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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Dec06 15:53 KII: 332KHz King Island (TAS) to QF56dj (885kms) 559 report, out of phase with BTH also 559 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Dec06-15:53:32
Dec06 15:52 GTH: 305KHz Griffith NSW to QF45wu (357kms) 599 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Dec06-15:52:40
Dec06 15:52 WYY: 302KHz Wynyard TAS to QF56dj (915kms) 589 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Dec06-15:52:3
Dec06 15:51 CG: 278KHz Coolangatta QLD to QF56dj (689kms) 559 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Dec06-15:51:33
Dec06 15:45 CV: 269KHz Charleville QLD to QF56dj (894kms) 549 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Dec06-15:45:41
Dec06 15:45 IVL: 260KHz Inverell NSW to QF56dj (432kms) 569 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Dec06-15:45:6
Dec06 15:44 CMU: 218KHz Cunnamulla QLD to QF56dj (754kms) 319 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Dec06-15:44:35
Dec06 15:44 LT: 242KHz Launceston, TAS to QF56dj (925kms) 559 report, out of phase with PKS. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Dec06-15:44:12
Nov26 16:44 LHI: 272KHz Lord Howe Island, NSW. Report 519. QF56ne(788Km). VK2FUL ( - 117Nov26-16:44:0
Nov26 16:30 NF: 260KHz Norfolk Island to QF56dj (1,755kms) 559 report, heavy fade downs noted. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov26-16:30:6
Nov26 16:29 LHI: 272KHz Lord Howe Island to QF56dj (849kms) 559 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov26-16:29:17
Nov26 16:28 BUD: 302KHz Bundaberg QLD to QF56dj (992kms) 529, also WYY Wynyard TAS out of phase 519 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov26-16:28:45
Nov26 16:28 EDN: 311KHz Edinburgh SA to QF56dj (1,078kms) RAAF Base (YPED) 529 report, Terminal Information "Zulu". Big fade downs. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov26-16:28:5
Nov26 16:14 BDV: 413KHz Birdsville QLD to QF56dj (1,357kms) 529 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov26-16:14:13
Nov26 16:13 BOU: 398KHz Boulia QLD to QF56dj (1,561kms) 539 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov26-16:13:41
Nov26 16:13 PLC: 389KHz Port Lincoln SA to QF56dj (1,329kms) 539 report. Also GFN & BKE out of phase. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov26-16:13:15
Nov26 16:12 QDI: 386KHz Quirindi NSW to QF56dj (235kms) 569 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov26-16:12:27
Nov26 16:11 HUG: 371KHz Hughenden QLD to QF56dj (1,540kms) 539 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov26-16:11:58
Nov26 09:36 NF: 260KHz Norfolk Island,NSW . Report 319. QF56ne (1,683km). VK2FUL ( - 117Nov26-09:36:13
Nov26 09:29 LHI: 272KHz Lord Howe Island, NSW. Report 319. QF56ne(788Km). VK2FUL ( - 117Nov26-09:29:39
Nov25 17:53 AYE: 233KHz Ayres Rock NT to QF56dj (2,072kms) 319 report, barely readable. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov25-17:53:22
Nov25 17:52 CS: 364KHz Cairns QLD to QF56dj (1,914kms) 519 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov25-17:52:47
Nov25 10:40 TW: 341KHz Tamworth NSW to QF56dj (291kms) 589 report, unusually strong. Normally 519-539 at best. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov25-10:40:47
Nov25 10:24 NWA: 359KHz Nowra Naval Air Station NSW (YSNW) to QF56dj (146kms) 59 peaking 10dB over report on AM mode, with Terminal Information Zulu. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov25-10:24:25
Nov25 10:23 MOR: 392KHz Moree NSW to QF56dj (461kms) 559 report, normally 519. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov25-10:23:8
Nov25 10:22 MER: 395KHz Merimbula NSW to QF56dj (368kms) suprisingly strong 599 report, also PMQ Port Macquarie (347kms) 599 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov25-10:22:4
Nov25 10:21 MDG: 398KHz Mudgee NSW to QF56dj (127kms) 559 report. Good "local" propagation tonight. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov25-10:21:15
Nov25 10:20 NBR: 413KHz Narrabri NSW to QF56dj (366kms) 579 report. VK2XQ QF56dm( 117Nov25-10:20:39
Nov25 09:57 LHI: 272KHz Lord Howe Island, NSW. Report 319. QF56ne(788Km). VK2FUL ( - 117Nov25-09:57:26
Nov24 18:20 MTG: 366KHz Mount Gambier, SA. Report 319. QF56ne (1,027Km). VK2FUL ( - 117Nov24-18:20:4

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