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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Dec04 07:06 HC8LUT QRV on 60 m FT8, SSB anda CW(QRS) with good signs here at 06:00-06:30 GMT GL es 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Nov27 22:47 HI ALL .....5373 6Y0HM NOW QRV USA (
Nov01 22:04 nx9g , Hi all (
Oct09 14:27 hello (
Sep27 23:38 5T5OK QSL VIA OK6DJ (
Sep27 23:37 5T5OK nw on 5400 qsx 5405 with great sigs. May last chance! rp (
Sep23 10:31 73 de EA8AK (
Sep23 10:31 Worked 5T5OK last nigth for my entity 169 on 60 m. Had a good signal (
Sep21 17:03 xe2ocm (
Sep21 17:02 xe2ocm (
Sep21 06:54 test de ON6ZK (
Sep21 05:22 Looking for stations from South America on 60m. Any idea? 73, Uwe DG2YCB (
Sep20 13:23 TL0A and HP1AVS QSL received this months. MNI TNX 73 9A6W (
Sep19 01:50 5T5OK worked yesterday. At the time was on 5400, listening for NA on 5405 with good 559-579 signals. They were back tonight also at about 0000Z.. GL all. San K5YY (
Sep11 05:49 Please let me/us know if we can help somehow! Do not hesitate to ask for help or support by email or ham radio...! 1rp (
Sep11 05:47 As we are worrying about all of our mates from Carribean isles and close to FLA, GA... please let us know how you survived Irma hurricanes and if you and relates are ok! 1rp (
Sep04 17:17 OK1RP: Petr, thank you for all your support for 60m over many years and helping keep some sanity on 60m band. HI 73 de K5YY San (
Sep03 13:17 horrible conditions on 60m... (
Sep03 13:16 test (
Sep01 17:58 es4rc (
Aug27 21:45 3D2AG will look for EU this week at 0500 - 0600z USA at 1100z W8GEX (
Aug27 21:42 Frank PA7F I received my VP8 card a month ago W8GEX (
Aug17 21:33 OJ0JR nw on 5353 QSX 5405 ! Op. hari (
Aug09 07:58 Still no QSL from VP8ALJ and HP1AVS! 73, Frank PA7F (
Aug01 22:02 Received TL0A and ZF1EJ QSL this week. MNI TNX. 73 Dragan 9A6W (
Jul24 22:53 Petr.. Congratulations for a very hard one to work on 60m! You deserve it, especially under the horrible conditios! hi San YY (
Jul23 21:35 Worked George, DU1GM on CW as my #74... but condx are pretty bd these days. 1rp (
Jul20 21:33 The remote operations are getting out of hand, taking parts out of the hobby requiring hands on expertise... Sad.. (
Jul17 23:18 ARRL awards have lost their luster anyway. Allowing DXers to click from coast-to-coast with commercial remotes makes their awards meaningless. (
Jul16 18:00 Sorry... not count for any ARRL award, including WAS and DXCC. Pride of the chase if the main thing.. 73 (

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