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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Jul21 02:25 ok1rp clg cq 5332 nw. 1rp (
Jul18 03:54 Mni TNX to Rod HR1RTF for cfm thru eQSL ! 1RP (
Jul18 03:52 I can confirm that Alex is cfm eQSL ok. Mni tnx ALex! Petr 1RP (
Jul18 03:51 Hrd Rod HR1RTF 559, Bill N5IR in TX 559, wkd VA, 2x MA, PA not bad with SFI 88! Where you are friends? :) Petr 1RP (
Jul16 22:50 ok1rp clg cq on ch5 nw. 1rp (
Jul16 02:58 Rod was on ch5 with 449 solid at 02:25Z 1rp (
Jul15 21:13 ok1rp cq cw on 5332 (
Jul10 00:38 ok1rp ch4 cw (
Jun27 20:03 Ja to mam nejaky rozbity, nemam v menu vubec 60m hi. RP (
Jun26 18:23 1RP: Of course it is possible, I was using eQSL to confirm 60m QSOs... OM5NA (
Jun26 11:58 Is it possible to receiving 60m QSLs thru eQSL? I did not found the 60m in the Inbox... 1RP (
Jun22 20:14 My QSO with 9K2MU on the 60m is already confirmed via LOTW (03.feb.2014), Dezider OM5NA (
Jun22 14:19 9K2MU Murtada: What makes the dollars that you receive? Buy beer to quench their thirst from the heat of the desert? Fernando EA8AK (
Jun21 16:57 9K2MU : QRZ.com says QSL is via LoTW and eQSL.. Nothing about direct QSL.. He does not want to be bothered with PAPER QSLs it seems. Wonder if he really does take time for LoTW and eQSL? San (
Jun12 09:56 Hi Miguel EA6SX. Same experience here with Murtada 9K2MU. Another grees stamp colector. Forget him. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Jun11 07:55 I sent 4 qslīs direct to Murtara 9K2MU from 97/98/05/12, more than 10$ and couple of IRCīs. All posible combination (Registered, etc) He never answer me. So like a PIRATE, non valid station. Miguel EA6SX (
Jun01 12:59 Perhaps CT3BD Collects GS not QSLs. No card here either (
May31 23:15 Still no QSL from CT3BD after 2 SAE/$$ sent to him via AirMail, dating back months ago. Thought at least a Buro card wud be here by now. Nothing. San K5YY (
May29 21:58 I moved to 373 with cw cq calling. 1rp (
May29 21:47 ok1rp clg cq on ch5 cw. 1rp (
May29 17:24 ZS6EZ: Thanks Chris for QSL ! GL & 73! Dezider OM5NA (
May27 20:21 Anybody wkd S01 on CW pls? 1rp (
May09 21:12 S01WS calling cq on 5403.5 right now de oz8abe (
May08 22:14 LJ3RE cq 5348 qsx 405 nw CW. 1RP (
May07 22:40 Clg cq on 373 nw de Petr, ok1rp (
May02 22:23 Clg cq on 373 CW. 1RP (
May02 19:54 Oz, Z35T on 5405 CW nw! 1RP (
Apr30 12:49 Rcved QSL cfmng 60 m Qs from OY9JD and J69DS. Fernando EA8AK (
Apr30 12:46 About 9K2MU message from Fernando EA8AK (
Apr30 12:45 9K2MU Sent QSL card+SAE+2 USD (15 JAN 2014): No rcved his QSL card (

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