BCB Propagation Log Entries
Jan16 04:07 Interestingly I could also pick up 1200 WOAI and 870 WWL in Virginia - Same as in Anchorage - WL7NO (
Jan16 03:49 Just back from a trip to Williamsburg, Captured 5 days of spectrum recordings. Finally get to hear the famous east coast stations like WSM finally - WL7NO (
Jan16 03:24 [03:10] Yes. It was OK last night though. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan16 03:10 Anyone else having trouble getting onto www.mwlist.org this evening? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan16 03:05 560 WQAM Miami, FL - Florida Panthers - Montreal Canadiens hockey game; signal occasionally emerges from under WHBQ, WVOC, and others. KY/EM66tx (
Jan15 20:59 ...discovered that I just don't have room for them in my apartment, so they will probably go up as auction items at a future NRC or IRCA convention. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan15 20:58 I have a couple of REALLY old box loops that I recently acquired from the estate of the late Paul Swearingen, but I don't know how well they work. And now, unfortunately, I've... (
Jan15 17:20 Unfortunately my 3-foot loop is out of service after a wire got tangled up and broke. No more boosted reception until I either solder the wire, or get/build a new antenna. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan15 17:19 Wow...CFMJ? Did not know about that. Very nice. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan15 15:37 @ Todd. Good job with KWWN 1100 NV. They've been in here by 0030 everyday this month that I've checked. KAZ-IL (
Jan15 10:21 (also new here, #586, finally some new loggings, and decent condx to the East) So King Co WA (
Jan15 10:21 740 CFZM Toronto w oldies, incl. Mr. Bojangles by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, matches web playlist. Long fades in 750 splash and CBX QRM. Panasonic, loop. So King Co WA (
Jan15 10:19 (new, woops) (
Jan15 10:19 (now station here, #585, first IDed Toronto stn) So King Co WA (
Jan15 10:18 640 CFMJ Toronto with spot for Ryding Auto Body, slow fades, under KFI E-W. Panasonic RF-B45, also w loop. So King Co WQ (
Jan15 03:35 1070 CHOK in with FOXsports. Evidently switched? Not heard this well in awhile. Todden34it (
Jan15 00:39 SSS KWWN Las Vegas in //stream. This is new for me. Todden34it (
Jan15 00:38 Good job Justin (
Jan14 23:29 SSS 1600 KATZ St. Louis, MO in amongst a jumble. EN35ID (
Jan14 20:45 1160 is Chicago, Iowa and Missouri at the same time. 245 PM Cst. En35id (
Jan14 20:43 1100 WISS Berlin, WI fighting a talker en35id (
Jan14 20:41 14 (
Jan14 20:05 [06:11 & 06:14] I see the lookalike kidney beans. Make one wonder how WBZ can make it through all that, if not over the Pole./cdel96 (
Jan14 20:01 Earl, I am not sure if KCTA ever had that "limited time" deal. The old Vane Jones books would list an "f" next to power listed, denoting limited time; but I sure don't recall that./cdel96 (
Jan14 18:42 Rick, however if you click here: http://www.kctaradio.com/faq.php, it says they sign on at Boston sunrise, so I'm confused. Earl Higgins (
Jan14 18:33 Rick, I assumed KCTA was still signing on at Boston LSR. Although the historical correspondence on the FCC website shows that it was the case, the station is currently listed as "daytime only". I can find no evidence of any limited time authorization! Earl Higgins (
Jan14 15:25 On 353 kHz with strong sig on peaks sorry for sloppy typing QKO (
Jan14 15:23 In every morning w (
Jan14 15:23 In every morning w (
Jan14 15:23 In every morning w (
Jan14 15:22 Right now my most consistent TP visitor is the LLD NDB station on Lanai QKO (
Jan14 15:19 TP 1566 kHz HLAZ tt same QKO (
Jan14 15:18 TP 774 kHz JOUB tt usual bits of audio right at sunrise WB6QKO (
Jan14 07:30 WBZ has been heard by Robert in Medford several times this year. Not a trace here, and I'm 300 miles NE. Too much Wyoming. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan14 06:14 In short, WBZ's night pattern is a huge kidney bean sent in the direction of Casper, Wyoming, which, in turn, sends ITS huge kidney bean right at the West Coast. BTW, does anyone know if KCTA in Corpus Christi is still allowed to sign on at Boston LSR? -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan14 06:11 Chris, here's what 1030 looks like (or SHOULD look like at night): http://www.nf8m.com/pattern_maps/US-CA_nighttime/N-map_1030KHz.html -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan14 05:08 920 CKNX Wingham ON Loud on 10kw day rig with country music Steve East TN (
Jan14 05:01 560 (Dom Rep SDR) assumed my local WQAM, but it looks like they failed to ID TOH. Par for the course./cdel96 (
Jan14 04:37 549 (
Jan14 03:48 I thought it was pretty much NNE/SSW. My bad./cdel96 (
Jan14 03:18 WBZ pattern is a cardioid favorable to the west. KAZ (
Jan14 02:45 WBZ with that night pattern?! Yikes!/cdel96 (
Jan14 02:13 WBZ 1030 into Calif << DM14 (
Jan14 01:28 BC on 1130 and 1040 pretty decent right now. KAZ-IL (
Jan14 01:28 SSS 890 KVMX CA way u/WLS with Ranchera mx into NBC chimes at 0101. KAZ-IL (
Jan14 01:27 [2301] Yes WHAM 1180 with Westwood 1 NFL. Also on 1100 KWWN NV which switched at 0045:10. KAZ-IL (
Jan14 00:39 ***WOIZ 550, not 1270 - sorry! (
Jan14 00:39 1270t WOIZ Pinehurst, NC (260 watts) with a tentative ID. 99% sure I heard it but need to hear it again to feel 100% sure.....Herb NY FN21 (
Jan14 00:34 1270 - WJTZ Newport News, VA - Positive ID. 900 watts. Great conditions the last few nights!....Herb NY FN21 (
Jan13 23:01 Hearing another station in there on 1180 with the same game, probably WHAM -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Jan13 23:00 SSS 1180 KZOT Bellevue NE - Fair with "1180 Zone 2, the Deuce" heard in station ID during Westwood One coverage of Eagles-Saints NFL playoff game -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Jan13 22:39 (not again....) Bahamas 810 (Freeport) is a snap in the day, but 1540 (Nassau) is not, from here; the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast are better for 1540 daytime./cd (
Jan13 22:37 Bahamas 81" (
Jan13 22:37 Radio Belize 834 kHz was one of my maiden catches when I started the hobby in 1974. 834 in daytime may've been possible if I traveled to the right place./cd (
Jan13 22:35 From Flamingo (southern end of Everglades Park) over 25 years ago, Cancún & Jamaica (whose radio is now all FM) was possible in daytime./cdel96 (
Jan13 22:33 sorry for blue./cd (
Jan13 22:33 1555 Caymans was a daytime catch also, if you were in the right spot in FL, like Marco Island./cdel96 (
Jan13 22:10 I heard Cayman Islands on 1555 from my gramdparent's house in Florida back in the early 80s. I have the QSL letter somewhere around here. -- Mark/IN (
Jan13 22:08 Other than Cuba and Virgin Islands, I haven't heard anything in the Caribbean from the midwest. I don't know if solar minimum is a good time for that or not. I'm guessing probably not? -- Mark/IN (
Jan13 19:47 WISA from a 45 mile drive away/cd--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgwt6V9jkPo (
Jan13 19:46 Oops I removed it. I forgot. Trying to thin things out there. I do have 1390 WISA & 1480 WMDD still on YT./cdel96 (
Jan13 19:44 [15:47] Almost all should be back at full strength. I heard WAPA here and have it on YouTube./cdel96 (
Jan13 15:47 [05:09] - I've been wondering if there is an up-to-date report on the general state of Peurto Rico broadcasting. How many stations are still silent? Which ones are back to "normal"? etc.. -- Mark/IN (
Jan13 11:40 650 (Oahu SDR) - is Honolulu on low power? It was sometimes UNDER C2CAM (assumed KENI)!/cdel96 (
Jan13 11:01 900 (Bjargtangar Iceland SDR) CHML ON all alone and LOUD!/cdel96 (
Jan13 06:00 660 (PR SDR) WFAN NY./cdel96 (
Jan13 05:48 Rel program in SS, of course > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 05:48 1580 KBLA Santa Monica Rel program under KGAL, and another UNID underneath (KKTS?) > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 05:46 620 (PR SDR) R Rebelde Cuba, //1180 chorus./cdel96 (
Jan13 05:30 870 KLSQ Whitney NV o/u KFLD, Univision Deportes > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 05:25 [0426] I'm surprised there aren't MORE pirates, with the government shutdown screwing up the FCC. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan13 05:25 880 (as below SDR) WCBS NY killin' it!/cdel96 (
Jan13 05:20 740 (as below SDR) CFZM ON atop, //stream. Wow. I figure this is an E/W beverage./cdel96 (
Jan13 05:09 680 (Puerto Rico SDR) WPTF NC atop. Many San Juan AM (like WAPA 680) seem to be just an N/S pattern; WAPA not audible./cdel96 (
Jan13 04:52 FWIW, I caught CHHA 1610 Toronto from a park 30 miles from home prior to sunset; in Spanish I heard they are now claiming 10 kW./cdel96 (
Jan13 04:26 [04:03] Very few pirates will even give out the city of broadcast. Otherwise, the antenna will be hunted/tracked down./cdel96 (
Jan13 04:25 [04:03] Very d (
Jan13 04:14 Not heard in Minnesota - En35ID (
Jan13 04:10 Earl, so you heard all that too? I'm trying to put all the pieces together myself. Their Twitter feed mentions 1630 & 1700, but I got the impression that 1710 was a test tonight. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Jan13 04:06 1710 "Tater Patch Radio", he says he's running 250w on 1710. They're also claiming to be on 1630 kHz, though obviously that's a much more crowded channel. Not heard. Earl in Saint Louis (
Jan13 04:03 You should ask the pirate where he's broadcasting from. En35id (
Jan13 04:00 1710 is also on Twitter @taterpatchradio FYI. Earl in Saint Louis (
Jan13 03:58 1710 the pirate just acknowledged my chat message by giving a shout out to "The listener in Indiana on 1710". Fun! Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri listening on the Edinburgh Indiana SDR (
Jan13 03:54 1710 another ad for a Virginia business into "I Fought The Law and The Law Won" en35id on edinburg Indiana SDR (
Jan13 03:49 1710 I found the stream, it's http://taterpatchradio.com/ . Another listener on Facebook mentioned hearing them announce 1710, so it seems deliberate. --Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri (
Jan13 03:31 If WPEX streams, still that 1710 could be anywhere. I heard on FM DX last week an 87.9 which IIRC was //1180 WKCE TN, but the station had to be from the NE US./cdel96 (
Jan13 03:01 1710 I've also heard several references to "Blackstone" and "WPEX", "John" the DJ, and a mix of classic rock (e.g, Doobie Brothers) and dance music; the signal is very clear after using USB to get away from 1700 kHz splatter. KY/EM66tx (
Jan13 02:42 1710 just gave ID "90.9 WPEX" which is licensed to Blackstone Virginia. Now playing "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison. The mystery deepens. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using the Edinburgh Indiana SDR (
Jan13 02:20 1710 Edinburg, Indiana SDR: UnID pirate with comedy routine, interview with someone with fake Russian accent and someone with British accent, no music heard yet but definitely a decent signal could not be more than a couple hundred miles away. Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using the Edinburgh Indiana SDR (
Jan13 01:55 DX 882 Spain putting a beating on 88p with a blasting het on 880 Todden34it (
Jan13 01:08 1710, a new occupant playing rock music right now with an FM ID on my South antenna. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Jan12 22:39 SSS 840 WHGH presumed, under WHAS, with urban contemp. On S Dkaz. (There's also a SS station WAY underneath...) -- Mark/IN (
Jan12 18:03 0139 PT - 1290 KOWB Laramie WY with ID during Coast to Coast, quite weak under KUMA/KGVO. Not much else to report. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan12 06:08 TA het 693 - Matt Washington DC (
Jan12 03:59 [03:17] Rick, R. Rebelde and CIAO are overlapping here at about equal strength. KY/EM66tx (
Jan12 03:43 730 KKDA Grand Prairie, TX - adult contemporary songs in Korean // webstream. KY/EM66tx (
Jan12 03:17 Trying 530 for much-needed Radio Rebelde. Just getting CIAO. :( No trace of Radio Enciclopedia at the moment, by the way. -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Jan12 02:37 Hearing telephone quality audio under WSCR. Not sure if its KHGZ but I cant think of who else it is. En35id (
Jan12 02:07 [02:03] Ah, yes, the former KWXI. :) By the way, does anybody ever hear anything these days from the 670 in York, Alabama? Have not seen it reported in ages -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Jan12 02:05 [01:23] Justin, I'm trying 1410 from eastern Iowa right now for KWYO, but just getting the usual suspects -- WIZM, WING -- so far. Will keep trying, because KWYO is one that I need -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Jan12 02:03 [01:54] It's KHGZ, which often seems to broadcast at night. KY/EM66tx (
Jan12 01:54 670 UNID - HSBB way under WSCR The Score. Wondering who it might be. Best on west superloop. -- Mark/IN (
Jan12 01:37 550 KRAI is strong here and must still be on day power. KY/EM66tx (
Jan12 01:25 Yes, Kaz, heard them again tonight. It helps that WLS program material has spaces between the words during the news instead of hyper-compressed audio like on some stations. *cough*ESPN*cough* -- Mark/IN (
Jan12 01:23 Got a report from Wyoming that KWYO 1410 didn't drop to night power - En35ID (
Jan12 01:13 [0107] did you get the NBC chimes from KVMX 890 CA again tonight, Mark. They get out great. KAZ-IL (
Jan12 01:09 [01:07] - RQOTD (Rhetorical Question Of The Day) (
Jan12 01:07 So if I can hear that "NBC" tone on 890 fairly regularly now that I know what to listen for, why can't I ever hear "Yankee Doodle" on 1530 Sao Tome s/on?? -- Mark/IN (
Jan11 23:41 Bjarne OK am now hooked on the Arctic SDR too it is the incredible variety in music that just blows me away thank you thank you thank you WB6QKO (
Jan11 23:40 Bjarne OK am now hooked on the Arctic SDR too it is the incredible variety in music that just blows me away thank you thank you thank you WB6QKO (
Jan11 18:34 [13:45] Be my guest. 153 kHz is only 200 km away, hence the signal level. /Bjarne (
Jan11 13:45 I like hearing the Longwave stations on the Arctic SDR. Very cool. Thanks for making it available, Bjarne. So King Co WA (
Jan11 13:29 Cx not that remarkable, so focusing on GYs; that was the only one that I noted; it was a relog. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan11 13:28 SRS at 800 -- WKEI-1450 Kewanee, IL - Faded up with show promo, 'News Talk 1450, WKEI' and back down in the din again. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan11 05:56 1200 (Arcticsdr) WMUZ MI//stream./cdel96 (
Jan11 05:52 1280 (Arcticsdr) WNAM WI/cdel96 (
Jan11 05:51 128" (
Jan11 05:51 1280 (Arcticsdr) likely WWTC MN // stream. Who else carries Joe Walsh Show?? 😁 /cdel96 (
Jan11 05:40 [05:39] Possibly Kiribati 846 by tuning Oahu SDR to 844, but it won't rise up. (
Jan11 05:39 850 (Oahu SDR) KICY AK//stream, o/u KOA. What about Hilo?/cdel96 (
Jan11 05:38 85" (
Jan11 05:38 85" (
Jan11 05:38 85" (
Jan10 22:32 TA Lubec Maine SDR: 1386 Lithuania RFE/RL fair in Russian, m&w conversation. Mixing with Arabic station, nothing obvious I can see. Ideas? Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Jan10 19:38 TA Lubec Maine SDR: 1521-Saudi Arabia chanting louder than WWKB-1520 92 minutes before local sunset. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Jan10 05:51 [03.08] Egypt has sunrise 04:34 /Bjarne (
Jan10 03:26 1550 khz - KYAL - Sapulpa, OK - 1/10 @ 0257 UT - "Your home for sports is 97.1 FM KYAL Muskogee-Tulsa ... AM 1550 KYAL Sapulpa-Tulsa", last logged as KXOJ in 1988 - TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan10 03:10 1430 khz - WDAL - Dalton, GA - 1/10 @ 0202 UT - CW music, "This is Bulldog Country WDAL Dalton" then into Fox News, New - TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan10 03:08 Bjarne, will Egypt 1350 die out by 0600 UTC? (
Jan10 03:03 1350 (ArcticSDR per tip from Bjarne) R Buenos Aires, ARG, "Red Aleluya,"//stream. Anthem at :01. What is that battling it--Egypt?/cdel96 (
Jan10 01:21 [00:31] Ahhh the former Café 990, the format that lasted 3 days!! You can do a search....what a story that was./cdel96 (
Jan10 01:05 ArcticSDR: Conditions now mixing North and South America. /Bjarne (
Jan10 00:31 990 KFCD Farmersville, TX under Canada. 2nd time hearing it. En35id (
Jan10 00:26 540 WAUK Jackson, WI - Marquette - Creighton BKB game; dominating the frequency @ 400W. KY/EM66tx (
Jan10 00:05 [23:33] Agreed, cdel96. Seems like every station has a different LSR and LSS time; and keep in mind that all times are STANDARD there, so you need to adjust accordingly for DST. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan09 23:34 Oh as far as international stations, best to just find a link to a grayline map. It's the only way to manage the SDR's to know when to use!/cdel96 (
Jan09 23:33 [23:21] U have to go to FCC page entry for *each station*. Kinda complicated, but links are there, month by month./cdel96 (
Jan09 23:21 How do I find out what time a station switches from day to night power, and vice versa? I work both. WA4IRI TN (
Jan09 23:20 Am betting Kiribati will be in on the Arctic SDR once Bjarne works his magic on that beverage thanks QKO (
Jan09 23:17 Am betting Kiribati will be in on the Arctic SDR once Bjarne works his magic on that beverage thanks QKO (
Jan09 22:28 this would be a snap I'd think on the HI SDR's, if NOT for Hilo on 850. They must get bells & whistles like mad in Hilo./cdel96 (
Jan09 21:26 Kaz am pretty sure being about 6 city blocks from the Pacific helps too but they have very low audio that makes getting audio through when they're not playing music QKO (
Jan09 21:19 Last night for about an hour between 0800 and 0900 GMT WB6QKO (
Jan09 21:17 No but Kiribati is about the only TP that makes in here at levels that are pleasurable to listen to (
Jan09 20:53 Is Kiribati the only nation in the world now, where AM is "hip"? / cdel96 (
Jan09 18:12 DX 690 KRGS CO u/CKBF-1 and past WSCR IBOC remnants with ESPN 690 and 98.9 ID's 0100 last night. Very rare. KAZ-IL (
Jan09 17:51 [15:48] The current beverage at ArcticSDR is not good for Kiribati-846. I will change to another beverage in a week or two. /Bjarne (
Jan09 16:48 [0828] Wow Kiribati that good then but almost no trace here when I tried just after their SS when the carrier tends to peak here. Awful KOA slop as always. KAZ-IL (
Jan09 15:48 Yakima, isn't the ArcticSDR the best? I can hear everything from Vietnam to Greenland to Iran to Alaska on that thing. Many thanks to Bjarne Mjelde for making it available to us. -- Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri (
Jan09 08:28 Yakima R Kiribati is in right with excellent island music full quieting QKO (
Jan09 07:00 1460 ArcticSDR KXNO Des Moines IA references of sister stations '1040 WHO, 100.3 the Bus...', Fox Sports Trending. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan09 06:59 1420 ArcticSDR WOC-AM Davenport IA 'here on WOC', also 1410 CFTE Vancouver w/ local ad. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan09 06:56 1380 ArcticSDR 'More of Everett's Greatest Hits...KRKO' S9+5 signal! > yakima CN96 (
Jan09 06:54 1370 ArcticSDR WXXI Rochester NY with BBC World Service, 5KW. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan09 02:02 1040 CKST BC o/u WHO with hockey talk and local ads. KAZ-IL (
Jan09 01:03 SSS 890 KVMX CA in again 0101 NBC chimes and "La Ranchera me gusta mas" SID. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Jan09 00:17 SSS 1110 KEJL NM slightly u/KFAB with oldies // stream and XERED QRM and gone at 0015 switch. KAZ-IL (
Jan08 23:56 SSS conditions are quite poor tonight. KFBK's even weaker than normal. What's up with that? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 21:43 Daytime skywave nonexistant here; checked around 1100-1400 EST and none of the big guns in. Looks like our great daytime skywave event from last week is over. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan08 21:23 TA Lubec Maine SDR: 837 Spain COPE Sevilla et al, good with rapid news talk. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Jan08 21:11 TA Lubec Maine SDR: 810 BBC Radio Scotland briefly surpassing WGY with country music program //webstream. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Jan08 21:03 TA Lubec Maine SDR: 774.332 Egypt (presumed) quite a bit off frequency with Arabic pop and talk by woman. Listed in offsets as being 774.17 but it's much farther from 774 than that. Easily separable from the dominant Spanish syncros. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Jan08 20:53 TA Lubec Maine SDR: Spain 855 as loud as Boston-850! Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Jan08 20:52 TA Lubec Maine SDR: 882 BBC Radio Wales holding its own against WCBS. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Jan08 20:47 TA Lubec Maine SDR: 684 Spain blasting in at 3:45 PM local time with rapidfire Castilian talk by two men, possibly "futbol" related. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Jan08 18:42 Daytime DX here sub-par. High-band usual Sacramento and Lodi stations. Usual Calgary, KOFI, CFRN. Also hearing CBX-740 but weak. No sign of the 880 or 630. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 17:37 840 CFCW fades up out of the static, out of the blue -- about an hour after the freq more or less dies. PR-D5. So King Co WA (
Jan08 16:12 @ Yakima can you confirm whether KMAX 840 is leaving day power on late (or perhaps AN)? Thx..KAZ-IL (
Jan08 14:35 Yakima yes always seem to get a whole lot more carrier than audio from R Kiribati QKO (
Jan08 14:25 TP also weaker carriers on 855 and 738 kHz QKO (
Jan08 14:21 TP 774 kHz JOUB tt decent carrier bits of male anncr audio as the sun rises WB6QKO (
Jan08 08:17 1300 KCMY Carson City NV ad for hardware store in Gardnerville NV > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 08:13 1580 KBLA Santa Monica CA Rel music in SS, over KGAL > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 08:12 580 This is unusual! SS music under KIDO, KTMT. Possibly Marana AZ (would be new)? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 08:08 1000 UNID Soft music under KOMO, Rel-sounding but not KCEO or KKIM. Very weak. XEOY? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 08:04 Notice 846 carrier but no audio > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 08:01 1230 mistake - now KBZZ ex-1270 > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 08:01 1230 Rap music, probably KSGG Reno with the 92.5 translator. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 08:00 1340 KLOO Corvallis TOH ID, common as heck > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 07:54 620 KIGS Hanford CA with Punjabi music o/u KPOJ, no sign of CKRM. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 05:36 TP 846 kHz Radio Kiribati tt female announcer in native language with what sounds like call in show good sig on peaks WB6QKO (
Jan08 03:44 [0158] And with the federal govt shut down and FCC suspended, day power will probably be a common occurrence on AMs > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 03:03 DX 840 SS is KVJY TX per SDR in El Paso and still in at times here. KAZ-IL (
Jan08 02:56 WHO 1040 into Calif << DM14 (
Jan08 02:48 Neil, you need to consult with Bruce Conti. He can give you all sorts of advice on cats and DXing. :) -- Rick on South Omaha EN21af (
Jan08 02:24 [0153] sry for dupe post, but I often have cats helping me type. KAZ (
Jan08 02:12 [19:13] Eric, if 1580 is an open channel for you, check to see if it's // the Spanish on 1460. If it is, 1460 would be Goshen and 1580 would be South Bend. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan08 01:58 DX 840 KMAX WA seems to be on day power again with Lars. o/u WHAS and some SS QRM I think is KJFA. KAZ-IL (
Jan08 01:56 SSS 890 KVMX CA u/WLS with NBC chimes just after 0103 and two "La Ranchera me gusta mas" singing slogans. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Jan08 01:53 SSS 1100 KWWN NV again o/u WTAM (Vactrol reduced with DKAZ) 0020-45 once again wirth ESPN and some local ads. KAZ-IL (
Jan08 01:47 SSS 1100 KWWN NV again o/u WTAM (Vactrol reduced with DKAZ) 0020-45 once again wirth ESPN and some local ads. KAZ-IL (
Jan08 00:30 770 KCBC Manteca CA with promo mentioning calls. 50KW with plenty of IBOC. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 00:28 SSS 830 KLAA Orange CA 'Angels.com' promo for LA Angels tickets for 2019 season > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 00:16 [Jan06 22:45] Rick, congrats on cleaning up the Iowa GYers! TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan08 00:14 SSS 1480 KYOS Merced with Mark Levin, over KGOE. More Levin on 1410, probably KMYC. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 00:11 1190 KDYA Vallejo with Gospel music > Yakima CN96 (
Jan08 00:09 1080 KSCO Santa Cruz CA w/ local news. And an unid 1110 with Russian programming right now. KRPA Oak Harbor, or KLIB in Sacramento? Latter needed. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 23:18 920 CKNX Wingham ON. 1610 CST Clear for about 10 min. Probably on 1kW night power, with pattern aimed away from me! WA4IRI TN (
Jan07 23:13 SSS 1440 KRDZ Wray, CO // stream. New en35id (
Jan07 22:26 TA ArcticSDR 1310 CIWW-Ottawa, strongest TA (!) w/traffic reports mention of Queensway. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using ArcticSDR (
Jan07 21:28 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1458 UK-Lyca Radio Brookman's Park: Fair to good peaks with South Asian pop music // webstream. Equal in strength to 1460 domestics. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Jan07 19:14 KMOX-1120 STL stayed in until about 1130 or so EST. Daytime skywave not as strong as Thursday-Friday but still there today. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan07 19:13 ALSO NOTED: SS on 1460 (WKAM Goshen or that Manassas, VA stn.) CHIN-1540 Toronto, and WPGC-1580 Morningside, MD. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan07 19:12 At 1305 EST -- WKMI-1360 Kalamazoo; WING-1410 Dayton; and WCKY-1530 Cincinnati all into Carleton, MI. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan07 09:12 Possibly CKST has been like this since the last NFL Wild Card game ended around 4:30 or 5pm PT...some 7 hours ago! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 09:11 Was sitting on the Lamont AB SDR one evening DXing and heard smooth jazz music on 970. Unusual, pulled up WDAY and it was a match. Apparently they went all-night with the Test Channel. Relaxing music, no test tones or announcements. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 09:10 They are supposed to run ESPN Radio in the overnight hours. Neat to hear this. Too bad it's not the Premiere Networks test channel, which I witnessed WDAY running one time a year and a half ago (over) > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 09:07 1040 CKST Vancouver looping the XDS test channel from Westwood One TOS, Purchase NY. Knock knock...anyone home? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 09:02 1450 unid with 'Right Down the Line' Gerry Rafferty then faded near TOH. Not KBPS. No clue. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 09:00 1400 KIHH Eureka CA with TOH ID, Relevant Radio > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 08:58 Think I mentioned it before, but XEUT-1630 Tijuana signs off at night and leaves a test tone on. Easy over/under KRND on Kittitas. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan07 08:56 990 KTMS Santa Barbara w/ Coast to Coast under CBW. > Yakima CN96 (but really using the Kittitas SDR for now) (
Jan07 03:04 800 CKLW DX like they were when I lived off the pattern in Flint. Noticeably weaker than usual Tom Lakeport MI (
Jan07 03:01 800 TWR Bonaire 947-951 PM EST under CKLW w faint peaks confirmed // Bonaire SDR. New at this QTH, first log of new TWR TS-MI (
Jan06 23:49 [23:05] Tom, I was thinking that, but I didn't see Bohannon listed in their Sunday program schedule on their website at the time you heard him. Of course, their website could always be out of date... -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Jan06 23:05 Looks like my unid 1550 is KAPE. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan06 22:55 [22:52] bearing TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan06 22:52 [22:38] actually it's NE/SW braring TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan06 22:51 Now 1430 is just KZQZ. Looks like Chicago dropped to night pattern - En35ID (
Jan06 22:48 1430 WEEF Deerfield, IL // SDR.hu receiver in IL. Strong at times - En35ID (
Jan06 22:45 22:43ut 1400 KVFD Fort Dodge IA - Good with mention of "Crossroads Mall in Fort Dodge" and "The Voice of Fort Dodge, KVFD" heard in liner. After over 30 years, the LAST unlogged Iowa graveyarder in the Iowa City logbook FINALLY goes down! -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR adding to the Iowa City logbook (
Jan06 22:38 unid 1550 @ 2230 - someone very strong carrying Jim Bohannon rerun. Seems looping NW or SW. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan06 22:20 1110 WMBI Chicago, IL way on top of KFAB. - En35ID (
Jan06 19:57 [0257] a couple minutes of dead air from local WRMN 1410 and older C&W mx did come atop channel on west DKAZ but no ID or ads so I can suspect KWYO but can't log it. KAZ-IL (
Jan06 19:54 1510 KMND TX nearly alone at 0100 last night but not strong. AM and FM ID's. Not supposed to be on at night. KAZ-IL (
Jan06 19:39 Of course I could also use the Kittitas SDR (SDRConsole) as a 'receiver' for now until I fix or get another antenna. 30 miles doesn't make much difference to reception here. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan06 18:26 DX 0200 PT 1530 WCKY OH with Rel sermon under KFBK, sounded like day pattern! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan06 18:25 And unfortunately, I had a wire break on the 3-foot loop last night. Stuck with barefoot reception until I can soldier the wire or tape it. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan06 18:24 Did not hear anything that sounded like KUAZ. Didn't help that KMRI was on day power as well. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan06 17:14 KUAZ is AZ #3 for me; other two were logged YEARS back: KTNN Window Rock, and KMIK Tempe. de Eric B (
Jan06 17:12 Had KUAZ-1550 Tucson, AZ at Carleton, MI at about 545 this morning EST; NPR stuff, and got // to Webstream. New! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan06 15:30 [22:59] @Mark, good luck IDing Idaho. Hope you get a positive ID. I still need ID and OR. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan06 14:47 [00:56] OK, my mistake, I misread what you typed the first time. I thought you were in EN41, not FN41. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af, cleaning off his reading glasses a little (
Jan06 10:10 1280 (1281 Bjargtangar SDR) WCMN PR, Christian prayer in SS//stream./cdel96 (
Jan06 06:16 1550 KUAZ Tucson, AZ // tunein. En35id in Plymouth, MN EN35ID (
Jan06 06:14 Also heard 1560 Canton IL is running day power Todden34it (
Jan06 06:13 Dx 1550 Tuscon in and on right now. Per other boards. Not needed Todden34it (
Jan06 02:57 [0204] Tried for 1410 KWYO yet? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan06 02:36 /cdel96 (
Jan06 02:36 [23:42 & 01:56] If a station runs off a satellite, even linking songs as // stream can be a trick. (
Jan06 02:12 1160 WSKW Skowhegan, ME Faintly heard call letters and branding "classic country 1160" . The fact that it's the only country station within 750 miles helps too. ~225 mi. ; FN41 (
Jan06 02:05 SSS 1100 KWWN NV noted as early as 0010 tonight but with big fades u/WTAM. The Mexican on channel was XETGO with a 90.1 FM net. KAZ-IL (
Jan06 02:04 1550 KMRI UT still running day power at night. Mexican format and local ads and La Raza Quince Cinquenta AM slogan. KAZ-IL (
Jan06 01:56 @ Kaz, 2342 - Yes, and also there seems to be an RF wall between here and Idaho/Montana.... Keeping it tentative for now. -- Mark/IN (
Jan06 01:25 830 - WCRN Worcester, MA - Poor with AC Gold, Webcast match. In WCCO null. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan06 01:21 Forgot the frequency -- 830. Went from "Baby What a Big Surprise" - Chicago to unid ACish record; lost during that one. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan06 01:20 Hearing AC Gold toward the SW; at first, thought Memphis but then remembered that switched to SS. Not Goodletsville either; playlist doesn't match. Lost. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan06 01:14 Unable to get around WHAS here, plus a loud buzz on 840 here. Checked the Ex-band but nothing noted there either. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan06 01:07 DX 840 KMAX WA probably on day power u/WHAS with ads and ID's. KAZ-IL (
Jan06 01:02 Around here, 1130 just local pest WDFN. Been trying for the West Coast, but still no luck; would LOVE to get OR, ID, and MT -- those would wrap up all the Lower 48. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan06 00:56 [12:30] I'm in Warwick ; FN41 (
Jan06 00:49 SSS 1130 nice LOUD mix of KXET/CKWX here. KAZ-IL (
Jan05 23:42 @ Mark. I'd be very wary of counting KBRV as even 45 minutes later I was barely getting anything west of Denver, KAZ-IL (
Jan05 23:21 730 CKDM Dauphin MB - Currently dominant stn, fair sig, with song "Somebody's Daughter" @ 2320 on w. superloop. -- Mark/IN (
Jan05 23:15 @Kaz [22:49] ... Whether I hrd it or not, thanks for the tip you posted, prompting me to check the recordings! -- Mark/IN (
Jan05 22:59 Debating whether to mark the Idaho logging as tentative. I mean, c'mon, all country music sounds the same, eh? :^) One argument against marking it (t) is that Kaz was hearing CO early... -- Mark/IN (
Jan05 22:50 SSS 800 KBRV Soda Springs Idaho - Finally logged an Idaho station! Several country songs, both // to streema, although the streema feed is having some issues. There at t/in 2241, faded by 2245. -- Mark/IN EN71ao (
Jan05 22:49 At Mark, unfortunately I don't have a recording at that time. But I'm told that KVMX usually uses that chime at some point between 1 and 2 min after TOH. I suspect you had them. KAZ-IL (
Jan05 22:10 SSS 1010 KSIR CO already in well! KAZ-IL EN52we (
Jan05 21:55 ...Actually, on Jan. 2, I have some Mariachi-like music under WLS, first faded in at 0047, mostly weak, no ID, but @ 0102:04, I hrd the NBC chimes nice and clear. Same station? -- Mark/IN (
Jan05 21:51 [20:14] - Sure, the one night these past few nights I *didn't* make a recording! -- Mark/IN (
Jan05 20:53 [18:21] about the same on this side of the mountains, Yakima. Average Winter DX condx, but nothing spectacular. So King Co WA (
Jan05 20:14 SSS from Jan 3. KVMX 890 CA well/u WLS with Ranchera mx and tell-tale NBC-like chimes at 0101:27. New for CA #41 KAZ-IL (
Jan05 20:09 1120 WUST 308 PM EST w East Indian (?) talk and music. Many stns heard only at sunset are in 3 hours early. WWGB also mine, hi. TS-MI (
Jan05 20:06 1030 WWGB Indian Head MD VG at 3PM EST w EE legal ID. Only 2nd ever log. (
Jan05 18:54 1560 WFME NYC up and down w long VG peaks at mid-day Tom Lakeport MI (
Jan05 18:53 1090 WBAL already in at 145 PM EST. FM tropo as well today. It's all happening, hi TS-MI (
Jan05 18:21 AM DX last night - boring! 1410 KWYO and 1550 KMRI still on day power, and practically nothing else to really report. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan05 17:38 1140 WCJW Warsaw NY "CJ Country" in and out, mostly weak, one good peak. Usually heard near sunset TS-MI (
Jan05 16:11 [12:57] CARACOL R in Colombia perhaps? They might be the easiest S American for me here./cdel96 (
Jan05 12:57 [05:01] - I had a SS station (music: upbeat, even a rock piece, but lots of various talking too) under WTAM last night, sometimes fairly good. Couldn't find a // and never heard an ID. -- Mark/IN (
Jan05 12:30 [05:56] Whereabouts in FN41 are you located? Eastern Iowa was my stomping grounds for many years -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan05 05:56 820 WBAP Fort Worth, TX. Online stream confirmed. 1500+ mi. ; FN41 (
Jan05 05:01 Keep after 1100 KWWN NV while we still have good SSS cx (Early Feb is often great). You need to be able to null WTAM at least somewhat here in midwest and if you can't get KNZZ earlier b4 they switch you likely can't get KWWN. KAZ-IL (
Jan05 04:59 @ Mark/IN...that is nice and early to have a good sig from KXET. I was out tonight so no DX. On 1130 with the west DKAZ I cannot tell that WDFN/WBBR are on the air. KAZ-IL (
Jan05 04:15 Weird, I have to admit I never even HEARD of WIDS until today! It never occurred to me that on a frequency as low as 570 there would be two Kentucky stations. --Earl in Saint Louis Missouri (
Jan05 02:48 920 CKNX Wingham, ON - Listowel Cyclones vs. Elmira Sugar Kings hockey game & postgame, ad for Crabby Joe's restaurant; in-and-out signal. KY/EM66tx (
Jan05 00:54 [16:21] Earl, I've noticed that, on the Edinburgh KiwiSDR, WIDS is the daytime regular on 570, mixing with WKBN. I've never heard WIDS from anywhere else (including Lafayette, Indiana), so it's definitely on the target list here -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Jan05 00:50 DX 690 XEN Mexico - nice fade-in w/Mexican folk song on west corner-fed superloop, //streema -- Mark/IN (
Jan05 00:48 [00:21] I started recording 1130 kHz at exactly 00:15. Doubt I got anything if the disappeared at 00:16. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan05 00:46 Checking the ex-band; signals few and far between there, but nothing from the West Coast. Usual stuff very weakened. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan05 00:34 WA4IRI, cx are definitely odd, to say the least. CFRB-1010, which is almost always in, is notably absent tonight! Weird! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan05 00:33 Tried 1100 also for KWWN but only have WTAM with Cleveland Cavs Basketball. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan05 00:33 All I have on 1130 here is local pest WDFN with sports, and WBBR New York with Bloomberg. Nothing else. de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jan05 00:27 1130 nothing on 1130 here in TN , not even the usual KWKH. WA4IRI (
Jan05 00:21 1130 KXET OR in quite well with M talking in Slavik language @0013. //streema. Gone by 0016. Might be back, might not. -- Mark/IN (
Jan05 00:03 850 WEEI Boston, MA - Fair above slop with 'WEEI Boston; ESPN Radio on WEEI' into ESPN stuff, out! Rare! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 23:56 590 WVLK Lexington, KY - Poor toward south with ads, 'News Talk 590, WVLK' into talk. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 23:47 570 WNAX Yankton, SD - Poor but atop with local ads, talk. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 22:42 1150 - WMST Mt Sterling, KY - Poor with Kentucky News Network, ads, including one for Mt Sterling. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 22:34 Thanks for the tip, Eric! However, it was a stream match, and 3 songs in a row matched WTPR's playlist. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jan04 22:31 1690 WVON Chicago in here during the day so much of the past month it has become my daytime companion. WA4IRI TN (
Jan04 22:27 SSS 1470 WGNR Anderson, IN - Faded up at 1658 EST with Moody Radio, ad, lost to WMBD Peoria. NEW! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 22:15 Jon, be careful on oldies 710 --- WFNR Blacksburg, VA also airs oldies now. I've been getting them with no IDs, just classic hits off the bird. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 22:12 780- WWOL Forest City, NC - Poor toward south with C&W Gospel, screaming preacher, // Webcast. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 21:57 710 WTPR Paris, TN is in like a local here in ON. - de Jon in FN03 (
Jan04 21:19 SSS last eve. 1100 KWWN NV first noted 0016. 1130 KXET OR first noted 0035. KAZ-IL (
Jan04 21:18 1100 it's WISS in Berlin WI confirmed // stream. Not usually heard this early TS-MI (
Jan04 21:13 1100 UNID o/u WTAM around 4PM EST w classic hits, no IDs. Not WWWE, WHLI or KZFG (?) TS-MI (
Jan04 20:26 1160 WYLL 325 PM EST big signal, something (not oldies WCXI) way under TS-MI (
Jan04 20:16 1010 CFRB 316 PM EST noticeably weaker w something (WINS?) under it and splash from local quality WMVP TS-MI (
Jan04 19:47 1120 KMOX 247 PM EST weak but alone and easy copy. Rare this early Tom Lakeport MI (
Jan04 19:43 1080 WNWI Oak Lawn IL 240 PM EST faded up VG next to local CHOK. Rare this early. But zero WTAM on the SuperRadio TS-MI (
Jan04 19:35 1110 WGNZ Fairborn OH 220 PM EST weak but alone on car RX w 2018 Southern gospel countdown. Rare TS-MI (
Jan04 19:24 This time of year, KBRW is practically 24 hours a day up there, for obvious reasons./cdel96 (
Jan04 19:23 KJNP 1170 was heard there when I monitored recently, and IIRC Bjarne said KJNP was his first ever AK logging./cdel96 (
Jan04 18:35 Ironically as I type this, KBRW-680 from Barrow, Alaska is blasting into Norway SDR. One of the strongest stations on the entire band! 670 from Dillingham is holding its own. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using ArcticSDR (
Jan04 18:30 This may be the only chance to EVER log this rarest of states. Others have reported 750, 1170 in the past but that was decades ago. Just my observations, Earl in St. Louis (
Jan04 17:21 Interestingly, no sign of CFRB today. Very strange cx. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 17:17 Earl: No dice on KICY here; WKNR Cleveland usually too strong, even by night. Would love to scratch AK off my Wish List, though! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 17:16 KXEL-1540, KCNZ-1650 still in poor; WLRS-1570 New Albany, IN barely audible with SS mx. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 17:15 1430 KZQZ St Louis, MO - Poor at 1215 with "How Sweet It Is" - Miracles, // Webcast! DX still hanging on here! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 16:58 Has anyone in the Midwest been trying for KICY-850 lately? Word is, they have been bombing into the West Coast as far south as San Diego at times topping KOA. Those of you with northern or western beverages may want to check. Earl in St. Louis (
Jan04 16:37 [0847p Rob, I'm over in Carleton and aside from the usual 'Sweet spot' in CKLW's signal, no difference noted here. Still a difficult null even in the sweet spot. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 16:36 As of 1100 EST: WLAC-1510, KXEL-1540, KCJJ-1630, and KCNZ-1650 still in poor. At 1130, KXEL-1540 in fair, KCJJ-1630 in fair. Feels weird to have these this late! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 16:21 570 WIDS-KY Surprised to find this one atop the jumble, nonstop Southern Gospel music, finally call ID by m. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Edinburgh Indiana SDR (
Jan04 15:31 1470 WMBD Peoria, IL in poor on the car rx at 1000 EST with local traffic report. Only out of towner I noted; will check some more when I head out again shortly. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 15:20 600 WBOB Jacksonville FL - Heard this at 1/2 hour after my local sunrise (and even longer after theirs) on the car radio while driving to work this AM. Not common here - usually indicates good conditions to the south. -- Mark/IN (
Jan04 15:14 880 WCBS weak o/u WRFD but still there at 1014 AM EST. Will see how long this lasts hi TS-MI (
Jan04 15:13 1140 WRVA good and still in at 1013 AM EST Tom-Lakeport MI (
Jan04 08:47 ...I don't know if there power is low, their pattern is maladjusted, or low modulation- or all of these. N8NU Rob Temperance MI EN81fs (
Jan04 08:44 CKLW 800 noted quite poor these days, barely audible.. (
Jan04 05:08 DX 1020 KDKA PA Pittsburgh weather into Newsradio 1020 ID. Strong w qsb. Robert OR (
Jan04 04:44 I have one each of RI, VT, CT, and one tentative Maine. Have not heard DE or NH yet. Probably most have patterns shooting to the east, to protect inland stations? -- Mark/IN (
Jan04 04:37 I have four RI, three DE, three VT and three NH. I still need Maine. Got Maine on FM this past summer but I'm not really an FM DXer. TL-IN (EN61) (
Jan04 04:32 1540 WADK Newport RI - more info from recording: @ 2138-2143, talk show called "The CEO Show" in for about 5 minutes, then a short ID @ 2144 by YL in which the following is heard: "...1540 WAD(K?)...99-3...Newport County..." -- Mark/IN (
Jan04 03:05 And my nights off by that point were Sunday-Monday. I miss working midnights, I miss the shift premium, I miss having the road to myself my nights off, but I don't miss the insomnia! de Eric B (
Jan04 03:04 After I graduated HS, more and more stations started shutting down Friday and Saturday latenights, as their network news didn't air those nights. Moot by then, as I was midnights back then anyway. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 03:03 1200 WOAI - Spurs vs. Raptors b-ball game - WL7NO (
Jan04 03:03 I stayed up late MMs also back then, but I mostly did TV, which quite a few stations also shut down MMs back then. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 02:59 In a perfect world, I might be able to retire in less than 3 years---but doggone if I pull any allnighters DXn./cd (
Jan04 02:57 Sad thing is, I rarely recorded any of those catches---and if I did, they're gone now./cd (
Jan04 02:56 Maybe this is why AM no longer does this---too many angry parents complained, and I wouldn't blame them!/cdel96 (
Jan04 02:53 I almost failed Trigonometry my senior year of HS, my morning class, due to falling asleep EVERY Monday morning. Earl in Saint Louis (
Jan04 02:36 [02:13] It's a miracle I graduated high school, as there were times I pursued those "Monday Morning" AM's, and sacrificed sleep to do it. Never again!/cdel96 (
Jan04 02:23 970 WWRK Florence, SC - is blasting in here, clearly on day power. KY/EM66tx (
Jan04 02:20 920 WHJJ has been the most common RI here although very rare. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Jan04 02:13 I heard 920 WJAR Providence from Chicago in 1979 on a Monday morning. They used to be not terribly rare, back when so many stations would go off on MM. Earl Higgins, living in Saint Louis now (
Jan04 01:50 When I traveled to Bermuda in 2005, the only 630 in the *daytime* heard was WPRO./cdel96 (
Jan04 01:39 I've always thought WPRO would be my best shot at Rhode Island from these parts. I'm not sure the 920 would make it. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan04 01:33 850 WGVS Muskegon, MI - Very poor with "Smoke On the Water" by Deep Purple. Webcast match. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan04 01:16 Mark congats RI. 630 WPRO Providence is also a possibility. If I head C2C AM under CFCO I know it's them. 73 TS-MI (
Jan03 23:52 Never logged Rhode Island during my Iowa City years. Just 1 from DE (WDOV 1410 DX test 12/16/91) and 3 from NH, all on DX tests -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan03 23:22 ...and WOON was a DX Test; only the Morse made it through. On FM, I have one catch. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan03 23:21 I have two from RI -- WHJJ-920 PVD, and WOON-1240 Woonsocket. WHJJ was during special programming after pyrotechnic disaster at area nightclub. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan03 22:23 Mark, congratulations on RI! That is one tough state. In nearly 30 years of DX from St. Louis, I have only heard WARV-1590 and that was a DX test. Only the Morse code made it through. Earl in St. Louis (
Jan03 21:42 1540 WADK Newport RI - In briefly with call ID, then faded out again. Possibly first Rhode Island log. (Not near my log sheet right now) -- Mark/IN (
Jan03 21:38 East coast seems better than normal right now on my S. DKAZ antenna. I have nothing pointing east currently. -- Mark/IN (
Jan03 21:31 Yakima CN96, thanks for info on WPBS 1040. WA4IRI (
Jan03 21:22 1030 WBZ local quality at 421 PM EST, burying WUFL Sterling Hts MI TS-Lakeport MI (
Jan03 21:20 Previous entry from WA4IRI TN (
Jan03 21:19 1690 WVON Chicago in here all day until 1300 CST. AT 1400 CHTO Toronto in for an hour. (
Jan03 21:09 1110 WBT Charlotte big signal on a long peak at 351 PM EST. Earliest ever daytime log. Other eastern DX stns also good TS-MI (
Jan03 20:51 This is weird -- WLAC-1510 BNA is in fair, KXEL-1540 Cedar Rapids in fair, but no sign of WCKY-1530! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan03 20:48 1430 KZQZ St Louis, MO - Fair with ads, local phone number copied, into oldies. Feels weird to have AM coming in like this while the sun's still up! de Eric B, Carleton, MI (
Jan03 20:43 1380 - WKJV Asheville, NC - Poor but audible under interference from local pest WMUZ-1200; C&W gospel, OM between record. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan03 20:39 As of 1538 -- KYW-1060, WHAS-840, WBBM-780, KMOX-1120, and WRVA-1140 all coming across decently at Carleton; most have been in decently since at least 1455, when I started checking. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan03 20:25 Some of the big guns already coming across at Carleton, MI as of 1500 EST. May be a decent evening shaping up! de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Jan03 15:47 TP Grand Prairie Alberta SDR: 594 NHK1 Japan doing very well, better than 590 domestics with back-and-forth talk Between man and woman in Japanese. STP (Strongest Transpacific). Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Grand Prairie Alberta SDR (
Jan03 05:47 670 WWFE Miami, FL. Confirmed via online stream.1200+ mi ; FN41 (
Jan03 04:17 [15:43] Thanks, Earl. The 1710 Argentine station is not a pirate. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Jan03 02:28 @ Mark, many from CA but nothing good in tonight. (
Jan03 02:10 @Kaz again: So are there any Californians to try for that are part of the late switch crowd? -- Mark (
Jan03 01:50 @Kaz - thanks! BTW, I was using the latest Jaguar (Lite), and it did quite well with keeping the audio from a bunch of stations, all at about the same level, from just turning to mush. I was impressed! -- Mark/IN (
Jan03 01:40 @ Mark.. good work with CKWX 1130. KXET typically fades in a bit earlier than them (lots earlier tonight) and switches power at 0100 this month. KAZ-IL (
Jan03 01:30 800 PJB Netherlands Antilles in SS over CKLW. N8NU/8 Bowling Green OH prius car radio (
Jan03 01:28 1130 CKWX Vancouver, BC - weather report (high of 4, mostly rain); website given news1130.com. In a mix of stations; new log! -- Mark/IN (
Jan03 01:18 1130 CKWX (tent) - Just tuned in now, and stations are popping in and out... heard a website, (something).ca. Possibly CKWX? No Russian there now. -- Mark/IN (
Jan03 00:51 1130 KXET OR good now well atop in Russian. KAZ-IL (
Jan03 00:48 SSS 1100 KWWN NV strong peaks often o/WTAM 0035-45 switch. Vegas ads etc. DKAZ west. KAZ-IL (
Jan03 00:08 KTIK 1350 Nampa ID heard 00:00 daytime signal into Arctic Norway. /Bjarne (
Jan02 23:29 TA not as good as last night here in IL but a few regulars from Medit area or UK have at least trace audio on peaks. KAZ-IL (
Jan02 20:34 TA Lubec Maine SDR 981 Algeria coming in at strong level, no sign of 980 domestics, Arabic talk by m // webstream. STAB (Strongest TA in Band) Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Jan02 18:18 1040 is WPBS in GA - Vietnamese. >Yakima CN96 (
Jan02 18:03 0600 CST Asian language and music on 1030 and 1040. Anybody know what this is? WA4IRI (
Jan02 18:03 0600 CST Asian language and music on 1030 and 1040. (
Jan02 17:40 0100 PT - 1410 KWYO on day power, 1530 WCKY OH under KFBK with ESPN, 1550 KMRI UT still on day power. Not a great session but heard some interesting stuff. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan02 15:43 Kilokat7, congratulations on Argentina 1710! Amazing. Is it a pirate? Earl in St. Louis (
Jan02 15:39 Kaz, you should hear how loud the Iranian buzz jammer on 1575 is on the ArcticSDR…and the Lubec SDR… And the Kaneohe Hawaii SDR! Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri (
Jan02 05:37 [03:35] Did you hear Boonville, or KCRV? KCRV is in Caruthersville, Missouri, down in the Bootheel. The one in Boonville is KWRT. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan02 04:06 Wow, fantastic catch on Reno! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan02 03:35 1370 KCRV Bonnville Mo this IDed first right before 2100 central, then WLLM and then WLTH. KCRV new and clearly cheating. Todden34it (
Jan02 03:34 780 KKOH couldnt believe it myself. Thanks to Justin and one other for helping me out. Todden34it (
Jan02 03:34 1575 TA Iran buzz jammer finally logged here about 0240. As signal faded up and down the buzzing came and went. KAZ-IL (
Jan02 02:30 [22:58] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y-Uc_-YXgc /cdel96 (
Jan02 01:47 740 CFZM Toronto, ON under KRMG Tulsa, OK - Around 7:40 PM CST - Kegan EM26te (
Jan02 01:41 Happy New Year to all - Kegan - XNA DXer - EM26 (
Jan02 01:39 780 KKOH Reno, NV under WBBM here in Minneapolis - En35ID (
Jan02 01:36 TA set up here is currently Perseus SDR and Phased BOGs at 32 deg approx 290 ft // 190 ft. KAZ-IL (
Jan02 01:34 TA audible on peaks 639 Spain, 684 Spain (WSCR IBOC phased) 864 Egypt. Koran. 1044 and 1107 Spain. 873 Spain for a bit. KAZ-IL EN52we (
Jan02 01:27 830 WCRN Worcester, MA. Music, strong signal at times N2PTF FN23 (
Jan02 00:58 Oops... I guess I missed your info @00:08 (
Jan02 00:51 kaz: What equipment are you using... ie: receiver, antenna etc. for all this TA? DENNIS FM18fa (
Jan02 00:45 TA quite a few into IL tonight including somewhat less common ones like 954 Spain, and 963 Tunisia(barely) UK better than it has been the past few nights. KAZ-IL (
Jan02 00:08 Earl, I am in Anchorage Alaska. I am using a wellbrook ala-1000 antenna with a Perseus receiver. Wl7no (
Jan02 00:05 DX 930 WEOL Elyria Ohio with 2 ids very clear but in a muck of stations. Very much a surprise. Heard this once back in Iowa years ago. Todden34it (
Jan01 23:11 1220 KLPW Union MO - new log; in briefly with ID and website, then into rock; music // to website stream. -- Mark/IN (
Jan01 22:58 (cont.) 970 WSTX, USVI./cdel96 (
Jan01 22:57 Earlier SSS from N Key Largo; (
Jan01 22:52 Anchorage, AK, Earl!/cdel96 (
Jan01 22:51 SSS from North Key Largo: 1470 WKUM PR//Streema./cdel96 (
Jan01 21:22 [WL7NO] what? Korea coming in at local noon? Where are you located? What equipment are you using? Earl Higgins, extremely impressed in Saint Louis Missouri USA (
Jan01 21:00 1566 HLAZ coming in strong at 12:00 pm local time! WL7NO (
Jan01 19:13 TP 3AM PT 873 JOGB Kumamoto, very good signal with female talking in JJ, NHK2 // 774 JOUB. Not as common as the big guns. Also had an 1188 (JOKP?) almost in audio, that one is needed. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 15:53 The Lamont AB SDR seems to have little problem getting Enciclopedia, and they are north of Edmonton!/cdel96 (
Jan01 15:34 Happy New Year and keep trying on 530 as Rebelde and Enciclipedia are regulars every night down here WB6QKO (
Jan01 14:44 Happy New Year Yakima, and thanks for the tip. If I ever hear some IDable programming on 530 it will be my second Cuban... So King Co WA (
Jan01 08:14 Our time zone has finally made it to 2019! And best wishes for everyone! Just watched the Space Needle do another awesome show, thank you KING webstream. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:27 DX 1610 CHHA Toronto ON under TIS with Spanish or Portuguese music > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:15 WOZN still quite dominant with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:14 1210 KHAT Laramie, 'New Country 96.7' way too common. KOKK on the other hand, is well-needed, but probably not the best chance on 900 watts. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:14 1220 CJRB Boissevain MB classical music mixing with KPJC > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:13 KRND on open carrier allowing for a weak KCJJ to come right through > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 07:13 1590 KVGB Great Bend KS mentioned 97.7 in Coast to Coast break, 1243mi. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 06:50 1130 KXET Portland on 470w, mixing with CKWX...supposed to be Religion in Russian but airing Xmas music on stream? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 06:48 DX 1670 WOZN Madison WI 'Madison's Sports Station, The Zone'. Loud signal. Wow... > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 06:41 DX 1709.81 Radio Selva Argentina being heard right now // to Paraguay & Pardinho, Brazil Kiwi SDRs. First new log of 2019! HNY to all, --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Jan01 05:56 1600 KIVA Albuquerque NM, Dana Loesch Show // stream, nice! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:46 1700 heard CBS Sports also. Underneath, mostly a muddle. Nice to hear KBGG again. G2+Loop. So King Co WA (
Jan01 05:46 [0544] That has to be Radio Enciclopedia, Cuba. Easy listening. They are common on the east coast > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:46 1510 KCKK Littleton CO over KGA with Roberta Flack // playlist, stream > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:45 DX 1630 KCJJ Iowa City IA 'Stuck Like Glue' Sugarland // stream! Haven't heard this in a long time. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:45 PS -- Happy New Year's to all here on BCBLogger. So King Co WA (
Jan01 05:44 530 heard very faint, unidentifiable music under the local S4 signal TIS. No idea who it would be. Not an image. G2 + crate loop. So King Co WA (
Jan01 05:39 1650 definite EE under KBJD, and another UNID under that too, all beaming ESE > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:34 There's also something 'unusual' sounding about 1630. Loud KRND and music underneath in EE. KCJJ? > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:34 DX 1700 KBGG Des Moines IA with CBS Sports, host ranting about a university basketball coach, // stream. Surprisingly rare, but right on top of the channel tonight with XEPE phased! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:26 740 KVOX Fargo like a ton of bricks here, ESPN programming // 1460. THREE stations mixing on 1660, KBRE CA/KQWB ND/???? Female host way under the two. KWOD or KRZI would be a great NYE gift! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 05:09 Eastern time zone - Happy New Year! > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 04:40 [04:10] HNY Rick. I was at the ND/Boston College hockey game tonight. Lots of Bruins fans in town. Tix are $$$$$ so I'll pass :) TL-IN (
Jan01 04:10 [01:35] Tom, Happy New Year to you, as well. Are you heading over to the stadium tomorrow for the Blackhawks-Bruins game? I don't know if you're much of a hockey fan. :) -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan01 04:02 TA ? 864 with a good het, but not sure if it's really EU or local RFI. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 04:02 680 CJOB Winnipeg local news over KNBR beaming east. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 04:02 860 CBKF-2 Saskatoon SK, big signal with FF SRC programming. // to 690, so not wanted CBKF-1. > Yakima CN96 (
Jan01 01:48 TA 549 Algeria poor at best and the only TA audible today so I give up. KAZ-IL (
Jan01 01:35 It's after midnight UTC so that means Happy New Year everybody TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec31 23:51 @Kaz - Yeah, they didn't last long... faded away soon after I posted. Condx now nothing special. -- Mark/IN (
Dec31 22:56 @ Mark/IN TA's much worse here 125 miles west of you. Last eve considerably better. KAZ-IL (
Dec31 22:27 TA 621 - For Radio Nacional España, how can one tell which xmitter is being heard? Could one assume it's Canary Islands because of the higher power there? -- Mark/IN (
Dec31 22:17 TA - Spain area doing OK here in the midwest, will it develop further? Who knows... -- Mark/IN (
Dec31 21:39 What can I say, it's just plain funny, surreal to hear Arabic (Koranic?) chanting over/under Sean Hannity on 1170 (WWVA vs UAE). Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec31 21:36 1170 WWLE-NY 2130 UTC legal ID, signoff in English by m, a cappella female "God Bless America" (Kate Smith?) then gone, leaving UnID Portuguese, UnID Arabic (likely UAE), and WWVA. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec31 21:07 TA Lubec SDR: Spain 1125 RNE Radio 5 Soria/Valonsadero+syncros, lively oldies like "Celebrate", "Superstition", // webstream, with Belgium either off the air early or just not propagating. Most powerful transmitter is just 12 kW, 3:45 PM Local Time! Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec31 21:00 NOT LOGGED: 1125 RTBF Belgium so I guess maybe they unplugged it early, looks like Belgium is no longer a mediumwave country! Heavy sadness. Instead, SPAIN RNE5 alone on the channel. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec31 19:02 will continue these test tomorrow at noon - 1pm EST @1900 SSB de KC2UT (
Dec31 19:01 interesting propagation very deep fades but definity propagation out to 400-500 miles de KC2UT Jerry (
Dec31 19:00 Somewaht related, have been doing some "high noon" propagation testing on 160 meters 1900 khz last two days (
Dec31 18:17 Midwest propagation not that great last night. WCCO was very weak and WHO was MIA, just CKST Vancouver. No sign of WBBM either. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec31 18:16 0030 PT and later - 1410 KWYO WY with local ad mentioning Sheridan. 1550 KMRI UT still on day power. 1190 UNID music under KEX, sounded 'experimental'-ish. Suspect KVCU CO. I'd love to have this confirmed before midnight! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec31 07:36 ...that was last year. WCKY being off had to have been an accident. Not sure if they signed off for Mon morning maintenance in the 70s./cd (
Dec31 07:35 Also, I finally caught KGBT after 40 fruitless years of trying (during which I once caught KFBK from Hialeah FL while WCKY was off air in mid 70s!)/cdel96 (
Dec31 04:57 Re. KGBT: They've been heard numerous times in northern Europe this season, so they must have some "issues". Hrd 01:00 tonight. /Bjarne (
Dec31 03:57 [03:01] I'm glad you logged KGBT. Given the night antenna pattern is exclusively to the south, it's signal strength tonight is surprising. KY/EM66tx (
Dec31 03:38 TA Edinburg, Indiana SDR: Spain 1107 RNE Radio 5 Logrono + Synchros, fast Castilian talk by w, into "It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To" really stood out, // webstream. Not usually considered one of the Spanish "big guns" but it's doing okay tonight. Listed power 25 kW! Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using the Edinburgh Indiana SDR (
Dec31 03:30 Steelers are rooting for a tie game tonight, so they can get in postseason!/cdel96 (
Dec31 03:16 TA Edinburg, Indiana SDR UK TalkSport-1089 can clearly hear two British accented m announcers, also can clearly hear the echo between their multiple transmitters. Carrying Indianapolis Colts NFL football! Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using the Edinburgh Indiana SDR (
Dec31 03:07 570 WNAX Yankton, SD - several IDs, weather forecast discussing Alberta clipper hitting SD; condx here are exceptional. KY/EM66tx (
Dec31 03:01 I'm so happy KGBT's in the logbook now! Been looking for that one for years. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec31 02:44 @ Earl---I read your comment on WTAB. I found a 2012 post I made on RadioDiscussions, and even back then they were cheating./cdel96 (
Dec31 02:42 1530 KGBT Harlingen, TX - soccer game (must be replay) in Spanish with references to "Altidore" and "Toronto" // Univision Deportes webstream; consistent signal under WCKY. KY/EM66tx (
Dec31 02:41 TA 's getting better and better here with UK big guns showing and Egypt 864 but best is Spain 855. KAZ-IL (
Dec31 01:25 1470 KYYW Abilene TX - ID, Ben Ferguson Show discussing Fed shutdown; is battling WMBD, must be on day power. KY/EM66tx (
Dec30 23:59 TA 's At least trace audio from 2210-2250. Alg 531//549 Spain 558/567/585/603/999/1017 France 1467 KAZ-IL (
Dec30 18:17 @ Earl Higgins: check my YouTube and/or your email for my WTAB comments./cdel96 (
Dec30 16:31 1330 KYOZ (Oz FM Spokane, classic rock w/ FM tx) in the past two mornings, competing with KKPZ and CJYM's classic hits, even at this late morning hour (8.30a local). PRD5. So King Co WA (
Dec30 15:09 1050 WTCA Plymouth, IN (formerly UNID) - solved. It was a local 250w station. I missed it because I couldn't catch an ID and the programming changed from what topazdesigns had. -- Mark/IN (
Dec30 03:46 <...like the old "20/20 newscasts" on T40 radio. Now it's OTR I think. Suspect WFDM Ft Walton Beach FL/cdel96 (
Dec30 03:44 1400 unID from Key West SDR: Somewhat consistent, had old-timey news sounders...> (
Dec30 03:18 1050 UNID - Heard "USA Radio Network" news sounder @ 0305. Wondering who it could be. -- Mark/IN (
Dec30 03:15 1500 (ArcticSDR) WLQV Detroit MI, //Streema. Alternating with post game hockey talk, not sure if KSTP or WFED./cdel96 (
Dec30 03:14 1370 khz - WLLM - Lincoln, IL - 12/30 @ 0212 UT - heard several clear WLLM Radio IDs behind WSPD, logging for call change from WPRC - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec30 01:11 [23:25] Mebbe that explains the pre sunset enhancement to Colombia I had a little after 2100 UTC (1000 & 1100 kHz)./cdel96 (
Dec30 00:55 TA A few usual lowbanders barely audible with again the only audio that I can reasonably tell what it is coming from 549//531 Algeria. KAZ-IL (
Dec30 00:54 [Below] Phooey. Copy/paste. cdel96--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5E9U_EsLuI (
Dec30 00:54 [Dec 28, 07:03] Re WTAB---pls watch this. U make the call!/cdel96-> (
Dec29 23:25 Heads-up: There is going to be another geomagnetic storm during the early evening, it should be more intense than the one last night - KA3JAW FN20jq (
Dec29 22:01 TA Lubec SDR: 1458 a real pileup, UK-Lyca Radio (125 kW) and Gold Music(5 kW!) confirmed // webstreams; looking for Gibraltar but no joy yet. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis MO USA Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec29 21:47 Sure enough, after brief jingle straight into Arabic m announcer "Huna… Salam…" 2145 UTC. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using the Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec29 21:41 That makes sense, they are booming in right now and it sounds vaguely Arabic or at least Middle Eastern. Supposed to switch languages in five minutes. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using the Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec29 21:36 My guess would be Kabyle, a Berber language of Algeria. - de Jon in FN03 (
Dec29 21:23 TA Lubec SDR: 1467 FRANCE TWR Europe loud with w in UnID language (listed "Kab"), identified by // Italy SDR. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec29 21:15 TA Lubec SDR 1485 Spain SER Radio Santander, m&w alternating talk with musical clips, confirmed by // web. At nice level, only 10 kW. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec29 21:02 TA Lubec SDR: 1440 Saudi Arabia briefly steamrolling WFNY Gloversville New York with chanting // 1521 powerhouse. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec29 20:52 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1413 now the frequency has been taken over by Vesti FM, Grigoriopol, Moldova, // webstream, alternating m and w talk in RR. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec29 20:51 TA Lubec Maine SDR MISTAKE previous log should have been 1413, not 1431. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec29 20:34 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1431 Spain RNE 5, Vigo+synchros, good with classical music program parallel to web stream. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec29 19:59 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1521 Saudi Arabia already pounding in at 2:55 PM local time, possible harbinger of good conditions to come this evening! Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec29 19:46 1220 WGNY Newburgh, New York--Fox Oldies. Good daytime signal here in FN23..N2PTF (
Dec29 08:09 Todden34it (
Dec29 08:08 WSM is using aux tx 5ke (
Dec29 07:40 650 WSM 240 AM EST alone but at 1/2 normal audio level. More vol needed. Rest of band OK. They must be on reduced power TS-MI GE SuperRadio !! (
Dec29 06:48 No way for me to check ArcticSDR or any other SDRs for that fact, right now. Win10 computer down with USB issues, sitting in repair shop. On spare WinVista that might be too old for good performance on an SDR... > Yakima CN96 (
Dec29 05:00 <....they moved there before FCC gave the go-ahead. FCC moved it back to 1550. This is one of WRHC'/WWFE"s shenanigans./cdel96 (
Dec29 04:59 In 1990s, WRHC had a CP for a move to 1560 with 50 kW day---but...>/cdel96 (
Dec29 04:56 WRHC & WWFE are co-owned and sometimes in parallel. I am sure WRHC was what you heard./cdel96 (
Dec29 04:55 DX 830 WCRN in now with the Beatles and now that the T-wolves game is over on WCCO, matched the stream of WCRN in WCCOs null. New! Todden34it (
Dec29 03:39 [03:18] I was pretty confident of a match with WWFE, but hedged my comments because of a variable signal and WHRC's 860 mile distance and < 1kW power. KY/EM66tx (
Dec29 03:27 TA Arctic SDR 1560 KGOW-Texas with Vietnamese programming. Surprised to find this one instead of New York. Earl Higgins from Saint Louis Missouri using the Norway Arctic SDR (
Dec29 03:18 [02:46] WRHC is supposed to be 1000 watts at night, maybe less---but they're a killer at night where I live. They have had a shady history./cdel96 (
Dec29 02:57 TA Lubec Maine SDR 531, 549, 585, 855, 1026 (!), 1089, 1170, 1215, 1296, 1305, 1503 all producing weak audio, but conditions are definitely nothing spectacular. Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec, Maine SDR (
Dec29 02:46 1550 UNID @ 0215 UTC - man speaking Spanish with frequent references to "Cuba," may be WRHC (Coral Gables, FL) as it seemed to correspond to webstream of WWFE: topazdesigns.com indicates WRHC sometimes simulcasts WWFE. KY/EM66tx (
Dec29 02:05 650 WSM sounded OK Weds night. Fri nite barely there but WFAN and WSCR are also weak TS-MI (
Dec29 01:25 SSS 1130 KBMR Bismark, ND around 3 pm MST En35ID in DN51 (
Dec29 00:18 1380 CKPC Brantford, Ontario, ID and "country" music de N2PTF, FN23 (
Dec29 00:01 1360 WKMI Kalamazoo, Michigan with lots of co-channel QRM as expected, but pulled out ID..de N2PTF FN23 (
Dec28 23:56 oops, meant "1040" WHO.... (
Dec28 23:55 1010 WHO Des Moines, IA. QSB with adjacent channel QRM from WBZ...de N2PTF FN23 (
Dec28 23:47 Question: is AM DX poor all over the world tonight?/cdel96 (
Dec28 23:46 Recorded overnight last night with S. DKAZ, then switched to W. superloop before sunrise and recorded a couple hours more. Wondering what kind of post-sunrise reception I got to the west with these conditions. -- Mark/IN (
Dec28 23:42 TA 2315-2330 starting to show up audible from Mouth of the Med areas with 549 Alg. being the only thing better than poor for a while. KAZ-IL (
Dec28 23:42 740 WRPQ Baraboo WI - 1450 UTC this morning, new station, 250w, local news and talk about the Packers. -- Mark/IN (
Dec28 23:12 Au ?? 1120 WTWZ Clinton, MS. Bluegrass Music and male DJ in // to Live Webfeed. NEW STN 10 kW DAYTIMER de ROB VA3SW EN92 (
Dec28 22:31 No TA's audible here in IL at 1630 CST, A few carriers only. KAZ-IL (
Dec28 22:13 650 WSM weaker than normal here right now. The band is void of all TA signals here so I wouldn't expect Greenland from the Midwest tonight with the elevated K Index. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Dec28 21:50 650 "VOCM" CKGA Gander, NL loud with country folk vocals on Lubec Maine SDR, killing any chance of Greenland. Boston area Portuguese station heard in background. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec28 21:41 TA Lubec Maine SDR 864 Egypt alone with Arabic a cappella vocals, I had to use LSB to avoid horrendous WCBS digital noise. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec28 21:16 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1152-Radio 5, Spain Malaga et al, News read by m & w, Distinctive "House of the Rising Sun" interlude between items, parallel to web stream. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec28 21:02 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1431 Radio Sawa-Djibouti lively Arabic pop, easy ID by m. Strong, easily separable from domestics on 1430. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec28 20:55 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1530 VOA Sao Tome, atop Massachusetts station with lively West African vocal pop. Parallel to web stream, Program name is "African Beat". Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec28 20:45 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1550 National Radio of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Algeria (or Spanish Sahara?), Presumed to be the one with Arabic talk and strained vocal music. No domestics audible on 1550 at this time. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec28 20:23 TA Lubec, Maine SDR 1521 Saudi Arabia with a full local grade signal at 3:20 in the afternoon local time! Man and woman with Arabic talk, many mentions "Medina". Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec, Maine SDR (
Dec28 20:19 650 the word on the Facebook groups is that WSM Is currently on reduced power, and by golly it's barely there if at all on the Edinburgh Indiana SDR. Might be a good night to try for Greenland, given that Neil got it the other night. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri (
Dec28 20:17 TS-MI, I'm not sure why the Lubec, Maine SDR isn't listed in the usual places. It's possible the owner doesn't want many users. I can't remember where I found the URL for it, but send me a message at earlthenut@yahoo.com and I will send it to you. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri (
Dec28 19:33 880 WCBS up and over WRFD at 230 PM EST. Possible record hi temps in SE MI today TS-MI (
Dec28 18:17 [1243] Sounds like KFRN Los Angeles. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec28 18:17 [1243] Sounds like KFRN Los Angeles. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec28 15:53 WWFE was one of 3 Miami AM that I heard daytime in Bermuda. 560 & 940 the others. Maybe the new 1040 makes it there now./cdel96 (
Dec28 15:51 [06:32] WURN & two other co-owned AM's in South Florida all were able to upgrade their signals 2 years ago. It included change of locations AND frequency shuffle. Quite the feat./cdel96 (
Dec28 15:49 [06:18] Absolutely amazing how all those 800's coexist. And remember there used to be CHRC in QC City with 50k fulltime!/cdel96 (
Dec28 15:47 [05:48] WWFE likely beams 1 kw night south. It was heard in El Salvador. Maybe WWFE is cheating. Dunno./cdel96 (
Dec28 15:46 [07:03] ya mean to say that WTAB isn't cheating? Seems that's all they have been doing for 4 years!/cdel96 (
Dec28 12:43 1280 UNK with choral music periodically, behind a slowly deteriorating KIT Yakima. PRD5. So King Co WA (
Dec28 08:08 1410 Unknown with Spanish music....Dennis FM18 (
Dec28 07:16 WMTD Must be on Day power 1kw....13 watts is a bit low to receive at 185 miles...Dennis (
Dec28 07:14 1380 WMTD....185 Miles at 13 Watts. (
Dec28 07:12 1380 WMTD Hinton, WV playing "Queen" with stream match - listed at 13 Watts Nite Power...Dennis FM18 (
Dec28 07:03 1370 WTAB Tabor City, NC 277 Mi. 109 watts nite power. Dennis FM18 (
Dec28 06:32 1040 WURN Miami, FL Spanish....5Kw nite power. stream match in and out under WHO Des Moines, IA...both about the same distance 873-875 Mi. ..Dennis FM18 (
Dec28 06:18 [05:39] CJAD occasionally, CJBQ rare, but heard. They even did a long interview with me! /Bjarne (
Dec28 06:05 DOn't mean to kick a dead horse but just had English ID on WWFE---Dennis FM18 (
Dec28 05:58 Just tuned back to be certain of the ID. Definite stream match to Poderosa with about a 20 second delay Dennis (
Dec28 05:54 Ahhhh OK didn't realize that. I had a stream match but I did hear another Spanish sta. I asume was Rebelde. Dennis (
Dec28 05:48 Dennis, it isn't so much the distance, but rather WWFE being only 1 kW at night AND having to overtake Rebelde./cdel96 (
Dec28 05:44 Couple months ago I was in my car here in VA and was hearing NJDOT traffic Radio from Jersey City, NJ like a local. I think it was 1620 (
Dec28 05:41 Actually iy;s only 875 miles...I souldn't have put DX but hey...I'm hearing it...Dennis (
Dec28 05:39 800 (tuning 798 from ArcticSDR) VOWR NL//Streema with Engelbert, battling assumed CKLW. I wonder if CJAD and/or CJBQ ever poke thru there./cdel96 (
Dec28 05:37 Must be that Au kicking up, with Miami being heard up there./cdel96 (
Dec28 05:34 DX 670 WWFE La Poderosa Miami, FL. Dennis FM18 - Bad heterodyne (
Dec28 03:52 @ Mark/IN. With a South DKAZ almost every night seems semi-AU here. However. it does seem to becoming at least slightly AU here. KAZ-IL (
Dec28 03:42 [03:06] I think this was from the movie "UHF": "We don't need no stinkin' badgers!"/cdel96 (
Dec28 03:24 <....He was the only survivor of a small plane crash (3 aboard) on the way to deliver provisions to Hurricane Andrew victims in 1992./cdel96 (
Dec28 03:23 [02:40] To be totally fair, the "voice of the Hurricanes", Joe Zagacki, is truly blessed to be alive...>/cdel96 (
Dec28 03:11 [02:29] Anyway, that's a good catch. Listen later on for gravel voiced Ferrall on the Bench on 560./cdel96 (
Dec28 03:10 [2:29]. (
Dec28 03:10 AU - It's not the all-out AU that happens during geomagnetic storms, but... Cuba is giving WSM a run for its money on 650. Normally WSM blasts in here at night. -- Mark/IN (
Dec28 03:06 I know. Co-workers let me know. Hurricanes were badgered in every way./cdel96 (
Dec28 03:02 [02:31] Chris, you didn't miss much -- the 'Canes got blown out by Bucky Badger to the tune of 35-3. -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec28 03:00 [02:40] I had no idea that U-Miami was playing their bowl game tonight. And apparently THEY didn't know either./cdel96 (
Dec28 02:58 On TVFMLOG page, Aurora is being brought up./cdel96 (
Dec28 02:54 DX 650.465 - Carrier only, but matches entry for Ecuador in the offsets list for 650 on MWLIST. Another indicator of increasingly AU condx? -- Mark/IN (
Dec28 02:41 TA 999 Saudi Arabia Koran station at 0153 atop COPE Madrid for about 30 seconds, clear enough with chanting during a brief period when TA's seemed to get a nice boost. WMVP Phased. New! KAZ-IL (
Dec28 02:40 [02:31] - I thought that "whining" sound was a het... I guess I can stop looking at the MWLIST offsets... :^) -- Mark/IN (
Dec28 02:31 [02:29] "Commentary"? Bwahahaha... Not listening, but I am sure "whining" would be more apropos./cdel96 (
Dec28 02:29 560 - WQAM Miami - post-game commentary (Miami Hurricanes) mixing with others, incl. a new one for me, KWTO Springfield. No sign of WIND Chicago. -- Mark/IN (
Dec28 02:20 Where is the Lubec ME SDR? Don't see it on VE3SUN or sdr.hu lists TS-MI (
Dec28 01:57 Interesting condx here... usual strong stations like Chicago, Detroit, etc, are suppressed, allowing reception of deep south/southeast on S. Dkaz. Almost GY conditions on every freq. semi-AU? -- Mark/Northern IN (
Dec28 01:53 Secret, of course..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqWYoZpbmxY Curtis (
Dec28 01:24 [00:41] I believe that, that there are at least "pockets" of Christians everywhere, but many have to worship in secret. Hearing it on the radio, kinda surprised me there./cdel96 (
Dec28 00:41 SYRIA = Christians make up about 10% of population, have been (not uniformly) drawn into the civil war, and are among the refugees we're seeing in Canada. Some churches here are sponsoring Syrian families, including Christian families. Saul ON (
Dec28 00:30 It could happen Justin. I just got really lucky as SSS was fading in from Sydney first. Todden34it (
Dec28 00:30 650 Greenland KNR noted 2337 when endless talk by 2 men went into mx. Phasing WSCR also Phased out WSM. // 720 also there weak u/Phased WGN. New! KAZ-IL EN52we (
Dec28 00:28 12-26 1651 Justin ot.cpuld be but a lot of KXRB to contend with. Todden34it (
Dec28 00:22 1710 unid station w/ Christmas music and only on my North antenna hovering just above the noise floor on fade-ups, very weak and likely very low powered wherever it is. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Dec27 23:51 [2246] Lots of Syrians are Christians, knew some in Chicago. Curtis (
Dec27 22:48 My most distant FM catch was 92.5 KKWQ Warroad MN, running a ".ca" ad---when I learned it was Manitoba, wow!/cdel96 (
Dec27 22:47 [22:00] Yeah all Canadian 990's are CBC's, noncommercial; so it had to have been a US border station./cdel96 (
Dec27 22:46 [21:16] Christmas music in Syria?!/cdel96 (
Dec27 22:00 990 advertisement for Rogers Motors in Oakville, RogersMotors.ca website is obviously Ontario, but station is WDCX-990 Rochester. Under CBY Corner Brook Newfoundland on Lubec Maine SDR. Earl Higgins listening from Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec27 21:52 TA Lubec Maine SDR 909 Great Britain louder than domestics on 910, sports talk by m. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri on Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec27 21:16 TA 783 Radio Damascus, Syria already producing some faint audio w/ Christmas music at 4pm EST. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Dec27 04:14 760 WJR with Levin show E-W on my PR-D5, trace of sports talk, possibly Denver, but no ID. Also on other radios with a loop. So King Co WA (
Dec27 03:16 550 KRAI possibly on day pattern... again. Strong as hell in SW Wyo. En35id (
Dec27 02:41 [22:01] I wonder if Miami's WURN is running 50kW day power. I'm not near a radio./cdel96 (
Dec27 00:32 1270 KZTQ Sparks, NV "Bob FM" adding to Green River, Wyo log. En35id in the high Uintas, UT. (
Dec26 22:50 1040 WHO Des Moines, IA Dennis FM18 (
Dec26 22:20 TA Lubec Maine SDR 630 Tunisia well over domestic talker! Female Arabic vocals. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec26 22:18 1040 sounds like Vietnamese but no stream match to WPBS Atlanta...Dennis FM18 (
Dec26 22:13 TA Lubec Maine SDR 774.22 UnID. Someone, perhaps one of the Spaniards, is way off frequency. Talk by soft-spoken m seems more Spanish than Arabic, poor to fair signal. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec26 22:01 1040 2 Spanish Stations...Cuba???? Dennis FM18 Central, VA (
Dec26 21:32 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1458 UK Radio Lyca, South Asian vocal music absolutely CRUSHING 1460 domestics barely a trace. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec26 21:25 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1467 TWR Monte Carlo in Middle Eastern language, talk by m. Easily separable from Iran 1467.4. Local grade signal on peaks! Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec26 21:16 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1008 Holland with Bible talk by m in Dutch, poor to fair on peaks in WINS slop. Another "get it while you can" as they go off the air in a few days. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec26 21:09 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1044 Cadena SER "Radio Alhama" Program "Hora 25" hosted by Pablo Moran, parallel to web stream. Loud with slop from Montréal-1040. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec26 21:00 [20:04] 1467.387 Farsi language, so your guess is correct. /Bjarne (
Dec26 20:55 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1125 RTBF Belgium atop others with FF talk by man and woman, parallel to web stream. Only a few more days left to catch this one! Get them while you can. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec26 20:50 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1152 Radio Actualitati Romania atop jumble with folkish vocal music by man, parallel to web stream. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec26 20:40 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1170 presumed Sawt Al-Joumhouria with Middle Eastern music crushing domestics at 3:30 PM local time! Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec26 20:32 TA Lubec Maine SDR 1413 BBC Oman at fair level on peaks, rising above numerous Spaniards. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using Lübeck Maine SDR (
Dec26 20:23 1467.4 also audible very faintly on the Lubec Maine SDR. Presumably Qum, Iran as it has been reported to vary wildly in frequency. Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using the Lubec Maine SDR (
Dec26 20:04 1467.4 UnID ArcticSDR Arabic or possibly Farsi talk, anybody have any idea who is off frequency here? -- Earl Higgins in Saint Louis Missouri using the ArcticSDR (
Dec26 16:51 Todd do you think we could get CBI in the cities? En35id (
Dec26 13:51 Too bad about your 2010 Rick, good luck getting it fixed. I just got a FT-891, it's about the same size. jpb fn32 (
Dec26 13:33 [16:13] I woulda been happy if'n Santa had brought me a replacement Sony ICF-2010. A couple weeks back, mine slid off a bench in a St. Louis Greyhound station, hit the floor, and something inside of it broke. I'm not a Mr. Fix-It type, so I have no idea where to start looking for the problem. :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec26 06:39 [21:39] Bzzz! Close but no cigar: WCRN (
Dec26 06:02 Congrats on Santa's Nova Scotia gift, Todd! I'll never get CBI here. In fact, I don't know if I'll ever hear KXRB! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec26 06:01 On the contrary, aren't people glad CBC decided not to move CBU to FM, but also simulcast on FM? Albeit they're now operating with 25KW on 690khz. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec26 04:55 Aren't you glad CBC decided NOT to move CBI to FM but to simulcast on FM instead! Saul (
Dec26 02:47 900 khz - WKDA - Lebanon, TN - 12/26 @ 0055 UT - FINALLY IDed my 900 SS unid, mixing w/CHML, ID as "esta es, Radio Luz nova ciento, WKDA" New one - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec26 00:07 Wow CBI 1140 in MN! I got them only once from WI just barely with Phased BOGs. KAZ (
Dec25 23:10 1710 "Community Radio Network" back again right now with old time Christmas music, very weak --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Dec25 21:39 DX 830 WRCN Worcester MA 12/25 0023 central in well over WCCO's null with Adult Stamdards and ID. Will have to try this in Bloomington MN when I get back. Todden34it (
Dec25 21:32 [2132] Todden34it (
Dec25 21:32 DX 1140 CBI Up in the boundary waters near Grand Marais. Fun conditions but the highlight so far was hearing CBI yesterday all alone at 230pm! (
Dec25 17:04 [16:13] Not WLAC? They have a "3 leaf clover" pattern IIRC. Heard at night from many places./cdel96 (
Dec25 16:13 Much more important things to do this Christmas morning, so I'm probably done for now. Hope Santa brought you all the equipment you've wished for. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 16:13 0010 PT - 1510 KCKK CO with 'Nothing Compares 2 U' Sinead O'Connor under KGA, and a THIRD EE underneath, very faintly. Wonder who *that* was? 1430 KLO with Christmas music. 1410 KWYO Sheridan WY blasting on 5000 watt day power with Christmas country music and ID for 106.9. Recorded that one. 680 CJOB MB blasting in with Xmas music. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 16:11 0000 PT and a little later - Santa's stocking stuffers from last night. 1570 KBCV Hollister MO with promo for Rel program 'weekdays at 8 central time', had to be them. XERF mostly on top. 1550 KMRI UT with a massive signal on day power. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 11:03 Heard some talk behind KFBK, not intelligible, though. Listening to C2C on my PRD5. Merry Christmas everyone. So King Co WA (
Dec25 07:49 Off to bed. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 05:50 KFAB in regular programming this Christmas, surprising as Chip Davis lives near Omaha. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 05:24 DX 760 WJR Detroit, Newsong 'The Christmas Shoes' // stream. This isn't Mannheim AFAIK, as it's not on the 2018 list. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 05:13 DX 740 CFZM Toronto, 'The Night Before Christmas' Carly Simon // stream. Nice conditions! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 05:06 650 CKOM SK Xmas music mixing with KMTI UT, also Xmas music and ads for local businesses in Gunnison UT > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 05:05 680 CJOB Winnipeg with an old time radio Xmas, underneath KNBR > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 04:49 Mannheim all over the band, including the blasters of KBOI, KKOH and KGO. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 04:49 600 KSJB Jamestown ND with Shania Twain's 'Forever and For Always' under CJWW. Rare! Conditions are hot to the east! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 02:36 [01:57] Just checked WSCR on the Muscatine IA SDR, and they are running the Broncos-Raiders game via Westwood One with Kevin Kugler doing play-by-play, so, yes, it's probably WSCR you had under KBOI -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec25 02:00 1340 KLOO Corvallis OR strong with TOH ID, unusual for graveyard. Now fading to 20 other stations. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 01:57 670 UNID with Monday Night Football under KBOI. WSCR? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 01:53 Tim Tromp (kilokat7) in MI reported CNR-11 on 1098khz earlier! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 01:52 TA 1089 weak het under XEPRS, KFNQ. Probably TalkSport. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 01:50 DX TIP 830 KNCO Grass Valley doing their yearly simulcast of Star 94 FM, Christmas music > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 01:49 570 WNAX Yankton SD with Christmas music // stream, not Mannheim Steamroller show. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec25 01:20 Rush Limbaugh breaks from his usual conservative talkfest and airs Christmas music over the EIB network on 12/25. That's nice. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 23:29 I thought just about EVERYONE ditched protocol and played Christmas music on Christmas Eve. I find it irritating that I STILL can't get away from Mark Levin, even on December 24th. :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec24 23:17 KBOI runs some interesting holiday programs, a couple years ago I heard a special with Colbie Calliat, along with other shows. CKOM runs something called 'Christmas Is', I think. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 22:41 <...including the *former* staple on radio at Christmas, "The Bell that Couldn't Jingle" (see YouTube)./cdel96 (
Dec24 22:40 <....including the *former* Christmas radio (
Dec24 22:40 [18:24] I'm ol' school. I wanna hear the syndicated "Christmas at Our House" which I heard almost 40 years ago...> (
Dec24 18:55 Skywave seems to be in low-band as nothing's propagating on X-band other than Seattle. No trace of KFSG or KBRE. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 18:54 KSL-1160, KNZZ-1100... > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 18:52 1070 CFAX Victoria, all-Christmas, no news/talk. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 18:48 540 CBK Watrous SK decent signal right now. 650 KSTE CA and unid with Christmas music under. Almost 11am, still skywave. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 18:24 An American Christmas with Mannheim Steamroller will be all over the band tonight as well. KKOH is one of those affiliates. AM sounds so much better with holiday music on! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 18:22 Tonight there will be some, what seems like inexplicable FM simulcasts on AM, (830 KNCO always simulcasts 94.1 FM for Christmas music on 12/24 and 12/25) but those are planned. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 18:21 Also a technical goof on 710-KIRO. Instead of ESPN, I was hearing Coast to Coast AM, parallel to 97.3! Looks like when KIRO-AM airs the Seahawks Radio Network, they simulcast 97.3 and then go back to ESPN. Not last night... > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 18:14 0220 PT - 1060 KDYL Salt Lake City, Chinese (CRI) over CKMX, day power. 1030 UNID with PSAs under KTWO, likely KMAS. Was looking for WBZ, but Robert always gets away with it! ;-) > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 18:13 0200 (and later) - 560 KMON MT still on day power. 670 WSCR Chicago under KBOI, PSA 'brought to you by the state of Illinois', 740 CFZM Toronto huge with ID, Zoomer Radio mention > Yakima CN96 (
Dec24 09:11 Sorry---I forgot all about CFMB! As you were./cdel96 (
Dec24 09:03 UnID 1280 via Bjargtangar, Iceland SDR. Instrumentals, but definitely NOT R Enciclopedia, not BBN Radio. Hmmmmmm!!/cdel96 (
Dec24 05:26 950 KMHR Boise ID matching Weiser, ID SDR. 35w??? En35id in Green River Wyo. -new- (
Dec24 02:49 02:45ut 1450 WLYV Fort Wayne IN - In the mess with clear "...104.3 WLYV" ID, then into The Who's "Athena". Confirmed via webstream. Last heard from Iowa City on 8/4/1991! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec24 02:33 1210- Sorry - KMIA - Tony VK2IC (
Dec24 02:32 1210 - Its KZIA - Tony VK2IC (
Dec24 02:30 1210 -Arctic SDR - Mexican music - Very few ids - Splatter from 1215 - Tony VK2IC (
Dec24 02:10 670 & 710 Cuba, R. Rebelde Dennis FM18 (
Dec23 10:21 ArcticSDR is online. Power cut. Now to heat up the room again.../Bjarne (
Dec23 07:12 1060 XEEP DF (¡finalmente!), "Señal 96.5....tres mil watts de potencia (that's the power of the FM). I think it took two other 1060's to go off air for me to catch this /cdel96 (
Dec23 07:10 1060 XEEP DF (¡final (
Dec23 04:27 1030 KFAY Fayetteville AR with slogan for conservative talk radio for NW Ark, into ID. Not needed but not heard often. Todden34it (
Dec23 04:07 That's the first non-Colombia/Venezuelan South American I have heard on an SDR of my choice, in maybe 3 years./cdel96 (
Dec23 04:03 1500 (Bonaire SDR) R Santa Rosa, Peru (!!) then almost immediately lost to WFED./cdel96 (
Dec23 03:26 1430 KLO Ogden heard with their new format southwest of Independence Rock, Wyo. - En35ID driving to GR, WY (
Dec23 02:32 One nice video from Key Largo/cdel96:----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkmwvTvN1Wk (
Dec22 21:54 1240 (from Key Largo) Radio Maria, Dom Rep; was recording, but station went off!/cdel96 (
Dec22 20:23 1430 KLO Ogden UT 'Unforgettable 1430, KLO', also hearing 1550/1600 SS stations from Salt Lake City. KGMZ mixing on 1550. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 20:20 1490 KYNR Toppenish semi-local has returned to the air after weeks of not operating due to a robbery of their equipment... Native American chanting right now. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 20:12 1210 Jumble with UNID Country mixing with KMIA and others. One of the two Wyoming's, likely. Very nice DX for noon! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 20:06 880 CHQT Edmonton AB loud S9 with local news > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 20:05 840 CFCW Camrose AB country music // stream. If you can believe it, I think this is the first time I've ever heard them on 840. On 790 they were a pest. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 20:00 1200 KYAA Soquel CA 'Relevant Radio' > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 19:57 1170 KLOK San Jose CA with Asian programming - once again, the skywave never went away this AM. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec22 16:28 790 KABC Los Angeles, CA in with fair signal w/ local KSPD Boise off Air.....Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec22 16:27 ArcticSDR is offline, likely a power problem. Hopefully I can fix tomorrow afternoon. /Bjarne (
Dec22 14:12 [13:40] Can't hear them on any antenna but my Flag pointed right between Boston and NY. Robert OR (
Dec22 13:40 [03:02] Excellent, WBZ all the way in OR, especially taking their pattern into consideration! Over the Pole maybe?/cdel96 (
Dec22 12:03 790 ESPN Fresno in on top of KJRB The Bear much of the a.m. on my PRD5. Unusual. So King Co WA (
Dec22 03:11 DX 850 KICY AK Loud with basketball. In early and strong. Robert OR (
Dec22 03:02 DX 1030 WBZ Lady host talking to callers mentioned "here in Boston". Checked against webstream. Barely under KTWO. Robert OR (
Dec21 22:42 1370 khz - WVMR - Frost, WV - 12/20 @ 2145 UT - Asia's (Heat of the Moment), promo for local event mentioning Allegheny Mountain Radio stations, weather (lots of rain). New one - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec21 22:18 910 CKDQ Drumheller AB "Real Country 910" ID. Robert OR (
Dec21 22:15 1650 KBJD Denver already in > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 22:11 1430 KLO Ogden UT, Christmas music // stream. Thought it was KEZW at first. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 22:05 1410 KWYO Sheridan WY C&W song into TOH ID then news. Basically alone on a fade in. Robert CN82 OR (
Dec21 22:03 1330 KOVE Lander WY TOH ID > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 22:00 1320 KIFM West Sacramento CA with ESPN. Loud signal > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:59 1290 KOUU ID, classic country when KIT splatter nulled > Yakiam CN96 (
Dec21 21:57 1210 CFYM Kindersley SK // 1330, about a minute behind. Also hearing Country but the announcement was down in the noise. Didn't sound like KHAT's ID sweepers. KRSV? > YAkima CN96 (
Dec21 21:52 1070 UNID with 'Happy Xmas (War is Over)' John Lennon, underneath CFAX. Plentywood MT? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:44 880 CHQT Edmonton with traffic update > Yakima CN9 (
Dec21 21:39 680 KKGR East Helena MT local ads. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:36 Multiple stations under KONA-610 (my semi-local)! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:36 580 KIDO Boise ID with Dave Ramsey. Not far but rarely heard in the daytime. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:34 540 CBK Watrous SK, the previous daytime record, with program discussing Christmas standards. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:31 1100 KFAX San Francisco, weak but stable with promos > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:28 I didn't count CBW as it was heard after 2PM local. I count daytime skywave as that 11am-2pm period where the sun is at its highest. Now I think it's a weak KPJC fading up, CJRB gone. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:28 1220 CJRB Boissevain MB with religious music // stream!!! Amazing to hear this at 1:20PM. This is now a daytime skywave record. 10KW at 967 miles! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:24 1380 Conservative talk over KRKO. KTKZ? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:23 1410 KWYO Sheridan WY weak with ID out of Collin Raye. 5KW. Skywave never went away when the sun came up! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:22 1330 CJYM Rosetown SK on top of a jumble with ID > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:19 Graveyard messes on 1400, 1340 right now! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:17 1550 KMRI West Valley City UT with local ads in SS > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 21:15 1600 KTUB Centerville UT very dominant with Regional Mexican right now. 1:15PM > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 18:49 wow that's close. (
Dec21 18:28 Iran is blocking Radio Farda, 800 kW from U.A.E op by Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe Jim AZ (
Dec21 18:01 Who on 1575 is Iran blocking? VOA Thailand?/cdel96 (
Dec21 17:43 Asia and Middle East walloping onto the ArcticSDR this morning. Good signals from CNR1 on 1593, probably CNR11 on 1098, several stations from Egypt, possibly UAE on 1539. Buzzer on 1575 from Iran S9+10. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 17:42 Thanks! St. Petersburg has an 828, I think. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 13:38 13:34ut KBMW 1450 Breckenridge MN - Good for a few minutes with local ads mentioning "downtown Fergus Falls" and Breckenridge, then into "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". Will have to check my logbook, but I THINK this one is new for me -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR possibly adding to the Iowa City logbook (
Dec21 09:06 Sorry, that should read [06:04]... /Bjarne (
Dec21 09:05 [08:28] Likely Russia. /Bjarne (
Dec21 06:58 [06:18] I also had what had to be a Smooth R echo on 1557 on that SDR, and per MWLIST not much power there on either tx./cdel96 (
Dec21 06:56 800 (Oahu SDR) CHAB AB---Moose "Jaw" also has quite the footprint. I never heard CHAB during my AK tour./cdel96 (
Dec21 06:18 1431 ArcticSDR Smooth Radio from Rayleigh, England - stream match and ID. MWLIST only says 350 watts...a very good catch and good peaks too > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 06:07 864 ArcticSDR, RNE Radio Nacional from Socuellamos (5kw) mixing with ERTU Egypt (sunrise was an hour and a half ago in Cairo) > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 06:04 Bjarne, who is that massive signal on 828 MW that dominates at S9+10 until Asia takes over? German? Russian? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 05:59 710 ArcticSDR KIRO Seattle with Washington State IMG network > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 05:56 684 ArcticSDR, mix of RNE Radio Nacional // 585 and RTV Radio Nacionale (Medenine, Tunisia) also // 585. Very little USA low band so far. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 05:34 1150 cont. Sounds like possible day power. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 05:33 1150 KSEN Shelby MT // stream, 'My Girl' (
Dec21 05:28 620 KIGS Hanford CA local ad with 559 area code mention, 1KW > Yakima CN96 (
Dec21 03:47 690 KSTL St. Louis, MO - gospel music; strong signal, not on 18W night power. KY/EM66tx (
Dec21 02:12 Strong het 1368 here in MO; EM29 (
Dec21 01:56 WCCO 830 heard in LA Calif-- DM13 (
Dec21 01:19 1040 Vancouver BC under WHO - not common en35id (
Dec21 01:19 Well I hear the het on 1040 but that's about it. En35id (
Dec21 00:59 TA Tent 1044 Spain. Hear carrier here in mpls Todden34it (
Dec20 23:21 910 KCJB Minot, ND 5 kW....Gary in Boise DN13kW (
Dec20 22:34 TA 1044 Spain strong right now w/ clear audio. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Dec20 22:06 990 CBW Winnipeg!!! WOW! CBC news mentioning Winnipeg - 1,100 miles at 2:05PM. Think it might be a great night of AM DX. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 22:04 1510 KSFN Piedmont CA all over KGA with Chinese talk > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 22:02 830 KUYO Evansville WY, 'The Christmas Song' by unknown artist (probably a Christian artist) // stream. Nice! > yakima cn96 (
Dec20 22:01 820 Think it's KUTR underneath KGNW... > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 22:00 1420 KMHS Coos Bay 'Coos Bay Toyota'. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:58 1600 Can confirm it's KUBA Yuba City, 'Yuba City-Marysville' > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:56 1600 KGST Fresno, not common nowadays, with ESPN Deportes mention. 'Baby It's Cold Outside' mixing, possibly KUBA. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:55 1210 KRPU Rocklin CA with Punjabi music, about S7 > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:53 1070 Someone mixing with CFAX, either KNX or KATQ > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:52 890 Regional Mexican, either KYWN or KMJE > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:52 880 KWIP on top of a jumble > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:51 760 KDSP Denver with Sports talk, all alone > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:50 TA 1521 & 1575 also with audio right now. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Dec20 21:50 650 CKOM Saskatoon SK in right now with ID '650 CKOM' - nice daytime opening! Also noting strong 1570 KCVR. Looking for more. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:49 0105 PT - 600 KOGO San Diego with ID 'News Radio 600 KOGO' > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:49 0120 PT - UNID 1310 with Jim Bohannon under KLIX. His website shows KNPT but it's on earlier. KFKA is not listed either. Who? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:47 0115 PT - 720 KFIR OR on day power, Coast to Coast well over KDWN. 680 CJOB MB, 650 tKGAB WY also with Coast to Coast. CBS Sports mixing (CISL?) > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:47 0110 PT last night - 1290 KOWB Laramie WY with ID and 'listen on the Radio Pup app' mention during Coast to Coast. They don't come in often. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 21:41 TA 1467 TWR Roumoules, France very good on peaks right now with music. --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ (
Dec20 17:18 1323 Arctic SDR CRI, Urumqi, China, conversation between folksy man and woman American accented English. Just about the only English audible on the dial. I always wonder who exactly is the audience for these broadcasts? Are people in neighboring countries in Central Asia thirsting for English softcore propaganda? Self QRM from other Chinese sites. Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Arctic SDR. (
Dec20 16:49 819//2850 North Korea blasting away with usual march music fanfare. Not // 657. Weak 1 kHz het, possibly against Fairbanks. Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Arctic SDR. (
Dec20 16:42 639 // 1377 // 1593 ArcticSDR China CNR1 all three channels blasting into Norway this afternoon, local-like signals, usual soft-spoken m talking over bed of soft instrumental music. Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Arctic SDR. (
Dec20 16:20 610 KOJM Harve, MT w/ Christmas music/local ads...1kW...Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec20 16:13 675 China, site unknown but presumed Hohhot, Inner Mongolia As it is the only one with significant power (200 kW). Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Arctic SDR. (
Dec20 16:10 675 China just heard "Guangbo Diantai" announcement by man after soft instrumentals @1605 UTC. Both this and Vietnam have a very odd echo effect, but neither is listed with multiple sites so maybe propagation/Auroral echo effect? Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Arctic SDR. (
Dec20 16:04 675 ArcticSDR 1550 UTC Voice of Vietnam Program 1 - shocked to find this mixing with another station with soft Asian instrumental music, two men and woman in discussion with occasional vocal music, // VOV live web stream. Pips and news at top of hour. Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Arctic SDR and loving it! Thanks Bjarne! (
Dec20 13:55 780 KAZM Sedona, AZ in with sports talk w/ KOH nulled...250W.....Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec20 13:28 [08:58] That's how it is with high K-indices in the Arctic. Probably excellent signals from South Asia now. /Bjarne (
Dec20 13:25 13:17ut 1340 KGHM Midwest City OK - In there with ad for Brown-O'Haver insurance adjusters in Moore with clear phone # of 405-735-5510. Overtaken by KROC in Minnesota. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Iowa City logbook (
Dec20 08:59 Hearing KSL-1160, KRKO-1380, CJVB-1470, not much else coming in from USA > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 08:58 Wow, conditions have really fallen apart at the ArcticSDR. Getting some weak UKs and Scandinavia, and a few USAs, but that's it. Low band is especially blank. Solar activity? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec20 05:36 TP 846 tt R Kiribati - het has been fading in/out but building in strength - no audio yet...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec20 05:31 On 846 kHz QKO (
Dec20 05:29 TP Radio Kiribati tt decent audio with female announcer in native language // radio box WB6QKO (
Dec20 04:40 Sorry. ka5dwi DM34 AZ KHJ nulled out. Good at times (
Dec20 04:39 930 KSEI ID Pocatello ID Oldies music (
Dec20 04:31 1100 WTAM OH....:30 full ID & promo, into news...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec20 04:18 okay thanks Rick, either way I was happy to log a new station on 1560 jpb (
Dec20 04:15 [03:14] Jim, I just left a message on the ABDX listserver stating this, but I'll leave one here, too. WGLB upgraded its day power to 2.5 kw in March of this year, and I'm almost positive that they were cheating on that when you got them this evening -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec20 03:14 156o WGLB WI. decent audio and ID's under WFME. 785 miles on 250 watts is excellent. jpb fn32 (
Dec20 00:04 TA 1089 multiple Talksport UK's blowing the doors off with synchro echos --Kilokat7 West Michigan, North DKAZ loop (
Dec19 22:06 TS-MI 1200 WRTO Chicago under WMUZ w SS, VG fade-up 440 PM EST Tom Lakeport MI (
Dec19 21:57 TA 531, 549 parallel to each other (Algeria) in the clear, and 1215 Absolute Radio all have audio as well. Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec, Maine SDR (
Dec19 21:44 TA in addition to 855, 864, 909, 1152 have some amount of weak audio. Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec, Maine SDR (
Dec19 21:31 TA 855 Spain already in with weak audio on Maine SDR. 2120 UTC, 30 minutes past local sunset. Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec, Maine SDR (
Dec19 21:26 650 WSM Nashville in right now as well, still under WNMT. I wonder if it has been in all day? - En35ID (
Dec19 21:25 800 no sign of VOWR, blocked by CJAD-Montréal. Loud 1 kHz het From TAs. Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri using the Lubec, Maine SDR (
Dec19 21:21 800 no sign of VOWR, blocked by Montréal. Loud 1 kHz (
Dec19 21:13 TS-MI 1130 WBBR local quality at 4:10 PM EST burying WDFN Tom lakeport MI (
Dec19 21:09 14:40 UTC (before 9 am CST) - WSM 650 under WMNT with country music // streema. Daytime skip - En35ID (
Dec19 19:33 [19:22] Any VOWR 800?/cdel96 (
Dec19 19:22 740 VOCM Marystown Newfoundland and Labrador, very good at 2:15 PM local time on the Lubec, Maine SDR. Local talk show with man and woman local banter. Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri (
Dec19 18:05 TS-MI 890 WLS strong peaks at 1PM EST. 1180 WHAM covering WXLA. 1160 WYLL under WCXI. All rare and indicators of good DX. (
Dec19 02:59 1390 KCLN Clinton, IA - ID, Fulton Steamers (43) vs. Bureau Valley (60) HS BKB postgame @ 0225 UTC. KY/EM66tx (
Dec19 01:48 1710 "Community Radio Network" (presumed) back again right now with old time crooner music, very weak and just above the noise floor during up-fades. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Dec19 01:28 1400 WSAM Saginaw MI - In there with Burl Ives' "Holly Jolly Christmas", then part of liner: "...Christmas hits...1400 and 104 FM, The Bay". A relog, but still good to get Michigan on the GY freqs -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec19 01:24 01:21ut 1400 WMAN Mansfield OH - Atop with Ohio State Univ. men's BKB play-by-play by Paul Keels. Check of this year's OSU affiliate list shows WMAN as the only 1400. Nice! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Iowa City logbook (
Dec18 23:07 690 WELD Fisher, WV - ID, Rupert Holmes's "Escape"; clear, steady signal. KY/EM66tx (
Dec18 22:51 I've got a big Het on 864. No audio. At 2:50 PT?? Robert OR (
Dec18 21:27 1560 WFME NYC in and out but VG on peaks w Xmas music at 4:25 PM EST (TS-MI) (
Dec18 21:26 1130 WBBR NYC under WDFN, on peaks even w them (TS-MI) (
Dec18 21:16 1030 WBZ 4:15 PM EST on strong peaks covering WUFL Sterling Hts MI. Another indicator stn TS-MI (
Dec18 20:57 Already getting KMOX here on 1120 a good 2+ hours before LSS in western Iowa -- Rick on the road in Carroll IA (
Dec18 20:53 880 WCBS alone w VG peaks at 3:50 PM EST (GE SuperRadio II barefoot). Before 4 PM always an indicator of good DX TS-MI (
Dec18 12:03 DX 780 WBBM Chicago, IL in clear over dominant. KOH Reno nulled....1,448 miles...Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec18 08:24 [08:01] Yes, WOOD is very dominant. KKOL used to be until they closed. /Bjarne (
Dec18 08:03 747 ArcticSDR JOIB starting to show up, but several Asian big gun frequencies have UK or Spain at the moment. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec18 08:01 1300 ArcticSDR KGLO Mason City IA with ID, and I think WOOD MI underneath with 106.9 ment. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec18 08:00 1480 Arctic SDR, WGVU Kentwood MI with 'Real Oldies 1480 and 850' ID > Yakima CN96 (
Dec18 07:59 1420 ArcticSDR KTOE Mankato MN with ID (
Dec18 07:56 950 1220 1250 ArcticSDR - All three Manitoba's - loud signals! CFAM, CJRB, CHSM > Yakima CN96 (
Dec18 07:53 1320 ArcticSDR - CHMB Vancouver BC (Chinese) mixing with KOZY Grand Rapids MN, weather forecast and ID. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec18 05:59 ArcticSDR: High polar K-indices indicate auroral propagation. Expect stronger signals from South Asia and Middle East today. /Bjarne (
Dec18 04:38 DX 530 R Rebelde CUB...SS female anncr //5.025mHz...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec18 03:50 1190 KVCU Boulder CO Fair at times under KEX with college alternative tunes. Must be day power. Robert OR (
Dec18 03:46 Dx 1010 KIHU in 40 min earlier with many catholic radio mentions. New! #21 on 1010. Todden34it (
Dec18 02:48 990 XECL Mexicali, Baja...La Racola in strong w/ CBW nulled.....Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec18 02:20 02:17ut 1450 KQYX Galena, KS - Very good for a few moments with promo for Bill Gaither's "Homecoming Radio" pgm, then wx forecast w/ID of "1450 The Dove". Last time I heard this, it was WMBH and licensed to Joplin, MO in the early 90s! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec18 02:11 1160 XEQIN Baja Ca Clear ID and seemed to disappear, perhaps sign-off. Robert OR (
Dec18 01:42 550 KUZZ Bakersfield, CA w/Christmas country song....5kW....new...Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec18 00:41 620 CKRM Regina, SK strong w/ Local ads....10kW ...new > Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec18 00:28 610 KAVL Lancaster, CA Clear ID 4.9kW new > Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec17 23:15 TA -- 1089 Talksport UK coming in well on the DKAZ, which I switched back to point north. Other interesting carriers as well, some with audio. Waiting to see what the one on 1062 might bring. -- Mark/IN (
Dec17 23:04 1300 KPMI Bemidji, MN "the Christmas Legend". Clear then lost to WQPM. En35id (
Dec17 22:08 Which 1030 is the SS I hear on the Hawaii SDR's?/cdel96 (
Dec17 21:42 And I've heard XESDD here before. Not as common as 1700, of course. I still need KJDJ San Luis Obispo, which is // to 1130-KSDO, I think. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 19:23 The short story: XEPE is // XESDD 1030 La Tremenda. The long story: BCA's in real trouble with both its landlords (one owns XEPE and XHPRS-FM, the other owns XEPRS). -Raymie DM43 (
Dec17 18:57 0100 PT - 1340 KPRK Livingston MT logged here, with ID for KMMS and KPRK into Fox News. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 18:41 [028] NHK-1 local IDs at just before 10:00 and 20:00. NHK-2 at sign-off and sign-on (21:00) /Bjarne (
Dec17 18:00 [028] Don't the NHKs have their local IDs at the :20? And of course, NHK2 signs off with the music box and anthem at 1540z, earlier on weekends. That includes 774 and 747. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 14:16 More detail/cdel96--> http://forums.wtfda.org/showthread.php?9113-The-Mexico-Beat/page209 (
Dec17 14:13 At 1400 UTC was only what sounded like TV audio, a news channel in SS. I couldn't make it out (using San Bernardino GT)./cdel96 (
Dec17 13:45 Thanks go out to Raymie at WTFDA for the avalanche of info! BTW don't be surprised if you do NOT hear any TOH ID from XEPE./cdel96 (
Dec17 13:44 CONTINUED: It's a small part of all this/cdel96--> https://m.sandiegoreader.com/news/2018/dec/14/mexicans-cut-max-1057/ (
Dec17 13:40 NOTE: The saga of XEPE 1700 is quite the soap opera. Short version: you won't hear ESPN R on it anymore/cdel96 (
Dec17 10:51 cdel96: JST evenings are mostly EE on NHK-2, audible in Norway from around 09:00 or earlier until signoff 15:40 most days. /Bjarne (
Dec17 10:07 Bjarne & others: What time UTC is NHK's English hour or hours? I'd like to catch that./cdel96 (
Dec17 09:28 [08:48] NHK1 will have local IDs a few seconds before 10:00Z /Bjarne (
Dec17 08:48 1503 ArcticSDR - JOUK Akita // 567 with NHK1, female in JJ. Last log for this evening. My favorite receiver now! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 08:37 820 ArcticSDR - KCBF Fairbanks with ESPN, amid splatter from the 819! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 08:36 819 ArcticSDR - KCBS Pyongyang monster S9+ signal, usual music saluting the Leader, // 2850. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 08:35 1470 ArcticSDR - WMBD Peoria IL with ID into Coast to Coast. 1500 KSTP with ESPN. Not as many USA/Canada stations, and quite weak compared to some of these Asian 9khz's. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 08:30 1440 ArcticSDR - JOWF Sapporo in JJ commercials right now. Fantastic signal, S9+ > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 08:29 1404 ArcticSDR - JOQL Kushiro, relaying HBC 1287-JOHR (much stronger, and often heard in PacNW too) with female in JJ advertisement. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 08:24 1395 ArcticSDR - Male talking in JJ, sounds // to JJ on 558 (JOCR Kobe). This 1395 is likely JOCE Toyooka City, 1KW!! Commercial station, not NHK. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 08:22 1368 ArcticSDR - Loud CC not // to CNR1, nor // to 1458 Nei Menggu. Best guess per Asiawaves, Jixi Renmin Guangbo Dientai, at 10KW. No stream online for this station. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 08:18 ArcticSDR right now, wall to wall over-the-pole Asians. At least three CNR-1 xmitters on 756 with massive echo. JOSF Nagoya on 1332, JOKP-1188 with NHK1 // 594, etc. etc. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 05:21 Yes I heard it via San Bernardino GT./cdel96 (
Dec17 05:00 And can report that 1700 is SS again tonight using the Sedona AZ. SDR QKO (
Dec17 04:55 I still don't understand the ESPN stream, unless sister 1090 is telling everybody to visit there, instead of 1700./cdel96 (
Dec17 04:54 OK. XEPE website has an all-business lineup now 9 am to 4 pm local (maybe even later), everything a sports junkie wants! 🤓 /cdel96 (
Dec17 04:52 Not at home near a receiver tonight hope that helps QKO (
Dec17 04:51 Cde196 yes XEPE has been all SS the last couple nights but am not at homr (
Dec17 04:05 <...so, can stations licensed to Mexico stream NFL whereas USA stations cannot? I found it interesting to hear play-by-play./cdel96 (
Dec17 04:04 <....While playing around with 1700 stream, I also checked XEPRS 1090 stream, & there was live NFL football...>/cdel96 (
Dec17 04:03 Folks, can anyone aswer this for me---not necessarily DX-related?...>/cdel96 (
Dec17 03:57 No no that's the unknown 560. 630 still uncertain Jim SE AZ (
Dec17 03:55 Rats. KBLU Yuma AZ Jim SE AZ (
Dec17 03:30 DX 630 News Radio 630 Can it really be WLAP Lexington KY? PL-880 + Terk loop Jim SE AZ (
Dec17 03:04 TOH ID on espn1700.com stream was too fast to hear in SS, but must be "XEPE" again. But it shouldn't ID as such./cdel96 (
Dec17 03:03 My only jammers are just south of me, in the form of other radio stations blocking 710 WAQI & 1180 R Martí./cdel96 (
Dec17 02:57 TA - hets on 864, 1026, 1503...weak with fades to moderate & out...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec17 02:50 TA 1575 IRN - Iranian "buzzer" jammer in fairly strong fades in/out...800kW - do jammers give out QSL's?? Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec17 02:49 OK. espn1700.com is still EE sports talk, but 1700 kHz via San Bernardino is SS talk. Must be a straight ESPN radio feed on stream then./cdel96 (
Dec16 22:46 850 KFUO Clayton MO coming in over KOA, with ID and ads, *new* Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Dec16 17:54 The Oahu rx gave up the ghost after 15:00 UTC for the west coast./cdel96 (
Dec16 17:53 I totally forgot about Global Tuners' San Bernadino rx. That should guide me at least until a couple hours past Tijuana sunrise./cdel96 (
Dec16 17:50 Apparently, XEPE's homepage is "ashamed" to list a correct sked. At least *I* don't see a 24 hour grid./cdel96 (
Dec16 16:11 So King Co=last night XEPE had SS political talk; also comedy show...verified using dm16/S. Nev. SDR...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec16 14:49 QKO, you're in Southern Cal. Is XEPE running Spanish at this time? I just wrote an email to 1700---this is all so confusing./cdel96 (
Dec16 14:17 Make weak bits of singing no birds on freq QKO (
Dec16 14:16 TP 1566 HLAZ tt decent carrier weak birds of singing audio QKO (
Dec16 14:07 Still SS talk after 1400 UTC via Oahu rx. This is really odd./cdel96 (
Dec16 13:30 <....I only heard sports talk on the site, but a California SDR has SS talk. I suppose you can get away with that online!/cdel96 (
Dec16 13:29 [08:33] Well apparently the actual XEPE heard on 1700 is separate from espn1700.com feed, at least overnight...>/cdel96 (
Dec16 11:44 TP 774 kHz JOUB tt with JJ speaking female dominant on fades WB6QKO (
Dec16 08:33 1700 XEPE probably, with Spanish talk. Sounds like some dude talking about health issues. So King Co WA (
Dec16 08:10 570 ArcticSDR, CKSW Swift Current SK with country music // stream, mixing with KNR. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec16 07:35 1060 CKMX Calgary, AB also very strong - En35ID (
Dec16 07:35 1060 KDYL So. SLC also cheating tonight... again. - En35ID (
Dec16 07:14 DX 1550 KMRI West Valley City, UT into En35ID as well // SDR.hu - new - EN35ID (
Dec16 07:13 Hearing WKJV in Coon Rapids, MN trying for KMRI - En35ID (
Dec16 06:39 DX Alert 1550 KMRI on day power, noted 05:00. /Bjarne (
Dec16 06:02 1380 WKJV being heard in Fridley, Mn by Todd. I'm counting it. En35id (
Dec16 05:59 Sure. Sorry I'm a bit off tonight. Family issues. En35id (
Dec16 05:52 And Justin, if you want to get people's attention in the future about a station being on late or on day power late, start your post with DX ALERT, and everything will come up in red. That'll be sure to grab people's attention -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec16 05:50 1380 WKJV Asheville, NC - Fair under St. Louis w/Southern-accented male announcer plugging upcoming church services in Hendersonville, Fletcher, and Alexander. Confirmed via webstream. TY Justin for the tip! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Iowa City IA logbook (
Dec16 05:18 Got a DX tip... 1380 WKJV NC is on day power. En35id (
Dec16 00:35 800 CKLW Windsor with decent signal on the Sangean HDR-18 table radio with internal antenna...Jack, EM10dj, Austin TX (
Dec15 19:30 1160 KSL, 1550 KGMZ, X-Banders from California still in. Also 1420 tKMHS. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 17:47 1420 with Country music, most likely KMHS Coos Bay. I've heard them in the daytime before. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 17:45 1550 KGMZ San Francisco, job opportunities at Entercom, promos > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 17:43 Notable graveyard mess on 1340, 1400... > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 17:41 1260 KNBL Idaho Falls ID (ex-KEIR), with Phil Collins' 'Sussidio' // stream. I've still never heard the 690 in Blackfoot. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 17:37 1210 KRPU Rocklin CA, Punjabi talk. Big signal. KSL is still S9 putting IBOC on 1170. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 17:34 1120 KPNW Eugene loud signal this morning, and something else underneath, probably Roy UT. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 17:33 1100 UNID with talk show mentioning financial goals. Not Dave Ramsey or Clark Howard, probably KNZZ. At 0930 PT - nice! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 17:26 540 CBK Watrous SK still in with CBC Radio One, I think the show is called 'Because News'. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 17:25 That's good, maybe the SS is leased for a few hours a night. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 17:02 Now I listened to 1700 ESPN stream. Definitely "X-E-P-E" in SS TOH, otherwise ESPN. No SS talk./cdel96 (
Dec15 16:59 OK---Banda 13's feed says ONLY 1480 now. So, KKLF is a lone wolf. This explains everything./cdel96 (
Dec15 16:54 0103 PT - 680 CJOB Winnipeg MB with news, mentioned 'Global news desk.' > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 16:54 0056 PT - 590 KXSP Omaha with ESPN // 1460-KUTI, under Spokane. 600 KGEZ MT with ID. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 16:53 0100 PT - 570 WNAX Yankton SD with weather forecast > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 16:15 (Make that banda13.net)/cd (
Dec15 16:14 Re KKLF: SDR @ Anna TX is NOT // banda13.com stream. What gives?/cdel96 (
Dec15 16:10 Closest SDR's to Tijuana are near the SF Bay./c (
Dec15 16:07 [15:40] But. Streema's XEPE is still ESPN. I sincerely doubt ESPN would relegate themselves to an HD2/translator only./cdel96 (
Dec15 15:42 ArcticSDR: Transpolar signals could come very early today, maybe from 20:00Z. Indicator stations are CBC on 1400 and 1230. /Bjarne (
Dec15 15:40 Yakima=XEPRS still sports for now - XEPE now SS talk...Mike VE7SKA (
Dec15 12:02 [07:13] I just tuned in to XEPE online. Still ESPN R, replete with "car commercial style" TOH ID in SS./cdel96 (
Dec15 07:13 Wonder if XEPRS takes those ESPN shows - or are they also flipping to SS? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 07:13 [0657] Same here. I don't think ESPN got a lot of listeners in San Diego, however - more people listened to 1090. I still remember when they were Cash 1700, pre-ESPN. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec15 06:57 [04:06] wow, XEPE has been ESPN for years... That's too bad. Was an easy marker for conditions to the south. So King Co WA (
Dec15 05:31 [05:03] 1700 is blasting in here like a local with the same thing you're hearing... best on same antennas that KKLF would be best on. -- Mark/IN (
Dec15 05:03 [05:01] I still wish I knew what the Norteña 1700 messing with WJCC is. Can anyone tune and figure it out? It wasn't //KKLF online, but maybe the site's at fault./cdel96 (
Dec15 05:01 1700 (Arcticsdr) my local WJCC FL, common disclaimer: "The opinions expressed...."/cdel96 (
Dec15 04:28 620 KGTL AK...wx forecast into Xmas music...phased out KPOJ Portland...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec15 04:20 760 WJR MI...promo for station website...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec15 04:10 850 KICY AK...religious choir singing in Athabaskan native language //streema...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec15 04:06 1700 XEPE BCN no longer EE ESPN, now SS talk - Mex. owner cancelled lease to US operator, ditto 1090 XEPRS - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec14 19:39 1566 ArcticSDR - HLAZ 20 over S9!!! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec14 19:39 1575 ArcticSDR, S9+10db signal from the Iranian Buzzer. I should try for it myself when cx are decent. Mixing with Asian talk, probably VOA Thailand. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec14 18:16 1580 Hawaii I see the two stations are located within about eight blocks of each other along the Honolulu waterfront. Surprising that the FCC would allow to station so close together in both frequency and place. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Kaneohe, Hawaii SDR (
Dec14 18:14 1580 Hawaii mystery solved! It's // 1500, so it is a mixing product between KKEA-1420 and KHKA-1500. (1500 x 2) - 1420 = 1580. Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Kaneohe, Hawaii SDR (
Dec14 17:40 1580 MIXING PRODUCT? HARMONIC? PIRATE? NFL radio network, local ads for Waikiki and other Hawaiian businesses, weak to fair all day long on the Hawaiian SDR. Nothing listed in FCC database. It could also be a spur from Honolulu stations, which are known to create many mixing products. This certainly didn't have the sound of a mixing product however. -- Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Kaneohe, Hawaii SDR (
Dec14 17:20 The 1440 also has pop music in probably Arabic? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec14 17:19 1440 ArcticSDR, Japanese talk - JOWF Sapporo. 1287 also JJ, JOHR Sapporo > Yakima CN96 (
Dec14 17:17 [1655] It should be on day pattern at 1655z. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec14 17:16 639 ArcticSDR CNR1 with male in Chinese right now, // to 756, 945, 1377, 1593, even 1035 is in but weak. Very nice conditions! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec14 16:55 KICY beams to Siberia, supposedly, but maybe at this time of day, it is back on day pattern./cd (
Dec14 16:54 Earl, that's good. i used to enjoy the Maui SDR but it seems that an inferior antenna was installed recently./cdel96 (
Dec14 16:53 TP 1593 China, 972 Korea, 1440 Japan all doing reasonably well this morning. 850 KICY-Alaska heard on the Kaneohe, Hawaii SDR, Absolutely blasting in, entertainment quality locally done religious talk and music. First Alaskan noticed on this rig, K -- Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Kaneohe, Hawaii SDR (
Dec14 16:52 850 KICY-Alaska heard on the Kaneohe, Hawaii SDR, Absolutely blasting in, entertainment quality locally done religious talk and music. First Alaskan noticed on this rig, KDLG 670 also in but much weaker under KPUA with NPR news. -- Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Kaneohe, Hawaii SDR (
Dec14 16:43 1575 Iranian Jammer blasting away on the Kaneohe, Hawaii SDR. Does this thing get worldwide coverage? -- Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri using the Kaneohe, Hawaii SDR (
Dec14 16:05 great conditions at 1100 EST. stations less than 50 miles away being buried by stations 150 miles away on 1350 and 1370 jpb fn32sc (
Dec14 04:28 Yakima=there's no TA carriers at this end either tonight so far...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec14 04:22 ArcticSDR 1380 KRKO Everett WA, w/ ID into The Eagles. And another is mixing with Thurs Night Football coverage from WW1. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec14 04:18 ArcticSDR 840 CFCW Camrose AB // stream. NorthAm cx not that great tonight, but a few heard. OTOH, massive Spainard/Algerian signals on the SDR. 549 Jil FM like a local for example. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec14 03:42 DX 1610 CHHA ON...EE Christmas carols//webstream - not sure what show this is a part of...usually Punjabi or Italian this hour - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec14 02:40 0233 ut 1400 KWON Bartlesville OK - Atop w/liner: "You're listening to K-Won...now on 93.3.." Checked Google to see if it was a match, and sure enough, it was. Not new, but graveyarders from Oklahoma only show up in Iowa during winter, it seems like -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec14 01:04 Perhaps we can get some of the PacNW TP DXers (Gary DeBock, Nick Hall-Patch, Walt Salmaniw etc.) up to the ArcticSDR and BCB logger, too... > YAkima CN96 (
Dec13 20:15 I will leave anything with Oriental dialect up to all of you---aside from English alphabet for ID, of course. I'll take your word!/cdel96 (
Dec13 18:46 1242 ArcticSDR JOLF Tokyo most likely, lively JJ talk, which would be the All Night Nippon program I think. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec13 18:39 648 ArcticSDR Loud CC but not // to the 50KW Guangdong. Possibly Kashgar. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec13 18:34 594 ArcticSDR DZBB Quezon City, Philippines // webstream, Tagalog talk by female. 50KW > Yakima CN96 (
Dec13 18:29 639 ArcticSDR Chinese music // 756, so this has to be CNR-1 as well. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec13 18:22 I see Hubei PBS is 100KW from Wuhan on 774. And now someone with EE-sounding music mixing. Busy channel even after NHK2 signs off. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec13 18:20 774 ArcticSDR. Wonder who the LOUD CC is here? And there's possibly another behind with different programming. Obviously, JOUB signed off at 1540z so not them. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec13 18:19 756 ArcticSDR, sounds like multiple CNR1 echoes, but not getting an SW parallel, or 639/945 for that matter. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec13 18:17 That Iranian Jammer has been heard in the PacNW recently. And around 1430-1500z, too, so you can imagine the power on that one. Probably a megawatt, or more! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec13 18:16 [1644] I know 639, 756, 945 and 1593 in CC are obviously CNR-1. You can // CNR-1 on Shortwave, 6125 and 6175khz. Did that to confirm all three back in the super late-October condx. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec13 17:21 I know some of the KiwiSDRs have some TDOA (Time delay of arrival) based direction finding capabilities when used in conjunction with other KiwiSDRs. I wonder if it would be possible to pinpoint with some degree of confidence, the location of the Iranian Jammer on 1575. Earl, St. Louis Missouri USA (
Dec13 17:18 1575, sorry forgot to include the frequency in the previous comment. Not that you couldn't pretty much figure what I meant. Ha ha. Earl in St. Louis (
Dec13 17:17 I was hoping for Thailand on the Arctic SDR but darn, that Iranian Jammer is powerful! Earl St. Louis Missouri (
Dec13 17:15 [17:13] Their call letter IDs are veeery American... (
Dec13 17:15 That's right cdel196, good to see you here. All of my DX is with SDRs because I live in an urban electrical jungle of noise! Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri (
Dec13 17:14 [16:57] Yes, Verdad is a common one. Others 594, 630, 702, 1530 etc etc. (
Dec13 17:13 Regarding 1350 Philippines heard oon ArcticSDR: it's insane how many Spanish words and the entire phrases are easily understandable in Tagalog. Even the station ID "Radio Verdad Trece Cinquenta" is pronounced almost exactly the same as Spanish. Amazing 5303 mile reception. Earl Higgins in St. Louis, Missouri USA Listening on the ArcticSDR.. (
Dec13 17:11 Hey Earl. Nice to see you here. You commented on a couple of my YouTubes./cdel96 (
Dec13 16:57 Bjarne, you are not kidding about Southeast Asia reception on the ArcticSDR! Philippines religious broadcaster "Radio Verdad" absolutely blasting in on 1350 //Web stream. Not bad for listed 50 kW! Numerous Asians underneath. (
Dec13 16:44 Does anyone have up-to-date URLs for the Chinese National Radio stations? There are so many of them audible on the Arctic SDR now, but it's so frustrating to figure out which ones are CNR1, CNR2, CNR3, etc. The URLs given on MWLIST do not work for me, perhaps because I am located in North America? Sincerely, Earl Higgins in St. Louis Missouri (
Dec13 08:02 It is playing Norteña/Tejano---maybe it *is* KKLF with the stream for another station in the city of Dallas. Going to bed./cdel96 (
Dec13 07:58 [07:44] No idea. I see a couple of listings from ARG but nothing recently heard. /Bjarne (
Dec13 07:44 Bjarne, who is the SS 1700 that is not KKLF????/cdel96 (
Dec13 07:32 800 (798 on Arcticsdr) VOWR NL, Artie Shaw "Begin the Beguine")//Streema./cdel96 (
Dec13 07:21 1170 (Arcticsdr) KJNP AK---no ID, but radio adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" which matches schedule.. Co-Eurasia channel!/cdel96 (
Dec13 07:07 1300 (Arcticsdr) WOOD MI, "woodradio.com"./cdel96 (
Dec13 03:13 Yesterday from Key Largo I had a new one at sunset: Emisoras ABC 1250 Barranquilla CLM---but Tampa kept me from recording an ID./cdel96 (
Dec13 01:16 Didn't have good conditions last night at all. KSTP weak, WCCO barely there, nothing from WBBM or the Iowa stations that I could remember... > Yakima CN96 (
Dec13 01:15 0030 PT 12/12 - 670 KMZQ Las Vegas with conservative talk under KBOI. They recently flipped to talk from SBNation sports. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec12 21:45 ArcticSDR: Beware that there is a different beverage connected now. Best reception is South Asia and Western Australia. And a bit east-coast NA. /Bjarne (
Dec12 16:51 850 WAIT Chicago is a new log. It was behind WQRM and a possible KFUO. En35id (
Dec12 16:50 This morning Chicago and St. Louis 50kws were in. En35id (
Dec12 16:49 In response to daytime skip, I have heard KNX in Wyoming during broad daylight. About 750 miles. En35id (
Dec12 03:43 [12/10 1952] I've had 800 miles on day skywave before. I think it depends on ionospheric conditions. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec11 23:21 1250 KIKC Forsyth MT Amarillo by Mornin' after talk about Yellowstone & ID "Kik Country" Robert OR (
Dec11 20:57 Sunday night DX'ed without DX'ing- listening to CBC on 990, had Cuban NA underneath just past 11 Central. Pinar del Rio is listed there at 2.5 KW. Curtis in Illinois (
Dec11 20:56 Managed to DX when I wasn (
Dec11 05:55 [04:25] Chris, the 950 and 1250 primarily send their night power to the NE, the 1220 does have lobes that go SW and SE into the U.S. All three used to simulcast classical music years ago on a network called Radio Southern Manitoba -- Rick in South Omaha getting ready for a bus trip to the lower Ohio Valley :) (
Dec11 04:58 760 WJR MI...Detroit Lions pre-game show w/ID - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec11 04:25 I still need 1250 Steinbach here. The other two have been logged here. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec11 04:25 [03:17] They all send signal north, no?/cdel96 (
Dec11 03:17 It has been AGES since I've heard Manitoba on 1220 down here. Heck, for that matter, the same can be said about the Manitobans on 950 and 1250, as well -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec11 03:12 1220 KZEE Weatherford, TX. Only likely Asian station. Under MB - may be on day power - En35ID (
Dec11 02:57 680 - KBRW has come out of the mirk on Arctic SDR - Condx on this SDR not good from 0600utc yday - Tony VK2IC (
Dec11 02:47 FWIW, www.rcr.tv is RCR 750's stream. I believe they sign off at 0400 UTC w/ anthem./cdel96 (
Dec10 23:53 TS-MI 750 RCR Caracas was sportstalk last time I heard it. On top of WSB for 20 mins on a barefoot GE SuperRadio II. (
Dec10 23:52 Err I meant WHB...Not KCMO. Great up with WHB being on 710 for years. Not sure about 1680 Justin. Todden34it (
Dec10 23:36 1210 KUNF Washington UT Slamming in with ESPN sportstalk! Robert OR (
Dec10 22:14 Are you sure it wasn't WHB Todd? Any idea who my possible pirate is? En35id (
Dec10 21:37 Just now, I heard a Fox sports network on 810. KCMO, WJJQ and WPIN still ESPN. Any thoughts? Todden34it. (
Dec10 21:26 1680 possible pirate station in St. Paul. Can't get any licensed 1680 to match. This one is playing 70s r&b. En35id (
Dec10 19:52 So how much distance can be expected from daytime skywave? Sorry if that's too general a question...depends on the latitude and direction probably? -- Mark/IN (
Dec10 19:07 1260 CFRN Edmonton with sports talk. 1180 KOFI with local news. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec10 19:06 1070 More daytime skywave, CFAX Victoria BC with ID > Yakima CN96 (
Dec10 19:05 1060 KBGN Caldwell ID with Chuck Swindoll's Insight for Living, all alone. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec10 19:04 840 One of the Oregon stations with music mixing with KMAX Colfax > Yakima CN96 (
Dec10 19:03 650 CISL Vancouver 'Sports Net 650' unusually strong. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec10 15:25 1490 khz - WCLU - Glasgow, KY - 12/9 @ 2125 UT - heard a clear WCLU ID pop out of GY mess while I was driving, New - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec10 14:44 [14:19] I tried Googling with your word, but nothing seemed to make sense. So I went with MWLIST./cdel96 (
Dec10 14:19 [13:05] I could swear I heard "Copernica" and it wasn't religious music. But I've been wrong before(hi). Robert OR (
Dec10 13:46 Pre sunset yesterday---copy & paste/cdel96--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgwt6V9jkPo (
Dec10 13:05 [05:07] Per MWLIST I see a "Radio Católica Sal y Luz" KCID Caldwell ID on 1490. Could it be them?/cdel96 (
Dec10 12:51 1270 KMVI Tulare alone on freq NS with Christmas music. PRD5. So King Co WA (
Dec10 08:43 690 CBKF on top of CBU, XEWW peeks through momentarily, then is gone. ICF-38, loop. So King Co WA (
Dec10 05:07 Anyone in the NW heard "Radio Copernica" on 1490? SS w/ symphonic music last hour. No call letters at TOH. Robert OR (
Dec10 03:57 [22:32] Possibly Libertad, and I do think they stream. As to the other two, I would rule them out./cdel96 (
Dec10 03:18 [22:32] Only 3 Latin Americans in the logbook here: Radio Rebelde Cuba, Radio Ya Managua & Radio Libertad Colombia. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Dec10 02:53 I checked South America but nothing would work. Definitely 600? This stumps me otherwise./cdel96 (
Dec10 02:52 Of course Aurora has been reported. See: https://www.mwlist.org/mwlist_quick_and_easy.php?area=3&kHz=600 /cd (
Dec10 02:51 [22:32] Sure it was religious? Only 2 stations in El Salvador would fill the bill---see above./cdel96 (
Dec10 00:47 Someone on 1110 is running late. Music. Can't quite make it out. En35id (
Dec10 00:35 [Dec 09 00:16] Nope, it was Bonaire/cdel96--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz5aEM_M8HU (
Dec10 00:11 [22:32] 600 Managua wouldn't likely run anything Christian. However they stream at nuevaya.com.ni /cdel96 (
Dec10 00:04 Semi-AU condx... Stations from mid/deep south popping in and out, including Central and South America. Nothing stays for very long though, very fluctuating condx. -- Mark/IN (
Dec09 23:23 DX 750 Venezuela presumed. "RCR" hrd several times. Dominant station @2318, now way in background under WSB. -- Mark/IN (
Dec09 23:20 DX 750 Venezuela presumed. "RCR (
Dec09 22:41 Another 9kHz carrier- 711 under SS Cuban with sports. N8NU (
Dec09 22:32 600 unid - SS religious station...Man talking slowly in SS. Nicaragua? Was dominant station and then went off like a switch at 22:30, so maybe domestic? -- Mark (
Dec09 22:27 Very faint carriers at 612, 621 and 639 kHz under the usual stations. N8NU (
Dec09 14:07 [07:45] That sure was quick! I thought it'd take months!/cdel96 (
Dec09 08:16 No doubt KDYL. Don't need them here. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec09 08:06 1060 heard Chinese or related language in very tight CKMX null on my PRD5. No ID. Would be new though. So King Co WA (
Dec09 07:45 Cd - highways are back up and fixed. Glenn is repaired. Still have rock slides on Seward Highway. WL7NO (
Dec09 07:33 James WL7NO: How are those highways up there? Glenn Highway might be closed for weeks/months./cdel96 (
Dec09 07:32 720 (Puerto Rico SDR) WGN IL, pretty fair./cdel96 (
Dec09 03:20 Not much happening here, but WOAI is coming in strong! WL7NO (
Dec09 01:42 There it is. Distored Asian rock song. Cut through the mud - new - EN35ID (
Dec09 01:30 I can't hear them from here. Trying. - En35ID (
Dec09 01:22 Got a report that 1060 KDYL South SLC is on day power. Not sure how true this is. - En35ID (
Dec09 01:10 Yeah I think so too./cdel96 (
Dec09 00:27 [00:16] - Sure sounds like RCN to me -- Mark/IN (
Dec09 00:16 Help! SS 800---RCN or RTM? Copy & paste./cdel96-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhRWzFT7KO0 (
Dec08 22:11 1380 WMTC - Delaware HAR station. 10 watts. Heard here in NY at around 4PM local today. About 170 miles away.....Herb NY FN21. (
Dec08 18:53 0200 (ish) also heard 1660 KQWB ND and 1700 KKLF TX, the latter over XEPE. Surprisingly, apartment noise level was quite low last night. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec08 18:21 0155 PT - 1530 KGBT Harlingen, TX; under KFBK with SS talk, then string of promos mentioning 'Univision radio' and 'deportes' followed by fade out. They're an affiliate of Univision Deportes. NEW!! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec08 06:26 Nice work on AK, Mike./cdel96 (
Dec08 05:47 670 KDLG AK...rock show, current power ballad//webstream...phased out 'Pacific pest' KBOI Boise - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec08 05:38 800 KINY AK...automated AC music & liners: w/103.5 FM...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec08 04:06 840 (842 Dom Rep SDR) 4VEH Cap Haitien, Haiti//stream. Had to shake local HIJB 830./cdel96 (
Dec08 03:58 I lived in Hialeah FL then, not far from Miami./cdel96 (
Dec08 03:56 [03:32] I used to hear XEROK in 70s during PJB silent period, but they ran 3 times the power they do now. I tried and tried in the last year, but WAXY 790 & the revived PJB always make it difficult./cdel96 (
Dec08 03:32 I've always wondered about the possibility of XEROK making it to the East Coast. Whenever I see reports in here of Spanish on 800, XEROK and PJB are usually the first two I think of -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec08 03:18 1070 (1068 Bjargtangar) R Santa Fe, Bogotá, Colombia, //Streema./cdel96 (
Dec08 03:11 1280 (actually tuned to 1282 Bjargtangar) R Tupi, Brazil, //streema./cdel96 (
Dec08 03:04 1200 (Bjargtangar, Iceland SDR) WKOX MA, ment. WJMN HD2 Boston TOH./cdel96 (
Dec08 01:59 1220 is KDDR Oakes, ND, - En35ID (
Dec08 01:57 1220 - Basketball game is Bulldogs vs. Tornados. - En35ID (
Dec08 01:55 1220 UNID Basketball game with mentions of "Bulldogs" and an ad for "Custom Machine" - En35ID (
Dec07 23:15 1220 khz - KLPW - Union, MO - 12/7 @ 2302 UT - heard clear KLPW ID then weather, talk about upcoming HSBB games, third ATNO today - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec07 23:14 1220 khz - KLPW - Union, MO - 12/7 @ 2302 UT - heard clear KLPW ID then weather, talk about upcoming HSBB games, third ATNO today - (
Dec07 22:38 1520 khz - WHOW - Clinton, IL - 12/7 @ 2232 UT - local weather (cold, lows in teens) promo for Michael Medved, clear WHOW ID, another new one - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec07 22:14 1540 khz - WPTT - Hartford, WI - 12/7 @ 2200 UT - Classic Rock (Billy Joel, Tears for Fears, Aretha Franklin, etc) IDs as The Party, new one here - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec07 16:21 SORRY for below. It's mwlist.ORG /cdel96 (
Dec07 16:19 I had PJB last night with TOH id for Radio Transmundial with strEAM match on Bonaire SDR (
Dec07 15:13 BTW, I think PJB 800 has different directional antennas, aimed at either Cuba or Brazil; so outside of Bonaire's SDR, signal may be "iffy."/cdel96 (
Dec07 06:25 720 (Key West SDR) unID SS but might be running same ballgame as 800---NOT //R Católica in Managua./cdel96 (
Dec07 06:20 800 (Key West SDR) Radio 800 Managua, Nicaragua, baseball, //Streema, and if PJB is here, it's way under! I never heard of R 800 & MWList shows 50kW!/cdel96 (
Dec07 05:49 1230 KTRF Thief River Falls, MN with wx forecast popped out of the mud - En35ID (
Dec07 05:13 ....and also PJB would sign off late night for 105 minutes, which opened up for me (barely) XEROK & CKLW, which were both Top 40's./cd (
Dec07 05:11 [01:46] also in the 70s, PJB's signal early in evening was an EE relay of R Nederland b4 going into TWR.../cdel96 (
Dec07 05:09 In the case of 950 Reloj, Havana dominates southwestern FL all day. Near my QTH in the day, not so much./cdel96 (
Dec07 05:07 [01:59] No more of a guess, I'd say, than one if the three dozen Rebeldes on 710 & 1180!/cdel96 (
Dec07 03:04 1370 WTAB Tabor City, NC - ID, C&W music; strong signal for a very brief period. Also an ID for KWRT (Boonville, MO). KY/EM66tx (
Dec07 02:29 800 khz just heard ID for Radio Transmundial..TWR with stream match on Bonaire SDR. Dennis FM18 (
Dec07 02:26 800 - Was listening to SS praise / worship with woman vocal, then a man came on and I heard "Radio Transmundial" @ 0224. That would be TWR. -- Mark/IN (
Dec07 02:13 I've checked a dozen or more SDRs and Still can ID this Spanish station on 800 with religious music. (
Dec07 02:01 800 khz had ID at TOH but I coldn't catch it. It's Spanish Religious...Dennis FM18 (
Dec07 01:59 [01:42] - Well there's a few that have more than one location on a single frequency, like 950. So it's just a guess at that point? -- Mark/IN (
Dec07 01:58 810 CKJS Winnipeg, MB with ethnic programming. Heard woman singing. Sounded Asian. Under WHB - En35ID (
Dec07 01:52 Just checked Key West SRD but not a match to Spanish on 800 khz Dennis FM18 (
Dec07 01:46 I remember hearing Bonaire on 800 khz back in the 70's when it was Trans World Radio - Dennis (
Dec07 01:44 [01:42] Very possibly! TWR (PJB Bonaire) doesn't stream, however if you can access the Bonaire/Dom Rep/Key West SDR on sdr.hu, you can tune to 800 for parallel./cdel96 (
Dec07 01:44 MWLIST.COM...simple say...COMING SOON (
Dec07 01:42 Reloj stations only say "La Habana" at TOH; however, go to mwlist.com's Quick and Easy (do a search) and it's narrowed down by city./cdel96 (
Dec07 01:42 Is 800 kHz SS singing TWR PJB? KR1S (
Dec07 01:38 Do the various Cuban Radio Reloj stations have any kind of ID at TOH or whenever that identify by call/city what their actual location is? If not, I don't suppose there's any way of knowing which one I'm hearing... -- Mark/IN (
Dec07 01:37 800 klhz SS with female singing - Only Spanish I see listed is WNNW but no stream match. Dennis FM18 (
Dec07 01:28 Nothing but powerhouse WOR here in VA on 710 - Dennis FM18 (
Dec07 01:21 710 is kinda fun to listen to now... I'd say at least 3 Cubans, one is about 2 seconds behind. -- Mark/IN (
Dec07 01:18 1630 KCJJ Iowa City, IA 780 Mi. "Girls high school basketball" Dennis FM18 (
Dec07 01:17 1630 KCJJ Iowa City, IA 780 Mi. "Girls high school basketball" Dennis FM80 (
Dec07 01:14 1st SS one on 1620 sounds like sports Dennis (
Dec07 01:12 1620 khz 2 SS stations. Are these both Cuba???? Dennis FM18 (
Dec07 00:50 [23:35] KLVZ in Colorado, perhaps, although they're listed as adult standards rather than just pure oldies. KLVZ should have made the switch to night power at 23:30 UTC -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec07 00:30 670 khz WWFE. Miami, FL - La Poderosa 857 Mi. - ID at BOH -Dennis FM18fa (
Dec07 00:20 670 KHz 2 SS stations - Dennis FM18 (
Dec06 23:59 810 kHz XERSV Ciudad Obregon with ID and Spanish pop in KGO fades QKO (
Dec06 23:35 UNUSUAL any ideas WB6QKO (
Dec06 23:35 810 kHz getting oldies music UNUSUAL on this frequency jus (
Dec06 23:35 810 kHz getting oldies music UNUSUAL on this frequency just (
Dec06 22:54 1710 CHIM in northern ON reappearing with Good News Network and mix of pop and some regional announcements. Saul ON (
Dec06 04:58 DX 900 XEW DF "La W radio"//webstream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec06 03:58 1450 either KWHW Altus OK or KGFF Shawnee OK here at 03:50 UTC with postgame wrap-up of Oklahoma State Univ. BKB (a 74-71 win over in-state rival Tulsa). Faded before I could get a local ID, but it's a nice catch, regardless of which one I had -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec05 14:41 I just looked up distance from my home. Freeport is 115 air miles away./cdel96 (
Dec05 14:38 <....I tend to believe the latter. Easily heard here in daytime. In fact, granting an 810 near Orlando gets me, as ZNS3 can be heard along thr FL E Coast./cd (
Dec05 14:34 [12:28] Many sources have ZNS3 810 listed as 1 kW, but they have claimed on air to be 10 kW...>/cdel96 (
Dec05 13:21 [13:13] Just got another liner, and it says "Iron Country". So that's WGEZ in Beloit, Wisconsin. Unneeded in the Iowa City logbook. :( -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec05 13:12 1490 UNID at 13:08 UTC - Atop and in the clear with C&W song by Josh Turner, then liner that included what sounded like "Fire Country". Format seems modern country, rather than the older stuff. Ideas? -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec05 12:33 I heard KHMO 1070 kHz Hannibal, MO @ 1132 UT strong w/Star-Spangled Banner. Might be a regular time to play SSB daily. Was not signing on. TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec05 12:28 They were/are listed at 1 kW. I tried each year to get a verie. Finally got one. Will have to find it and check the date of the verie. TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec05 12:26 [11:47] First logged Dec. 7, 1982 @ 0007UT. Then heard each year for next three years around this date. I have not tried for them since but they are still on 810. TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec05 11:47 [02:12] Well, Tom, Dec. 7 is coming up, and there's some possible AU condx headed our way, so maybe it's worth a shot? What time of day did you hear them (ZNS)? -- Mark/IN (
Dec05 11:41 I would love to get ZNS! I suppose only Auroral condx would give me a logging of them? -- Mark/IN (
Dec05 11:03 DARN signal dropped and adjacent channel hash wiped out ID chances QKO (
Dec05 10:46 TP 774 kHz JOUB tt dominant with English language lesson fingers crossed for top of hour WB6QKO (
Dec05 10:46 TP 774 kHz JOUB tt dominant with English language lesson fingers crossed for top of hour WB6QKO (
Dec05 10:46 TP 774 kHz JOUB tt dominant with English language lesson fingers crossed for top of hour WB6QKO (
Dec05 04:34 Still, best to try FL's X banders after FL sunrise I suppose./cd (
Dec05 04:34 Your best bet for FL woulda been late 1997 when WCMQ 1700 (now Haitian WJCC) was all alone./cdel96 (
Dec05 04:33 FL would never be easy from WA, especially after WAQI reduced power....> (
Dec05 03:33 I tried so hard for WBOB when they had their DX test. Nothing. Maybe I would have a better chance at WFLF-540 if they left 50KW day on? > Yakima CN96 (
Dec05 03:33 I will trade every logging of 1180 Rebelde (at least 100 times) for *one* Florida, or even ZNS-1540! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec05 02:12 I used to get ZNS on 810 kHz yearly like clockwork on or about December 7. Have not heard them since the mid-80s. TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec05 01:26 [00:39] ZNS Nassau was off air for a couple of months in 2012, and I caught 2 cheaters on 1540./cdel96 (
Dec05 00:39 I know WJZI is listed as daytime only, but hey... it's the Christmas season! :^) -- Mark/IN (
Dec05 00:33 Was listening for WJZI which is supposed to be active now on 1540 after a bunch of trouble getting on the air. Heard some saxophone jazz playing The First Noel @ 0023, maybe it was them? -- Mark/IN (
Dec05 00:31 1540 KGBC Galveston TX presumed; Tejano, ID in English "Galveston, Texas City, La Marque - we've got you covered." Mostly in background to other stations or gone. -- Mark/IN (
Dec04 21:47 /cdel96 (
Dec04 21:47 SSS 1100 WWWE GA//stream. Christmas is their format-of-the-month. (
Dec04 14:30 [13:43] KAAY has LOTS of preaching. I know they used to run Brother Scare on the weeknights many years ago -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec04 13:43 RE 1090: I once heard a bit of preaching on this channel a few years ago. Never IDed it, though. :-( I think KAAY has preaching. So King Co WA (
Dec04 05:55 I know all about KFNQ(ha) and The Mighty 1090 south of the border. It's difficult. Robert OR (
Dec04 05:50 1300 XEP CHI "R Mexicana" imaging ID w/SS Mex. ranchera music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec04 05:49 Robert=I have never confirmed KAAY but probably tt - have 50kW semi-local 1090 KFNQ Seattle to contend with...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec04 05:44 [05:07] Thanks Mike. I heard it a dozen times last deep winter. Pipeline perhaps. Have you heard KAAY ever? Robert OR (
Dec04 05:34 DX 540 XEWA SLP..."W Radio FM" //streema...phased out CBK SK...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec04 05:29 TP 846 tt R Kiribati - het has been fading in/out but building in strength - no audio yet...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec04 05:07 nice catch Robert - WHAS has always been rare & tough to hear on the Pacific corridor...only heard them a few times in 55 years! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec04 00:55 DX 840 WHAS KY Fair w/KMPH and KMAX doing their thing. AD's for Kentucky sports, etc. Just at sunset here. Robert OR (
Dec04 00:11 DM13 also had decent carriers on 855 and 1566 this morning just before sunrise but no audio breaking through thanks WB6QKO (
Dec03 23:26 1250 WGL fort Wayne IN with news of Indiana. En35id (
Dec03 15:16 Carriers on 657 693 774 828 into Calif >>DM13 (
Dec03 11:43 [6:59] Thanks, Yakima and thanks to Bjarne for helping me confirm it with his recording. --KK7 West Michigan (
Dec03 07:01 Also a good catch on KUGR, Robert. I think they are off frequency slightly which makes it quite easy to log. Heard them 2 or 3 times during HSFB season. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec03 07:00 proof - https://www.mail-archive.com/irca@hard-core-dx.com/msg89283.html > Yakima CN96 (
Dec03 06:59 Major congratulations to Tim Tromp for hearing 1107khz Xinjiang RGD's Kazakh service early in the morning December 1st. Wow!! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec03 05:43 1490 KTOP Topeka KS - Atop briefly with clear "ktop1490.com..." heard in promo. KTOP's tower must be on a hill in Topeka, 'cause they sure do get out -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec03 03:29 WCMP has a translator on 106.5 Todden34it (
Dec03 03:28 710 R. Rebelde obliterating WOR. Matt Washington DC (
Dec03 02:44 The stream is WCMP-FM which is country. En35id (
Dec03 02:06 OK, I just got a liner: "The only place to find live local sports...106.5", so that has to be WCMP running day power, but they're clearly playing Aerosmith's version of "Come Together", which is not a match at all for the stream. I have no idea why Streema has country music on. -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec03 01:58 They're called Pine Hits 106 Rick. I don't think they simulcast WCMP-FM - En35ID (
Dec03 01:58 Now getting TWO oldies stations on 1350 battling it out, Steely Dan's "Do It Again" and "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc. Pretty sure one is WPDR, but not sure about the other -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec03 01:56 Does WCMP simulcast the 106.5? I streamed WCMP a little bit ago and got a "Cool Country" ID and a modern C&W song. That differs from the info on Barry's website, which lists WCMP as an oldies station -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec03 01:54 1460 KDMA Montevideo, MN 3rd new one tonight. - En35ID (
Dec03 01:52 Heya Justin. I had Spanish a little bit ago on 1490. If it's Indianola, it'd be a relog for me, but if it's anyone else, I'll be sticking around on the freq for a while to try to chase down an ID... -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec03 01:48 WCMP 1350 Pine City, MN making it down to Iowa. Oddly enough its not strong here - En35ID (
Dec03 01:35 860 KWPC Muscatine, IA // the SDR there. Easy to confirm haha. Hi Rick! - En35ID (
Dec03 01:30 730 KKDA Grand Prairie, TX // stream and Iowa SDR. - En35ID (
Dec03 01:29 All I was getting on 730 a little bit (same time you were on) was "Boys Round Here" by Blake Shelton. Modern country, so that has to be CKDM, as you were telling me by text -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec03 01:25 730 UNID Rocker?? - En35ID (
Dec03 01:15 710 Radio Rebelde // Florida SDR - EN35ID (
Dec03 01:01 My parents live in Green River. I graduated high school there. Not a lot to do in that town - En35ID (
Dec03 00:59 1600 KGYM Cedar Rapids, IA may be on day power. They're on the Fort Collins SDR and booming in here - En35ID (
Dec03 00:36 En35ID=Thanks. Pretty remote out there eh? Have driven through a few times. Robert OR (
Dec03 00:27 Nice log Robert. I used to work there - En35ID (
Dec03 00:03 1490 KUGR WY ID w/ "Green River - Rock Springs" into Kasey Kasem's old Top 40 countdown replay. Robert CN82 OR (
Dec02 23:48 1350 WPDR Portage WI - Fair with Johnny Tillotson's 1960 pop hit "Poetry in Motion", then liner: "AM 1350 WPDR, Portage". Known for running the 1 kw day stick all night long -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec02 23:20 TA 882 BBC Radio Wales - "Silent Night, Holy Night", // to online stream. Also rising above splatter occasionally. North DKAZ. -- Mark/IN (
Dec02 23:06 TA 864 Egypt - Quran chanting and M talking @TOH 2300; // to online link at MWLIST. Rose above slop from 860 for a bit. On north DKAZ. -- Mark/IN (
Dec02 18:49 Blasted SPAM filter has locked me out of the TV-FM logger again. Curtis (
Dec02 18:48 Test message. Curtis (
Dec02 16:27 Was enjoying a great play about Newfoundland called Come From Away WB6QKO (
Dec02 16:25 Allen Willie ironic that while you were snagging KNX out here in LA (
Dec02 14:52 DM 14 thanks for the tip!, QKO (
Dec02 14:43 TP 774 JOUB tt decent audio Japanese male anncr about 30 mins past sunrise WB6 QKO (
Dec02 14:27 JOBB 828 into Calif << DM14 (
Dec02 14:11 Wow JOUB 774 into Calif << DM14 (
Dec02 09:34 Back on 2/22/1991, I thought I had CBN while I was DXing in Iowa City. I had opera music under WOI and KNX! Turned out to be Radio Rebelde, my first exposure to it. I never did log anything from the Maritimes. :( -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Dec02 09:08 Great to hear from you, Allen, and a great catch too! Now if I can snag CBN-640. How about a NO... > Yakima CN96 (
Dec02 08:12 DX ALERT 1070 KNX Los Angeles, California into Newfoundland this morning , ads, ID's , weather, traffic ...... Allen Willie / Newfoundland (
Dec02 08:11 DX ALERT 1070 KNX Los Angeles, California @ 7:50 UTC into Newfoundland, ads, news items, weather , traffic ID's ....... Allen New (
Dec02 04:45 670 WSCR IL...local ads, "Chicago's 670 The Score"...partially phased out 'Pacific pest' KBOI Boise...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec02 04:42 DX 710 R Rebelde CUB under semi-local KIRO Seattle...SS salsa //5.025mHz...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec02 04:19 860 CBKF SK...CBC FF service "La Permier Chaine" //CBC SK webpage...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec02 02:41 1560 KLNG Council Bluffs, IA - ID, weather forecast for snow, religious show discussion ancient idols. KY/EM66tx (
Dec02 02:40 Heard a lot of Chinese & Asian activity on 41 meters.... MW? it's sort of blah here so far. Weird. So King Co WA (
Dec02 01:47 KGBC really giving KXEL a run for its money on 1540 right now -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec02 00:04 1450 UNID Rod Stewart - Infatuation. Probably KATE - En35id (
Dec01 22:27 Yakima - 49m is always wall to wall with CNR up here = WL7NO (
Dec01 20:28 Not related to MW, but still getting several Chinese on 49m at this hour - usually it's dead at 2000 UTC. CNR-1 on 6125 and 6175 probably the loudest right now, along with Firedrake jamming RFA 5890. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 20:26 1600 KOPB Eugene OR 'OPB' > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 20:25 1530 KFBK and 1570 KCVR never faded away after sunrise! S9+10 on KFBK, and easy S8 on KCVR! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 20:21 910 CKDQ Drumheller with country, daytime skywave. Also noting CKMX-1060, CHRB-1140, a few others. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 19:04 0215 PT - LOUD 1220 CJRB-MB, ID and classical. 1100 Coast to Coast under dominant KNZZ had to be WTAM with a repeat of one of the earlier hours. Finally went to sleep after 2:20AM - long night. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 19:03 0200 PT - 1340 KTFI Twin Falls ID, station ID in jumble + fox sports also noted (KYLT?) - 1650 major CCI to KBJD beaming east, maybe KCNZ. 900 EE talk over CKBI, likely CHML. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 19:02 [1858] The other one, JOFB in Hiroshima, is in southern Japan and JOBB-828 wasn't that strong. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 19:02 0152 PT - 1580 tCKDO Oshawa ON with Christmas music, 'Last Christmas' Wham into 'Christmas Eve (Sarajevo)' Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They are all-Xmas right now. 1700 KKLF TX pummeling XEPE like a ton of bricks with SS music! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 19:01 0150 PT - 1570 XERF Ciudad Acuna with SS ranchera - bonkers signal putting major splatter on 1580! 1530 Rel sermon under KFBK likely WCKY running paid religious programming. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 19:00 0145 to 0222 PT - crazy conditions in early morning hours. Lots of TP carriers almost in audio, like 603 which was likely Seoul. 738, likely BEL2 Taiwan, was all over 740 after 2AM PT. 1520 KOKC Oklahoma City OK w/ Coast to Coast under WA/OR...RARE on STA 10kw, 0145 PT > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 18:58 TP 0211 PT - 702 NHK2 // 747-JOIB, man talking in JJ and having a conversation with a female announcer. Because JOIB was so strong last night, and not 828 from the southern city of Osaka, I am counting this as JOKB Kitami, 10KW relaying JOIB. NEW!! > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 18:12 [05:59] 1520 khz - WRCI - Three Rivers, MI - 12/1 @ 1724 UT - Daytime DX logging my closest unheard, "River Country 97 point 1, WRCI" very weak at 430 watts, ex WLKM-1510 - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec01 15:17 JOUB 774 heard in Calif >>DM13 (
Dec01 14:09 The only "pips" I ever hear are either Radio Reloj in Cuba, or the guys with Gladys Knight. 😉 /cdel96 (
Dec01 13:36 Mark, if it matches this recording, you should be in the clear. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ycham2ptcggsnpd/2018-12-01%2012%2759%2750%20HLCA%20972.MP3?dl=0 (
Dec01 13:02 Thanks Bjarne... I just heard 3 low and 1 high time pips on 972 @toh, but that's about it as far as audio goes. -- Mark/IN (
Dec01 12:50 [12:05] 972 is likely HLCA, South Korea Sorry I keep forgetting to sign. /Bjarne ArcticSDR (
Dec01 12:48 [12:05] 972 is likely HLCA, South Korea (
Dec01 12:05 @KK7 - So who might 972 be? That's the most steady signal I'm getting right now. Not much in the way of audio here to help with IDing. -- Mark/IN (
Dec01 11:28 TP Audio right now on 693, 972, 1098 and others. The path to Asia is open again from the Midwest! --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Dec01 09:20 @WL7NO - glad to hear you're OK! -- Mark/IN (
Dec01 09:17 Switched the DKAZ to the south, awaiting the geomagnetic storm. Maybe some tropical stuff will show up. (I still haven't logged Puerto Rico yet... not sure if AU helps with that or not.) -- Mark/IN (
Dec01 09:11 850 unid - @ 0853 hrd urban oldies song, then announcement for an Atlanta (something) game "on K-Bay 106.3". WPTB? -- Mark/IN (
Dec01 06:31 [0601] Probably SQM Level Island AK, commonly heard on coast > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 06:01 Mike= I'm picking up CW on 529 I believe. I hear ICW? Robert OR (
Dec01 05:59 [01:56] WXFN is one of my closest unheards at 114 miles. My closest unheard is WRCI at 33 miles on 1520. I logged it as WLKM when it was on 1510. TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec01 05:51 850 KICY AK in here too w/religious hymns & music//streema...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec01 05:39 For anyone interested KICY 850 AK is way over KOA Denver! Loudest I've heard them. Almost local-like. Robert OR (
Dec01 05:31 1060 XERDO Matamoros, //Streema. (
Dec01 04:16 Mike - Thanks, feel really blessed and lucky - WL7NO (
Dec01 04:13 James WL7NO=we're all relieved to hear you're ok...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec01 04:11 I will tell you that when your in the middle of something like that, you're priorities change rather quickly. The first thing on your mind is if your family is okay - WL7NO (
Dec01 04:09 I am here folks. Wild ride today. Did some IQ recording on the AM band for posterity - WL7NO (
Dec01 02:30 1170 KOWO Waseca MN appears to be on day power. Giving KBOB a pretty good fight with oldies and a DJ request phone number in the 507 area code -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec01 02:07 [00:38] OK, just got an english ID on 1170 as WCXN. That makes five new ones tonight. TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec01 01:56 [00:55] WLEW was my best GY logging during the brief time I lived in Lafayette (8/1/96-8/1/97). 1340 is a wide open frequency on the Muscatine KiwiSDR, but I seem to get almost nightly visits from WXFN on it -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR (
Dec01 01:43 1110 khz - WSLV - Ardmore, TN - 11/30 @ 2343 UT - Country format, local traffic report, ID "Cat Country 105.1", promo by Rascall Flatts, - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec01 01:14 1040 khz - WPBS - Conyers, GA - 11/30 @ 2332 UT - Languange sounded Asian (Vietnamese), matched stream for WPBS, good under WHO - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec01 00:55 1340 khz - WLEW - Bad Axe, MI - 11/30 @ 2200 UT - Clear "AM 13-40 Bad Axe, Michigan" ID in local WTRC absence. Second new one here tonight - TL-IN (EN61) (
Dec01 00:51 TA still a het on 864 but not enough for audio. Based on what BC DXers are getting, likely ERTU Egypt > yakima cn96 (
Dec01 00:41 1240 CJOR Osoyoos BC // playlist, 'If It Makes You Happy' Sheryl Crow. Then unID 1240 with Deon Estus/George Michael 'Heaven Help Me' probably KOFE ID. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 00:38 Still chasing the unid SS on 1170. Good on Edinburgh, IN SDR as well as here. No announcements at all. TL-IN (
Dec01 00:32 Very nice, Robert. Still need them, along with KLTZ. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec01 00:29 1640 WTNI Biloxi MS // ifart stream talking sports en35id (
Dec01 00:26 1240 KJCR MT Presumed as I only heard "right here in Billings" then clobbered by another station. Robert OR (
Dec01 00:08 1190 KDYA Vallejo CA with gospel music under KEX. KSTP and an unid under KFBK (WCKY?) already in. Weak TA het on 864. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov30 23:12 [23:03] Almost 500'. Robert OR (
Nov30 23:03 Robert, those BOGs will be for TA's for you. How long will they be? KAZ-IL (
Nov30 22:27 [22:18] I became a believer in Anchorage at this church, whose pastor is still there after 47 years. abt.church /cdel96 (
Nov30 22:19 1340 khz - WXFN - Muncie, IN - 11/30 @ 2155 UT - Sports talk, many Muncie mentions in local ads, new one here as my local WTRC is off - TL-IN (EN61) (
Nov30 22:18 Praise God! Now hoping his antennas aren't damaged badly... > Yakima CN96 (
Nov30 22:09 Here in FL, most common disaster is hurricanes; but at least they are tracked. Not so with quakes./cd (
Nov30 22:08 Yakima, worry not. I emailed him and he is okay, but he had to hide under a desk. You know that I spent 2 years up there in USAF./cdel96 (
Nov30 21:46 My heart going out to James up in Anchorage (WL7NO), after this devastating 7.0 earthquake. Hope he's OK. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov30 21:35 KAZ=Will do. They'll be pointing NNE, the only direction on my property that allows the length. So I'll be going for that great Yukon skip(hihi)! Robert OR (
Nov30 20:17 Thx guys...Robert good luck with the Phased BOG System and try to get the wires really on the ground. KAZ-IL (
Nov30 20:10 ArcticSDR now online again. Enjoy another great trans-polar night and morning! / Bjarne (
Nov30 16:48 70% chance of a G1 storm Sat and Sunday, so this peak of TP activity will likely be short-lived, unlike the week or so we had in late October! > Yakima CN96 (
Nov30 16:43 0045 PT - 1580 KKTS Evansville WY with John Lennon 'Happy Xmas (War is Over)' and ID 'KKTS' 230W then faded. 1700 KKLF TX in/out SS music, 1470 UNID with 'Green Eyed Lady' Sugarload (KKTY-WY 500W?) Good signals from usual eastern suspects on lower part of band, 700 had what sounded like trucking commercials under KXLX - WLW likely. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov30 16:41 0030 PT - Domestic cx. 1610 Solid CHHA Toronto under TIS with music in either SS or PP, then talk. 1620 Cuba likely with tropical music under KYIZ. 1630 CCI to KRND, either Texas or Iowa. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov30 16:39 TP condx around 1am besides Yanbian, the other blasters were solid S9. HLCA-972 way over 970 domestics, for example. 738 had to be Taiwan almost in audio. Unusually strong hets on 918 (Shandong?), 1098, 1188. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov30 16:38 TP 0103 PT - 1206khz (1205.96 actually) Yanbian RGD, Yanbian China; no doubt heard a female in KK at fair strength 0103 then into music, and rapid fade-out. NEW!!!! > Yakima CN96 (
Nov30 15:57 ArcticSDR is offline due to a massive net outage in the area. No idea when things will be ok. (
Nov30 12:11 Echoing the kudos to Kaz for that many CA loggings! -- Mark/IN (
Nov30 06:28 [04:57] KICY beams to Siberia, about as "east" as one can go!/cdel96 (
Nov30 06:26 XEEW is the culprit, with the mystery anthem. Heard it tonight on Streema. I pulled the YouTube./cdel96 (
Nov30 05:30 1420 XEEW Matamoros, new here, //stream. cdel96 (
Nov30 04:57 DX 850 KICY AK Fairly strong, better on the east antenna than NW(??). "How Great Thou Art" religious music. Robert OR (
Nov30 04:44 [03:59] Yes, amazing CA catches from Kaz! I'm going to be copying your phased BOG's. Phaser coming soon. Wire laying this weekend. Robert OR (
Nov30 04:17 DX 1180 R Rebelde CUB...at least 2 & sometimes 3 TX all producing echoes & slightly offset in freq. - //5.025mHz...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Nov30 03:59 [02:54] Thanks Robert. Here's one more CA rarebird that I haven't heard since: https://youtu.be/d8S3uR5XHOw And hats off to Kaz for logging so many CA's from the Midwest! --KK7 West Michigan (
Nov30 03:48 1630 KKGM TX w/southern gospel music...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Nov30 03:09 Re: KGO - Thanks all... I have a bunch of other loggings on 810 because I keep listening for KGO, so I guess that's a positive take-away, hi! -- Mark/IN (
Nov30 03:07 1210 WTXK Pike Road, AL - ID, Troy-Austin Peay college BKB game; certainly not on 3W night power. KY/EM66tx (
Nov30 03:03 Mark, I've never logged KGO but I got KNBR 680 way back in 1988. TL-IN (EN61) (
Nov30 02:54 [02:36] Great catch and amazing youtube channel KK7! Robert OR (
Nov30 02:53 [02:47] It was in all afternoon but always faded at the ID, for hours! Luckily got it. Robert OR (
Nov30 02:48 Sunrise in late Fall and the entire Winter would the best way to get it. 810 can be very quiet here, provided WGY and that station out of Indy stay out of the way. Curtis (
Nov30 02:47 Oh, Robert...KEII is one of my most-wanted. > Yakima CN96 (
Nov30 02:38 @ Mark/IN. I think I have about 40 logged from CA but not KGO. AFAIR I think KK7 caught them once at SR. KAZ-IL EN52WE (
Nov30 02:36 [02:06] My one and only log of KGO from West Michigan in 2012: https://youtu.be/CTXQEJDyE_4 --Kilokat7 (
Nov30 02:19 SP usable (
Nov30 02:18 TS-MI never heard KGO in midwest in 50+ years of DXing Tom Lakeport MI (
Nov30 02:15 [0206] Never confirmed, once had a fade up with a weather report for the Sierra Nevadas, unable to get any usuable audio after that. Curtis EN40 (
Nov30 02:06 Midwesterners: Does KGO San Francisco on 810 ever make it to this part of the country? -- Mark/IN (
Nov30 01:51 Something tells me 1420 is WKCW on day power. Also hearing same station on the Arlington, VA SDR - En35ID (
Nov30 01:47 1420 UNID Stone Temple Pilots song on OhioSWL SDR. Hmm. - EN35ID (
Nov30 01:36 550 WKRC Cincinnati, OH coming up over Bismark // West Chester, OH SDR.hu - new- En35ID (
Nov30 01:28 HET on 540 very strong - En35ID (
Nov30 01:25 Plus some excellent SS baseball on 530 kHz per Radio Rebelde tt QKO (
Nov30 01:24 On 1190 right now I have CFSL, KDMR, and probably WOWO. - En35ID (
Nov30 01:24 SS soccer sportscast in KGBN's 1190 null WB6QKO (
Nov30 00:58 anyone hearing Spanish music on 1190? Maybe Cuba or Mexico? jpb fn32sc (
Nov30 00:53 I Had KHAT Cheyenne 1210 in here all day. Robert OR (
Nov30 00:51 Mike=I usually have Tijuana and KRCO as well as your local but not today. Robert OR (
Nov30 00:49 "...nailed it..." Mike VE7SKA (
Nov30 00:48 Robert=glad you mailed it - 690 here one of my loudest local pests: 25kW 690 CBU Vancouver - almost line-of-sight...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Nov30 00:22 1090 KMXA Aurora CO In with the west coast pests. Numerous mentions of Colorado and match to webstream. Faded quickly and gone. Robert OR (
Nov29 23:48 Just as I posted a clear loud ID "Cannonball 101"! KEII Idaho. Robert OR (
Nov29 23:45 Pacific NW friends can you help ID a station on 690 that keeps ID'ing as "something 101"? Oldies pop/rock format. Ronert CN82 OR (
Nov29 23:36 [22:21] Technically Trans-Arctic (Ocean), but TA is already used, as is Trans-Polar (TP)./cdel96 (
Nov29 23:12 As to the Arctic SDR's, at this time of year it wouldn't surprise me if 680 KBRW is heard 24 hours./cdel96 (
Nov29 23:10 And seldom actually hear the HLAZ English ID QKO (
Nov29 23:07 Earl now that's living here in CA I struggle for some readable audio around local sunrise this time of year WB6QKO (
Nov29 22:21 DX 1566 Korea audible all day long on Icelandic Westfjords SDR. Not really TA or TP, how about transpolar? Earl is in St. Louis Missouri listening on Icelandic SDR (
Nov29 22:01 SP ground (
Nov29 22:01 CONTINUED their gound and skywaves are out of phase, I get a clear channel. Curtis (
Nov29 22:00 [2147] I mostly get them late at night, early morning sometimes until just before local sunrise. Problem I have is Indy getting in the way, but when th . (
Nov29 21:47 I kinda thought I had a shot at KNX last night, but all I could make out was WAPI with Savage./cdel96 (
Nov29 21:36 Had KNX 1070 into Illinois at 0600 Central. TOH ID, time check for 4 A.M. Curtis DX'ing at Champaign, Illinois this morning. (
Nov29 21:30 oh yeah---MW condx to Mexico City were better'n usual last night, incl. 1590, 1380, and the rare 1500 here./cdel96 (
Nov29 21:24 Is KVCE 1160 TX still cheating? Heard big signal with un-KSL-like talk show last night./cdel96 (
Nov29 17:29 Can anyone ID which country has this anthem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnGz6TQrx4Q /cdel96 (
Nov29 14:24 I saw Mark's tip Monday evening re: WCXN. I tried for it then and may have had it at one point, but on the Muscatine KiwiSDR, KBOB is very much on top and difficult to fight through -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Nov29 14:03 [03:08] Pretty sure my unid spanish was WCXN. Non-stop music. Never heard any voice announcements. Strongest to my SE. TL-IN (EN61) (
Nov29 13:53 RICK yes Radio Rebelde is RIGHT for the baseball on 530 kHz last night thanks WB6KO (
Nov29 13:47 TP 1566 kHz HLAZ tt female anncr over Saviour Like a Shepard hymn on piano WB6QKO (
Nov29 05:04 1450 KLBM OR...TOH ID w //co-owned 1490 KBKR into ABC News...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Nov29 04:17 529 SQM AK panhandle - .4kW AM automated voice loop marine wx forecast/condx w/ CW ID underneath...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Nov29 03:51 [02:35] Fantastic from NC...one good thing about DXn graveyard frequencies---can't say that they are cheating, running day power or pattern, etc/cdel96 (
Nov29 03:50 Note: the 1620 Rebeldes are NOT // 5025, 530, etc., because they separate for music, //96.7 FM Havana./cdel96 (
Nov29 03:47 Rebelde carries baseball a lot, and it should be //5025. The stronger 530 is located at Isla de la Juventud, Cuba./cdel96 (
Nov29 03:39 [03:08] and [03:10] I'm hearing something very similar to that on 5025 KHz right now, with the announcer saying "quatro-dos", which would be a score of 4-2. So what you have on 530 would most certainly be Radio Rebelde in Cuba -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Nov29 03:10 OK it's a baseball game pretty sure QKO (
Nov29 03:08 DX 530 SS over Radio Enciclepedia with sporting event lots of crowd noise and bell ringing but doesn't sound like a soccer announcer -- any ideas? WB6QKO (
Nov29 03:08 1170 khz - WGMP - Montgomery, AL - 11/29 @ 0301 UT - heard mention of Montgomery and "104.9 the Gump", lost to a spanish station, listed 850w day, 7w nite, New - TL-IN (EN61) (
Nov29 03:04 KTXW here too briefly under KMOX. Actually quite strong. New log. En35id (
Nov29 02:56 1150 KCPS Burlington, IA - ID, weather forecast "it's currently 28 degrees," Lars Larson Show; a moderately strong signal emerges periodically. KY/EM66tx (
Nov29 02:39 [02:11] I'd be happy with a WJNT or a WGAB! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Nov29 02:35 1340 UNID - Someone just popped in on this frequency with PSA that ended with "...sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Highway Safety...". No calls here, doggonit, but it's STILL a great catch, whoever it was!! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
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