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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Nov28 02:24 sunset here at 2330Z but in EU not many DXers on, so NIL past month. Maybe cud try 0500Z before EU Sunrise? San K5YY (
Nov18 08:24 Had a great session this morning with CE3WW and TG9ANF. Missed V47JA and no copy on CX9BU. 73 Frank PA7F (
Nov04 21:58 The same here Fernando. Sri... 1rp (
Nov04 12:45 ZL7G on 160 not a pip here on EA8-land (
Nov04 12:44 ZL7G (sri typo) (
Nov04 12:43 OK1RP. Sorry for my delay. I have been on for a try with ZXL7G (not wkd, yet). Yes...LX1TI QSO on CW. Be4st regards de Fernando EA8AK (
Nov01 05:10 LX1DA have been rather active on 60m cw (
Oct31 20:54 I am sorry about that 1RP. Same way here in NA, so many EU "new ones" for me, go to bed early in my daylight and do NOT get up at EU sunrise for NA... San YY (
Oct31 05:53 Hi San. Missed them as 03:00Z is too late for me :( have to wake-up to work at 06:00Z... So no VP5 on 60m. Thatīs life. 1rp (
Oct30 16:52 EA8AK.. Congrats on #100 a few days ago! Have not heard the LX1TI yet.. San YY (
Oct30 16:49 Europe... Again, look for VP5/K0MD tonight at 0300Z after WW Test. Usually on 5373 and gives QSX after every call.. K5YY (
Oct29 06:18 73/05 (
Oct28 23:42 VP5/K0MD tells me he will be on after the WW contest and start at 0300Z, same frequency scheme as last night.. San YY (
Oct28 22:55 Which split for EU has been used last nite please ? 373 up 405? 1rp (
Oct28 22:53 I am outside home with no 60m band access :(:( must QRX for last chance VP5 Monday nite... 1rp (
Oct28 02:16 Wow ! VP5/K0MD LOTW updated, thanks! Frank PA7F (
Oct28 00:44 Bob-VE1YX are you here? Ghis-ON5NT (
Oct28 00:34 VP5/K0MD doing a great job working fast CW QSOs, now on 5373, QSX 5405 CW.. San YY (
Oct28 00:28 VP5/K0MD is hot tonight on CW. W8GEX (
Oct27 21:40 TL0A : near end of their DXped and has not listened for NA during our darkness pathway. They also have high QRN. Doubtful NA QSOs. San (
Oct27 21:38 VP5 : According to GEX's 60m newsletter, VP5 will start listening for USA @ 0030, trying for EU and AF first at 2330. Different listening FQs for some countries. San K5YY (
Oct27 18:37 Just a test! Bob-VE1YX, are you here? Ghis-ON5NT (
Oct26 20:54 VP5 / K0MD Thursday night a 2330. Should be both CW & SSB.Pass the word. W8GEX (
Oct26 00:18 TL0A - Best for less QRN to be on before TL0 Sunrise and NA will be in darkness. Best overall! San YY (
Oct25 23:19 stating=started (
Oct25 23:10 TL0A on freq 2nigth, stating at 22:40 (+-), called for a few minutes and then QRT due to QRN. 73 es GL de EA8AK (
Oct25 23:09 TL0A were on the band again for 10mins only tonite. Very very weak 339 flooded in the noise. I realized just single QSO only... 1rp (
Oct25 18:50 I am watching for last three nites but no luck with TL... 10mins staying on the band is really short :( maybe tonite. 1rp (
Oct25 01:01 TL0A having low bands QRN and do not stay long. Left 40m after a few minutes tonight. Did not hear the TL0 at 2330Z, too much daylight here. San K5YY (
Oct24 23:44 TL0A doesn't stay long. What up with them? W8GEX (

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