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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Jul18 23:49 Have fun with that one Finndx, Radio Sonora! Most likely Hermosillo > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 23:48 Es 94.7 Radio Sonora - Kittitas WA remote CN97TA (Finndx) (
Jul18 23:47 Es 93.1 XHEPB-FM "Latino 93.1" w/ID - Kittitas WA remote CN97TA (Finndx) (
Jul18 23:46 Es (from Rec) WRVX Cameron, MO "Christian Information Radio" (New) 28 Kw Dennis FM18 (
Jul18 23:45 Es 88.1 KWAO Ocean Park, WA de AC7XP DM43 (
Jul18 23:40 Es 88.1 KQHR Hood River, OR with HD lock de AC7XP DM43 (
Jul18 23:39 Es 96.5 KRBZ Kansas City MO "96.5 The Buzz" BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jul18 23:39 Es (from Rec.) 91.5 KANU Lawrence, KS (relog) Dennis Fm18 (
Jul18 23:32 107.3 - KFFM? > Yakima CN96 (
Jul18 23:31 I had 107.3 for a few minutes of national ads, but faded pretty quickly de AC7XP (
Jul18 23:31 If these Tr pests would get out of the way... - Kegan EM26te (
Jul18 23:31 Es 97.3 KTCM Madison MO "Glory 97.3" BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jul18 23:31 Going out with the G5 to look for DX locally. The Kittitas SDR doesn't count in my local logbook, at least until I move to Ellensburg in Sept. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul18 23:30 Es Kittitas 95.5 KYOT Phoenix AZ 'The Mountain' > Yakima CN96 (
Jul18 23:29 Es 88.5 KNKX Seattle de AC7XP DM43 (
Jul18 23:29 Will be checking now > Yakima CN96 (
Jul18 23:28 Not very strong at the moment and lost WA BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jul18 23:27 Es (From Rec.) 90.3 WQUB - Quincy, IL "St. Louis Public Radio" (NEW) Dennis FM18 (
Jul18 23:27 Keep looking Kegan. The KHSV signal is still here > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 23:26 Yes, Es from WA and MO at the same time, but too far apart for Yagi to hear both simultaneously BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jul18 23:26 Es 88.9 - NPR - same as @ 23:20 post - Kegan EM26te (
Jul18 23:25 I bet I had KNPR Las Vegas, NV as Jim in MO had KHSV earlier - Kegan EM26te (
Jul18 23:24 Es 94.9 KIOK Richland WA "94-9 The Wolf" and local ads; 90 degrees azimuth from last report! BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jul18 23:23 (23:20) Used to do some work at the Springfield Huber & Associates office, hq in Jefferson City FYI > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 23:20 Es 88.9 - NPRís ĎAll Things Consideredí - fade up just before break, then gone. - Rotor antenna, aimed W - Kegan EM26te (
Jul18 23:20 Es 98.5 UnID ad for Huber & Associates IT company with locations across MO BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jul18 23:17 Es 98.1 KYKY Saint Louis MO "visit" BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jul18 23:17 Es (from recording) 89.9 KCVG -Bott R. Net - Hastings, NE (relog) Dennis Fm18 (
Jul18 23:15 Es KHSV 2/21 Las Vegas NV 1200 miles > de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul18 23:14 Actually, FM is coming back! BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jul18 23:13 Still waiting for FM to come back, but just worked Canary Islands on 6m FT8 K7HKR BR in AZ DM34sm (
Jul18 23:13 Es (from recording) 90.1 KZLW Gretna, NE "Living Water Radio" (relog) RDS PI=5338 Dennis Fm18 (
Jul18 23:11 Made it to top of the band in New Jersey today (
Jul18 23:05 Maybe later or another day here. - Kegan EM26te (
Jul18 23:05 [23:01] If they just finished up talking about Netflix as well as OneNewsNow, that would definitely be AFR. - Ethan (
Jul18 23:04 I missed out too. I tuned around, but no results here. - Kegan EM26te (
Jul18 23:01 Es 88.3 UNID with a talker.. Possibly AFR-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul18 22:55 ...Also quiet here now.... Gary...DN13..Boise (
Jul18 22:54 Es TENTATIVE 89.1 something festering under local WBOI.. No other obvious Es reported-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul18 22:43 I would argue that Es season might be making a bit of a comeback now. I had a top of the band opening last week here, and it looked like this opening today also made it up to the top of the band. - Ethan EM34VT (

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