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Date   utc       Message                                  Server
Apr20 03:46 1270 KAJO OR "Oldies 99.7" w/ID running 10kW D pwr, should be on .048kW N pwr...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr19 15:09 Jack thanks for the 1035 NZ logging have been getting decent carrier (no audio yet) on 657 around NZ SRS but will check on 1035 too as that is a fairly quiet channel for me Larry WB6QKO (
Apr19 07:48 SRS 1035 "ZB Talk Radio" Titahi Bay, Wellington, New Zealand with chat celebrating Eastern in New Zealand, "what did you do today?". 10Kw transmitter near Wellington. 5X9 plus 10dB over report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm. (
Apr19 07:21 Also, the overall mediocre DX conditions the past few years don't help bring DX competing with locals on local or regional channels. So King Co WA (
Apr19 02:07 Mike - I can see why you use a phaser. Wall-to-wall with S9+30DB would make dx very challenging! (
Apr18 17:08 James=that is the MW DX challenge faced by Yakima, So King Co & myself on a nightly basis...thankfully I have multiple antennas & an excellent phaser to help deal with this...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr18 04:40 Course most of the stations were familiar to me, just a little stronger! WL7NO (
Apr18 04:32 Just back from a trip to western Washington State. I didnt realize how wall-to-wall the AM band is with stations! WL7NO (
Apr17 06:07 TP 846 Radio Kiribati also readable on the Oahu SDR right now with improved audio QKO (
Apr17 05:34 TP 846 Radio Kiribati in early tonight with female anncr call in show but better audio gain and frequency response than usual WB6QKO (
Apr17 05:27 840 KMAX Colfax WA with ID after end of Mariners Indians game nighttime power at 250 watts ?? in under mulled KXNT WB6QKo (
Apr16 14:19 [02:52] The ticks are because Radio Reloj doubles as also Cuba's time standard--their WWV, if you will. Of course, the stations are not all synchronized. The Reloj on 950 (Havana) is closest to the actual time./cdEL96 (
Apr16 09:21 TP 1512 UNID AUS 2RN ?? FAIR looking for live stream QKO (
Apr16 09:12 TP 1566 3NE Wangaratta AUS with sports talk and local ads // TuneIn Radio FAIR on peaks WB6QKO (
Apr16 04:56 That Reloj can be heard in daytime at 900 miles!/cdel96--> (
Apr16 04:00 [02:49] and [02:52] Santa Clara, Cuba is the city of license for that particular Radio Reloj station, probably the easiest heard Reloj outlet in the Western Hemisphere. The CLs, if they're accurate and if you care to log them, are CMDC -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Apr16 02:52 OK 570 with time is "RR" Radio Reloj. Don't know why the ticks but heard definite ID of Radio Reloj. Dennis FM18 (
Apr16 02:49 570 Time Signal Does anyone know where this is coming from? "Ticks then one Beep and Morse Code "RR"...On the minute Dennis FM18 (
Apr15 10:45 TP 657 RNZ Wellington tt with English speaking fire and brimstone sermon FAIR on peaks WB6QKO (
Apr15 07:11 1040 (Bjargtangar SDR) WURN Miami, "Actualidad Diez Cuarenta" SS---my local! I know they're 50 kW days but I don't think they're cheating. Wow./cdel96 (
Apr15 03:14 DX 1620 R Rebelde CUB...phased out semi-loc KYIZ Seattle...//5.025mHz - Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr14 09:16 TP 846 Radio Kiribati in at GOOD levels on peaks with native language news and island music WB6QKO (
Apr14 06:20 DX ALERT - 780 and 670 CHICAGO NOW BOTH OFF - Saul ON (
Apr14 06:08 DX ALERT - 780 WBBM just announced s-off for a few hours burt went right into news afterwards (at 0105 local CDT) (
Apr14 03:41 1210 WJNL Michigan on day facilities right now. Clear mentions of Michigan towns into Mike Gallagher. - En35ID (
Apr14 00:23 SSS 1460 WJAK Jackson TN - Good with male DJ: "...all you have to do is say, 'Alexa, play Hot 96-1'..." Took me a little bit to find a match, but Google led to this. 2nd new logging from Jackson, TN in the last 24 hours! -- Rick on the Overland Park KS KiwiSDR (
Apr13 22:01 And full call sign is XEABCA sorry QKO (
Apr13 21:39 XEABC is in Mexicali BC at 200 miles from my QTH not bad for 3.5 kw QKO (
Apr13 21:37 820 XEABC IDs as ABC Radio and audible throughout the day with SS romantic song format through Hollywood Bowl TIS (nulled) and KLAA splash from 830 WB6QKO (
Apr13 03:14 1390 WLLI Jackson TN at 02:56 UTC - Fair with " for West Tennessee..." and "Jackson" heard in liner. Getting trounced at the time by WMER (are they REALLY running 101 watts at night??) -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Apr13 01:03 SSS 1540 KLKC Parsons KS at 00:59 UTC - Briefly in there w/Kansas City Royals BB, play-by-play by announcer Denny Matthews. CLs heard at 01:03 during station ID time -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Apr13 00:55 SSS 1300 KOLY Mobridge SD - Good with liner of "The Light is on...AM 1300, KOLY" snuck between Elton John's "Levon" and Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" -- Rick on the Overland Park Kansas KiwiSDR (
Apr12 20:32 My local 1270 Elkhart, IN is currently off. Maybe they will be off at sunset. TL-IN (EN61) (
Apr12 02:02 1550 WNZF Bunnell, FL - "Wake up to Flagler County local news ... WNZF," Savage Nation; at 600 miles, must be on day (5500W) or critical hours (9500W) power rather than 57W night power. KY/EM66tx (
Apr11 03:50 1210 KRPU CA...south Asian "Radio Punjab" over semi-local KMIA Seattle...probably running 5kW D pwr, not .5kW N...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr11 03:32 1090 XEPRS BCN now has adult-AC/ still running ESPN...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Apr11 00:07 840 KVJY Pharr TX - details see previous entry. Been so long since I posted here I forgot the format! :-P -- Mark/IN (
Apr11 00:05 From last night's recording (4/10 UTC): @ 0459:50 caught an ID in EE for "KVJY, Pharr" under WHAS. First time call ID hrd. Really good condx to the deep south and into Central America. -- Mark/IN (
Apr10 13:19 TP 774 ABC Melbourne in at FAIR levels // SimpleRadio WB6QKO (
Apr10 03:39 1500 KCLF New Roads, LA - Sam Cooke's "Only Sixteen," The Silhouette's "Get a Job" // web; weak in-and-out signal, listed as day-only station. KY/EM66tx (

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