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Feb23 00:26 I was wondering why the site wasn't working. Thanks George for all you do! - En35ID (
Feb23 00:15 it's going to likely involve changing all the links to reflect https instead of http - Eric CM96 (
Feb23 00:11 George, Chrome still tells me the site isn't fully HTTPS so you probably need to update links. Willing to help - Eric CM96 (
Feb22 11:31 Ms 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles, CA 3-Sec Burn...w/ Kryptonite...3 doors down.... 61kW @ 675 Miles Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Feb22 11:21 test - Hello everyone good to be back de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Feb22 10:38 The world is moving to HTTPS, and while the purpose escapes most, its a good idea ... Mike/cm87 (
Feb22 03:40 HTTPS works well. Are you gonna HSTS preload to force traffic to use HTTPS? - Raymie DM43 (
Feb21 21:27 ...16:24 i'll give a listen here Rick...been taking in some FM Ms Downtime as of late Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Feb21 16:24 Meteor scatter more active here on Feb. 19 and 20 than in the past three weeks. No ID's or clues, though. - Rick N6KCR SE WA (
Feb21 15:24 We are on a new server. George K5TR (
Feb21 15:14 Thx George./cdel96 (
Feb21 14:35 more testing of https George K5TR (
Feb21 14:33 testing https (
Feb21 14:32 This is fixed (
Feb21 14:19 ch 36 kxan local (
Feb20 03:38 If I could get 97.9 KTLO to go off the air for a while, I'd be in business. That's the only frequency I have without any other catches on it. - Josh EM36ui (
Feb20 03:35 Tr 93.5 KLKC Parsons, KS (175 mi, new) with ads for businesses in Parsons and Kansas mentions. This one is only 3 kW. - Josh EM36ui (
Feb20 03:28 Tr 93.5 KDGS Andover, KS (288 mi, new) with hip hop music and Power 93.5 liner. KOMT is off the air again. - Josh EM36ui (
Feb19 21:43 [20:28] Dave, I'll be very interested to observe paths to find out when DX comes to you, Gary or me first. Thanks for the AR info. - Rick N6KCR in SE WA (
Feb19 20:28 [16:53] Rick, I have about 20 from AR from here, not too different distance-wise than you are. Mostly Fayetteville, Rogers, etc. > Dave CN94 (
Feb19 16:53 [03:58] I moved here in September, so haven't had an Es opening, except for one small item. Distances indicate that I should be able to receive Arkansas at some point. = Rick N6KCR in SE WA (
Feb19 03:58 [2:38] Rick, I have semi-locals on 89.7 and 102.9, but they're not hard to knock out during Es events. As for 94.1, it's wide open. KCLK is 1452 miles from here. I can also try for Spokane at 1490 miles. It looks like I have quite a few options for WA state if the conditions would just materialize. The best I've been able to do in that direction is Boise. Have you been able to hear AR from your location? - Josh EM36ui (
Feb19 03:36 Stat, of cours, = state. - Rick in SE WA (
Feb19 02:38 Josh, do you have 89.7, 94.1 or 102.9 free for DX? May be the easiest chances for WA stat, in case you need it. Especially 94.1. - Rick in SE WA (
Feb18 16:47 Tr 94.9-WKSJ Mobile AL - RDS 95 KSJ 485 mi de fred SC FM03af (
Feb18 16:31 Tr 100.7-WJTO Pensaola FL RDS Jet 100.7 485 mi Fred N - SC KJ4BUG FM03af (
Feb17 09:39 KOMT 93.5 and KWOZ 103.3 are off the air tonight. I think I'll aim the antenna east and see what I can get. Probably not a lot since the band's pretty much dead. - Josh EM36ui (
Feb17 04:31 [23:52] Seems like your area is doing the best, Gargadon./cdel96 (
Feb17 04:30 [03:51] Couldn't get a decode on anything above 30%, sorry. Seems as if Tampa was trying. Also, my portable Coby is officially kaput./cdel96 (
Feb17 03:51 [03:36] Were the Tampa and Miami TV channel 10 stations involved? - Kegan EM26 (
Feb17 03:36 From Flamingo FL---Tampa Bay FM was battling some co-channel Miami FM; highlight was WXCZ 103.3 Cedar Key at 300 mi./cdel96 (
Feb17 01:49 Tr 107.9 KVLY Edinburg TX "Mix 107.9 FM" with dance mx and ads, ID...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Feb16 23:52 Tr 96.7 Stereo Hits Coban, Guatemala (239 mi) - Gargadon in EK48cp (
Feb16 13:53 while it was tracking northeast over the Bahamas. Signal strength was good into the AirSpy SDR- KA3JAW FN20jq (
Feb16 13:50 ISS NASA On The Air SSTV (PD120) on 145.800 MHz heard at 7:55 am EST - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Feb16 04:38 Tr Dxer in Reynosa Mexico is receiving Orlando and Daytona Beach Florida on FM via Tropo. (
Feb15 20:37 Tr 93.9 KMXR Corpus Christi TX (432 mi) in late or early in my location. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Feb15 17:13 while it was tracking west to east thru central Quebec. Signal strength was fair to poor -KA3JAW FN20jq (
Feb15 17:11 ISS NASA On The Air SSTV (PD120) on 145.800 MHz heard at 12:03 pm EST - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Feb15 15:38 The signal strength was fair with light fading - KA3JAW FN20jq (