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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Feb07 18:14 Nodir, EY8MM is QRV on 60 m. Wkd last nigth on 5351.5 CW, my DXCC entity nr 85. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Jan26 20:53 Unfortunatelly the message arrived too late about K5P schedulle last nite. 04:45Z sounded good to me for EU. I was not aware so missed. So no chance for me... Congrats to all who worked them! RP (
Jan26 10:46 4V1TL on 5373 de N3BNA (
Jan26 10:42 4V1TL on 5373 (
Jan23 08:57 Unfortunatelly no way for central EU in between 7-11U. Its 8-12 local time and its too late daylight time! The only chance is in between 05-06:00UTC incl. the SR greyline. If its possible to pass to team. (
Jan22 14:08 That info from Fernando EA8AK (
Jan22 14:06 K5P wkd SSb&CW S3. No 60 m allowed VP8STI, pilot said me 2day (
Jan21 15:54 I am sorry but no beeps from K5P or VP8STI in my QTH jo60xj. 73 ok1rp (
Jan21 07:38 Hi to ALL , is K5P worked or heard in EU until now ? de Mike DH6JL (JO31ni) (
Jan21 07:35 Hi to ALL , is K5P worked or heard in EU until now ? (
Jan21 01:02 Thanks to WB9Z, Jerry, for putting K5P on 60m two nights so far. Lot of effort and appreciated by the 60m DXers.. San K5YY (
Jan18 14:40 MY MISTAKE.. Web is 60metersonline dot COM... NOT .net! .. dot COM... k5yy (
Jan18 03:38 60m DXers. Our new 60 meters website is up and running well and many are checking it out! 60metersonline dot net. San K5YY (
Jan18 03:37 TEST (
Jan10 10:46 I wish a HNY for all "rock" banders. Fernando EA8AK (
Jan10 10:45 V25GB on 5.403,5 at 02-03.00 GMT vy wk sig. Fernando EA8AK (
Jan09 14:41 TEST (
Jan08 01:12 60m DXers. Check out our new 60m website, great links, photos, awards etc. San K5YY (
Jan07 15:54 ft857 (
Jan03 01:02 Happy New Year to YOU too, Petr!! de K5YY San (
Dec31 21:02 Happy and healthy, prosperous New Year 2016. Good luck and DXs on 60m all friends. Petr, OK1RP (
Dec29 23:03 OK7GU on 5405 CW W8GEX (
Dec24 00:11 C5C : Luc, thank you for the SSB and CW confirmations on 60m for an ATNO. Merry Xmas. San K5YY (
Dec19 14:55 PE5T : Thank you for the FAST turnaround on getting a QSL to me for our 60m QSO on Dec 3rd.. San K5YY Seasons Greetings! (
Dec10 21:33 C3 ended 60m by 9th Dec ...:( so sorry! RP (
Dec04 02:15 Either his rcve ants don't hear replies OR hi xmt antenna is not getting out and no DX hears him? One or other. hi (
Dec03 23:59 Particularly if you aren't getting any new takers and you do this night after night (
Dec03 23:58 Pro Tip: If you've been calling CQ DX on 5403.5 for over an hour it's time to let someone else use the frequency de K5RK (
Dec02 09:54  2015-12-02 03:16   ZS6KTS   5.288659   -29   0   KG43cw   5   K4MM   EL97tg   13023   289  (
Nov30 23:14 PZ5W on 5405. W8GEX (

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