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Several people have been asking about the status of the DXWorld.com.

Bob Colyard passed away suddenly on May 20, 2018. Bob created and maintained the DXWorld web site. Bob created a very useful resource that has been used for years to share TV/FM/BCB/SWL and amateur radio frequency propagation reports. I have found the site very useful over the years to watch for 144 MHz Es openings by watching the reports from the FM broadcast band listeners that post on DXWorld.

I have taken over the duties of maintaining and hosting the DXWorld.com web site and I plan on keeping it going. At the moment I do not plan on making any major cosmetic changes to the site. I do plan on making the site work over HTTPS as soon as I can - since the web browsers creators are forcing the issue by flagging any not SSL/HTTPS site as insecure or worse. So you can expect that change fairly soon.

I am an active amateur radio operator. I have been a ham since the fall of 1976. I am active on almost every band from 1.8 MHz to 10 GHz. I also am involved in various ways with a number of amateur radio web sites. They include QSL.NET/QTH.NET, eHam.netas well as with the various sites that support the CQ Contests and the NCJ web site. If you have any questions or suggestions about DXWorld.com or anything else feel free to send me an email.

Thanks and 73
George - K5TR

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