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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Jan18 01:37 Looking for Tom HH5/KC0W ... 1RP (
Jan18 00:22 clg cq on ch5 de Petr, OK1RP (
Jan02 09:15 I wish to all healthy HNY 2015 and gd DXing on 60m. de Petr, OK1RP (
Jan01 15:19 I wish a very happy 2015 for all 60 m DXers. Best regards Fernando EA8AK (
Dec30 04:09 I wish all avid 60m DXers a very Happy New Year 2015 and that new DX will continue to show up on the 60m band. 73, San K5YY (
Dec20 02:10 Heard KL7 tonight om ch. 5 cw so still some condx de oz8abe (
Dec20 01:31 I can copy all US callers but nil sigs from Bill...vy sri RP (
Dec20 01:21 Agn hr all callers but no beep from Bill...grrrrr RP (
Dec20 00:38 Hi. I am there and hope... N5IR fm TX came thru 579! RP (
Dec20 00:02 VP2V/W5SJ : LASTnight . On ch 5 at 0100Z as last night and may be on at 0200Z.. Good luck. Mainly CW. San (
Dec19 01:56 I am listening on ch5 for hour the pileup but no beeps from Bill. He is here and I hear all US callers but not him... Petr 1RP (
Dec19 01:10 Bill is probably on ch5 but no beeps from him here in EU 1RP (
Dec18 16:27 VP2V/W5SJ : Had dipole problems last nite and too dark to fix then. WILL BE ON tonight at 0100Z, looking for Petr and others in EU. Also MAY be on Saturday at 0100Z. So two chances. 5405 CW. San K5YY (
Dec17 13:57 Congratulations to OZ8ABE and EA8AK for QSOs! Bill at VP2V will be on TONIGHT at 0100 and 0200Z and looking for Europe. May be the last night. GL. San K5YY (
Dec17 09:21 WHD=WKD sri typo mistake (
Dec17 09:20 WHD CW/SSB at 0147/0153. TNX SAN YY. Hpy Xmas to al 60 m DXers. 73 EA8AK (
Dec17 06:24 Ok guys it sounds like everybody wkd him tonite and I was sleeping in a peace... RP (
Dec17 03:05 VP2V went back to CW (
Dec17 03:03 VP2V qrv right now on 5403.5 de oz8abe (
Dec17 02:57 vp2v/W5SJ will be on NOW at 0300 for few minutes. Trying for tomorrow at 01 and 02Z.. Anyway, NOW on 5405 CW!!! San K5YY (
Dec17 02:20 RP - Bill was in there with strong signal at 0055Z and good SSB too,. Try lisening at 0300Z and tomorrow at 0200ZX 73, San K5YY (
Dec17 02:16 VP2V/W5SJ wkd CW/SSB.TKS San K5YY. Hpy Xmas for al 60 m DXersa (
Dec14 01:37 Hi, so wkd tonite 7 States but VP2V no qrv yet ...RP (
Dec13 23:34 cq cw ch5 ok1rp (
Dec13 18:43 Tnx San. I will be QRV... and hope. RP (
Dec13 01:24 VP2V/W5SJ on tonight earlier. Wkd a few of us on 5405 CW. Weak for workable. Back at 0200Z and perhaps 0300Z. Then possible during next 4-5 days on a "casual" fun trip. Top of hour starting at 0100 usually . San K5YY (
Dec09 21:06 Hello Fernando nice to meet You. Please sked on CW 5373? 73 Petr OK1RP (
Dec06 12:41 Hello. I am CT7ABI, Fernando Roque. I am QRV on 5371.5 SSB/CW and 5403.5 SSB/CW. TU 73 (
Dec06 12:40 Hello. I am CT7ABI, Fernando Roque. I am QRV on 5371.5 SSB/CW and 5403.5 SSB/CW. TU 73 (
Dec06 12:39 Hello. I am CT7ABI, Fernando Roque. I am QRV on 5371.5 SSB/CW and 5403.5 SSB/CW. TU 73 (

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