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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Mar24 18:31 ESL: 350KHz East Sale,VIC. Report 519. QF56ne (612km). VK2FUL ( - 117Mar24-18:31:39
Mar24 18:10 LRE: 353KHz Longreach,QLD. Report 419. QF56ne (1,450km) .VK2FUL ( - 117Mar24-18:10:39
Mar24 16:46 WR: 326KHz Whangarei, New Zealand to QF56dj (2,211kms) 219 report. Borderline copy at best, in and out. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar24-16:46:51
Mar24 16:30 AYE: 233KHz Ayres Rock NT to QF56dj (2,072kms) 219 report, barely but there, fading in/out. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar24-16:30:57
Mar24 16:29 MA: 338KHz Mount Isa QLD to QF56dj (1,785kms) 319 report, very weak. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar24-16:29:37
Mar24 16:18 HK: 310KHz Hokitika, New Zealand to QF56dj (2,071kms) 319 report at best. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar24-16:18:27
Mar24 16:17 GIG: 372KHz Gingin WA to QF56dj (3,221kms) 319 report at best, very weak with fade out/in cycles. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar24-16:17:0
Mar24 16:16 KT: 238KHz Kaitaia, New Zealand to QF56dj (2,119kms) 419 to 519 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar24-16:16:8
Mar24 05:36 WOL: 239KHz Wollongong, NSW. Report 519. QF56ne (70km). VK2FUL ( - 117Mar24-05:36:34
Mar24 05:34 WLM 365Khz Williamtown NSW. 519 . QF56ne (130 Km). VK2FUL ( - 117Mar24-05:34:5
Mar24 05:26 GLB: 407KHz Goulburn,NSW. Report 319. QF56ne (160km) VK2FUL ( - 117Mar24-05:26:52
Mar23 15:28 Jack - it's been hit or miss here. Strong aurora activity has dominated most of the winter. Last weekend was probably the best this winter, but that's gone as we are now in another solar storm. Storms pretty much wipe everything out up here at 61' - Wl7no ( - 117Mar23-15:28:9
Mar23 05:35 James...been a really poor season down here, not even JJY Time Signal on 60KHz which I heard this time last year. Iwo Jima has been heard in VK4 well north of here. Jack. ( - 117Mar23-05:35:56
Mar23 04:52 Jack - I guess the equinox is bringing good dx condx. I'm thinking about a flag antenna pointed north for next winter. Should get some interesting ndbs in that direction! ( - 117Mar23-04:52:0
Mar23 03:56 WL7NO: The only 24hr NDB's in the Marshall islands would be on Majuro and Kwajalein atolls which have sealed 24hr runways, others are daytime grass strips for twin prop services. Jack VK2XQ. ( - 117Mar23-03:56:59
Mar23 03:55 WL7NO: Iwo Jima OX on 360KHz is 6,489kms from Anchoarge, good catch, it's a 24hr low level enroute navigation aid of medium power. Jack VK2XQ ( - 117Mar23-03:55:8
Mar23 02:40 Whoops, scratch that one, it was too good to be true, it's actual IME in Sitka - WL7NO ( - 117Mar23-02:40:35
Mar23 02:37 Also another one "INI" on 416 KHZ - appears to be Arno, Marshall Islands. Date was 3-20-2017, abt 3:30 local (11:30 GMT) - WL7NO ( - 117Mar23-02:37:32
Mar23 02:19 Jack - going through recordings from 3-20-2017, looks like I got XO - Iwo Jimo on 360 - WL7NO ( - 117Mar23-02:19:15
Mar22 16:43 AYE: 233KHz Ayres Rock NT to QF56dj (2,072kms) 319 report, barely but there, best distance so far this morning. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar22-16:43:0
Mar22 16:41 HUG: 371KHz Hughenden QLD to QF56dj (1,540kms) 519 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar22-16:41:7
Mar22 16:40 LEC: 287KHz Leigh Creek SA to QF56dj (1,165kms) 539 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar22-16:40:37
Mar22 16:27 IVL: 260KHz Inverell NSW to QF56dj (432kms) 539 report, out of phase with NF, long distance very weak this morning if at all. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar22-16:27:50
Mar22 16:26 NF: 260KHz Norfolk Island to QF56dj (1,755kms) 319 report. Nothing from New Zealand though...Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar22-16:26:21
Mar22 16:25 WR: 248KHz Woomera SA to QF56dj (1,292kms) ADF aerodrome (YPWR) 419 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar22-16:25:51
Mar22 11:15 LT: 242KHz Launceston, TAS to QF56dj (925kms) 529 report, new logging, first time heard. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Mar22-11:15:45
Mar21 23:27 WL7NO: James, in the old days I used to fly in/out with Air Micronesia (Continental) on a DC-10 or 727 jet, also Nauru Air fly there with 737 jets....Jack VK2XQ. ( - 117Mar21-23:27:1
Mar21 23:24 WL7NO: James, PNI airport has sealed 6,000ft runway, NDB 24 hours, airport unattended when no flights scheduled, can be used in emergency 24hrs. Jet A1 avgas available via Mobil agency. Jack VK2XQ QF56dj. ( - 117Mar21-23:24:2
Mar21 19:09 LRE: 353KHz Longreach,QLD. Report 519. QF56ne (1,450km) .VK2FUL ( - 117Mar21-19:09:10
Mar21 18:47 ESL: 350KHz East Sale,VIC. Report 419. QF56NE (612km). VK2FUL ( - 117Mar21-18:47:37

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