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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Sep19 00:23 n4twx de kd4amp/n4svc 222.100 (h230.25.29.71.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Jul04 04:31 DR1NK (ool-944ae194.dyn.optonline.net
May12 11:43 calling cq to the west from el99. 222.1 N9HF/el99(adsl-98-65-175-147.dab.bellsouth.net
May03 12:55 wb4slm de kd4amp/n4svc 222100 (h250.116.131.174.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
May03 08:38 APRS map solid red from Cuba to Penn. Wake up guys, 222.1 calling cq to the north from EL99 N9HF(adsl-98-65-173-68.dab.bellsouth.net
May01 11:52 w4vas,wb4slm de kd4amp/n4svc 222100 (h170.35.187.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
May01 11:49 w4vas,wb4slm de kd4amp/n4svc 222100 (h170.35.187.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Apr18 10:30 APRS map is red east-west Im now calling cq on 222.100 cw looking west from el99 N9HF(adsl-98-65-174-125.dab.bellsouth.net
Apr17 23:00 222. SPRINT tonite 7-11PM local time (d199-74-240-84.nap.wideopenwest.com
Mar28 00:04 wa4njp/n4twx/n4ngz/w1lvl/w4raa de kd4amp/n4svc 222100 (h104.161.213.151.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Mar24 12:29 calling CQ FT-8 from el99 looking west. 222.074 N9HF(adsl-98-65-176-6.dab.bellsouth.net
Mar23 11:29 calling cq to the west from el99. 222.1 N9HF(adsl-98-65-176-237.dab.bellsouth.net
Mar21 01:32 n4twx/n4ngz de kd4amp/n4svc 222100 (h137.58.90.75.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Mar18 02:56 w4fws/b 222.060 s1 el98 Orlando kw4by el96 e. fla (
Feb18 13:37 calling cq to the west from el99. 222.1 N9HF(adsl-98-65-173-233.dab.bellsouth.net
Feb17 12:19 wb4slm de kd4amp/n4svc 222100 (h57.84.91.75.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Feb13 23:07 I will be looking west from el99 tonight, looking for 5 land stations during thier 222 Tuesday night nets N9HF/el99(adsl-98-65-173-112.dab.bellsouth.net
Feb13 17:03 w4fws/b 222.060 s1 el98 Orlando kw4by(
Feb11 12:27 calling CQ to the north, 222.100 anyone out there? N9HF(adsl-98-65-175-227.dab.bellsouth.net
Feb08 13:14 Calling CQ to the NW from Daytona Beach area. N9HF(adsl-98-65-173-226.dab.bellsouth.net
Feb07 14:00 Slight enhancment going on this morn. I have been calling CQ to the NW for last 45 minutes. No takers. N9HF(adsl-98-65-176-169.dab.bellsouth.net
Feb07 03:02 w5aac em10 w5fh el29 w5zg em20 /222 Tuesday Night de ke5jxc el39 (ktccore-statics-51.kaplantel.net
Feb06 11:58 wb4slm de kd4amp/n4svc 222100 (h221.35.187.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Feb04 07:37 222 MHz=ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss N9HF(adsl-98-65-174-153.dab.bellsouth.net
Jan17 01:05 n4ngz/n4twx/wa4njp de kd4amp/n4svc 222100 (h49.24.89.75.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Jan14 22:16 Skeds welcome! ANYwhere. EME or terrestrial. N9HF(adsl-98-65-174-212.dab.bellsouth.net
Jan14 22:15 Back on 222! 4x16 el and 600 out. Looks like Ill be listening to many hours of white noise!! N9HF(adsl-98-65-174-212.dab.bellsouth.net
Jan04 21:30 Back on 222mhz with 10w and 12el yagi...Hear W4FWS/B beacon 222057.4 559 KD4ESV EL87(173-168-96-189.res.bhn.net
Jan03 00:41 N4TWX, W1LVL, and W4RAA on 222.100 this evemg at1940z (184-88-216-153.res.bhn.net
Dec26 13:42 Hope to be back on 222 today with 4x16 el and 600+ out N9HF(adsl-98-65-176-176.dab.bellsouth.net

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