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Date   utc       Message                                  Server
Jan18 16:29 FWIW, David said that often an AM with a translator will forget to power down./cdel96 (
Jan18 16:09 810 Streema now SS previous check Wed. night had EE classic hits -could be them if running day power...Mike VE7SKA (
Jan18 16:06 But does seem to play SS programming as in right now ?? So will keep KSMV on the possibles list QKO (
Jan18 16:06 IOW, check the stream at the time of day you seem to be hearing it./cdel96 (
Jan18 16:05 David E lists KSWV as Spanish "Suave 99.9" BUT he mentioned it having EE oldies as well; maybe dayparting?/cdel96 (
Jan18 16:04 UNID 810 CDE -- have to keep digging as KSMV NM is an English speaker classic rocker and the UNID is SS unfortunately haven't been able to get enough sig for a decent ID QKO (
Jan18 16:02 810 un-ID in Pacific region is SS Mexican or Central Am. pop music not EE classic hits (sigh)...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan18 14:58 [unID 810 posts] Per David Eduardo at RD, this 810 could be KSWV in NM. I can hear it on Streema./cdel96 (
Jan18 10:55 790 KJRB around S3 or so, steady. On day power? Or just good condx to Spokane from Seattle area. PRD18, PRD5. So King Co WA (
Jan18 09:30 590 (Bjargtangar) WROW NY, //last 3 songs listed on its website!/cdel96 (
Jan18 09:19 780 (Bjargtangar) R Coro, Venezuela, ID./cdel96 (
Jan18 09:19 790 (Bjargtangar, tuned to 788) R Reloj, Cuba./cdel96 (
Jan18 09:15 Kittitas SDR down again - no DX tonight. > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Jan18 05:46 600 (Bjargtangar, Iceland SDR) R Rebelde, Cuba, //5025./cdel96 (
Jan18 05:00 1010 KCHI Chillicothe, MO with ad for news director and format match + calls. New - I question 37 watts - En35ID (
Jan18 04:37 1070 KNX CA...traffic report, PSA for LA charity dance - local C-FAX B.C. w/OC & dead audio feed - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Jan18 04:32 1010 WKJW Black Mountain NC - Topping the channel right now on the Peoria Illinois SDR with ID and into Southern gospel music. Guessing this one is running the 50 kw day power instead of the 500 watt night stick -- Rick on the Peoria Illinois KiwiSDR (
Jan18 02:05 Yep, KSIB made the flip in early December, per monitoring. They're a semi-local for me -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Jan18 00:06 540 WFLF Pine Hills, FL in over semi-local WGOP Pocomoke, MD - Dennis FM18 (
Jan17 22:19 1070 WINA Charlottesville, VA with a good ID just before 2100 UTC. Nice Daylight DX (1070 is a great freq for it here). Herb NY FN21. (
Jan17 21:15 KSIB flipped very recently. And as for the 810khz, did not DX the past couple of days due to the looming view of Homework Mountain in front of my computer screen...but if XERI is on day power, maybe that's the one with SS on 810. I've heard KGBT-1530 a few times. Why wouldn't 5KW from Reynosa? > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Jan17 21:04 SRS 1520 KSIB Creston, IA with frequent mentions of "Kool 102" xlator. Clear at times. Apparently new format - En35ID (
Jan17 06:15 DX 530 CMBQ Signal was weak, but intelligible enough to stream match using Elite Executive portable un-aided. Brett KN6DLG DM13LA (
Jan17 06:14 Q: Is anyone getting 670 WWFE out there? It doesn't sound like it's on the night power, and nothing surprises me anymore with WWFE & WRHC./cdel96 (
Jan17 06:13 at 0600 UTC had 760 XEABC CDMX, //stream, sounding better aimed kinda toward Houston./cdel96 (
Jan17 05:10 BTW I see XERI's power as 5000 watts day and 100 w nights; but I would think they are running the day stick./cdel96 (
Jan17 05:09 BTW i (
Jan17 05:08 QKO, I am not well versed as far as some genres---but the last 2 songs I hear on XERI seem to be a Spanish adult contemporary./cdel96 (
Jan17 03:18 810 SS UNID actually sounds like the XERI streema I think maybe under KGO right now but need more sig for a proper ID before I'm convinced what style of music is on XERI Streema? Thanks QKO (
Jan17 01:58 It's a post-Christmas Miracle. KQSP 1530 Shakopee, MN powered down. - En35ID (
Jan17 01:51 Does it sound anything like -Raymie DM43 (
Jan17 01:51 XERI is on the Streema app./cd (
Jan17 01:49 Let us know further, QKO/cdel96 (
Jan17 01:13 DX 810 ?? XERI ?? It's SDR is now into some type of panel discussion and still hearing weak music under that and KGO so need better confirmation on the music QKO (
Jan17 01:02 DX 810 XERI tt // rgv2 SDR with what sounds like SS religious pop music POOR in nulled KGO WB6QKO still working to hear "Radio Rey" ID (
Jan15 21:57 (Check that, I once had WKVM on my Bermuda trip, during its oldies phase in 2005. It took David Eduardo to confirm it./cdel96 (
Jan15 21:46 Also on 810 I have *never* heard WKVM (what kinda pattern?!?!), and haven't heard that CARACOL since the 70s when it ran 250 kW./cd (
Jan15 21:42 [20:20] By all means, check da stream. I'd think you could easily null KGO for it./cdel96 (
Jan15 21:41 .....I *faintly* heard it in daytime from Grand Isle LA in 2004. Tough signal!!/cdel96 (
Jan15 21:33 There is supposed to be XEFW on 810 in Tampico with 50 kW; but I have never heard it here, and...(cont.)/cdel96 (

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