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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Nov24 00:28 HA8BE CW 5405 Nice sig into FL de K4MM EL97 (
Nov24 00:09 vp2ete calling cq and standing by (
Nov24 00:08 This is VP2ETE I am glad to be on this band. Lots of fun. (
Nov23 23:53 Ch 5 VP2ETE 5/9 in Ohio W8GEX (
Nov23 02:25 anyone willing to try FSQ ? (
Nov21 22:38 VP2ETE on 5.403.5 now (
Nov21 03:09 5346.5 nice qso with Walt in OR just now... de ko6kL (
Nov20 01:28 Isn't 60m such FUN to be associated with? HI HI Constantly changing since the start on July 3rd, 2003 in the USA.. San K5YY (
Nov20 01:26 This 60m WARC conference decision is VERY complicated. Appears nothing will happen til Jan 2017 at earliest, likely later in the USA with referendums, research and voting sessions. Expect 2018 before final USA band/channels. San K5YY (
Nov18 22:43 Looks like the international allocation cleared the big hurdles at WRC-15 today de K5RK (
Nov18 22:42 Anyone know the status of Netherlands' authorization for 60m? Thought we might hear something by now. de K5RK (
Nov18 04:09 VP2ENK wkng ch5 SSB nw de WA1RKS (
Nov14 14:49 I think that Jan mainly works ssb and rtty (
Nov14 10:27 Hi. Mni tks. I am looking for VP2ENK on CW for days but nil... Best regards de Petr, ok1rp (
Nov13 18:37 to rp. not so far, but vp2ete was active last night on ssb,signal was rather low .. de oz8abe (
Nov12 00:21 Hi did anobody heard or wkd Jan DJ8NK from VP2E? RP (
Nov12 00:10 I heard Dan, ZXL tonite with good sigs but no QSO... :( de RP (
Nov04 20:24 Looks like authorization is about two weeks from now: http://www.agentschaptelecom.nl/actueel/nieuws/2015/5-mhz-band-binnenkort-ook-voor-radiozendamateurs-met-een-f-registratie de K5RK (
Nov04 12:35 Might explain the lack of activity from PA on Nov 3rd / 4th. Can anyone verify new official date/frequencies? de Larry K5RK (
Nov04 12:33 I received an email from a ham in the Netherlands that said an administrative mistake was made and they will not have 60m permission until end of November now. de K5RK (
Oct31 17:46 Mainly big congrats to you guys in W5... it is far from EU and not easy to catch! Good job. RP (
Oct27 02:36 Congratulations Petr for new on in AF! Nice conditions tonight with minimal QRN. Heard the HA8RM and called, then the C5C came back to me. BUSY on channel 5. hi hi San K5YY (
Oct27 00:46 Gerard is gd op! If I hrd well, he wkd also some W6/W7! Btw where is our friend ZXL? Wkd C5 already? Petr (
Oct27 00:41 Tnx Larry. Congrats to you also. It is far from your location so it is big challenge! Nw QRX for T42, hi Petr (
Oct27 00:28 Congrats Petr. Luc doing SSB and Gerard doing CW. de Larry K5RK (
Oct27 00:26 Luc is nw on 5405, CW...wkg EU/NA... 1RP (
Oct27 00:19 Luc from C5C is on 5403.5 now...57 in jo60! 1RP (
Oct27 00:08 C5C tonite on 60...? 1RP (
Oct26 16:07 First authorized operation from Cuba, that is (forgot a critical word!) (
Oct26 16:07 Also keep an ear out for T42US, the first authorized 60m operation. They transmit on 5435 and listen elsewhere. de K5RK (

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