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Mar18 23:08 Ms 95.5 KYOT Phoenix, AZ 5-Sec Burn w/ What I like about you..Romantics 96kW @ 789 Miles... Ms regular Gary.... Boise DN13 (
Mar18 22:47 Distance from my home to Fox AR (transmitter location) = 973 miles per Free Map tools. Thank you for the kind words./cdel96 (
Mar18 22:27 Very nice, Chris and thanks for hunting it up for me. That indeed sounds like tropo. In my opinion, it's way too steady to be Es. That station is 38 miles from my house. That catch may be closer to 1000 miles from you since the Miami stations are 1012 miles from here. - Josh EM36ui (
Mar18 16:18 This is mainly for Josh in AR./cdel96--> (
Mar18 01:36 That meant, though, that there was hi-V room everywhere, including Mexico City. While low-Vs have been planned, none of them are really needed to meet immediate demand. -Raymie (
Mar18 01:32 [02:38] The problem was that Mexico was so heavily networked on VHF in analog and had few enough stations that they could all (but one) be on UHF. In the end, on 12/31/15, Mexico had three VHF digital stations: 12 Matamoros and two flash-cuts, 8 Hermosillo and 11 Colima (which has a move to 30 in the works). -Raymie (
Mar17 04:10 /cdel96 (
Mar17 04:10 As Raymie knows, I've caught Cd. de México via Es (FM & likely analog TV)---but a decode on RF 2 will be quite the challenge. (
Mar17 02:38 Yep you are so right Raymie, 18 years and VHF stations in Mexico are gone and no more. They waited too long - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Mar16 04:58 So XHMVS is a long, long story. We're talking 18 years. -Raymie (
Mar15 21:08 [21:07] [21:02] They are broadcasting on RF-51 right now but will be moving to RF-2 I think when they pay 3 million USD to the IFT - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Mar15 21:07 Hi everyone, it has been a while. Looks like there will be a E-Skip DTV target in Mexico City CDMX soon on RF-2 it is XHMVS-TDT - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Mar15 21:02 Hi everyone, it has been a while. Looks like there will be a E-Skip DTV target in Mexico City CDMX soon on RF-2 it is XHMVS-TDT (
Mar14 15:20 anybody on the east coast? Some rather long distance 2m reports on dxamps - Eric CM96 (
Mar14 12:25 [2152] I looked, and no 103.3s near the Sheyenne River, either. I was thinking NPR, since their anchors have a distinct accent that could be mistaken for Canadian to an untrained ear. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Mar14 12:23 [0236] I would think so, Rick. Considering the number of times they've wiped out local WMXD during enhancement to there. Perhaps WTTS was off last night? de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Mar14 02:48 [02:25] I never mentioned the buttons, but thanks! 🙂 /cdel96 (
Mar14 02:36 Noteworthy, however, is the absence of WTTS 92.3, whose transmitter is in Trafalgar, Indiana, about 45 miles due south of Noblesville. Shouldn't this be booming in? -- Rick in South Omaha on the Noblesville, Indiana GT (
Mar14 02:26 ...I'm now enjoying FM clear signals on the remote receiver from Noblesville/Indianapolis. Thanks for your help! :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar14 02:25 Chris in Florida, I tried GT again just now, and discovered I was using the wrong filters all along! "WFM" and "230 kHz" are the optimal buttons to use... (
Mar13 23:11 Also possible: KUMD Duluth, public radio. - En35ID (
Mar13 23:11 I bet it was Fergus Falls although I'm not sure why they would run Canadian news. It was only in for about a minute on my commute - En35ID (
Mar13 21:52 (14:21) There is a Sheyenne River in North Dakota-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Mar13 20:14 [1421] I looked but couldn't find anything like that. Cheyenne River goes from SD into WY; it passes south and east of Rapid City, FWIW. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Mar13 18:02 New RSP2 Pro just arrived...woo hoo. Dennis FM18 (
Mar13 14:21 Tr 103.3 unid with Canadian nx and mentions of "Cheyenne River". No clue. En35id (
Mar13 01:20 Old and needs updating, but related/cdel96--> (
Mar13 01:17 Chuck was a nice guy. He used to send me VHS of local HI TV, and even was a mutual friend with a DXer that I got the meet in Sydney, Australia, in 2002./cd (
Mar13 01:15 ....Likely the Mexico Tr guy was Sheldon Remington; he got SoCal tropo./cd (
Mar13 01:14 [00:50] I doubt it. I knew the Japan-to-HI guy via email; his name was Chuck, and he woulda told me, as we wrote a lot in late 90s....>/cdel96 (
Mar13 00:50 [0050] Might have been the same DXer, but he had tropo to Puerto Vallarta in the late 1990s. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar12 18:35 98.7 now AC as "98-7 The Breeze" since November, and 106.7 now rock as WLLZ "Detroit's Wheels," as of about two weeks ago. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Mar12 18:34 I should give a heads up (Unsure if someone already did, but here it is anyway.) Two format changes on FM in Detroit... (
Mar12 18:31 [053] Being alone on the frequency helps; also, I would imagine the fact that there's literally nothing between HI and Japan would also help it propagate. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Mar12 14:37 Sorry to hear that Mike, I once owned a hard drive that was hit by lightning and was forced to junk it out here in MO; EM29 (
Mar12 02:13 I've seen hawaii on 6m. Want to see Japan FM via Multihop Es here. It's possible - Eric CM96 (
Mar12 01:29 I caught a perfect snippet of 93.1/Honolulu once via combo Es + Ms. I had recording until my hard drive died ... Mike/cm87 (
Mar12 00:53 Take 2. A DXer who lived on HI's Big Island (who is deceased) caught Japan FM---3x? Helps to be alone on frequencies like 82.5 or whatever./cdel96 (
Mar12 00:50 A DXer who lived on HI's Big Island (who is now deceased) (
Mar11 19:20 I've seen 3x, 4x Es on 6 meters to the other side of the world. Multiple times I've seen Japan-U.S. 6M multi-hop on DXMaps, sometimes even Australia. > Yakima CN96 (

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