BCB Propagation Log Entries
May23 09:03 TP 846 R Kiribati and back into Island choral music at TOH QKO (
May23 08:46 TP 846 Kiribati tt now in open carrier mode and full quieting on peaks QKO (
May23 08:40 TP 846 Radio Kiribati in with Island choral music at FAIR level and back after absence of several weeks WB6QKO (
May23 04:04 1590 KVGB KS...TOH ID "Talk of the Town 1590 KVGB & 97.7 FM"...phased out nearby KTIL Tilamook OR, semi-loc 1590 KLFE Seattle off air...NEW Logging!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
May23 01:38 569.885 - Unid. Fair to good and steady carrier with slow fades; who? Too much other stuff on the frequency to isolate any audio. Condx good to south. Reloj is in well, but it's not them. -- Mark/IN (
May21 03:08 1700 KNEF387 Snoqualamie Pass WA on I-90...info loop & call sign - TIS 01.kW approx 210km...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
May19 21:54 KAZ - KNTS was on air until 0330UTC, di another scan at 0350 & as luck would have it was gone, no sign of KGED Fresno & music present on 1680...who sez U can't get a new logging out of season? :-) Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
May19 14:51 @ Mike/BC I was wondering when one of you guys in the Pac NW would get KRJO w/KNTS off. KAZ-IL (
May19 04:36 1040 (Bjargtangar) R Capital, Sao Paulo Brazil, strong,//stream./cdel96 (
May19 04:25 790 (Bjargtangar) R Mitre, Buenos Aires//stream playing "A Horse with No Name" by America./cdel96 (
May19 04:04 1680 KRJO LA...TOH ID & "My 99.7 FM" verified //Streema.- 1kW!!!...semi-loc KNTS Seattle off air...NEW Logging!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
May19 03:27 1210 WJNL Kingsley, MI on late with day power blasting over WPHT, carrying Mike Gallagher TL-IN (EN61) (
May18 17:34 Some multiple-of-90 freqs in EU are practically ghost towns now---1350 & 1440 to name two./cd (
May18 17:33 From the N Ireland Global Tuner, 990 Winnipeg was heard once. Annnnnd..../cdel96 (
May18 17:32 [16:57] Natch. Of course, once mainland EU is in daylight, there's that little window of opportunity for Americas./cdel96 (
May18 16:57 [04:51] 990 is both a euro freq and western freq. (divisible by 90) N8NU (
May18 15:37 Last night heard KGED Fresno on 1680 when KNTS was off. SR3, loop. So King Co WA (
May17 04:51 990 (Bjargtangar) La 990 B Aires, on a Euro freq! (however Europe is well past sunrise)/cdel96 (
May17 04:36 910 (Bjargtangar, using 912) R La Red, B Aires//stream./cdel96 (
May17 04:31 870 & 950 (Bjargtangar) Buenos Aires killin' it tonight!/cdel96 (
May17 03:17 1590 KLFE & 1680 KNTS Seattle off air again - likely a planned outtage working on new combiner to soon add 1300 KKOL to their antenna towers...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
May16 05:04 If you look at all the stations on 1510 in South America, it's almost like that continent's version of a graveyard freq./cdel96 (
May16 05:00 1510 (Bonaire SDR) unID but one pip per second----has to be the Guayaquil EQA time station. Forgot all about that one!/cdel96 (
May16 04:36 Sorry folks have not been on her for awhile. I've dusted off my ham gear and have been messing around with digital modes! WL7NO (
May16 03:55 1590 KVTA CA "Newstalk 1590 & 105.9 FM, KVTA" into ad stops-set...semi-loc KLFE still off air - NEW logging! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
May16 03:10 1680 KNTS Seattle & co-sited/combined 1590 KLFE (both owned by Salem) off air...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
May15 17:09 Last night 1090 KSOU Sioux Center, Ia was blatantly on their daytime only power. Heard as far west as Wyo. Hrd here too. Very strong en35id (
May14 03:58 970 (Bjargtangar using 968) WSTX USVI, //stream./cdel96 (
May13 11:45 [07:41] the Radio Shack 200-0629 is a great MW DXer. I use one a lot. Add an external loop, it really shines. So King Co WA (
May12 07:51 1600 tt KGST again! cropped up for 10 minutes alone on channel w Deportes and then blip! Gone. KVRI back in full force. So King Co WA (
May12 05:01 700 (Bjargtangar SDR) LV3 Cordoba, Argentina, //stream which is only 2-3 seconds behind./cdel96 (
May12 04:12 1410 WNGL - Mobile, AL (373 mi) - Ethan (Little Rock, AR, USA) (
May11 13:17 [04:06] IBOC has been off, not the stations. TL-IN (EN61) (
May11 08:07 670khz TheScore Chicago, IL made it to Oklahoma City, OK USA -simplio (
May11 07:41 WGN 720 AM & WLS 890 AM made the trip to Oklahoma City, OK USA. RadioShack 20-629 -simplio (
May11 05:19 1130 (Bjargtangar) 80% sure it was R Nacional, Brazil, but stream was way behind, and SDR reception almost nil now./cdel96 (
May11 05:09 1350 (Bjargtangar) Radio Buenos Aires, ARG, //stream./cdel96 (
May11 05:07 950 (Bjargtangar SDR) CNN Radio, Buenos Aires ARG//stream./cdel96 (
May11 04:55 DX Alert - 1110 WJML Michigan on day power. En35id (
May11 04:06 Both 670 and 780 have been off at least the past few days. Not sure if they are turning it off during Cubs games. TL-IN (EN61) (
May11 02:19 Is WSCR 670 still running IBOC most of the time when not airing Cubs games? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
May10 02:48 also 1190 WOWO (
May10 02:40 Using the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR it looks like only 1210 WPHT is running IBOC right now. TL-IN (EN61) (
May09 05:43 1310 (Bjargtangar) WDTW MI, "La Zeta."/cdel96 (
May09 05:29 870 (Bjargtangar) Two Radio Reloj's out of Cuba---tone @ "RR" in echo./cdel96 (
May08 09:40 DX 567 Radio New Zealand National..."Get into RNZ Podcast now, New Zealand books are next after 9.30..." 5X9 steady report, Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
May08 09:39 DX 1008 ZB Talk Radio, Tauranga, New Zealand with advert for "Harvey Norman white goods sale, rush in now for an EOFY bargain.." Tauranga 10Kw transmitter 5X9 plus 10dB over with flutter. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
May08 09:37 DX 1035 "ZB Talk Radio" Wellington, New Zealand with advert.."Log into NZ Herald.co.nz for more information...". Wellington 10Kw transmitter. 5X9 plus 10dB over report.. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
May08 05:47 950 (Bjargtangar) Radio Reloj, Havana, Cuba, "RR"./cdel96 (
May08 05:44 1480 (Bjargtangar) WMDD PR, //stream/ (
May08 05:36 1210 (using 1208 @ Bjargtangar) VOAR NL---no great catch, but wondered if it went FM-only yet. No./cdel96 (
May08 05:09 1070 (using 1068 @ Bjargtangar) R SantaFe, Bogot CLM, // stream./cdel96 (
May07 04:16 1000 unid - Someone's transmitter is really having issues on USB. Cuba? -- Mark/IN (
May07 02:51 1530 KGBT - Harlingen, TX (674 mi) - Really coming in right now, totally took out WCKY Cincinnati. Ethan - Little Rock, AR, USA. (
May07 02:05 QKO: that was Iceland, but when it's winter, the sky's the limit at the ArcticSDR. Bjarne has 18+ hours of daylight daily now./cdel96 (
May06 16:55 Cde196 love that Arctic SDR thanks for sharing those great catches WB6QKO (
May05 19:49 Copy/paste for SDR hijinks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoG2hCEAbfc ----/cdel96 (
May05 18:31 Hi Mike, I was listening to 1600 & KVRI generally dominates. It weakened, and then KGST flared up for about 15 min. then poof. gone. The strange things that happen on MW. So King Co WA (
May05 18:29 So King Co= nice catch on KGST, would love to hear this underneath local KVRI & will keep trying...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
May05 10:26 1600 tt KGST Fresno with ESPN Deportes, N-S, atop channel for past 10 minutes. Poss. new here.. PRD5. So King Co WA (
May05 05:59 950 (as below) WWJ Detroit/cdel96 (
May05 05:14 970 (Bjargtangar, earlier) Hoy R, Asuncin, Paraguay, mention of website hoy.com.py (thought Uruguay originally)./cdel96 (
May05 05:05 780 (Bjargtangar, tuned to 782, no 783 issue) R Tres, full ID TOH, Trelew ARG./cdel96 (
May05 04:45 870 (minutes ago @ Bjargtangar) assumed R Nacional Buenos Aires ARG, "Nacional!" with phone number ending in 870./cdel96 (
May05 04:31 950 (Bjargtangar) CNN Radio 950, Buenos Aires ARG//stream, music along with 3 pips BOH./cdel96 (
May04 05:39 It's about 24 hours later, and no sign of Paraguay on 920 USB or 922 at Bjargtangar. Just a mess./cdel96 (
May04 04:47 DX 1130 KBMR Bismark, ND with local KTLK partially nulled. Obviously not 24 watts. En35id (
May04 02:18 Dx Alert 800 WDUX Waupaca WI on full day facilities tonight. Todden34it (
May03 20:53 657 RNZ Wellington was very weak to be observed here, due to the stronger signal strength of Israel and the tentative Arabic signal on 657 here in Malaysia (
May03 20:49 Receiver was a Sharp analogue tuner receiver with a modified ferrite rod antenna.. (
May03 20:46 KAN Reshet Bet received in Johor Malaysia on 657 kHz, mixing with tentative Arabic signal, SINPO 23432, weak signal, audible YL talking in Hebrew was detected, atmospheric noise with constant fading and interference from possible Arabic stn with Koran recitation (
May03 15:15 OK KAZ I'll try, but really 2 kHz off sounds as good as on-freq. SSB doesn't have that natural AM audio---also I am using a smartphone only./cdel96 (
May03 14:24 [0541] Don't these remote SDR's have LSB and USB? If so you shouldn't have to tune 922 to get away from 918 TA het. Just tune 920 and use USB. KAZ-IL (
May03 08:31 TP 846 kHz Radio Kiribati full quieting right now with Island music and decent audio levels for a change WB6QKO (
May03 05:41 920 (Bjargtangar Iceland SDR, using 922) R Nacional de Paraguay! All alone & // stream./cdel96 (
May03 05:15 740 KNFL Fargo, ND creeping up on/over CFZM Toronto. Uh. En35id (
May02 03:56 880 CKLQ MB "Q Country 91.5" w/forecast, into local ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
May02 03:14 1700 KBGG IA "The Champ" imaging heard during ad stop-set, back into sports...Mike VE7SKA SDR: cn88io Orcas Is. WA (
May01 19:40 I do have a flimsy dipole that I would like to replace the shark fin with---but Kia antennn are structured such to where a major repair (tearing the car up) is what's needed./cd (
May01 19:39 My 2010 Kia Soul's shark fin antenna blew off---I bought a replacement on eBay and *it* blew off too!/cdel96 (
May01 18:00 I did that on my Subaru. Worked wonders. Stubby antennas don't cut it. En35id (
Apr30 21:39 replaced the Stubby antenna on my truck with a 30" whip. Made a BIG difference on AM. Trry it! WA4IRI TN (
Apr30 21:38 Replaced the "stubby" antenna on my truck with a 30 in. whip. Made a (
Apr30 15:13 Pretty sure the troll doesn't go to this board, mostly the FM prop so I sent an email to George about him. Hopefully something can be done. En35id (
Apr28 15:26 On that SDR around 05:45 or so I heard a SS 550 (tuned to 552); it wasn't Rebelde, YVKE, OR WPAB. I wonder who 'twas./cd (
Apr28 15:22 BTW for the Americas from Bjargtangar, 0500 UTC seems to be prime time now./cd (
Apr28 15:22 No, Saul. Only one of them./cdel96 (
Apr28 09:29 Re 870 Reloj - is that SDR way over there picking up the delayed (one second or two) echo that many of us are hearing in NA (two stations)? Saul ON (
Apr28 05:38 600 (Bjargtangar) Radio Rebelde Cuba//5025./cdel96 (
Apr28 05:15 870 (Bjargtangar SDR) one of the Cuba Radio Relojs./cdel96 (
Apr27 20:04 Larry WB6QKO: Good luck Larry, you will get it eventually, easy one over this way, 657KHz also in regular here but suffers from adjacent splatter. Jack VK2XQ. (
Apr25 18:41 1630 WRDW is being reported off, as is the local 1230 .... Saul (
Apr25 15:56 Jack VK2XQ getting close to audio on NZ 1035 tt this am but not there yet WB6QKO plus the new TIS on 1040 kHz was NOT helpful (
Apr25 13:06 TP 1035 and 882 UNID carriers bits of audio language unknown QKO (
Apr25 13:00 TP 657 RNZ Wellington FAIR on peaks with religious choral music // 657 on the North Island Kiwi SDR WB6QKO (
Apr25 05:35 WB6QKO: Larry the txer for 1035 NZ Talk Radio is published at 20Kw (some say 10Kw), you might like to look for 1044 ZB Talk Radio, Highcliff, Dunedin NZ at 10Kw, also a regular here on Grey Line. Jack VK2XQ. (
Apr24 16:02 Jack think my best shot at NZ 1035 kHz will be around 1245 GMT at my local SRS had decent level religious music at that time on 657 kHz (RNZ Wellington ?? but was sent off to make coffee just before TOH this am thanks for the logging WB6QKO (
Apr24 07:46 SRS 1035 "ZB Talk Radio" Wellington, New Zealand " Chat about first WW and New Zealand soldiers, severe interference from SBS Australia. 3X9 plus 20dB over report from 10Kw transmitter in Wellington. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Apr24 07:44 SRS 1044KHz "ZB Talk Radio" Dunedin, New Zealand chat about ANZAC Day activities for tomorrow across NZ.. 5X8 report with flutter, 10Kw transmitter in Dunedin. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Apr24 03:58 670 WWFE La Poderosa Miami, S9+10 re-log - Dennis FM18 (
Apr24 03:35 620 Rebelde in here @ S9+10 Dennis FM18 (
Apr24 02:59 1610 Toronto on open carrier ... Montreal is obvious ... and OH-MI TISes ... Saul ON (
Apr23 13:07 TP 774 ABC Radio Melbourne just IDed after local weather forecast GOOD on peaks WB6QKO (
Apr22 15:27 I don't understand why so many stations have been on day power after dark as of late. It's not like we just had a time change - En35ID (
Apr22 06:25 DX 1070 WGOS Greensboro NC 4/22 In and out, Very weak u/KHMO/WTSO with very weak SS CHR music to webstream here in Minneapolis Todden34it (
Apr22 04:46 1120 WKAJ St. Johnsville, NY -ID at 0441 followed by "King of The Road, Roger Miller - 400 W Nite Pwr - 375 Miles (new) - Dennis FM18 (
Apr22 01:05 VI is gone, now all Rebelde, I was hoping for WNRP in Florida jpb fn32 (
Apr22 00:31 Rebelde dominating 1620 here tonight Dennis FM18 (
Apr21 23:58 [1719] CFCB relays VOCM. Stream is here http://streema.com/radios/play/8235 All ID's seem to be for VOCM only. Being mid day I strongly suspect you heard something sounding like calls that weren't. KAZ-IL (
Apr21 23:46 actually IDed as WDHP Saint Croix VI (
Apr21 23:38 1620 WDHP FREDERIKSTED VI good signal into FN32 tonite jpb (
Apr21 18:13 Wow great catch! 17:19 (
Apr21 17:19 DX 570 CFCB Corner Brook NL - Daytime DX? Was listening to 570 AM just before toh @ 1658 and in a mix of really weak stations I clearly heard "CFCB". Looked it up, and sure enough...that call is on that freq. Was I hearing things? -- Mark/IN (
Apr21 12:54 TP 1566 FEBC HLAZ in at GOOD levels with choral hymn // SimplRadio WB6QKO (
Apr21 06:17 That's heard at 0105. Todden34it (
Apr21 06:16 DX 860 Wilson AR KOSE on 1kw day stick heard at 015 on top of CJBC's fade with gospel music //Kansas SDR New! Todden34it (
Apr21 06:14 Sorry for the double tap (
Apr21 06:14 DX alert 1130 WDFN Detroit on day power. 100% messing up KTLK 20 miles from tx in their main beam! Todden34it (
Apr21 06:14 DX alert 1130 WDFN Detroit on day power. 100% messing up KTLK 20 miles from tx in their main beam! Todden34it (
Apr20 06:35 870 CFBV - "The Moose" - Funny how this never seems to come in until late spring! WL7NO (
Apr20 03:46 1270 KAJO OR "Oldies 99.7" w/ID running 10kW D pwr, should be on .048kW N pwr...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr19 15:09 Jack thanks for the 1035 NZ logging have been getting decent carrier (no audio yet) on 657 around NZ SRS but will check on 1035 too as that is a fairly quiet channel for me Larry WB6QKO (
Apr19 07:48 SRS 1035 "ZB Talk Radio" Titahi Bay, Wellington, New Zealand with chat celebrating Eastern in New Zealand, "what did you do today?". 10Kw transmitter near Wellington. 5X9 plus 10dB over report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Apr19 07:21 Also, the overall mediocre DX conditions the past few years don't help bring DX competing with locals on local or regional channels. So King Co WA (
Apr19 02:07 Mike - I can see why you use a phaser. Wall-to-wall with S9+30DB would make dx very challenging! (
Apr18 17:08 James=that is the MW DX challenge faced by Yakima, So King Co & myself on a nightly basis...thankfully I have multiple antennas & an excellent phaser to help deal with this...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr18 04:40 Course most of the stations were familiar to me, just a little stronger! WL7NO (
Apr18 04:32 Just back from a trip to western Washington State. I didnt realize how wall-to-wall the AM band is with stations! WL7NO (
Apr17 06:07 TP 846 Radio Kiribati also readable on the Oahu SDR right now with improved audio QKO (
Apr17 05:34 TP 846 Radio Kiribati in early tonight with female anncr call in show but better audio gain and frequency response than usual WB6QKO (
Apr17 05:27 840 KMAX Colfax WA with ID after end of Mariners Indians game nighttime power at 250 watts ?? in under mulled KXNT WB6QKo (
Apr16 14:19 [02:52] The ticks are because Radio Reloj doubles as also Cuba's time standard--their WWV, if you will. Of course, the stations are not all synchronized. The Reloj on 950 (Havana) is closest to the actual time./cdEL96 (
Apr16 09:21 TP 1512 UNID AUS 2RN ?? FAIR looking for live stream QKO (
Apr16 09:12 TP 1566 3NE Wangaratta AUS with sports talk and local ads // TuneIn Radio FAIR on peaks WB6QKO (
Apr16 04:56 That Reloj can be heard in daytime at 900 miles!/cdel96--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYuBt6UTy6Q (
Apr16 04:00 [02:49] and [02:52] Santa Clara, Cuba is the city of license for that particular Radio Reloj station, probably the easiest heard Reloj outlet in the Western Hemisphere. The CLs, if they're accurate and if you care to log them, are CMDC -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr16 02:52 OK 570 with time is "RR" Radio Reloj. Don't know why the ticks but heard definite ID of Radio Reloj. Dennis FM18 (
Apr16 02:49 570 Time Signal Does anyone know where this is coming from? "Ticks then one Beep and Morse Code "RR"...On the minute Dennis FM18 (
Apr15 10:45 TP 657 RNZ Wellington tt with English speaking fire and brimstone sermon FAIR on peaks WB6QKO (
Apr15 07:11 1040 (Bjargtangar SDR) WURN Miami, "Actualidad Diez Cuarenta" SS---my local! I know they're 50 kW days but I don't think they're cheating. Wow./cdel96 (
Apr15 03:14 DX 1620 R Rebelde CUB...phased out semi-loc KYIZ Seattle...//5.025mHz - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr14 09:16 TP 846 Radio Kiribati in at GOOD levels on peaks with native language news and island music WB6QKO (
Apr14 06:20 DX ALERT - 780 and 670 CHICAGO NOW BOTH OFF - Saul ON (
Apr14 06:08 DX ALERT - 780 WBBM just announced s-off for a few hours burt went right into news afterwards (at 0105 local CDT) (
Apr14 03:41 1210 WJNL Michigan on day facilities right now. Clear mentions of Michigan towns into Mike Gallagher. - En35ID (
Apr14 00:23 SSS 1460 WJAK Jackson TN - Good with male DJ: "...all you have to do is say, 'Alexa, play Hot 96-1'..." Took me a little bit to find a match, but Google led to this. 2nd new logging from Jackson, TN in the last 24 hours! -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Apr13 22:01 And full call sign is XEABCA sorry QKO (
Apr13 21:39 XEABC is in Mexicali BC at 200 miles from my QTH not bad for 3.5 kw QKO (
Apr13 21:37 820 XEABC IDs as ABC Radio and audible throughout the day with SS romantic song format through Hollywood Bowl TIS (nulled) and KLAA splash from 830 WB6QKO (
Apr13 03:14 1390 WLLI Jackson TN at 02:56 UTC - Fair with "...country for West Tennessee..." and "Jackson" heard in liner. Getting trounced at the time by WMER (are they REALLY running 101 watts at night??) -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Apr13 01:03 SSS 1540 KLKC Parsons KS at 00:59 UTC - Briefly in there w/Kansas City Royals BB, play-by-play by announcer Denny Matthews. CLs heard at 01:03 during station ID time -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Apr13 00:55 SSS 1300 KOLY Mobridge SD - Good with liner of "The Light is on...AM 1300, KOLY" snuck between Elton John's "Levon" and Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Apr12 20:32 My local 1270 Elkhart, IN is currently off. Maybe they will be off at sunset. TL-IN (EN61) (
Apr12 02:02 1550 WNZF Bunnell, FL - "Wake up to Flagler County local news ... WNZF," Savage Nation; at 600 miles, must be on day (5500W) or critical hours (9500W) power rather than 57W night power. KY/EM66tx (
Apr11 03:50 1210 KRPU CA...south Asian "Radio Punjab" over semi-local KMIA Seattle...probably running 5kW D pwr, not .5kW N...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr11 03:32 1090 XEPRS BCN now has adult-AC/pop...stream still running ESPN...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr11 00:07 840 KVJY Pharr TX - details see previous entry. Been so long since I posted here I forgot the format! :-P -- Mark/IN (
Apr11 00:05 From last night's recording (4/10 UTC): @ 0459:50 caught an ID in EE for "KVJY, Pharr" under WHAS. First time call ID hrd. Really good condx to the deep south and into Central America. -- Mark/IN (
Apr10 13:19 TP 774 ABC Melbourne in at FAIR levels // SimpleRadio WB6QKO (
Apr10 03:39 1500 KCLF New Roads, LA - Sam Cooke's "Only Sixteen," The Silhouette's "Get a Job" // web; weak in-and-out signal, listed as day-only station. KY/EM66tx (
Apr10 02:40 590 WMBS Uniontown, PA - Mason Williams's "Classical Gas," reference to "Uniontown," Paul Davis's "I Go Crazy"; clear signal before fading. KY/EM66tx (
Apr10 01:55 Yeah I suspect that will happen more often as we get closer to May. En35id (
Apr09 18:15 It's OK, FM will very soon seasonally place AM as the DX band of the moment... Saul ON (
Apr09 13:50 Wrong board. Doh - En35iD (
Apr09 13:50 Tr 92.1 WYRQ Little Falls, MN swapping with air1 xlator and WDGY. - En35ID (
Apr09 02:04 1240 WHFA Poynette WI at 01:59 UTC - Fair w/mention of "Relevant Radio" following the Patrick Madrid Show on that network. A search of the network affiliates turned up two 1240s, one in CA and one in WI. I'm wagering my money on the latter. :) -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Apr09 01:36 1580 KHGG Van Buren AR at 01:34 UTC - Fair under CKDO w/banter between St. Louis Cardinals BB announcers John Rooney and Mike Shannon before going into commercial break. Surprised I didn't have this one already logged from Muscatine/Davenport -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Apr07 16:15 Actually, it makes a great excuse—if “accidentally” left on and they werenʼt streaming, why would there be any programming? P=| ~𝑲𝑴𝑮𝑪~ FN42nn36 (
Apr06 13:16 [02:10] I don't get it. If a station streams at night, why risk getting caught? AM is....well....AM!/cdel96 (
Apr06 12:27 670 WSCR Chicago IL - 7:21 AM CDT - 12:21 UTC - Strong at times - Car radio - Kegan EM26te (
Apr06 02:35 1550 WJIL Jacksonville IL at 02:31 UTC - Caught my attention with a clear "WJIL" ID during long promo read by male announcer. No doubt on the 1 kw day power, as 10 watts wouldn't make it out of Morgan County, Illinois -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Apr06 02:23 1560 WMBH Joplin MO at 02:19 UTC - Good under a loud KGOW with Fox Sports Radio programming (which didn't clinch it) and an ad for Downstream Casino Resort near the Oklahoma-Missouri border (which did). -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Apr06 02:10 1580 WNTF Bithlo, FL - reggae-style music // webstream; periodically clear signal, listed as day-only station. KY/EM66tx (
Apr06 02:03 1250 WSPL Streator, IL very low in mix w/ air supply song // stream. En35id (
Apr06 01:35 I caught a top of hour ID this morning though. En35id (
Apr06 00:25 [16:07] Justin, if I were in your shoes, I'd keep after an ID from that 590. I'm streaming WJMS right now, and they're definitely running Real Country satellite classic country music. Unless, for some reason, the OTA signal is split off from the stream, I'd say your nostalgia format belongs to someone other than WJMS -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr05 16:07 590 from yesterday turned out to be Ironwood, MI WJMS. En35id (
Apr05 03:47 600 KGEZ MT.."more great oldies coming up on 96.5 & 600 AM KGEZ" into local ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr05 02:12 /cdel96 (
Apr05 02:12 (grrrr) Elizabeth ANNNND New York." (
Apr05 02:11 Ah yes, "WJDM, Elizabeth ANd (
Apr05 02:11 Ah yes, "WJDM, Elizabeth ANd (
Apr05 01:53 Got my first X-bander in March 1996, WJDM-1660 in New Jersey, while I was living in Northwest Iowa (the Spirit Lake/Okoboji area, if you care to find it on a map). Logged Vallejo, CA on 1640 a month later for #2 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr05 00:18 ....so I sent out a DX alert to my contacts, who were a handful back in 1997./cd (
Apr05 00:17 Just so happened that I was talking to the CE of 1210 in Miami one day, and he told me 1700 would debut the next day.../cdel96 (
Apr05 00:16 Couldn't quite catch the 1620 in WA then, but I tried. First X bander I heard was 1660 Utah./cd (
Apr05 00:15 Also fax QSL from KDIA, and copied on regular paper; not sure if I have either./cd (
Apr05 00:14 I received a QSL certificate from US Army in 1996 for hearing their 5 kW test on 1670./cdel96 (
Apr04 21:32 I think that Michigan Intelligent Transportation System network came on around mid to late 1997, though some nights KCJJ would still pound that. I was glad to hear the end of that HAR boondoggle. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Apr04 21:31 After 1997, the X-band started filling up quickly, as I recall, though we had 1630 blocked for a while with that worthless HAR network the state wanted to put on. Never did work properly, and they finally pulled the plug around 2002 or 2003. de Eric B (
Apr04 21:29 Got none of those, but did hear the Test from KA2XAU from Richland, PA on 10-10-94. That was my first X-bander, followed a year or two later by WJDM-1660 Elizabeth, NJ with Radio AAHS. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Apr04 20:25 .....and then came more X band stations & TIS. Oh I also had both 60 watt stations at DFW Airport./cd (
Apr04 20:24 [17:41] Indeed! It was the last time I caught CA (Vallejo both 1630 & 1640) & El Lay 1650 when all traffic./cdel96 (
Apr04 17:41 I will say, though, that the late 1990s was an interesting era on AM as the X-banders were coming to life for the first time. Some had some interesting stuff back then! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Apr04 17:39 [1232] I think that's what happened. But then, I've noted that the X-band hasn't been all peaches and cream either, as quite a few have since went dark. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Apr04 15:35 [14:21] WMBS PA? They stream./cdel96 (
Apr04 14:21 UNID 590 playing nostalgia/40s, 50s music this morning 730 CDT. No idea... En35id (
Apr04 13:52 [07:17 etc] Format shown as CCM on R-L; Sonlife doesn't go there./cdel96 (
Apr04 12:32 [12:01] The same thing probably happened there as what happened with 1480/1670 in Madison...the original frequency got sold off to a different owner. And when that happens, both frequencies can stay on the air. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr04 12:30 [07:17] KTTR is a thought, but I need to hear something more concrete than just "...and 104.9 FM" before I can say for sure that it's KTTR. If they'd give a "Shine 104.9" slogan ID or a local ad, it would help -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr04 12:01 [1359] Wasn't 1620 originally supposed to replace 1580 when they opened up the X-band? Seems like I remember some sort of drama about that from way back. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Apr04 07:17 [Apr02 12:42 & Mar15] Rick, how about https://radio-locator.com/info/KTTR-AM ? Cannot prove anything though. Just a thought. BTW, db.wtfda.org is very useful for finding AM/FM pairs - Finndx (
Apr04 04:00 1500 (Bonaire SDR) WFED DC, "Federal News Radio", dissolving into an SS where I want an ID./cdel96 (
Apr04 03:50 sorry that's 1610 KNUU861...Mike VE7SKA (
Apr04 03:49 KNUU861 - .01kW TIS w/US2 Stevens Pass wx & road condx, also road condx US97...must be near Twisp WA - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr04 01:36 YouTube song sukiaki sokomoto (
Apr03 23:47 Rick, it probably WAS Jimmy Swaggart; Sonlife is his radio and TV networks. Around here, WJYM-730 Bowling Green, OH carries it. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Apr03 13:43 TP 1566 FEBC HLAZ just IDed into piano lique before pattern change GOOD on peaks QKO (
Apr03 13:39 TP 1593 CNR Bejing with call in program EXCELLENT on peaks WB6QKO (
Apr03 04:13 [02:33] Happy to help./cdel96 (
Apr03 02:33 [13:11] I found the affiliate list initially, but assumed this was a station from Kansas or Missouri, and didn't scroll down far enough. Thank you for IDing this, Chris! -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Apr02 13:11 [12:42] Sonlife (one word)'s station list has only 3 stations on AM, and one is indeed 1490: KMFS Guthrie OK./cdel96 (
Apr02 12:42 SRS 1490 unID at 12:38 UTC - Atop with clear mention of "Son Life Radio Network", then into chatter from someone that sure sounded like Jimmy Swaggart. May or may not be the same station I heard on March 15th with Contemporary Christian music. Help, anyone? -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Apr02 07:22 1480 (as below) WGVK MI, oldies, "------1480 & 850" announcement./cdel96 (
Apr02 07:17 800, using 798 (Bjargtangar) VOWR NL//streema. ---cdel96 (
Apr02 02:20 what mode is that on 7075 anyone? Im looking for PSK31 (
Apr02 02:10 ...the R8 & RF-2200 lovingly & fully restored by tech extrordinaire Colin Newell VA7WWV...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr02 02:02 Larry - the Icom R75 is all solid state as is the Panasonic RF-2200...still they're vintage rigs that do the job for me! Mike VE7SKA (
Apr01 23:48 That makes two of us and guess were talking solid state even with the R8 QKO (
Apr01 22:02 thanks Larry=I'm an old guy who prefers his DX tools "old skool" :-) Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr01 20:24 Mike SKA apparently I cant type on a digital keyboard either QKO (
Apr01 20:22 Mike DKa great news on the old tube receivers if youre like me know its not easy being an analog guy living in a digital world best Larry QKO (
Apr01 07:42 1230 (Bjargtangar) - 99% sure it was WNIK PR//stream, but hard to alternate sounds or stop app-audio on this phone. Maybe sunrise starting there soon, fading./cdel96 (
Mar31 19:49 Rick, WDND may have just recently lost their license but they have been off for quite some time. --Earl Higgins (
Mar31 15:25 [13:54], Well, now, THAT would explain why I haven't heard WDND in a while! :) Thanks, Tom. That clears up the freq a little bit, and now I can go after...California and Washington? Yeah, I'll be crossing my fingers on those two... -- Rick in South Omaha hanging out on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar31 13:59 Now if only my 1580 would go silent! TL-IN (EN61) (
Mar31 13:54 [03:30] Rick, WDND's license expired @ 2:01 a.m. March 3, 2019 according to FCC correspondence. Hope it's gone for good. TL-IN (EN61) (
Mar31 07:21 1480 (as below) WMDD PR, //Stream---practically all alone and "fuerte"!/cdel96 (
Mar31 07:03 1300 (Bjargtangar) WJDA MA, TOH ID after SS music. I got fooled./cdel96 (
Mar31 04:53 Godspeed to you Mike! We are so happy your health has improved! > Yakima CN96 (
Mar31 03:48 [03:27] My bad, not Guantanamo. Guanabacoa is what I meant. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar31 03:30 1620 WTAW College Station TX - Briefly over Rebelde with promo for "Infomaniacs" show weekday mornings on WTAW, also heard a mention of "Aggieland". This leaves WDND as just about the only 1620 east of the Rockies that I've yet to log -- RIck on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar31 03:27 1620 Radio Rebelde coming in quite strong on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR at the moment. If the Rebelde outlet in Santa Clara is silent (as mwlist.org seems to indicate), then I'll assume that this is the Rebelde station in Guantanamo that I've hearing -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar31 02:04 FINALLY I can access my basement & go back to DXing on REAL radios...R75, R8 & RF-2200...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Mar30 22:49 Doesn't WDAS have the oddest format? Breakthrough Radio, music 'for healthy kids' from Children's Hospital of Philly. A few health tips here and there too, but mostly a family-friendly 'positive' adult hits format. 102.5 translator used for their audience but still very low in the PPM. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar30 20:09 [13:48] They did a DX test (remember those, class?) in Dec 1993. Got a very nice QSL letter and a keychain from them -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar30 18:35 Once again, I haven't DXed in days and days. No time, always 1AM before I sign off the computer. I just go right to bed. The RFI level here sucks too, and having 750+ stations in the logbook, it's like pulling hen's teeth to get a new log. WFRL was nothing but an unexpected fluke. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar30 13:49 That's Philadelphia, PA Dennis FM18 (
Mar30 13:48 1480 WDAS Philadelphia - unusual morning. usually get only locals at this time - Dennis FM18 (
Mar30 01:29 1290 KUMA (about 250 mi) and 1280 KIT (about 140 mi) in earlier than usual on my Superadio 1. Sun is still blaring in the sky. So King Co WA (
Mar28 20:08 Does CHIN maybe stuff public domain OTR when it cannot sell the time slot?/cdel96 (
Mar28 06:05 1540 Khz CHIN w/Jack Benny Program. China Radio Int'l - ya could have fooled me...oh wait they did!! Dennis FM18 (
Mar28 05:45 1540 KHz Unid so far with OLD TIME RADIO "Jack Benny Show" ANy ideas??? Dennis FM18 (
Mar28 05:24 Best thing about this look is the noise level is down quite a bit compared to the tuned loop. Dennis (
Mar28 05:15 Slapped together a Mobius Loop today just to see how it performs. Used plain old RG6 inside 10' of 3/4" PEX. Haven't receive my LNR yet but even without it it performs as well as the 48" tuned loop. Dennis FM18 (
Mar28 02:40 560 KLVI Beaumont TX at 02:34 UTC - Weak but in there under KWTO w/"...560 KLVI" heard in liner read by Nolan Ryan, then into "Ground Zero" talk pgm hosted by Clyde Lewis. In the upper Midwest, I normally have to wait until sunset during the winter to hear this one -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar28 02:05 DX 530 CMBQ Havana Cuba at 02:00 UTC - Atop with clear "Radio Enciclopedia" ID by female at the top of the hour. After Spanish chatter by male, went into what sounded like a classical version of "Send In The Clowns" (!). Still have not heard CHLO here -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar28 01:02 1620 KOZN Bellevue NE at 00:57 UTC - Over/under WNRP w/ad for Omaha Car Care, mention of Creighton sports website bluejaybanter.com -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar27 16:07 the guy on the phone was in a panic about it---called the CE, and all was well 10 minutes later./cd (
Mar27 16:07 ....the guy on the phi (
Mar27 16:06 [02:11] I called KVJY once around 1996 at 2:30am, because I was hearing them while trying to listen to Joe Donovan at WHAS...>/cdel96 (
Mar27 05:43 940 WKYK, Burnsville, NC @250 Watts with Country Music after ID at 0645 UTC Dennis FM18 (
Mar27 05:24 920 WMMN Fairmont, WV (New) Fox Sports Radio Dennis FM18 (
Mar27 05:05 I Have a real jumble of stations under CKNX...trying to see what I can coax out of this mess Dennis FM18 (
Mar27 04:59 I have CKNX here in VA also right now. "Yesterday When I Was Young" Dennis FM18 (
Mar27 03:49 Mike Ve7sca I believe that Idaho and Utah are on full power. Todden34it (
Mar27 03:48 920 CKNX Wingham, ON - ID, ad for Parker and Parker Ltd. Excavation, C&W music; strong signal dominating the frequency. KY/EM66tx (
Mar27 02:13 and KVJY is on 840. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Mar27 02:11 After being off air for I'm not sure how long, KVJY "Radio Alelyua" in Pharr, TX, is back on and apparently on 5 kW day power tonight. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Mar26 15:12 TP 1503 and 1557 both UNID Chinese through some withering adjacent channel interference suspect Radio Taiwan International but could sure use a // stream to confirm WB6 QKO (
Mar26 04:48 1530 KGBT and 1540 KEDA are both periodically providing clear signals from south Texas. KY/EM66tx (
Mar26 02:54 TA Algeria at around 0315-0330 with fair signal then signal faded away. Dennis FM18 (
Mar26 02:43 1060 KBGN Idaho - daytimer forgot to hit the OFF switch @ SSS...religious talk - Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar26 02:11 [22:48] Wow. NonDA as well?? (WBMQ signal was pretty weak here, not something a 5 kW NDA would put out.)/cdel96 (
Mar26 01:58 1460 KLTC ND...country music //webstream...rare here! Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar25 22:48 [04:19] It's cheating like crazy, Chris. Todd in Minnesota has heard it, and I have here, as well. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar25 13:04 [04:19] WBMQ must often stay on day power; I frequently get a strong signal several hours after sunset. KY/EM66tx (
Mar25 12:46 1470 KGND Vinita OK - Good w/"The Morning Animals" sportstalk show //WWLS 98.1, ad for McBride Hospital w/phone # of 405-230-9270 -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar25 07:24 TP 846 Radio Kiribati with female anncr reading news in native language GOOD on peaks WB6QKO (
Mar25 04:19 630 WBMQ GA @ home. Cheating? or does that nighttime 47w really get out? The Cuba 630 has been off for weeks---hooray./cdel96 (
Mar25 03:49 1470 KYYW Abilene TX at 03:44 UTC - Fair w/"Handel On The Law" syndicated talk pgm, very brief promo for "...on Texas, weeknights 5 to 7 on Newstalk 1470", then into national ad. Took some digging, but finally came up with this -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar25 00:40 SSS 1600 KNWA Bellefonte AR - Fair with Trisha Yearwood's C&W oldie "That's What I Like About You", then liner: "...KNWA...all the country greats..." -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar24 16:19 Can anyhone ecommend a Bias T powered LNA for 100 KHz- whatever MHz in the US. I only see products shipping from China on Ebay. Dennis (
Mar24 13:53 TP 1566 HLAZ also in at GOOD levels even after 1345 GMT pattern change but 1593 Bejing definitely strongest this am and still singing away QKO (
Mar24 13:46 TP 1593 China National Radio with Melodic ID and female singer Full Quieting QKO (
Mar24 13:40 TP 1503 Radio Taiwan International tt? briefly audible // Hong Kong SDR with traditional opera selection POOR PLUS WB6 QKO (
Mar24 12:43 890 khz - WYAM - Hartselle, AL - 3/24 @ 1145 UT - my 890 unid from 3/24, lots of non-stop Mexican music, had to // to Ft. Rucker, AL SDR after it faded here, ID @ 1201. - TL-IN (EN61) (
Mar24 03:48 1060 CKMX Calgary AB - Fair to good with ad for thesource.ca, then "Funny 1060" heard in liner. XERDO lurking underneath. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar24 03:24 660 KSKY Balch Springs TX - Fair to good with talk pgm "Ark Midnight" hosted by Art Bell-type announcer John B. Wells. Webstream running about 55 seconds behind. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar24 03:14 [22:01] +1. Quick and Easy does it!/cdel96 (
Mar24 02:17 1490 KLGR Redwood Falls MN at 02:00 UTC - Fair with bits and pieces of legal ID: "You're listening to...KLGR...Redwood Falls". At least I got the important stuff. Graveyard logging #29 -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar23 22:01 Dennis=you'll find MWList an excellent database resource, toggle on "Europe/Africa etc" link: http://www.mwlist.org/mwlist_quick_and_easy.php?area=3&kHz=0...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Mar23 21:57 Dennis Iceland is on 189 kHz down there and good copy right now on the Arctic SDR if you want to try some // action QKO (
Mar23 21:32 correction..probably about 193 KHZ (
Mar23 21:25 191 Khz LSB probably 103 AM unknown lanuage poss. French and barely above the noise floor. ANy thoughts??? Dennis FM18 (
Mar23 14:07 TP on 774 kHz QKO (
Mar23 14:06 TP ABC Melbourne with pips and horn lique ID at TOH FAIR WB6QKO (
Mar23 13:00 890kHz @ 1100 UT someone with spanish music good behind WLS. Couldn't match to any webstream or online SDR. WAMG (past sunrise) or WYAM possible. TL-IN (EN61) (
Mar23 11:34 [10:20] According to the RNA database, only 1 Canadian NDB is still on the air on 291, that being 9Q in Amos, Quebec. It is a normal aerobeacon, with DAID between the identifiers, so Dennis must've been getting something else. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar23 10:20 Dennis FM18fa: There are two Canadian NDB's on that frequency 291KHz, if they have ATIS then that would be the voice you are hearing? Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Mar23 04:07 DX 1610 alert -- CHHA on OC, now's your chance to get Montreal and also TISes (MI, OH thus far). saul ON (
Mar23 03:44 Got a 3 for 1 last night on 1180, KERN, KOFI, and KBLE! (
Mar23 02:30 TA 252 - Often see TA carriers on my SDR waterfall, but the first time to hear a voice; cannot make out individual words. KY/EM66tx (
Mar23 01:40 1270 KTFI Idaho...EWTN Catholic prayers...Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar22 22:13 I just heard what sounded like a time signal on 291 KHz but it didn't last long. Any ideas?? I was listening on USB and after the beeps I head a person speaking but I couldnt make out a language. Dennis Fm18fa (
Mar22 21:49 And judging by the local ads on 252 IRL when it's audible would say there's still a listenership and some revenue to made down there in the pledgedrive free zone QKO (
Mar22 21:46 Cde actually hear 252 Algeria and Ireland most often on the Maine SDR but 198 UK is often in there too QKO (
Mar22 20:45 Seriously----is LW still depended on for broadcast, anywhere?/cdel96 (
Mar22 20:43 My thumbs are everywhere. I tried for that 243 Turkey via Maine SDR. Heard sumpn faint, but couldn't make it out. I suppose 198 UK is the strongest LW./cdel96 (
Mar22 20:42 I tried for that 243 Tur (
Mar22 20:41 I tried for that 243 Tur (
Mar22 19:21 There is a station in Turkey on 243. It's listed as inactive in some lists but I went to their website and it seems they're still active. Dennis (
Mar22 17:50 HUUUM that does not sound like the 50 kW Danish station on 243 kHz listed in the 2018 WRTH WB6QKO (
Mar22 15:57 I also heard a station last night on 243 KHz. I couldn't identify it as it disappeared soon after. Langueage sounded middle eastern and the music was like arabic type chantoing. Any ideas??? Dennis (
Mar22 15:08 PS congrats on getting the loop tuned down to 252 kHz and snagging Algeria on LW!! (
Mar22 15:05 You'll know you're listening to TA on a 9 kHz multiple when the carrier you're hearing in those modes disappears indicating you're zero beat on the 9 kHz frequency QKO (
Mar22 15:02 Since you can't just flip on the LSB or USB modes and spin the dial like us old analog guys (
Mar22 14:40 Matt: I'm using the RSP2. I'm using notch filters to clean up the signals but if there's something else I can be doing, let me know...I really appreciate your input. Dennis (
Mar22 13:58 TP 1503 UNID Chinese still in FAIR after SR Taiwan ?? QKO (
Mar22 13:44 HLAZ now full quieting with that pattern change piano QKO (
Mar22 13:34 TP 774 ABC Melbourne // SimpleTadio with callin show FAIR with rapid fading QKO (
Mar22 13:23 TP 1566 FEBC HLAZ with Gregorian chant in over UNID Chinese GOOD on peaks QKO (
Mar22 13:11 Around 0645 GMT on Kiribati (
Mar22 13:10 Plus last night managed to pull some audio through along with R Kiribati's usual strong carrier so Spring is here QKO (
Mar22 13:05 TP UNID decent carriers on 657 774 1503 and 1566 QKO (
Mar22 12:58 1593 CNR Bejing now excellent strength on peaks while waiting for audio on other channels QKO (
Mar22 12:33 Dennis 855 Spain is often audible on the Maine SDR beginning around 0100 GMT QKO (
Mar22 12:31 TP 1593 CNR // MyTuner with piano piece and BOH pips FAIR WB6QKO (
Mar22 06:13 Dennis: easiest with a receiver with a decent spectrum display/pan adapter. Or put the receiver in ssbmode and look for zero beats ion the 9 khz channels. Matt (
Mar22 05:44 I guess I'm not really sure how to recognize a TA carrier. Must be experience I guess..I'll get there, hopefully before I'm too damn old !!!! Dennis (
Mar22 05:09 [03:55] I want WYUR back!!/cd (
Mar22 05:07 Here, 860 = Reloj & WGUL; 740 = WSBR and a little bit of Orlando. Been a while since I have heard Zoomer./cd (
Mar22 05:06 [04:21] The only Canadian I hear at all in south FL is CHHA. Last time I heard the 860 was a year ago, and THAT took some loop trickery./cdel96 (
Mar22 05:04 Sorry. I thought I could hear some TA from the Maine SDR. 1215 had just hash. I do hear some LW but that's about it./cdel96 (
Mar22 05:03 I thought I could hear something (
Mar22 05:03 I thought I could hear something (
Mar22 05:03 I thought I could hear something (
Mar22 04:32 TA carriers on 1215, 1152, others. Matt Washington DC (
Mar22 04:30 Dennis: A bit easier looking at the lower sideband, but both were audible with careful nulling,. Really good night for TA - carriers all over the place (
Mar22 04:21 Matt: How in the world did you manage to null that 50KW canadian on 860??????? Its just wiping me out here. ennis (
Mar22 04:13 560 WNSR Brentwood, TN - 529 Miles 75 Watts Night Power Dennis FM18 (
Mar22 04:09 TA 855 Spain RNE Radio Nacional. Matt Washington DC (
Mar22 04:00 Congrats Dennis! Matt Washington, DC (
Mar22 03:57 They must be booming through OH, WV, VA, NC and SC. N8NU (
Mar22 03:56 Tg (
Mar22 03:55 Try for this if you're in the northeast: 1310 WDTW Dearborn MI has their pattern changer clock 45 minutes fast. They are running day power in the last 45' of night. N8NU (
Mar22 03:49 243 KHz sounded like middle eastern Language w/ arab type singing/chanting....Turkey???? Dennis FM18 (
Mar22 03:13 TA 252 KHz R. Algeria good signal into Central VA. LOOP problem fixed!! Dennis FM18 (
Mar22 02:36 1080 was KYMN MN... Saul ON (
Mar22 02:22 1080 ... who's playing Neil Young, David Bowie... at this hour? Saul @ Burnt River ON (
Mar22 01:11 1430 WYMC KY Mayfield new here with oldies, nice ID. Saul @ Burnt River ON (
Mar22 00:59 750 WPDX WV pulling an all-nighter, it's a daytimer...Saul ON (
Mar21 14:21 Been fooling around with this loop for days now. Connections are fine. Had 13 turns and reduced to 8 now 12. Dennis (
Mar21 09:01 [14:42] how many turns? and double check your connections to the tuner cap. So King Co WA (
Mar21 05:40 This is the time of the year I switch my reception to my southwest flag antenna as tp dx always seems to peak at this time while the lower 48 dx begins to fade! WL7NO (
Mar21 05:37 Also 1116 4BC "Drain the Swamp and Make Australia Great Again" comment! about 2:00 am local time (last night) - WL7NO (
Mar21 05:31 Last night's captures include 675 Radio New Zealand "Media Watch" and 792 4RN Radio Australia about 2:00AM local time. WL7NO (
Mar21 03:19 1210 KRPU CA...south Asian "Radio Punjab" //webstream...Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar21 02:14 560 WNSR TN Brentwood - new, Grizzlies game, got stn ID 2158. Might be day power/pattern. Saul @ Burnt River ON (
Mar21 00:03 KKOW was 860 (
Mar21 00:01 KKOW 660 Pittsburg Kansas from Springfield Mo (
Mar20 23:21 Should say SSS not SRS - En35ID (
Mar20 23:21 SRS 1060 KNLV Ord, NE with Eagles song // their stream. Under KFIL. Weak - new - En35ID (
Mar20 21:56 Semi OT: WNMA 1210 Miami Springs FL flips as "1210 the Man" tomorrow 1000 UTC. www.1210theman.com You read that right./cdel96 (
Mar20 16:20 Spent all of 5 minutes DXing last night...heard 1650 KCNZ Cedar Falls w/ Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports underneath KBJD; and UNID on 1580 with 'The Locomotion' (think it was the Grand Funk Railroad version) in and out with KGAL and others. Probably CKDO. Looks like a quick check seemed to deliver. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar20 14:44 To clarify what I'm saying...As I tune the variable cap. lower , while watching the signal on the RSP, I can see the signal moving lower but at 400 KHz it just drops off to almost nothing. Dennis (
Mar20 14:42 Question: With my 48" box loop no matter how many turns of wire and no matter what capacitance I add, with my RSP2 the signal drops off drastically at about 400 KHz. Any thoughts? ddennis (
Mar20 13:46 TP 1566 HLAZ bits of piano plinking right before 1345 GMT pattern change POOR WB6QKO (
Mar20 02:14 1250 KCFM OR...adult stds & imaging ID w/calls...very rare...Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar20 01:55 1460 KION CA...ID during ad stop-set...not often heard here...Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar19 21:11 I haven't had the time to DX since the night I caught WFRL! Perhaps I'll get a chance tonight after the last final exam... > Yakima CN96 (
Mar19 03:26 1440 KTUV Little Rock, AR - Spanish language programming with frequent references to "Little Rock." KY/EM66tx (
Mar19 02:26 600 KGEZ MT...wx forecast, jingle into 60's oldies...Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar19 02:00 SSS 1280 KZFS WA lcaol ads. "Kix 99.3" ID into country music...pre-sunset 5kW - not often heard...Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar19 01:56 SSS 1330 KYOZ WA "Oz 95.7" w/modern rock. pre-sunset daytimer...Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar18 14:39 @ QKO, nothing but basic usual TA's here in IL in semi-AU cx. 531//549 come mind and 855 Spain. Nothing strong at all. KAZ-IL (
Mar18 14:31 [15:13] Congrats Tom! (
Mar18 14:29 KAZ nice going on that Aussie snag any sign of TA activity in your neck of the woods QKO (
Mar18 13:59 TP 846 UNID decent strength jumble but no audio breaking through QKO (
Mar18 13:52 TP 774 ABC Melbourne // Simple Radio also peaking after sunrise here with callin show FAIR WB6QKO (
Mar18 12:03 [19:25] oops I meant time 1202-1204..ie sunrise. KAZ-IL (
Mar18 04:10 TA 198 BBC. Clearly audible Under DIW NDB. Matt Washington DC (
Mar18 01:02 540 KMLB Monroe IA at 0059 UTC - Fair w/legal ID: "...voice in Northeast Louisiana, 105.7 & 540, KMLB, Monroe". Louisiana #5 on this SDR for me -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar17 19:25 TP 4QR 612 barely audible 0002-0004 with Aussie inflected guy with news at peak slightly after sunrise. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Mar17 19:04 [15;13] Congrats Tom! oh and KBIZ was loud here at 1200. KAZ-IL (
Mar17 18:58 [15:13] Congrats, Tom! Nice to see you could get one of my former daytime locals as your landmark logging. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar17 15:13 1240 khz - KBIZ - Ottumwa, IA - 3/17 @ 0559 UT - Top of hour ID as "... and 107-7 FM KBIZ", into college basketball news. New and my overall log #2000! - TL-IN (EN61) (
Mar17 13:47 TP 1566 UNID growly carrier jammer ? After HLAZ pattern change at 1345 GMT WB6QKO (
Mar17 13:16 Into English lesson including Japanese for word ladybug ?? Now GOOD on peaks QKO (
Mar17 13:14 TP 774 JOUB tt Japanese news talk FAIR WB6QKO (
Mar17 08:27 SRS 1035 "ZB Talk Radio" Titahi Bay, Wellington, New Zealand, Adverts for retirement living and New Zealands top real estate agents... 10Kw transmitter near Wellington. 5X9 plus 10dB over. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Mar17 02:35 870 CKIR eastern B.C. "Easy Rock 106.3 w/90's pop...Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar17 02:32 DX 900 R Progresso CUB //4.765mHz w/Spanish fol tunes...Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar17 02:15 1710 Tater Patch Radio (taterpatchradio.com), with DJ John referencing "1710," "90.9," and "WPEX," is playing a mix of oldies and more contemporary music. KY/EM66tx (
Mar17 01:56 ...but sometimes the page is unreachable with a timeout server error. ~𝑲𝑴𝑮𝑪~ FN42nn36 (
Mar17 01:56 ...in over 2 wks, and the alternate .../index.php?topic=IRCA still has an active feed... (
Mar17 01:55 There is definitely an issue over at www.hard-core-dx.com, as .../archive/irca hasnʼt updated... (
Mar17 01:40 1630 KRND, KCJJ, and WRDW are all rising and falling under dominant KKGM. KY/EM66tx (
Mar16 21:59 1210 WPHT Philadelphia PA daytime skip fair. N8NU near Monroe MI (
Mar16 21:56 1210 WPHT Philadelphia PA daytime skip fair. N8NU near Monroe MI (
Mar16 21:54 w (
Mar16 13:41 TP 1566 HLAZ GOOD on peaks with choral hymn I Need Thee Every Hour and Abude With Me QKO (
Mar16 13:37 TP 1566 3NE Wangaratta FAIR // MyTuner before HLAZ seems to be taking over WB6QKO (
Mar16 11:22 TP 774 JOUB ?? Japanese below ABC Melbourne QKO (
Mar16 11:20 TP 774 ABC Melbourne tt with news analysis show GOOD on peaks WB6QKO (
Mar16 05:01 690 XEWW - beaming Mandarian to the United States! WL7O (
Mar16 04:26 720 WRZN FL, obliterating WGN in loop null. Must be day power. Matt Washington DC (
Mar16 03:16 720 WGN IL...time check w/ID in ad stop-set...Mike VE7SKA SDR:cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar16 03:01 760 WJR MI...TOH ID into nes...Mike VE7SKA SDR: cn88io/Orcas Isl WA (
Mar16 00:54 1440 WAJR Morgantown, WV - ID, Chapmanville-R.C. Byrd HS BKB playoff postgame; moderately strong signal. KY/EM66tx (
Mar15 22:01 Love that Hi Z input! (
Mar15 21:59 SORRY you're telling me RSP is Working please excuse the temporary confusion and more good DX QKO (
Mar15 21:57 Yep that's a nasty mismatch seems like you may need a different (maybe Quantum) loop or a longwire to the HI Z input (
Mar15 21:48 just compared the pcr and RSP. I tuned to 1580 on both receivers and connected them both to the HI-Z Antenna input.. The RSP shows S9 +5 and the PCR showed nothing on the S-Me3ter. Hmmmm Nuff said!! Dennis (
Mar15 21:27 Dennis OK glad it seems to be working for you good DX de WB6 QKO (
Mar15 21:05 Before the RSP I haqd to peak the antenna frequently when going up or down in Frequencey. Now tuning the loop doesn't show much change in signal strength from one end of the tuner to the other. Dennis (
Mar15 21:04 I guess that because the RSP has a built in NLA I'm not noticing an increase in signal when tuning the loop because it's doing what it's supposed to be doing. Dennis (
Mar15 21:02 I'm usinbg the RSP2 right now for LW and BCB. On LW I logged about 10 more NDBs the first night with the RSP. I'm using the HI-Z input because the manual states that when using the 50 Ohm inputs the signal begins to degrate below 30 MHz (
Mar15 19:48 Or might need to switch to an antenna that is or can be tuned to present a better match for the RSP2 Good Luck QKO (
Mar15 19:45 So looks like RSP2 has two 50 ohm antenna inputs and one high impedance antenna input. Have you tried treating using the high impedance input? (
Mar15 19:28 And would also want to know the impedance of the Sony antenna and the antenna input impedance of the RSP2 (52 ohms?) as what you're describing could also be caused by an impedance mismatch QKO (
Mar15 19:03 And to peak up in strength when shifting frequency QKO (
Mar15 19:00 One possibility is that the Sony was picking up and amplifying the internal noise in the PCR which was particularly easy to receive QKO (
Mar15 18:58 But am interested in how that noise level on the RSP2 compares with what that noise level looked like on the PCR (
Mar15 18:51 Sorry for all the questions ! qKO (
Mar15 18:51 And with 0 db attenuation and both RF and IF gain set at their maximums what is the noise level on a vacant MW frequency (
Mar15 17:31 Correction...RF Gain and IF gain (
Mar15 17:27 Yes...has an LNA, also has AF Gain and IF gain (
Mar15 16:32 Dennis does the RSP2 have a preamp function or a signal attenuator function? QKO (
Mar15 15:39 SRS 1220 KCAX Branson, MO with Elton John song. // with Todd en35id (
Mar15 14:22 With the PCR and the Sony XDR F1HD when as I tuned up or down the Antenna tuned very sharp with a marked signal increase. I don't seee this with the RSP2. Dennis FM18 (
Mar15 14:17 I notice that with my new RSP2 I notice much less signal increase when tuning my loop than with the PCR1000. Can anyone explain this? Dennis (
Mar15 14:16 I notice that with my new RSP2 I notice much less signal increase when tuning my loop than with the PCR1000. A (
Mar15 14:09 WL7NO Cool what phaser are you using and what antennas are you phasing WB6QKO (
Mar15 05:16 1380 (Bjargtangar SDR) KRKO WA/cdel96 (
Mar15 03:47 The phaser helped me pull in KGU, 760 kHz., Honolulu - last night - WL7NO (
Mar15 01:26 1130 WQFX Gulfport MS - Fair to good under KTLK w/black GOS song "Out Of Them All" by Byron Cage. Confirmed via webstream, which was actually about 2 seconds ahead of the OTA signal. -- Rick on the Overland Park KiwiSDR (
Mar15 00:41 TA 252 LW RTE Radio 1 peaking S8 on the rx2.wa2zkd SDR with Some trad Irish music WB6QKO (
Mar15 00:39 SSS 1580 KAMI Cozad NE - Fair with C&W oldie "I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me" by Roseanne Cash, then liner by male: "Cammy 1580, 100.1, and 92.7 FM" -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar15 00:26 1490 unID followup...have heard Contemporary Christian songs "The Only Name" by Big Daddy Weave and "Mercies In Disguise" by Laura Story in the past few minutes, presumably from the same station. I can't find anyone on 1490 simulcasting a Contemporary Christian FM station -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar15 00:24 1490 unID followup...have heard Contemporary Christian songs (
Mar15 00:22 Sorry about the multiples, but whoever came up with the idea of putting the " key next to the Enter key on a keypad should be drawn and quartered -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar15 00:21 1490 unID at 23:52 UTC - Atop with jingle ID that sounded like "B-103, The Jay", then a young girl saying, "They play my kind of music...", then a man saying "...and 104.9" at the end of it. This was followed by a Contemporary Christian song, "The River" by Jordan Feliz. Ideas? -- Stumped in South Omaha, DXing on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar15 00:20 1490 unID at 23:52 UTC - Atop with jingle ID that sounded like "B-103, The Jay", then a young girl saying, "They play my kind of music...", then a man saying "...and 104.9 (
Mar15 00:20 1490 unID at 23:52 UTC - Atop with jingle ID that sounded like "B-103, The Jay", then a young girl saying, (
Mar14 15:05 DN64 great catch QKO (
Mar14 13:41 JOUB 774 heard in WY DN64 (
Mar14 13:21 TP 1503 UNID jumble right now plus HLAZ 1566, ABC Melbourne 774 and CNR 1593 all in this am WB6QKO (
Mar14 13:19 WL7NO very nice going on XEUT and will let you when I manage to snare an AK X bander QKO (
Mar14 12:54 Cde HLAZ 1566 very strong into CA right now and audible on the Oahu SDR with Korean language sermon WB6QKO (
Mar14 06:09 Continue to get well...we're very happy you're back. Meanwhile, I haven't DXed in days. College homework, final prep, too many *other* things on my mind. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar14 06:08 [0304] That isn't too far from you. I've never been to Orcas, but I'd love to climb up to the top of Mt. Constitution sometime. KAFE, KISM, KVOS-TV xmitter up there > Yakima CN96 (
Mar14 05:46 Halicrafters.now that was a fine radio, just like the Zenith Transworld Radio! WL7NO (
Mar14 05:45 CD...got my start in HamRadio when my Dad took me to meet a friend who had his shack in his barracks room on Elmendorf! WL7NO (
Mar14 05:44 <....I spent a lotta time on SW. Cool to hear the Tokyo AFN on 6155, and I *may* have caught the 10-watt relay of CKWX on 6080. Wish I recorded./cd (
Mar14 05:42 James, once a worker in my bldg lent me his Hallicrafters unit while family was on vacay....>/cdel96 (
Mar14 05:41 [04:42] Interesting! I just wish I had fancy DXn equipment when I was there 40 years ago./cdel96 (
Mar14 05:09 1630 XEUT Tijuana - That's a new one for me - WL7NO (
Mar14 04:42 CD - usually go up Turnagain Pass. Surprisingly, there is good dx in the summer. Usually only about from midnight to 4 am. But it's nice and quiet! WL7NO (
Mar14 04:30 [03:08] James, where do you go to DX in summer? How do you even get to do any DXn in all that daylight?/cdel96 (
Mar14 04:05 1350 khz - WPDR - Portage, WI - 3/14 @ 0359 UT - sounded like oldies format, couldn't tell tha song, ID "AM 13-50 WPDR Portage" New - TL-IN (EN61) (
Mar14 03:08 Weve gotten hardcore up here in the frozen north. Ive gotten out the phaser for tp dxing! Cant wait to try the phaser out camping this summer! WL7NO (
Mar14 03:04 1170 KOWZ Waseca MN at 03:01 UTC - Fair under KFAQ w/ID: "This is 1170 KOWZ, Waseca, and translator...", then into "People Got To Be Free" by the Rascals. Thanks to Indiana DXer Tom Laskowski for the tip! :) -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar14 03:04 1700 KBGG IA "The Champ" imaging heard during ad stop-set, back into sports...Mike VE7SKA SDR: cn88io Orcas Is. WA (
Mar14 02:14 [00:58] OK thanks, but LW might not be much of a challenge there, like MW. Knowing next to nothing about EU MW, I try to keep things in the Amsricas. 🙂 /cdel96 (
Mar14 02:13 [02:12] The San Antonio GTs are pretty good---I am a member of GT, but the # of rx's has dropped like a rock, it seems./cd (
Mar14 02:12 [02:04] +1. I know the Aitoo Finland op---in fact he posts sometimes on the other page as Finndx./cdel96 (
Mar14 02:04 Off topic, but I'll put in my 2 cents, anyway...I am REALLY hoping someday that KiwiSDRs can be developed to cover the FM band. The remote receivers I've tried at Global Tuners leave something to be desired. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar14 02:01 1300 KKOL Seattle back on air with temp STA for 1 kW day/night - zoning snafu's holding up permanent co-sititng with 1590 KLFE...TOH ID...Mike VE7SKA SDR: cn88io Orcas Island WA (approx 52 km from me) (
Mar14 00:58 Cde would use ZKD to hunt for TA activity both MW and LW e.g. 252, 153, 198, 216, etc. QKO (
Mar13 21:19 QKO: What should I look out for on the 'ZKD rx, and when is the best time to listen?/cdel96 (
Mar13 18:02 New RSP2 Pro just arrived...woo hoo. Dennis FM18 (
Mar13 14:02 TP 1593 CNR Bejing // MyTuner with callin show into ID Excellent on peaks QKO (
Mar13 13:53 TP 774 ABC Melbourne // SimpleRadio with callin show GOOD on peaks WB6QK (
Mar13 13:46 TP 1566 FEBC HLAZ Formal ID GOOD on peaks WB6QKO (
Mar13 04:58 1510 (Bonaire SDR) R Monumental, Quito, EQA---strong!//stream. 1510 looks like a "GY" for most of S America./cdel96 (
Mar13 04:25 1240 unID at 04:19 UTC - Atop briefly with liner during oldies programing: "The greatest hits of all time that you can sing along to", then call letters that sounded like "WTAK and WTVO". Not finding anything that matches -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar13 02:14 1420 KBHS Hot Springs, AR - "La Zeta" ID with references to Little Rock, Conway, and Hot Springs; periodic strong signal, may be on day power. KY/EM66tx (
Mar13 01:50 Jack VK2XQ=too late in year now to hear 4KZ on 60M early morning - now on summer time here too changing things even more...Mike VE7SKA (
Mar13 01:49 thanks for the well-wishes to my "Cascadia" pals & DXers...long recuperation ahead & a little while before I can access basement + DX gear...off to the ArcticSDR in Norway for some DX entertainment on laptop...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Mar12 22:56 Make that the WA2ZKD SDR -- good machine! (
Mar12 22:55 TA 252 R Algerienne 3 at S6 on the on the WA2QKD SDR de WB6QKO (
Mar12 16:13 Good to have you back Mike!! Robert W7NER OR (
Mar12 12:38 SRS 1350 KBRX O'Neill NE at 1232 UTC - Fair w/male DJ mentions of "Holt County", "Boyd County", and the upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebration in O'Neill -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar12 12:37 SRS 1350 KBRX O'Neill NE at 1232 UTC - Fair w/male DJ mentions of "Holt County (
Mar12 08:34 Glad to see ya back Mike. Hang in there. Take care and a quick recovery to you. So King Co WA (
Mar12 05:27 Yes Mike you have been missed on these pages and so good to have you back WB6QKO (
Mar12 05:07 Welcome back Mike!! Todden34it (
Mar12 04:46 1350 KDIO Ortonville, MN // streema. I think you're right Rick, this isn't 38 watts. En35id (
Mar12 04:17 1350 KDIO Ortonville MN at 04:14 UTC - Atop w/ID: "KDIO, your home for classic country...", then into Brooks & Dunn's "She's Not The Cheatin' Kind" -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar12 03:22 680 CJOB Winnipeg MB - Good under KFEQ w/"680 CJOB" at the start of wx forecast (low tonight of minus 12) -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar12 03:13 Mike VE7SKA: Welcome back sir, sent you an email but it bounced. Been looking after 5.055MHz 4KZ for you, take it easy and speedy recovery! Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Mar12 03:01 660 WBHR Sauk Rapids MN at 02:58 UTC - Fair with clear mention of "Sauk Rapids" in ad for local business. Should I really be hearing this one at this hour? -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar12 02:48 660 KEYZ Williston ND at 02:45 UTC - Fair in mess with C&W oldie "The Church On Cumberland Road" by Shenandoah, then a "660 Keys Newsradio" ID during weather forecast after that. Confirmed via webstream. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar12 02:42 Mike good to have you back. Hope you have a speedy recovery! WL7NO (
Mar12 02:03 Going through last nights recordings. Korean station on 846. No Kiribati- Ill keep trying! WL7NO (
Mar12 01:57 ...now go get some juicy DX to log here for me to drool over while I hunt for an SDR to play with! :-) Mike VE7SKA (
Mar12 01:56 thank you to all my pals here on the Prop Logger - your friendship is appreciated...Mike VE7SKA cn88 (
Mar12 01:21 SSS 830 KUYO Evansville WY - Good under WCCO with Contemporary Christian song "Ten Thousand Reasons". Confirmed via webstream. Should have signed off 6 minutes ago, but maybe they're just being lazy tonight -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar12 01:19 760 WLCC Brandon FL - Decent signal under WJR, either on day power or hrd because of a CME from the sun (see spaceweather.com). Not normal condx. -- Mark/IN (
Mar12 00:05 SSS 1580 KDOM Windom, MN "1580 KDOM" also during the same time as KKCQ - En35ID (
Mar12 00:04 SSS KKCQ Fosston, MN during Mark Levin about an hour ago, IDed. Very clear - En35ID (
Mar12 00:04 SSS 760 KCCV Overland Park, KS w/ Bott Radio Network program // streema - En35ID (
Mar11 22:40 Mike: Wishing you a speedy full recovery and back to your favourite DX routine asap! Saul ON (
Mar11 22:11 +2 Good to have you back Mike. Get well soon. - Kegan EM26te (
Mar11 19:18 +1! Get well soon Mike. We all love having you here, and we miss your logs. :) :) :) > Yakima CN96 (
Mar11 18:55 en35id (
Mar11 18:55 Good to have you back Mike. Get well soon! (
Mar11 18:02 I AM however watching this page every evening so will stay on top of your postings/anomalies/cheaters etc...glad to have beaten death twice these last few months now need to regain my health & strength...thanks friends!! Mike VE7SKA (
Mar11 18:00 thanks for all the well-wishes - they mean a lot to me to have such good pals...need to go back to hospital in summer for follow-up surgery for 4-5 days, shouldn;t be the ordeal I've just been through...Mike VE7SK (
Mar11 17:59 ...Unable to access basement DX gear so am "armchair DXing" using SDRs on main floor using limited laptop...but plan to be back eventually...Mike VE7SKA (
Mar11 17:58 Hello DX friends: I am finally home after 2 horrific months in hospital but still very weak & frail...long recuperation ahead...Mike VE7SKA cn88 (
Mar11 16:56 Matt: I just found a 500 pf Capacitor in an old radio and put it across the tuning caps and I'm tuning down to about 230 KHz so my chance of some more LW DX is better. Dennis FM18fa (
Mar11 14:11 TP 1593 CNR Bejing // Radiotuner with male female news show? FA IR WB6QKO (
Mar11 13:23 Congratulations Dennis. Matt Washington DC (
Mar11 13:21 880 (Oahu SDR) KKMC Gonzales CA//stream---local KHCM dead aiir./cdel96 (
Mar11 13:01 650 (Oahu SDR) KENI AK messing up local 650 Honolulu. This SDR does a good job of nulling the local 650./cdel96 (
Mar11 09:48 840 KNXT Las Vegas alone on frequency earlier this evening -- a rarity. The usual KSWB, KMAX etc mostly MIA. Panasonic RFB45. So King Co WA (
Mar11 09:14 Make that the WA2ZKD SDR sorry QKO (
Mar11 09:11 And Dennis KUDOS on the Algerians on 252 kHz -- actually snagged them last night too - on WA2ZDR SDR WB6 QKO (
Mar11 08:59 WL7NO know it's awfully late/early but R Kiribati is in with female an car and Island music decent level ar present WB6QKO (
Mar11 05:35 Nice work Dennis!!! Now go look for 198 BBC and the World Service...if the North Carolina NDB isn't too much of an issue. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar11 04:54 Lots of noise on the random wire but now I can actually tell the female is speaking french and the stream match (Online RadioBox - Radio Algerienne) is about 30 seconds delayed. Dennis FM18 (
Mar11 04:40 TA 252 Radio Algeria - Stream Match - Had to hook up my 65' random wire and go to USB to hear it but got my 1st TA...Thanks for the Tip Matt Dennis FM18 (
Mar11 04:38 Can I get a drum roll please (
Mar11 04:20 Tonight Ive got CHLO and Cuba on 530 both booming in here at s9 +20 Dennis FM18 (
Mar11 04:17 SO far since building the loop I have 75 beacons. Had to add 2 turns to get it to tune lower. Maxed out I can get down to about 300 KHz Dennis (
Mar11 04:12 Matt: several months ago I had Jersey City TIS on the Car Radio in Massaponax loud and clear. Dennis FM18 (
Mar11 03:41 Matt appreciate the report still not hearing anything further east than the DDP San Juan PR beacon on 391 kHz out here WB6QKO (
Mar11 01:56 1710 Jersey City TIS. Weak but definitely readable; not bad for 5W. Matt Washington DC (
Mar11 01:53 TA 252 R. Algeria 3 (French). Booming in to DC. Another good night for LW BC. Matt Washington DC (
Mar11 01:04 1240 KWAK Stuttgart AR at 00:58 UTC - Briefly in with mention of "oldies", the FM translator frequency, and CLs that sounded like "KWAY". Took some searching on topazdesigns.com/ambc, but finally narrowed it down to this. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar11 01:01 1240 KBIZ Ottumwa IA - Atop w/legal ID: "...right here on your news, sports, and information leader...KBIZ, Ottumwa..." -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar10 23:32 And seems like you might have a chance for Kiribati around 0800 GMT when there should be propagation down that way before night comes to NHK just a thought qKO (
Mar10 23:28 WL7NO 972 for HLCA eh --Damn that local -- although the way HLAZ came in yesterday morning around 1335 GMT might have had a shot QKO (
Mar10 21:29 No chance of Kiribati with huge NHK signal on 846! WL7NO (
Mar10 21:28 WB6QKO believe that was HLCA, 972 KHZ - WL7NO (
Mar10 21:18 WL7NO great hearing from you who's running the megawatt WB6QKO (
Mar10 21:09 Good pacific dx condx last night. 4QD, 4BC, Newstab Wellington NZ. China Radio International all over the band as well as the H** class stations from Korea. One of them apparently puts out over 1 megawatt! WL7NO (
Mar10 18:37 [17:30] KEDA is what I meant to type in both places in that post. I am ALWAYS confusing those three Texas stations on 1540. If three different formats were in play, I wouldn't be so prone to doing that. *sigh* -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar10 17:30 [01:16] 1540 KGBC is in Galveston. It sure sd/lk like you had KEDA which isn't uncommon here at night, KAZ-IL (
Mar10 08:11 Can anyone tell me if WJZ Is operating on day facilities right now? Todden34it (
Mar10 04:04 Dennis no worries we get the gist and will wait for your report WKO (
Mar10 03:44 WOW...TYPO City Dennis (
Mar10 03:43 Just order my SDRPlat RSP2 Pro fro HRO. Looking forward to losing all the computer generated noise from the PCR1000. Dennis FM18 (
Mar10 03:20 1540 KGBC in here too. New. En35id (
Mar10 01:56 The Bonaire SDR is spilling out harmonics of 800 (1600, 2400, 3200, etc)/cdel96 (
Mar10 01:16 1540 KGBC San Antonio TX - Good under KXEL w/music in Spanish followed by English mention of "...KEDA 53rd Anniversary celebration..." -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar10 00:53 And speaking of the WA1ION unit it's clearly visible on the rather poor quality YouTube WB6QKO HLAZ clip just posted Ithink (
Mar10 00:50 Rick LOL and Kaz the NCC-2 is supposed to be an improvement of the NCC-1 but still like WA1IONs unit the Best! WB6QKO (
Mar09 23:26 [22:34] I tried using a NCC-1701 phaser once, but all that I got from it was a recording of DeForrest Kelley saying, "DAMMIT, JIM, I'M A DOCTOR, NOT A DXER!!!" :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar09 22:34 Re: NCC-1 phaser, I tried testing one last decade but was unable to make it work. I may not have been powering it properly. KAZ-IL (
Mar09 16:27 Wow that NZ tt is on 657 but still way too close to KTNN QKO (
Mar09 16:19 Also often get decent NZ carrier with bits of audio on 658 are they broadcasting religious services but THE NAVAJO NATION up on 660?is always a big splashier in that neighborhood 73 de WB6QKO (
Mar09 16:16 On the other hand sometimes catch low power 3NE in Waratanga sp. on 1566 although not when HLAZ dominates QKO (
Mar09 16:13 Jack don't have a shot at 2BL on 702 kHz due to local KSPN have heard the ABC parallel to Melbourne I believe which is sometimes audible on 747 kHz QKO (
Mar09 16:10 Meant to say what I think is its 3LO carrier becomes audible once Melbourne SS comes and night time conditions take over QKO (
Mar09 16:07 VK2XQ I hear 3LO ABC Melbourne just about every morning and it's carrier is audible on SSB just about every morning right see below WB6QKO (
Mar09 16:00 WB6QKO: Do you hear 702KHz 2BL Sydney? 3LO on 774KHz in Melbourne 50Kw, both syndicate same programme at night. Dennis doing well with NDB's too. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Mar09 14:01 More HLAZ .. My very understanding wife was awakened by some bright light video which I'll try to post on YouTube (can't be hat hard) QKO (
Mar09 13:54 Got it THANKS (
Mar09 13:49 If I'm hearing anything TP, it's weak NHK 747, 774...October is long gone, remember that. That was worth waking up for. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar09 13:48 Very little time = leaving at 7:15 for an all-day trip outside of town. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar09 13:46 OK they just signed off or switched xmtrs have a good weekend QKO (
Mar09 13:41 I just woke up and have very little time. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar09 13:36 Yakima ya got your ears on ? QKO (
Mar09 13:33 TP 1566 HLAZ Abide With Me ID S9+ loudest they've been to me for a long time organ music now beautiful QKO (
Mar09 13:30 TP 1593 CNR Bejing // Radiotuner with choral music and ID? fAIR WB6QKO (
Mar09 13:11 TP 1566 HLAZ tt religious choral music followed by discussion between Korean speaking males full quieting right now WB6QKO (
Mar09 13:08 TP 1566 HLAZ tent with bits (
Mar09 12:02 TP 774 ABC Melbourne 5 pips and French horn lique at TOH formal ID GOOD WB6QKO (
Mar09 08:32 Good morning, good evening, and good night de WB6QKO (
Mar09 08:31 TP 657 continued enhanced gray line of decent carrier Wellington NZ ?? still not enough to get audio through all of that BRUTAL chanting splash fro KTNN (
Mar09 07:49 Dennis nice going on those NDbs am getting Lanai Isl LLD on 353 kHz 559 so will look that too QKO (
Mar09 07:28 Even the female an car doesn't sound like she's on a tin can string telephone tonight QKO (
Mar09 07:26 TP 846 R. Kiribati nearing fully modulated Island Music and Excellent oon peaks QKO (
Mar09 07:04 But can't hear stations running hundreds of KW or more beyond that what gives?? QKO (
Mar09 07:02 PSS how often are you able to snag those LW broadcast stations -getting half way to Algiers (i.e. San Juan PR) with a 1 KW NDB (
Mar09 06:58 PS getting some decently modulated music on 846 Kiribaibright now if you're burning the Midnight oil. qKO (
Mar09 06:56 I prefer Marks unit to the NCC-2 because his initial input antenna tuner gives fewer images and stretches the old NRD 515's dynamic range better QKO (
Mar09 06:52 I prefer wha (
Mar09 06:51 KAZ thanks for the update how do the Quamtum phasing units compare with the DX Engr NCC-2 QKO (
Mar09 06:21 Just logged CI beacon in Saulte STE-Marie Michigan 400 Khz 679 Miles Dennis FM18 (
Mar09 04:05 @ QKO.,,I used WA1ION phasers for decades. After much travel and getting banged up, they no longer worked so I traded them back to him for other devices so he could have the parts. I now use Quantum Phasers. KAZ-IL (
Mar09 01:43 My return request has been approved, so I need to hang around for the return label, print it, and send it back to the seller. Then I get my $$$ back. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar09 01:21 Talk about an OLD BUZZARD transmission thanks to all for indulging me de WB6QKO (
Mar09 01:20 My phasing unit is home brew and was built by MArk Connelly Wa1ION back in the 80s but circuits are still available on he net and bet other old timers (sorry Kaz) undoubtedly have views on all this too (
Mar09 01:17 That's how I'm able to hear the 1KW PR pin in what otherwise be lost in a HUGE RFI haystack QKO (
Mar09 01:15 That's how I can hear a 1 KW NDB fr (
Mar09 01:15 That's how I can hear a 1 KW NDB fro (
Mar09 01:14 In the end think you'll find that some sort of phasing scheme is necessary to get rid of the other guys dimmers TVs etc, (
Mar09 01:08 The third and least efficient method in my opinion is phase the antenna system against a unit that uses a noise cancelling antenna (thereby increasing noise in the system just before it gets to the receiver like the Time Wave AN4 also expensive QKO (
Mar09 01:04 Units like the DX Engrs NCc-2 can do that expensively but reasonably well QKO (
Mar09 01:00 The Second best solution is remove the noise while still in the antenna system which can be accomplished with antenna phasing (
Mar09 00:58 So far me that means running 2 150 foot wires in landscaped parking trips that are just a bit removed from my own and other residence(s) QKO (
Mar09 00:56 The best solution short of turning off the offending device is to run an antenna that is not prone to picking up the external noise QKO (
Mar09 00:54 The trick on LW is getting rid of external noise from dimmers plasma TVs etc. QKO (
Mar09 00:53 And would be surprised if most SDR receivers have internal noise that can't be easily defeated as well QKO (
Mar09 00:52 And would (
Mar09 00:52 Dennis a good traditional hardware receiver or SDR in a hardware box think Icom has little or no internal noise QKO (
Mar09 00:49 Dennis a good traditional (
Mar08 22:34 990 WNTY Southington, CT "KOOL RADIO" new for me Dennis FM18 (
Mar08 15:58 Another question about loops. Ive added 4 turns to my 48" loop and have put a dual 365/250? pf in parallel with the existing 384 Variable cap and it still only tunes down to about 270 Khz. Any suggestions?? Dennis FM18 (
Mar08 15:54 For MW and LW would a Hardware radio be better than a good quality SDR suck as the RSP2? I'm concerned about computer generated noise which my PCR1000 suffers from when DXing. Dennis FM18 (
Mar08 14:12 Argh, sorry for the double, and that should be BKB, as in basketball, not BOB -- Rick (
Mar08 14:12 Argh, sorry for the double, and that should be BKB, as in basketball, not BOB -- Rick (
Mar08 14:11 TP 774 ABC Melbourne mixing with non-English speaker FAIR on peaks weaker carriers on 1566 WB6QKO (
Mar08 14:10 SRS 950 KWAT Watertown SD at 1334 UTC - Good signal w/mentions of Freeman, White River, and Waverly in rundown of action from the South Dakota girls state HS BOB tournament -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar08 14:07 SRS 950 KWAT Watertown SD art (
Mar08 14:07 SRS 950 KWAT Watertown SD art (
Mar08 04:14 Meanwhile no LW broadcast stations heard in CA this evening 73 Larry QKO (
Mar08 04:14 1330 KPTY Waterloo IA - Fair in KDTD splash w/modern pop music and ID as "107.3, The Party". UnID country station mixing with. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar08 04:12 Jack VK2XQ I'll post my furthest NDB for the evening which is (no surprise) DDP in San Juan PR on 391 at 3,378 miles not bad for 1 KW WB6QKO (
Mar08 04:00 1270 KNWC Sioux Falls SD - Fair with end of REL pgm "Intentional Living" with Randy Carlson, then "Faith Radio 1270" heard in ID by female. Probably the same station heard the hour before with "Insight For Living" -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar08 03:28 1270 WWWI Baxter MN - Very good with sports talk, wx forecast during ad break: "Here's a look at the 3 W I weather..." -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar08 03:25 And even though I'm DXing exclusively via the Overland Park SDR, 2 1/2 hours from my shack here, I'll contribute what I hear on LW, as well. More represenation from the U.S. and Canada on the NDB page would be worth it -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar08 02:59 Dennis FM18, we need participation on the NDB page from your side so everyone can look at propagation patterns and distances heard. If no one posts, no one knows. Jack VK2XQ (
Mar08 02:54 1280 KPRV Poteau OK - Good with "KPRV 1280" jingle ID sandwiched between Tom Jones' version of "The Green Green Grass of Home" and Air Supply's "Every Woman In the World" -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar08 02:36 My bad, not even 250...a better reception at 178! (
Mar08 02:36 1220 KJAN Atlantic IA - Fair for a brief moment w/clear taped "KJAN, Atlantic weather" ID before forecast. 250 watts getting out well tonight! -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar08 02:33 1220 KMVL Madisonville TX - Good w/ID: "You've found the station that....1220 AM and 98.9...KMVL", then into the Main Ingredient's "Everybody Plays The Fool" -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar08 02:25 1430 WYMC Mayfield KY - Very good over a cheating WGFS with Mayfield vs. Warren Central in the Kentucky HS basketball state tournament. May be on its non-directional day stick right now -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar08 02:04 Which stations are like waiting for Godot out here in CA and yes thanks for letting us drop below 530 kHz for a bit QKO (
Mar08 01:57 Go figure and a disproportionate of mine are from BC and Alberta but have heard Ontario too LW sky wave beginning but no sign of the LW broadcast stations QKO (
Mar08 01:51 I hope you guys don't mind the Beacon discussion here. On the Ndb page it sees everyone is from Australia or from that area. Doesn't help us here. Dennis FM18 (
Mar08 01:50 I don't know why but it seems there are a million little airports in Canada. I think most of my Ndbs come out of Ontario and Quebec. Furthese west I've had is Georgia. Dennis (
Mar08 01:47 That's quite a trip for CBC at 600 Watts Dennis (
Mar08 01:45 Yep Enciclopedia's piano music on 530 is over S9 to me right now too but no skywave yet on LW QKO (
Mar08 01:37 I regularly log DDP and have heard CBC too here in CA but can never hear anything further east for some reason QKO (
Mar08 01:36 I've got Cuba blasting in here at an S9+10 here this evening mixing ocassionally with CIAO Dennis FM18 (
Mar08 01:35 I'm in Central Virginia - Dennis FM18fa (
Mar08 01:29 GO Dennis where are you located? WB6QKO (
Mar08 01:14 I use the PCR 1000 for LW. Dennis (
Mar08 01:14 Matt - Before I rebuilt the 36" loop into a 48" I logged about 40 beacons in 3 nights including CBC in the Caymans and DDP in San Juan with just the loop being tuned to 530 - 1700. Dennis (
Mar08 01:11 I just added a few turns to my loop and hooked an extra dual Variable Cap I had laying around in parallel with the existing one. It's tough to tell what range I'm getting but I've managed to fine tune one of my local beacons but its hard to tell how low it goes without a station to tune. Dennis (
Mar08 01:04 Dennis: two antennas: a wellbrook loop (works better below about 200 and above 400) and an LF engineering E probe (works better between about 200 and 400 ) -matt (
Mar08 00:18 Matt: What are you using for an antenna for LW ???? Dennis FM18 (
Mar07 23:52 [16:37] LOL, of course you have, Tom. :) I have a recording of WSBT 960 made at Rob Kramer's place in Chicago in 1/4/1989 during which they use the slogan "Michiana's Great Radio Station". That was back when they were still Top 40 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar07 20:09 [16:01] I'll try to remember to check LW tonight. -- Mark/IN (
Mar07 17:21 Yeah Maui sounds like it's suffering significantly from only having an HF antenna and haven't found anything further west without locals on 846 QKO (
Mar07 16:45 [01:01] First time I used the Maui, it was a monster SDR. I have given up on it now. Sad, because I wanna avoid Honolulu AM./cdel96 (
Mar07 16:37 [04:07] Hmmm, I've heard of Michiana. TL-IN (EN61) (
Mar07 16:01 Anybody west of (thanks) Matt in DC hearing TA Long Wave? QKO (
Mar07 14:00 TP 747 UNID bits of English audio breaking through as the sun rises on another rainy day in LA WB6QKO (
Mar07 14:00 TP 747 UNID bits of English audio breaking through as the sun rises on another rainy day in LA WB6QKO (
Mar07 13:48 TP 1566 HLAZ achieving channel dominance with Korean speaking ID // Simple Radio GOOD QKO (
Mar07 13:26 TP 774 ABC Melbourne in again this am with callin show good sig on peaks QKO (
Mar07 09:34 TP 657 Wellington NZ tt FAIR with what sounds like religious broadcast QKO (
Mar07 09:17 TP 846 Radio Kiribati with Island music excellent on peaks in CA WB6QKO (
Mar07 09:11 That's their good het and weak audio on the SDR QKO (
Mar07 09:07 CDE Kiribati is weakly audible on the Oahu SDR right now // Radiobox and good signal in CA WB6QKO (
Mar07 08:05 At 1570, it's XERF as usual. Definitely a fluke or maintenance-related thing on Sun night when the sounds of Mexicana were replaced by EE Bible teachings of KBCV and country of WFRL. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar07 08:03 Just KXTL, KAST and what I think was KSOP buried underneath both at 12AM TOH on 1370. No sign of KWTL. If they were on day power, I wouldn't have noticed. 12KW and a massive pattern towards PacNW...but not even 1,100 miles makes the trip? > Yakima CN96 (
Mar07 07:34 I've already made the log of the month anyways - don't know if I'll ever hear WFRL-1570 again, day power or otherwise. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar07 07:33 I will try and check 1370 before I go to bed. KWTL is needed but the 800-pound gorilla from Butte is likely to screw up prospects. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar07 06:14 A DXer in Montreal received Radio Rebelde Cuba on 670 mixed in with Chicago - around 0500 UTC - Kegan EM26te (
Mar07 05:44 TA 171 Morocco. Matt Washington DC (
Mar07 05:34 1630 KRND Fox Farm, WY -- Mexican music matches webstream; generally clear signal. KY/EM66tx (
Mar07 05:03 1620 WNRP Gulf Breeze FL - Fair at the top of the hour with ID: "...1620 AM and 99.3 FM...Gulf Breeze..." FL #1 for me on this SDR -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar07 04:46 1370 KWTL Grand Forks ND - LOUD with mentions of "EWTN" during Catholic-themed call-in show discussing Ash Wednesday. No QUESTION this one is running the 12000 watt day power!! -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar07 04:24 1430 WGFS Covington GA - Fair to good with black gospel music, with the same songs as what I'm hearing on the webstream, which is about a minute behind the OTA signal. Probably running the 3900 watt day stick -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar07 04:07 [13:15] Of course, Mark, the best known combination of a two-state region would have to be Michiana! And among the stations I still need from there on this SDR are WKZO-590, WSBT-960, WHFB-1060, WHLY-1580, and WTVB-1590. No longer need WIMS, though! :) -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar07 04:03 1420 WIMS Michigan City, Indiana at 03:59 UTC - In there under KTOE with "WIMS" definitely heard during legal ID. First Indiana logging for me on this SDR! -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar07 03:44 Whoops DDP is on 391 khz sorry (
Mar07 03:41 And have no trouble hearing DDP in Puerto RICO on 392 khz well over 3000 miles from CA and it runs 1 KW go figure QKO (
Mar07 03:33 BRAVO Matt I check 252 regularly but not a sign of those LW powerhouses QKO (
Mar07 02:30 TA 252 R Algeria (French service). Ok, not MW, but a first here. Matt Washington DC (
Mar07 01:01 Plus noticed that Maui SDR is up only with an 80 -10 myths dipole WB6QKO (
Mar07 00:57 cde well thats not helpful but Kiribati is always iffy to me because of its LOW modulation WKO (
Mar06 17:49 [17:48] Hearing GY 1340 Arcata CA + 630 San Antonio makes me think that, although Anchorage sounds good early mornings./cd (
Mar06 17:48 It seems the Oahu SDR has a mainly-to-the-east antenna. No Australiasians I hear, and Kiribati is iffy./cdel96 (
Mar06 16:07 Favorite TP fishing hole for me is 1566 QKO (
Mar06 16:03 Mark thanks for checking in have locals on near 702 and 738 QKO (
Mar06 14:17 Carriers on most other splits no luck on audio QKO (
Mar06 14:06 TP 774 ABC Melbourne in at full quieting right now WB6QKO (
Mar06 13:16 OOops, I meant "Arkahoma" instead of Arkiana.... -- Mark/IN (
Mar06 13:15 [3:02] - I wonder if you can count "Arkiana" as a new state? Or Texarkana, or Kentuckiana, or several others I've heard here and there... :^) -- Mark/IN (
Mar06 12:19 SRS 1290 WIRL Peoria, IL - Fair with "...Super Hits WIRL" heard in liner after Ike & Tina Turner's version of "Proud Mary" -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar06 12:10 Carriers seen on west superloop this morning: 531, 549, 594, 603, 612, 702, 729, 738. No audio on any of them, strongest probably 702 and 738. -- Mark/IN (
Mar06 10:39 TP 774 ABC Melbourne with female ABC radio station ID FAIR WB6QKO (
Mar06 04:07 850 WKNR Cleveland,OH (new) Dennis FM18 (
Mar06 03:55 [03:40] Before that, I heard WLDS with a mention of sister station WEAI at 9:30 PM CST - But not sure if I had the stations callsigns right at the time. - Kegan EM26te (
Mar06 03:40 1180 WLDS Jacksonville, IL - 9:35 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Mar06 03:39 I can get KOA somewhat regularly here. A few west coast loggings, and the rare trans Atlantic (Spain on 855). Matt (
Mar06 03:22 WWL is back (
Mar06 03:22 Matt, what's the most distant station you've logged on AM from your present location. (
Mar06 03:17 Sounds like CUBA is just wiping out lots of US stations tonight Dennis (
Mar06 03:16 870 R. Reloj w/ID at 0316 Dennis FM18 (
Mar06 03:02 1230 KFPW Fort Smith AR - Very good at 02:59 UTC w/nice legal ID: "You're listening to the Voice of Arkahoma since 1930....KFPW...Fort Smith..." -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar06 02:55 [02:48] Sacrilege! NO station should be covering WWL on Fat Tuesday! :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar06 02:48 870 R. Reloj covering WWL. Matt Washington DC (
Mar06 02:10 950 KFSA Fort Smith AR - Atop w/ID for FM: "The all-new Hog Country, 99.1", then into a modern C&W song. First time ever heard for me from anywhere. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar06 01:33 1490 KOBM Omaha NE - In there amongst the pileup with "Boomer Radio" heard in liner between Manfred Mann's "Do Wah Diddy" and the Beatles' "Hello Goodbye". -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar06 01:04 1400 KTMC McAlester OK - Fair in mess w/"KTMC" heard in the legal ID, then into a version of "Through The Years" NOT by Kenny Rogers -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar06 00:58 650 R. Rebelde starting to wash over usual WSM. Matt Washington DC (
Mar06 00:48 I use a TV antenna for FM with my Sony XDR F1HD and RTL-SDR. I also have a PCR 1000 Dennis FM18 (
Mar06 00:29 [00:20] Dennis, that's what I've just done for my FM antenna using two 6' long wooden dowels nailed into a T, then stuck down inside a microphone stand. My dipole antenna is strapped to the T. I'm ready to go for this season! :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar06 00:25 I don't have too much trouble on AM but on FM Charlottewsville kills me unless theres some good Es, then they seem to disappear. Dennis (
Mar06 00:23 I'm in Ladysmith so I'm not too close to Richmond OR DC. My biggest nemesis is Charlottesville. Dennis FM18 (
Mar06 00:22 Matt: You must really get blasted by DC stations there. Dennis (
Mar06 00:20 MATT: Just built a 4' PVC loop on an unbrella stand so it swivels here in my shack. Dennis FM18 (
Mar06 00:16 TA 855 het only. Matt Washington DC (
Mar06 00:15 Hi Dennis. Im in FM18lw, making us sort of neighbors. Using a loop on the roof. -matt (
Mar06 00:14 Hi Dennis. Im in FM18lw. Sort of a neighbor! (
Mar06 00:01 1620 R. Rebelde Cuba. Got loud at 0000 UTC and wiped out other stations on freq. Dennis FM18 (
Mar05 23:58 1620 WNRP Gulf Breeze, FL new log Dennis FM18 (
Mar05 23:22 Het Matt, nice to see a semi-local DXer on here. Dennis FM18fa (
Mar05 23:14 1710 wqfg689. TIS Hudson county NJ. Q4. Matt Washington DC (
Mar05 21:04 1490 KWXT Dardanelle, AR - 3:01 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Mar05 04:49 Thanks Kaz! Always great to snag another rare one from the Midwest. Now to try for KAKK MN (250w) or WSCO WI (331w). > Yakima CN96 (
Mar05 04:22 Re: 550 KRAI they've often been running day power 24/7 this season. KAZ-IL (
Mar05 00:27 [0716] very nice and yes it was that cold near here! KAZ-IL (
Mar05 00:27 [0716] very nice and yes it was that cold near here! KAZ-IL (
Mar04 22:45 [05:22] Have logged KRAI here several times the last few months, often with a clear signal. KY/EM66tx (
Mar04 21:44 1530 WCTR Chestertown, MD-w/M.J. "Somebody's Watching Me" Dennis FM18 1kw 114 miles (
Mar04 21:25 1520 WARR Warrenton, NC w/R&B and Soul Gold - new logging Dennis FM18 (
Mar04 15:36 1440 KETX Livingston TX - 9:33 AM CST - Mention of East Texas and '1440 The Score' - Kegan EM26te (
Mar04 13:30 [05:22] KRAI has been showing up at night a lot lately on SDRs in Kansas City and north Texas, so my guess would be the former -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar04 11:41 660 KTNN with Native American music sometimes overtaking CFFR (usually S4-S5 here), which had two women trading off on local and other news. Old 1967 transistor multibander + loop. So King Co WA (
Mar04 08:42 1410 KWYO Sheridan WY w/ ID, strong (day pattern still likely). Off to bed. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 08:41 1590 KVGB Great Bend KS '1590 and 97.7' in Coast to Coast break. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 08:19 DX 1670, 1700 - a pair of CBS Sports Radio's with WOZN Madison WI, KBGG Des Moines IA, both // with Amy Lawrence. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 08:11 Heard an 800 number around 0003, 800-345-???? for something, but not sure what that was. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 08:10 Recent check of 1570 has KBCV with Bott promos and sermon // stream, still mixing with WFRL IL and even a third one is buried in EE. I'd love for that to be WSCO. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 07:54 1240 Stale from 2200 PT, but heard a strong KSUE Susanville TOH ID. No sign of KLZN-1490, well wanted. Also 1230 earlier had BBCWS from KSJK Talent OR. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 07:24 Dolly Parton's "Yellow Roses" on 1570 right now still // stream to WFRL! > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 07:18 There's also a sermon on 1570 that has to be KBCV MO, which is a relog. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 07:17 I think they said 14 degrees instead of -4, supposed to be 'partly cloudy' tomorrow PM but they may have said 'partly overcast.' > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 07:16 They are // to 92.1 WFPS FM in Freeport. Unbelievable this made it in. Is XERF off or weak...because normally Ciudad Acuna is dominant all night. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 07:16 DX 1570 WFRL Freeport IL...omg!!!! Weather forecast, mentioned overcast, negative temperature (-4?), faded out, faint 'Redneck Woman' Gretchen Wilson // stream. NEW!!!! 500w...unexpected! > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 05:58 740 CFZM Toronto, ON - 11:47 PM CST - Mixing with KRMG Tulsa, OK - Kegan EM26te (
Mar04 05:51 1000 WMVP Chicago, IL - 11:46 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Mar04 05:22 KRAI never used to make it at night. Wonder what happened? Are they failing to cut the 5KW or is their 500W pattern pulling a bullseye towards me? > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 05:21 560 KMON Great Falls classic country over KPQ. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 05:20 550 KRAI-AM Craig CO '55 Country KRAI' in and out with KOAC, KARI (Blaine WA) > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 05:20 Wonder why KLUP (Conservative Talk) would have gone to Townhall or SRN news at :01? Normally the news/talk stations go right into TOH news on time... > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 05:14 Actually, Yak, I now think what I heard what "KLUP" instead of "KIUP". Danged FCC has to put similar-sounding calls on the same freq! :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar04 05:12 Two months of wintertime DX and only one new log to count for it all just seems...odd. Too much apartment RFI and the same 300 stations. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 05:11 And yet, the AMs that I really need, I can't seem to find. I could knock out 3 or 4 more CA stations if the conditions would open up, and it doesn't need auroral conditions. But they never come...e.g. 1490 Susanville, 1460 Monterrey, 1520 Hollister. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 05:10 [0235] I've noticed too much of that crap on the graveyarders lately. PSAs and direct-response ads in between national news, and boom...right into Coast to Coast. Wasn't long ago that it was easy to catch something LOCAL at :05-:06 past the hour, whether WX forecast or ads. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 05:08 [0103] Wow, NICE catch! I'm glad that when I move up to Ellensburg, 930 is mostly open. The 100-something watts of KYAK barely make it up to Kittitas at night, so I should be clear for Sheridan WY or Granby CO, both well wanted. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar04 05:03 1360 WSAI, Cincinnati, OH - 11:00 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Mar04 04:58 WFLF Pine Hills, FL. Talked about "Good Morning Orlando" show Dennis FM18 (
Mar04 04:41 1650 KCNZ Cedar Falls, IA weak mixed w/ CINA and CKZW 1Kw Dennis FM18fa (
Mar04 04:32 800 CKLW Windsor, ON - "AM 800 CKLW" - 10:30 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Mar04 02:48 [02:32] In a word---yes./cdel96 (
Mar04 02:35 ...when nearly every frequency except for the clears sounds like a graveyarder. Utterly ridiculous. :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar04 02:35 Stations galore are cheating, the FCC doesn't care, and corporate-run clusters don't give a darn (although I WANT to say something stronger, I really do) about their AM stations. You'll all pardon me, but I just have to blow off some steam here. I really don't know if it's worth it anymore waiting for IDs that never come... (
Mar04 02:32 ...and, of course, it faded out right after Joe came on. I"m SURE this was a new catch for me, but I now have NO idea who it was. I got so mad, I unplugged my headphones and hurled them across my bedroom. Is THIS what AM has become? :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar04 02:31 I should share what just happened to me here. Caught someone on 910 with a LOUD signal coming out of national news and into a minute-long national ad. Then, at 6 after, right into Joe Pags. No ID whatsoever, and not even so much as a local weather forecast that would've helped me nail down whoever this was.... (
Mar04 01:29 800 Khz. TWR Bonaire into FM-05 this evening. (
Mar04 01:24 SSS 1120 KCRN CO started a long list of C.R.N, stations at 0058:50 and went off at 0100. New for CO #52 KAZ-IL EN52we (
Mar04 01:19 SSS 770 KATL Miles City MT - Atop w/NBC Sports Radio update, then "KATL" heard in promo for Southeast Montana Athlete of the Week. MT #1 using this SDR -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar04 01:05 By the way, I'm getting what I'm sure is WGAD in Alabama with Dick Bartley's "Classic Countdown" show this week spotlighting the top hits from 1983. Stream matches up 100%. Mixing with WTAD in Illinois, which is carring Univ. of Illinois basketball -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar04 01:03 SSS 930 KIUP Durango CO - Weak but in there w/"KIUP" heard during late legal ID at 01:01 UTC. First time heard from ANY of my QTHs since the DX test of the 1994-95 season. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Mar04 01:02 SSS 930 KIUP Durango CO - Weak but in there w/"KIUP (
Mar04 01:01 1210 KOKK may be on day power. They're unusually strong here - EN35ID (
Mar04 00:46 1210 KOKK Huron SD - 6:44 PM CST - with weather - mention of -10 at the station - Kegan EM26te (
Mar03 19:55 ....Given that it is the change of months, I wondered if they may have changed sites or something. ~𝑲𝑴𝑮𝑪~ FN42nn36 (
Mar03 19:52 {19:02] Well, yeah, the *page* is there, but the last post was Wed nite-Thu morng, which is well over "normal dormancy" for them. ~𝑲𝑴𝑮𝑪~ FN42nn36 (
Mar03 19:02 [16:39] Using that URL, I just accessed it with no problems -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Mar03 16:39 Is http://www.hard-core-dx.com/archive/irca down, did they move, or is just no one listening (LOL! P=) ? (
Mar03 06:44 530 CHLO Brampton, ON is booming into VA w/250 W nite power Dennis FM18 (
Mar03 06:38 1700 KKLF Grupera - Richardson, TX w/Mexican music //Tunein Dennis FM18 (
Mar03 06:03 860 CJBC Toronto, ON - 12:00 AM CST - Mixing with KKOW Pittsburg, KS - Kegan EM26te (
Mar03 06:02 860 CJBC, Toronto, ON - 12:00 AM CST - Mixing with KKOW, Pittsburg, KS - Kegan EM26te (
Mar03 05:40 [18:52] aside from a new stn on 1300 a couple months ago, it's been the same here. I think we had much better conditions when sunspots were higher 7 years ago. So King Co WA (
Mar03 00:14 KCWJ dominant over KFAY at times - Kegan EM26te (
Mar02 23:33 1030 KCWJ Blue Springs, MO - "1030 AM KCWJ" - 5:30 PM CST - Mixing with KFAY Fayetteville, AR - Kegan EM26te (
Mar02 18:52 I mean, I don't recall a January or February with just one new log in those two months combined, but it happened. > Yakima CN96 (
Mar02 18:52 DXed for 15 minutes last night, nothing out of the ordinary. Yawn. With 781 AM logs, finding a new one is like pulling hen's teeth. The graveyarders I need and/or regional channels, never show up... > Yakima CN96 (
Mar02 03:20 SSS semi-AU here in NE IL. 1100 KWWN NV well u/WTAM. 1130 KXET OR barely briefly with Russian. Nothing found yet from NM/AZ which should be coming in during these cx. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Mar02 02:35 1530 KGBT TX likely on day power often clobbering WCKY with Univision Deportes Radio. KAZ-IL (
Mar02 01:04 830 khz - WCRN - Worcester, MA - 3/2 @ 0055 UT - Oldies format: (Stuck in the Middle, Ride Captain Ride by Blues Image) clear ID, // to Edinburgh SDR and webstream. My first new one in months - TL-IN (EN61) (
Mar01 19:55 https://dxworld.com/60mlog.html (
Mar01 19:54 test (
Mar01 06:55 I haven't checked yet, but according to their FB page, 0.680 WRKO is supposed to be off this am until 0900z for xmtr work ~𝑲𝑴𝑮𝑪~ FN42nn36 (
Mar01 06:18 1380 WWMI "THE BIZ" Tampa/ST. Pete New Log 6.5 Kw Dennis FM18fa (
Mar01 06:06 380 WWMI "THE BIZ" Tampa/ST. Pete New Log 6.5 Kw Dennis FM18fa (
Mar01 04:46 AU @ 2100 EST 1380 WWMI St. Petersburg, FLORIDA NEW STN 9.8/6.5 KW. "AM 1380 The Biz WWMI St. Petersburg" ID into Town Hall News de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Mar01 04:37 1700 WJCC "Radio Mega" Miami Springs, FL - Stream Match - Dennis FM18fa (
Mar01 04:30 1700 KBGG "CBS The Champ" Des Moines, IA 881 Mi. 1Kw Dennis FM18fa (
Mar01 04:01 Au 670 WWFE Miami, FLORIDA ID by Male DJ in EE and Spanish "Este Es La Poderosa 670 AM" Jingles and SS Talk RELOG de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Mar01 03:58 Au @ 2100 EST 880 WZAB Sweetwater, FLORIDA ID as "WZAB Sweetwater- South Florida's Only Entrepreneurial Station" Biz Talk 4/5 KW NEW STN de ROB VA#SW EN92 (
Mar01 03:00 US anthem SSB now 2200 EST... (
Mar01 03:00 1710 has flute and other instrumental music...think my spurs are gone. Saul ON (
Mar01 02:59 1710 ... sports was a spur. Fixed that. Have music station much more clearly now... Saul ON (
Mar01 02:55 The 1710 music spans several decades; e.g., versions of "Mood Indigo" and "A Taste of Honey," Bee Gees' "Heartbreaker," Beatles' "Yesterday," a Johnny Mathis song. KY/EM66tx (
Mar01 02:52 1710...is that really live sports play by play? Saul ON (
Mar01 02:46 1710 ... thanks Rob, also had male voice but unsure if same stn. Had 40s era female jazz singer... (
Mar01 02:41 1710 Saul...I also have the Oldies Music with a Male DJ speaking between songs here in London de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Mar01 02:39 [02:22] A second signal overlays the music one; the second might be an athletic event in Spanish. KY/EM66tx (
Mar01 02:22 1710 at Burnt River ON ... An oldies song (title unknown, by Chicago) fading in weak. This is not //CHIM. Saul ON (
Mar01 01:15 1710 UNID - music; difficult to ID songs through noise and lightning crashes, but could make out a version of "It's Now or Never. KY/EM66tx (
Mar01 00:01 1620 - WNRP Pensacola-Gulf Breeze FL - After reviewing the recording, I hrd "WEAR", not "WNAR": "WEAR Ch. 3 news, live on newsradio 92-3 FM 1620 AM Gulf Breeze-Pensacola". -- Mark/IN (
Feb28 22:45 ....WDHP 1620 in USVI used to sell time to clandestine R Repblica, and I think Cuba wanted to jam it (all 1000 watts of WDHP at night)!/cd (
Feb28 22:43 I believe that some of the 1620's from Cuba are gone now; there used to be a bunch of them...>/cdel96 (
Feb28 22:42 [22:09] That 1620 has always been WNRP; R-L shows no changes./cdel96 (
Feb28 22:11 1620 - Also heard Cuba in there briefly as well. Will check recording when I get home re the WNAR. -- Mark/IN (
Feb28 22:09 1620 - hrd "Gulf Breeze / Pensacola" mentioned at TOH (2200) then also thought I heard "WNAR" in there... WNAR not listed at topaz or MWLIST, but shows up in google searches. ??? -- Mark/IN (
Feb28 21:03 ...and I got a shock last week when my normal 70s and 80s oldies station, KGOR 99.9, played Green Day's "Time Of Your Life". That is, until I remembered that THAT song came out in 1998! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb28 21:00 [17:53] Yak, keep in mind that anything late 70s is now FORTY years old. So, yes, "Heart of Glass" would definitely qualify as an oldie... (
Feb28 19:55 Elevated geomagnetic activity currently; started last night. -- Mark/IN (
Feb28 17:53 But the noise level was still quite high on some channels. I barely had CFZM come out of an S7-S9 noise level on 740khz...Blondie's 'Heart of Glass'! They are actually playing late '70s music now? > Yakima CN96 (
Feb28 17:52 and 1700 KKLF TX was mixing with XEPE late. (
Feb28 17:51 I finally DXed a little bit last night. Not very interesting, but heard a few oddities. 600 KCOL CO with Coast to Coast, 730 KDBI ID still on day power with Regional Mexican... > Yakima CN96 (
Feb28 16:11 WOW some nice loud music on Kiribati Radio Box but nothing on the Oahu SDR maybe gray line propagation is over for that path too QKO (
Feb28 16:07 Yes that's also a good reference when its operational was just getting a bit of English on 846 Oahu but seems to have faded now QKO (
Feb28 15:42 sounds like 2 stations together. I will have to keep that handy./cd (
Feb28 15:41 I just checked R Kiri stream, https://onlineradiobox.com/ki/kiribati/?cs=ki.kiribati&played=1 /cdel96 (
Feb28 15:12 Or I sometimes fall asleep with 846 in the headphones before Kiribati is audible and am pleasantly surprised when the come wafting in some hours later QKO (
Feb28 15:00 ....0700 is way too late for me. I just thought I'd check./cd (
Feb28 15:00 [14:36] Love it. The Maui one used to be better IIRC, but it seems that the antenna was severely downgraded./cdel96 (
Feb28 14:36 What did you think of the Oahu SDR ? QKO (
Feb28 14:35 cde196 stay after them and think you'll nail it especially when they stay on with music past 0700 GMT as when I heard them earlier this week QKO (
Feb28 14:17 But sounded like Kiribati to me as their audio especially on call in shows is LOW QKO (
Feb28 14:15 Cde196 sorry was asleep by 0700 last night and when I checked 846 after 0800 GMT was only hearing an open carrier QKO (
Feb28 14:12 TP 657 UNID English newscast at TOH New Zealand POOR WB6QKO (
Feb28 07:04 Hearing something on the Oahu, tuned to 844 - should be Kiribati (0700 UTC, 846 off-tuned on purpose), but voices not strong./cdel96 (
Feb28 06:12 560 (Bonaire SDR) likely the BBC//Dom Rep./cdel96 (
Feb28 06:03 560 ....break./cdel96 (
Feb28 06:03 560 (Dom Rep SDR) with BBC WS; could this be Guyana? Time pips at TOH I think, so no local (
Feb28 06:02 [00:24] I always off-tune 2 kHz in AM mode to fight adjacents; 844 oughta bring in Kiribati./cdel96 (
Feb28 04:06 1710 - anyone who needs the Hudson County NJ TIS tonight's the night ... weird one-word loop screw-up in progress. Saul ON (
Feb28 00:24 The Hi on 850 might also be a challenge my 850 is KOA and am receiving Kiribati on a wire favoring the west QKO (
Feb28 00:20 Not sure how good the Oahu SDR is but will load it on my iPhone and check next time Kitibai is coming in well to SoCal QKO (
Feb28 00:17 cde 196 well HI and Kiribati are about 2000 miles apart but Kiribati should be getting to HI once theres good nighttime prpogation between them WB6QKO (
Feb27 21:18 [08:35] Shouldn't the Oahu SDR be hearing this 846 fairly easily? I never can catch that one./cdel96 (
Feb27 14:48 Just fading out now well after China National Radio's het on 1593 is gone QKO (
Feb27 14:27 TP 1566 UNID Chinese dominant again this am at excellent signal levels on peaks WB6QKO more after coffee WB6QKO (
Feb27 13:30 1490 KDMO Carthage MO at 13:28 UTC - Briefly over KTOP w/"...Fabulous 1490 KDMO" ID by female after "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" by Willie & Julio (who AREN'T down by the schoolyard!) -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb27 08:47 Kirabati has often gone open carrier after 0800 GMT but is in with some well modulated music and excellent signal strength right now QKO (
Feb27 08:35 TP 846 on the other hand Radio Kirabati is in right now with slightly off key island music that is full quieting on peaks QKO (
Feb27 08:35 TP 846 on the other hand Radio Kirabati is in right now with slightly off key island music that is full quieting on peaks QKO (
Feb27 08:34 THANKS all don't have any luck with TA LW either but can't understand why NDBs come in from 1000s of miles away with such low power but no LW dx WB6QKO (
Feb27 04:50 Heck I have NO luck with TA MW...just hets, some strong. Had several big hets on 1134 when Croatia was heard all over the PacNW 10 years ago. No audio. TP on the other hand is easy peasy. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb27 04:49 'Variable 4, westerly 5, then southerly 5 or 6...', maybe someday! > Yakima CN96 (
Feb27 04:48 [0035] I've tried for many years, but nothing but the faintest het on 162khz when France was actually running a real LW station (not just time bursts). I'd love to hear 198 BBC Radio 4 and the Shipping Forecast, someday, someday. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb27 03:39 WB6QKO: There is a VK4 currently on 137KHz Larry with a low power temp licence/permit, have not heard him so far, often check for it. 60 & 40KHz JJY and 68.5KHz BPL Time Signals regulars here most mornings. Jack VK2XQ. (
Feb27 03:37 WB6QKO: I DX the NDB band nightly this way, max distances 2,000-3,500kms about the best this summer, often tune 137 and 475KHz but nil heard here so far. Jack VK2XQ (
Feb27 03:27 1490 KWXT Dardanelle AR - Fair w/"...1490 KWXT" ID heard, then into Southern Gospel music. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb27 03:19 I don't go after Europeans on longwave, have never had a desire to. And where I'm at in the landlocked middle of the USA, hearing Europeans on longwave is going to be difficult for me, although not impossible -- Rick in South Omaha Nebraska EN21af (
Feb27 03:12 I've been playing with LW aero beacons the past 2 weeks. Logged 35 the first 2 days. Many from Ontario and one each from P. R. and Caymans. Dennis FM 18 (
Feb27 02:29 Rick, so are you hearing any Europeans on LW I can hear aero beacons as Far East as Zpuerto Rico bit nothing from Europe thanks QKO (
Feb27 02:13 QKO, I do, but that's just when I'm chasing after aerobeacons on 198 - 521 Khz -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb27 00:38 SSS 1050 KMTA Miles City, MT // tunein. If I had my way this would be the very last radio station I'd ever receive via DX - En35ID (
Feb27 00:35 RANDOMNESS -- anyone out there that DXes the LW 153 - 279 kHz spectrum? WB6QKO (
Feb26 23:39 [23:38] Mention of the Dakota News Network at 5:32, 5:34 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Feb26 23:38 1210 KOKK Huron SD - 5:34 PM CST - with weather - Kegan EM26te (
Feb26 23:06 1160 WYLL Chicago IL - "1160 Hope" mention at 5:03 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Feb26 16:12 [13:42] I'm thinking either XEN - or XERG - XERG would be closer. - Kegan EM26te (
Feb26 16:08 [13:42] Thanks Rick - Kegan EM26te (
Feb26 15:39 Plus for West Coast USA would start listening around 1230 GMT maybe catch RYN on 338 kHz at 400 watts Cheers QKO (
Feb26 15:08 Jack know LLD runs 2kw and did hear 3NE AUZon 1566 yesterday which is at 5kw so don't give up QKO (
Feb26 15:05 Nothing on 353KHz from LLD, only LRE Longreach 599, six or seven NZ NDB's coming in is best I can do for around 2,300kms...Jack VK2XQ. (
Feb26 14:52 1044 "ZB Talk Radio", Dunedin, New Zealand, "Ian Hargraves, waiting for your call" Syndicated talk back around NZ. 5X9 plus 15dB over report for 2,212kms. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb26 14:51 1035 "ZB Talk Radio" Wellington, New Zealand advert "cheap summer Pacific cruises" Titahi Bay transmitter at 50Kw. 5X9 plus 20dB over report for 2,321kms. Cracking signal! Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb26 14:50 Too much splatter and cross modulation from Australian stations, also New Zealand powering in too doesn't help...Jack. (
Feb26 14:38 Jack 353 kHz LLD Lanai also still audible so Good Hunting QKO (
Feb26 14:36 WB6QKO: Will have a look for Hawaii and west coast USA Larry, thanks for the posting of ABC Melbourne which is a high powered station...Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Feb26 14:36 TP 1566 UNID Chinese dominant at good sig level right now QKO (
Feb26 14:30 TP 1566 HLAZ tt // Arctic SdR with piano and hymn above UNID Chinese also audible on the Arctic SDR at times WB6 QKO (
Feb26 14:16 TP 774 ABC Melbourne in at good signal level // Simple Radio stream right now WB6 QKO (
Feb26 13:42 [06:05] Kegan, I've been getting XEN a lot here lately, if that helps any -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb26 13:19 Re: Spanish on 840...I had KVJY in Pharr, Texas coming in here u/WHAS Saturday night around 1945 CST. Wonder if they're leaving the power on all night? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb26 11:32 690 could be Mex City or any other Mexican in that time zone ... all stations have anthems at midnight and 0600 local. Saul ON (
Feb26 06:05 690 - UnID - With the Mexican National Anthem - 11:59 PM-12:00 AM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Feb26 04:36 Looks like my westerly one was WRYM New Britain, CT, 'Viva 107.3 & 840.' Heard same guys, ads, and phone numbers on Webcast. NEW! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb26 04:24 The other was more of a westerly QTE, with upbeat SS mx and deep-voiced OM between records; perhaps ads after record. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb26 04:23 One I presume was Cuba -- barely audible toward the south with nostalgic-sounding mx and YL singing with seemingly childish voice. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb26 04:23 WHAS is back as of 2315 EST; while they were off, I had two SS stations in. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb26 04:16 Some adjacent channel interference on 840 from 830 WCCO Minneapolis MN and 850 KOA Denver CO - Kegan EM26te (
Feb26 04:10 [03:53] I'm hearing someone with "Ferrell on the Bench" TL-IN (EN61) (
Feb26 04:09 [03:53] I'm hearing the same. - Kegan EM26te (
Feb26 03:53 DX ALERT - 840 WHAS is OFF or on OC, Latins in ... Saul ON (
Feb26 03:28 1510 -- strange noise ... somebody has a problem. Saul ON (
Feb26 02:14 I should also note: seems like KMOX turned its HD back on today; noting the HD flashing on 1120. Local WRDT-560 also turned theirs back on today. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb26 02:13 830 WCRN Worcester, MA - Fair with Classic Hits, Webcast match. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb26 02:13 Mark, two listed as classical on 1260: WWVT Christianburg, VA or WSHU Westport, CT. I can't look thanks to HD fizz from 1270 local. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb26 00:10 1210 KUBR San Juan TX - 6:00 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Feb26 00:07 1260 UNID - Wagner overture to TOH, then gone, or lost to screaming sports announcers on Fox sports Indy WNDE. I think there was a soft-spoken YL announcer between selections, all classical. -- Mark/IN (
Feb26 00:04 Hearing a het off of 880 from 882 on car radio right now. Todden34it (
Feb25 23:42 1260 UNID - classical piece (Elgar orchestral piece acc. to shazam), best on S DKaz, fading in and out (mostly out but sometimes dominant), doesn't match any streams I can find online (Progreso, WSHU) -- Mark/IN (
Feb25 18:47 No doubt HLAZ, they are so strong in the mornings here, and especially in the fall. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb25 16:58 Ever hear Indonesia under HLAZ up that way am trying to sort out my 1566 jumble thanks again QKO (
Feb25 15:59 HLAZ is always super strong here... (
Feb25 15:43 Thanks Bjarne they sounded much better on your SDR than on my old NRD 515 Rx this am QKO (
Feb25 15:37 [14:37] If // to ArcticSDR, Korean is HLAZ yes. /Bjarne (
Feb25 14:37 TP 1566 UNID Korean speaker // Arctic SDR HLAZ ?? gOOD on peaks QKO (
Feb25 14:04 TP 1566 3NE Wangaratta AUS briefly atop the jumble at TOH with local adds FAIR WB6QKO (
Feb25 07:06 570 WNAX Yankton SD - 1:04 AM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Feb25 04:05 [20:46] Good news! Let's get Mike back on here! Robert OR (
Feb25 03:33 1240 WJON St. Cloud MN - Atop briefly with ad for St. Cloud Hyundai. A bit of a surprise, considering the distance, but I'll gladly take it. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb25 02:53 DX 870 R. Reloj Cuba - Hearing 2 Reloj's; one is about a second behind the other, on a good Cuba night. Listening on a DKAZ that was laid on the ground because of the high winds here. -- Mark/IN (
Feb25 01:30 Rick, you sure do know your country music! --Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri (
Feb25 00:05 SSS 930 KLUP Terrell Hills TX - Good with mentions of "WellMed Charitable Foundation" and "930 The Answer" heard in promo -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb24 23:58 SSS 910 KCJB Minot ND - Fair to good with Kenny & Dolly's "Islands In The Stream", then liner by female: "...thanks for hanging out with 91 Country KCJB...on kcjb910.com", and followed by Lee Roy Parnell's "What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am" -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb24 22:53 That's good news. Word is getting around that he's in hospital. One DXer who sort of knows him tried calling his home, and apparently someone hung up - not sure what happened there, but it might be nice if word could get through to his family that his DX friends are wishing him well; and maybe there is an OK route for people to send well wishes... Saul ON (
Feb24 20:46 Mike (VE7SKA) is in better shape this morning per a friend. His friend emailed me and told me that he's in better spirits and they are trying to put some weight on his bones. May he continue to recover! > Yakima CN96 (
Feb24 20:45 He (
Feb24 07:56 1430 WION apparently the one with 1 kHz test tones 05:35 until 06:12. /Bjarne, Arctic Norway (
Feb24 07:14 TP 846 Radio Kiribati tt male anncr // with Radio Box good sig on peaks WB6QKO (
Feb24 06:52 1430 KLO Ogden, UT // Northern Utah SDR. Todd also had a better copy. I'm counting that. En35id (
Feb24 06:52 DX 1430 KLO heard at 0035 central with song Save it for a rainy day and matches stream. New! Todden34it (
Feb24 05:54 That Christian music is an UNID. Todden34it (
Feb24 05:54 Confirming I hear the tone here. En35id (
Feb24 05:53 Super strong steady tone at.:51 still going Todden34it (
Feb24 05:39 Nothing resembling 'dx test' on 1430, but I think KBRC might be joining in the pileup with the other three. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb24 05:36 I gave up on WION. KZQZ too strong. Already have WION logged so no loss. En35id (
Feb24 05:16 They seemed to have popped in :12 after the hour with Christian music. Todden34it (
Feb24 05:11 1430 UNID w/ RAP music..Dennis FM18 (
Feb24 05:08 1430 a mix of KLO UT // stream (Gordon Lightfoot 'Sundown'), KYKN OR with local ad and KCLK WA with Fox Sports. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb24 05:08 1430 CHKT Fairchild Radio, Toronto, ON - Ethnic Chinese Dennis FM18 Looking for WION (
Feb24 05:07 Anyone hearing WION-1430? > Yakima CN96 (
Feb24 05:07 1430 WDAL Dalton, GA. w/ID at 0504 utc 478 Mi @ 72 W nite power - Dennis FM18 (
Feb24 04:56 560 KMON Great Falls MT with ID, as we get closer to the time of WION's DX Test. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb24 03:33 840 WHAS Louisville KY - and KTIC West Point NE - 5:34, 5:35 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Feb24 03:29 From Feb 20 - 590 KLBJ Austin TX - Around 5:59 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Feb24 03:29 540 KWMT Fort Dodge, IA - "True Country, 540 KWMT," winter weather warning, church closings; clear, consistent signal. KY/EM66tx (
Feb24 03:22 1250 KRRD Fayetteville AR - Good signal with "...northwest Arkansas, Red Dirt Country 106.1", then into modern C&W music. Checked 1390, and, sure enough, there's a simulcast going on with KFFK and K291CK 106.1. Has to be a very recent format change -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb24 02:53 1150 KCCT Corpus Christi TX - Fair in KCTO splash w/oldies by Tears For Fears and the Bee Gees, then liner: "Corpus Christi's retro hits, Retro 104.1". Confirmed via webstream. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb24 02:36 DX 1140 XEMR Monterrey Mexico - Briefly atop w/SS talk by young female, then into ballad sung by male. Webstream about 1 minute behind. Mixing with an unID Spanish Religion station, maybe KHFX? Can't find a stream for the latter. -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb24 02:12 1150 WHBY Kimberly WI - Fair to good with Univ. of Wisconsin BKB vs. Northwestern. Two 1150s in Wisconsin, but this is the one that's listed on the UW Network -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb24 01:55 740 KTRH Houston TX - Fair in a trio of stations with Houston Rockets BKB vs. Golden State, mentions of Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and James Harden. Hearing the Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing" underneath, which is a match for CFZM's stream -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb24 01:38 ...KVJY was purchased in March 2017 by the owners of the Radio Aleluya network, so the format certainly fits -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb24 01:37 840 KVJY Pharr TX - Mostly under, but sometimes over, WHAS with what sounds like Contemporary Christian music sung in Spanish. KiwiSDR from Lubbock Texas is bringing in an even stronger signal.... (
Feb24 01:19 730 KWOA Worthington MN at 01:12 UTC - Fair with liner: "Minnesota Timberwolves basketball on The Fan...and 100.3 FM, KWOA, Worthington". Not normally heard this far south at night, so northern conditions, as I stated before, are really cookin' tonight -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb24 00:51 590 unID Someone with Spanish talk after a banda song is walking all over KXSP just a mere 180 miles south of KXSP's transmitter. Trying to bring up a stream of XEPH (the most likely candidate) to match up, but not having any success -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb24 00:05 Blizzard conditions in Lincoln, Omaha, St. Joe, and KC are really bringing in stations from the north tonight. Fargo on 740, Mankato and Winona (MN) on 1230, Chippewa Falls on 790, and Alberta Lea (MN) on 1450 all coming in well -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb23 22:29 @ Mike BC...hang in there bro and heal up. We all miss you. KAZ-IL (
Feb23 22:27 @ Dennis...good job logging 2 new states! KAZ-IL (
Feb23 18:38 RFI and other noise WB6QKO (
Feb23 18:37 Yakima I'd be lost without a phasing unit on the lower freqs to get rid of all that (
Feb23 18:08 soon to be in grid CN97ra... (
Feb23 18:08 I'm in an apartment apartment right now. Not college. But then I'm moving up to a college apt in September up in Ellensburg (CWU). > Yakima CN9 (
Feb23 18:03 Reminds me of college in Laramie, WY. Lived in a highrise with about 100+ students. This was 2003. En35id (
Feb23 17:54 Last night I did not hear 740 KNFL, just CBX, and a ton of noise. In fact the whole 1st half of the band was noisy, apartment RFI, TVs, computers. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb23 17:53 Will be checking at 9PM but my chances are quite slim. KCLK, KYKN, KLO, KBRC, you name it, all on that channel. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb23 14:16 TP 774 ABC Melbourne tt in again this morning // Simple radio fair sig WB6QKO (
Feb23 13:33 Yak, that'd be Cedar Falls. Iowa Falls is about 42 miles west of Cedar Falls, and is the home to KIFG-1510. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb23 13:31 [06:52] Since WWFE 670 is a local, I oughta check out SDR's to the north tonight./cdel96 (
Feb23 07:34 1700 KBGG IA with CBS Sports over XEPE, and hearing a similar sound underneath KBJD on 1650 (no doubt KCNZ Iowa Falls) > Yakima CN96 (
Feb23 07:33 DX 1610 CHHA Toronto ON with PP or SS music and talk underneath local TIS. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb23 07:32 1600 KIVA Albuquerque NM, STRONG with mention of 'ABQradio.com', swapping with ESPN promos likely KEPN. 10KW day power, for sure. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb23 07:22 DX 1630 KRND - FOX FARM, WY - Stream match w/delay - Regional Mexican music - 1460 Miles - My first Wyoming Logging - Dennis FM18fa (
Feb23 07:04 DX 570 WNAX Yankton, SD My first SD logging. CBS Radio 570 w/ ID TOH - 1088 miles - Dennis FM18fa (
Feb23 06:52 Also Miami... again, still on day power. - En35ID (
Feb23 06:51 Hearing the Rebelde chorus under WSCR again - En35ID (
Feb23 06:35 Thats rare here Justin. Good goin. Todden34it (
Feb23 04:47 1380 CKPC Brantford, ON strong tonight - En35ID (
Feb23 04:13 Fargo. Damn this keyboard - En35ID (
Feb23 04:07 *day rig - En35ID (
Feb23 04:07 740 KNFL Fago, ND on day right, blowing away Zoomer Radio - En35ID (
Feb22 15:08 Jack VK2XQ AUZ makes it in here when condx are good before and after sunrise which is about 1430 GMT right now QKO (
Feb22 14:33 TP 1566 UNID good signal level jumble again this am WB6QKO (
Feb22 14:23 TP 1593 CNR Beijing tt catching bits of audio // with myTuner poor but audible WB6QKO (
Feb22 14:09 // Simple radio building now QKO (
Feb22 14:07 TP 774 ABC Melbourne tt with female news story fair on peaks WB6QKO (
Feb22 14:05 Mike yes seems to be kind of a regular for you but no Newfies on this end WB6QKO (
Feb22 10:43 Nice that Los Angeles makes it to Newfoundland in the static-ridden days of today ... Mike (
Feb22 10:29 1070 KNX Los Angeles, California with Traffic report, new items , ID's ... good signal currently into Newfoundland ... Allen NL (
Feb22 05:34 Think he started TV DXing full time around 1989. That's the date of his first DX log on the Beta tape. (A partial sign off from KSWK-3 Lakin KS, btw) > Yakima CN96 (
Feb22 05:06 That's awful news about Mike. Thank you for letting us know. I think he's been in WTFDA for a considerable time, as I recall him from way back. Saul ON (
Feb22 04:44 That was about a week, week and a half ago. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb22 04:44 He was able to return to his Saltspring Island home for about 3 days, then complications with blood pressure and kidneys returned again and he was sent back to Victoria in bad condition. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb22 04:37 There's no way to email him right now. Only contact is signing the visitor log at the hospital in Victoria and seeing him in the hospital bed. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb22 03:02 My thoughts are definitely with Mike. I don't recall conversing with him, but do recall his logs. Wishing him all the best. 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb22 02:41 That 's the email on his qrz.com as well. Thanks. Robert OR (
Feb22 02:29 The last known email I have for Mike VE7SKA is: mcherry@saltspring.com Jack VK2XQ. (
Feb22 01:55 I will be praying for him. Very very nice man. Todden34it (
Feb22 00:29 Yakima- Do you know where we can send a card/email? Robert OR (
Feb21 18:38 Had this not happened, I probably would have been able to send two DVDs to him (copies of two Betamax tapes he sent out to me last year with DX clips and WTFDA convention content). > Yakima CN96 (
Feb21 18:37 Might be a permanent scar to his health and mobility. Please keep him in your prayers. He's a DXing legend on Vancouver Island and I wish him all the best. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb21 18:36 ...he has now been in the hospital for over 6 weeks in bad condition. Complications from medication to his large intestine. His entire intestine had to be removed and his kidneys are running out of steam. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb21 18:35 I have a bad update to share about Mike (VE7SKA), who used to post MW logs here all the time. After losing power and gas to a severe windstorm in December... > Yakima CN96 (
Feb21 15:13 /cdel96 (
Feb21 15:13 [15:56] Jack, even the Oahu SDR shows nothing on 612, 1116, 1548. (
Feb21 14:56 Any people on west coast USA/Canada hearing Australia on MW? If so what times in GMT please. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm (
Feb21 14:27 [13:36] Howdy Rick. I noticed that also. Glad it's back. I need to get back in front of my radio :) TL-IN (EN61) (
Feb21 13:36 dxworld.com was down for a while last night, but appears to be OK now -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb21 06:05 test (
Feb20 04:26 1530 (
Feb19 09:27 860 (Bjargtangar) Z86/R Curom, Curaao - another killer signal!/cdel96 (
Feb19 09:06 980 (using 978 on Bjargtangar, Iceland SDR) RCN Radio, Cali, CLM---killer signal!/cdel96 (
Feb19 01:17 [18:16] KCMO doesn't run IBOC, so it may have just been some severe splash on 720 from an ad running at :05 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb18 20:04 Just getting back into BCB listening - "News Radio 1200" WOAI 1200 kHz San Antonio with station ID 13:59 /Ted EM10 TX (
Feb18 18:19 Some logs from last night - KCID-1490 ID 'Radio Catolica', 1530 WCKY-OH tentative with religious program under KFBK, KSUE-1240 CA with weak ID and California Army National Guard PSA > Yakima CN96 (
Feb18 18:16 720 WGN Chicago IL - 12:05 PM CST - 630 area code mention, callsign mention at 12:06 - Reception weak, but intelligible, with adjacent channel (IBOC?) noise from KCMO 710 Kansas City, MO - Kegan EM26te (
Feb18 14:22 WSCR and WBBM were both on air this morning so it appears it was just Saturday and Sunday morning they were off - En35ID (
Feb18 08:31 No sign of KRTA last night under KONA, just KEAR, oddly enough. All of these were in the 12:30-1:30AM period last night (Saturday, early Sunday) > Yakima CN96 (
Feb18 08:30 and more: 1570 Faint preaching had to be KBCV MO, 1530 WCKY OH under KFBK with ESPN programming, 1430 KLO UT with standards poking through Salem, 600 KSJB ND under CJWW (rare!) > Yakima CN96 (
Feb18 08:29 Logs from last night (after 1230am) - 1700 KBGG Des Moines w/ CBS Sports, 1660 KQWB on top E-W with Fox Sports, 1620 Cuba with SS music under KYIZ/KSMH, 1610 CHHA Toronto very faint PP music under local TIS, 1600 KIVA NM with Coast to Coast. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb18 06:28 670 WWFE Miami, FL under WSCR nearly the same strength on the fades. They can't be on night power. En35id (
Feb18 05:40 840 (Bonaire SDR) Panam, "Nacional FM 101.7"; I have never heard PNR on AM from home in 42+ years and doubt I ever will./cdel96 (
Feb18 05:31 Great, Allen. Frankly I don't monitor to notice whether they're 1 k or 50 k; I believe sister WRHC 1550 to be cheating as well./cdel96 (
Feb18 02:46 Thanks for the tip posted about WWFE, hearing it off and on and mix with WSCR..... Allen , Newfoundland (
Feb18 02:17 I would definitely say tgey are cheating. Them and Cuba were fighting it out on the Key West SDR Todden34it (
Feb18 01:59 Is my local 670 cheating? Their ownership isn't exactly upstanding./cdel96 (
Feb18 01:56 670 WWFE Miami, FL - "La Poderosa" ID, up-tempo Latin music; clear signal tops WSCR. KY/EM66tx (
Feb18 01:55 Great DX spot in the shade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRx7gOn0534 .../cdel96 (
Feb18 01:24 DX 1080 Radio Cadena Habana, Cuba - Salsa/tropical music, was dominant station @ 0105. // to their website stream (cadenahabana.icrt.cu) -- Mark/IN (
Feb18 01:21 DX 1020 Radio Artemisa Cuba - Cubans in well tonight. Latin pop mostly under sometimes over KDKA, Artemisa ID @ 0116. -- Mark/IN (
Feb17 20:10 I'd say the same thing about KRIZ-1420 in Seattle. Gospel, blues, soul music and they barely made it into Snohomish County. In winter KITI would usually demolish them. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb17 19:30 Also -- CHOK-1070 Sarnia, ONT in better than normal. Not much else worth writing home about. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb17 19:29 1290 WLBY Saline, MI - Fair with local ads. Despite being only about 25 miles away, this 500w signal is rather rare around here. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb17 18:44 Noted KKOH all alone last night. Other logs to come, nothing new but conditions were OK. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb17 16:23 Dx tip, the past couple of nights, WSCR and WBBM have been off air at 1 am CST. En35id (
Feb17 03:34 From Flamingo, FL, had HJOP 1010 Barranquilla, CLM---at 3:50 pm local! It was skywave, unfortunately; faded out when I wished to record!/cdel96 (
Feb17 01:57 Then again, maybe it is, and I just happened to catch it at a moment when its signal peaked. Disregard! -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb17 01:56 1280 WWTC Minneapolis MN - Blowing away everything else on 1280 with "AM 1280 The Patriot" and promo for show Sunday mornings at 9:00. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that this is on its night pattern -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb16 19:30 0203 PT - 550 KRAI Craig CO with full ID under KOAC. Not sure if they are still on day power or is this actually 500 watts? > Yakima CN96 (
Feb16 19:30 Last night 1230 KSJK Talent OR at TOH IDing Jefferson Public Radio. Did not hear a // on 1490, no sign of relogged Yreka. 740 KNFL as well with ESPN. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb16 05:49 DX 690 XEN Mexico City - Topping everything else with clear "Radio Centro" ID by male after Mexican pop song. No sign of CKGM or WQNO right now! -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb16 05:03 1370 WLLM Lincoln IL - Fair in a mess with start of wx forecast: "Here's the forecast for central Illinois...". Probably the same station heard a few minutes earlier with a southern GOS quartet rendition of "What A Friend We Have In Jesus". Still habitually leaving the day stick on late -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb16 04:22 1370 KSUM Fairmont MN - Atop the channel for a few moments with C&W song, then ID as "AM 1370...KSUM". Should I be hearing this one all the way down here at night? -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb16 03:15 1240 KTLO Mountain Home AR - Briefly atop w/"Real Country 1240 KTLO" ID between C&W songs -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb16 02:20 DX 690 WELD Fisher WV - Fair under sportstalk (presumed CKGM) with "...690 WELD" heard in liner between George Harrison's "Got My Mind Set On You" and the Guess Who's "Laughing". Webstream about 35-40 seconds behind. Thanks to Rick Shaftan for the tip. -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport Iowa logbook (
Feb15 22:50 1680 (Bonaire SDR) SS, Christian music---is this R Senda in Dom Rep? Stream is down, and it may fade into other 1680's later./cdel96 (
Feb15 22:48 16&" (
Feb15 20:34 0.690 WELD Fisher WV (w/cl r/o) was in @ 07:15z this morning, up here in MA...day power/pattern? ― ~𝑲𝑴𝑮𝑪~ FN42nn36 (
Feb15 17:16 [05:48] it's like Yakima said -- more music on AM now. 'Revitalization' using AM and FM translators. So King Co WA (
Feb15 14:14 SRS 1270 WMKT Charlevoix, MI with TOH ID at 8 am CST - new - En35ID (
Feb15 06:25 530 (Oahu SDR) R Enciclopedia, Cuba//my home rx---no problem!/cdel96 (
Feb15 06:23 [0548] Mike, mostly the same conservative talk, sports, Spanish/ethnic, and the occasional music format. But now there's more FM simulcasts and stations utilizing FM translators for FM formats. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb15 06:22 1270 KVMI Tulare CA 'My 97.5' mixing with one other > Yakima CN96 (
Feb15 06:21 It clears up past 1300khz or so, but it's more difficult to DX the 1,3,5,7 and 9 freqs. below that > Yakima CN96 (
Feb15 06:20 AM is quite noisy tonight. Now idiots next door installed something (a router, or something) that puts RF on every 20 khz of the dial. 1110, 1130, 1150, 1170, 1190, 1210 etc. %$&@! > Yakima CN96 (
Feb15 06:19 1530 SS under KFBK likely KGBT Harlingen, been phasing it out. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb15 06:19 930 KBAI Bellingham WA with 'K-BAY' ID > Yakima CN96 (
Feb15 06:17 810 (Oahu SDR) - Who has oldies at 0610 UTC here u/KGO? It won't rise up. CKJS?/cdel96 (
Feb15 05:48 AM sounds semi-foreign not having listened to it since 2004 ... Mike/cm87 (
Feb14 20:14 Last night 1490 KSKR OR and KCID ID at TOH 1:00a > Yakima CN96 (
Feb14 08:53 On my three foot loop, if I can tune to the right frequency and point my G5 towards the south (the KUTI null point), I can somewhat hear the 1460(s) underneath. KCNR popped in. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb14 06:26 1070 (Bjargtangar Iceland SDR, using 1068 kHz) R SantaFe, Bogota CLM//stream, which is behind by about a minute. Clear at times./cdel96 (
Feb14 04:48 [0621] KCEG is silent now. Good luck with KAZM. They get out well as I used to get them here in IL pre-KCEG occasionally on the best nights with WBBM phased down. KAZ-IL (
Feb14 04:44 @ Yakima,,, phasing is a huge enhancement to our hobby. What do you use to phase null with? KAZ-IL (
Feb14 04:31 1410 WIZM La Crosse WI at 0429 UTC - Fair w/brief "Newstalk 1410 WIZM" ID going into commercial break during talk program. WI #4 on this SDR -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb13 14:55 TP 1566 UNID into California --DN14 (
Feb13 03:02 1400 KWON Bartlesville OK - Atop briefly w/last few seconds of 1st half of Bartlesville HS BKB -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb12 08:49 730 (
Feb12 08:28 1460 KCNR Shasta CA TOH ID at 0000 PT phase nulled KUTI. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb12 06:21 BTW, forgot to mention, KKOH was off last night around 0100 PT. All I heard was WBBM. No sign of KCEG or wanted KAZM. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb12 06:01 540 Mexican NA has to be XEWA, but it's way down in the muck under CBK > Yakima CN96 (
Feb12 06:00 1490 KSKR Roseburg OR TOH ID > Yakima CN96 (
Feb12 05:56 1590 with Jim Bohannon has to be KVTA Ventura CA > Yakima CN96 (
Feb12 05:47 DX 1700 KBGG Des Moines IA earlier with CBS Sports, Ferrell on the Bench > Yakima CN96 (
Feb12 00:06 640 WOI Ames, IA - Iowa Public Radio / NPR - 6:04 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Feb11 13:32 My SBNation station.on 930 khz was WDLX Pirate Radio in Washington. NC - DENNIS FM18 (
Feb11 05:00 SBNation's website does not have an affiliate list, so good luck on trying to ID that unID on 930. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb11 04:49 [02:46] I tried to help, but striking out as well. WFXJ Jax FL keeps showing in searches, but I see nowhere if it's SBNation./cdel96 (
Feb11 04:12 This station is playing all music with occasionbal annmts. I heard the word Catholica which is my I'm thinking EWTN. Dennis FM18 (
Feb11 04:11 I have an UNID SS right now on 1040. I'm leaning towards WLCR in KY which is EWTN but it's in Spanish and I don't see a Nite time pwr so I assume they should be off the air at 11:00 PM EST. Dennis FM18 (
Feb11 03:40 610 WTVN Columbus OH in this evening. Pretty sure its on day facilities. Never heard at night, ever. Todden34it (
Feb11 02:46 Does anyone know if there is a list somewhere of SBNation AM stations??? I'm having trouble identifying a SBNation station on 930 khz Dennis FM18 (
Feb11 01:20 830 WCRN Worcester, MA // Streema Dennis FM18 (
Feb11 01:15 Correction to (0100) ID for EWTN was NOT Wilton, MN it was actually WVSG Columbus, OH. Stream match Dennis FM18 (
Feb11 01:00 820 WBKK WILTON, MN - EWTN Radio - 1095 Miles -ID at TOH - Dennis FM18 (
Feb11 00:38 790 WVCD - BAMBERG-DENMARK, SC - Vorhees College 100 W Nite PWR -Stream Match ID at 0037 UTC - 380 Miles - Dennis FM18fa (
Feb11 00:37 790 WVCD - BAMBERG-DENMARK, SC - Vorhees College 100 W Nite PWR -Stream Match ID at 0037 UTC - Dennis FM18fa (
Feb10 14:30 TP 736 ABC // 774 Fair through KCBS splatter on peaks QKO (
Feb10 14:18 TP 774 ABC Melbourne // Simple Radio dominating freq with female call in show WB6QKO (
Feb10 08:17 740 oops, make that KNFL > Yakima CN96 (
Feb10 08:17 740 KVOX Fargo ESPN // 1460, 710 etc > Yakima CN96 (
Feb10 08:17 1170 KFAQ Tulsa strong tonight with Coast to Coast...because KSL IBOC is off! > Yakima CN96 (
Feb10 08:06 1490 KEYG Grand Coulee at TOH just four min. ago, still looking for Susanville CA. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb10 08:04 DX 700 WLW Cincinnati OH with sports update, ID 'News Radio 700 WLW' over KXLX at 2330 PT > Yakima CN96 (
Feb10 04:36 Its not very strong here Yakima Todden34it (
Feb10 04:32 No matter how hard I try, I doubt WAKM can make the trip to the PacNW, especially with KJR... > Yakima CN96 (
Feb10 04:26 DX WAKM Franklin TN fighting with a weaker KOEL and WWJ with C&W // stream. Thanks Rick! Todden34it (
Feb10 02:41 950 WAKM Franklin TN - Blasting away with C&W mx off satellite, local drop-in ID: "This is 950 WAKM", then into stopset of national ads. Gotta be on the day stick -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Feb09 20:19 0145 PT - 1530 tKGBT Harlingen TX male and female in SS under KFBK, likely this one. 1370 tKRAC CA Red Eye Radio under KXTL/KAST, also KSOP UT with classic country. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb09 20:19 0206 PT - 1300 probably just The Dalles OR, but a weak station with Coast to Coast hour 1 repeat (theme from Midnight Express). Unusual channel for this program. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb09 20:18 0205 PT - 580 Notable 1000hz tone under KIDO, KTMT, etc. whodat? KMJ? KANA? > Yakima CN96 (
Feb09 20:18 0153 PT - 1410 KWYO Sheridan WY with ID. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb09 20:18 0200 PT - 1490 KDBM Dillon MT 'Your hometown radio station, KDBM Dillon, AM 1490' into CBS News. Also had KQEN-1240 OR at same time. Looking for KLZN on 1490, didn't hear them. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb09 18:03 Apparently they are 380 watts at night. > Yakima (
Feb09 18:02 0100 PT (or thereabouts) - 1580 KWLO Springville UT with ID '1580, FM 99.9, Utah's ???' back into old country music. Recently went on the air last year. NEW!! - First of the year finally! > Yakima CN96 (
Feb09 14:08 On 774 witn English speaker QKO (
Feb09 14:07 TP JOUB tt female anncr with ads FAIR Wb6QKO (
Feb09 13:25 1420 KJCK Junction City KS - Weak to fair under KTOE w/Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger", then liner: "Playing the best hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s...107.9 and 1420, KJCK". I expected this to be much stronger, because of the short distance -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb09 12:54 SRS 920 CFRY Portage la Prairie MB - Over/under KYFR w/Patty Loveless C&W song, live "CFRY" ID by male DJ, ment of a home & garden show in Winnipeg -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb09 12:50 ...I called them at 2:30 am local. Guy freaked out & said he'd call the CE; fixed within 10 minutes./cdel96 (
Feb09 12:48 Re KVJY: Once they were running day power and/or pattern, while I was recording or listening to Joe Donovan on WHAS (1996?)...>/cdel96 (
Feb09 12:39 SRS 880 CKLQ Brandon MB - Fair in mess with George Strait's "Love Without End, Amen", then liner by male: "You're listening to Q Country...91.5...a Westman Communications station". Two unID Spanish stations mixing with CKLQ -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb09 12:29 SRS 1230 KHAS Hastings NE - Atop w/ID: "...KHAS, the radio home of Hastings College sports" -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb09 10:31 970 XERFR Grupo Frmula Mexico City DF CDMX ( 910 miles) - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Feb09 09:10 1600 UNID Coast to Coast AM mixing with KVRI, KTUB etc. likely KIVA Albuquerque NM > Yakima CN96 (
Feb09 09:09 1460 KCNR Shasta CA, with ad for Five Star Bank in Redding, KUTI phase nulled. Recorded > Yakima CN96 (
Feb09 09:09 DX 1700 KVNS Brownsville TX with Fox Sports right now. 880w. This isn't heard often! > Yakima CN96 (
Feb09 06:34 Re KVJY: Once they were running day power and/or pattern, while I was recording or listening to Joe Donovan on WHAS (1996?)...>/cdel96 (
Feb09 04:27 [0235] Not El Poso but Pharr. You can likely find an online SDR to be sure. KAZ-IL (
Feb09 02:35 840 -- Some lively Latin music occasionally under WHAS. Possibly previously-reported KVJY El Paso. Tropical/salsa style music. -- Mark/IN (
Feb09 01:21 1220 WFKN Franklin KY - listed at 250w day, 90w night - several call IDs and "Kentucky" and "Wildcat" (supposedly from "Wildcat Country") hrd. New log. Rose up out of jumble. -- Mark/IN (
Feb08 18:21 0030 PT last night - 1190 XEWK / 900 XEW // to each other with the W Musica late evening program, heard Cutting Crew's 'I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight.' Also Spanish music on 1000, NOT the usual Regional Mexican, under KOMO. Likely XEOY. No trace of KFLG. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb08 15:02 TP 1593 good sig but was gone upon return from making the coffee QKO (
Feb08 14:44 TP 1593 UNID but speaking Chinese WB6QKO (
Feb08 14:16 SRS 1420 KTOE Mankato MN - Atop w/Mankato and southern Minnesota nx stories, including one about vehicles being mindful of snowplows doing their jobs on state highways -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb08 14:03 [07:23] Mike, welcome to our side of the fence. As you can tell by scrolling down, I've been busy here the past few days -- Rick in South Omaha eavesdropping on a neighboring SDR (
Feb08 13:43 SRS 1460 KXNO Des Moines - Good with liner: "It's the Morning Rush with Travis Justice and Heather Burnside on Des Moines' sports station..." -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb08 13:40 SRS 1430 KRGI Grand Island - Fair with plug for coverage of HS BKB Friday night on FM sister station Thunder 99.7 -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb08 13:26 SRS 1600 KRVA Cockrell Hills TX - Fair with EE ID by male snuck in amongst Vietnamese programming: "This is 1600 AM KRVA, Cockrell Hills-Dallas" -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb08 12:20 530 heard very faint music again, along with some speech, under the local TIS which is S3+ at night. Still UNID. So King Co WA (
Feb08 12:19 640 UNID Spanish by woman E-W, ranging between S0 and S1-2, never loud enough to read what was said. :-( RF-B45, w & w/o loop. So King Co WA (
Feb08 07:23 Yak: KVTA/1590 here everynight now that KLIV is off. Listening to AM for 1st time since 1990 last night. KGAL/1580 in well ... Mike (
Feb08 05:55 DX TIP - 1000 KFLG AZ apparently on day power. Haven't turned the radio on yet but I need them. 1KW > Yakima CN96 (
Feb07 17:16 0030 last night - 1590 KVTA Ventura CA with ID during Coast to Coast...rare! Did not hear KVGB at all. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb07 17:15 I finally got the loop soldered, but did not hear anything out of the ordinary on 1660 last night. Just the usual ND/CA mix > Yakima CN96 (
Feb07 15:53 I'm going to have to go back and check last night's Sunset recording... looks like it was a good opening to TX and the deep south. -- Mark/IN (
Feb07 13:37 [13:22] You're welcome, Allen! :) (
Feb07 13:37 1600 KUSH Cushing OK - Atop a mess with ad for Hillcrest Hospital in Cushing -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 13:22 Thanks to Rick for the tip on 730 XEX Mexico , new one for the logbook here.... Allen in Newfoundland (
Feb07 13:15 540 CBK Regina SK - Fair, topping the channel, with Saskatchewan wx, current temps around the province. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 12:51 600 WBOB Jacksonville, Florida with talk about the SoTU address, WBOB.com given several times. Last heard during DX test a few years back. TL-IN (EN61) (
Feb07 07:11 I see KSLR has a butterfly nighttime pattern with a nice lobe towards Hawaii. Probably not possible here. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb07 06:00 [04:32] I heard CHHA announce in SS that they're now 10,000 watts./cdel96 (
Feb07 05:58 630 (Oahu SDR) Two Christian stations: KCIS WA & KSLR TX (!!), // streamsz/cdel96 (
Feb07 05:27 [02:07] likely XETGO u/WTAM. KAZ-IL (
Feb07 04:32 1610 CHHA Toronto ON - Very good with what sounds like 80s alternative R.E.M.-ish music, but sung in Spanish, of course. Kinda neat to listen to. Confirmed via webstream. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 04:25 950 Radio Reloj Cuba - Easily audible w/time pips, "RR" code IDs, nx. mwlist.org sez 3 possibilities, Camaguey is probably the most likely -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 04:21 1310 KGLB Glencoe MN - Over/under KZRG w/local ad ment Glencoe, then CLs heard in wx forecast -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 04:11 1670 WOZN Madison WI - Good with gravel-voiced Scott Ferrall reading college BKB scores on CBS Sports Radio. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 03:57 800 KQCV Oklahoma City, OK - Fair in WHB splash with REL pgm "Thru The Bible" w/J. Vernon McGee. Confirmed by checking with a SDR in Oklahoma City, even though KQCV's website AND streaming audio are showing/playing a totally different pgm right now. Odd. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 03:38 1400 KVFD Fort Dodge IA - Surfaced briefly with Univ. of Northern Iowa BKB postgame show w/host Gary Rima //KXEL-1540 -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 03:19 [03:14] Chris, that was my first thought, too. But now, I can't get it to come up under WTAM, and the lightning static on the band in KC is getting worse. :( -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Feb07 03:14 [02:07] CARACOL in Colombia is a common 1100 down here./cdel96 (
Feb07 02:56 1500 KSTP St. Paul MN - Very good with ESPN Radio discussion about ex-Baylor FB coach Art Briles. Confirmed via webstream, which was about 30 sec behind -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 02:45 1510 WLAC Nashville TN - Fair amidst building lightning QRM w/Dave Ramsey ad for Zander Insurance in Nashville, then liner w/CLs -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 02:38 DX 730 XEX Mexico City - Fair with sports discussion, perhaps about soccer, between two men. Webstream ran about 50 seconds behind. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 02:07 DX 1100 unID Spanish being heard under WTAM! Has to be Mexico or perhaps even Central or South America. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 02:02 1590 KYNG Springdale AR - Atop briefly w/ID: "...northwest Arkansas. Broadcasting from the heart of Razorback country..." No sign of KVGB anywhere -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 02:01 1590 WCGO Evanston IL - Fair in mess w/only CLs heard in legal ID. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 01:42 1220 KZEE Weatherford TX at 01:37 UTC - Strong w/Middle Eastern music, ad for BZR Commercial Realty in Bedford, Texas -- Rick on the Overland Park, KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 01:22 [01:22] My bad, that should be 1540, not 1530 (
Feb07 01:22 1530 KGBC Galveston TX - Atop with SS/EE liner "Tejano Y Mas, we're Tejano leaders" sandwiched between Tejano songs. KXEL noted underneath with Univ. of Northern Iowa BKB -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 01:17 1530 WCKY Cincinnati OH at 01:15 UTC - Very good, overtaking KGBT, w/ad for Genesis Diamonds on Montgomery Road in Cincinnati -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 01:16 1530 KGBT Harlingen TX at 01:11 UTC - Good w/very excited announcers, 2 male, 1 female, describing soccer game on Univision Deportes. Confirmed via webstream, which was about 15 seconds behind. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 01:14 1650 CINA Mississaugua, ON - Stream match- Ethnic Indian - Dennis FM18 (
Feb07 01:11 670 - Cuba - Havana mentioned - Briefly dominant over, and mixing with WSCR Chicago, IL - 6:59 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Feb07 01:09 1210 KUBR San Juan TX at 01:05 UTC - Good under KGYN w/regional Mex. music, "Radio Cristiana" ID. Confirmed via webstream, which was about 12 seconds behind. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb07 01:07 1680 WOKB Winter Garden, FL. in nicely tonight he3re in VA. Dennis FM18 (
Feb06 23:42 720 KSAH Universal City TX sounding decent under WGN right now. //streema -- Mark/IN (
Feb06 23:12 1620 WTAW College Stn. TX dominant right now. En35id (
Feb06 22:46 1380 KCNW Kansas. New // streema en35id (
Feb06 16:24 Conditions did improve at bedtime (1700 KBGG quite loud again) but no sign of wanted Kansas City on 1660. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb06 12:41 TP 855 UNID bits of Aussie audio decent carrier WB6QKO (
Feb06 07:03 DX 1700 KKLF TX however, under XEPE, quite strong. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb06 07:03 Of course, dialing up 1660 it's worse than last night, ugh. KBRE dominant, and KQWB just barely in there. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb06 07:02 1460 KCNR Shasta CA 'Townhall news on KCNR Shasta...' into Townhall news, of course. Phase null on KUTI > Yakima CN96 (
Feb06 04:05 DX 1200 WOAI - FOX NewsRadio 1200 - San Antonio, TX - 1315 Miles ID at 1103 EST Dennis FM18fa (
Feb06 03:34 1270 KFAN Rochester MN - Fair with Minnesota Timberwolves BKB postgame show, brief ID of "1270 The Fan" going into commercial break -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb06 03:22 1550 WPFC Port Allen LA - Good under KESJ w/black GOS music, confirmed via webstream. On WAY late, but yet another one that the FCC cares nothing about. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb06 03:05 1580 KGAF Gainesville TX at 02:59 UTC - CLs heard in jingle during legal ID -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb06 02:51 1580 KHGG Van Buren AR - Good with conclusion of HS BKB broadcast between Van Buren and Bentonville -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb06 02:43 1680 KRJO Monroe LA - Very good with "My FM" heard in liner read by young girl named Andi, then into more pop music. Confirmed via webstream -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb06 02:38 [02:37] WSJP, I meant, not WKSH. Some habits do die hard. :) (
Feb06 02:37 1640 KZLS Enid OK - Very good w/ad for Carter Chevrolet in Okarche, Oklahoma. Dead air followed for a couple minutes leaving WKSH underneath -- RIck on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb06 02:33 1650 KCNZ Cedar Falls IA - Atop with Compass Media Network's presentation of Kansas vs. Kansas State men's BKB. Confirmed via webstream. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb06 02:19 1410 KLEM LeMars IA - Weak to fair with LeMars HS BKB vs. Hull Western Christian. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb06 01:57 1390 WMER Meridian MS - Fair w/southern GOS music and liner by male of "Goodtime Gospel Radio, 1390 AM & 93.1 FM, WMER". First Mississippi logging on this SDR -- Rick on the Overland Park KS Kiwisdr (
Feb06 01:28 1300 KGLO Mason City IA at 00:56 UTC - Good with CLs heard during local HS BKB coverage. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb06 01:27 1440 KTUV Little Rock AR - Good, probably on day power again, w/EE liner: "...1440 AM, 99.9 FM...Little Rock", then back into regional Mexican music -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 18:56 Sounds like these guys are at about 125% modulation LOVE it QKO (
Feb05 18:54 Dominating 1566 and am pretty sure it was 3NE that I heard at local sunrise QKO (
Feb05 18:53 DX 3NE Wanagaratta Australia on that beautiful Arctic SDR with Roseanne and lots of local ads WB6QKO (
Feb05 18:44 Yeah unless that loop is outside covered with ice getter soldiered as sounds like condx are picking up QKO (
Feb05 18:19 Definitely was a DIFFERENT station with music under KBRE. Hell, it could've been WWRU with Korean programming. Worst time for my 3 foot loop to be down, I've got to solder that wire!. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb05 17:38 [16:02] Per radio insight dot com, Smoke went up in smoke. 1660 NC is Fox Sports now./cdel96 (
Feb05 16:48 Woods looks you rocker was under KBRE sorry QKO (
Feb05 16:27 Think KBRE 1660 Merced CA is a rocker that would still be a good catch QKO (
Feb05 16:02 [15:28] The only music station on 1660 I can think of is WBCN in Charlotte, NC, which relays album-rocker "Smoke 94.7". That'd be a heckuva haul to Washington state if it was indeed them -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb05 15:51 Finally, 1530 KGBT Harlingen TX right under KFBK on peaks with Univision Deportes programming. Good conditions last night, too bad I couldn't stay up later to try and snag KWOD. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb05 15:50 Also from late last night - 1210 KRPU CA under KHAT, on night power. 1280 UNID EAS alert under KIT then faded. KRVM? 1480 KYOS under KGOE with Coast to Coast. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb05 15:28 Now there's over 1 foot of snow on the ground, most schools closed, college closed... a wintery kind of day. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb05 15:28 Great conditions last night, tentative on 1660 KWOD KS with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports, 1670 WOZN WI, 1700 KBGG IA was LOUD, 1650 KCNZ IA in and out, had at least one UNID on 1660 under KBRE/KQWB/the Amy Lawrence, sounded like music. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb05 15:20 Another quick question for midwest DXers.... Is there a station that has a steady signal on a known frequency on the AM band in the midwest that could be used for calibration purposes? -- Mark/IN (
Feb05 14:40 TP 1566 UNID DU English speakers good sig on peaks QKO (
Feb05 13:45 SRS 1290 KOIL Omaha NE - Fair w/ads for a local investment firm and for Genesis Health Clubs, ment of the Westroads Mall in Omaha in the latter -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 13:42 TP 774 ABC Melbourne // Simple Radio good on peaks QKO (
Feb05 13:33 TP 1512 decent carrier UNID bits of audio QKO (
Feb05 13:30 TP 1566 HLAZ tt religious choir fair sig WB6QKO (
Feb05 13:28 930 WTAD Quincy IL - Fair in the mess with CLs heard at the start of wx forecast -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 13:24 900 KHOZ Harrison AR - Fair w/"New Fool At An Old Game" by Reba McIntire, then live ID by DJ of "94.9 FM and 900 AM, KHOZ, Harrison's Very Own Country..." -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 13:19 920 KARN Little Rock AR at 13:16 UTC - Good, briefly over KYFR, with "...go to sportsanimal920.com..." heard in promo. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 13:19 Rick: Thanks for the KKOB info. I was running errands last night, but will check tonight, if the Chicago IBOC Syndicate is not doing its job on 780. -- Mark/IN (
Feb05 05:01 1210 KGYN Guymon OK - Very good, caught tail end of legal ID: "...a Steckline Communications station." Narrowed it down to KGYN. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 04:56 730 KKDA Grand Prairie TX - Atop with woman speaking in Korean, then into pop song. Confirmed by webstream. -- Rick on the Overland Park KiwiSDR (
Feb05 04:48 1080 KRLD Dallas TX - Good with ads for Granbury Dental Center and Blue Nail Roofing -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 04:39 1130 KTLK Minneapolis MN - Atop with encore presentation of Monday morning's "Justice & Drew" show, ment of phone # in the 651 area code -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 04:32 1010 WPCN Stevens Point WI - Fair on presumed day power w/"92.1 FM" heard before going into CCR's "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" Only oldies station I see on 1010 that has a relay on 92.1. WI #1 -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 04:27 1030 KFAY Fayetteville (or Farmington?) AR - Good over KCWJ with ad that included ment of contacting Anita Cowan at 479-521-5566, which happens to be KFAY's phone number -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 04:17 1050 KLOH Pipestone MN - Briefly topping XEG with modern C&W music, confirmed by webstream. Pretty strong, I'm suspecting it's on the day stick -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 04:05 970 WDAY Fargo ND - Fair with relay of audio of nightly newscast from WDAY-TV, including chilly weather forecast and ment of Devils Lake in lead news story -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 03:56 [03:53] Scratch that, it is "Renewing Your Mind", but not an episode with normal speaker R.C. Sproul (
Feb05 03:53 KTXW 1120 Manor TX - Giving KMOX a run for its money with Bible-teaching pgm that matches webstream. Program is NOT "Renewing Your Mind", as KTXW's website indicates -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 03:36 1020 KMMQ Plattsmouth NE - Fair with SS banda music running about 1 second behind the audio from KMMQ on my own Sangean portable -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 03:30 1000 XEOY Mexico City Mexico at 03:26 UTC - Good with "Radio Mil" ID noted just before lively SS pop song. Confirmed via webstream. KTOK noted underneath. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 03:22 1060 XERDO Matamoros Mexico at 03:19 UTC - On top with "La Raza" ID between regional Mexican music songs. Confirmed via webstream. No sign of XEEP yet -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 03:16 1060 KFIL Preston MN - Good with "KFIL" ID clearly heard before going into a modern C&W song. This one is supposed to be a daytimer, correct? -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 03:01 920 KDHL Faribault MN - Fair at the top of the hour with Merle Haggard's "Bonnie & Clyde", then liner that included "...KDHL Radio, Faribault". -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 02:40 860 CJBC Toronto ON - Fair with NPR-type interview between man and woman in FF, came up as a match for CJBC's stream and not CBKF2's. Radio Reloj from Cuba noted underneath. KONO gone now. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 02:34 Well that's good because I just built this tuned loop...works fantastic. Decided to hook it to my PCR-1000 and it seems to perform as well as my Sony XDR F1HD - Dennis (
Feb05 02:31 860 KONO San Antonio TX - Rising up from under KKOW and unID FF with Wings' "Band On The Run", which is what KONO's website shows them as currently playing. Still trying to chase down a webstream match for the FF, so I can tell whether I have Toronto or Saskatchewan in -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 02:28 Mixing products often are nullified when using a tuned loop. So King Co WA (
Feb05 02:17 Maybe not Michael Savage but Mark Levin? It sure sounded like his voice underneath KGOE. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb05 02:17 800 WVAL Sauk Rapids MN at 02:12 UTC - Atop with "Minnesota's Country Legend" clearly heard in liner between Steve Wariner's "Small Town Girl" and Alabama's "Born Country" -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 02:13 1480 KYOS Merced CA w/ Michael Savage, most likely target > Yakima CN96 (
Feb05 02:09 1010 sounds like KIQI San Francisco, SS news/talk > Yakima CN96 (
Feb05 02:07 790 KBME Houston TX - Over/under KURM with start of Houston Rockets BKB broadcast, ment of "Rockets Radio Network" and also KTRH -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 02:02 770 KAAM Garland TX at 01:59 UTC - Topping the channel w/conclusion of sportstalk pgm on the Mustang Sports Network, then ID of "KAAM 770, Garland-Dallas-Fort Worth" and into "Concepts of Faith" Bible teaching pgm. Probably on 10 KW day power. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 02:01 DX 900 XEW Mexico City 'W Radio' > Yakima CN96 (
Feb05 01:49 640 CMBB Guanabacoa Cuba - Fair under presumed WOI w/ballad in SS by female. Coming up a 100% match to Radio Progreso on 4765 KHz -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 01:41 580 XEMU Piedras Negras Mexico at 01:36 UTC - Fair under WIBW w/SS talk between two men, then liner and into lively nortena music. Confirmed by webstream. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 01:34 570 XEBJB Monterrey Mexico at 01:30 UTC - Good under WNAX w/part of liner: "...Bay Hotah Bay...Mexicana", then ad read by female. Confirmed by webstream. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 01:25 550 KRAI Craig CO - In well under KTSA with Patty Loveless C&W song, then liner: "...country favorites, old and new, 55 Country, KRAI". No sign of KTRS! -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 01:17 540 XEWA San Luis Potosi - Good with talk by two men in SS, then Ava Max pop song "Sweet But Psycho". Webstream a 100% match, but SOMEONE is putting out a nasty hum on 540 to really mess with XEWA's audio. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb05 01:14 As far as I know there are no strong Spanish stations nearby. I will keep this in mind though. This is a lot to take in. Dennis FM18fa (
Feb05 01:11 I hate this tablet (
Feb05 01:10 I'm 35 miles south of Richmond, VA in Ladysmith, VA. As far as I know there are no strong So (
Feb05 00:41 So, even though I don't know exactly where you are in FM18, I'm wondering if you're very close to two stations, both Spanish, that are exactly 700 KHz apart on the AM dial. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb05 00:40 For example, I have locals here in Omaha on 590 and 1290. If I'm in a certain spot in Omaha, especially on a line between the two transmitters, and I'm close to either 590 or 1290, I will get audio from BOTH stations at the same time on 700, as 1290-590=700. (
Feb05 00:39 [14:25] Dennis, here's how a mixing product works: if you have two high-powered AM stations, and are fairly close to the tower of one, the other, or both, the difference in Khz between the two freqs can show up on the AM band. (
Feb05 00:36 [00:35] And it will be, for another 9 minutes, as I pointed out earlier today. Mark in Goshen/Elkhart, are you reading this? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb05 00:35 770 KKOB ABQ, NM in right now en35id (
Feb04 21:53 [16:49] Note that the world is split into 3 regions on that site. I use it a lot during SDR listening./cdel96 (
Feb04 21:52 [16:49] Yup!/cdel96 (
Feb04 21:02 [17:47] In February, it would be 5:45 p.m. MST, or 7:45 p.m. EST -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb04 17:47 Does anyone know when KKOB switches from day to night power? -- Mark/IN (
Feb04 16:49 I like this site because it has been more countries than Canada and USA. Dennis FM18 (
Feb04 15:03 [14:25] I use this. Copy & paste./cdel96-->. https://www.mwlist.org/mwlist_quick_and_easy.php?area=3&kHz=1593 (
Feb04 14:25 I'm fairly new at AM DXing so I kind of depend on the folks here for guidance sometimes. Dennis (
Feb04 14:24 Rick: I'm using the TOPAZ AM Radio website and I guess I'm not sure how complete the list is but I only see 2 Spanish stations listed and an total of 13 stations total on 700. I've ruled oud out my local DC station as NO Stream match. I was hoping maybe someone had a more complete list that the one I'm using. Dennis (
Feb04 13:26 [12:36] Dennis, on a low frequency like that, it wouldn't be a mixing product of two of your local or semi-local Spanish stations, would it? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb04 12:36 I'm hearing 2 spanish stations on 700 khz when loop is turned to partially null WLW in Ohio. One is playing nearly continuous Spanish music. Neither one is a match to WDMV in MD/DC. Any thought???? Dennis FM18fa (
Feb04 11:48 I've found that it seems to happen most often when grave digging, for what that's worth, though any channel with more than one signal clashing is vulnerable. Apparently it's something with Sony's design. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb04 11:46 ...often times, I'll tune to the next frequency and back, which usually "Resets" the false HD reading. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb04 11:45 ...it's kind of frustrating to be chasing something with a couple of other signals, then lose audio when HD starts flashing... (
Feb04 11:45 [2124] I've had that happen too with my XDR-S10HDiP; I think what's happening is it's getting several signals and thinks it's an HD signal... (
Feb04 04:54 I live a couple miles from WCCO. I would know if they had HD on. En35id (
Feb04 03:44 780 WBBM IBOC still off. Todden34it (
Feb04 02:48 1330 KCKM Monahans TX - Fair with "KCKM" heard in brief liner between C&W songs. No sign of KNSS right now. -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb04 02:31 [23:47] KMOX is owned by CBS, no? We call that "throwing in the towel". Can't kill the cash cow./cdel96 (
Feb04 02:01 910 WSUI Iowa City IA - Fair in the soup with legal ID: "Local, national, and international...you're listening to Iowa Public Radio...WSUI, Iowa City-Cedar Rapids..." Nice to get this one from my old stomping grounds -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb04 01:47 740 KVOX Fargo ND - Atop with ID: "Your home for....athletics in Fargo-Moorhead...740, The Fan". -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb04 01:19 620 KMNS Sioux City IA - Fair to good w/contest promo: "...your chance to win $1000 every hour with Fox Sports 620 KMNS". -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb04 01:07 550 KTSA San Antonio, TX - Good with ad for Kitchen Designs by Giovanni, then into Dave Ramsey pgm -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb04 00:26 850 KFUO Clayton, MO - Good with Lutheran church service, webstream running a mere 1 second behind. Should be cutting power or signing off soon at Denver's sunset time -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb04 00:06 Call off the dogs, I just got an ID out of KVMA in Arkansas on its 30 watt night power. And, yes, it IS on its night power right now -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb04 00:03 SSS 630 UNID - Someone rising up under St. Louis and San Antonio with pop oldies from the Pointer Sisters and Stevie Nicks. Dropped power at 2359 UTC before I could get an ID out of it. Ideas, anyone? -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb03 23:47 1120 KMOX St. Louis MO - In the ultimate Anti-Super Bowl stroke of programming, KMOX is going with one of the 2011 WS games between the Cardinals and the Texas Rangers. Neat to hear MLB on the radio in February! -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Feb03 23:00 [17:04] I'm trying 820 and 840 right now at sunset, and not hearing any digihash whatsoever on either of those channels. If WCCO had the IBOC on, it'd be pretty evident. -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Feb03 21:24 Last night I was listening and several times my radio went silent and I saw the HD symbol flashing. This happened even when I be saw no IBOC station listed on that freq (
Feb03 21:24 Last night I was listening and several times my radio went silent and I saw the HD symbol flashing. This happened even when I be saw no IBOC station listed on that freq (
Feb03 18:50 ...though Iʼm probably jinxing it by saying anything! P=/ ~𝑲𝑴𝑮𝑪~ (
Feb03 18:50 Iʼm happy to say I think 1.030 WBZ has finally thrown in the IBOC towel (off several times since last summer for 2-3 weeks at a time, came back on Dec.6th, went off again a week later, and hasnʼt been back since! P=)... (
Feb03 17:04 Re:00:09 - Not sure you're seeing HD from WCCO. WCCO hasn't had HD for over a year. - En35ID (
Feb03 14:58 780 WBBM Chicago -- IBOC appears to be off. -- Mark/IN (
Feb03 14:52 SRS 1630 KRND "La Jota Mexicana" ID @ 1447 and reg. mex. music. So how long can SRS enhancement last, since it's almost 2 hrs after sunrise here? -- Mark/IN (
Feb03 07:37 800 (Oahu SDR) unID female doing an unintelligible EE promo, before yielding to CHAB. KINY? CKOR?/cdel96 (
Feb03 07:35 810 (Oahu SDR) KGO CA, unusually strong, considering their pattern./cdel96 (
Feb03 03:27 1220 KLPW Union, MO in/out. Possibly running day rig. En35id (
Feb03 00:41 690 WELD Fisher, WV w/oldies 107 Miles (assuming 14 Watts Nite Power) Dennis FM18 (
Feb03 00:09 Just finished building a PVC tuned loop antenna and WOW, what a difference. Don't know how significant it is but my Sony XDR F1HD. is even trying to lock onto HD station WCCO 955 miles away. At first I couldn't figure why my radio was going silent and then I say the HD symbol flashing - Dennis FM18fa (
Feb02 18:58 No just a mouth/fist full of a ham call suffix that I've been dragging around for 50+ years WB6QKO 🤓 (
Feb02 17:12 When I first saw "QKO" the other day, I thought that was referring to the Q-Code (QKO-"other units taking part in the operation"), not an abridged CALL! P=) (
Feb02 14:44 TP 1566 carriers there but no audio breaking through on this very rainy morning QKO (
Feb02 14:37 TP 855 usual weaker carrier again this am with no real chance for audio QKO (
Feb02 14:31 TP 558 decent carrier but couldn't pull any audio through all the local 570 splatter QKO (
Feb02 14:06 TP 774 ABC Melbourne TOH ID fair with good sig on peaks QKO (
Feb02 11:01 TP 774 JOUB tt JJ male anncr fair sig into TOH adj channel splatter WB6QKO (
Feb02 04:03 1030 WEBS Calhoun, GA - "Gentlemen, start your engines -- Kickin' 103.5"; generally topping WBZ, not on 3W night power. KY/EM66tx (
Feb02 03:12 I miss Utah weather... bad. En35ID (
Feb02 02:51 Jan 32nd, Jan 33rd, for all I know it still looks like, and feels like, January out there, especially back east. ;-) > Yakima CN96 (
Feb02 01:39 I meant Jan 31 WA4IRI TN (
Feb02 01:38 I think I got hit by that minor geomagnetic storm on Jan 32. Could hardly get anythig. Is this related to the polar vortex? WA4IRI TN (
Feb02 01:34 910 WFDF Detroit. 1800 CST. New for me. Also WMLB silent all week. WA4IRI TN (
Feb02 00:37 SSS 990 abt 20 min ago was a mix or KFCD and KRKS. No CBW. En35id (
Feb01 21:49 1440 unid - Tropical/salsa style music. Wondering who it could be. Faded in real strong for about 15 secons around 2135. No // found online. -- Mark/IN (
Feb01 20:34 I'm going to have to make an effort to go after KMRI. I seem to be the only DXer west of the Mississippi who hasn't yet logged it. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb01 18:14 1480 WLMV Madison, WI daytime DX at 1214 PM CST. Heard in my loaner vehicle. En35id (
Feb01 15:45 KDYL and KMRI have been on day power for over a month en35id (
Feb01 14:38 0100 and onward - 1580 KFCS Colorado Springs CO with Rel sermon, Roy Masters on 1530 under Sacramento had to be WCKY, 1410 KWYO most likely the one with strong Classic Country, 1060 KDYL UT loud on day power 'Unica'. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb01 14:37 DX 0100 PT - They improved last night! 1590 KVGB KS on top of KLFE at times with ID, recorded. Strongest I've ever heard them. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb01 04:47 Conditions aren't that great right now, no sign of WBBM or the ND/ON 740. Lots of the normal West Coast ones and regional suspects. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb01 00:15 SSS 1280 KCOB Newton IA at 2252 UTC - Fair w/Pat Benatar's "Shadows Of The Night" off satellite right after a "AM 1280 KCOB" ID. A total stroke of luck, as KOIL-1290 was running open carrier at the time -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan31 22:52 K index = 5, G1 minor geomagnetic storm in progress -- Mark/IN (
Jan31 22:26 By the way I survived the Polar Vortex 2019. My car didn't. Rear differential needed to be replaced. OUCH! - En35ID (
Jan31 22:06 I don't remember DXing much in college either. Most of my SLC logs came after I had graduated (2008ish). In Laramie it was the same story, hence why I never broke 200 logs - En35ID (
Jan31 18:45 I haven't had ONE new log this 'year'. Last new log was in December 2018. It doesn't help that my 3 foot loop broke a wire and is inoperable. Perhaps this 1300 will be IDed when I upload it to Mediafire. XEP would be the first new one of the year. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan31 18:44 Of course. My schedule is all off from normal this quarter. Classes at 6:30-9PM at night twice a week, for example. And again next quarter. Ellensburg transfer is the prize if I get all my credits... > Yakima CN96 (
Jan31 18:03 Yakima, don't forget to work in some sleep up there as the old BCB will keep QKO (
Jan31 17:45 I am so busy with college homework, essays and classes that I can NEVER get to DXing until after 1AM. Seems like always... > Yakima CN96 (
Jan31 17:45 Decent conditions for once with the Midwest blasters in well, 740 had to be CFZM with music in and out with KCBS. 1590 KVGB KS's Coast to Coast in and out with KLFE's Joe Walsh. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan31 17:44 DX 0125 PT - 1300 'the Zone' KVET Austin TX in and out with UNID SS music, deep-voiced announcer in between songs. XEP or XEXW? Recorded but it's weak. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan31 14:46 TP 1566 HLAZ tt bits of male anncr audio breaking through this am QKO (
Jan31 14:25 TP 774 Melbourne call in show // Simple Radio good signal on peaks WB6QKO (
Jan31 12:43 ...none of them were showing up like they often do this time of year. So, Tom (re: 14:40), it would appear that the barbaric cold DOES affect wintertime daytime skywave somewhat. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan31 12:42 [20:09] It was brutal, but we're now past the worst of it. I tried the upper end of AM yesterday around 2000 UTC to see if I could already get Madison 1670, Ada 1680, and Berwyn 1690, and... (
Jan31 04:08 570 WNAX Yankton SD has been a regular here lately. Hearing them right now with news and clear WNAX ID. Into John Bachelor. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan31 01:36 990 XET Monterrey MX under CBW // streema. Poor to very poor. En35id (
Jan31 01:23 DX 1060 KFIL is on day power. 1kw day power. Heard in/out with Canada. En35id (
Jan31 01:16 1180 Cuba with WHAM nulled. En35id (
Jan30 21:45 I'm noticing the splattering too. Maybe the signal is so strong that it's overloading the radios - like the situation last spring where the ground was so saturated with water from the local flooding? -- Mark/IN (
Jan30 21:17 Local 1580 WHLY is sounding loud and is splattering all over the top of the band. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan30 20:19 1600 unid - Oldies (50s), including, appropriately, the song from "Year Without A Christmas": Mr. Snow Miser. Hasn't IDed in several hours. Best on my south antenna, good sig, no fading. -- Mark/IN (
Jan30 20:16 [14:40] - Well, it seems to have caused the power lines just to my south to start arcing or leaking electricity. Time to call NIPSCO's RFI detectors to come take a look... Mark/IN (
Jan30 20:09 All I know is here the daytime conditions are blah. Wonder what it's like for Todd, Tom, Rick, etc right now. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan30 14:40 I wonder what effect this brutal cold will have on daytime DX? Minus 19 here and still dropping. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan30 05:28 TP 846 R. Kiribati tt female anncr taking calls above KOA on peaks WB6QKO (
Jan30 05:02 DX 530 R. Enciclopedia back and dominant as this is sent WB6QKO (
Jan30 04:44 530 faint YL speech, Unreadable, under very strong local Sea Tac TIS. So King Co WA (
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