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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Mar15 11:55 I will be on FT8 calling from 0830-0900 M-F W9NED (
Mar14 18:19 test (
Mar09 11:50 Off to bed now. Back on tomorrow FT8 and CW. ZL4OL (
Mar09 10:50 CQ CW NA tx 5362.5 rx 5405 ZL4OL (
Feb24 11:20 CQ NA tx 5362.5 rx 5332 ZL4OL (
Feb24 02:28 constant OFF frequency use by NA ops for FT8 mode. We in NA do not have a 60m band but 60m CHANNELS, two freq per channel. Some uninformed FT8 NA ops are WAY OFF freq. ONLY 5357, otherwise you destroy our CW and USB channel freqs. TU. (
Feb23 11:45 Listening 5373 instead of 5405 due to QRM. ZL4OL (
Feb23 11:24 CQ 5362.5 CW, listening 5405 for an hour or so. ZL4OL (
Feb22 13:54 TU Paul! I did research and found the rules of 2012 for Canada were updated in 2014 to our USA channels. TU for reply. San K5YY (
Feb22 03:02 No, exactly the same as US. Paul G4MWO (
Feb21 14:45 60m guys.. Does VE have the same 5 channels and transmit freqs as the USA, or are there some differences? San K5YY (
Feb17 13:51 Tnx QSO, Mike de K5RK (
Feb17 12:50 RRR Mike. The Radar is a bull to contend with. Heard you in there not enuff for a good Q4 or Q5 cpy. TU for being there for the DXers. Glad we made it 10 years ago! hi San (
Feb17 12:48 OK San, thanks for trying. I did work half a dozen. Try again next weekend. 73, Mike (
Feb17 12:29 Yes, I do know the Pacific radar CAN and DOES block signals once it begins. Got to catch it right. HI Will call til 1245Z.. San (
Feb17 12:27 San, your signal is fine, just that radar knocking you out. (
Feb17 12:22 Yes I am copying but not well with the OTHR (
Feb17 12:16 Calling but did you copy anything from me? I am calling you just until 1230Z. IF you copy me at all, I will stay in there. San YY and TU!! (
Feb17 12:09 Actually you working mainly east coast at their SR. My true SR is 1245. Do NOT stay up that late for me. But I will listen til 1230Z just in case.. hi San (
Feb17 12:02 OK San, I will keep going here for a while yet. (
Feb17 11:57 Actually, the 1215Z at the end of your time on the air is better for me. But I will listen intently starting now. San (
Feb17 11:55 Yes, Mike, heard a 1CP calling earlier. Still waiting for the necessary 2 S unit peak at my sunrise. DY and others were on east coast in their SR. San (
Feb17 11:51 San: wked K4DY and N0FW through the racket. (
Feb17 11:46 San, I hear someone calling, maybe k1cp?? but OTHR is killing it (
Feb17 11:22 Mike OL: I am up now, so we can try earlier, at 1130 Z if you wish.. The "test" email you sent to yy@cox got thru OK and I answered. San YY (
Feb17 10:51 descht (
Feb17 02:36 ZL4OL: Going to bed soon but will be on sked at 1200Z for sure. Will check DX Logger for any updates you may have. TU for the ZL QSO 10 years ago too! HI San YY (
Feb17 00:25 Oh, there may be QRN since we expect rain tonight and early moring in the 11-1200Z timeframe. Still will listen for you.. San (
Feb17 00:23 Mike. Did not get the 0525Z Logger comment because was in bed! But WILL be there tomorrow Feb 17th at 1200Z.. Me on 5405.. San (
Feb16 19:16 Mike.. Stand by. Will send you an email from an "outlook.com" account. Nothing about cox.net. HI Stand by.. San YY (

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