ATV Log Entries
Jun24 01:21 Has to be someone? DE kc0hfl em 17 (
Mar25 12:16 Any ATV,ers around anymore? kc0hfl em17 (
Mar20 18:16 ik6min (
Jan09 20:24 where the atv! (
Jan09 20:23 where da atv?? (
Dec19 20:23 K1NKR Still only two of us on DVB-T here around Boston/Nashua. Join us! (
Oct24 00:07 KA1AFE (
Oct24 00:07 KA1AFE (
Jun06 02:49 Any ATV in the WPB area? KM4CDV (
May03 11:22 KC8OVP looking for signals!!!! (
Apr06 20:11 always looking for contacts N3DC/Bill fm18 (
Apr04 17:13 Are there any hams interested in ATV in the N/W CT area? MIKE KA2VAW (
Apr04 17:12 Are there any hams interested in ATV in the N/W CT area? (
Feb26 19:38 Anyone ever been able to get a card out of KC0HFL Steve, N4JQQ (
Feb26 19:38 Anyone ever been able to get a card from Bob, KC0HFL? Steve, N4JQQ (
Feb26 19:37 Anyone ever been able to get a card from Bob, KC0HFL? (
Jan04 03:42 Will try to be on & here in mornings if someone wants ATV test de AA9MY EN50fm (
Jan01 17:36 Happy New Year 2016 ! (
Dec20 15:13 de AA9MY (
Dec20 15:12 Check 3.930 early mornings for ATV activity , also login to ON4SKT chat page (
Dec14 06:09 KC8OVP be back on the air soon, rebuilding station!!! (
Nov02 02:01 (
Sep18 01:03 W9UKB --- Looking for older PC Electronics TC-1 for friend ---- good on QRZ (
Sep06 12:33 Big opening rec KC3AM 0N 439.25 P3 de N3DC FM18 (
Aug21 13:12 Hello :P (
Aug21 02:09 Same here Bob -- AA9MY we're also still on the air an looking --- W9UKB (
Aug04 02:38 Still have ATV equip here but no activity ? de AA9MY EN50 (
Aug02 08:19 Have ntsc and dvb-t ready to go N3DC FM 18 (
Aug01 01:20 Okay who has the equipment are we moving to Hi Def ATV we need a standard need a source de kc0hfl (
Jul28 15:00 de k0pfx EM48 / STL QRV with digital ATV HiDes (
Jul25 11:40 DE kc0hfl em 17 (
Jul25 11:38 Any ATV'ers left? kc0hfl em17 (
Jul06 20:53 (
Jun18 19:48 (
Jun18 19:47 169.554.9989.084 (
Jun13 20:01 (
Mar20 16:55 de: W9UKB up an running on low power...439.250 (
Mar18 21:33 TA2AKG (
Mar06 23:08 de. W9UKB rebuilding station soon to be on the air again (
Feb18 23:15 Looking for non-working ATV gear W9UKB on QRZ (
Feb17 13:33 de AA9MY EN50 (
Feb17 13:32 Thanks Bob for use in past, looks like ATV crew has retired :-) (
Feb16 20:43 cocos island (
Feb16 17:48 This page is so little used I will probably end up removing it! Bob-Nj Fn20 (
Feb08 22:19 (
Feb01 01:04 de AA9MY EN50 (
Jan31 17:32 Test (
Jan31 17:31 Here comes the snow (
Jan23 19:21 -1' (
Jan14 00:36 Test (
Jul24 13:19 i'm still here.analog only.439.250 simplex dx from area em15gu de kc0ow,scott (
Jul23 16:46 Where did everybody go - WA8KQQ (
Jul23 16:44 Where did everybody go (
Jul08 13:20 All ATVers see CQ-TV 244 - June 2014 very remarkable success de W8ZCF (
Jul08 13:16 KC0HFL see WB8LGA article in CQ-TV June 2014 for digital TV success (
Jun07 11:10 Please post when it's up I have seen balloons from that distance here in KS. kc0hfl (
Jun03 14:40 KB8CRM - I will be monitoring from a hill top near Milford, MI. It's put on by the Livonia ARC. 73's (
Jun03 14:37 KB8CRM - If anyone is interested, there is a balloon launch this Saturday June 7 from Ionia, MI w/ ATV on 440. (
Apr29 23:05 w8zcf - What equipment you using? Sources? Need to do something to get intrest back up around here kc0hfl (
Apr29 12:41 We have had very good success with digital fast scan in last few weeks de W8ZCF (
Apr27 12:36 No activity in Wichita ATV is dead around here no DX getting hard to find ATV'ers kc0hfl em 17 (
Apr14 01:29 ATV Repeater in KCMO now permanently offline. I am horizontal WE0Z EM29qe (
Mar21 15:21 Any suggestions on where to find (what freq) local ATV'ers in the Dallas TX area? ae5tc (
Feb14 01:07 ... (
Feb10 21:55 tt (
Jan14 02:44 test (
Jan04 01:17 .............................................................................................................................hapy nuyeer everi 1 (
Dec21 19:44 . (
Oct09 20:20 ka3jsd (
Sep23 05:09 sorry i missed u bob. will keep a look-out, 73's de kc0ow, scott em15 near okc (
Sep22 11:44 Band is up to my South any ATV left in Oklahoma? DE kc0hfl em 17 (
Sep12 13:03 On air ATV just about every morning except Sunday 3930 de w8zcf cincinnati (
Sep12 13:01 OK Robert, kc0hfl, we are 712 milea apart but check 3930 every morning we are on air with atv de w8zcf cincinnati (
Sep10 01:16 Antennas finally back up at new QTH 70' hope to work some of you soon de kc0hfl EM17 (
Sep09 12:48 w8zcf cINCINNATI (
Sep09 12:47 Still looking for ATVers, Illinois , Western ny (
Sep09 12:47 Still looking for ATVers, Illinois , Western ny (
Sep09 12:47 Still looking for ATVers, Illinois , Western ny (
Jul04 13:48 Bill, thanks for your checking on weekends. Note that not many of us are on Sunday mornings de w8zcf (
Jul02 16:24 tm0sm (
Jun26 21:26 hello farrell,will be watching condx tomrw morning de kc0ow okla. city em15gu (
Jun26 18:52 Hey Farrell will be looking on weekends till the end of summer N3DC (
Jun25 11:23 N3DC, Bill, hope you keep checking for us, band openings getting better, de W8ZCF (
Jun25 11:17 NY3K, John, can you look for us in the tri states? de W8ZCF (
Jun24 12:59 Calling all ATVers. We are beginning to get openings, where are Illinois, Maryland and others de W8ZCF (
Jun05 11:24 Where is the Illinois Group ?? de w8zcf (
Jun05 11:23 Summer DX was in action on June 4. P5++ at 126 miles, P2 182 miles de W8ZCF Cincinnati (
Jun03 11:32 Any ATVers getting ready for summer DX?? de W8ZCF Cincinnati, OH (
May29 11:15 N3YK , hot days cool nights we might be able to see you, OK, de W8ZCF Cincinnati (
Apr29 18:14 USA (
Apr04 11:28 John, N3YK be looking for you de w8zcf (
Apr04 11:27 Standby for ATV openings as temp rises in PM de W8ZCF Cincinnati (
Feb25 12:23 John,N3YK could you communicatre with us via text on cam streams? de w8zcf (
Feb25 12:17 N3YK are you still monitoring our cam streams? de w8zcf (
Feb18 20:37 n6spp -anchorage (
Feb12 22:34 Hello World (
Feb10 15:03 hr2j (
Feb10 15:03 hr2j (
Feb02 15:44 Thank you W8ZCF. I check in from Laurel, MD on WB8LGA's site. de NY3K (
Jan23 12:20 de W8ZCF Cam Sterams on weekdays start 7:30 AM just check WB8LGAa's web page above. (
Jan23 12:18 Try: (
Dec28 20:47 I looked the last couple of weeks, but have not seen it. de John, NY3K (
Dec28 20:45 When is the AM Camstreams feed? I'd love to join it. (
Dec03 12:30 Bill, w are are all on Saturdays but only a few on Sundays de W8ZCF (
Nov29 20:13 oh yes but only on weekends still working N3DC FM 18 (
Nov29 13:32 Bill, N3DC do ever look at WB8LGA's Cam Streams display for us ATVers in AM? de w8zcf (
Nov29 13:32 Bill, N3DC do ever look at WB8LGA's Cam Streams display for us ATVers in AM? de w8zcf (
Nov28 13:34 de w8zcf (
Nov28 13:33 Hey Bill, a little late my reply but keep looking we are on every AM (
Nov06 20:53 Hey Farrell I am always looking N3DC FM18 (
Nov05 16:43 Some good prop W9ZIH p2 Cinti, OH 307 mi de W8ZCF (
Nov05 16:39 Why isn't there activity of this Log?? de W8ZCF Cincinnati (
Nov05 16:39 Why isn't there activity of this Log?? de W8ZCF Cincinnati (
Oct26 18:54 Where arew the Pittsburg & Cleveland ATVers? de W8ZCF Cinti. H (
Sep07 02:05 any balloon launches scheduled n0mnb (
Sep03 13:04 wr0atv/R p2 into em 17 de kc0hfl (
Aug28 12:31 listening ks,kcmo,iowa de kc0ow em15 in okc (
Aug25 19:50 mon&tue morn maps look gud to ne&e from hr..hope it holds de kc0ow em15 Okla.City (
Aug04 16:28 missed it.anyone have a link for listing of all scheduled balloon launches?de kc0ow (
Aug04 12:31 If balloon launches lets try reports this media de W8ZCF (
Aug04 12:29 ATV on 434 Horiz10 m becon28.220 usb,Domino EX22 110 baudASCII RTTY (
Aug04 12:26 Balloon ATV 434 Crossband 144.34 in 446.025 out (
Aug04 12:24 ATVers Bill Brown, WB8ELK planning launch balloon 7:30 Rantoul,ILL (
Aug03 14:12 ATV propogation fair to good to NE Ohio Bowling Gren Ky from W8ZCF Cincinnati (
Aug03 11:25 de W8ZCF (
Aug03 11:25 Any ATVers on this morning? (
Aug02 19:40 nobody i know of around hr too active,including me,terrible heat hr lately de kc0ow (
Aug02 19:19 Tri states OH, KY IN. (
Aug02 19:19 WE are experiencing good condx but can't seem to get out of the tri states (
Aug02 19:17 Scott, do you have active group Oklahoma and adjacent states? We ae experiencing gud condx but can't get out of OH,KY,IN. (
Aug02 19:13 Any ATVer using an MBM 88 Jaybeam de w8zcf, if so pse contact me (
Aug02 19:12 kc0ow thanks kind wors on ATVQ article. (
Aug02 19:10 Scot, kc0ow pleased to know you are still active bet we can spot each other with dongles (
Aug02 15:34 i need dongle!,good article in atvq farrell,watching 4 gud condx de kc0ow em15 OKC (
Aug02 11:20 Watch WB8LGA Camstreams via BATC for Rx video (
Aug02 11:14 The OH IN KY ATV Group getting on air de W8ZCF Cinti (
Aug01 12:32 To ck us suggest go to wb8lga home page for BATV cam streams de w8zcf (
Aug01 12:29 OK, does any of the group have Dongles so that we could look for weakATV? de w8zcf (
Aug01 11:50 Yes in Kansas City WE0Z (
Aug01 11:24 Any ATVers outside of OH, IN andKY??? de W8ZCF (
Jul31 11:20 Any ATVers Cleveland, Bufflo Pittsburg call 3930 de W8ZCF Cincinnati (
Jul31 11:18 ATV Group starting 7:30 EDT coord 3930MHz afterCARF Group (
Jul30 12:13 W8ZCF Cincinnati, Ohio anyone to the East on this Log (
Jul30 12:11 This is W8ZCF looking for Pitttsburg,Maryland ATVers (
Jul27 04:05 k4drf now active from em74 on 439.25 1200 w erp (
Jul21 09:45 WR0ATV/R P2 this morning de kc0hfl em 17 (
Jul12 02:34 Looks like this forum is dead. Are there no ATVers? - WRH/ON (
Jun22 04:18 .. (
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