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Dec10 18:21 [03:50] I've gotten KZZL while traveling near Ellensburg. They have a mammoth signal with great coverage. Nothing in the area comes close, but maybe closest is KHTR. - Rick SE WA (
Dec10 05:38 Fog tonight Sac CA valley picking up Bay Area channels TV and FM Redding to Stockton CA (
Dec10 03:50 Tr 99.5 KZZL Pullman WA earlier tonight with Bull Country ID. Very heavy fog but not a lot of oddball DX, this being an outlier. > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Dec09 23:06 Tr 107.9 KVLY Edinburg TX with local ads, very early tropo from the RGV in advance of an incoming strong cold front, nothing else of note...Jack, EM10DJ, Austin TX (
Dec09 00:30 Tr 90.7 KLSA Alexandria, LA (226 mi) NPR station, fair signal. - Ethan EM34 (
Dec08 20:19 The upshot of all this, though, is that I had Columbus on both 27 and 28, and both show virtual 6?? frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 20:18 OK guess I'm confused...those notes at 07:51 might belong to WTTE, but why show as Virtual 6?? My notes DID get crazy overnight... frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 20:14 [07:39, 07:51] OK, so why did WSYX-28 initially decode "Antenna 6.3" and show "Stadium 6.3" when coming in better? frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 17:55 Tr 107.9 WFCA French Camp, MS (195 mi) FM108 branding mentions, strong signal - Ethan EM34 (
Dec08 17:50 Tr 103.5 KLAA Tioga, LA (231 mi) LA 103.5 branding mentions, weak signal - Ethan EM34 (
Dec08 17:46 Tr 102.9 WMSI Jackson, MS (210 mi) Underneath a local! - Ethan EM34 (
Dec08 17:40 Tr Most of Jackson's FM stations are coming in at a strong signal. - Ethan EM34 (
Dec08 17:32 Tr 92.5 WQST Forest, MS (234 mi) AFR programming, match with 91.7 KBDO. - Ethan EM34 (
Dec08 17:27 Tr 89.5 WMAE Booneville, MS (197 mi) MPB Think Radio with Classical music being played - Ethan EM34 (
Dec08 11:01 [07:51] WTTE comment (6.1, 6.2, 6.3) was meant for WSYX-28! D'oh! again frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 08:37 Tr WCMU-26 400 miles, and South Bend U's are back. Does WSJV "28" exist or are they piggybacked now? frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 08:29 Virtually no tropo at all on FM!! I've noticed this often in winter openings, they're often higher-HF only. frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 08:08 Tr WGVU-11, WZZM-13, WWJ-44, WTVS-43, all Michigan and all rare (relogs) frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 08:05 Tr WANE-32 Fort Wayne 310 miles! Not even on my list. [so, NEW!] Because of WTJR, I thought this was impossible! frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:57 Tr WPXD-50 Ann Arbor MI, 370 miles, surprisingly rare for such a clear channel (relog, only second time) frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:51 Tr [NEW} WTTE-27 Columbus OH, 410 miles (6.1 Fox 28, 6.2 TBD, 6.3 Stadium agrees with wikipedia entry) frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:46 Tr WBGU -22 Bowling Green OH 370 miles [NEW}...jus' piling 'em up here... frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:39 D'oh! I meant WSYX, lol (
Dec08 07:39 Tr WTVN-28 Columbus OH 410 miles (quite a feat to get through WYZZ), NEW! as "Antenna 6.3" frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:26 Tr WWHO-46 Chillicothe OH 390 miles (RELOG, but never seen with WTVP *ON* before) frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:22 Tr WDCQ-15 (450 miles) and my probable CHCH2-51 subdecode are back! frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:20 Tr [NEW] WFFT-20 also 310 miles! Must've moved their Xmtr from behind that lead mountain when they repacked (NEVER logged on 36, blasting in on 20 now) frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:17 Tr [NEW] WISE-34, repacked, Fort Wayne IN 310 miles. My log is really "bulking up" the past six hours, maybe 35-37 new?? frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:11 Tr [NEW] WIPB-19 Muncie IN 290 miles, tough with WHOI (which has mostly been eaten by WGN all evening)... frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:08 Tr WSMH-16 Flint MI, 410 miles...this opening isn't slowing down! frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:05 Tr WCMH-14 Columbus OH, 410 miles (so, when does Ohio repack?) frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:04 Tv WCMH-14 Columbus OH, 410 miles (so, when does Ohio repack?) frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 07:01 Tr WHIZ-40 Zanesville OH, 460 miles, not seen in years... frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 06:58 Tr WNEO-45 Alliance OH 520 miles (NOT convinced at all that this is a relog...), wow! frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 06:54 Tr WKAR-33 (wow, what a "fluid" channel" this morning), MAY BE RELOG, but a surprise! 360 miles. frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 06:46 new 36's WAVE, WMVS, WAQP, WHME, and the "39 Ion" in Iowa (can't remember their callsign)...I've never done that before... frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 06:44 Tr WHIO-33 Dayton, NEW! 330 miles, just minutes after WTIU was new. I have 3 new on 33 so far, and FIVE new on 36... frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 06:19 Tr WTIU-33 Bloomington IN (250 miles, REPACK) NEW!, keep adding to my totals, so much of this will be covered by Quad Cities, Peoria, etc. repacks! frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 06:18 I WAS able to use the "click here" below to submit but now I've got to do the convoluted private window again. Haven't been able to use the box "at the top" since July!!--frankfrank frankfrank EN40ql (
Dec08 06:13 Tr WDTN-31 Dayton 330 miles **NEW** (wasn't even on my try-for list)...and, HEY, I'm blocked AGAIN. What's going on???? frankfrank EN40ql (

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