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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Jan23 08:22 Yakima, what is your receiver? Agree with the CW mode to receive NDB's, concerning Yaesu any way! Jack QF56dj. Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Jan23-08:22:39
Jan23 07:38 PA: 347khz Prince Albert, SK 25w 801mi NEW > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan23-07:38:36
Jan23 07:37 SDY: 359khz Sidney MT 100w 659mi u/ local BO > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan23-07:37:17
Jan23 07:35 BF: 362khz Seattle, WA 362mi, dominate over RPX-MT > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan23-07:35:55
Jan23 07:32 SOY: 368khz Sioux Center, IA 1040mi yet again > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan23-07:32:14
Jan23 07:26 YE: 382khz Fort Nelson, BC 320w 1,035mi - Huge signal! > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan23-07:26:26
Jan23 07:25 CNP: 383khz Chappell, NE 25w 768mi NEW > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan23-07:25:12
Jan23 07:23 QV: 385khz Yorkton, SK 100w 826mi under dominate WL-BC > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan23-07:23:15
Jan23 07:21 SYF: 386khz St Francis, KS 25W 837mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan23-07:21:30
Jan23 07:19 L7: 395khz Estevan, SK 250w 743mi NEW > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan23-07:19:13
Jan23 07:13 YHD: 413khz Dryden, ON 200w 1,194mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan23-07:13:7
Jan23 02:02 CW mode all the way. I don't use USB anymore, used to, but you get so much splashover from other frequencies. AM even worse. > Yakima CN96 (Not currently using Weiser SDR) ( - 117Jan23-02:02:41
Jan22 23:57 Thanks for the tips..I use either an IC-7700 or IC-7800. I struggle with which mode is better ( - 117Jan22-23:57:37
Jan22 17:25 EDN: 311KHz Edinburgh SA to QF56dj (1,078kms) RAAF Base 419 report, Terminal Information "Zulu". Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Jan22-17:25:59
Jan22 17:24 LRE: 353KHz Longreach QLD to QF56dj (1.280kms) 529 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Jan22-17:24:51
Jan22 17:04 CV: 269KHz Charleville QLD to QF56dj (894kms) 419 report, Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Jan22-17:04:54
Jan22 17:03 LEC: 287KHz Leigh Creek SA to QF56dj (1,165kms) 529 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Jan22-17:03:37
Jan22 17:03 RK: 257KHz Rockhampton QLD to QF56dj (1,137kms) 419 report. Jack VK2XQ Mount Piddington NSW. ( 117Jan22-17:03:4
Jan22 09:28 On my much older Yaesu FT-1000D base radio I tend to use USB mode. NDB's transmit in AM mode but I find USB or CW better for some reason, depends what you are comfortable with? Jack VK2XQ. ( 117Jan22-09:28:23
Jan22 09:25 Gregg, it depends on what type of receiver you are using? I use CW mode on my FT-2000D base radio, some use AM or USB...Jack VK2XQ QF56dj. ( 117Jan22-09:25:57
Jan22 08:49 what is the best mode to listen to the beacons. newbie Gregg K9KL ( - 117Jan22-08:49:9
Jan22 07:27 TK: 391khz Smithers, BC 809mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan22-07:27:33
Jan22 07:27 ZP: 368khz Sandspit, BC 916mi u/ dominate SX-Cranbrook > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan22-07:27:11
Jan22 07:20 FS: 375khz Fort Simpson NWT, 1231mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan22-07:20:32
Jan22 07:16 SOY: 368khz Sioux Center, IA 1040mi - still too fast on that "Y"... > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan22-07:16:23
Jan21 07:14 YKQ: 351khz Waskaganish, QC 500w 1819mi - a very nice NEW log > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan21-07:14:22
Jan21 07:11 YXL: 346khz Sioux Lookout, ON 1KW 1238mi NEW > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan21-07:11:1
Jan21 07:09 YZH: 343khz Slave Lake, AB 282w 769mi NEW > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan21-07:09:19
Jan21 07:02 LAC: 328khz Fort Lewis, WA 25w 332mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan21-07:02:36
Jan21 06:56 ZSJ: 258khz Sandy Lake, ON 500w 1,231mi > Yakima CN96/Weiser ID WebSDR ( - 117Jan21-06:56:36

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