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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Feb23 01:40 UTE 8.831MHz USB Flight Watch (Australia) wkg aircraft flight "Skytrans-48" in QLD withTraffic report VFR. 5X2 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb18 10:40 UTE 5.673MHz USB 3UW33 Guangzhou Radio with Volmet report, female announcer in English, robotic voice. 5X6 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb18 08:43 17.735MHz AM Radio China International in Bhasa Indonesian language, male chatting. About the only signal on 17MHz here. 100Kw from Kunming transmitter in China. 5X3 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb18 05:19 21.700MHz AM Radio Free Asia with chat in Chinese and commentary ongoing, just came on air at 0500z. 250Kw from Tinian Is transmitter (Mariana Islands) 5X6 report with flutter. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb18 04:22 21.620MHz AM Voice of America in Tibetan, chat and music jingles then chat. Tinang, Philippines transmitter 250Kw, 3X1 with deep fade outs report, only SW station audible on 21MHz!! Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb17 12:23 4.810MHz AM All India Radio Mumbai, classic Hindi music series with brief commentary. 50Kw from Bhopal, India transmitter. 5X9 plus 10dB over, not heard for long time. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb17 12:08 5.045MHz AM Ozy Radio, Razor Back NSW (south of Sydney) Playing "We are sporting hero's eh oh eh oh..". 5X9 plus 40dB over, 500w transmitter. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb17 12:05 5.055MHz AM 4KZ Innisfail, North Queensland, Australia with relay of MW transmission, "4KZ sporting news" transmitter at Innisfail QLD. 5X9 plus 15dB over report, strongest ever heard. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm (
Feb17 12:03 3.925MHz AM Nikkei-1 in Japan, with interview style talk in Japanese, no news break on the hour. Nemuro transmitter 10Kw. 5X9 plus 15dB over report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb17 12:01 5.020MHz AM Radio Happy Isles (SIBC), Honiara, Solomon Islands. Brass band music "transmitter closing" music. Honiara transmitter 10Kw. 5X9 report. 2,867kms. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb17 11:58 3.480MHz AM "Voice of the People", South Korea, in Korean, lady with a political like rhetoric, also weaker jamming signal in background. 50Kw from Kyonggi-Do-Koyang transmitter, South Korea. 5X9 plus 10dB over report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb17 11:51 3.325MHz AM NBC of Papua New Guinea, Bougainville Island, North Solomons Province of PNG, with village children singing. Kieta transmitter on Bougainville 10Kw. 5X9 plus 20dB over report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm (
Feb17 11:49 3.260MHz AM NBC of PNG, Radio Madang (Yomba), Papua New Guinea, chit chat in Pidgin and local string band music. 10Kw transmitter at Madang, 5X9 plus 30dB over report. 3,228kms. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb17 11:47 UTE 3.330MHz CW "CHU" Canadian Time Signal service with voice announcements, Ottawa, Canada. 5X6 report strongest heard for months. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb16 06:00 9395 AM RMI Okeechobee (Oldies show). That's a first - EN35 (
Feb15 20:35 2.182 (
Feb13 11:14 UTE 8.495MHz CW "T" Russian Naval beacon/marker, location unknown (not published), out of phase with Magadan. 519 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb13 11:12 UTE 8.495MHz CW "M" Magadan Russian Naval Station, beacon/marker for Sea of Okhotsk, Russia Far East. 539 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb11 11:46 UTE 10.871.1MHz CW "A" Astrakhan, Russian Naval beacon/marker, Volga River/Caspian Sea, Russia. 539 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb11 11:46 UTE 8.942MHz USB Singapore Radio working many flights, very busy tonight, pos report & Selcal checks. 5X6 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb10 19:29 UTE 8.992MHz USB Unidentified French male & female brief chats in French, purpose/location unknown. 5X2 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb10 08:16 UTE 11.384MHz USB Tokyo Radio (Region CWP-2) wkg Philippine-5?5 position report & Selcal check. 5X6 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb04 10:44 UTE 8.743MHz USB HSW Bangkok Meteoroligical Radio (Thailand), musical chimes followed by marine weather for Gulf of Siam, Malacca Straits & Andaman Sea in English, 5X7 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb04 10:16 UTE 8.297MHz USB Taupo Marine Radio, New Zealand, with Pacific maritime weather warnings and forecasts. 5X8 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb04 06:46 UTE 8.423MHz CW "DE SVO" Olympia Radio, Greece, National Met Service, 10Kw transmitter near Athens. 559 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb03 18:41 UTE 4.870MHz CW "M8JF M8JF M8JF de RIS9 RIS9" M89 Chinese Military, somewhere in China. 559 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb03 18:17 UTE 4.331MHz CW "V V V DE 4XZ", Israel Defence Force maritime radio marker, Haifa, Israel. 539 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb03 17:56 UTE 4.231.5MHz CW XSL Japanese Slot Machine, (Japanese Maritime Civil Self Defence Force) Ichihara, QPSK 1500Bd to txer. 559 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb03 17:51 UTE 4.219MHz CW "TAH" Istanbul Maritime Radio beacon, Turkey, Turkish State Met Service, 529 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dj. (
Feb03 17:51 UTE 4.125MHz CW "v UISD UISD UISD de CBFG CBFG" M89 Chinese Military, location unknown in China. 419 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (

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