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Nov15 01:54 (22:52) nice Rick...I'm looking forward to the upcoming Showers... Gary Boise DN13 (
Nov14 22:52 Entry below is my first DX catch from this QTH. Granted, I haven't verified it, but should be able to when their playlists are updated. - Rick N6KCR SE WA (
Nov14 22:50 Ms 95.5 classical. Prime candidate seems to be KHFM, Santa Fe NM. Activity on the upswing. - Rick N6KCR SE WA (
Nov14 21:04 [06:01] Nice Dennis. 104.9 is actually WFMZ Hertford, NC...recently acquired by East Carolina Radio, they are currently simulcasting WRSF (at least for now) // Lee VA FM17io (
Nov14 15:08 Another MI alert: My local 101.5 (WMTE Manistee, MI) is now Eagle 101.5, co-owned with (but not a simulcast of) 101.5 WMJZ in Gaylord, MI. This may cause lots of confusion come summer 2019 Es season - Christian EN64tf Manistee, MI (
Nov14 06:01 Tr 104.9 WRSF Columbia, NC 166 Miles - Positive ID but ID'd as Dixie 105.7 with stream match. Still listed as 105.7 - New logging - Local station here on 105.7 so never logged it before. - Dennis FM18fa (
Nov14 04:51 [03:32] Yep, that'll be a nice move for you. I was thinking about that when I passed through Ellensburg on 10-31. Like there, I have 92.9 free. Not too productive in Seattle, but we'll see if that's different here. - Rick N6KCR SE WA (
Nov14 03:33 My apartment at the university is actually (just BARELY) in the CN97 grid, by about 6-7 blocks. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov14 03:32 Ellensburg is 30 miles N of Yakima across two ridges. I lose 95.3, 100.3, 102.1, 90.7 for DX but will gain some channels...92.9 and 100.9 can be defeated out there! > Yakima CN96 (
Nov14 03:31 Cool, Yak. That means that I'll be able to start calling you Ellen. - Rick SE WA (ducking and running) (
Nov14 03:24 Hey, 97.5 is wide open here. I'm sure KEXL would have gotten out just fine on just the 6.5KW too. BTW, next Es season will be my last in west Yakima. Moving up to Ellensburg full-time next fall. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov13 22:08 [19:01] Thanks for the tip, Rich. KEXL would have to go through KMOD Tulsa, OK for me to hear it here in Northwest Arkansas. - Kegan EM26te (
Nov13 20:38 [19:01] Rich, thanks for the tip. Ready to see KEXL blast through nullable HD sidebands here in Clarkston WA. 535-watt HD here will be easier to conquer than the 50,00-watt HD signals were in Seattle. - Rick N6KCR SE WA (
Nov13 19:54 Hi Sam!! Long time no work. Everybody doing FT8 :( . George has been in my logs since 1997. Hope to work you next year on double hop 73 Art KA5DWI/7 (
Nov13 19:01 KEXL, Lite Rock 97.5 here in Norfolk, Ne., going from 6500 watts to 50,000 watts. New equipment in place, waiting on repairs to the transmission Es target for you fellas!....Rich....Norfolk, Ne. (
Nov13 16:37 Currently no website for The Breeze, but it is streaming live. Streaming link on the wiki page for the station. JJ in EN82 (
Nov13 16:36 Just FYI guys, WDZH Detroit 98.7 had changed formats from "AMP 98.7"/Top40 to "98.7 The Breeze"/Easy listening JJ in EN82 (
Nov13 16:18 Es 6M from central Maine to northern Georgia - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov13 12:28 Hi art...I know of K5TR...Have worked George on 6m,2m and 70cm going back as far as 2002...KD4ESV EL87 (
Nov12 16:04 I have worked K5TR from 160M up to 70CM (432 MHz). In TX and here in AZ. I am happy to us continue on. de ka5dwi/7 (
Nov12 15:59 Jack EM10 and Jim in STX. Do you all know George K5TR? I have him in my Ham loggings for over 20 Years. de ka5dwi/7 (
Nov12 15:58 I remember in November of 1995 or 1996 just prior to Thanksgiving, we have several days in a row of Es. In fact it opened briefly on 2 Meters. Unfortunately I was travelling a lot and missed most of it. de art ka5dwi/7 (
Nov12 03:20 ....the North rose up well into FM./cdel96 (
Nov12 03:20 [02:07] I'm pretty sure it was Thanksgiving Day last year, when Es from the. (
Nov12 02:37 From Phoenix AZ in the '90's, getting analog channel 2 from Houston the day after Thanksgiving seemed like almost an annual event. Often hours of it. But it never led to FM. Same with KGAN-TV in early February. - Rick N6KCR SE WA (
Nov12 02:07 Checking my log book, I had about 30 minutes of eskip on November 23 2016 from WI, NC and SC up to 94.1 so it does happen around Thanksgiving time...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Nov11 21:56 96.5KYXY in San Diego, along with KOST are also XMAS. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Nov11 16:04 Tr 101.5-WTKX FL Pensacola RDS 469 mi/ 101.9-WLMG LA New Orleans - Magic 101.9 634 mi de fred SC FM03af de fred SC FM03af (
Nov11 04:39 Sounds like KLUV 98.7 in Dallas has gone to Christmas music now, receiving it tonight...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Nov11 01:04 George (or Jim), is there any way that the Look Back zip file will be completed for 2018 soon? Only goes up to early May... > Yakima CN96 (
Nov11 00:27 KMPH (
Nov09 15:05 Looks like I was able to circumvent copyright issue./cdel96--> (
Nov08 20:53 [19:28] Right. I have a biz card from someone who is married to a former coworker. He might be able to dig something up AND do house calls. /cdel96 (
Nov08 19:28 Thrift store PC for $50-$100 bucks would work great for TR. Gotta use the right tool for the right job. (
Nov08 19:25 [18:11] I have a keycode for TR, but I no longer have a PC. Only an iPhone. I don't think there are ways to record like that via phone./cdel96 (
Nov08 18:11 This allows me to monitor audio on two MS channels, and schedule the recording for peak MS activity (midnight to about 10 AM) DE Les N1LF EM63 (
Nov08 18:10 I use Total Recorder software to tape audio streams overnight. One RX feeds the left channel, the other RX feeds the right. (
Nov08 15:34 cdel96: Check the wtfda forums - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Nov07 20:54 Not great, but at least it's rare!/cdel96--> (
Nov07 15:15 Tr 100.7 WRDU Wake Forest, NC Dennis FM18 Great signal 163 miles least its BLUE! (

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