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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Nov01 00:58 CMEs - a bit long at 35 min and audio only - de WA5IYX (
Oct31 23:57 Nope never met the Dave Williams from Astoria though I knew of his existence. I only belonged to IRCA for a few months and saw him on there > dave CN94 (
Oct31 21:54 Confusing - Dave Williams in Redmond OR, Dave Williams in Astoria OR - just 175 mi maybe from each other...and both DXers of some kind! Dave CN94, did you know the Astoria Dave at all? I suppose you might have since you know Pat Martin in Seaside. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct31 20:15 30+mph sustained winds all tomorrow with highs in the mid 40s. The feel like temperature all day will be below freezing and as low as 15F. Still waiting on the click to submit log in a separate window function to be fixed, as well. -- DanEM73QX (
Oct31 19:28 yeah...things are slow Mike-La (
Oct31 19:27 XHREY-12 Reynosa seens a few days ago with Azteca trece Halloween logo morphing into a skull Mike-La (
Oct31 19:01 Es HIJB-2 Dom Rep with T/A logo 1143 mi de Fred SC FM03af (
Oct31 18:12 F2 33.42 WA Samammish wx loop - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct31 18:11 just another not-unexpected (unlike 4 Oct 1957) Soviet Space Firsts - de WA5IYX (
Oct31 18:07 (00:14) I got that Gagarin flight news from Ray Scherer's NBC midday TV newscast (was at home with a strep throat) - de WA5IYX (
Oct31 15:27 F2 33-MHz n.e. US FDs spotty and later as solar flux drops - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct31 15:19 I still have to fix the separate input page.. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Oct31 15:11 Opens link in a new page rather then this one (
Oct31 15:10 Test, to see if this now works again!!? (
Oct31 09:10 d/c'd antennas for this one - de WA5IYX (
Oct31 09:08 - nasty wx - de WA5IYX EL09ql (
Oct31 05:06 Told 'em! ... Mike (
Oct31 04:04 Yo. I'm not dead. Thanks for the concern > dave CN94 (
Oct31 01:18 thx Bob Mike-La (
Oct31 01:11 I'm working on fixing that, should be back up in the next day or two. Bob-Nj (
Oct31 01:07 so we can no longer post hyperlinks here? Mike-La (
Oct31 00:14 Jules Bergman on 12 april 1961 (
Oct30 23:25 too bad that Jules Bergman isn't still around there to curb such needless hype stories - de WA5IYX (
Oct30 23:21 doesn't seemed concerned about that early (GMT) Oct 30 M5 event near the west limb - de WA5IYX (
Oct30 23:19 Why did ABC news have a few-seconds long segment re a "large solar flare" and possible terrestrial effects ? - de WA5IYX (
Oct30 22:12 F2 33.42 WA Samammish wx - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct30 21:52 If Mike's Dave is still alive, I'd love to talk to him via e-mail. I think it would be great to get SOME other non-TVFM log communication... > Yakima (
Oct30 21:47 Well still, another DXer bites the dust. Hate to see that happen. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct30 15:19 F2 spotty 33-MHz n,e, US FDs - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct30 12:52 I never knew Dave Williams from OR state, but yes it is a sad day when we have lost another devoted member of the DX community - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct30 03:58 Its a different Dave. One of the problems of remaining anonymous is that you don't actually talk to people directly ... Mike (
Oct30 01:55 Unless there is another Dave Williams, this might be the one we all know for all that double-hop skip he used to get on FM from Redmond, OR. One of Dave's biggest logs ever was WKYS 93.9 in Washington, DC on 7/15/2006 - 2280+mi. He's also gotten 10 w translators from across the west on skip. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct30 01:51 btw Dave was 80 years old and had breathing problems at OHSU...he had a fall not too long ago which caused the problems. Sad day for IRCA and for DXers across the west > Yakima CN96 (
Oct30 01:49 Sad news to report from Patrick Martin on IRCA: DXer Dave Williams passed away this morning. I believe he was the same one who used to do loads of Es DX from central Oregon. RIP to one of my big "E skip beacons"! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct29 19:55 Nothing special is coming in. Normal relogs are in but just strong. No TV. -- DanEM73 mobile (
Oct29 19:34 Very foggy all of the sudden. When I'm home in a few minutes I'll update with any tropo reports -- DanEM74 mobile (
Oct29 18:53 35.6-- ASCII/tone pager - F2 ? Es ? - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct29 13:27 F2 33-MHz n.e. US FDs start - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Oct29 13:23 Tr WTVZ 33 & WTKR 40 Norfolk VA 316 mi + lots of NC DTVs de Fred SC FM03af (
Oct29 04:50 a few details - de WA5IYX (

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