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Oct23 23:31 Remember the monopoly AT&T had on the phone industry-that should tell you something-John Corning NY (
Oct23 23:10 AT&T's strategy is for us the consumer to to have no choice but to buy services thru them only. and then they will dictate the high prices you will pay - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Oct23 23:05 04:16 yeah Pat, AT&T wants to be the Walmart of Cable, Internet & Wireless services. In other words no competition for them,- amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Oct23 04:16 FWIW - de WA5IYX (
Oct23 02:53 OT: Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! Holy cow! /cdOcala (
Oct23 02:23 Just listening to what happened kinda loses something :) /cdOcala (
Oct23 02:21 Reading the comics reminds me of the TV Monty Python skit called "The Show So Far."/cdEL96 (
Oct23 00:00 in 1954-55 the local Del Rio station read the comics on Sunday mornings - de WA5IYX (
Oct22 23:01 all whilst residing in this - de WA5IYX (
Oct22 21:08 they still had the 1800 World News by "my era" there - preceeded by a hunting horn fanfare - de WA5IYX (
Oct22 19:35 WSVN 7 when it was WCKT had Sunday Funnies---with a "peanut gallery" where kids never 'got' the punchlines./cr (
Oct22 19:31 (18:16) Sunday at 10:30----somehow I don't think it carries the same weight as if it were visual./cdEL96 (
Oct22 18:16 er - mean this pgm sked - de WA5IYX (
Oct22 18:14 wish I cud find one of these for 5 years later - de WA5IYX (
Oct22 03:03 KQED-FM (
Oct21 21:59 sure had changed by 10 years later (no more Dragnet,etc) - note SX-62 nr 17:50 - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 21:20 in the UK (52-54) we had to rely on the nite skywave of mw AFN Frankfurt (c. 600 mi) to hear transcribed US programs - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 21:10 Yeah ... I thought I was on the Bcb Log.... hee hee de dwi/7 (
Oct21 19:50 WFUN 790 had an erratic off-air Mon morning maintenance; did get nice CKLW copy spring 1975./cd (
Oct21 19:49 Had no idea it was the former XELO; finally heard El Paso ads + SS ID "XEROK", early '75; yet CKLW ID wouldn't come until weeks later./cd (
Oct21 19:47 First listens to X-Rok 80 it sounded like "XRK", and I was thinking, am I hearing Thailand?!/cd (
Oct21 19:46 Comdx must be sad when we're all discussing AM.... :)/cd (
Oct21 19:45 I never heard XEROK until the 105 minute silent period nightly of PJB, then had to null my 790 (then WFUN)/cd (
Oct21 19:43 You must mean CBS Radio Mystery Theater with E G Marshall.... "Come in!"/cdEL96 (
Oct21 18:05 some KTRH Aug 1983 Hurricane Alicia coverage - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 18:01 aging here ... KTRH in the mid 70s ran some CBS Radio Network dramas - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 17:10 KTRH was 24 hour news and back in 1976 they announced a small plane crash near Sugar Land that I was supposed to be on. I had to cancel. No one was killed (4 people) but I count my blessings I wasn't on it. de dwi/7 (
Oct21 17:07 I have memories of 740 KTRH. Back then you knew there was Tropo when on the fishing report show when they played NWS weather, it was Lake Charles instead of Galveston NWS. :) de dwi (
Oct21 17:05 Pat - you meant KTHT 790. KTRH was on 740. de ka5dwi/7 (
Oct21 17:02 I was busy earlier. Did anyone hear any Meteor scatter this morning? de ka5dwi/7 (
Oct21 14:48 and that was using this with its built-in loopstick antenna - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 14:47 in mid 1970s used to listen to some of KTRH 790 at nite and the Bonaire 800 sometimes QRMed them - de WA5IYX (
Oct21 14:37 I was always surprised I could copy TransWorldRadio on Bonaire over XEROK (XELO). XEG and XERF were always stronger in Houston. de ka5dwi/7 (
Oct21 14:35 Mike, you're right about Wolfman Jack's L.A. popularity. The key, Wolfman (Bob Smith) managed XERB and built the format around himself. Also on XERB evenings/afternoons, while overnights on other border blasters. Regular folks heard Wolfman in L.A., not just night owls, DXers and truck drivers. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct21 14:27 Yes, CD, XELO was somewhat similar, but less over the top. In '68 ventured into EE pop programming with odd program called Record Roost, 8 to 10 PM Pacific. You could write to "Cousin Billie" at an EL Paso PO Box and get a genuine return card from Mexico. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct21 14:22 [02:49] Wolfman Jack wasn't on XELO. He was on XERF/XERB/XEG, and around 1987 XETRA. Common misconception that he was on XELO. XELO off the air overnights. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (
Oct21 13:58 KCGY is probably my most-common Wyoming FM from here. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct21 02:49 Nighttime was Wolfman Jack on XELO/SERF/XEG/XERB. Was more popular in Los Angeles than LA stations ... Mike (
Oct21 02:13 Was XELO programming similar to that of XERF/XEG? I'm old enough to remember their block programming./cdEL96 (
Oct20 22:45 I never heard any mention on XELO of daytime English programming until 1972, with the exception of Steve Crosno's EE hits show which began in '71 and was on in late afternoons. - Rick N6KCR Seattle (

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