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Mar20 22:46 Hi Fernando. Mni tks. Unfortunately did not catched them finaly. Big congrats for KL7 atno!!! Perfect job. 73 Petr ok1rp (
Mar20 12:47 The YJ8CW station, working 60 m today is a PIRATE. Bad news. Vy sorry (
Mar19 12:46 Got 3D2AG this morning at Sunrise Peak His TX 5.376, My RX 5.405 CW. Came out of noise just before SR and stayed in there a long time. K3ZXL (
Mar15 15:06 Hello Petr ! I read your "Nobody is perfect..." I'm very sorry. I wish you better luck the coming days. 73 de Fernandoi 8AK (
Mar13 21:44 Congratulations Fernando on Alaska for ATNO!!! ... San K5YY (
Mar13 21:28 Toda = Today (
Mar13 21:27 Toda 13 of March, at 07:03 / o7:06, I had QSO weith KL7HBK and WL7E on 5.353 , QSX 5.405. Great DX on 60 m!! Fernando EA8AK (
Mar11 21:55 test (
Mar08 23:34 What time ZXL (
Mar08 14:16 Unannounced, surprise visit to 60m last night by PJ7AA! K5YY (
Mar05 22:11 CT3BD Madeira worked about 3 years ago but new station now on. Hope all get a new one. San YY (
Mar05 21:40 Tonite worked ZB2CN and 4L5P (
Mar01 12:46 5U5R coming up next week, Mar 8-21.. GL all. YY (
Mar01 10:23 I cannot copy UX1LW I dare say he's not transmitting from Ukraine. (
Feb27 18:45 EU7A QSL received today, 2 1/2 weeks from Belarus! Good postal pathway. San K5YY (
Feb24 20:36 Still waiting for VP8ALJ QSL sent ages ago... de DK1MAX. (
Feb24 17:09 Has anyone received a QSL from VP8ALJ? (
Feb24 17:08 Has anyone recekv (
Feb24 17:08 Has anyone recekv (
Feb16 02:05 KG4DY on 5.403.5 now. Guantanamo Bay (
Feb15 21:13 Just worked D4Z on 5355 CW! 73, Frank PA7F (
Feb15 21:12 Girts, YL2KL will be active from Sao Vicente Island (IOTA AF-086), Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) 13 - 20 February as D4Z. He will operate on 160 - 10m (he may also be QRV on 60m). (
Feb14 17:52 CT1END QRX 5360 in SIM31 tks (
Feb13 21:13 K5YY Rcved your e-mail. All OK for Jun o Aug. July I will be in Germany for Friedrichshafen Ham Fair. I wll email your 2morow. 73 de 8AK (
Feb09 22:13 EA8AK - Check your email I sent today.. San YY (
Feb09 19:04 Fernando.. Wife had cancer problem 10 months and just now getting stronger. Had to cancel 2 DXped trips in 2016. Will email you when plans can be made. hi San y TU (
Feb09 01:20 Hi San. WEhat abt your visit. We are waiting your news. Always welcome. 73 de Fernando EA8AK (
Feb09 01:09 P49X on 5405 NOW at 0108Z, transceive, 599 ... San K5YY (
Feb08 20:11 Correction .. Ed does NOT like skeds, so CQing is main plan. San (
Feb08 20:10 P49X (W0YK) will be on 5405 CW mainly at 0100Z tonight. Does like skeds so will be calling CQ mainly. Some JT65 and RTTY likely as last night. He worked 60 DXers last night.. Great job. San K5YY (

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