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Jul04 14:47 WFCJ-93.7 Miamisburg, OH and WGTZ-92.9 Eaton, OH (~180 miles) are my common catches here. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jul04 14:45 [18:43] Speaking of WTFDA conventions, I wonder if there will be a business meeting at the convention in Fort Wayne next week? The last two times WTFDA was part of a joint club convention (Omaha '11, Minneapolis '13), there was NO business meeting at all -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul04 14:38 [04:52] I have a handful of "100s" that I can get in my 2015 Nissan Frontier (work vehicle), but only 1 "200" that comes in on a regular basis during the heart of trop season...107.9 Waterloo, IA, and it has to fight a semi-local in West Point, NE to make it here -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul04 14:24 (13:18) WEMP barely comes through the static on occasion. Not reliable by any means-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul04 14:16 in the late 1950s rockets from WSPG in NM did some chem releases in the E region making for some temporary Es - de WA5IYX (
Jul04 13:23 If we're lucky, those fireworks will go straight up to the ionosphere and come back as E clouds (no pun intended) - BNY, Bath, NY (
Jul04 13:21 Happy 4th to DXing friends to the south. May you have a great day for DX! Saul ON (
Jul04 13:20 Where's the Es fireworks? Not even a 10 meter blip on the map! - de JimT/MO EM37 (
Jul04 13:18 (10:01) Have you gotten WEMP on 98.9 yet? New station signed on late last year and they come in often up here - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jul04 12:59 except for Mexico, any out-of-state is over 300-mi from me - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jul04 12:57 93.1 Tyler at 290-mi hr is still re-logged as over my 250-mi "limit" (which excludes most DFW, Houston, and Rio Grande Valley items) - de WA5IYX (
Jul04 12:52 Some other far ones that come in regularly here: 93.1 WIMK, 97.1 WGLQ, 101.5 WJNR, 104.7 WYKX (and 92.3 WJPD whenever Roy Henderson is too cheap to be running 500W on 92.3 WBNZ) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jul04 10:01 I have one or two regular 300's- 100.5 WYMG and 98.9 WVCX-- EN71 S. Michigan (
Jul04 09:20 Database update: 97.5 W248AW has changed COL from Franklin, IN to Indianapolis. New coordinates: 39-53-39.9/86-12-21.0. ERP from 35w to 150w. Rebroadcasts WNDE (Fox Sports Radio) Randy EM69wq (
Jul04 07:41 WDMI-LD is RF 33, PSIP 62-1 thru 3, with one of the channels featuring some Hmong program that is frozen - lol - En25 (
Jul04 07:41 Tr WDMI-LD Minneapolis, 58 miles. Add that to the list of LD's that only come in at night. First time I've seen it - En25 (
Jul04 05:31 The farthest I can get most days with my Tecsun is 105.3 Antigo, WI (160 miles), and that's only possible since the 105.3 in Hart moved south 30 miles - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jul04 04:54 Topeka 100.3 might still be there every day as well - also just barely over 300--Frank M. (
Jul04 04:52 There's a handful of stations in the 200's that I can get routinely...I don't think there's a "300" left anymore. Maybe, just maybe, Omaha 100.7?? When I first moved here, Memphis 99.7/102.7/105.9 (370) could be counted to at least briefly fade in any day, even in winter--Frank M. (
Jul04 04:51 Houston FMs at 186 mi are often pests, less so Dallas (236 mi) - de WA5IYX (
Jul04 04:48 how I am LOS to a TL 38-mi away on the flatland is beyond me - de WA5IYX (
Jul04 04:46 Pat, if you had my location with your facilities in SA, I bet you'd routinely get 150+ miles - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jul04 04:44 ths was done six months ago - de WA5IYX (
Jul04 04:42 96.7, 100.1**, 102.7** [was on 103.1 when I came here], 104.7, 106.3 (LPFM). ** were on when I moved here--Frank M. EN40 (
Jul04 04:41 I only have four commercial frequencies where the local is too close/strong to be overtaken except for the stronges Es or Tr (94.9, 97.7, 103.5, 106.3) - Christian EN64 Manistee, MI (
Jul04 04:41 plus the non-locals (Austin, etc) that compromise even more channels - de WA5IYX (
Jul04 04:40 There were four stations when I moved here in 1986, within 20 miles. But, now: 88.3**, 89.7 (translator), 90.5 (translator, has been off for a couple years), 91.3**, 95.9... (
Jul04 04:34 now it's around 34 (incl. xltors) - 11 or so of them HDs - so c. 56 channels "occupied"- de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jul04 04:27 somewhere I made up a chart of the locals here every 5 years since 1960 - the largest jump was '65 to '70 when it went from 4 to 10 - de WA5IYX EL09ql STX (
Jul04 03:43 Damn, I wish we had only 4 FMs here! Here it's 18 + a bunch of translators. Last year I didn't have 4 translators to screw it up. And I still had 88.9 open! > Yakima CN96 (
Jul04 03:26 ah, the year this town got FM #4 - 96.1 - cx - that ran noon-midnight (even in early 70s it s/on 10 am) - de WA5IYX (
Jul04 03:13 KDUX has been on since 1964 > Yakima CN96 (
Jul04 03:13 KDUK Eugene? It's been around for a HECK of a long time. 1983 was the sign on date. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul04 03:06 Tr Did KDUK even exist in 2006? HERE, RIGHT NOW, some Omaha DT's (305 miles), a couple Kansas City, not much else--Frank M. (
Jul04 02:55 KDUK was stronger than anything else on 104.7. Tentative KDUX caught, but too weak and crunched by KDUK, knife edge and mountain reflection > Yakima CN96 (
Jul04 02:55 I went to Chinook Pass last August - bandscan had OR WA BC. Farthest heard was KDUK 104.7 Eugene. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul04 02:36 [21:06] Walla Walla to SHELTON?? yikes...--Frank M. (
Jul04 02:35 [21:05] Yes...Chinook Pass!--Frank M. (
Jul04 01:18 Es 93.1 KRVN Lexington, NE (1277 mi) RDS - Steve K3PHL FN20 EPA (
Jul04 00:43 Im going to build a new antenna thst someone on the FM dx Facebook page has in his apartment. He got skip on it the other day - EN25 (

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