BCB Propagation Log Entries
Oct22 20:44 [19:18] Let's try this instead: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsTCS0a-JvDH0wUh9iHKPHQ?app=desktop (
Oct22 19:18 Feel free to check my latest DX videos (emphasizing SSS)/cdel96--> https://www.youtube.com/my_videos?o=U (
Oct22 18:28 Thanks cdel196. I guess I'd never heard them on a Sunday before! (
Oct22 16:53 SRS typical morning here lately I start recording at 1158 and manually tune to 1020 and KTNQ is loud with an address in LA. I notice a decent 1017 carrier, and sure enough there's Tonga with some island mx just pushing past slop. Aussie audio noted on 612,702, 738 with 612 being nice around 1215. KAZ-IL (
Oct22 16:32 [12:20] I just tapped Look Back, and yes that's the bug I had originally. Hmmm./cd (
Oct22 16:31 [12:20] I had a similar bug when BCB merely came on. I had to write the new webmaster & that part has been fixed../cdel96 (
Oct22 16:20 Is that a bug when you click the "Look Back!" link (you get a bogus pop-up box—you click Cancel/OK several times and the logs fade in and the box disappears!)? (
Oct22 15:34 @ Yakima, I'm still learning SRS, but due great with SSS as well. Secrets to my success, Perseus, DKAZ, and usually very quiet QTH. Things are more quiet here than the past few years. Oh I should say Perseus again ! KAZ-IL (
Oct22 12:46 DX (using "Arctic" Norway SDR) two outta Guam: KUAM 630 & KTWG 801. Grayline knowledge is important!/cdel96 (
Oct22 12:44 [05:55] The 4-note chime is a Sunday thing. One minute the 4 notes go up in scale, the next one they go down./cdel96 (
Oct22 12:09 1300 KPMO Mendocino, s2 and steady with BBC news and ments of JPR and Jefferson Public Radio. New. Practically alone on freq w/ very weak KAPL. GESR3/DX370. So King Co WA (
Oct22 11:24 1080 WKJK Louisville KY at 1113 UTC - Good w/Louisville-area traffic check, ments of Interstates 64 and 265. KY #8. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct22 11:23 1080 WTIC Hartford, CT at 1108 UTC - Fair with ment of Interstate 84 in Hartford-area traffic check (also thought I heard one of Highway "634" but not positivie on that). Ad at 1115 for Daniel Energy w/phone # given of 860-342-3778. CT #1 and state #37 here! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct22 06:02 And now the "RR" is back. Matt Washington DC (
Oct22 06:02 And now the "RR" is back. Matt Washington DC (
Oct22 05:55 Has else anyone noticed R Reloj seems to have replaced the morse "RR" with a chime at the top of the minute? (
Oct22 05:53 DX 870 R. Reloj Cuba. Right over WWL. Matt Washington DC (
Oct22 05:35 UNID stn below beaming E-W So King Co WA (
Oct22 05:35 1300 UNID Spanish talk by man and woman, does not sound typically American (norteno, romantica, religion, etc.). Fades = no ID :-( RS200629, crate loop. So King Co WA (
Oct22 04:09 [0159] KAZ, you make my logbook look small. No offense! The way you pull out CA, OR, WA at sunrise and I still have 50KW and 25KW daytime power targets to grab in MN, NE, IA here on the west coast... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct22 03:10 Didn't get KKLE 1550 in Winfield, KS, after all. Just heard a promo for KYAL's coverage of this Thursday night's HS FB game between Edmond Memorial and Broken Arrow. KYAL is unneeded. :( -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct22 03:03 Funny that it only affected BCB whereas it looks like the other boards were fine./cdel96 (
Oct22 03:00 was having issues being able to post the last couple of days; our new webmaster musta fixed it. Thanks, K5TR./cdel96 (
Oct22 02:59 test/cdel96 (
Oct22 02:50 1550 WIRV Irvine, KY - "V-99.3, your cool oldies station,"; a common catch here, but even at only 150 miles, its strength seems above the reported 5W night power. KY/EM66tx (
Oct22 02:35 What a weekend this has been for me. 4 new stations last night, and now 5 today. I tell ya, DXing with SDRs is a LOTTA fun. :) -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct22 02:30 [02:23] In that instance, I would've gone with WFUN, too. Most stations that insert local ads during network sports broadcasts are good about doing so, as long as there's a competent person back at the studio running the board. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct22 02:23 Rick - I hedged a little on WFUN. I also heard WATH with the Bengals-Chiefs FB game, but don't know why Marcy Equip. would advertise down in Athens. KY/EM66tx (
Oct22 02:23 1340 WXFN Muncie IN at 0218 UTC - Briefly atop and in the clear w/"...at wxfn.com" heard during promo. IN #19 and 1st Hoosier State graveyarder here. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct22 02:20 1340 WXFN Muncie IN at 0218 UTC - Briefly atop and in the clear w/ (
Oct22 02:11 [01:58] Nace, I'm wondering if WFUN is forgetting to hit the switch to go to night power on a regular basis. Otherwise, we wouldn't be hearing them so well to the west and southwest of Ashtabula -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct22 02:00 DX Big Gun Aussies in again, decent peaks, 594,612, 702, 738 weaker, 1548 heavy slop. Big carrier on 1224 but can't seem to raise audio so far. KAZ-IL (
Oct22 01:59 SRS 980 XEFQ SO P/F under others with long choral NA 1201-5 and into mx. Thx to Tim Hall for help here. No trace of this yesterday when KFWB was in and no trace of KFWB today! New! KAZ-IL (
Oct22 01:58 970 WFUN Ashtabula, OH - ad for "Marcy Tractor & Equipment in Pierpont, Ohio"; assuming it's WFUN since Pierpont is in Ashtabula County. KY/EM66tx (
Oct22 01:57 SRS 990 XECL BCN a very different morning here as CBW and much from Canada faded early and desert SW was blasting in. Good peaks 1204 for about 10 min with SS rock and Rockola slogans. KAZ-IL (
Oct22 01:22 Sorry for the triple post, but hey now the garbage posts have scrolled off the bottom! (Earl Higgins in Saint Louis) (
Oct22 01:13 DX 710 R. Rebelde Cuba once again obliterating WOR in my loop's null. Matt Washington DC (
Oct22 01:08 1550 KKLEt Winfield KS - Good to very good signal at times with KC Chiefs FB //KFEQ-680 and KNSS-1330 on the Overland Park KS SDR. Strong on the one in Muscatine, and KKLE is the only 1550 listed on the Chiefs network this year -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct22 01:02 TA numerous carriers visible on the 9 kHz multiples on the Edinburgh Indiana SDR. Examples 846, 855 (strong), 864, 1089, 1215. Not hearing any audio yet.(Earl Higgins listening from Saint Louis Missouri remotely) (
Oct22 01:02 TA numerous carriers visible on the 9 kHz multiples on the Edinburgh Indiana SDR. Examples 846, 855 (strong), 864, 1089, 1215. Not hearing any audio yet.(Earl Higgins listening from Saint Louis Missouri remotely) (
Oct22 01:01 TA numerous carriers visible on the 9 kHz multiples on the Edinburgh Indiana SDR. Examples 846, 855 (strong), 864, 1089, 1215. Not hearing any audio yet. (
Oct22 00:43 Urgh, sorry, that should be 1905 CLT, which would translate to 0005 UTC -- same DXer, same SDR (
Oct22 00:42 930 KWOC Poplar Bluff MO at 1905 UTC - Good w/ad for business in the 573 area code, then "Talk 930 KWOC" ID, and into an old episode of "The Twilight Zone". MO #35 -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct22 00:18 1300 WQPM Princeton, MN may not have switched to night power. Really strong - En35ID (
Oct22 00:07 1490 KXRA Alexandria, MN on top of mix with local ad for debate - En35ID (
Oct21 23:52 1580 KCHA Charles City, IA -new- "Classic hits on... KCHA 1580 and 103.3" En35ID (
Oct21 23:46 1160 KMRV Waukon, IA strong - En35ID (
Oct21 23:44 1470 WVOL Berry Hill TN - Weak to fair u/WMBD w/black GOS mx. No calls heard, but something inside me told me to check WVOL's stream. Sure enough, it's a match, and it's running about 30 seconds behind the OTA signal. TN #16. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct21 23:37 nevermind... KDUZ Hutchinson, Mn - En35ID (
Oct21 23:36 And also, when you type unIDs, type the frequency first, just as you would with normal loggings. That way, it's more likely to get our attention, and therefore, more likely to have someone step forward and solve it -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct21 23:34 Justin, I have a better idea. I'm going to e-mail George and see if he can ban that IP address from this site, as that's the 2nd time someone from that address has disrupted this board -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct21 23:31 UNID 1260 "GCN Live" into USA Radio news? - En35ID (
Oct21 23:23 There we go... :P En35ID (
Oct21 23:22 Keep moving the hack down... En35ID (
Oct21 23:22 Keep moving the hack down... En35ID (
Oct21 20:59 Hey folks....I have been unable to post at all using Safari; test here using Google Chrome./cdel96 (
Oct21 18:26 From about 1259:30 through 13:01:05 a SS station faded in, with the song "Cuando Fuimos Nada" by Joss Favela (Love Sound Hound for IDing songs!) At the end of the song @1300:57, the rooster crow and the ID where I only heard "Buena". -- Mark/IN (
Oct21 18:25 I meant "Well, don't day Whoops just yet." Ugh. Need to proofread my stuff more. -- Mark/IN (
Oct21 17:57 [13:48] We, don't say Whoops just yet. I went back and listened to the recording, and hrd (very weak) what sounded like an ID string in SS with that growly man voice, with "Buena" in there, and after that it was gone. So it may have been them? -- Mark/IN (
Oct21 13:48 Whoops, Mark. I typed that, then suddenly realized I'd gotten my time zones mixed up, and it would've been 9:01 your time -- well after sunrise there -- when you heard that. So perhaps WCND in Shelbyville, IN would be a more likely station -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct21 13:44 [13:05] Maybe XEQ in Mexico City? Just a hunch -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct21 13:05 940 unid - Which station in SS has a rooster crowing as one of their sound effects? Hrd @ around 1301 on w. superloop. -- Mark/IN (
Oct21 12:24 940 KIXZ Amarillo TX at 1219 UTC - Very good w/talk pgm "Paracast", local ads for Unique Individuals and BurgerFi, both located in Amarillo. ID back at 1206 as "News Talk 940"...BE CAREFUL, as WMIX in Illinois uses that same slogan, and that's who I thought I would've had had it not been for the ads at 1219 -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct21 12:15 Only a few more entries and that stupid hack will disappear from the board. So... 2NR still hanging in there, and with the last fade-up, I hrd the Aussie-ness of the voice. Def. // to "Nightlife". -- Mark/IN (
Oct21 12:07 TP - 2NR ABC presumed. TOH fanfare hrd @ 1200. Earlier, had audio w/woman talking in same cadence/tone (didn't hear the "aussie dialect" though) that was // to online stream of ABC's "Nightlife" program. 9100 miles! -- Mark/IN (
Oct21 05:32 590 KUGN Eugene OR w/ Clark Howard and local ID, under the usual. In a tight null, so very weak. > yakima cn96 (
Oct21 05:31 DX ? 590 Unid music under the Coast to Coast synchros from WA/UT/ID. Peaking at 0528 UTC and sounded like SS singing, so not KTHO. Cuba? XEFD? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct21 04:37 TA 855 multiple strong carriers on this freq - both tt RNE Spain...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct21 04:22 760 CFLD northern B.C. "Bulkley Valley & Lakes best variety - Moose FM" w/pop 90's mx - only heard on south antenna...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct21 04:20 the audio & carriers all have that over-the-pole 'ring' to them - Mike VE7SKA (
Oct21 04:19 TA 1215 tt Absolute R. UK...pop music for about 30 secs - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct21 04:17 Im going down to the radio room now to see what I can pick up Mike - WL7NO (
Oct21 04:15 Thanks Mike! Monitoring now. Robert OR (
Oct21 04:14 ...it's all over-the-pole sigs. These are all 300-600kW MW from various parts England...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct21 04:11 Robert=using N/S sloper here...keep trying TA heard as far south as AZ last night...Mike VE7SKA (
Oct21 04:02 I've got nothing here on 909 or 1089 w/ the 500ft N BOG. Robert OR (
Oct21 03:59 TA both 1215 & 1089 UK have multiple carriers - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct21 03:57 Robert=deep fades & strong peaks - it's more luck to catch the brief audio than not...Mike VE7SKA (
Oct21 03:53 Wow! Go Mike! Robert OR (
Oct21 03:50 TA 909 BBC 5 Radio Live...sports talk w/British anncrs...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct21 03:46 TA 1089 Talksport UK...audio in long enough to //webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct21 03:41 DX 1120 KMOX MO Clear ID's with local Ads and mention of a Route 66 celebration. Robert OR (
Oct21 03:02 WSB 750 appears to be off right now. Getting only splatter from CFZM 740 -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct21 02:39 Hearing WGCO here too. Booming in. En35id (
Oct21 02:37 TA - hets building on 855, 1089 & 1215 - hope I get some audio again tonight...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct21 02:36 That's the last station I woulda suspected. Unneeded, as it's a daytimer in Davenport in the null of WAIK. Thanks, Jon. Barry will need to update that on his website. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct21 02:28 The station streams online if you want to confirm. - de Jon in FN03 (
Oct21 02:26 It's WGCO in Evanston, IL, in Aramaic. - de Jon in FN03 (
Oct21 02:23 Looks like George needs to ban that IP address en35id (
Oct21 02:20 1590 unID - A real puzzle...hearing music, talk, and liners that sound decidedly Arabic or Middle Eastern, but not finding anything on www.topazdesigns.com/ambc. Help, anyone? -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct21 02:04 Not hearing south carolina from minn but it sure is in on the Indiana SDR en35id (
Oct21 02:01 590 WKZO Kalamazoo MI at 0156 UTC - Fair under KXSP w/clear "...106.9 FM...WKZO" ID during Detroit Red Wings HKY -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct21 01:59 Looks like our friend in England from September 27th has struck again -- Rick in South Omaha (
Oct21 01:49 “> (
Oct21 01:49 “> (
Oct21 01:49 “> (
Oct21 01:49 “> (
Oct21 01:49 “> (
Oct21 01:49 “> (
Oct21 01:49 “> (
Oct21 01:49 “> (
Oct21 00:46 970 WFUNt Ashtabula OH at 0031 UTC - Someone here with brief ID at ad break time that sounded like "ESPN 970 WW..." Only 970 I can find with the "ESPN 970" slogan is WFUN, but the "WW..." doesn't add up. Someone on 970 now with Ohio State Univ. FB -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct21 00:45 I'm getting a free Garth Brooks concert here. Playing outdoors at Notre Dame just 1.5 miles west of here, hi. TL-IN (
Oct21 00:38 DX TIP: [00:34] Now getting a decent signal from WWRK with Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good", which matches what their webstream has on. Undoubtedly on their 10000 watt day power. GO GET 'EM!! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct21 00:34 970 WWRK Florence SC at 0029 UTC - Weak to fair w/Billy Squier's "My Kinda Lover", then liner that sounded like "...greatest collection of classic rock...94.1...and 105.9, The Rock". Checked with the webstream, which was running a full minute and 45 sec behind. SC #2 -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct21 00:25 [00:17] That didn't last long, WCKY back on, but with intermittent drop-outs. --KK7 (
Oct21 00:24 Just as I was about to type that WCKY was off on both the Edinburgh IN and Muscatine IA SDRs, they popped back on for a few moments, and are now off again. They're evidently having problems with their feed from the Univ. of Kentucky FB Network -- Rick in South Omaha (
Oct21 00:17 DX TIP: 1530 WCKY is off, no sign of them here as I type this. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Oct20 23:40 1130 KWKH Shreveport LA - Fair w/LSU FB w/talk from color commentator Doug Moreau. Fighting it out with WBBR, and perhaps one other stn -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct20 22:24 SRS 980 KFWB CA Ranchera mx had been in and out u/KDSJ/CJME for a while and finally "La Mera Mera" slogan at 1213. New for CA #37 KAZ-IL (
Oct20 20:44 @ Rick re: 590 WKZO MI. Their groundwave gets out to the west just fine. KXSP groundwave gets out great over very conductive soil. KAZ-IL (
Oct20 20:10 SRS 750 KXTG OR 1158 logged with local ad with suburban names and address u/CKJH. New for OR #9. KAZ-IL (
Oct20 15:26 [05:31] That particular SDR is sensitive as anything, but lacks selectivity; SSB might not help. I think I had the thing on 1282 kHz for Tupi./cd (
Oct20 15:24 [05:31] Alan told me he will not likely run his GT this winter, so i am trying to make lemonade...>/cdel96 (
Oct20 14:04 Thanks for all the info, Kaz! -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 13:15 @ Mark ABC fanfare into nx is ToH in time zone. Adelaide is 30 minutes TZ after eastern Australia. KAZ-IL (
Oct20 13:13 Oops...sorry for the blue entry... -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 13:09 1548 zoomed in I show at 1548.07. Also, 891 was probably the 2nd best here (had audio there too), but too close to WLS, which is straight west from me. Is the ABC fanfare at both BOH & TOH? -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 13:00 @ Mark KXEL 1540 slop is brutal here as I am closer and upper band pest don't seem to fade as quickly as lower band where at SR I listen to closer western stations fade to reveal gems far out west. KAZ-IL (
Oct20 12:52 @Kaz: fortunately for me the slop wasn't bad this morning. I think 1548 was the best TP stn here. Lasted longer than the rest. -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 12:51 TP 891 5AN finally some audio ABC type with accented gal conducting interview. Huge carrier just getting past WLS slop. Vactrol termination helped a bit. I'd hoped it would last 'til 1230 for ABC fanfare but was too weak a few minutes prior. Almost 10K miles. KAZ-IL (
Oct20 12:51 Here's a station list with links to listen live for ABC Australia: https://radio.abc.net.au/stations -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 12:47 @ Mark/IN perhaps you can find a podcast and pick out the same mx. Also, the freq should be 1548.01. Zoom in and you can tell it is high. I'll check my recording, but live DXing I didn't note any audio in horrendous slop til several minute later on 1548. Yeah, it should be 4QD, and hope you can prove that. KAZ-IL (
Oct20 12:26 Station on 1548 fading fast. Can someone confirm that this is ABC Capricornia (4QD), Emerald, Queensland? I found an online stream for ABC Capricornia, the show on now is "Saturday Night Country" -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 12:10 TP (presumed) 1548 - some audio (music) @ 1205-1210 on presumed 4QD Queensland, Australia -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 11:59 TP fair-good from here (northern Indiana) at SRS -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 11:57 700 KHSE Wylie TX - Blasting over WLW, SS religious music, signal cuts out occasionally - maybe the trasnmitter can't handle the power overload, hi -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 11:52 Condx seem to be shifted more to the SW instead of NW this morning on the west antenna... --Mark/IN (
Oct20 05:31 [0525] Nice! The official call is ZYJ-455. I should sign on to that SDR. Wonder if it's better than Oldtimer? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 05:25 1280 (same SDR as below) Super Radio Tupi, Brazil, // stream 15 sec behind, with "Last Dance" by D. Summer./cdel96 (
Oct20 05:07 790 (using Byargtangar Iceland SDR) Radio Reloj, Cuba, RR in Morse among the mess. 950 CKNB sounds fine on it ATM./cdel96 (
Oct20 04:59 TA 1089 still a het mixing with XEPRS/KFNQ. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 04:58 TA 1215 presumed Absolute Radio almost in audio a minute ago!! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 04:45 TA 639 un-ID...woman anncr sounded Russian - Czech Rep. possibly?...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct20 04:09 TA 855 un-ID briefly w/Arabic male anncr...2nd het on the freq as well...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct20 04:07 TA 1458 tt R Lyca UK...brief audio that was probably Punjabi/South Asian music...strong hets now on 1089 & 1179...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct20 04:02 TA 693 het only. No recoverable audio. Prob BBC. Matt, Washington DC (
Oct20 03:57 afew weak TA hets here too - 855, 1089, 1215 & 1368...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct20 03:46 DX 750 R. Progresso Cuba. No sign of usual WSB. Matt Washington DC (
Oct20 03:22 I have not heard loud TA hets since Croatia was on 1134 years ago. The het was loud on nights with low K level. But I didn't have the 3-ft loop back then. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 03:21 Also very weak 1215 het and threshold 855 het > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 03:21 TA 1089 weak het under XEPRS from across the pond, likely TalkSport UK but *nowhere* near audio. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 03:20 KOA is on 750, of course (
Oct20 03:20 DX KOA Denver,CO. A first for me from the new location. Matt, Washington DC (
Oct20 03:20 1230 KOZI Chelan, again not that far but audible with Chelan vs. Omak HSFB. Mixing with the unid Red Devils station and KDYM. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 03:01 1340 UNID HSFB finally IDed as KIHR Hood River, with mention of 98.3 translator. Not that far, but somehow made it beaming E. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 02:57 Now this 1230 has a mascot of the Red Devils. Beaming ENE. I'm also tracking down the HSFB on 1340. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 02:56 [01:19] Thanks Mark. I'll see if I can hear it again in the morning TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct20 02:51 Remer MN is Northland but no 1230...a mystery. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 02:51 MaxPreps lists the closest public HS with 'northland' as...Minnesota!?!?! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 02:50 1230 UNID HSFB...enthusiastic announcer 'touchdown Northland!!' Not seeing one nearby and likely not Burley with a highlight from a nearby school. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 02:46 They went into another song with no ID and mostly buried under unID HSFB > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 02:46 1340 UNID with classic country, 'I'm Gonna Be Somebody' by Travis Tritt. Usually c&w on 1340 is Hood River, but they are airing HSFB on the stream. Next best guess, probably KTMP Heber City UT but no stream. They would be new. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 02:43 1490 KUGR Green River WY HUGE with HSFB! Off-freq a bit, 660 mi > yakima cn96 (
Oct20 02:36 DX 1610 CHHA ON....SS talk show & ID "La Voces de Latinas"...6.25kW - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct20 02:30 1450 WMOH Hamilton OH - Briefly popping up w/HS FB scoreboard show, ment of the "Colerain Cardinals, #1 in the state". Good grief, twice in one week! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct20 02:12 1240 KMHI Mountain Home with KAWZ, preacher // local 91.5 translator. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 02:12 1230 KBAR Burley ID with Burley Bobcats at Pocatello Indians HSFB. Mixing with KDYM and unID with Steve Perry likely KKOR Astoria. Maybe I'll be lucky and hear a Libby MT fadeup? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 02:11 1300 KLER Orofino, ID with HSFB. Very strong, so I suspect day power (5000 watts) > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 02:05 Thx Yakima. I heard Blue Dog but when googled it came up Big Dog. (
Oct20 01:58 There's new noise sources causing S5-7 noise in the 800-part of the band...also the X-Band is a total loss besides the strongest signals. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 01:57 580 KTMT Ashland OR HSFB pregame. 690 CBKF-1 on top with French. All over the MW band - RFI from TV's, computers, and other electronics. Oh how I love it. Not. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 01:57 Not here, Robert. WBBM hardly audible under KKOH. > yakima cn96 (
Oct20 01:52 Chicago's in strong already. WLS-WBBM-WGN-WSCR. Robert OR (
Oct20 01:50 [01:43] Neil, is there something about WKZO that prevents it from getting out well to the west? I have yet to log it in Davenport, and when I did a daytime bandscan from there in May 2014, KXSP was in and all alone, despite the fact that Davenport is closer to Kalamazoo than it is to Omaha -- Rick sitting in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct20 01:49 The 1400 in Cody has no HSFB game tonight, but elusive KWOR-1340 does... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 01:48 Blue Dog RV, not Big Dog. I'll be looking for elusive HSFB targets, you know who they are. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct20 01:44 1490 unID -- Someone in good about 10 minutes ago w/a HS FB scoreboard show, coulda swore I heard "Auburn...42-0..." and "Fairmont...30-14..." in there, plus a ment of "Madison". All 3 are locations in Indiana, but there are no high schools in Auburn or Fairmont! :( -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct20 01:43 SRS 590 KQNT WA F 1208 with area temps by gal "from your Big Dog RV weather center." KXSP fading and superb low band cx to WNW. New for WA #24 KAZ-IL (
Oct20 01:37 SRS 580 KIDO ID F 1204 thru WILL as WIBW had basically faded. Call ID's after news. New for ID #12 KAZ-IL EN52we (
Oct20 01:19 Just before the top of the hour and the IDs there was a Tim McGraw song. -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 01:16 [23:43] Hi Tom, I had to use an app on my phone to ID what songs were there, and that one wasn't in that time period. There was a song by Jordan Davis, and a Kenny Rogers song. -- Mark/IN (
Oct20 00:54 1220 KZEE Weatherford, TX - up-tempo Indian/Pakistani music // webstream; a moderately-strong signal briefly emerged from the muck. KY/EM66tx (
Oct20 00:39 TP 702 2BL the bright spot from Oz this morning as decent at 1200 with 6 pips, fanfare and "this is ABC News". KAZ-IL (
Oct19 23:57 I heard "Oceanfront Property in Arizona" by George Strait approx 1145 UTC on 900 kHz on commute to work. TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct19 23:43 [2307] Mark, did you get any song titles? I may have heard this also. TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct19 23:07 DX - SRS - 900 CKBI Prince Albert SK @1200 UTC - Call IDs and website w/two women alternating incl "This is Saskatchewan country, CKBI". -- Mark/IN (
Oct19 15:09 TP 1017 Tonga 1204 audible for a bit with a man speaking and less WNVR 1030 slop than sometimes. Otherwise, this morning not nearly as good as yesterday. KAZ-IL (
Oct19 14:41 I was really hoping that 1143 was Taiwan, but 738 was too weak to get a //. BEL2 and BEL3 would both be new and well-wanted. I need to take a field trip to the local park where I can use my 3-ft loop away from the ridiculous (at times) noise level. Then maybe I'll get new Alaskan's and Asians! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 14:37 Noted 657 Pyongyang and 666 JOBK at poor to fair audio but readable. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 14:37 Signal from JOIB was nuts this morning, loud as KXTG. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 14:35 TP conditions quite good this morning, but hampered by apartment RFI (TVs, etc.) Have a recording of a female on 1143 khz talking in CC. Not sure if Taiwan or the 100kw Henan PBS in China. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 11:40 1030 KCTA Corpus Christi TX at 1131 UTC - Fair w/REL pgm "Thru The Bible" //webstream. Can count on getting this most mornings after Boston sunrise time, but it's not the powerhouse it once was. TX #13 -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport logbook (
Oct19 07:01 1300 BBC World Service under/over a jumble, missed the TOH ID. Likely KPMO CA (needed) > yakima cn96 (
Oct19 05:07 Tnx Mike. Here, normally the northern limit is KTKN-930, rarely in the KYAK null. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 05:06 1600 KIVA Albuquerque NM with ad for Sunwest Trust, 237-2225, matches website. Relog but rare. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 04:51 [04:42] Yes, KCKK is the one in there with KGA. Robert OR (
Oct19 04:45 1500 KCLF New Roads, LA - "B. B. Boogie," Al Green's "Sha-La-La" // webstream; weak under WFED & WLQV, listed as day-only. KY/EM66tx (
Oct19 04:45 Yakima=nice job on 760 The Moose - you're almost into AK!! Keep listening! Mike VE7SKA (
Oct19 04:42 [0439] Listen to 1510 for KCKK Littleton, they are common when cx are good to the east. 'The Rock' with Adult Hits. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 04:42 750 KOAL Price UT with Sports Byline USA, over KXTG. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 04:39 [04:26] No WLAC for me. KGA and a Cali station dominant. I need to invest in a Phaser. Robert OR (
Oct19 04:36 TA 1215 & 1386 - still have weak hets...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 04:34 820 KCBF AK "ESPN 107.9 & 820 AM" @ :30 ad break...phased out semi-local KGNW Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 04:31 I had to use headphones to hear it, it's that far down in the mud. As I type this though the signal is getting stronger - En35ID (
Oct19 04:30 550 KRAI Craig, CO way down in the mix under KTRS/KFYR/WSAU pileup. // Iowa SDR - En35ID (
Oct19 04:26 [0203] If you're incredibly lucky, maybe you can eek out a W and an L (and an A and a C) on 1510khz, if KGA is nulled ;-) > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 04:25 Conditions are very nice tonight, just like last night. TP conditions were decent throughout BC and WA this morning as well. Wish I would have gotten a confirmation on the 603khz. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 04:23 730 CKDM Dauphin MB w/ Kenny G's 'Songbird' above the jumble. Unusual music for this station, aren't they usually country (and a little bit of soft rock)? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 04:20 DX 760 Michael Savage under KDSP beaming E, matches the schedule for WJR Detroit, MI. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 04:20 760 CFLD Burns Lake BC with Tom Petty's 'Runnin Down a Dream' // playlist. Very rare here, not rare in the Puget Sound area. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 04:13 I was wrong. The 1610 was indeed CHHA. Matt Washington DC (
Oct19 04:13 All I'm hearing on 850 is KOA with Broncos postgame, at least S9+40db. No trace of Rel singing... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 04:10 I'll go look for KICY, but keep in mind I doubt it's in! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct19 04:03 Huge HET on 550. 1khz tone - En35ID (
Oct19 04:02 800 KINY AK...TOH ID w./"103.5 FM"...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 03:57 850 KICY AK in here too w/choral singers//streema...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 03:56 DX 640 R Progresso CUB...SS salsa music //4.765mHz...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 03:54 DX 850 KICY Nome AK Religious singing easily readable under/with KOA. Robert OR (
Oct19 03:53 1610 uni SS announcer and music. Ruled out CHHA. Either XEUACH or pirate. Matt Washington DC (
Oct19 03:53 529 SQM AK panhandle - .4kW AM automated voice loop marine wx forecast/condx w/ CW ID underneath...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 03:29 TA - now very weak hets, almost all are gone...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 03:29 DX 1620 R. Rebelde Cuba. With echo, multiple transmitters. Matt Washington DC (
Oct19 03:29 Thanks to George, K5TR, for his message on the continuance of this very helpful site. So King Co WA (
Oct19 03:21 KAZ=thanx! I was wondering if these were Egypt - deep fades out/in...audio in brief snippets - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 03:20 1630 - Spanish, think it's XEUT - WL7NO (
Oct19 03:12 @ Mike in BC. 819 and 864 should be Egypt. Hang in there and catch some Koran and hopefully a peak near their SR. KAZ-IL (
Oct19 03:11 DX 1180 R. Rebelde Cuba, taking out usual WHAM. Matt Washington DC (
Oct19 03:11 I just realized I went over 500 stations logged, and I'm still catching up the log sheet from last year's notes. The first 500 is easy tho, right? :^) -- Mark/IN (
Oct19 03:09 TA 864 variable het...strong fades down/up so waiting for audio - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 03:08 TA 819 un-ID w/ a few snips of audio, sounded like Greek or Arabic but too weak too tell...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 03:08 TA 819 un-ID w/ a few snips of audio, sounded like Greek or Arabic but too weak too tell...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 03:04 @ Mark, there's some US rlg net that has pips. KAZ-IL (
Oct19 02:57 TP ? unid 1090 - A 1200 UTC 10/18, 6 maybe 7 time pips at TOH, all same pitch (1 kHz) and length. Nothing else hrd that seemed related. -- Mark/IN (
Oct19 02:53 Thanks Kaz! Sydney had trace audio here, but that's all. -- Mark (
Oct19 02:48 1683 is Melbourne, 1683.28 is Sydney. They are both Greek. Barest traces of audio here on both helped by notching one or the other. Nothing good enough to count as a logging. Sydney logged over 20 years ago before it drifted and when the X-band was basically clear. KAZ-IL (
Oct19 02:42 600 CKAT North Bay ON - Fair under WMT with C&W song "When I Think About Angels" by Jamie O'Neal matching CKAT's stream on streema.com. ON #19 and just my 2nd logging on 600 -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct19 02:40 [02:34] - Time was 1200 UTC this morning -- Mark/IN (
Oct19 02:38 TA - 1575 w/multiple carriers, strong, also 1089, 1215 - over the pole on N/S sloper...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct19 02:34 TP 1683 & 1683.28 - An Australian is listed at the offset freq, but who is the one who is on-freq? I had both carriers but no audio. -- Mark/IN (
Oct19 02:11 550 KRAI Craig CO - Topping the freq with Denver Broncos FB //KOA-850, but with audio running about 17 seconds ahead of KOA! Guess all flagship stations run behind their affiliates for a few seconds for some reason or another -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct19 02:03 DX 700 WLW Loud with many ID's forecast for Ohio/Kentucky. I've decided to only DX for stations with W or L in the callsign. Robert OR (
Oct19 01:57 DX 870 WWL LA ID "The Voice of the New Orleans Saints" in the clear. Robert OR (
Oct19 01:56 [01:51] Hi Rick. Watching baseball now. May DX a bit before work tomorrow morning. TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct19 01:51 [01:35] Heya Tom! Hope all is well tonight under the Golden Dome. Any good DX to report from Michiana? -- Rick physically in South Omaha but my mind elsewhere :) (
Oct19 01:35 [19:01] Thank you! This is a great site with a good group of DXers. 73 KB9BIT (
Oct19 01:24 1550 KAPE Cape Giradeau, MO with Joe Pags show. 48 watts? Really? - En35ID (
Oct19 01:18 610 KDAL Duluth forgot their night switch. Naughty - En35ID (
Oct19 01:12 KMNS, not KKMS. - En35ID (
Oct19 01:11 620 KKMS Sioux City, IA with Fargo Force hockey vs. Sioux City Musketeers -new- local 630 nulled - En35ID (
Oct19 01:04 1550 KYAL Sapulpa OK at 0059 UTC - Fair on day power w/ad for American Heritage Bank in Sapulpa, then back into Shawnee vs. Sapulpa HS FB. No sign of KUAZ in Arizona, whose sign-off I was trying for. OK #10. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct19 00:56 TP 1674 Australia with some audio around 1213 this morning. Male talk and wasn't English. They should be Punjabi or Hindi. KAZ-IL (
Oct19 00:52 1030 here is WBZ Boston, MA with local WCTS weak - En35ID (
Oct19 00:51 960 WTCH Shawano, WI on top right now. Also KLTF 960 Little Falls (with local ads) - En35ID (
Oct19 00:49 @ Mark, that's 800 KDDD for sure. Mex N/A was from XEROK. KAZ-IL (
Oct19 00:22 1030 KTWO Casper WY - Fair to good with Dave Logan doing play-by-play on the Denver Broncos radio network. Only Broncos affiliate on 1030 on the 2018 list. WY #2. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct19 00:22 Interestingly, KDDD (if indeed them) was about 10 seconds behind KYLP. There was more in the mix on 800 as well, incl a Mexican N/A that was fairly strong. -- Mark/IN (
Oct19 00:20 Kaz: I heard the "All Ag, All Day" slogan, twice, just like on KFLP, and "AM 800" and "Dumas" (snds like "pumice"). No CBS sounder here so that was probably another stn on 900. -- Mark/IN (
Oct19 00:00 [16:47] I could say something about "a moose bit my sister once...", but y'all have probably already heard that line. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct18 23:59 1280 WONW Defiance OH - Fair w/promo for Rush Limbaugh weekdays at noon "on Newstalk 1280 WONW". OH #14. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct18 21:48 SRS 590 KGLE MT 1200 p/way u/KXSP but the tail end of their ID slogan ment. Western ND came thru. New for MT #18. KAZ-IL (
Oct18 21:43 SRS 980 CKNW BC F atop 1t 1200 with "98 CKNW" "CKNW.com" and into local nx. New for BC#8. KAZ-IL (
Oct18 21:31 @ Mark...see if you can // 900 KFLP with 800 KDDD. At 1200 here I had Sask. on those channels but I am closer to them. KAZ-IL (
Oct18 21:30 SRS 1090 XEPRS at 1200 u/KAAY and I caught her ID saying,"Baha California. Mexico." VERY rare KAZ-IL (
Oct18 21:23 TP 1611 Australian Vision Radio Network synchros to P-F peaks 1213 with a few minutes of Jeff Vines American accented religious talk. KAZ-IL (
Oct18 21:21 TP 837 4RK Australia 1200 v.poor // stronger 738 with male talk and just a bit of hourly fanfare caught before audio cam on super local WAIT. KAZ-IL (
Oct18 21:02 [19:01] Thanks George! Robert W7NER CN82 OR (
Oct18 21:01 George K5TR= THANK YOU for taking on hosting our little sandbox here - we REALLY appreciate you taking this over from our late friend Bob Colyard...73 Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct18 20:59 Yakima/So King Co= 1300 SS usually 38kW XEP CHI w/ "R Mexicana" jingles/imaging...XEXW SON much more rare...have heard it under KKOL in years gone by but never verified...Mike VE7SKA (
Oct18 20:17 [0601] Thanks. I think Mike Cherry has heard a tentative on them. Last night I had SS pop on top of 1300 at times. Faded down at ID time. Either XEP or XEXW...both wanted. > yakima cn96 (
Oct18 20:02 James, like duck decoys, maybe you can put a wooden moose out there, and---never mind./cdel96 (
Oct18 20:00 [19:34] I second that emotion./cdel96 (
Oct18 19:43 Thanks George - Appreciate your support of the hobby. Seems like yesterday I was young and there were lots of people in the hobby. Now, we are dwindling in numbers! WL7NO (
Oct18 19:41 CD - it happens more often than I'd like, but that's the price you pay for low noise I guess!! - WL7NO (
Oct18 19:34 [19:01] Thank you George - Your efforts are greatly appreciated! -- Mark/IN (
Oct18 19:01 Please read this page: http://dxworld.com/news-oct-2018.html - George - K5TR (
Oct18 17:15 [16:47] Didn't that happen a time before (or more), James?/cdel96 (
Oct18 16:52 TP 1548 4QD Queensland, Aus Fading in and out - WL7NO (
Oct18 16:51 TP 1566 HLAZ in Russian - WL7NO (
Oct18 16:47 Had a moose take my flag antenna out of business last night. The joys of Alaska! WL7NO (
Oct18 16:47 SRS 900 KFLP Floydada, TX - Barely audible, but unusually little interference, so caught "All Ag, All day" several times, along with "KFLP", @toh @1200. Then into CBS news. Hrd on west superloop. -- Mark/IN (
Oct18 15:46 Also a loud 738 het but audio was down in the mud, and 576 *almost* made it to audio. 2NR Sydney? I've never heard a DU. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 15:44 TP earlier loud NHK signals, no sign of 666 JOBK however. 603 had Asian pop likely KBS Happy FM (HLSA) but faded before I could get a parallel on an SDR. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 15:02 [0601] Great catch Yakima! Robert OR (
Oct18 14:57 1287 actually, although the DX440 favors a hair to the right, making it center roughly on 1288. So King Co WA (
Oct18 14:54 1288 -- het on 1290 and possible male voice, but it just wouldn't come up out of the mud. DX-440, loop. So King Co WA (
Oct18 12:50 TP 1156-1223 Australian hets/carriers/ and quite a few audios including 1611 on a VERY good morning. KAZ-IL (
Oct18 12:38 590 unID at 1152 UTC - Someone under KXSP w/instrumental and vocal adult standards music (like Sinatra, Crosby, Garland, etc.). Not matching up with the streams of WMBS, WROW, or Cuba. Ideas, anyone?? -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Oct18 12:37 1160 KSL blasting in like a local. Traffic and weather, ID. Rare to hear it this well. TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct18 06:02 DX 710 Rebelde // 5025, nice signal under KIRO. Just one xmitter, no echo. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 06:01 I may have heard some SS buried as well, KLER just barely on top and KVET popped in with an ID. I'm very pleased! > yakima cn96 (
Oct18 06:01 DX 1300 KVET Austin, TX '1300 the Zone...an iHeart radio station,' into Fox Sports Trending at 2300. NEW!!! 1KW!! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 05:49 There's another station buried even under KUGN, music of some kind. Not sure if Lake Tahoe (relog) or someone else. Sounds best towards the NE, maybe even NNE. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 05:49 590 with Hannity, matches KUGN Eugene schedule again. Way under KQNT/KID but I recognize his voice. KUGN beams almost no power towards us. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 05:45 DX 640 Radio Progreso Cuba, with slow SS music at fair level under KFI. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 05:45 DX TIP (another one!) - 560 KMON Great Falls way over KPQ with local ads, 'your Montana Mattress Firm stores', etc. Doubtful on night pattern. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 05:44 Strong Condx here. KSL S9+10db - WL7NO (
Oct18 05:44 DX TIP! 550 KRAI Craig, CO '55 Country, KRAI' ID way over KOAC. No doubt 5000 watt day power. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 05:25 710 R. Rebelde Cuba covering usual WOR and ESPN station-. Matt Washington DC (
Oct18 04:53 1300 KLER Idaho...contemporary country wID...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct18 04:29 1010 WHIN Gallatin, TN. Music. Covering the usual WINS. Day power, no doubt. Matt Washington DC. (
Oct18 04:27 1010 WHIN Gallatin, TN covering the usual WINS. Day power (
Oct18 04:00 TA 1089 weak het from over the pole on N/S antenna...1386 briefly in too - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct18 03:36 KSEN? At this hour? I never hear them at 2000 PT. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct18 02:21 DX 1150 KSEN MT atop with oldies and ID's. Cx decent to WNW. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Oct18 01:22 940 CJGX Yorkton SK - Nice signal briefly @ 0118 w/country music and "GX94" IDs. -- Mark/IN (
Oct18 01:02 1290 CFRW Winnipeg, MB "TSN Radio" hrd at TOH. Also mentioning hockey teams. -New- en35id (
Oct18 00:19 1220 WLPO Lasalle, IL on top of the muck en35id (
Oct17 19:52 0022 PT - 590 Clark Howard under Coast to Coast, very faint. KUGN Eugene OR a match. Always common in Western WA, but massive null towards the Yakima area. Doubt it's more than 50 watts beamed towards me. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 19:51 0020 PT - UNID 590 way under the Coast to Coast synchros (KQNT/KID/KSUB). Music, then heard a partial sweeper for 'less commercials!' and back into music. Honolulu can't be in this early. CFAR? CFTK? Someone else way back east I don't know about? Couldn't tell what music it was, pop or oldies-like stuff. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 19:48 DX 0010 PT - 710 Rebelde Cuba right under KIRO. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 19:48 0000 PT last night - 1490 KCID Caldwell ID 'Radio Catolica', nice signal. Also had another ID crunched, country music, sounded like KDBM (Dillon MT, relog). > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 19:37 I have all AB's logged, besides 840 CFCW (which used to be a pest on 790khz...pattern must be away from me now), as for SK all I need is the 570 in Swift Current (I've logged CJSN-1490!!) > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 18:07 Alberta 880 was in here the SSS night we had CFCW in late Sep. Just prior to pattern switch. KAZ-IL (
Oct17 17:24 TP 702 2BL Sydney into Michigan @ 12:00 UTC this morning: https://youtu.be/ItOnHL5ZoZE --KK7 (
Oct17 17:17 Alberta still needed here on 700, 880, 910, 1260 & 1440. At least they aren't GY channels, so maybe still a chance! --KK7 (
Oct17 15:01 @ KK7 I expect you may be able to complete Alberta with that North DKAZ. KAZ-IL (
Oct17 15:00 @ Yakima, 738 Tahiti moved to FM almost 2 years ago. KAZ-IL (
Oct17 13:57 [06:11] At least today's Brewers/Dodgers is the early game. I used Thunder Bay SDR to hear Bob Uecker do the call./cdel96 (
Oct17 10:14 DX 930 CJCA Edmonton, AB, new log (AB #10), w/ Christian music right now. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Oct17 06:32 DX 1020 KDKA PA BOH ID "The Voice Of Pittsburg 1020 KDKA". Robert OR (
Oct17 06:12 1210 with Ben Maller, likely KGYN Guymon, OK. Doubtful it's WLRO even on day power. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 06:11 DX 740 KVOX Fargo, NLCS coverage (now in the bottom of the 13th!!) > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 06:10 Just KTWO on 1030. Logged on to the Edinburgh IN SDR, tried to // with WBZ, and failed. Oh well. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 05:46 WBZ louder now than earlier. Easy ID a minute ago! Robert OR (
Oct17 05:43 The Shift with Drex. Prior to the Global News Radio flip, they were airing old time radio and Coast to Coast at night...too bad. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 05:40 DX 900 CHML ON Talk show with Aussie or British host // stream. Robert OR (
Oct17 05:37 DX 1100 bits and pieces of the Nat King Cole song used for bumper music on Coast to Coast tonight. This has to be WTAM Cleveland (a relog). Mixing with KNZZ, others. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 05:36 DX 1170 KFAQ Tulsa strong with Coast to Coast. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 05:26 [05:20] Oops---via DX of WTMJ 620./cdel96 (
Oct17 05:20 [05:17] Actually I *am* using the Thunder Bay SDR---the only free way to hear the play-by-play from Bob "Mr. Baseball" Uecker./cdel96 (
Oct17 05:20 WJR is heard 3-4 times a year, but WLW is a once-a-year event usually. They are surprisingly rare! KXLX, KGRV, KALL always in the way. Even WJR has to get through the 1kw pest from Denver (KDSP). > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 05:19 [0508] Never tried an FSL. Future project! Robert OR (
Oct17 05:18 1540 Once again, somebody off by at least 100-200 hz with a big het. Bellevue? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 05:18 1510 KCKK Littleton, CO // playlist, stream, 'Swingtown' Steve Miller Band under KGA. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 05:17 Would love to report some DX from an online SDR---but the MLB game is riveting!/cdel96 (
Oct17 05:09 Forgot to note from this morning, I had a 612 carrier het with KONA (likely 4QR Brisbane), plus 738 which may have been Tahiti or Taiwan. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 05:08 Flag? All I have a 3-ft box loop, and while it does well, it doesn't null the opposite direction that well. I should email Gary DeBock in Puyallup and see if I can't get him to make me an FSL antenna...not a large one but 5-7" (10-15 lbs) would be decent enough. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 05:07 DX 1580 CKDO Oshawa ON 'Listen to What the Man Said' Wings/Paul McCartney HUGE // stream! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 05:06 [0457] Haa, no just my Flag pointed between NY and Boston. Robert OR (
Oct17 05:03 DX 760 WJR Detroit A couple ID's leading up to news. Robert OR (
Oct17 05:02 DX 700 WLW OH TOH ID "NewsRadio 700" into weather forecast. Robert OR (
Oct17 04:57 [0340] Oh for gosh sakes, Robert...you must be using a D-KAZ, 1000 ft eastern beverage and an EWE to get *that*! MA is in my dreams... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 04:53 DX 1180 R Rebelde CUB - single station only // 5.025mHz, partially phased out semi-local KLAY Tacoma...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct17 04:50 600 KGEZ MT...promo for morning show, calls, 60's oldies...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct17 04:46 670 WSCR IL...local ads, "Chicago's 670 The Score"...partially phased out 'Pacific pest' KBOI Boise...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct17 04:42 condx east here are good currently but not exceptional...go get 'em - Mike VE7SKA (
Oct17 04:01 Thanks Mike. There are other east coast in there. Got the headphones on! Robert OR (
Oct17 03:44 WBZ a nice catch Robert - well done!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct17 03:40 DX 1030 WBZ Boston Talk show discussing Liz Warren, The Caravan, etc. Host and callers with Boston accent(my hometown) under KTWO. Robert OR (
Oct17 01:54 Yak= I have not logged XEWK. Robert OR (
Oct17 01:48 Here, it's called a 'normal night'. But hearing XEWK on 1190 isn't. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct17 01:29 1190 CFSL SK Dominating KEX at times w/ C&W. Seems condx are improving. Robert OR (
Oct17 01:16 DX 1160 KSL Salt Lake City, UT - "KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM," sports discussion; clear signal comes and goes. First-time catch, conditions must be good. KY/EM66tx (
Oct17 00:47 Conditions here are bizarre, signals didn’t start until 1:00 am local time and picked at about 8:00 local time! WL7NO (
Oct17 00:05 590 WMBS Uniontown, PA - ads for Autoland Hyundai in Uniontown and UPMC medical network, references to Pittsburgh Penguins radio network. KY/EM66tx (
Oct16 14:11 TP 774 JOUB, 594 JOAK all I'm hearing, 774 strongest. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct16 13:38 TP conditions rather weak this morning, weak mumbles on the big gun NHK channels like 774. Not a feast like a couple weeks ago where I had 666 Osaka. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct16 13:33 SRS 600 KCOL Fort Collins with local news at 0610 PT. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct16 13:33 SRS 620 KJOL Grand Junction, CO. Christian music // stream at 0622 PT, but much stronger prior to PC startup with more Christian music at 0613 way over KPOJ and a faint announcement for something at '7:20', thus Mountain time. Can't be WRJZ at this hour, normally wouldn't count it but they are the only Christian on 620 in the West. NEW!! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct16 09:07 [21:24] Thx Mike. I think its a newie for me. Earlier this evening I heard several stations, incl another talker, waaaaaay back there. DX season is picking up. So King Co Wa (
Oct16 04:28 760 (using Arctic Norway SDR) Rede Aleluia, Fortaleza, Brazil; //stream, but stream is about 3 min behind./cdel96 (
Oct16 03:31 1160 KBDT Highland Park, TX - 02:30-03:00 "Sherlock Holmes" and another old radio drama occasionally emerged under WYLL; matched webstream. KY/EM66tx (
Oct16 01:25 1200 CFGO Ottawa ON - Weak to fair u/WOAI coming out of ad break w/liner: "You're listening to Sens hockey...". Webstream on streema.com running about a minute behind. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct16 01:23 1540.11 KGBC Galveston TX; playing Tejano music, IDs and ads in english. Good to poor on S DKaz. -- Mark/IN (
Oct16 01:06 1550 WIGN Bristol TN - Over/under KESJ for about 5 minutes w/southern bluegrass gospel music, finally rising at ToH (good timing!) w/"AM 1550...WIGN, Bristol..." ID. TN #15 here. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct16 00:29 1400 KLIN Lincoln NE - Briefly atop w/ment of "grahamtirelincoln.com" in ad for Graham Tire, then into sports talk pgm "Husker Sports Nightly". An obvious pest in Omaha, but neat to hear it hundeds of miles away -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct15 23:09 SSS 1110 WUNN Mason, MI // Christian Contemporary music under KFAB. En35id (
Oct15 21:47 Last night when I went to bed, I didn't turn the radio on for one second. Nothing to report. Have to get up at 0530 tomorrow morning for a long day of errands, maybe some TP DX to report tomorrow! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct15 21:24 So King Co= your 1300 is definitely KACI OR...seems to get out well on it's night power level some of the time...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct15 11:55 1140 CHRB High River AB - Overtaking WVHF w/C&W song "26 Cents" by the Wilkinsons. Matched up with the stream, which was about 10 seconds behind. AB #2 here -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct15 11:48 1140 WVHF Kentwood MI - V/G w/"Morning Glory" pgm via EWTN Radio. Matched up with WVHF's stream, but not KGEM's so that narrowed it down to this, since those are the only 2 EWTN stations listed on 1140. WVHF must go to day power at Richmond sunrise, then. MI #16 at this QTH -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct15 05:27 1300 Last night/early morning heard Hannity and then Limbaugh replays. UNID, poss KACI The Dalles? DX440, loop. So King Co WA (
Oct15 03:14 680 WPTF Raleigh NC w/Patti Page's "Tennessee Waltz" //the KiwiSDR in Raleigh. NC #6 at this location. I'm thinking, however, that this wasn't the same oldies station that I had in earlier. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct15 02:59 680 unID now has "Just My Imagination" by the Temptations, and I'm suspecting now that this is WPTF, which has a Sunday night oldies show that I'd forgotten about. However, I cannot get a stream to come up for WPTF no matter which way I turn! Absolutely maddening. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct15 02:36 Just answered my own question by checking KNBR's stream. They've got the ALCS game between Boston and Houston, so it's not them. And the list of possibilities gets shorter. Meanwhile, the unID oldies station on 680 is now airing Lynn Anderson's "Rose Garden" -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct15 02:32 680 unID - Someone here with the KC Chiefs vs. New England Patriots FB game, but it's the feed from Westwood One and not the Chiefs network, so that rules out KFEQ. Could this be KNBR? -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct15 02:26 680 unID - Big time help needed here. Getting someone with oldies (Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" and "Young GIrl" by Gary Puckett & the Union Gap), but no ID. Suspect WCTT, but they don't stream. Heard while searching for needed KFEQ, which should have KC Chiefs FB on right now -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct15 01:19 660 KGSV Oildale CA; South Asian music under CFFR/KTNN then fadeout. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct14 11:28 [05:47] Referring to 1580 of course, likely on day power/pattern./cdel96 (
Oct14 05:47 [02:41] I smell a cheat-er, I smell a cheat-er 🎶 .../cdel96 (
Oct14 04:51 Earlier 1290 tt KAZA Gilroy Calif. with Asian pop; 1270 tt KMVI Tulare Calif. with AC -- both mostly alone on freq. RS200629, loop. So King Co WA (
Oct14 04:29 620 KIGS Hanford CA very strong with local ads 559 area code mention > Yakima CN96 (
Oct14 04:29 1300 is a hopeless mess of nothing on top of each other and some local noise as well. Sounds like a graveyard beaming SE > Yakima CN96 (
Oct14 04:20 No KIGO here. Robert CN82 OR (
Oct14 04:20 Yakima=neglected to mention 1300 XEXW uses "La Buena" jingles/imaging between songs - GL!! have heard them twice since KKOL silent...Mike VE7SKA (
Oct14 04:18 Justin=regional KITI Centralia very strong tonight & can't be nulled out...only hear KUJ WA underneath...no KIGO - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct14 04:16 Some Au cx? Lemme go check... XEXW needed > Yakima CN96 (
Oct14 04:15 1420 KBHS Hot Springs, AR "La Zeta". This is why I shouldnt trust radio locator. My guess is they are on the 5kw rig -new- en35id (
Oct14 04:11 Hey guys out west, is KIGO 1420 on day power? En35id (
Oct14 04:10 Au 1300 XEXW SON...SS Tejano/ranchera music//streema webstream...2nd time heard since KKOL Seattle went silent...can also hear XEP CHI in background - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct14 04:02 Unid 1420 SS "La Zeta"??? Whodat? En35id (
Oct14 03:25 Au 1220 KHTS CA..."Hometown station AM 1220 & FM 98.1" w/AC oldies...condx here definitely Au favouring CA/BCN/AZ...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct14 03:22 1560 KGOW Bellaire, Tx // web stream. En35id (
Oct14 03:10 1510 KSPA CA...Vietnamese talk pgm //webstream...running 10kW D pwr not 1kW N pwr! nulled out KGA WA...NEW logging!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct14 03:09 1320 KMAQ Iowa with local obits and several IDs - new - EN35ID (
Oct14 03:01 1630 KKGM TX...TOH ID into gospel music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct14 02:41 1580 WNTF Bithlo, FL - ID, "Caribbean Radio Network," reggae music; moderate-to-strong signal. KY/EM66tx (
Oct14 02:09 DX 900 XEW Radiohead "Creep" very strong. Excellent cx to SW. Robert OR (
Oct14 02:01 1170 KFAQ Tulsa OK Like a local w/TOH ID into news! Robert OR (
Oct14 01:39 960 KOVO UT Come up over Klamath Falls like FM Tropo. Two ads with numerous local Utah mentions then dropped right out. Robert OR (
Oct13 23:13 Possibly a decent night for TP (no, not the high school prank...although it's a good night for that too, hi). Some carriers on 1125, 1044, 882, 855, 531 observed here. --Mark/IN (
Oct13 22:23 There's about two others mixing at this hour. Noise level isn't that low, unsurprisingly. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 22:21 1490 one of the Huskies affiliates // 1000-KOMO, as KYNR is off the air. Either KLOG Kelso, or KWOK Aberdeen. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 22:17 [1555] I thought they had gone back to 1000 w. Oh well. Always can try for Libby MT! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 21:03 Yakima=terrible news about KYNR losing out to thieves forcing them off air...jerks! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct13 19:27 05:54 sent the post too quickly. Gotta watch where these thumbs are going!/cd (
Oct13 19:26 I'd love to make some of those DX catches on Youtube, but unfortunately it wouldn't look or sound good , unless i used a PC. Everything is via iPhone./cdel96 (
Oct13 19:24 a few days ago I also heard 740 CFZM Toronto (which surprised me greatly) on that same receiver./cdel96 (
Oct13 19:23 [16:41] stupid phone....I heard WCBS on a receiver via SDR.hu located in Bonaire, just north of Venezuela (online)./cdel96 (
Oct13 19:22 [16:41] I (
Oct13 16:41 Also in that time, (w/WFME passing a dc) 1.560 had WKIK La Plata MD, as well as an unID gospel buried underneath. ~KMGC~ N.Shore MA, FN42nn (
Oct13 16:41 I was referring to your 05:54 mention.... Or was that a typo? (
Oct13 16:40 However I wanna go to a park in Key Largo today for some sunset skip./cd (
Oct13 16:39 I have been frequenting other people's radios, as conditions here are not really noteworthy!/cd (
Oct13 16:38 Maybe I confused you....My stuff in blue with "(Bonaire)" = received via the SDR located right there in Bonaire. Sri for any mixup./cdel96 (
Oct13 16:36 [16:15] u/WCBS? Bonaire is 800 kHz, not 880. Best thing in these times is to access the Bonaire SDR @ www.sdr.hu/cdel96 (
Oct13 16:15 Around 06-08:00z I had choir/church mx (fairly strong) u/WCBS—would that be Bonaire? ~KMGC~ N.Shore MA, FN42nn (
Oct13 15:55 Yak in its current state you're not going to hear 1230 fron Murray, UT. They are like 20 watts from an inverted L due to a tower collapse. En35id (
Oct13 05:55 900 (Bonaire) CBC Barbados, calling itself 94.7, //stream, after hearing WCBS./cdel96 (
Oct13 05:54 880 (Bonaire) WCBS. (
Oct13 05:52 On 1180, I had at least two echoes from Rebelde. > yakima cn96 (
Oct13 05:52 I should check that frequency tomorrow morning/afternoon, and see what I can get. Probably a very weak KTEL and/or KEYG. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 05:51 Local note on 1490 BTW... https://www.yakimaherald.com/news/local/burglary-leaves-yakama-nation-radio-off-the-air/article_05b3cdac-ce5f-11e8-8b18-63f47e586311.html > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 05:22 DX CHAB Moose Jaw SK Loud with Blue Rodeo, Buddy Holly...etc. Robert OR (
Oct13 05:21 [04:03] Cricket jammer? -- jamming who? So King Co WA (
Oct13 05:15 DX CKBI Prince Albert SK Loud and alone on freq w/ modern country. Robert OR (
Oct13 04:06 KA3JAW=RR will do, have tried all 3 antennas...nothing - will check periodically...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct13 04:03 VE7SKA - Keep alert for a possible cricket jammer (3 pulses per second) - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct13 03:58 KA3JAW de VE7SKA: not currently - have heard carriers & one pirate in past. Should I hear something? (
Oct13 03:54 Mike VE7SKA: Can you hear anything on 1710? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct13 03:47 DX 1180 R Rebelde CUB - single station only // 5.025mHz, partially phased out semi-local KLAY Tacoma...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct13 03:40 Yakima=590 CFTK is in there now - 80's/90's pop & frequent "EZ Rock" IDs...no AK here yet...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct13 03:34 That one is rare as heck here in the Yakima Valley. But very common in Puget Sound region at night. The 870 made it sometimes. I would love to hear Terrace BC on 590 but I know they are rarely reported in the lower 48. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 03:31 760 CFLD northern B.C. "Bulkley Valley's best variety - Moose FM" w/pop 90's mx - only heard on south antenna...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct13 03:19 Really makes it difficult to try for Murray UT, Libby MT, etc. which I need. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 03:19 And I may be 30 miles away from it but...my *god*, KDYM is such a pest! Almost impossible for anything to get through it! When I lived in Bellevue (25-ish miles from KWYZ Everett), they were usually lost in the slop! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 03:18 1240 KSAM Whitefish MT w/ Columbia Falls vs. Whitefish HSFB. 400W, just barely fading up. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 03:11 DX 530 CMBQ CUB "R Enciclopedia" w/classical music pgm...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct13 03:02 1350 WIOU Kokomo IN - Good on day power with the St. Vincent's Sports Performance HS FB scoreboard show,local ad, then liner: "This presentation of the WIOU..." -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct13 03:01 Ok, I thought you might get something up in British Columbia, Can - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct13 02:58 1240 KCVL Colville WA local ads 'in Northeastern WA...' > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 02:57 1230 UNID HSFB, excited announcer '39-10, the Rams are winning!' Not sure where it's from, likely somewhere in Mountain time. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 02:55 On a great night, a faint carrier. Other nights, nada. > yakima cn96 (
Oct13 02:46 Yakama: Can you hear anything on 1710? - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Oct13 02:44 1050 KBLE Kirkland WA normally EWTN/Sacred Heart, but airing HSFB instead with underwriting from local car dealer. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 02:44 1220 CJRB Boissevain MB religious music // stream. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 02:33 DX 710 Cuba Radio Rebelde // 5025 right under KIRO. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 02:33 600 KGEZ Kalispell MT HSFB // stream. Also KMON-560 with HSFB > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 02:26 1240 UNID with Phil Collins' 'Don't Lose My Number'. Likely KOFE. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 02:23 1490 KTOP Topeka KS - Fair with ad for Genesis Health Clubs in Topeka, then ment of "Kansas" in the following ad. Probably the same station heard a few minutes earlier with CBS Sportsradio's "Ferrall On The Bench". KS #10 and 1st GYer from the Sunflower State at this QTH -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct13 02:17 Trying for HSFB on the graveyards, noise level isn't that low tonight making it quite difficult. Some swapping in and out on 1240. I really need Glasgow MT. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 02:16 In all the years I've DXed, no other FF has been heard under CBKF-2. Even if CFZM is S9! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 02:13 [01:12]Rick=there ARE times when CJBC & CBKF-2 // - particularly newscasts @ TOH...have had echoes of both here as in same general direction...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct13 02:02 1230 KWYZ Everett and hip hop underneath, likely KBZZ Reno (ex-KSGG). 1400 KEDO Longview with local ads. KODI had an early HSFB game, tried to // to postgame but heard nothing. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct13 01:50 1360 WHNR Cypress Gardens, FL - ID, H.S. football involving "Lakeland," 48-3 score; weak signal barely above the noise. KY/EM66tx (
Oct13 01:33 1240 KLIK Jefferson City MO - Briefly atop w/Jefferson City HS FB vs. Battle High of Columbia. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct13 01:23 It's CJBC. Finally found a stream on tunein.com for CBKF-2, but not hearing any speech in FF that sounds like an exact match for what I'm getting on 860, so what I was hearing before WAS eminating from CJBC -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct13 01:12 Does anyone know if CBKF-2 on 860 runs the SAME French programming as CJBC, or are they different broadcasts? I ask because I have French coming in under KWPC, and while the stream from CJBC is a match, I can't bring up a stream for CBKF-2 -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct13 01:03 1630 KKGM Fort Worth TX at 0059 UTC - Weak but in there u/KCJJ with a "AM 1630 KKGM" ID. KCJJ having some real audio problems tonight with its HS FB broadcast -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct13 00:47 1210 khz Spanish talk and music and RR in Morse code. Who is this? jpb FN32sa (
Oct12 21:00 1490 khz - WKYW - Frankfort, KY - 10/12 @ 0854 UT - oldies format surfaced out of the GY muck, ID as 1490 and 93.5, new GY @ xx miles - TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct12 21:00 1490 khz - KFTK - East St. Louis, IL - 10/12 @ 0734 UT - promo for the Tim Jones show on "FM newstalk 97.1" then into C2C AM, call change for WQQX - TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct12 16:04 0058 PT - 1530 with SS promo, sounded like for futbol, under KFBK then fade out. Really putting my money on KGBT TX, but gone by 0100. Still needed for overall logs. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct12 16:03 0057 PT - 1700 KKLF TX easy with Spanish advertisements over XEPE. Rest of X-Band was boring. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct12 16:02 0054 PT - 1210 Fox Sports (Ben Maller Show) over KMIA/KHAT then fade out. Likely KGYN Guymon OK which matches their schedule. Gone in noise by 1AM. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct12 16:00 0051 PT - 1120 KANN Roy UT SOS Radio way over Eugene > Yakima CN96 (
Oct12 16:00 0050 PT - 1020 KDYK local on dead air. Weak SS female underneath beaming SW, likely KTNQ Los Angeles. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct12 15:59 0047 PT - DX 870 WWL New Orleans 'wwl.com' under KFLD. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct12 15:58 0045 PT - 710 Rebelde // 5025 right under KIRO, also heard on usual 1180. 780 weak country sounding music under Reno likely KCEG. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct12 15:58 0043 PT - 650 KMTI Manti UT way over the usuals with country and ID '650 Country KMTI' > Yakima CN96 (
Oct12 15:57 0039 PT - 570 unid Coast to Coast beaming SE likely KNRS under KVI > Yakima CN96 (
Oct12 15:57 0035 PT - 550 KRAI Craig CO 'hometown radio station, 55 Country KRAI' 5KW day power likely over KOAC. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct12 12:09 [04:21] -- Ha... it's gonna be a while until I get to log #1959! -- Mark/IN (
Oct12 05:08 620 WWNR Beckley, WV must be on day power, -Matt, Washington,DC (
Oct12 04:21 1470 khz - WVOL - Berry Hill, TN - 10/12 @ 0410 UT - Urban oldies format, James Brown, etc, // stream. My log #1960 (year I was born, hi) - TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct12 01:56 830 kHz @ 0155 no WCCO just strong spanish pop likely WFNO LA TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct11 05:04 530 (one of the Lamont AB SDR's) R Enciclopedia, Cuba atop what must be the Rebelde in Isla/Juventud. Wow./cdel96 (
Oct11 03:45 810 CKJS MB...Punjabi music //streema webstream...partially nulled 'Pacific pest' KGO S Fran CA...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct11 00:27 1450 KOKO Warrensburg MO - Atop w/Sam Cooke's "Havin' A Party", then ID: "Good Time Oldies 1450 KOKO, Ko-Ko". 400th domestic logging here and 414th entry overall in the Davenport logbook -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct10 20:11 1490 khz - WCHM - Clarkesville, Georgia - 10/10 @ 0759 UT - a brief but clear WCHM ID heard just before ToH, new GY at 821 miles. - TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct10 04:17 1060 KRCN making it well to Indiana // Ft. Collins SDR. mostly over KYW. Thanks for tips. TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct10 03:13 CKMX and CBR aren't that strong either with the solar activity. Not close to a massive aurora, hopefully we'll have another one soon. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct10 03:12 540 who has a loud 60hz hum? Nobody is really off-frequency, but someone has a nasty hum on their signal, beaming SE. Maybe XEWA? Not XESURF. CBK barely audible in semi-Au cx. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct10 03:04 If it's very strong in EM66, it has to be cheating on 50,000 watt power. Should be heard everywhere tonight. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct10 03:01 1060 KRCN Longmont CO blowing away CKMX and everything else with Catholic Radio Network and KRCN IDs, religious programming. Go get 'em! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct10 02:44 KRCN is very strong here. KY/EM66tx (
Oct10 02:18 1060 KRCN also in, doubt it being Massachusetts, very string on the Ft.Collins SDR so in think it's more than 110w but not 50kw. Todden34it (
Oct10 02:02 1450 KHIT Reno NV TOH ID heard with hash from my local 1440. Robert OR (
Oct10 01:56 1060 WRHL blasting in tonight. Definitely not on night power. Todden34it (
Oct10 01:53 I have never heard KNAB-AM. Had the FM via Es many years ago (in Puget Sound area). It was difficult to even get KZMQ through the pest Boise/High River, which makes KNAB 10x worse... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct10 01:49 @ Rick. Yeah 1140 KNAB CO was blasting in here at the same time. Yep, with that slogan and also "The People's Choice" slogan. KAZ-IL (
Oct10 01:49 @ Rick. Yeah 1140 KNAB CO was blasting in here at the same time. Yep, with that slogan and also "The People's Choice" slogan. KAZ-IL (
Oct10 01:46 1240 unID someone with Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver", indicating an oldies format. Could be KDEC in northeast Iowa or WOMT in Wisconsin, either of which would be new here -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct10 01:42 DX 730 XEHB CH 1158-1208 this morn. Mostly P but atop with Mex. mx., anthem, faded, came back with more mx, and finally "La Mexicana" slogan. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Oct10 01:25 1450 WMOH Hamilton OH - In and out of the muck w/Columbus Blue Jackets HKY. Checked the webstream, and it was about 20 sec behind what I was hearing. Best catch so far this season! 1st Ohio GYer from here, but probably not the last -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct10 00:51 1480 WRSW Warsaw IN at 00:47 UTC - Weak to fair w/ad for Paragon Medical in nearby Pierceton, Indiana, so this is my Dave Ramsey unID from a few minutes ago. IN #17 here. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct10 00:46 23:06 nice catch kaz! Todden34it (
Oct10 00:40 1480 WJBM Jerseyville, IL - Briefly atop w/ID: "...Real Country 104.7 FM and 1480 AM, WJBM", then into Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport Iowa logbook (
Oct10 00:38 [00:18] Mystery narrowed down, perhaps. Ramsey's website shows both KSDR in So. Dakota and WRSW in Indiana as carrying the show at this hour. Will stay tuned in and hopefully an ID will surface -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Oct10 00:18 1480 unID - Someone in good right now on the Muscatine Iowa SDR w/tape-delayed Dave Ramsey Show. NOT KQAM, WJBM, or WHBC, so I'm running out of ideas. Help, anyone? -- Rick on the aforementioned SDR (
Oct09 23:07 SRS 570 KVI WA in again weakly with ID's into nx at 1200 with no sign of WNAX. KAZ-IL (
Oct09 23:06 SRS 990 KVSP NM u/KRKS at 1200 with local ads. Almost no trace of CBW. KAZ-IL (
Oct09 14:06 TP DU's 1157-1211 this morn. 612, 702 weak, 738 barely audible. Decent carrier on 531 needs to be played back. KAZ-IL (
Oct09 12:34 also caught KHNC 1360 Johnstown ID again at 4 am CDT. - En35ID (
Oct09 12:09 [05:56] KGBT is SS sports talk, while XEUR is mainly music; no reason it couldn't be KGBT./cdel96 (
Oct09 12:03 1140 KNAB Burlington CO - Good with ToH ID that sounded like "Always the best of the (new and gold?)...KNAB, Burlington, Colorado..." A bit of a surprise, as I was trying for the sign-on of WVHF -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct09 06:19 last post, Yakima CN96 (
Oct09 06:18 600 KSJB Jamestown, ND very faint under CJWW and KCOL with 'There Goes My Life' Kenny Chesney, about 45 sec behind but // on webstream. Rare! 5000w (
Oct09 06:11 590 KID Idaho Falls w/ 92.1 mention. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct09 06:06 May want to watch for stations like WEBY, WNRP, and others running day power later in the week as Hurricane Michael is coming towards the FL panhandle... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct09 06:04 DX 540 Mexican NA just a couple minutes ago, way under CBK. I thought San Luis Potosi was in Central time (1AM), not Mountain (midnight)? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct09 06:03 1490 KSYC Yreka, CA w/ ID at TOH, calls. Also heard 'Fox Sports...' and possibly 'K??N', KLZN is needed. Not enough for a confirmation. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct09 05:56 DX ? 1530 SS talk and possibly some music under KFBK, trying to phase it. KGBT? Needed. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct09 05:37 DX 1700 Notable SS mixing with XEPE, which is KKLF TX. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct09 05:36 1580 KKTS Evansville WY w/ top 40 music in jumble (220w), followed by Rel hymns in EE likely KFCS CO (supposedly 140w). > Yakima CN96 (
Oct09 05:00 1060 WKNG Tallapoosa, GA - "King Country, 93.7 FM, AM 1060," Willie Nelson song; strong signal, listed as day-only station. KY/EM66tx (
Oct09 04:42 1030 WEBS Calhoun, GA - "Kickin' 103.5," C&W music; sometimes rising above WBZ, certainly not on 3W night power. KY/EM66tx (
Oct09 03:55 I didn't record that long. Only recorded from 8:59 PM CST to 9:01 CST. So they were on day power - En35ID (
Oct09 03:22 1040 WHO Des Moines Emergency Tones and Tornado warning just now. Robert OR (
Oct09 03:21 En35ID=Did you hear them drop from 10k to 1k watts around 3 after? Or was it a deep fade here? Robert OR (
Oct09 03:13 I have the audio recorded :D - En35ID (
Oct09 03:10 Not likely(hi) Robert OR (
Oct09 02:22 1360 KHNC Johnstown, CO with TOH ID at 9 PM CST. What are the odds. - En35ID (
Oct09 02:18 Ah, my 1630 pest. If not for them, KCJJ would be a pest. See what happened to 1660? KXOL went defunct and KQWB became my east pest! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct09 02:11 1360 KHNC Johnstown CO Ad with mention of great plains and 303 area code leading to clear ID at 7PM pacific. Robert OR (
Oct09 01:56 1580 WBCP Urbana, IL - contemporary R&B music // TuneIn stream; occasional clear signal rises from the muck. KY/EM66tx (
Oct09 01:52 TP 1017 Tonga in with some weak island mx in slop 1204 this morning,KAZ-IL (
Oct09 01:50 1630 KRND Fox Farm WY at 0145 UTC - Surprise logging of the night! Weak u/KCJJ w/clear "La Jota Mexicana!" heard in liner between SS songs. Only got this because KCJJ is simulcasting a local TV station with tornado warnings in eastern Iowa right now. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct09 01:38 1320 WCVGt Covington, KY at 0128 UTC - Weak but in there with ContChr song "Here In My Life" by Hillsongs United. On a hunch, I checked streema.com, and that's what WCVG was playing. Listed for now as tentative, but the odds of this being anybody else are sky high -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct09 00:51 1080 WOKT Cannonsburg, KY at 0046 UTC - Topping the channel with "Your Music, Your Life, Walk FM" slogan, then into ContChr song "Never Been A Moment". KRLD and KYMN nowhere to be found! -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport Iowa logbook (
Oct09 00:36 1160 KCTO Cleveland, MO at 0030 UTC - Fair to good over/under KSL w/SS music and talk by deep-voiced male. No webstream to compare it to, but it's a match for 1160 on the Overland Park, Kansas KiwiSDR -- Rick on the Muscatine, Iowa KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport, Iowa logbook (
Oct08 23:30 [19:44] from south FL, I have often had DeKalb....on FM (92.5)! But that's OT./cdel96 (
Oct08 19:44 Re02:48 oooh. I may have to setup a recorder overnight for the ToH IDs. My grandparents used to live in DeKalb. En35id (
Oct08 16:11 Woke up at 0640 to check for TP DX, abysmal cx with only a few carriers and went back to bed. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct08 14:47 TP 612 4QR weakly audible this morning at 1207 somewhat after SR. KAZ-IL (
Oct08 06:52 WIAC dominating 740 @ Bonaire now; maybe it was off air, to have Toronto poke thru./cd (
Oct08 06:38 1600 (Key West) WKWF just dead air. Seeming WAOS on top of a mess./cdel96 (
Oct08 06:33 630 (Key West) WBMQ GA....gotta be day power./cdel96 (
Oct08 05:51 740 (Bonaire) CFZM ON, //list of "most recently played" on CFZM site. Amazing; it's almost impossible to hear here in FL./cdel96 (
Oct08 04:34 It woulda made a great YT. It was definitely WIPR//Streema. I *could* make out some business in Caguas./cdel96 (
Oct08 04:33 ....tune went past TOH 2300 UTC Saturday; by the time a break came, it was too unintelligible. ...>/cdel96 (
Oct08 04:32 [02:46] It was due to a loooooong jazz tune that I couldn't record an ID from WIPR 940 u/ WINZ in Key Largo...>/cdel96 (
Oct08 03:00 I'm on vacation and might try to get some DXing in this week. TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct08 02:48 1360 WLBK DeKalb Il 2134 ID surfaced out of the mess and then gone. New! Todden34it (
Oct08 02:46 And yes, there need to be more jazz stations on AM! I was hoping for another station to get on, but they've been having troubles - WJZI, near Ft. Wayne (Decatur) -- Mark/IN (
Oct08 02:41 980 CFPL London ON - Weak to fair w/ad for Herm's Sports Exchange in London, then "Global News...CFPL" in brief liner before going back into talk pgm. Webstream running about 30 sec behind. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct08 02:34 [02:17] Odd....their night pattern is aimed right at me, and I'm barely getting them - way in the background or not even there. They're usually the dominant station. -- Mark/IN (
Oct08 02:17 920 WBAA West Lafayette IN - Fair w/jazz music //webstream. Not new, but always nice to hear jazz on the AM side! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct07 18:12 The usual NHK blasters were well into audio at 2AM PT, also mumbles on 567 likely JOIK. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 18:11 0205 PT - 1250 KIKC-AM Forsyth MT again. CBS News and ID/calls under KKDZ. Still day power? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 18:10 0137 PT - 600 CJWW Saskatoon SK with ID, another station with music under (either KGEZ or KSJB), not SS. 640 SS music likely Cuba. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 18:10 0135 PT - 550 KBOW, 560 KMON both with country. 570 CKWL Williams Lake blowing off KVI briefly with 'Caribou Country' ID into Reba McEntire. I also heard someone else with music beaming NE, maybe the well-wanted CKSW. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 18:08 I also heard a tentative // to ESPN-1460 briefly under Spokane. KXSP still needed here. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 18:08 0140 ish PT last night - Who would be playing American Authors' "Best Day of My Life" way under KQNT/KID/etc. Coast to Coast echos on 590? KSSK? CFAR? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 16:55 456 (
Oct07 16:47 [07:02] As I recall, CFZM has blocks of music from different decades, even 90s. I am sure I heard "Hero" by Mariah Carey on it./cdel96 (
Oct07 13:21 1310 WTLC Indianapolis IN - Weak but in there with black GOS music. Checked WTLC's website, and the same song just happened to be playing a few seconds behind. Good enough for me. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct07 12:41 1450 KIRX Kirksville MO - Briefly atop w/ID of "...1450 AM and 99.7 FM, KIRX..." -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct07 11:48 DX 890 CJDC Dawson Creek, BC again this morning with clear ID & c/w mx under WLS on the North DKAZ, my furthest Northwestern log --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Oct07 07:45 That's WREY. TODDEN34IT (
Oct07 07:02 DX 740 CFZM Toronto, ON 'Come on Eileen' Dexy's Midnight Runners // stream. When did they start airing a bunch of '70s and early '80s classic hits? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 05:32 640 DX KFI heard in a mix of 3 others //WC SDR. Very rare here. 630 WEEY running OC Todden34it (
Oct07 05:12 Super strong hets on 530 and 550, presumed Algiers Todden34it (
Oct07 05:09 Nice job on KFI Justin! Doesn't get out like it used to. Todden34it (
Oct07 04:48 I was a little late... Robert OR (
Oct07 04:45 the TA's all weak carriers here now Robert...condx over the pole deteriorating - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct07 04:31 The TA's not making it here. Robert OR (
Oct07 04:22 TA 1215 Absolute Radio UK...classic rock w/ID - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct07 04:17 Yakima=TA goes from audio to weak hets & back - rapid & deep fades in/out - don't give up! Mike VE7SKA (
Oct07 04:15 DX 640 KFI LA, CA // stream. Weak. Stream nearly 20 seconds behind. Matched word for word. En35id (
Oct07 04:11 Weak het on 640. Searching for KFI. Only hearing WOI. En35id (
Oct07 04:08 TA only het here is 1089 khz and very weak, nowhere near audio. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 04:00 TA 855 un-ID...woman anncr sounds Russian, no match - possibly Romania?? Numerous carriers in/out on a number of freqs...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct07 03:53 529 SQM AK panhandle - .4kW AM automated voice loop marine wx forecast/condx w/ CW ID underneath...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct07 03:43 I might have heard a very weak het on 1190 last night. Didn't try for audio -- living in a hole, it wasn't a strong enough het. w/ PRD5. So King Co WA (
Oct07 03:43 sorry should read "1485 R Lyca UK" still tentative...Mike VE7SKA (
Oct07 03:42 TA 1485 tt R Lyca...Punjabi/South Asian music - only station that matches - fades are too deep & rapid to hear an ID...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct07 03:34 TA 720 KNR Greenland backgrounding WGN with clear music parallel to webstream, only 2nd time heard! --KK7 West Michigan (
Oct07 03:30 TA 1089 Talksport UK...anncr w/British accent talking 'football' (soccer)...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct07 03:26 TA 909 BBC-5 UK...mentions of "5 Live Sports" w/boxing fight...NEW logging! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct07 03:10 TA 855 882 & 1458 all with medium strength hets - 855 has multiple carriers...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct07 03:04 TA 1152 // 1179 Radio Romania - both new logs just now. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Oct07 02:56 TA 1089 het now in as well...some strong fade-ups on all 3 & only a brief snip of audio on 1215...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct07 02:33 TA 1215 & 1368 weak-medium strength hets...not enough yet for audio...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct07 02:10 970 WGTK Louisville KY at 0205 UTC - Good w/"970 AM, The Answer" heard during Kentuckiana area weather forecast. I think the new DX News says that this is on reduced power right now, but it's getting out well in this direction -- Rick on the Muscatine, IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport, IA logbook (
Oct07 01:01 Make that (ee, k?—heard J. Newton's "Angel Of The Morning" around 0715z, over here in MA) FN42nn (
Oct07 00:57 Did anyone notice someone u/WCBS last night (ee, k—heard J. Newton's U201c) (
Oct07 00:42 Once again, no sign of the well-wanted GYs: KLCB-1230, KODI-1400, KWOR-1340, KBCK-1400... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:41 0000 PT 10/6 - 1490 KSKR OR 'The Score', 1490 KEYG WA 'The Key' twofer TOH ID > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:41 2010 PT also 10/5, 1610 CHHA Toronto with Voces de Latinas mention under WQBV569. Relog > Yakima CBN96 (
Oct07 00:40 2010 PT 10/5 - 1450 KCLX Colfax WA with HSFB, Pullman mention. 1340 tKWVR OR with old time radio, they usually air old shows in the evenings. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:40 R.A. Long HS had their homecoming game last night, maybe KEDO. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:40 TA 783 Syria in very good right now with Middle Eastern music. --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Oct07 00:37 1955 PT 10/5 - 1240 KCVL Colville WA, HSFB and local ads. 1470 KELA with more HSFB. Another 1400 showed up at 2000 PT with HSFB halftime, homecoming king and queen reveal riding around the track in Corvettes. Kind of late for a MT halftime, maybe Longview WA? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:35 Savage could have been KBKW or KLBM, also had him on 1490 (KBKR?) > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:35 1950 PT - 1450 KONP WA Port Angeles Roughriders HSFB mixing with unID Michael Savage and many others. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:35 1570 WSCO Appleton WI - Fair w/only "...99.1, The Score" heard at the end of promo. Doing some searching, the only thing that comes up as a match is WSCO, which is simulcasting on 95.3 AND 99.1. I probably caught only the last of those in the promo. -- Rick on the Muscatine, IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport, IA logbook (
Oct07 00:33 1942 PT 10/5 - 1490 KUGR Green River WY with local ad 'in Green River call...' and HSFB. 660mi > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:33 1940 PT 10/5 - 1400 KART Jerome ID with Jerome Tigers HSFB. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:32 1935 PT 10/5 - 1240 KMHI Mountain Home ID // 91.5 CSN translator with Rel program. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:31 1913 PT 10/5 - faint Classical on 950 and 1220 //, so Manitoba. Of course, no 1250. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:29 1853 PT 10/5 - 680 CJOB MB with Blue Bomber football over KNBR, 740 KVOX Fargo w/ HSFB and ads with 701 area code, 750 KOAL Price UT with HSFB. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct07 00:29 Did not have internet at all last night, due to a power outage that fried my old modem. Had to go get a new modem at the Charter office today... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct06 23:36 SSS 920 KYFR Shenandoah, Ia catholic radio rosary. En35id -new- (
Oct06 05:35 1510 (Dom Rep SDR) WLAC TN, "Talkradio 98.3" (hmmph) & mentions of iHeart, C2CAM./cdel96 (
Oct06 05:01 1650.....& later Mexican Anthem 0457 UTC./cdel96 (
Oct06 05:00 1650 (Bonaire SDR) XEARZ DF MEX, //stream (
Oct06 04:19 [04:04] I'm certain I heard a reference to "Little Rock," must be KBHS in Hot Springs. KY/EM66tx (
Oct06 04:04 1420 Mexican music, DJ seems to be saying "La Zeta," may be KBHS, Hot Spring, AR. If so, must be on day power. KY/EM66tx (
Oct06 03:36 820 KWDP OR...60's pop oldies - running 1 kW D pwr not .015kW N pwr...partially nulled out semi-local KGNW Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct06 02:51 TA Spain RNE presumed; 774, 909, 1107 all // and // streema for RNE 5, playing an instrumental piece then man talking in SS. @0241 on e. superloop -- Mark/IN (
Oct06 02:42 1270 WLIK Newport TN - Good with HS FB scoreboard show, ad for a hardware store in downtown Newport that's going out of business, then into Eric Clapton's "Lay Down Sally". Confirmed via webstream. -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport Iowa logbook (
Oct06 02:39 TA - UK and Spain doing the best here, with 1089 and 1107 probably the best overall. -- Mark/IN (
Oct06 02:29 TA 783 Syria w/ Quranic chant, weak but clear on fade-ups. --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Oct06 02:09 660 WAMO Wilkinsburg PA - On past sunset w/day power? Urban Contemporary (//streema) completely dominated for a few minutes while WFAN w/baseball game faded away, on E. superloop. -- Mark/IN (
Oct06 01:08 Trying the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR for whatever comes in as far as HS FB is concerned. Got someone on 1270 right now with a mention of "Red Raiders" as one of the teams. Thought I also heard a mention of "Morris City", but not coming up with a match -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct06 01:07 SRS this morning similar to previous day. 570 KMI WA, 610 KNML NM, 1150 KSEN MT. Strong stroms here so no DX likely tonight. KAZ-IL (
Oct06 00:44 TA 693 BBC very good right now, might be another good night for Midwestern TA's. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Oct05 15:30 DX ALERT: RCR AM 750 Caracas has been off a few days, and is online only, until a problem is fixed. (No wonder it isn't on the Bonaire SDR.)/cdel96 (
Oct05 14:29 No sign of unneeded KIKC 1250 MT here last two mornings, in spite of KSEN 1150 blasting in yesterday at sunrise. KAZ-IL (
Oct05 14:27 SRS 840 KMPH CA F peaks o/u KTIC with Relevant Radio Morning Air pgm. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Oct05 14:13 Conditions decent last night too with 680 CJOB over KNBR, 740 the usual mix of ND/ON, 1300 had a SS station with a weak ID that got away from me. Mike in BC has logged XEP. Could have been them. Sounded like SS pop or remixes, not so much sheer Regional Mexican, norteno/etc. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct05 14:09 SRS 850 also had a battle between KHHO and an UNID while looking for Nome, but no match to stream a few min ago > Yakima CN96 (
Oct05 14:08 SRS 750 Hearing burbles of local news under KXTG, but only for 10 seconds at a time before fade-out. Maybe it IS Anchorage... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct05 13:59 TP 1044 another UNID Asian, possibly China Radio Intl. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct05 13:59 TP 864 strong signal with weak carrier, South Korea? 972 HLCA is very good this morning. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct05 13:54 TP 738 strong Asian music, possibly Taiwan Fisheries. Over 740 domestics > Yakima CN96 (
Oct05 13:50 TP 666 JOBK Osaka, JP; weak with male talking in Japanese at 0648 PT, // to 594 JOAK (both NHK-1 affiliates). NEW!! 100KW > Yakima CN96 (
Oct05 13:37 TP tracking down 603 that might be KBS HLSA > Yakima CN96 (
Oct05 13:37 TP wild morning so far! 567 JOIK NHK-1 // 594 weak but audible. 594 JOAK blowing off 590 domestics. Military music on 657 must be Pyongyang. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct05 12:32 830 WCCO in well with news and weather and IDs. RS200629, loop. So King Co WA (
Oct05 12:05 940 KVSH Valentine NE - Topping the channel w/ment of "south central South Dakota" in wx forecast. Relog. Long before local sunrise in Valentine, yet they're cranking out the full 5 kw -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Oct05 11:56 SRS 1570 WLKD Minocqua, Wisconsin "The Lake". New En35id (
Oct05 11:55 1270 KGNM St. Joseph MO - Good w/ad for surplus store called The Duffel Bag, then male announcer: "...57 this morning in St. Joe, Chris Meikel for KGNM..." -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct05 05:46 640 (Dom Republic KiwiSDR) WMEN FL "640 the Hurricane," piercing thru likely R Progreso./cdel96 (
Oct05 05:00 KIKC was on day pattern last night too. DX opportunity for the other people in the West! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct05 04:17 DX 740 CFZM Toronto w/ Old blues under KCBS. Robert OR (
Oct05 03:57 1250 KIKC MT w/classic country & IDs - running 5kW D pwr not .132 N pwr...nulled out semi-local KKDZ Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct05 03:41 I thinm the German was 1993ish./cd (
Oct05 03:41 ....on my formet trusty Yaesu FRG7700. It was good for recording (having a timer) the old Joe Donovan show on WHAS./cdel96 (
Oct05 03:39 I don't have a beverage antenna...just a couple of small loops. I haven't heard a TA since the former Germany (assumed) 1593 (
Oct05 02:56 [02:55] I have both here too but can't bring up any audio from 774.25 --KK7 West Michigan (
Oct05 02:55 DX 640 Cuba Radio Progreso good under KFI. Also another station in there... Robert OR (
Oct05 02:55 TA? - 774 and 774.25. Egypt is listed in the Offsets list as often being on the high side of 774, so possibly them. Not sure what the on-freq one is. -- Mark/IN (
Oct05 02:40 TA 819 with bits of weak Quranic chant, Egypt would be a new one here on this channel if I can confirm it. --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Oct05 02:33 1270 WQKR Portland TN - Fair with ad for Volunteer Recycling Salvage in Portland w/phone # heard of 615-325-2176. TN #20. WKBF still off the air, but I still don't have needed WXYT in the Davenport logbook -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport, IA logbook (
Oct05 02:31 You guys may be able to // a bunch of Spaniards. KAZ-IL wishing he was at his WI lakefront home with TA BOGs (
Oct05 02:30 Definitely not the Carpenters!! Found it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL7RiXrDKWs --KK7 (
Oct05 02:26 Both HI SDR's are offline. Hmmph! What should I listen for that is outta-the-ordinary on the WA rx?/cd (
Oct05 02:24 [02:20] Carpenters' version maybe? That was their first charted single, but didn't do that well./cdel96 (
Oct05 02:23 [17:26 Oct04] For some reason, EE ads air often on our SS stations. Most of our populace is bilingual anyway./cdel96 (
Oct05 02:20 TA 576 RNE Radio 5 w/ operatic version of The Beatles "Ticket to Ride", // to 585, fair audio & new log. --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Oct05 02:18 1050 CHUM Toronto ON - Very good with "TSN 1050" heard at the end of sports update. Can't believe I didn't have this one logged already. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct05 01:54 TA 837 Spain with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody! Decent audio right now. --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Oct05 01:51 Yes that's Egypt on 864. MUCH easier with France gone. They will ID in AA once in a while. KAZ-IL (
Oct05 01:47 TA 585 RNE Madrid, Spain w/ decent audio right now. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Oct05 01:41 TA 864 presumed Egypt with Quranic chant, very good at times --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Oct05 01:39 TA 1107 Spain RNE Radio 5 presumed, pop mx @0133 // to TuneIn stream. Good sig, strong enough to overpower WTAM Cleveland splatter. Echoey audio at times when there's talking. -- Mark/IN (
Oct05 01:16 TP 738 2NR v.poor with ABC nx fanfare at 1200 and the only DU with audio in much worse DU cx than the past few days. KAZ-IL (
Oct05 01:15 800 CJAD Montreal in loud and clear. No sign of CHAB the usual pest..Shawn Winnipeg (
Oct05 01:00 DX at 1200 this morning near sunrise. 570 KVO WA weak but basically alone. 870 KLSQ NV decent. 1150 KSEM MT good. KAZ-IL West DKAZ (
Oct05 00:55 TA 1107 is pretty strong, probably Spain, but too much splatter from WTAM 1100. Ugh. -- Mark/IN (
Oct05 00:40 I manually reversed the superloop, which drastically improved TA reception (as I'd expect). Next project: reversible-from-the-shack antennas! -- Mark/IN (
Oct05 00:30 TA - lots of good TA signals across the band right now, could be an interesting night. --KK7 West Michigan (
Oct05 00:04 TA - below should have said TA, not TP. I haven't had my supper yet... Best signal was around 2340 or so, here at TOH @ 0000 it's substantially weaker - too weak to ID the lang. -- Mark/IN (
Oct04 23:51 TP - 531 Algeria presumed; ME pop w/autotune vocals. Hrd on west(!) superloop. Signal on 549 too weak to see if //. -- Mark/IN (
Oct04 17:36 0107 PT - 1300 Very faint sports talk in jumble. Mentioned Miami Dolphins and 'wide receiver'. Possibly KCSF or KVET > Yakima CN96 (
Oct04 17:35 0100 PT - 1580 (t)CKDO Oshawa ON, with The Eagles 'Take it easy' mixing with Lebanon OR. 1530 had Spanish male talking under KFBK, could be KGBT or XEUR. 1370 KSOP UT was strong with country, likely day power. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct04 17:34 0058 PT - 760 WJR with Red Eye mixing with KFMB/KDSP, 740 KVOX S9+ over CBX/CFZM, 600 with 'Brandy' Looking Glass likely KGEZ > Yakima CN96 (
Oct04 17:33 0055 PT - 810 VERY weak SS under KGO, too weak for any type of confirmation. XE? Indianapolis? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct04 17:33 0050 PT - 910 weak 1000hz tone mixing with CKDQ and KMTT. Who? I suspect a sports station that failed to switch back from a sporting event... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct04 17:32 0046 PT - 1250 KIKC-AM Forsyth MT, strong with classic country and ID, on day pattern no doubt, over KKDZ. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct04 17:31 0043 PT - 1220 CJRB MB classical and DJ talk into next piece, over and under Salem OR. And still no sign of a // on 1250 for CHSM. 950 faint classical later under KJR, so CFAM. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct04 17:27 0040 PT - 1590 KVGB Great Bend, KS, in and out with Joe Walsh on KLFE, with ID, calls and 97.7 translator mention in Coast to Coast break. 1243 miles > Yakima CN96 (
Oct04 17:27 0033 PT - 1610 SS music faint under WQBV569 TIS likely Toronto > Yakima CN96 (
Oct04 17:27 0032 PT - 1620 Radio Rebelde // 5.025 under KYIZ. Very weak 710 and an echo of 1180s as well. > YakimaCN96 (
Oct04 17:26 0030 PT - 1650 normal KBJD Denver, but running an O'Reilly Auto Parts ad? I didn't know this Spanish Rel station could do that. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct04 12:05 790 KXXX Colby KS at 1143 UTC - Fair w/ments of "eastern Colorado" and "Nebraska" in wx forecast, then one of "Kansas Farm and Ranch Radio" by male announcer in ag-related talk -- Rick on the Muscatine, Iowa KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport, Iowa logbook (
Oct04 06:38 790 WSGW Saginaw MI at 0634 UTC - Rising up from the muck with ads for Tri-City Health & Wellness Expo in Saginaw and one for "michiganhelpwanted.com", then into Coast-To-Coast AM. WBBM IBOC must be off. -- Rick on the Muscatine, IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport, IA logbook (
Oct04 06:25 820 (Oahu) KGNW WA & WBAP TX...wow....again I'm not used to this./cdel96 (
Oct04 06:19 790 unID - A real stumper here. Someone under Coast-To-Coast AM (presumed WSGW) with Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom." Who on 790 would be running oldies at this hour of the night? I'm doubtful it's Ashland City, Tenn. -- Rick on the Muscatine, Iowa KiwiSDR (
Oct04 06:11 850 (Oahu) KOA CO....atop whatever Hawaiian is on 850./cdel96 (
Oct04 06:09 930 (Oahu) CJCA AB "930 the Light", again a US regional./cdel96 (
Oct04 05:09 1470 KYYW Abilene TX - Atop w/ad for McGavock Nissan of Abilene, then "KYYW" ID heard right before going into Coast To Coast AM. A total surprise, no trace of WMBD here at this hour - Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Oct04 05:03 1060 (Oahu) CKMX AB "Funny 1060". AB killin' it out west tonight!/cdel96 (
Oct04 05:01 960 (Oahu) battle KNEW CA vs. CFAC AB, the latter on top now. CFAC, on a US regional freq, really gets out./cdel96 (
Oct04 04:48 630 (Oahu) CHED AB//stream....is this one easy in OR/CA? Must be!/cdel96 (
Oct04 04:42 1020 KVNT AK...J Bohannon Show into ad set including local w/ ID: "92.5 FM 1020 AM"...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct04 04:32 1350 (Oahu) KSRO CA, only mentioning 2 FM freqs. Such is the state of AM in 2018./cdel96 (
Oct04 04:22 1180 (Oahu SDR) Radio Rebelde, Cuba (who knows which one), // 600./cdel96 (
Oct03 15:35 Didn't DX at all last night. College homework (and there's a LOT of it!) is more important any AM fun. Albeit looking forward to the very late sunrises at the end of this month. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct03 06:04 Also, I've noticed XEUT goes off the air overnight, but stays on all night with a test tone. Easy to hear N-S. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct03 06:03 Last night 0030 PT had some EE commercials mixing with KRND on 1630. Faded before an ID, but it had to have been Iowa or Texas, both relog. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct03 04:40 550 KBOW MT...country music w/ "Country 550" IDs...partially nulled local KARI Blaine WA...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Oct03 04:20 Have 'em send some down here, James./cdel96 (
Oct03 03:38 Listing to 840 CFCW this morning bemoaning the first snow of the season!! WL7NO (
Oct03 02:56 640 WOI Ames, IA - "The Talk of Iowa - Iowa Public Radio," occasionally emerges from under R. Progreso and WGST. KY/EM66tx (
Oct03 02:13 630 WBMQ Savannah, GA - "630 WMBQ - It's now 10 o'clock," news, John Batchelor Show; consistent clear signal, unlikely on 41W night power. KY/EM66tx (
Oct02 19:39 ......looks as if my farthest is 1,020 miles, hearing 560/670/940 Miami from Bermuda in 2005./cd (
Oct02 19:38 [16:50] Yeah I saw that too from freemaptools. Been researching some of my daytime AM DX.../cdel96 (
Oct02 16:50 [1418] That's 550 miles across the Caribbean Sea, yes. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct02 15:27 ....also atm on Dom Rep rx, no sign of 730 HIZ, which might be gone for good---I see no current Web presence./cd (
Oct02 15:17 Re Bonaire...atm YVKS (RCR) 750 isn't on the air; online only./cd (
Oct02 15:01 1000 (Bonaire day) WVWI USVI....Sorry if these are "no biggie," but I am not used to this!/cdel96 (
Oct02 14:42 TP 774 JOUB Loudest I've heard them. "Easy English" lesson 20 over 9! 747 also in but lighter. Robert OR (
Oct02 14:18 1160 (Bonaire day) Caribb. R Lighthouse, Antigua---that's quite a daytime distance, no?/cdel96 (
Oct02 14:04 970 (Bonaire SDR daytime) WSTX USVI/cdel96 (
Oct02 12:24 TP DU's this morning lots worse. Audios were 612 (but nothing like yesterday, and the jumble from the near Aussie GY on 1611. KAZ-IL (
Oct02 07:03 1580 KBLA Santa Monica CA, strong with male in SS with calls 'K-B-L-A'. Day pattern? > Yakima CN96 (
Oct02 07:01 1490 KSYC Yreka, CA at TOH with JPR, BBC World Service. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct02 05:07 700 (Dom Rep) WLW OH, splatter from assumed Rebeldes on 710./cdel96 (
Oct02 05:01 610 (Dom Rep) my local WIOD FL/cdel96 (
Oct02 02:54 880 (Dom Rep SDR) WCBS "Newsradio 880" all alone in EE./cdel96 (
Oct02 02:23 1620 CM-- Guanabacoa, CUB - Weak u/KOZN w/Radio Rebelde programming //CMQ-670 and CMGN-620. -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR adding to the Davenport, IA logbook (
Oct02 01:53 Never gets out here, lol. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct02 01:46 1620 KOZN Bellevue NE - Getting my local on the Edinburgh SDR with KC Chiefs FB, ment of the "Chiefs Fox Football Network" during the halftime show. Nice to see KOZN is getting out. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct02 01:33 @ Mark/IN.. 1098 should have soon gone into their instumental NA at that time. Keep at it. KAZ-IL (
Oct02 00:42 [23:25] Mark, good luck with the upcoming DX season. I'll be looking forward to seeing what can be heard from our area. TL-IN (EN61) (
Oct01 23:31 I still have recordings from a couple years ago that I need to go back and listen to, when Tahiti was on 738. -- Mark/IN (
Oct01 23:25 TP After listening to this morning's recording at 1130, I had carriers on 702, 738, 837 and 1098. 738 and 1098 were the strongest, with some slight audio on both @ 1131, M talking, too weak to hear lang. -- Mark/IN (
Oct01 21:14 [19:25] Tonga?/cdel96 (
Oct01 19:25 TP 1017 sounds like some soft choral island mx occ. getting past local WNVR splatter this morning at sunrise. KAZ-IL (
Oct01 18:07 @Mark/IN try 1098 at 1130 s/off. I started DX here 1145 and they had the strongest open carrier I'd ever noted from them. KAZ-IL (
Oct01 18:06 TP new Aussies for me found so far on 549, 747, 837 and 855. Quite a few more with at least trace audios in slop to listen to over and over. KAZ-IL (
Oct01 16:36 Yes, I am. But if possible, I'd rather hear a TOH ID or ID of some kind. I feel better knowing I heard 'you're listening to KVCU, Boulder-Denver' rather than 'music // to stream'... > Yakima CN96 (
Oct01 15:55 Nice, Kaz! Can't wait to see if the west superloop I put up yesterday caught anything. I recorded 1100, 1130, 1200 UTC. Local SRS for me is 1140. -- Mark/IN. (
Oct01 12:25 TP just about the best morning ever for me. Many audios with 4QR 612 the best and quite clear at times. West DKAZ. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Oct01 11:37 Yak, you ARE able to stream audio where you are, correct? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Oct01 07:07 Looking for most-wanted Boulder 1190, just CFSL under KEX. Too bad I didn't get an ID the night I had the tentative! > Yakima CN96 (
Oct01 07:07 1470 weak Mexican NA, XERCN Tijuana way under CJVB/KELA > Yakima CN96 (
Oct01 07:06 1220 CJRB Boissevain MB with classical, and I think I'm getting the same thing way under KJR 950, so CFAM. 1450 KONP WA IDed at TOH. 680 CJOB quite strong (again), interesting conditions eastbound. > Yakima CN96 (
Oct01 04:05 950 (Maui) Mexican Anthem at my local midnight?? Assumed XEKAM Tijuana; who else could it be?/cdel96 (
Oct01 03:56 Last night on the Maui,I had 1340 KATA CA...I saw that was reported on RD. Pretty good for a GY!/cdel96 (
Oct01 03:52 [16:59 Sep29] He didn't know, and maybe I didn't have the frequency correct, because nothing made sense./cdel96 (
Oct01 03:27 530 CIAO Brampton, ON - man speaking in a foreign language // webstream; strongest signal I've heard for this station. KY/EM66tx (
Oct01 01:24 680 CFTR Toronto ON - Fair w/Toronto-area traffic check, many ments of "the 400" and "the 401". WSCR's IBOC appears to be off right now. -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR adding to the Davenport, IA logbook (
Oct01 00:53 This west-pointing superloop is nulling WABC on 770 really well, so maybe my chances of hearing KKOB are better now? Unfortunately WBBMs IBOC (Chicago is straight west) is in there pretty stong. -- Mark/IN (
Oct01 00:45 1650 KBJD Denver -- putting in a good signal on my newly-erected superloop pointed west. Doing well so far! (It better, because I had to climb trees and everything...) -- Mark/IN (
Oct01 00:33 1709.9 unid - Intermittent carrier, like CW, but I can't make out for sure if it really *is* CW. Pretty weak. Best on west-pointing superloop. -- Mark/IN (
Sep30 08:04 1190 sounds like old blues music mixing with KEX. Boulder CO well-wanted. Also 1220 KPJC Salem sounds like day power, way too strong with ID into Townhall news. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep30 06:11 1190 KVCU Boulder CO Finally heard with its eccentric music // website audio. New! Todden34it (
Sep30 04:48 TA? Seeing several carriers here, too weak for audio, on a short vertical wire (about 30 ft long). 531, 576, 595, 882, 909, 1089. Best at tune-in @ 0430; barely a trace now. -- Mark/IN (
Sep30 04:25 TP 846 tt R Kiribati - het has been fading in/out but building in strength - no audio yet...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep30 03:54 890 KBBI AK "Spontaneous Combustion" show: 60's & 70's rock...nice!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep30 03:35 DX 640 R Progresso CUB...SS salsa music //4.765mHz...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep30 03:31 529 SQM AK panhandle - .4kW AM automated voice loop marine wx forecast/condx w/ CW ID underneath...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep30 03:21 1220 CJRB MB...ID & local ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep30 02:51 @ Yakima.. no sign of 1460 KUTI last night. KXNO too strong. KAZ-IL (
Sep30 02:50 SSS 1550 KRPI WA was occ. in mess with Indian lang chanting 0220-0230. SSS was much better last night. KAZ-IL (
Sep30 02:17 1350 WPDR Portage, WI song match with streema. Playing eddie money song. New. En35id (
Sep30 01:58 1330 WNTA Rockford IL with mentions of Huskie football network and ads. Probably not on 91 watts. En35id (
Sep30 01:46 1320 KSIV Clayton, MO with Bott Radio network. New en35id (
Sep30 01:23 SSS 1680 KNTS WA already poking thru KRJO at 0111. KAZ-IL (
Sep29 22:58 Re:657 it was closer to audio last time and would've needed 10 dB more this morning. KAZ-IL (
Sep29 21:24 Kaz: any luck w/ 657 this morning while 670's IBOC was off? I had a strong carrier here for a bit at 11:25 UTC, just shy of producing audio. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Sep29 19:01 TP morning DU chase at sunrise. Not so good today. Just weak audio 702 and 1611 so far. KAZ-IL (
Sep29 16:59 I wrote someone in HI. Hope to hear. He would surely know./cd (
Sep29 16:57 One of the songs was definitely "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash./cd (
Sep29 16:57 [15:56] Well the accent wasn't Australian, I had it on 700 USB, and also mx played during TOH. Will have to check 1300 tomorrow./cdel96 (
Sep29 16:49 Logged a 1.590 unID k around 0630z, presuming WCSL NC, as in KY noted earlier. ~KMA1DGT~ N. Shore MA (FN42nn) (
Sep29 15:56 I remember hearing that show on the old Radio Australia on SW, waking up on Saturday mornings...RIP. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 15:56 [1304] Nothing in the USA, it's probably a 702 khz from Asia or DU. ABC Australia has aired 'Saturday Night Country' for many years, could be 2BL? > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 13:28 [03:35] Hi Rick. I flipped on the radio but nothing but noise so I watched TV all night. TL-IN (EN61) (
Sep29 13:10 [13:04] What I made out was something like KOCB. I see a low power 700 in CA but it's SS Christian./cdel96 (
Sep29 13:04 ?? (Maui SDR) Who plays C&W on 700 at 1300 UTC? It isn't Calgary./cdel96 (
Sep29 06:05 1540 someone about 100hz off, probably KXPA? > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 04:47 Actually, the page isn't QUITE repaired just yet. Tim's hunch from earlier was correct...the posts from today knocked the hackjobs from yesterday morning off the front page. If you go to "Look Back", they still show up, along with that annoying pop-up -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep29 04:38 To whomever repaired this page, if you're reading this - THANK YOU...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep29 04:06 DX 890 CJDC Dawson Creek, BC - new log! under WLS with c/w music confirmed against online receiver. --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Sep29 03:53 1150 WAVO Rock Hill, SC - "The Greatest Music Ever Made, AM 1150, WAVO," Sam Cooke's "You Send Me." KY/EM66tx (
Sep29 03:49 Love that Maui one. Key West not as much. Need to check Iceland eventually. Also I need to have Grayline map at the ready./cd (
Sep29 03:48 I haven't posted much here lately, but I am now able to use some SDR's on my iPhone, difficult as it is.../cdel96 (
Sep29 03:37 [0257] I don't think I've EVER had CFCW after the move from 790. The old 790 used to be a flamethrower here. Now it's KGHL that's the pest...I want KFGO! > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 03:36 The 1400 is gone, back to KRPL ID. Very excited announcers it seems. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 03:35 Tom in South Bend, are you out here DXing tonight? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep29 03:34 Nice to have this page fixed! Hope nothing like that happens here again ever -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep29 03:30 1400 with 'Working My Way Back to You' The Spinners...beaming SE? > YAkima CN96 (
Sep29 03:24 KBAR airing Burley Bobcats at Mountain Home Tigers. Sure wish I was hearing Libby or Lewistown instead, both MT and both well-wanted... > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 03:23 1930 - 2020 PT, I've found HSFB on: 910 KMTT OR, 930 KSEI ID, 1300 KLER ID (huge, day power?), 1400 KRPL ID, 1240 KOFE ID, 1230 KBAR ID (rare, not heard in years), a few other graveyard unids. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 03:21 1240 KLYQ Hamilton, MT with ad for Ag Worker Health & Services, 406-273-4633, in Lolo. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 03:20 KAZ, look for KUTI-1460 right now! HSFB at Eisenhower HS Homecoming... > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 03:05 1130 CKWX Vancouver very good right now --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Sep29 03:03 @ Kaz, nice job tonight. 840 AB also heard here earlier on the North DKAZ at a good level. --KK7 West Michigan (
Sep29 02:57 An insertion attack that just reloads the page > Aaron, FM 29 (
Sep29 02:57 SSS Stunning SSS cx to west this eve. New is CFCW 840 AB. Nice to hear 840 KXNT NV, 870 KFLD WA, 710 KIRO WA, 1130 KXET OR West DKAZ is fixed. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Sep29 02:56 Hack - "svg/on load=prompt(document.domain)" (added a space to on load to make sure it doesn't do it again) - at least it isn't malicious > Aaron, FM 29 (
Sep29 02:54 1590 WCSL Cherryville, NC - discussion of NC high school football; strong signal, may be on day power. KY/EM66tx (
Sep29 02:43 660 Calgary strong right now on the North DKAZ, and TAs all over. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Sep29 02:25 720 KFIR Sweet Home OR DX TIP - huge signal with HSFB Central vs. South Albany. Must be day power, well over KDWN. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 02:19 1400 loud HSFB with Bengals looks like KRPL ID, Lewiston Bengals vs. Moscow Bears. Very common here. Looking for Cody WY and Deer Lodge MT > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 02:08 830 WFNO Norco LA - On day power and blowing away WCCO with modern Latin pop mx and "Fabulosa 830 AM and 97.5 FM" ID. Along with WWL, this might be a DXer's easiest shot at Louisiana! -- Rick in South Omaha adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Sep29 02:02 680 CJOB Winnipeg MB topping everything else on the freq right now on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR. As an FYI, 670 and 780 in Chicago have their IBOC turned off at the moment, thus opening up 660, 680, 770, and 790 for splash-free DXing! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep29 02:01 Another night to join the 'Hunt for KODI-1400'...home game tonight Cody vs Evanston WY > Yakima CN96 (
Sep29 01:20 SSS 1100 KNZZ CO blasting in with U. Col. FB. KAZ-IL (
Sep29 00:26 SSS 1110 KGFL AR u/KFAB with HSFB. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Sep29 00:26 SSS 1110 KGFL AR u/KFAB with HSFB. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Sep29 00:06 ...that she would rather let someone else who is a DXer have that responsibility. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep29 00:04 ...and as far as a takeover of this board is concerned, that was already discussed on the TVFM Logger within a couple weeks of Bob's passing. I have not yet heard what became of that, if a person what chosen, or what. I did hear that Janet does not want to do it, but... (
Sep29 00:00 [21:01] I don't have her contact info, but I did e-mail the person on the TVFM Logger in Missouri who does, and he said he'd get in touch with her about what happened.... (
Sep28 22:18 West DKAZ is finally fixed up and working great. Cable probs solved and I switch Vactrols and get clearly better nulls. KAZ-IL (
Sep28 21:42 [21:40] - Time was 1203utc, about 25 minutes after local sunrise here in Indiana . -- Mark/IN (
Sep28 21:40 SRS 1420 KMOG Payson AZ (1472 mi) - Car DX! Was tuning around on the way to work this morning, and had the radio on 1420. Hrd just a phrase pop up from the mis ""This is KMOG, (some name) reporting.. (something) news..." then it was gone. 1st time hearing. -- Mark/IN (
Sep28 21:01 Rick - Maybe ask her if she knows anyone who could take over, or if she would be willing to let someone else take over board maintenance... --Mark/IN (
Sep28 17:26 Didn't try to DX last night. Went to bed at 0030 PT and practically fell asleep on the bed! > Yakima CN96 (
Sep28 15:44 Keep posting. When the four blank posts below are bumped off the page then hopefully the pop-ups will also go away. --KK7 (
Sep28 11:54 (cont'd) am going to e-mail someone who's on the TVFM Logger who's in touch with the widow of Bob Colyard (the founder of this URL) and see if there's any hope of getting this fixed -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep28 11:52 [04:31] When the "dxworld says" pop-up appears, I hit cancel 4 times, and it goe away. I (
Sep28 11:23 640 UNID with Mexican styled music and what I swear sounded like a cow between songs....Shawn Winnipeg (
Sep28 04:35 1370 KSOP UT...country oldies w/"Classic Country 1370" IDs...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep28 04:31 ok tnx Rick - have discovered that hitting the "Enter" key 3 times is the quickest way to make it disappear...Mike VE7SKA (
Sep28 04:24 [02:28] I started getting it this morning as soon as I got into the room at 0630 CLT, Mike. As I mentioned in here, it looks like European hackers were afoot during the overnight hours here in North America -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep28 04:23 750 WARD Petoskey Mi. W/full legal ID- mentioned 101.9 and "the bay" 00:04 EDT-sig nil to good o/u WSB-must be day power-ac format-new. John, Corning NY fn12 (
Sep28 03:46 720 WGN IL...half-time show during FF or hockey game w/ID...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep28 03:42 760 KDSP CO...sure enough website & stream match the slogan...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep28 03:40 760 tt KDSP CO "Orange & Blue 760"??? seems to be sports...not sure who this is?? Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep28 03:17 Justin=seems to occur every time someone makes a new entry...until a new webmaster/owner comes along we might be stuck with this...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep28 02:59 Hope its not permanent. En35id (
Sep28 02:53 Yes. It's very annoying. En35id (
Sep28 02:28 I'm getting a pop-up in Google that says "DXWorld.com" w/choice of OK or 'Cancel' Hit 'Cancel' 3 times it disappears....can't detect any malware or trojans within it...anyone else getting this? Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep28 00:28 SSS 1520 KZOY Sioux Falls SD // tune-in. Poor to nil signal. New. En35id (
Sep27 23:41 All the other boards are OK, just the BCB logger is messed up. -- Mark/IN (
Sep27 11:48 Boy, it looks like this site got hacked big time, and from overseas, too. IP addresses are from Holland and England -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep27 10:00 “> (
Sep27 10:00 “> (
Sep27 09:48 “> (
Sep27 09:47 “> (
Sep27 07:11 0000 update - SK/MB stations quite good, including CJOB-680. Probably CFZM-740 in jumble with oldies stuff, 760 KDSP CO alone to the east with no WJR. Typical night for me. Nothing new, nothing odd. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep27 05:38 1590 Coast to Coast under KLFE, must be KVGB Great Bend KS. Quite readable at times but not overtaking KLFE's Mike Gallagher. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep27 04:12 790 WVCD Bamberg, SC - Several IDs, R&B music; strong signal, likely on day power. KY/EM66tx (
Sep27 03:47 1630 KKGM TX...southern & country gospel music w/calls...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep27 03:01 1070.38 - More accurate listing of frequency. Long fades in and out, but too weak for audio. -- Mark/IN (
Sep27 02:56 1070.4 UNID - carrier here quite often lately, but can't find a listing for anything there. Ideas? -- Mark/IN (
Sep27 01:27 They wont for long Justin. Todden34it (
Sep27 00:16 1280 WNAM giving local WWTC a run for its money. Haha. En35ID (
Sep26 16:18 0030 PT - 1190 unID alternative music under KEX beaming SE, likely the ever-elusive KVCU in CO, but no ID. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep26 04:34 Mike - I figured as much. I've found the grayline dx to be especially productive lately - WL7NO (
Sep26 01:53 James WL7NO= 5am yr time 6am PDT meaning KPMO can run pre-sunrise authority (PSA) pwr of .5kW - likely what U hrd. Still, a good catch! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep25 10:47 1000 KOMO. Always hear it. - Eric CM96 (
Sep25 04:55 650 KMTI UT...contemporary country music //streema webstream...partial phasing out local CISL Vancouver....Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep25 03:55 820 - Wobbler, pretty strong here. -- Mark/IN (
Sep25 01:46 Picked up KPMO, Mendocino CA, 1300 at 5:00 AM locally. Can't be 77 watts! - WL7NO (
Sep25 00:01 1160 KMRV Waukon, IA really loud around 5:30 pm local. "99.1 The River" -New- En35ID (
Sep24 05:48 I taped a brief clip from KFYR last night, they were all over KOAC. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep24 05:45 Tremendous catch James. I've never heard KHIL here and I'm much closer. KNEU is the usual with country on 1250. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep24 05:44 DX 710 Radio Rebelde // 1180, SS music. Also very faint on 670 under KBOI. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep24 04:01 1580 KHGG Van Buren, AR - "Sportstalk 103.1, KHGG," ad for girls' participation in sports from Arkansas Activities Assoc. KY/EM66tx (
Sep24 03:44 1580 WVKO Columbus, OH - ID preceded by long jazz instrumental and followed by gospel song; generally weak signal. KY/EM66tx (
Sep24 03:41 1060 KGFX SD...gospel country //streema webstream...phased out CKMX AB...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep24 03:41 Dx 820 WBAP Ft Worth completely covering the usual CHAM -Matt in DC (
Sep24 03:21 [03:09] And so it is! Good to know that Barry's OK -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep24 03:19 Now getting intermittent WSM audio on the (quite strong) carrier on 650. -Matt in DC (
Sep24 03:12 A distorted WSM is now fading in. KY/EM66tx (
Sep24 03:11 KY=thanks...good news! Mike VE7SKA (
Sep24 03:09 The "topaz" Canada/US am list is operating again. KY/EM66tx (
Sep24 03:04 1300 XEP CHI TOH ID & "R Mexicana" imaging w/SS pop music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep24 03:00 Matt, I'm not hearing WSM here in Omaha, either. Unusual for them to be off at this hour, unless they're having transmitter issues -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep24 03:00 No WSM here and I live 60 miles away from it. KY/EM66tx (
Sep24 02:56 Anyone else getting a dead carrier on 650? Is WSM having troubles? (
Sep24 02:55 Going through my recordings from this weekend. Finally logged Arizona - KHIL 1250! WL7NO (
Sep24 02:54 Any (
Sep24 00:57 WKNR does forget often. Todden34it (
Sep23 18:30 One big plus with Barry's site is that he shows sunrise and sunset power/pattern changes times for each station for this month and next, and I miss that right now. The only other place you can go to get those is on the FCC's website, AFAIK. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep23 18:28 I'd forgotten about mwlist.org, because I am on that. That, though, requires registering with an email address, whereas radio-locator doesn't require that. The downside with R-L, though, is that you're limited on how many times a day you can look up info on it. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep23 18:09 [15:23] Rick=I hope Barry is ok too...major destruction :-( U might also try using: http://www.mwlist.org/mwlist_quick_and_easy.php?area=3&kHz=0 very accurate, Radio-Locator only useful for USA...Canada data outdated by up to 30 years - mostly useless...Mike VE7SKA (
Sep23 16:32 Nothing new, but I wish I would have gotten an ID from one of the 'non-C2Cs' on 590, knowing it could've been Eugene but possibly something I need, like KXSP. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 16:31 0140 ish PT - 900 XEW on top, Pink's 'Get the Party Started'. I know Saskatchewan wouldn't air that ;-). Then started drifting to sleep. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 16:30 0135 PT - 870 WWL on top with Dave Ramsey, along with a loud open carrier and 60hz hum on 890 (probably KYWN?) > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 16:30 0128 PT - 720 WGN with good ID under Nevada, 740 had KVOX and a weak 'AM 740' ID, CFZM Toronto mixing. 790 KGHL MT also IDed in jumble. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 16:29 0126 PT - 860 and 690 CBKF-2 and 1 both strong and //. I do want to ask, does CJBC *simulcast* the same French program as CBKF-2, or would they be airing something else for EDT? Well-wanted BTW > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 16:28 0125 PT - 680 CJOB Winnipeg THE LOUDEST I've ever heard them. Destroying KNBR to pieces!! 10, maybe even 20 over S-9. Even pointing the antenna SOUTH towards the Bay Area and they were right underneath. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 16:27 0119 PT - 670 Radio Rebelde with weak SS music // to 1180, way under Red Eye Radio on KBOI. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 16:26 0115 PT - 620 CKRM Regina SK fading up with ID over KPOJ. Jumble underneath. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 16:25 0106 PT - 560 KMON Great Falls country music well over Wenatchee, 600 had CJWW and KGEZ mixing, 590 underneath KQNT was actually a mess (which is rare, too bad I didn't ID anything. Omaha and others needed...) > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 16:24 0105 PT - 550 KFYR Bismarck ND loud, at times over KOAC, with Accuweather forecast and calls back into Coast to Coast. BTW was up until almost 2AM then started falling asleep. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 16:23 Sadly, KOA was 20 over S9 last night and not a trace of ESPN underneath. Oh well. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 15:23 [15:10 That's rough news to hear. Thanks for the update, Mike. Hope Barry is OK. Time to go to the backup lookup, i.e., www.radio-locator.com! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep23 15:10 Barry M's "topaz" AMBC US/Can lookup offline due 2 devastating tornado in Ottawa also Gatineau PQ - no hydro power for several weeks or more...Mike VE7SKA (
Sep23 07:50 1040 WHO Des Moines - steady signal with football reply - de Fred K6KKO Los Angeles (
Sep23 07:12 Looking at logs, if I hear WKNR (and it's very tough with KOA in the way) it would be OH #3. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 07:04 Oh, I'd love to hear WKNR. Will try later. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep23 06:51 850 WKNR Cleveland OH giving KOA a pretty good fight right now with ESPN programming. For those of you who need this, GO GET 'EM!! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep23 05:48 850 WKNR ALL over KOA here in mpls! Todd5 (
Sep23 04:05 hello Matt...welcome! New loggings, rarities, anomalies - general DX condx...good/bad?? post often & tell us what you're hearing...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep23 03:57 Welcome, Matt. Please share your loggings! --KK7 (
Sep23 03:56 1566 TWR Benin, Africa with solid audio but getting splattered by the domestics. --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Sep23 03:54 Oh, and hi everyone. Long time reader, first time posting. — Matt, Washington, DC (
Sep23 03:44 DX 870 Cuba R. Reloj (news over a time signal) booming in over WWL. Very unusual; only seen this a few times before, usually in winter. — Matt, Washington, DC (
Sep23 03:43 TA 837 Spain with very good audio right now, but three listed on the channel, new log. --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Sep23 02:35 TA 531 Algeria with a huge signal and solid audio. --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Sep23 02:32 TA 585 RNE Spain in right now with weak audio. --KK7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Sep22 14:45 Mark: I've never checked, but I assume 531 4KZ is // 5055 shortwave. I've had 5055 but never audio on 531, but I do see faint carriers there. --KK7 (
Sep22 14:02 Tim - are any of these // to the Aussies on 60m? -- Mark/IN (
Sep22 14:01 Interesting "unsettled" conditions in top part of band - stations fading in and out. This is 2-1/2 hours after local sunrise, when things are usually pretty much setlled down. K index hasn't settled down yet...still at 4 as of 1230utc. -- Mark/IN (
Sep22 12:44 TP @ 11:30 UTC w/ Aussie audio on 576, 594, 612, 702, 738 & maybe others pending review of SDR recording. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, southwest phased BOGs (
Sep22 11:27 [05:03] He's in Chula Vista, CA, and he heard KFIR right near the conclusion of their HS FB postgame show. Methinks they cut power right when it ended, before Robert and others could get to it -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep22 05:21 I'm 200 miles south of Sweet Home and can't hear KFIR. I've got KDWN and WGN on 720. Robert CN82 OR (
Sep22 05:03 Dxer reports that 720 KFIR Sweet Home, OR is on 10kw power. En35id (
Sep22 04:50 [21:46] Thanks Mike! Just got in-looks like I have some catching up to do(hi)! Robert OR (
Sep22 04:41 560 KVOK AK "Kodiak's Country station 98.7 FM 560 AM" & local ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep22 04:15 1400 khz - WDTK - Detroit, MI - 9/21 @ 2259 UT - getting ready to carry a local (college) FB game, ID heard ment of Detroit, new GYer for me - TL-IN (EN61) (
Sep22 04:03 930 KTKN AK...TOH ID "97.5 FM & 930 AM" - phased out semi-loc KBAI Bellingham WA...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep22 03:58 529 SQM AK panhandle - .4kW AM automated voice loop marine wx forecast/condx w/ CW ID underneath...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep22 03:37 990 XECL BCN w/EE & SS play-by-play Calexico CA HSFB w/"Rockola" IDs & EE & SS ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep22 03:20 1390 unID from Arkansas, either KFFK or KDQN here with report on Nashville's 28-23 win over Arkadelphia. Seemed like an Arkansas-centered HS FB scoreboard show. Still chasing call letters during a commercial break -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep22 02:57 DX 900 CMKB CUB "R Progresso" ID w/SS talk but not //4.765mHz...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep22 02:23 1480 KBXD Dallas, TX at 0214 UTC - Atop suddenly w/ments of Collin, Grayson, Hunt, and Fannin Counties in NWS Flash Flood Alert. Getting out well, regardless of if on the day or night rig. -- Rick in South Omaha adding to the Davenport, Iowa logbook (
Sep22 02:22 Am I the only one who thinks the "mythical" call sign "WKRP" is a hidden reference to a poor quality radio station?! WL7NO (
Sep22 02:20 I've also been hearing a sports station under KACI (1300) but havn't been able to ID it yet. Something about the "best Western sports station" or something like that - WL7NO (
Sep22 02:18 I've been hearing a faint Spanish station coming in at 1610 about 2:30 am local time. It's got the typical "hyper-Mexican style" ID at the half hour. Sounds like a combo of talk and music - WL7NO (
Sep22 02:16 Cd - looking at my log for 1240 i've picked up KEWE, KRNY, and KRJW. Think I'm going to spend more time on graveyards. Much more likely to hear a call slipping in at the toh! WL7NO (
Sep21 22:37 Yes---it was KZAM, today KXPA./cd (
Sep21 22:31 [16:22] Great on KXEL; never had that one from either my current qth or from AK. I think I had a 1540 outta WA from AK./cdel96 (
Sep21 22:28 I remember hearing a jumble on 1240 one night but nada came forth; I may have had 1340 CIVH BC with a full 1k at nite tho./cd (
Sep21 22:27 Re KIHH, when I was in AK, all GYers were still 250w nights in US...not that I didn't try...>>/cdel96 (
Sep21 21:46 Robert= you had some good loggings last night as did I! Good job on 850 KICY - here there was NO sign of any AK last night just the TA hets from over the pole...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep21 21:03 Heard KDKA and KMOX last night. Possibly WABC, but it was too buried and I needed to be sure. Good cx! Robert OR (
Sep21 21:00 [16:22] Great catch WL7NO! Thanks for the station list info! Robert OR (
Sep21 20:40 Would be better for your antenna to point ESE, away from Eureka. KIHH is also common here but I can obviously null that direction if I want. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 19:55 Thinking about building a couple of tuned loops, setting them on a certain frequency with amps, then recording them. Using broadbanded antennas now - WL7NO (
Sep21 19:53 The only thing I seem to pick up here on 1400 is KIHH...all the time! WL7NO (
Sep21 18:56 Won't be able to join the 'Hunt for 1400 KODI(R)' tonight for HS football...I'm actually going to a game myself locally. Good luck with the DX tonight. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 18:55 I would love to hear WCBS, WFAN, WBZ, etc. but remember, it ain't 1965 anymore. Mon AM sign offs don't exist. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 18:53 Great job, James. KXEL is a common one at night with Red Eye Radio. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 16:26 Also picked up WOAI in San Antonio - Sure would be nice to pick up some new east coast stations! WL7NO (
Sep21 16:22 Going through last night's recording. It was a good night indeed. Picked up 1540 KXEL, Waterloo, Iowa - WL7NO (
Sep21 07:02 DX 1530 WCKY Cincinnati OH under KFBK with ESPN SportsCenter All Night - poor to fair. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 07:02 1660 KQWB ND easy under KTIQ, my most-heard ND. > cn96 (
Sep21 07:02 1490 KCID Caldwell ID TOH ID on top, Radio Catolica > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 06:51 680 CJOB Winnipeg HUGE signal over KNBR with Global talk. Went to an SDR receiver on Maui, it's there too...holy cow! > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 05:52 Think I'm hearing CBK, 540, through the splatter WL7NO (
Sep21 05:25 KRVN a regular here Mike, KGEZ is actually heard here quite often at SSS. KLTC is blocked by a local but logged in 2014 when they were off-air one early AM. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 05:24 850 here is a strong KOA Denver and a faint talker underneath likely KHHO. No sign of religious music, darn. Doesn't help that the Cascades are in the way of AK. > yakima cn96 (
Sep21 05:24 DX 740 CFZM Toronto ON good with 'Get Ready' Temptations // stream, 2000mi > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 05:23 DX 760 WJR Detroit MI Red Eye Radio - loud at times! > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 05:19 That's it, I'm heading to the 3-foot loop and checking! > yakima cn96 (
Sep21 05:17 DX 850 KICY Nome AK Choral type music/group singing loud at times easily heard with KOA. Robert CN82 OR (
Sep21 05:13 I should go check the dial in a bit! I've been very busy today - work, errands at home, errands on the go, cleaning house, dinner... > Yakima CN96 (
Sep21 05:02 760 WJR MI "Newstalk 760" ID at TOH. Robert CN82 OR (
Sep21 04:41 TA 1215 & 1089 very weak hets - nowhere near audio in/out past 15 min on N/S antenna...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep21 04:36 700 WLW Highway and trucker info w/ weather for the region. Heavy qsb. Robert CN82 OR (
Sep21 04:04 1300 XEP CHI TOH ID & "R Mexicana" imaging w/SS pop music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep21 03:28 600 KGEZ MT - ID, 60's pop oldies...not heard often - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep21 03:16 880 KRVN NE "...66 degrees in Lexington..." in the middle of a busy freq incluyding semi-loc KIXI Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep21 02:57 1460 KLTC ND - CLassic Country 1460 KLTC" into local ads...usually only heard early fall - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep21 02:47 Speaking as someone who has plans to move to the QCs (the sooner, the better!), it wouldn't bother me any to have one less local AM to deal with whilst DXing -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep21 02:46 WKBF started life as WHBF way back in 1925, changed to its current calls in March 1987. So it's a heritage station, the oldest in the Quad Cities. (
Sep21 02:45 [17:59] Rob, we don't know yet. Todd in the Twin Cities says that there's a possibility that they may have lost the lease on the property that the tower array sits on in Rock Island -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep21 02:38 DX 1610 CHHA ON...world-beat music //webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep21 02:00 1370 KWRT Boonville, MO - KC Royals @ Detroit Tigers game; signal occasionally audible under dominant WXCT. KY/EM66tx (
Sep21 01:56 Robert, search for "Asiawaves" on google. That's what I use to identify the pacific stations - WL7NO (
Sep21 00:21 [12:41] Thanks SKC WA. And thanks to all on the board. I've learned alot on here the last year! Robert CN82 OR (
Sep20 17:59 Is WKBF just in a brief outage, or are they going silent (e.g. loss of site)? N8NU (
Sep20 12:41 Robert, there's an Asia-Pacific MW station list online that should help. Can't remember the name, but Google or Bing should bring it up. Includes KW, freq, language etc. So King Co WA (
Sep20 11:05 DX 1070 WNVY Cantonment/Pensacola FL - Apparently switching to day power at TOH (1100utc) in mid-sentence with "…Pensacola… 1070, changing the way you live." Then into a Bible study / preacher talking -- Mark/IN (
Sep20 03:38 Dx rolling in here about 1.5 hours before sunset. "Equinox-enhanced" propagation?! WL7NO (
Sep20 01:31 Thanks Yak. I've got the JA's. It's the others I'm clueless on. Robert OR (
Sep19 21:19 [1353] 774 JOUB Akita, 747 JOIB Sapporo, both NHK-2. You should be able to // on 693 (Tokyo JOAB) and 828 (JOBB Osaka). > Yakima CN96 (
Sep19 13:57 Wall to wall with TP stations this morning from Asia - WL7NO (
Sep19 13:53 Lot's of UNID TP stations last few day's. This morning (518 PST) Japanese stations on 774 and 747 giving English lessons. Robert CN82 OR (
Sep19 13:15 A couple weak hets here and there, also. No audio, of course. One was in the low mid band, the other one was prob 1566 khz. So King Co WA (
Sep19 13:14 830 WCCO with CBS news, local news, several ID's. Stronger than any time since maybe 2014? DX-370, loop. So King Co WA (
Sep19 12:53 Both Todd and Justin in the Twin Cities texted me and told me they got WQKR last night. I heard someone with oldies in the muck, but never could get an ID out of hit. I need to make hay while WKBF is off. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep19 12:41 Rick, Todd -- When my local 1270 (WCMR) was off in May, I logged WQKR from Portland, TN. It's listed as "Adult Standards" on topaz, but I heard David Bowie "Changes" and "Lean On Me", which I would classify more as oldies. -- Mark/IN (
Sep19 12:24 1270 KFAN Rochester MN at 1217 UTC - Fair w/Vikings FB talk, "The Fan" ID, then into ad for Luther Brookdale dealerships on Brooklyn Blvd in Minneapolis -- Rick in South Omaha adding to the Davenport IA logbook (logging #500) (
Sep19 11:57 1270 WMKT Charlevoix MI at 1144 UTC - Fair w/ads for michigan.org, Pineview Cottage Assisted Living in Harbor Springs. WKBF still off -- Rick in South Omaha adding to the Davenport IA logbook (logging #499 overall) (
Sep19 07:12 DX 900 XEW Mexico City once again with Richard Marx several minutes ago...has to be them. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep19 07:12 970 KBUL Billings with Coast to Coast AM, below Spokane/Portland. Kind of rare. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep19 07:00 1400 KNND Cottage Grove OR strong TOH ID. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep19 02:02 980 WTEM Washington DC possibly on day power right now. Someone topping the channel with Baltimore Orioles BB, being heard by me on the Edinburgh SDR and by a DXer in Milwaukee -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep19 01:41 Stay on it Rick. We both had the same station. My Selectatenna was aimed south. En35id (
Sep19 01:39 Just got an ad for Delaware Valley Kia, then a "WQTT" ID during a brief promo for their morning show before going back to CIncinnati Reds BB, so the oldies station I was hearing on 1270 is someone else -- Rick in South Omaha listening in on the Edinburgh, IN SDR (
Sep19 01:32 No Spanish here. All Sioux falls. Also oldies was there with a Blondie song Rick also heard on Edinburg. No idea who that is en35id (
Sep19 01:08 Todd, I'm checking to see if WKBF is still off. Their audio feed on Streema.com is still going. On the Sony ICF-2010 here, I got someone with oldies just before the top of the hour, but can't hear a trace of WKBF yet -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep18 05:03 1140 KHFX Cleburne, TX - an animated sermon in Spanish // Streema webstream; consistent signal under WRVA. KY/EM66tx (
Sep18 03:46 1270 WQTT Marysville OH 9/17 2216 true oldies slogan, ID Faded New Todd en34it (
Sep18 03:35 870 Spanish under the weak 250w KFLD likely KLSQ Whitney NV. Conditions not that great, at least low band. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep18 03:34 760 KDSP Denver w/ Broncos talk on top > Yakima CN96 (
Sep18 03:34 680 CJOB Winnipeg, MB w/ calls under KNBR then fade out. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep18 03:08 1270 WXYT Detroit, heard just now at the TOH with brief ID back into MNF. Very rare here but helps that WKBF is off. Todden34it (
Sep18 03:04 DX 1170 KFAQ Tulsa OK TOH ID barely heard under KLOK and IBOC hash from KSL. Robert CN82 OR (
Sep18 02:52 1540 KMPC CA...reg. Mexican music, loud underneath semi-local KXPA Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep18 02:22 DX 760 KFMB CA F peaks backgrounding a weak WJR 1130-2 with local ads. KAZ-IL (
Sep18 02:21 DX 660 XEFZ NL F with mx and a couple ABC Radio ID's this morning 1132-42 with WSCR IBOC off (back on now) KAZ-IL (
Sep18 02:12 DX 800 KDDD TX P briefly thru XEROK/others with "Farm Talk,,,alagnews.com" at 1130 this morning. No sign of // KFLP 900 as Mexico/others too strong. New! KAZ-IL (
Sep17 16:34 Yeah, I want to put something up to the west as well. Was thinking of the superloop at Conti's website, because of not enough room for a DKaz where I want to put it. -- Mark/IN (
Sep17 14:52 The only antenna I currently have up is my DKAZ aimed due west. Lots of antenna work to be done here. KAZ-IL (
Sep17 14:48 I had a carrier on 1098 on Saturday morning, too weak for audio though. That was on an omnidirectional vertical wire only about 30 feet long hung in a tree. -- Mark/IN (
Sep17 14:41 Hi Kaz, which antenna is best for you for TP? -- Mark/IN (
Sep17 11:56 TP decent carrier on 657 able to get synch lock. WSCR IBOC OFF making this possible. Hopefully I can find some audio on recording. KAZ-IL (
Sep17 11:55 TP 1098 V7AB P 1132 with man in lang. into anthem. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Sep17 02:06 930 WLLL Lynchburg, VA - set of ads for Lynchburg area businesses, long gospel songs in church setting; generally weak signal. KY/EM66tx (
Sep17 01:40 710 R. Rebelde Cuba in tonight under KCMO and KNUS. No sign of WOR. En35id (
Sep17 01:28 TP 1017 Tonga carrier peaked at 29 dB above noise floor at 1141 (10 min after SR) This should be adequate for audio but too much WPEO slop even though I am not close to Peoria. KAZ-IL (
Sep16 22:57 TP DU's this morning near sunrise. V7AB 1098 P/F with anthem, 594 3WV vp and seemed // stronger 612 4RN. KAZ-IL (
Sep16 08:11 SRS 1035 "ZB Talk Radio" Titahi Bay, Wellington, New Zealand with chat about All Blacks rugby team and NZ patriotism in sport. 10Kw transmitter near Wellington. 5X9 plus 10dB over report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Sep16 04:46 930 KTKN AK...wx forecast, local ad, ID into Hot AC - phased out .5kW local K-BAI Bellingham WA...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep16 04:39 529 SQM AK panhandle - .4kW/AM automated continuous weather voice-loop...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep16 04:36 590 CFTK northern B.C. "today's best variety - EZ Rock" w/90's pop...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep16 03:48 1050 XEG Monterrey, Mexico - "La Ranchera" ID, music // webstream; consistent, moderately-strong signal. KY/EM66tx (
Sep16 03:48 760 CFLD northern B.C. "Bulkley Valley's best variety - Moose FM" w/pop 90's mx - only heard on south antenna...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep16 03:46 800 XEROK CHI w/SS Christian pop music //Streema webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep16 02:06 2NC re: to WL7NO. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep16 02:06 2NC, Newcastle NSW. Nice find. And I've yet to hear my first HAWAIIAN...where are thou KPUA, KHKA, KUAU? > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 22:28 Lots of Aussies on the band last night. Was listening to rugby on 1233 Newcastle. "NRL Finals." - WL7NO (
Sep15 17:47 [13:15] That HAS to be KHGZ, Tom. They're the only station on 670 currently with a country music format of ANY era -- Rick in South Omaha (
Sep15 13:15 670 unid but t KHGZ Glenwood, Arkansas. Heard strong at times behind WSCR while listening to Cubs game. Classic country. Thought ID was Classic Country ??? maybe Caddo Country?, TL-IN (EN61) (
Sep15 05:01 Hearing something behind KFI. Robert OR (
Sep15 04:22 810 KBHB Thanks for the tip Yak! Had to break out the DX-390 to null KGO. I need a phaser here. Robert CN82 OR (
Sep15 03:42 Yak= I hear something behind KGO but can't ID it. Robert OR (
Sep15 03:38 900 XEW Mexico City with Roxette 'It Must Have Been Love' and W Radio ID > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:34 660 KXOR Junction City OR on day power with Spanish Rel music, all over Calgary and Window Rock > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:33 560 KMON Great Falls, MT 'CHS Cut Bank proudly supports high school football...' then f/o. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:28 Yakima=810 CKJS just given 1 year extension by CRTC then must vacate for new FM freq. - Mike VE7SKA (
Sep15 03:25 Robert, have you tried 810? > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:24 810 KBHB Sturgis nice signal with KGO phased. Partial ID, local ads... like I said an SRS regular. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:20 Nice work, Mike. Common at sunrise. I still need Winnipeg before they go off the air. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:19 810 KBHB SD w/HSFB took awhile to figure out what is under KGO...sounds like 25 kW D pwr not .060kW N pwr - NEW logging!!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep15 03:17 1450 KQDI Great Falls w/ even more HSFB. Mentioned Great Falls team. 720 watts > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:17 1400 KXGF Great Falls MT, gotta be the one with Fox Sports beaming E > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:12 KUTI is not airing that game thank god. They have Davis vs. Selah > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:12 My local HSFB team, West Valley, is playing Camas tonight and getting slaughtered 43-7 with 5 minutes b4 halftime! > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:11 1450 KONP Port Angeles (Mike's semi-local) with Port Angeles Roughriders football, also UNID with Dave Ramsey in the soup. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 03:02 1050 KFIO WA...TOH ID & into Christian talk - .260kW - not often heard...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep15 03:01 Yak- On Fire! Robert OR (
Sep15 03:01 1230 KKOR Astoria OR 'greatest hits on the Beach' > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 02:56 1340 KYLT Missoula MT more HSFB, Powell County (Deer Lodge) at Loyola-Sacred in Missoula. Fair signal at times. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 02:51 Network1Sports shows KODI running Cody away at Rawlins, KWOR 1340 also has HS FB > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 02:50 1490 KUGR Green River WY !!! HSFB mentioned Green River, Cougar Radio - 660 miles. KEDO a pest on 1400, but still trying for Cody WY. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 02:40 1250 KNEU Roosevelt UT nice signal with HSFB - possibly day power? Union HS (Roosevelt) vs. Carbon HS (Price) > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 02:36 1230 KORT Grangeville ID w/ ID under semi-local KDYM. Not heard in quite a while. Libby and Bozeman would be nice ;) > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 02:35 1400 KRPL Moscow ID w/ HSFB, local team up 28-0 > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 02:35 920 KVEL Vernal UT Quick ID up out of the mess, Utah Utes game. Robert CN82 OR (
Sep15 02:01 This obviously looking for the two in WY and MT that are well-wanted > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 02:00 1400 KEDO Longview WA with HSFB kicking off, nice signal > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 01:55 I am looking for KWSX or KXTK both sports and both well-wanted, but no sign yet > Yakima CN96 (
Sep15 01:54 1280 KZFS Spokane country music in very tight KIT null. 3 ft loop is back! > Yakima CN96 (
Sep14 18:27 I'm grabbing the 3 ft loop this afternoon (I hope) from storage, and see if I can get some new GY's with high school football. Where art thou, KODI-1400? KBCK-1400? KWOR-1340? > Yakima CN96 (
Sep14 18:26 0045 PT - KSTP strong, weak WBBM under KKOH, 1590 Coast to Coast likely KVGB Great Bend, also had unID music on 740 phasing KCBS (maybe CFZM?) > Yakima CN96 (
Sep14 18:25 0040 PT - 1360 KFIV Modesto CA w/ 'Power Talk' ID in between C2C break, relog but rare. Good on peaks. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep14 18:25 Had a relatively noise-free dial last night, highlights to follow > Yakima CN96 (
Sep14 11:56 600 KROD El Paso in with ESPN 600 ID into sports news at 0630 todd en34it (
Sep14 11:45 Yak, I was wondering that myself. I turned on my Kenwood R-5000 about 15 minutes and hoped to hear WPTF 680 going full blast. SOMEONE in my apartment complex has a new TV or something, cuz I got a very annoying visit from Mr. Buzz instead. :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep14 07:33 Anybody in North Carolina running daytime power for Florence? Or South Carolina? > Yakima CN96 (
Sep14 06:21 [06:17] WLAC getting a whoopin' here./cd (
Sep14 06:17 1510 (attention!) WWBC FL, normal daytimer, running 50 k tonight, //stream, which is about 48 sec behind./cdel96 (
Sep14 04:50 770 KATL MT...90's pop, into promo for morning show, ads more hot AC music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep14 03:23 570 CKSW SK...contemporary country //webstream...nulled out semi-local KVI Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep13 16:19 Also KRVM-1280 Eugene OR in tight KIT null, BBCWS at 0100 > Yakima CN96 (
Sep13 16:19 0100 PT - 560 KMON Great Falls blowing through the others with top-of-hour ID and country music (day power?), noticed 660 KXOR on day power, 1500 KSTP was huge, 1530 had tWCKY under KFBK...still haven't brought out the big loop yet > Yakima CN96 (
Sep13 05:01 1210 KUBR San Juan, TX - Mexican music // webstream; consistent signal under WPHT. KY/EM66tx (
Sep13 03:23 660 KXOR Junction City OR SS talk/rel must be on day power...up over KTNN. Robert CN82 OR (
Sep13 02:13 920 WGOL Russellville, AL - "WGOL, 920 AM and W264BN 100.7 FM," C&W music; weak signal that occasionally rises above the noise. KY/EM66tx (
Sep12 01:44 1510 KIFG Iowa Falls, IA "Keeping you company at work or in the car 95.3 and 1510 AM" en35id (
Sep11 04:47 DX 1180 R Rebelde CUB - single station only, partially phased out semi-local KLAY Tacoma...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep11 02:42 DX 1610 CHHA ON...world-beat music //webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep11 02:42 Thanks Mike, 1548 4QD also in this morning at 11:30 UTC, poor w/ a Rolling Stones song coming out of the noise // to Aussie Kiwi SDR. --KK7 West Michigan (
Sep11 01:42 930 WMGR Bainbridge, GA - ID, "Listen to the Auburn Tigers right here on 99.3 FM"; consistent, moderately strong signal. KY/EM66tx (
Sep10 21:38 [9/9 14:43] Tim = belated congrats & amazement as such incredible loggings! Well done! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep10 03:25 1490 KSKR OR "1490 The Score" into local/national ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep10 00:47 1320 KLWN Lawrence KS - Weak to fair w/ments of "KU" and "Douglas County" in ad for Crown Automotive in Lawrence -- Rick in South Omaha adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Sep10 00:27 1390 KJAM Madison SD - Fair w/promo: "1390 KJAM, your home for Dakota State University Trojans football all season long..." -- Rick in South Omaha adding to the Davenport, IA logbook (
Sep10 00:00 [21:09] Thanks, I may buy one and sell my Tecsun PL-880. TL-IN (EN61) (
Sep09 22:04 Maybe one of these summers I'll get a beverage or D-KAZ antenna and string it up at Pacific Beach State Park, south of Moclips. > Yakima CN96 (
Sep09 22:03 I'm having a lot of fun listening to Guy Atkins' SDR recordings from Grayland last month. They were uploaded to IRCA mail-archive. Ever been able to hear KPUA at 20 over S9 with almost no trace of KBOI? Or 3LO 774, at almost S9 over JOUB? Wish I could experience it for myself... > Yakima CN96 (
Sep09 22:01 Very good conditions last night - first time listening since LAST Friday. WBBM was loud, 580 had a Coast to Coast echo of KIDO and unID (probably KUBC CO), 600 CJWW loud, weak co-channel to KNBR 680 likely Winnipeg. AM DX season is here! > Yakima CN96 (
Sep09 21:09 TL-IN=Jay Allen gives it good marks, read review here: https://radiojayallen.com/am-portables-mega-shootout-2016-update/...other good review on swling.com - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep09 16:14 I'm listening to CKWW 580 right now - 2km from RDT's transmitter! N8NU (
Sep09 16:13 Noting WRDT 560 Monroe MI does not have their I-BLOCK running. Hope that's permanent. N8NU (
Sep09 15:06 Does anyone use the CCRadio 2E Enhanced for MWDX? Good, poor, thumbs-up/down? Thanks, TL-IN (EN61) (
Sep09 14:43 TP 576 2RN Sydney added to the log this morning with brief music // to online SDR, 9345 miles. 702 2BL also 11:07-11:15 UTC. ---Kilokat7 West Michigan, phased BOGs (
Sep09 07:49 kboi (
Sep09 04:35 1330 KOVE WY "You're in 1330 Country KOVE" into Dierks Bentley...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep09 04:21 890 CJDC Dawson Creek BC Strong, clear ID with modern country. Robert CN82 Oregon (
Sep09 02:55 1480 WGVU Kentwood MI with local 1470 nulled. // webstream. Grundig s350 en35id (
Sep09 02:28 Anyone needing Duluth on 850, go get them. They're cheating - En35ID (
Sep09 02:23 Nevermind... it's just Duluth. Grr. - En35ID (
Sep09 02:21 I have reason to suspect KFUO 850 AM may be on their day right right now. - En35ID (
Sep08 23:14 Local 1470 keeps going from being off air to on air. Right now they're back. KMNQ. This station has a terrible track record - En35ID (
Sep08 18:43 ....sometimes shutting down without warning.... (
Sep08 18:42 Others been reporting it too. They are testing their site, sometimes without warning. Nobody hears them after about 1630EDT, Though sunset is about 3 hours later. N8NU (
Sep08 18:39 Heard what was almost surely WPON 1460 Walled Lake MI, while in SW Detroit yesterday afternoon. Very weak, oldies. N8NU (
Sep08 07:36 1360 KFIV LSB under the usual Spanish pest station - WL7NO (
Sep08 01:53 Wow I wish I could null WCCO but they're 2 miles away. Lol. 😡 en35 (
Sep07 23:28 830 WQZQ "Classic Hits 93-3" Goodlettsville, TN putting in a good signal here on the S. DKaz; nice mix of 70s and 80s music. No sign of WCCO on this antenna. -- Mark/IN (
Sep07 11:47 620 KIGS w/ South Asian music & chanting underneath KPOJ OR sports. tt KWAL earlier w ctry, faded. PRD5. So King Co WA (
Sep04 23:56 Thanks for the tips on WMGC. Usually the station that's there is the Indy station that plays regional Mexican (La Pantera), listed at 250w. I don't hear it at all right now. -- Mark/IN (
Sep04 04:02 Thanks for passing along the URL, Nace! :) And I think it's pretty obvious to all that WMGC is cheating by running the full 5000 watt day power all night long -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep04 03:58 [03:44] Rick, WMGC's stream is available at eljefe967fm.com. Its signal always seems much stronger than the reported night 6W. (
Sep04 03:44 Hearing what has to be WMGC in Tennessee walking all over WGY and WHB on the Edinburgh, IN SDR with pop music in Spanish. Bringing up a stream on Streema.com leads me to WMGC "105.1 The Bounce" in Detroit! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep03 04:45 WRIX stronger now here. I don't hear KMMQ any more. About level with KDKA. - En35ID (
Sep03 04:28 I hear it. Incredibly weak. Your local Rick is stronger and this darn WCCO interference isn't helping. It's there though. Matching with the SDr - En35ID (
Sep03 04:21 I hear KDKA here // the SDR. En35ID (
Sep03 04:13 Justin, I still have WRIX almost even with KDKA on the Edinburgh SDR. Keep trying, I'm sure they'll show up at your QTH before the night's over -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep03 04:09 970 KFEL Pueblo Colorado may be running late. I have them here very strong. En35id (
Sep03 03:53 1020 KJKK Fergus Falls with a top 40 song. No sign of SC en35id (
Sep03 03:47 Almost two years since 1470 was deleted, the towers are stand8ng and lighted. N8NU (
Sep03 03:41 .....no....N8NU! (
Sep03 03:40 KD8EN... (
Sep03 03:39 N8DZY, I meant (
Sep03 03:39 1020 here is KDKA and KMMQ en35id (
Sep03 03:39 Er....N8DXY (
Sep03 03:38 [22:44] Touchč. I'm always forgetting these constant callsign changes. KA8PJV (
Sep03 03:07 1110 is simulcasting 1360 WMOB Mobile AL with strong signal. KY/EM66tx (
Sep03 01:35 And I'm doing so because there's no QUESTION I'd be getting WRIX in Davenport right now (
Sep03 01:34 [01:19] On the Edinburgh KiwiSDR, I've got WRIX marching all over KDKA right now with a bluegrass song from the Steep Canyon Rangers. Not only staying on late, but they're probably running the 10 kw day power instead of the 3 kw CH power -- Rick in South Omaha adding to the Davenport, IA logbook (
Sep03 01:20 1020 - correction to call below: WRIX not WRIC. -- Mark/IN (
Sep03 01:19 1020 WRIC Homeland Park SC - bluegrass music, with ID "This is Electric City Bluegrass." Topaz shows them daytime only, so on late? -- Mark/IN (
Sep03 00:39 DX 1040 HJAI R. Tropical Colombia, weak, but dominant signal right now, in and out. No sign of WHO yet. -- Mark/IN (
Sep03 00:05 SSS 1030 WONQ Oviedo FL... hrd faint call ID in mix of stations at TOH @ 0000. Nothing special about conditions, good example of sunset enhancement? New logging. -- Mark/IN (
Sep02 22:44 WOHO was several callsigns ago on 1470. They changed to WWWM in the summer of 1990, to WLQR in 1995 and finally to WTOD for about 6 months in 2016 before pulling the plug in September of that year. (
Sep02 21:35 WBCO 1540 Bucyrus OH now much weaker than it was N8NU (
Sep02 21:34 Noter WSDS 1480 has regained some of their strength, but not what they were two years ago N8NU (
Sep02 21:32 WOHO 1470 has been deleted, so they may be able to increase their daytime signal to the south, again on existing tpwers. N8NU (
Sep02 21:30 Recent events may allow WPON to improve their signal without capital outlay. WBRN has a CP to downgrade to a class D, which would mean WPON wouldn't have to protect it...... (
Sep02 21:27 ......took my H500 to a park (no RF noise) to try for WPON, no luck, but that could be because techs wouldn't do testing on a Sunday. N8NU (
Sep02 21:25 People are reporting WPON 1460 back on the air with irregular hours. Took5 (
Sep02 15:37 T-storm season needs to subside here before I'll actively get back to the dials. Last night, the whole band sounded like frying bacon. Maybe in a couple of weeks... -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Sep02 04:33 1270 KVMI CA "My 97.5" w/80's pop music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep02 04:16 Finally XEW under KBIF with Metallica! The new south KAZ works! Thanks for the tip Mike. Robert CN82 OR (
Sep02 04:03 DX 900 XEW DF...80's EE pop music //streema webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep02 03:54 DX 1180 R Rebelde CUB all alone on freq! //5.025mHz...semi-local KLAY Tacoma has no audio feed...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep02 03:37 820 XEABC BCN...SS folk music //streema webstream - partially phased out semi-local KGNW Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Sep01 03:28 1400 '...you're listening to high school football...1400 KART Jerome', Jerome ID. Yep, that time of year again is upon us! > Yakima CN96 (
Sep01 01:59 630 WAIZ Hickory, NC - "The Best Oldies - 63 Big Ways," songs by The Shirelles, Fats Domino, The Spaniels. KY/EM66tx (
Aug31 17:14 Haven't bothered turning on the radio since August 26th. I'll pull the big loop out next month and try for something new. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug31 14:38 Last night was 'normal' DX conditions here, morning takes a nosedive. Not even KVRI 1600 is in, which is abnormal for 7am PT. So King Co Wa (
Aug30 03:52 1630 KRND "La Jota Mexicana" Loud at times with maximus accordianas. Robert CN82 Oregon (
Aug30 03:12 1190 KVCU Boulder CO Punk/alternative music under KEX. Checked online. Must be on day power. A first here. Robert CN82 Oregon (
Aug30 02:34 810 WMGC Murfreesboro TN seems on day 5kw with Mexican music, loud Steve E TN (
Aug30 02:34 810 WMGC Murfreesboro TN seems on day 5kw with Mexican music, loud Steve E TN (
Aug30 02:34 810 WMGC Murfreesboro TN seems on day 5kw with Mexican music, loud Steve E TN (
Aug30 02:33 810 WMGC Murfreesboro TN seems on day 5kw with Mexican music, loud Steve E TN (
Aug30 00:45 1700 WJCC Miami Springs briefly under Ohio DOT TIS station on the South DKAZ. -Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Aug28 13:06 [02:19] WGLB has been cheating down at least the last 3 years now, running their 2500 watt day power all night long. :( They're so loud here sometimes, they trample KGOW in Texas! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug28 05:12 1370 WTAB Tabor City, NC - ID, "The Swap Shop is busting all over on 1370 AM," soft country music. KY/EM66tx (
Aug28 02:54 1380 WBEL Beloit, IL // online playing 10,000 Maniacs "Because the Night" - new - En35 (
Aug28 02:39 Weird how the aurora hit different areas in different ways. So King Co WA (
Aug28 02:19 1560 WGLB Elm Grove, WI just dominating - En35ID (
Aug27 22:57 Yakima=last night I couldn't even hear Yakima! Not one WA, OR or east station was heard...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug27 22:53 Yak, KKXX was all I could hear at sunrise this morning, local KAGI rendered silent. Just for reference. Robert CN82 OR (
Aug27 22:51 No problem Mike, anytime! (hi) You must have had the sweet spot last night! Robert CN82 OR (
Aug27 22:08 Well, you did miss KBND, because they were at least S5 last night. No chance in bleep for Radio Red. Even KLIB is well-wanted here. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug27 21:50 Robert=thank YOU for shutting off every AM TX in OR & WA last night, including KBND!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug27 12:25 Heard very little of interest during the grainy condx / aurora. 1190 KVSU (?) w/ alternative music behind KEX, though. That's about it. PRD5, So King Co WA (
Aug27 05:15 [04:48] Great catch Mike! Robert Oregon (
Aug27 05:13 In a couple weeks I'll actually have an antenna pointed south for these occasions(hi). Robert Oregon (
Aug27 05:02 1110 is nothing but KBND here, sadly. Radio Red is also long-elusive here. It took massive Au last Sept to log 730 XEX for the first time, and a tentative on 940 XEQ...but never 1110. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug27 05:01 Au 1490 KRKC King City CA weak calls into CBS News. OR and BC pests now in, Au weakening slightly. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug27 04:48 DX 1110 XERED DF "R Red Formato ??" SS talk//webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug27 04:46 Noise towards the SE is quite bad right now. My only open direction is straight south (like 180 degrees south). Something that 'sounds like' KHJ is there. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug27 04:43 1050 XEG NL is loud here too Yakima...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug27 04:41 Yak, as long as your local on 930 is off, do you have any shot at KRKY in Colorado? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug27 04:33 I have something in (I think) EE on 890 mixing with a strong KDXU. Arroyo Grande would be awesome right now - well-wanted > Yakima CN96 (
Aug27 04:32 Another SS on 1050 must be XEG, they are rare here > Yakima CN96 (
Aug27 04:27 Too bad KKXX runs flea power at night. They are well-wanted. I think KAGI's in my log but not them! > Yakima CN96 (
Aug27 04:26 LOCAL 930 OFF THE AIR! I'm hearing what sounds like Los Angeles weakly towards the south. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug27 04:26 Au 870 KLSQ Whitney NV w/ Spanish sports >Yakima CN96 (
Aug27 04:25 Au definitely here...900 XEW DF w/ Rihanna song, all alone. 1190 on the other hand, is KEX and no sign of XEWK to //! > Yakima CN96 (
Aug27 04:18 1050 XED Mexicali "La Gran D" in and out with another SS I can't ID. Robert CN82 Oregon (
Aug27 04:07 [03:50] That's what Glenn Hauser says, too, that XEROK went to religion. What a bummer. That was one of the 3 Mexicans (along with XEJ 970 and XEG 1050) that I enjoyed listening to for its music and DJs. :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug27 04:04 820 XEABCA Mexicali BC With National Anthem(?) sign off and gone. 9pm PT Robert CN82 Oregon (
Aug27 03:54 Au 700 KMBX CA...SS religion EWTN/Catholic Radio...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug27 03:50 800 XEROK CHI w/SS religion...no more R Canon? //streema webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug27 03:46 800 un-ID SS religion NOT PJB as per Trinidad (fk90) SDR...will keep checking - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug27 03:42 800 un-ID 800 w/SS religion...just trying to figure out if this is PJB...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug27 03:40 Au 870 KLSQ NV...SS Sports //webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug27 03:38 DX 900 XEW DF - SS talk show//webstream...2nd night in a row - band very weird so far - just after SSS here...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug27 03:06 1060 KRCN Longmont CO TOH ID with Rel Talk. Must be still on day power. Robert CN82 Oregon (
Aug27 02:50 Earlier tonight had 1240 HI-- Radio Maria Dom Rep//stream from Biscayne Nat'l Park FL./cdel96 (
Aug27 02:48 jpb: before sunset try 1280 either for WCMN PR (NotiUno) or VSB Bermuda (//BBN Radio feed)./cdel96 (
Aug27 01:04 670 R. Rebelde Cuba, totally dominant // 5025 SW jpb fn32sa (
Aug27 00:49 680 WAPA San Juan PR huge signal o/u WRKO // web jpb fn32sa (
Aug26 23:25 Rick=did use streema last night -stream launched but no audio feed...XEEP not a needed new one so didn't pursue it,,,just making an observation - back near sunset! Mike VE7SKA (
Aug26 22:35 Looks like I'll have to DX some tonight... > Yakima CN96 (
Aug26 21:41 [21:32] Mike, I don't know which website you went through to launch streaming audio, but might I recommend streema.com. I was just able to bring up audio from XEEP on it. Streema has become my go-to for confirming stations via webstreams -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug26 21:32 good stuff! I got a taste of latin America last night...think 1060 XEEP was in but couldn't launch stream to verify...bring on the aurora - concentrating on south antenna tongiht...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug26 17:55 K index out of Boulder right now is 5. There were times during the overnight last night when it was at 7. I shoulda been trying for graveyarders on MW, but was instead going after weather stations on 162.xxx, because propogation in the Midwest was bouncing off the walls on those freqs, too -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug26 10:14 Band took a dive about an hour or two ago. Even regular regionals are MIA. Wow. So King Co WA (
Aug26 07:10 WWL last night, but the band is "flat dead" here tonight - WL7NO (
Aug26 05:18 Cuba coming in well here. R. Progreso about equal with WLS. -- Mark/IN (
Aug26 04:56 No DX yet tonight to note, but hearing John B Wells on local 770 KTTH is different. Haven't heard his voice on the air since DX was kicking several years ago. So King Co WA (
Aug26 04:36 DX 900 XEW DF..."La W Radio" imaging w/SS & EE AC/pop music//webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug25 03:44 1390 WMER Meridian, MS - ID, "Goodtime Gospel Radio," ad for Queen City Truck Stop; generally weak signal. KY/EM66tx (
Aug24 02:54 1380 WMTD Hinton, WV - songs by the Who and Doobie Brothers // webstream; signal occasionally rises out of the noise. KY/EM66tx (
Aug24 01:32 690 khz - WELD - Fisher, WV - 8/24 @ 0123 UT - very loud with classic hits, (Rock the Boat, Cats in the Cradle, Billie Jean, etc) lots of "690 Am, WELD" IDs, brand new one here, may be on day power - TL-IN (EN61) (
Aug23 00:16 -- perhaps it's a harbinger of a decent DX season this Winter. One can hope. So King Co WA (
Aug23 00:15 1180 last night was definitely R. Rebelde. //5025 khz. First time I've heard it in at least 2 years. Cool to hear it again. So King Co WA (
Aug22 19:19 Re the 1040: a long shot, but WURN "Actualidad Radio" in Miami went to 1040 last year with 50k day/5k night, and it does play music at night sometimes./cdel96 (
Aug22 08:09 1180 Music in far distance behind KLAY (Bohannon) and KOFI (C2C). Poss Rebelde, but can't ID it yet. PRD5. So King Co WA (
Aug22 01:02 @ Mark/IN that sd/lk Cuba (Mayabeque) to me. Colombia also possible and plays more tropical sounding mx. KAZ-IL (
Aug21 01:43 Midwesterners: What's the dominant Latin on 1040 in the evenings? I'm guessing it's Cuba. Playing urban/contemporary hits in SS currently. -- Mark/IN (
Aug21 00:59 [0015] - Actually, they were probably still on day power, 'cause they disappeared rather suddenly soon after I logged them. Sometimes I just need to wait before posting... lol -- Mark/IN (
Aug21 00:15 720 WGCR Pisgah Forest NC - Putting in a decent signal under WGN w/gospel quartet music. Might be a good night ahead? (Except for some storm static...) -- Mark/IN (
Aug20 21:20 Yakima=condx last night pretty good due to pre-solar-disturbance enhancement - no other anomalies noted however...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug20 19:50 Nice find Mike. Actually, I have NOT turned on the radio in a long time. Probably by September 1st I'll get the loop back out and try for AM DX. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug20 03:47 DX 1610 CHHA ON...SS folk music //webstream...loud signal! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug20 01:46 Thanks for the tips, Yakima. So King Co WA (
Aug19 21:03 ...or even KOAZ, my #1 most wanted AM ;-) > Yakima CN96 (
Aug19 21:03 [1048] Looks like KCKK Littleton 'The Rock,' which is semi-common here. WLAC would be nice this season however. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug19 21:03 And yet here in the USA we still have a vast amount of AMs, even those that are 250w and 500w. FM translators seem to be helping matters. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug19 18:22 ...By 2020 we may be at or under 200 AM stations in the Great White North... Shawn Winnipeg (
Aug19 18:20 N8NU...It seems there is a mad rush to FM in Canada.In 2011 there were 329 AM Stations in 2018 there are 232 stations with more going to FM. (
Aug19 16:59 ......but being multilingual format, only need to cover Winnipeg proper, so maybe not. N8NU (
Aug19 16:58 I was thinking that CKJS, being low on the band, on excellent radio soil, would want to keep the AM and the FM, like CFCO...... (
Aug19 14:40 ...35 minutes, so any of us who didn't check our email boxes until the next morning were outta luck. This might be the only "test" we get a chance at this season. -- Rick on the road in Madison WI (
Aug19 14:38 [06:13] Extremely impromptu. Glenn Hauser's notice about it from MARE didn't hit the listservers until the test had already been going for... (
Aug19 10:48 1510 Weak pop or rock music, on an UNID stn behind KGA. I probably have IDed this one before but don't remember clearly. PRD5. So King Co WA (
Aug19 06:13 I take it no one heard the tones last night on 1430 from Iona Mi. I guess it was a impromptu DX test. Todden34it (
Aug18 02:43 1650 KBJD Denver Coming in nicely with SS talk/interview. Robert CN82 OR (
Aug17 20:08 They are trying to move to 92.7 FM, which might be possible here. I have heard KTOM and KKBS on 92.7 as I recall by E's. But 92.7 is swamped with a lot of KDBL noise and splatter. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug17 18:37 I can confirm 810 CKJS is still on AM. They have not started testing on FM yet. I am waiting..Shawn Winnipeg (
Aug17 05:17 1430 WRDN Durand, WI - ID, "There's still a station that plays real country," "From Rosanne Cash to Travis Tritt." KY/EM66tx (
Aug17 03:45 Earlier this evening, KBOB 1170 in at times over Waseca with Bandits baseball game. This was SSS, around 7 pm local - En35ID (
Aug17 02:39 Yakima=810 CKJS is still on air but not for much longer...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug16 20:04 KYTY is impossible here on 250w, that's for sure. Still searching for CKJS (still on the air?) > Yakima CN96 (
Aug16 15:40 Re: TA het on 1000 in midwest. This comes mainly from Madrid and sometimes some SS is audible. KAZ-IL (
Aug16 15:34 @ Mark, great catch KYTY 810 TX. Needed here. Perhaps day pattern on early. KAZ-IL (
Aug16 15:27 I'll be in Madison Saturday, and also at the convention in MO in Sep. KAZ-IL (
Aug16 12:16 [11:12] Several possibilities, but likeliest is Monterrey's XEBJB, which makes it into the Midwest with ease during even the slightest of auroral conditions -- Rick on the road in St. Paul, MN (
Aug16 11:12 570 UNID Mexican - 1103-1105; briefly hrd JBA Mexican NA in absence of any other stations. On S DKaz, "barefoot" (without the usual Wellbrook FLG100LN-2 amp). -- Mark/IN (
Aug16 00:14 Thanks, Yakima. Not bad for August :-) --KK7 (
Aug15 19:26 Congrats on the WA log, Tim! > Yakima CN96 (
Aug15 09:03 790 KSPD Boise much louder than usual w/ religion; + KGMI Bellingham (talk) + KJRB Spokane (rock). PRD5. So King Co WA (
Aug15 04:04 880 CHQT Edmonton AB Like a local since I found the station 5 miles from me is suddenly off the air. Robert CN82 Oregon (
Aug15 02:21 I was considering going to the IRCA gathering in St. Charles, but my company won't let me take that weekend (Sept 7-8) off from work. But I am going to Madison this Saturday. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug15 00:11 Thanks, Rick. Madison-Milwaukee dates are usually bad for me but I'm considering the IRCA meetup next month. Anyone here going? --KK7 (
Aug14 04:37 1520 AM - sounds like some type of pirate, keeps giving out geographic coordinates for what sounds like a cache (6106987,14963193) - local I am sure - WL7NO (
Aug14 04:32 1520 AM - sounds like some type of pirate, keeps giving out geographic coordinates for what sounds like a cache (6106987,14963193) - local I am sure - WL7NO (
Aug14 02:49 Tim, nice to see you back on this board. ONE of these years, we should get you over to Madison or Milwaukee to meet in person -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug13 09:24 DX 1550 KRPI Ferndale, WA. w/ South Asian chant over/under CBEF. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Aug13 03:20 KPRO almost founded what would have been the first US Channel 1 television station. The construction permit expired unbuilt. N8NU (
Aug13 02:27 DX 1089 Talksport UK with fair audio at the moment. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Aug12 22:18 I already confirmed KPRO back in 2014, unneeded. > Yakima CN96 (
Aug12 22:18 Well, a 1570 went off the air for good...but not Ciudad Acuna darn it! XERF is my biggest pest. If only they went to FM for good...1570 would be a dream channel E-W. https://radioinsight.com/headlines/169874/kpro-signs-off-following-land-sale/ > Yakima CN96 (
Aug12 17:07 [02:15 Aug 09] Funny u write....I am in Ocala FL and heard Creole on 1080 t'other night. Gotta be WKAT./cdel96 (
Aug12 09:11 1070 KNX Los Angeles, CA - just came up - was hoping for DX while it was down but heard only weak carrier de Fred, Los Angeles (
Aug12 07:27 1070 KNX Los Angeles, CA -- just noticed station is off. Listened but only heard weak heterodyne de Fred, Los Angeles (
Aug11 14:11 Re:Aug10 03:28 Rick, it is almost always Peoria since they've been off. I haven't logged the Sioux City on 1470. - EN35ID (
Aug11 12:27 SRS 810 KYTY Somerset, TX (new log) - id @1059, "KYTY, Somerset, San Antonio's The Star, AM 810..." -- Mark/IN (
Aug11 11:25 SRS 580 XEMU Piedras Negras, MX - 1045 - 1100, reg. mex & ranchera, mixing w/WILL and others. TOH singing ID: "La racherita del aire". Killed by WILL Champaign-Urbana switching to day power. -- Mark/IN (
Aug11 04:45 850 WKNR Cleveland OH chewing up KOA right now with ESPN programming. Undoubtedly on day power. For those of you who need this, GO GET 'EM!! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug11 04:04 1490 KTEL WA "ESPN 1490 & 100.1 FM" heard during promo, then into ads, one local...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug11 03:15 First het of the new upcoming season on 1000, most likely BBC. Todd en34it (
Aug11 01:44 Transpacific DX is back! 4QD (1548) booming in this morning - WL7NO (
Aug10 03:28 Justin, do you also get anything from Sioux City, Peoria, or Atchison, Kansas there at night with KMNQ off? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug10 00:22 Back off the air. My guess is they're working on it. KWAY very strong - En35ID (
Aug10 00:20 I recorded the moment KMNQ 1470 came back on the air. They're definitely having transmitter problems. Very loud 60hz hum and nothing else. - En35ID (
Aug09 02:15 1080 WKAT Coral Gables FL on day facilities? R. Luz Spanish religion. On top 0600 EDT. Again tonight at 2100 o/u WTIC. C Reh-ON (
Aug08 02:06 [16:44] They are just over 13 miles from me but I must be in their null. Looks like they go directly N/S at night. TL-IN (EN61) (
Aug07 16:44 I live too close to the WCMR transmitter (2 miles) to hear much else on 1270, but did get to log WQTT when WCMR was off the air earlier this summer. -- Mark/IN (
Aug07 13:00 [03:23] WQTT seems to get out well (they're on top on the Edinburgh KiwiSDR), and they might very well be one of the Cincinnati Reds unIDs from 8/13/2015 that I was telling you about in my email -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug07 03:23 1270 khz - WQTT - Marysville, OH - 8/7 @ 0310 UT - oldies format, Glen Campbell, Jackson 5, Jefferson Airplane, ID as "True oldies, 96.7", all time new one here @ 180 miles - TL-IN (EN61) (
Aug06 23:19 [21:46] No question about it. Especially during this time of year, Mexican stations come in exceptionally well in the Midwest from about 1000-1130 UTC. I used to get XEROK 800 at armchair levels just before sunrise here -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug06 21:46 Below entry at [10:47] is most likely SRS enhancement. - Mark/IN (
Aug06 10:47 DX 1220 XEB Mexico City, Mexico (tent) - 1030-1040; Mexican ballads / mariachi / variety, hrd "musica de mexico" and "grande". Mostly under mix of stations. // streema; gone by 1045. -- Mark/IN (
Aug06 05:26 960 tt KALE w/ AC and 90's pop behind CFAC's sports talk. Usually buried. PRD5. So King Co WA (
Aug06 04:46 760 CFLD northern B.C. "Bulkley Valley's best variety - Moose FM" w/pop 90's mx - only heard on south antenna...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug06 04:34 1010 KIHU is new here. 3rd Utah log. - En35ID (
Aug06 04:34 KIHU 1010 // stream, talking about resurrection of Jesus. Stream about 45 seconds behind to a minute behind. 100% match - En35ID (
Aug06 04:33 1230 KORT Idaho "All Hits 96.9" w/classic rock 80's hair bands...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug06 04:23 KIHU is typical EWTN/Catholic Radio: talk w/short passages of music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug06 04:18 Spherics high because of storms in far southeastern MN area. Amazing can hear it that far - En35ID (
Aug06 04:14 1010 CBR Calgary, AB classical music. Also some talking. Trying to confirm if that's KIHU - En35ID (
Aug06 04:03 1010 KIHU UT still on 50kW D pwr & should now be .194kW mixing w/CBR AB that should be in the clear - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug06 03:01 1010 KIHU VERY loud into southern Oregon. Robert CN82 (
Aug06 02:39 Justin= can't tell yet - still an hour before sunset here. KIHU should still be on 50kW D pwr legally anyway - will check this after dark...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug06 02:17 1010 WPCN Stevens Point, WI on 1kw rig - En35ID (
Aug06 02:16 Is KIHU on day power again tonight? I think I may have a match. - En35ID (
Aug05 04:35 sorry that's "KIHU 1010" Mike VE7SKA (
Aug05 04:35 1010 KIJU UT on 50kW D pwr not .194kW N pwr w/Christian talk...trying to listen to Sat night blues show on CBR AB :-( Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug05 00:10 1470 KMNQ still off air. KWAY currently in in its place. En35id (
Aug04 22:47 [16:07] It's a-workin! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Aug04 16:07 test (
Aug04 13:10 Dx 846 4CA Cairns, QLD, Australia talk back link to east coast relay. Cairns, Bessie Point transmitter 5Kw, 5X9 report for 1,955kms. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Aug04 08:36 SRS 1035 "ZB Talk Radio" Wellington, New Zealand "ZB Talk Radio across New Zealand, have your say..." 5X9 plus 10dB over, from 10Kw transmitter in Wellington for 2,335kms. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Aug04 08:34 SRS 1503 "Horokiwi Radio Sports" Wellington, New Zealand "Super rugby across NZ and the Pacific on Radio Sports" 5X9 plus 20dB over Horokiwi 2Kw transmitter for 2,338kms. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Aug04 04:05 1340 KBBR OR "Talkradio 1340" after ABC TOH news, into local ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Aug04 02:03 1470 is KWAY Waverly, IA - En35ID (
Aug04 02:02 1470 KMNQ Brooklyn Park, MN off air probably due to local thunderstorms. Peoria and a country in its place with heavy lightning cx - En35ID (
Aug03 00:32 1230 KSJK Talent OR Off Air...undisclosed difficulties. I will be taking advantage if that tonight. Robert CN82 Oregon (
Aug02 23:17 They briefly had an AM/FM model, but I think the line had been trimmed to two- "Strawberry" and "Licorice" N8NU (
Aug02 23:14 [19:59] LOL the Flavoradio is a pocket portable AM radio. N8NU (
Aug02 19:59 Nah, the best way to take WWJ with you, is a portable AM radio, or your car! > Yakima CN96 (
Aug02 17:08 I find my RS Blueberry Flavoradio is a far easier-to-use way! N8NU (
Aug02 17:06 [02:01, Jul 30] Entercom WWJ has an annoying bumper: "The only way to take WWJ Newsradio with you is with the radio.com app... N8NU (
Aug02 13:03 TP 801 KTWG coming in this morning - WL7NO (
Aug01 02:13 turns out it is wwgb, indian head maryland...killing wbz tonight...tim ve6pg en94 (
Aug01 01:30 spanish station over wbz 1030 again tonight..music, soft talk...tim ve6pg, on en94.. (
Jul31 11:49 [02:01] it also has something to do with TuneIn's business model. Entercom / CBS want to capitalize on their own radio.com platform; keep their own money, etc. Or so I've read. So King Co WA (
Jul31 03:19 530 CIAO Brampton, ON - discussion in an unknown foreign language // webstream; first clear signal in several months. KY/EM66tx (
Jul31 02:01 Entercom is moving all of its stations over to radio.com. probably in response to iheartradio (
Jul30 12:24 KCJJ 1630 dumped its audio & video stream on ustream. :( Wonder if this was a station decision, a Ustream decision, or if KCJJ's longtime wrangling with local internet provider Mediacom finally got in the way -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jul30 06:28 Apparently radio.com stations are abandoning Tune-In. Business reasons. So King Co WA (
Jul30 02:39 Mark=many stations world-wide have dumped Tune-in...I never use it any more...now always Streema w/huge selection of webstreams - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jul30 00:53 WBBM 780 just announced moving from Tune-In to radio.com in a couple of days. a better announcement would be that they are turning off IBOC for good! :^) -- Mark/IN (
Jul30 00:52 Am I imagining things, or are there lots of stations leaving Tune-In for other places to put their online streams? -- Mark/IN (
Jul29 06:40 1110 WTBQ Warwick, NY usually off the air overnight is on right now. Non-stop music. 500 watts....Herb NY FN21 (
Jul28 04:18 820 here is all WBAP. En35ID (
Jul28 04:07 1450 KBMW Breckenridge, MN // online. New. First new log of the 2018-2019 AM DX season. - En35ID (
Jul28 04:06 820 KUTR UT still running 50kW D pwr, not 2.5kW N pwr...relig talk pgm - partially phased out semi-local KGNW Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jul28 04:03 1490 KRIB Mason City, IA with Carpenters song - En35ID (
Jul28 03:52 1650 KBJD Denver strong tonight over Cedar Falls. Man how I missed the AM band - En35ID (
Jul28 03:35 1540 CHIN Toronto eating KXEL - En35ID (
Jul28 03:34 1600 WRPN Ripon, WI strong as always over KGYM - En35ID (
Jul27 21:19 Plus... I'm 2 miles from WCCO (insert frown face emoji) - En35ID (
Jul27 21:19 I can guarantee it won't be the same as Blaine since I probably won't have a ground to go to and the HOA may balk at it - En35ID (
Jul27 21:18 With my new 9-5 job, I probably won't get any good car dxing in until December. Since we moved, I need to re-hook up the Twin Ferrite antenna somehow -En35id (
Jul27 21:12 Very good conditions last night on AM...first time checking in months. 680 CJOB on top of KNBR; 540 KVIP CA on day power (possibly wildfire-related) over and under CBK; most Saskatchewan's in at full signal. > Yakima CN96 (
Jul27 03:58 1610 WPXA477 North Bend WA - TIS .01kW stn...traffic bulletins for I-90 east of Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jul26 23:19 Last week of July, Justin, is when AM pops one eye open and begins to awake from its winter hibernation. About time for me to start looking for some Brewers and Twins affiliates on AM at sunset -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
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