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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Jan22 21:59 RP,,,, TU for info on C5YK.. Fortunately I have that confirmed but there will be BIG pileups in NA for sure. Will listen at 2300Z. San YY (
Jan22 19:22 Andre, ON7YK is nw on 5353 as C5YK. Big sigs on CW. I believe he will come back after 23Z for USA... (
Jan21 22:05 ZC4A coming on Jan 25-31 and will operate on 60m. Op headed up by 5B4AGN. San K5YY (
Jan19 16:36 EU/AF : please spot if you are on 60m and calling CQ and listening split for NA. TU (
Jan18 02:23 TU for exact date. Will be on the lookout for the LUs for an ATNO. San (
Jan16 20:27 LU 60m allocation starts 5th Feb - https://twitter.com/LU4AA/status/927885653869809665 G4MWO (
Jan16 18:57 QRN from AF/EU has been very bad I am told. San (
Jan16 18:45 test PC (
Jan16 13:38 test (
Jan13 03:02 I am told LU had Region 2 permission to operate on 60m starting in February. Should be some good SSB and CW stations on. K5YY (
Jan03 23:53 Hope all 60m DXers re-read the guidelines of frequency use on 60m and what MODE to use where. Clearly spelled out but some do not follow rules. FT8 covers up USB and upwards to NA CW frequency. Lets hope 2018 is better. 73 all... (
Dec25 02:18 No evidence of OJ9X on 60m for North America. Would have to be after our Sunset in the 2300+ timeframe.. TU RP for you help.. Merry Christmas to all!! K5YY (
Dec20 16:08 Dears I asked Raimo, OH2BCI to be QRV after 00Z on 60 from OJ9X for USA using 5353 QSX to 5405... so hope it helps. rp (
Dec20 09:42 OJ9X on 5352.5 CW for wrc-15 countries nw cq (
Dec17 16:32 9h3yy 5353 qsx 5405 cq (
Dec16 16:33 ok1rp clg cq ch5 nw (
Dec14 21:29 5B4XMAS on 5354 QSX 5405 CW nw! (
Dec04 07:06 HC8LUT QRV on 60 m FT8, SSB anda CW(QRS) with good signs here at 06:00-06:30 GMT GL es 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Nov27 22:47 HI ALL .....5373 6Y0HM NOW QRV USA (
Nov01 22:04 nx9g , Hi all (
Oct09 14:27 hello (
Sep27 23:38 5T5OK QSL VIA OK6DJ (
Sep27 23:37 5T5OK nw on 5400 qsx 5405 with great sigs. May last chance! rp (
Sep23 10:31 73 de EA8AK (
Sep23 10:31 Worked 5T5OK last nigth for my entity 169 on 60 m. Had a good signal (
Sep21 17:03 xe2ocm (
Sep21 17:02 xe2ocm (
Sep21 06:54 test de ON6ZK (
Sep21 05:22 Looking for stations from South America on 60m. Any idea? 73, Uwe DG2YCB (
Sep20 13:23 TL0A and HP1AVS QSL received this months. MNI TNX 73 9A6W (

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