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Date   utc       Message                                  Server
Feb22 15:08 Jack VK2XQ AUZ makes it in here when condx are good before and after sunrise which is about 1430 GMT right now QKO (
Feb22 14:33 TP 1566 UNID good signal level jumble again this am WB6QKO (
Feb22 14:23 TP 1593 CNR Beijing tt catching bits of audio // with myTuner poor but audible WB6QKO (
Feb22 14:09 // Simple radio building now QKO (
Feb22 14:07 TP 774 ABC Melbourne tt with female news story fair on peaks WB6QKO (
Feb22 14:05 Mike yes seems to be kind of a regular for you but no Newfies on this end WB6QKO (
Feb22 10:43 Nice that Los Angeles makes it to Newfoundland in the static-ridden days of today ... Mike (
Feb22 10:29 1070 KNX Los Angeles, California with Traffic report, new items , ID's ... good signal currently into Newfoundland ... Allen NL (
Feb22 05:34 Think he started TV DXing full time around 1989. That's the date of his first DX log on the Beta tape. (A partial sign off from KSWK-3 Lakin KS, btw) > Yakima CN96 (
Feb22 05:06 That's awful news about Mike. Thank you for letting us know. I think he's been in WTFDA for a considerable time, as I recall him from way back. Saul ON (
Feb22 04:44 That was about a week, week and a half ago. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb22 04:44 He was able to return to his Saltspring Island home for about 3 days, then complications with blood pressure and kidneys returned again and he was sent back to Victoria in bad condition. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb22 04:37 There's no way to email him right now. Only contact is signing the visitor log at the hospital in Victoria and seeing him in the hospital bed. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb22 03:02 My thoughts are definitely with Mike. I don't recall conversing with him, but do recall his logs. Wishing him all the best. 73 de Eric B, Carleton MI (
Feb22 02:41 That 's the email on his as well. Thanks. Robert OR (
Feb22 02:29 The last known email I have for Mike VE7SKA is: Jack VK2XQ. (
Feb22 01:55 I will be praying for him. Very very nice man. Todden34it (
Feb22 00:29 Yakima- Do you know where we can send a card/email? Robert OR (
Feb21 18:38 Had this not happened, I probably would have been able to send two DVDs to him (copies of two Betamax tapes he sent out to me last year with DX clips and WTFDA convention content). > Yakima CN96 (
Feb21 18:37 Might be a permanent scar to his health and mobility. Please keep him in your prayers. He's a DXing legend on Vancouver Island and I wish him all the best. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb21 18:36 ...he has now been in the hospital for over 6 weeks in bad condition. Complications from medication to his large intestine. His entire intestine had to be removed and his kidneys are running out of steam. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb21 18:35 I have a bad update to share about Mike (VE7SKA), who used to post MW logs here all the time. After losing power and gas to a severe windstorm in December... > Yakima CN96 (
Feb21 15:13 /cdel96 (
Feb21 15:13 [15:56] Jack, even the Oahu SDR shows nothing on 612, 1116, 1548. (
Feb21 14:56 Any people on west coast USA/Canada hearing Australia on MW? If so what times in GMT please. Jack VK2XQ QF56dm (
Feb21 14:27 [13:36] Howdy Rick. I noticed that also. Glad it's back. I need to get back in front of my radio :) TL-IN (EN61) (
Feb21 13:36 was down for a while last night, but appears to be OK now -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb21 06:05 test (
Feb20 04:26 1530 (
Feb19 09:27 860 (Bjargtangar) Z86/R Curom, Curaçao - another killer signal!/cdel96 (
Feb19 09:06 980 (using 978 on Bjargtangar, Iceland SDR) RCN Radio, Cali, CLM---killer signal!/cdel96 (
Feb19 01:17 [18:16] KCMO doesn't run IBOC, so it may have just been some severe splash on 720 from an ad running at :05 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Feb18 20:04 Just getting back into BCB listening - "News Radio 1200" WOAI 1200 kHz San Antonio with station ID 13:59 /Ted EM10 TX (
Feb18 18:19 Some logs from last night - KCID-1490 ID 'Radio Catolica', 1530 WCKY-OH tentative with religious program under KFBK, KSUE-1240 CA with weak ID and California Army National Guard PSA > Yakima CN96 (
Feb18 18:16 720 WGN Chicago IL - 12:05 PM CST - 630 area code mention, callsign mention at 12:06 - Reception weak, but intelligible, with adjacent channel (IBOC?) noise from KCMO 710 Kansas City, MO - Kegan EM26te (
Feb18 14:22 WSCR and WBBM were both on air this morning so it appears it was just Saturday and Sunday morning they were off - En35ID (
Feb18 08:31 No sign of KRTA last night under KONA, just KEAR, oddly enough. All of these were in the 12:30-1:30AM period last night (Saturday, early Sunday) > Yakima CN96 (
Feb18 08:30 and more: 1570 Faint preaching had to be KBCV MO, 1530 WCKY OH under KFBK with ESPN programming, 1430 KLO UT with standards poking through Salem, 600 KSJB ND under CJWW (rare!) > Yakima CN96 (
Feb18 08:29 Logs from last night (after 1230am) - 1700 KBGG Des Moines w/ CBS Sports, 1660 KQWB on top E-W with Fox Sports, 1620 Cuba with SS music under KYIZ/KSMH, 1610 CHHA Toronto very faint PP music under local TIS, 1600 KIVA NM with Coast to Coast. > Yakima CN96 (
Feb18 06:28 670 WWFE Miami, FL under WSCR nearly the same strength on the fades. They can't be on night power. En35id (

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