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Welcome to
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I use this page for Working on, Testing, and Searching Links, etc... I can go to any Web page I work on from here. blah blah blah...

the Home for Radio Hobby DXing

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Ham Radio Information and Links Crypto and Cypher information and links

Society to Preserve the Engrossing Enjoyment of DXing [The Czech Classical Masters page]

[Bob's Hockey Page]
[SWL Winter Fest]

Captain Kidd also listens to Phantom FM!


    Some Web Music Stuff

click here for Live RV-OKINAWA Radio-TV

    More Radio Hobby Stuff -  The best source for internet radio.

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  • Links about Antonin Dvorak

    Click Here to go to the Saint homepage

    Jersey Shore Local Music Scene

    [Mildred's Do You Remember Web Page]

    NJ Area Bookmarks & Pages

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    Listen to Radio510 Special

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    Bob's Hockey page
    Our Hockey Card Report
    Monmouth IceHawks
    NHL.COM Home page
    SLAM Hockey Web
    USA Today - Daily info
    NHL on FOX
    ESPN - Daily info
    ESPN's NHL Schedule and TV listings
    The Hockey News
    The Sporting News
    The Nando Server
    The Sports Network
    CBS Sportline's Hockey Page
    NHLPA Hockey Link
    NJYHL Ice Rinks

    The Hockey News
    Hockey Player Magazine
    Ticketmaster Online
    Ice Power Hockey Resource

    Hockey Desktop Themes Download Archive
    Hockey Desktop Themes Download Archive
    Galt Sports Themes
    Screen Saver Heaven, - 1800 screensavers
    Theme World: Desktop - From K to M


    Our Hockey Card Report
    Hockey Collectors Forum
    World Wide Collectors Digest Tradeshows
    CSC Mag On-Line
    Beckett's On-Line
    Beckett's Show Calendar
    WWCD Trade Shows
    Internet Hockey Database - (Slater's)
    Real website
    Be a Player trading cards
    Upper Deck On-Line
    Topps Homepage
    Pinnacle Cards Homepage
    Fleer/Skybox Homepage
    DonRuss Sports Cards
    Ebay Rookies completed auctions

    Ebay Smart Search

    Netscape NOW

    16 Bit Netscape 4.08 (Win3.1)(8880k)
    32 Bit Netscape 4.08 StandAlone (Win95/NT)(9968k)
    32 Bit Netscape 4.61 BaseInstall (Win95/NT)(13361k)
    32 Bit Netscape 3.04 (3430k)
    FTP site w/Recent Netscapes available here

    FTP with Browsers and other software
    32 Bit Opera Browser 3.51 (Win95/NT)(1292k)

    Listen to New Jersey Music on UpstageRadio.Com


    Dogpile Search

    DogPile Search Engine
    Mamma, the Mother of all Search Engines
    Meta Crawler.Com
    Search Engine Guide

    WEB Crawler
    Web-Search Crawler
    Lycos search
    Digital's Alta Vista search

    Starting Point
    Excite search
    Open search
    Hot Bot search engine

    C\Net Search.Com engine
    Magellan search engine search engine search engine search engine Canada search
    Teoma Search by Ask Jeeves
    WiseNut Search Engine

    Overture Search Engine
    Look Smart Search Engine
    MSN Search Engine
    Netscape Search Engine

    UMass Gov Bot search engine's Links & Search list
    EuroSeek.Net...European Search
    Europe Online European Resources

    Any Who People Search
    Switchboard People Search

    InfoSpace - The Ultimate Directory
    The Mother-of-all BBS
    FTP Search Engines
    FTP search v3.3
    Make Maps from

    OTH MP3 Search
    Audio Galaxy Search
    MP3 Lycos.Com Search
    MIRCX MP3 Search MP3 Search

    USENET Messages & lists
    Deja News - Power Search

    AltaVista's Language Translator
    Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.
    Welcome to Britannica Online
    Hypertext Webster Interface
    Roget's 1911 Thesaurus
    IMDb, Internet Movie DataBase

    FTP Directory of HTML Docs
    Guide to Writing HTML
    NCDesign Home Page
    Guide to HTML Commands
    WWW Help Page
    Kevin's RGB HTML Color Codes
    CGI Resources Resources
    Matt's Scripts Archive
    JAVA - Directories
    JAVA Unleashed
    HTML META, REL and REV Tags
    Back to Basics: META Tags
    Random Midi Player Info


    list of Ham Fests in the Philadelphia area
    Delaware Valley Ham Fests
    ARRL list of Ham Fests
    Monitoring Times Event list
    Tri-State Computer Fairs
    Market Pro Computer Fairs
    Computer Shows List via South Jersey Computer Club
    Ken Gordon PC Show/
    K.G. Show Schedule

    Audiogon Audio & Electronic Sales

    Flea Market USA
    OpenAir Market Net
    Very Few Listings
    Flea Market stuff
    Antique Auctions
    Barr's PostCard Shows


    DaTech: Online Trading!
    SURETRADE.COM 401-642-6900
    AmeriTrade: Online Trading! Online Trading!
    myTrack: Online Trading!
    Forbes .com
    Internet World News Enews news
    IncPad Stock News
    AtNewYork Online Investment Tools
    TeleDotCom Today's Headlines
    NewsLinx Web News
    CEWire - Windows CE News & Information E-Commerce News Finance News
    Internet Stock Report Internet Advertising Report International News Intranet News Product News Streaming Media Web Developer News
    InternetNews Radio -- Audio news and interviews for Internet professionals and investors.
    IPO Watch!
    Internet Stock List (# - H)
    Internet Stock Index


    BroadCast.Com Live Radio
    BroadCast List of Radio Stations Radio List
    Destiny Radio, Web Radio
    TimeCast List of Radio Stations
    NetShow Radio Station List
    AudioActive's Station List
    MIT list of Radio Stations
    Goan's Internet Radio Sites
    ComLab UK Audio resources
    ComLab UK Station List Internet Radio
    BRS Web Radio
    RadioTower.Com Web Radio
    Gebbie Press US Radio Stations
    List of Stations on the Internet
    The Ultimate Radio Station List
    Canadian Radio Stations
    Welcome to the ORANG Internet Radio Live Radio on the Internet - the Internet's BEST and most ACCURATE live radio site as seen on BBC Dogpile: Search Results {radio m3u} -p.5 Scour .Net Audio and Radio info
    MyCaster Personal Audio Radio
    Austin's Club Cast Live
    Raggae Radio Web sites
    Jammin Raggae Web Radio
    Listen to Jazz Radio
    Listen to Fusion Radio
    Listen to British Blues Radio
    Listen to British Blues Radio
    Listen to 50 intrumentals from British Blues Radio
    50 intrumentals from British Blues Radio Playlist

  • Use this string for Broadcast.comm stations


    630 CHED Alberta
    690 XTRA Southern Cal

    KAVL L A Sports Talk
    WGR Buffalo Sports Radio
    WDFN Detroit Sports Radio
    WTAE Pittsburgh Sports Radio
    WTEM Washington DC Sports Radio
    WPOP ESPN Sports Radio
    WQAM Miami Sports Radio
    WDAE Tampa Sports Radio

    1010 CFRB Toronto
    980 CKNW Vanvouver
    590 the FAN Toronto Ont
    the FAN 590 Asx
    KTCK the Ticket in Dallas
    680 KNBR SF Bay ESPN Radio
    550 KTRS St Louis Talk
    WMVP AM 1000 ESPN Radio
    ESPN RADIO via Media Player
    Sporting News Radio Realaudio - ex 1on1
    Sporting News Radio WindowsMedia - ex 1on1

    WQXR NY Classical FM Radio
    WQXR NY Classical FM Radio

    WFMU NY FM for MediaPlayer
    WFMU NY FM in Broad MP3
    WFMU NY FM in Low Band MP3
    WFMU NY FM in RealAudio
    rtsp:// = WFMU RealAudio Stream

    KLBJ Austin Texas FM Radio
    KLBJ Austin Texas AM Radio

    101.5 KROX Austin Alternative
    92.5 WXRV Boston Alternative
    101.7 WFNX Boston Alternative
    105.9 WXDX Pittsburg Alternative
    107.7 WRAX Birmingham Alternative

    WRN, World Radio Network
    WRN1 US Schedule
    WRN1 US via RealAudio
    WRN2 Multi_lingual via RA
    WRN1 via StreamWorks
    WRN1 US via Netshow
    WRN1 US via WRN
    Media Network's RA Archive
    "World of Radio" Schedule
    "World of Radio" RA Archive
    Communications World Archive
    BBC WS on BroadCast
    BBC World Service Web
    RCI RealAudio Service
    Radio Prague News in RA


    MediaPlayer Radio Guide Jazz Radio
    Listen to Jazz on
    Smooth Jazz via Cable also in 64k
    BroadCast Radio Station Page
    PluggedIn Radio List
    BluNotes Live Concert Archives
    AudioActive Homepage
    Classic FM Homepage
    Listen to Classic FM
    New York Public Radio WNYC
    Listen to WNYC FM 93.9
    Listen to WNYC AM 820
    WWFM Classical FM Homepage
    InMusica Classical Music OnlIne Homepage
    KING FM Classical music
    KKSF Cool Jazz Radio
    Radio on Sonic Net
    The RAT Rocks WRAT FM
    PoliceScanner.Com netshow
    Pluggedin CD reviews!
    Van Cliburn Competition
    NASA Shuttle Launch
    BroadCast Sports Radio
    BroadCast College Sports
    Some Netshow Radio sites
    Radio Suisse Romande - Option Musique


    Live Radio-on-the-internet.Com
    Abilene Airport Home
    Tenn Home
    Wass DC Amateur Radio Listening Post
    APB Police scanners Online
    Boston Police Scanner
    Charlottesville VA Fire Dept
    Chicago Approach
    Dallas Area Rail Scanner Listen page
    Dallas/Fort Worth Air Traffic Control on
    Green Cafe live street sounds
    Hingham Mass, Police Department
    Orange Counter Airport
    Mercer County Ohio Police Scanner
    Montgomery County Maryland Fire/Rescue
    NASA Shuttle Launch
    N2JEU's Web Controlled TS-440
    Phoenix Fire and Police Listen Page
    Polk Country Florida Scanner
    Providence Fire department
    Seattle Police Scanner
    50110 Live radio from England home
    Swedish Web controlled receiver
    Toronto Center Scanner
    Washington DC Police


    WVTC Vermont Tech College M3U Radio
    WRCT Carnegie Mellon M3U Radio
    WCSB CSU Cleveland M3U Radio M3U Radio

    OTH MP3 Search
    Audio Galaxy Search
    MP3 Lycos.Com Search
    MIRCX MP3 Search MP3 Search
    MPEG Layer3 Sounds - Misc Index
    AudioActive's Listening Room
    It's MP3 Radio Broadcasts
    Studio Tsang MP3 BlastSite
    Vibration Nation MP3 Home Page
    WinPlay3 Player from DaveCentral
    WinAmp Player Home Page Info Home Page
    The HellRide of MP3: Software Pages
    Get the RENC51.EXE Here
    Get the RENC51.EXE Here
    FTP RENC51.EXE from


    NASA Cams & mission displays
    Florida Beach and Surf Cams
    Myrtle Beach Cams

    NJ Shore Real Estate Links:

    Century 21 Ocean Grove
    Diane Turton Monmouth Listings
    J Pentz Realtors Ocean Grove
    Remax Ocean Grove
    YHD Realtors - Look-up New Jersey Realtors - New Jersey

  • Although we have made every effort to ensure the reliability of our
    sources, we do not assume responsibility for their accuracy.
    Standard disclaimer applies!

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