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May23 17:29 Very few EU/AF to USA Qs. The 15kc wide, 5 watt band 5351.5 to 5366.5 is not allowing many transatlantic QSOs unless JT65 type modes. Many of us still listening on the "channels" we have had. San YY (
May12 13:15 RP .. Congratulations for new one! Hard to come by nowadays, especially with summertime conditions. San (
May11 20:09 Thanks to Szigy YO2IS for #55. After long time new one for me. Look for Szigy on 5365. RP (
May09 02:58 May be best for EU to listen for NA at 0500-0600Z at EU Sunrises? (
May09 02:56 No EU stations spotting after 2200-2300Z, so no chance for NA who is still in daylight until about 0000Z at earliest for east coast NA. (
May06 23:25 Weak JT65 signals heard last night at 0500Z in the "15kc band". Nil on our 5 channels. (
May04 23:59 No DX heard in past 3-4 weeks. Will keep listening at NA sunset for couple of hours. (
May04 19:27 test (
May02 17:00 test IP system. (
May01 22:11 test (
May01 18:47 test (
Apr28 13:23 W8GEX's 60m newsletter will keep us informed thru the summer! Standby, we may get lucky with an ATNO! hi San YY (
Apr28 00:05 Horrible time with QRN this time of year. Tough on us 60m DXer types..hi San K5YY (
Apr13 18:20 Any CW from GU please? RP (
Apr12 02:32 Jan as op @ GP4BRS: TU for ATNO on 60m on SSB tonight. Nice to have GU worked now! San K5YY (
Apr11 20:52 GP4BRS on 5.403.5 (
Apr04 00:23 some aurora coming soon. (
Mar27 14:46 test (
Mar24 18:49 test (
Mar23 22:32 LX1ER, no LX1ERE.- Sri for my mistake. EA8AK (
Mar23 22:31 LX1ERE, Joel have been QRV 2nite on 5361 CW, 73 Hpy Eastern de Fernando EA8AK (
Mar23 13:53 45.185 (
Mar21 09:16 HI , I would like to make skeds with anyone anywhere CW SSB - ON6ZK@telenet.be (
Mar16 22:15 Hello! Any body for a QSO? I hear stns on 5405 but would like to anwser on 5365. (
Mar13 02:35 Hugo. Thank you for new one on 60m for many of us tonight. QSL on the way to you. K5YY San (
Mar12 21:49 Yaser, 9K2YM is on ch5 now... 21:48Z 12Mar16. RP (
Mar12 21:40 Thanks to Hugo, ON7GB for #54 on 60m. Please check the 5358.5 on CW for our US pals... (
Mar11 15:15 Would like to schedule an ON station will do CW on 5358.5 kc on our USA channel and in the ON freq spectrum. Thanks. San K5YY (
Mar09 14:57 ON QRV between 5351.5-5366.5 all modes skeds welcome ON4AOI (
Mar09 01:52 Working cross channel has become the norm with some EU stations now, so things will be difficult . It is what it is, sorry to say. Nobody said 60m was easy! hi hi San (

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