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Date   utc       Message                                  Server
Jun24 08:11 650 KSTE Sacramento dominating; 910 ESPN Portland and country CKDQ alternating. Fair summer condx. So King Co WA (
Jun24 02:38 @ Frank...I remain surprised that AK is still super hard to log here in IL. Western Canadian QRM is some of the problem. If you still live with farms around you, put our a BOG aimed properly once the crops are in, or better yet phase two BOGs, KAZ-IL (
Jun23 05:58 1050 WGRI Cincinnati OH 6/23 0054 //web stream with black gospel music. New! ToddEN34IT (
Jun23 04:10 810 KBHB was on day power after local sunset here in Rapid City. Their signal is way too massive for 60 watts. En35id (in Rapid City SD) (
Jun22 04:49 I tentatively logged KBBI back in Marysville WA in Oct 2013. Democracy Now! underneath CJDC at 6 in the morning. No ID, no log. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun21 20:18 How do I get anybody to look into why I can't post into TvFm Log? I was using the link to post from a new window, but that stopped working too--frankfrank (
Jun21 08:59 one of the southernmost paths of any Alaskan (i. e. more chance missing the Auroral zone), and a longwire at them precisely nulls WLS--frankfrank (
Jun21 08:58 I always wished that CJDC had been an early convert to FM. I feel confident it would have given me an Alaskan! 890 has... (
Jun21 08:57 [10:23] I'm one who can't post on TV-FM, and that's my prime place. I actually rebooted the router just in case and that didn't fix it. Anything else I can do?--frankfrank EN40ql (Macomb IL) (
Jun21 08:53 [03:56] It's not as hard a catch as it looks, but in the SUMMER??? that's quite unusual-frankfrank EN40ql (
Jun19 18:04 [0356] They recently changed branding from 890 CJDC to 'Pure Country 890'. Similar format. > Yakima CN96 (
Jun19 04:18 830 (Bjargtangar, using 832 to shake Azores 828) WCRN MA//stream; condx seeming to settle more toward US/Canada lately./cdel96 (
Jun18 14:17 Radio Kiribati NOTE sounded like switch to open carrier mode at 0930 GMT WB6QKO (
Jun18 08:51 TP 846 Radio Kiribati in at TOH with Island choral music at FAIR signal strength WB6QKO (
Jun18 03:57 Oops...todden34it (
Jun18 03:56 Oops. (
Jun18 03:56 Oops. (
Jun18 03:56 DX 890 CJDC Dawson Creek BC in under WLS right from 2215‐present here in Minneapolis. Was in until 2314 last night. Very strange summer conditions! (
Jun18 02:15 1590 WIXK New Richmond WI - Fair under WCGO with talk by male, then music, both in Hmong language. Confirmed by webstream, which is about 10 seconds behind. FINALLY got clear audio of this on 1590 -- Rick on the Muscatine Iowa KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport Iowa logbook (
Jun17 15:05 600 last night around 04:30 UTC (Bjargtangar) R Gaúcha, Brazil/cdel96 (
Jun16 04:02 820 (Bjargtangar, using 822) R Nacional ARG, city of Formosa with 5 kW---time pips + R Nacional tag./cdel96 (
Jun16 03:33 560 (Bjargtangar, using 562) Voice of Guyana, //stream---no BBCWS yet./cdel96 (
Jun16 03:25 1180 (Bjargtangar, using 1182) R Rebelde, Cuba, exactly //5025, one of many 1180's./cdel96 (
Jun16 03:02 630 (Bjargtangar) WUNO PR, full TOH ID, even strength with // WCMN./cdel96 (
Jun15 10:25 Of course, now it worked on the second try. Thanks! Curtis (
Jun15 10:23 No luck getting that to work. I've got dynamic IP, sometimes the address seems to be blocked on the TVFM logger. Only remedy is to reset the router until an unblocked address comes up from the ISP. Curtis (
Jun15 10:20 [03:32] Thanks, Saul. I'll try it. Curtis (
Jun15 04:05 560 (Bjargtangar, using 562) BBC world Service//stream---could well be Guyana./cdel96 (
Jun15 03:30 1190 (Bjargtangar) R Cordillera, Bogotá CLM, full ID + //stream. Not a peep outta WLIB./cdel96 (
Jun15 03:22 Curtis, post TVFM logs using the log entry system near the bottom, not the top bar... Saul (
Jun15 03:06 610 (Bjargtangar, using 608) R Itatiaia, Brazil//stream, playing "Spring Rain" by Silvetti./cdel96 (
Jun15 03:01 560 (Bjargtangar, using 562) R Educadora, Apicum, Brazil//stream with rosary./cdel96 (
Jun14 03:57 1160 (Bjargtangar, using 1158) Caribbean R Lighthouse, Antigua, //stream./cdel96 (
Jun14 03:18 1280 (Bjargtangar, using 1282) WCMN PR "NotiUno"; however, parent WUNO 630 stream is not the same./cdel96 (
Jun13 04:01 580 (Bjargtangar) WKAQ PR, TOH ID---didn't need stream for a change!/cdel96 (
Jun13 03:05 840 WHAS is off now. TL-IN (
Jun12 23:32 How about that, I can't post on the TV-FM log, but it works here. Curtis Loda, Illinois (
Jun12 23:31 TEST (
Jun11 04:34 900 CKBI Prince Albert SK - Fair with wx forecast read by a British-sounding male, then ID as "Saskatchewan Country 900 CKBI" by female. Nice! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Davenport IA logbook (
Jun11 04:22 DX 820 WBAP Dallas with ID and local news call in show dominating XEABCA for a change WB6QKO (

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