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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Jul01 15:23 BRW: 281KHz Brewarrina NSW to QF56dj (516kms) 539 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jul01-15:23:31
Jul01 15:00 KT: 238KHz Kaitaia New Zealand to QF56dj (2,119kms) 519, new logging! VK2XQ( - 115Jul01-15:00:3
Jul01 10:41 BIK: 206KHz Bindook NSW to QF56dj (66kms) 569 report with ripple on signal, usually constant 539. VK2XQ( - 115Jul01-10:41:57
Jul01 10:38 NBR: 413KHz Narrabri NSW to QF56dj (366kms) 579 report. Beacons 100-400kms exceptionally strong tonight. VK2XQ( - 115Jul01-10:38:58
Jul01 10:36 GLB: 407KHz Goulburn NSW to QF56dj (139kms) 589 report, also GDH (291kms) 549, SWH (644kms) 419 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jul01-10:36:41
Jul01 10:32 GDI: 398KHz Goondiwindi QLD to QF56dj (561kms) 529 report. Also ARM out of phase 539. VK2XQ( - 115Jul01-10:32:4
Jul01 10:27 WLM: 365KHz Williamstown NSW to QF56dj (172kms) 57 AM mode with Terminal Information, unusally strong. VK2XQ( - 115Jul01-10:27:10
Jul01 10:25 LHI: 272KHz Lord Howe Island to QF56dj (849kms) 539 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jul01-10:25:30
Jun29 10:08 OA: 402Khz Ouvea New Caledonia 2105 Kms John VK4FNQ( - 115Jun29-10:08:16
Jun28 20:28 TRE: 371KHz Taree NSW to QF56dj (278kms) 519 report with flutter on Grey Line. VK2XQ( - 115Jun28-20:28:33
Jun28 20:25 EPP: 377KHz Epping VIC to QF56dj (673kms) 549 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jun28-20:25:33
Jun28 20:22 GFN: 389KHz Grafton NSW to QF56dj (504kms) 529 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jun28-20:22:43
Jun28 20:18 PMQ: 395KHz Port Macquarie NSW to QF56dj (347kms) 559 report. Also MER out of phase 539 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jun28-20:18:32
Jun28 20:11 LTV: 486KHz Latrobe Valley VIC to QF56dj (612kms) 539 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jun28-20:11:12
Jun28 10:34 UKS: 393Khz Kosrae Micronesia 3358 Kms John VK4FNQ( - 115Jun28-10:34:48
Jun28 10:33 PNI: 366Khz Pohnpei Micronesia 3273 Kms John VK4FNQ( - 115Jun28-10:33:54
Jun27 16:03 BHI: 332KHz Broken Hill NSW to QF56dj (847kms) 559 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jun27-16:03:8
Jun27 15:58 LEC: 287KHz Leigh Creek SA to QF56dj (1,165kms) 539, WLE Williamsdale ACT also 539 out of phase. VK2XQ( - 115Jun27-15:58:13
Jun27 15:36 LVG: 227KHz Mount Livingstone NSW to QF56dj (473kms) 529 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jun27-15:36:17
Jun26 19:47 MER: 395KHz Merimbula NSW to QF56dj (368kms) peaking 599, very strong, Grey Line starting. VK2XQ( - 115Jun26-19:47:54
Jun26 19:44 GTH: 305KHz Griffith NSW to QF56dj (396kms) 579 report, usually 539-549 report, 250-400kms range very strong this morning. VK2XQ( - 115Jun26-19:44:5
Jun26 19:40 COM: 293KHz Cooma NSW to QF56dj (309kms) 579 report, unusually strong, normally constant 539. VK2XQ( - 115Jun26-19:40:15
Jun26 19:35 CV: 269KHz Charleville QLD to QF56dj (894kms) 419 report with heavy fade downs. VK2XQ( - 115Jun26-19:35:39
Jun26 19:29 OOM: 227KHz Moomba SA to QF56dj (1,138kms) 319 report also LVG 319 report out of phase. VK2XQ( - 115Jun26-19:29:52
Jun26 19:28 CMU: 218KHzCunnamulla QLD to QF56dj (754kms) 319 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jun26-19:28:25
Jun25 14:48 LHI: 272KHz Lord Howe Island to QF56dj ( 849kms) 539 report. VK2XQ( - 115Jun25-14:48:1
Jun25 14:19 DLQ: 392KHz Deniliquin NSW to QF56dj (533kms) 319 report, out of phase with CAA, MOR not heard, new logging. VK2XQ( - 115Jun25-14:19:10
Jun25 13:56 EN: 356KHz Essendon VIC to QF56dj (668kms) 319 report, first time heard, new logging! VK2XQ( - 115Jun25-13:56:2
Jun25 13:29 ECH: 341KHz Echuca VIC to QF56dj (576kms) 319-419 report, first time heard, new logging! VK2XQ( - 115Jun25-13:29:45
Jun21 14:33 CBA: 395KHz Cobar NSW to QF56dj (475kms) 419 report, mixed up with MER & PMQ. VK2XQ( - 115Jun21-14:33:29

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