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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Jan16 23:39 OK1RP: Also please check my blog about 60m band with some operating topics. 73 Petr rp (
Jan16 02:05 K5RK : thank you for helpful information for the new EU DXers to be able to work USA split.. S (
Jan16 02:03 Petr: I check my Spam and Junk folder to make sure always. And you are not there for some reason. Maybe UR server is late getting mail out? Anyway, will monitor. San (
Jan16 00:00 Non-US stations, please see my QRZ.com page for 60m frequencies authorized in the US. Useful for those new to the band who may wish to run split to work USA. de K5RK (
Jan15 23:33 San it sounds strange. Yes I got email and I replied already. Maybe spam filter? Will try send from my another email ... Petr RP (
Jan15 16:02 Petr.. As of 1600Z, nothing from you in my email. I sent one to you yesterday, so just reply to that.. San (
Jan15 09:33 Thank you San dor email. I replied already. Mni thanks ! Petr RP (
Jan14 21:06 Hi San. Aha, i had to use wrong email address. I gg to tesend it. Petr (
Jan14 18:32 Petr: Have checked my emails but no PM from you.. San YY (
Jan14 11:25 Dear San please check the mailbox. 73 Petr ok1rp (
Jan13 15:58 CT1END QRX 5357 em JT65 tks (
Jan12 18:50 sorry testing (
Jan12 09:40 Wkd 5U5R last nigth. Toni is noiw QRT but will come back in Niger next March. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Jan09 20:56 Thank you for explaining that to some of the inexperienced JT65 DXers who inhibit SSB and CW on USA channel 3. Thanks! San (
Jan09 12:31 There should have been an "also" in front of that last line. Two different things to check. (
Jan09 12:25 "If you select the audio output device that is also your computerís default audio device, be sure to turn off all system sounds to prevent inadvertently transmitting them over the air" (
Jan09 12:23 Guys, if you are using JT65 please be sure your mic is disabled. Too many Windows notifications and shack noise coming across the air. (
Jan08 16:27 Nick UN3M is on 5363.5 CW now. 1rp (
Jan07 23:50 Welcome Murray. A challenging "band" for sure but can be rewarding if time is spent on "goals". Most here are DXers. Check the 60m website for photos/ awards, etc.. San K5YY (
Jan07 18:52 Hpy NY from the new kid on the 60m block. 73 Murray K3BEQ (
Jan06 12:38 Happy New Year 2017 to all. Wish you health and nice people around you. 73 Petr OK1RP (
Dec31 15:43 HNY all 60m DXers and hopes for a lot of ATNO in 2017! San K5YY (
Dec30 03:12 Happy New Year "rock banders". CU dr Per. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Dec28 05:29 Petr.. Worked Gunter V51WH for new one tonight at 0327 and chatted for 5 minutes! Strong 59+ for 45 minutes. Hope you may get him to go to CW but he prefers slow speed. 73, San and HNY (
Dec26 20:24 V51WH on 5363 (USB only :(...) but good sigs in EU. 1rp (
Dec24 07:16 Petr JW2US is QRV all modes don't worry. 73 and Merry Xmas de Frank PA7F (
Dec23 21:25 Oh ok... So it is nothing for me if no CW operation. Anyway mni tks Frank. 73. Petr 1RP (
Dec23 14:23 CE9/N2TA must be on Novolarevskaya Base, Antarctica or at least this settlement has JB59VF as grid locator. 73 Frank OAUF (
Dec23 14:21 JW2US is on the island for the next 6 months. He has been worked on 5 MHz JT65! (
Dec23 13:38 Frank when JW2US will be QRV please? Petr OK1RP (

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