19:53 Bolin Thursday had WDCD-107.9 Canton on 107.5!! There's nothing at all that makes sense, unless 107.5 Peoria changes primary stations?--Frank M. (
Jun18 19:51 70 miles to 94.7, 60 miles to 107.5 - both are now noticeable pests--Frank M. (
Jun18 19:49 Stale Tr (last night)...NEW LOGGINGS translators 94.7 Springfield (WMAY), 107.5 Peoria (WOAM)...two loggings I'd prefer didn't exist. The band is just getting more and more jammed up--Frank M. (
Jun18 19:42 BTW, null points meaning open spaces between stations, that are not normally there, as I rotate my FM6 antenna around. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jun18 19:38 When 50 Mhz is getting reports I do the same thing. Null points usually start showing up long before the band starts to open up. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jun18 19:35 [14:06] Thanks Lee! When I heard Richmond stations coming in I took a stab at looking for something further. I look for a null point an then start tuning for stations that sound like they don't belong on the channel they are on. I was lucky with that one! Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun18 19:06 If Europe only had the 222 MHz band today. . . - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun18 19:05 Its really bad this year - Don (
Jun18 18:38 well if I were a synic, I would say, "just addup all historical dates where we've ever had a lull" and that's this season here in Sherman Oaks (
Jun18 18:01 Where skip is concerned, this week began with so much promise and is ending with so much disappointment. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun18 18:01 These band conditions suck. Still a bit active from the sun. I hope we get some north south stuff later. de ka5dwi/7 (
Jun18 17:37 Power out for third ever time here, no real reason. No heat, no reason for a draw. Checked the local area and no accidents -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun18 14:16 Today is ARRL Kids Day however! Get your kids and grandkids on the air...20 meters is usually best. Starts at 1800z. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 14:06 [12:14] VERY nice Bob! Glad to see that duct works both ways (haha!). I logged ~20 stations from your backyard 1-3am this morning, but none as far as that! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 14:03 Ms 88.9 WMAU Bude, MS RDS "WMPN" RELOG 983 mi -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun18 13:06 way back when I was on the SMIRK BoD I convinced them to hold it the weekend nearest the June solstice - de WA5IYX (
Jun18 13:04 and next weekend is the ARRL Field Day ... - de WA5IYX (
Jun18 13:00 [12:23] We should have an FM contest this weekend, how fast can you log the next FM Es station - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 12:35 Tr 93.3 WFLS Fredericksburg, Va. (216mi) w/country music. This in a null point of WMMR Philadelphia, which is rare for me. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun18 12:23 another 50-MHz Contest this weekend - de WA5IYX (
Jun18 12:14 Tr 89.9 KBNL Laredo TX RDS...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jun18 12:14 Tr 99.9 "The Fan" WCMC Holly Springs, NC. (388mi) ESPN radio w/Beer academy program. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun18 08:00 somewhere I've a Xerox of this article (made by K5KS in 1981) - de WA5IYX (
Jun18 07:44 a rather dense read, but nice to be cited in the references - de WA5IYX (
Jun18 07:36 Would be interesting. Get a DTV converter box, sit on RF-2, see KHME SD...and then KJWP! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 07:30 06:54 MUF up to 194MHz over Europe right now on Sherlock map. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 07:17 re:06:54 amazing to see that. Big splotch of red from 2 m north of Greece - En25 (
Jun18 07:15 Tr KATC-DT-28 LA Lafayette (395 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun18 07:10 Total of seven new logs, including 2 new from NYC (which, um, triples the previous total!) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 07:08 ...and even nulled out 106.5 WBTJ's primary signal to pick up WWMX // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 07:06 Logged listenable signals through the hash on both sides of my Richmond HDs on 88.9, 94.5, 95.3, 96.5, 98.1, 103.7 & 106.5 // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 07:03 Great Tr opening here in VA tonight, band lit up like a Christmas tree, felt like translators and IBOC didn't exist // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 06:58 [06:46] - sometimes duct to Key West appears w/o any mainland Florida - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun18 06:56 Best bet for that is probably WACP-4; of course that's not in my realm, but for somebody in the West--Frank M. (
Jun18 06:55 The other unchallenged frontier is to get a 2-ES ("double hop") digital decode--Frank M. (
Jun18 06:54 Huge 2-meter opening in Europe right now; fingers crossed for tomorrow BR in AZ (
Jun18 06:49 Jun 18, 1965 hr on 50-MHz - de WA5IYX (
Jun18 06:48 06:36///got to keep it on RF-8 here, because of local KHQA-7...Frank M. (
Jun18 06:46 Tr 92.5 WINC Winchester, VA “Wink FM" 99 miles [over local W223AZ] NEW // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 06:46 06:37 wow Pat I see you got 93.5 WKEY Key West FL via Tropo @ 1090 miles - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 06:38 Tr 98.7 KTXN Victoria Tx (370 mi) in very weak for 2 mins then gone. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 06:37 Jun 18, 2010 "historic" here - 2m Es, Ch6 DTVs - de WA5IYX (
Jun18 06:36 [0617] Hopefully another 7/6/04 will occur in the near future...except this one includes the first-ever high VHF DTV Es decodes. When 144 is blowing up, keep that converter box on RF-7! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 06:32 {06:05] - probably only logged once before in 2011 - de WA5IYX (
Jun18 06:22 Did a strong CME solar flare cause that VHF Hi Es opening? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 06:19 wonder when we will get a Es opening like that again. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 06:17 Hi Frank M, wish that I was DXing when you guys were receiving Analog TV up to channel 13. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 06:15 That big Mexican opening was at a "bad" time of day, too - around 1530 or 1600 local time, usually a lull period--Frank M. (
Jun18 06:12 [05:57] I don't see him report it very often--Frank M. (
Jun18 06:10 [04:02] Was that ALREADY six years ago? Yipe. We both had the .mx stuff to 13, but couldn't narrow down a source above Channel 11 that could be logged. 13, IIRC, looked kind of noncommercial or something--Frank M. (
Jun18 06:08 Tr 106.5 WWMX Baltimore, MD “Mix 106.5" 124 miles [over local WBTJ] NEW // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 06:05 Hi Pat, is West Monroe a rare catch for you? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun18 05:57 latent tropo KARD-DT-36 LA West Monroe (422 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun18 05:41 Tr 95.7 WBEN Philadelphia, PA “BenFM” 201 miles, 8.9kW, NEW (positive iD) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 05:38 Tr 95.1 WRBS Baltimore, MD "Shine 95.1" 118 miles [under IBOC hash] relog // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 05:33 Tr 106.1 WISX Philadelphia, PA “Mix106" 205 miles, 22.5kW, 34° (relog) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 05:06 Tr 104.3 WAXQ New York, NY “Q104.3" 280 miles, 6kW, NEW (positive iD) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 05:00 Tr 101.5 WKXW Trenton, NJ “New Jersey 101.5” 232 miles, 15.5kW, NEW (positive iD) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 04:52 Tr 107.3 WPUR “Cat Country 107.3" Atlantic City, NJ 198 miles [relog, over local WBBT] // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 04:48 Tr 92.9 WRDX Smyrna, DE 146 miles “Mix 92.9” [relog, rare] // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 04:45 Tr 97.5 WPEN "The Fanatic” Burlington, NJ (Philadelphia) 205 miles, 26kW, 34° [relog] // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 04:40 Tr 100.1 WJRZ Manahawkin, NJ "Jersey's Greatest Hits" 227 miles 1.7 kW [relog] // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 04:28 Tr 93.9 WNYC New York, NY 280 miles, 5.2kW, NEW (positive iD) // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 04:25 Whoa! Blockbuster tropo opening mid-atlantic, VA into NYC! // Lee VA FM17io (
Jun18 04:19 Bring on the skip. I'm going geocaching 30 miles from home and will be near a radio. En25 (
Jun18 04:03 I will be out on my weekly yard sale run tomorrow expect 144+ MUF in the west...but I WILL have a radio w/ me > yakima CN96 (
Jun18 04:02 I remember listening to the old Montreal FM DX node on GT and stations were multiple deep...had a 105.5 in Ohio (short skip) as well, this was shortly after Es hit 13 to XE. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 04:02 I remember the 6/18 from six years ago. The late Jeff Kadet (and our own Ed Phelps in KY) logged TV-13 Es from Mexico. I logged MB and SK on 92.1, plus CBWT-6 audio w/ the local news that night. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun18 04:00 Matt EN21 must be tropo from your end. I'm not even getting KC tv's - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun18 03:52 No traces of Wichita here on FM, Matt. KSKU is a relog, first heard here on 5/5/2012. Sitting on 331 total. Maybe tomorrow will bring some new ones -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun18 03:40 Tr unid tv 14. En25 (
Jun18 03:34 Tr 93.1 KQID Alexandria LA "Q93" with slogan ID...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jun18 03:08 Ms 88.1 KMLV Ralston, NE RDS "WAD" RELOG 756 mi -de Jeff VA3N (
Jun18 03:02 Tr KWCH-DT-19, KMUW-89.1 Wichita - Matt EN21 (
Jun18 02:57 Tr KSPR-DT-19 Springfield MO... hi Jim! - Matt EN21 (
Jun18 02:47 We are coming out of a solar wind stream right now. It should be better ... it better be better :) de ka5dwi (
Jun18 02:45 I started FM DXing on 6/18/80, was a blockbuster opening -de Jeff VA3NN (
Jun18 02:42 [02:33] All-day skip is guaranteed. I'll be at a family function all day tomorrow. - David FM18 (
Jun18 02:33 [22:29] That's exactly what happened. Pray for a hell of a day tomorrow. 6/18 is usually a great day de ka5dwi (
Jun18 02:29 Probability is percent of daily hours of PropNET participants, activity PropNET packets and NPN CQs de ka5dwi (
Jun18 02:27 Solar activity affect on Es 2010-2014 de ka5dwi (
Jun18 02:26 10M Es Activity 2-1/2 weeks each side of Summer Solstice de ka5dwi/7 (
Jun18 00:57 Tr 103.5 KBPA San Marcos TX (331 mi) Mike-La (
Jun18 00:36 Tr 27/28 WHWC Wisconsin in steady. En25 (
Jun17 23:59 (21:34) So I see. :D /cdEL96 (
Jun17 23:49 [16:38] Richard, I checked regarding the Sangean ATS-909X. Mine goes down to 87.5, then beeps and goes back to 108.0 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun17 23:34 Jon - Yes was a new log. Nice to have it - really just wanted to get someone else's opinion on what I thought I was hearing - Muchas gracias, amigo! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun17 23:00 Reading your paper Pat, sounds like IF we have a quiet period following this Major Solar Storm, we *might* have 3-4 days of solid Es - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun17 22:50 the explanatory text to go with it - de WA5IYX (
Jun17 22:44 [22:29] - magnetic effects on Es in Jun 1965 - de WA5IYX (
Jun17 22:42 This morning, noted some adjacent market tropo, with WCSR in decently, though not strong enough to trip RDS. DX cut short as I had to get to work. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun17 22:41 [2229] Agreed; band is terrible today. Missed Es by ten minutes Wednesday, and flatlined Thursday. Had some tropo toward DTN yesterday though. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun17 22:41 Tr 88.5 WSSU superior wisc. New. Wisconsin public radio and bottom of the hour ID. En25 (
Jun17 22:35 How did the ES from Tuesday go? Any new developments since I was gone ? -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun17 22:34 Back from central IL as of very late last night. My portable RCA TV I advertised on here a few months back just turned on all by itself two minutes ago and it won't turn off... -- Dan EM73QX (
Jun17 22:29 Did the recent solar storm wreck the ionosphere for Es? DxMaps looks like dead of winter - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun17 22:01 Glad to help. Is it a new log for you? - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun17 21:57 Jon - That's what I got out of it too. I also listened to them online and starting at the :15 got "La Maxima Noven..... then came back with "LA musica" seemed to match several IDs on their stream - thanks de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun17 21:34 18:22-cd I did a little footwork for you concerning this a few minutes ago, ck your email in a little bit. :) Mike-La (
Jun17 21:33 Likely XHCAN in Cancún, QR. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun17 21:31 "Una exclusiva de Máxima 97.7" is said at 00:13 - de Jon in FN03 (
Jun17 19:51 Bill, did you upload that 97.7 SS clip to the WTFDA forums? There are a handful of fluent Spanish speaking members on there now - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun17 19:02 Posted this yesterday, will try again - Anyone hear a partial ID? Frequency was 97.7 FM de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun17 18:22 This is for amfmtvbrla-----did you ever get a verdict on my Ms 102.1? Staff never responded/cdEL96 (
Jun17 17:45 I'm just thankful that I got a response at all--Frank M. (
Jun17 17:44 Not sure whether it's KTCA or KTCI that Frost broadcasts, and I don't know what other services that translator carries - he wasn't specific on the other services--Frank M. (
Jun17 17:43 Frank, I envy you. Stations here are never off for more than a few minutes, and those aren't usually during the skip season. Last time I found one off was maybe 3 years ago when 91.3 was gone for a half hour on a Saturday afternoon during E season. - Rick N6KCR Seattle- Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jun17 17:26 2 Cuba Tropo TV videos from last month just uploaded---sorry for slight tilt/cdEL96--> (
Jun17 17:24 Frank, which station/calls does K21KF-D actually broadcast then? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun17 17:06 Only changes seem to be some ERP's, and Washington/Maquoketa IA moving to 106.1/95.1 to make way for KOKX going to 100kw--Frank M. (
Jun17 17:01 KOKX-95.3 still off, but there's nothing "new" (such as translators or LPFM) to try for there; no changes regionally on that Freq. in many years--Frank M. (
Jun17 16:52 K21KF was listed as a CP, so finding out what they carry was elusive...-Frank M. (
Jun17 16:38 [12:52] Richard, I'll have to check into that when I get home from work. I thought mine only went down to 87.7 and if I heard a beep while tuning down, that meant it went back to 107.9 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun17 16:36 [2 (
Jun17 16:19 [16:13] Good one Frank. I'll be up that way next weekend. Maybe I should detour and scan from my PC to see what DTVs comes in. - Matt EN21 (
Jun17 16:13 So...logging as K21KF-D Frost MN only 3kw. Vry happy this is resolved--Frank M. (
Jun17 16:08 I've used my PL-310 & PL-606 receivers to hear ch 3-6 audio from Canada & México - (
Jun17 15:54 I didn't really expect a reply. So often one doesn't get replies to these kind of "arcane" inquiries--Frank M. (
Jun17 15:53 MYSTERY SOLVED!!!! "It’s possible you were receiving RF channel 21 from Frost. 2.3 “tpt life” is carried on channel 21 there. It receives the signal via fiber."--fRANK m. en40 (
Jun17 15:27 Tr 107.7 KGCR, Colby, Ks, with Christian Music, stream match, then abruptly went off the air. 230 Miles.......Rich...Norfolk, Ne (
Jun17 15:24 (12:52) Mine has 87.5-108 - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun17 15:22 (15:03) It would also get you Japan FM if you ever ended up over there (76-90 MHz) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jun17 15:11 Very bizzare tropo here, no Omaha or Lincoln whatsovever. propagation is concentrated in a path from from NE to SW from me....Rich...Norfolk, Ne (
Jun17 15:03 (12:52) I don't own one, but that will be good to get analog ch 3 to 5 audio + OIRT band if u r in E Europe/cdEL96 (
Jun17 14:23 Tr 107.1 KESS Benbrook TX (402 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 14:17 Tr 105.7 KRNB Decatur,Tx (424 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 14:01 Tr 94.7 KAMX Luling Tx (393 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 13:58 Tr 103.5 KBPA San Marcos Tx (408 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 13:55 FWIW - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun17 13:28 Tr 105.7 KYKX Longview Tx (255 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 13:23 Tr 97.3 KLRX Lee's Summit MO "K-Love" (248 mi) mixing with KKJQ Garden City KS (192 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 13:19 Tr 97.7 KSNP Burlington KS ”The Dawg" (162 mi) - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 13:17 Tr 100.1 KNRB (255 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 13:16 Tr 100.7 WBYT-HD Elkhart, IN de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun17 13:15 Tr 100.9 KXOJ Sapulpa-Tulsa OK 172 mi, ads for Tulsa, NEW! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun17 12:58 Tr 100.9 KCLY Clay Center KS (214 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 12:56 Tr KETK-DT-22 Jacksonville Tx. (265 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 12:52 Rick: I've owned an ATS-909X for a couple of years & only yesterday discovered the FM band was 64-108 MHz. Is that usual? - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 12:50 the effects of the great red blob are apparantly not making it this far east although key frequencies have been lost. Best here 102.5 WFMF Baton Rouge 276 miles - RZ EM60 (
Jun17 12:49 Tr 106.3 KOOC Belton Tx (378 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 12:44 Tr 101.5 KSMM Liberal KS "La Mexicana" (192 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 12:40 Nothing much of note here on FM on the Sangean ATS-909X just now -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun17 12:37 Tr 102.3 KWFS Wichita Falls TX "Blake FM" (182 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 12:27 [11:33] Shoot, I left the antennas pointed at KC. St. Joseph was decoding on 7, 16 and 26 so I figured that had better potential. Only thing your way was 19/23 Des Moines. - Matt EN21 (
Jun17 12:24 Tr 102.5 KIXQ Joplin MO "Kix 102 5" (166 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 12:22 Tr 103.1 KMPA Pittsburg TX (285 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 12:22 Tr 100.7 KASE Austin TX (320 mi) Mike-La (
Jun17 12:19 [[11:43] Frank, I'm absolutely shocked to se you up at this hour. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun17 12:10 Tr 97.5 KLAK Tom Bean, Tx (378 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 12:05 Tr 106.3 KBZS Wichita Falls TX "The Buzz" (184 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 12:05 Tr 96.7 KOYE (280 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 12:04 Tr 105.9 KKSW Lawrence KS "Kiss FM" (213 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 11:46 106.3 is KLBC Durant OK - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 11:43 Tr southwestern Iowa PBS pair on 33 and 35, just shy of 300 miles--Frank M. (
Jun17 11:41 Tr 106.3 Durant Ok (387 mi) (new) First Oklahoma ID via DX. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 11:38 OK, looks like THAT is now WAND...guess I was "lucky" to see Omaha relog--Frank M. (
Jun17 11:36 Tr ???-17 NOW says "17-3 COZI-SD" what's going on, is this still Omaha?--Frank M. (
Jun17 11:33 Tr KYNE-17 Omaha (RARE) briefly decoding with "26-3 Net-C"--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun17 11:31 Tr 107.9 KDXX Lewisville Tx (387 mi) (new) RDS. Full 3 bars on Sony - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 11:31 Tr 101.7 KHST Lamar MO "My Country 101 7" (189 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 11:25 Tr 100.9 KGBL Lakin KS "The Bull" (221 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun17 11:24 Tr [LATENT in past 4 hours] K14OL-D Granite Falls MN *NEW* "MVTV-1" n(Is this correct? I could find nothing else)--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun17 11:23 Tr 107.1 XHVTH Matamoros (501 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 11:21 Tr 95.3 WZNF MS Lumberton The Gorilla (577 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun17 11:16 Tr 92.1 KRWR Tyler Tx (278 mi) (new) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 11:03 Tr 105.1 KYKS TX Lufkin id and National Anthem - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun17 10:49 Oh well just saw your post Jack. after I posted . - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Jun17 10:47 Jack, your 87.7 may be Layfayette Louisiana. That station used to be mustang 87.7 now, it is spanish. - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Jun17 10:42 Looks this 87.7 is KBFW-LP, "La Pantera" Arlington TX, just heard the slogan ID...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jun17 10:34 Tr 87.7 unid SS mx...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jun17 10:32 Tr 94.3 WTIX Galliano LA with ID on car radio...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jun17 06:41 Tr Though not DX from here, W18AX Quincy (3ABN) on Minus offset is still an ANALOG target from here. No other analogs noted right now--Frank M. (
Jun17 06:34 noticeable "bites" from locals - de WA5IYX (
Jun17 06:31 if they've ever had a outage in the past 47 years I missed it - de WA5IYX (
Jun17 06:21 Darn. I was hoping to hear that it got overtaken by Es or strong Tr one time. Jim-F SATX (
Jun17 06:21 Tr 103.1 KWLA LA Anacoco RDS - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun17 06:14 the thing that's been on the Tower of The Americas since 1969 - de WA5IYX (
Jun17 06:14 Tr KEYC-12 Mankato MN (not really far, about 300 miles, but VERY rarely seen)--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun17 06:13 [06:07] His one logging is his local that he can't hide from--Frank M. (
Jun17 06:07 (05:55) Pat, what's your 102.7 logging? Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun17 06:05 Tr 104.9 KBUK La Grange, TX, country music, KVLG/KBUK ID, 106 mi, new (good night for xltor takeovers) Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun17 06:05 Tr WDAY-21 Fargo ND, 550 miles...looks like I'll have to pay some attention!!--Frank M. (
Jun17 05:55 due to our local I have only ONE 102.7 station logged - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun17 05:54 Tr 94.3 WTIX LA Galliano id (527 mi) - de WA5IYX (
Jun17 05:48 [04:04] I remember so far back into earlier FM days, that it was a *BIG DEAL* to have all 100 frequencies logged! I think I remember 100.9 having no USA stations on it, for example--Frank M. (
Jun17 05:42 Tr WVUE-DT-29 NOLA (519 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun17 05:34 Tr 94,5 KSMB LA Lafayette id (387 mi) over lcl xltor pest - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun17 05:28 Tr 103.7 KLWB Carencro, LA, NBC Sports Radio, 402 mi, new, Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun17 05:24 [00:39] Wasn't that the same opening as Bob Cooper's WIHS-38 Boston logging in Oklahoma?--Frank M. (
Jun17 05:18 Tr 102.5 WFMF LA Baton Rouge ads (442 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun17 05:08 Tr KATC-DT-28 LA Lafayette (395 mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun17 05:06 Tr KITU-DT-33 TX Beaumont (285-mi) - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jun17 05:02 Tr KLTL-DT-20 LA Lake Charles (341 mi) - de WA5IYX L09ql STX (
Jun17 04:53 Tr 90.3 KYLC Lake Charles, LA, AFR, Christian pop, 341 mi, relog, Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun17 04:42 Tr 93.5 KBPC Crockett, TX, Pine Country 93.5, TuneIn stream match, TX, 208 mi, new, Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun17 04:37 If I remember right, the first DX in that opening was on the 16th, with KSJR-90.1 (600 miles) so it must have been part of your Winnipeg duct moving east--Frank M. (
Jun17 04:36 [00:39] And on 8/**17**/71, the next day just after midnight and I was sitting in Toledo OH, I had KJCK-94.5 (710 miles) with rabbit ears--Frank M. (
Jun17 04:20 Tr 91.9 KCKR Church Point, LA, SonLife Radio, TX, 395 mi, relog, Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun17 04:17 (03:58) Definitely some great tropo again in S.A. tonight, starting with two "Hot" stations. :-D , Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun17 04:04 (03:16) As much as I whine about the increase in stations/QRM/IBOC etc....I'd much rather DX now, where I can do phrase searches, look up stations, RDS, etc---so much easier today./cdEL96 (
Jun17 03:59 Tr 107.3 KISX Whitehouse, TX, 276 mi, Hot 107.3 Jamz, relog, Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun17 03:58 Great Tropo for a lot of the Gulf Coast---I always seem to be in the "U" (unsettled areas)!/cdEL96 (
Jun17 03:53 Tr 107.9 KHXT Erath, LA, 412 mi, Hot 107.9, relog, Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun17 03:16 Tough enough keeping up with US domestic changes.. Hi! They have a nice website, The web makes IDing stations so much easier then years ago. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jun17 03:11 [02:50] Bob thanks for the heads up on 96.7 HING Santiago DR flipping to Pura Vida. The primary is 92.9 HIEF Santo Domingo - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun17 02:58 02:28 I have never received RDS from XHAAA or XHVTH - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jun17 02:53 That was a good day for Dominican stations. Unfortunately most of the day I was out so missed most of it, but still got a few nice loggings. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jun17 02:53 Tr 97.7 KDLC Dulac, LA (new) "Sunny 97.7" with adult contemporary mx, stream match...Jack, EM10, ATX (
Jun17 02:50 Tr 99.5 KISS San Antonio (371 mi) Mike-La (
Jun17 02:50 On Tuesday the 14th I was lucky to have picked this off an unattended recording 96.7 "Pura Vida" Santiago, Dominican Republic (1424mi). Religious pop music. Looks like this replaced Supremo96. - JimT take note. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jun17 02:41 Great. Another black hole right over me. :^/ LOL de k9rzz wi (
Jun17 02:39 02:32-you're probably right Jim, XHCAO is coming in very strong right now-and nothing Mike-La (
Jun17 02:37 And Hepburn map for early tomorrow morning... de JimT/MO (
Jun17 02:36 Hepburn tropo forecast map for late tonight... de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun17 02:32 I don't know if XHCAO has RDS, WTFDA FM db doesn't show they do - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun17 02:32 needs to be a very strong signal for calls to appear Mike-La (
Jun17 02:29 02:25-same answer for XHAAA-but XHCAO I have never seen RDS Mike-La (
Jun17 02:28 02:23-sometimes I do am-but not this time- Mike-La (
Jun17 02:25 Same question as below for XHAAA and XHCAO Mike-La. - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Jun17 02:25 [00:39] Bolin, you're in Charleston, right? Did you ever know a MW DXer named Sid Steele? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun17 02:23 Hi Mike-La, when you receive 107.1 XHVTH do you receive RDS? amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Jun17 02:18 Tr 107.1 XHVTH Matamoros "La Mas Buena" (442 mi) Mike-La (
Jun17 01:36 Tr 106.3 Ortonville, SD KPHR - again like a local - 140 miles - En25 (
Jun17 01:34 Tr 104.3 KKSD Milbank, SD almost full quieting - 139 miles - relog again - En25 (
Jun17 01:32 Unid 104.3 not KVGO with what sounds like oldies - En25 (
Jun17 01:32 Tr 93.1 XHAAA Reynosa (466 mi) Mike-La (
Jun17 01:26 Tr 89.1 XHCAO "La Lupe" Cd Camargo Tamps (483 mi) Mike-La (
Jun17 01:03 Tr 103.1 KHHL Karnes City(346 mi) Mike-La (
Jun17 00:55 00:53-Corpus Cristi Mike-La (
Jun17 00:53 Tr 93.9 KMXR "Big 93.9" (354 mi) Mike-La (
Jun17 00:53 [23:42] I'm often too forgetful to go to the weather band when it can really count. I think my Brookings on .525 may be a relog too, earlier ND may have been possible--Frank M. (
Jun17 00:51 relog... (
Jun17 00:50 [21:00] I'm assuming it was "just" K33GX Springfield SD again...which gives me FOUR Springfields on 33! (This, old KSPR, and W33AY in both its forms)--Frank M. (
Jun17 00:48 There might still be an analog in SE Manitoba on Channel 29. I was certainly looking for analogs. No other stray analogs than mentioned earlier, whether I studied any lists or not--Frank M. (
Jun17 00:39 Frank is there anything in Canada? I remember 8/16/71 in an opening just like this and Winnipeg popped in. Bolin-IL (
Jun17 00:29 Oh...maybe yes on Champaign. I was certainly getting WCIA-48 to some degree off the back/side. The mystery 21 is the only one I'm trying to resolve, the most illogical logging here in at least 6 or 7 years--Frank M. (
Jun17 00:05 Frank, 39+ Champaign is still on air. Maybe ya got off the back?? (
Jun16 23:42 I probably had tv tropo but am too forgetful to turn my insignia box on en25 (
Jun16 23:28 Whole lotta nothing going on - Don (
Jun16 22:44 No, just guessing. NOT counting--Frank M. (
Jun16 22:43 A 39+ analog "got away" from me this morning - too weak to determine its programming source. I'm guessing Aberdeen SD--Frank M. (
Jun16 21:44 I really don't mind missing due to work - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun16 21:41 I have tommorow off as well - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun16 21:39 Yous think yous got it bad, I have missed a lot due to work and then other responsibilities by having to Rent out rooms to make things meet their ends. Thus DX'ing has been on the back burner. LM/FM29 (
Jun16 21:29 Rich, I had the day off too, and nothing in the way of Es. Missed yesterday's by half an hour due to work. Just can't win for losing! de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jun16 21:22 So much for having the day off - Rich, PA FN11 (
Jun16 21:06 Recorded 91.7 all afternoon ... bupkis. de k9rzz EN52 WI (
Jun16 21:00 I wonder if K33MI is actually on? Opening was extremely focused in that direction, without anything evey really noticeable from Sioux City--Frank M. (
Jun16 20:08 Any help or input would be appreciated - 97.7 FM - not great copy and lots of QSB - but think I hear a partial ID de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun16 19:31 Looks like they relay KDLT rf 47 - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun16 19:31 Es 54.310 weak to the West de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Jun16 19:30 Frank, Aberdeen 33 has a CP out with new calls, K33MI - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun16 19:19 [16:36] 2011 sounds about right. I'm sure 33 is a relog as well.--Frank M. (
Jun16 19:18 As far as 33, using, searching for K33GX turns up Springfield, but searching for K33HC [Aberdeen] turns up nothing--Frank M. (
Jun16 18:58 Mystery tpt 21: I was hoping to find something that's supposed to pick up KUSD-34 and may have had KTCA-34 insteasd. No dice. Still stumped on this--Frank M. (
Jun16 16:47 Frank, Matt had CR and the QCs on the TV side. Inspired, I tried to reel in 98.9 and 101.3 from the QCs, as both are open freqs here. No such luck. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jun16 16:43 No wonder i had Knoxville IA (translator) on 95.3 earlier...KOKX IS OFF!--Frank M. (
Jun16 16:36 35 and 40 were relogs, I remember seeing you log them in 2011 (I think?) > Yakima CN96 (
Jun16 16:35 [1529] Those three STILL exist? Goodness, you'd think KDLT would convert them to digital long ago. You're probably their only watcher! > Yakima CN96 (
Jun16 16:15 Sri, misread you question Matt - de JimT/MO (
Jun16 16:14 Matt EN21 your KSMN is Worthington MN - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun16 16:10 Tropo dying here, bring on the Es - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun16 16:09 [15:40] KSMN is on 15, could that be it? - Matt EN21 (
Jun16 16:04 Any help on what my "tpt" on 21 was? (KTCA or KTCI) I'm finding nothing--Frank M. (
Jun16 15:42 [15:29] something tells me 35, 40 may also be relogs...and 42 almost surely new--Frank M. (
Jun16 15:41 Tr 93.9 KSPO West Pains MO "Q 94" (304 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun16 15:40 Tropo pretty much dead here, too...just some lingering traces. I'd like to know what "ate" KYOU-15 earlier--Frank M. (
Jun16 15:39 [14:39] They have t keep those analogs on, for all of the three remaining analog customers--Frank M. (
Jun16 15:38 Frank, all I have on UHF is KC and thats all Milford reports too. SD FM died. Bolin-IL (
Jun16 15:31 Those are all analogs...also KXI71-162.525 with Brookings in their ID; and KCSD-24/23 Sioux Falls--Frank M. (
Jun16 15:29 Tr Semi-stale loggings (an hour ago) K35GR, K40FZ, K42FI all with NBC/KDLV/KDLT; also if K33GX springfield SD I think I remember the same quandary before (does the Abredeen exist?) so 33 probably a relog--Frank M (
Jun16 15:03 Tr KDLO-3 Watertown SD (full decode, RARE relog) 470 miles--Frank M. (
Jun16 15:01 Two Atlantic Maritime Canadian Analogs - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Jun16 14:57 that's why he's called rollin' Bolin, hi--Frank M. (
Jun16 14:56 Tr K26JI-D-26 Sibley IA with KSIN...instead of "usual" S. D. during such openings. NEW! Cool--Frank M EN40 (
Jun16 14:55 Frank, Aberdeen SD 94.1 is fadein' away Bolin-IL (
Jun16 14:53 Hi Jim, I'm here and the WTFDA site when DX is rollin' Bolin-IL (
Jun16 14:51 Hi Andy! Glad to see you made it here! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jun16 14:47 Tr 96.3 KSCS Fort Worth TX (263 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun16 14:42 FRANK: I'm in this on FM (not UHF) Got Watertown o/Mattoon xlater on 92.9!! Bolin-IL (
Jun16 14:39 [below] Is it profitable at all for ANY US TV station (outside of the ch 6/87.7's) to still run analog???/cdEL96 (
Jun16 14:39 Tr 96.7 KTCK Flower Mound TX "The Ticket" (203 mi) relog - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun16 14:39 Considering an upgrade from FM-5 to Innovantenna 8 Element. Worth it? (
Jun16 14:39 [14:10] Yeah, you're right about that...though WEEK is so strong that even KWKB is kind of rare here--Frank M. (
Jun16 14:38 [14:20] Aberdeen not listed in the database, only Springfield (with KDLT/KDLV)--Frank M. (
Jun16 14:36 Tr something weak on 39+ as well (Aberdeen listed with KTTW-12); can't narrow down what programming this is--Frank M. (
Jun16 14:22 Could also be K33GX Springfield (west of Yankton). Both are listed as still on and analog. (
Jun16 14:20 [14:12] K33HC Aberdeen? _ Matt EN21 (
Jun16 14:12 Tr analog 33+ with NBC from northwest??--Frank M. (
Jun16 14:10 [13:52] I presume KWKB was part of the problem too... Matt EN21 (
Jun16 14:08 Tr KSDR-92.9 "KS-93" blasting in. This is so much an August-type opening--Frank M. (
Jun16 14:06 Tr both 100.3 KJKK & 102.9 KDMX Dallas still coming in strong here after several hours - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun16 14:06 oops should refer to 14:00 (
Jun16 14:05 [13:52] Knoxville IA coming in so strong is keeping me from finally logging KCHE-92.1, though--Frank M. (
Jun16 14:05 [13:54] I should say "openings to the deep northwest" - Des Moines, etc. aren't uncommon in early summer--Frank M. (
Jun16 14:00 Tr Craziest catch of the day? Not far. But...K237DH-95.3 Knoxville IA ("KNIA") taking out 100kw KOKX without phasing!--Frank M. (
Jun16 13:54 This is going the only direction where Tr is usually SEASON-SPECIFIC...openings to the NW are almost ALWAYS August or early September, if at all--Frank M. (
Jun16 13:52 Very difficult because of potent WEEK--Frank M. (
Jun16 13:52 Tr KTIN-25/21 Fort Dodge IA...NEW!!...probably was my most-wanted DTV, should've seen this years ago--Frank M. (
Jun16 13:48 Tr 97.3 KKJQ Garden City KS "Q 97" (192 mi) better signal than usual - de RNA/OK EM16gj (
Jun16 13:44 Tr the South Dakota pair on 26 and 47 @400 miles--Frank M. (
Jun16 13:38 Nothing here, 85 miles south of him.../cdEL96 (
Jun16 13:35 Very weird seeing them mention a Winnipeg underwriter, no less--Frank M. (
Jun16 13:34 Tr I found it!! KJRE-20/19 Ellendale ND...NEW! 550 miles...Wow, this is nuts--Frank M. EN40 (
Jun16 13:32 [13:28] SWEET! This opening is *EXACTLY* as predicted yesterday on the Hepburn map. That doesn't always happen, Rock Rapids 360 miles--Frank M. (
Jun16 13:30 Tr WHAT'S THIS??? "PPB" (Prairie Public B/c) on 20, as "19-1" there something in ND here??? Certainly new. What happened to KSMQ?--Frank M. (
Jun16 13:28 I though KSIN was on 28... It is. That's K43LX-D in Rock Rapids, IA. Nice catch! - Matt EN21 (
Jun16 13:27 (13:19) Well in that case..... :) /cdEL96 (
Jun16 13:27 Tr 105.1 KFTE Abbeville, LA, 391 mi, "Everything That Rocks," website & phone match, Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jun16 13:25 I'm not even supposed to normally be up at this hour, but I was awake for a while and I decided to look. Good thing--Frank M. (
Jun16 13:21 Tr KSIN-43/27 Sioux City...NEW! Actually, very surprised I've never had this before. Lower power?--Frank M. (
Jun16 13:19 Massive red blobage on the VHF prop map, but nothing here in EN52. Got the laptop recording just in case. de k9rzz en52 wi (
Jun16 13:19 KW4BY EL96VW Florida reporting Es up to TV-4 towards Costa Rica from his location de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
       TvFm Log Archive for 2015 (zip)