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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
May27 16:08 Rcvd TL0A QSL weeks ago but unfortunately did NOT work them on 60m! San K5YY (
May27 09:31 Yes I have received TL0A QSL via direct QTHR (
May27 02:40 Anyone has received QSL from TL0A? 73 9A6W (
May25 20:23 ZA/OU2I is QRV on 60 till 29 May. GL es 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
May24 22:53 SP9AMH wkd on 5354.0 at 22:10 utc New one. Start of 60m in SP (
May22 17:42 2day received QSL card from Antoine, 3D2AG/P, in Rotuma. 73 de EA8AK (
May22 17:41 Hi Frank. No, no QSL card from VP8ALJ...yet 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
May17 16:40 Anyone has QSL recvd from VP8ALJ? 73 Frank, PA7F (
May16 14:00 Poor conditions from summer QRN and low signal strengths 5352-5366 WARC 15 band.. (
May15 18:54 XE2CQ worked on 5353.0 this morning at sunrise. Fast Qsl rvd via LOTW. 73, Fer EA5FX (
May11 20:10 5K0N is on LOTW (
May06 22:40 Ron MJ/PA3EWP is on 5405 wkg USA! RP (
May06 22:40 Perfect. Congrats San! 73 RP (
May03 04:44 RP Petr.. Worked Paul 9H1BT tonight for #140 on 60m.. Did not copy the OH0CO,maybe later. hi San YY (
May02 22:21 Was YJ8CW Mar20,2017 confirmed as a Pirate? Have in Log. Val N4RJ (
Apr30 22:27 VR2XAN worked into EU tonite (
Apr25 21:15 9H1BT would be an ATNO also. Not heard him on 60m yet. San (
Apr25 21:13 TU Petr but think this is his last night. Think he prefers JT65 more than CW mode. hi 73 and hope all well there. San K5YY (
Apr25 19:54 San I will try to arrange it with him. RP (
Apr25 02:43 RP Petr: Only problem is our sunset is about 0100Z and better at 0130Z. Too much daylight at 2200-0030Z! Wish they cud stay up a bit later!! hi San YY (
Apr24 21:37 Paul, 9H1BT is on CW on 5363.5 nw. rp (
Apr24 21:35 Another country with killed band is OM from Jan...sri. rp (
Apr24 21:34 PA is now restricted to WRC-15. Strange news... rp (
Apr24 14:01 2day received qsl cards: CE0Y/DF8AN, P49X and PJ7AA. Fernando, EA8AK (
Apr23 00:22 Also HK3JJH... (
Apr23 00:21 Still waiting for:CE3WW. 5U7R, CE0Y/DF8AN, KC4/N2TA, 5K0N, P49X, PJ7AA, XE2YWB, KH2BY and 3D2AG/P. Greetings, Fernando, EA8AK (
Apr20 22:56 PJ7AA and CE0Y/DF8AN cards arrived this week. K5YY (
Apr12 00:27 EA8AK..Congratulations on another new one, Rotuma! San YY (
Apr12 00:25 QSLs for QSOs on 60m are not accepted for any ARRL awards. Only useful for personal QSL boxes or wall display. Card info not shown to anyone! San K5YY (
Apr11 17:13 4L5P confirmed his 60m QSO with me in a e-mail but doesn't want to QSL as the band is not legal in his country. His QSL manager says 'pirate'. 73, PA7F. (

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