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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Dec11 02:42 Oh well..../cdEL96---> (
Dec11 02:40 Great Ms catch Fred. Guess I should run recorder./cdEL96 (
Dec11 02:25 [02:19] should read CFMZ-96.3 de fred SC FM03af (
Dec11 02:19 Ms 96.3 CFMZ-93.9 Toronto ON - RDS PI: 'WSQ' PTY: Classical - prev via Es - 721 mi (Caught on Logitech webcam C615, with approx 30 FM channels now open due to severe lack of Tropo) de fred SC FM03af (
Dec10 09:24 Tr 99.3 WAJK La Salle, IL in weak. This is very rare in the winter! - JVL DXer (
Dec10 08:58 Tr 101.3 KUUL Quad Cities in solid over local IBOC on Sony XDR from Janesville, WI - JVL DXer (
Dec09 18:10 Separate log - Kegan EM26 (
Dec09 18:08 Maybe a log for WX band Tr or Es in the future? - Kegan EM26 (
Dec09 00:03 Had about a half inch of snow here from 6-8 pm last night, at times coming down with moderate intensity. Still a lot on the ground this morning before melting off. Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Dec08 14:28 [12:19] Goodness gracious. In late 1995, I was giving some thought to moving to Lafayette, and getting away from the snow and sub-freezing temps in the Midwest was one of the reasons why. "You can run, but you cannot hide", huh? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec08 12:28 I Heard the rare Thunder Snow here. & Jim Cantore on weather channel confirmed it. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec08 12:19 Snow is flying here in Southeast Louisiana & South Texas right now :) -amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec08 07:20 [07:16] those cheap RTL SDR's overload way too much to be of use for good DX - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec08 07:16 En35, that RTL-SDR is a nice to experiment to learn how to use the SDR software. But it is no good for Tropo or Skip DX - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec08 04:40 Boy I've noticed how easy it is to overload the RTL-SDR. Not sure how handy it will be in skip season. Have to point the antenna away from Shoreview to get around it. Sony can see the difference, SDR can't - En35 (
Dec08 01:41 [1619] And I wish you a dial full of Es from Northern NY next year! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec07 18:13 (12/05 21:24) That was recorded in SE Australia! That is impressive (either very long 2xEs or 3xEs). Far northern Australia is within single-hop Es range of the southern Philippines - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Dec07 17:43 [16:18] 90.5 - Gargadon (
Dec07 16:19 I intend to be in EN40 for much of the 2018 season, though. Also a good time for getting rid of a huge bounty of material/stuff I have there--Frank M. (
Dec07 16:18 What frequency for XHPCIE? Yep I'm still around--Frank M., Chicago formerly EN40 (
Dec07 07:02 Additionally, one station has already moved from Cuatro Ciénegas to Monclova. Ever wondered where the callsign XHCCG-FM came from? (
Dec07 07:01 As the name indicates, it is rimshotting Monclova. Then again, XHMZI can do it and that stick is 95 km from the city center — if it were of a lower station class, it would be serving an entirely different market altogether. -Raymie (
Dec07 07:00 A potential tropo target for people that sometimes get Coahuila by tropo is on. XHPCIE-FM Cuatro Ciénegas Coah. (Class B1) began carrying programs on Monday. "Radio Zócalo Monclova" is Coahuila's only new FM as a result of IFT-4 -Raymie DM43 (
Dec05 22:07 BIG Seattle FM changes lately -- 94.1 KMPS now 'The Sound' Soft AC (over 40 years of country came to an end on 12/3/17). 98.9 KVRQ now 'Country 98.9', ex Rock. The Centralia 102.9 will likely flip to something else soon as well, and rumors of a format change at KJAQ. Plenty of changes in the Emerald City! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec05 21:24 92.3Mhz Philippines on FM! DXWT Davao City - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Dec04 09:37 Tr 97.5 WABD Mobile, AL (211 mi) in with full RDS - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec04 09:25 Tr 92.9 WBLX Mobile, AL (211 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec04 09:25 Tr 92.9 WBLX Mobile, Al (211 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec04 09:05 Tr WCTV-DT-46 Thomasville GA (432 mi) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec04 09:00 Tr WTVY-DT-36 Dothan AL (325 mi) (new) via autologger - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec04 09:00 Tr WTVY-DT-36 Dothan AL (325 mi) via autologger - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec04 08:53 Tr WSFA-DT-12 Montgomery AL (315 mi) (new) via autologger - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec04 08:47 Tr WPMI-DT-15 Mobile Al. (213 mi) via autologger - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec04 08:44 Tr WAKA -DT-42 Montgomery, Al (314mi) via autologger - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec04 04:36 ok thanks de JimT. I did not Know. I was watching some recorded TV shows. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec04 01:53 AMFM, I guess you know you are getting some FL tropo on your autologger?? - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Dec03 17:27 Nice catches, Fred! de N8UUP Bill EN82 (
Dec03 17:10 Tr - WNOE-101.1 LA New Orleans - RDS - NEW - 628 mi de fred SC FM03af (
Dec03 17:02 [16:38] nice catch de fred in SC - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec03 16:38 Tr WLMG-101.9 LA New Orleans - RDS - 634 mi!!! de fred SC FM03af (

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