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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Sep18 05:05 zl3cc 5362.4 strong in PA land now (
Sep13 05:50 calling cq ft8 now NL8F (
Sep13 05:49 calling cq ft8 now NL8F (
Sep11 19:27 testing (
Sep11 19:26 tetsy (
Aug21 22:08 test (
Aug09 00:33 Ecuador (25W), Bosnia & Herzegovina (15W) Official WRC-15 Alloc. Paul G4MWO (
Aug09 00:32 Ecuador (25W), Bosnia & Herzegovina (15W) Official WRC-15 Alloc. Paul G4MWO (
Aug01 00:42 Paraguay on 60m - WRC-15 Allocation 25W EIRP Official Paul G4MWO (
Jul17 18:48 Slovenia now has full WRC-15 access - Class A ops only Paul G4MWO (
Jul07 18:09 Test again. (
Jul06 22:25 new pc (
Jul05 10:40 KH1's last hours. Today on FT8 again. Many 60m DXers do not do FT8. Hoping for a few QSOs on CW? San (
Jul04 23:16 No CW on 60m on July 4th, only FT8 QSOs. Missed an ATNO. FT8 = 25X RTTY QSOs in NA. San (
Jun24 19:24 PC test (
Jun20 01:11 AA4NC/KH0 card received for ATNO confirmation. TU Will.. San K5YY (
Jun04 01:33 HA back on 60m, but WRC-15 Allocation at 15W Paul G4MWO (
Jun03 23:58 Happy for ZS land. Hope many countries will at least allow 50w PEP at some time. 15W requires very narrow CW passband and good conditions and Fall/Winter. San K5YY (
May29 16:55 ZS gets 5350 - 5450 kHz at 15W EIRP Paul G4MWO (
May28 22:32 Horrible conditions and no propagation .. Typical summertime QRN. FT8 wud help but I am not on that mode. San (
May26 03:12 pc test (
May13 19:39 C8T QRT today at 0400Z. Glad 19 of us in NA got thru on 60m! Upper band propagation horrible.. C8T had QRN 4+ and power outages, etc. TU for the DXped trip! San K5YY (
May07 17:01 Got the C8T last night at 0035Z. He was QSX on 5405 and xmt on 5360 with good 559 signal thru summertime QRN. Worked long before my sunset. ATNO. TU guys.. San K5YY (
Apr25 19:58 test PC (
Apr23 04:56 Hb9sof (
Apr23 04:38 China gets WRC-15 Band July 1st G4MWO (
Mar23 18:21 y ola' Fernando, mi amigo! Espero estas bueno alli en EA8.. hi San (
Mar23 18:20 Thankfully I had XT from past operation BUT I did work 3C0W for an ATNO on 60m.. K5YY (
Mar22 20:42 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Mar22 20:42 XT2AW Harald is quite active on CW and FT8- Good sigs. Worked for my 180 on 60 m. (

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