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Feb19 17:46 [Feb14 0429] KXLE's Facebook page lists why 95.3 is on low power: ice and water damage at the main 50kw transmitter. Aux is most likely at the 1240 transmitter just several blocks away from me. Says it could be a while before they get full Upper County coverage again. > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Feb19 05:49 JimT - Got it up and running and working great! My location on map is "Ladysmith VA WA4340SWL" Dennis FM18 (
Feb18 21:42 Dennis, did you get connected with Trip (RabbitEars) ? de JimT/MO EM37 (
Feb18 05:02 Tr 91.1 XHMZI Melchor Muzquiz, CI "Capital Maxima" with mx, ID, weak to fair signal...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Feb17 15:39 Never mind...contacted Rabbitears webmaster. Dennis FM18 (
Feb17 14:51 Can someone tell me what I have to do to get set up on RabbitEars with my new HomeRun COnnect???? Dennis FM18 (
Feb17 06:04 WEVR-FM had a brief church service airing earlier on Sunday and maybe some music, then dead air afterwards. Is the xlator for WEVR-AM on 93.1 being set up? - EN34mt (
Feb17 04:30 Tropo bringing in a mix of DFW and Houston DTVs tonight...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Feb17 01:15 [23:38] K288GR-FM 105.5 Bayport is a joke. KRBI always leaks in here - En34mt (
Feb17 00:05 [20:45] Per the site on the right, the only 89.7's I see are in MD & WV./cdel96--> (
Feb16 23:41 Tr 103.5 KYSM Mankato, MN way over KTLK xlator. Showing up on one radio but not on other. Ha - En35ID (
Feb16 23:38 Tr 105.5 KRBI St. Peter, MN steady with Casey Kasem's AT40 - EN35ID (
Feb16 17:12 WEVR-FM 106.3 is back on the air since yesterday, but I think it's on lower power, as i can easily null it out for K292GU. - En34mt (
Feb16 15:17 Tr 91.1 XHMZI Melchor Muzquiz, CI "Capital Máxima" with ID, weak...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Feb15 20:45 Tr 89.7 UnID, "The Public Square" mentions. I'm not sure what this is, it's been fading up in and out periodically for the past 20 minutes or so. - Ethan EM34 (
Feb14 21:31 Tr 106.5 K293BS Forrest City, AR (250w, 85 mi) Only heard once before. - Ethan EM34 (
Feb14 21:30 Tr 95.1 WONA Vaiden, MS (165 mi) Local ads, nulled underneath KHKN's HD - Ethan EM34 (
Feb14 21:27 Tr 101.1 KJMS Olive Branch, MS (132 mi) "V-101" branding and local ads. Nulled under my local station KDXE. Rare here! - Ethan EM34 (
Feb14 04:31 Capitol Hill seemed to do OK, as KUOW-94.9 was slightly over KIOK at Ronald. No sign of KEXP. Now I just need to try out the food at the Old No. 3 in Ronald and I'll be set :-) > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Feb14 04:29 Noted also KXLE-95.3 is low power with *no* RDS ID. Also putting out spurs on 94.1 and 96.5, but unable to hear those outside Ellensburg. Signal on 95.3 was weak in Roslyn and worse in Ronald. I think their aux site is just blocks away from home at the 1240 xmitter. > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Feb14 04:28 Back out to Roslyn today for another errand. Killed some time afterwards and drove up towards Ronald and Lakedale. Amazing how the Walla Walla FMs were still there up the 903, yet Seattle was still weak. KQMV, KUBE, KJR totally missing with co-channels from SE WA. > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Feb14 03:45 Tr GW Finally got the HD call letters for KZSE Rochester, MN but no audio decode so far - Fun Fact: 5 watt WMCN 91.7 @ 13mi can be received here faintly when KZSE is nulled out heavily - En34mt (
Feb14 00:10 Wrong board sorry - Kegan EM26te (
Feb14 00:10 1110 KTEK Alvin/Houston, TX - "Relevant Radio" - 6:02 PM CST - mixing with KFAB Omaha, NE - Kegan EM26te (
Feb13 06:27 [04:57] Yes they are, they have repeaters all over Eastern Texas and Louisiana. - Ethan EM34 (
Feb13 04:57 [23:02] Then that 92.9 must be //105.7 KHCB Houston./cdel96 (
Feb13 00:09 My local WEVR-FM 106.3 seems to be off the air for a few days now - usually they only sign off for the night on Sunday's - The Train translator K292GU is just blasting in at over 50 miles - EN34mt (
Feb11 23:02 Tr 92.9 KSPH Springhill, LA (140 mi) TOTH ID, "Keeping Him Close By" - Ethan EM34 (
Feb11 23:00 Tr 91.3 WCQC Clarksdale, MS (15 kW, 100 mi) TOTH ID, WCQC callsign mentions. - Ethan EM34 (
Feb11 22:52 Tr 89.9 KWHA West Helena, AR (5 kW, 94 mi) (new) // stream match (Radio 74 Internationale) - Ethan EM34 (
Feb11 22:48 Tr 92.5 WQST Forest, MS (234 mi) AFR programming, match with 91.7 KBDO. First time hearing them in a while. - Ethan EM34 (
Feb09 14:45 Too many questions Jack. That's okay - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Feb09 01:36 JimT, what Austin TV questions do you have? I might be able to answer them here if it's okay. Jack, EM10DJ, ATX (
Feb08 18:17 [22:24] Jack EM10DJ Austin TX, found out my designated email address is case sensitive, please send me a note to - jim-t **at** wtfda dot com - thanks de JimT/MO EM37 (
Feb08 13:25 [05:16] Anything within about a 150-mile radius is possible on FM, no matter what time of the year. Nearly every day on my work route through work route in western Iowa, I get KOKZ 105.7 in Waterloo, while driving near the town of Templeton. And that's roughly 139 air miles between the two locations -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb08 05:16 Tr 93.9 KSPQ West Plains, MO (135 mi) with Q94 mentions. It's 35 degrees outside why am I getting this station - Ethan EM34 (
Feb07 23:15 Actually make that 5 days, I had two stations caught via E-skip on January 9th. - Ethan EM34 (
Feb07 23:13 As for the winter season, I've only had E-skip on 4 days: November 25th, December 4th, January 7th and January 8th. - Ethan EM34 (
Feb07 23:07 I had E-skip very nearly to the top of the band on July 11th, 20th and 21st. (even though I was in Fort Smith during the July 20th opening)- Ethan EM34 (
Feb07 23:07 2019 was honestly not bad here, but it got a late start. First E-skip was on June 3rd, and the last was on August 6th. - Ethan EM34 (

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