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Sep17 02:18 Hopefully I hear it again some time. I wouldn't rule out WERN either. En35id (
Sep17 02:17 Pile. Darn phone. Thanks guys. En35id (
Sep17 02:16 I thought about the iowa station but I'm not sure. I guess that one will have to end up in the I don't know pil (
Sep17 01:13 My last guess would be KMMK-FM 88.7 MHz Coggon, Iowa. It's seems like it's not on a big network and is somewhat close to WI. - En34mt (
Sep17 01:10 Nothing to add but after digging through many religious stations, KLOV-FM 89.3 MHz Winchester, Oregon (K-LOVE) ALONE has 44 translators scattered across the country! - all of the K-LOVEs combined make over 520 FM stations and translators! - and no, 88.7 is 100% NOT K-Love - En34mt (
Sep17 00:58 You might even want to see if WCIC Pekin IL (via WPRC 88.7 Sheffield) ran something like this! Don't rule it out. Conditions favored an exotic Dx catch like that. frankfrank EN40ql (
Sep17 00:54 [00:17] I think that your 88.7 area code 608 is pretty well blanketed by WERN (as area codes tend to shrink nowadays). Could even be another state if it's a biggie Christian event analogous to a Woodstock or something. frankfrank EN40ql (
Sep17 00:51 [18:53/Rick] Thanks man! So, not a new station for gotta figure out whether 105.5, 107.7 moved either of theirs. I was trying for former Elgin 94.3 which WOULD be new for me. frankfrank EN40ql (
Sep17 00:48 We're talking about a camp, not a store. So this UNID station could possibly be over 100 miles from the camp. - EN34mt (
Sep17 00:43 There's WUSG-LPFM 88.7 MHz in Cambridge, that's Religious and is not too far from you - Ok I pretty much quit, I have no idea - EN34mt (
Sep17 00:43 All of the Religious stations licensed to WI are all part of a radio network, I'm thinking that it's probably licensed to a border city or pretty close to the state line. - Ethan EM34 (
Sep17 00:41 [00:31] Plus they're a KAWZ translator, they wouldn't advertise a 608 area code. - Ethan EM34 (
Sep17 00:31 The closest match would be W204BP-FM, but that is only by area code. PRETTY UNLIKELY - EN34mt (
Sep17 00:17 This afternoon I had a religious station on 88.7 avertising some kind of camp. Their area code was 608 which is Wisc. Any ideas who this was? - En35ID (
Sep16 21:24 [20:55] Proof of RDS on KICD: - EN34mt (
Sep16 21:14 [20:55] KICD is very clear here - almost clear enough to get RDS right now - EN34mt (
Sep16 20:55 KICD 107.7 biting IBOC in downtown St. Paul. I suspect that would be a regular occurrence. En35id (
Sep16 18:53 Tropo seems to have fizzled out. En35id (
Sep16 18:53 [15:53] No transmitter relocation, but the WLLT calls and COL moved to 94.3 on 6/25/2018, as part of a 3-way swap -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep16 17:08 Getting Eau Claire and Waterloo on 107.9 has been amazing for me - En34mt (
Sep16 17:06 Would be a new log for me. En35id (
Sep16 17:00 I believe that's what it is. Briefly heard rock music. En35id (
Sep16 16:57 [16:55] Remember, I got KMFW from Iowa on the bus! - En34mt (
Sep16 16:57 [16:55] Remember, I got KMFW from Iowa on the bus! - En34mt (
Sep16 16:55 Tr 107.9 something picking at Kool 108 in West St. Paul. En35id (
Sep16 16:39 At least they can hear much better stations from out of market! LOL - En34mt (
Sep16 16:25 I have to laugh at anyone who is trying to listen to the iheart translators today. Bet they're screaming at their radios. En35id (
Sep16 16:24 Tr 97.9 KCMR Mason City, IA. Been in all morning. En35id in St. Paul. (
Sep16 16:00 My brother is reporting Tropo condx from the Goshen/Elkhart (nothern Indiana) area... -- Mark/IN (
Sep16 15:54 Tr WSAW-7, Wausau WI, NEW!! around 280 miles, thought I'd never get this frankfrank EN40ql (
Sep16 15:53 My mystery is WLLT-94.5 Polo IL, NEW if transmitter moved from old Sterling C.O.L. frankfrank EN40ql (
Sep16 15:42 Tr 97.7 97 Country WGLR very weak in Coldwater, MI (Im in town for an interview) - Christian EN71 mobile (
Sep16 15:39 Tr WLRP-94.3, but what is this? Call letters in John "Records" Landecker promo, oldies! (
Sep16 15:14 Tr WMEU-CD 32 Chicago, 185 miles, either NEW or only 2nd time, WTJR make this channel tough frankfrank EN40ql (
Sep16 15:11 Tr (
Sep16 15:05 Tr intense from Wisconsin to 300 miles: WAOW-9 Wausau, most Green Bay including rare (OR NEW?) WPNE-25 frankfrank EN40ql (
Sep16 14:58 Getting more stations to the east today instead of the west like yesterday - En34mt (
Sep16 14:56 Tr (earlier) WQCC La Crosse "Kicks". Hrd in Mounds View within eyesight of Shoreview. En35id (
Sep16 14:52 [14:48] I wish there was an IP address based way to edit or delete posts here (
Sep16 14:48 Disregard that last post. My phone sent too soon. I'm hearing it in North St. Paul en35id (

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