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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Feb22 16:01 KT: 238KHz Kaitaia, New Zealand to QF56dj (2,119kms) 529 report. Not heard for months. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb22-16:01:46
Feb22 16:00 AYE: 233KHz Ayres Rock NT to QF56dj (2,072kms) 419 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb22-16:00:16
Feb22 15:59 HK: 310KHz Hokitika, New Zealand to QF56dj (2,071kms). 519 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb22-15:59:30
Feb22 15:58 HK: Hokitika, New Zealand to QF56dj (2,071kms) 519 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb22-15:58:26
Feb22 15:56 CCY: 264KHz Cloncurry QLD to QF56dj (1,730kms) 419 report, splash over from CB Canberra (215kms) also noted. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb22-15:56:58
Feb22 15:56 HUG: 371KHz Hughenden QLD to QF56dj (1,540kms) 539 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb22-15:56:2
Feb22 15:55 TVL: 276KHz Townsville QLD to QF56dj (1,631kms) 519 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb22-15:55:18
Feb22 15:54 CDU: 293KHz Ceduna SA to QF56dj (1,544kms) a 539 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW ( 117Feb22-15:54:41
Feb22 03:41 400: PPI St. Paul, MN - new for me. 2nd thing I've ever heard on Longwave... ever. En35 ( - 117Feb22-03:41:41
Feb21 13:23 272: XS Prince George BC..New for me beacon #404.. Shawn Winnipeg ( - 117Feb21-13:23:13
Feb20 17:28 HK: 309KHz Hokitika, New Zealand to QF56dj (2,071kms) 319 at very best, just audible. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb20-17:28:8
Feb20 17:27 WLG: 374KHz Walgett NSW to QF56dj (445kms) 529 report, Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb20-17:27:17
Feb20 17:25 RK: 257KHz Rockhampton QLD to QF56dj (1,137kms) 519 report, seldom heard, Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb20-17:25:52
Feb20 09:17 Shawn, keep trying for LLD-353 or POA-332. Huge signals from Hawaii and get out well. > Yakima CN96 ( - 117Feb20-09:17:29
Feb20 01:11 http://www.angelfire.com/mb/amandx/shawnlogbook.html.... Shawn's Logbook ( - 117Feb20-01:11:43
Feb20 01:10 Well I love a challenge. I have heard Beacons from further away but they were in the 1600-1700 kHz band I do have a list on my stuff on the AMANDX web site pages. scroll down to see the link to my logbook....Shawn VE4DX1SMA ( - 117Feb20-01:10:54
Feb19 23:45 You done well Shawn, my best would be CAR Carnarvon, Western Australia for 3,663kms a few months back in winter. See if you can beat 3,674kms now...Jack VK2XQ QF56dj Mount Pididngton NSW. ( 117Feb19-23:45:14
Feb19 13:01 Looked up the distance... 3674 km, 2283 miles, from Winnipeg to Grand Cayman ( - 117Feb19-13:01:38
Feb19 12:53 Not sure on the distance but thanks yes one of my best NDB catches...Shawn ( - 117Feb19-12:53:44
Feb19 10:43 Shawn, what was the distance obtained from Winnipeg to the Caymans? Nice catch there, value! Jack VK2XQ. ( 117Feb19-10:43:23
Feb19 02:08 ZIY: 344 kHz Georgetown Cayman Islands NEW! first ever Cayman Islands station..Shawn Winnipeg ( - 117Feb19-02:08:29
Feb17 07:18 GB: 419khz Great Bend, KS 1027mi NEW > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Feb17-07:18:50
Feb17 07:13 FOR: 236khz Forsyth, MT 25W 519mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Feb17-07:13:1
Feb17 07:12 LG: 233khz Long Beach, CA 727mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Feb17-07:12:41
Feb17 07:12 YD: 230khz Smithers, BC 250w 856mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Feb17-07:12:14
Feb17 07:09 ITR: 209khz Burlington, CO 25w 830mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Feb17-07:09:10
Feb17 07:08 ZKI: 203khz Kitimat, BC 500w 857mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Feb17-07:08:8
Feb17 07:07 DIW: 198khz Dixon, NC 2KW 2,189mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Feb17-07:07:16
Feb15 16:07 KII: 332KHz King Island (TAS) to QF56dj (885kms) 429 report, out of phase with BTH Bathurst. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb15-16:07:53
Feb15 16:06 WYY: 302KHz Wynyard TAS to QF56dj (915kms) 569 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Feb15-16:06:39

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