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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Jun25 03:01 GM anyone try CW on 5352 and QSX to EU? (
Jun24 17:15 anyone here to try via Greyline a cw QSO to USA from Germany? (
Jun17 14:13 another 3 weeks and still no 60m conversation or messages. Ugggh (
May27 14:14 guess everyone on FT8 and don't check in on our "logger" to discuss DX like in the old SSB/CW days. IIWII.. Have a great 2021 chasing DX. (
May11 01:19 Hello.. Test (
May08 23:32 ^test (
Apr07 22:50 test (
Mar02 02:17 I was out of town on Feb 27th or I would have called you on CW! Agree that the PC gamers, many operating out of their band or off their channel, are rapidly ruining 60m! Sorry to say. (
Feb27 23:29 CQed over hour listened on ch5 > RBN heared me at 20dB > my Orion 2 got seriously hot! ...simply nothing even although PC gamers wheezing on 357 a lot!!! Unbelievable how this stupid digital QRM ruined ham radio on 60m ! (
Feb27 23:02 Only PCgamers on band again. No CW reply for my CQ on 5354.5 qsx 405 (
Feb27 01:53 CQ 5353.5 QSX 405 nw. De Petr ok1rp (
Feb27 01:48 Anybody on 60m CW ...or it is band for PC gamers only?! I am on 5352 qsx 5405 nw. Petr 1rp (
Feb14 19:25 dos semanas mas, y nada 60m chat.. Lo siento... 60m no mas para mi.. HI HI - Adios!! (
Feb01 23:43 No mas 60m SSB/CW, lo siento. (
Jan18 00:44 ¡Mi amigo! He bajado completamente 60 metros después de todos estos años desde 2003. Mucha operación poco ética por parte de algunos DXers, operando fuera de los límites de la banda. Es un hobby. ¡Saludos (
Jan17 10:41 test (
Jan05 22:48 test (
Nov29 23:30 Today I decided to STOP all 60m activity. It is an emergency band but FT8 has created some illegal situations off of our 5 channels. Have WAS and DXCC since 2003. 73! San K5YY (
Nov29 23:24 test pc (
Oct18 22:39 He did not answer my emails on August 4 and Sept 21 about a QSL and my SASE sent on July 14th. I hope he is not deceased! A good friend for many years. Anyone with news about Joe Arcure, JR?? San K5YY (
Aug28 20:21 Please, any news about W3HNK, Joe Arcure, Jr. Is Joe a Silkent Kee). VY TNX Fernando EA8AK (
Aug17 22:36 60m dead for DXing unless FT8. Some signals strong in the -5 to +dB range but not used on CW! Depressing for sure... (
Apr16 02:21 Now someone says 5357 is FT8 only and NO SSB on that freq. There has been NO legal FCC decision on that! Still SSB on Channel 3! (
Apr13 19:39 No attempts from stations outside NA to TRY CW once in a while for the NON-FT8 DXer. True ham radio does SSB and CW when signals > -5dB and certainly when 0+ dB! (
Apr01 23:36 Happy April Fools Day to all 60m operators. Please more CW DXing!! (
Mar13 22:42 Hey SAN, K5YY. 100 / % agree. Worked a few minutes ago FY5KE on 5,3 on CW, fo a total of 219 DX entities wkd on 60 m. Greetings, Fernando EA8AK (
Mar13 22:40 Hey SAN, K5YY. 100 5t agree. Worked a few minutes ago FY5KE on 5,3 on CW, fo a total of 219 DX entities wkd on 60 m. Greetings, Fernando EA8AK (
Mar10 22:52 Congratulations Fernando! Hope they get on during our night-time on CW. Agree with you 100% on less FT8 when possible and more CW on 60m..San (
Mar10 20:10 T6AA yesterday and EX0QR a few minutes ago, QRV on CW...OMG. 2 new entities. We need mor "human activity" and less PC machine. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Mar06 21:23 too many DX in the FT8 range of -5 to +5 dB but they don't do CW! Maybe don't know Morse code? HI (

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