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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Oct21 17:36 I try to get on 5332.0 CW after 23:00 UT daily and log onto the K3UK 60M page. (
Oct20 08:05 Hi all. Just FYI... KL7 heard on 60m in between 3:00-4:00U unfortunately not on CW but JT65 only. (-10dB) 1rp (
Oct18 20:09 Looking for LX on CW...;) 1rp (
Oct18 14:47 pc5d (
Oct13 19:56 Thank you dear San. BTW I wkd Yuri, UA0AGC so you have chance for another DXCC when condx will be improved into your area. 73 RP (
Oct12 00:05 Petr... I have not heard or read info on any 60m activity. Not good time for us til November/December. San YY (
Oct11 23:23 Hi, does anybody know if there us chance for S9YY on 60? RP (
Oct07 08:56 I am keeping fingers crossed to all mates in Fla and SC. Hope that Mathew and Nicole will not destroy so much over there. Petr ok1rp (
Oct01 16:51 Lets hope Fall and Winter seasons and more darkness will allow some 60m QSOs in a few weeks. San (
Sep30 02:02 CY9C QSOs have been uploaded to LOTW, thanks a lot! PA7F (
Sep18 21:48 Not working CW (mainly an SSB operation) and not coming on at 0000Z or later is a problem this time of year with all the QRN.. (
Sep18 21:46 The OY/ is on 5357 SSB only for now. Way too early for USA except perhaps extreme NE USA coastal area. San (
Sep18 01:24 w8gex trying to also get the E51Q on 60m. No news yet and doubtful with just couple of days to go. San (
Sep13 22:17 Is E51Q South Cook expected to try 60m at all? No info published. San (
Sep07 01:38 we sure will San, 73 de Bo oz8abe (
Sep05 18:26 Hello Bo! Hope to hear you this winter season on 60m.. 73, San K5YY (
Sep05 12:53 I have worked MJ0ASP on 60 cw in 2013, 73 de Bo oz8abe (
Sep02 23:00 Regards to you Petr!!! San (
Sep02 19:44 Thank you dear San. We will see if some GJ will be QRV during this lowbands season... Best regards de Petr OK1RP (
Sep01 22:23 I need GJ also RP! Maybe this October/Nov when QRN lessens. hi San (
Aug31 11:46 Did anybody worked GJ on CW please? It is still missing in my log on 60m CW... RP (
Aug28 21:07 Clg CQ on ch5 nw. 1RP (
Aug28 01:10 very doubtful any more 60m due to breaking down and packing equipment. Hope some low band tonight if possible. (
Aug25 12:59 Today I tried to send the same message to the team also thru DX-World.net. ok1rp (
Aug24 22:17 I tried to ask N0TG by email to pass this information to the team on the island. I proposed 5363.5 on CW... RP (
Aug24 07:56 Can someone ask CY9C to operate in the window 5351-5366 ? .... Belgian stations only have this 60 meter window to legaly operate , tnx (
Aug24 07:55 Can someone ask CY9C to operate in the window 5351-5366 ? .... Belgian stations only have this 60 meter window to legaly operate , tnx (
Aug23 09:55 Fernando they were QRV on CW only 15mins over all last nite 01:00-01:15U. The op is good but going too fast so in summer QRM is hard to copy in EU i can recommend the "Topband" techniques ;) In any case glad for their effort and activity! 1RP (
Aug23 08:12 Always QRV. May be Apr 17. KCYF. 73 de AK (
Aug23 08:11 OK San K5YY. Email rcved. I understandd the probls. 73 de AK (

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