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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Aug17 21:33 OJ0JR nw on 5353 QSX 5405 ! Op. hari (
Aug09 07:58 Still no QSL from VP8ALJ and HP1AVS! 73, Frank PA7F (
Aug01 22:02 Received TL0A and ZF1EJ QSL this week. MNI TNX. 73 Dragan 9A6W (
Jul24 22:53 Petr.. Congratulations for a very hard one to work on 60m! You deserve it, especially under the horrible conditios! hi San YY (
Jul23 21:35 Worked George, DU1GM on CW as my #74... but condx are pretty bd these days. 1rp (
Jul20 21:33 The remote operations are getting out of hand, taking parts out of the hobby requiring hands on expertise... Sad.. (
Jul17 23:18 ARRL awards have lost their luster anyway. Allowing DXers to click from coast-to-coast with commercial remotes makes their awards meaningless. (
Jul16 18:00 Sorry... not count for any ARRL award, including WAS and DXCC. Pride of the chase if the main thing.. 73 (
Jul16 17:59 60m "WAS" does not count for any (
Jul14 11:40 I have worked 67 countries, 23 Zones and all continents in cluding Antartica. This is fun stuff! (
Jul14 11:38 WO7V, Oregon, completed my WAS JT-mode.That also meant I completed 10-band WAS (
Jul08 18:22 This time of year EU must listen for USA areas 5/8/9/0 at 0100 to 0300 for any results. San K5YY (
Jul08 18:15 too early for the 5B4 in middle USA, perhaps east coast only has a chance. Good luck K1-K4 with the low signals and summer QRN etc.. San YY (
Jul07 21:47 Alex 5B4ALX is nw on 5355 QSX 5405! (
Jul03 21:22 5B4 Cyprus now on 5 MHz de Frank PA7F (
Jul01 18:50 3D2 Fiji and /R Rotuma QSLs for 60m received in safe and timely manner. TU 2 n ew ones Tony... K5YY (
Jun26 14:26 OJ0JR QSL card received today. 73 9A6W (
Jun09 04:16 CO8LY worked TX 5425.0 RX 5353.0 at 03:00 utc 73, Fer EA5FX (
Jun08 21:37 SP9GMI Jan 5354 qsx 5405 nw (
Jun08 21:09 HF90GOT 5353 qsx 5400 nw rp (
Jun04 19:36 Rcvd SM3NRY (Thomas), and US0LW (Gary) QSL weeks ago, TU !!! 73 Rudy, CX7RL (
Jun03 06:20 Thanks for info abt VP8ALJ QSL. Waiting mine. 73... DK1MAX. (
Jun02 00:10 Frank, received my VP8ALJ card earlier this week for a 26 Nov 16 QSO. Hang in there! de K5RK Larry (
Jun01 17:05 My SWL friend received a VP8ALJ card, hope mine gets here soon. 73 Frank PA7F (
Jun01 17:04 ZA/OU2I is on LOTW. (
May28 03:40 TNX, I have worked TL0A, VP8ALJ and some others, now I am in RX mode for QSL. 73 9A6W (
May27 16:08 Rcvd TL0A QSL weeks ago but unfortunately did NOT work them on 60m! San K5YY (
May27 09:31 Yes I have received TL0A QSL via direct QTHR (
May27 02:40 Anyone has received QSL from TL0A? 73 9A6W (
May25 20:23 ZA/OU2I is QRV on 60 till 29 May. GL es 73 de Fernando EA8AK (

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