60 Meter Log
Sep16 22:18 Thankfully I DO understand Morse Code but hardly anyone uses it anymore, especially DXpeditions. Ugggh (
Aug31 23:16 - - . . . . . . - - , if you understand Morse code. Simple and faster and easy to work more stations per minute. --... ...-- again!! .... .. .... .. (
Aug31 23:12 My last comment. I was right 2 years ago. The FT4/FT8 modes, PC to PC software, along with varied misQs on how to operate properly has killed 60m SSB/CW. 73 all, including EA8AK.. HI ... (
Aug06 00:13 Nothing "heard" in way of SSB or CW. Only FT8 audio but no Rig-PC software! Ugggh (
Jun25 03:01 GM anyone try CW on 5352 and QSX to EU? (
Jun24 17:15 anyone here to try via Greyline a cw QSO to USA from Germany? (
Jun17 14:13 another 3 weeks and still no 60m conversation or messages. Ugggh (
May27 14:14 guess everyone on FT8 and don't check in on our "logger" to discuss DX like in the old SSB/CW days. IIWII.. Have a great 2021 chasing DX. (
May11 01:19 Hello.. Test (
May08 23:32 ^test (
Apr07 22:50 test (
Mar02 02:17 I was out of town on Feb 27th or I would have called you on CW! Agree that the PC gamers, many operating out of their band or off their channel, are rapidly ruining 60m! Sorry to say. (
Feb27 23:29 CQed over hour listened on ch5 > RBN heared me at 20dB > my Orion 2 got seriously hot! ...simply nothing even although PC gamers wheezing on 357 a lot!!! Unbelievable how this stupid digital QRM ruined ham radio on 60m ! (
Feb27 23:02 Only PCgamers on band again. No CW reply for my CQ on 5354.5 qsx 405 (
Feb27 01:53 CQ 5353.5 QSX 405 nw. De Petr ok1rp (
Feb27 01:48 Anybody on 60m CW ...or it is band for PC gamers only?! I am on 5352 qsx 5405 nw. Petr 1rp (
Feb14 19:25 dos semanas mas, y nada 60m chat.. Lo siento... 60m no mas para mi.. HI HI - Adios!! (
Feb01 23:43 No mas 60m SSB/CW, lo siento. (
Jan18 00:44 ¡Mi amigo! He bajado completamente 60 metros después de todos estos años desde 2003. Mucha operación poco ética por parte de algunos DXers, operando fuera de los límites de la banda. Es un hobby. ¡Saludos (
Jan17 10:41 test (
Jan05 22:48 test (
Nov29 23:30 Today I decided to STOP all 60m activity. It is an emergency band but FT8 has created some illegal situations off of our 5 channels. Have WAS and DXCC since 2003. 73! San K5YY (
Nov29 23:24 test pc (
Oct18 22:39 He did not answer my emails on August 4 and Sept 21 about a QSL and my SASE sent on July 14th. I hope he is not deceased! A good friend for many years. Anyone with news about Joe Arcure, JR?? San K5YY (
Aug28 20:21 Please, any news about W3HNK, Joe Arcure, Jr. Is Joe a Silkent Kee). VY TNX Fernando EA8AK (
Aug17 22:36 60m dead for DXing unless FT8. Some signals strong in the -5 to +dB range but not used on CW! Depressing for sure... (
Apr16 02:21 Now someone says 5357 is FT8 only and NO SSB on that freq. There has been NO legal FCC decision on that! Still SSB on Channel 3! (
Apr13 19:39 No attempts from stations outside NA to TRY CW once in a while for the NON-FT8 DXer. True ham radio does SSB and CW when signals > -5dB and certainly when 0+ dB! (
Apr01 23:36 Happy April Fools Day to all 60m operators. Please more CW DXing!! (
Mar13 22:42 Hey SAN, K5YY. 100 / % agree. Worked a few minutes ago FY5KE on 5,3 on CW, fo a total of 219 DX entities wkd on 60 m. Greetings, Fernando EA8AK (
Mar13 22:40 Hey SAN, K5YY. 100 5t agree. Worked a few minutes ago FY5KE on 5,3 on CW, fo a total of 219 DX entities wkd on 60 m. Greetings, Fernando EA8AK (
Mar10 22:52 Congratulations Fernando! Hope they get on during our night-time on CW. Agree with you 100% on less FT8 when possible and more CW on 60m..San (
Mar10 20:10 T6AA yesterday and EX0QR a few minutes ago, QRV on CW...OMG. 2 new entities. We need mor "human activity" and less PC machine. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Mar06 21:23 too many DX in the FT8 range of -5 to +5 dB but they don't do CW! Maybe don't know Morse code? HI (
Mar06 15:39 More SSB activity heard last few days around sunset, after 17:30 Z, qrv 5360-66 USB-9A9ZG (
Mar06 15:38 More SSB activity heard last few days around sunset, after 17:30 Z, qrv 5360-66 USB (
Mar01 07:42 9Z4Y 5352 kHz ESP copy at best in Munich - de DJ1YFK (
Mar01 07:37 V31MA 5353kHz weak but solid in Munich city QRM @ 0820z - de DJ1YFK (
Feb23 00:29 60m ham activity = 0 simply nothing (
Feb23 00:21 OK1RP cq 5353.5 qsx 405 (
Feb22 23:47 Again no way for LU7YS from OK land. 1rp (
Feb22 23:17 LU7YS on 5354 CW now... 1rp (
Feb22 00:08 No way from OK to LU tonite on CW... 1rp (
Feb22 00:05 LU7YS on 5354 CW nw. 1rp (
Feb21 23:53 Anybody wants CW on 5353/5405 pls? 1rp (
Feb21 23:49 OK1RP cq on 5353 qsx 5405 nw 1rp (
Feb21 23:48 OK1RP (
Feb20 02:18 Yes Fernando. QSO was one of a few on CW by TX4N. NO FT8 here, only Human Modes, as you say, since 1957! San (
Feb19 12:25 Fortunatelly, a few DX station working CW the last few days. I don't work FT8, I prefer QSO with "human" station, Greetings for all "rock banders" friends. 73 de EA8AK (
Feb19 12:23 Fortunatelly, a few DX station working CW the last few days. I don't work FT8, I prefer QSO with "human" station, Greetings for all "rock banders" friends. 73 de EA8AK (
Feb17 20:00 worked another new one last night, TX4N in French Polynesia, a new one on 60m since France now on 60m. San YY (
Feb14 17:39 UK9AA 5354.5 kHz with a good signal and great ears now (in Munich - de DJ1YFK) (
Feb13 22:08 Ooops - WRC-15 ! Paul G4MWO (
Feb13 19:59 France & Territories now permitted 60m (WRC-25) Paul G4MWO (
Feb08 17:30 4L/DL2JRM 5354 kHz now (weak in Europe) (
Jan24 18:34 EA9/DL2JRM 5354.0 CW (539 in JN58SE @ DJ1YFK) (
Jan21 20:28 qrv in 60m FT8 and CW , please send me email for sked ..73 .- CO8LY (
Jan16 21:26 TF3EO 5355.5 CQ CQ (579) de DJ1YFK (
Jan15 00:59 Likely will be giving up 60m activity. Stuck on 165 confirmed with NO FT8, all SSB and CW since 2003 July. Fun while it lasted. Too much FT8 and less skeds on CW available. Bye all. Happy 2020. San K5YY (
Jan12 17:31 Due to FT8, FT4 our NA fixed channel 3 is useless for CW on 5358.5 or USB on 5357. We have NO VFO abilities. NA FTmode is ONLY on 5357. FCC is monitoring with help of ARRL. TU!! (
Jan12 06:48 CQing on 5354, QSX 5348 for US de DJ1YFK (JN58) (
Jan11 17:47 SORRY ... I meant 5357 kc...our NA channel 3. The 5357 is our USB freq in NA and CW is 5358.5. Check the ARRL site for 60m authorizations. San (
Jan11 17:44 all FT modes are on our ONLY channel used,authorized for digital - 5757kc. (
Jan10 23:24 Iz5ios (
Jan10 21:56 Has anyone used FT4 on 60 meters? If so,what frequency? I know there is a lot of FT8 on 60 meters but was wondering about FT4. de K4KEW (
Jan10 19:14 Happy New Year ! I work with 10 wats - MINI SW-2016 + antenna Windom 41,5m + Z-match from Sofia! 73! George -LZ2OQ/1 (
Jan01 23:39 EA8AK : Happy New Year. Sometimes I think we are the only ones who check this 60m DX Logger site. HI.. 73, San YY (
Dec28 01:29 Here is hoping all 60m operators, especially the old timers, have a great 2020 New Years! Bless all. (
Dec24 20:05 Merry Christmas to all! Hope 60m activity in 2020 involves all modes when signals are -5 dB and better. (
Dec19 01:19 conditions horrible to mid NA, especially if CW or SSB.. Hope 2020 is better. Merry Xmas all! (
Dec12 01:03 ZB2GI as a new one today, nice! 73, de Kees - PA7TWO - M5TWO (
Dec10 21:05 TU for the nice added info on our DX Logger page. Merry Christmas all.. (
Dec09 20:40 T6AA also on CW today 5353.5 !Nice one.... 73 de SV2AEL Savas (
Dec09 20:27 I was not aware of this "chat " page at all, I got it from the 60m newsletter. Worked T6AA today on the FT8 game (read about that here), I had fun! 73, Bas PE4BAS (
Dec06 14:33 Been reading comments about NA stations on FT8 are WAY off frequency of our channel 3 (5357) (
Nov23 02:40 worked 5N7Q for an ATNO last night for # 162.. Nice that he goes to CW and then to FT8, etc. Hears well. San K5YY (
Oct20 18:22 Reverse Beacon Network 60m Page shows some CW activity http://www.reversebeacon.net/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=163 Paul G4MWO (
Oct16 20:20 Started 60m on day 1 in July 2003 and guess my last day was in July 2019.. HATE the way the band has become mainly FT8, maybe next will be 80m and 160m bands. SAD times. (
Oct14 18:29 RP... I tend to agree 100%. FT, non human, has taken over EVEN IF signals are -5 to 0dB copiable range. 60m is now only for FT8 software PC guys. (
Oct12 18:48 No chat no activity. 60m is dead while FT8 gamers flooded the band. Bye DX ham radio on 60m. 1rp (
Oct01 01:18 Nothing heard past 3 nights on 60m.. Perhaps FT8 could have heard something but nothing spotted on DXSummit (
Sep24 22:21 test again. PC acting up. (
Sep12 23:24 Also, appears a minimal amount of chat of this 60m DX Logger site. Much less than just 2 years ago. Hate to see it... (
Sep12 23:22 Appears DXing in general and especially 60m DX chasing is in a slowly downhill course due to FT8/FT4 PC to PC automation software. Lot of talk about downfall of the DXing in general and bad cycle 25 predictions. (
Sep11 15:05 Looks like no way to work CW on 60... (
Sep06 01:58 test (
Aug10 22:02 Did the CY9 do CW or SSB this trip? Understand they were on FT8 mostly. (
Aug08 21:25 60m is open on CW many nights, especially when signals are -10 db or better. But the operators do not take the time to help the CW hams for an ATNO. Sad and getting worse. (
Jul17 16:55 I will listen tonight at my sunset and hope he is on CW again and will listen UP for NA on 5403 or 5373.. YY (
Jul17 16:54 Fernando. Sorry I missed the 1A0C on 60m. I do not do FT8 and he only gets on when NA has NO propagation. San (
Jul16 20:34 1A0C. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Jul16 20:33 worked 1A0C on 5.360 CW, a new one for a total of 199 entities on 60m. (
Jul15 21:24 The announced 5360 is out of WRC-15... (
Jul15 21:24 The announced 5360 is out of WRC-15... (
Jul15 17:56 1A0C SMOM operation on 60m this week http://www.1a0c.com/ Paul G4MWO (
Jul02 17:17 lucky to gotted 4X4 a few years ago... San K5YY (
Jul01 01:33 Israeli 60m Permits extended until 31 Dec 2023 Paul G4MWO (
Jun13 02:58 Fernando. Sent email to leader of S9A EB7DX about a 60m CW sked for an ATNO but no answer. Asked for sked at 0300Z. Maybe he will answer tomorrow. (
Jun11 20:31 Doctor San K5YY welcome...always. 73 de EA8AK (
Jun11 20:30 Dr (
Jun11 17:59 Fernando... Hard to believe it was 2 years ago Melinda and I were there in EA8. Plan on return in 3 years for a 5 year "reunion".. Hello to su family. San (
Jun11 17:55 RRR Fernando: Petr and I also like microphone, key and using our ears! H.. San YY (
Jun11 09:07 Oh yes Petrr & San... All my new one on CW workjed by SKED. Too much DIGI modes, 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Jun11 00:44 Oh yes, Petr... most of my last 10-15 "new ones" on 60m were result of a SKED on CW with mainly FT8 DX stations in AF and EU. They were nice to try CW for me. I made a $ donation to them. HI ... San (
Jun11 00:40 agree with you, Petr!! Hope all is well with you. . All my 161 DXCC confirmed on 60m is wwith NO FT8. 73 San YY (
Jun09 19:39 Thanks Paul. Hope that some of them knows CW... rp (
Jun05 17:23 9K2 Kuwaiti ops have 60m access Paul G4MWO (
Jun05 01:29 Kuwait now on 60m - WRC-15 Allocation at 15W EIRP. Paul G4MWO (
Jun04 00:36 Hearing a few DX stations on FT8 that are from -8 to 0 dB, narrow CW (500-250 cycles) passband copies fine! So wish more would give us non-FT8 guys a chance.. San K5YY (
Jun04 00:34 TU so much to K5TR for getting this 60m Logger back working! San K5YY (
Jun03 17:24 test g4mwo (
Jun03 03:31 k5tr test (
Feb17 22:19 I planed to donate V84SAA but I rejected it when I saw their PC chat on 60m band only instead of CW operation. So SRI. Rp (
Feb16 20:48 Thanks to Igor, UI2F for DXCC #88 CW only. I will try to ask Igor for operation later nite for USA... rp (
Feb16 19:48 Again V84SAA qrv on 5126 and again no chance for ham radio QSO on CW... FT8 PC chatting only. Rp (
Feb15 23:02 All V84SAA QSOs are illegal on 60m unfortunately... rp (
Jan22 20:47 If for an SSB schedule, FORGET it... No way!! LOL So, CW is only alternative to FT8 to most of us 60m DXers.. San (
Jan22 20:46 Some FT8 hams will make occasional schedule and work CW if you need for ATNO. But, most do not answer emails. IF for SSB sked... San YY (
Jan22 20:44 Some FT8 hams will make occasional schedule and work CW if you need for ATNO. But, most do not answer emails. IF for SSB sked... San YY (
Jan21 20:54 ...and nothing on CW of course. The ham activity is dead on 60 :( rp (
Jan21 20:54 ...and nothing on CW of course. The ham activity is dead on 60 :( rp (
Jan18 23:21 Indonesia now on 60m - WRC-15/15W Top Class Licensees. Paul G4MWO (
Jan01 05:21 HNY to you again Petr.. Hope see you on some band, even if not 60m. hi San K5YY (
Dec31 21:31 Anyway Healthy and prosperous New Year 2019 to all. Petr RP (
Dec31 21:31 OK land is loosing 12 experimental channels with 100W by end of 2018...! So Czech is going back to 2011! Please understand the QSX operation technique again... if any. Petr 1RP (
Dec30 22:53 Lo principal es que deseo que la estación DX escuche TODOS los modos, principalmente CW y FT8. Muchos jamones NO operan FT8. Hago RTTY pero no muchos operadores RTTY de 60 m. Por lo tanto, sólo SSB y CW aquí. San (
Dec30 22:46 Fernando Estoy de acuerdo. Si NO hay señales SSB o CW y SOLO FT8, entonces llamaría. Pero si no fuera un nuevo DXCC de 60 m para mí, no volvería a llamar en ningún modo a menos que nadie llamara al DX. HI HNY también para ti. San (
Dec30 19:53 certainly, I prefer a human to human QSO. NEVER QSO thru a PC. BVut very hard to find CW/SSB stn. HNY RP, YY de EA8AK (
Dec27 15:34 and most of us old timers prefer human to human modes and not PC to PC modes done by software, even while the "op" is asleep. HI HI.. A new day on 60m for sure. San (
Dec27 15:31 Petr.. I got on 60m on first day allowed in North America, July 3, 2003, over 15 years ago. A fun ride, but without SSB or CW I will just STOP my activity there. SORRY TO SAY.. San 73 and HNY. (
Dec26 09:12 In fact ham radio is dead on 60m. No ham activity. Just chat room. So sad. rp (
Dec26 09:10 NS7K ... PC gaming only > no ham radio operation pn 60m. rp (
Dec26 03:35 FT8 5357 NS7K DN31 (
Dec26 03:34 On 60 tonight NS7K DN31 (
Dec26 03:33 Hello All (
Dec23 02:18 RRR Petr... Well some say on DX Summit F/H mode FT8 but I did not know F/H was a "mode". hi CW/SSB and RTTY yes, they are modes but "F/H?". HI A new day in ham radio. CU on 60m soon.. San (
Dec22 22:34 Many thanks dear San. Also wish to you and all 60m ham enthusiasts Mry Xmas and HNY2019! RP (
Dec21 03:46 Petr... I so agree with you. Not good days on 60m. Many FT8 stations COULD be heard if they got on CW. Merry Xmas and hopefully Happy 2019 for DXing on 60m.. San YY (
Dec20 04:42 After 8yrs of my daily activity the 60m band is dead. PC chats destroyed everything there... rp (
Dec20 04:40 I am really thinking if I should spent money for permit renewal cos the 60m band is gone to hell! No ham radio activity just PC games only... rp (
Dec20 00:24 Again just PC chat room on 60m instead of CW or SSB ham radio operation tonite. rp (
Dec18 22:14 CT9/NZ1C on air ... unfortunately PC games only. RP (
Dec17 05:34 Trying in loop 5352, 5362 (ZL), 5332, 5405 (US)...calling CQ. Petr OK1RP (
Dec17 05:32 I am on 5352 CW nw calling CQ. Petr OK1RP (
Dec16 12:24 Alberto’s rx antenna is AS SAL20 Mark II. Sorry for typo error. Hi RP (
Dec16 12:16 I will try to ask him for QSX to USA too. My QSO was after 00Z (
Dec16 12:14 Alberto, VR2XAN is active often on 5353.5 CW. He has excellent ears thanks to SALA30 rx antenna. Try to catch him. RP (
Dec05 01:54 RRR rp. The DX station should know if FT8 shows -10 to 0 db that CW is OK to go to. CW 200-400 cycles reads -10 to 0 dB all OK. hi San YY (
Dec05 01:51 RRRR rp, I agree with you. If a signal on FT8 is -10 to 0, then it IS readable on narrow CW from 400-200 cycles. The DX station should know if he gives a -1 to -3 that CW is OK to switch to.. 73 and HNY.. San (
Dec02 17:25 Hope that someone will be also active on CW instead of just computer’s chats... (
Dec02 11:30 Turkey now on 60m - (WRC-15, 15W EIRP) Paul G4MWO (
Nov29 22:03 PY0F on 5352 up1 but no chance rp (
Nov29 22:03 ˇany Nrazilians on 60m CW but no way to catch them with 15W...rp (
Nov29 22:01 ˇany Nrazilians on 60m CW but no way to catch them (
Nov29 00:13 Brazil now live on 5 ! (WRC-15, 25W) Paul G4MWO (
Nov28 20:33 Hi all. Did someone worked 5U9AMO on 60m? rp (
Nov20 20:25 I listened Harald, XT2AW on 5354 for 20mins. No qso and nw moved to Skype(FT8)... rp (
Nov17 17:16 FT8 may be a great mode for low signal work but so many NA stations are calling WAY OFF our 5357 FT8 freq, and up to 5359! So many different software schemes is confusing I guess. San (
Nov15 18:39 LY1CR was on the air last night. Chasse for new one... (
Nov13 19:09 Montenegro and Lithuania now clear to go on 60 (WRC-15) Paul G4MWO (
Nov11 23:57 TU for information Petr... Notified W8GEX also. Have this worked but many need for ATNO here in NA. 73, San K5YY (
Nov11 23:07 Sigi DL7DF and crew got yesterday permision for 60m from Barbados as 8P9AE. They are on the air from tonite. First QRG was 5353 and QSX up. ok1rp (
Nov11 20:53 ic8aik (
Nov07 13:37 ZL4OL worked at 0838 GMT split 5362 and 5357 K4BYN (
Nov06 02:36 Italy and India now on 60m (WRC-15, 15W EIRP) Paul G4MWO (
Nov02 06:39 QRV ON 5.366.0 JS8call any one abt? G6NHY Keith (
Nov02 06:37 QRV ON 5.366.0 JS8call any one abt? (
Oct18 18:01 test (
Oct12 23:38 test (
Oct12 23:37 test (
Sep18 05:05 zl3cc 5362.4 strong in PA land now (
Sep13 05:50 calling cq ft8 now NL8F (
Sep13 05:49 calling cq ft8 now NL8F (
Sep11 19:27 testing (
Sep11 19:26 tetsy (
Aug21 22:08 test (
Aug09 00:33 Ecuador (25W), Bosnia & Herzegovina (15W) Official WRC-15 Alloc. Paul G4MWO (
Aug09 00:32 Ecuador (25W), Bosnia & Herzegovina (15W) Official WRC-15 Alloc. Paul G4MWO (
Aug01 00:42 Paraguay on 60m - WRC-15 Allocation 25W EIRP Official Paul G4MWO (
Jul17 18:48 Slovenia now has full WRC-15 access - Class A ops only Paul G4MWO (
Jul07 18:09 Test again. (
Jul06 22:25 new pc (
Jul05 10:40 KH1's last hours. Today on FT8 again. Many 60m DXers do not do FT8. Hoping for a few QSOs on CW? San (
Jul04 23:16 No CW on 60m on July 4th, only FT8 QSOs. Missed an ATNO. FT8 = 25X RTTY QSOs in NA. San (
Jun24 19:24 PC test (
Jun20 01:11 AA4NC/KH0 card received for ATNO confirmation. TU Will.. San K5YY (
Jun04 01:33 HA back on 60m, but WRC-15 Allocation at 15W Paul G4MWO (
Jun03 23:58 Happy for ZS land. Hope many countries will at least allow 50w PEP at some time. 15W requires very narrow CW passband and good conditions and Fall/Winter. San K5YY (
May29 16:55 ZS gets 5350 - 5450 kHz at 15W EIRP Paul G4MWO (
May28 22:32 Horrible conditions and no propagation .. Typical summertime QRN. FT8 wud help but I am not on that mode. San (
May26 03:12 pc test (
May13 19:39 C8T QRT today at 0400Z. Glad 19 of us in NA got thru on 60m! Upper band propagation horrible.. C8T had QRN 4+ and power outages, etc. TU for the DXped trip! San K5YY (
May07 17:01 Got the C8T last night at 0035Z. He was QSX on 5405 and xmt on 5360 with good 559 signal thru summertime QRN. Worked long before my sunset. ATNO. TU guys.. San K5YY (
Apr25 19:58 test PC (
Apr23 04:56 Hb9sof (
Apr23 04:38 China gets WRC-15 Band July 1st G4MWO (
Mar23 18:21 y ola' Fernando, mi amigo! Espero estas bueno alli en EA8.. hi San (
Mar23 18:20 Thankfully I had XT from past operation BUT I did work 3C0W for an ATNO on 60m.. K5YY (
Mar22 20:42 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Mar22 20:42 XT2AW Harald is quite active on CW and FT8- Good sigs. Worked for my 180 on 60 m. (
Mar15 11:55 I will be on FT8 calling from 0830-0900 M-F W9NED (
Mar14 18:19 test (
Mar09 11:50 Off to bed now. Back on tomorrow FT8 and CW. ZL4OL (
Mar09 10:50 CQ CW NA tx 5362.5 rx 5405 ZL4OL (
Feb24 11:20 CQ NA tx 5362.5 rx 5332 ZL4OL (
Feb24 02:28 constant OFF frequency use by NA ops for FT8 mode. We in NA do not have a 60m band but 60m CHANNELS, two freq per channel. Some uninformed FT8 NA ops are WAY OFF freq. ONLY 5357, otherwise you destroy our CW and USB channel freqs. TU. (
Feb23 11:45 Listening 5373 instead of 5405 due to QRM. ZL4OL (
Feb23 11:24 CQ 5362.5 CW, listening 5405 for an hour or so. ZL4OL (
Feb22 13:54 TU Paul! I did research and found the rules of 2012 for Canada were updated in 2014 to our USA channels. TU for reply. San K5YY (
Feb22 03:02 No, exactly the same as US. Paul G4MWO (
Feb21 14:45 60m guys.. Does VE have the same 5 channels and transmit freqs as the USA, or are there some differences? San K5YY (
Feb17 13:51 Tnx QSO, Mike de K5RK (
Feb17 12:50 RRR Mike. The Radar is a bull to contend with. Heard you in there not enuff for a good Q4 or Q5 cpy. TU for being there for the DXers. Glad we made it 10 years ago! hi San (
Feb17 12:48 OK San, thanks for trying. I did work half a dozen. Try again next weekend. 73, Mike (
Feb17 12:29 Yes, I do know the Pacific radar CAN and DOES block signals once it begins. Got to catch it right. HI Will call til 1245Z.. San (
Feb17 12:27 San, your signal is fine, just that radar knocking you out. (
Feb17 12:22 Yes I am copying but not well with the OTHR (
Feb17 12:16 Calling but did you copy anything from me? I am calling you just until 1230Z. IF you copy me at all, I will stay in there. San YY and TU!! (
Feb17 12:09 Actually you working mainly east coast at their SR. My true SR is 1245. Do NOT stay up that late for me. But I will listen til 1230Z just in case.. hi San (
Feb17 12:02 OK San, I will keep going here for a while yet. (
Feb17 11:57 Actually, the 1215Z at the end of your time on the air is better for me. But I will listen intently starting now. San (
Feb17 11:55 Yes, Mike, heard a 1CP calling earlier. Still waiting for the necessary 2 S unit peak at my sunrise. DY and others were on east coast in their SR. San (
Feb17 11:51 San: wked K4DY and N0FW through the racket. (
Feb17 11:46 San, I hear someone calling, maybe k1cp?? but OTHR is killing it (
Feb17 11:22 Mike OL: I am up now, so we can try earlier, at 1130 Z if you wish.. The "test" email you sent to yy@cox got thru OK and I answered. San YY (
Feb17 10:51 descht (
Feb17 02:36 ZL4OL: Going to bed soon but will be on sked at 1200Z for sure. Will check DX Logger for any updates you may have. TU for the ZL QSO 10 years ago too! HI San YY (
Feb17 00:25 Oh, there may be QRN since we expect rain tonight and early moring in the 11-1200Z timeframe. Still will listen for you.. San (
Feb17 00:23 Mike. Did not get the 0525Z Logger comment because was in bed! But WILL be there tomorrow Feb 17th at 1200Z.. Me on 5405.. San (
Feb16 19:16 Mike.. Stand by. Will send you an email from an "outlook.com" account. Nothing about cox.net. HI Stand by.. San YY (
Feb16 05:26 BTW San, both email addresses now bouncing. cox.net suspects spam. Mike (
Feb16 05:25 OK San. I will call tonight and tomorrow night on 5362.5 CW listening ~5405 from 11.15 to 12.15 UTC. So that is in about 6 hours time and 24 hours later. Mike ZL4OL (
Feb15 03:09 Mike. Don't know why my mail is bouncing you. I always check spam mail and you are not there. Try k5yy1@cox.net. Ur sunset is at 2AM here, so midnight UR time is about 5AM here. I can try 6AM if you are up at 1AM. hi hi That is 1200Z. Sorry about bounced emails. San YY (
Feb14 05:39 San K5YY. My sunset is 0800 at the moment. My emails to you are bouncing. Mike ZL4OL (
Feb10 00:44 ZL4OL : worked ZK4EAM back in March 2008! hi San K5yy (
Feb10 00:42 ZL4OL: Thanks, Mike. Our sunrise ( always a 1-2 S unit peak on SS and SR ends) is about 1200-1230Z. Not sure what freqs you use. San K5YY (
Feb09 03:19 There were at least 5 ZL's on CW last night. I'll try to listen cross channel some more! Mike ZL4OL (
Feb08 18:04 Would like to see some of the FT8 EU/AF/Pacific DXers on 60m spend a little time on CW for those of us who do not do FT8. HI .. San K5YY (
Feb02 10:28 N0UMF, VE9DX, W8GU all good copy on FT8. No takers for my CQ though. ZL4OL (
Feb02 09:32 CQ 5362, listening 5357 ZL4OL (
Feb01 13:45 ZL4OL - welcome to 60m. Looking forward to a QSO. Have already worked ZL3AB and ZL3CW. de K5RK (
Feb01 06:30 Previous two are receive reports! ZL4OL (
Feb01 06:27 K7OP 5357 FT8 -12 at ZL4OL (
Feb01 06:14 OM3PA FT8 -6 on 5357 at ZL4OL (
Jan31 19:18 still listening nightly at 2330 to about 0030 on 60m. Hope QSB lessens. San K5YY (
Jan29 00:28 RP : heard ZC4 at 2000Z 559 but 30 min after my sunset at 2330Z, so he faded some from my peak. Maybe he will come back, went QRT. San YY (
Jan29 00:08 ZC4A via 5B4AGN ;1RP (
Jan29 00:07 Bob ZC4A in on 5353.4 qsx 373 for USA (UK Base area on Cyprus) 1RP (
Jan27 03:22 test (
Jan26 00:08 Andre C5YK is on ch5 for USA even in daylight in middle states I guess. RP (
Jan25 23:35 Charly EA1DVY ON 5363 DX (
Jan25 23:31 Andy EA8CN on 5356.5 for USA qsx 405 nw... rp (
Jan25 23:18 Rudi V5/DK7PE is looking for USA nw. 5356.8 qsx 405 nw. rp (
Jan25 23:16 Rudi V5/DK7PE is looking for USA nw. 5356.8 qsx 405 nw. rp (
Jan25 23:13 DP1POL on 5354 up 1.1 nw. (Nil here) rp (
Jan25 23:11 Rudi V5/DK7PE is on 5356.8 qsx up 405 nw! rp (
Jan22 21:59 RP,,,, TU for info on C5YK.. Fortunately I have that confirmed but there will be BIG pileups in NA for sure. Will listen at 2300Z. San YY (
Jan22 19:22 Andre, ON7YK is nw on 5353 as C5YK. Big sigs on CW. I believe he will come back after 23Z for USA... (
Jan21 22:05 ZC4A coming on Jan 25-31 and will operate on 60m. Op headed up by 5B4AGN. San K5YY (
Jan19 16:36 EU/AF : please spot if you are on 60m and calling CQ and listening split for NA. TU (
Jan18 02:23 TU for exact date. Will be on the lookout for the LUs for an ATNO. San (
Jan16 20:27 LU 60m allocation starts 5th Feb - https://twitter.com/LU4AA/status/927885653869809665 G4MWO (
Jan16 18:57 QRN from AF/EU has been very bad I am told. San (
Jan16 18:45 test PC (
Jan16 13:38 test (
Jan13 03:02 I am told LU had Region 2 permission to operate on 60m starting in February. Should be some good SSB and CW stations on. K5YY (
Jan03 23:53 Hope all 60m DXers re-read the guidelines of frequency use on 60m and what MODE to use where. Clearly spelled out but some do not follow rules. FT8 covers up USB and upwards to NA CW frequency. Lets hope 2018 is better. 73 all... (
Dec25 02:18 No evidence of OJ9X on 60m for North America. Would have to be after our Sunset in the 2300+ timeframe.. TU RP for you help.. Merry Christmas to all!! K5YY (
Dec20 16:08 Dears I asked Raimo, OH2BCI to be QRV after 00Z on 60 from OJ9X for USA using 5353 QSX to 5405... so hope it helps. rp (
Dec20 09:42 OJ9X on 5352.5 CW for wrc-15 countries nw cq (
Dec17 16:32 9h3yy 5353 qsx 5405 cq (
Dec16 16:33 ok1rp clg cq ch5 nw (
Dec14 21:29 5B4XMAS on 5354 QSX 5405 CW nw! (
Dec04 07:06 HC8LUT QRV on 60 m FT8, SSB anda CW(QRS) with good signs here at 06:00-06:30 GMT GL es 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Nov27 22:47 HI ALL .....5373 6Y0HM NOW QRV USA (
Nov01 22:04 nx9g , Hi all (
Oct09 14:27 hello (
Sep27 23:38 5T5OK QSL VIA OK6DJ (
Sep27 23:37 5T5OK nw on 5400 qsx 5405 with great sigs. May last chance! rp (
Sep23 10:31 73 de EA8AK (
Sep23 10:31 Worked 5T5OK last nigth for my entity 169 on 60 m. Had a good signal (
Sep21 17:03 xe2ocm (
Sep21 17:02 xe2ocm (
Sep21 06:54 test de ON6ZK (
Sep21 05:22 Looking for stations from South America on 60m. Any idea? 73, Uwe DG2YCB (
Sep20 13:23 TL0A and HP1AVS QSL received this months. MNI TNX 73 9A6W (
Sep19 01:50 5T5OK worked yesterday. At the time was on 5400, listening for NA on 5405 with good 559-579 signals. They were back tonight also at about 0000Z.. GL all. San K5YY (
Sep11 05:49 Please let me/us know if we can help somehow! Do not hesitate to ask for help or support by email or ham radio...! 1rp (
Sep11 05:47 As we are worrying about all of our mates from Carribean isles and close to FLA, GA... please let us know how you survived Irma hurricanes and if you and relates are ok! 1rp (
Sep04 17:17 OK1RP: Petr, thank you for all your support for 60m over many years and helping keep some sanity on 60m band. HI 73 de K5YY San (
Sep03 13:17 horrible conditions on 60m... (
Sep03 13:16 test (
Sep01 17:58 es4rc (
Aug27 21:45 3D2AG will look for EU this week at 0500 - 0600z USA at 1100z W8GEX (
Aug27 21:42 Frank PA7F I received my VP8 card a month ago W8GEX (
Aug17 21:33 OJ0JR nw on 5353 QSX 5405 ! Op. hari (
Aug09 07:58 Still no QSL from VP8ALJ and HP1AVS! 73, Frank PA7F (
Aug01 22:02 Received TL0A and ZF1EJ QSL this week. MNI TNX. 73 Dragan 9A6W (
Jul24 22:53 Petr.. Congratulations for a very hard one to work on 60m! You deserve it, especially under the horrible conditios! hi San YY (
Jul23 21:35 Worked George, DU1GM on CW as my #74... but condx are pretty bd these days. 1rp (
Jul20 21:33 The remote operations are getting out of hand, taking parts out of the hobby requiring hands on expertise... Sad.. (
Jul17 23:18 ARRL awards have lost their luster anyway. Allowing DXers to click from coast-to-coast with commercial remotes makes their awards meaningless. (
Jul16 18:00 Sorry... not count for any ARRL award, including WAS and DXCC. Pride of the chase if the main thing.. 73 (
Jul16 17:59 60m "WAS" does not count for any (
Jul14 11:40 I have worked 67 countries, 23 Zones and all continents in cluding Antartica. This is fun stuff! (
Jul14 11:38 WO7V, Oregon, completed my WAS JT-mode.That also meant I completed 10-band WAS (
Jul08 18:22 This time of year EU must listen for USA areas 5/8/9/0 at 0100 to 0300 for any results. San K5YY (
Jul08 18:15 too early for the 5B4 in middle USA, perhaps east coast only has a chance. Good luck K1-K4 with the low signals and summer QRN etc.. San YY (
Jul07 21:47 Alex 5B4ALX is nw on 5355 QSX 5405! (
Jul03 21:22 5B4 Cyprus now on 5 MHz de Frank PA7F (
Jul01 18:50 3D2 Fiji and /R Rotuma QSLs for 60m received in safe and timely manner. TU 2 n ew ones Tony... K5YY (
Jun26 14:26 OJ0JR QSL card received today. 73 9A6W (
Jun09 04:16 CO8LY worked TX 5425.0 RX 5353.0 at 03:00 utc 73, Fer EA5FX (
Jun08 21:37 SP9GMI Jan 5354 qsx 5405 nw (
Jun08 21:09 HF90GOT 5353 qsx 5400 nw rp (
Jun04 19:36 Rcvd SM3NRY (Thomas), and US0LW (Gary) QSL weeks ago, TU !!! 73 Rudy, CX7RL (
Jun03 06:20 Thanks for info abt VP8ALJ QSL. Waiting mine. 73... DK1MAX. (
Jun02 00:10 Frank, received my VP8ALJ card earlier this week for a 26 Nov 16 QSO. Hang in there! de K5RK Larry (
Jun01 17:05 My SWL friend received a VP8ALJ card, hope mine gets here soon. 73 Frank PA7F (
Jun01 17:04 ZA/OU2I is on LOTW. (
May28 03:40 TNX, I have worked TL0A, VP8ALJ and some others, now I am in RX mode for QSL. 73 9A6W (
May27 16:08 Rcvd TL0A QSL weeks ago but unfortunately did NOT work them on 60m! San K5YY (
May27 09:31 Yes I have received TL0A QSL via direct QTHR (
May27 02:40 Anyone has received QSL from TL0A? 73 9A6W (
May25 20:23 ZA/OU2I is QRV on 60 till 29 May. GL es 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
May24 22:53 SP9AMH wkd on 5354.0 at 22:10 utc New one. Start of 60m in SP (
May22 17:42 2day received QSL card from Antoine, 3D2AG/P, in Rotuma. 73 de EA8AK (
May22 17:41 Hi Frank. No, no QSL card from VP8ALJ...yet 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
May17 16:40 Anyone has QSL recvd from VP8ALJ? 73 Frank, PA7F (
May16 14:00 Poor conditions from summer QRN and low signal strengths 5352-5366 WARC 15 band.. (
May15 18:54 XE2CQ worked on 5353.0 this morning at sunrise. Fast Qsl rvd via LOTW. 73, Fer EA5FX (
May11 20:10 5K0N is on LOTW (
May06 22:40 Ron MJ/PA3EWP is on 5405 wkg USA! RP (
May06 22:40 Perfect. Congrats San! 73 RP (
May03 04:44 RP Petr.. Worked Paul 9H1BT tonight for #140 on 60m.. Did not copy the OH0CO,maybe later. hi San YY (
May02 22:21 Was YJ8CW Mar20,2017 confirmed as a Pirate? Have in Log. Val N4RJ (
Apr30 22:27 VR2XAN worked into EU tonite (
Apr25 21:15 9H1BT would be an ATNO also. Not heard him on 60m yet. San (
Apr25 21:13 TU Petr but think this is his last night. Think he prefers JT65 more than CW mode. hi 73 and hope all well there. San K5YY (
Apr25 19:54 San I will try to arrange it with him. RP (
Apr25 02:43 RP Petr: Only problem is our sunset is about 0100Z and better at 0130Z. Too much daylight at 2200-0030Z! Wish they cud stay up a bit later!! hi San YY (
Apr24 21:37 Paul, 9H1BT is on CW on 5363.5 nw. rp (
Apr24 21:35 Another country with killed band is OM from Jan...sri. rp (
Apr24 21:34 PA is now restricted to WRC-15. Strange news... rp (
Apr24 14:01 2day received qsl cards: CE0Y/DF8AN, P49X and PJ7AA. Fernando, EA8AK (
Apr23 00:22 Also HK3JJH... (
Apr23 00:21 Still waiting for:CE3WW. 5U7R, CE0Y/DF8AN, KC4/N2TA, 5K0N, P49X, PJ7AA, XE2YWB, KH2BY and 3D2AG/P. Greetings, Fernando, EA8AK (
Apr20 22:56 PJ7AA and CE0Y/DF8AN cards arrived this week. K5YY (
Apr12 00:27 EA8AK..Congratulations on another new one, Rotuma! San YY (
Apr12 00:25 QSLs for QSOs on 60m are not accepted for any ARRL awards. Only useful for personal QSL boxes or wall display. Card info not shown to anyone! San K5YY (
Apr11 17:13 4L5P confirmed his 60m QSO with me in a e-mail but doesn't want to QSL as the band is not legal in his country. His QSL manager says 'pirate'. 73, PA7F. (
Apr11 06:28 Rcvd yesterdayu QSL card of 3D2AG. And yesterday at 06:26 GMT QSO with 3D2AG/P Rotuma, very week bjut workable. 2day, only QRN 59+++. Fernando EA8AK (
Apr11 06:22 Info fm 4L5P: Amiran never has been QRV on 60 m. Another pirate...grrr. Fernando EA8AK (
Apr07 12:28 got my 4L5P qsl back from QSL-mgr for qso Mar. 5 2017, it was a pirate operating not 4L5P, de OZ8ABE (
Apr05 01:45 Fernando. Tony 3D2AG on Rotuma will be there for 2-3 weeks more, so hope you can work him! Look for him same time as you worked on Fiji. GL. San (
Apr04 20:17 Worked KH2BY last nigth via short path,. at 20.22 GMT. 73 de Ferrnando EA8AK (
Apr04 20:16 K5YY OK Doctor. I wkd 3D2AG a few weeks ago. But no from Rotuma, yet (
Apr04 10:55 EA8AK.. TU for the congrats. Yes, Tony on Rotuma was a legit 599. No QRN or QSB. Rare for me but happy about that. CU soon, getting closer to EA8 visit. HI San (
Mar30 23:16 test (
Mar30 19:16 5U5R on LOTW (
Mar20 22:46 Hi Fernando. Mni tks. Unfortunately did not catched them finaly. Big congrats for KL7 atno!!! Perfect job. 73 Petr ok1rp (
Mar20 12:47 The YJ8CW station, working 60 m today is a PIRATE. Bad news. Vy sorry (
Mar19 12:46 Got 3D2AG this morning at Sunrise Peak His TX 5.376, My RX 5.405 CW. Came out of noise just before SR and stayed in there a long time. K3ZXL (
Mar15 15:06 Hello Petr ! I read your "Nobody is perfect..." I'm very sorry. I wish you better luck the coming days. 73 de Fernandoi 8AK (
Mar13 21:44 Congratulations Fernando on Alaska for ATNO!!! ... San K5YY (
Mar13 21:28 Toda = Today (
Mar13 21:27 Toda 13 of March, at 07:03 / o7:06, I had QSO weith KL7HBK and WL7E on 5.353 , QSX 5.405. Great DX on 60 m!! Fernando EA8AK (
Mar11 21:55 test (
Mar08 23:34 What time ZXL (
Mar08 14:16 Unannounced, surprise visit to 60m last night by PJ7AA! K5YY (
Mar05 22:11 CT3BD Madeira worked about 3 years ago but new station now on. Hope all get a new one. San YY (
Mar05 21:40 Tonite worked ZB2CN and 4L5P (
Mar01 12:46 5U5R coming up next week, Mar 8-21.. GL all. YY (
Mar01 10:23 I cannot copy UX1LW I dare say he's not transmitting from Ukraine. (
Feb27 18:45 EU7A QSL received today, 2 1/2 weeks from Belarus! Good postal pathway. San K5YY (
Feb24 20:36 Still waiting for VP8ALJ QSL sent ages ago... de DK1MAX. (
Feb24 17:09 Has anyone received a QSL from VP8ALJ? (
Feb24 17:08 Has anyone recekv (
Feb24 17:08 Has anyone recekv (
Feb16 02:05 KG4DY on 5.403.5 now. Guantanamo Bay (
Feb15 21:13 Just worked D4Z on 5355 CW! 73, Frank PA7F (
Feb15 21:12 Girts, YL2KL will be active from Sao Vicente Island (IOTA AF-086), Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) 13 - 20 February as D4Z. He will operate on 160 - 10m (he may also be QRV on 60m). (
Feb14 17:52 CT1END QRX 5360 in SIM31 tks (
Feb13 21:13 K5YY Rcved your e-mail. All OK for Jun o Aug. July I will be in Germany for Friedrichshafen Ham Fair. I wll email your 2morow. 73 de 8AK (
Feb09 22:13 EA8AK - Check your email I sent today.. San YY (
Feb09 19:04 Fernando.. Wife had cancer problem 10 months and just now getting stronger. Had to cancel 2 DXped trips in 2016. Will email you when plans can be made. hi San y TU (
Feb09 01:20 Hi San. WEhat abt your visit. We are waiting your news. Always welcome. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Feb09 01:09 P49X on 5405 NOW at 0108Z, transceive, 599 ... San K5YY (
Feb08 20:11 Correction .. Ed does NOT like skeds, so CQing is main plan. San (
Feb08 20:10 P49X (W0YK) will be on 5405 CW mainly at 0100Z tonight. Does like skeds so will be calling CQ mainly. Some JT65 and RTTY likely as last night. He worked 60 DXers last night.. Great job. San K5YY (
Feb06 19:42 Anybody there? (
Jan31 15:53 om3ey (
Jan16 23:39 OK1RP: Also please check my blog about 60m band with some operating topics. 73 Petr rp (
Jan16 02:05 K5RK : thank you for helpful information for the new EU DXers to be able to work USA split.. S (
Jan16 02:03 Petr: I check my Spam and Junk folder to make sure always. And you are not there for some reason. Maybe UR server is late getting mail out? Anyway, will monitor. San (
Jan16 00:00 Non-US stations, please see my QRZ.com page for 60m frequencies authorized in the US. Useful for those new to the band who may wish to run split to work USA. de K5RK (
Jan15 23:33 San it sounds strange. Yes I got email and I replied already. Maybe spam filter? Will try send from my another email ... Petr RP (
Jan15 16:02 Petr.. As of 1600Z, nothing from you in my email. I sent one to you yesterday, so just reply to that.. San (
Jan15 09:33 Thank you San dor email. I replied already. Mni thanks ! Petr RP (
Jan14 21:06 Hi San. Aha, i had to use wrong email address. I gg to tesend it. Petr (
Jan14 18:32 Petr: Have checked my emails but no PM from you.. San YY (
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