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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Oct03 01:12 ok1rp cq on 5405 nw (
Oct02 01:23 Cq ok1rp 5405 nw (
Sep28 21:09 hc4z (
Sep27 10:09 Hi all. I worked last nite 10 different US friends on 60. So band looks in good shape even although rather noisy. Good luck with coming season. 73 de Petr ok1rp (
Sep26 21:10 Hi all. I am making the 60m log inventory. If someone did not received my QSL then let me know by email please. I would like to ensure that all friends has my QSL card at home... Best regards de Petr, OK1RP (
Sep25 15:49 Petr, congrats on working A45WH. No word yet from T2GC on 60m here. (
Sep25 08:54 ...sti I mean 60m of course (typo error) de 1rp (
Sep25 08:44 Hi all. Does anybody heard T2GC team on 70m? 1rp (
Sep24 17:54 Btw: San is using TS-590SG and home brew vertical. We are working with him on ext. RX antenna improvement... 1rp (
Sep24 17:52 Yesterday at 19Z I wkd San, A45WH on 332... Be patient when calling him as San has very static noisy band currently and it is hard to listenning... 73 - Petr, ok1rp (
Sep09 09:26 Hungary Beacon on 5357 has changed callsign to HG7BHB and reduced power to 50W (Info HA7PL) Paul G4MWO (
Aug04 19:28 HA7TM card rcvd today, quick turnaround. TU! San K5YY (
Jul29 19:28 Hi San, guess we have to struggle with qrn a month or 2 more de oz8abe (
Jul27 00:26 OZ8ABE de K5YY -- Great for your 8Q7 QSO and QSL!! Never hear him here in middle USA, too much QRN.. San (
Jul24 22:13 rx 8Q7SA qsl, still nil from HA de oz8abe (
Jul22 01:21 HA1XY QSL received today. TU Tibi! San K5YY (
Jul06 19:40 HA5KDR QSL received for QSO in early June. Thanks Andras for new one on 60m. San K5YY (
Jun18 01:32 Many HA stations each night, usually 5405 CW. QRN but sigs 339 up to 539 at our sunset about 0115Z, still heard after their SR at 0230Z. San K5YY (
Jun13 20:26 lot of HA activity, well spotted on DX Summit. Not much more to chat about at this time of year during the summer QRN.. hi San K5yy (
Jun12 14:20 not much going on here ?? (
Apr11 10:15 ZS6EZ will be QRV at sunrise 04:15 next two days. 5259,5 kHz CW listening 5405. (
Apr09 18:38 GD3YUM/p on 5.403.5 usb NX40 sq IO74TJ (
Apr07 23:46 not that strong in Denmark de oz8abe (
Apr07 23:45 8Q7SA calling cq on 5405 right now (
Apr03 02:06 Is there a need for ZF on 60 meters? 73-Kevin ZF2DX (
Apr03 02:06 Is there a need for ZF on 60 meters? 73-Kevin ZF2DX (
Mar24 23:59 TU Larry for kind comments. Yep, a long time hobby and always something "new" came up to have kept me in the hobby, mainly DXing and VHF interests. San K5YY (
Mar24 23:57 Petr.. Thanks. That DX Hall of Fame was given back in 1983, a LONG time ago! hi Hope 60m has SOME DX for us during Spring and Summer seasons.. San K5YY (
Mar24 21:55 Dear San. My big congrats for Dx Hall of Fame! Excellent achievement... My friend. 73 de 1RP (
Mar23 01:27 Mega congrats to San K5YY (and CQ DX Hall of Fame #21) for 58 years in ham radio this week! ... from all your friends on 60 meters (

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