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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Jan01 05:21 HNY to you again Petr.. Hope see you on some band, even if not 60m. hi San K5YY (
Dec31 21:31 Anyway Healthy and prosperous New Year 2019 to all. Petr RP (
Dec31 21:31 OK land is loosing 12 experimental channels with 100W by end of 2018...! So Czech is going back to 2011! Please understand the QSX operation technique again... if any. Petr 1RP (
Dec30 22:53 Lo principal es que deseo que la estación DX escuche TODOS los modos, principalmente CW y FT8. Muchos jamones NO operan FT8. Hago RTTY pero no muchos operadores RTTY de 60 m. Por lo tanto, sólo SSB y CW aquí. San (
Dec30 22:46 Fernando Estoy de acuerdo. Si NO hay señales SSB o CW y SOLO FT8, entonces llamaría. Pero si no fuera un nuevo DXCC de 60 m para mí, no volvería a llamar en ningún modo a menos que nadie llamara al DX. HI HNY también para ti. San (
Dec30 19:53 certainly, I prefer a human to human QSO. NEVER QSO thru a PC. BVut very hard to find CW/SSB stn. HNY RP, YY de EA8AK (
Dec27 15:34 and most of us old timers prefer human to human modes and not PC to PC modes done by software, even while the "op" is asleep. HI HI.. A new day on 60m for sure. San (
Dec27 15:31 Petr.. I got on 60m on first day allowed in North America, July 3, 2003, over 15 years ago. A fun ride, but without SSB or CW I will just STOP my activity there. SORRY TO SAY.. San 73 and HNY. (
Dec26 09:12 In fact ham radio is dead on 60m. No ham activity. Just chat room. So sad. rp (
Dec26 09:10 NS7K ... PC gaming only > no ham radio operation pn 60m. rp (
Dec26 03:35 FT8 5357 NS7K DN31 (
Dec26 03:34 On 60 tonight NS7K DN31 (
Dec26 03:33 Hello All (
Dec23 02:18 RRR Petr... Well some say on DX Summit F/H mode FT8 but I did not know F/H was a "mode". hi CW/SSB and RTTY yes, they are modes but "F/H?". HI A new day in ham radio. CU on 60m soon.. San (
Dec22 22:34 Many thanks dear San. Also wish to you and all 60m ham enthusiasts Mry Xmas and HNY2019! RP (
Dec21 03:46 Petr... I so agree with you. Not good days on 60m. Many FT8 stations COULD be heard if they got on CW. Merry Xmas and hopefully Happy 2019 for DXing on 60m.. San YY (
Dec20 04:42 After 8yrs of my daily activity the 60m band is dead. PC chats destroyed everything there... rp (
Dec20 04:40 I am really thinking if I should spent money for permit renewal cos the 60m band is gone to hell! No ham radio activity just PC games only... rp (
Dec20 00:24 Again just PC chat room on 60m instead of CW or SSB ham radio operation tonite. rp (
Dec18 22:14 CT9/NZ1C on air ... unfortunately PC games only. RP (
Dec17 05:34 Trying in loop 5352, 5362 (ZL), 5332, 5405 (US)...calling CQ. Petr OK1RP (
Dec17 05:32 I am on 5352 CW nw calling CQ. Petr OK1RP (
Dec16 12:24 Alberto’s rx antenna is AS SAL20 Mark II. Sorry for typo error. Hi RP (
Dec16 12:16 I will try to ask him for QSX to USA too. My QSO was after 00Z (
Dec16 12:14 Alberto, VR2XAN is active often on 5353.5 CW. He has excellent ears thanks to SALA30 rx antenna. Try to catch him. RP (
Dec05 01:54 RRR rp. The DX station should know if FT8 shows -10 to 0 db that CW is OK to go to. CW 200-400 cycles reads -10 to 0 dB all OK. hi San YY (
Dec05 01:51 RRRR rp, I agree with you. If a signal on FT8 is -10 to 0, then it IS readable on narrow CW from 400-200 cycles. The DX station should know if he gives a -1 to -3 that CW is OK to switch to.. 73 and HNY.. San (
Dec02 17:25 Hope that someone will be also active on CW instead of just computer’s chats... (
Dec02 11:30 Turkey now on 60m - (WRC-15, 15W EIRP) Paul G4MWO (
Nov29 22:03 PY0F on 5352 up1 but no chance rp (

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