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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Apr24 00:14 VA1AXC/CY0 wkd. just now 5403.5. K3ZXL (
Apr23 22:27 Anyone know if CY0 will be on 60 again tonight 0000 UTC ? K3ZXL (
Apr23 00:27 VA1AXC/CY0 wkd. An rcved QSL from Atsu, 5W1SA. TKS de Fernando EA8AK (
Apr21 00:09 VA1AXC/CYO Sable island on ch 5 now W8GEX (
Apr19 11:14 USA (
Apr19 07:52 W8GEX GM Joe I heard your QSO with CX7OV. Congrats, I also wkd CX9AU on CW and CX7OV USB. Happy Eastern all. Fernando EA8AK (
Apr19 01:30 Just worked CX7OV on ch 5. 5x5 in OH W8GEX (
Apr18 19:20 Chris are you on been on air today , nothing heard ? (
Apr18 00:56 What is true ? Many trying this band and preparing himselfs for coming permissions , hopefully soon... (
Apr16 18:22 it could be that the station who signed as DI2CW some month back could be the same who is signing OE2VV now (
Apr16 18:20 OE2VV is a pirate, callsign doesn't show up on the Austrian "FCC" homepage de oz8abe (
Apr15 14:35 EA9IB: Thanks Pedro for both QSL ! GL & 73! Dezider OM5NA (
Apr13 23:49 EA8AK and K5YY , I did send my Green Stamps + SPECIAL QSL card. Am waiting for return QSL. Dan K3ZXL (
Apr13 21:18 K5YY Hi San I DO receive the QSL card of Teixeira, CT3BD, a few month ago. Not problem here. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Apr13 20:26 CT3BD: 2 QSLs sent with SAE and $ but no reply. A bit saddened by lack of any reply from simple requests. Maybe this is not a hobby to some. hi San (
Apr13 19:23 WKD UR7IWW 12 JAN on 60 m, but not rcvde QSL CARD. PSE info about this station and activity of UKRAINE on 60 m. TNX Fernado EA8AK (
Apr13 18:55 Fernando, as I said, tried for permission for 60m but NOT allowed.. Lo siento,amigo! hi San K5YY (
Apr13 18:52 Fernando... No estoy seguro de si podemos controlar 6m ya que sólo 3 equipos de 6 operadores. Sin antena 6m planeado. Por lo tanto, dudoso, pero por favor llámame si me escuchas, y le puede dar cualquier actualización. Saludos, mi amigo .. (
Apr13 08:36 OE2VV is genuine o a piate? He had a strong signal last night. No info en QRZ.com EA8AK (
Apr13 08:35 Wrote SIX, no 60 m!!! Hi...Hi... EA8AK (
Apr13 08:34 To k5YY Dear Doctor, any chance for 6 m from 7P8?. Have a nice trip, Fernando EA8AK (
Apr13 02:12 My 7P8YY DXped coming up April 22 did not get 60m permission from Telecom. So, this explains on 'front end' here and on my QRZ.com 7P8YY site the situation. Sorry could not get approval. San K5YY (
Apr10 18:52 EA8AK > Thank you Fernando for feedback and congrats on the great results, 73! Dezider OM5NA (
Apr09 10:22 OM5NA QSL card rcvd 2day. TNX Dezider now 45 cfmed on 60. 73 Fernando EA8AK (
Apr01 09:17 ZD8D rdvd, both SSB and CW. Fernando EA8AK (
Apr01 09:16 PJ6 and V47JA QSL cards rcved. Still waiting 9K2MU and OM5NA. Fernando EA8AK (
Mar31 23:54 Got the PJ6 QSL also San K3ZXL (
Mar31 19:23 Got the PJ6/KB1 and LZ2DF cards in the POB today.. TU for fast replies! San K5YY (
Mar29 00:52 Anyone receive QSL from 9K2MU ? I have not gotten mine yet Dan K3ZXL (
Mar24 20:29 ZD8D: Wish I had listened for him now to see if I could have snagged him.. Have ZD8 from past operation a few years ago. San YY (

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