BCB Propagation Log Entries
Jan24 05:23 Long way to CA WB6QKO (
Jan24 05:22 391 DDP beacon solid San Juan Puerto Rico (
Jan24 03:31 whkt (
Jan24 03:28 1020 KMMQ very strong wiping out KDKA. Day power? En35 (
Jan24 02:54 1130 WYXE Gallatin TN logged at 2305 UTC with slogan ID Radio Vida and three-station LID in SS and EE. New for me, my first new one on 1130 since 2-15-2000 Bill D WI EN53 (
Jan23 23:30 (03:48) hope you got a new one-current work schedule here is killing my eves & nights, so not on much-John Corning NY (
Jan23 22:29 SSS 1530 KXTD Wagner OK in now with lively mex music. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Jan23 14:07 SRS 990 WNML Knoxville TN at 1252 UTC - Fair w/"...Knoxville's..." and "WNML" heard in promo -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan23 03:48 [00:00] No worries, John. Frankly I shouldn't have been up that late anyway. What I learned was reviewing my recording this afternoon!/cdEL96 (
Jan23 01:15 I don't get KGAB that often, usually under KMTI/CKOM. I don't hear KBOW/550 as much as I used to. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan23 00:36 SSS 650 KGAB Orchard Valley, WY at 2357 UTC - Fair under WSM w/"...at the top of each hour...KGAB..." heard. Confirmed by webstream, which was about 25 sec behind. WY #1, state #34 and one of FOURTEEN new entries this evening in the Lafayette logbook -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan23 00:21 550 KBOW 1614 Ag report into Merle haggard, Swingin Doors. A minute in gone completely as they dropped power. I called, owner answered and was thrilled I could here his station in OR! Robert OR/CN82 (
Jan23 00:00 cdEL96: I see last night's post-sorry I wasn't on and didn't check this site-John Corning NY (
Jan22 23:29 I had 1220 WHKW two years ago---closest I could do. :) /cd (
Jan22 23:26 PJB was nowhere to be found last night. Maybe working on that upgrade./cd (
Jan22 23:24 My last one like that was maybe CKLQ MB 1570 in 1985. Around 1982, CHML 900 was all alone at night (mebbe XEW was 18 hours/day)./cd (
Jan22 23:22 I doubt I'll ever catch a Canadian-on-a-Mexican clear ever again, thanx to a relaxed FCC./cdEL96 (
Jan22 23:18 QNB has many branches in GA I found out. Nevertheless, there was *nada* in the audio I have that would hint CKLW.//cdEL96 (
Jan22 19:30 Queensborough Nat'l Bank is in Louisville GA (
Jan22 19:29 CKLW web site says they do and C2C web site says they don't. Go figure? Shawn Winterpeg (
Jan22 18:21 It's Queensborough Nat'l Bank./cd (
Jan22 18:14 Sorry---can some1 verify that CKLW does NOT run C2CAM late night Sunday? Looks like my C2C was only WJAT GA, which is still a decent catch. Sounded like "Swainsboro Nat'l Bank" in ad./cdEL96 (
Jan22 18:12 Q: Can someone verify for me that 800 CKLW does NOT run C2CAM last (
Jan22 14:46 May have also been WPLK with the extended version of "Mac Arthur Park" by Donna Summer. Wow./cd (
Jan22 14:42 [06:20] it was indeed WPLK. Lady on the phone said that they run their own mx. "Dark Lady" rarely played by anyone now, despite #1 on Billlboard./cdEL96 (
Jan22 06:20 800 "Dark Lady" by Cher---matches WPLK FL stream (is this satellite?)/cdEL96 (
Jan22 05:53 1710 Oldies pirate, probably west of me. Saul ON (
Jan22 05:34 XEQI 1510 classical close to equal WLAC tonight. Saul ON (
Jan22 05:26 Trying to pull Spanish out of the mess on 1580, but not hearing much identifiable except CBS Sports Radio, which is probably WIOL, still shown by topazdesigns.com/ambc as ESPN. Now getting oldies rising up, probably CKDO -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan22 05:22 [05:19] the English word "nothing" was //stream---ergo CHHA./cd (
Jan22 05:19 1610 CHHA must be, seemingly // stream, but my knowledge of this language is nil./cdEL96 (
Jan22 04:56 1580 "Ke Buena" heard again---has to be WDAB SC cheating; are there any other Ke Buenas on 1580? I don't think so./cdEL96 (
Jan22 04:06 530 (
Jan22 03:43 529 SQM AK panhandle...AM continuous voice wx & marine condx loop - .4kW...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan22 03:36 670 KIRN Simi Valley CA 1928 PST "Radio Iran" ID barely audible under KBOI with mention of Simi Valley.> Robert - OR/CN82 (
Jan22 03:35 680 WPTF Raleigh, NC at 0329 UTC - Fair w/CLs heard during "WPTF Sunday Hall of Fame" oldies show. WSCR-670 has the IBOC off at the moment (it sounds like it, anyway), which helps -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan22 03:32 [03:23] There is, Mark, and you can e-mail Wayne Heinen at amlog@nationalradioclub.org, and he can get you on it -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan22 03:27 IRCA listserver has to be modernized but has to go through board approvals. I still don't get the bulletins automatically. Phil has to personally email me. Todd (
Jan22 03:23 Is there a separate listserver for the NRC? I'm a member, but never really saw anyplace to sign up for that one. -- Mark/IN (
Jan22 03:20 It looks like some of mine (not all) are being blocked as well. I see replies being posted in threads I never saw the start of. -- Mark/IN (
Jan22 03:16 Thanks for the tip on WLIE heard here as well. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Jan22 03:00 Mark, I saw your posts today on the IRCA listserver. Anything I've posted to it over the past month or so hasn't appeared, and now today I learned what I think is the cause...there was a "software change" recently, and many posts from Hotmail addresses, including mine, are being blocked. :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan22 02:51 WLIE 540 here too; good sig on NE bog. Thx for the tip! -- Mark/IN (
Jan22 02:43 WLIE 540 here as well. // stream En35 (
Jan22 02:36 [01:02] Les Rayburn, is that you? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan22 02:07 1030 seemed normal here in Bloomington mn, WBZ duking it out with ACTS. Todd (
Jan22 01:02 Wkbc (
Jan22 00:51 WLIE-540 Islip NY apparently on day power with Sports Talk NY in English. CReh ON (
Jan22 00:33 Anyone noticing 1030 tonight? I didn't get a chance to check for MD as I was really too tired to turn the radio on. En35 (
Jan22 00:14 XEQI 1510 making it here whenever Mexico is up. Never on top of WLAC but often easy to // badly modulated webstream. Saul ON (
Jan22 00:01 Would I be correct on assuming that XEQI does not power down? Todd (
Jan21 23:55 John, remind me to check tonight 0500 UTC before I hunt for Mexico./cdEL96 (
Jan21 22:47 Reference to 15:27-sorry for blue(s) John Corning (
Jan21 22:43 15:27 or possibly WBZ has an issue-seems the only new stations I get are running day power at night or are on when they should be off!-John Corning NY (
Jan21 15:27 [09:33] .....But normally WBZ can be heard here at night, better after Oviedo FL shuts off at midnight or so. Something may be up with WURN./cdEL96 (
Jan21 13:49 1290 WNBF Binghamton NY - polka music "You Invincible You" w/several IDs, in for a few min. Some stn keeps drifting off-freq, besides the OH stn on 1289.7 -- Mark/IN (
Jan21 09:58 So far only one washington-KKXA Snohomish a few years back. John Corning (
Jan21 09:53 Just realized WWGB is a daytimer-hence no night sig normally. Would like to get some of your locals Yakima, but so far no dice-John Corning (
Jan21 09:43 Probably not a chance here, but at least I had WCTS when they were on 50kw New Year's Eve. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan21 09:37 I can't hear WWGB at night, but they are drowning WBZ right now-so something is definitely up-John Corning NY (
Jan21 09:33 CdEL96: I know the feeling of not being able to get around a station-I have no loop as of yet, and too many loud stations! John Corning NY fn12 (
Jan21 09:30 1030 WWGB equal with WCTS(which is not strong here) Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Jan21 09:22 Government shutdown. No one will be busted. Todd (
Jan21 09:15 [09:04] can't hear, because I cannot null 1040 WURN (R Actualidad) well. Maybe IT'S on day power too?/cdEL96 (
Jan21 09:04 1030 WWGB Indian Head Md.-tearing up the channel w/50kw of day power and Spanish music mostly over WBZ-04:00 EST-if you need it get it while you can. John Corning NY fn12 (
Jan21 06:32 XEQI "en acción"-- copy y paste/cd--> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8SMsi07_4pU (
Jan21 06:27 Cheater I mean--cd (
Jan21 06:26 Do we have another cheated on our hands? Almost sure I heard "Ke Buena" on 1580 which is WDAB SC. Anyone else hearing?/cdEL96 (
Jan21 06:25 ....at Anthem time. Monterrey must be ruling N America tonight!/cdEL96 (
Jan21 06:25 1510 XEQI NL was here strong T Anthem (
Jan21 05:49 1050 XEG NL "La Ranchera de Monterrey" w/tejano mx...just blasting in here...haven't heard this all winter!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan21 05:43 DX 530 CMBQ CUB "R Enciclopedia"...SS anncr w/classical & opera music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan21 05:41 DX 600 CMKV CUB - SS sporting event //5.025mHz...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan21 05:01 DX 900 XEW DF...SS pop mx //webstream, TOH...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan21 03:09 1150 KQQQ Pullman WA running 11kW D pwr not .027kW N pwr -CBS News, "Newstalk 1150"...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan21 01:25 920 KYFR Shenandoah, IA at 0100 UTC - Fair under KARN w/Family Radio programming. Confirmed by turning on KYFR here in my apartment, where it's obviously a lot stronger -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan21 00:08 1020 KDKA Pittsburgh, PA - Fair w/ad for 380 Discount Warehouse in Murrysville, then "KDKA" ID. A heckuva hall from the DFW Metroplex -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan20 23:44 [23:27] about twelve seconds ahead of stream, if that is any help./cdEL94 (
Jan20 23:27 1640 R Juventus Don Bosco, //stream, from Long Key FL./cdEL94 (
Jan20 23:21 690 KGGF Coffeyville, KS - Fair with Kansas State Univ. BKB postgame show //KCSP-610 -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan20 19:24 Haven't done any DXing in a few days. Too busy and tired at night to turn on a radio. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan20 15:54 Nice, Mark! Saul ON (
Jan20 15:18 1040 CKST Vancouver BC - 0910 UTC, woke up early and hrd ESPN under WHO, then hrd several local ads including one for "Advance Concussion". 1st logging from BC! -- Mark/IN (
Jan20 08:06 620 presumed KWAL w/ country, KPOJ Portland practically MIA. Used to hear KWAL all the time -- not so much recently. So King Co WA (
Jan20 08:05 1690 R&B mixing with weak KFSG and KDDZ Denver. Can't ID though. DX-370, loop. So King Co WA (
Jan20 05:03 1300 KLER Idaho...TOH ID & "US Country 13"...phased out semi-local KKOL Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan20 03:50 1460 KXNO Des Moines IA at 0346 UTC - Good w/promo for Iowa Wild HKY game vs. Milwaukee Admirals at the Wells Fargo Arena, then ad for Upper Iowa University -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan20 00:31 SSS 680 Wdbc Escanaba, MI with local news and state news. 4pm CST in my wife's car. New. En35 (
Jan19 15:33 I would say so, James. I remember the EE hour, but couldn't get a fade-up at the close./cdEL96 (
Jan19 14:55 Okay, now we are back to Japanese. Must be an NHK language lesson! Wl7no (
Jan19 14:54 Picking up a station on 774 that definitely sounds like Portuguese - Any ideas ? WL7NO (
Jan19 14:41 [12:12] some are out on DVD, but I recall reading that music issues tied everything up; so possibly it's not formatted like the 30-minute shows./cdEL96 (
Jan19 13:40 950 khz - KKSE - Parker, CO - 1/19 @ 1258 UT - difficult in local WSBT slop, in LSB mode, heard lots of Denver and CO sports mentioned - TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan19 13:38 970 khz - WDAY - Fargo, ND - 1/19 @ 1248 UT - woman's last day with WDAY, talk or news program - TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan19 13:36 730 khz - CKDM - Dauphin, MB - 1/19 @ 1235 UT - In loud and with country music, several IDs, always nice to hear - TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan19 12:12 [06:16] I was just talking to a coworker yesterday about the classic SCTV shows and how some of them can still be found on YouTube! I wish they would release them on DVD/BR/whatever. -- Mark/IN (
Jan19 07:13 Dx 1110 KRDC “Radio Disney Country” Pasadena, CA (New - 1,180 mi), Devin Dawson & Walker Hayes songs, station IDs, fairly strong & steady (w/splatter from local 1100 KRDY) - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jan19 06:16 "Canadio" (my word for Canadian radio) keeps Lightfoot & Anne Murray alive! BTW I like to see classic SCTV on YouTube./cdEL96 (
Jan19 05:55 [05:31] Twas not CKOR but CHAB Moose Jaw SK> Robert OR/CN82 (
Jan19 05:31 800 CKOR Penticton, BC 2127 PST 500 watts of good Gordon Lightfoot> Robert W7NER - OR/CN82 (
Jan19 04:50 [03:48] I'd say since Hurricane Irma in early Sept. It came back on around Christmas or maybe earlier./cdEL96 (
Jan19 04:22 790 KGHL MT "the mighty 790 & 94.7 FM - KGHL" w/classic country - mixing w/local KGMI Bellingham WA...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan19 04:06 860 CBKF SK AND CJBC ON both CBC FF Premier Chaine service echoing togetherslightly out of sync on frequency...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan19 03:52 TA hets at 855 & 1215, NHP's DX Fishbarrell in Victoria also showing 1089 & a few others not heard here...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan19 03:48 Didn't even know it was off ... for how long? (
Jan19 03:42 [03:22] believe me, I tried racking up whatever 890's I could ID while that Progreso was off last month. Only Dom Rep would ID for me!/cdEL9) (
Jan19 03:41 DX 740 CFZM ON "Zoomer Radio AM 740 & FM 96.7"" w/50's Dean Martin song...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan19 03:41 [02:43] it might be just one program in particular. KEWE & KAOI have different ownership, that I see./cdEL96 (
Jan19 03:22 890 with lovely "Radio Progreso ... Habana Cuba" ... though was hoping for something west or southwest...Saul (
Jan19 02:43 Sounds like KEWE 1240 is relaying KAOI 1110. Anybody know about this? WL7NO (
Jan19 02:40 CKJH and others from SK have been making it into ON all evening... Saul (
Jan19 02:40 Both 1610s from Canada in at the moment en35 (
Jan19 02:29 Nevermind. I'm an airhead. It's CKJH and WSB. En35 (
Jan19 02:18 750 someone playing "secret agent man". Also Sean Hannity. En35 (
Jan19 01:50 Anyone know if KFIR powered down tonight? Todd (
Jan19 00:29 750 CKJH Melfort, SK 1625 PST- Eagles then ID into Waterloo by Abba> Robert - W7NER - Oregon (
Jan18 23:03 Rob VA3SW=nice catch on 720 KFIR...at that hour would have still been on .146kW N pwr unless cheating...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan18 22:44 Probably includes DC? Saul (
Jan18 22:21 Actually should be state #47. ID, AK and HI would complete all 50. Still impressive - nice job on KFIR. > yakima CN96 (
Jan18 19:54 [17:07] Congrats! I'll have to try. I still need OR but WGN might be a problem for me. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan18 19:11 Wow, getting Oregon from so far away. Good work./cdEL96 (
Jan18 17:08 Just Leaves me with IDAHO, ALASKA, HAWAII to Log to complete ALL States…Realistically only IDAHO is possible here from London, Ontario…. de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Jan18 17:07 NEW STATE # 48 Logged today...720 KFIR Sweet Home, OREGON Jan/18/18 0800 EST EE FAIR 10kW/146 Watts …Took 42 Years for Oregon!! de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Jan18 15:37 Oh yeah, and many stations' RDS shows the date and current time, like that video had---a video time stamp, if you will./cd (
Jan18 15:11 [07:53] I would rather use the Éton to show DX, but it is much less sensitive (althouh much more selective) than the Suoeradio---however, using the RDS on it (with short rod antenna up) is a good way to prove my QTH./cd (
Jan18 15:08 Arroba = the "at" symbol (@). What kinda name is that for a station. I guess it's "where it's @"!/cdEL96 (
Jan18 15:07 "Arroba" = the "at" (
Jan18 15:06 [09:32] I was actually planted at 1590 for a few min last night. Sometimes I hear XEVOZ which is now called Arroba FM [sic---part of a mostly-FM network] ./cdEL96 (
Jan18 15:04 [07:53] The Cuban was giving WJBO what-for tonight. WJBO usually in better shape than that here...>/cdEL96 (
Jan18 09:32 [09:30] sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk on 1590 AM. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan18 09:30 Yakima, I am hearing on 1590 AM what sounds like someone speaking very fast like a analog tape recorder playing on 3 or 4x speed - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan18 09:01 1490 KDBM Dillon, MT; with TOH ID way over the jumble 'stay tuned to KDBM, Dillon AM 1490' into ABC News. Relog, 1KW 392mi > Yakima CN96 (
Jan18 08:51 DX 1580 CKDO Oshawa, ON w/ Rolling Stones 'Brown Sugar' mixing with KKTS and others. Always great to hear! 2,017 miles on 10KW! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan18 08:46 DX 1700 KVNS/KKLF TX both mixing with XEPE. KVNS running Ben Maller Show // local 1390 Fox Sports, KKLF with Spanish urban music. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan18 08:39 KFAQ, KFAB, WBBM etc. all doing well tonight - 710 Rebelde close to beating out KIRO at times. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan18 08:39 1150 KQQQ Pullman, WA faded up with mention of Pullman and Moscow around 0035. 27w or not? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan18 08:32 DX 700 WLW Cincinnati w/ ID 'News Radio 700 WLW', under KXLX. I've heard them stronger, but always nice to hear. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan18 07:53 [07:39] 0:32 seconds into your video I hear the WJBO Baton Rouge ID. Nice to add the WCMQ 92.3 RDS for proof of location - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan18 07:48 Re:07:24 570 is so noisy tonight I am not sticking around. Have to get up early to drive the wife to work tomorrow (am carless at the moment) - En35 (
Jan18 07:47 1440 KMAJ Topeka, KS under my local KYCR. // stream about 30 seconds off - En35 (
Jan18 07:39 [06:10] Hi cd, Nice catch of my local WJBO. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan18 07:36 I'll go check the band in a little bit. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan18 07:35 [07:24] Could be either WWNC in North Carolina or WKBN in Ohio. Hopefully it'll hang in long enough for the top-of-the-hour ID in 25 minutes -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan18 07:24 570 - two Coast to Coasts, one about 1 second off from the other. One is WNAX. Who is the other - En35 (
Jan18 07:03 1180 is making the Sony DSP sound funny tonight. It is alternating between wider and less bandwidth audio. Not sure I've ever heard this radio do this - En35 (
Jan18 06:57 1180 Oldies here "Young girl, get out of my mind". Maybe Sycamore, IL. WHAM stronger - En35 (
Jan18 06:10 Where is "am" Baton Rouge? Copy/paste (unlisted YT)/cdEL96--> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bPHeIXk5zik (
Jan18 05:51 DX 710 CM__ CUB "R Rebelde" SS male anncr//5.025mHz under semi-local blowtorch KIRO Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan18 05:48 760 WJR MI "Newstalk 760 WJR time check, into ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan18 05:33 1020 KDKA Pittsburg powering into the west.> Robert - W7NER - Oregon (
Jan18 04:48 1160 KBDT Highland Park, TX - No ID, but apparently the one with "Classic Radio Theater". KSL noted underneath with a talk pgm //webstream. -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan18 04:18 DX 1180 WSQR IL Sycamore on day power with oldies rock. saul ON (
Jan18 04:09 800 CKLW Windsor ON - Fair with mentions of "Toronto" and "Ontario" in local news stories. No sign of XEROK! First Canadian in the Texas logbook -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan18 03:52 1070 KNX Los Angeles, CA - Good over KFTI with nx story about 24th anniversary of Northridge earthquake, then "KNX 1070 Newsradio" ID. It's been YEARS since I've heard this one in Omaha -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan18 03:39 Picked up KSTP again last night, so if that's possibly in cruddy conditions, can't wait to see what pops under better cond! WL7NO (
Jan18 03:38 1110 KRDC CA "R Disney Country" mixing w/KFAB & a very weak KBND OR...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan18 03:35 Looks as if WTVN 610 airs Pags on weekends. I wonder if they had some sporting event or other, and just filled the hour after the game with Pags./cdEL96 (
Jan18 03:34 630 KHOW Denver CO - Fair with mentions of "Boulder Turnpike" and "Wadsworth" in Denver-area traffic check -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan18 03:30 Sounds like someone on 610 also with Joe Pags' syndicated talk pgm. Pags website is no help in trying to find stations. Kansas City is all-sports, so scratch that one as a possibility. Who might this be? -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan18 03:25 CKDM 730 is country and IDs often with mentions of "Parkland" -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan18 03:24 610 KDAL Duluth, MN - Fair with "...on the KDAL Morning Show..." and "103.9" clearly heard in contest promo for winning $5000 from KDAL. Nighttime pattern map at nf8m.com shows that KDAL should be throwing nearly all of its night power north out of Duluth. Wonder if something's outta whack? -- Rick on the Parker, TEXAS SDR (
Jan18 02:40 Oh....more than one tune....might be all of Phantom?/cd (
Jan18 02:39 Cuba 730 (R Progreso) kinda a possibility....would depend on the program. They play a lotta pop; I wonder if the tune was from Phantom of the Opera./cdEL96 (
Jan18 02:27 730 CKDM is not classical. Country soft rock yes and some religion weekends and Ukrainian on Sundays. Not them. If it is classical..shawn Winterpeg MB (
Jan18 02:24 Re 730 classical.... Didn't think about this, but possibly Mexico, or even Cuba? Kinda late for Cuba. -- Mark/IN (
Jan18 02:15 730 dauphin does not run //950-1220-1250. Film score music ... would depend; mostly oldies-pop-rock and country. saul (
Jan18 01:47 [01:32] maybe, especially if it is running // CFAM 950 & CJRB 1220---but I believe different ownership altogether./cdEL96 (
Jan18 01:32 Does CKDM Dauphin MB play classical music? I've heard classical music (like a film score this AM) several times on the drive in to work on 730, but don't know who it might be. -- Mark/IN (
Jan18 01:00 I've got this Relevant Radio station under KOMO. Thinking KCEO Vista, CA????> Robert - Oregon (
Jan18 00:54 Mike= I think that's what I was hearing before it faded...the signoff. KBND is still weak today but present.> Robert - Oregon (
Jan18 00:39 Robert=KUYO a nice catch - it's a daytimer & should be hitting the "OFF" switch soon...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan18 00:25 830 KUYO -1538 PDT -Evansville WY up over KLAA just long enough for an ID> Robert - Oregon - CN82 (
Jan17 21:03 [20:26] Exactly like that. WKZI is distinctive, various religious programing with soft music, and a local talk show by an old man and an old woman who have strange and dotty conversations. Curtis (
Jan17 20:28 If any EE now on 800 at all, usually it's WPLK FL./cdEL96 (
Jan17 20:27 I haven't heard XEROK since their 50k night service. I can't recall hearing them en Español at all./cd (
Jan17 20:26 "Kay-zee" like "Quin-zee" MA? :) /cd (
Jan17 20:26 "Kay-zee" like "Quin-zee" MA? :) /cd (
Jan17 20:24 [13:57] I miss MOR & full service radio, but 21st Century killed the radio star./cd (
Jan17 20:24 In Central Illinois 800 KHz. is a mix of CKLW and WKZI Casey (pronounced Kay-Zee), Illinois at night. Curtis Loda, Illinois (
Jan17 20:23 [14:17] ....a major difference being, PJB no longer has that 105-minute period off air nightly as before. During that, it was my first hearing of what sounded to my ears like "XRK" (really X-rock 80) & the Big 8./cdEL96 (
Jan17 14:19 Well, OK, for the western listeners, I suppose I should throw CHAB into the mix, as well. :) BTW, I'm perplexed as to how the FCC allowed KQCV to get away with 1000 watts at night. OKC is only 580-some miles from XEROK's 50,000 watts -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan17 14:17 I, for one, am looking forward to hearing PJB on a semi-regular basis once again. 800 at night will be as it was in the old days, and as it should be...a mix of PJB, CKLW, and XEROK, and JUST those three. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan17 13:57 1130 WAMB Brazil, IN is my unid from last week. Heard with Engelbert Humperdinck song, SID then into Hill Street Blues theme song. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan17 04:47 Robert (
Jan17 04:46 Thanks for the heads up on KGEZ. Pretty loud here even with my local Mexican station at 610 30 kHz wide!!! (
Jan17 04:36 600 KGEZ MT...calls/liners w/60's rock oldies...not heard here often - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan17 04:34 Mike=No KBND since well before sunset. WLW is intermittent but loud when in. WSM pretty good last night.> Robert - W7NER Oregon (
Jan17 04:28 DX alert - 890 ... WKNV Fairlawn VA on late with Joy FM IDs and Country Gospel. Loud and trashin' WLS. Saul (
Jan17 04:21 890 WLS IL...local ads, calls into John Batchelor show...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan17 04:18 960 KFLN MT country music & local ads...probably running 5kW D pwr not .091kW N pwr - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan17 04:04 Robert=1110 KFAB in like a local here too - maybe KBND Bend having TX problems?? can barely hear them tonight...Mike VE7SKA (
Jan17 03:50 TA 1215 het of varying strength...looks like the polar path might be open...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan17 03:34 DX 1610 CHHA ON...SS pgm & music //webstream...3391km/6.25kW - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan17 03:25 DX: 860 WTZX TN Sparta with classic country, Country Gold ID, must be on more than night power. Thru semilocal CJBC. (
Jan17 01:08 [22:19] Was told it is already on! Sounds like it. I hear stuff under it, like I have not before, due to 790 signal here./cdEL@6 (
Jan17 01:07 Omaha - KFAB in here like a local right now! Might be a good night.> Robert - Oregon - CN82 (
Jan17 00:54 Congrats on my local Shawn. Re:2217 I have some whiplash and scrapes but I'm fine otherwise. Car was totaled. En35 (
Jan16 22:42 740 WDGY WI Hudson 01/16 1730 Poor signals in null of mega pest KNFL with oldies and full ID as WDGY the Original Rock and Roll station. Long time target finally heard. NEW Shawn in Winterpeg (
Jan16 22:38 Remoted into my setup at home from work, and noticing some TA carriers, several with audio. Not sure how long it will last. On NE bog. -- Mark/IN (
Jan16 22:31 I almost had CKLW first time in 40 years last week. I better try harder quickly./cdEL96 (
Jan16 22:20 last time 800 PJB TWR was heard here by me was the mid-1980's...current 100kW TX to remain as back-up unit...Mike VE7SKA (
Jan16 22:19 800 TWR Bonaire just received it's new 450kW TX...hope to be testing it by late January...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan16 22:17 Justin=sorry to hear of your misfortunes but hope yer ok...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan16 20:45 Haven't dxed in several days. Was in a car accident Sunday and am without a vehicle at present. - En35 (
Jan16 17:56 Short & sweet./cdEL96---> (copy & paste--->) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DYP6UHo6_a0 (
Jan16 17:54 Oops only 634 mile distance. Nope, can't be done./cd (
Jan16 17:53 [16:31] I read that KGGR is still a daytimer; since it predates all other 1040's in USA in the "48" outside of WHO, and far enough away, I'm surprised no flea power night service./cdEL96 (
Jan16 17:43 [13:10] http://www.lpam.net/styled-3/page20/index.html here is a list of LPAM stns that may help you (
Jan16 16:32 Bill D WI EN53 (
Jan16 16:31 Thanks to the 1/14 tip by Rick S. Omaha, I was able to log KGGR 1040 TX last night at its s/off-- Tnx, Rick! New, 1st of 2018 (
Jan16 16:00 690 -- earlier I heard a het on the upper side of CBU/CBKF. No audio though. DX-390,398, loop. So King Co WA (
Jan16 13:05 Male voice SS ID back to singing QKO (
Jan16 13:02 Still waiting for ID at top of the hour QKO (
Jan16 13:01 1710 SSS religious music also very weakly audible in the daytime WB6QKO (
Jan16 09:45 James WL7NO---pls check email, thx./cdEL96 (
Jan16 06:08 DX 740 CFZM 1003 PDT Toronto - Oldies with mention of downtown Toronto and strong ID> Robert - W7NER- Oregon (
Jan16 05:52 [02:52] the 1620 Rebeldes relay Havana's 96.7, which separates from AM/SW when a sporting event (or any long interview, maybe) is going on./cdEL96 (
Jan16 05:45 1270 KBAM WA country music .083kW xtended ground-wave...hearing some central/interior B.C. stns too currently...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan16 05:41 1240 KOFE Idaho uses calls in liners w/70's & 80's pop...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan16 04:58 1530 - Spanish talk is Harlingen, music sounds like XEUR MCity stream. Saul ON (
Jan16 04:36 1530 - 2 stations under Cinci - One likely Mexico City, the other music... on my wsw tenna. saul ON (
Jan16 03:57 [03:40] -- Make that Du Quoin IL (
Jan16 03:40 1580 WDQN Duquoin IL (from 1/13-1/14 recording during local station O.C.) - @0008 1/14 clear ID: "...we'll check your (weekend?) forecast after this, on WDQN local and area news...", then faded away. New. -- Mark/IN (
Jan16 02:52 DX 1620 CM__ CUB "R Rebelde" ID w/Cuban salsa but not // 5.025mHz...phased out semi-local KYIZ Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan15 14:56 1710 SDS (
Jan15 13:29 [04:10] Thanks! I logged the Montreal station // webstream. Weird having OCs on 1580 and 1610 simultaneously. My 1580 still OC. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan15 11:40 Correction, 1610 CHHA CL ID was in SS, not FF Bill D WI EN53 (
Jan15 11:05 CHHA audio back on, no sign of Montreal, w/CL ID in FF at 1058 UTC Bill D WI EN53 (
Jan15 07:30 [07:29] They are playing a classic rock n roll song right now in English right now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan15 07:29 [07:25] Their web stream on http://www.banda13.net/ is about 1 1/2 seconds behind their radio signal - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan15 07:25 [06:47] WL7NO, your 1700 may be KKLF-AM Richardson TX. http://www.banda13.net/ they play English & Spanish classic hits - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan15 07:25 [06:47] WL7NO, your 1700 may be KKLF-AM Richardson TX. http://www.banda13.net/ they play E (
Jan15 06:47 Weird - Now we are back to Spanish on 1700. Maybe different stations... WL7NO (
Jan15 06:39 Okay, now that 1700 station is in English so I think this is XEKTT. Darn! WL7NO (
Jan15 06:21 Picking up a Spanish Station on 1700 - any ideas? WL7NO (
Jan15 05:55 1710 has also been active tonight ... oldies pirate on and off, now back on, quite strong, to my west. saul ON (
Jan15 05:54 well, tonight is your chance for Montreal ... South Asian programming. Saul ON (
Jan15 05:51 [04:10] I've heard the Canadian on 1610 but not properly IDed it yet. So King Co WA (
Jan15 05:51 Both 'Bears' are in well; 790 KJRB The Bear and 1660 KBRE The Bear. Rock night tonight. So King Co WA (
Jan15 05:20 I'll be there for 0100 EST anthem, for sure! No sign otherwise...though lower-band Mexico is strong on 540-710-730-690... Saul (
Jan15 05:12 Someone I know heard the Mexican 1610 the other day. Anyone hearing? Calls XEUACH I think./cdEL96 (
Jan15 05:07 1610 Ohio DOT with extensive list of travel times on routes like 35, 75, 45, etc... Saul ON (
Jan15 04:47 1610 unID - have the woman mentioning OH Dept of Transportation... so we'll see... Saul ON (
Jan15 04:46 WNHC787 has bridge wind advisory for motorists and ID mentioned 530, 1610, WNHC. Male voice. Saul (
Jan15 04:33 1610 WNHC787 MI St. Ignace with Mackinac Bridge advisories and ID mentioning 530. Male voice. New (I've had the 530 in 2014). Saul ON (
Jan15 04:10 Can you westerners pull in Montreal 1610? (
Jan15 04:10 ALERT - 1610 CHHA Toronto ON is on open carrier but even on wsw antenna Montreal QC station is beating through. Couple of HAR / TISes - one mentions a tunnel, the other might be NOAA. But not poking through CHHA's strong carrier. Saul ON (
Jan14 23:46 1040 KGGR Dallas TX - Good under WHO with sign-off -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan14 23:35 1050 WADC Parkersburg, WV at 2319 UTC - Fair with promo for Bill Gaither Homecoming radio pgm heard Sundays at noon on WADC. Added this one, plus WDZ-1050 and WLIP-1050 as new loggings in the past 35 minutes. "Camping" on a MW frequency at sunrise or sunset can have a lot of benefits! -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan14 22:53 KNIX/KCWW 1580 was arguably the strongest USA station heard in Australia./cd (
Jan14 22:52 [21:35] I had them as KNIX one time, in 1989, as WSRF was off. Considering their night pattern, that was quite the blessing. Wish I recorded it./cdEL96 (
Jan14 21:35 [17:39] Never got either of these. The Tempe AZ was a most wanted for me back when my 1580 local went off at sunset! TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan14 21:03 Here's a new one for me from last night: TSN 1290 Winnipeg @ 01:27 UTC 1-14-2018 - WL7NO (
Jan14 21:02 [19:09] FORGET Tempe now. They have gone to a 95 watt ND at night now. I meant in the past./cdEL96 (
Jan14 19:26 1580 WJFK Morningside MD (from yesterday's recording): Falcons-Eagles game faded in @2145. Before that, nothing. Station break ID @2157. -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 19:09 [17:39] I was hoping last night to hear Tempe. Maybe tonight? -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 19:08 Although I've been DXing all my adult life, I've only recently started MW DXing to the level where I keep logs. Wish I'd have kept logs and records better over the years! -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 17:39 [16:37] does that include WSRF? How about Tempe AZ?/cdEL96 (
Jan14 16:37 I have 38 logged on 1580 kHz so hearing something new will be tough. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan14 16:35 Oops, WHLY! (
Jan14 16:35 1580 WKLY in OC, I only heard un-needed CKDO. I would expect this to go off temporarily as they have done in the past. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan14 15:16 Heh... there's a local RFI source that is wavering around in freq near 1580, and it sounds like I'm listening to the cold wind whistling through some lonely trees on the open, barren prairies. Must be a sign to move on.... -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 15:11 1580 still on open carrier. Day power now so not much under it, although I did hear the Colorado station briefly about 10 minutes ago. -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 09:03 670 (Oldtimer) - WSCR IL, full TOH ID; surprisingly rare on the rx---usually Cuba./cdEL96 (
Jan14 08:09 Mission accomplished! This message is now being written on a Dell Inspiron PC with Win10. :) > Yakima CN96 (
Jan14 06:52 Lots of Euro "influence" shall we say, on Oldtimer rx tonight; gonna concentrate on X-band./cdEL96 (
Jan14 06:50 570 (Oldtimer) - R Reloj Cuba it sounded like; it has either been off air or low power since Hurricane Irma./cdEL96 (
Jan14 06:31 DX 890 KBBI Homer, AK - Barely audible with the party at 890 and my local 880 hashing me.> Robert - Oregon (
Jan14 06:22 Now if only I could get VOCM - Last time I got VOCM is was in Stephenville, NFLD! WL7NO (
Jan14 06:19 VE7KSA - Mike, also got lots of CA stations: CKFR, CJRJ, CJRB, CIVH, CKJR, CHQT - WL7NO (
Jan14 06:16 Mike - VE7SKA - It was the best since I started again in 2014 no doubt, Logged San Antonio, St. Paul Min, and Des Moines - rarely do I get eastside dx - WL7NO (
Jan14 06:07 Re:04:06 I have a custom built PC that still has windows XP. That version of XP came from a Compaq circa 2003. En35 (
Jan14 06:05 Jack, you happen to know a DXer in Austin by the name of James Niven? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan14 06:05 Jack, you happen to know a DXer in Austin by the name of James Niven? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan14 06:04 [01:19] I hear an OC muffling CKDO. WHLY unneeded however. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Jan14 05:50 DX 1070 KNX Los Angeles CA with traffic and news, audible without splash from adjacent local KFIT on 1060...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jan14 05:46 James WL7NO=condx here this eve mediocre/average - 'the usual 300' - the past week best MW propagation in 5 years!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan14 05:33 1060 XEEP Mexico DF "Radio Educacion" with light mx and female announcer, local KFIT off the air..Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jan14 04:46 Looks like my good dx is done for the week. G1 wipping out reception. WL7NO (
Jan14 04:31 1690 KDMT "Denver's Money Talk 1690" loud tonight - 1690 usually dominated by KFSG CA...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan14 04:06 (yeah, I know, off topic) > cn (
Jan14 04:06 Support for Vista ended last April, but I will still have this computer as a backup. You never know even with a new computer if you'll get ransomware or hacking. Hopefully never. But farewell, aloha, sayonara old Compaq Presario/Vista Home Basic... > Yakima CN96 (
Jan14 04:05 Just bought a new Windows 10 computer, hopefully there won't be any difficulty getting it running but I'm just about ready to shut off this old Vista, after 10 1/2 good, long years of operation. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan14 03:33 The feedline is just buried coax. I use it to see what signals are present, and then switch to directional antennas as desired. -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 03:32 The ND ant. I use works better than I imagined. It's just an insulated wire going from an ICE transformer on the ground straight up into a tree about 30 feet. -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 03:27 I'll probably record a narrow bandwidth centering on 1580 overnight, using the ND antenna. The W D-Kaz is pretty quiet. -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 03:13 Tried a ND antenna, but all I got with that was the Ontario oldies station. -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 03:12 Haven't heard them yet Rick. Yeah, kinda surprising. I've been mostly listening to the west though, since that's the direction of the OC, nulling out stns to the east. -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 03:07 But no sign of WVKO yet, Mark? That kinda surprises me, looking at the nighttime pattern map for 1580 on nf8m.com -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan14 02:56 [02:42] Kinda scares me what will happen if they come back on, as loud and overmodulated as they are. I'll probably hurt myself ripping the headphones off! -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 02:53 1580 KFCS Colorado Springs CO - Instrumental version of "It Is Well With My Soul"; //streema. Station #3 under the OC. -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 02:42 [0119] Just got home. I’ll see if I can nab something new TL-IN (
Jan14 02:26 1580 CKDO Oshawa ON - oldies, 60s and 70s, radio show "This Week in Music History"; ID @ 0201 "CKDO in HD". So far, only other station IDed under the OC on 1580. -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 02:17 1580 WBCP Urbana IL @0208 under OC on 1580. Urban AC, sometimes pretty strong (listed 6w - not!) On W D-Kaz. -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 01:19 Open carrier on 1580 1kW local station (WHLY South Bend IN). Probably won't help anyone but TL-IN, but just in case... -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 00:56 710 unid - more info.... just thought I hrd "final" and "Philadelphia"... prob. NFL game that just finished. Possibly KXMR Bismarck? -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 00:51 Noticing loads of splatter from local KOAN - WL7NO (
Jan14 00:41 710 unid - Sports event, fading in and out from around 2350; in EE and sounds like inside sport? Best on W ant. -- any Westerners have a game on 710? -- Mark/IN (
Jan14 00:12 DX 600 CMKV Urbano Noris, Cuba "Radio Rebelde" with ID and talk, very weak and mixing with prob Memphis...Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jan13 23:22 Mike= Looks like you've got it all covered(hi). Nice selection! Thanks.> Robert - Oregon (
Jan13 23:15 Yakima=Great setup! Amazing catches last night! Looks like I'm in for the long haul tonight> Robert - W7NER (
Jan13 23:11 Robert= 2 long slopers - one east one SSE, long BOG west & pre-amplified Quantum QX-Pro 3 ferrite loop...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan13 23:09 Jack=no idea! 50 mHz rigs, amps, yagis & towers now all gone but opening on 6 sounds a surprise - not what one expects w/diminishing cycle...Mike VE7SKA (
Jan13 22:59 Hi Robert. I've got a homemade 3-foot box loop antenna with my Grundig G5. 8 turns of wire spanning about 600-1700+ khz with a variable capacitor for max gain. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 22:57 KICY 850 Nome coming into the Anchorage about 2 hrs before sunset! WL7NO (
Jan13 22:10 Mike...how is 50MHz your way? ZL to CE yesterday on six around this time...Jack VK2XQ (
Jan13 22:00 Mike=What are you guys using for antennas for TP? Robert- W7NER- Oregon (
Jan13 21:43 Yakima=some nice catches! 1110 religious music sure sounds like KAGV & they do have a webstream to check for // ...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan13 17:53 DX 0232 PT - 1134 unID faint JJ talk, suspect JOQR Tokyo. 1130 splatter was a bit too strong to confirm. 1143 had faint Asian talk as well, maybe Taiwan? Huge het on 999 screwing with KOMO! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:52 DX 0230 PT - 972 HLCA way over 970 splatter with Korean music > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:51 DX 0225 PT - 1020 local off the air; KCKN NM was over S9 with SS Religious programming; mixing with KTNQ CA. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:51 DX 0217 PT - 1110 beaming NW/SE, KFAB NE and an UNID with religious music. KAGV AK?! Couldn't ID it, darn it. Would have been the first new AK in years. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:49 0214 PT - 873 JOGB Kumamoto, Japan; easy with man talking in JJ, parallel with JOUB/774 (NHK-2). NEW!! Database says 500kw, but not exactly sure. Well over the 870 splatter for a few minutes. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:47 0210 OOPS...nasty HUM, not nasty het. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:47 0210 PT - 890 someone with a nasty het mixing with SS (KMJE?) and CJDC. Is this KDXU on dead air? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:47 0207 PT - 780 KCEG CO classic country overtaking KKOH in the null! 790 KGHL was over S9 with country music, absolutely no chance for wanted KFGO. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:46 0204 PT - 630 CHED Edmonton, AB *loud*, like 20 over S9 loud. Weather forecast with wind chill of -32C! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:45 0200 PT GY DX - 1400 KXGF MT 'in Downtown Great Falls', 1490 KLOG WA with full TOH ID (recorded) > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:45 0150 PT - 670 KMZQ Las Vegas, NV; 'SBNation' under KBOI, repeatedly gave a phone number. Relog. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:44 TP 567 JOIK Sapporo, Japan, NHK-1 with woman talking in JJ (Japanese) at 0150 PT, over KVI splatter and later // to 594 JOAK. NEW!! 100KW > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:43 DX 600 KSJB Jamestown, ND; not TP DX, but fair to good with country music; WX 'from the KSJB weather center' and ID. Not heard since March 2014! Relog. Heard at 1:45am PT. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 17:42 DX - Glad I stayed up late, because I had one of the best TP DX sessions I've ever heard. Hets and audio everywhere at 2AM! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 13:12 600 KCOL Wellington / Ft. Collins CO - under WMT on W DKaz. New. -- Mark/IN (
Jan13 12:53 Earlier than that (around 6 p.m. PST) CBKF 690 Saskatchewan was overpowering much closer CBU... Doesn't happen frequently. So King Co WA (
Jan13 12:52 Earlier, heard KMZQ 670 nuch louder than usual. Good conditions to Las Vegas apparently. DX-398, loop. So King Co WA (
Jan13 06:36 850 KICY Nome, AK - Fading in and out again tonight with religious music. > Robert - Oregon (
Jan13 06:13 790 WQXI Atlanta Ga topping the channel w/Korean language programing, steady sig, so on day power for anyone who needs it. John Corning NY fn12 (
Jan13 06:12 In fact the last few nights half the AM band has been the land of RFI. Someday I'll get 10 rural acres out in the valley so I can have a noise-free AM band. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 06:08 [0409] Awesome! Never heard here, no matter how much I've tried. 840 is the land of RFI and KXNT when I can get around it. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 06:07 Haven't done much DX tonight, but hearing 900 CKBI at good strength. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 05:54 Mike=I'll check it out Thanks! New in here. Robert (
Jan13 05:41 Robert=KMZQ N pwr: .6kW...excellent reference link at bottom of this page="Barry McLarnon..." very useful & accurate Mike VE7SKA (
Jan13 05:37 670 KMZQ Las Vegas NV under "the Pest" KBOI. No WSCR for me. Power anyone? > Robert - Oregon (
Jan13 05:29 890 KBBI AK - PSA for Homer's Crimestoppers Watch...briefly dominating a noisy mix of CJDC, WLS & KDXU...Mike VE7SKA cn88/N.C. (
Jan13 05:16 radio-locator.com / ontheradio.net / Wikipedia.org (
Jan13 05:15 Wikipedia.org / dx.com / dxradio.com / dxing.com / radio-locator.com / bostonradiowatch.blogspot.com / bostonradio.org / nyradioguide.com / nymrad.org / philaradio.com / phillytalkradio.com (
Jan13 04:37 670 WSCR IL "Chicago's 670 The Score" in behind 'Pacific pest' KBOI Boise - sure has been nice to have several nights of good condx!! ...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan13 04:29 Just heard WCCO ID less than a minute ago....fun stuff! (
Jan13 04:26 Robert=both WWL & WBAP audible here tonight - thanx...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan13 04:25 thanx Todd - WHAS has always eluded me...have heard it fading in/out for past hour but finally got an ID...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan13 04:25 1040 WHO "News Radio 1040" Des Moines, IA. (1080 mi) with a very good signal tonight. Best I've heard in a long time.. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Jan13 04:22 WWL and WBAP have been in there recently as well Mike> Robert-Oregon (
Jan13 04:19 Great job Mike! Todd (
Jan13 04:09 DX 840 WHAS KY promo w/"Newsradio 840 WHAS" - NEW logging!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan13 02:59 900 KFAL Heard under KTIS. I hadn't heard them in 25 or so years...during the days when KTIS was a daytimer. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Jan13 02:41 TA hets w/fading on 855, 1215 (almost has audio)1485...also being heard in nearby Victoria...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan13 01:27 1050 KLOH Pipestone MN on full power for HS Girls BB game. Todd (
Jan13 01:25 Unusual it's making it that far south. Try for 760 CFLD / 870 CFBV. They are parallel with each other. Used to be regulars in the Seattle area. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 01:11 CKBX "Country 840" 100 Mile House, BC LOUD in Oregon. 1000 watts. > Robert-W7NER-Oregon (
Jan13 00:22 Heard KICY 850 last night and this morning when I woke up. Robert- Southern Oregon (
Jan13 00:06 KICY was heard on one of the Hawaiian SDRs a few weeks back. Todd (
Jan12 18:06 KICY has been heard as far south as Northern California! Also heard in Alberta. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan12 16:32 Copy & paste/cdEL96--> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n1QYYkO9Be4 (
Jan12 15:18 Maybe CFMB is on day pattern at night?/cdEL96 (
Jan12 14:35 CFMB was strong on the back of my directional antenna, unusually so, and thought it might do better than usual to the west...Saul ON (
Jan12 12:46 [05:47] CFMB seems to be on top every night in Indiana. But west of Des Moines, I've never heard it -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan12 06:33 I dunno anyone who has caught KICY outside of AK and Siberia---write them for QSL; they'd be shocked!/cdEL96 (
Jan12 06:12 Should take a road trip in the near future - Grayland! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan12 06:12 No way I'm getting KAGV, ever in Yakima, without a 1200 foot beverage pointed straight north on 10 acres of land far away from town. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan12 06:11 DX 1170 KFAQ OK, 1450mi w/ Coast to Coast. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan12 06:10 1340 CINL Ashcroft, BC w/ 'Radio N-L' jingle into oldies. Same song on 1230 a minute later, so CJNL Merritt. Still missing 1400 CHNL-1. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan12 05:57 1520 WMLM Real Country ID (St Louis MIchigan). Rare. Saul ON (
Jan12 05:51 1660 KQWB is much weaker than normal here. KBRE is dominating even eastward. I'll have to hear these 'excellent condx' to believe it. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan12 05:50 1560 KZIZ Sumner, WA very strong with South Asian talk; must be on day pattern. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan12 05:49 Yakima=excellent condx east & north tonight!! Mike VE7SKA (
Jan12 05:48 750 KFQD AK "Newstalk 103.7 & 750 AM" into ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan12 05:47 CFMB is impossible here due to you know who on 1280 khz... > Yakima CN96 (
Jan12 05:46 Haven't even tried to DX tonight. Great job on KAGV/KICY! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan12 05:24 1020 KCKN NM R Vision Cristiana softspoken Spanish religion //rvc web site - Saul ON (
Jan12 05:14 WESTERN DXers - CFMB 1280 Montreal //web with French-Haitian (I think) rap... good signal my way... Saul ON (
Jan12 05:05 1060 WHFB MI and 1210 WJML MI doing well...may be on day power. Saul ON (
Jan12 05:02 1110 KAGV AK TOH ID "AK's Gospel Voice operated by Voice 4 Christ Ministries"...phased out KFAB NE & KBND OR...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan12 04:59 [04:24] with their signal going into Siberia?!?!?!/cdEL96 (
Jan12 04:58 Too tire to dx tonight but I've got 3 sdrs going, one west, one east, and one south. No need to bother with the north! WL7NO (
Jan12 04:49 1230 KORT Idaho "All Hits 96.9 KORT" 80's pop...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan12 04:38 529 SQM AK panhandle...AM continuous voice wx & marine condx loop - .4kW...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan12 04:31 thanx Saul - KKGM heard here a lot lately - we think may be stuck on 10kW D pwr...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan12 04:26 1630 KKGM ID solid. Rarely so strong, and not often heard. Saul ON (
Jan12 04:25 Nice catch, Mike! Saul ON (
Jan12 04:24 DX 850 KICY AK...Christian hymns sung by in-studio singers//webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan12 04:05 DX 1020 KDKA PA...TOH ID into CBS News...not heard for several years! partially phased out KWIQ & KDYK WA... Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan12 03:56 DX 610 KDAL MN Duluth - very strong ID, quite rare here. Saul ON (
Jan12 02:50 The Trinidad station is Heartbeat 103.5 (only adult contemporary mx when I heard just now online) "....for women.....and the men who love them."/cd :D (
Jan12 02:26 More here....copy/paste....cdEL96--> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/KFCD (
Jan12 02:23 The 990 serving Dallas tried that women's format, and it lasted---what?----3 days?/cdEL96 (
Jan12 02:22 [23:48] Don't quote me, but I think WWWE 1100 & also WQBQ 1410 Lakeland FL tried that format, based on the, um, success of a similar patterned station in Trinidad & Tobago./cdEL96 (
Jan12 01:56 1400 WMAN Mansfield, Ohio at 0149 UTC - Atop with Ohio State Univ. BKB //WHIZ-1240 and a host of others on the Ohio State IMG Sports Network. Only Buckeye affiliate shown on 1400 on the 2017-18 OSU station list, so that's good enough for me -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan12 00:23 770 KKOB Albuquerque NM (tent) - // online stream - @ 0012-0013; same caller on call-in show, not there for long, hrd through WBBM IBOC hash w/WEW & WABC in the mix as well. Finally hrd! (If it was them) -- Mark/IN (
Jan12 00:10 [23:48] Haha...I'll bet the ads were at least different than what you usually hear on, say, ESPN! -- Mark/IN (
Jan12 00:07 700 KSEV Tomball TX over/under WLW on W DKaz. (New but don't have many from that direction yet) -- Mark/IN (
Jan11 23:48 Last time I spent extra time near Atlanta (2010?), they had a "for women only" format. Yeah that'll work./cd (
Jan11 23:46 [23:21] WWWE GA has what seems to be a format-of-the month, and WCGA GA I think runs classical until signoff; not 100% sure tho./cdEL96 (
Jan11 23:30 I moved the DKaz to the West, since I need more stations from that direction, and not expecting much AU this winter for Latins. -- Mark/IN (
Jan11 23:29 1100 KKLL Web City MO (tent) -- found a // stream. Show is Advenures in Odyssey. Still waiting for ID. -- Mark/IN (
Jan11 23:21 1100 unid - Radio play/drama, w/British accents. On W DKaz, WTAM also there, not completely nulled. Can't find a // stream. Hopefully still there at boh for ID. -- Mark/IN (
Jan11 22:41 Jack=thanx! I tried to find that TX site with Google Maps but struck out...will keep looking...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan11 05:58 Transmitter site and antenna used to be at Betio at the tip of South Tarawa near Temakin Point or Greenbeach for the WW-II buffs. Jack VK2XQ. (
Jan11 05:56 Good catch their Mike, congrats, used to listen to that locally when I was living on South Tarawa, it used to go off air at 1000z and back on 1800z in those days...Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Jan11 05:41 I've logged R Kiribati on 1440 several times over the decades but never on 846...Mike VE7SKA (
Jan11 05:38 TP 846 R Kiribati-occasional audio=female anncr doing phone-in talk show//webstream...NEW logging! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan11 05:27 [05:22] May have the answer to my mystery...just heard an ID during a commercial break of "...95.7 and 1580 The Zone". That points to WIOL in Columbus, GA, which topazdesigns.com/ambc shows as ESPN -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan11 05:22 1580 unID at 0519 UTC - Someone here with scratchy-voiced Scott Ferrell hosting his sportstalk pgm on CBS Sports Radio. Only seeing 2 CBS Sports affiliates on 1580 for sure, KQFN in Arizona and WPMO in Mississippi. Maybe someone on 1580 has recently switched over to CBS Sports Radio? -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan11 05:18 640 WHLO Akron, OH at 0504 UTC - Good w/ments of "Akron" in wx forecast sponsored by Conrad's Tire Express & Total Car Care, then ment of Akron vs. Bowling Green men's BKB game on Saturday. Cuba's Radio Progreso underneath -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan11 04:32 DX 930 Edmonton "AM 930 the Light" and Christian programming, solid for awhile on wsw antenna. Saul ON (
Jan11 03:36 1230 KLCB MT...wx forecast, "NW Montana's Best Country KLCB"...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan11 03:20 DX 1610 CHHA ON...SS pgm & music //webstream...3391km/6.25kW - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan11 02:52 1280 KWSX Stockton, CA w/ the Power Talk Afternoon Show, mixing with sports (KZNS?) Almost impossible to try for that one here due to obvious local. On Weiser ID SDR. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan11 02:46 1220 Regional Mexican mixing with EE talk, suspect XEB Mexico City; on the Weiser ID SDR. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan11 02:40 1000 XEOY Mexico City is way over KOMO on the Weiser ID SDR (about 30 miles NW of Boise). > Yakima CN96 (
Jan11 02:39 I'm SDR'ing it tonight as well. Noise level high here. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan11 02:32 [02:26] That's the post on the IRCA list that I was referring to. Since I'm not getting anything on 1810 at the moment, my hunch is that the engineer already got to the station and fixed the problem sometime within the past 90 minutes -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan11 02:31 [02:26] That's the post on the IRCA list that I was referring to. Since I (
Jan11 02:27 [02:22] This was being reported on the IRCA listserver about an hour and a half ago. I'm listening on a radio in southern Indiana, where this thing on 1810 should easily be audible, and I'm not hearing a thing -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan11 02:26 see https://www.mail-archive.com/irca@hard-core-dx.com/msg85729.html > Yakima CN96 (
Jan11 02:22 Are any of you hearing WKYW-1490 KY on 1810 khz? Oldies format. Being reported all over the place, 320khz off freq!! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan10 22:18 [14:38] Actually their audio is much these days better than it has been. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan10 22:11 [20:24] ID is "WDND South Bend" and seems to always be at 00:02:45 each hour. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan10 20:24 WDND IDed just with the calls a feew minutes after the TOH yesterday evening. Calls were just inserted after one song and before another started. Something may be going on there. Saul ON (
Jan10 19:45 [14:38] True, Tom, WDND may not be simulcasting U-93 on 1620 anymore, but when I want to cross-check the mystery music format that I'm hearing on 1620 with WDND's streams on tunein.com and streema.com to see if I get a match, guess what pops up on the streams...U-93! Pretty frustrating. I'll have to listen to 1620 again tonight and wait for a ToH ID this time -- Rick in South Omaha on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan10 16:34 [13:23] WWBF being oldies, they *could* play Kenny Nolan, but highly unlikely; so scratch what I said./cdEL96 (
Jan10 16:31 [16:16] we had WMRZ on 790 in Miami for only 2 years, 1990-92. They were Dial Global IIRC. Whatever service that Ed Brand was doing VO./cdEL96 (
Jan10 16:16 Sure would like to have a station along the lines of ABC Stardust, circa 1990, to listen to now. N8NU (
Jan10 16:14 [14:32] Now you can brag at the next NRC that you've logged a 500-watt AM in Brazil! N8NU (
Jan10 14:54 SRS this morning was major blah, didn't hear anything worth putting up here. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan10 14:53 0000 PT - 1230 KSJK OR 'JPR News & Information' / 1400 KXGF MT TOH IDs. Band was dismal last night, a lot of stations were weaker than normal. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan10 14:51 I'd be surprised if WDND had any listeners. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan10 14:38 [07:37] Yep, WDND definitely does not // U93. WDND has low audio and might be hard to hear as DX. But your song format does match what they play. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan10 14:33 I meant hear them, of course. Curtis (
Jan10 14:32 [1323] WAMB in Brazil, Indiana is now standards. They made some change recently because I now can here them in my part of Illinois. Curtis EN50 (
Jan10 13:40 [06:09] I think I learned during my tour up there 38 years ago, you have to know when it is dark in different parts of the world, hence the DX. ("grayline ")/cdEL96 (
Jan10 13:38 [13:23] I wonder if the 1130 wasn't WWBF (called "WBF") Bartow FL. They stream, but it is satellite oldies./cdEL96 (
Jan10 13:37 [07:36] per MWList there is a third Rebelde 1620 in Santa Clara + one R Bayamo. These Rebeldes were placed there due to WDHP at one time airing anti Castro stuff, IMO./cdEL96 (
Jan10 13:35 [07:32] any adult standards station in 2018 would have no problem playing the songs mentioned below. I wonder if it's the America's Best Music stream./cdEL96 (
Jan10 13:23 1130 unid playing Roy Orbison's It's Over and Kenny Nolan I Like Dreaming, WDFN popped up and took over before ToH. Maybe KLEY? TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan10 08:06 530 Radio Caribe - Havana, Cuba with a clear ID....Herb NY FN21 (
Jan10 07:37 [07:34] Only problem is, when I bring up streams for WDND on both tunein.com and streema.com, it instantly shoots me over to "U-93", so that's no help. :( -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan10 07:36 Whoops, I spoke too soon. I now see a 5 KW Rebelde station in Guanabacoa and a 1 KW outlet in Guantanamo. The 70s soft-rock station now is playing Seals & Crofts' "Diamond Girl". Ideas on that one, anyone? -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan10 07:34 [0732] WDND recently flipped to Adult Standards. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan10 07:32 How many Radio Rebelde stations are there on 1620? I'm hearing an echo, which would indicate two, but I can only find one shown on mwlist.org. These are mixing with an unID airing 70s soft-rock music (Robert John's "Sad Eyes", Frank Mills' "Music Box Dancer"), and I have no idea who the unID could be -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan10 07:31 How many Radio Rebelde stations are there on 1620? I (
Jan10 06:30 Great DX from Alaska. WOAI would be close to 3,200 miles from Anchorage. KXEL is about 2,650. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan10 06:09 so, it appears that 6-10 pm is the peak time here for east coast, them, 10-2:00 AM West Coast, then it seems, it's all transpacific after 2 am! WL7NO (
Jan10 05:44 ...and another I haven't heard in awhile KXEL Cedar Rapids Iowa around 21:00 local - WL7NO (
Jan10 05:36 ...and another KSTP - St Paul Mn at 20:00 local on 1500 - WL7NO (
Jan10 05:18 ...and another one on 1-7-2018 at 21:00 local time - KXTL, Butte Montana - WL7NO (
Jan10 03:05 Going over my recordings and piked up WOAI 1200 San Antonio! That was from 1-7-2018. Wow! WL7NO (
Jan10 00:54 1580 KGAF Gainesville, TX at 2307 UTC - Good w/ments of "Cooke County", "KGAF", and "Hometown Radio" at the start of local newscast. A relog, but not often heard here -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan10 00:51 1050 KBJN Little Rock AR at 2259 UTC - Atop with what sounded like a Contemporary Christian ballad being sung by female (Sandi Patti?), then a brief "KJBN, Little Rock" ID -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan09 18:03 0000 PT - 1230 KRYN OR with TOH ID under KDYM; 1340 KLOO Corvallis also heard. That's about all the DX I did last night - a minute at TOH. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan09 17:30 Oldtimer didn't need my help---he was raking in western Canada last night--930 CJCA, 660 & 770 Calgary too./cdEL96 (
Jan09 14:01 Yeah I forgot, they are on 88.9 now, right?/cdEL96 (
Jan09 13:27 [02:51] I couldn't remember myself the date that CKMW went silent, so I had to check online. Wiki sez August 30, 2013, longer ago than I thought -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan09 13:17 [06:23] KSL is as far west as I've gotten so far from Lafayette/Edinburgh. Too close to WBBM's IBOC to get KKOB, and also too close to WSCR's IBOC to get KTNN. No luck so far on KTWO -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan09 06:48 Grrr, I almost had 800 CKLW first time in over 30 years with C2C, but PJB overpowered, and any EE shrinked./cdEL96 (
Jan09 06:23 ....Utah's...." - 40 years ago this was no big deal. :) By crow, this is generally as far away as it gets here./cdEL96 (
Jan09 06:22 1160 KSL UT "102.7 FM & 1160 AM, Utah (
Jan09 06:10 WMAL must have been off, as it is now dominant on 630 aimed south and there was no sign of it earlier. Saul ON (
Jan09 06:10 The snowy set-ups are nice during daylight, not so much after a four-hour snowy drive up, finishing at 1am... (
Jan09 05:50 Well, 0° there usually = AM DX. :) /cdEL96 (
Jan09 05:40 CD - Crazy wx here, down to 0 tonight and in the 30s by the weekend. This isn't the Anchorage I grew up in ! WL7NO (
Jan09 05:32 (Referring to CJRB/CFAM.)/cd (
Jan09 05:31 Not awed stream, but WEB stream parallel. /cdEL96 (
Jan09 05:31 James, I think the only way to verify, if one is impatient, is to check for awed stream (
Jan09 05:16 Saul - A foot of snow - that sounds familiar! I enjoy those long hikes in the muskeg to put up antennas! WL7NO (
Jan09 04:51 Picked up CJRB in Manitoba last night at 5:00 GMT. Difficult station to ID because they have hours of music! WL7NO (
Jan09 04:50 One (easier) north-south antenna up and running nicely. 630 is almost all CFCO Chatham. Wading thru a foot of snow, helps to have a headlamp. Back out to try the second one.... Saul ON (
Jan09 04:34 970 KBUL MT...local ads, "Newstalk 95.5" liner...not heard often - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan09 03:46 ...now after four hours on the road ... side trip to Peterborough ON en route from Toronto to Burnt River ON , do I want to spend next hour-plus reinstalling the two outdoor antennae...hmmm...Saul ON (
Jan09 03:44 630 WMAL DC may be off - I saw a post via DXtip, and only IDed Chatham ON and Providence RI while driving up to BR in a pretty decent snowstorm. (
Jan09 03:33 Some of TopazDesigns' FL list needs some updating---especially 30/10k WAQI 710, not to mention the COL's of the Actualidad stations 990, 1020, 1040./cdEL96 (
Jan09 02:51 [Below] thanx guys. Didn't know 1570 is gone./cdEL96 (
Jan09 02:46 1190 CFSL SK louder than regional pest KEX Portland OR - without phasing or nulling! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan09 01:38 Per WB6QKO (
Jan09 01:37 880 KHAC New Mexico dominant now for about 30 mins (
Jan09 01:18 Not many AM's left in MB and the rest of Canada is quickly going to FM especially CBC relays..Shaw Winterpeg (
Jan09 01:17 My list of radio stations in MB..http://www.angelfire.com/mb/amandx/radtv.html (
Jan09 00:31 810 XEFW Tampico, Tamaulipas "La Estrella" with ID and ads (561 miles), Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jan08 23:55 (cont'd) CKMW-1570 in Winkler went off a couple years ago -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan08 23:53 [21:56] Chris, if the info on topazdesigns.com/ambc is current, there are 14 AMs on the air in Manitoba now. One 250-watt graveyarder in Churchill, everyone else is 1 kw or higher. Nothing left above 1290 Khz, CKMW-1570 I (
Jan08 21:56 There cannot be too many more MB on AM left, outside of the lo-power CBC. What else besides CKWM 1570?/cdEL96 (
Jan08 21:55 Attn Shawn: Oldtimer rx had more MB than CJOB last night: someone else heard CBW (yes, co-Euro freq), CFRW, CFRY, CJRB (despite 1215 QRM), & CFAM./cdEL96 (
Jan08 13:42 900 WDLS Wisconsin Dells WI at 1338 UTC - Fair with C&W oldie "Ode To Billy Joe", then male DJ: "Bobbi Gentry on Legendary Hits 900, WDLS...". 11th Wisconsin station in the "Lafayette" logbook -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan08 05:50 Oldtimer - 680 CJOB MB surprisingly strong---I thought for sure it was CFTR, but no!/cdEL96 (
Jan08 05:20 590 CFTK northern B.C....80's & 90's pop w/"EZ Rock" imaging IDs - 1kW....Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan08 05:18 529 SQM AK panhandle...AM continuous voice wx & marine condx loop - .4kW...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan08 05:02 Keep EM rolling---spell check can be dangerous!/cdEL96 (
Jan08 05:02 Keep me rolling, James./cdEL96 (
Jan08 04:36 870 - CFBV - new log - WL7NO (
Jan08 04:31 840 CFCW - usual country music - WL7NO (
Jan08 04:06 WEFL not WERL. In Tequesta FL, so to protect WJR, it comes my way./cd (
Jan08 04:05 am, I have yet to hear XEABC. They must have some directional deal; 760 is fairly calm here---WJR, WERL, and R Progreso about equal but faint./cdEL96 (
Jan08 03:45 DX WJR Detroit MI weak with local weather for the Detroit area. yeah Jack XEABC near Mexico City usually dominates this freq here too - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan08 03:03 1050 WEPN NEW YORK CITY!!!! at 0258 UTC - Fair to good with New York Rangers HKY broadcast in English, mention of "MSG Network" just before commercial break. 14th logging from New York state in the "Lafayette" logbook -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan08 02:55 [01:38] Thanks for tip, good at times, ATNO for me and #19 on 1160. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan08 02:42 1370 KSOP UT...ID liners & classic country...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan08 02:14 Just a very strong KSL on 1160 here. They are running 'Read Today,' quite an unusual program for a news/talk station, with personalities reading children's stories. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 02:06 1540 KEDA San Antonio, TX at 0159 UTC - Very good with EE promo for Feb. 25th Superdance at the Alfazar Shrine Auditorium at 901 North Loop 1604. Confirmed via webstream. Odd to be hearing this one instead of KZMP, as KEDA's nighttime signal shoots away from Waco and the DFW metroplex -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan08 02:03 Oh my KCTO... that's definitely day stick. Just decimating 1160. En35 (
Jan08 01:48 1220 XEB Mexico City, MEX - Good with clear "Equis Eh Bay, La Bay Grande" heard in liner. Thankfully, no sign tonight of the oft-cheating KZEE in Weatherford, Texas -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan08 01:38 1160 KCTO Cleveland MO stuck on daystick with reg mex mx. Obliterating the channel. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Jan08 01:20 770 KAAM Garland, TX - Very good with CLs heard during postgame show for SMU men's basketball. No sign of KKOB. -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan08 01:01 DX 760 WJR Detroit MI with station ID and news talk, rarely heard here with Mexico City usually dominating this freq... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Jan07 23:36 A couple of the SDRs I've stumbled across online use only a longwire, which is almost as bad as not using anything at all. The owner of the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR had something called a PAR0DT mini-whip, which I thought did a fantastic job of reeling in distant signals with minimal noise -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan07 22:56 I see WJBO's weak nightime signal gets out.- amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 22:53 I may build a tuneable loop for it. En35 (
Jan07 21:18 [20:05] I would suggest a Select-a-Tenna and/or Grundig loop. I use both sometimes, for pinpoint nulling./cdEL96 (
Jan07 20:05 Trying to build a random wire antenna for my SDR. Having no luck improving reception. En35. (
Jan07 18:06 DAY, I meant (
Jan07 18:03 I can...and have...when I don't have to go into work the next days. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan07 17:51 My AM DXn is limited to trying certain frequencies. I just cannot spend all night on da hobby./cdEL96 (
Jan07 17:49 WJBO is one of my more common 1150's at night here---but there's a strong Cuban as well./cdEL96 (
Jan07 15:42 [15:23] I am using a Grundig G5 For AM right now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 15:40 [15:22] the station is 1150 AM WJBO. You are right. I am getting a spur/image from them - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 15:23 am, what brand/model radio are you using? That really should t be happening./cd (
Jan07 15:22 am, you likely are getting a spur/image from another station. It cannot be a harmonic, due to the frequency not being a multiple of another./cdEL96 (
Jan07 15:21 I wanted to record what I believe strongly was KSL 1160 (always my farthest catch from home), but sounded like only infomercials overnight./cd (
Jan07 15:21 I am hearing a station on 1245 AM. I wonder if this is a pirate station. I heard a 225 local area code. Station running a Money Makeover infomercial - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 15:19 [13:54+] when I was a teenager, there were only three 890's in all the USA./cdEL96 (
Jan07 15:17 Last night, outside of 1110 XERED, seemed like Mexican AM decided to go dark on me! Oh well./cdEL96 (
Jan07 14:58 I am receiving 1120 WTWZ in Clinton MS @ 138 miles barely out of the static here - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 14:42 Don't know if this would be DX after sunrise on AM but I am receiving 1110 KTVT Mineral Wells, TX @ 441 miles in weak within the sattic here - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 14:22 13:53] Thanks Rick & Jim. Could have been KTXV. Whoever they were their signal has been overpowered by the mighty powerful Sun now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 14:12 [13:22] Am, it might’ve been KFSW in Ft. Smith, AR. They play Christian pop. Or (lesser chance) SS Christian station KBJD in Denver. - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jan07 14:10 WPBS is on 1040, not 890 (
Jan07 13:54 [13:50] Wikipedia is my friend. This station must be WPBS Conyers, GA. I am hearing on 890 AM - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 13:53 [13:50] Most likely KTXV Mabank, Texas, airing not Korean, but rather Chinese, according to searches on Google -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan07 13:50 I am hearing what sounds like a Korean speaking station on 890 AM right now. I wonder what this station is - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 13:22 I am hearing what sounds like black gospel music on 1650 AM right now. wonder what station this could be - amfmtvdtvbrla. EM40 (
Jan07 13:01 1250 KPZK Little Rock, AR at 1247 UTC - F w/ad for Car Choice located at 5600 Warden Road in North Little Rock, then "Power 92 Jams" liner and into what sounded like black GOS music -- Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan07 12:59 1150 KNED McAlester, OK at 1206 UTC - G w/ment of "1150 AM & 98.3 FM", then into C&W oldie "Jose Cuervo" by Shelly West. Stuck with it, and heard a ment of "McAlester Radio" a few minutes later - Rick on the Parker, Texas SDR (
Jan07 12:59 1650 KCNZ Cedar Falls, IA (838 mi) on air ID as The Fan. In fair for 15 min then very faint signal now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 12:58 1650 KCNZ Cedar Falls, IA (838 mi) on air ID as The Fan. In fair for 15 min then very faint signal now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 10:39 640 UNID music E-W, KFI weak. Just heard rumblings of unidentifiable music. Poss Cuba. Ah well. Maybe next time. So King Co WA (
Jan07 10:38 870 CKIR Invermere BC with 2010's era pop and EZ Rock ID. Rare to hear it this well. Riding atop channel most of time. DX-440, loop. So King Co WA (
Jan07 09:43 I am receiving Red Eye Radio show on 1520 AM right now. I checked their website an the only station on 1520 AM on their list is KOKC in Oklahoma City OK - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 09:26 1220 XEB Mexico City MX (912 mi) Web match ID is in here now with fair signal - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 09:14 1220 WYDT Charlotte, NC (682 mi ) rising just above the noise floor for an Web match ID - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 08:53 1520 someone off-frequency with loud low het, CW mode reveals station about 50hz down, around 1519.95. Portland I suspect. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 08:35 cd, there is no sign of XEVTH on 12 30 AM here. there is a couple of very weak station near the noise floor on 1230 AM here - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 08:14 cd I listened to WJAX & WDYT webstreams and what I am hearing on 1220 AM is not those stations. It is a Spanish station - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan07 07:25 Something is going on, because i've not heard that signal here at that level before - WL7NO (
Jan07 07:18 KKGM was heard on Oldtimer rx this evening, battling with what had to be KCJJ. KKGM on day facilities mebbe?/cdEL96 (
Jan07 07:02 Sounds like some type of vibration type jamming on 1610 - almost like an oscillating hum, Anyone know what that is? WL7NO (
Jan07 06:58 Sometimes I think there are nights where you could pick up DX with just a wet noodle! WL7NO (
Jan07 06:56 KKGM seems to be coming in strongest on my EW Wellbrook Loop tonight - WL7NO (
Jan07 06:55 That's over 3K miles on a kilowatt - way to go! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 06:51 Whoops, looks like I picked up KKGM at home on 3/31/2016, but not as strong then - WL7NO (
Jan07 06:45 1630 KKGM here as well! - Playing Gospel music. First time picking this station up at my home location. Pretty strong as well! WL7NO (
Jan07 05:49 Copy/paste for XEVTH 1230 stream/cdEL96: http://es.streema.com/radios/XETVH (
Jan07 05:49 The WDYT stream is about 28 sec behind realtime./cdEL96 (
Jan07 05:43 I wonder if the "timer" turned it back to day power at local midnight./cd (
Jan07 05:42 I wonder if the "timer" thr (
Jan07 05:42 1220 - the Nueva Vida is back, and it's // WDYT NC stream. Streema link is down on the list somewhere. Go get 'em. I think it's running the 25 kW./cdEL96 (
Jan07 05:29 DX 1530 WCKY Cincinnati, OH under KFBK with ESPN, NBA scores > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 05:28 DX 1630 KKGM Fort Worth, TX; Bible verses, then ID '1630 KKGM' into country gospel tune. NEW!! (First new of 2018) > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 05:11 ID was just a bit too weak in the noise to confirm KKGM. Darn > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 05:10 Gospel on top of 1630 here, unusual > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 05:07 The 4765 used to be home to the Cuba relay of Soviet "Mayak" Radio. Creepy int-sig, but it reminded me of another one I can't remember./cd (
Jan07 05:06 [04:35] Good work. I wonder why 4765 only operates about 3 hours a night./cdEL96 (
Jan07 05:03 No strong Nueva Vida signal on 1220 tonight. Maybe a problem has been fixed./cdEL96 (
Jan07 04:35 DX 640 R Progresso CUB //4.765 all alone on freq. - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan07 03:22 1639 KKGM TX "your home for gospel music KKGM"...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan07 02:24 530 maybe just Caribe after all sorry these guys are sure strong QKO (
Jan07 02:19 530 Mentions of Michuacan ph and Yucatan with Happy 2018 Greetings SS Wb6QKO (
Jan07 02:13 530 SSS pop music beneath Radio Caribe ID no sign of Enciclopedia (
Jan07 01:38 @ Shawn...good job with CFCW. I have tentatives of bits of needed AB on 700 and 840 but nothing I can count. Cx haven't been good to my NW. KAZ-IL (
Jan06 23:32 840 CFCW AB Camrose 01/06 1820 Finally logged this one with Shania Twain music // the on line web feed. First new one of 2018. Shawn Winterpeg (
Jan06 22:42 780 WWOL NC signing off from Kirby Storter Park between Miami & Naples FL./cdEL96 (
Jan06 18:35 Once again I was so tired I didn't even touch the radio last night. I'll have time tonight, I promise! Been an extremely busy week... > Yakima CN96 (
Jan06 14:25 I listened to both this morning and they are NOT in //. The feel of the Jax RNV is much like I heard./cd (
Jan06 12:34 Those are the only 2 R Nueva Vida's, and US must be the origin /cdEL96 (
Jan06 12:34 Copy/paste for WJAX 1220 FL stream/cd--> http://streema.com/radios/WJAX (
Jan06 12:33 Copy/paste for WDYT 1220 NC stream/cd--> http://streema.com/radios/WDYT (
Jan06 12:30 Sorry,'was in bed. I'll have to remember to check again tonight./cdEL96 (
Jan06 07:43 cd, I am now hearing a religious praise song rising to fair signals as I type on 1220 AM now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan06 07:40 cd, what do you hear on 1220 AM right now ? I hear two weak Spanish stations on 1220 AM right now - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan06 07:36 [07:01] Hi cd, I am here. I wiil check to see if I can hear the SS Christian on 1220 - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan06 07:29 Sorry for blue, grrrr/cd (
Jan06 07:29 1230 said "cinco mil watts," which contradicts MWList's 1 kW, but makes sense./cdEL96 (
Jan06 07:17 That 1230 is indeed XETVH La R de Tabasco!/cdEL96 (
Jan06 07:12 950 CFAM Altona, Manitoba / 1250 CHSM Steinbach both in with Classics Till Dawn prgm, classical music .... Allen VOPC1AA Newfoundland (
Jan06 07:05 (600 CJWW has been mostly a no-show over the past couple weeks) (
Jan06 07:05 It's Canada night here at my QTH: 600 CJWW S4 solid, CJYM in strong with oldies, etc. DX440/loop, PRD5. So King Co WA (
Jan06 07:01 Is anyone hearing the SS Christian 1220 R Nueva Vida? I think the NC 25 kW-day one is on day power. Only other one is Jacksonville FL./cdEL96 (
Jan06 06:31 If only I was ready....no idea which Mexican----but looking at MWList, Villahermosa most likely./cd (
Jan06 06:30 Speaking of Mexico, I heard their Anthem on 1230! Analog rx, so I thought it may have been 1220, but no!/cdEL96 (
Jan06 06:20 Re 06:19 on 1220khz (
Jan06 06:19 Mexico City was in well an Alabama SDR earlier (
Jan06 05:44 the S Korean blowtorch on 1566 (HLAZ) heard often by many...Mike VE7SKA (
Jan06 05:42 How about the Korean on 1566 used to be in around local sunrise (
Jan06 05:41 1610 KNEF687 TIS .01kW Snoqualimie Pass summit on I-90...wx forecast/condx/road condx...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan06 05:40 Great remember Kiribati from decades ago (
Jan06 05:38 ..nM (
Jan06 05:36 condx at my QTH currently this eve average/mediocre - "the usual 300" Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan06 05:35 WB6QKO=plenty of TP action mornings PST...evening listen for 846 R Kiribati with erratic TX - not heard this eve so far...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan06 05:21 Thanks any TP stations coming through theses days QKO (
Jan06 05:09 They are gone from 1220 now. I hear XEB, but not without issues!/cd (
Jan06 05:08 Note....R Caribe, per the list, was using 1220 kHz with 10 kW. Last I heard, they still ID as 1220 on the air, so I figure 10k./cd (
Jan06 05:06 Copy/paste, and bookmark.../cd--> https://m.box.com/shared_item/https%3A%2F%2Fapp.box.com%2Fs%2Frsal6ivl69oolusfw9slc4gaga6ylip9 (
Jan06 05:05 [05:01] Even the Cuba MW list, despite listing powers for the others, doesn't list for Caribe---but if Enciclopedia is 10kW, I'd put Caribe at 10 also./cdEL96 (
Jan06 05:04 Seem to be above Radio Enciclopedia about 2/3 of the time out here QKO (
Jan06 05:01 530 radio caribe dominant with national anthem wonder how much power they're running WB6QKO CA (
Jan06 04:03 Saul and Todd 710/740 ND have not made it to London, Ontario either!!! Good Catch Justin! de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Jan06 03:16 Yeah they both shield you big-time Saul. If Toronto ever went off you'd at least have a chance there. Todd (
Jan06 02:21 710 and 740 ND have never made it to Burnt River ON ... and I've tried SRS, SSS and in between! Saul ON (
Jan05 23:33 Nice catch Justin. Very rare here. Todd (
Jan05 18:22 710 KXMR Bismark, ND under Duluth -new- en35 (
Jan05 16:11 re: KQAM 1480. I strongly think that there are operating in spec. Common here, but not strong. There's nothing strong on 1480 at night aiming west. KAZ-IL (
Jan05 06:22 1480 is first adjacent to KMNQ 1470 5 miles away. Not going to happen no matter how I try (SDR and Sony can't get past it) - En35 (
Jan05 06:21 That's right. They went by Buckin' Country or something. - En35 (
Jan05 06:20 Think it was 92.3. KHAT usually heard here nights. KGYN and KRSV are rarer. Never have gotten KOKK (also country). > Yakima CN96 (
Jan05 06:04 KHAT used to have an xlator on 92.7 I believe or thereabouts - En35 (
Jan05 05:50 860 CBKF SK...CBC FF "Premier Chaine" service...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan05 05:43 1210 KHAT WY "New Country 96.7" liners w/contemp. country music...phased out semi-local KMIA Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan05 05:43 1560 is just WGLB Elm Grove, WI here. Blasting in. En35 (
Jan05 05:29 KCSR is my first new log of 2018 en35 (
Jan05 05:28 610 KCSR Chadron, NE 100% confirmed. Day stick. Thx to Todd in Bloomington -new- en35 (
Jan05 04:12 1480 KQAM Wichita Ks. Indeed Rick nailed it. Heard here in Bloomington albiet briefly with a rainshower in the forecast. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Jan05 03:58 Rick, I do not think KQAM is on their daystick. Seems they null "our" way and have more give towards Indiana. Todd (
Jan05 02:07 1380 CKPC Brantford, ON - Good with liner by female: "...County's country...1380 CKPC", then into C&W song "Don't Take The Girl" by Tim McGraw -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan05 01:12 1480 KQAM Wichita, KS at 0059 UTC - Fair with ad for B&B Lumber in Wichita, then "KQAM" and "102.5" heard in legal ID. Wonder if they left the 5 kw day stick power on late? 4th Kansas catch to go in the Lafayette AM logbook -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan05 01:08 Mark, I don't think I've been able to get WCMR day or night yet from Edinburgh. Up in Lafayette, I could get both WCMR and WWCA in the daytime. On the Edinburgh SDR, 1270 daytime is a mashup of about 2 or 3 signals, but WQTT in Marysville, Ohio is on top with the "True Oldies Channel" -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan05 00:50 To be more clear, wondering if WCMR has been heard from Edinburgh. Signal doesn't get out very far at night. -- Mark/IN (
Jan05 00:45 Re: Edinburgh, IN: Just wondering if anyone's hrd my local WCMR 1270 Elkhart IN, which is about 2 miles away at about 340 deg. and causes overloading on my antennas at times. -- Mark/IN (
Jan05 00:25 [14:57] The key word on Radio-Locator's coverage maps is "predicted", and in WKNR-850's case, the map is WAY off. It shows WKNR as not even reaching Cincy in the daytime, but it can easily be heard in Edinburgh, about a half-hour down I-65 from Indy. To reiterate what Todd said, NOBODY should take what R-L's coverage maps show as the gospel truth insofar as daytime and nighttime coverages are concerned. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af moonlighting on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan05 00:03 Actually, the schedule does match what I heard. I was looking at the wrong channel. Signal is actually better on a longwire to the SE, about 200' long, 30' high. -- Mark/IN (
Jan04 23:47 TA 1215 Absolute Radio? "Jump" followed by Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game", weak-fair signal with long fades. Songs don't match the Abs. Radio schedule on web though. -- Mark/IN (
Jan04 23:33 TA (?) 954 - unid - M talking, too weak to make out lang. Long fades to nothing then back to weak audio. NE bog @ 30 degrees, 1000' -- Mark/IN (
Jan04 18:41 DXed for about 5 minutes around 12:30am PT. Very normal dial, KWWN didn't sound that strong to me on 1100. 760 was KDSP instead of WJR; 1660 ND audible. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan04 17:43 At 120 degrees (toward Johnstown, PA), it's less than a kilowatt! N8NU (
Jan04 17:34 At about 190 degs., it's about 250kW ERP (relative to typical one-tower AM station). (
Jan04 17:25 their 310 degree radial is roughly 42kW through Detroit's western and downriver suburbs. N8NU (
Jan04 17:13 Sorry about the blue. Nu (
Jan04 17:12 265 degree radial of WKNR-day is 982 mV/m per FCC = about 10.7 kW. NU (
Jan04 17:08 R-L certainly does take certainly does take conductivity into account (either that, or WCBS switched to a new, extensive, directional array N8NU (
Jan04 16:23 [14:47] I have WAIT Crystal Lake as a strong daytimer here. I have not tried for WKNR during daylight but will have to. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan04 15:43 It doesn't take into consideration the better groundwave conductivity. 550 KFYR for example is a regular in the Twin Cities yet the Twin Cities is well outside of KFYRs "patten". Besides Radio Locator does just say projected. Todd (
Jan04 14:57 If Radiolocator is correct, WKNR's 0.15 mV/m doesn't reach Fort Wayne. N8NU (
Jan04 07:02 I FORGOT TO SAY: looks as if WINZ 940 is back to normal night power/pattern. Definitely more nullable than during the few-day span where some of you heard them./cd (
Jan04 07:00 Yes times in different parts of the world---Angola included./cd (
Jan04 06:57 What I have heard from CMBY @ TOH is the time on the hour in different parts of the world. Lessee./cd (
Jan04 06:55 Sorry,'I didn't hear CMBY ID at :50-51 but mighta been because CMBQ too much. They run neck and neck often at night here./cdEL96 (
Jan04 06:45 My personal issue is that both CMBY and CMBQ are in pretty much the same azimuth from me./cdEL96 (
Jan04 06:44 Note: CMBY has been known to ID around the :50 mark overnights. I'll check myself./cdEL96 (
Jan04 06:43 [05:30] I suppose so. Nothing out of the ordinary from other Cuban non-Enciclopedia/non-CMBF's!!/cdEL96 (
Jan04 06:42 530 CMBY Isla de la Juventud, Cuba - Fair under Radio Enciclopedia (which is airing instrumental versions of S&G and Beatles songs) with Cuban big band music. Counting this as CMBY Radio Caribe as it's the only thing that fits -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan04 06:42 [05:30] (
Jan04 06:01 1480 WSDS Salem Township MI - Good for a bit with a long SS liner, including mention of "La Explosiva", which clinched it. I will always think of this station as country and being licensed to Ypsilanti -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan04 05:53 1290 CFRW MB..."TSN 1290" local ads, ESPN prgm feed...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan04 05:44 DX 820 CHAM ON..."Funny 820" w/comedy...partially phased out semi-local KGNW Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan04 05:36 720 WGN IL...wx forecast & condx, ID...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan04 05:30 Chris, would the Caribe format include what we know as Cuban salsa music? -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan04 05:29 1480 WJLE Smithville, TN at 0522 UTC - On probable day power w/promo for "The Word Of The Lord" with Prophet James Ferrell Sunday afternoons at 3 on WJLE. -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan04 05:28 530 kHz think it's R Caribe that's back and forth with the Enciclopedia lady in SoCal tonight thanks QKO (
Jan04 05:27 1480 WJLE Smithville, TN at 0522 UTC - On late with promo for "The Word Of the Lord (
Jan04 05:21 DX 530 CMBQ CUB "R Enciclopedia"...SS anncr w/classical & opera music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan04 05:06 It is new as R Caribe, but was a Rebelde for about 7 years on 530. Enciclopedia in many places was all alone until 2011./,cdEL96 (
Jan04 05:04 WB6QKO---your location not specified; however Radio Caribe CMBY on Isla de la Juventud, Cuba, has been widely reported as the rival of Enciclopedia on 530 from the USA./cdEL96 (
Jan04 04:54 Radio Enciclopedia now dominant with EZ listening piano ideas on the other 530 kHz SS welcome QKO (
Jan04 04:50 On 530 kHz sorry WB6QKO (
Jan04 04:50 SS Jazz Station now Dominant (
Jan04 04:48 Jan4 04:45 Radio Enciclopedia sharing freq with UNID SS WB6QKO (
Jan04 03:44 1100 WTAM OH...ID & Cavaliers vs Celtics BBall...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan04 03:37 1100 KWWN Las Vegas NV...Mike VE7SKA (
Jan04 03:36 110 KWWN NV sounds like its on 20kW D pwr not 2kW N pwr w/ESPN sports...very loud tonight - unusual...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan04 03:32 1230 KORT Idaho "All Hits 96.9 KORT" into an 80's Joe Jackson toon...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan04 03:29 James WL7NO=your mystery 1250 is KWSU Pullman WA...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan04 00:51 [18:06] Me either. Except my problem are all the Christmas lights and god knows what else is going on in my neighborhood with electrical noise killing all AM and shortwave. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Jan04 00:31 I will put my money with Rick. Groundwave does well in Indiana. Todd (
Jan04 00:23 Hmmm. Zip Signal says they had only .88mV/m in 48239 (where I lived back then). Sounded fine on my Trans-Oceanic 500. N8NU (
Jan04 00:17 At that time, they had a wonderfully eclectic format with 60 years of popular music. Sadly, only about two years later, it was sold, and flipped to sports. N8NU (
Jan04 00:15 Not just five times the power, but a new minor lobe into the Detroit area - I think about 2mV/m. (
Jan04 00:15 Not just five times the power, but a new minor lobe into the Detroit area - I think about 2mV/m (
Jan04 00:13 WRMR has a null to the west, so I doubt it covers all of IN. The 50kW upgrade actually boosted it signal in Detroit nearly a hundredfold..... (
Jan03 23:01 Re:18:06 Yakima me either. Haven't dxed since 12/29. Been busy and tired at night. I suspect when my audio book is finished I will resume it. En35 (
Jan03 22:27 That happened 3 weeks ago Shawn (
Jan03 18:06 Have not DXed for one minute in the past two days. Too tired and busy to do so. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan03 12:39 Mmmm, what I tried to say is, it’s back on again. Feedpoint under a foot of water. (
Jan03 12:38 GlobalTuners “oldtimer “ n (
Jan03 04:46 560 KMON MT "Big Sky Country" jingle, local ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan03 04:31 1330 KJPR CA "Jefferson Public Radio" caught on fade from usual KKPZ OR...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan03 02:44 SRS 850 WKNR Cleveland OH 1/2 at 1445 UTC - Good w/ESPN programming, ad for Northeast Factory Direct on Lakeland Boulevard in Euclid. Since going up to 50 Kw days a few years ago, this probably covers just about all of Indiana during the daytime nowadays -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan03 02:18 Found this as well...On December 18, 2017, Stair was arrested on eight counts, which include three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and single counts of assault with the intent to commit criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, second-degree assault, first-degree burglary, and third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor (
Jan03 02:16 Found this notice on his site. Seems he has been arrested and is in jail on several charges including assault...Shawn Winterpeg (
Jan03 02:15 Due to legal difficulties, as of January 1st, 2018, the Overcomer Ministry will not be broadcasting on AM/FM radio and Shortwave. The Overcomer Broadcast will continue on satellite and on this website stream. (
Jan03 02:05 00:17OOps, Typo ment to type when the wind is blowing in my direction. -,amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan03 00:17 [20:32] thanks that sounds like them. I can get their weak signal on 107.7 FM when the windustry is blowing from their direction :) - amfmtvdtvrla EM40 (
Jan02 23:24 [Below] God's will, so I'll stop the grumbling./cdEL96 (
Jan02 23:19 The Oldtimer GT will be down a bit---Storm "Eleanor". Eleanor, I don't think you're swell....(60s reference)/cdEL96 (
Jan02 20:32 It is Baton Rouge. The pirate station is Radio Reten. Even has a website advertising 1710 AM and 107.7 FM: https://www.radioretenloquetienes.com/ - Jim-F SATX EL09qn (
Jan02 12:21 Its a pirate station out of Louisiana, baton Rogue i believe the city to be but maybe Wrong on the city. Todd (
Jan02 10:49 [10:46] Oops, Typo, I am hearing the spanish speaking preacher on 1710 AM - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Jan02 10:46 I am hearing what sounds like a preacher speaking in spanish on 1790 AM right now. anyone hearing this on 1790 AM or can tell me what station this could be? (
Jan02 06:07 Had an 1380 XECO upgrade from 24 hours earlier. Wanted to make YT, but camera ran out of space. Grrrr./cdEL96 (
Jan02 06:07 Wow, fantastic catch Mike. Been looking for that one for a long time but never confirmed. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan02 05:43 DX 1690 CHTO ON...Greek music pgm //webstream - 3390km/1 kW...NEW Logging!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan02 05:16 1480 WZRC New York, NY at 0512 UTC - Fair to good with man speaking in Cantonese, then EZL music interlude. Confirmed by the webstream, which was about 4 seconds behind. 1st regional channel station from NYC here -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan02 05:09 1700 WQHR733 Issaquah WA TIS .01kW...weather & road hazards...approx 180km - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan02 05:02 610 KVNU UT...TOH ID & "Newstalk 102.1"...rarely heard...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan02 02:14 630 KVMA Magnolia, AR at 0209 UTC - Fair with liner: "...greatest hits of all time, KVMA", then 80s hits by Madonna and Robert Palmer. Has to be on the day stick, as its 30 watt night power probably wouldn't cover the 583 miles from Magnolia to Edinburgh -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan01 23:52 1450 KZZJ Rugby ND 1/1 1735-1750+ heard with country, ID @1749. First newbie of the year. Todd (
Jan01 23:37 Davis...how does auto correct mistake "their" for "Davis"? (
Jan01 23:35 RE WAQI: Several years ago I was very fortunate to of heard them here in the Twin Cities during au cx and it was reconfirmed with Davis Web stream. Todd (
Jan01 23:25 I have logged Mattoon in CF. Au cx helped me to get that one. Todd (
Jan01 23:22 1530 Noted with an OC. Seems like KQSP possibly didn't turn of carrier. WCKY even with them. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Jan01 23:18 [23:12] Mattoon is in east central Illinois, so with a station on 1170 in Davenport, WLBH would be wiped out on a radio in eastern Iowa. And, sadly, the owner of the Mount Vernon SDR seems to have locked it up now, I haven't been able to get on since Saturday night -- Rick in South Omaha/Edinburgh/Wherever (
Jan01 23:17 SSS KBJD all alone on the freq. Slightly au SSS. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Jan01 23:13 Here's the unknown 1250 youtube link - https://youtu.be/BACrVO7_mEw - WL7NO (
Jan01 23:12 Stupid spell auto correct, cant win. Mt. Vernon I meant Rick. (
Jan01 23:10 The Mt been in sdr should reveal that Rick. Todd (
Jan01 23:04 SSS 1170 KFAQ Tulsa, OK at 2258 UTC - Briefly over WWVA w/ad for the Tulsa Zoo, then legal ID. Heard while looking for WLBH in Mattoon, Illinois, which I've heard may or may not even be on the air -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan01 22:41 I'll put the 1250 up on my YouTube page so folks can listen to it and let me know - WL7NO (
Jan01 22:25 SSS 1370 WXCT Chattanooga, TN - Good with "1979" by the Smashing Pumpkins, then "Alt 98.7" heard in liner. -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan01 22:19 Wonder if the owner of WCAZ 990 in Illinois pulled the plug for good at 1700 local time yesterday as he had promised to do? You can only thumb your nose at the FCC so many times before they get REALLY upset... -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan01 22:19 sorry for typo "1250" Mike VE7SKA (
Jan01 22:18 James=mystery call letters on 12650 could be NPR news/talk KWSU Pullman WA...so again, maybe several stations mixing?? Mike VE7SKA (
Jan01 22:13 great minds think alike?? (
Jan01 22:13 Re 22:07 KKDZ Seattle WA is listed as Asian/Indian Desi 1250..Maybe your UNID..Shawn Winterpeg (
Jan01 22:13 James=1250 with Indian/Punjabi language pgrms could be my semi-local "Desi 1250" KKDZ Seattle...however, no traffic reoprts so maybe several stations mixing??? Mike VE7SKA (
Jan01 22:07 Interesting night of recording - CKFR, 1150 at 5:22 UTC; CJRJ, 1200 at 12:23 UTC; KUMA, 1290 at 4:05 UTC; The prize - KZNS, 1280 at 14:56 UTC. Picked up an odd one on 1250. Sounds like Indian Radio, gave an id of KUBU, KUUU or something like that. Wonder if this is a simulcast on 1250? Sounded like California traffic reports. Santa monica, etc. Any ideas? WL7NO (
Jan01 21:52 1040 WCHR Flemington NJ (tent.) - //streema, "Through the Bible" w/J. Vernon McGee show, fighting with WHO and others on NE-SW bog. Show matches their webpage schedule. -- Mark/IN (
Jan01 21:29 Yakima= when logging 1250 KIKC the other day, heard them on 5 kW D pwr, then heard switch to .132kW N pwr...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan01 20:59 SSS 1220 WGNY Newburgh, NY at 2054 UTC - Fair with liner: "....greatest oldies of all time, 98.9...1220, WGNY", then into "Lonely Teenager" by Dion. First new logging of 2018 -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan01 20:27 When I heard them the other day Yakima, it really didn't seem like a full 5kw punch. It was a huge struggle to hear them at all. Todd (
Jan01 18:05 0310 PT - 1250 weak country music under KKDZ then weak 'KIKC' calls - was Forsyth MT on day power late again? If not, great DX for 132w. Not heard since 2014. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 17:02 Happy New Year's to all others here also. Hopefully MW DX season continues with a few surprises for all of us. So King Co WA (
Jan01 17:01 Mike VE7SKA, thanks for the congrats on XEW and Happy New Year's to you and yours! So King Co WA (
Jan01 16:58 .....I tuned to 710, heard music, and told her to pay attention at the TOH. To the surprise of both of us, we heard the WAQI ID instead. N8NU (
Jan01 16:56 One night many years ago, a sister-in-law, with relatives in FL, was over. I had told her an ordinary car radio could get Cuba at night, but she doubted it..... (
Jan01 16:53 [13:55] Got it. TNX, CD. NU (
Jan01 15:47 Happy New Year DXers! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan01 14:16 Thanks and HNY/good DX to you as well. -- Mark/IN (
Jan01 14:02 [13:49] I logged them only one time back on Dec 20, 1984 about 0600 UTC when they were KOB but have never heard them since. Good luck, HNY and good DX. TL-IN (
Jan01 13:55 [08:21] "Free of" was poor choice of words; let's just say, much less possible QRM of WAQI for the North./cdEL96 (
Jan01 13:49 TL-IN: If you see this... Just wondering if you've ever heard KKOB from here in N. Indiana, and if so, what time of day? Top of my list for 2018. -- Mark/IN (
Jan01 08:25 It's 2018 here. Happy New Year everybody! May it bring plenty of DX and great memories! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 08:21 [06:24] free of interference? I thought the had switched to diplexing another array. Did they just throw in the towel instead? N8NU (
Jan01 07:38 Probably be my last post until after the fireworks are done...streaming KING/5's webstream and watching the Seattle Space Needle light up! My hometown! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:38 1600 UNID faded up with commercial for an Italian restaurant, 320 ?? Street, mentioned 'fresh cod' on the menu. Recorded it, we'll see what happens. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:28 DX 1670 WOZN Madison, WI w/ Amy Lawrence After Hours, big signal! Wow! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:22 DX 1620 Radio Rebelde Cuba, good at times with Tropical music // 5.025 khz. Now a 1630 with Top 40 music is mixing with KRND, most likely KCJJ IA (very rare here). > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:21 1600 UNID ESPN, several promos and back into SportsCenter All Night. KEPN or KGYM? Latter is well-wanted. Mixing with several EE/SS stations > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:12 DX 1650 KCNZ Cedar Falls, IA very weak u/ KBJD with CBS Sports/Amy Lawrence After Hours, // KNBR 680. Relog > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 06:43 WCKY now airing Brother Stair and still right under KFBK. Great AM condx tonight. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 06:42 1660 CBS Sports mixing w/ KQWB, suspect KWOD Kansas City but can't get ID yet. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 06:24 1100 - unid SS playing salsa; faded in under powerhouse WTAM Cleveland, but didn't stay long. -- Mark/IN (
Jan01 06:24 [06:22] ....and now free from "Yanqui" WAQI./cdEL96 (
Jan01 06:23 First boo-boo of mine in 2018, copy & paste/cdEL96--> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8fQ4vDl_y7I (
Jan01 06:22 710 - at least 3 Cubans just now, two almost in sync for that nice echo effect, one about a second behind. Some other Latins making appearances as well. -- Mark/IN (
Jan01 05:58 DX 1530 WCKY OH // local 1460 with ESPN programming right under KFBK! Almost midnight in the Central time zone > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:58 1110 KFAB NE, 1040 WHO IA, 1660 KQWB ND all S9 and strong > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:52 1130 Who's the pop music mixing w/ CKWX? Beaming ESE. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:48 1030 WCTS now making it to IN, in and out w/WBZ, confirmed by stream, Thanks for Tip, TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan01 05:36 860 UNID with some swingin' jazz music, beaming SE-NW. CFPR? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:33 DX 1060 XEEP Mexico City // stream, Andy Irvine 'Antice' (new age instrumental). Relog, strong signal! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:32 1060 KDUS Tempe AZ 'NBC Sports Radio and the NBC Sports app'...relog, not heard in years. 500W > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 04:44 Jk not ok. En35 (
Jan01 04:44 Guys it's 12 below zero here, WCTS probably doesn't have a heater 😆. Ok. En35 (
Jan01 04:41 1030 WCTS MN...organ music & preaching//webstream - thnx to Yakima for the hedzup...NEW logging!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan01 04:38 Need help confirming WCTS I can help. En35 (
Jan01 04:23 DX 640 CMDQ CUB "R Progresso" //4.765mHz...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan01 04:20 WCTS still in the jumble with hymn // webstream. WCCO is very strong here and no sign of any SS. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 04:17 [03:44] Rick, I've logged WMID 1340 a few times from Indiana with good signals but that was way beck in 1987. Hard now w/1340 Elkhart staing at 1 kW TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan01 04:14 720 WGN IL...Black Hawks vs Calgary Flames hockey game w/ID...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan01 04:03 830 un-ID SS airing "La Hora Nacional" missed TOH - very weak & under WCCO...either XEITE DF or XELN TAM...can't verify - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan01 04:00 We've heard WCMC on the Oldtimer Global Tuners receiver in Northern Ireland, so it sure gets out! I've also heard WOND-1400. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 03:44 Yak, that came in just at the same moment I sent that :) (
Jan01 03:44 HOLY COW! Nvm, I think I just figured it out. That's WCMC in Wildwood, New Jersey //WMID-1340! New Jersey to Indiana on a graveyard channel is one heckuva haul! -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan01 03:43 DX 1220 XEB DF "La B Grande" SS male anncr...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan01 03:43 That's WCMC in NJ I think > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 03:41 1230 unID - Someone here with oldies and liner by female of "Classic Oldies, 1230 and 1340", then CLs that sounded like "WMIG". Ideas, anyone? -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Jan01 03:17 Happy New Year and good DX to all... Mark/IN (
Jan01 03:09 Neil, you getting them? > Yakima (
Jan01 03:09 Good job tonight guys, Many station employees on vacation means many mistakes. KAZ-IL (
Jan01 03:04 I recorded the clip and it clearly says Minneapolis-St. Paul. Practically destroying KTWO at times. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 03:03 DX 1030 WCTS Minneapolis, MN - end of Lamplighter Theater, and partial TOH ID '...Minneapolis-St. Paul', also matched the webstream. They left the 50KW on! NEW!! Go get 'em, they should be heard on the east coast too! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 03:01 All logs are now showing as Jan 01 so Happy New Year to all. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan01 02:51 DX 900 XEW Mexico City // stream, The Who 'Won't Get Fooled Again'. Big signal! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:48 SS music on top of 900, suspect XEW for a second night in a row! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:39 760 KDSP Denver, CO w/ ID 'Orange & Blue 760'. 1KW > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:38 Now just IDed 'K-Fire' with Coast to Coast promo > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:36 720 KFIR Sweet Home OR w/ CBS Sports, very loud signal, probably left day stick on. Go get 'em! No ID at :30 but the website schedule matches. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:29 BTW James, try up there for the Midwest 50KWers. They are loud tonight. WCCO is almost S9. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:29 DX 870 WWL New Orleans, commercial for local lawyer with 504 area code. Recorded. Also recorded the KVOX catch, btw. Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:28 Unreal to say this - it is WARMER in BARROW, AK (-1F with light snow) than it is in Fargo! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:23 Happy New Year Everyone. We have a heatwave coming in Anchorage - Abt 45F! - WL7NO (
Jan01 02:21 DX 780 WBBM way over Reno, and a very weak KCEG CO under. Traffic report sponsored by the Diabetic Help Line...no kidding! The reporter even gave the 800 number to call. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:18 740 KVOX Fargo, ND 940w on top of jumble, with website mention '740thefan.com' > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:17 I'm going to try something different tonight. Three separate SDR receivers, three different antennas. Going to record a very small slice of the graveyard band of each - abt 750 khz. Trying to put some excitement back into the hobby! WL7NO (
Jan01 02:12 860 CBKF-2 Saskatoon, SK in // to a very strong CBKF-1 690 (over CBU at times), lively FF conversation, likely an NYE special. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:08 This 540 has a loud hum to the audio BTW, back in with sports talk. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:06 700 KALL UT local ads and ESPN 700 ID at 1758 PT > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:05 Well NM is negative too...hmmmm! Did the Chargers game get moved to XESURF? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 02:04 540 just said either Broncos or Chargers Radio Network. KYAH is negative on both...KNMX? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 01:52 540 UNID EE news/talk in null of CBK. Maybe KYAH UT left the 1000w running? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 00:58 Shawn we Minnesoootans know how ya feel. -28 C here this morning (-20F). Hope your cars are starting. Mine sure isn't. En35 (
Dec31 23:45 A happy healthy DX filled to all f you from the Great White North where it was -33C today but we are still going out for celebrations...Shawn in Winterpeg (
Dec31 23:27 1490 khz - KXLQ - Indianola, IA - 12/31 @ 2130 UT - Mexican music format with clear "La Patrona" heard two times, 2nd new IA GY in 12 minutes - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec31 23:27 1490 khz - KBUR - Burlington, IA - 12/31 @ 2118 UT - ID as "Your news and information leader for over 75 years, Newsradio 99-3 and 1490 KBUR", New - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec31 22:59 I've said it each year, after watching that New Year's fireworks show from Sydney.....the Aussies know how to throw a party. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec31 22:39 [2219] Your Sydney fireworks show was astonishing. A great kickoff to 2018 racing its way across the globe. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec31 22:28 SSS loggings tonight so far on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR from WILB-1060 (sign-off), WNWI-1080, and WFTD-1080. Indy on 1070 has its IBOC off during Colts FB postgame show -- Rick on the Edinburgh, IN SDR (
Dec31 22:19 HAppy New Year to all in North America, already Jan 01st this way. May the New year of 2018 yield the best long haul MW DX ever! Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Dec31 21:55 Congrats on my local: 21:13 En35 (
Dec31 21:13 1440 khz - KYCR - Golden Valley, MN - 12/31 @ 2058 UT - ID just before ToH mention of Golden Valley and Twin Cities, last logged as KQRS beck in Dec 1989 - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec31 14:42 Copy and paste./cdEL96---> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0MhEelN6mcU (
Dec31 14:41 At 06:00 UTC late last night, 1410 XEBS DF. See above./cdEL96 (
Dec31 05:51 790 KGHL MT ad setw/calls during play-by-play hockey game...partially phased out local KGMI Bellingham WA - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec31 05:08 1380 XECO DF "Romántica," //stream with "El Poder de Tu Amor" balada. Nulling St Pete 1380 is painful!!/cdEL96 (
Dec31 05:02 1490 KCID Idaho...TOH EE ID & SS R Catolica/EWTN...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec31 04:59 1370 KSOP UT...locals ads, "Classic Country KSOP"...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec31 02:07 [19:36] Actually, they weren't cancelled, they were postponed until 2000 ELT next Saturday night, January 6th. Smart decision on the part of mayor Jean Stothert -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec31 01:45 I haven't heard Caracol on 810 since maybe 1975!/cdEL@6 (
Dec31 00:19 810 Caracol Radio, Bogota, Colombia. Over/under WGN Schenectady, NY. All Chicago station very weak tonight some replaced with Spanish. Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Dec30 23:48 SSS 790 KXXX Colby KS with station ID and country mx... Jack, EM10, Austin TX (
Dec30 23:47 [18:29] I'll be indoors all day watching football and DXing. TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec30 22:45 Condx to West are good from N. Indiana. 770 has CHQR Calgary AB blasting in over WEW and WABC is totally absent. -- Mark/IN (
Dec30 22:43 Re "Ring of Fire"... I was asking for a friend, of course... ;^) -- Mark/IN (
Dec30 22:25 XEW is tough enough here, and I'm not even sure if I am half the distance from DF as WA is./cd (
Dec30 22:23 The beginning of "Ring of Fire" is the same Mexican style./cdEL96 (
Dec30 22:21 [22:13]lol no but now that you said it,it'll happen to me. Todd (
Dec30 22:13 Did you ever tune into Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" in the middle of the song and think you had some Mexican station playing mariachi music? -- Mark/IN (
Dec30 22:03 So King Co= congrats on finally nailing XEW...no enhancement to central Mexico earlier in the evening...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec30 21:59 OTOH, older folk would say that Carson killed Guy Lombardo celebrations!/cd (
Dec30 21:58 Re NYE & ball drop: I miss the days of Johnny Carson in a tux....YMMV, but IMO "New Year's Rockin' Eve" killed it. Yes I know Johnny isn't with us./cdEL96 (
Dec30 21:40 SSS 1060 KRCN Already making it in@ 315 central. Todd (
Dec30 20:36 I will be watching the ball drop in the comfort of my 60 degree house. It's cold downstairs. En35 (
Dec30 20:04 Just got on an SDR in Kittitas WA (SDRConsole) and heard WQHK904 Vashon Island mixing with WPUL289 Kent on 1650khz. Kent is 89mi, Vashon is 100mi. Both 10w! 1660 is a loud KBRE Merced. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 19:37 [1135] Awesome! XEW was roaring in here so I knew it could make it to the Puget Sound region. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 19:36 [1829] Omaha cancelled their NYE fireworks show due to the cold weather. The 1 million+ who will be watching the ball drop at Times Square will freeze in 10F temperatures. They're saying it's the coldest ball drop in 50 years. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 19:20 My wife is from Miami, that is cold for you. This year is her first winter ever up here and she would rather have 50! Todd (
Dec30 18:39 It's in the 50s here in south FL and I am cold---but I know some of you would give your right arm to be here./cdEL96 (
Dec30 18:29 Forecast low temperature for Omaha on New Year's morning is to be -23!! :( This weather is fit for neither man nor beast! I plan on staying indoors all through Sunday and Monday and DXing AM and LW via remote SDRs -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec30 17:57 610 KDAL left night pattern on today, enhanced KC almost even with them. Todd (
Dec30 17:51 Ok...1060 (
Dec30 17:29 DX 1069 KNLV Ord coming in now on incredible day enhancement. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Dec30 13:03 [06:18] I heard KWSU's sign-off FROM IOWA on 1/7/1991. Remains one of my all-time best loggings on AM. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec30 11:35 Matches the XEW webstream, AC/DC Shook Me All Night Long. New station! PRD5, loop helps. So King Co WA (
Dec30 11:10 (Very weak, though) (
Dec30 11:10 Hearing 80's music NW-SE on 900 khz. "Manstealer" by Hall and Oates. Wonder if it's XEW. Mixing with KKRT Wenatchee. PRD5. So King Co WA (
Dec30 10:04 Country music was heard at 1:57am PT > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 10:04 The country fading up on 1250 earlier was NOT // KIKC. Likely KNEU Roosevelt, UT on 129 flea-power watts. I've heard them many times before. KYYS is a much-wanted 1250 here, along with CHSM (why is it when CFAM and CJRB are both in with their usual classical, I can't // on 1250?) > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 10:01 1490 KLOG Kelso WA and KCID Caldwell ID (Radio Catolica) TOH IDs > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 09:59 [6:17] 1250 was a hodgepodge of WSSP, CJYE, KYYS, KBRF, KIKC, KCUE and WPGP. Todd (
Dec30 09:58 DX 870 WWL New Orleans w/ Dave Ramsey, fair signal over KFLD > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 09:47 I recorded the XEW signal. So strong I thought I had moved to Sonora or Chihuahua! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 09:46 DX 1190 XEWK Guadalajara JAL very faint under KEX and CFSL with Mr. Big song // strong XEW-900. Great signals tonight from deep Mexico. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 09:45 DX 900 XEW Mexico City, has to be the loudest signal ever received here. Entertainment quality at times w/ 'Hold Me Now' Thompson Twins, W Radio ID into 'To Be With You' Mr. Big. S9 on peaks!! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 09:40 DX 1060 XEEP Mexico City DF, classic rock // stream, fair at times under CKMX, 2200mi+ ! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 07:19 On 1220 I have been hearing SS R Nueva Vida. There are NV's in Jacksonville & Kings Mtn NC. Is it possible that the latter is running its 25k day power?/cdEL96 (
Dec30 07:02 1110 Country music to south, no doubt KRDC Pasadena (Radio Disney Country) - not heard in years since they were KDIS > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 07:02 Gone by 2300 as only heard KNZZ and KFAX TOH IDs... > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:42 Coast to Coast now on top of 1100!! Sadly no ID during the end-of-break sounder. Some stations air an ID around 10/40 past the hour during C2C. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:37 DX 1100 tWTAM? Now hearing very faint Coast to Coast under KNZZ + others. 'call the wild card line at 818-...' > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:37 DX 890 WLS Chicago '...in Chicago' and weak WLS calls under KDXU/CJDC, not heard often. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:26 Yeah, that was a real surprise for me. Heard them the same night as the KCKM/1330 DX test (which I also heard). KSJB-600 and CFCO-630 also new from that night! All have never been heard again! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:24 Todd says he was hearing KBRF earlier. Would be a relog for me. Also hrd KBRF in Sheridan. En35 (
Dec30 06:18 KWSU signs off at midnight, I meant to say. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:17 No KIKC yet (KWSU is S9+ mixing w/ KKDZ) but after midnight I should be able to confirm them. KIKC would be a relog from 2014. No sign of KBRF Justin/Todd? I heard them in March 2014, never heard since! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:14 DX 760 WJR Detroit w/ Savage Nation. In and out with KDSP Denver > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:10 1060 UNID Regional Mexican under CKMX, not very strong. Reynosa TAM? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:10 1100 KWWN Las Vegas, NV w/ ESPN programming under KNZZ. Not a trace of the Midnight Express theme which begins C2C, so no sign of Cleveland. Darn! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:04 Tried 1100 for WTAM and heard KNZZ and a blob of stations at TOH. No sign of the ABC News sounder, so I don't think Cleveland is making it here. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 06:03 1110 KFAB Omaha NE w/ ID '1110 KFAB Weatherwatch' solid signal > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 05:51 DX 900 CHML ON...OTR on air//webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec30 05:49 750 CKJH SK strong as usual with Corey Hart song a few mins ago > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 05:48 DX 740 CFZM Toronto HUGE // stream! Recorded a sample but no ID on recording. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 05:41 810 - hearing female talk under KGO, sounded Spanish. Trying to null KGO is like finding the needle in the haystack. CKJS is REL on stream right now, but much-wanted with upcoming FM switch. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 05:36 840 CKBX central B.C. "840 Country" booming in here...not far but rarely heard - lot of mountains between here n there...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec30 05:21 Same here. Barely. CJYE and WSSP much stronger. Matched songs with stream. New - EN35 (
Dec30 05:04 DX KIKC Briefly on top of the channel, new for me. Thanks Mike for the heads up. Todd (
Dec30 05:03 DX KIKC MT breifly (
Dec30 05:02 1250 CJYE Oakville, Ontario -new under WSSP - En35 (
Dec30 05:01 1100 WTAM OH...TOH ID into ABC News...this freq sure is cleaner since semi-local 1090 KFNQ Seattle turned off I-BLOK...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec30 04:51 No sign of KIKC here. Milwaukee too strong - En35 (
Dec30 04:12 I think I've heard KCJJ once or twice if that. Usually KRND is like a ton of bricks here. Nice job Mike. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec30 04:04 thanx Todd - KCJJ not heard here often...louder than 50kW 1540 KXEL...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec30 03:51 Nice catch Mike! (
Dec30 03:08 1630 KCJJ IA...used VPN to get around geo-blocking to launch webstrema...definitely sports talk currently...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec30 03:06 1630 un-ID w/EE sports - NOT WRDW GA...stream doesn't match. Is this KCJJ Iowa?? Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec30 00:38 SSS 1250 KIKC MT still on 5kW D pwr...classic country & calls...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec30 00:18 [13:35] I think the Castro's won the war by setting up so many txers on such a tiny Island. Todd (
Dec29 23:20 [19:18] Radio Locator has not caught up to them yet, that's unusual. Todd (
Dec29 21:24 0100 PT - 1240 KRJW Altamont, OR w/ TOH ID, along with 1230 KOZI Chelan. Normal conditions all along, with 1660 KQWB noted as usual. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec29 20:56 Copy & paste/cd:--> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2lENXMG9JOM (
Dec29 19:18 WAQI: I drove by the old array---all towers removed, or, like someone told me, it's like the old anti-war song, "where have all the towers gone"/cdEL96 (
Dec29 14:56 1660 KBRE Merced pounding in with Led Zep soundalikes Greta Van Fleet, then Led Zep. better on SR3 than PRD5. So King Co WA (
Dec29 13:39 I no longer hear, as exemplified in that YT, (1) "La Grande," & (2) "Cincuento mil watts de potencia."/cdEL96 (
Dec29 13:36 WAQI recently has been added as HD2 for WAMR-FM 107.5; but no FM translator./cdEL96 (
Dec29 13:35 Todd, one *could* say, because of the downgrade, that The Castros won the radio war...../cdEL96 (
Dec29 07:26 West Palm Beach remote SDR showing multi Cubans with a possibility of WAQI weakly underneath them. Todd (
Dec29 07:16 Checking out the Hollywood remote SDR, they are not strong there with Cuba pounding their signal. Todd (
Dec29 07:03 I am very lucky to have gotten them a few years ago. Radio Locator seems to have finally caught up with me. Seems I had unlimited access until today. Todd (
Dec29 06:16 (Below) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zm_F_Qti8lo (
Dec29 06:16 Copy/paste for unlisted YT re WAQI/cd--> (
Dec29 06:15 [02:41] I am sure they did. They *definitely* changed location of towers. Old site will be torn down for townhouses I think./cdEL96 (
Dec29 05:51 Yes it is awesome to get them before they left the air. Todd (
Dec29 05:50 1410 KQV// webstream. Also Todd in Bloomington, Mn alerted me to this. Nobody else airing When radio was on a Thursday night. En35 (
Dec29 05:00 1490 KBKR OR...ID during ad stop-set/live sports...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec29 05:00 1490 KBKR OR...ID during ad stop-set/live sports...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec29 03:57 Clear ID. Stupid phone. En35 (
Dec29 03:57 1090 wfcv clear ox (
Dec29 02:41 Did WAQI change their pattern? Todd (
Dec29 01:53 Speaking of 710: Anyone trying for WAQI as DX now, it won't be as easy now. They have gone 30k day/10k night from a xmtr west of Miami. Good luck./cdEL96 (
Dec29 00:33 I'm dumb I didn't read your comment fully. Oops. Disregard my two last posts. En35 (
Dec29 00:32 So i may have had two rebelde transmitters coming in. En35 (
Dec29 00:31 Re 13:13 Rick the echo of rebelde on 710 was the same station. I posted a recording of it at 04:39. You can hear it when the woman is singing. En35 (
Dec28 23:56 0100 PT - 1490 KSKR OR / 1240 KQEN OR TOH IDs. Both Roseburg, OR. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec28 13:24 A 2016 Cuba AM List---copy/paste, cd:-> https://m.box.com/shared_item/https%3A%2F%2Fapp.box.com%2Fs%2Frsal6ivl69oolusfw9slc4gaga6ylip9 (
Dec28 13:22 [13:13] the call letters CMBA are announced on Rebelde at local midnight and maybe noon as well, and that is likely it. I personally never bother with the calls./cdEL96 (
Dec28 13:13 [04:34] Justin, I think one of those is from Marti, the other from Chambas, those being the two highest-powered Rebeldes down there. I'll be durned if I know what the call letters are, though, Cuba is notoriously bad about keeping up-to-date on such things -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec28 06:08 OT--James....not AM, but an FM DXer in AZ heard 100.9 KAYO Wasilla about 8 years ago (3-hop Es?)/cd (
Dec28 05:59 It was the only silent period in 2 years for 650./cd (
Dec28 05:57 I almost had 650 HI while KYAK (now KENI) had dead air (the Thin Lizzy hit), but KYAK returned. Grrr./cd (
Dec28 05:56 I might have had 990 HI back in the day...just not a strong enough fade-up./cdEL96 (
Dec28 05:50 CD...and now KIKI is Sports radio at 990 and 830 is KSDP ( for me anyway!) WL7NO (
Dec28 05:47 Haha, KMIA, new to me I guess. Usually, I pick up KRPU on that frequency - WL7NO (
Dec28 05:42 Cuba to my knowledge doesn't use DA's....so I can imagine the longsuffering Consentida listeners./cd (
Dec28 05:41 The only non WLS 890's I got in its absence were R Consentida (Dom Rep) & what had to be the Dallas one, as I heard what had to be an Asian language./cd (
Dec28 05:38 [04:12, 04:31] AFAIK, 890 Progreso runs a mighty 200 kW. It was off the air for maybe 2 months---came back about 3 weeks ago, much to this south FL DXer's dismay..../cdEL96 (
Dec28 05:37 [05:20] 940 as KAHU was one of only 2 ID'd Hawaiians in Anchorage; 830 KIKI being the other./cdEL96 (
Dec28 05:35 TP 846 tt R Kiribati...het & occasional audio, TX goes on/off often which others have reported...also briefly had a het on 567 w/west antenna...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec28 05:31 James=1210 KMIA has been on air for 30 years - 5 years w/current calls + SS format...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec28 05:29 1210 AM - KMIA - Auburn - How new is this station? WL7NO (
Dec28 05:23 For those of you feeling adventurois, 1430 (Wasilla, AK) KVHZ is on the air with 1 kw!! - WL7NO (
Dec28 05:20 cd - I think my favorite Hawaiian station is KKNE 940khz - WL7NO (
Dec28 04:47 DX 1290 WHKY Hickory, NC with ad for Hickory Gun show "This weekend" - free parking - En35 (
Dec28 04:39 Recording of the echo. You can hear it when the woman is singing. Also listen for the KNUS ID - http://www.ubstudios.com/dx/tcids/cuba710.mp3 - EN35 (
Dec28 04:34 710 R. Rebelde Cuba very strong. Almost sounds like an echo, like two xmitters - En35 (
Dec28 04:31 R. Progresso almost equal to WLS now. Not new here but never this strong - En35 (
Dec28 04:12 [1:37] was R Progresso. Is this a power increase for 890? Todd (
Dec28 03:47 WHKY 1290 Hickory, North Carolina running day power at night for the umpteenth night in a row. For those who don't yet have this station, there's never been a better time than now... -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec28 03:38 Now it's just WLS. Nothing else - En35 (
Dec28 03:27 Re:01:37 hearing something under WLS but not sure what it is - En35 (
Dec28 03:11 890 Radio Progreso, Cuba with jazz and EZ listening music and the usual WLS chicago way down below. No sign of WYAM. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Dec28 02:44 1610 WPRW858 TIS continuous wx loop - .01kW - located Hwy US 2 east of Monroe EWA & west of Stevens Pass...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec28 01:37 DX 890 WYAM Hartselle AL on the air late. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Dec28 00:33 [17:47] Near West Palm Beach. Todd (
Dec27 17:48 [14:17] WTG James---when I lived there, I was just jazzed to hear Hawaii./cdEL96 (
Dec27 17:47 [06:49] where exactly, Todd? Curious./cdEL96 (
Dec27 14:17 837 4RK ABC Rockhampton QLD - Have not heard from QLD in awhile! WL7NO (
Dec27 13:27 580 WCHS Charleston, WV at 1233 UTC - Good under WIBW w/promo for listening to WCHS' programming online or on a smartphone. First West Virginia station in the Davenport logbook. -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec27 12:51 630 CHED Edmonton, AB at 1247 UTC - Surprisingly good with end of 5-day wx forecast: "...right now it's -22 here in Edmonton", then a MST time check. Alberta #1 in the Davenport logbook, and heard while looking for WLAP! :) -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec27 07:25 1410 WNGL Mobile AL tentative log// stream which is way behind. Reported to be on their 5kw day rig. En35 (
Dec27 07:02 540 KMLB C2C radio, 1 min silence then TOH. On 5kw day stick. Todd in Cedar Falls Iowa (
Dec27 06:49 1630 KCJJ on a remote near Miami. Todd (
Dec27 05:42 760 CFLD northern B.C. "Moose FM - the best variety in the Bulkely Valley" w/70's rock, also hearing // 870 CFBV...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec27 05:34 No sign of 870 WWL so doubt 1060 WLNO will be possible here...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec27 05:32 Yakima=1060 here CKMX & very weak KFOY - same all evening; KFLN was very weak & only audible on east antenna...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec27 05:13 Doubt they were 91w the whole time. Probably cheating. I haven't checked the dial whatsoever tonight - Mike, have you tried 1060 for WLNO? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec27 05:07 960 KFLN MT sign-off announcementf @ 10:10pm Montana time after newscast! Now gone! .091kW...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec27 05:03 1020 KCKN NM...TOH ID & "R. Vison Cristiana" into SS religious talk...partially phased out regional pest KDYK WA - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec27 03:05 1150 CKOC Hamilton, ON at 0254 UTC - Fair w/World Junior HKY (USA vs. Denmark) game. Webstream running about 17 seconds behind. -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec27 03:03 1490 KXRA Alexandria, MN at 0219 UTC - Atop briefly w/only "...here on KXRA" heard. CLs heard again at 0229 during commercial break. First Minnesota graveyarder to go into the Davenport logbook -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec27 02:49 Not sure why I didn't hear WIRL during the day though - I hear WILL Champaign/Urbana really clear up here; about the same distance and direction. -- Mark/IN (
Dec27 02:49 1120 KANN UT still playing religious Xmas music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec27 02:47 1210 KHAT WY "Laramie's New Country 96.7" into Dierks Bentley...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec27 02:16 From 2000 on, as I checked from time to time, I hrd WHKY NC, WKLB KY, WCBL KY. Finally @ 2205 I hrd WIRL, followed by WMCA @2230. -- Mark/IN (
Dec27 02:14 [00:17] Hi Rick. The only daytimer I was hearing was WHIO, until around 2000 and on. WIRL might have been the really weak station I heard. It was best on the NE-SW bog. -- Mark/IN (
Dec27 01:31 740 WNOP Newport KY, an EWTN sta, sounds like they might be on daytime 2.5 kw not 30w nite, challenging CFZM w/woman preaching //website Bill D WI EN53 (
Dec27 00:17 [18:39] Mark, I'm wondering, with WNIL off, if you could also get WIRL there at midday along with WHIO. WIRL was my daytime regular on 1290 when I lived in Lafayette in 1996-97 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec26 18:39 1290 day chk w/WNIL off: WHIO Dayton OH - IDs, Rush Limbaugh. + very wk co-ch. stn. + a het @ 1289.7, poss WYLY Bellaire OH acc. to offsets list? -- Mark/IN (
Dec26 18:01 Just ident as "ABC Local Radio" so not Radio National, wonder where it's originating from, nothing on Google or ABC web site, mystery this one. Jack VK2XQ (
Dec26 17:54 I know it's not MW but interesting none the less, the 2MHz ABC relay to outback were all turned off nearly a year ago...Jack VK2XQ (
Dec26 17:53 2790 ABC Radio National, Australia on air, supposed to have been turned off months ago, talk back. 5X9 plus 20dB over, what s surprise. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Dec26 17:29 Thanks for the tip on 1290, TL.... I'll check here as well. -- Mark/IN (
Dec26 17:23 Local 1290 WNIL Niles, MI has been off the past few days. Will look for some new ones while it's off. TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec26 12:29 PS thanks for the Christmas wishes, Mike in BC. We had a very rare White Christmas on Xmas morning. Was awesome. So King Co wA (
Dec26 12:28 630 CHED competing w/ local KCIS with news-talk show about Trump. Unusual reception. GESR3. So King Co WA (
Dec26 10:14 WLNO is Black Gospel. Maybe on 50k day power/pattern at night? They do stream./cdEL96 (
Dec26 07:32 Hearing something that sounds like gospel under CKMX 1060, but very weak. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec26 06:47 Wlno is new. Hard to mistake that format. First new station in five days. Puts me at 486. En35 (
Dec26 06:47 The Oldtimer rx in action---a GY, distance 3219 miles; copy/paste/cdEL96-> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gcg_HRpxoTk (
Dec26 06:45 Gotta be! WTG./cdEL96 (
Dec26 06:35 Now comedy dominating. Calgary? - En35 (
Dec26 06:34 1060 WLNO here down under kyw as well. En35 (
Dec26 06:32 Nothing on 1110 here but Omaha. En35 (
Dec26 06:27 Try again....50 kW for XERED, XEW, XEX, XEB make more sense. An expert on Mexico radio sez they only care to cover the Ciudad now./cdEL96 (
Dec26 06:26 50 (
Dec26 06:20 Will be trying for both once my episode of X-Files is over. Cue the theme song en35 (
Dec26 06:19 DX Re [434] ok I will gladly eat crow on this one. Via stream, matching XERED here in Cedar Falls. Todd (
Dec26 06:16 Accidentally labeled as comedy, but hey! Maybe right!/cd (
Dec26 06:15 Shoulda written "one view" - sorry para la azul./cd (
Dec26 06:15 1 view already & I just now uploaded it! copy/paste/cdEL96--> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8ulLDGYQkrI (
Dec26 06:13 Yeah I wasn't even aware that WLNO was back until I heard last week. Maybe STA at 25% of the power ND?/cdEL96 (
Dec26 06:05 1060 WLNO over KYW. Not sure if this is unusual but me thinks it is. Todd in Cedar Falls Iowa (
Dec26 05:32 Both Angulo & Red SS talk ATM./cd (
Dec26 05:31 Trying for my first good catch of XEEP 1060---but with constant non-comm Jazz, my patience is being tried. Many 1060's here./cd (
Dec26 05:29 If XERED hangs in here (R Angulo Cuba & WBT beating on it), time for another YT maybe. They stream anyway./cd (
Dec26 05:27 If ESPN covered this, it'd go into their "C'Mon Man!" feature./cdEL96 (
Dec26 05:26 [04:34] yup, and copy/paste for another "powerhouse"/cdEL96--> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RxhMn1ZFWQU (
Dec26 05:26 [0434] Actually they would be regulars in the west as well. Probably as loud as XERF. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec26 04:57 DX 710 R Rebelde CUB //5.025mHz...under semi-local KIRO Seattle WA...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec26 04:54 1260 KSUR CA "Merry Xmas from K-Surf"...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec26 04:43 Only got a mess of KFAB, WMBI, and WBT here tonight. No sign of XERED. -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 04:34 If radio red was 200k, they would be regulars here in the midwest. Todd (
Dec26 04:32 Actually about 100 miles (
Dec26 04:32 770 KATL MT...ID w/Xmas greetings & Xmas pop music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec26 04:29 0350 CFRY was dominamt last night in CF. Interrsting what 150 miles does. Todd (
Dec26 04:05 Oldtimer - 710 one Rebelde, 13 second delay./cdEL96 (
Dec26 03:50 920 CFRY Portage La Prairie MB at 0344 UTC - Faint but in there with Xmas song "Joy To The World", then "CFRY" heard in holiday greeting liner by male. Webstream just a scant 4 seconds behind. 5th Manitoba logging in the Davenport logbook -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 03:45 Yeah, right./cdEL96 (
Dec26 03:45 R Red claims on air in SS 200,000 watts, (
Dec26 03:43 1110 XERED "Radio Red" strong tonight for a change, SS talk about NFL./cdEL96 (
Dec26 03:16 ok thanks Rick amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec26 03:15 ok thanks Rick (
Dec26 03:10 KPSZ 940 in Des Moines, Iowa is a Bible teaching/Contemporary Christian music format. The Fox Sports you're hearing on 940 must be WINZ, which is backed up by what's shown on mwlist.org -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 03:07 [02:59] wjniemi.hopto.org:8073 It's a web-based SDR, owner lives on the east side of Mount Vernon, Iowa, about 15 miles east of Cedar Rapids -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 03:05 [02:57] 620 AM. I am also receiving a Fox Sports station on 640 AM as well. could be KPSZ in Des Moines IA or WINZ Miami FL. amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec26 02:59 Rick. what SDR are you DXing with? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec26 02:57 [02:52] Do you mean 620 instead of 940? KMNS is Fox Sports on 620 in Sioux City. 940 is KPSZ in Des Moines, which is Bible teaching and Christian music -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 02:57 problem with Fox Sports stations they don't local ID unless they live local sports talk or games - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec26 02:52 [02:42] I am receiving a Fox Sports station on 940 AM. I see on mwlist.org there is on near you in Sioux City, IA - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec26 02:49 Rebelde coming in very strong on 620, 670, and 710 at the moment, all simulcasting 5025. Have yet to hear it under CIAO/CMBQ on 530 -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 02:42 [02:28] I have two things coming in on 530 right now, a Cuban salsa tune that is not matching up with 5025 (Rebelde) and a church choir (which matches up with CIAO). The salsa tune has to be, by process of elimination, CMBQ Radio Enciclopedia. So even if I didn't have it before, I surely have it coming in now -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 02:33 [02:28] I just checked mwlist.org. I see there are two stations on 940 AM in Cuba. So the instrumental classical music signal is CMBQ then - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec26 02:28 [02:17] Rick, I don't think the instrumental classical music is CMBQ. I am receiving Radio Rebelde weak here. Their webstream matches up. The instrumental classical signal is right under them fadeing in stronger sometimes - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec26 02:24 620 CMGN Colon, Cuba - Good under WTMJ with Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" on Radio Rebelde perfectly synched up with 5025 kHz. Second new Cuban logging tonight. -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 02:20 [02:11] I just heard what sounds like a Spanish speaking female announcing the next instrumental classical song on UN-ID station on 940 AM - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec26 02:17 [02:11] Yep, that's gotta be Enciclopedia, a.k.a. CMBQ, then. Thanks, am! I'm on 620 right now, trying to pull needed CMGN (R. Rebelde) out from under WTMJ/WRJZ. Going back and forth between 620 and 5025 to see if I can get a simulcast -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 02:11 [01:48] Rick on the Mount Vernon, I am receiving instrumental classical music on 530 AM here now. just poped up over/under Radio Rebelde Guantánamo/CTOM3 - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec26 01:48 530 unID at 0144 UTC - Someone here over/under CIAO with instrumental version of "Tonight" from "West Side Story". Radio Enciclopedia, maybe? -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 01:48 530 unID at 0144 UTC - Someone here over/under CIAO with instrumental version of "Tonight" from "West Side Story". Radio Enciclopedia, maybe? -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 01:23 980 WYFN Nashville, TN at 0112 UTC - Weak to fair under WONE with BBN programming running about two seconds behind KYFG 88.9, my local -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 00:26 1070 WCSZ San Souci, SC at 0019 UTC - Fair in the mess with ad in SS being read by female, webstream matched up and was about 12 sec behind. First South Carolina logging and state #35 in the Davenport, Iowa logbook. :) -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec26 00:10 They've always been called 'AM 1190'. CHRB AB is 'AM 1140'. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec26 00:01 1190 CFSL Weyburn, SK at 2357 UTC - Fair with Xmas mx, ID: "Your Christmas music station, AM 1190". Frustrating to not hear calls, but on a hunch, I brought up CFSL's webstream, and it matched up perfectly with what I was hearing. Thank goodness for streaming radio. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec25 23:59 Petit Jean State Park in AR. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 23:53 1190 KREBt Bentonville, AR at 2349 UTC - No ID, but has to be the one with an ad for Cedar Creek Canyon in a state park somewhere in Arkansas, then into programming from Fox Sports Radio. According to topazdesigns.com/ambc, KREB is the only thing that fits -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec25 23:30 On the other hand it's -4F in Minneapolis, where Justin/EN35 lives. No thank you. Makes our 25F seem like a heat wave. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 23:28 Oh how I'd love to experience an Australian Christmas before I die. Open gifts bright and early, then head for the BEACH! I'm sure a lot of families do that. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 22:42 730 KWRE Warrenton MO - new log, full ID popped up out of the noise, then to some news, then faded away. -- Mark/IN (
Dec25 22:39 Thanks Jack, Merry Christmas to you as well, and all the others here! -- Mark/IN (
Dec25 22:23 Merry Xmas Jack - stay cool in that 35C heatwave!! If its too hot to go out, stay in the shack & DX!!! Mike VE7SKA cn88gt/B.C. (
Dec25 22:06 Thanks Jack I hope your 2018 is full of DX and I know you had warmer temps than our -24C daytime high..Shawn (
Dec25 21:43 Merry Christmas Mike, Yakima, So King, Mark, Rick and Shawn, enjoy your day, had mine yesterday and all the best for 2018 too...Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Dec25 19:11 Rush Limbaugh stations are airing some holiday music today as well > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 17:06 0055 PT - 1530 WCKY OH u/ KFBK w/ Overcomer, parallel to 5890 khz. 900 CKBI very strong w/ ID, an unid Xmas fading up on 760 was likely WJR as WBBM was in. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 17:04 0045 PT - 1290 w/ Asian talk under KUMA/KPAY, suspect KAZA Gilroy which I still need. I've heard this many times and have never IDed. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 16:38 0100 PT - 1310 KNPT Newport, OR w/ TOH ID in between holiday music, rarely heard at night. Didn't ID throughout the hour, just non-stop music. Also had UNID Xmas music on 1150 and 1360 that never IDed. The 1150 was under CKFR Kelowna running more Xmas music. KQQQ? KSEN? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 16:35 Half of the AM dial breaking format for Xmas this morning - even 1170 KLOK San Jose wanted to air some holiday music. Merry Xmas to all! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 16:32 Apparently I can't type either. En35 (
Dec25 16:31 SSS 1140 KXRB and unid ststion that sounded like a combination of English and Asian. Xmas eve dx while running errands around 5 pm CST en35 (
Dec25 16:30 [10:17] a major improvement over their usual format! N8NU (
Dec25 16:25 Merry Christmas from the Great White North where it us sunny and -28C this morning...Shawn Winnipeg (
Dec25 15:41 AAGH! can't type at nthis early hour :-) "MERRY CHRISTMAS" Mike VE7SKA (
Dec25 15:40 Msserry Christmas DXers! May Santa bring you all some new loggings in 2018!!! Mike VE7SKA cn88 (
Dec25 10:27 (referring to 770 KTTH, sorry) (
Dec25 10:27 Back on the blink... "transponder 17, Westwood One... etc. then tone. So King Co WA (
Dec25 10:19 Just went back on. So King Co Wa (
Dec25 10:17 770 KTTH local station on the blink, repeated satellite messages with a high tone. Tone might be audible in DX areas. So King Co WA (
Dec25 07:26 1070 CHOK Sarnia 0049 KNX disappeared and CHOK faded in, ID'ed and faded leaving KHMO above a garbled mess. Todd in Cedar Falls Iowa (
Dec25 07:24 DX 1070 KNX 0047, ID TC back into news. Very rare these days. Still have yet to hear them in Bloomington Mn this year. Todd in Cedar Falls Iowa (
Dec25 07:17 Merry Christmas to all! Copy/paste (cdEL96)--> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NYexxEAl8Io (
Dec25 06:28 And, of course, the music of C. W. McCall and Mannheim Steamroller are polar opposites, they only share the same orchestration and the same producer, Davis. To call them "imaginary creatiions" is a bit of a misnomer. -- Rick in South OMAHA EN21af (
Dec25 06:27 [05:35] I wish whoever posted that would've at least left a name, because I need to refute part of that. C. W. McCall was a character created by Chip Davis and an advertising executive named Bill Finlayson, a blonde-haired John Denver lookalike who wound up using McCall's name for albums and singles, including "Wolf Creek Pass" and "Convoy". (
Dec25 06:20 [04:54] XEW heard here, playing "Oh Sherrie" by Steve Perry, //stream./cdEL96 (
Dec25 06:19 [05:35] Didn't know that!/cdEL96 (
Dec25 05:54 1270 presumed KVMI Tulare Calif. with Christmas classic hits. Nice to hear California on Christmas Eve. PRD5. So King Co WA (
Dec25 05:52 (the X-band, and 1500 khz+) (
Dec25 05:50 Blah conditions this eve. At least on the high band, where I checked last. Merry Christmas everyone. So King Co WA (
Dec25 05:35 Since Mannheim Steamroller and C.W. McCall started out as imaginary creations of Chip Davis, they are technically the same act (
Dec25 04:54 [04:31] maybe XEW has upped power a bit. I heard it the other night and about 2 weeks ago, and it was the first time in decades I heard ID./cd (
Dec25 04:53 [03:57] so it was WFCV that had Sekulow, or was it someone else?/cdEL96 (
Dec25 04:43 620 KIGS CA also airing south Asian "Radio Punjab" which originates from nearby Vancouver...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec25 04:31 DX 900 XEW DF...SS legal ID @ :30 & "Radio W" imaging...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec25 04:23 1310 KMKY CA "Radio Punjab" //semi-local 1560 KZIZ Seattle...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec25 03:57 1090 WFCV Fort Wayne IN - Almost even with KAAY with legal ID after "Focal Point" pgm via Bott Radio Network. Someone at the station forgot to program in the switch OFF time for today's sunset before leaving for the weekend -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec25 03:32 Oldtimer - 560 WGAN ME. No 558 troubles!/cdEL96 (
Dec25 03:28 630 CHED AB airing holiday music, but haven't been able to ID the show yet. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 03:12 Yes it is CFRA./cdEL96 (
Dec25 03:08 [03:07] well, nobody's perfect!/cd (
Dec25 03:08 Is 580 CFRA playing music for Christmas too? I hear something like G Lightfoot.cDont wanna leave Oldtimer rx for stream./cdEL96 (
Dec25 03:07 More fun fact: Chip Davis also produced C.W. McCall's "Convoy" -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec25 03:07 Well...they WERE running Mannheim, now Bill Cunningham Sunday Night. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 03:06 Can't even find KFAB either! All I have on 1110 is KBND Bend. No trace of Mannheim Steamroller, which is airing on KFAB right now. (fun fact: Chip Davis and his family live near Omaha) > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 03:04 [02:58] Thanks for the URL, Chris. Just checked it and WFCV isn't supposed to have the show on at this time. Whoever this was just took an untimely dive under KAAY right at top-of-the-hour-ID time. Maybe in about 55 minutes, I'll get lucky -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec25 03:02 Oldtimer - 820 CHAM, sounded like Sunny 820 but had to be Funny 820, TOH " ID"./cdEL96 (
Dec25 03:00 890 - I meant over/under WLS -- Mark/IN (
Dec25 02:59 DX 890 R. Progresso over/under Cuba - stronger than usual? //1180 and 640 when 640 is Cuba and not WMFN. - Mark/IN (
Dec25 02:59 830 KNCO Grass Valley running Xmas music // KNCO-FM 94.1 > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 02:59 860 XEMO Tijuana strong right now w/ SS music. Conditions not as great as the previous few nights. WBBM / WCCO / etc nowhere to be found. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 02:58 Copy/paste for Sekulow affiliates/cd---> https://aclj.org/radio-tv/schedule (
Dec25 02:57 [02:50] Copy/paste (
Dec25 02:57 OK Bob we have another one....gotta find out on Tuesday what's going on with WINZ./cdEL96 (
Dec25 02:53 940 WINZ Miami just popped in, also just happened, Spanish mixing with WMVP 1000 in Chicago. Bob-Nj Fn20wb (
Dec25 02:50 Trying to figure out who this is with talk pgm hosted by Jay Sekulow currently running on 1090 AM under KAAY. First hunch was WFCV's translator on 93.7 running late on AM, but WFCV's stream isn't matching up -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec25 02:44 Oldtimer - 920 likely CKNX ON, "My Favorite Things," //stream./cdEL96 (
Dec25 02:42 650 CKOM Saskatoon SK - Per Yakima's tip, I tuned in and am currently getting "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" being sung (?) by Michael Bolton. OH, MY ACHING EARDRUMS.... -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (
Dec25 02:37 Oldtimer - 920 gotta be WDMC FL with " Hark ! The Herald Angels Sing," //my rx, despite night signal out over the Ocean./cdEL96 (
Dec25 02:35 650 CKOM Saskatoon, SK good with 'Christmas Is...' holiday music program and ID > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 02:33 KBOI is running Mannheim Steamroller, just confirmed. They used to run a bunch of other holiday shows, I recall one hosted by Colbie Calliat a year or two ago. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 02:26 TIP - 1000 KOMO // KPLZ-101.5 'Santa FM' tonight, no news programming tonight. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 02:22 Just started DXing tonight, hearing Mannheim Steamroller 'An American Christmas' on KKOH-780 and KOFI-1180 so far. KBOI running some other Xmas program. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 23:52 580 WELO Tupelo, MS - Fair with R&B ballad by male, webstream is running about 15 sec behind. Audio is still badly distorted. WELO really needs to hire a competent engineer -- Rick on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR (logging counting for Davenport, Iowa logbook) (
Dec24 23:25 On the remote Stevensville MT SDR, had 910 KCJB ND, 710 KFIA CA and a few others about an hour ago. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 22:02 940 khz - WCPC - Houston, MS - 12/24 @ 2155 UT - Religious program, very good ID at just after ToH as "WCPC Houston, Mississippi" Very loud and alone - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec24 17:34 1490 KRKC King City CA again at 2AM TOH...1KW 715mi ! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 17:22 I probably should've been trying for WINZ at the same time that I was getting WQAM. :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec24 16:04 [14:38] OK then---it shouldn't be there at all! Congrats though. Possible timer issues---day pattern at night & vice versa from what someone told me./cdEL96 (
Dec24 15:51 TP 1566 HLAZ S Korea loud, 1575 VOA Thailand, several JA stns on 774, 819, 963...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec24 14:38 [13:39] I was hearing them in South Bend last night. Not coming in very good, in and out with Montreal. TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec24 13:39 If anyone else here can catch WINZ 940, please log here with location. I'm curious about this!/cd (
Dec24 13:38 WINZ has also been heard on the N Ireland rx recently, but it was there before during what I call a normal night signal//cdEL96 (
Dec24 13:37 [08:38] WINZ does cherry-pick from NBC Sports & Fox Sports, along with NFL PBP. Their signal is supposed to go east & south I think./cdEL96 (
Dec24 13:09 anyone hearing very slowed down music on 1590 AM right now? It sounds like when the batteries are dieing on a analog tape recorder - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 13:00 1700 Arlington really gets out. Saul ON (
Dec24 12:21 Re 1670 WMGE is only Fox sports stn on the frequency I know of as WOZN is CBS sports (
Dec24 12:14 Sry - thought I was on the SW board. --Mark (
Dec24 12:12 5045 Ozy Radio (presumed) - Weak signal, some audio. Just now heard "Waltzing Matilda" tune (1210UTC). -- Mark/IN (
Dec24 10:29 1700 Arlington County, VA TIS - Not a bad shot for about 275 miles...Herb NY FN21 (
Dec24 10:18 I think this station on 1670 could be WMGE Macon GA - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 10:12 I am receiving a very weak to fair signal Fox sports talk station on 1670 AM anyone can narrow this station down for me? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 10:07 I am receiving a sports (
Dec24 09:14 song just finished playing on weak 1570 signal was Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory.Nice song. amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS9Wo0iQUsg (
Dec24 09:13 1570 Sports talk faded back up 0110 PT, now gone again. NFL Draft mention. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 09:10 [09:04] Yeah you & me both on them moving. I am hearing two very weak stations on 1570 in & out. One sounds like country music - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 09:04 XERF runs 100KW and is sometimes close to S9 here. Too bad they haven't shut off 1570 and gone permanently to 103.9. Would be a dream come true for me. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 09:03 1570 now just XERF and slop, that sports signal sure faded out. Was talking about Minnesota's shut-out of Green Bay. I heard NBC Sports on 1570 the night I heard WRPN/1600 last year, so I have a hunch it's Appleton WI (needed) > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 09:01 Yakima, all I am receiving on 1570 is XERF @ 550 miles with good signal. there is another very weak in & out signal on 1570 if I turn radio to null out XERF - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 09:01 550 KFYR Bismarck, ND TOH ID right under KOAC 'KFYR, Bismarck' > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 08:47 1570 Anyone hearing sports talk with heavy distortion in the signal? Not matching ESPN, could be WSCO WI? O/U XERF. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 08:38 [04:50] cd, I am still receiving this Fox Sports station on 940 AM in & out it is not WMAC AM. WMAC is a ABC news station & no web match. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 07:25 DX 550 WGR Possibly on daystick cause I have never heard them at night. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Dec24 07:04 Haven't done any DXing tonight as I've been too busy. Maybe I'll have a chance later, and I will sure try tomorrow night. Hopefully we'll hear a lot of Mannheim Steamroller. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 05:51 It generates buzz when S-a-T is attached on some freqs./cd (
Dec24 05:51 Generally I don't like it for AM. Can't off-tune!/cdEL96 (
Dec24 05:48 cd, how does the Sony XDRF1HD Tuner do with AM DX. is it any good ? anyone that has DXed with this tuner post your thoughts on it - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 05:40 Was trying to make a video recording of XERED 1110. Waiting and awaiting for ID---nada. For a news/talker I expected better. Hopefully it'll fade up for the Anthem./cdEL96 (
Dec24 05:30 Thanks, am! I have 4 Louisiana stations in the Lafayette, IN logbook, including the Port Allen on 1550 and Golden Meadow on 1600. Still chasing KWKH, though -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Dec24 05:17 [04:57] Nice catch of WQAM Miami Rick - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 05:13 680 WPTF Raleigh dominating here in S. Bend tonight TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec24 05:12 [04:54] nice catch of XEQ-940 cd. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 05:11 680 CFTR Toronto, ON - Fair in lots of WSCR IBOC hiss with TC: "680 Newstime is 12:07..." -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Dec24 05:08 940 XEQ Mexico City MX (990 mi) web match - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 been in fluxing up to local signal levels for 5 mins. then very weak for the last 30 mins. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 05:06 529 SQM AK panhandle...AM continuous voice wx & marine condx loop - .4kW...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec24 05:03 Nice going, everyone. I use various radios with Select-a-Tenna + sometimes a Q-loop together./cdEL96 (
Dec24 05:02 I am DXing with a Grundig G5 radio with just the built in internal antenna. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 05:00 800 KINY AK...TOH ID w/"103.5 FM"...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec24 04:57 560 WQAM Miami, FL - Weak but in there under WIND w/U. of Miami BKB vs. New Mexico State, confirmed by webstream. First Florida catch in the Lafayette logbook and 2nd new state tonight! -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana KiwiSDR (
Dec24 04:57 1410 XEBS DF I'm counting, close enough to //stream./cdEL96 (
Dec24 04:57 signal gone again. Mexican station on 940 AM flux up and down signal. it will get weak an let the Sports station thru for 5 mins then wipe them out - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 04:54 Copy/paste for my only catch of XEQ 940 ever from home---WINZ AND WMAC nulled/cdEL96--> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7X0Zaslt8bw (
Dec24 04:50 Maybe WMAC had the game too?/cd (
Dec24 04:48 Can't tell./cdEL96 (
Dec24 04:48 cd, Signal is back on 940 AM stronger with NFL post game - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 04:40 cd, check WINZ Miami's signal. did they go back to night power because they faded out here. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 04:32 [04:28] WINZ Miami signal is fading fast. going outside to see if I can get a stronger signal - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 04:28 Yes. Please let me know if u hear ID./cdEL96 (
Dec24 04:27 [04:20] cd is WINZ Miami broadcasting the Greenbay Miami NFL Footbal game? that is what I hear when I null out a strong Mexican station - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 04:26 1110 XERED DF//stream. Very difficult here---not only WBT but also R Angulo in Cuba./cdEL96 (
Dec24 04:20 BTW check 940 for WINZ Miami. I really think they're running day power/pattern. I should be able to null it, but it's nearly impossible./cdEL96 (
Dec24 04:18 1060 XEEP Mexico City MX (990 mi) web match playing three songs back to back - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 04:03 [03:50] I got the ID on one of the three it is XERDO-1060 Matamoros Mx. not really DX on AM. but now there is another station in the mix. 3 more UNID - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 03:56 Country on 1060? A cheater maybe?/cd (
Dec24 03:56 I actually had WHVR 1280 PA there 3 years ago---lost the clip though. That was before sunset./cd (
Dec24 03:56 cd, I just heard a station come out of the noise strronger sounds like a country music station two other stations are mexican - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 03:55 Hey that's good Rick. From that same spot last year I had WMET 1160, likely day power./cdEL96 (
Dec24 03:54 ZNS3 810 Freeport Bahamas started out on 1060 in 1973. I think Titusville didn't like it---no other reason to move./cd (
Dec24 03:53 Betcha it's WAWA, Chris. From a search on Google, it looks like townhall.com is connected with the Salem Media Group, which happens to own WAWA -- Rick,physically in South Omaha, but with his mind elsewhere tonight (
Dec24 03:52 I was hearing enhanced Mexico it seemed. Definitely XEW 900./cd (
Dec24 03:51 I just head a new Cuban CMTE on 1060. I may be the only DXer not to hear XEEP./cdEL96 (
Dec24 03:50 HI cd, what are you receving on 1060 AM ight now? I am receiving 3 stations fading in & out. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 03:45 From Key Largo I had a Christian 780 with news from townhall.com. I only see on RL WAVA & WWOL. Is it one of them?/cdEL96 (
Dec24 03:43 580 WELO Tupelo, MS - Fair with "104.3 FM" ID and ad for Sweet Tea & Biscuits Cafe in Tupelo. Rather distorted audio -- Rick on the Edinburgh SDR (
Dec24 03:42 From Key Largo---nothing special, only ID outta R Norte 720 DR at sunset. Hi am, kinda tired./cdEL96 (
Dec24 03:36 Now getting someone with black gospel under WYLL. Could be WYDU in North Carolina, but can't find a stream online to match up with -- Rick on the Edinburgh SDR (
Dec24 03:32 1160 KSL Salt Lake City, UT at 0323 UTC - Weak but readable under WYLL with BYU basketball broadcast vs. Texas Southern //webstream. State #31 in the Lafayette, Indiana AM logbook via the Edinburgh SDR -- Rick :) (
Dec24 03:20 940 WFAW Fort Atkinson, WI - In well with "WFAW" ID in commercial break during Green Bay Packers FB -- Rick on the remote SDR out of Edinburgh, Indiana (
Dec24 03:16 [03:10] Do I need a balun installed on the coaxial cable connected to the AirSpy & antenna ? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 03:10 Hi I would like to know if a 3.5mm Mono Male to F-Type Female Adapter would work to connect a Tecsun AN-200 Loop antenna to a AirSpy SDR ? - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Dec24 02:43 1620 CMBA Radio Rebelde Cuba coming in very well //5025 Shortwave...Shawn Winnipeg (
Dec24 00:01 way to go Yakima - ya finally nailed 1610 CHHA! Nice one! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec23 23:50 Mike, can u email me at Amradio1976@gmail.com? (
Dec23 23:45 SSS 1000 KOMO WA behind local WMVP with local ads. KAZ-IL (
Dec23 23:40 SSS 1110 KEJL NM o/uKFAB with oldies and Eagle 100.5 slogans. KAZ-IL (
Dec23 22:03 SSS it's that time of the year. 1630 from WY in at 3:35 PM CST. etc etc. KAZ-IL (
Dec23 22:01 Todd=just viewed 7300 full manual & NO AC power connection...external PS required...also noted firmware update for 7300 on Icom website...check into this you may need to implement...Mike VE7SKA (
Dec23 21:57 Todd="plug it in" Does the 7300 not come with AC power? If not, a 13.8VDC/5 amp power supply should be fine for receive-only...good luck!! let me know if I can assist...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec23 19:01 Mike- we will definately have To compare notes. Not given a method to plug it in. Home Depot was surprisingly a good source to help me receive but not transmit but I dont care to transmit anyway. Todd (
Dec23 18:27 it. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec23 18:26 (cont'd) but I obviously don't have any room to put up an antenna, so Neil Kazaross says it probably wouldn't be practical, given my situation, to try to DX with my own SDR. IF there was a small LW/MW antenna out there just for that purpose, I'd be all over (
Dec23 18:24 Yak, I'm in much the same boat. Small (455 sq. feet) 1-br apartment on the ground floor of a 2-floor building. After the experience I've had with web-based SDRs the past few weeks, I'm more attracted than ever to them (
Dec23 18:18 Just the trusty G5 with a 3ft loop, 8 turns of wire. Best I can do with a small apartment and not a snowball's chance in he(ll) that I can put up antennas or wires. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 17:49 What kind of antenna/radio are you using Yakima. That's quite a feat - En35 (
Dec23 14:42 [09:35} Congrats Yakima!!! John,L'Anse,MI (
Dec23 09:52 DX 870 WWL LA w/ Dave Ramsey totally pummeling 250w KFLD to pieces. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 09:35 I got two recordings of it - #1 has the blues song under the TIS, clip #2 contains some PP talk u/ TIS then webstream parallel audio to confirm. What a nice Xmas present! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 09:33 DX 1610 CHHA Toronto, ON, old blues number under WQBV569, then woman speaking in Portuguese // web audio, poor to fair. NEW!! 6.25KW, 1996 miles! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 09:20 Very faint music back under KDMT/KFSG on 1690, but no idea what format. Possibly ethnic-sounding like last night. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 09:04 1490 KRKC King City, CA w/ K285FW mention at TOH into CBS News. Relog but NICE catch! 1KW, 715 miles and conditions are nowhere near Au or semi-Au. Again, I was looking for KLZN Susanville but didn't hear any trace of Fox Sports. I don't understand, KSUE is almost a pest here at times. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 09:01 1230 KSJK Talent, OR w/ announcement for JPR support coming from the Ashland Arts Council or similar. Fair signal above the slop > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 07:41 1530 WCKY w/ Brother Scare, er... Stair. Mr. Now in Jail. Haha - En35 (
Dec23 07:35 1210 WPHT Philadelphia received on the SDR, so it can get some DX. Doesn't have a decent antenna for MW though - EN35 (
Dec23 07:24 1230 Unid Phil Collins - Can't Hurry Love - En35 (
Dec23 07:19 1340 - multiple C2C's piled up on SDR. Trying to see if I can get a new one on this $17 unit. Probably won't happen - En35 (
Dec23 07:15 [0544] 'This website may be hacked' when I see CHHA's website on Google. I am not taking a chance. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 06:34 Oldtimer - 820 WBAP//my rx + "WBAP.com", Red Eye R./cdEL96 (
Dec23 05:52 DX 710 R Rebelde CUB //5.025mHz...under semi-local KIRO Seattle WA...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec23 05:47 930 KTKN AK...AK Wildlife Regulations PSA & local ads...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec23 05:45 950 CFAM MB...classical & choral mx, ID...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec23 05:44 Yakima=can barely tell CHHA is in there...think its either Punjabi or Italian pgms right now...yes, it does have a webstream - try "La Voces latinas" Mike VE7SKA (
Dec23 05:42 DX 710 R Rebelde u/ KIRO, at times close to overpowering it! //5025 khz with music and talk. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 05:41 DX 700 WLW OH w/ iHeartRadio mention, recorded. Not very strong but noticeable under KXLX/KALL echo. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 05:27 770 / 1580 both // with Ellie Goulding's 'Burn', so 770 is KATL MT, 1580 is KKTS WY (230W!) Both running Westwood One Hot AC network. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 05:25 I can't find a stream for CHHA, but it does sound like Portuguese talk and music under the TIS. Can anyone else confirm programming at the moment? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 05:18 Noise level higher tonight, that darn RF interference. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 05:18 1610 UNID with ethnic music under local Union Gap TIS. Suspect CHHA but not strong enough to confirm. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec23 03:44 Todd=we're all eager to hear how your IC-7300 performs on MW...I've always owned Icoms...use a decked-out R75 & LOVE it!!!! Favourite radio!! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec23 02:25 *Anything* heard on 790 on that Oldtimer rx is worth reporting, as there is a monster 792 there./cdEL96 (
Dec23 02:24 Oldtimer - 790 unID but has the makings of my local WAXY...sounds like a Heat game, definitely a Mountain Dew ad./cdEL96 (
Dec23 00:10 Thanks Mark, a major investment for me. Looking forward to seeing how it really works! Todd (
Dec23 00:08 1430 CHKT making a rare appearance here. Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Dec22 23:24 I've never owned - or even played with - any ICOM, but hear it's great. Mostly I've used Drake and Kenwood, and before that, in the olden days, Realistic. -- Mark/IN (
Dec22 23:17 That would be a nice Christmas present to yourself! -- Mark/IN (
Dec22 22:58 It was a good TA night last night here in the Twin Cities. I hope to have my new ICOM up and running by tomorrow night. Todd (
Dec22 22:44 Seeing some TA carriers across the band.... weak but there. -- Mark/IN (
Dec22 13:33 Isn't WPTX still on the America's Best Music satellite? If so, that's either soft AC or Christmas by now./cdEL96 (
Dec22 09:37 DX 1620 Radio Rebelde Cuba // 5025, under KSMH and KYIZ, also 1660 KQWB ND. Still hearing music in and out E-W on 1690, but it doesn't seem to match even WPTX. Does WVON run music overnight? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 09:25 Interesting, this music is not matching CHTO nor WMLB. Could this be WPTX? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 09:10 CHTO, excuse me. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 09:10 1690 Interesting sounding music well under Denver and Roseville CA - perhaps CJLO? Sounds ethnic. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 05:54 820 - Probably on the hour, but probably after a few mini-acts, perhaps when break for ads... Saul ON (
Dec22 05:29 Oldtimer - 820 stand-up comedy; assumed CHAM, but when do they ID?/cdEL96 (
Dec22 05:25 Oldtimer - 1120 KMOX stronger'n usual, close to Blues hockey./cdEL96 (
Dec22 03:27 Thats a PS-126 I meant (
Dec22 03:25 Does anyone have a PS-26 they'd like to sell? Todd (
Dec22 02:47 OK that sounded right./cdEL96 (
Dec22 02:34 DFW's were 50 watts AFIRC. KAZ-IL (
Dec22 02:10 The DFW's were heard on the Big Island in HI./cd (
Dec22 02:09 ....and had to be 1997 I had those DFW arrivals/departures 1640/1680. Weren't they 10 watts, or were they more? Wish I recorded./cdEL96 (
Dec22 02:07 [This 00:16] I once heard on 1610 in the early 90s "Anastasia State Park" which is near St Augustine, about 300 mi.....>>>/cdEL96 (
Dec22 00:40 1700 WQIH568 Auburn WA .01kW TIS w/road condx & safety reminders, automated loop...approx 200km...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec22 00:32 1520 - remote SDR, KMPG Hollister CA is huge with SS ads and Regional Mexican music, not a trace here and needed. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 00:20 1700 XEPE / KKLF mixing, Tijuana obviously on top. Remote SDR in western MT. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 00:17 I also keep hearing DTMF tones coming off another TIS somewhere, and a third mentioning I-80? 84? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 00:16 This would be over 350 miles on 10w! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 00:16 On a remote SDR in western Montana; just heard a TIS on 1610 with NOAA weather, 'forecast for Salt Lake City,' mentioned snow showers. There are HARs at Logan, Garden City and Brigham City, UT - take your pick. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 00:13 1630 XEUT BCN "R Universidad" w/ children's choir singing Xmas carols...nice! still on 10kW D pwr, almost SSS here...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec21 23:34 SSS sounds very blah right now. Doesn't help that there's plenty of RF throughout the band. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 18:43 Glad to hear they got it up and running. Hopefully it helps a few of the people in the Outback and far North who depended on R. Australia. So King Co WA (
Dec21 14:32 4KZ via 5.055MHz AM now on air for those looking for a new SW station, strength seven here at present, relay of 4KZ on MW. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Dec21 06:38 Believe it or not, catching this is like pulling teeth. Copy/paste/cdEL96-> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RxhMn1ZFWQU (
Dec21 05:38 890 KBBI AK ID w/eclectic music show & wx forecast/condx...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec21 05:04 529 SQM AK panhandle...AM continuous voice wx & marine condx loop - .4kW...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec21 05:00 1450 KMMS Bozeman, MT '...1340, Montana Talk' - relog > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 05:00 1400 KRPL Moscow ID 'Your home for ESPN on the Palouse' > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 02:41 1390 WZHF - Correction: not new stn, but new format. Last logged as reg. mex, now Voice of Russia / R. Sputnik (Kremlin propaganda radio right in our nation's capitol...sheesh....) -- Mark/IN (
Dec21 02:18 1560 WMBH Joplin, MO at 0211 UTC - Fair with ad for Instant Karma Gourmet Hot Dogs in downtown Joplin, then into Pittsburg (KS) vs. Joplin girls HS BKB game via phone feed. Must be on the 250 watt day stick -- Rick on the Edinburgh, Indiana SDR (
Dec21 01:15 1390 - answered my own Q. Listened to online stream @ 0100, and yes, WZHF/Radio Sputnik uses beeps as part of their ID tag. New station! Was trying for WEGP Maine, which I haven't heard yet. -- Mark/IN (
Dec21 00:34 1390 WZHF Capitol Heights, MD (tent). Very faint ID at 20:59:55 snds like "This is WZHF, ..." then a series of beeps. Listed also as Radio Sputnik. Does anyone know if the beeps are part of WZHF/R. Sputnik's ID? -- Mark/IN (
Dec21 00:13 [23:50] My bad, I mixed up my stations, that should be KZEE in Weatherford that was airing the format I heard. I am constantly confusing those two Texans -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec20 23:50 1220 KMVL Madisonville, TX ruling the channel right now with Ethnic music, talk in English by accented male with slogan "Radio Hot Pepper" and 972 area code phone number. Naughty, naughty!!! -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec20 23:30 Too busy with errands to try daytime DX today. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 20:40 1390 was received on my Grundig G8. That unit surprises me sometimes. En35 (
Dec20 20:19 1390 WRIG Schofield WI with local forecast and Wausau mentions. Recorded. New En35 (
Dec20 19:39 700 WLW in (
Dec20 19:24 1300 KPMI Bemidji 12/20 1240 xmas mx, ads, ID back into more xmas mx. Highly wanted and New! Now if WCCO would ever turn their IBOC off, maybe I would be able to hear 820, wishful thinking. Todd (
Dec20 19:14 Yep CD re:13:48. I own a Facebook group called I Love AM Radio. It has been a topic for a while. En35 (
Dec20 18:53 1300 KPMI Bemidji, MN with Xmas music under WQPM. New. // with Todd in Bloomington. En35 (
Dec20 18:08 1540 CHIN in weakly with KXEL. Amazed at the distance. Todd (
Dec20 18:03 1480 right revealing Madios and Fosston fighting it out with regular Austin. Some dayrime enhancement happening today. Todd (
Dec20 18:02 1480 WJDO Cincinnati also heard around 6pm local. Me thinks it was on day faciltites since Herb heard them as well. New for me! Todd in Bloomington Mn (
Dec20 17:13 The only way I could get KQV is if we brought back Monday morning maintenance periods. Basically, impossible. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 13:48 [07:11] I guess you know that Dec 31 is KQV's last day on the air!/cdEL96 (
Dec20 13:27 [07:08] I am only guessing. Euro Freqs were blown away last night. SSB was rarely used./cdEL96 (
Dec20 13:15 1060 WKMQ Tupelo, Mississippi at 1242 UTC - Fair with "WKMQ" and iHeartMedia" heard in local weather forecast. Davenport logging #350, with the last 37 of those coming in the past 2 weeks -- Rick on a remote SDR out of Mount Vernon, Iowa (
Dec20 13:11 1280 KZNS Salt Lake City 12/19 at 2301 UTC - Good with ID as "97.5, 1280, The Zone" and mention of Utah Utes sports. Not new at this location, but always nice to hear Utah on a frequency above 1250 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec20 10:45 1480 WJDO Cincinnati - Clear ID. Listed as 300 watts....Herb NY FN21 (
Dec20 09:16 Rest of the X-Band is pretty blah, except for 1660 KQWB which seems like is 'always' in at a variable level; and an unid NOAA 1650 which has to be one of the Oregon's. I've heard Astoria. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 09:14 DX 1700 KVNS Brownsville, TX w/ Fox Sports programming // 1390 KBBO. Not heard in a while. 880W > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 09:00 1490 KOWL again at 1AM TOH but heard a faint 'Fox Sports Trending' in there. Still need Susanville CA. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 08:42 1570 Sports talk and highlights faded up a few minutes ago over XERF. Not an ESPN station, maybe WSCO WI (NBC Sports). Then faded down, now a tent. KBCV MO is in w/ EE Rel. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 08:00 1490 KSKR Roseburg OR and KTEL Walla Walla TOH IDs > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 07:19 Nice cd - I've never seen that one reported on the east coast. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 07:11 1410 a mess of WIZM and WING. Also KLEM in there. Todd and I are trying to track down KQV. I'm going to bed but have the recorder running - En35 (
Dec20 07:08 [07:05] MWList shows Guyana 560 at 7 kW running //BBCWS. This wouldn't be far fetched./cdEL96 (
Dec20 07:05 Oldtimer - 560 unID, YL talking kinda NPR-style about Honduras elections at 0702ish UTC. Is Guyana 560 still on?/cdEL96 (
Dec20 07:04 Oldtimer -'560 (
Dec20 06:36 Oldtimer earlier at TOH - 820 CMCA Havana//my rx, with their interval signal fully sung out with SS lyrics./cd (
Dec20 06:35 Oldtimer - Euro-killer 1080 WTIC pretty strong + possible WHIM // my rx, but Creole is hard to verify./cdEL96 (
Dec20 06:10 Oldtimer - 640 R Progreso Cuba // my rx./cdEL96 (
Dec20 06:02 I was looking for KLZN Susanville however... > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 06:01 1490 KOWL South Lake Tahoe, CA w/ faint TOH ID, '...OWL Talk' into CBS News. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:57 Congrats Yakima on WLW! Todd (
Dec20 05:54 1110 KFAB Omaha w/ ID, then SS talk for a minute (recorded), XERED? Now mix of KBND and KFAB. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:41 SS talk disappeared quickly from 760, now KKZN and KFMB mixing. Trying hard for any trace of CKJS-810 but not hearing much under KGO. Running out of time to hear them before they go off the air. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:39 DX 1080 KRLD Dallas, TX w/ Joe Pags show at good levels > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:24 740 ESPN // 710, so KVOX Fargo, ND 940W > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:23 760 UNID SS talk, XEABC DF? Would be new. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:16 700 now KALL Salt Lake City w/ ESPN 700 ID, and local ad for hospital. Recorded. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:10 I've only heard WLW once in a decade of DX, and that was 1/11/2014. Tonight when it came in, it was dominant over WA and others. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:09 DX 710 Rebelde over KIRO at times > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:09 I haven't recorded a second on that thing since last month, so isn't that something... > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:08 Murphy's Law - frantically try to find recorder to get ID, finally find it, and end up getting KXLX WA instead. Aargh! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:04 DX 700 WLW Cincinnati!! IDed!! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:03 680 CJOB Winnipeg, MB just IDed u/ KNBR. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:01 650 KMTI Manti, UT w/ TOH ID into ABC News > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 04:59 Cuba? They are usually classical but who knows. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 04:53 590 unID -- Someone in right now on the Mount Vernon, Iowa SDR with jazzy saxophone and piano music, and it's not a Christmas song, either. Can't think of anybody on 590 who would have a jazz format. Any ideas? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec20 04:11 Yakima=KROD was only in for about 10 min - now a mix of KCOL & KOGO here...good guess on mileage, my calculation 1475 miles...Mike VE7SKA (
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