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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Feb26 00:15 OY1R/MM ch 5 nice signal into Ohio. W8GEX (
Feb23 19:00 CQ 5358 JT65 2nd DE OZ1AXG (
Feb23 18:59 CQ 5358 JT65 2nd (
Feb22 05:34 for K4AVC, I hear and work some DX on CW on 5405, but US on 5332.K8JD (
Feb21 17:35 Is there a WAS Net on the band? If you need Ohio, shoot me an e-mail listed on QRZ.com 73 de KB8VAO, Steve (
Feb20 03:51 UK9AA says he runs 1kW on 60m. I hear he will be putting up long Beverage to NA soon. Lot of noise at his QTH. de K5RK (
Feb18 21:30 actually anyone can answer.. Hi! (
Feb18 21:30 Howdy K4AVC. What are the most commonly used CW freqs. Just getting back in with new FT-950 (
Feb18 15:14 9k2 and 4z hears fb 2 hrs earlier. looks like a 20 mtr quad. needs dipole (
Feb18 14:45 wud guess he uses that 3 element quad for 60... k4avc (
Feb17 01:34 Anyone know what UK9AA uses (power, antennas) on 60m? de K5RK (
Feb15 07:11 BTW, he (WB9Z) left 60 so quickly to return to 80 for EU sunrise. Amazing to hear a pileup building on ch 5 at that hour. Jeff k0OD (
Feb15 07:07 K!N showed up for 10 minutes to work a buddy at 12:45 AM local time and I got him. Probably almost his last Q on 60. Not at all EZ. even from Missouri. Jeff K0OD (
Feb13 00:13 It was not gentlemen pileup...just ZOO as same as on standard bands unfortunatelly. Itīs shame...:( RP (
Feb13 00:02 Itīs wasting time to wait for K1N on CW as same as with Sable...so after 2.5hrs of QRX for CW gg to sleep DOA! RP (
Feb03 22:15 As I checked with Aaron, he do not know CW and even his licence do not allow him CW... So do not wait for Sable on 60m CW. RP (
Feb02 01:30 OK1 RP: Congrats for QSO UK9AA last night Petr. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Feb02 00:08 Tnx but how to catch him? Watching the ch5 several hours for mins on CW? :( RP (
Feb01 23:18 CE0/VA1AXC wrkd on 5.405 on 60 mtr n8xa (
Feb01 02:15 Nothing here, Petr. Maybe as it gets closer to his SR. (
Feb01 02:09 Still CW 5355 cq (
Feb01 02:06 I'm trying to move him to ch5 for US (
Feb01 02:06 FB Petr. Rare one! (
Feb01 02:04 Larry on CW nw 5355 :( (
Feb01 01:58 CW or SSB Petr? (
Feb01 01:58 Wow! Good one Petr! de Larry K5RK (
Feb01 01:56 Fedor uk9aa on 5396.5 (
Feb01 00:32 cy0/va1axc no chance for cw...:( 1rp (
Jan31 23:14 OK1RP-@ 5403.5 CY0/VA1AXC 23:13 31 Jan 55 also cw pse? Sable Island (
Jan31 22:53 Aaron, CY0/VA1AXC be on tonight at 2300z or in one hour on 5.403.5. If you hear him please put a spot on the packer cluster for him (

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