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Oct22 18:55 KW4RZ/7 - Are you at the Arrowhead RV Park north of the Best Western Torchlite between RT25 & 16th St? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 18:54 KW4RZ/7 - Are you at the Arrowhead RV Park north of the Best Western Torchlite between RT25 & 16th St? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 18:54 KW4RZ/7 - Are you at the Arrowhead RV Park north of the Best Western Torchlite between RT25 & 16th St? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct22 03:27 Wheatland, WY DN72 great place for FM DXing. Stereo scan only stops on 3 stations 92.7, 101.7, 104.1 kw4rz/7 (
Oct21 02:13 Tr strong to west! WKXT-107.5 Magee MS RDS 575 mi Fred N - SC KJ4BUG FM03af (
Oct21 01:46 ...20:14 Rick I started a recording about 30 min after, so I can't compare... Gary Boise DN13 (
Oct20 20:14 I know this may not be of general interest, and I won't report every time it happens, but 10/19/18 at 1456 PDT had a 65-second burn on 95.7. Not stable enough to ID song, and the only decipherable item was "vailable." Only mentioning this because it's the first such that I've received here. - Rick SE WA (
Oct20 16:00 Tr 105.5 K288FO Union, OR ...Positive Life Radio.. Weak but Identified 10W at112 Miles Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Oct20 01:44 Tr 105.5 KRBI St. Peter, MN in/out en35id (
Oct19 22:44 I mean, a loop for a week before going silent would be fine. But KPHF is on half of the 88.3 freq... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 22:42 Ridiculous. A loop of 'mudado mudado mudado' for over a year now? It would have been better for 88.3 to go silent while VCY was trying to acquire it. When KXOT Tacoma (91.7) stopped the 'KUOW2' service in 2012, it went silent for several months before it reappeared simulcasting TVW television. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 22:30 It is still running the "La Campesina se ha mudadooooooo" loop, though. -Raymie (
Oct19 18:10 I haven't tuned it in in a while. -Raymie (
Oct19 18:09 [16:15] The station is in the process of being sold to VCY, which has never owned a station in this region of the country. -Raymie (
Oct19 16:15 Raymie, what's the current state of the 88.3 in Phoenix? - Rick N6KCR SE WA (
Oct19 15:53 Ms 93.7 KLBB Lubbock, TX 10-Sec strong burn, w/ local commercial 100kW at 915 Miles...New Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Oct19 10:03 I've learned quite a bit from conversations here over the years. Welcome aboard! 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Oct19 10:02 Pleased to meet you, George, and thank you for taking over. I've used this site for years to not only share DX info, but also learn about radio/propagation. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Oct19 08:09 Thank you, George...I'll definitely be sending along an email myself. -Raymie (
Oct19 05:59 George/K5TR: I sent an email to you, and once again WELCOME and THANK YOU ... Mike/cm87 (
Oct19 04:42 Yak, to elaborate on your earlier question, probably the only Walla Walla station I'd even have a chance to get is the 97.1. Like here, lots of low power there and some frequency duplication in both towns. - Rick N6KCR SE WA (
Oct18 22:07 wdbd (
Oct18 21:35 [20:15 additional] I seem to be line-of-sight to KDRK Spokane, and get traces of KPBX? 91.1. Haven't gotten 92.9/98.1/101.1 there yet. KDRK is equal strength to higher elevation 6 miles away but rest are weaker. - Rick SE WA (
Oct18 20:40 [20:15] No. When I visited my sister-in-law in March, I wondered about some translators. Terrain issues. Some stations that are virtual locals six miles from here are MIA here, like Moses Lake's 100.5 and Moscow ID's 90.3. Will that leave more freqs open for Es? I'll find out eventually. - Rick N6KCR SE WA (
Oct18 20:15 [1700] So you aren't able to get anything from Walla Walla or Tri-Cities at that site either? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 20:10 [18:52] George, this year two people in charge of websites I visit often (this and passed away. Fortunately, both live on, thanks to successors who believe in their missions. Wish I'd had the expertise to step up, but I'm glad you have. - Rick SE WA (
Oct18 20:05 Thanks, Gary, that's helpful. Very unusual for October, but persistent high pressure and expected inversion have had me wondering about it. Mainly see this during summer heat waves or Dec./Jan. - Rick SE WA (
Oct18 18:52 Please read this page: George - K5TR (
Oct18 17:49 ...FYI Rick...Hepburn Tropo site shows some light enhancement for you and Yak Friday thru Sunday. not often I see that. Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Oct18 17:30 Tr 95.3 KPND Deer Park, WA Strong Scatter flare-ups. Pwr now 56kW, up from 9.8kW when last heard. 266 Miles Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Oct18 17:13 Ms 95.3 CKWD Calgary, AB "6-sec Burst w/ add for World of Spa's. A must for people in Calgary no doubt...100kW at 532 Miles Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Oct18 17:10 ...17:00 Yes, strong Ms here last hour...I'm monitoring 95.3 Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Oct18 17:07 ...05:03 Yes, something appears to have changed with KUJJ. They are now semi-local in Boise. before, barely in. Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Oct18 17:04 ...16:52 Absolutely, Thank you George! Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Oct18 17:00 [05:07] No, no McCall. I'm shielded from many distant signals here, except for Spokane's 91.1/93.7, which are much clearer in the Heights a few miles away. However, I am getting quick but lout Ms pings on 95.5. Much louder than I ever got from Seattle. But isn't this Oct/Nov shower known for brief bursts? - Rick SE WA (
Oct18 16:52 I hope everyone will have the same respect for George that they had for Bob. Thank you George! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Oct18 16:51 ....Janet, wife of the late Bob Colyard, confirmed that to me in an email this past Sunday - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Oct18 16:50 I can safely say this now, DxWorld has a new owner now. K5TR George Fremin took over the reigns this week.... (
Oct18 07:12 [0507] Have you heard any fadeups from KUJJ McCall ID? They aren't too far from Lewiston but across Hell's Canyon and the mountains, so I don't know. Star 95.5 with soft rock. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 05:07 Been recording 95.5 since Monday. Some very intense pings, but nothing long enough to be helpful. Encouraging, though. - Rick SE WA (