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Aug25 21:13 Dan. The main impetus is the CW mode and improvement of SN ratio plus all 4 of the EAs, the OY, SM, Z35 etc.. Don't see the next 3-4 clearly, however. hi San (
Aug25 17:49 S01WS was No. 80 for me. San, you are moving right up there. Well done Dan ZXL (
Aug25 17:49 Just got QSL from CO7WT manager today . Dan K3ZXL (
Aug25 03:32 1RP Petr.. Yes, the WS was #97. The Cuba, Andorra and West Sahara came so quickly. hi Happy you are still working the new ones too. hi San YY (
Aug24 22:43 Good going, Dan.. Glad you got thru. I too have sent via OQRS to the EA manager. San K5YY (
Aug24 21:17 Perfect! I am sending big congrats for new one Dan! Best regards. RP (
Aug24 16:31 I am in his log on ClubLog and I have sent my Green Stamps via OQRS. Dan K3ZXL (
Aug24 01:41 Looks Like I got him. Getting Stronger now. Dan ZXL (
Aug24 00:08 I hope he shows up tonite Dan K3ZXL (
Aug23 13:02 Yes, yes, yes ;) Thank You Larry! I am happy as I looked for S0 several months on CW. This week they are very active on CW but I missed them repeatedly unfortunatelly. This morning I got them finally. Great. Good luck to all! 1RP (
Aug23 12:54 Yes, yes, yes ;) Thank You Larry! I am happy as I looked for S0 (
Aug23 02:11 That should have said "I give the S01WS op credit..." (
Aug23 02:10 I give the S01WS credit. He is dedicated... lots of CQs even though not many customers. Great op! de K5RK (
Aug23 02:06 Congrats Petr!! I know you had been looking for S01WS for a while. de K5RK (
Aug23 01:47 Still cq cw 5405 S01WS and booming (
Aug23 00:40 5405 clg cq S01WS alone 1RP (
Aug22 07:17 Congrats dear San ! Ur #96? ;) RP (
Aug22 05:38 S01WS CQing 579 on 5405.0 CW Jeff K0OD (
Aug21 20:43 Again missed S01...tnx Mr. Murphy! 1RP (
Aug21 02:45 Worked the S01WS 0235Z, CW 5405.. Nice signal. Thanks! San K5YY (
Aug21 02:31 S01WS working a lot of US stations right now on 5405 de oz8abe (
Aug17 23:05 Nice QSLs from Salva, C37AC and C31CT arrived friday last weekend, many thanks Salva and my cards are also on the way back! 1RP (
Aug17 23:03 Nice QSLs from Salva, C37AC and C31CT arrived friday last weekend, many thabk (
Aug15 11:47 QSL from C37AC received today, tnx de oz8abe (
Aug12 03:11 Petr. CONGRATULATION on the CO7WT.. His manager QSLs very quickly. San K5YY (
Aug12 03:09 Now i realize that NY with Mac, WQ7X was my new state on 60m! I am surprised i did not wkd NY till tonite...hi. Mni tnx for WAS #17. I know it is nothing special but nice for me :) Tnx 1RP (
Aug12 02:43 WQ7X Mac, tnx ur 579 peaked. Unfortunately NY only... not AZ hi. ;) 1RP (
Aug12 02:24 Wkd W1FJ, Al - 569/589 peaked. Tnx Al. 1RP (
Aug12 02:08 Unfortunately no cw from GJ0VNK or MJ0EXV this weekend... I missed their 10mins cw activity Sat evening so lost GJ on 60m :((( 1RP (
Aug12 02:05 Wow, wkd Pavel CO7WT few mins ago! Mni tks for rare cty for me! Pavel is great op! 1RP (

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