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Date   utc       Message                                  Server
Mar31 17:19 [10:54] KFUO 850 broadcasts in HD as well, if you're using an HD Radio to DX with and the indicator starts flashing, it's probably them. - Ethan EM34 (
Mar31 10:57 WKNR-850 Cleveland, OH is the dominant force, but I still hear organ/church mx under them. Presumed KFUO. de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Mar31 10:54 I think KFUO-850 Clayton, MO is on; I hear chanting there, and the QTE seems to match. de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Mar31 07:53 980 KFWB still running HD -- Fred DM04 (
Mar30 14:40 re: KNX switched off their HD to help fringe areas, also in car listeners had in-and-out reception. Now practicly just 1260KSur is about it. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Mar30 11:48 taking longer than expected. To move an FM TO sports at a time like this, well it's serious. I do see they have a few local shows./cdEL96 (
Mar30 11:41 taking longer'n expected. WAVK has quite the footprint down there./cdEL96 (
Mar30 11:39 FM 97.7 WAVK Marathon. No mention of COVID, but replacement tower in the works for 2 years---/cdEL96 (
Mar30 11:38 BIG NEWS: WKWF 1600 FL, with quite a reach despite 500 watts (even heard on Bjargtangar SDR by me), is moving the format----/cdEL96 (
Mar30 09:51 [20:54] possibly Covid-19 related, or a general trend in Xtian radio -- revenues gradually dropping over the past few years, acc to some sites. So King Co WA (
Mar30 09:49 Last night 790 KJRB audible, tonight it's MIA. Good condx then, or maybe they left their power up. So King Co WA (
Mar30 06:01 1570 KUAU - Maui Christian Radio Programming with ID - WL7N0 (
Mar30 04:56 580 KUBC Montrose, CO is definitely on 5kw - had a match with a Tears for Fears song. EN35ID (
Mar30 03:58 580 KUBC CO...Classic rock/classic hits from 1970's & 80's matching webstream playlist, local ads...possibly running 5kW D pwr instead of 1kW N pwr...NEW logging! Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Mar30 02:19 SSS 1210 KRPU CA...Punjabi language pop music//"R Punjab" network stream...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Mar29 23:40 730 khz - WPIT - Pittsburgh, PA - 3/29 @ 2307 UT - religious music format, "WPIT Pittsburgh, life-changing station .. 96.5 FM, 730 AM WPIT" Not heard here since the mid-1980s - TL-IN (EN61) (
Mar29 17:40 Heard that WGL-1250 Fort Wayne, IN is also QRT, thanks to COVID-19. de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Mar29 05:58 DX 1070 WNCT Greenville, NC // streema with "Walking In Rhythm" song. Very poor here. Possibly on day power - EN35ID (
Mar28 23:55 1470 KWSL Sioux City, IA // ifartradio stream - new - En35ID (
Mar28 23:50 1470 KWAY Waverly, IA with local KMNQ off air due to COVID-19 - En35id (
Mar28 23:46 1430 KZQZ St. Louis is not dead. I'm hearing it right now - EN35ID (
Mar28 04:49 [03:50] In the 70s I DID hear 250 w Radio Cartago in Costa Rica on 525 kHz/cdEL96 (
Mar28 03:50 [01:02] awesome! Even before all the 530's joined, I could never hear TA's on 531. And my radios just are not selective./cdEL96 (
Mar28 02:52 DX ALERT 1130 KXET OR / 1210 KMIA WA are temporarily OFF THE AIR due to COVID-19 economic struggles > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Mar28 01:17 1630 (St Simons Island KiwiSDR) KCJJ Iowa City, IA (1 kW, 918 mi) with 1630 KCJJ mentions - Ethan EM34 (
Mar28 01:15 1650 (St Simons Island KiwiSDR) KCNZ Cedar Falls, IA (1 kW, 992 mi) Coming in and out of WHKT Portsmouth, VA - Ethan EM34 (
Mar28 01:11 840 (St Simons Island KiwiSDR) WCCO Minneapolis, MN (50 kW, 1164 mi) Weak signal, underneath WTRU - Ethan EM34 (
Mar28 01:02 DX (St Simons Island KiwiSDR) 531 Jil FM Algeria (300 kW, 4940 mi) // stream matched programming, weak signal - Ethan EM34 (
Mar27 21:26 1070 KNX - HD has been off for several days and " KNX-HD " is no longer included during top-of-the-hour ID - Fred DM04 (
Mar27 21:17 [20:54] That puts a hurtin' on the Siberian audience. No joke./cdEL96 (
Mar27 20:54 850 KICY AK files STA reducing power due to sudden lack of donations resulting in operating revenue loss...temporarily 25 kW D & N non-dir; 25 kW directional critical hours...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C....Mike VE7SKA (
Mar27 19:10 I've shut down the Burnt River ON site for the AM season, antennas are put away until (hopefully) the fall. Not yet sure if I'll get up for FM this summer. In Toronto now with my girlfriend ... and besides, have found it unbearable to listen to the radio with 24/7 talk about Covid... Hope you all are faring well. Saul ON (
Mar27 11:43 Cx otherwise blah around here this morning. 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Mar27 11:43 850 KOA Denver, CO - Poor with local ads, (720) phone number copied. de Eric B, Carleton MI EN82hb (
Mar27 09:33 1600 ESPN station, most likely KEPN Denver > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Mar27 09:31 1610 CHHA Toronto louder than normal, right under KNEF687 WSDOT TIS. > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Mar27 09:25 1280 hearing Regional Mexican here too, KBNO Denver? Way under KIT > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Mar27 09:16 DX 640 R Progreso with Spanish program under KFI, possibly a 3rd underneath too > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Mar27 09:14 760 Also noting a Spanish station well under KFMB and the rest, but nowhere near IDable > Ellensburg CN97ra (
Mar27 09:14 580 KUBC Montrose CO with 'Turn to Stone' ELO. Can't sleep. First time DXing in days. > Ellensburg CN97ra (

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