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Date   utc       Message                                  Server
Dec19 02:59 1390 KCLN Clinton, IA - ID, Fulton Steamers (43) vs. Bureau Valley (60) HS BKB postgame @ 0225 UTC. KY/EM66tx (
Dec19 01:48 1710 "Community Radio Network" (presumed) back again right now with old time crooner music, very weak and just above the noise floor during up-fades. --Kilokat7 West Michigan (
Dec19 01:28 1400 WSAM Saginaw MI - In there with Burl Ives' "Holly Jolly Christmas", then part of liner: "...Christmas hits...1400 and 104 FM, The Bay". A relog, but still good to get Michigan on the GY freqs -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec19 01:24 01:21ut 1400 WMAN Mansfield OH - Atop with Ohio State Univ. men's BKB play-by-play by Paul Keels. Check of this year's OSU affiliate list shows WMAN as the only 1400. Nice! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR adding to the Iowa City logbook (
Dec18 23:07 690 WELD Fisher, WV - ID, Rupert Holmes's "Escape"; clear, steady signal. KY/EM66tx (
Dec18 22:51 I've got a big Het on 864. No audio. At 2:50 PT?? Robert OR (
Dec18 21:27 1560 WFME NYC in and out but VG on peaks w Xmas music at 4:25 PM EST (TS-MI) (
Dec18 21:26 1130 WBBR NYC under WDFN, on peaks even w them (TS-MI) (
Dec18 21:16 1030 WBZ 4:15 PM EST on strong peaks covering WUFL Sterling Hts MI. Another indicator stn TS-MI (
Dec18 20:57 Already getting KMOX here on 1120 a good 2+ hours before LSS in western Iowa -- Rick on the road in Carroll IA (
Dec18 20:53 880 WCBS alone w VG peaks at 3:50 PM EST (GE SuperRadio II barefoot). Before 4 PM always an indicator of good DX TS-MI (
Dec18 12:03 DX 780 WBBM Chicago, IL in clear over dominant. KOH Reno nulled....1,448 miles...Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec18 08:24 [08:01] Yes, WOOD is very dominant. KKOL used to be until they closed. /Bjarne (
Dec18 08:03 747 ArcticSDR JOIB starting to show up, but several Asian big gun frequencies have UK or Spain at the moment. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec18 08:01 1300 ArcticSDR KGLO Mason City IA with ID, and I think WOOD MI underneath with 106.9 ment. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec18 08:00 1480 Arctic SDR, WGVU Kentwood MI with 'Real Oldies 1480 and 850' ID > Yakima CN96 (
Dec18 07:59 1420 ArcticSDR KTOE Mankato MN with ID (
Dec18 07:56 950 1220 1250 ArcticSDR - All three Manitoba's - loud signals! CFAM, CJRB, CHSM > Yakima CN96 (
Dec18 07:53 1320 ArcticSDR - CHMB Vancouver BC (Chinese) mixing with KOZY Grand Rapids MN, weather forecast and ID. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec18 05:59 ArcticSDR: High polar K-indices indicate auroral propagation. Expect stronger signals from South Asia and Middle East today. /Bjarne (
Dec18 04:38 DX 530 R Rebelde CUB...SS female anncr //5.025mHz...Mike VE7SKA cn88/B.C. (
Dec18 03:50 1190 KVCU Boulder CO Fair at times under KEX with college alternative tunes. Must be day power. Robert OR (
Dec18 03:46 Dx 1010 KIHU in 40 min earlier with many catholic radio mentions. New! #21 on 1010. Todden34it (
Dec18 02:48 990 XECL Mexicali, Baja...La Racola in strong w/ CBW nulled.....Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec18 02:20 02:17ut 1450 KQYX Galena, KS - Very good for a few moments with promo for Bill Gaither's "Homecoming Radio" pgm, then wx forecast w/ID of "1450 The Dove". Last time I heard this, it was WMBH and licensed to Joplin, MO in the early 90s! -- Rick on the Muscatine IA KiwiSDR (
Dec18 02:11 1160 XEQIN Baja Ca Clear ID and seemed to disappear, perhaps sign-off. Robert OR (
Dec18 01:42 550 KUZZ Bakersfield, CA w/Christmas country in Boise DN13 (
Dec18 00:41 620 CKRM Regina, SK strong w/ Local ads....10kW > Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec18 00:28 610 KAVL Lancaster, CA Clear ID 4.9kW new > Gary in Boise DN13 (
Dec17 23:15 TA -- 1089 Talksport UK coming in well on the DKAZ, which I switched back to point north. Other interesting carriers as well, some with audio. Waiting to see what the one on 1062 might bring. -- Mark/IN (
Dec17 23:04 1300 KPMI Bemidji, MN "the Christmas Legend". Clear then lost to WQPM. En35id (
Dec17 22:08 Which 1030 is the SS I hear on the Hawaii SDR's?/cdel96 (
Dec17 21:42 And I've heard XESDD here before. Not as common as 1700, of course. I still need KJDJ San Luis Obispo, which is // to 1130-KSDO, I think. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 19:23 The short story: XEPE is // XESDD 1030 La Tremenda. The long story: BCA's in real trouble with both its landlords (one owns XEPE and XHPRS-FM, the other owns XEPRS). -Raymie DM43 (
Dec17 18:57 0100 PT - 1340 KPRK Livingston MT logged here, with ID for KMMS and KPRK into Fox News. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 18:41 [028] NHK-1 local IDs at just before 10:00 and 20:00. NHK-2 at sign-off and sign-on (21:00) /Bjarne (
Dec17 18:00 [028] Don't the NHKs have their local IDs at the :20? And of course, NHK2 signs off with the music box and anthem at 1540z, earlier on weekends. That includes 774 and 747. > Yakima CN96 (
Dec17 14:16 More detail/cdel96--> (
Dec17 14:13 At 1400 UTC was only what sounded like TV audio, a news channel in SS. I couldn't make it out (using San Bernardino GT)./cdel96 (
Dec17 13:45 Thanks go out to Raymie at WTFDA for the avalanche of info! BTW don't be surprised if you do NOT hear any TOH ID from XEPE./cdel96 (

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