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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
May28 11:55 ROM: 377KHz Roma,QLD. Report 319. QF56NE (836km) VK2FUL( - 116May28-11:55:24
May28 11:28 ARM: 401KHz Armidale,NSW. Report 419. QF56ne(367km) VK2FUL( - 116May28-11:28:13
May28 11:18 COR: 380KHz Corowa, NSW. Report 419 QF56ne(520km) VK2FUL( - 116May28-11:18:19
May28 11:06 GTH: 305KHz Griffith, NSW. Report 319. QF56NE (410km) VK2FUL( - 116May28-11:06:40
May28 11:03 CWR: 299KHz Cowra, NSW. Report 419. QF56NE (212km) VK2FUL( - 116May28-11:03:56
May28 11:01 PLO: 296KHz Point Lookout,NSW. Report 419. QF56ne (389Km) VK2FUL( - 116May28-11:01:54
May27 12:03 ARM: 401KHz Armidale, NSW. Report 419. QF56ne(367km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-12:03:11
May27 11:54 SGE: 383KHz St George,QLD. Report 319. QF56NE (680km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-11:54:6
May27 10:34 COR: 380KHz Corowa, NSW. Report 519. QF56ne(520km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-10:34:26
May27 10:12 NF: 260KHz Norfolk Island , NSW . Report 419. QF56ne (1,683km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-10:12:6
May27 09:51 MER: 395KHz Merimbula, NSW. Report 419. QF56ne(362km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-09:51:5
May27 09:50 PMQ: 395KHz Port Macquarie, NSW. Report 419. QF56ne(311km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-09:50:13
May27 09:41 SU: 380KHz , Sunshine coast, QLD. Report 319. QF56NE (820km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-09:41:23
May27 09:38 ROM: 377KHz Roma,QLD. Report 419. QF56NE (836km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-09:38:58
May27 09:30 TW: 341Khz Tamworth, NSW. Report 419. QF56ne (300km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-09:30:55
May27 09:21 CWR: 299KHz Cowra, NSW. Report 419. QF56NE (212km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-09:21:9
May27 09:19 COM: 293KHz Cooma,NSW. Report 419. QF56NE (325km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-09:19:21
May27 09:11 WOL: 239KHz Wollongong, NSW. Report 319 QF56ne (70km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-09:11:46
May27 09:08 GTH: 305KHz Griffith, NSW. Report 519. QF56NE (410km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-09:08:24
May27 07:46 CAA: 392KHz Calga, NSW. Report 319. QF56ne(46km) VK2FUL( - 116May27-07:46:58
May25 11:04 HK: 310KHz Hokitika, New Zealand to QF56dj (2,071kms) 319-419 report fading in and out. Only NZ beacon audible so far. VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW( - 116May25-11:04:30
May25 11:03 LHI: 272KHz Lord Howe Island to QF56dj (849kms) 319 report riding on noise level. VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW( - 116May25-11:03:27
May25 11:02 CCY: 264KHz Cloncurry QLD to QF56dj (1,730kms) 319 report, very weak, just audible. VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW( - 116May25-11:02:54
May25 10:19 LEC: 287KHz Leigh Creek SA to QF56dj (1,165kms) 529 report. VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW( - 116May25-10:19:28
May25 10:19 WR: 248KHz Woomera SA to QF56dj (1,292kms) 519 report in the clear. VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW( - 116May25-10:19:5
May25 10:05 OOM: 227KHz Moomba SA to QF56dj (1,138kms) 419-519 report, in early tonight for SA. VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW( - 116May25-10:05:42
May25 10:02 CBB: 200KHz Coonabarabran NSW to QF56dj (273kms) 319 report, seldom heard here, fading in and out. VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW( - 116May25-10:02:0
May25 10:00 CMU: 218KHz Cunnamulla QLD to QF56dj (754kms) 559 report. VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW( - 116May25-10:00:54
May25 10:00 CNM: 206KHz Coonamble NSW to QF56dj (268kms) 419 report, very clear, not often logged here. VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW( - 116May25-10:00:33
May23 04:05 ASA informed me today 179 Australian NDB beacons will be progressively turned off from 1600z 25th May or 0200z 26th May AEST....not long to go now, sad really. VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW( - 116May23-04:05:33

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