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Jul25 22:29 [17:53] reviewed SDR recordings 88-97 on that Ms train and logged 16 stations via Ms, most with RDS PI decode, 88.3 KCCK-IA, 89.5 WNIJ-IL, 90.1 WMBI-IL, 90.5 WNIU-IL, 90.7 WHAD-WI, 91.3 WHHI-WI, 91.9 KTDV-IA, 92.7 WCPY-IL, 92.9 WRPW-IL, 93.1 WIBC-IN, 93.7 KSD-MO, 93.9 WBKS-OH, 94.3 WZOC-IN, 95.7 WIMX-OH, 97.1 KFTK-MO, 97.3 WJZE-OH - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jul25 20:39 Tr 105.1 WGFM Traverse City, MI heard in Escanaba, MI (193.27 miles) Logan (
Jul25 20:22 /cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:21 The only good 92+ MHz freqs for me are 107.3 if aimed NE & 107.7 if aimed west for Ms. I guess 89.1 is good at ENE./ (
Jul25 20:20 The only good 92+ MHZ (
Jul25 20:19 I hope that's not a bad word. I can't use the jargon of them young'uns./cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:19 Incase of being bumped on the first try... Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 20:18 Let me test---Boujee----no change!!/cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:18 I've started copying my text for re-entry incase I'm bumped the first on the first try before finished. Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 20:17 Worst case is typing "FM" and it becomes Adam; after enough tries, you'd think it'd get the hint./cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:16 [20:09] yeah same issue with me---I just think "smart"phone sometimes can be a misnomer./cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:16 (20:00 - 20:09) Happens to me sometimes...rushing to post sometimes before checking to make sure I have it right with no typos. Kegan EM26 (
Jul25 20:14 Ms 101.9 with Bad and Boujee by Migos over WTMX - JVL DXer (
Jul25 20:13 Ms.l (
Jul25 20:09 It inserts words and then rushes me to press send before I have time to proof it. En35 (
Jul25 20:06 [below] Why are these called smartphones?/cdEL96 (
Jul25 20:00 Past. Come on phone. (Use take 3). En35 (
Jul25 20:00 Passed... phone hit send before I could correct it. En35 (
Jul25 19:59 I've been in Minneapolis for about a year and every tropo opening I've had got me more relogs than new ones. I have a figurative wall beyond La Crosse, WI I can't get passdd. (
Jul25 19:57 Rick, I have to agree with you, if this keeps going like this, Ill be losing a lot of interest. And since I've gone over 2000 loggings in the last 10 years and the increased congestion of local junk stations, when I do get a so-so opening it's all the same stations I've already logged 10-20 times over. Just sayin! Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jul25 19:42 Gotta look, even though I have white noise fatigue at this point. Good DX can happen in August, but hard to believe it will in a season that just never took off. I sure hope the next solar cycle is better. I'll only live through one or two more. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Jul25 19:34 ---like to have more. Haiti/DR are in optimum Ms range./cdEL96 (
Jul25 19:34 I have had only one non-US Ms catch; would (
Jul25 19:32 True, running recorders for Ms seems like a good idea, if the green below is any indication./cdEL96 (
Jul25 19:31 I was camping in Pickering ON first week of Aug 1980 with JVC 3050/Rod antenna; had ch 2 PBS MS./cdEL96 (
Jul25 19:30 One August 8 (2011?) was a massive Es opening to Caribbean & S America. It ain't over til it's over./cdEL96 (
Jul25 18:41 Tr 88.5 WGNV Milladore, WISCONSIN RELOG @ 444 Miles ID as THE FAMILY Spot for Wisconsin Dells Christian Mx and Talk de Rob-VA3SW ON EN92 (
Jul25 18:14 As that ping was rising I could hear numerous stations popping in and out till "Real 92.9" was the only one hanging in there, and long enough for me to hear an ID. An almost 2 minute wave form peak on wavepad. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jul25 18:05 My longest ping ever was more of a pong... 4 minutes! - Matt EN21 (
Jul25 18:03 That MS trail looks like it was reported on 6M DXMaps and 10M PropNET. de dwi/7 (
Jul25 17:57 Would not be a bad idea to keep the recorders running from now until the end of Perseids. I have been getting a lot of pings the last few days. Like a said about years past, 2 or 3 weeks before the peak I have had some long pings. One year had one over 2 minutes! Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jul25 17:56 I won't throw in the towel yet. I have seen some great openings all the way into mid-August. I don't have Tropo here so must be vigilant.. :) de dwi/7 (
Jul25 17:53 Ms @1641, 92.9 KGCR "Real 92.9" Hannibal, Mo (914mi) With ID and a classic oldie. Found on my recording at the same time as Steve's Log. This ping lasted way over 1 minute in length. I have notice long pings like this in years past a few weeks before the Perseids. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jul25 17:47 I wasted more time this year looking for Es that never showed up, so I am done - JimT/MO (
Jul25 17:46 I've decided its time to focus on the tropo season. Es here in MO was a total flush down the toilet. Don't know how it could salvage itself now > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul25 17:42 [16:22] I blame BR in AZ going on vacation. We had a great opening then poof!! It was a great year for me 'til July 1 (
Jul25 17:34 Makes one wonder if cx will continue to deteriorate in coming years or if they'll get back to ""normal"" eventually. Tim EM86 (
Jul25 17:25 We've had some great conditions when the humidity was absolutely stifling. But yeah, I haven't heard/seen Indiana or Kentucky in years, much less futher east of that. - Matt EN21 (
Jul25 17:20 I should at least try for the secondary Es season come Thanksgiving through New Years. I've heard MW has interesting cx for this time of year- may switch over earlier than normal. Tim EM86 (
Jul25 17:18 I have had "light" tropo to the north of here (WV, OH) but honestly tropo is so rare in recent years I don't really try. Tim EM86 (

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